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How to Reject Someone Nicely Forget About the Boy ► pg. 4

How to Avoid the Reddish Hues ► pg. 2

Yes, That Girl Across The Room Knows You’re Looking At Her ► pg. 4

Avoiding Valentine’s Day Clichés

Valentine’s Day: Lovely or Costly?

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What To Do If You’re Single ► pg. 4

Valentine’s Day Worldwide

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How to Avoid the Reddish Hues

Photo Courtesy of NASA.

When You Got the Valentines Blues

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NATALIE DUNN / Opinion Editor Photo by Miguel Anselmo.

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The festivities around the world differ in many ways. Deriving from the same western tradition, countries continue to celebrate the feeling of love in culturally unique variations.

Valentine’s Day Worldwide International Celebrations of Love

For some, the color red signifies burning romantic passion. For others, it’s pain and agony. Finding discomfort at the sight of isles filling up with Valentine’s Day paraphernalia is a feeling single people share. Avoiding the hearts and festivies may be hard if one were to find themselves at a store.


veryone handles the single life differently on Valentine’s Day, but for those who are thrown into a pit of rage or despair at the sight of reds, pinks, or anything in the range of 400-700 nanometers associated with the holiday, here are tips for avoiding the outdoors. People can always take the easy route and stay indoors. Curl up in a cozy blanket by the fire and watch singles themed shows and movies, or just programmes that do not contain any romantic element. Netflix has a wide selection of action, comedy, thriller, and adventure movies that have direct love interests for the main character. For those who have a more cynical streak, and enjoy laughing at the pain of others, Netflix also has horror movies where only one person out of a group of teens survives. People can enjoy the deaths of

the hormone filled adolescents, and laugh at the comedic tropes of the typical teen. Examples of these movies include My Bloody Valentine 3D, released in 2009, starring Jensen Ackles and Jaime King, Valentine, released in 2001 starring Denise Richards and David Boreanaz, and many more. Those who do want to leave their house can venture a public area such as a park. The can sit alone on the grass in the undecorated outdoors, and enjoy the February chill that is most likely as bitter as they are. Another activity to partake in at the park is people watching. This is an activity that can be enjoyed with a friend, where together, people can watch other couples and try to predict when they will break up, or imagine likely problems in the relationship. It is an effective way for singles to relieve Valentine’s Day stress.

What To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day



alentine’s Day is traditionally looked at as a day for couples to celebrate the feelings they share for one another. However, many people, either by choice or by happenstance, find themselves without a significant other on this typically romantic holiday. Despite this, there are still many fun things single people can do this Valentine’s Day. For the active single person, the Worst Day of the Year Ride in Portland may be the perfect event to take part in with family. The Worst Day of the Year Ride is a bike ride that takes participants around the Rose City in two different courses, the 15 mile urban course and the 42 mile challenge course. Each course offers rest stops for riders to catch their breath and enjoy snacks that will be provided. Participants who come dressed in costumes can enter in the costume contest for the chance to win prizes. It costs $39 to register online before Feb. 1, $44 to register before Feb. 12, and $49 to register the day of the event. “This would probably happen even if I wasn’t single, but me

and my family write valentines for each other…we get candy and other stuff. We have a Valentine’s dinner with little candles and pink food,” Sophia Stephenson ‘18 said. An activity that is a little less expensive than the Worst Day of the Year Ride is simply going to see a movie with friends or family. There are many movies coming out in February that will be in theaters for Valentine’s Day. One of them is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a parody off of the original Jane Austen novel in which teenagers in 19th century England are forced to battle undead zombies. The movie will be released on Feb. 5th and is rated PG-13. “I would probably stay at home and watch Netflix. I might see if I can find some friends who aren’t busy or doing something and go to a movie or something,” Kylee Everson ‘17 said. For glow-in-the-dark fanatics, Town and Country Bowling Alley in Keizer offers glow-in-the-dark bowling every weekend, and will be open on Valentine’s Day from noon to 10pm. Rates range from $11 to $12.50.


