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Life for All Bimonthly Newsletter of the Christian Medical Association of India

D E V O T I O N Hiding Then the man and his wife … hid from the LORD God … Then the LORD God said to the Woman, “What is this you have done?” Gen 3:8-11,13 (NIV) Hiding, concealing, is something that comes naturally to us. There are many things that we hide in our lives. Out of our total selves, only a little is exposed to others. One truth this passage alerts us to is that we cannot hide anything from God our Creator. The utmost we can do is repent / say sorry and move on in life. We cannot fight God in this life. Sin due to disobedience has made us hide and not be open. Can our relationships ever be transparent and healthy? They are opaque and need transformation. How can we handle this concealing nature in us? Only Christ – His love and grace – can restore us. His precious blood can transform us in the way we come across in the world as God’s people. The season of Lent, I believe, can help us change and remodel ourselves in the way we come across in society, the community and the family. We cannot become 100% transparent but we can make a sincere effort to come clean, facing the future boldly rather than sulking about it. To not hide is a virtue that we can develop with the help of Christ alone, because that is the intention with which God created us.

Issue 145 January - February 2010

From the General Secretary...


hen the climate change discussion started, some thought it was a “fad” that would pass. It is now clear that this is serious and has long term and often irreversible impacts, including ill effects on health. Moreover, and this is particularly relevant to us as CMAI members, it is the poor who are the first and the most severely affected, because they cannot buffer themselves from the immediate outcomes, and also because their resultant increase in poverty immediately affects their health and their access to care when in need. The range of possible actions includes understanding how our various actions positively or negatively impact the environment, energy efficiency and conservation measures, use of renewable energy, greening of campuses and community spaces, water conservation and conservative use of all resources. As hospitals and health professionals, we have important roles to play: Hospitals are resource intensive. Around 15-20 per cent of a hospital’s operational expense is on energy and water. Hospitals spend more on energy per square meter than any other commercial building type. Many hospitals have community health programmes and these provide the opportunity to entire communities to adopt practices that fight climate change. Hospitals’ training programmes in nursing and allied health professions are nurturing grounds for youth. By building a commitment among the youth to be climate champions, we plant a seed in them and thus in other institutions where they will go to work. Many patients and relatives spend time in our institutions; our practices, and clear messages about the importance we give to preserving our environment, can influence and convince them to adopt positive steps. Hospitals and healthcare professionals are respected in society; we can initiate and lead local initiatives for change, and influence our churches also to do so. As we are intensive consumers of water, energy and other resources, it is urgent and imperative that we undertake climate-preserving actions immediately. We are stewards of what God has given us, and can influence many others. Let us, as a network, commit ourselves to this, and lead the way for healthcare institutions and professions in the country.


Rev Sharath David CMAI

Dr Vijay Aruldas General Secretary

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

- Soren Kierkegaard

CMAI News From the sections... Doctors Dear friends, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! It has been a pleasure serving as Secretary of the Doctors Section of CMAI since I joined on 2 November 2009. In December 2009, I was able to visit all the member institutions of CMAI in Delhi, all except one. The institutions visited were EHA Central Office, TLM Headquarters, St Stephen’s Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, TLM Community Hospital, SAHYOG Project of EHA, Salvation Army Headquarters and EMFI Headquarters. The visits were quite fruitful and comprised listening afresh, on a personal basis, to what they expect from CMAI as well as how they could contribute to the Christian medical mission services in India by working together, for which CMAI is a platform. A need was expressed for nurturing Christian doctors on the Biblical servant-leadership model of Christ Jesus. The Doctor’s Executive Committee meeting will be held on 6 March 2010 at CMC Ludhiana and all arrangements are being made. Following this will be a students’ retreat on the same day and a Doctors’ meeting the following day i.e 7 March. A students’ retreat is being planned focusing on medical students from MP, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra to challenge them to serve in missions. Towards this end, I visited medical students all over MP and also a few in Maharashtra – namely medical colleges in Nagpur, Sewagram, Sawangi, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore, and Gwalior. Also, the initial planning for the National Conference to be held in November 2010 is on. In Christ,

Dr John Thomas Secretary, Doctors' Section

NABH Assessor training programme, Bangalore Quality Council of India (QCI) organised a 5-day NABH assessor training program in Bangalore from 14-18 November 2009. Mr Justin Jebakumar and Dr Thuppil Venkatesh were the coordinators for this program which was held in St John’s Medical College Hospital campus. This certificate program concluded with written examinations. The total intake for the program was 30.

