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4 $13 Billion PyeongChang Olympics

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8 Youtube Entrepreneurship: A New Industry

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10 Just Keep Swimming 2017-2018 Clypian Staff:

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February 9

Race to Spots 301-360

Lizzy Palmquist/ Editor-in-Chief Lucas Hildahl/ Co-Sports Editor Mackenzie Rolf/ Copy and Opinion Editor


s students flocked back to school after winter break, they were surprised to see that their previous available parking was gone. The entire street between Cottage and Electric has been turned into 90 minute parking. 90 minute parking means that you can only park on that street for 90 minutes or you’ll get a ticket with a fee of up to $100 or more. The change in parking rules came after demands compiled by residents surrounding the school.In a poll conducted on Clypian’s twitter, 92% of participants did not approve of the new 90 minute parking rules on Cottage St. One way Saxon staff recommended to draw attention to the dwindling parking around South, particularly the new parking implemented on Cottage St. was to give letters written towards the City of Salem to Mrs. August, who will deliver them. As of Jan. 12, approximately 40 letters have been sent. These new parking laws threaten the already minimal space around South to park. At South, there is a total of 83 spots in the student parking lot that students are able to park in. Meanwhile, schools like North, McKay, and McNary have well over 200 parking spots available for student use. While buses may be available to some students at South, others do not have the option, as a great percentage of South students come from in-district transfer areas that do not provide transportation to South. Prior to this week, parking spots had been given to students who won the semi-annual lottery for a parking pass.

News 3

Graphic by Alyssa Thompson

Students were ticketed for parking in the student parking lot without a parking pass. As of the new semester, a new policy of first come first serve parking in spots 301-360 was put into place. These new policies may allow students who may not have previously been able to obtain parking permits to park within a reasonable distance to the school. The lack of parking around South is still an issue, despite all of the discontent expressed to the city through student letters, so the more attention South students can attract through petitions, letters, etc, the more likely any action will be taken by the City in regards to the 90 minute parking.


February 9

$13 Billion PyeongChang Olympics

Graphic by Alyssa Thompson

Toni Trinh/ Editor-in-Chief


eb. 9, 2018 PyeongChang County, South Korea will be hosting the XXIII [23] Olympic Winter Games [Olympics], commonly known as PyeongChang Olympics. Countries from around the world will be competing in this international event that will last from Feb. 9 to Feb. 25. PyeongChang Olympics have spent roughly $13 billion dollars on hosting this event while the projected cost of hosting the Olympics was $7 billion. Olympics from the previous years have cost over triple the amount with the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics costing over $45 billion dollars and 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics costing over $50 billion. Why is it so expensive to host the Olympics? The first modern Olympic games started in 1896 and over the course of the years it has become increasingly expensive to host the Olympics while also allowing the country to benefit from the revenue after the Olympics. Countries who decide to host the Olympics have to take a risk on whether hosting the international event will be worth all of the money and potential debt that the country may have as a result of spending billions of dollars in order to host the event. “If the country is a touristic place, then it would greatly improve the economy,” Giancarlos Ortega ‘19 said. It may be true that hosting the event would allow more revenue and improve the economy by having more consumers, however, that may not necessarily be the case. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 games is highly debated over the benefits of disadvantages to hosting the Olympics. More than a year after the event, the city is still struggling with repaying the debt from hosting the event due to maintenance cost, abandoned facilities, and under equipped public services. Some candidate cities for future games are considering downsizing their plans or withdrawing their bids altogether. Before there was television broadcasting, which now dominats the way the world watches the Olympics, host countries

The 23rd Olympic Winter Games will be held in PyeongChang County, South Korea from Feb. 9 to Feb. 25

did not expect to receive any profits from hosting the event. The games were publicly funded and advanced countries were supposed to bear the cost due to their larger economies and advance infrastructures. The 1970s became the turning point as the Summer Olympics gained more participants and events, and the cost to host the Olympics began to increase significantly. Some countries that hosted the event after the 1970s began to face growing debts instead of profits. The 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal had a projection cost of $124 million, but due to construction delays and cost overruns city tax payers were left with roughly $1.5 billion in debt that took nearly 30 years to pay off. Citizens in the countries became wary towards hosting the Olympics as skepticism toward the growing debts resulting from the Olympics increased. The only city to have profited from the Olympics was the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles [LA]. LA was the only city to bid to host the event, allowing it to negotiate with the International Olympic Committee [IOC] about the terms in favor to the city. LA did not have to build new lavish infrastructures and relied on building and facilities that were already built. With an increase in television broadcasting revenue and not spending as much funds on the facilities, LA was able to have $215 million in operating surplus. From LA’s success, more countries began to put their bids in for the future Olympics in hope of gaining more revenue and recognition around the world. The IOC was then able to pick cities with higher and more extravagant methods of presenting and planning the Olympics, as some countries were eager to show off their progress in a world stage. As costs began to spiral, leading countries to spend over $20 billion dollars on hosting the Olympics, skepticism on the benefits of hosting the event were renewed. Some countries even withdrew their bids for the future Olympics as there is a growing concern over the cost.