o culture around the world does things the same, and this also applies to Valentine’s Day. In America, the Valentine’s Day customs are ones we learned and grew up with, but if one were to travel to a different part of the world, the traditions would be much different. Some places that celebrate Valentine’s Day other than The United States of America are Australia, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, and Korea. In America,this holiday has the most cards exchanged, right before Christmas. The children in elementary schools will give each other candy, which is standard, along with small cards, which have their names on them. With the older crowd, chocolates, flowers, and letters are popular. They are used to represent a gift from the

heart. In Germany, the traditions are similar to here in America, but the letters and gifts are spread out throughout a prolonged amount of time, and not just all given on Feb. 14. “Valentine’s Day is not as typical as it is here in America, but people still give each other candy, flowers and sweets.” said Mrs. Langen, a language teacher here at South. “Children in elementary school do not give each other cards like they do here in America.” In other countries such as Britain, along with the lovely poems and sweets, it is customary for children to sing special songs for the occasion. In return they get candy, or other treats of the sort. Italy also participates in the holiday. In the past, young people would conjugate in open air, listen to music, and read poetry. This tradition,

JACOB ANGELO / Reporter however, has been outdated. Nowadays, Italy celebrates with a variety of treats, and many shops decorate with bon-bons and other fun, festive things that fit the holiday. Japan, like America, is celebrated with gifts, but it is greatly different. On Feb. 14, it is customary for the female to give a gift to the male, and on March 14, the male must return a gift (on what is known as ホワイトデー or “White Day”). In Korea, the customs are much like that in Japan, where the female will give a gift to the male, and the male will return a gift on March 14. However, people with no romantic partner will go on a date with other single people, and this takes place on April 14. Valentine’s Day is celebrated a little different all around the world, but the message of love is generally the same.

Creative Gifts for Your Loved One ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


SOPHIA LEE / Reporter

ometimes when Valentine’s Day rolls around, some couples are stuck on what the perfect gift for their spouse would be. Some either do not know what to get, don’t know how to make a gift, or just don’t have the money to spend. Even with little money, there still are ways to give a heartfelt and sweet gift to your loved one. Candy is one way to

Photo by Emily Taylor. (Left) Photo by Julianna Miller. (Right)

sweeten up someone’s mood. Buying the most expensive, and impressive candy at the store doesn’t mean it is always the best gift. Buying some less expensive candy, and putting it in a jar with ribbons and cute notes can be just as sweet and loving. “I would like a teddy bear or chocolate,” Haley Robson ‘19 said. Love notes can also make

Some people prefer hand-made crafts over mass-produced merchandise.

someone’s day brighter. “I wouldn’t mind a sweet note or a teddy bear,” Kylee Everson ‘17 said. One craft is using a picture frame with a decorative white board behind it. Loved ones can write messages on it for their spouse to see as they wake up. One can also paint the picture frame, and add other decorations to make it look nice. Another gift can be a photo album full of the memories the couple shares. It could have pictures of their first date, proposal, or any memory that they cherish. The spouse can make it themself using decorative paper, and any type of notes or drawings they want to add. Lastly, one gift that costs little but can mean a lot, is greeting loved ones as they get home, making them dinner, watching a romantic movie, and doing all one can to show how much that they appreciate them.



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Fun Non-Traditional Dates to Go On with The Bae Non-Traditional Date Ideas and Valentine’s Day Alternatives


s known, Valentine’s Day tends to be the day where couples profess their undying love for each other, and crushes celebrate their relationship by going out to a movie or on a dinner date. Meanwhile, there are other couples who would rather just hang out and avoid the lovey dovey day altogether. For couples who do not like all of the lovey dovey activities, or want to change it up to do to impress that special someone, here are some suggestions on what to do for Valentine’s day. Instead of going out to a traditional dinner place, explore new places around the city that your partner or you haven’t been to, or if going out to places is not an option, take out from a different place. Baking together is also fun activity to do as a couple, and the best part is that the couple can eat the delicious food afterwards. It is also a cool way to discover each other’s talents. “The traditional date of going out to dinner gets boring after awhile, so personally I prefer something unique and different than the usual dinner date,” Rubi Rios Valdez ‘16 said. If your partner or you like

