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June 08, 2012 Volume LVIII, Issue X

Drum Line Makes a Splash


Victoria Schmidt Editor-in-Chief

outh students, teachers and staff filed into the sticky, hot gym on Friday, June 1 in anticipation for the annul Saxon Idol, newly renamed Saxon’s Got Talent. The room fell quite as each performer took the stage, in hopes that their performance would impress the not only the student audience, but the critical judges as well: Greg Berry, Elisabeth Saxe and Chris Short. Members of South’s drum line “Made It Nasty” with their unique drum performance that brought the crowd to roaring cheers and won them the first place prize. Rylie Wolfe ‘12, Andrew Barnison ‘12, Josh Allen ‘12, and Alex Emery ’12 with the help of their assistants Phebe Rue’ 13, Emily Leclerc ‘13, Sierra Schmeltzer ’13 and Maggie Smith ’13 made a splash through their three staged drum performance. Jared Dukes ‘12 took second place with his performance of “Soviet History to the Tune of Tetris,” an enthusiastic recollection of Russian history with an up-tempo chorus that moved the crowd to succinct clapping. “I wasn’t expecting to even get into Saxon Idol, much less take second. Part of me feels like I do not deserve it, but then other part of me is more like, ‘WOO! I WON SAXON IDOL!’” Dukes said. South’s Men’s Symphonic choir performed “Coney Island Baby” taking third place decked out in beach attire and charisma. Thomas PressRiley Wolfe ‘12, Andrew Barnison ‘12, Josh Allen ‘12, and Alex Emery ’12 preform a drum act at Saxon Idol on June 1, 2012 Photo by Julia Salgado. ley ’12 directed the group of students Ismail Anderson ’13 on piano and Allie Hoover ‘15 on vocals per“It felt like I was on top of the world directOther Performers Include: formed “Halo” Tala Balbeisi and Casey Freshour with a duet of “Chasing Cars” ing such a great group of guys. They are excepAlonzo Miles ’14 preformed an original rap in loving memory of his The Rain People composed of Max Normandy ’12 on base, Andrew tional musicians and I’m proud to lead them in mother who passed away on April 21. Morgan ’12 on guitar and vocals, and special guest from West on drums, our third place finish,” Pressley ‘12 said. Sierra Hamilwwl-Keane sang “The Best Day” in celebration of the seNick Webster ‘12 performing “Way Out.” For video of the performances, visit nior class’s “almost graduation” Cyler Winnie ’12 & Gabe Annberzi ’12 danced

Iconic Salem Store Closes After More Than Half a Century in Business


Tyler Norbury Reporter

eather’s Music, an iconic Salem music store which has been open for almost 62 years will be closing its doors by June 30. This decision has been made by Keith Weathers, who is the cur-

rent owner will be retiring. Weather’s Music will still be honoring their rental agreement for a few more years, but that will eventually be phased out. According to Weather’s Music’s Facebook page, the store had a retirement sale which started on May 11, where all store merchandise was to be be 20% to 80% off.

The Weathers Music store is closing, all student musicans can come in for the huge closing sale. Photo by Julia Salgado.

Fairly Hot O

Nichele Herndon Reporter

n Aug. 24 - Sept. 3, 2012, the Oregon State Fair, located at 2330 17th Street, NE Salem, OR 97303, will occur at the fair grounds. The Oregon State Fair, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, is put on by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Departments. Colbie Calliat and Gavin Degraw will be preforming on Friday, Aug. 24, Joe Walsh Saturday Aug. 25, Demi Lovato with Hot Chelle Rae on Saturday Sept. 1, Jake Owen Monday Sept. 3 and Jeff Dunhamcontrolled chaos Friday Aug. 31. Other attractions include a fine art and alligraphy show, creative living, natural resources, heart of the garden, and photography. Animal exhibits include Brad’s World Reptiles and Great American Petting Zoo. “My favorite thing about going to the fair is to do the rides like the really big ones, the zipper, ring of fire, el nino and excelirater and also going to the petting zoo,” Makenzie Phillis ‘14 said. The state fair is one of the biggest highlights that people from across the state look forward to in the summer.

