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ACCESS January 2017: Winter Edition Inside this issue Meet CSP Team…………….……..……...2 A.C.T. 4 Youth Initiative..………........3 A.C.T. 4 Youth Updates………..……..4 Dragon Boat Racing: Estelle…………4 Advocacy Summit………………………...5 A Forum for Stouffville Families.…..5 #vegasday4unitedway………..…......6

“As part of the Strategic Plan 2013-

United Way updates…………………….7 Parent Operated Programs………….8-9 Register for March Break…………….10 Marketplace & Learning Academy..11 Community Involvement……………….12 Holiday Cheers……………………………..12 Stouffville Social Group………………...13 Information Expo & Spotlight………..14 Sponsors……………………………………….15

2016, CLYS committed to providing accurate information in accessible formats and communicate information to all stakeholders. The Access Newsletter is one of the communication methods. It is published quarterly and presents to you what’s going on in community supports. Enjoy! “

Community Supports 社區支援 comunitario di sostegno

hỗ trợ cộng đồng

சமூக ஆதரவு comunitarios de apoyos

‫ی مدد ک کمیونٹی‬


January 2017

Meet Your Community Support Team The Community Support Team provides support and services to people who have an intellectual disability and their families across Southern York Region in various languages. Ritu Singarayer Community Support Program / ACT 4 Youth / Respite Services Supervisor 905-884-9110 ext. 523 Email:

Ellen Chan Community Support Coordinator (Provides support in Mandarin and Cantonese) 905-884-9110 ext. 267 Email:

Sadia Shaukat Community Support Coordinator (Provides support in Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu) 905-884-9110 ext. 640 Email:

Tharini Tharmalingam Community Support Coordinator (Provides support in Tamil) 905-884-9110 ext. 703 Email:

Annie Zhang Community Support Coordinator (Provides support in Cantonese and Mandarin) 905-884-9110 ext. 382 Email:



January 2017

A.C.T. 4 Youth Initiative The A.C.T. (Achieving Community Transition) 4 Youth Initiative led by Community Living York South (CLYS) assists youth who are transitioning into the community to achieve their independence and employment goals. This initiative is being made possible through funding received from Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Youth Opportunities Fund. This initiative is currently available to youth who are between the ages of 20 - 29 and are residents of Markham. The next cohort will be starting April 2017.

For more information about the initiative, please contact the ACT 4 Youth Coordinators.

Gowsica Sajepan ACT 4 Youth Coordinator (Provides Support in Tamil) 905-294-4971 ext. 348

Jennifer Haque ACT 4 Youth Coordinator (Provides support in Hindi, Urdu & Bengali) 905-294-4971 ext. 347



January 2017

Project beamON Community Living York South and Project beamOn came together with an opportunity for youth to volunteer and give back to their community. Project beamOn offers Reiki-blankets to people who are touched by cancer. Youth from CLYS assisted Project beamOn with rolling 100 blankets for children through the Cancer Recovery Foundation.

Dragon Boat Racing: Estelle Estelle McCalmont has been with Community Living York South (CLYS) as a part-time Community Support Worker (CSW) for just over 8 years. Outside of work Estelle has been part of the Dragon Boat Racing community for several years. Estelle has travelled around the world taking part is various dragon boat races. This year she ventured onto China and Vietnam to take part in their sampan race. She took a little bit of CLYS with her as she took part in the race this year showcasing our organization in her head, heart and paddle.

Estelle showcasing her paddle with the CLYS logo



January 2017

Advocacy and Action: Re: Action4Inclusion movement In November 2016, CLYS sponsored two participants between the ages 15-30 to join Community Living Ontario for the Shaping the Future 2016 National Convention and International Forum and Global Self– Advocacy Leadership Summit. Re:Action4Inclusion is a province wide, youth-focused social justice initiative supported by Community Living Ontario and funded in part by the Trillium Foundation. The movement empowers high school students with and without disabilities, to use their experiences and their voice to shift the culture of our society and build more inclusive spaces in education and community. We caught up with one of the attendees, Thomas Lui, and he said that he felt a “sense of belonging” being part of the summit. He also mentioned the sense of independence he felt through this experience, he said “It was the first time I could independently travel without my parents and [met] people from around the world”. For Thomas this summit has sparked the advocate within him and he is taking an initiative to develop that skill through the opportunities that opened up for him after attending this summit. His final thoughts were: “my parents are very supportive and brought me to [CLYS] where I got the job placement. So without my parents and CLYS I wouldn't have the opportunities that I have today…. I strongly encourage young people to sit with you guys and get access to the opportunities that I had access to. Thank you Ellen for supporting me all these years and I hope in the near future I will have more opportunity to go to these conference because I really want people to succeed.”

