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Issue 178

January - March 2016


Issue 175: April June 2015

A quarterly newsletter of Christian Medical Association of India

Lukewarm Christians In the world today, people are against the concept of 'religion', the idea of a god ruling them seems too much of an authority to handle. Spirituality has become the new religion, meditating on this curious thing called “nothing” and, universalism that is creeping plays it safe by using the moral card. 'Live and Let Live', 'Do Good and Be Good' are the words of this new credo. Conversations have become superficial and fail to go beyond the surface below. They fear to choose or firmly believe in something as factual as God, because they would be branded as narrow minded especially when it clashes with social concerns.

Looking Beyond Borders


MAI is always a happening place. We look beyond the existing stereotyped NGO pattern of functioning. Normally, charitable and non-profit organisations look for fund inflow through donations and grants which would be ideally used for definite purposes. Bringing in a new dimension to this style, according to Dr Anu George, Technical Manager of Labs for Life Project, the significant outputs in our work are the inspiration and encouragement we give the government staff to implement good practices in the state labs. We are breaking the frozen mind set by this proactive approach. Technically, we call it 'leveraging', which means we become catalysts for the government machinery to take action. Thus we are instrumental in improving the quality of the country's laboratory systems. Training is our core activity in these projects. Here too, we are in the process of breaking the code of traditional training by replacing it with digital technology which includes animation, videography and distant classroom webinars.

As Christians, we are gullible to fall into 'universalism' where we don't want to offend somebody, when we know that the Bible does mention about it; that's when you know you're moving into the lukewarm zone. The Church, I've realised, has become lukewarm, indifferent to the Word of God and indifferent to the things happening in the world. We (Christians) are 'in' the world but are not 'of' the world and we need to react and act - not the way the world reacts. Jesus did not just remotely heal Jairus' daughter but he took the pains to go to their house (Luke 8:40-56). He did not say “I'll pray and heal her from here, because the crowd is too big, now go home” (which He could have). He walked the distance to the house; He made the effort. When the Bible says faith without deeds is dead, it's true. The only Bible people in the world could be reading is you, and if as individuals and especially as a Church are not reacting to the things of the world, God justly says, “because you are lukewarm…I will spit you out of my mouth” (Rev 3:16). I pray that as the church, the bride of Christ, we may overcome our complacency for God and instead be zealous in everything we do, as the light and salt of the earth for the glory of our God.

Ms Saharsha Jacob

Left to right: Dr Ganesh Babu, (Jangaon Sub District Hospital Lab In-charge),Dr Bimal Charles (Principal Investigator of the project and General Secretary of CMAI),Dr Anu George, Technical Manager; and Dr Sunita Upadhyaya CDC/India.

Talking about models, CMAI is now involved in creating a model lab in Jangaon, in Telengana. The world renowned U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is supporting us. We are working in complete coordination with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the state government and NHM. The work has begun. The Sub District Hospital at Jangaon has allotted adequate space for the model lab. Here also our investment is technical assistance. Of late, the Government of India has been seeking partnerships in numerous projects. One example is the invitation from Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi to streamline outpatient management. The hospital has a burden of handling about 7000 persons daily in its OPD. We conducted a patient flow study and submitted and presented to the hospital. Requests for partnership are now coming from other countries also. Time is not too far when CMAI enlarges its territories beyond the physical boundaries. JV


Global Health Security Threats


ince 2014 there are several discussions regarding emerging epidemics and the threat to the global community. Communicable diseases which take heavy toll of human lives, infections affecting pregnant mothers disfiguring babies, irrationally treated diseases and diseases emerging due to climate change conditions are threatening. Some can and have the potential to become epidemics or even cause huge disasters if not detected early. In 2014 Ebola epidemic in Western Africa was an eye opener to the gaps in surveillance and delayed response which cost several lives. Several people died including health care workers in Liberia and in Serra Leone as the infectivity was high and people were ignorant of the spread and the effect. We are informed another Virus, Zika is threatening to disfigure babies in the womb itself. Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis has become a real threat to health care workers and to the

health system even as we continue to struggle with treatment of commonly occurring tuberculosis.

