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My whole theme had to do with a feeling of home and community away from my real home. My first picture of the sunset makes me feel home because it makes me realize that we all watch the same sunset and we all are under the same sun. Also my house is in the middle of the woods and I have watched countless sunsets through the trees. The second picture is of my fraternity that I live in. This house represents my family away from my family and my home away from my home. The community that is in this house resembles the tight community of my family. I feel at home with my friends in the house and puts me in a family like state of mind. Also, like my visual asthetic, my family is pretty crazy and my house is pretty crazy like the family in Christmas vacation. The next picture of two paths converging represents how my home and my college career are different but at the same time are the same. There are aspects of my college life that brings me home in my mind. The next picture is of our dinner table at our fraternity house. Eating and talking at dinner is a big part of our family culture and something we hold dear, so when eating with my friends it reminds me of home and gives me a family feeling. In Christmas Vacation, above everything they value family no matter what and value the Christmas dinner most, even though it turned out to be a disaster. The last picture is of my table in my room. My roommates and I are messy and it makes me feel like my brothers are with me when I walk into my room and see a mess. It makes me feel like I have brothers that I am living with.

My home is not a place it's a state of mind So don't worry baby ill be fine don't worry bout me ee don't you worry Darling take me home no more alone no more alone talk on the telephone


Midterm Project  

Midterm project with my pictures