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Bimonthly Newsletter of the Christian Medical Association of India

Issue 164 March - April 2013

From the General Secretary... Brokenness to Wholeness Luke 15: 1-32 rokenness is universal and is the state of every individual whether one accepts the fact or not. God's Grace is to restore us from a broken state to wholeness. Jesus talks about three lost situations in this passage. One is a loss of inanimate object – a silver coin. Second, a sheep – an animal and third a lost human being. All had value and all were restored by God. God's ongoing work of restoration results in seeking and reaching out to the lost and restoring them. Any loss can lead to brokenness, separation and loss of connectivity. Restoration brings back wholeness from a state of brokenness and loss. The restoration of the lost son begins when the lost son realises that he is lost and in trouble because of the loss of connectivity, son-ship and status. The earlier taste of comfort and status reminded him of his state of being lost – the need to return back. The humility in him to return, overlooking the sense of shame and earlier arrogance saved him from destruction. He humbled himself as he was lost and broken, to the extent of saying, “let me become one of the servants in my father's house.” Brokenness also can lead us to arrogance, pride and destruction. This parable ends with an ideal and perfect finish. God in Christ restores us our son-ship and daughter-ship to perfection and completion; to an all-time high level. To a level which was even better than before. The son realised the value of the father and the home, making it a perfect finish. God also experiences loss of connectivity with humanity and brokenness yet He waits for His people to return to Him to restore them with wholeness. The heart of God is that not one person is lost, destroyed in this life. God in Christ has come to us and shown us His great love and taste of His kingdom. It is up to us as broken people to return to God in humility without any reason or excuse to be restored to the wholeness with a better quality of life.


Rev Sharath David Acting Secretary, Chaplains Section, Mob: 9868144557,


he CMAI board has commissioned consultations for a master plan for the next five years, the thrust areas being, Justice and equity, church relationships, Capacity enhancement, evidence creation, innovations and research. As Christians health professionals and institutions we are called to look at justice issues every day and in every action-if we are just in service, in thinking and decisions. This is a huge challenge to us as we are faced with difficult situations in an unjust world around. We need to take decisions on if we are on the side of the poor and the marginalised or otherwise. We need to ask ourselves why we exist and for whom? Very difficult choices indeed as we go on serving and trying to raise resources from services and maintain quality in a competitive environment. CMAI is a related agency of the National Council of Churches in India and therefore works closely with the church. The church in India is also changing very fast. The demography and the need to address the young people’s aspirations, keeping them engaged in the 'word' and being practical for their life in a highly connected world are issues. CMAI, if it has to bring about changes, has to work very closely with young people and the leaders of tomorrow. The investments in the youth has to be strategic, timely and of high quality. The capacity enhancements in India are going to be a significant agenda, not only for us but also for the government. India is short of more than 18 lakhs nurses alone. The health care industry, as it is called today requires millions of hands to offer health care for the ever growing nation. We are called to participate in this skill building mission. There are huge opportunities and, historically we have responded to such mandates in the past. We will work on projects and missions that are important for the country. However the purpose will be to bring the value of Christian education to the youth as they become change agents in the world. The last ten-years has brought in innovation and technology to levels which several of us find it difficult to keep pace with. While technology is enhanced concurrent evidence is required on several spheres, be it patient care, services, accounts or outcomes. We cannot continue to operate only on the feel good outcomes. As professionals we are required to have benchmarks and monitor changed outcomes. We are also required to use research to drive our current and future agenda and be prudent in our investments! In a changed and changing India the government has been bringing in regulations to rein in malpractice, unethical practice and poor quality services emanating from greed. We are in an environment where these regulations can affect us and we need to address them soon. CMAI is working with others to offer information and skills to address these issues.You will have more information on these soon.

Dr Bimal Charles General Secretary nd

The 42 Biennial Conference of CMAI is scheduled to be held at the Karunya University Campus, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore, from 6 to 9 November 2013. Kindly block your dates and look out for more th information in the weeks to come. On 6 November, we will mark 100 years of nursing education in India and the centenary of the Board of Nursing Education South India Branch (BNESIB).