Our members are encouraged to be alert, informed of the emerging disease threats and well prepared to take care of the health care workers and people who visit our premises. Infection control in general and air born infection control in particular are on prime importance. Governments and Medical fraternity are yet to learn valuable lessons of public health system failures. We are still far away from high quality surveillance, analysis and response. Surveillance requires expertise in epidemiology, laboratories, and an open, transparent alert health system. The system should be able to warn policy makers and

When Disaster Strikes...


isasters interrupt progress and destroy the hard-earned outcomes of developmental efforts, often pushing growth back for several years. It is necessary that there are efficient management systems which lead to an effective response to disasters. Managing disaster involves a continuous and integrated process of planning, organization, coordination, capacity building and execution. India is vulnerable to varying degrees, of natural and man-made calamities. According to National Policy on Disaster Management (NPDM) 58.6% of the landmass is prone to moderate to intense earthquakes, over 40 million hectares (12 percent of land) is prone to floods and river erosion, of the 7,516 km long coastline, approximately 5,700 km is prone to cyclones and tsunamis, 68 per cent of the cultivable area is vulnerable to drought and hilly areas are at risk from landslides and avalanches. In the context of human vulnerability to disasters, the vulnerable group (women,


authorities to respond in time. We are far away from this. If we fail to detect epidemics in time the effect can be catastrophic and reach disastrous proportions! The tendency to shoot whistle blowers, lethargy in alerting authorities and being reactive only to media reports and so forth, are not good practices of public health.

May the Lord give us the wisdom to take precautions and be alert to what is happening around.

Dr Bimal Charles General Secretary

professionals and other agencies. children, elderly and people with disability) and economically weaker section of the population are the most severely affected. To reduce the number of casualties, it is vital that health institutions and staff are aware of their roles and equipped with the skills needed to look after the well-being of all those affected by the disaster. CMAI would like to see healthcare facilities especially the member institutions as places which are safe from Disasters; where its workers, visitors and patients are safe, and the system is functioning at maximum with its existing infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, this revitalised units can reduce the risk, mortality and morbidity of those affected. In the last one year, the Doctors Section has been organising various workshop on Disaster Preparedness for Hospitals. The workshops have aims to train healthcare professionals and institutions to respond to any natural or manmade calamities through consultative meetings, group work activities and discussions among the experts, medical

In this initiative, CMAI has partnered with EHA and working towards standardizing the Hospital Disaster Preparedness Plan module. As a way forward CMAI is looking at equipping participating hospitals to prepare their own Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Plan. So far, we have trained about 100 healthcare professionals from over 30 hospitals from across the country. We are also planning to organise few more workshops in different parts of the country to train more hospitals, especially from the CMAI Network. If you are interested in preparing your hospital for any disaster and emergency response, do get in touch with us, we can work together to find a solution according to your needs.

Dr Abhijeet Sangma Secretary, Doctors Section

Enhancing Capacity of Nurses Dear Friends,


s we stand at the cross roads, being challenged by the possibilities of rising to the higher position of our career advancements; there is an earnest expectation from the general body of nurses to rise up to the same calling. We have submitted our response to the proposal of Nurse Practitioner Programme through Christian Coalition for Health (CCH). Let us hope and pray that something good happens in this direction. I had the privilege of visiting some of the old glorious mission hospitals of Bihar and Jharkhand, though one can hardly find any glory being emanated by them. Nonetheless, there are some sacrificial souls that shine like the rare gems beneath the ocean floor, still continue to reveal the glory of the institutions which remain like

Administrators Updates


reetings from the Administrators Section, CMAI. Once again I thank our dear Lord for His countless blessings on the activities of the Administrators section, I would like to share the following with you all.

29th Workshop on Hospital and Health Services Management, Delhi The XXIX Hospital and Health Services Management Workshop was held in CMAI

the dying embers to be fanned up into a glorious flame. The visits to these institutions were quite fruitful and encouraging. I would like to encourage all the Christian health workers to have a serious consideration for the mission hospitals, as vast segment of our population dwells in the rural region. While considering the pathetic situation of the mission hospitals, particularly in terms of the human resources, we need to earnestly pray to God for the revival of our mission institutions. The executive committee meeting and the general body meeting of MIBE and BNESIB were held in the month of February 2016. Please continue to pray for the various needs of our Boards and the challenges they face in the present scenario.

Council (DNC) has given the accreditation to Nurses League to grant credit hours for the Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) for renewal of registration. We have already initiated the CNE and the first workshop is going to be held on 8 April 2016. As we are planning to hold monthly two-day workshops. The National Conference of Nurses League has been tentatively planned for the month of November 2016. We are looking for a suitable venue and we would appreciate your valuable prayers so that the Lord may guide us to the right venue for the conference. With regards,

Ms Jancy Johnson Secretary, Nurses League

I am glad to inform you that Delhi Nursing

country. We were happy to have two participants from Nepal Mission Hospitals. There were more than 15 Resource Persons from different parts of our country who took the sessions very effectively. We had important Hospital Management topics in the Workshop. The participants were taken to St. Stephen's Hospital Delhi for Hospital visit on 23 February 2016, where we also had the cultural evening in which the participants gave an impressive performance, that everyone enjoyed thoroughly. This was followed by a fellowship dinner. Dr. Bimal Charles, General Secretary, CMAI, with his

Bimal Charles. In general the workshop went on very well.

Membership As mentioned in my previous issues I request our members to inform others about our section on its activities and motivate them to become life members of CMAI. During the recently concluded 2 weeks management workshop at Delhi more than 10 participants became life members of CMAI.

Suggestions I request our readers to suggest topics for workshops so that we can plan, suggest some important topics and also the duration of the workshop i.e. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc. I feel the workshop should be conducted keeping the felt need of the members. So please do write to us regarding this.

Administrators Section National Conference

Headquarters, New Delhi. The Workshop started on 15 February and ended on 26 February 2016. There were 25 participants from different institutions across the

wife and Mr Innocent, Chairperson, Administrators Section attended the Programme. That evening the Certificates to the participants were also given by Dr

This year we will be having our section's national conference during the last quarter of the year, the date, venue, place, etc will be informed to you all once it is finalized. Please plan to attend.

Address Some of our members have mentioned that


they do not receive our newsletters and other communications. The reason probably could be that your address is not updated in our mailing list and I suggest that you send your correct address to the membership desk in CMAI Head office at Delhi.

CMAI Website

our section and its activities in your prayers.

Please visit CMAI website regularly so that you will know about the forthcoming workshops, conferences, etc.

Mr S Jacob Bernard Secretary, Administrators Section

In conclusion, I request you all to remember

Mr. S. Paulraj says Adieu

and to every one of you. Glory be to God.

Journey Never Ends for God's People

Count your blessings instead of crosses; Count your gain instead of losses; Count your joys instead of woes; Count your friends instead of foes; Count your smiles instead of tears; count your courage instead of fears; count your full years instead of lean; count your kind deeds instead of mean. Count on God instead of yourself! Thank you CMAI for what you have done in my life and for my life. The section continues to strive to provide high standards of professionalism consistent with Christian principles, with the focus to ensure spiritual fellowship and professional inputs.

Dear Friends, Greetings from AHP Section! t the outset, I wish to thank God for his calling upon my life to be a part of the family of CMAI ever since 1985 in carrying


out the ministry of promoting and executing various programmes and activities in the exercise of the Healing Ministry of the Indian Church through CMAI under the able leadership of the General Secretaries and heads of different sections, of course with the goodwill, prayer and support of CMAI members and institutions. I shall ever remain very grateful to CMAI for helping me to learn the work and grow in my

understanding and developing various skills for mission and ministry during this period. This was possible because of the grace of God, the confidence placed in me by the CMAI leadership and the goodwill, cooperation and support of you, my colleagues. As I am at the moment, the Lord has brought me this day to a privileged situation to present my report and to lay down my office saying good-bye to you all ; please allow me to say few more words to express my joy, thankfulness and gratitude to every one of you. Let me tell you the one thing I have learnt over the period of many years in my work with CMAI and the one thing that has kept me going in spite of encountering many difficulties, frustrations and failures not only in personal life situations but also in the discharge of my duties the one thing I have learnt with your love, patience, prayers and support, that is: how to observe thanksgiving in daily life and every day work. I give full credit to you. May the Lord bless all of you

On that note, activities have been conducted in Mysore, Kanyakumari, Nadiad and Ahmedabad on dialysis training, medical records and documentation. Visits were made to Surat and Gahod, Gujarat with Mr I. R. Asher, who is the main resource person for our workshops. The detailed activity reports are given separately under different heads.

