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SOUVENIR At every Biennial Conference, CMAI releases a souvenir. This time, we want to include stories from our individual and institutional members in the souvenir. This means you! We are looking for: YOUR HISTORY


Mission hospitals, tell us about your past, the ups and downs, the flashbulb moments and the times when the institutions received setbacks (if any). Our readers want to read about pioneers of mission associated with your hospital and about the people you served.

Tell us about your experiences in working at Christian healthcare institutions. What were the struggles? What the source of satisfaction? Basically, what is the story of your life and career in mission?

YOUR OPINIONS Whoever you are, wherever you work, tell us what you think – about healthcare in this country, the health policy that is in force today and what we can do to make healthcare more inclusive and just. Write to as soon as you can and remember to include relevant photographs.

Souvenir Announcement - CMAI Biennial Conference 2013  
Souvenir Announcement - CMAI Biennial Conference 2013  

Contributing to CMAI's Souvenir