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It is an honor to chair The Brookstone Fund this year. As alumni of both Brookstone and Stratford Academy in Macon and as parents of Brookstone students, we understand the value a Brookstone education offers. We understand the opportunities we were afforded by attending a school that we feel is truly second to none. Brookstone has a wonderful campus, situated on 100+ beautiful acres, and it’s easy to see what sets Brookstone apart from the other schools in our area. However, what really sets Brookstone apart is its commitment to developing the whole student and providing an environment that allows our students to succeed in any endeavor they choose. Another area that sets Brookstone apart is its faculty. The Brookstone Faculty is not only the best in our area but also in our region and possibly the state. They are so invested in our children, and they do it with so much love and enthusiasm. Over the last few years Brookstone has gone to great lengths to continue the commitment to our students, and they are constantly trying to improve on the experiences that it provides each student. Careful attention has been paid so that all students are provided the programs to not only succeed academically, but socially and physically, to develop the courage and confidence to follow their dreams. All of this comes at a cost; tuition only covers about 70%, and a huge effort has been made to improve that percentage. However, there is a shortfall, and that is why The Brookstone Fund is so important. This is where you come in; please commit early and give generously. We thank you for your support. On behalf of the students, faculty, and trustees of Brookstone School Bill (‘96) and Katherine Turner

All members of the Brookstone family including parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, trustees, faculty and staff, and friends are asked to make a contribution to The Brookstone Fund. This year’s campaign will run from mid-November to the end of June 2015.

For those donors who wish to contribute at a later time during the 2014-2015 fiscal year, please make your pledge now, and you may pay anytime before June 30, 2015. By making your pledge now, you will be included in the list of donors and help us make our goal for the year!

At Brookstone, one of our greatest assets is our community. Friends of Brookstone give generously because they believe in what happens on a daily basis at Brookstone and believe our students will make a positive impact on our world. They give because they know the importance of learning to be a part of a team. They give because they know the benefit of growing confidence in the instruction of a dedicated and gifted instructor. They give because they appreciate the lifelong friendships that are built over days and years of growing and working along with peers. They give because they value the growth of character that happens each time you serve someone more unfortunate than yourself. Consider a gift to the 2014-2015 Brookstone Fund and tell us...WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO GIVE?

“We give to Brookstone because of Brookstone’s commitment to our children. Even at the elementary school level, Brookstone provides its students, our children, with the opportunities to receive the best education, to participate in fine arts and athletics, and to serve our community and beyond. Brookstone’s inclusion of its youngest students in each of these areas demonstrates the school’s commitment to developing the whole child, and this is a commitment which is not equaled by any other school in this region.” - Jennifer and Clayton (‘94) Adams, Brookstone Parents

Below is an except from a letter written by a parent of a senior to the Class of 2015 football players capturing the emotion of being part of a Brookstone team, and as she explains, family. “As we watched from the stands we saw your passion, your commitment, your work ethic and it generated deep emotion in us. We swelled with pride because we recognized what you were accomplishing for yourselves and for your school. It is impressive and good to have what it takes and to give what it takes to be a football player–to be a Brookstone Cougar. And when we all met on the field after the games when you, all of you, yelled one, two three, FAMILY, we were thankful you are part of ours. You have set a great example for all the players that will follow you. Going forward, always give it your all, be the very best you can be, do it with same intensity, determination, resilience, and character you showed this year. And wherever you are, whatever you need, we would be honored if you would call on us. One, two, three, FAMILY – ALWAYS!”

*Chart represents the percentage of total dollars raised

Board �������������������������26.58% Parents �����������������������33.33% Alumni ����������������������14.58% Parents of Alumni.....15.42% Grandparents ������������� 6.00% Faculty & Staff ������������� 1.35% Friends of Brookstone ....................................2.61% Corporations & Foundations . ....................................0.10%

We achieved record results last year in annual giving–100% participation from our board, faculty, and staff and an incredible 82% from our parents. Additionally, the Class of 2005 posted a stellar performance of 70% participation representing the highest percentage of any Brookstone graduating class. Please join us as we work to achieve new record levels of giving for 2014-15!

The following shows the amount billed as tuition versus the actual cost of educating each student at Brookstone for the 2013-14 school year. The difference is underwritten by contributions to The Brookstone Fund, endowment earnings, and other income. Other income consists of charitable trusts, facility rentals, auxiliary and summer programs, and other revenue raising avenues. Tuition........................................................ $15,800 Brookstone Fund...................................$752 Endowment............................ $1,165 Other Income ������������������$537 TOTAL ���������������� $18,254

“The challenging curriculum, the work ethic instilled in me, and the personalized support Brookstone provided me, inspire me to give back. In a time where there were more applicants than openings at my university, I relied upon my previous experiences at Brookstone for the courage, confidence, and knowledge to not only be competitive but to thrive and succeed at the college level. There is no finer institution than Brookstone, and I am proud to give my support back.” - Class of 2008 Alumni

“Tripp and I believe a Brookstone education is unlike anything else available in Columbus. Students, including our own, are fortunate to be a part of a close knit community and are offered such a unique blend of experiences and opportunities. We are passionate about this development and the progress that is taking place on this campus, and we look forward to watching this amazing momentum continue. We give because we want to show our support, and we are proud to be a proactive part of this collaborative effort.� - Jennifer and Tripp Amos, Brookstone Parents

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