KARINA ORTIZ / Reporter & TONI TRINH / Reporter

animals, such as dogs or cats, go to your local pet shop. A camp out in the backyard, put a tent up, make some marshmallows, and put on a movie. Or rent your favorite movies and have a movie night. Also, going to the movies is always a great opportunity to laugh at the couples who are trying so hard to make the date perfect. The couple can enjoy the movie together and enjoy each other’s company. Concerts are one of the great ways to bond. Dancing and singing with each other where everybody is having a good time. Swaying to the music during the slow songs and making fun of all the people doing untasteful dance moves, but everyone around them start to push them out of the area. The couple can serenade each other and just laugh at how ridiculous they being. Re-creating childhood activities, such as building a fort, playing childhood games, or watch old childhood shows can also be interesting. Even something childish, such as having an arcade date,

can turn into the ultimate olympic games to who shall prevail and win all the events and claim victory for all. It is a fun way to get to see how childish they can be and buy cheesy toys with the

The Friendzone

Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?


ith Valentine’s coming around the corner, many people are trying to get their crush to like them. For at least a few people, this might end in their crush telling them they like them as a friend and nothing more, leaving them in the dreaded “friendzone.” But, instead of whining about how much the friend zone sucks online, maybe they should reconsider. “I feel that usually males decide to make up the friendzone to save their egos that are usually very inflated. The friendzone is not real,” said Faith Bartolo ‘18 Within a sea of fedoras, the slogan ‘nice guys finish last’ is constantly muttered amongst the population of the “friendzone”. Many nice guys/ girls seem to think that, because they act nice and polite towards their crush, their crush must like them back. “It seems like an excuse for being single, because they want to be in a relationship with their crush, but their crush doesn’t like them like that so they just complain about it and say that because they feel like they’re

the ones being betrayed when really they’re the reason why they’re single,” said Alex Clark ‘17. If they do not, they immediately go to complain about people only falling for rude,

tickets. Something like a ring [a plastic ring, not a proposal] or a teddy bear or simply candy

After their crush’s rejection, they immediately go to treating friendship like some sort of punishment and complain that their crush does not like them back. They have officially entered the

Heyyy, I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?

Oh... I really only think of you as a friend. Sorry.

Oh. Nvm then. </3

impolite, and delinquent-esque people. They seem to believe that being nice entitles them to having their crush like them back, even if they never share their true intentions behind their actions. For some reason, in their minds, being a decent human being deserves a reward.

made up land they label as “the friend zone.” When they go online to complain about this new stage of their poor, tortured lives, others seem to agree. This validates only validates their angry, upset feelings. They’re validated in their belief that it is a crime to not like them back,

a day the couples will never forget. “If it’s a nontraditional [date], but well thought out [and] the effort is there for a reason then [I would prefer] that,“ Leah Borden ‘18 said. Paintballing is a fun way to bond with a significant other and or with some friends,as it will create a healthy competition where one person shall be victorious in the epic battle to the death. If the couple is going through a rough patch in their relationship, they can battle it out and show who is boss. Not only would this giving bragging rights for the rest of the relationship, but it is also a fun activity to do together. Instead of wasting money on an expensive gift or on a date, save the money and give each other a Do it Yourself [DIY] gift, or save the money and use it later on another special event. Giving someone something personal sometimes seems more caring and significant, such as a picture frame, or even a gift basket with their favorite movies and candy.

MIA LINDSEY / Reporter even though they were being so nice. The population of the friendzone bands together in their loneliness and complains that people only like bad boys/ girls. “If a guy likes a girl and the girl doesn’t like him like that, you can friendzone him by just saying ‘oh you’re a really great friend’. Yeah, it’s a real thing, but it’s also an excuse for why they can’t get a relationship,” said Abby Gunn ‘18 In reality, it is not a crime to not like someone back. It is not a crime to not want to date someone solely on the fact that they act decent towards someone. So this Valentine’s day, consider not complaining about being rejected. Instead, deal with the rejection in a positive way: accept that they do not like you romantically and be glad that they still like you platonically. “If you like a specific person, it kinda sucks, but at the same time it’s better because you get to hang out with them without having the complication of a relationship while being friends with them,” said Todd Ramirez ‘18. Try to move on.


Avoiding Valentine’s Day Clichès What To Do and What Not To Do KIRA ANDERSON / Reporter


Something personalized for your partner that shows them you really know them. For example: If they are really into a certain fandom maybe a necklace or a shirt that involves that given fandom. Tip: Check their Amazon wishlist.