Workshop On “Educational Evaluation” At BBH-Bangalore A 2-day workshop on Educational Evaluation was conducted at the School of Nursing, Bangalore Baptist Hospital by BNESIB on 19 & 20 November 2009. Thirty-six participants, representing three institutions, attended the workshop. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr Alexander Thomas, Director, Bangalore Baptist Hospital. The first day of the workshop started with a scientific session on educational evaluation conducted by Mrs Lalitha Varghese, Secretary, BNESIB. On the second day, Mrs Lalitha explained about formatting the blueprint of question papers. This was followed by the scientific session on clinical supervision. Certificates were given to all the participants.

Gujarat & Rajasthan Regional Conference The Regional Conference of the Gujarat & Rajasthan region was held on 4 October 2009 at Surat, Metas Seventh-day Adventist Hospital. Approximately 50 delegates attended. The conference was inaugurated by Dr Jeremiah, President, Metas Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, and had senior CMAI life members such as Dr A A John, Dr Dayakar Khanapur, Mrs and Rev Julias Khristy in attendance. The devotional was led by Capt Andrew. Dr Khanapur presented a technical session on Laser Treatment in Dentistry. Rev Julias Khristy and Mrs Anita presented sessions on counselling. The keynote address was delivered by Mr Justin Jebakumar. The following members were elected as the Regional Committee for the biennium 2009-2011: Regional Secretary – Dr Pradip I Martin; Regional Sectional Secretary, Doctors – Dr Tony Nicholas; Regional Sectional Secretary, Nurses – Sr Sunita Patel; Regional Sectional Secretary, AHP – Ms Meena Samuel; Regional Sectional Secretary, Administration – Maj Christopher Selvanath; Regional Sectional Secretary, Chaplains – Rev Julias Khristy.

Inauguration Of Post Basic Diploma Programme In Speciality Nursing The inaugural programme of the post-basic diploma in Speciality Nursing was held on 31 October 2009 at SIH-R&LC, Karigiri. Dr Vijay Aruldas, General Secretary, CMAI, in his inaugural address, shared the joy of reaching out to new institutions through past achievements, competence and progress. The letter of permission to start eight post-basic diploma courses at College of Nursing, CMC, Vellore, was handed over by Mrs Emiliammal Rajkumar, Vice Chairman, BNESIB & Principal of School of Nursing, SIH-R&LC, Karigiri to Mrs Bharathy Jacob, Dean, College of Nursing, CMC, Vellore. The programme was felicitated by Mr Augustine P Aiyadurai, Treasurer, CMAI and Administrative Manager, SIH-R&LC, Karigiri and Mrs Linda Christopher, Dean, School of Nursing, Scudder Memorial Hospital, Ranipet. Life for All

Issue 145 January - February 2010

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CMAI News Healing Ministry at St Peter’s Church The CSI St Peter’s Church, Cox Town, celebrated the Healing Ministry Service on 14 February 2010. Dr Blessed Singh from CSI Medical College Hospital, Karakonam, was the guest speaker. He spoke on Sharing the Pain. He took all six bible study topics and preached how Jesus shared the pain – physical, emotional, social and economic – and concluded that we should be healed to heal so as to bring Shalom to the community.

Healing Ministry service organised by Karnataka region The Karnataka region organised the Healing Ministry service at St Andrew’s Church at 5.30 pm on Sunday, 14 February 2010. There were 135 participants from institutions like CSI Hospital Bangalore, Baptist Hospital, St Peter’s Church, Divya Shanthi Church, St Andrew’s Church and YMCA. Healthcare professionals from other churches also participated. Theologian Rev Johnson Samuel, one of the senior pastors from the Anglican Church, Bangalore, gave the message.

