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shoes for children and families in Salem. >> NEWS - Portland , Ore. (Full story pg. 6) A gunman who opened fire on shoppers at a Portland >> FEATURE - HOME Youth mall had no connection to and Resource Center, the two people he fatally also known as the “Drop shot and wanted to kill as In,” aiming to be a safe many people as possible, haven and hang-out spot for teenagers ages 11 to police said Wednesday. 17, opened in Downtown Salem earlier this month Salem (Full story pg. 6.)

The Valley



NEWS - 55 % of

Washington citizens voted in favor of the Initiative Measure Number 505 Marijuana Law that legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

>> ONLINE - The United

Nations Security Council has issued multiple sanctions against the North Korean government in an effort to cease work on the Rocket launch program.

>> FEATURE - South’s

Photo courtecy of


>>NEWS - Teenagers in Tibet light themselves on fire in protest of the Chinese occupation of their country.

>> ONLINE - On the morning of Friday, Dec. 14, a gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and 27 people are reported dead, 20 of them are children. Volume LX, Issue III

AVID program began the Thousand Soles program earlier this month, stiving to collect 1,000 pairs of


No school Wednesday, Dec. 19 Wednesday, Jan. 9

A Publication of South Salem High School Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Additional Budget Cuts May Affect High School Activities


Victoria Schmidt Editor-in-Chief

alem-Keizer School District faces additional cuts with a possible $30 million gap between the cost of maintaining services and the projected revenue in 2013- 14 school year. At the end of the 2010-2011 school year, the district was forced to eliminated hundreds of teachers and support employees in attempt to compensate for a $50 million shortfall. At the beginning of this year, SalemKeizer added seven furlough days to help deal with a $20 million gap. It is too early to tell whether layoffs will be a part of next year’s budget, but assistant superintendent Mike Wolfe said he cannot rule it out. Costs are projected to outpace the increase by

about $30 million. That increase in PERS- Public Employees Retirement System will cost the district an additional $16 million per year for the next two years. The district is scheduled to restore furlough days for a cost of $8 million, and factor in raises, which cost about $9 million. To get a sense of scale, this year the district offset its $20 million shortfall with seven unpaid furlough days, closing two schools, and cutting reserve funds, supplies, transportation and security. The additional shortfall next year is equal to those cuts plus the equivalent of eight additional furlough days or 120 teacher layoffs. “There are only so many things you can do to close a gap like that,” Wolfe

Sandy Husk during an award ceremony on Nov. 8, 2012. Photo courtect of: Karma Krause.

Potential savings for these sample cuts:

So, how much really is $30 million dollars? It is enough to buy:

$1 million = 12 teachers $1.2 million = 1 unpaid furlough day

$5 million = increase class size by one student K-12 $6 million = salary step increase $2.5 million = 1 percent cost of living adjustment $12 million = 6 percent PERS contribution $3 million = high school activities $7.2 million = Lowering reserve fund from 5% to 3% percent

Every person in Boston a Little Caesars pizza.

The cost of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton wedding. Free subway rides for two months for the entire city of New York.

Source: Salem- Keizer School District


Tue Dec 18

44° 37° Showers CHANCE OF RAIN: 40%

Wed Dec 19

45° 35° Few Showers CHANCE OF RAIN: 30%

Thu Dec 20

44° 37° Showers CHANCE OF RAIN: 40%

Fri Dec 21

46° 38° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%

Sat Dec 22

45° 39° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%


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Dec. 18, 2012


Issue Four

hroughout America’s history the right to freedom of speech has been carried out in numerous ways, especially in the form of protest. Starting with college students protesting issues involving the Vietnam war, their protests made history and their voices were clearly heard. The small country of Tibet located Southwest of China lost their right to freedom of speech. Their form of protest was encouraged to keep the peace but to prove a point, which they have. The act of self-immolation, setting oneself on fire, is their choice of protest, an extremity unknown to American protesters.


n 1949, following the Chinese Civil War, Tibet was invaded by Chinese soldiers causing a revolt. China’s goal was to occupy Tibet and to overthrow the Dalai Lama’s power. The Dalai Lama committed no acts of violence toward the Chinese, nor did he encourage the people of Tibet to act violently toward the invasion. He promoted peace and even came up with a plan known as the Seventeen Point.


greement, which was made with China to preserve Tibetan culture and keep the peace within Tibet. China did not stay true to this plan despite several discussions and pleading by the Dalai Lama. The people of Tibet have no voice or say in how their government is ran, no democracy exists in the small country. Tibetans simply want to be free of China’s occupation, to preserve and teach their culture and way of life to younger generations.


Chandler Cobos Reporter

he people of Tibet have reacted to the occupation of China with peaceful protests which involve self-immolation which is the act of lighting oneself on fire. Since 2009, at least 87 people in Western China have set themselves on fire to protest China’s occupation in Tibet. Self-immolation was first demonstrated by monks and nuns in

the 1960’s to gain attention from social media and government officials. It was thought to be a less explicit form of protest, self-harm rather than the harming of others. Pictures of a burning individual were more likely to be printed rather than an image involving blood or violence. Last month two dozen Tibetan’s in Western China committed the act of self immolation, majority of these individuals were young protesters in their early twenties.



Brownies be the next hot item in high-school lunchboxes? Lily Gordon Reporter


f the 2.8 million Washingtonians that showed up at the polls this November, just over 55 percent voted in favor of the Initiative Measure Number 505 Marijuana Law that legalized the recreational use of marijuana. As supporters of the law jumped for joy, others asked what was ahead for the state. High-school-age Washingtonians are still banned from the use of marijuana, but funds raised from the high tax on sales of the drug are planned to go towards education, substance abuse programs, health care and other government services. There has been much buzz about an upcoming trend of Washington “Weed Vacations.” It would be a boost to the economy, but neighboring states are raising eyebrows. Critics are asking whether coffee shops like the ones prevalent in Amsterdam will begin to pop up around Seattle. State officials have made it clear that no marijuana souvenirs would be allowed back with tourists to their home states. The biggest question Oregonians are asking is, “How does this affect us?” Law enforcement officers are most concerned that Oregonians will head up to Washington to

purchase marijuana then drive home stoned. The 55,000 registered medical marijuana users in Oregon are causing officers to worry as well. It all circles back to safety and how to enforce it and although marijuana possession and use are illegal in the state, laws are known for being especially permissive. Modern marijuana laws have been

Supporters of legalizing marijuana demonstrated earlier this year in Seattle, WA. Photo credit: George Bentley, Flickr Community Photos

compared to the prohibition of alcohol in the early 20th century. Although it was technically illegal, alcohol was certainly prevalent. Similarly, marijuana is still considered illegal according to the federal government, but it is undoubtedly still available. The legalization of the recreational use of marijuana only occurred within Colorado and Washington, thus creating a clash of powers between state and federal laws. However, it has been determined that when the two conflict, federal laws will rule out whatever the state law says, which would mean the recently passed measures are moot. Washington is continuing on with its legalization although a federal lawsuit could be looming ahead.

What are the restrictions?

Adults over 21 can purchase: -1 ounce of dried marijuana -1 pound of marijuana-infused product (ie: brownies) -72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquid -25 percent sales tax on each stage -Public display or use still illegal


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Dec. 18, 2012

Violent Videogames: What Age Is Too Young?


ith the holidays coming the recently released games from the popular game franchises of Call of Duty and Halo will be flying off the shelves--yet games that are so gory are often frowned upon, especially with younger kids wanting the games. And no, young children should not be allowed to play bloody M rated games, but to censor everything with mature content just because of someone’s age is foolish. There are quality storylines and aspects to many games that go beyond the simple gore of it. A new study from Professor David R. Ewoldsen from Ohio State University and five others shows that it is not only the content of a game that matters. This study observed 119 college student who played Halo 2. The results show that those who played the game in a cooperative manner show a higher tendency towards being more cooperative and working better in a group. This suggests that despite Halo 2 being violent it can have positive effects, and that the manner that players play the game is also a factor to consider. Yet even beyond how they play the game, the games themselves should not impact mentally stable people, the only people who would be pushed to violence with a fictional game are people who already are inclined towards that path. Another study from 2010 from Christopher J. Ferguson from Texas A&M International University, and three others observed 1,254 seventh and eighth graders looking for connections between delinquency and bullying behavior and playing violent video games. The results showed that the children’s own violent behavior was related to their aggression and stress level, not violent games. Makes sense right? A person’s own tendencies towards misbehavior and their stress impact whether they act out, not playing a fictional game. Whether someone is allowed to play a game like Halo or Call of Duty should be left to parental discretion, but based on the individual child’s maturity, not just their age. And certainly not because of preposterous myths that claim a fiction game effects someone’s inclination towards violence.