A Forum for Stouffville Families A forum was held for families of Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville on the evening of October 24, 2016, in an effort to bring families together to create a Parent Led Program for their son/daughter with an intellectual disability. We had 10 families attend with great motivation and interest in starting a program for their loved ones. They were given information on the guidelines and benefits of starting a program in their area. After having a productive discussion amongst themselves, families decided on starting a “Stouffville Social Group” for youth/adults aged 14+ who have an intellectual disability. This Parent Led Program will be first of its kind in Stouffville. Families, who are interested in registering for the program, please see the flyer on page 13 for more information.


February January2016 2017

Community Living York South (CLYS) geared up for the United Way 2016 campaign at this years kickoff. Staff got creative with the games and refreshments with the Vegas Day theme. They put together games such as black jack, bingo and roulette which was enjoyed by staff and supported people in service . Everyone enjoyed a great afternoon participating in fun activities, while sampling a variety of delicious food and drinks.

Caris serving popcorn (Home Hardware Donation)



Black Jack Table Ritu, Gajana and Audrey at the United way kickoff

Staff at Vegas Day 4 United Way

Cathy & Carmen at the ticket table

Color roulette table



January 2017

United Way Speaking Engagement During the United Way Toronto & York Region annual campaign CLYS staff and people receiving services participated in a number of speaking engagements. Speakers shared their stories, how the programs funded by United Way have impacted them and how various opportunities have been made available and accessible . This year a number of speakers were honored to present at various kick off events hosted by companies such as Combined Insurance Company, HDR Corp, Viber, TD Bank Group, and Vibro-Acousitics/ Swegon . Special thanks to Samantha, Thomas, Samuel and Gajana for taking the time to go out and sharing their stories.

Participants and speakers at Combined Insurance

United Way Toronto and York Region Day of caring CLYS is exhilarated to host various Day of caring events in support of United Way Toronto & York Region. We welcomed volunteers from Rogers, Jenssen and BMO. Volunteers had the opportunity to assist with a number of activities including creating learning kits for CLYS programs and preparation/hosting of the Mexican day event. Heartfelt thank you to all the organizations for their contributions and United Way Toronto & York Region for making these opportunities available to CLYS. A special thank you to Center for Belonging and Marketplace for coordinating and welcoming the organizations within their program.



January 2017

Current Parent-Operated Programs Parent operated programs are one of our strongest running groups, with parents taking the initiative to spearhead and launch new programs with the guidance of the Community Support Coordinators. Currently, the following programs are running in each area:

Markham: 

Crafts and Cooking Program - runs every Sunday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm; Activities include baking, learning how to make sandwiches, kitchen safety, etc. Location: CLYS Markham Office located on 5694 Hwy7 East, Unit 13, Markham, L3P 1B4. register contact : Tharini Tharmalingam (See page 2 for contact).


Yoga - runs every Saturday from 6:30 to 7:30pm and is facilitated by a trained yoga instructor. Location: CLYS Markham Office on 5694 Hwy7 East, Unit 13, Markham, L3P 1B4 To register contact : Tharini Tharmalingam (See page 2 for contact).

Girls on the GO (ages 13+)- The program aims to improve self-esteem, encourage experiential learning and so much more. Girls have enjoy outings to restaurants, bowling, and movies, paint lounge and so much more. They do regular Yoga, dancing and cooking healthy foods at the program. Program runs every Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00pm. Location: 8400 Woodbine Ave Suite 102-103, Markham, L3R 4N7. To register contact: Sadia Shaukat (See page 2 for contact).

Avengers Boys Group Wednesday (14+)- This group is a social programs for young boys looking to make friends and at the same time have fun. Program includes community outings to bowling, library and much more. Program runs every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 9:00. Location: 5694 Highway 7 E. Unit 13, Markham. To register contact: Daniel Ching at 416 887 9744 email:

Pink Ladies (16+): New social program for independent young girls running every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 9:00pm. Location: 5694 Highway 7 E. Unit 13 Markham. Support Ratio: 1:6.To register contact: Sadia Shaukat (See page 2 for contact).

Saturday Tamil Youth Group- This group is designed for children and adults to help develop literacy, social and life skills. Time & Date: Every Saturday 10am-1pm Location: CLYS Markham Office located on 5694 Hwy7 East, Unit 13, Markham, L3P 1B4. Support Ratio: 1:4. To register contact : Tharini Tharmalingam (See page 2 for contact).

Amazing Girls group: The group is for mature ladies to build up friendship and independence; enhance social and life skills. This group runs on every Saturday from 2:00-5:00pm. Location: CLYS Markham office (5694 Highway 7 E., Unit 13, Markham). Contact: Ellen Chan (See page 2 for contact).