Get them flowers or chocolates. Flowers die after a few weeks which can be very depressing, and chocolates run out. Unless you can get them an endless supply of chocolate do not bother.


Go for a big teddy bear. Although, it is cliché a teddy bear that is sprayed in your cologne or perfume can be an amazing thing for your partner to cuddle with when they’re missing you.


Get them a balloon. Just like the flowers they will end up dying. It is just awkward to keep them after they deflate, but sad to throw away.


Write them a poem, a song, or letter on how you feel about them. Or maybe draw, paint, or graphically make them a picture. Photo albums are another really personalized idea for those who are in a long term relationship… Or have taken a lot of couple selfies.


Get those heart shaped candies. For the same reason as the chocolate; it runs out. Not only that, but they are a bit elementary school. May as well give them one of those little Valentine’s cards that come in the pack with cartoon characters on them. Do not get them one of those cards.


Order them one of the school’s Val-o-grams. Although some may seem them as kind of pointless, it does make them feel special when they are just sitting there in class minding their own business, and they get a cute little note saying you love them in front of everyone.


Do anything that would make them uncomfortable. If your partner is shy try to keep it more personal and private. Even if they love attention, it’s supposed to be about the two of you. It doesn’t need to be a big public announcement.




Valentine’s Day: L♥ vely or Co$tly?


alentine’s Day is the national holiday of love, or so it used to be. The original celebration used to consist of caring and rejoicing with loved ones; both romantically or just friendships. However, throughout the years, as with many other holidays, it had spinned off into a distorted perception that love is displayed through materialistic value. It seems like the only way to prove you care about someone is to buy them an array of gifts such as choco-

lates, roses, or giant teddy bears. The difference that the holiday is how it is now is not only due to societal views as a whole but also because of plenty of sneaky media marketing. According to Credit Loan, “Americans will spend an estimated $17.6 billion [on valentine related items each year]—that is the second highest grossing holiday, coming second only to Christmas.” That is a lot of money for things that last not even a day or simply take up space.

“I think that the holiday itself is based on commercialism as well as consumerism. The idea of giving a material gift although kind, cannot be a representation of the love one has for their special someone. I myself love the classic almost kitschy atmosphere that Valentine’s Day comes with, yet, one cannot deny that it is most prevalent in stores which are selling the seasonal gifts in demand for the materialistic holiday,” Paige Stone ‘18 said.

SULEMA MEDINA / Reporter Yes, it is nice to give gifts to loved ones to show appreciation. However, it should not be something that is required on a particular day. Showing how you care about someone is demonstrated through actions and it is something you can do everyday. Just small things and occasional gifts you can give at any time of the year. Not simply because it is Valentine’s Day and you have to. Love shouldn’t be bought in the form of gifts to prove such love. “I think the expectation of

gifts is something that has kind of been drilled into people from a young age- it starts with Valentine’s cards for the whole class in grade school and making special holders to sit on your desk to collect all the candy that’s passed around,” Shelby Kruger ‘18 said. “I think the idea progresses from there into the older years as an expectation for more ’mature’ gifts, and a feeling of pressure to buy your friends or significant other tokens of your appreciation.”

Yes, That Girl Across The Room Knows You’re Looking At Her VIVIEN ROSE-PHILLIPS / Opinion Editor

Quit Staring. Senpai Will Never Notice You.


o, that cute person in your chemistry class has stirred up some chemistry themselves and piqued your interest. One’s initial instinct is to stare at what is pleasing to the eye, however, word of advice: do not. According to parapsychologist and biologist Rupert Sheldrake, it is possible for people to sense when they are being stared at for long periods of time without any notion as to where the stareer is, and it is exponentially more likely for the subject of attention to identify the culprit if they are

within viewing range. Circumstances have shown that one does not particularly raise their romantic chances with another by ‘creeping’ on them, defined by urbandictionary as being akin to stalking without making the effort to ever talk, and to engage in such behavior will almost always ruin chances of ‘senpai noticing you.’ Writing it off as simply gazing about the room or looking at the poster behind the person are common methods, yet effectively ineffectual. Better

Chocolate Deathmatch:

The Best Brand of Chocolates




Product: Milk Chocolate Bar This chocolate is strong with cocoa and sweetness, and is in fact the same chocolate marketed in Britain as Galaxy [known for its sweetness]. Each bar can be broken up into many small pieces, making it easy to consume and last longer. Very velvety, melty texture that is pleasing to the tastebuds, and overall very decadent for a chocolate bar. If Someone Gave Me This Chocolate: I would go on 3 dates with them Happiness = 6/10 Would they be my valentine? No!

