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Numbers of Scouts in Clwyd Area are up 10% on last year. Census figures reveal a huge jump in numbers, with every District in the Area having big rises. The jump seems to be due to the start up of new Sections, mainly Beaver Scout Colonies, with work being done by both Mark Winson, our Local Development Officer, and Leaders on the ground. This is borne out by Sectional figures: Beaver Scouts are up 22%, Cubs up 5%, Scouts up 1 15%, Explorers up 0.5% and adults up 2%.

Despite this growth, we still have large numbers of young people on waiting lists, with 191 children wanting to join Scouting in Clwyd but not being able to due to lack of adults. This however is down from a figure of 228 who were on waiting lists at the time of last year始s census.

The District figures were as follows: Flintshire up 17.5%, Llangollen up 9.8%, Vale of Clwyd (Denbighshire) up 8.8% and Wrexham up 3.7%. There are now 2,293 Scouts in the Area, with 11% of youth members, and 48% of adults, Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner being female.

Revealed: What our subs is spent on locally Each Member of Scouting in Clwyd pays an annual Membership Fee. Some of you may remember it as Capitation, but itʼs now Membership Fee.

As Hotliner is the newsletter for Clwyd, I thought Iʼd do some digging and find out what the Area and District levies - totalling over £10,000 this year - are spent on.

The Membership Fee is a UK wide £19.10 plus local extras, called levies, which pay for the Welsh Scout Council, Clwyd Area and your District. Wales charges an extra £2.50 and Clwyd charges a levy of £2.70.

It must be said before we start, that all these figures are published in full every year in the annual reports of the Area and Districts, but if youʼre like me your eyes will glaze over when this is mentioned at the AGM and you see a page full of figures. So I wanted to go through them in Hotliner so that everyone could see the figures and do some comparisons.

Districts each add their own levy to this, and this varies with the lowest being £1 and the highest being £3.20. So, depending where you do your Scouting, the total fee is between £25.30 and £27.50.

Clwyd The Area charged each Member a levy of £2.70

in 2009. This has increased £1 since 2008 to create the New Horizons Fund outlined on page 7 of this edition of Hotliner.

District Clwyd Wales



In 2008 the Area levy raised £3,539.40. This was spent in three areas: management, activities and training. Management costs Trustees expenses Meeting costs

£345.51 £30.00

Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

Accountancy Newsletter Annual meeting Miscellaneous

£387.25 £200.50 £85.00 £665.56

Trustees are the Area Chairman, Area Executive Members and their expenses cover things like travel expenses for attending regional meetings plus costs incurred for postage, printing, stationery, telephone etc. Meeting costs cover our hire costs for Gladstone or another Scout facility to hold Area Team or Executive meetings. Every year, as required by charity law, the accounts are checked by accountants. This cost £387.25 last year. It costs £200.50 a year to produce and send out Hotliner to every Leader.

at a National Event . This is subject to an insurance claim and the claim is in abeyance. It was decided in 2008 to support the Scout Network directly in order to give it a much needed boost. The £99.46 went towards funding an Area Network Activity to promote and regenerate interest and support in this much needed Section £100 worth of grants were given to a member who needed direct financial support to undertake his Explorer Belt Expedition overseas. Training

The AGM costs £85.00 to put on including venue hire. Miscellaneous items are usually one off items and this year include the net cost of funding the Motiv8 leaders conference and information day, also this year we had a one off Insurance cost which actually belonged in the previous year. Activity costs Volunteer expenses Cub Scout events Scout Network Grants

£456.67 £240.00 £99.46 £100.00

Volunteer expenses are those of the Area Commissioner, Area Training Manager, Area Network Commissioner and the AACs Cubs, International, Communications and Activities. They cover things like travel, postage, telephone & stationery Cub Scouting in the Area £240.00 in 2008 . This in the main related to the expense of returning an individual Cub Scout plus his Leader home following an accident


Room Hire Materials Course costs Training Team expenses

£220.00 £210.23 £170.00 £266.00

Running Area training courses require payment for room hire, training materials and expenses for the training team. Course costs are those in connection with external course costs for training our Training Manager and her team.

