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Applications Each project has its own distinct requirements. GS Foam Concrete Ltd has developed a wide range of foam concrete packages to fit a wide range of application requirements.



Redundant Pipeline Infills

Subway Infills



Substation Infills

Redundant Bridge Infills



Void Fill between Multi-Pipe Circumferences

Swimming Pool Depth Adjustments


Railway Platform Extensions

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Product Development

Environment & Sustainability

GS Foam Concrete Ltd was founded in 1984 by Managing Director, Glen Jones. A privately owned company, GS Foam Concrete Ltd broke new ground as the first company to manufacture foam concrete for the UK Construction Industry. Over the years Glen and his team have built up a wealth of experience producing foam concrete for a variety of applications. Established as the ‘expert’ in this highly specialised field, GS Foam Concrete Ltd holds ‘preferred supplier’ status with many of its UK blue chip clients. A proven track record and enviable reputation in the industry ensures that GS Foam Concrete Ltd will continue to grow and thrive in this highly competitive industry, providing customers with unparalleled product / application expertise and service excellence. GS Foam Concrete Ltd consistently delivers a high quality product and service to its customers. This is only possible, because all plant and equipment is designed and built in-house. As a result, GS Foam Concrete Ltd can offer a wide range of materials for many applications. In addition, Glen Jones is committed to GS Foam Concrete Ltd’s programme of ‘continuous improvement’ seeking to further develop the properties of foamed concrete, in order to extend its potential uses within the construction industry. GS Foam Concrete Ltd takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously. The company is currently undertaking trials with some of the largest ready-mix concrete companies in the UK. The objective of these trials is to replace a percentage of Cement and Quarried material with by-products such as PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash) and recycled material such as Glass. Further information on these trials can be obtained by contacting GS Foam Concrete Ltd and updates will be published on the company’s website as they become available.

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The complex production process for Foam Concrete and the

= CONCRETE application of the finished product for the right environment requires the specialist skills and expertise of GS Foam Concrete Ltd. The process consists of two elements; base material plus a foam additive.

Base Material

Foam Additive

Foam Concrete

The base material consists of varying quantities of cement, sand and water (dependant on strength and consistency required) which forms a slurry type mix. This mix is usually supplied in ready-mix concrete trucks. The foam additive is produced on site in our specially adapted foam generators. The additive is injected into the back of the concrete mixer truck to produce the foam concrete. The volume of foam added is dependent on the target density and strength requirement. Once the foaming stage is complete, the foam concrete is then ready for application - either direct from the truck or via GS Foam Concrete’s specially adapted pump. See below for some of the features and benefits that customers experience when using GS Foam Concrete:

Product Features & Benefits

Service Features & Benefits

Highly Fluid & Rapid Insulation Self Compacting & Self Levelling for 100% void fill Good Compressive Strength & Well Bonded Concrete Body No Lateral Load Impact on Adjacent Structures Thermal Insulation Properties Only 24hour Curing Period Volcanic Rock Lava Appearance Fire Resistant and Prolonged Fire Protection to Extreme Temperatures Improves Site Logistics Minimum Site Impact — only requires space for Ready Mix Truck / Concrete Pump No requirement to site Large Concrete Silos or Mobile Batching Plant Equipment Fully Trained & Skilled Technicians Cost Effective Reduced Business Risk with Expert Contractor

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GS Foam Concrete Ltd offers high quality contract services to complement its high specification foam concrete product. When customers choose GS Foam Concrete Ltd they can rest assured that they have chosen a partner that they can trust, every step of the way. Prior to any void infill implementation GS Foam Concrete Ltd undertakes a full project scoping with the client and their team, including civil engineering contractors and architects. Before cost estimates are produced a site meeting is arranged to discuss all aspects of the project including logistics and materials requirements. This service is free and inclusive at no cost to the client.


Quality Control

GS Foam concrete only employ qualified technicians and can provide quality testing Services to British Standards. Included in the cost estimate are density monitoring and cube making. All test cubes are independently tested by a UKAS accredited company (ESG Scientifics). Upon request additional strength test data can be provided. This service is free and inclusive at no further cost to the client. A range of inclusive packages have been developed to aid the customer’s decision making process. GS Foam Concrete guarantees full cost transparency / no hidden charges.

Concrete Foam Producers - Competitor Comparison Table Typical Charges for:



Pre Start Consultatuion Mobilisation Charge Demobilisation Charge Hotel & Sustenance Minimum Charge Pump Charge Water Supply Fall in Volume Required Additional Days Cube Testing

No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge Only if less than one load No Charge Supply Supplied by GS Foam No Charge No Charge No Charge

£200 £750 £750 £125 per person per night £400 for less than 5 loads £50 per hour (min 8 hours) Must be provided by YOU Below 90%, £18m3 of the difference £654 £55 per set

A range of concrete pumps are also available suitable for every application and operated by fully trained staff.

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Void Fill Specialists

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