February 9

Opinion 5

Youtube Entrepenuership: A New Industry

Graphic Courtesy of Wikimedia

Julian Contreras/Reporter


n our day and age there exists a machine that can make anyone a entrepreneur, and this machine is right in front of our noses. It’s Youtube. A small website that started in 2005 is now a thriving 70 Billion dollar business that can make the smallest content creator a star in eyes of our youth. Despite the recent media attention, mostly negative, no one can deny that brothers Logan and Jake Paul are a prime example. Logan himself made 12.5 million in 2017 and his brother Jake owns a clothing brand as well. A youtuber can make money off of Ad Revenue gained by Ads played on their channel. This is calculated with cost per thousand [CPM]. To put it in perspective an advertiser will have a $10 cpm on an ad and sell it to websites like Youtube. If that ad is viewed 100,000 times it will generate 1000 dollars. Depending on the revenue per thousand [RPM] Youtube


would give a certain percent (lets just say 50%) to the content creator. In result the content creator will gain 500 dollars in ad revenue. So for content creators who get millions views per month. Over time with this money they make merchandise for their fan base. A prime example are Youtubers Ethan and Hila Klein that both go by the alias of H3H3Productions. Both a young couple that started out in Israel with the bare minimum but with ad revenue and sponsors they have achieved success and now run their own clothing line, Teddy Fresh. With new programs like Youtube Red and Youtube TV these content creators are finding new ways to run their business. This new wave of Youtube entrepreneurs will set the example for our youth as the next generation.

Tax Credits Out; Heavy Fees in Jade Raiamondi/Reporter

he new GOP tax bill, which passed through the Senate on Dec. 20, 2017, will repeal two helpful tax credits for college students and will also dispose of the student loan interest deduction. The Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC) and the Hope Scholarship Credit have both been known to help college students and their families afford the education taxes that come along with their tuitions. Taking these two credits away from students will only make college education harder to achieve and less affordable. In a Time article, reporter Kaitlin Mulhere said, “[The LLC] offsets 20 percent of the first $10,000 of qualified education expenses—reducing your tax bill by as much as $2,000 [...] but it comes with an income cap…” In short, college students are potentially losing two thousand dollars. Under the Trump administration, things are rapidly taking a turn for the worse for high school seniors wanting to go to college and for current college students. “Overall, Republicans say this plan will ‘streamline’ education benefits for families, and that’s a net positive” said

Mulhere. “Current benefits are ‘so complicated that they are ineffective because many taxpayers cannot determine the tax benefits for which they are eligible.” With all of the resources people have nowadays, there is no substance to this claim. Everywhere one turns there is another outlet for seeking help with taxes and getting questions answered. According to the Association of American Universities, the GOP tax bill is a blind and careless move, harming students and their families. The vast majority of students will find college to be less affordable than it already is. College isn’t a business, it’s a staple in current culture, providing one of the only ways to obtain the education necessary for most careers of the future. If this tax bill is supposed to help, then why aren’t there any discernible benefits? Making post-secondary education so hard to reach and afford isn’t aiding anyone. Does the government expect this generation to fill the shoes of their parents without the education that they themselves obtained?

February 9

Opinion 6Opinion

Graphic Courtesy of Wikimedia


Marvel Mania: An Abundance of Action

Lizzy Palmquist/Editor in Chief

018 has been a highly anticipated year for Marvel fans everywhere. With new additions to the franchises of Deadpool, Avengers, and Ant Man, as well as new movies such as Venom and Black Panther, box offices are likely to be bombarded opening weekends with excited movie-goers. For those wanting to know a little bit more about the Marvel movies coming out this year, read previews below.

Black Panther

Set to come out the weekend of Feb. 15, Black Panther is an introduction to the superhero by the same name who was featured in Captain America: Civil War in his first Marvel movie debut. Played by Chadwick Boseman [42, Get On Up], the king of the African nation Wakanda must learn the responsibilities of his new role in royalty and protect not only his kingdom, but the rest of the world in this soon-to-be blockbuster. This movie is said to blend culture, technology, and politics unlike any superhero movie before.

Avengers: Infinity War

The third installment of the Avengers franchise is set to come out in June of this year. Much has changed since the last Avengers movie, with Black Widow [Scarlett Johansson] now rumored to be a blond in this movie, along with Thor [Chris Hemsworth] now having short hair and only one eye to speak of. The trailer also features appearances from other heroes outside of the Avengers circle, including Spider-Man [Tom

Holland], Doctor Strange [Benedict Cumberbatch], and other Marvel favorites.