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Photo by Anna Scherer.



Product: Milk Chocolate and Caramel Squares Very rich for milk chocolate, but not overly sweet. The caramel doesn’t overwhelm, isn’t too salty, and is presented in good proportion. It’s cute, nice size, not messy,and melts in your mouth. Overall a very decadent but reserved chocolate, and definitely one to savor. If Someone Gave Me This Chocolate: I would go on 5 dates with them Happiness = 8/10 Would they be my valentine? Yes!

routes to take would be wearHannah Gertenrich ‘16 minding her own business during IB World Topics. ing sunglasses and pretending She looks with disgust as she discovers her voyeuristic photographer. to nap, cutting holes in the eyes of a magazine cover and staring away, or growing some courage and speaking to them. In regards to techniques of admiration, staring across the room at school simply is not a very effective or safe method in terms of being caught; opting for the classic watching-through-theirwindow stunt this Valentine’s Day is far more likely to go off without a hitch.

Product: Milk Chocolate Nugget Dense, a bit chalky, but sweet nonetheless. Reminiscent of a better-quality version of advent calendar chocolate. The meltiness doesn’t last long, although it tastes pretty good. Each serving is quite small, and though the flavor isn’t too enduring, it makes for a cute gift in bigger quantities. If Someone Gave Me This Chocolate: I would go on 2 dates with them Happiness = 3/10 Would they be my valentine? No! Product: Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar Definitely very rich, with a warm, creamy taste. This chocolate has depth to it, with a darker, almost caramel aftertaste. The bar is split up into ten well-sized squares, and is perfect for sharing. Perhaps the most pleasing of all the reviewed chocolates to consume, Lindt bars are practically assured to please with the extensive options of cocoa percentage and flavor available. Overall, very sweet, dense, rich, and basically euphoric. If Someone Gave Me This Chocolate: I would go on upwards of 10 dates with them Happiness = 9/10 Would they be my valentine? Yes! Radio: ERIC WUNDERLICH, MARY KATE LISZEWSKI Live Streaming: JULIAN CONTRERAS, BRODY MATTHEWS Social Media: HARLEY AMICK, AVERY CHITWOOD, MARSHALL SIKEL Podcaster: HAYDEN COBOS Advertisement Managers: JASMINE BUNTJER, HAYLEY EMORY, KYLIE GLAUS, CORI HARLEY Graphic Designers: REECE LINDGREN, SARA TOGSTAD Photo Editor: KIANA RUFF-JACKSON Photographers: MIGUEL ANSELMO, ALAN CORTEZ, NAOHMI CRUZ, NOELLIA GONZALES, OSCAR HERNANDEZ,


Unfortunately, Unfortunately,no. no.

Photo by Anna Scherer.

How to Reject Someone Nicely


CASSIE RAMBEAU / News Editor & JAYSA COONS / News Editor

ejection is hard for anyone, but when it is done in a way that is harsh or rude it can be an even worse experience. During Valentines Day the amount of rejection sky rockets, and while some people have perfected the act of rejecting someone nicely, there are still some that need some tips on how to do it without hurting feelings. “You know it would be nice if people were nicer when it came to rejection,” Tricia Lin ‘16 said. If you are the person that is doing the rejecting there are some things that need to be kept in mind. These include telling the person the truth, making it completely clear, not putting the rejection off, as well as not giving false hope. One

of the worst mistakes that can be made is not being clear with what you mean. By doing this you could cause the person to not understand what you mean and then the whole rejection would go to waste. “I have never been rejected so I don’t know how it feels,” Chandler Clark ‘17 said. If you are the unlucky person that is being rejected then there are some things that need to be kept in mind as well, in order to make the experience the best it can possibly be. These consist of being proud of yourself for having enough courage to try, focusing on any positive outcomes that might come from the rejection, as well as not taking it personally.


South Salem HS Valentines Issue


South Salem HS Valentines Issue