Oregon State Fair 2012

2 Opinion/Feature

June 8, 2012

“Springing” into Summer

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Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus

Every Day I’m Bicyclin’

Yuliya Boyalskaya


he value of a dollar is pathetic. Historically, from 1895 to 1901 the value of a dollar was worth four dollars. Currently, a dollar is worth less than twenty cents. Even still, a buck can buy a lot, especially since it takes the government 6.4 cents to produce a dollar. Yet, Oragami heart made by Holly Duvall Photo by Julia Salgado. one must consider why the dollar has lost value. According to ABCnews one reason is rooted in the “. . . spread between the interest rate at the European Central Bank (home of the euro) and the Federal Reserve (home of the dollar) is smaller than it has traditionally been, and that has weakened the value of the dollar against the euro.” In essence, one is better off with a euro. But if you have a dollar, might as well . . .

Later in the day, the junior and senior girls participated in the annual powder puff football game. The seniors beat the juniors 18-12, but not without a little opposition from the fired up junior girls. “There was a lot of competition between the juniors and seniors. It was getting pretty rough at the end. There was lots of yelling, and everyone is pretty scratched up and bruised,” Ashley Reding ‘13 said. The tension on the field had a lot of the girls riled up. Rachel Heringer ‘12 even suffered a punch to the face as she tried to stop Payton Wilcox ‘13 from scoring a touchdown. Despite this event she said she still enjoyed being able to hang out with all of the senior girls. “It was like a last hurrah for us!” Heringer ‘12 said. All around, lots of the girls had fun and loved bonding with their team and the coaches and just getting the chance to play.

Photo above by: Julia Salgado; Photo below by Nichele Herndon

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The juniors lost the first three matches out of a total of five to the senior boys. The juniors did their best to stay in the game, but it was apparent the seniors were better prepared and shut out the juniors. The senior team made great passes and set up the ball nicely for their teammates and were able to return the ball most of the time. While the juniors had a rough time getting it together as a team, Brent Ulvin ‘13 said he enjoyed the team spirit and still enjoyed getting to play. Photo by: Morgan Costa

Rachal Meza-Rojas Sports Editor

• •

une celebrates bikes and the fitness that comes with riding one. Riding bikes benefits one’s health and cuts back on harmful toxins being put in the air, like the gas that is released when motorized vehicles drive around. As a high school student, already having to walk around to get to classes, walking doesn’t seem so great after a tiring day of school. Zachary Boyer, a Baltimore teen, vowed to ride a bike 4,400 miles from his home-

town to Portland, Oregon. The purpose: to raise money for a cancer foundation. “I want to ride for many different reasons,” Boyer, a freshman at the University of Massachusetts, said. “ Some of which are to help others, to test and prove myself, to push myself beyond my limits and to see America for what it really is. I have personal connections with cancer.” Boyer’s mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2012, and he found that it was a convenient opportunity to be able to help support a foundation that funds for research.

What To Do With a Dollar

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Cecelia Barajas Reporter

and hey presto, it’s an antique. Play Where’s George. Glue it to the underside of a glass table and watch the hilarious results. Tape it to your forehead. When people ask why, say your name is Bill. Doodle a mustache on Mr. Washington. Write, direct, produce and star in your own seriously low-budget movie... Make an expensive paper airplane or fold it accordion-style and make a hand fan. Cash it in for 100 pennies use those 100 pennies for 100 wishes in a fountain.

When the afternoon festivities passed, South held the Spring Fling dance in its courtyard as an end of the year celebration. The night was casual and relaxed despite the rain that forced the students to have the rest of the dance in the cafeteria. “I still had lots of fun even though we had to go inside when it rained, but I will definitely go next year! I liked the snow cones and getting to hang out with all of my friends,” Nikki Burtis ‘14 said.

Senior Issue

The Best , The Worst, and

Everything In Between Best Song: “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele Worst Song: “Friday” One-Hit Wonder: “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction Best Artists: Florence + The Machine, Adele, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha Most Annoying Music Phenomenon: Dubstep, or rather, dubstepping songs that already contain dubstep Mystery Artist: Lana Del Rey Best Movies: Final Harry Potter Installments, The Hunger Games, The Avengers Worst Movie: Twilight. Anything Twilight. Worst Fashion Trend: Uggs with Shorts. Seriously, figure out if you are hot or cold. And stick with it. Best Saying: Abbreviations, such as “supes” and “totes” because it makes everything better. And also totes stupe-stupe (totally stupid). Worst Saying: YOLO. (Please. Just stop.) Biggest News Story: Osama was killed. Best Invention: iPhone (also, the iPad) Best TV Show: Modern Family, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory Worst TV Show: Jersey Shore (or the attempted copycat Jerseylicious),

The Rose Line

Have You Noticed...

that Mr. Chamberlain looks an awful lot like Vladimir Lenin? Right: Chamberlain or Lenin? You be the judge.