Flintshire Flintshire charges a levy of £1.50 a head. In 2009 this raised £1,302. They pay for all their ADCs and registered Explorer Scout Leaders. Possibly 15 plus (final figures are not in yet). We pay for the hire of Gladstone Centre for any meetings held for District events, obviously these vary from year to year. We also pay expenses for ADCʼs out and about on District business. There are also expenses regarding St Georgeʼs Day and our AGM.

Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

Finally there are running costs for the District. Secretary and Appointment Secretary expenses involving postage and stationery etc. These can be quite costly as each new recruit to Scouting has to provide two referees which involves a letter to meet the committee and then applying for references means five stamps per appointment. Again this varies from year to year.

Llangollen Llangollen charge £1 for the District levy, raising an income of £292 income. £150 goes out to pay membership for District officials. The balance goes into the general fund. Generally spend is on bits of equipment, e.g. two kayaks last September for use by Leaders, pioneering poles for rafting at Cae Llwyd possible for this year, or to help subsidise courses, where necessary when there would be a benefit to the District e.g. Canoe Safety course, fee for the NSPCC child protection course etc. The District may also help with fees to Jamborees.

Vale of Clwyd (Denbighshire) This District charges £2.50 per person and this is used to fund coaches for St George's Day, refreshments for events, insurance for buildings not occupied that we own plus the odd request for funding towards jamborees etc.

Wrexham The Wrexham District levy in 2009 is £3.20 a head. This will raise £2,307.20 for the District. In 2008 the income was £1,883.00 from Membership fees, supplemented by £615.00


from interest from money invested, raising a total of £2,498.00. Expenditure was as listed below Licences/subscriptions District Team expenses Resources Grants/donations Centenary barn dance Fiesta tent Activities Cox Wood campsite

£28.00 £351.00 £221.00 £825.00 £494.00 £75.00 £163.00 £323.00

Summary As you can see, running Areas and Districts is not inexpensive! Lots of the funds went towards supporting and delivering some truly excellent Scouting. Without some of the grants given young people and their Leaders would not have been able to attend the World Scout Jamboree. Some of the money went to purchase equipment such as canoes that enable us to offer adventurous activities – key to our purpose. Do you think the money is being spent correctly and wisely? If not please speak up and give some positive ideas for how you think things should be done differently. Contact your District Commissioner or District Executive, or the Area Commissioner or Executive and let them know. Or perhaps turn up at the next District or Area AGM and have your say! Many thanks to the Area and District Executives for their help in outlining all of this. Moz, AAC Communications

Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

Gladstone Centre To celebrate the very successful refurbishment of the John Clarke building into a self contained bunkhouse and the installation of an agility course at the centre (both largely funded by The Peoplesʼ Millions Lottery) the Area Executive have agreed to the following: •

• •

• • •

That the opportunity be given for all youth members in Clwyd to spend one night at the centre without charge. The numbers for each Group will be based on the January 2009 return. Beavers and Cubs will be able to use the bunkhouse as will Scouts with special needs, other Scouts will be able to camp There are 6 rooms, 2 with 2 bunks, 2 with 4 bunks and 2 with 6 bunks Kitchen, toilets, dining room, shower The time scale will be from 1st October 2009 to 30th June 2011

The Area Executive wants to encourage the use of your centre and engage all Groups in the Area to be involved in its development. The work has largely been carried out by a small group of people who have devoted hundreds of hours of work to create a superb facility. It is intended to keep the process as simple as possible, if that is not a contradiction in terms in Scouting! Letters have been sent out to each group via the person who filled in the Census return giving details. If you have any queries please contact Russell Jackson, Area Chairman.

