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Dear Gang

chance to write hted to be given this Once again I am delig is great to see r this year ’s show. It and wish you well fo er to share the Guides coming togeth so many Scouts and ng Show, ing in the Glasgow Ga excitement of perform world. longest running in the one of the oldest and the quality of come renowned for be s ha ng Ga w go as The Gl to live up to, refore you have a lot the d an ce an rm rfo its pe ve worked hard are up for it. You ha u yo re su am I r ve howe time has come rehearsals and now the of s nth mo the gh sure you will throu 2010 production. I am the on in rta cu the se to rai ter in the long d write another chap an e nc rie pe ex the enjoy ng Show. history of Glasgow Ga lf. g the show for myse I look forward to seein wishes. Good luck and best Yours sincerely,

Stuart J Imrie ioner (Scotland) Regional Commiss Clyde Region

Dear Gang, All of us at Gir lguiding Glasg ow wish you th very best for y e our traditional A nnual Glasgow Gang Show. W hat a fantastic few years it has been for bo th Scouts and G uides as each celebrated thei r 100 years! So m uch has chang over those yea ed rs and Baden P owell, his sister Agnes, and his wife Olave cou ld never have imagined the o pportunities w hich are offered the young peo to ple of today in ed ucation, in trav and the way in el which we com municate with other. But one each thing has remai ned constant, an that is pleasure d and enjoyment we all derive fr working with ea om ch other. This is so evident in Gang Show. It the is hard work b ut the end prod amazing and y uct is ou have all gai ned so much fr Once more I k om it. now it will be a huge success. With best wish es, May Madden, County Comm issioner Girlguiding G lasgow

Girlguiding celebrated its 100 years in 2010 and in Glasgow we had a ball The Centenary Launch party took off with a balloon release over Glasgow HQ in Elmbank Street.

Glasgow Guides performing the Centenary Dance at the Scottish Annual Review at Hill of Tarvit in Fife.

‘One World One Beat’ – Scotland’s Centenary World Thinking Day event at Ingliston.

Centenary Exhibition opened by Liz Burnley, Chief Guide, at the Art Galleries, Kelvingrove. Bag-a-Badge Day to gain 2 parts of the Scottish Centenary badge which, when completed, made up the Scottish Saltire.

Centenary Camp at Gartocharn with a heritage flavour.

One billion see Gang Show member in Commonwealth Games Ceremony


ichard Bolt, a Cub Scout Leader in Milton of Campsie near Glasgow, was centre stage recently as he took part in the closing ceremony of the 2010 Commonwealth Games on 14th October at the 60,000 capacity Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi, watched by an estimated TV audience of one billion people. Through his Scouting role, Richard was representing the uniformed youth organisations of Glasgow and was one of 352 volunteers from across Scotland who took part in the ceremony, which marked part of the handover to Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Richard was able to secure his place at the event through his own fundraising efforts, which included taking part in a sponsored 10k run, as well as support from local businesses and donations from his own Cub Pack. Richard said: “The reason I got a place was to represent the uniformed organisations of Glasgow, and I have never been so proud to do so!” As well as his leader role, Richard has also been a member of the Glasgow Gang Show for 14 years, and felt this experience stood him in good stead: “Although it is completely different performing in front of 400 at a Gang Show to 60,000 in Delhi, you still had a little bit of stage presence and knew how to stand and when to smile.” Richard has been involved in Scouting since Beaver age, which set him on course for a leader role: “While a Scout, part of my badge work was to help out so I went back to Cubs and have never left. I’m now a warranted leader and really enjoy giving back to my community.” “The reason I’m still in the Gang Show is the satisfaction of seeing kids of all ages appear on stage for the first time and the boost in confidence they receive, as well as the skills that set them up for a lifetime.”

The Organisers of the 2010 Gang Show would like to thank… The Manager and staff of The Mitchell Theatre; all our advertisers and sponsors; The Glasgow Freight Club, Clyde Regional Scout Council and Girlguiding Glasgow; Community Central Halls, Maryhill for rehearsal accommodation; Technique Systems Ltd. for intelligent lighting, WestCoast Graphics for design of advertising poster and programme; the front of house team and programme sellers Carol Gibson, Liz Harvey, Stephen Hedges, Ian McCreadie, Jude McKechnie, Taylore Martin, Chloe Robinson and Amy Simpson; Alastair Merry and the ’39 Club for organising the Grand Prize Draw; Andy Mushet for printing the raffle tickets for the prize draw; the Wardrobe Team namely Olive Fletcher, Lucy Hedges, Jan Letarte and Nancy McKillop; the Make-up team namely; Judith Beastall, Moira Bowman, Agnes Forster, Pat Harvey, Doreen Lovett, Duncan MacLean, Sheila MacLean, Janet Strawbridge, John Strawbridge, Alison Strawbridge and Phyl Wright; Monty Colvan, Rosann Cherubini and Stephen Hedges for assistance with the staging; Follow Spot operators Andrew Strawbridge and Don Cunningham and to anyone else who has helped in any way with the production of this year’s show; all the families, friends and sweethearts of the cast and staff for their patience and understanding over the last few months