Mr S Paulraj Secretary, AHP Section

Compassion towards Mental Health - Healing Ministry


ince the Healing ministry week and Sunday celebrations coincided with the beginning of Lent, it made it more meaningful. It was a time to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am sure this memory in our healing ministry enables us to focus on the Cross and Christ with His resurrection as the victory over sin and death. This year we want to influence in two areas of our work:


1) Theological Colleges with Healing Ministry curriculum as part of the BD studies. Have few seminars in theological colleges on healing ministry. 2) To start training centres in at least five of our institutions where more pastors can be trained to be healing ministers. The pastoral healing ministry course is planned at Vellore in September – pray that many will participate and benefit from the course. The theme is Compassion towards

Mental Health. It will conclude with our National Conference. I will soon announce the dates and venue for both the events. It will be nice to have many of you as the venue is in the south. Please continue to uphold me in your prayers.

Rev Sharath David Secretary, Chaplains Section

Organization Development Process of CMAI


MAI is undergoing an organization development process from March 2016 onwards. The main objectives of this process are:

Objectives of the Organisation Development Process a) To document suggestions towards improving effectiveness of the organisation through improvement into the system through a participatory assessment process b) To bring about organisational growth and sustainability through good short term and long term strategies. Two meetings were held as part of the Organisation Development (OD) process for 7-8 March 2016. The objective of this exercise is to facilitate discussions on how to make CMAI more effective and sustainable in the changing health scenario of the country. Mr. K T Suresh an independent consultant, who was the past National Director of Amnesty International and Past Executive Director of YUVA Collective is the consultant facilitating this process. The agenda and participants for the two meetings are given below:

7 March 2016. CMAI Conference Room, CNI Bhavan , New Delhi Participants: Ÿ CMAI office Bearers (President-Dr Ajit

Singh, Editor-Dr Nitin Joseph,

Treasurer-Ms Vijaya Kumari, General Secretary- Dr Bimal Charles) Apologies from Vice President - Dr Mrs Punita Ezhilarasu Ÿ Dr Sudhir Joseph (Past President of

CMAI and Director St Stephen's Hospital, Delhi) Ÿ Dr Ronald Lalthanmawia - Head of

Community Health Department, Dr Priya John - Sr Programme CoordinatorCHD. The discussions revolved around these topics; the Strengths of CMAI. The purpose of CMAI - why we exist : Re-aligning and renewing of the mission/vision; The structures of CMAI and its actual potential.

8 March 2016 CMAI Conference Hall, CMAI Headquarters, New Delhi Participants: Ÿ CMAI office Bearers (Dr Ajit Singh, Dr

Nitin Joseph, Mrs Vijaya Kumari, Dr Mrs Punita Ezilarasu, Dr Bimal Charles) Ÿ CMAI Chairpersons for each section

(Chaplains- Rev Dr George Varughese, Allied Health Professionals-Mr Soundarajan,) Apologies from NursesDr Selva Titus Chacko, Doctors - Dr Bonam Wesley, Administrators - Mr Innocent Xess, BoM members as per arrival in Delhi (Mr Samuel Abraham – Co-opted member from General Body, Ms Celestina Francis - Regional

Secretary North West region) Ÿ Dr Bimal Charles, Dr Ronald

Lalthanmawia and Dr Priya John Ÿ Section secretaries - Ms Jancy Johnson,

Dr Abhijeet Sangma and Rev Sharath David Ÿ Executive Director of Christian

Coalition for Health - Ms Anuvinda Varkey Ÿ Mr K T Suresh – OD Consultant

9 March Board of Management meeting with all Board members General Secretary highlighted the on-going OD process and the discussion which had taken place on 7-8 March 2016. BoM members all in agreement with this important activity and the benefits that will result from it. 10 March, Informal meeting with Ms Franziska Hoffmann, Project Officer, South Asia Desk, Bread for the World, Mr Abhishek from FMSF (fund managers), Mr K T Suresh, Dr Ronald Lalthanmawia and Dr Priya John. This meeting was an update of the on-going OD process. One of the first action points emerging from this process is a proper documentation exercise of the CMAI membership. This will be rolled out over the next few months. By Dr Priya John, CHD, CMAI

Report of the Workshop on Quality in Nursing Care


two-day workshop was organized at Salvation Army, The Mac Robert Hospital, Dhariwal from 4-5 March 2016. 48 participants from 13 institutions participated in the workshop. The resource

persons were Mrs Bindu Shaiju, Associate Professor from Rufaida College of Nursing, New Delhi, Mrs Anjali Kaushik, Faculty Rufaida College of Nursing, New Delhi, Mrs. Shamim Sagar, Professor of Nursing from CMC Ludhiana, Mrs Seema Barnabas, Vice Principal, College of Nursing, CMC Ludhiana and Mrs Jancy Johnson, NL secretary, CMAI Topics covered are as follows: Ÿ Communication Ÿ Ethical principles in nursing care Ÿ Patient centered care

