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2010 Shaun White Special Feature

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“I got addicted to surfing and spent all my years on the beach, even if the surf was small, my mates and I would be jumping off the rocks, diving, spear fishing or anything we could that involved the ocean.” –Dan Ross

“For all you know you’re doing fine, but I guess it shows that even jewellery that’s fake does shine”–Ray, Millencolin

Chris adopted his own credo of “live rad and die proud”. It is a concise and powerful statement that has guided him personally and throughout his professional career.

SnowBoarding Movies

Dan Ross Profiling one of Australia’s best surfers who Grew up in Yamba NSW Australia. Now is proving his skills all around the world.

Millencolin Profiling one of Swedens most popular Punk bands, millencolin exploded on the scene in 94 with Tiny Tunes an have been sailing on a wave of skater driven success since.

Chris Cole Chris Cole is one of Americas top Street skaters, Dominating competition, and with his positive outlook on life has made him a true skateboarding icon.

Shaun White

Shaun White is many things but most notably he’s driven. He holds many of the highest accolades within snowboarding and skateboarding, and at 23, he’s only getting started. This Special Feature takes you through his career and his personal views on life and the importance of family.

Inception Movie of the month: Inception, a superb action film, and a genuinely original science-fiction think piece, but it also turns out to be one of the most moving and original examinations of the shame and regret of lost love. Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster really is everything the incessant marketing and saturation trailering have promised.


orn in Coffs Harbour to mum Josephine and dad Gary, he was raised in the pretty hamlet of Mullaway before Dan and his mum then moved an hour up the road to Yamba. At six, Dan and his brother started surfing on the back half of an old longboard, as Dan remembers: “I got addicted to surfing and spent all my years on the beach, even if the surf was small, my mates and I would be jumping off the rocks, diving, spear fishing or anything we could that involved the ocean.”

DAN SSOR Gender: Male Born: Feb 15 1983 Stance: Regular Hometown: Yamba, NSW, Australia

Inspiration came from varied quarters; mentor and step dad David “Baddy” Treloar, the Angourie guru and Morning of The Earth icon, gave Dan advice on all aspects of wave-riding; while Jake and Paul Paterson, who’d regularly stop at Angourie, also became active role models for the smiley–faced kidlet. The natural talent was always there, and when he got to Hawaii at 14, none other than Rabbit took Dan at giant Waimea and the thin country kid proved his mettle among the closeouts. It soon became apparent that though the kid surfed smoother than an oil slick, he had more grit than a sock full of crushed diamonds.

Despite his victories he was always a dark horse, so much so he told Transworld, “If you’re on the Gold Coast and you’re doing well, everyone hears about it.” He joined Kieren Perrow and Nick Wallace as the progressive face of French hardware co. Salomon. Shots of Rossy turned up all over the place, dropping into cobalt triple-sucks on his sky blue boards. One such shot was the first thing international tourists saw when they got to Australia, a massive billboard of Rossy dropping into The Box outside Sydney Airport. Of the recognition that came his way, he later told journo Ross Curtis, in typically downplayed fashion: “If you’re confident and thinking right, shit just seems to come to you!” Like Tiago Pires, Dan was mega unlucky not to make the cut for the elite tour on a number of occasions and always seemed to be missing out by some sort of torturous mathematical anomaly at the end of each year. In his 2007 charge to the WCT, Rossy also took time out for one of the landmark surf sessions of the year: a trip to Micronesia with Ted Grambeau, Shane Dorian and Mark Mathews. It was a session that was only topped at Sunset six months later when he not only qualified but was the stand-out of the event to most naked eyes.

Rossy soon turned heads in the small stuff as well, defeating the likes of Durbidge, Dunn, Munro and Cansdell to win the Australian Junior Series, including one memorable win at Duranbah just weeks after tearing his knee ligaments. On seeing him surf, visiting Californian photocrat Aaron Checkwood concluded: “A very complete surfer from his array of power slashes in two-foot surf to deadly drops at The Box in West Oz.”

“A very complete surfer from his array of power slashes in two-foot surf to deadly drops at The Box in West Oz.”


Millencolin is a punk rock band that was formed in October of 1992 by Erik Ohlsson, Mathias Farm and Nikola Sarcevic in Örebro, Sweden. Fredrik Larzon (Fredrik Olof Larsson) joined the band in early 1993 which cemented the lineup. Millencolin as a word derives from the skateboard-trick melancholy (also known as “sad air”) because of their passion for skateboarding. The band releases their CDs on the Swedish label Burning Heart Records. (releases on Epitaph Records in the US). Since 2003, the band hosts a skateboard contest at their own skate park in Örebro, Sweden. It’s named the Millencolin Open. They say they started this annual contest because skateboarding is what brought them together and now they have the chance to bring something good to the town and to skateboarding.