Seminars on "Legal Implications in Nursing Practice" This era of improving standards of medical technology and constantly changing modes of communication, exposes nursing professionals to the complexity of client management. Legal and ethical challenges to nursing are on the rise. The Nurses League of CMAI organised three 1-day seminars in three states on the topic Legal Implications in Nursing Practice. Mr Samuel Abraham, Legal Advisor, CMC Vellore, was the key resource person for all the three seminars. The seminar at Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi was held on 5 December 2009. One hundred and twenty three participants from 16 institutions participated. Fr A Pinto inaugurated the seminar and Dr Vijay Aruldas introduced CMAI activities. Mr Stephen Victor, Secretary, Administrators Section, CMAI, also took a session on Bio-Medical Waste Management. The seminar at CSI Kalyani Hospital, Mylapore was held on 30 January 2010. One hundred and thirty six delegates from 27 institutions participated. Dr Rajkumari Sunder, Medical Superintendent, inaugurated the seminar. Mrs Jancy Johnson, Secretary, NL, presented CMAI activities. Mrs Shirley David, Chairperson, NL, CMAI, spoke on common medical pitfalls in nursing practice. Mrs Jancy Ravi, Principal, School of Nursing, Kalyani Hospital, co-ordinated the seminar. The seminar at Bangalore Baptist Hospital was held on 11 February 2010. One hundred and forty six delegates from 26 institutions participated. Col Bunyan, Deputy Director, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, inaugurated the seminar. Dr Vijay Aruldas briefed about CMAI activities. Mrs Shirley David spoke on common medical pitfalls in nursing practice. A pre and post test was conducted. Mrs Leena Raj, Principal, School of Nursing, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, co-ordinated the workshop.

From the sections... Nurses Dear friends, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! As we remember the blessing God showered on us in the previous year, let us continue to seek His guidance this year too. The Nurses League has been busy with seminars in different states these last couple of months. The commercialisation of healthcare and increasing consumerism poses many challenges in nursing. NL felt the need for increasing legal awareness among our nurses. With the help Mr Samuel Abraham, Legal Advisor, CMC Vellore, we conducted three seminars in different cities viz Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. The theme of the workshops was “Legal Implications in Nursing Practice”. I attended the council meeting of CMC Vellore on 28 and 29 January. I also attended the consultation meeting on nursing held at Nirman Bhavan under the chairpersonship of Ms K Sujatha Rao, Secretary, Health and Family Welfare and presented the activities of both the boards and NL. Ms Rao suggested to the President of the Indian Nursing Council that some of our methods of inspection be adopted in order to improve the standards of nursing practice in the country. I attended the Board and the Executive Committee meetings of BNESIB and MIBE. BNESIB has got some additional space for the office. MIBE also needs a new building for the office. We need to decide the venue for our National Conference. Do give suggestions. The Executive Committee is planning to meet on 4 March 2010. With prayers,

Conclusion The Nurses League, CMAI, thanks Mr Samuel Abraham and Mrs Shirley David for being resource persons for the seminars. Thanks also to Fr Pinto, Director, Holy Family Hospital, Delhi; Dr Rajkumari Sundar, Director, Kalyani Hospital, Chennai; and Dr Alexander Thomas, Director, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, for permitting us to use the venue for the seminars. Sincere thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Philipose, Nsg Superintendent, Holy Family Hospital, Delhi; Mrs Jancy Ravi, Principal, School of Nsg, Kalyani Hospital, Chennai; Mrs Leena Raj, Principal, School of Nsg, Bangalore Baptist Hospital; and Mr Bernard and his team from CMAI office Bangalore for coordinating the workshops. Life for All

Issue 145 January - February 2010

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Ms Jancy Johnson Secretary, Nurses League

CMAI News From the sections... Administrators Dear Members, Greetings from the Administrators Section! I am glad to inform you of a new development that has taken place recently. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, has accepted our proposal to conduct awareness workshops on implementing alternate energy sources and energy efficiency measures in hospitals. They are also willing to consider generous subsidies for hospitals that are willing to implement such measures (ex utilisation of solar energy) in this financial year. If any hospital in our network is interested, they should contact me immediately. On 5 February I had the privilege of delivering a lecture on “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Hospitals” at a seminar organised by the State Government Department – Goa Energy Development Agency. A lot of interest has been generated about the possibility of using alternate sources of energy and reducing power bills through efficient use of power sources. Even as I write this column, the XXIII Workshop on Hospital and Health Services Management is underway at Bangalore. This year we have participants from Bihar, MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, AP, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A good set of faculty is with us. Sectional activities are being planned in various regions. Please contact your respective Regional Secretaries for details. If you have any article that could be published in Clipboard please mail it to me. Kindly pray for the Board meetings which are to be held first week of March. Best wishes,