Ÿ Recording & reporting Ÿ Be a role model Ÿ Team work Ÿ Conflict management Ÿ Stress management

There were group discussions, games and presentations based on different topics. The group appreciated the workshop and expressed their desire to have more such workshops in different parts of the region. By Ms Jancy Johnson Secretary, Nurses League


Ÿ Simplifying of Anatomy, Physiology



he section has organised 3 workshops on 'Medical Records Documentation' in Anand, Nadiad & Ahmedabad, Gujarat during 27- 28 February 2016. The following topics were covered in all the 3 places. Ÿ Medical record documentation Ÿ Medical record issues in negligence Ÿ MRD administrations. Ÿ Challenges faced by Mission hospitals Ÿ Precautions during medical documentations.

Dr Deva Japa Ajith, Regional Secretary for Gujarat & Rajasthan, DDMM Heart Institute, Nadiad, was the organiser for all three workshops and Mr Nilesh Mecwan, Regional Sectional Secretary- AHP Section were the local organisers. a) The Salvation Army Emery Hospital, Anand on 27 February 2016 The programme started with a word of prayer followed by welcome and introduction by Dr. Deva Japa Ajith. There were 36 participants from Sumandeep Medical College, Emery Hospital and local private practitioners.

b) DDMM Hospital, Nadiad on 28 February 2016 There were 56 participants from Wockhart Seventh Hospital, Surat, Mahiemadabad Hospital, Shalom Hospital, Dahod Kiheda Dist Hospital, Civil Hospital, and the local private practitioners. Mr Nilesh Mecwan welcomed all the participants and Dr Sanjit Peter interpreted Mr Asher's presentations in Gujarati. There was lot of interaction with participants. c) Methodist Day Care, Ahmedabad The programme started on Sunday 28 February at 5:00 pm and closed at 8:30 pm. 28 participants were from V.S. Hospital, Civil Hospital, Ezydus, Cadila Hospital, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Apollo Hospital and local private practitioners. There were lot of discussions and clarifications on Medical documentation and legal issues.

Medical Records Tutors Workshop, Mysore, Karnataka The MRTC organized a two -day workshop for Medical records tutors during 5-6 February 2016 at Catholic Centre, Mysore, Karnataka. A total of 18 participants (8 Male+10 Female) attended the programme. Special agenda for this workshop was as below:

and Medical Terminology and English Communication question papers Ÿ Upgrading the quality of ICD coding Ÿ Project writing method

Mr I R Asher, Convenor-MRTC and Consultant - Short Term Training Courses (STTC), CMAI was the resource person. With his wide experience in the field, he gave deep insight about various aspects of medical records and participants were highly appreciative of the session. He also shared about the Short term Courses which has been recently launched by CMAI. The group reviewed the existing curriculum and examination pattern and discussed about question paper bank. The Controller of Examination Mrs Vimala Smily shared the issues relating to the examination and the problem of invigilators. Dr Prakash Karat, Director, Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore attended the inauguration and closing ceremony and wished every participant with a memento.

Dialysis Technology Training Committee (DTTC) Meeting Dialysis Technology Training Committee was organized on 22 February 2016 at Peace centre, Kanyakumari, the participants were from MOSC Hospital, Kolenchery, Morris Mathias Hospital, Nagercoil, Dr Jeyasekharan Hospital, Nagercoil and CSI Hospital, Neyyoor. The committee meeting started with morning devotion on 'Working together to restore Mental Health' based on the scripture (Psalm 22; 22-31) led by Mr. Paulraj- AHP Secretary, CMAI. Discussion on the agenda: Ÿ The relevant chapters were modified and

additional inputs added Ÿ All the training centres brought their

question bank and the Convenor would compile all the questions which will be shared. Ÿ The Convenor has taken all his effort to

set right the pending work and hence the committee is running smoothly. Ÿ Two workshops were planned for tutors,

technicians and students together in August, 2016.


their field staff. 25 participants attended the event on 28 and 29 December 2015. Rev. Paul Pragasam and Rev. Arul Dhas were the resource persons at Cuddalore.

