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On average 600,000 page views per month On average 100,000 home page views (18%) 65,370 unique users – people actually viewing the site 4.45 pages looked at by each user 3.40 minutes spent online by each user

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VIP newsletters: 30,000 recipients 52% of recipients are male 48% of the recipients are female With the ability to set filters within the parameters of the VIP database we can intentionally target specific markets, demographics and age groups to create a unique bespoke VIP newsletter for individual clients.

Success Stories Between July and December 2007 Volkswagen Verve ran a competition on called “The Verve Drive In”. The competition received over 400,000 PI’s in this time and also attracted 8,504 entrants whose details were passed on to the client for mailing purposes. works with Strathclyde Police each year on new platforms highlighting safety around the festive period. In December 2006 we received over 80,000 PI’s for the “This Christmas” platform and in December 2007 we received over 70,000 PI’s for the “Online Interactive Audio Book” which was designed for them. Alongside Scottish Power we designed and ran “The Green House” campaign on which highlighted energy expenditure within the household. This platform generated 40,000 PI’s over a 2 month period and also attracted 3,631 entrants whose details were passed on to the client for mailing purposes. Sound controls sponsorship of generated over 1,000,000 PI’s over the course of 1 year and drove massive traffic towards the Sound Control website.

Top 30 Competition Entries 07/08 (Groupwide & Radio Clyde)

Red marked were hosted on within the BAUER RADIO GROUP Within the 26 Station Website beneath the Bauer Radio umbrella achieves some impressive statistics groupwide. Page Impressions: The home page has consistently been the Number 1 in the group for Page Impressions outside of London for the past 2 years. (With only Kiss and Magic Fm above us) The articles are consistently 9th or 10th within the group for page impressions. Revenue: is the highest revenue generating website out with London with only Magic FM and Kiss FM above it. (3rd in entire group) It has consistently been Number 1 for revenue within the Scottish sector since July 07

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