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Ways to Save Android Battery Life Presented By: Jennifer

Introduction • Battery saving is the biggest issues in the android phone. • Nowadays this is the biggest controversy among the people. • Here are some easy method to save your android phone’s battery life.

How to Save Battery Life • First you need to deactivate your Wi-Fi when not needed. • Upload and sync only on Wi-Fi. • Uninstall unnecessary apps. • Use push notification if it is possible. • Check yourself on your phone. If there is any app has automatically installed or not.

Turn Off these things!

Keep it Mind • Choose your phone to its minimum possible brightness. • Install a brightness toggle widget for moderating higher/low toggle widget on the screen. • This will reduce the power and off your screensaver mode. • You can improve your battery life by rooting your android phone. If you want root it.

Tips To Save Battery Life • Widgets is nothing but the key part of android mobile is called. • Set time for key part to activate the lighting. • Remove all your haptic feedback or else turn off all the haptic feedback options. • Turn off GPS Process. It’s full of work under the Wi-Fi and it’s full of detecting the location through Wi-Fi connection.

Conclusion • Follow these tips to save your android battery life. • Try to works in cooler temperatures with prolonged warm periods gradually lowering their efficiency over time.

Ways to save android battery life