CHIN for CHANGE – TOT on Participatory Communications The four CHIN partners along with Healthlink Worldwide met for a 5-day National Training of Trainers on Participatory Communications. Held between 8-12 Feb 2010 in Kolkata, the workshop had 23 attendees. The agenda was achieving a clear understanding of participatory methods and also looking at advocacy and participatory monitoring and evaluation. The trainers prepared themselves to transfer what they had learnt to their local NGO partners. The roll out took place during the last fortnight of February, where two teams worked together – teams took turns observing and facilitating. CINI paired with CHETNA and RUHSA paired with CMAI Orissa.

CHIN for CHANGE – Monitoring Visit to local partner NGOs in Kolkata Between 1-5 February, a monitoring visit was paid to the local partner NGOs of CINI, Kolkata, as part of the CHIN CHANGE project. The two districts visited were Murshidabad and West Midnapore. The local NGOs implementing here are Association for Social and Health Advancement (ASHA) in Jangiapur block and CINI Moyna Rural Health Development Centre in Sabang block respectively. Dr Geom Abraham from CMAI and Ms Komal Chakroborty from CINI conducted the monitoring.

CMAI - Orissa, Capacity building on PNA for 2nd phase partner NGOs The capacity building on Participatory Needs Assessment (PNA) for the 2nd phase local partner NGOs was held at Hotel Bari International, Bhubaneshwar from 2-5 February 2010. There were 37 attendees. The meeting was inaugurated by Dr Gopinath Mahalik, Director, Health Services, H&FW Department, Orissa. Facilitators included Dr S K Mishra, Director, Asian Institute of Public Health Management, Orissa and Mr Gouranga Mohapatra of BGVS, an NGO in Orissa, who guided the participants through NRHM and its various facets. The following are the newly selected NGOs and the districts they will be working in: PRAVA – Balasore; SEWAK – Sundargarh; SHAKTI – Rayagada; BASK – Nuapada; SEWA – Jharsuguda; ASHA KIRAN – Koraput.

MD (General Practice ) of Tribhuvan University & FCAMS of CMAI Three-year post graduate residency programme in collaboration with Christian Medical Colleges, Vellore & Ludhiana, Miraj Medical Center and Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Stipend available. For prospectus, apply with Rs 150/- D/D payable to CMAI, Vellore. Last date for completed application 30 April 2010 Dr Thomas Bhanu, Co-ordinator CAMS, c/o Christian Medical College Vellore Tamil Nadu - 632002 Phone: 0416-2265036, 2263771

Dr H Gordan Roberts Hospital Shillong, Meghalaya Mr Stephen Victor Secretary, Administrators Section


Applications are invited for the post of Anaesthetists (Degree/Diploma) in the Dr H Gordon Roberts Hospital, Shillong - 793002. For further details please contact 0364-2546699, 98630 26390.

Life for All

Issue 145 January - February 2010

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CMAI News From the sections...


Allied Health Professionals

Carl E Taylor passes away Carl E Taylor, MD, Dr PH, founder of the academic discipline of international health and a man of spiritual conviction who dedicated his life to the well-being of the world’s marginalised people, passed away on 4 February 2010. He had prostate cancer. He was 93. The reach of his life was extraordinary, personally working in over 70 countries and having students from more than 100 countries. In 1952, he founded the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, the first such department in the developing world.

Sheila Massey passes away Sheila Massey, Senior Demonstrator, CMC Ludhiana, has passed away in her home in Bareilly. She was a physician and an alumnus of CMCL.

Dr Sambargikar passes away Dr Shashank Sambargikar, Medical Superintendent of Reynolds Memorial Hospital & Affiliated Clinics, Washim, Maharashtra, passed away on 30 December 2009 due to acute mio-cardio respiratory arrest. While doing his MBBS from Miraj Medical Center (1975-76 batch) he decided to work for the Lord through a Christian mission hospital. He served at Wanless Hospital, FJFM Hospital, Ahmednagar, and Wills Fairbank Pierce Memorial, Satara. Dr Sambargikar later joined RMH&AC as Assistant Medical Superintendent and worked there for 25 years in different positions. He was the first Indian to serve as Administrative Superintendent of RMH & AC. He passed away while working as Medical Superintendent of this hospital. He was also an Executive Committee member of Mid India Board of Examiners (MIBE) of the Nurses League of CMAI. He is survived by his wife, three sons and a granddaughter.