Kayla Rigsby Opinion Editor



Pedro Vieyra Reporter

rocrastination is a bad habit which affects a person’s future in many ways and in turn can lead to an unsuccessful life. Procrastination is a bigger deal than most people realize because it may mean the difference between passing or failing a class. It is a habit that can be controlled, and when controlled will even help in other areas of life like stressing out easily about stuff. Procrastination happens because the brain does not like to work for long periods of time, that is why people like to do something more of what they like instead of what will help them prepare for the future project or test. When getting ready to study it is a good idea to time how long it is going to take so that in the process the brain does not get bored and tired. One way to do that is by saying, “I am going to work for 25 minutes and take a five minute break.” When doing that it tells the brain that it will not be so stressful and it will have a reward. Procrastination can be controlled so do not let it get in control!


he effects of children being introduced Pedro Vieyra to killing at such a young age demands Reporter more attention. Many kids play games and watch movies that are not approved and appropriate for their age and that is not okay because of the fact that they change the way they act and get in the way of maturity. Parents and students in high school should look more into what they buy and do more research so that children and siblings have a non violent activity and a safe game play. A lot of the games that are a bad influence on the next generation because of the use of weapons, drugs, and sexual content in the 17+ rated games. Most games that are played now have the option to play on the internet and that can change also the game play and the rating. The rating on the games is like a warning that the game is safe or not. Drug use like alcohol and tobacco can also The ratings of games go from E be related since kids under 18 meaning for everyone and up to M cannot smoke, and under 21 meaning 17 years of age or older they are also not allowed to because of the way the game uses buy alcohol based drinks, that language, animations and other example can be used to show add-ons like the option to play onthat just because children want line. The Entertainment Software to try a new game out there can be a negative affect in Rating Board (ESRB) is a nontheir future and maybe even profit company that has the goal to inform parent on what games kids on their health. Parents and should play and to let them be able high school students should to buy the games for them accordpay more attention to the rating to their age. The ESRB rates the ings before buying a game or games according to age which can giving permission to watch a also relate to how mature the playR rated movie to their kids or ers may be. younger brothers.

Alternatives To Materialism

The Drop-In House. Photo courtesy of the Drop-In House.

The Marion-Polk County Food Share The Marion-Polk County Food Share is always looking for volunteers, especially for the holiday season. During winter months, the food share tries to provide food to over 34,000 people in Marion and Polk counties, about 14,000 of them children. By simply dropping off non-perishable food or donating money to the food share, you can help a family or an individual in need. The food share is located on 1660 Salem Industrial Drive in Northeast Salem, and their website is


hink of Christmas or Hanukkah-one of the first things that pops into most peoples’ minds are presents. Holidays such as these did not start out to be so materialistic. The intent was to bring families together and celebrate with loved ones. Nowadays, children, teenagers, even adults, are taking for granted the special holidays that once held a lot of meaning to the days. Opportunities to be generous can be an enlightening way to spend this season productively.

Cecelia Barajas Reporter

The Drop-In

The Drop-In is a small organization that provides food, shelter, and fun activities for teenagers. Just about anything can be donated to the Drop-In: money, working game systems, clean clothes, toiletries, and more. For more information, check out the Drop-In article “The Ultimate Teen Hang-Out and Safe Haven”, in this issue of the Clypian, as well as the website,, or visit the actual building of the HOME Youth Resource Center downtown at 625 Union Street.