Healing Ministry Sunday Celebration 2016 Mr Paulraj attended Healing Ministry Sunday celebration at St Peters Church on 14 February 2016. He invited Rev. Paul Pragasam from Chennai for delivering God’s message. The congregation was benefited by the message and appreciated the pastor and requested him to visit the church once in six month to preach in the church. Nursing team of Bangalore Baptist Hospital presented special songs. The Nursing Principal spoke on Bangalore Baptist Hospital activities and their programme.

The committee accepted the statement of account and appreciated the Convenor for establishing the system and opening and maintaining the committee bank account.

Disaster Management: Chennai Flood Relief, Tamil Nadu

patients at Karngkuzi, Peruyathopu etc which is about 46 km from Cuddalore. Arogyavaram Medical Centre Arogyavaram, Andhra Pradesh and Scudder Memorial Hospital, Ranipet have sent their medical teams to provide medical care in the camp. We have covered around 15 villages.

CMAI has organized a medical camp at Cuddalore in coordination with DHAN Foundation for a week from 21-24 December 2015 and treated around 3800

Trauma Counselling: In continuation to the medical camp conducted at Cuddalore for DHAN Foundation, they asked us to organize two days trauma Counselling training for

He had also arranged Dr Naveen Thomas Director Bangalore Baptist Hospital to preach at 'Wesley English Church', Bangalore.

CMAI Day of Prayer 17, February 2016 Arogyavaram Medical Centre, Andhra Pradesh The Arogyavaram Medical Centre invited the Sectional Secretary, Mr S. Paulraj to conduct and lead the programme on 17 February. He shared the outline for the day from the Healing Ministry Celebration 2016 Bible Study Material and delivered the message in the morning devotion on the topic 'Ground of Mental Illness' based on the scripture St Mark 2: 1-12. “Because of Sin, Man has alienated from God, alienated from God's creation, alienated from Man and himself. He has become depressed, feels guilt, etc. the sickness has marred his physical body. Jesus made it a point to heal the mind of the person and said “Son your sins are forgiven” Jesus has come to Heal the sick and to forgive the sin and to “restore the relationship with God.” After the morning devotion, the foundation stone was laid by Mr. Paulraj for rebuilding of 3rd gate and compound wall. By Mr S Paulraj


Bangalore Baptist Hospital Nursing Institute Bellary Road , Hebbal, Bangalore - 560024

Invites Application for

Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 Years) General Nursing and Midwifery (3 Years) Application form can be downloaded from the website Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing Last Date for Receiving filled in Application Forms is 4th June, 2016. Entrance exam will be on 6th June, 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview on 7th June 2016

General Nursing and Midwifery Program Last Date for Receiving Filled in Application Forms is 11th June 2016. Entrance exam will be on 13th June, 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview on 14th June 2016

Contact Nursing Institute from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm & Saturday 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, Phone No: 080 – 22024399/ 22024400/ 23333557


SHANTI BHAVAN MEDICAL CENTRE P.O.BIRU; DISTRICT SIMEDEGA; JHARKHAND - 835 228 Shanti Bhavan Medical Center is a new hospital in a rural area of Jharkhand State functioning from 20 February 2014. It is a 100- bed hospital with the latest modern equipment. SMC provides all the basic specialties and began open heart surgery in February 2016. The building is spacious and beautiful. The motivation is to serve the poorest of the poor in the village of Jharkhand with top notch medical care in a Christian environment. URGENTLY REQUIRES 1.

MEDICAL DIRECTOR/CEO Responsible For : The entire range of medical administration, continuous growth and development, operational viability of good clinical practices, sustainability and brand. Key Skills: 1.Staff Training 5. Cost Analysis

2. Patient Care 6. Leadership Skills

3. Brand Building 7. Statutory Compliance

4. Hospital Management 8 . Relationship Building.

Leadership Profile: a) 40-60 years of age b) Post graduate/Super Specialist and preferably training in hospital management with 15-20 years work experience. Must be a professing Christian representing the Lordship of Jesus Christ in his or her life Work Experience: 15-20 Years Annual Salary Range: Rs. 20-30 lakhs commensurate with qualifications and experience. Benefits include free, partially furnished accommodation. 2.

