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Playing Their Dream 2012

Sacramento River Cats Photography By Charles Vincent McDonald

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Take me out t

Image 4

to the ball game,

Image 5

Take me out w

Image 6

with the crowd;

Image 7

Buy me some peanut

ts and Cracker Jack,

Image 8

I don’t care if I

Image 9

I never get back.

Image 10

Let me root, root f

Image 11

for the home team,

Image 12

If they don’t wi

Image 13

in, it’s a shame.

Image 14

For it’s one, two, thr

ree strikes, you’re out,

Image 15

At the old

Image 16

d ball game.

Image 17

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is a 1

and Albert Von Tilzer which has be

Copyright © 2013 Charles Vincent McDonald All Rights Reserved

1908 tin pan alley song by Jack Norworth

ecome the unofficial anthem of baseball.

Image 18

Acknowledgments Kelsey Bozeman Arts & Special Events Gallery 1075 West Sacramento, CA

Sara Molina Graphic Designer/Photographer Sacramento River Cats West Sacramento, CA

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Playing Their Dream 2012