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Caren MacConnell Week 5 Independent Study Assignment – Using the TIP model, design a lesson involving Internet research. I wasn’t sure if you wanted the lesson in lesson plan format or if you wanted it more directed toward each phase of the TIP model. If you want it in lesson plan format that is attached. Phase 1 and 2: Assess technological pedagogical content knowledge – determine relative advantage. My students often just Google everything and everything. If it is not in the top five or so search results, they often don’t know what to do from there. Often they get frustrated at the content since it is usually above their comprehension level. My students also do not know what makes for a quality site for their age group when researching. I would like to teach them not only what to look for in a good site, but show them different kid friendly search engines as well. Teaching them this will allow them to find what they are looking for faster, and give them more kid friendly sites. Although I feel I have enough technological knowledge to accomplish this, I will need to research more to fully understand what makes for an excellent student search engine and how to use all of them. Phase 3: Decide on objectives and assessments Objective – Through online observation, my students will review different student friendly search engines. This will help them get away from only relying on Google searches that usually offer too many choices and sites that are not easily comprehended at this age group. Assessments will be completion of handout, presentation, and discussion. Phase 4: Design integration strategies Class One – Evaluating student search engines. (see attached lesson plan) Phase 5 : Prepare the instructional environment Students will have to have access to my folder on the server. All students can access this. I have set up a folder entitled “search engines” with the following sites bookmarked

May be used in lieu of Record of Progress if a classroom setting is not available. Handout will be made. See attached. Sign out the computer lab for correct periods for two days. Phase 6: Evaluation After lesson, make sure to evaluate if students gained a better way to search. If they can apply what they learned from evaluating sites to other sites in the future. Will reflect on lesson after teaching it.

May be used in lieu of Record of Progress if a classroom setting is not available.

Lesson Plan Student Name: Caren MacConnell Course Name: Embracing Technology in the Classroom

Lesson Plan #: Solution: Students will gain knowledge in different kid friendly search engines.

Context/Setting: Computer Lab

Lesson Title: Searching for a good Search Engine Lesson Duration:1 class periods Objectives: Students will research and evaluate different search engines. Students will compare and contrast features of the site. Students will explain why it is a good idea to use more than one site while searching.

Materials Needed: Computer Lab, bookmarked student search engines, handout to review site

Lesson Steps Anticipatory Set: Students will be reminded of how hard it is to sometimes find what they are looking for when we do research. For example, not finding what they want or not understanding the articles that they find. Step# What Happens Special Strategies Problems? May be used in lieu of Record of Progress if a classroom setting is not available.

1. Handout Students will be worksheet given a worksheet on evaluating sites. See worksheet below. Go over all directions on worksheet with them.

Have a student repeat instructions.

Students not following directions.

2. Search Instruct students to engine go to my folder and folder click on the “search engine” folder. Allow time for them look at each site. Give students time to evaluate 2 sites.

Walk around to make sure students are doing what was instructed. Make sure all sites are being reviewed.

Students not taking enough time to fully evaluate and look at. Walking around and questioning students during their work may help this. Make sure all sites are covered. May have to assign sites is not.

3. Present

Have students use the projector to show site as they are talking about the site.

If not enough is covered by a single student, have other student speak on the same site.

Have student volunteers talk about what they found out about each search engine. Show via projector a search for “Cat” and all the different results to each site. Note all the different results depending on the site. Stress the importance of not using only one search engine to research.

Pose a search for each site reviewed. They can be: Ask for kids: You want to ask a question. KidsClick: How do you know which website will be harder or easier

May be used in lieu of Record of Progress if a classroom setting is not available.

Make sure to show class anything that was missed. For example being able to Advance Search on KidsClick.

to read? (Kidsclick advanced search) What if you don’t know how to spell a word? (kidsclick put in first letter) What if you don’t know exact information but you know the subject or something about it? (Yahoo kids study section Fact monster by subject) What if you just want to look around a fun site? (Yahoo kids Today on the Web or Fact Monster) Ask students to come up with some questions of their own to share.

Closure: Poll students to see what their favorite search engine was. Student Assessment: Completion of worksheet. Answers to questions. ?: What are the names of some kid friendly search engines? ?: How do some of the sites differ? ?: Why should you use more than one site while researching? Self Assessment: How did the lesson go? Will these new search engines help my students more than what they are comfortable with already – Google? Extensions: Part 2 of lesson – students will be using their new search engine knowledge to start researching Astronomy facts for their May be used in lieu of Record of Progress if a classroom setting is not available.

Jeopardy Game. Content Area Integration: all areas

May be used in lieu of Record of Progress if a classroom setting is not available.

Name _____________________________________ Date _______________

Search Site Review Title of Search Site ______________________________________________________

1. How can you search at this site? _____ keyword search _____

subjects by letter

_____ask a question

_____ advanced search _____ subjects category _____picture search _____sound search

2. Do a search for information on CATS. Print the results page. What kinds of information are provided? _____site title____grade level _____ summary_____reading level___URL

3. What else can you do at this search site? For example, are there games? Homework help?

4. What do you like best about this search site?

May be used in lieu of Record of Progress if a classroom setting is not available.

week 5  

lesson plans and evaluations for lesson 5 - test

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