and last but by no means least, to you, the audience, for supporting us in this year’s show.

A few of the ‘Behind the Sceners’

There are nearly 100 adults involved in supporting the production of Glasgow Gang Show 2010 here’s an introduction to some of them: Anne Laverock joined the Gang 2 years ago and has been helping with the Cubs. This year, she is taking on the role of Booking Manager, making sure that everyone gets their ticket orders safely processed and dispatched. Norrie Munro first joined the Gang when he appeared on stage as a young Scout. Norrie is the Secretary of the ’39 Club who support Glasgow Gang Show and organises the make-up team for the show.

Connie Barnett is joining the Gang for the first time this year and is overseeing the wardrobe team.

Alison Strain joined the staff team in 2007. She helps look after the rehearsal tuck shop and supervises the cast in their dressing rooms.

Colin Hogg has been part of the Gang Show Stage Crew since 2004 and is now our Assistant Stage Manager.

Denise Cole rejoined the Gang Show team in 2008 working with the Cubs doing their Choreography.

Alistair Wylie has been involved with the Glasgow Gang for many years and is currently Stage Director.

Agnes Raybould has been involved with Gang Show for 25 years and is a member of the Personnel Team and looks after guests coming to see the show.

Rena Findlay has been Stage Manager for Glasgow Gang Show since 1999.

This is Joan Darling’s 12th year as part of the Gang Show team and Joan heads up our props department.

Raymond Stoddart has been involved as part of the Gang Show team for many years and is Assistant Stage Director.

Kirsty MacNeill is in her 3rd year as the Gang’s rehearsal pianist and also plays as part of the band.

Wendy Lawrence joined the Gang in 2008 as part of the choreography team.

Alpin McGregor works as Assistant Stage Director with the behind the scenes team.

Irene Dooley has been part of the Gang’s Personnel team since 1988.

Fiona Paton joined the Gang as a Guide and is now a member of our stage crew team.

Ian McCreadie and Liz Harvey organise the programme sellers for Gang Show.

Jean Henderson joined the Gang Show team in 2003 and helps with the production of the Cub scenes.

Barry Hedges joined the team as Gang Show’s photographer in 2007.

David McGaugie has been involved with Gang Show for many years, on and off stage. David is helping with the Cub team for this year’s show.

Frank McEvoy looks after the rehearsal tuck shop and helps look after the cast in their dressing rooms.

Glasgow Gang Show 2010 Opening

(The whole cast on stage for a great tradional opening)

Weather Game Sketch

(Whether you like it or not, you’ll just have to weather this sketch!)

Rain Scene

(As if we don’t have enough rain they even have a sketch about it!)

Cub Safari Sketch

(The jungle animals better watch out…The cubs are loose!)

Cub Scene

(Giant enthusiasm wrapped in small bodies.)

London Scene

(Getting you in the mood to buy a raffle ticket for a trip to London!)

War Tribute

(Giving a salute to the forces.)

Sonny Boy

(A spotlight on a great performer from long ago.)

Al Joson Scene

(Enjoy another blast from the past.)

Radio Sketch

(Radio, what you used to listen to before iPods!)


(The end of another show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the cast in full voice.)

The Scout Association. Clyde Regional Scout Council in co-operation with Girlguiding Glasgow proudly present The 2010 Glasgow Gang Show Based on an original idea by Ralph Reader, CBE 19th November - 27th November 2010, The Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow

Production Staff

Convenor Director Musical Director Choreography Cub Team Band Stage Director Assistant Stage Directors Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Stage Crew Property Master Wardrobe Make Up