Donating Blood

Donating blood has been advertised and persuaded to do throughout South last month, and is even in an article in this issue of the Clypian. It is never too late to give blood, though. Blood can be donated by scheduling an appointment online at or by visiting the Salem Blood Donation Center at 475 Cottage Street. One pint of blood can save up to three peoples’ lives, so if there isn’t much money to spend on food or necessary items to donate, blood is something always in supply.

Issue Four

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Dec. 18, 2012


History of the


When someone mentions the end of the world, one thinks of zombies, hurricanes, floods--anything associated with world destruction and what they have seen in films depicting the apocalypse. While many filmmakers have made great profits off entertaining- or terrifying- viewers with their interpretation of what the end of the world will look like, the reality is actually quite far off from what is depicted in blockbuster films. So where do people get the idea that the world will end on Dec 21, 2012? The true history and origins of this myth are actually quite self explanatory, leaving little room for speculation. The Origin of the World Ending in 2012: The speculation began that the supposed planet Nibiru discovered by the Sumerians was headed toward earth. This was predicted to happen in May 2003, but when nothing happened, the date was moved back to Dec. 2012 to go along with the myth that the ancient Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21. This speculation was propagated on the basis that the Mayans were an incredibly advanced ancient civilization-- inventing one of the world’s first languages, growing food in harsh conditions, and building elaborate cities without the modern machinery we have today. Because of the mystique that the Mayan civilization holds over many people, they were also said to be able to predict the future.


Being Safe: There is no telling what will happen on this day, but it will certainly not be anything of a cosmic cause. The worst we can predict is an increase in crime and violence in the cities, so it is important to use common sense and stay safe on a day that should technically be no big deal.

Issue Four

Things to do on this Historic Day:

Since the world is not ending, it will just be another boring day, so it would only be appropriate to host an “End of the World Party” with your friends.

Yuliya Boyalskaya Copy Edior

Photo courtesy of

Bad: Walking Dead [tv show]

An EMP, electromagnetic pulse, goes off while the main character, Alex, is hiking in the woods near Lake Superior to scatter her dead parents’ ashes. The EMP creates a number of awful side effects including turning the vast majority of teenagers into animalist cannibals and killing most other age groups, except the extremely old. The world quickly turns into a bad place to be a teenager, because if you don’t turn into one of the Changed, as the cannibals are called, then you are shot down and hunted by every old person left.

The Worst Situation Imaginable: I Am Legend [movie] Coming up with a cure for cancer sounds like a great thing, but not when the reaction to it ends up either outright killing or zombifying most everyone who is exposed to it. Then to top things off not only is this world crawling with zombie like creatures, but near everyone is dead so if someone miraculously survives then they are likely to spend the rest of their life alone. The main character of the movie, Robert Neville, is actually the only one left in all of New York City.



- Sw ues




ling - Th



Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

Dire: Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick [book]

t foo


Calamity Song - The Decemberists

Another post zombie apocalypse story, but this one at least has survivors in it and follows the lives of a group of the survivors. The zombies, that they call walkers, in Walking Dead are positively grotesque and definitely not the ideal creature to have to share the world with.


end of the world


2012 - Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj


The Best and Worst of the Apocalypse

Electric Funeral- Black Sabbath

ith the dreaded end of the Mayan calendar coming, perhaps now is a time to look at all the fictional worlds created around the apocalypse. Some of these imagined worlds are a whole lot worse than running out of pages on an ancient civilization’s calendar. So without further ado here is a list of three of the best apocalyptic fictions, in order of which is the worst world to live in.

Kayla Rigsby Opinion Editor


a pe

Th y- H yS eF e o llyw (la ina ritn B te l C o the It r c ou od ds f n o ov nt E Un nd Know E.M. ere do ld d r E e o ad d b wn he We )- R. W t e s y L Eu h It’ ld as Fine aib ro ll t i r T el ac pe Wo I Fe h) d (an


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Dec. 18, 2012

Issue Four

25 Things to Do Before the World Ends

ous on Y ot o e d i hy n s of v ozen obs; so w dom d e r m a n There bout flash o get a ra e. A t a c y Tube n and tr rs to dan hing to u t e f have of strang ittle to no ess to a l c h bunc ob costs here is ac m t flash gether if vice. e o t c t si d pu u m r o radio