Centennial Celebrations of BNESIB Inaugurated

Doctors Dear Friends, Warm greetings! This time I would like to introduce you to the world of the “Foreign Medical Graduates.” They are like any other young people who dream of attaining a Medical degree with the intention of helping people in need, however clichéd it may sound. Every year thousands of students leave their family for far off land, living as an alien, learning foreign language and studying in a medium which is not natural to them. Since 2002 the Medical Council of India had introduced the mandatory Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), a licensure examination by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) for these graduates to practice in India. The exam is held twice a year and the pass mark is 50%. I had the opportunity to interact with few of the 'foreign trained' graduates, some of them who are already working in hospitals and the others still preparing for the exam. The exam is held only in Delhi, so each student prefers to stay in Delhi and pays about Rupees 5000 to 7000 per month per bed.

he centennial celebrations of the Board of Nursing Education of the Nurses League of CMAI (South India Branch) was inaugurated at SIH-R&LC, Karigiri, on 23 January 2013. Principals, nursing superintendents, faculties and students from 14 Board-affiliated institutions from Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Karnataka, former and present office bearers of CMAI and BNESIB, students and staff of various schools of nursing under the BNESIB formed a considerable segment of the gathering of around 400 people.


The programme began with prayer by Mr T S Ravikumar, Professor, College of Nursing, CMC, Vellore, who was also Master of Ceremonies. The guest of honour, Rt Rev A Rajavelu, Bishop, Vellore diocese, in his address, traced the contribution of Christian missionaries and said that Christian hospitals would continue to play a vital role in the healing ministry. He said the celebration should help the BNESIB to move forward. Dr Vathsala Sadan, Chairperson, BNESIB,

India lies with the nursing profession. Dr Punitha Ezhilarasu, Professor, College of Nursing, CMC, Vellore, gave an oration on value Based Nursing Education. Mrs Besi, Nursing Superintendent, Christian Fellowship Hospital, Oddanchatram, shared her experience in her institution as a student and a staff and how BNESIB helped in her overall development. The occasion was felicitated by the following guests:

— Mrs Shirley David, Chairperson, Nurses League, said that the past century was one of achievement and service and one that saw young women and men lifted out of poverty. She said it was necessary to work together to keep the legacy of BNESIB intact. — Dr Mannam Ebenezer, Director, SIHR&LC, Karigiri, said that there was need for nurse practitioners and also for innovative methodology in training and research in nursing.

The questions are mostly based on Indian disease conditions, which the foreign universities don't give emphasis to. The students rely on unaccredited coaching centres which charge around 25,000 to 45,000 for one session (three months). I also learnt that only 20% pass the exams and most of them in 3rd or 4th attempt. Then they go for Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship. By the time they are eligible to practice, they would have already spent 7 to 9 years, and would be under tremendous pressure to repay back the loan. As a network of Mission Hospitals, how can we address the issues faced by them? They are a huge workforce and in the times when we are facing shortage of trained human resource, can we work towards integrating them within our hospitals? Do share your views and suggestions, kindly write to me at

Dr Abhijeet Sangma Sr Programme Coordinator

traced the institution's history full of service, trials and triumphs. She outlined the aims and objectives, functions and milestones of BNESIB. Mrs Selva Titus, Convener, Centennial Celebrations, BNESIB, spoke about the education imparted by the institution based on Christian principles. She took everybody through the programmes planned for the centennial year. She said that the proposed Learning Resources Centre would be a platform for capacity building and that it would share CMAI's vision. Dr George Chandy, Editor, CMAI, and the chief guest, said that health care in India would be a success only if we empowered all stakeholders. He said the answer to improving the current health care scenario in

Life for All

— Dr Bimal Charles, General Secretary, CMAI, said health care in India should be “infiltrated” by persons with Christian values.