Ant Man and the Wasp

This sequel to the 2015 movie Ant Man will follow Avengers: Infinity War, coming out the weekend of July 6. In this new installment, Ant Man [Paul Rudd] teams up with the Wasp [Evangeline Lilly]. Favorites from the previous movie like Hank Pym [Michael Douglas] and Luis [Michael Pena] will also be returning to the series. This movie picks up right where Marvel fans last saw Ant Man in Captain America: Civil War.

February 9

Feature 7

Graphic by: Avalon Specht

Jade Raimondi/Reporter


ot only is Feb. 14th known for a day of love, sweets and relationships, it’s also known as being the day that Oregon was born. 159 years ago, Oregon admitted to the Union and became the 33rd state of America. Previously, Oregon had been a territory and not formally admitted into the Union. From the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804 to 2018, Oregon has endured the settlers, the pioneers the modernists and much more. In 1804 Lewis and Clark began a journey to discover what America had to offer, and their final destination put them in the state now known as Oregon. This first settlement ever built and established in oregon was in 1811, over 200 years ago, and this settlement marked the beginning of a huge growth in development for Oregon. When looking at oregon, one can look at the ongoing era of modern development, and use that as a gauge of how it has grown over the years. Since 1859 we’ve welcomed cars, technology, and overall development socially and economically. “I really love Oregon because of the nice people, bipolar weather, and Powell’s Books,” said Shelby Krueger ‘18. While modern development didn’t truly begin until the days

after the Bonneville dam was built, the Oregon population had noticed new things being presented to them in the way of buildings, cars and buggies, and electricity.

8 Feature

Lonely on Valentine’s Day?

Chandler Walker/Sports Editor


alentine’s Day is a tradition that has been celebrated for many generations to cherish your loved ones and give them gifts in gratitude. Most people spend this holiday with their partner and show them how much they love them. But, how are you supposed to celebrate this holiday if you do not have a partner? There are quite a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are lonely, here are a few suggestions: Spend time with your friends and family. This holiday is not specifically for the person you love, it also celebrates other loved ones such as friends or family. This could branch off into multiple different activities such as going to the movies or even going out to dinner. Another idea could be going on a shopping spree. The

February 9

people who are spending time with their partner are also spending money on their partner, this is the perfect time for a shopping spree for yourself. The amount that you spend and the number of items you get is entirely up to you, but this is the time to spoil yourself. “Treat Yo Self!” Finally, you can enjoy some of the classic romantic movies by yourself and imagine what your future partner would look like and how perfect of a couple you two would be if you were together. You could also cry watching the movie as a natural and healthy reaction to being lonely on this loving holiday. These few ideas can prevent you from having a typical, not fun single persons Valentine’s Day. All of these suggestions can be switched up to fit your personal lifestyle, schedule, or the amount of money you have the choice is yours.

Date Advice from an “Expert” Lizzy Palmquist/Editor-in-Chief


ith Valentine’s Day coming up, the pressure is on for couples everywhere to find a creative way to celebrate this highly commercialized holiday. For those who want to treat their loved one to a thrown to the last minute, cheap, clean break Valentine’s Day evening, please read the ideas below. Cooking one’s date a romantic meal made with every food they dislike and/or are allergic to could be a great way to say “I really don’t care if this appetizer makes your throat swell.” Not only will this magical meal make both partners’ stomachs churn, but it could possibly lead to an entertaining field trip

Graphic by: Avalon Specht

to the Emergency Room. For those who love spending their romantic evening with the finest doctors and nurses Salem Hospital has to offer, this is the date to pursue. When it comes to the gift giving aspect of the date, one can travel outside the realm of the typical flowers and chocolate to give a more practical gift. Some possible alternatives include a toilet plunger (a great way to admit that you clogged their toilet), a membership to Weight Watchers (to let him or her know that they should drop a few pounds), or even a break-up note (sometimes it is just easier to cut to the chase).

Feature 9

February 9

Pick-up Lines to Help You Out

“Is your name WiFi because I’m feelin’ a connection”

“Do you have an extra heart? I believe you stole mine.”

“I like your last name. Can I have it?”

“I’m not a hoarder but I really wanna keep you forever.”

“I’ll give you a kiss, if you don’t like it you, can return it.” “For some reason I’ve been feeling a little off today. But when you came over it definitely turned me on.”

“My name isn’t Sully but you can be my boo.”

“Do you have a lazy eye? Because you’ve been looking right all day.”

“Did you invent the airplane? Because you seem Wright for me.”

“Are you a camera? Because everytime I look at you I smile.” “Are you a bank loan, because you have my interest.” “Are your eyes the Bermuda Triangle? Because I’m getting lost in them.”

“Are you a Magician? Because when I look at you, everyone else disappears.”

