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Curriculum Vitae (2014)

Education University of the Arts, Philadelphia: Master’s Painting Techniques, Anatomy part time Fleischer’s Art Institute, Philadelphia: Anatomy, Painting Methods, Sculpture part time Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla.: World Literatures, History, Sociology (1975-1980) University of Central Florida, Orlando: Humanities: Art, Art History, Philosophy, Psychology, Literary Studies (1980-1984) University of Maryland: Humanities, Literary/Genre Studies, Creative Writing — degree (1987) University of Maryland: Studio Arts, Painting, Art Theory, Art History — degree (1987) (Teaching Assistant) George Washington University, Washington DC: Graduate Studies—American Literature Catholic University of America, Washington DC: Graduate Studies, Philosophy — degree (1992) (includes French language) Catholic University (postgraduate studies)—Postgraduate Studies: Phenomenology — (1993) George Washington University—Postgraduate studies, Contemporary Theory in The Human Sciences (1994) Master of Arts degree (1992) Thesis approved/published: The Subjunctive Condition in Propositional Knowledge (132 pages) Dissertation materials (assembled, unpublished): Art Theory and Studies in Creativity (540 manuscript pages) Recent: The Institute for Doctoral Studies in Visual Arts (IDSVA) (2009) — (art history, theory, art writing [discontinued]) Work Experience

Professor of Philosophy: “Introduction to Philosophy,” and “Philosophical Inquiry,” and “Philosophy and Literature” St. Mary's College of Maryland, and Prince George's Community College (1992-1997) Instructor/Lecturer: “Art, Art Theory and Painting,” Art History, Interdisciplinary Humanities including Psychoanalytic Interpretation, Film Studies, Literature and Theoretic topics (totaling 8½ years) —Art schools, colleges, and The Art League School, Alexandria VA (present) Professor of Art Theory: University of Vermont: “Painting Theory for Master’s Candidates” (2 years) Painter galleries—see below, one-person exhibits Writer fiction, poetry, non-fiction, studies in philosophy, critical writing, art writing and art theory – see below Editor Literary Journals: (Chimaera, University of MD), The Florida Review (University of Central FL), Artists Equity Newsletter (Washington DC area), Council for Research: Values and Philosophy (Washington DC) Scholarly Books: Ethics and Values in Philosophy (5 years) Proposal writing, press releases/art writing/criticism, curating, jurying, medical illustration, caricature, portraiture Papers and manuscripts (written, published, delivered):  “Transmogrification: Artist-Philosopher, Philosopher-Artist” (delivered 1997: Prince George’s College Philosophy Club)  “A Conundrum for Civil Society: Diversity Under the Sign and Within the Psyche” for The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (published 1999, revised 2009)  “A Problem of Translation and Intolerance: Maimonides” (for panel on Intolerance)  “Irony and the Detective Novel” (delivered 1999: Philosophy Dept., Binghamton, PA)  “The Book of Job: A Lesson in the Psychologies and Translations of Independence”  “Postmodern Discourse or Disconnect: Philosophy, Art and Literature”  Entry into Discourse: Obscurities in Painted Texts and Levels of Paradox (unpublished)  The Subjunctive Condition in Propositional Knowledge (thesis: published 1992)  Proposal: Examination of Modern-Postmodern Alignments in Culture and Society (Educational Development Project for the Humanities Council, Washington DC)

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“Simulacra and New Cinematic Values” 2000 (for Peter Caws, unpublished) “SALLY UNDER THE ARC: a resurrecting sign of contradiction: the creative process” for Dr. Margaret Soltan, Human Sciences Program, George Washington University (2001) Book-length manuscript from Art Theory lectures, working title: Art Theory: Studies in Creativity (ten sections, approximately 8 chapters each, 346 pages [540 ms form, plates]) (unpublished) Critical Art Writing for Maryland Art Place, 2002-03: "Motives, Contingencies, Meaning" (published: March 2003) Story collection The Sacrificial Goat’s Head Box with a university press (2005) Delivered, discussed by panel of professionals: “Taboos on Artistic Intellect” (2004) Presentation: Robinson School, McLean─ “Art and Theories of Knowledge” (2005) Short Story “The Goat’s Head Box” in Gargoyle #50, a Literary Journal (July, 2005) Short Story “Alice Undermined” in Alice Redux, Paycock Press (Dec. 2005) Short Story “Cream Pink Ruby Red” in Enhanced Gravity, Literary Journal (June, 2006) Presentation of paper: “Art and Disharmony: the work of cognition” Honorary Lecture for: Department of English, Montgomery College, Takoma Park Campus, 2 November 2005 “Sacrifice,” a collection of short stories about people in the arts, completed July 2006 Ch. IV “Diversity and Its Conundrum: History of the Psyche, Portent of the Sign” published in Council for Research in Values and Philosophy and see Web listing for complete ms, 15 pp.