NURSING SUPERINTENDENT Responsible For: Nursing administration, Management and Supervision, Nursing liaison, Patient care, Staff development and welfare and Nursing Education and Research. Leadership Profile: Should be between age group of 40-55 years Should be M.Sc (n), Must be a professing Christian representing the Lordship of Jesus Christ through his/ her life. Work Experience: 15-20 Years Annual Salary Range: Rs.15-18 Lakhs commensurate with qualifications and experiences. Job Responses to the E-Mail Id:



CMAI CERTIFIED “ICD – 10 MEDICAL CODER” Applications are invited from qualified Medical Record Technicians, professional Coders with 2 years experience, nurses and physicians for 6 MONTHS DISTANCE LEARNING CMAI CERTIFIED “ICD – 10 MEDICAL CODER” Course. Learning and Examination Centres will be offered where there are a minimum of 10 takers. Cost of the course will be around Rs. 10,000 including guide and workbooks. Courses are likely to be started in July 2016. No age limit. There will be 2 batches in an academic year. Apply with copies of certificates / diplomas to: I.R. Asher, Convener Secretary, CMAI – Medical Record Training Committee, “His Grace”, 43, Nainiappan Street, Kaagithapattarai, Vellore – 632 012. Tamilnadu. Cell: 9952228026. E-mail:

Mobile Nurses Mentoring Team Ÿ Training of Mentees-A

total of 1172 ANMs have been trained in the last 7 months under Phase II & III schedule of the project. Ÿ A

workshop on “Leadership Training” has been conducted for 20 master nurse mentors from 15-16 March 2016 at Sampothya Retreat, Bodhgaya, Bihar.


he MNMT Project (Mobile Nurses Mentoring Team) in Bihar, which is run by CMAI is part of the CARE India and Integrated Family Health Department of Bihar initiative for mentoring auxiliary nurse midwives at the grass root level of health care delivery system in the state of Bihar with a special attention to the health of Mother and Child. CMAI has been the pioneers of this project and have been an effective part in implementing this project for the last two and a half years beginning from November 2013. CMAI has deputed experienced nurse trainers in the assigned districts in Bihar state for a period of eighteen months to fulfill the prescribed roles.


Ÿ Phase IV

will commence from first week of June 2016 across another 80 more primary health centres in Bihar, India. By Ms Jancy Johnson

Workshop on Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response Plan


he workshop for the North region was organized on 26- 27 February 2016 at Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi and the workshop for the Northeast region was organized on 4-5 March 2016 at CBCNEI Mission Compound, Guwahati, Assam. A total of 22 participants, representing 6 institutions and 24 participants representing 8 institutions attended the workshop from multi-disciplinary areas (Doctors, Nurse, Allied Health Professionals and Administrators). Participant of various hospitals are now aware of the need for a Disaster Preparedness plan. They learnt to use tools to assess hazards, vulnerability and risks in their institutions. After the training they acquired the capacity to use tools to prepare hospital disaster preparedness and emergency response plan. The participants formed a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with each other and update each other on any matter related to disaster preparedness and emergency response. CMAI will be preparing a registry of health care personnel willing to respond to disaster or emergencies. By Dr Abhijeet Sangma

NCCI – All India Council for Christian Women Pre Assembly Workshop, NCCI Nagpur, March 14 - 15, 2016


ll India Council for Christian Women (AICCW) of the National Council of Churches India conducted a two-day Pre Assembly Workshop “Our Pilgrimage in Building Prophetic Inclusive Just Communities: 365 Days of Zero Tolerance to Gender Based Violence: Make it Happen Now!!!”. The workshop attended by around 40 Church leaders, mostly women leaders from across the country, collectively recommended issues that will be discussed at the Quadrennial Assembly of NCCI. I presented on the Role of Churches in Reproductive, Sexual and Maternal Health Justice and Rights at a panel discussion represented by faith-based NGOs working in the area of gender-based violence, human

trafficking and violence against children. Victims of violence, transgender and Churches working in these issues shared their experience as well. The presentation on Role of Churches in Reproductive, Sexual and Maternal Health Justice and Rights was appreciated and discussion was followed. There has been challenges in the Church in various issues like sexuality which has to be addressed sensitively and progressively. The group developed a statement in regard to issues like sexuality and reproductive and maternal health that will be presented at the assembly. By Dr Ronald Lalthanmawia