— Dr Sudhir Joseph, President, CMAI, said that the future of the BNESIB was in excellent hands. He said it is necessary to be medical “vocationalists” rather than medical “professionals.” The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Lalitha Varghese, Secretary and Treasurer, BNESIB. She thanked all for their respective contribution to the day's programme. Rev T Devadas, Chaplain, SIH-R&LC, Karigiri, gave the benediction. With that it was curtains on the inauguration of the centennial celebrations of the BNESIB, but the start of a very significant year in its history.

Issue 164 March - April 2013

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Contributing to CMAI's Souvenir



Dear Friends,


Greetings in His name!

At every Biennial Conference, CMAI releases a souvenir. This time, we want to include stories from our individual and institutional members in the souvenir. This means you! We are looking for: A Your experiences – Tell us about your experiences in working at health care institutions. What were the struggles? What the source of satisfaction? Basically, what is the story of your life and career in mission?

Your history – Mission hospitals, tell us about your past, the ups and downs, the flash bulb moments and the times when the institutions received setbacks (if any). Our readers want to read about pioneers of mission associated with your hospital and about the people you served.


A Your opinions – Whoever you are, wherever you work, tell us what you think –about healthcare

in this country, the health policy that is in force today and what we can do to make healthcare more inclusive and just. Write to as soon as you can and remember to include relevant photographs.

42nd Biennial Conference of CMAI Biennial Conference : 6-9 November 2013 Venue: Karunya University Campus Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore Tamilnadu CMAI invites suggestions for a speaker to deliver the Dr Jacob Chandy Oration 2013 and nominations for the Dr D W Mategaonkar Awards 2013.

Dr Jacob Chandy Oration 2013 In 1990, CMAI instituted the Dr Jacob Chandy Oration which is presented at the CMAI Biennial Conference by an outstanding Indian/ overseas Christian leader to challenge issues and show directions for the healing ministry of the Church.

Dr D W Mategaonkar Awards In 1990, CMAI instituted national awards to publicly recognise members who have made a significant contribution to the mission of the Church in India in the ministry of health, healing and wholeness. The awards (up to 5 per year) are presented during the Biennial Conference. Members are requested to send suggestions/nominations to the General Secretary, CMAI, by 31st May 2013.

Regional Workshop on Transformation at Evangelical Hospital, Khariar, Odisha


regional workshop for CMAI's Odisha Region was held on 19 November 2012 at Evangelical Hospital, Khariar. CMAI sponsored the workshop and Mr Stephen Victor was the resource person. There were about 30 participants from all sections from different peripheral hospitals – Christian Hospital, Berhampur, Bissamcuttack, Nowrangpur and Netraniketan, Bolangir – and Evangelical Hospital, Khariar. Former Bishop of Diocese of Sambalpur, Rt Rev C K Das inaugurated the workshop and spoke on

Life for All

the theme, Transformation. In the morning session Mr Victor taught on two topics viz. Energy Efficiency at Home and Hospitals; and Achieving Quality in Health Care. There were questions and answers by the participants. After lunch Mr Victor spoke on Infection Control, Importance of Methodology and Contribution of Technology in upcoming hospitals. It was a tight 1-day programme and the participants had a good opportunity to learn about the practical situations in hospitals.

Issue 164 March - April 2013

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2013 dawned with new challenges and ideas. With the beginning of another year it is my desire to see effective and resultoriented enhancements in the quality of nursing; to create a lasting impact in patients' lives. As mentioned in the previous issue, we are working towards the fulfillment of our dream on Advanced Clinical Nurse Training. Please uphold this in your prayers. Nurses are the great care givers of our society; to go beyond the call of duty; the first to work and the last to leave; the heart and soul of caring; who strive to make the difference between life and death. The first step in a journey is always exciting and full of opportunities. The inauguration of the BNESIB centennial celebration was held on 23 January 2013 at SIH-R&LC, Karigiri. It was a real joy to meet the luminaries of the BNESIB. Thereafter, I attended the council meeting at CMC, Vellore. The regional committee meeting of the Kerala Region was held on 29January 2013. A 1-day workshop on Wound Care is scheduled for 22 February at Secunderabad. Thanks to Canadian wound care specialist Ms Patricia Liesch who volunteered to be the resource person. A similar workshop was held at GSN Indore on 8 February which was appreciated by one and all. The BNESIB executive committee meeting is scheduled for 25 February. The MIBE executive and Board meeting is scheduled for 28 February and 1 March respectively. The interview for the post of Principal, GSN, Indore, was held on 15 February. Two candidates attended the interview. Please continue to pray for this matter so that God may bring the right person. May the dear Lord continue to lead us and guide us to do His will.