Dr Khristmukti passes away Dr Jaiprabhu Isusukh Khristmukti went to be with the Lord on 11 January 2010 at Nadiad, Gujarat. Dr Khristmukti or Jay as he was called by friends, was born in Jabalpur, MP and after his intermediate from Bombay University joined Christian Medical College Vellore in 1953. After passing his MBBS, he joined the staff of the Methodist Hospital, Nadiad, in Gujarat and continued there till retirement. Having specialised in surgery at CMC Vellore he established the Methodist Hospital, Nadiad, as a place of quality surgical care for patients with all types of surgical problems, in an era when super-specialists were scarce. He was appointed Medical Superintendent of the hospital in 1968 and the Director of Methodist Health Services of Gujarat in 1980. He served as Executive Secretary of the Council of Medical Work of The Methodist Church of India from 1980 for 16 years, helping coordinate the functioning of 17 Methodist hospitals in India. He encouraged many young students to take up medicine and to pursue a career in mission hospitals. He served as Chairman of both the CMC Vellore Council and the CMC Ludhiana Society and was active in sectional, regional and national CMAI meetings.

Dear friends in Christ, I hope you had a good time at Christmas and New Year. I send my warm greetings and wish God’s presence is with you this year. Our allied health professionals are highly wanted in many institutions here and abroad. Please note that the alumni of CMAI are in need of verification certificates from CMAI. I request CMAI graduates to become life members so that availing further certification is made easier. I have met many of our professionals during the Chennai meet – the workshop arranged by Sri Ramchandra Medical Centre – where many successful, budding professionals with CMAI diplomas came to see me. Our degree programmes started with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) are launched and IGNOU is finalising study materials etc. As it is the first time, the speed of the programme has been found to be inadequate but we hope things will be alright soon. The Quality Control of India, while making attempts to accredit the institutions for quality, is now interested in certifying allied health professionals also. I recently attended a meeting and am coming up with certification facilities for our allied health professionals which will bring us international recognition. It may take some time to get international standard accreditation for our training centres and professionals. I am happy to inform you about the National Conference of allied health professionals being planned for 24-26 September 2010 at Kanyakumari. Be there! With best wishes,

He was conferred an honorary doctorate in Science by the DePaw University, Indiana, US, in 1983. He was a pioneer in the formation of The Gujarat Methodist Church Cardiac Care and Research Society in 1990, under whose auspices the Dharmsinh Desai Memorial Methodist Institute of Cardiology functions. He is survived by his daughter, Sudha, an accomplished poet and writer. We join his grieving family and friends in our prayers and we thank God for the exemplary life and contribution of this great man.

Life for All

Issue 145 January - February 2010

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Mr A P Berry Secretary, AHP Section


From the sections...


Chaplains Dear friends, Greetings to you all in His precious name! On behalf of the CMAI family, I wish you, your family, members of your congregation(s) and organisation(s) a blessed, happy, healthy and prosperous new year. January was a really busy month preparing for the Healing Ministry – printing and dispatching, contacting different heads of the churches and institutions, and requesting them to observe the Healing Ministry Week/Sunday. I was privileged to attend a meeting of the CNI Delhi Diocesan Pastors on 27 January 2010. Bishop Rt Rev Sunil K Singh gave me an opportunity to present about the planned seminar on palliative care for the pastors on 5 February 2010 – conducted jointly by St Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi and CMAI Chaplains Section – and present about the Healing Ministry Week/ Sunday, 8-14 February 2010. Some of the CMAI staff and members were assigned to present "About CMAI" and share the word of God on 14 & 21 February in different Delhi and Bangalore churches, which agreed to observe Healing Ministry Sunday. I’m sure that all of you must have observed the Healing Ministry Week/ Sunday. I’m also sure that you must have decided to support this Section, as also the activities of CMAI through your prayers and contributions. The Leprosy Mission (TLM) has invited CMAI’s Chaplains Section to facilitate a 4-day ‘TLM Counsellors Update Training’ programme from 25-28 February in Naini, UP. As you observe Lent, I pray for God’s guidance to be with you all; and that it may strengthen you and your ministry.