One-Person Painting Exhibitions Environmental Symposium and Art Exhibition (Invitational), Tampa FL 1983 Galeries Internationale, Winter Park FL 1983 20th Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA 1984 Virginia Institute of the Arts, Richmond VA 1984 Galerie Geilsdörfer, Cologne, Germany 1984 University of Maryland, Baltimore (Solo Retrospective) 1985 Hubris Gallery, Soho, NYC, NY 1985 Galerie Geilsdörfer, Cologne, Germany 1985 Virginia Art League, Alexandria, VA 1986 Foxhall Gallery, Washington DC 1988 Partners Gallery, Bethesda MD 1989 Montgomery County Community College Art Gallery (Pastel Exhibit) 1990 Originals Gallery, Del Mar CA 1993 Gomez Gallery, Baltimore MD 1994 Zenith Gallery, Washington DC 1996 and 1997 Zone One Gallery, Philadelphia PA (group show) Zenith Gallery, Washington DC (One-Person Exhibit, 53 works done since January 1998: 15 May—16 June 1998) Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC (One person exhibit: Caracole) June-July 2000 Border's Bookstore, Woodbridge VA (One -person exhibit: New Caracole) Sept 2000 Ashley Gallery, Philadelphia October 2001, (One-person exhibit of Les enfants: aprés pürèté) A Thousand Plateaux at Zenith Gallery, 1-person exhibit, April through March 2003 The Studio, Middleburg VA Stories of the Universe and Alice and the Farmhouse series, Oct. 2004 The Art League Gallery, Alexandria VA show entitled “Past & Present Art Instructors,” 2004 and 2009 Zenith Gallery, Washington DC Stories of the Universe, December 2004 through January 2005 Ashley Gallery, Philadelphia PA 7 Stories and 7 Alices, from January 2005 Selden Gallery, Norfolk VA Art of the Uncanny—exhibition of Stories of the Universe, December 2006 City Manager’s Office, Alexandria VA, six pieces from the Alice series, April-May 2007 Studio 12, Alexandria VA, rotating exhibit of Stories, Alice, Farmhouse, Piangendo, other New Works, 2008 Target Gallery The Mysterious Other New Works (2008-2009) Artist-of-the-Year exhibit 10 June-12 July 2009 Art League Galley at National Harbor The New Alice 20 July through October 2010 Alexandria Beatley Library Stories of the Universe and Symphonic Instruments series, February- June 2012 Awards include first place medals/ribbons, certificates of merit, certificates of excellence, honoraria, scholarship, dean’s list, university studies summa cum laude and:  Grant for Painting: Ludwig Volgelstein Foundation, NY December 1999  Honorary lecture: "Narratives in Art," Prince William Art Society, VA 19 September 2000  Guest lecturer: "Women in the Arts," AAUW (Association of American University Women) 18 March 2001  Invitational exhibit: invited participant in "Washington Realists," The Athenaeum, Alexandria VA 2001  International Juried Exhibit, (curator: Stephan Phillips of Phillips Collection) July-August, Ekletikos Gallery, Washington DC 2002

▪ Panel discussion, MAP: Maryland Art Place, Baltimore (about an exhibit of art works) April 2003 ▪ Panel discussion leader, VA Art League: Taboos on Artistic Intellect, November 2004  Curated IN·SITE·S exhibition of fourteen painters, Ashley Gallery, Philadelphia PA, September 2002 ■ Residency The Arts & Humanities Alliance of Jefferson County, WV, “For Artistic Expression,” judged by Edward Moore, president, and the awards committee, October 2002  Critics Award (for art writing), M.A.P. (Maryland Art Place), 8 Market Place, suite 100, Baltimore, MD, 21202 Oct. 2002-Mar. 2003  Two Alices from series used in Menninger Perspective, a Journal of Psychology (Texas, 2004)

▪ Honorary Lecture, “Art & Disharmony” at Montgomery College, Takoma Park/Silver Spring (November 2005) ▪ Fiction “Mr. Palomar’s Wife” Giron Press publication: March 2007; “Elemental Pose” Gargoyle June 2012 ■ Artist of the Year 2009 (Friends of the Torpedo Factory; June exhibit Target Gallery) ■ Morrison House Presents (invitational presentation: “New Modes of Consciousness” May 2011 ■ Abstract, “PAINT—Its Genres and Tropes: representation and the sublime” for TRAC2014

lecture, March 2014

 Master’s Thesis is available □ Dissertation materials available upon request  □ Monograph: Lorenzetti, 2012  Book, Paintings of CMDupré: cross-bred concepts, archive trauma, history & amnesia, published 2008, 2010

Curriculum Vitae  
Curriculum Vitae