Mrs Jancy Johnson Secretary, Nurses League



Pastors and others gave responses, views, concerns and suggestions for the development of MMH. Rev Dr Roshan Jamble suggested that MMH start an ANM Nursing Course and paramedical courses. The pastors were recognised and felicitated by MMH mementos and souvenirs.

Dear Members, Greetings from the Administrators Section of CMAI! As you are aware CMAI has been enabling Hospitals achieve Quality in Healthcare delivery. Accreditation is an important factor in demonstrating quality of care, patient safety and cost containment in hospitals. The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers (NABH) advocates a practical approach to the accreditation process and is most suitable for Indian hospitals. In order to train professionals involved in Hospital Administration CMAI conducts Internal Counselors Training programmes in association with NABH. One such Workshop was held from 13th to 15th December 2012 at Pune. The next NABH Workshop will be held at Nadiad, Gujarat from 20th to 22nd March 2013. Please encourage suitable persons to participate and get benefitted. Continuous upgradation should be the motto of all our institutions. CMAI has the capability to provide a number of services to achieve this motto. A gist of some of the services offered by us is listed below. Performance evaluation: To assist decision makers in better understanding the outcome of the operational activities in the hospital and make course corrections to the fullest advantage of the Hospital. Feasibility studies: This aids the organization to plan a new facility in the existing as well as proposed expansion plans which involves in-depth market research for disease prevalence, market trends, competition levels, cost analysis, costing of the project and estimation of the breakeven analysis. Human resource assessment and planning: We conduct a comprehensive evaluation cum analysis for workload of the various departments which would help in Human Resource planning because too little or too many employees are detrimental to the overall health of the organization. There are a number of other services which we offer. I will explain about them in my next column. In Christ, Mr Stephen Victor Secretary, Administrators Section


CNI pastors' meet was organised at School of Nursing, Mure Memorial Hospital (MMH), at 7:30 pm on 30 January 2013. The programme started with prayer by Rev Suresh Sonawane, Priest In–charge, St Andrew Church, Chandrapur. Guests, pastors, MMH staff and Board members were welcomed and honored by Mrs Vijay Kumari, Administrative Officer. Mr Vilas Shende, Director, presented the activities and outreach programme of MMH. This was followed by a presentation by Ms Fredriki and Ms Laura (who have joined MMH as Weltwarts German Volunteers for 6 months) about their experiences while working in various departments of MMH.

Rt Rev Paul Dupare, Bishop, Nagpur Diocese and Chairman of MMH, recognised and honored Rt Rev P L Kamble, Bishop of Nasik Diocese and Chairman of Western Regional Board of Health Services (WRBHS) with a memento. Rt Rev P L Kamble appreciated the work of MMH and said many Christian hospitals and school have closed down because there was no feeling of belonging towards the institution, which was affecting and hampering the work of the hospital and school. Rt Rev Paul Dupare said in seven years as Chairperson of MMH he had seen considerable improvement and development of hospital and staff. He said with the joint efforts of board members, the Director and staff, the salary of MMH staff was raised thrice. Rt Rev P L Kamble said the closing prayer and benediction.

National Dissemination of Participatory Communication Initiative he Communication for Health India Network (CHIN) team disseminated its achievement on “Participatory Communication Initiative for improving access to public health care services for rural communities in India under the National Rural Health Mission” at the National level on 30 January 2013 at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.