When they first started out, Millencolin sang in Swedish and recorded a 10 song tape in 1993 called Melack. Burning heart records then got back to Millencolin saying they wanted to release a CD single. Burning Heart had at that time only released two CD singles but they took their chance with the relatively unknown label. They recorded the six song CD-single Use Your Nose in November ‘93, which included new versions of Pain from Goofy and Melack. The single was very well received and they started to play more live shows. They put out their first major release, Tiny Tunes, in ‘94. The recording and mixing of the album took two weeks. Due to some issues with Warner Brothers the album was renamed in ‘96. Nowadays it’s known as Same Old Tunes. Millencolin continued to tour and in ‘95 released second full length album Life on a Plate, this

iMillencolin started to tour outside of Scandinavia. They ended up playing in Japan, Australia and Canada as their music began to reach a wider audience. A third full length, For Monkeys, and The Melancholy Collection (a compilation of the first two EP’s + B-sides) followed, but only in 2000 when Pennybridge Pioneers came out did the band find their footing in the commercial music industry. The recording took six weeks in the studio and then the band started their first major worldwide tour; “Pennybridge Pioneers Worldwide Tour”. Also, the song No Cigar was included on the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 video game. Millencolin wrote on tour and released Home From Home in 2002, including hit singles Kemp, Man or Mouse and Battery Check. Yet again another world tour followed, gaining them a bigger fan base all over the world.

Kingwood, released 2005, marked the band’s return to a faster ‘harder’ punk sound. Millencolin have released new album Machine 15 in early 2008 and revealed plans to tour once again as well as being strongly rumoured to be playing the Lock Up stage at Reading and Leeds festival.


ome put it on cruise control and coast along from past achievements in a fulfilled state of satisfaction. It is a rare individual who rides the momentum of success towards bigger and better things in life. Professional skateboarder Chris Cole, through his continual domination of competitions, has clearly earned himself the top spot amongst the elite of skateboarding. Through it all, Chris has been grounded with the realization that life is all about deep-seated relationships fostered through respect and compassion. As his profile ascended, he furthered his desire to perpetually self evaluate and improve all facets of life. His forthright interactions with those in and out of the industry made a direct and positive impact on the image and character of skateboarding. It was an image that at times took hits for being overrun with punk kids running amuck and creating havoc on public property. As the spotlight’s glow on Chris began to brighten, so did the viability and credibility of skateboarding as a whole. It was rapidly becoming the fastest growing sport in America. Chris wanted the world to see that skateboarding breeds individuals that are athletic, creative, and driven. Rather than succumbing to the

trappings of the “live fast and die young” mentality, Chris adopted his own credo of “live rad and die proud”. It is a concise and powerful statement that has guided him personally and throughout his professional career. A career that was first set into motion at the ripe old age of 14. At a time in life when most kids are figuring out what video game to play next, Chris had made the determination that he would forgo college and make his way in life by skateboarding full-time. Chris was raised in Levittown, PA outside of Philadelphia. He holds the Northeast corridor and the makeup of it’s people near and dear to his heart. He likens their notorious rudeness to a hardened exterior shell. Once penetrated, the shell makes way for deeper and much more meaningful connections. While in the Philadelphia area, Chris entered into local and regional skateboarding contests starting in his pre–teen years. He won them early and he won them often. He quickly established himself as an elite talent and landed corporate sponsorships pulsion with only momentary stops to collect a trophy or receive

an award. Chris credits the development of his riding style to his willingness to shred and skate all physical obstacles that present themselves in the realm of street skating. He never wanted to be limited to just being great on ledges or handrails. He wanted to crush gaps, ramps, and anything and everything there was to conquer. It was this approach to street skating that garnered him a string of accolades, yet to cease or slow from being bestowed upon him. He has received honors from the industry and direct praise from the fans like Transworld Skateboarding’s “Readers Choice Award”. He has the rarified distinction of being only one of two skaters twice named Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” (2005 & 2009). The Dew Tour, Maloof Money Cup, and Battle of the Berrics 2 are just a partial listing of contests he wrapped up for victory. There was also the back to back gold medals won in consecutive years at the X Games, ESPN’s elite action sports event. The multitude of victories and mounting press coverage of Chris swung the door of opportunity wide open for him. He became a featured rider in the smash hit video games “Skate” and “Skate 2” while also making numerous appearances in videos such as “Bam Margera: CKY2K”. While the physical expressions that Chris was able to display