Rev Job Jayaraj Secretary, Chaplains Section

Miraj Medical Center, Wanless Hospital, Maharashtra has installed a new: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Siemens Sensation Somatom Multislice ( 40 Slice) CT Scanner. Kodak Computerised Radiography System ( Digital C R System) LOGIQ 9 Ultrasonography Unit New Radiodiagnosis Wing

The inaugural function of the new CT Scanner was held on Monday, 8 February 2010. Mr Sham Vardhane, Collector of Sangli, also attended this programme.

ANNOUNCEMENT  Ask for LFA by email, and save paper. Send email to

  The new CMAI life membership rates of Rs 2000 for Doctors and

Rs 1000 for Members becomes effective from 1 April 2010. Invite your Christian healthcare professionals to become members NOW !

 To all life members: With the increase in life membership

fees, please contribute the additional amount (Rs 1025 for Doctors; Rs 525 for others) by cheque or through the CMAI website donation option, to upgrade your membership.

  CMAI thanks Miss Mary George, Ms Aleykutty Banerjee and

Mrs L Samuel who sent significant contributions to support CMAI in response to our request in the last newsletter. Please contribute for CMAI’s work in one or more of the following areas. You can contribute by cheque or through CMAI's donation page at Support for



Substance Abuse



HIV/AIDS Palliative Care

Community Health Programmes


Work with Doctors


Work with Nurses


Work with Allied Health Professionals


Work with Administrators


Work with Chaplains


Mission Hospitals


Students scholarship Others Life for All


Rs. Rs.

Issue 145 January - February 2010

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Institutional Development Desk Dear Members,

The Leprosy Mission Trust India, a charitable organisation with global presence, invites applications from prospective, committed individuals for the following positions:



Qualification : :


Bio Statistician - Based at Noida, Uttar Pradesh. M Sc (Bio statistics) or M Sc (Statistics) with 3 years experience in Health/Medical Research. 3 years

Skill Requirement :

Knowledge of epidemiology, designing health surveys, analysis using statistical software such as SPSS. Good English with excellent knowledge of MS Office, Excel, Power point etc.

Compensation :

Commensurate with qualification and experience.



Office Assistant - Based at Noida, Uttar Pradesh.



Graduate (preferably B Com)



With or without experience

Skill Requirement :

Good working knowledge of computer, MS Office/ good English communication

Compensation :

Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Apply with detailed CV before 25th March 2010 to: Deputy Director - Corporate Services The Leprosy Mission Trust India, B-13/A, Institutional Area, Sector 62, Noida 201 307 E-mail:

*********************************************************** Hume Memorial Church Hume Memorial Church, Ahmednagar invited Capt Jayanti Macwan (Administrator, Evangeline Booth Hospital, Ahmednagar) as Speaker for the Healing Ministry Sunday service. That same afternoon, they conducted a Facing AIDS workshop for the church youth. One hundred and fifty youth participated. Mr Pravin Sable and Sr Renuka Sonawane were resource persons.

Soon after New Year, the NABH preparatory work process started in three member hospitals. Madras Medical Mission, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Holdsworth Memorial Hospital (HMH) have formally signed up with CMAI for the NABH preparatory activities. CMAI put together the core team and conducted training on NABH standards at Madras Medical Mission (MMM) from 11-14 January 2010. Dr Chandy Abraham of Bangalore Baptist hospital, Mr Akilan Arunkumar from Joseph Eye Hospital, Tiruchirapalli and I conducted the training programme. Dr Dara Amar, Independent Consultant, Bangalore, and Ms Neetu Singh, CMAI, completed the gap analysis of MMM. The resource team also visited PIMS hospital, had meetings with the quality management team and conducted NABH Standards training programme from 15-20 January 2010. CMAI also completed the gap analysis (NABH standard compliances) of PIMS. The report has been submitted to the management. CMAI also initiated the NABH preparatory core team training held at HMH from 16-19 February 2010. Mr Sunny Kuruvilla from BBH joined the resource team and conducted the training. I visited CSI Mission General Hospital, Tiruchirapalli, and met Dr D Samson Daniel and Dr John Christo of Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, Bangalore, regarding quality improvement and NABH accreditation initiatives. The evaluation report of Tiruvalla Medical Mission (TMM) was submitted to their board. Padhar Hospital invited CMAI to do an evaluation of the hospital services. The study will be organised in March 2010. The Quality Council of India has agreed to support CMAI in organising Internal Counselor programmes for North East India, and another NABH awareness programme in Mumbai on 3 April 2010.