“Don ’t not a play with pply i your n fo A foo d figh the case o od” does f a fo t can outsi od de oc food , just abo cur in a ca fight! ut an to fig feter yw ht ia mayo nnais with is ke here. The , e, rel t gravy b chup est ish , , jell-o, meatloaf, , mashed mustard, p cu n spagh acho chee pcakes, p otatoes, uddin se sau etti, r g, syrup otten ce, yo , t g more barbecue omatoes, urt, eggs sa , .I ch yard f a food fi uce, fruit ocolate or a fi ght h jam, a appe eld o nd listed ns f so a grate bove wou me sort, in a backthe fo ld be in a o be th to the gr ound ble to dis d e bes inte; so o t area just s ut o it is t less o o have a f side may was i ood fi fam n a bu ess to gh ilding clean t, . up if it

a g like nce to n i e b t d wha ere is a cha somee r e d n en wo Ever r is like? H rbing is wh all and o e b hamst ce that. Z nt inflated n water. n e o a i exper s into a gi go afloat ity that r iv et one g wn a hill o rating act pty a o l m rolls d be an exhi g, so an e before n i d n It ca so be dizzy ecommende r l may a is highly l. h c al stoma into the b g gettin

For an additional 21 things to do before you die, visit or scan the QR code with your smart phone

Cecelia Barajas Reporter

The variet y Mart in of ways to get k icked ou a funny to m range. O ver 200 anner is such a f Walw broad ays to get posted o nli k favorites ne, but here are icked out are some in :H ter while ru ave a silly-stri ng fight esting nning a round th with a fr tionally e sto iend hi stranger t people with si re, and intenlly-strin s; start fli gt and get jealous o rting with the m hat are annequi f anyon the man ns e tha neq manneq uin, and/or dr t looks at you o uins; kn aw must r ock dow you can n as ma aches on the ; super-g ny displ lue a see how m ays as any peop quarter to the flo le try to pick it u or and p.



This is perhaps the most deadly form of an apocalypse. Be warned and suspicious of other people not clad in gas masks. Be prepared to say goodbye to those you know, much like in a zombie apocalypse, before they become infected. This apocalypse will make you feel guilty for playing late night games of Pandemic 2 and at any sign of sickness, be prepared for your group to throw you to the wolves. The best place for the few lone survivors might be under the Earth in cavern-like places with vegetation for your own clean air supply. Perhaps you will emerge years later victorious after the virus has run its course, but the question is, who do you send out first?

A much loved form of an apocalypse is the traditional zombie style take. We have all seen them, whether in video games, movies, or students after a long night. A zombie warning is the droning call of ‘braaaaains.’ They are slow moving and deadly in vast multitude. Usually, this type of apocolypse has a few survivors who set up camps with fences to keep out the undead. In this scenario, say goodbye to modern technology as you know it, because somehow the workers at the powerplants stop showing up when the majority of the population wants their brains. After a few decades, the dead will rot and out will emerge a zombie free Earth.

Kira Martin News Editor

Zombies are usually the first thought a person has when the word apocalypse is said. However, aliens are also an interesting, if not uncommon take. Usually before a large invasion complete with UFO’s, and of course, the mother ship, the aliens will abduct random people and cows for dissection and experimentation. The few survivors might be part of a rebellion or enslaved by the aliens to serve them in a princess Leia fashion. Soon, humankind will either become extinct or somehow overthrow the aliens with their own technology from the inside. Or become Jedis.

Making a Plan:




Zombies and Aliens and Wolves? ...Oh My.


* No evidence has been found that supports the theory of the world ending on Dec. 21. The Cypian is not liable for any poor decisions inspired by this article.

Colby Moses Web Editor

eing prepared can eliminate lots of stress when you hear the world is coming to an end. Being with people you trust, being in a safe location and having the right gear will help you the most. Family and friends are the most trustful people you can be with during an apocalypse. Strangers may steal from you or abuse your friendliness. Apart from who you are with, your location serves you the most protection. Like in the show, The Walking Dead, Rick’s group finds a prison to stay in. Prisons are secure, have weapons and extra food. The most important thing is to have a secure and sealed perimeter. With your posse of butt kicking zombie killers and your sealed off penthouse, the only thing left is your need for gear like weapons, protection, tools, entertainment, food and transportation.