Administration Staff

Personnel Booking Manager Photography Guest Reception/F.O.H. Programme Design

Tom Raybould Amanda Letarte Iain M Fraser Denise Cole, Wendy Lawrence and Amanda Letarte Jean Henderson, David McGaugie and Moira Fletcher Gordon Howie (Drums) Kirsty McNeill (Piano) Drew Montgomery (Keyboards) Alistair Wylie Alpin McGregor Raymond Stoddart Rena Findlay Colin Hogg Gary Bainbridge, David Higgins and Fiona Paton Joan Darling Connie Barnett, Louise Barry, Pamela Stephen and Audrey Anderson (Helpers listed on thanks page) Norrie Munro (Helpers listed on thanks page)

Agnes Brisbane, Carol Donachie, Irene Dooley, Betty Edmiston, Lesley Hogg, Callum Mathie, Frank McEvoy and Alison Strain Anne Laverock Barry Hedges Agnes Raybould WestCoast Graphics

Tom Raybould, Convenor Tom Raybould is thrilled to be working with the Gang in his eleventh year as Convenor of Glasgow Gang Show. Scouting has played a big part in Tom’s life since he was a Cub Scout and for more than forty years, he has always enjoyed helping young people to develop themselves as a Scouting volunteer. Since April 2008, Tom has held the post of Assistant Regional Commissioner (Development) where he focuses on supporting the recruitment of more adult volunteers across Clyde which in turn will enable more young people to enjoy Scouting Whilst Tom spends much of his time working to support adult volunteers who deliver Scout programmes in Groups and Districts, he enjoys working with the Gang as it gives him an opportunity to work directly with young people. ‘Gang Show provides an excellent opportunity for young people to develop their creative skills as well as enjoying the outdoors in Scouting or Guiding’ said Tom, ‘the two challenges work really well together and the confidence that oozes from the cast by the time they get on stage is great.’ For Tom, Gang Show is a family affair as his wife Agnes is also part of the team.

Amanda Letarte, Producer/Director Gang Show 2010 sees Amanda returning for a ‘hat trick’ as producer/director for the Gang and she is loving every minute of working with the cast. Gang Show is in Amanda’s blood as she has previously appeared on stage as part of the cast and choreographed the show and it provides her with one of her most rewarding challenges. ‘The look on the audiences faces when they see just how good our young cast is, is amazing said Amanda ‘we’re lucky to have such enthusiastic Scouts and Guides who work hard to put on a show that I hope you will enjoy.’ Amanda has been dancing since the age of three and still enjoys it now as much as her first lesson many years ago. For the last 16 years, Amanda has been teaching dancing and she’s the Principal of Garrowhill School of Dance. Away from Gang Show, Amanda has appeared on stage in a number of performances with other Theatre groups, which has included playing Polly in The Boyfriend, Tuptim in The King and I and Tallulah in Bugsy Malone and she’s helped put on shows in most of Glasgow’s performing venues. As well as her involvement in Gang Show and other theatre productions, Amanda co-choreographed Let Peace Walk the Earth for Girlguiding’s Millennium celebrations in the SECC and was a leading member of MYSC which was Scotland’s only all-girl illusion act. Amanda is happily married to Tam and both Emma and Luke are hoping to audition for Gang Show when their time comes.

Iain Fraser, Musical Director Iain Fraser is delighted to be working with the Glasgow Gang as Musical Director for a third year. Iain became a Scout at the age of 11½ years old and since then has been involved in Scouting in many different roles, including representing Scotland on the national Venture Scout Team and leading a Scottish Unit to the World Jamboree in the Netherlands in 1995. Away from Scouting, Iain is no stranger to the Stage having played in over seventy musicals, as well as several pantomimes and plays. He made his Glasgow debut many years ago with Glasgow Gang Show and his love of dance has given him the opportunity to play roles in many musicals including Oklahoma, Calamity Jane, The Music Man and Hans Christian Andersen. “Working with young people who are so positive is great fun and they get so much out of the effort that they put into the show’ said Ian, ‘watching them smile and enjoy themselves on that stage makes us all very proud of them.’ When Gang Show finishes, Iain will be heading off to do Humpty Dumpty in Church Hill theatre Edinburgh from 10 - 19 Dec then The Music Man in MacRobert Centre Stirling in March.

