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To the rightHomecoming Queen, Alexis Ober ‘16 and Homecoming Princess Jenna Gross ‘16.

Homecoming King Elijah Swartz ‘16 and the rest of the homecoming princes.

Photos by Harley Amick

Homecoming 2015 From left to right; Alyssa Martin ‘19, Samantha Martin ‘19, Faith Ullom ‘19, and Martina Cermesoni ‘16.

From left to right: Maisie Monaghan ‘16, Lucas Vollmar ‘17, Zosia Buse ‘16, Kenna Banford ‘16, Russell Harder ‘16, Athena Paraskevas-Nevius ‘16, and Sebastian Linares ‘17.

Oregon, Oregon, Wherefore Drought thou S Oregon?

Photos of the Marion Street Bridge connecting to West Salem. The dropping water level can be seen in the right image.


his summer, Oregonians have experienced one of the hottest summers in the last ten years. It has also been dry, with low precipitation. In July, temperatures reached a high of 105, the highest Salem has experienced in years. A cause of the intense heat could be that last year’s winter did not supply as much snow to the Oregon mountains as expected. The recent drought also had a big effect on the Oregon rivers. There are 70 rivers with a low status on

JOSE MENDEZ / Reporter their water levels, and the main reservoir of the Rogue River and Lost Creek Lake will be dealing with low water issues until the rain returns, since their water level was 60 feet below full. Firefighters have been working around the clock because a majority of the days this summer were very dry. The U.S. Forest Service spent around $200 million a week battling wildfires across the country this past season. “Our firefighters have been work-

ing overtime this summer and I feel like it’s this drought to blame,” Lucas Hildahl ‘18 said. “I learned a lot about the greenhouse effect in middle school, I’m not an expert, but that’s what I think keeps affecting the drought,” Ryan Bohl ’18 said. As greenhouse gas emissions continue to heat the planet and cause changes to the climate, winters like this past one might become more common.

Thouroughly Modern Millie MIA LINDSEY / Reporter

outh Salem Drama will be presenting Thoroughly Modern Millie. The musical is about Millie Dillmount, a small town girl from Kansas decides to go chase her dream in New York, 1922. With a new look and goal to become a stenographer, Millie takes on her new life with new friends. “The dances are really coming along and i’ve seen some of our tech stuff, it’s pretty impressive Max Morter ‘17 said. “We’ve been having a really nice energy around the cast about a lot of optimism which I’m really excited about because in the past years when we’ve done musicals it’s been a lot of ‘ugh do we have to


Photos courtesy of M.O. Stevens

do it again’ but now it’s ‘yeah, let’s do it again’. The overall energy and motivation of show’s going really well,” Araya Glancy ‘16 said. The production still has its difficulties however. “There’s not enough room on the stage for all the sets we want so it’s a lot of giving and taking and going with the flow of how we need to plan basically backstage so that’s difficult for the crew,” Glancy said. Tickets will go on sale in Nov. The musical will have performances on Dec. 4, 5, 10, and 11 at 7 p.m., and Dec. 6 and 12 at 6 p.m. More information about ticket cost and the dates they will be sold will be released in Nov.

Millie Dillmount - Clare Burnett Jimmy Smith - Max Morter Mrs. Meers - Faye Monroy Miss Dorothy Brown - Ashton Johnson Ching Ho - Noah Camuso Bun Foo - Montana Langford Miss Flannery - Alex Robinson Mr. Trevor Graydon - Aaron Satyanarayana Muzzy Van Hossmere - Zunyana Crier

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Clypian Issue 2  

South Salem High School student newspaper Issue 2 2015-2016

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