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Dec. 18, 2012

Student Spotlight : Tyler Norbury Reporter


outh student, Holden Oullette ‘14, is aspiring to be a professional filmmaker, and it seems that he is already on his way. Over the past year alone Oullette has won an award from the 2011 Salem Film Festival, and two other awards from various film contests. Being only 15 and 16 at the time he received these awards, he is rather impressive by most standards. Oullette also has a Youtube channel where he usually uploads his submission for the world to see. “It was my dad who inspired me to make movies, it’s his hobby and what he wanted to do in life, so I grew up around the filmmaking lifestyle,” Oullette said. “I have been making films for four years now,” Oullette said. Since the seventh grade Oullette has been making movies that he usually uploads to his Youtube channel, “ProdigyFilmsOfficial”, a channel he plans on making very successful. “I am currently planning on a nine episode

Issue Four


web series, that is my biggest project to date,” Oullette said Keep an eye on his channel, or his Facebook page “Prodigy Films” for news and updates regarding this upcoming web series. In his free time Oullette likes to work on computers, both in the technical and hardware-related aspects. “I like to hang out with my friends and draw inspiration for future films,” Oullette said. He may also watch some of his favorite movies when he is not making his own, “My favorite classical movie is Psycho and my favorite modern movie is Cloud Atlas” Oullette said. Oullette also has a bit of advice for anyone who would be looking to getting into video production, “I would tell anyone looking to get into video production is to grab a camera, get your friends and film whatever pops into your head. As long as you keep filming you will improve every time, don’t give up”. Seeing as video production is no easy task, it requires a lot of dedication, and as Oullette said, don’t give up. Photo courtesy of Matt Welborn

The Ultimate Teen Hang Out and Safe Haven The “Drop In” is the perfect setting for Salem teens


Cecilia Barajas Reporter

side from home and school, teens do not have too many places to go to to just hang out with friends. But some of those teens are also looking for a place away from home due to more serious reasons, such as abuse by a parent, or homelessness. HOME Youth and Resource Center, also known as the “Drop In,” aims to be a safe haven and hang-out spot for teenagers ages 11 to 17. Located in downtown Salem, just a block away from Borderland games and Salem Cinebarre, the Drop-In has the appearance of an average, two-story house, but once the door is opened, students can find a relaxing setting with video games, tv, other teens to mingle with, food, and computers to surf the web. “My brother and sister brought me [there],” Kyle Carter ‘16 said. He has been a member of the Drop-In since 2009. “[I like] hanging out with my friends there.” Becoming a member is simple, just let someone at the front desk know that you are interested, and the owners of the Drop-In will gladly give you information and a tour. The main rule of HOME is to have fun, but also respect others. According to the HOME Youth Center website, the Drop-In is considered a “combined day shelter and drop-in center for non-adjudicated homeless and at-high-risk youth”. Other benefits to being a part of the Drop-In clan are that they provide food (lunch, dinner, and snacks), showers, laundry facilities, clothing, hygiene items, phone, individual assistance, GED programs (in conjunction with The Downtown Learning Center), support groups, ESL, life-skills groups, young women support group and help with employment and

Job Search. The Drop-In opened in 2008 by the Runaway and Homeless Youth Team. About 800 or more teens have been helped out by HOME and were given hope to stay off of illegal substances and prevent being abused by relatives. “HOME gave me someone to turn to when I needed help,” an anonymous teen said about the youth center on their main website, “HOME has been a positive place for me to hang out and get good advice about family and social issues. [The organization] helped me with food, clothes, school,” said another anonymous teen. The First Christian Church of Salem has contributed a lot to the Drop-In, such as buying an xbox 360 and computers for the teens to use. Other organizations and individuals have donated necessary items as well, which includes Cherriots bus passes, school supplies, clothing, and toiletries. There are many reasons to check out HOME. There is nothing to lose, so stop in today and get signed up to enjoy the benefits and make some new friends!