Mr Justin Jebakumar Coordinator, IDD Life for All

Issue 145 January - February 2010

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Announcement Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism,

LOST CERTIFICATE I, Kerenhappuch Sharon Joseph, from Karigiri School of Nursing, SIHRLC, Karigiri, TN, South India, have lost in November 2009, the original mark sheet of my GNM training issued by the BNESIB, CMAI. If the above-mentioned certificate is found, it may be returned, to “Ms J K Sharon, c/o Mrs Beulah Joseph, 15/20, Kannan Flour Mill Street, Stuartpet, Arakkonam 613001.” Costs incurred in the return of the certificate, will be suitably reimbursed.

Christian Medical College, Vellore – 632 004. Requires 1. Non PG Registrars positions – MBBS / MD 2. Medical Officers for clinical research work – MBBS / Diploma / MD degrees Interested candidates may contact: The Secretary, Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Christian Medical College, Vellore – 632 004. Phone: 0416-2283118 Mobile: 098432111996. Email : /

PADHAR HOSPITAL for General Diseases, Cancer, Tuberculosis & Orthopaedic Betul, MP Requires S No




Vacant Post









Radiotherapist/ Oncologist




ENT Surgeon




Medical Officer



For private circulation only

Christian Medical Association of India

Attractive Salary And Accommodation Please contact: The Medical Superintendent, Padhar Hospital, P O Padhar, Distt. Betul (MP) 460 005. Phone: 07141-263346, Mobile: 09425002131 NOTIFICATION CMAI, jointly with the Quality Council of India is organising a seminar on NABH Accreditation scheduled for 3 April 2010 in Mumbai. CMAI members can avail of subsidised fees. For further details, please contact: Ms Indira Kurapati, Sr Programme Secretary. Email:

RATIONAL DRUGS, CLIPBOARD, ADDICTION NEWS AND CARE BEYOND CURE GO ELECTRONIC Rational Drugs,Clipboard, Addiction News and Care Beyond Cure have been wellappreciated publications. In order to reach more people,we will be sending them only by email from now on. However, if you would prefer to receive a printed version, please send a donation of Rs 100/- by DD to CMAI, Delhi, towards cost of publication and postage. To receive these publications by email, please send a request by email with the following information - name, address & pin code, phone number, email id, membership number (if CMAI member.) If the label in which you have received these issues has the “Reader ID”, please send that to us. This may be sent to Please do write and let us know your preference by 30 April 2010. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you have changed your address, and discontinue mailing these publications to you.

Life for All

Life for All

Published by The General Secretary CMAI HQ. Plot No. 2, A-3, Local Shopping Centre, Janakpuri New Delhi - 110 058. Phone: (011) 2559 9991/2/3 Fax: (011) 2559 8150 E-mail:, cmaidel@ Website: CMAI Bangalore Office HVS Court, 3rd Floor, 21 Cunningham Road, Bangalore - 560 052. Phone: (080) 2220 5464, 2220 5837 Fax: (080) 2220 5826 E-mail: Editorial Coordinator Ms Jaya Philips Design and Production Ms Lata Anthony Printer: Bosco Society for Printing

Issue 145 January - February 2010

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The Leprosy Mission Trust India, a charitable organisation with global presence, invites applications from prospective, committed individuals for the following positions: Position :

