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Week 2: Understanding Photoshop Basics (Text Answers) (All answers given are for the Mac OS version of Photoshop CC) 1.!

What is the purpose / use of the following in Photoshop: a. Marquee


The Marquee tool allows for rectangular or elliptical selection of pixels. Selection of pixels then enables other function (like Cut / Copy) or defines the affected area when using brush and brush-like tools (for example, confining a Dodge or Burn to the area inside the Marquee). b. Eraser The Eraser tool removes pixels from a Layer. If there are visible layers beneath, then they will show through. c. Clone Stamp The Clone Stamp tool takes pixels from a chosen sample area and applies them at the location of the cursor of the same Layer. d. Blur The Blur tool blurs pixels together.


Mention 5 ways to return an image to 100% magnification in Photoshop:

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Explain the steps you will take to make images “snap to” guides in Photoshop.

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1. 2. 3. 4.

View Menu > Zoom In/Out until image is 100% Click in Scale % (lower left corner), enter 100 and hit Return / Enter; Use direct keyboard shortcuts Shift + Cmd + (“+” / “-”) to reach 100%; Hit “Z” for Zoom tool, and then click (Zoom In) or alt-click (Zoom Out) to 100%; Hit “Z”, then click “100%” button in the contextual bar above the main image.

Create at least one Guide (View > New Guide...) Verify that Snap To (Guide) is active (View > Snap To > checkmark by Guide) Bring in a new image layer (for example, with the Place command). Click and drag to select placement...the image’s edge will snap to the Guide.

Ch. 2 Understanding Photoshop Basics  
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