Lex Sosa Reporter

ast year was the starting of a new tradition called One Hundred Soles in Molly Edwards AVID class of 2014 at South Salem High School. The class had partnered up with the City of Salem and Children in Crisis Action Team also known as CCAT that are five local non-profit agencies that serve youth to collect teen shoes from ages 11-19. Because of the success they had last year when they had overreached their goal of only collecting 100 pairs and instead collected about 500 pairs of shoes, the Junior AVID class has decided to change the name from One Hundred Soles to One Thousand Soles. The class has wanted to continue this tradition to create an even bigger impact in Salem by setting up a new goal collecting 1000

pairs of shoes for not only teens in need but to little kids. The students partnered up with Country Financial and Country Kids relay to collect little kids shoes so they are able to participate in sports that are necessary to own the appropriate shoes. They are also joining this year with the Recreation Department. This big reach is something the teens had felt very passionate and are willing to put a tremendous hard work and effort to accomplish to help teens and youth in need to have shoes and be a part of a healthy lifestyle. The AVID class had split their year by working on collecting athletic shoes for youth. Then the next half will be working to collect athletic shoes for teens. *Keep up with the Clypian and website to find out more ways you can help out and stay updated!*


[The Clypian]


Dec. 18, 2012

Issue Four

Salem Sabres: Salem’s First ABA Basketball Team


Olivia Ford Ads Manager

any people are unaware of Salem’s professional minor league basketball team, the Sabres. The purpose of the team is to serve as experience for players who want to pursue a career in professional basketball or go overseas to play. “When an athlete finishes college and is trying to make it to the next level . . . going overseas gives them that opportunity,” said Rhonda Alexander, owner of the Sabres team. Players have the opportunity to play with overseas teams like Spain, Germany,

Russia, Europe, Italy, and Mexico. “We recently sent one of our players to go and play in Indonesia with the Indonesian Warriors,” said Alexander. The Salem Sabres is a fairly new team to the district and the only one to represent Salem. They will be playing teams in Washington, Alaska and Canada. The Sabres, kicked off their season on Nov. 10th and played against the Seattle Mountaineers. The game went into double-overtime and ended with the score being 117-115, the Seattle Mountaineers winning. Their next home game will be on Dec. 14th, at 7:00 p.m., against the Olympia Rise. All home games will be held at Chemeketa Community College.

Upcoming Home Games

When an athlete finishes college and is trying to make it to the next level . . . going overseas gives them that opportunity,” said Rhonda Alexander.

Dec. 14th at 7:00 p.m. vs. Olympia Rise Jan. 13th at 5:00 p.m. vs. Lakewood Panthers Jan. 4th, 7:00 p.m. vs. Kitsap Admirals March 1st, 7:00 p.m. vs. Lakewood Panthers

Tiara Scott Game Day Editor

Boys Basketball Varsity guard, Isiah Large faces point guard Devon Fortier during game against Canby on Dec. 4. The team lost 52-54. Photo by Julia Pilar Salgado.

Wrestling Next home meet: Saxons play against West on Jan. 10 at 7.

Wrestler faces South Albany opponent on Dec. 8. Photo by Tiara Scott.


Nov. 10th 7:00 p.m. vs. Seattle Mountaineers. Score117-115 Nov. 18th, 5:00 p.m. vs. Kitsap Admirals Score 104-98

Overall: 0-4 Recent game: Dec. 11 agaisnt Grants Pass with score of 63-65. Next home meet: Saxons play against Sprague on Dec. 20 at 4:30.

Coach Zehner: New Wrestling

Overall: 4-0 Recent game: Dec. 11 against Glencoe with score of 52-43 Next home meet: Saxons play against Sprague on Dec. 20 at 4:30.

Girls Basketball

Winter Score Board

Free throw duinr Salem Sabres basketball game against the Seattle Mountaineers on Nov. 10th at Chemeketa Community College. The Sabres won 117-115. MounaPhoto by Oliva Ford.

Varsity point and wing, Holly Martinez Moorman during game against Blanchet Catholic on Dec. 7. The team won 62-35. Photo by Tiara Scott.