Community Development Organiser - 15 Positions

Based at the states of UP, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

Qualification : Experience : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Bachelors degree/ Masters degree in social sciences or any other stream. Minimum of 1 year of work experien- ce in the developmental sector. Adequate knowledge of community mobilisation & community organisa- tion, sound communication skills with the local community, willingne- ss to travel. Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Position : Qualification : Experience : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Investigator - 3 Positions Raipur, Bilaspur & Champa: Chhattisgarh. Bachelors degree in any stream. Preferably from research background Minimum of 1 year of work experien- ce in the developmental sector. Sound knowledge of research meth- odology/data collection/research interviews, good communication skills in the local dialect. Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Position : Qualification : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Assistant Manager – Accounts (Statutory Compliances) Based at Country Office-NOIDA B Com/M Com/ (CA Inter/ICWA Inter/ MBA/Experience in CA Firm advan- tage) +5yrs experience. Good working knowledge of compu- ters & accounting software and good English communication skill. Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Position : Experience : Qualification : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Accountant (Promotion Support Development) Based at NOIDA With or without experience B Com/M Com Good working knowledge in Tally & accounting software and good English communication skill. Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Position : Experience : Qualification : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Human Resource Manager - 2 Based at Delhi 2 to 4 yrs MBA from recognised university Good in HRM Systems, Procedures, Data management, Manpower Planning & Budgetary Control. Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Position : Experience : Qualification : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Medical Officer - 15 Positions MBBS from recognised university OPD, In Patients Management, Computers. (15 TLM Hospitals have varying degrees of specialisation- Dermatology & Leprosy, Ophthalm- ology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, General Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery Orthopaedics and General Medicine.) Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Position : Experience : Qualification : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Specialist- Dermatologist- 8 Diploma Dermatology or MD Manage OPD Dermatology, Compu- ters Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Position : Experience : Qualification : Skill requirement : Compensation :

Specialist - Ophthalmologist- 5 Diploma Ophthalmology or MS Cataract surgery (IOL), Medical/OPD Ophthalmology etc. Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Apply with detailed CV before 25th March 2010 to: Deputy Director - Corporate Services The Leprosy Mission Trust India, B-13/A, Institutional Area, Sector 62, Noida 201 307 E-mail:

Life for All

Issue 145 January - February 2010

Page 9

The Leprosy Mission Trust India, a charitable organisation with global presence, invites applications from prospective, committed individuals for the following positions: Position : Head of Media Centre - Based at Head office, NOIDA.

Position : Programme Managers/Deputy Prog­amme Managers

Qualification : Journalism (Degree) or any equival- ent from recognised university.

Based at the states of UP, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

Experience : At least 10 years in the respective field. Roles :

Working with the Director and senior management team to devise and implement strategy aimed to raising the profile of TLM’s work and supporting work of the Policy and Campaigns team. Experience in pre and post audio & video production to diverse audiences.

Compensation : Commensurate with qualification and experience. Position : Head (Promotional Support & Deve- lopment) - Based at Delhi. Qualification : PG (MA/M Com/MSW/MBA…) with relevant work experience in social science. Experience : 5 to 8 years in the relevant field at a senior level. Roles : Experience in Church relations and fund raising activities in Corporate Sector/NGOs/ Donor organisations. Compensation : Commensurate with qualification and experience. Position : IT Support Professional - Based at NOIDA – 2 Positions Qualification : PGDCA /B Sc (computers) or Any Bachelor degree with higher Diploma in Computers. Experience : At least 1-2 years of work experi- ence in the related field. Roles :

Networking & troubleshooting, insta- ll­ation of all kinds of software’s techniques. In depth knowledge of Operating System - Linux, Windows server, Windows XP/Vista7.

Number of Vacancies : Programme Managers - 7 Dy. Programme Managers -10. Qualification : Degree of Master of Social Work from a recognized University. Experience : Minimum 5 years experience of Project Management in the develop- ment field. Roles :

Should have a flair for Administration & Management; hands - on experien- ce in financial management aspects which includes annual plans, alloca- ation of funds, monitoring expenditur- es and adherence to budget heads.

Compensation : Commensurate with qualification and experience. Position : Programme Implementation Facilitator - 10 Positions Based at the states of UP, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Qualification : Bachelors degree/ Masters degree in Social sciences. Experience : Minimum 2 years of work experience in the developmental sector. Skill requirement :

Implementation of institutional funded project at the field level, adequate knowledge of project cycle manage- ment, microcredit, Self Help Groups, good team player/ skills in community organising, networking with various institutions, like Govt, NGOs, etc, sound communications skills.

Compensation : Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Compensation : Commensurate with qualification and experience.

Apply with detailed CV before 25th March 2010 to:

Deputy Director - Corporate Services The Leprosy Mission Trust India, B-13/A, Institutional Area, Sector 62, Noida 201 307 E-mail:

Life for All

Issue 145 January - February 2010

Page 10

Life for All (newsletter) January - February 2010  

Bimonthly Newsletter of the Christian Medical Association of India

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