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Lynne Edel

RA, CIEHP, Reiki MasterTeacher • Reiki Attunements • Level I, II, & Master Training • Intuitive Mentoring • Spiritual Guidance • Private & Group Classes • Individual Healings

“Here to Awaken Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul... Welcome to Awaken to You Radio!” Covering All Aspects of Spirituality, Energy Healing, Teachings, Modalies, Personal Development, Quantum Physics, Consciousness and Our Percepon of "Reality"! • Leading YOU toward your Truth • Interviews with special guests, authors, teachers, visionaries, speakers and experts • The Worldwide VOICE of the Awaken to Your Truth Conscious Classroom and Community

Broadcasng LIVE every Thursday evening, 7 to 9PM! Join us live and online at tomorrow, June 5, from 7-9pm for our ocial launch!


Awakenings provides a unique spiritual shopping experience in that we are actually comprised of over a dozen businesses under a single roof - we provide the physical space and our community retailers fill it with product, making Awakenings one of the first spiritual cooperaves of its kind in BC, and, as far as we can tell, all of Canada! We are proud to oer: • Orgone Generators • Books, CDs, & DVDs • Crystals • Tibetan Buddhist Handicras • Jewellery • Greeng Cards and Giwares • Univera Products • Bradford Exchange Collecbles • Kangen Water • Xocai Chocolate • And much, much more!

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Nelda Oman Brennan Healing Science • Matrix Energecs • Emoonal Clearing

“A transformave and empowering journey into body, mind, and spirit.” 604-803-2051

Katharine Fahlman • Tea Leaf Readings for Individuals, Groups, and Parties • Relexology • Reiki • Crystal Healing • Destiny Cards 7788650770 ~


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