Report of One-day Workshop on Quality in Nursing Care


one-day workshop on “Quality in Nursing Care” was organized at CMAI HQs on 8 April 2016. Total number of participants who attended the workshop were 19 from 8 institutions. Resource Persons Mrs Bindu Shaiju –Associate Professor, Rufaida College of Nursing, New Delhi Mrs Anjali Kaushik – Faculty, Rufaida College of Nursing, New Delhi Mrs Sujatha Atri – Project Consultant, CMAI, New Delhi Topics covered are as follows Ÿ Communication

Church For Social Action

Ÿ Ethical principles in nursing care

Marthoma Church, Delhi and SYNOD Hospital, Aizawl have conducted activities for the church to challenge churches in being inclusive towards the disadvantaged community. By Community Health Team

Ÿ Patient centered care Ÿ Be a role model Ÿ Team work Ÿ Conflict management Ÿ Stress management

There were group discussions, activities and presentations based on different topics. The group appreciated the workshop and expressed their desire to have more such workshops on various other need based topics.



our Church for Social Action Activities were conducted in Delhi, Bangalore and Mizoram in March. The Community Health Department is in full throttle after the Training of Trainers Workshop in Bangalore and Delhi (CMAI staff). The Forgiven Generation Church, Bangalore, Ebenezer

The ability to open doors to new opportunities makes attending a conference a worthwhile part of career development. A commitment to continued learning is a professional responsibility that nurses owe to themselves and to their patients if excellence in practice is to be achieved. By Ms Sujatha Atri Project Consultant, CMAI


Tamilnadu Regional Activities


N region has organized one-day programme for theological students at Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary, Madurai on 3 March 2016. The programme started with introduction and Dr Jayalal started the presentation on Healing ministry and its importance and co related to the this year theme “Compassionate care towards Mental

Health.” He emphasized the role of a pastor in the Healing ministry and challenged the theological student to come forward to get involved in the healing ministry of the church through CMAI. Mr Paulraj explained about CMAI and its activities and showed a short movie on CMAI. The membership details were given

UP & Uttarakhand Regional Conference


MAI organized its conference for the Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand region on 16 March 2016 at the auditorium of Faculty of Health Sciences, SHIATS, Allahabad. The conference witnessed 76 participants from the Doctors, Nurses, Administrators, Chaplains and students from the Allied Health Sciences, 4 resource persons and 3 dignitaries. The conference was inaugurated by the Pro. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. S.B. Lall who after the lighting of the lamp gave his Inaugural address. The welcome address was made by Prof. Dr. Arvind Dayal, Dean and Director, Faculty of Health Sciences, SHIATS. The conference was declared open by sharing the word of God which was brought by Rt. Rev. D.K. Sahu, Dean-Gospel and Plough Theology College. The work of CMAI was introduced by Ms. Indira K, Manager-Development & Special Projects who also shared CMAI's role in Bio-Ethics. The business session was also facilitated by Ms. Indira to conduct sectional election for the year 2015-2017. The participants of the conference experienced a time of learning through technical sessions on topics such as National Health Policy, CEA, Nurses Practitioners course etc shared by Ms.

Anuvinda Varkey, Executive Director, CCH. She also led the session on Churches for Social Action. Mr. Vrajesh Kumar Chaturvedi, Nodal Officer in UP for BPPI enlightened the participants on the topic of generic drugs termed as Jan Aushadhi scheme of the Department of Pharmaceuticals. Ms. Leena Thomas, Faculty, Christian College of Nursing made

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Arogyavaram Medical Centre, Chittoor Dist (A.P) Requires Gynaecologist M.D/DGO Interested candidates may send their resume to: Dr B. Wesley, Director Arogyavaram Medical Centre Arogyavaram 517 330 Chittoor Dist. (A.P)

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a wonderful presentation on the Healing Ministry theme on “Nurses' Role in Compassionate Care towards Mental Health.” The participants received a refreshing time of fellowship through games, group activities, bible quiz and North Indian cuisine. The conference was concluded by prayer and benediction by Rev. S.P.Mallich. The staff of SHIATS extended its full support in making the conference a success! By Ms Indira K

Lost Certificate I, Ms. Femila Shaley N have lost my original GNM certificate bearing Registration No.10231 of year 2002.

and motivated them to take up CMAI membership. The TN region sectional secretary explained their respective sections activities. At the end of each presentation the students raised lot of question and the sectional secretaries clarified their doubts. The TN regional committee met and planned the programme for the year 2016- 2017.

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