“Do you have an innhaler because you took my breath away.”

10 Sports

February 9

Just Keep Swimming: Tyler Cook & Victoria Privalova

Eric Wunderlich competing in a Saxon meet at the Kroc Center.

Photo by Ruby Gilbert

Chloe Elmore/Reporter


his swimming season has been full of success as veteran Saxon swimmers are competing for state ranking and also a new emergence of young swimmers entering the program. There have been multiple standouts during this season and a few of these names include Tyler Cook ‘18 and Victoria Privalova ‘19 and have been some of the leaders for both the boys and girls teams. Victoria Privalova ‘19 has been swimming competitively for ten years and been a key athlete for the Saxons for the past 3 years. Privalova swims in the 50 and 100 free for the Saxons and was pivotal in the girls’ 99-71 win against the McMinnville Grizzlies on January 3. As well as an individual racer, Privalova competes with Anna Despain ‘18, Maya Merrill ‘19 and Sophia Stavrianeas ‘21 in the 200 and 400 free relays. Privalova has earned over 15 wins, individual and relay, already in the 2017-18 season. “It has made me more confident in myself and being able

to do what I put my mind to,” said Privalova. Tyler Cook ‘18 is a four year varsity athlete for the Saxons boys swimming team. Cook has been swimming since he was eight years old and even helped the Saxons earn a fourth place trophy in last years swim season. This year he has gotten even better winning multiple events throughout the season. “I’ve always enjoyed being in the water, swimming is a big part of my life,” said Cook. Cook swims the 50 and 100 freestyle for the Saxons and was a member of the relay team that placed fourth in the state meet in 2017. Cook has plans to swim in college but is still undecided on where he will be in the fall of 2018. Cook had two individual wins to help the Saxons in their 122-47 win over the Sprague Olympians. Cook is also a member of the 200 Medley Relay with Christian Richey ‘18, Jonah LaDuca ‘19, and Julian Melton ‘21.

February 9

Sports 11

Winter Sports Wraps Up Season Lucas Hildahl/Co-Sports Editor


he Winter season is almost over but the saxons are still continuing to fight to finish strong and get a higher spot as the OSAA state playoffs are approaching. The boys basketball are having relatively good season, they are sitting at a 11-7 record winning 7 of their 11 league games, the Saxon boys are coming off of a big win against the west salem titans beating them by 1 point. The girls basketball team have some room for improvement this season, they currently have an 8-11, record winning 6 of their 11 league games so far. The lady saxons are coming off a tough loss to west salem titans losing by 1 point. The boys swimming team are currently at a 7-1 record. Also, currently sitting at 2nd in the GVC. Some key swimmings

on the team are Christian RIchey and tyler cook, both expected to compete at the state swim meet. The girls swimming team have an overall record of of 7-1 only losing to west salem. The key swimmer for the girls swimming team is Anna Despain, Despain who has crushed several school records is expected to do very well at the State swim meet. The Saxon wrestlers are a very young team and a lot of room for improvement with a record of 1-13. They are sitting The key wrestlers for saxons are Ashton Adams and Jonathan Thompson.

NBA All-Star Game Preview Chandler Walker/Co-Sports Editor


he All-Star Game is a long standing tradition bringing together the best of the best in the NBA since 1951. The 66 year tradition has hosted considerably some of the greatest basketball players to ever play such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James among plenty others. The game has been known to have the best players from both the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference face up against each other. Out of the 66 years of East versus West, the record was 37-29 in favor of the Eastern conference. Although this game between conferences has been a tradition since the 1950’s they have changed the format in which teams are created. New to this year’s All-Star Game, the teams that will be playing will be assembled as a designated capitan will pick their team regardless of conference. This new rule change is supposed to make the All-Star game more interesting as you have a mix of players from the Eastern and Western conference and see team ups of different players on different teams across the league. The captains and players participating in the game will be selected by the fan votes. The captains for the game will be small forward LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and point guard Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Team James will include such as point guard Kyrie Irving and power forward Anthony Davis. The players for Team Curry will include such players as power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and local star point guard Damian Lillard. Damian Lllard was one of last year snubs for the game but this year he was determined to make it in This years All-Star Game includes a big group of first time All-Stars including such names as center Karl-Anthony Towns and shooting guard Victor Oladipo along with a few others that will be reserves for the game and Joel Embiid is attend-

ing his first All-Star game and is a starter for Team Curry. The All-Star with the most appearances in the game is 14 by the captain of Team James small forward LeBron James who is considered to be one of the best players of all time. This new format of the All-Star game will spice up the old NBA tradition.

February 9

12 Graphic by Avalon Specht

Clypian 02/14/18 Issue 5 full color  

Clypian 02/14/18 Issue 5 full color

Clypian 02/14/18 Issue 5 full color  

Clypian 02/14/18 Issue 5 full color