Senior Awards: a Few Selections Best Dancer: Kellen Friedrich Best Dancer: Rory Walker Most likely to pass finals without opening a book: Dane Zielinski Most likely to make a scene in public: “Judson girls” Cradle Robber: Rory Walker Legally Blond: Jamie Johnson Most Theatric: Cyler Winnie and Lena Schneider Most American Non-American: Kereth Curliss Most-Likely to be Gone On a Test Day Every Day: Thonia Martushev Most-Likely to Succeed: Ray Clark

Words from the Wise

Class of 2012

“There are many paths to the same destination. Be adaptable to many situations. Just because one path is blocked, it does not mean it is unattainable.” - Mr. Thayer • “What you will become rests with what you are willing to do. That’s my quote.” - Mr. Short • “Attempt to improve yourself every day.” - Mr. Chamberlain • “Throw yourself into college or community and gain as many experiences as possible before settling down. Take advantage of being young.” - Miss Saxe • “Don’t do what you think will make you rich. Do what you know you’ll love.” - Chef Wieweck • “If you use your study time as down time, it becomes your frown time.” - Mr. Glasgow • “Don’t shy away from adversity--it’s what will propel you forward. At the same time, don’t become so busy that you find yourself pushed hither and beyond by the slightest change of wind--allow yourself some calm moments so you can chart your course through the world...and so you’ll be ready when the next gale strikes.” - Mr. Niedermeyer • “I hope that you (Seniors) are able to calm your mind and emotions this summer so that you can slow down to have a real rest before your next adventure. Best wishes and great journeys.” - Mrs. August • “It’s not what you know, but what you do with your knowledge that counts.” - Mrs. Harris-Clippinger • “[Frank O’Hara said] ‘Grace, to be born and live as variously as possible.’ That quote gave me a sort of comfort in knowing that I could do many different things in my life and that I didn’t need to know exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life at 18. Turns out I have had three very different and rewarding careers. Follow your heart and the path will open up before you.” - Ms. Knecht • “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” - Mr. Rommel • “Opportunity does not knock; you knock on it!” - Ms. Callahan

Hello world! This is the Senior Issue: The Tell it Like it is Edition. Based on the title alone, we’re hoping that you understand that we’re going to tell it like it is (Surprise, surprise). Anyway, after many long years of working on this paper, this is our final installment, our last hurrah, that’s all folks, el fin, adios muchachos, that’s a wrap, the grand get the point. So, read and enjoy.

Anna Fitzgerald: To all my homegirls with their excessive sass--you know who you are. • Shelly Kang: Hilda, you’re such a babe. Love, Shelly • Kristen Allen: Peace out, home skilletz.

2 School/Academics

June 8, 2012

Lena Schneider -Muhlenberg College


“Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.” - Oscar Wilde


Our Students - What They Go to School For It’s both exciting and scary to be going to the school that is ranked number one in the nation for theatre. The audition was more extensive than I had expected. I sat in on a class, performed, and had an interview with the head of the theatre department. It’ll be a big jump going from being really comfortable in a smaller program, to being a tiny fish in a huge, really talented pond.

Sam Hanslits - Georgetown University

“I’m excited to be a part of the politically active world in Washington D.C. and to leave the west coast.”

A Tradition of Excellence: A Look at Four Years of Sports at South Travis Samuels The Boy, And Thank God He Got a License


n my first ever story writing for the Clypian I had the pleasure of writing about Paul Sell being named the new athletic director at the start of the school year in 2009. In my first ever interview with him, he kept mentioning the school’s motto of a tradition of excellence that South has and how he wanted to keep that tradition of excellence going as the new athletic director and an alumnus of South. At first, I did not understand what he meant by “tradition of excellence.” I even put the quote in the story not knowing exactly what it meant but over the years, after attending and being a part of the athletics program and having the opportunity to work with coaches and student athletes writing and promoting for their sport, I have began to understand what the tradition of excellence at South really means. In the last four years at South, nearly everyone of our athletic teams have dominated in their respective sport at some point in those four years, bringing in more Central Valley Conference championship titles than any other school in the past four years. If that’s not saying something, then I don’t know what is. In the 2008 football season, I witnessed the Saxons have a perfect regular season. In the 2010 football season, the Saxons made their deepest run in the playoffs making it to the quarterfinals for the first time in almost 20 years. In 2009, the boys’ soccer team did the unthinkable, making it to the championship game and winning the state