Ms Limatula Yaden, Director, NRHM-IV graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Around 300 participants came from all over India and represented the 40 blocks of 40 districts of 7 states - Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamilnadu and North Karnataka where this project was implemented. The achievement highlighted the importance and relevance of participatory communications to empower stakeholders like the ASHA

Life for All

(Accredited Social Health Activist) health worker and Gram Swasthya Baithak (GSB) forum with communication knowledge. It was shared that the identification of the ASHA health volunteer is a critical factor in creating and sustaining the awareness and empowerment objectives for which the project was launched. In addition the field experience has demonstrated the capacity of GSBs for local problem-solving and demand creation. The dialogue process and a sense of joint ownership fostered between all villages stakeholders - ranging from the powerful to the weakest is one of the most promising developments offered by the project. Another important opportunity highlighted is the demonstration through the GSBs of effective community-based monitoring, accepted as one of the most urgent needs for strengthening the NRHM.

Issue 164 March - April 2013

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ADMISSION NOTICE Applications are invited

Allied Health Professionals

From trained nurses (GNM) for Post Basic BSc Nursing (2 years) course at MIBE Graduate School for Nurses, Indore, commencing on 8 July 2013. The College is recognised by Indian Nursing Council, Mahakoshal Nurses & Midwives Registration Council, Bhopal, and affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore. draft in favour of “CMAI - Graduate School for Nurses (MIBE)” payable at Indore.

Eligibility Candidate should: a. Have passed 10+2 examination or its equivalent from a recognised board. b. Be a registered nurse and midwife with any state nursing council. c. No experience after General Nursing & Midwifery/alternate course. Application forms and prospectus will available from 25 January 2013 for Post Basic BSc Nursing course and can be obtained from the office of the Principal on payment of Rs 500/- by cash/demand

Last date for receiving application forms: 30 May 2013 by hand. Mess & Hostel accommodation is available. Principal MIBE Graduate School for Nurses Christian Hospital Campus Sanyogitaganj, Indore, M P – 452 001 Phone: 0731- 2704729, 2700527 Email: &

Nazarene Nurse Training College, Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Washim 444 505, Maharashtra State Admissions open for the following Courses: 1. Basic B. Sc. Nursing: l Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik l Approved by Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai & Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi l 40 Seats (10% Quota for Male Student – As per MUHS) l Reservation Category Student will get Government Scholarship–(for Maharashtra Student) l Admissions will be only as per the directions of MUHS. 2. Revised Auxiliary Nursing & Midwife: l Affiliated and approved by Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai and Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. l 20 seats for Female students only. l Admissions only as per Directions of MNC, Mumbai Only. Facilities available: Separate hostel for Female & Male Students, Spacious Class Rooms, Huge Library, Experienced and well educated faculties. Interested Candidates may contact on following address: Executive Director / Principal Nazarene Nurses Training College, Reynolds Memorial Hospital & Affiliated Clinics, Washim 444 505, email:

Applications Invited Applications are invited from dedicated Christian for the following positions in Reynolds Memorial Hospital & Affiliated Clinics, Washim. Position

Min. Qualification

Min. Experience

Medical Superintendent

MBBS and Should possess a recognized postgraduate medical qualification from a recognized University / Institution

5 years of Medical and Administrative Experience


Nursing Superintendent

B. Sc. Or P.B.B.Sc Nursing

5 years


Medical Officers



Superintendent Community Based Health Project

MBBS, MD (Community Medicine) or MCH

5 years


Staff Nurses

RN RM / RN OT- should have registered with State Nursing Council


Interested Candidates may contact to: Executive Director Reynolds Memorial Hospital & Affiliated Clinics, Washim 444 505 Email:

Issue 164 March - April 2013

Mr A P Berry Secretary, AHP Section

Best Teacher Award

A Monthly Remuneration will be as per the applicable salary structure. A Semi Furnished Quarters will be provided. A Other facilities will be applicable as per the rules and regulations of Institution.