Back row Charlotte Reid Laura Johnstone

Hannah Johnstone

Caitlin Norris Michael Low

Peter Henderson

Amanda McB

Second back row Sarah Milne Emily Smith Aimee Barr Lauren Jenkins Kayleigh Molloy Cameron Stewart Kyle Wallace Catherine Campbell Middle row Fiona Kane Amy Rutherford Second front row Billy Hedges Rory Kerr Front row Ruth Stewart

Ruby Noble

Matthew Cunningham Eilidh Duncan

Beth Lynch

Dominic Martin

Bryan Jamieson

Robyn Hanvidge

David Low

Amy Kernweiss

Ross Peffers

Dean Park

Catherine Taggart

Thomas Burnip

Marc Cassidy





Kevin Jardine

Richard Bolt

Jamie McEvoy

Nicola Cuddihy

Lisa Stephen

Mandy Fletcher

Back row Karen Long

Second back row Rosie Smith Laura Stewart Daniel Molloy Scott Mackay Rebecca Running Emma Harper Jodie McGregor Hannah Fellowes

in Fletcher

n Galt

Lauren Gallagher Hannah Martin

ristopher Hughes

Abigail Winning

Shannon McNeill

David Little

Jenny Hedges David Molloy

Jack Hutchins

Erin Smith

Matthew Jenkins

Frankie O’Donnell

Alice Murray

Middle row Erin McLaughlin

Second front row Niall Hanvidge Nicola Somerville

Shaun Harley

Front row Ruairidh Anderson

Ian Fletcher 1953 - 2010


lyde Region was sorry to learn of the passing of Ian Fletcher in September. Ian was born into a family with long connections with Scouting and Guiding so it was no surprise when he joined his local Cub Pack aged 8 and Scouting played a big part in his life from there on. For many years, Ian was Cub Scout Leader at the 139th Glasgow where he ran a thriving Pack, ensuring that young people got the most out of the programme and summer camps around the UK were always the highlight of the year. Not content with running his Pack, Ian was ADC (Cub Scouts) and actively supported other Packs around the District, visiting them to support new leaders and organising District events. As well as volunteering in his Group and District, Ian had a long association with Glasgow Gang Show having been part of the Stage Crew team then latterly chairing the show’s Business Committee, overseeing the finances and administration for Gang Show. Despite the challenges that his health regularly set him, Ian lived life to the full and got the most out of everything that he got involved with. Ian was called to higher service on 12 September 2010 and nearly 100 Scouting friends joined with his family to give thanks for someone who was always ready to help others and who enriched the lives of many. He will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Ross McManus 1925 - 2010


oss was one of the last surviving members of the the 1939 Glasgow Gang Show. A founder Member of the “39 Club” which was a Branch of the B.P. Guild for Old Scouts. Ross was an accomplished actor and when Gang Show restarted in 1947 he was an Cast Member until 1955. When in 1950 our then Producer John Martin decided to stage a half hour version of Rob Roy, complete with Redcoats and Clansmen having a pitched battle on the Stage - Ross was cast as Baillie Nicoll Jarvie, for those of you who remember Ross he really looked the part! His opening line to Rob Roy being “Noo Rab, yer in the Jail!” From 1956 until 1962 he worked the corner as Assistant Stage Director. Taking over as Stage Director in 1963-67, when through pressure of business he was forced to retire. However Gang Show was his passion and up until last year he hardly missed a show, when failing health made it impossible for him to leave his home. Ross was indeed one of the Greats of Glasgow Gang Show, he will be sadly missed by all who knew him, not only as a Performer but as a Friend.

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Fax : 0141 420 1694

E-mail : • Website :

First transforming travel

Are delighted to support

Glasgow Gang Show 2010

Behind the Scene Changes


he team who help do many of the important, behind the scene tasks for Gang Show has undergone a bit of a change for our 2010 show. The Gang Show Business Committee and Gang Show Management Committee have amalgamated to form a new Gang Show Management Group needing fewer volunteers who have a more focussed area of responsibility. Not everyone who was on the old Committees has joined the new one and Gang Show would like to thank some of our volunteers who stepped down from their roles: • W Allan Boyle – Allan has been part of the Gang Show team for many years, initially in the role of Booking Manager and then as Chairman of the Business Committee for the last 8 years. • Duncan MacLean – Duncan is a stalwart of Glasgow Gang Show having been part of the cast for many years and then joining the Gang Show Business Committee where he secured advertisers for the Gang Show programme. • Robin Russell – Robin’s involvement with Gang Show goes back to when he appeared on stage as a Scout. For the last 14 years, he was Secretary of the Gang Show Business Committee. • Krissi Cheyne – Krissi has been part of the Personnel team for Gang Show since 2003 and was Booking Manager for the last 5 years. To all of them, we say a great big thank you for everything that they did, volunteering for Glasgow Gang Show!

Are you a winner? You will find out at the Audience Participation!

want to Do yo u of it? be part

For the latest Gang Show news including dates for auditions and for our 2011 show, visit or see us at

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