Cats, Chemistry, and Canada

5 Unorthodox Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs A big part of school is the animal you associate with. These cuddly pets can cause rifts in friends and fights between colleagues so who is really better? While both have merits, here are a few I love: 1. Cats are soft. Dogs can be soft but cats are softer. That’s why physics experiments use cat fur to create charges instead of dog fur. 2. Cats are not overly aggressive. I realize some cats can be very violent but they are not nearly as scary as dogs. Why are so many children scared of dogs? Because they are generally scary. (I know that most dogs are not violent. But even the friendliest German Shepherd will scare a person.) 3. Cats purr. Dogs can make cool noises but a cat purring? No competition. 4. Without cats there would be no Crazy Cat Ladies. Think about that portion of our culture. Yes. Cats made that possible. True story. 5. Kittens. No contest. Kittens kittens kittens.

Ten Things About Canada 1. A moose is not our president. 2. We are not controlled by Britain 3. You do not get to live there just because you do not like the US 4. We do not have sex in canoes 5. Polar bears are not a main type of transportation 6. Canadian currency is not Monopoly money 7. Hockey is that important 8. Kraft Dinner is delicious 9. We do not live in igloos 10. WE ARE NOT THE FIFTYFIRST STATE

title and is the only team in my four years to hoist a state championship banner. Both boys and girls soccer teams have been dominate Some of the most exciting achievements in sports over the last four years came while watching the worst teams at South turn into the best teams in the district. The South Salem wrestling team was the worst team in the district from 2008-2009 and became one of the best teams in the regional district this year thanks to the help of Stryder Davis who was named head coach the season after. Now in basketball the Saxons may not have owned the court, but Kyle Atkinson owed the three point line breaking all of South’s three point records with 9 three pointers in a single game, 89 three pointer in a season and 188 all-time three pointers in his four years at South. In spring sports, dominance has been shown in both women and boys track and field, girls’ golf and both baseball and softball teams. But overall the most rememberable would have to be the softball team. Although they have not won a state championship in the last four years they have been one of the most consist teams. I’m sure for the seniors it will be tough to walk away without a state title banner but it was entertaining to see the success over the years they brought us. Even though I’m graduating this year I can guarantee I will continue to watch the tradition of excellence that South has.

Kereth Curliss Sick Beatz, She Let me Wear My Chains & My Turtleneck Sweater

A lovenote for Chemistry: There are no words in this world to describe how much I love chemistry. I realize to most of you that chemistry is the bane of your existence. It is your bete noir. To me, however, I love it. Titrations, sulfuric acid, oxidizers, reducers, barium chloride, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, covalent bonds. Everything about is systematic. There are patterns, shapes and little tips to remember things. It is perfect in every way. I know that some of you hate it but always remember the beauty of a secondary alcohol oxidizing to form a ketone.Because I do.

Abby Mudd: Andy, I’m sorry about the blog and I hope you don’t have acid rain on your graduation. • Rocio Balthazar-Miranda: WHERE’S MY IB DIPLOMA?! • Sarah Pettigrew: You’re putting words in my mouth. Dance team rox.

More Unsolicited Advice

June 8, 2012 Anna Sieber Batman, The Macaroni, The Bow$$

Dear World, It’s me, Anna. Can you hear me? Probably not, as this is ink and paper (well, newsprint really). I am writing this for the end of the year, the culmination of my required academic career. It’s the last hurrah, the big kahuna, the final installment. This past school year, I have noticed, has been rife with nostalgia: commemorating the last first day of school, the last Homecoming, the last King of Hearts, the last Color Wars Assembly, the last high school drama production, the last choir concert, the last high school yearbook, the last Friday, the last test, the last IB exam, the last day... And it has led to a lot of thinking. Namely, one question prevails: What is it that you want to do with your life? I don’t know. I don’t think I want to know, or need to know, right now. And I am okay with that. But sitting in the middle of the Elsinore Theatre as I was a few weeks ago, encouraged to attend an encore viewing of Miss Representation by the Robin to my Batman (aka Samantha Suzanne Grainger-Shuba), I got a little...angry. Seeing these clips of horrendous malefactions against the rights of the female gender, some blatantly carried out as a female news anchor protests a clip of Paris Hilton passing as “news” or Bill O’Reilly’s comment to Michele

