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How to win over your boyfriend Your split up with your boy friend must have taken a toll on you. If you hold yourself at fault, its time to mend all that you have done. Unless you take the initiative he may not be back. And why should you not? That one mistake of yours is giving you sleepless nights! And if it is too late you may end up ruining a wonderful relationship. What you have done to him must be too much for him. Yes, he too wants to get back too you but is waiting for you too break the ice. After all he knows, unless you realize your mistake the problem may recur. But once you admit your mistake, he would feel for sure, it won’t happen ever again. First, get back your composure. Try to forget why you lost your cool. This can best be done by spending more time with friends or by doing what you like to do the most. Once the bitterness is drained out, you will begin to feel how you over-reacted. Having realized this, it’s time to win him over. Think how lonely he must have felt. Being empathetic can strengthen your determination to win him over at any cost. A good way to win over your boy friend is with your charm. Remember it is your charm which hooked him at your first meeting. What are the things that he likes the most in you? Make perfect use of all these qualities to win him back. In other words be your original self. Never try to impress him by being what you are not. In fact that would be a very insincere way to get boyfriend back. If he sees through it, he may not believe in you. Tell him that you went horribly wrong and regret your misbehavior. Assure him that you would be careful the next time. And last but not the least ask for his forgiveness. Remember he may not relent in the beginning. But there must be no let up on your part. The more insistent you are, the more sincere you sound. It’s better to approach your boyfriend as soon as possible, lest it is too late.

How to win over your boyfriend