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Willamette University Drops Willamette Academy

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Racism in the Oscars

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Girls Basketball Takes 1st in OSAA State Tournament. Boys Take 3rd. TAKUR CONLU / Editor-in-Chief


or the second year in a row, the Saxon girls basketball team has claimed first place at the OSAA Class 6A Tournament. Though the team had strong contenders such as Jordan Woodvine ‘16 and Evina Westbrook ‘17, the girls victoriously closed the season with Dani Harley ‘17 scoring five three-pointer shots to help solidify their

position and winning with a score of 49-42 against Tigard. “These girls have been able to accomplish what few teams have been able to do. That is, to win back to back state championships,” coach Nick McWilliam said. “To do this, they had to resist the urge to be overconfident but instead worked hard and played their best basketball of the season

in the five playoff games.” “Winning the game meant everything to me because I’m a senior this year. My team really stepped up and made this season the best one yet. We’ve fought hard to get where we were, and to win it all and see that all our hard work paid off is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It was a great end to my last

Evina Westbrook ‘17 attempting to score in the game against Tigard on Mar. 12.

high school basketball season ever. This team has been through thick and thin together, and we will always be one big family,” Jordan Woodvine ‘16 said. “Tigard was a difficult team to play because they have a very strong zone defense that doesn’t allow you to make a lot of shots. Dani Harley was most impressive against this

zone by hitting 5 three point shots over the course of the game,” McWilliams said. The Saxon boys defested Jefferson in the third place game 79-57. It was the third year in a row to bring home a trophy at the state tournament. The Saxon boy’s also earned this year sportsmanship srophy.

Christian Russell ‘16 surrounded by players from Jefferson as they try to steal the ball.

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