Life for All


Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, I trust you are all doing well. I take it as a great privilege to write to you as I am retiring from this position on 8 April this year. I am grateful that God has helped me carry the burden of national level leadership. My work with CMAI had many challenges, achievements as well as failures and I was able to learn through my experiences. When you read this, CMAI will probably be signing the MoU with Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU). We hope this would be a permanent solution for our allied health professionals to get a degree in hand. MLCU is very positive about providing lateral entry to our alumni. A meeting has been arranged with heads of institutions, course conveners and tutors on 26 February this year. The MoU will be signed on 15 March if everything goes well. Then you will be officially informed about the new AHP Secretary and the stand on MLCU. Some of the courses are still being designed like Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology, Diploma in Emergency Medicine Technology, Diploma in Hospital Equipment Technology and Diploma in Hospital Management. These courses can be placed in the forthcoming Central Education Board. All these will be taken over by my successor to whom I shall render all possible help. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all your cooperation and concern. You may contact me at my personal email: May God bless each and every one of us. Yours in Him,

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Mr Edwin Rajakumar received Best Teacher Award from Tamilnadu Government. He worked as a project manager of Community Based Family Planning (CBFP) project at St Martin hospital, Ramnad and CSI Mission Hospital, Madurai Community Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) project. He actively participated in all CMAI training workshops. He organised lot of innovative programme to bring changes in the community. We feel proud to have him Member.

as a CMAI

Awards for CSI Mission General Hospital, Woriur

Chaplains Dear friends in the ministry of healing, Greetings and thank you for welcoming me to the CMAI Family. The month of January and February was full of events. We had the Executive Committee meeting on January 21st at CMAI Office, Bangalore. This was my first time to attend the same. It was very useful to know the activities of the section. We have sent six thousand Healing Ministry Sunday 'Order of Worship' and posters to the churches. Many Churches had celebrated Healing Ministry Sunday on 10th of February and We are receiving reports from them. I preached for Healing Ministry Sunday celebration at Beulah Alliance Church, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, followed by a retreat for health professionals which were arranged by Faith and Mercy Medical Fellowship, Beulah Alliance Church, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 17th of February. I delivered God's message at Calvary CNI Church, Vikaspuri, New Delhi. CMAI staff preached in 15 different churches in Delhi and neighborhoods. I had my first official exploration visit with Rev. Sharath David to Ahmedabad and Pune. We had a one day seminar for theological students and regional forum for pastors at United School of Theology, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. Overall 30 people participated in workshop and seminar. Participants found it to be meaningful programme and decided to follow CMAI healing ministry work in their churches. We have visited mission hospitals and theological colleges in Pune such as N.M Wadia Hospital, Pune Adventist Hospital, and Union Biblical Seminary. We had a meeting with Rt. Rev. Andrew Rathod, Bishop of Pune CNI Diocese and planned to have a one day seminar for the Pastors on 10th of May at St. Mary's Church, Pune. We are planning to have seminars, regional forum workshops and institutions/hospitals visits in Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Assam in the month of March.

Rev Himanshu Christian Asst. Sec. Chaplains Section Mob: 8285285641;

012 was a happy year for us at CSI Mission General Hospital, Woriur, Tiruchirapalli. For the second time in four years we were chosen as the Best Hospital for community service in Tamilnadu by Vishwaseva Telemedia & Lions Club of Chennai Excellence. Our Medical Superintendent, Dr D Samson Daniel was given the Best Doctor Award for


his exemplary contribution in the field of health care services by the Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai. Dr D Samson Daniel received the award from the State Health Minister, Dr V S Vijay, who is also the Pro-Chancellor of the University. Dr D Samson Daniel Medical Superintendent CSI Mission General Hospital Woriur, Tiruchirapalli Tamilnadu

Provider Course at Jorhat Christian Medical Centre e had a 1day retreat for nursing students on 2 December 2012 at a beautiful location on the outskirts of town where all the students received spiritual and holistic blessings. The speaker, Mr Gibson Marak,


spoke on “The Real Me” and had a huge impact on each one of the participants. A Provider Course for basic neonatal care and resuscitation was conducted on 31 January 2013 for the doctors and nursing staff in collaboration with IAP. There were a total of 25 participants. Dr Esther Liani Medical Superintendent Jorhat Christian Medical Centre Jorhat, Assam