on a board clearly played a major role in all these triumphs, he attributes the success to something much simpler than that–Fun. If Chris is not having fun, then he is not winning contests. The foundation of his career advancement has been the passion and pure joy he has in his soul for skateboarding. It is a wholehearted desire for riding and competing that words on a page fall short of describing. It is the kind of infatuation that can make a 14 year old boy be acutely aware that instead of college, his future belongs thrashing through history. Chris indeed has made his mark on the history of skateboarding. The countless victories and abundance of awards prove it. Even though Chris is grateful for all he has attained throughout his career, he believes that leaving a legacy has nothing to do with hardware or bountiful prize purses. Chris’ ultimate rewards are the special moments spent riding with his young son Wyatt, for a true legacy is all about the deep-seated relationships with a lasting bond throughout eternity.


haun White is many things but most notably he’s driven. He holds many of the highest accolades within snowboarding and skateboarding, and at 23, he’s only getting started. An X Games double threat with medals in both snowboarding and skateboarding, as well as a gold medal from the 2006 Winter Olympics, Shaun White possesses insane skills and instantly recognizable looks. This amazing combination has made him one of the most recognizable sports figures of his time.

Born in San Diego, California in 1986, Shaun Roger White endured two major surgeries to correct a heart defect before he was a year old. Despite these conditions, the growing youngster proved that he was far from frail, charging into sports like surfing, soccer and snowboarding at a young age.

coincidentally developing a kid-sized snowboard line. Not surprisingly, they were impressed, and offered the seven-yearold a sponsorship deal. With the support of Burton, he turned pro at 13. Continue on next page

2008: •

Winter X Superpipe: GOLD!

Winter X Slopestyle: Bronze

Burton European Open Slopestyle 1st

Burton European Open Superpipe 2nd

Burton European Open Overall Champ

2007: •

Burton Global Open Champion ‘07

TTR World Tour Champion ‘07

Olympic Gold Medalist, halfpipe, 2006 Winter Games

Six Winter X Games gold medals (4-peat in Slopestyle)

Undefeated in 2005–2006 (12 snowboard victories)

First person to win a gold medal at both Summer and Winter X Games

First to sweep snowboard Grand Prix halfpipe season

Three ESPY Awards

Two-time Most Outstanding Athlete of Winter X Games

Silver medalist, skateboard, Summer X Games (2005)

‘07 AST Skate Vert Champion

Transworld Snowboarding Rider of the Year

Snowboarder Magazine Top Ten Rider of the Year


Shaun grew up in a family of five: Mom (Cathy), Dad (Roger), Sister (Kari) and Brother (Jesse). One of the family’s favourite pastime included skiing. With no close mountain resorts, they would take weekend road trips up to local mountains. At the age of four, Shaun proved to be fearless on his skis as he raced down the slopes with older brother Jesse. At six, in an attempt to slow him down, Cathy decided to put him on a snowboard and instructed him to copy everything Jesse did. Shaun did just that, unfortunately for her, it only encouraged Shaun to His parents supported Shaun’s snowboarding ability and took him to the mountains as often as possible. At seven, Shaun entered his first amateur snowboard contest and won, earning him a wildcard entry into Nationals, where he placed just outside of the top 10. At that time, Cathy sent Burton a homemade video of Shaun just as the company was