Bachmann that she and Sarah Palin are ‘pretty’, had me really ticked off. How could these male figures in media be permitted to get away with this? But then I did a little more thinking. Women “earned” the right to vote in 1912, one whole century ago this November. It is considered a grand feat for gender equality. Yet, for all the claims we make of having equality, we are a vastly unequal society. And this is a simple problem of perspective. So, sitting there in the theatre, as I was, I thought again of the importance of perspective. Perspective is so heavily influenced by outside sources, whether we realize it or not. And in that moment, I realized that was what I wanted to change: the mentality in America. We need to get those negative influences out, those positive ones in. We need to promote equality and healthy thinking habits at all stages of the game. We need kids and teenagers to learn open-mindedness so that they can grow up into open-minded adults who will then have children and teach them to be open-minded. That is what I want to do: change people’s mentality. So, what mark do you want to leave? Do you want to save the dolphins, plant a tree, protect the rainforest, fight for equal rights? I can’t tell you. Thus, I encourage you to find your cause. Speak your mind. Discover what it is, exactly, you are willing to fight for and go for it. If you want change, you must go out and make it.

A Generation in Review


uch like the eras our parents grew up in, from 1960-1980, our generation has been through a time of cultural change. In books, television, music and technology, the years since the birth of our generation have been progressive and full of change. In regards to fiction, the first attentiongrabbing series to be released was the chil-

Samantha Grainger-Shuba Robin, The Cheese to Anna’s Macaroni

0 2 12

Talkin’ Bout My Generation 3

Courtney Gould Mrs. Draco Malfoy, The Fandom Junkie

dren’s fiction series Harry Potter, written by J.K. Rowling. Four years after Harry Potter came Twilight. Recently, the largest name fiction has been The Hunger Games. This dystopian teen novel is far darker than the two aforementioned series, as it chronicles the story of a young heroine forced to fight both children her age and an oppressive government. Music over the past fifteen years has taken a long journey as well. Beginning in the ‘90s with boy bands such as *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, pop music quickly transitioned into far more theatrical and cine-

ma-like music videos that greatly altered our perception of music. Along with this new style came the hip-hop phenomenon. Artists from that era inspired acts such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in both the music video and the shock value of music with questionable themes. As of late, the sentimental and contempt filled songs of Adele have swept the hearts of the country and topped all charts. Also worth noting is a trend for artists to hit the charts with one song that attracts hype, and then fade away. Examples of this are in One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, and Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’. The inventions of the generation are without a doubt the iPad/iPhone/iPod. Apple completely took over the music industry in 2000 with the introduction of the iPod. It changed the way people listened to music permanently. In 2007, Apple combined the cell phone and the iPod into one iPhone. Continuing on to revolutionize technology, in 2010, Apple introduced their own version of the laptop in the iPad. Our generation has seen a period of time that has moved culture, technology and music far forward, and promises to throw more our way.

College Application Timeline

Don’t you think...

that it’s really not necessary to dubstep Ke$ha? Yet at every schoolsponsored dance this year, that is exactly what happened. Oh, and to Katy Perry as well. Above: photos courtesy of Yearbook Sword & Shield. iPad courtesy of Apple.

Shaun Stice: Zaminamina, eh-eh. Waka-waka. Eh-eh. • Hilda Montiel-Gomez: Suzy, you’re such a kid. • Max Lipton: I like Karynas. Also, integral. • Emily Vincent: Shout out to Mr. Chamberlain. He’s my homeboy.

Where in the World Will They Go? Boise State University *Janessa White

Linn-Benton Community College Laura Willeford

Brandeis University *Alex Ellison

Mills College *Maren Leith

BYU Idaho Gabriela da Silva Tyler Despain

Muhlenberg College *Lena Schneider

California Lutheran University *Adam Morett

Munchner Volkshochschule in Munich, Germany *Julia Leslie

Cal Poly Pomona *MadeleineTweedt

Net Ministries Chad O’Neil

Chapman College *Aiden Evans *Abby Mudd

Oberlin College *Antonia Chandler

Clark Community College *David Mason

Oregon Coastal Culinary Institute Jordan Smith

College of Hair Design Madelon Thomas

Oregon Culinary Ryan Toepfer

College of Idaho *Jorge Bambila

Oregon State University Christopher Beeson Luke Brown Sydney Cary Myungwoo Crossler-Laird *AJ Dyer-Theis *Joel Edelblute Austin Gutierrez *Kenzie Howard *Chris Jones Avery Ketchum Evan Klein Aleah Lewis Michael Mooney Trung Phan Colin Rojas *Lisa Rosenthal Heriberto Santos Jr. Hannah Schramm *Zach Severin Abram Staples Peter Thompson Kaley Stauff Katie Wasser Emily Weber *Danielle Whitehurst *Ryan Wilson *Tyler Withers

