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Hunting knives have been used for many millennia. In the Stone Age, primitive people used blades fashioned from stones, which they would chip away at until a sharp weapon was formed. These primitive knives were also made from shell or bone. All were sharpened on stone, just as knives are today. The ancient Egyptians used a variety of weapons, including hunting and skinning knives. Their knives and other weapons, including axes and swords, included wooden handles. The first scabbards, a sheath for holding sharp weapons, were used at this time. Egyptian hunters used longer reaching spears to hunt with, although knives were used as they are today, for skinning and cutting up the meat of an animal. From around the 8th to 6th centuries BC onward, during the era of the ancient Greeks, blades made from bronze were used throughout Asia and Europe. Eventually, after Roman conquest, it became more common to use blades made from steel. Steel is the metal that dominates modernday knife production. There were a few major developments in knife production that have influenced the design of contemporary hunting knives. For instance, Jim Bowie created the famous Bowie knife after engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a nemesis. He thereafter vowed to carry his hunting knife with him at all times. He worked to modify a variety of knives, each one suited for either hand-tohand combat or for hunting purposes. The large fixed blade and clip point of the Bowie knife is implemented in the design of today's knives. The Swiss Army Knife, developed in the 1800s, was a major leap in the advancement of hunting knifes. It essentially allowed hunters to put a convenient toolset in their pocket without the need for sheaths. While such knives aren't designed to be used as the primary hunting weapon, they are used by many contemporary hunters for such purposes as dressing and butchering. Hunting requires a considerable amount of time outdoors, so Swiss Army Knives often serve their purpose in a variety of ways. Traditionally, hunting knives are used for cutting flesh. With only one sharpened edge, they were not meant for stabbing. Some blades may include a curved section for skinning, and a straight section for cutting meat. While modern-day hunting knives have come a long way since huntergatherers first used knives made from stone, knives are still an incredibly important tool for a variety of hunting purposes. is your leading source for hunting knives. Whether for home or work, let us

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