1st Dew Tour Skateboarding Vert-Rightgaurd Open

1st Chevy Grand Prix Olympic Qualifier #3 Mt. Bachelor OR,

1st Chevy Grand Prix Olympic Qualifier #4 New Jersey,

1st Chevy Grand Prix Olympic Qualifier #5 New Jersey,

1st Honda Session Rail Jam, 1st Honda Session Slopestyle,

1st Winter X-Games Halfpipe,

1st Winter X-Games Slopestyle,

1st Gold Medal 2006 Olympics Halfpipe,

1st US Open Slopestyle and 1st US Open Halfpipe

After winning five national titles as an amateur, Shaun captured his first major win as a pro in 2001 at the Arctic Challenge. He earned his first Winter X Games medal when he was 16, and between Slopestyle and Superpipe hasn’t failed to stand on the Winter X podium since. Between skateboarding and snowboarding Shaun now holds 16 X Games medals, and a record 10 of them are gold. While Shaun was being lauded as a snowboard prodigy, he was simultaneously turning heads on the skateboard scene. Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk befriended the nine-year-old at a local skatepark and mentored the up-and-comer, helping Shaun turn pro in skateboarding at the age of 17. In 2003 he became the first athlete ever to compete and medal in both the Summer and Winter X Games in two different sports. In 2007, Shaun set unparalleled standards by winning the overall title and prestigious honor of Action Sports Tour Champion thanks to his impressive skills in skateboarding vert. One of Shaun’s rare disappointments had been failing to make the 2002 Winter Olympic lineup; he narrowly missed earning a spot on the U.S. team by three tenths of a point. In the 2006 qualifiers for Torino, however, he took no prisoners. Shaun went undefeated with 12 victories that season, becoming the first athlete ever to sweep the five-event U.S. Grand Prix series, which serves as the Olympic qualifiers. His come-from-behind gold medal win in Halfpipe was compelling enough, but his unscripted wit and casual charisma with the media and fans sealed the deal: Shaun White was now a household name.

At 23, Shaun shows no sign of letting up on the competition, taking on the world in contests leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver, Canada. Shaun wanted to pull out all the stops and introduce new tricks to the snowboard world this year, and with the help of Red Bull, a halfpipe was created with snowboarding’s first-ever on-mountain foam pit. The Red Bull foam pit allowed Shaun to attempt tricks he never thought would be possible. The one-month training session, dubbed “Red Bull Project X” allowed Shaun to push the progression of snowboarding, and he emerged from Project X with an arsenal of new tricks, including the first ever back-to-back double cork variations which

he then debuted at the Burton New Zealand Open in August ‘09. Whether in a halfpipe or on a vert ramp, this five time ESPY award winner is undoubtedly a talented athlete. Along with his athletic accomplishments Shaun still finds time to give back, frequently stopping by Target House as well as supporting other organizations such as Tony Hawk Foundation, Heartgift, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Summit on the Summit. Despite his hectic schedule Shaun makes sure there’s always enough time for his friends and family.


Rated: M Runtime: 148 min Directed by Christopher Nolan Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sometime in the near future, some clever clog has invented the device that will let us share our dreams with other people, or more sinisterly, to invade those of someone else. In the hands of a skilled operator, the device will allow teams of workers to enter and manipulate our dreamscapes. Our dreams can be built for us, without our knowledge, and if our dreams are penetrated, then our deepest and darkest secrets can be exposed. If you’ll swallow that, then Inception is about as much fun as you’re going to have at the movies in years. Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster really is everything the incessant marketing and saturation trailering have promised. Leonardo DiCaprio leads a team of specialists - an architect, a chemist, a forger and the like–into the recesses of Cillian Murphy’s mind. Murphy is about to inherit the world’s largest energy consortium, and his enemies would like to see him break it up. So the plan is to plant a germ of an idea, via an orchestrated dream, that will see Murphy do just that.

But Murphy has been trained for just such an attack, and his subconscious mind is armed, dangerous, and ready to fight back. Meanwhile, DiCaprio may be the team leader, but he is suffering some dreadful heartbreak, and his own subconscious is about to start making all sorts of trouble. At which point, writer-director Nolan can unleash the most jaw- dropping sequence of set pieces I’ve seen crammed into one film, while teasing out the possibilities of the scenario for all it’s worth, at times way past credulity: people in dreams putting themselves to sleep so they can have other dreams? Err . . .If you can get your head around the implausibilities of the script, then Inception has a lot going for it. The performances, the special effects and the sheer ingeniousness of the situations Nolan manages to get his characters into are all very impressive indeed.

But every great film needs to be more than just spectacle, it needs some real emotional truth. At the heart of Inception is an achingly sad love story. The relationship between DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard is played out in a series of dreamscapes and nightmares, and as we watch the layers unpeel, and are finally allowed to glimpse the tragedy that still joins them, we can only sit back in admiration at Nolan’s skill as a writer. Inception is a superb action film, and a genuinely original science-fiction think piece, but it also turns out to be one of the most moving and original examinations of the shame and regret of lost love since The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is very high praise indeed. No matter what you make of its barking-mad central premise, Inception is a game changer on a par with The Matrix or Blade Runner – all that, and an absolutely killer ending.

Go and see it.

SimpleHarmonicMotiojn ‘I Remember’ Cd Release Gig Bodega, Dec 19th, 10pm. $15 Entry.




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