Girls Waterpolo

Boys Waterpolo

Recent meet: Dec. 6 at the Kroc Center Next home meet: Saxons play against Sprague on Dec. 20 at 4:30.

Recent meet: Dec. 6 at the Kroc Center Next home meet: Saxons play against Sprague on Dec. 20 at 4:30.

All school relay meet at Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center center on Nov. 29. Photo by Nichele Herndon.

All school relay meet at Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center center on Nov. 29. Photo by Nichele Herndon.

Photo by Tiara Scott.

Tiara Scott Game Day Editor


ast year the boys head wrestling coach Stryder Davis left to Silverton High School after coaching a few years here at south. This year we have a name wrestling coach named Eric Zehner. Coach Zehner previously coached at Sprague We need more players. The School. After High 10 years forfeits are hurting us really at Sprague coach bad.” says coach Zehner. Zehner comes to South. The Saxons have had two tournaments and one match against Tualatin. Although they have a tough group of guys they still need more people. “We need more players. The forfeits are hurting us really bad.” says coach Zehner. Their next home meet is January 10th here at south.


[The Clypian]

sports B a s ke t b a l l

Dec. 18, 2012


Last season’s record:

Last season’s record:



Returning players:

Returning players:

Payton Wilcox ‘13 Jenessa Bodine ‘14 Katie Donovan ‘14

Katie McWilliams ‘15 Erika Alcantar ‘13 Naomi Wasser ‘14 Holly Martinez Moorman ‘14


oth boys and girls varsity basketball teams start the season afresh due to a significant number of new players this year. The boys lost most of their team at the end of last season, due to teams domination by seniors. Besides the minor setback, the Saxons are focusing and preparing for the tough season ahead.

Tiara Scott Game Day Editor


Issue Four

Returning: Isiah Large 13’ Collin Huun 14’

What we don’t have in size or experience we make up for in speed. We play fast. We do a good job disrupting teams offense with our foot speed on defense.

Erin Mcnally ‘15

Number of Players: 10 Number of Players: 13 Age Distribution Age Distribution Freshmen: 10% Sophomore: 20% Junior: 40%

Freshmen: 8% Sophomore: 8% Junior: 54%

Senior: 30%

Senior: 31%

Average height: 5’9”

Above: Varsity point guard, Jeremiah James ‘13 and varsity wing, Payton Wilcox ‘13. Photo by Tiara Scott.

Average height: 5’10”

Below: far left photo by Tiara Scott. Second to the left, photo courtesy of Liana Larkins. Middle photo by Tiara Scott. Second to the right, photo courtesy of Conner Barrie. Far right, photo by Tiara Scott.

South Students Weigh in... Snowboarding or Skiing?

“When I was little my parents used to take me skiing all the time, so I’ve sort of just stuck with it since then.”

Vivian hawkinson ‘14

“Snowboarding is more like longboarding so for me it was easier to pick up. Also you have more control over the board it seems like.” Liana Larkins ‘15

“It [snowboarding] was a lot easier to learn and its just more fun to do.”

Chris Stafford ‘14

“I enjoy it and I like the adrenaline rush. My parents sorta forced me into it so, I’ve been doing it [snowboarding] since I was about four.”

Conner Barrie ‘15

“I’ve never tried to snowboard so it’s [skiing’s] just out of habbit.”

Alexa Haggard ‘14

Mt.Hood Meadows Snowboarding day pass-full package is $35-40 for adult day. Includes board and boots. Skiing day pass- full package for adult $35-40. Includes skiis, poles, and boots. Day lift pass (for adults): 15-64yrs is $74-89 Distance from Salem: about a 2 hour drive. Photo courtesy Steven Pearson.

Mt. Bachelor Rentals: No snowboarding rentals. Skiing: $24 for full package. Includes: poles, boots and skiis. Day lift pass (for teen): 13-18yrs old is $49 Distance from Salem: about a 3 hour drive.

Photo courtesy Adam Kisel.

Issue 4 2012-2013 December 18, 2012  

Issue 4 2012-2013 December 18, 2012 South Salem High School