Concordia College *Kyle Atkinson *Amber Garcia Connecticut College *Samantha Grainger Shuba Corban University Georgina Fernadez *Porshla Robinson *Lily Onishchenko Georgetown University *Sam Hanslits Gonzaga College *Maggie Chamberlain I.T.T. Technical Institute Lorna Emory *Avery Herb Lane Community College Zach Broberg Lewis and Clark College Andrew Bennett Nick Ellis

Pacific University *Megan Lin

Linfield College *Emma Ballantyne *Amelia Dobbes *Andrew Nielsen *Jessica Villanueva *Mackenzie Linder

Pacific Lutheran University *Kelsey Dammarell *Haley Ehlers *Courtney Gould *Andy Jensen


Are you Aware... that with the implementation of the 7-period schedule, no one seems to know what day of the week it is?








*Anna Sieber *Isabellah Von Trapp

*Sydney Gilbert *Nicole Haggard Joshua Lioy Noah Reed *Emily Vincent

Pomona College *Dane Zielinski Portland State University Shane Barrantes *Elizabeth Garcia Luke Scheuermann

University of Portland *Hannah Frank *Shaun Stice University of Puget Sound *Stephanie Gates *Katie Reeder

Portland Community College Israel Gramlich David James Noelia Lahmann

University of Southern California *Whitney Pitalo

Principia College *Erica Suess

University of Victoria Anna Fitzgerald

Santa Clara University *Hannah Baker *Riley Wulf

Weber State University Chris Shipman

Sarah Lawrence College *Cara McCann

Western Oregon University *Melissa Carpenter Hayden Harms *Jessica Huston *Sarah Pettigrew *Braden Shribbs *Asia Tong Colburn Miranda Williams

Simpson University *Ellyn Hilts Southern Oregon University *Eliza James Anna Wiles Southwestern Oregon Community College *Andrew Martin Suffolk University *Suzanne Barrientos Texas Tech *Lauran Bliss University of British Columbia *Ray Clark

Willamette University *Rocio Baltazar-Miranda *Karyna Cutting *Kellen Friedrich *Rachel Heringer *Austin Jacobson *Shelly Kang *Max Lipton Alicia Mabbitt *Jed Magee *Thonia Martushev

University of California Berkeley *Maximo Espitia

National Outdoor Leadership School Lukas Strong

University of Colorado Boulder Dirk Bowman Jr

U.S. Navy Evan Tatro

University of Idaho *Meli Cortez

Marine Corps Sam Gerros

University of Illinois *Jordan Konick

Work Force Rachel Hook Quinn Moore Joseph Perez Juan Trevino III Eddie Valdez Kami Woods

University of Montana *Anne Burnham University of Oregon *Jennifer Borrero *Kereth Curliss

Congratulations Class of 2012. We did it!

Did ya Know?

That the class of 2012 is the last real generation of Potterheads. This calls for a joke about Pinnochio and real boys, but we won’t go there...

June 8, 2012

Post-Prom Pandemonium

Stressing About Finals?

Lily Gordon Podcast Director

Kayla Rigsby Opinion Editor Cassie Cook Reporter


ever cram for a final instead follow the 45/15 rule: for 45 minutes focus entirely on studying, then take a 15 minute break and go back to studying for another 45 minutes. The night before their finals, students should study less than they had the week or so before. To completely prepare, a student should create their own practice test to study from. Students should only study as a group after they are getting 90% of the questions on their personal practice tests correct. If there is something that a student is having a difficult time understanding, then they should try to explain it to someone else, because this can help clarify the troubled topic to the student.

The day before finals many people spend cramming for the tests late into the night, yet this is not helpful. People need a full night’s sleep for their brain to function properly and be able to recall information. According to the National Sleep Foundation teenagers need 8 ½ to 9 ¼ hours of sleep. So while cramming for a final until two in the morning may seem like a good idea if you did not study well before, it really is better to get a full night’s sleep before the finals.

