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Current Education System: Current possible streams from k-9  continuation to 10 and through to VCE or equivalent educational program (i.e. VCAL)  Pros  completion of VCE and possible entry to further tertiary education  higher education equates to greater likeliness of higher job prosperity  Cons  inflexible schedule ( for those who may need to deal with family income issues, pregnancy)  limited support service for those with household, personal issues (i.e. home finance, teen pregnancy)  entering internships/apprenticeships  pros  paid work  on the job training  limited education required  cons  limited career opportunities  limited job vacancies  full time work  pros  income  cons  low level income  low career opportunity  Part time VCE  Pros  ability to complete VCE whilst still retaining part time work or other requirements 

cons  inflexible schedule (still fixed to institutions schedule)

Current Systems Compared To New System School work New system Available as full time or part time Full time or part time Time flexible learning around other commitments Fixed weekly timetable Fixed or variable work Fixed opening hours hours 24hr online access Fixed learning environment Variable location Local and online environment

Proposed System iLearn and how it addresses the flaws in the original system  more flexible schedule  having a schedule which is designed around the individuals situation, i.e. part time work  flexible work load and ability to learn at one’s own pace over longer periods of time  Access  being able to study from home and still have access to face to face learning  24/7 access to study material and aid from teachers/tutors  Support services  Access to local support services and networks(part time work, health services, government aid)  Multilingual access


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