in them and commented upon how challenging and deserving it all appeared to be. They declined the invitation however, on the grounds that they could not consider taking up any additional activities, both having some disability problems consistent with their ages of 74 and 81 respectively!! In this last term, an initiative in Johnstown has resulted in a new Beaver Scout section being formed. Just before the summer holidays it had four new leaders and ten new youngsters. Well done Dot Tunnah! The Ruthin Scout Group initiative, has been very slow with little interest from the locals, however we have recruited two new assistant leaders and two helpers. We are continuing our efforts here, into the August summer holidays in the hope that we can find at least another leader, fingers crossed Lesley. The Sandycroft and Mancott Cub Scout Pack has struggled in the past, but recent efforts in recruitment have resulted in two new assistant leaders. Hopefully this will allow Steve to have time off when on shift or ill. I donʼt know how he managed previously. Well done everyone. Of course all this work has now being handed over to the help and support that district and group provide and I am being moved on to new projects. These have been determined by the AC who has analysed all applications, as:   1. Corwen. A new Beaver Colony in this tight community in the Llangollen district. 2. 1st Rhyl Scouts. A boost to this Denbighshire section, to improve adult and youth numbers. 3. 1st Hanmer Scouts. A boost to this section in the Wrexham district.


Please remember, I am now taking applications for new projects for Jan to April 09. If you would like an application form please request one by contacting me at my E mail address given below. Remember, the earlier you get this in the earlier I can begin research into your group and its development requirements.

To start, the funny side of development work; A recent mailing to businesses that advertised a vacant GSL post was replied to by Mr & Mrs Squelch, who thanked Scouting for its interest

Mark Winson. Development Officer. Contact Tel: 01286 669642, Mobile: 07825 632500 E Mail:


Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

Give them the chance

Tucked inside this edition of Hotliner you should find a flyer promoting the World Scout Jamboree. Rather than outlining all the information, the flyers advertise three information evenings that are being held across North Wales at which both young people eligible to attend and their parents will be able to find out what始s involved, meet the team, find out how to apply and ask any questions.

Can we ask that you pass on the information to any Scouts or Explorers who were born between 25/07/93 & 27/07/97


We are arranging for more flyers to be sent to Scout Leaders and Explorer Scout Leaders, but we wanted everyone to see the flyer in case you are a Beaver Scout or Cub Scout Leader who has an eligible Young Leader working with your Colony or Pack. If Scouts and Explorer Scouts in your Sections don始t find out about the evenings they may miss out on their only chance to attend this lifechanging event. Please do your bit to make sure this doesn始t happen. If you need more flyers for your Troop or Unit, or would like a visit or more information, please contact Jo Gregory on 01978 790509 or email

Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

Think U Know Think u know is an initiative to give young people facts about how to stay safe online. Lots of young people now have access to the internet and regularly use chat rooms, instant messaging, social networks and online gaming. Most of the time these are safe, but it's essential that kids know of the dangers. Moz and Pete Hughes have been trained to deliver the Think u know training to Scouts and Explorers. They have been on a one day course which allows them to use the Think u know materials. It's a good idea for EVERY Scout Troop and Explorer Scout Unit to have the training - if it saves just one young person from falling victim to an abuser then it's worth it.   Please could every Scout Leader and Explorer Scout Leader find time in their programme for one night on this training.   Contact Moz to arrange a night that we can come down.

YOUR Jamboree chance! Too old to go to the Jamboree as a participant? No worries, you can attend as a member of the International Service Team! The UK has just 500 places on this, so you'll need to apply online from 10 am on Monday 19th October 2009. A selection process will then commence.   Full details (together with the application form when it's available) are at ist2011

New Horizons Fund This year there was an extra one pound added to the area levy. This pound is ring fenced for a specific purpose and is called the New Horizons Fund.


The fund is designed to encourage all members of Scouting in Clwyd to take part in activities that would normally be outside the usual range by nature of cost. By establishing the fund the intention is to actively promote participation in activities that capture the imagination, and focus young members and Leaders to take part in life enhancing activities that will develop them as individuals and sustain their involvement in Scouting to support future members in every section. Examples of such activities could include but not restricted to: • World Jamborees • Explorer Belt Expeditions • Exceptional activities for the Queenʼs Scout and D of E Gold awards (possibly overseas) • Overseas Explorer/Network activities with a notable service element part These guidelines apply to the fund: • The activity should stand on its own merit and not be a vehicle to obtain funding from this ring fenced fund. • The amount awarded will be meaningful and substantial. • Applications can be made by individuals and by activity leaders. • The funding will be to cover direct costs and not administration or overheads. • The fund is not for capital projects • The fund would not be accumulated and applications to the fund will be actively promoted through the Area web site and Hotliner. Funds though could be carried forward into the following financial year to meet known commitments – the World Jamboree in Sweden being the obvious example • The fund would be reviewed periodically with the first review in 2011 Applications in writing can be made by groups or individuals and should be addressed to: The Secretary, Dorothy Jackson, Clwyd Area Scout Council. 12 Grant Drive, Ewloe, Deeside CH5 3RR.

Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

The first few months of 2009 was a bit of a slow start for Clwyd Network, with a few events having to be cancelled or postponed for various reasons This sadly has been a continuing theme throughout the year. Flintshire are currently running a very active local Network and it is all thanks to the great leadership team of Hannah, Tom and Sue. I would like to set up local Networks in the other Districts of Clwyd, but I am looking for volunteers to lead these new groups.

Good news has come from the Network Wales Team meetings in that Network Wales will have its very own award, running alongside Chief Scout Awards and Queen Scout award. Keep looking at the website for more details. The Network programme will restart in September this year. The programme is as follows: September: Mountain Biking @ Llandegla October: Ice Skating @ Deeside November: Chester Zoo December: Christmas event Look at the website for more details nearer to the time.

This summer has seen members of Clwyd Network doing a sailing taster session at Bala Sailing Club, with thanks going to Helen Smith for running the day The next World Scout Jamboree in 2011 is a chance for Network members to have an international experience they will never forget. They are too old to participate, but they can join the IST. The International Service Team, is a dedicated group of several thousand adult volunteers who attend the Jamboree to support the organisers.

I think I now know of most people in Clwyd aged 18-25, but there still might be a few of you lurking out there. If you are aged 18-25, please could you drop me an email on and pass on your contact details so I can ensure you know about everything that Clwyd Network will be up to. Mark Jones 07900 302225

Collectively they will take on a huge variety of roles and are essential to the smooth running of the event. The IST is open to all members of The Scout Association who were born on or before 24th July 1993. The Scout Association has 500 places to offer on this team. Applicants should apply online at ist2011 from 10am on the 19th October.


Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

Awards being covered by this event are Queenʼs Scout Awards, Chief Scoutʼs Gold, Platinum and Diamond Awards, Explorer Belts and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Leader awards may also be included.

Recognising achievement

Clwyd will be holding a Scout Awards Presentation evening, including the Clwyd Area AGM, on 9th October 2009 at the Technium OpTIC Conference Centre located on the St Asaph Business Park just off the A55. Her Majestyʼs Lord Lieutenant for Clwyd, Trefor Jones CBE, will be attending.

Time is precious with names required to be with the organisers by the 18th September at the very latest, so could Leaders please let their District Commissioners know names, addresses and awards of recipients as soon as possible. Invitations and full joining instructions will then be sent out. Please do everything that you can to get the information to your DC as early as possible.

Well you have seen ʻJanʼs Jottingsʼ and ʻPatʼs prattlesʼ now I will follow the trend and introduce...

Dave’s Doodles First on the list is a welcome to Andy Collin as the new District Commissioner for the Vale of Clwyd District. As some of you will know, formally he was the District Chairman for several years and has now succumbed to the challenge of DC. May I take the opportunity of thanking Lesley Bordoli, who stood down in July - she will be a very difficult act to follow. Lesley has returned to her former group role as GSL. Secondly, comes the announcement of Brendan Prophet, who has taken on the appointment as Area Treasurer.


Thirdly, I would like to remind everyone once again about the World Jamboree in Sweden in 2011. It is imperative that we get the message over to all potential eligible participants. Please pass on the message to all concerned - further information in this Hotliner. Fourth on the list is the forthcoming Clwyd Area Presentation evening and AGM on 9th October 2010. This will be at the Optic Centre, Bodelwydden and a separate announcement has been forwarded to your District Commissioner. This year the evening will be coordinated by Graham Hall. Lastly, the new updated Appointments process should be up and running in most Districts by now. This is designed to simplify and ease new people into the movement! we all need new leaders and a welcoming process can only help. Inevitably we will have a few teething problems to start with …so please be patient until things bed in. David Jones Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