Feature 7

A look at failures across the nation from the 2012 prom season


ountless teenage rom-coms aim to capture the magic that is the high school prom, but does the big day live up to all the hype? Now that all the glitter has been swept away and the acrylic nails have been removed, it is time to take a peek at the failures of this past prom season... Even better than a real boy! Two lucky girls, one from Colorado and another from Iowa, went to their proms with celebrities... pop star Justin Bieber and football star Tim Tebow, to be exact. After sending messages via Twitter and Facebook with no replies, each girl took matters into her own hands. They made cardboard cutouts of their dates and even sprayed cologne on them to cover up the gluey scent. Bieber's escort said, "When his new song 'Boyfriend' came on, a huge group of people came over and started dancing with us." Clean up your act... with Lysol. Two Colorado mothers decided to be chaperones at the local high school prom. Like many parents before them, these women were shocked at the "dirty dancing" displayed. In order to clean up the naughty behavior, the mothers sprayed cleaning product on the teens. Students claim they were forced to leave the dance due to Lysol in their eyes. The two women responsible could face up to $750 in fines and six months in jail if convicted. Hey, I saw your 10-foot face on Main Street! If you think your parents dropping you off a block away from school is still embarassing, think again. A Texan mother was determined to win her daughter prom queen fame. She bought space on a billboard that was convieniently located along a highway intersection by her daughter's high school. Unfortunately, she did not win. The dance floor is pulling me in, literally. One Michigan group of friends had the brilliant idea of taking photos on a nearby dock shorty before the dance. Not even a minute had passed into the photoshoot when the dock collapsed. The kids tried to reach land but were not completely successful. When they made it to the dance, the boys were decked in basketball shorts, tux tops, and dress shoes.

Photo by Julia Salgado.

A Tradition of Roses


Cassie Cook Reporter

ince 1907, the annual Portland Rose Festival has been held in Downtown Portland. This year the festival will be held from May 25 through June 17, 2012 at the Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the Memorial Coliseum and the Portland International Raceway. The main event of the festival is the Grand Floral Parade, which is the second largest all-floral parade in the United States. During the event you can enjoy the firework spectacular show, the spring rose show, the dragon boat race and many other attractions.

Boys Track

Girls Track

Boys To State: Jaylynn Bailey ‘13, Rory Walker ‘12, Daniel Fauss ‘12, Junior Espitia ‘12, Dustin Watson, Joshua Benton State Placement: 8th in state

Ladies To State: Emily Weber ‘12, Kellen Friedrich ‘12, Whitney Pitalo ‘12, Anne Burnham ‘12 Placement at Districts: 1st

Boys Golf To State: Tim Slama ‘15 (left) who placed 35th out of 80 players.

Softball girls pose after 3-0 lost against North Medford during OSAA championship at game OSU. Photo by Travis Samuels.

Travis Samuels Game Day Editor

T To State: Rachel Heringer ‘12 Photo by Morgan Costa.

Girls Golf Emily Roth. Photo by Brian Eriksen.

Photo by Haley Ehlers.

Softball Back Again...

Baseball Boys took CVC title with a 12-1 season and 17-5 overall. Jacob Whitfield ‘13 runs for the field during the quarterfinals of the playoffs against Thurston High School on May 25.

June 8, 2012


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Ladies to State: Abigail Heringer ‘13, Emily Roth ‘13, Emily Davis ‘12, Sophie Clarke ‘13, and Holly Pitalio ‘13

wo State Championship appearances in the last two years and two heart wrenching losses. After the 6A OSAA championship game loss to North Medford on Sat., June 2. The thought running through head coach Scott McCormicks head at that time was “you no its over, we made a good run but now it’s over.” The tears, clinched teeth, frustration and overall emotion was shown after the game in the huddle that surrounded McCormick. Nothing can cure a loss at the championship game but North Medford was clearly the better team on this particular

day. North Medford pitched a shutout in their 3-0 victory along with an astonishing fourteen strikeouts by pitcher Maryssa Becker 13’. The junior only allowed four hits in seven innings of play. South’s second baseman Kelly Burdick had three of those hits and two stolen bases to be named South’s player of the game. Last year the Saxons lost three of its senior starters and were able to fill their shoes to make it back to the State Championship. This year they will lose four starts in catcher Lauran For the second time in two years the Saxons take home the second place 6A OSAA title. Saxons end the season with a record of 27-3.

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South Salem High School Senior Issue June 8, 2012