January 2017

Super Power Girls Group- The group uses different activities to train girls’ interpersonal

Boys Social Club- Boys engage in various activities to learn social interaction and life skills.

skills, independence and life skills. This group runs on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month from 10:00am – 1:00pm. Location: 8400 Woodbine Ave., Markham. To register contact Ellen Chan (See page 2 for contact). This group runs on every Monday from 6:30 -9:00pm. Location: CLYS Markham office (5694 Highway 7 E., Unit 13, Markham). To register contact: Daniel Ching at 416 887 9744 email:

Richmond Hill: 

Thursday Night Entertainment Program (ages 10+)- runs every Thursday 7-9pm; . Some of the activities include: bowling, bingo, drumming, pottery & much more. Location: Community Living York South ,101 Edward Ave., Richmond Hill L4C 5E5. To register contact Annie Zhang (See page 2 for contact).

York Abilities (Ages 14+)-This program runs every Saturday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Activities include: Zumba, in door mini golf, bowling and so much more. Location: CLYS Richmond Hill Office-101 Edward Ave., Richmond Hill L4C 5E5. Contact: Stinder Lyall (905) 883 5248;

Vaughan: 

Friday Night Club (ages 16+)–Social group for young adults runs every Friday evening from 6:30-9:00pm. Participants engage in various community outings such as bowling, Dave and Buster, putting edge, swimming, bocce and so much more. Location: 136 Wings Road Unit 6, Woodbridge, L4C 6C3. (Locations for drop off and pick up varies weekly depending on community outings). Contact: Lisa Jodi Cohen 416 708 1371,email: or Sadia Shaukat (see page 2 for contact)

Tuesday Night Entertainment- runs every Tuesday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Activities includes: community outings, cooking at Fortinos, and so much more. Location:136 Wings Road Unit 6, Woodbridge, L4C 6C3. To register contact: Annie Zhang (See page 2 for contact).

Partnership Programs 

Autism teen night in partnership with Autism teenage partnership (Ages 13+)

runs every Monday from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm. Weekly fun and social programs.1:4 support ratio. Location: 8400 Woodbine Avenue, Room 4B . Markham, ON L3R .To register Contact : Project Autism– The Rad Recess program– for students who are in grade 1 to grade 4. It is a 4 weeks program teaching the most popular games played at recess i.e. handball, 4 square, freeze tag, skipping, grounders and more. In addition program will work on various social skills during recess time at school. Contact Sadia Shaukat ( See page 2 for contact).



October January2015 2017



January 2017

MARKETPLACE PROGRAM The Marketplace provides an array of group educational courses, activities and recreational opportunities suggested by, and of interest to, individuals with an intellectual disability. The Marketplace is a collaboration between Community Living York South, local municipalities, school boards, community organizations and programs. Established since 2012, courses include healthy and easy cooking, literacy, creative expressions, fitness at the YMCA, knitting, computer basics, social clubs, dance, women’s support group, healthy relationships, success in the workplace. Some courses change with the season, while some are continuing . Contact information and current registration forms are available online to register for sessions. To access Market Place program calendars please visit : programs/marketplace

LEARNING ACADEMY RICHMOND HILL OPENS Learning Academy is expanding to include services in Richmond Hill! We offer educationally-based day programming, with a focus on the practice and improvement of various literacy skills. In addition to academics, Learning Academy participates in social and recreational activities based on the interests of its members.

Become an active member in your community through involvement in local centers, libraries and sport facilities!

     

Literacy Mathematics Physical activities; yoga, swimming Social and communication skills building Research projects Current events

      

Money management Reading & Book Club Art IPad educational games Cooking classes Bowling Book club and more

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, register today! If you are interested in joining the Richmond Hill Learning Academy, please contact Sandra Pranzitelli at 905-884-9110 x 458



January 2017

Community Involvement “As part of the Strategic Plan 2013-2016 , CLYS committed o develop and maintain collaborations and partnerships within the community to increase service options and create inclusive community model�

Staff at the COSTI: Bringing Agencies Together networking event.

Markham District High School Volunteer Fair

Regional Municipality of York Agency Fair

Promoting A.C.T. 4 Youth at Your Week With Shay on Rogers TV

CLYS attended the ACCE Holiday Gala

Age of Literati hosted by Family One Network

CLYS attended the YRDSB Quest Conference as a partner from the ASD Partnership Project

At the Markham Association of Community Champions

Spreading the holiday cheer at CLYS

Wishing all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Years from Community Living York South.



January 2017



January 2017

Spotlight on Transformation




January 2017

Special Thanks to Sponsors & donators for United Way kickoff 2016

Centre Piece Flowers

The family lawyers

Axe n’ Gear Music & Vintage Collectable Karl Druckman



Our Funders

January 2017

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