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E S U RE E L C Y REC . T R O P P U S In July 2011, 36 Scouts & Explorer Scouts from across Clyde Region will be acting as ambassadors for Scotland at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree. They will be joining nearly 40,000 young people from 218 countries and territories across the World at the biggest adventure camp they will ever experience. For them, this will be a life changing experience as they learn about countries and cultures that they may never have heard of and work together with young people from overseas to enjoy a special Scouting adventure! We would like you to help us make this happen!

The Unit is collecting and recycling old clothes and rags in worn or damaged condition that are not suitable for resale through Charity Shops. These will be professionally recycled and thus will not end up on landfill sites. Any old clothing, shoes (please pair shoes together), bags, belts or bedding will be accepted. Please deposit them in the rag bag bin in the entrance foyer at The Glasgow Scout Shop, 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PB or call us on 0845 094 4391 to arrange for a collection. For more information, please call Gary Bainbridge on 0845 094 4391 or email him at gary.

Clyde Regional Scout Council is a Registered Scottish Charity SC010415

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Support the Jamboree Unit  
Support the Jamboree Unit  

Fundraising for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree