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• Businesses that make a oneyear contribution, receive PA tax credits equal to 75% of their contributed amount.

James C. Baird, Chairman Founding Principal Compass Ion Advisors, LLC

Who is Children’s Jubilee Fund? Jubilee is a 510(c)(3) public charitable foundation and the largest scholarship provider for area Christian schools.

• Public Education Savings: Help save many millions in PA’s education expenditures. • Tax Benefits: Deduct OSTC contributions on your federal tax return.

Where Does My Contribution Go? We fund students, not schools. Your contribution will exclusively support scholarships for urban families that earn an average of $22,400/yr to attend one of our Jubilee schools. Jubilee schools are distinguished by a Christian spiritual and moral foundation—which creates a school culture of character, conviction and loving community. This positive culture is the key to students succeeding—even with educational disabilities.





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“We choose to support Jubilee through OSTC because the ministry has an effective solution to helping systemically break the cycle of inner city poverty. And, we can do it with next to no out of pocket expense to us; great news for everyone involved!”

Any business, other than sole proprietorship, is eligible. The credit is available to offset Corporate Net Income Tax and Capital Stock Franchise Tax, as well as certain other business state taxes.4

• Increased Graduation Rates: Drastically impact low-income students’ graduation and college entrance rates.


• Businesses can request up to $400,000 in tax credits.

• Educated Workforce: Help move thousands of urban youth into successful schools and prepare them for college.


• Your business can increase its credit to 90% by making a two-year commitment of equal funding.

Eric Mackie, impoverished North Philadelphia student who is now a J.D. Candidate at The University of Chicago Law School

• Compassionate Branding: Build a socially responsible reputation at a very modest cost.

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Similar to the successful Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), PA companies that pay business taxes can donate to an approved scholarship organization like Children’s Jubilee Fund and receive a tax credit.

“Philly Mennonite High School changed my life.”

Why Should My Company Give Through OSTC?


What is The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Program (OSTC)?


Virtually all Jubilee students will graduate from high school —compared to 35% of boys and 65% of girls in public school.3

Receive up to a 90% tax credit

Fig. 1  The OSTC program

Did you know?

Example Scenario ABC Corporation will owe $25,000 in PA business taxes for its current fiscal year. ABC Corporation applies to the OSTC Program and is approved for a 90% ($22,500) tax credit in exchange for a 2 year commitment to give $25,000/yr to an approved scholarship organization.

In its current fiscal year, ABC makes that contribution to Jubilee. ABC’s state tax burden is reduced by 90% of the contribution ($22,500) and ABC only pays $2,500 in PA taxes and enjoys a $25,000 federal charitable tax deduction.

The average educational cost for a public school student is $14,000, whereas the average OSTC scholarship costs the state only $1,200 per year.

THE FACT S 178 failing public schools just in Philadelphia2 Students attending these schools are eligible for scholarships to attend higher-performing schools Through the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program, your business can redirect its PA Tax Liability into scholarships for these students Children’s Jubilee Fund has the means of distributing these scholarships and a network of 24 highperforming private schools

Next Steps If you are interested in meeting with Jubilee to have our staff walk you through the process of applying, please contact: Drew Skinner, Associate Director 267-664-9517

For more information, visit:

Just 6% of low-income 16 year olds in Philadelphia will be proficient in reading or math.1

Join our Companies for

Redirecting your state business taxes can change that.

have access to a quality

Kids Campaign and help low-income children education.

Or apply through the DCED’s electronic single application system at:


Children’s Jubilee Fund

of Jubileesponsored high school students will enroll in college compared to just 20% of Philadelphia’s low-income public school students.1

Scholarships for Urban Christian Schooling

Since 1996, Jubilee has distributed $1,800,000 to fund 1,600 scholarships for low-income urban children in Philadelphia, Camden, Chester and Norristown. We sustain a scholarship endowment fund and are supported by 447 donors, including 45 businesses, 13 foundations, and 14 churches. Children’s Jubilee Fund Executive Director: Jim Petty 3901B Main Street, Suite 103 Philadelphia, PA 19127 P:(215) 233-9866

1 based on statistics from the Philadelphia Inquirer School Report Card, 2009 2 Pennsylvania Department of Education’s 2013 list of the lowest-achieving schools. 3 America’s Promise Alliance Report 4 Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax, Title Insurance Companies Shares Tax, Insurance Premiums Tax, Mutual Thrift Institution Tax, or a tax under Article XVI of the Act of May 17, 1921. (The Insurance Company Law of 1921)

Creating scholarships. Investing in urban students.

Companies for Kids Brochure  

Brochure for Children's Jubilee Fund's campaign to connect businesses to students in failing schools through the Opportunity Scholarship Tax...

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