Free Camp for Cleft Lip and Palate at Mure Memorial Hospital


free cleft lip and palate camp was conducted by Mure Memorial Hospital (MMH) from 5 to 15 January 2013 in collaboration with Northern Cleft Foundation (UK); Rotary Club, Nagpur West; Deputy Director, Health Services, Nagpur; and Mure Memorial Hospital. It was the third year the camp was being held. A team of 47 members from Northern Cleft Foundation consisting of doctors, nurses and students operated upon 121 needy patients from Vidharbha and Madhya Pradesh in four operation theatres of MMH. Surgical treatment, nursing care, traveling, stay and food were free. The MMH and Rotary Club team did the ground work in terms of finding and registering patients. The Deputy Director of Health Services, Nagpur, helped in

MURE Preop clept lip

MURE Postop cleft lip

fulfilling government formalities. MMH took care of the patients and provided services to relatives. The Northern Cleft Foundation team examined and shortlisted patients for surgery. The operations lasted from 8 am till 8 pm. 121 patients i.e. babies and other senior persons benefitted this year.

“I dreamed a dream!”


very year, an average of 250 women and 200 girl children go missing in Assam. Assam Police fear they are being trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation to different parts of the country. 11-year-old Lekha (name changed) is from a village in Udalguri. Her parents are daily wage labourers. She was sold for Rs 1000. Her parents had no clue where she was taken or how to contact her. All they knew was that she was taken to Arunachal Pradesh. After a lot of struggles, we managed to track her down and bring her back. Life for All

When asked about what interests her, she said “I want to go to school and become a nurse!!” We strive so hard to satisfy the smallest whims and fancies of our children, while there are other children with huge dreams worth fulfilling that go completely unnoticed. You make the difference. Make the dream a reality, stop child trafficking! Community Health Department Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur, Assam

Issue 164 March - April 2013

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Life for All

Issue 164 March - April 2013

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Ms Saramma Pothen No More s Saramma Pothen was called to her heavenly abode on 12 January 2013. The funeral was held on 15 January 2013 at Aluva CSI Church, Kerala. Ms Pothen was the SecretaryTreasurer of the Board of Nursing Education (South India Branch), NL, CMAI from 1984 to 1988. After leaving CMAI, she was enjoying her retirement life rendering voluntary services for the Blind School and the YWCA at Aluva, Kerala. In 1993, BNESIB approached Ms Pothen to take its leadership. She reluctantly took up the job as there was no one to take care of her elderly mother. Understanding the situation of BNESIB she arranged a senior citizen's home for her mother, moved to Bangalore and continued to be Secretary till April 1998. During this time

she lost her mother, only brother and a cousin sister whom she loved most. Her deep faith in God sustained her. She was a straight forward person. Her administrative skills and command over the language were highly appreciated. Most of the staff at CMAI's Bangalore office had enjoyed her culinary skills. Her jokes evoked hilarious laughter always. Her corrections were painful at times but later we understood the meaning. Driving was her passion. She being a good vocalist was always in the church choir in India and abroad. She streamlined the examination system and made many administrative changes at the office. A life that is well lived!! Let us thank God for her life.

Lost certificate

Letter to the Editor

I, Mrs Prabhati Sahu D/o Jalandhae Sahu have completed my diploma in GNM Course Council in the School of Nursing at Christian Hospital, Berhampur in the year 2006-2010. I have lost my original certificate and mark sheets. If anybody finds them, please give them to me or inform me. My present address is:

Thanks for Life for All from CMAI. I appreciate the highlight on latest happenings in Christian medical ministry in India. I especially like the three principles presented by the General Secretary. Please keep up and keep on the good work.

Mrs Prabhati Sahu, W/o Roshan Kumar At. Christian Para, P.O Hirakud Dist. Sambalpur 768 016, Odisha Mob: 9776407070

Sincerely in Christ

Design and Production Ms Susamma Mathew

Rev Dr Nabin C Singha Assam

Printer: Impulsive Creations


Life for All

Issue 164 March - April 2013

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