How training works Here's a quick guide to how the Adult Training Scheme works 1. Recruitment A new adult is recruited into Scouting and agrees a Job Description. The job description will underline that there is a commitment to training. They will initially be given a provisional appointment. 2. Training Advisor The new adult will be allocated a Training Advisor (TA). This person will guide the new adult through the process of training. 3. Stages of Training Within 5 months of provisional appointment, the new adult should complete 'Getting Started' which consists of Modules 1, 2 and 3, and attend an Appointments Committee interview. They will then receive their full appointment. Within 3 years they should have completed the next stage of their training and e awarded the Wood Badge. There then follows a commitment to Ongoing Training of five hours a year. 4. Modules and Validation Module 2 is the Personal Learning Plan. The new adult will sit down with their TA and put together a plan of what training they need to do. There may be some Modules where the new adult can move straight to validation without attending a course. Validation checks that the adult has the knowledge covered by the Module. The TA will complete the validation with the new adult and the Module will be signed off. 5. Courses There will be several Modules which the new adult will need to attend a course for. Dates of courses already planned are on the facing page, and also on the Clwyd website. TAs will inform the Area Training Manager of which courses are needed so they can be put on. Once the adult has attended the course, they can be validated by their TA. 6. Booking If the new adult needs to come on one of the courses, they should contact Pat Royle, the Area Training Manager, in plenty of time. Email or phone 01244 543920. 7. Payment All Adult Training courses are now free of charge due to funding obtained by the Welsh Scout Council. 8. Regular Modules will be repeated throughout the year on different days and times 9. What to Bring Bring pen and paper to take notes. Uniform is not necessary, but activity wear is usual, and something warm is needed in cold weather. Ladies, please don't wear heeled shoes. Bring a packed lunch if the course is all day. Refreshments are provided. 10. Questions Contact Pat if you have any questions. Remember, all Leaders are now required to undertake a minimum of 5 hours training a year, and hold a First Aid certificate (the minimum being First Response). First Aid training can count towards the 5 hours. All Leaders can do the training courses, even if they have a Wood Badge.


Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner




4-6 Gilwell Reunion

11-13 North Wales Water weekend

CUBS 21 Wxm CSLs meeting

15 Llangollen Sports



1 Jamboree applications open Mountain Biking @ Llandegla 11-13 AWESOME 15 Wrexham YL training 16 Jamboree info evening Wrexham 18-20 Team X South Wales 23 Jamboree info evening Gladstone 25-27 Wrexham District Scout camp

18-20 Hafod mountain training 21 Wrexham AGM 26-27 Bala Sailing

TRAINING 14 Clwyd Module 1

25-27 Clwyd Module 16

30 Jamboree info evening Rhos-on-Sea

OCT 2-4 Severn Cruise

Ice Skating 1 Clwyd @ Deeside Module 4

9 Awards Presentation evening & Area AGM 10 Media Training Cardiff

10 Media Training Cardiff

16-18 Hafod mountain training 17 JOTI


17 Flints swimming gala 17 JOTI 17 JOTI


17 JOTI 22 Clwyd Modules 2 & 3 28 Clwyd Module 20

24 Wrexham Fun Day 31 Jamboree applications close

NOV 6-8 Hafod mountain training 14 Wales Teams

31 Wxm Blackpool trip 3 Clwyd Area ES Forum 3 Wxm YL Module A 20-22 Team X North Wales

27-29 Jamboree Selection weekend 1 Wxm YL Module


Chester Zoo

3 Clwyd Module 5 11 Clwyd Module 23 16 Clwyd Module 22 24 Clwyd Module 12 30 Clwyd Module 7

4 Wxm Carol Service


Clwyd Area Scouts Hotliner

AREA TEAM Area Commissioner

David Jones

01244 570122

Area Training Manager

Pat Royle

01244 543920

AAC Cubs

Nicola Gamlen

01244 543374

Network Commissioner

Mark Jones

07900 302225

AAC Communications

David Morris (Moz) 07779 272340

AAC International

David Morris (Moz) 07779 272340

AAC Activities

Dave Chapman

01244 550904

Area Chairman

Russell Jackson

01244 532791

Area Secretary

Dorothy Jackson

01244 532791

Area Treasurer

Brendan Prophet

01978 721048

Field Commissioner

Clive Bracewell

01352 714789


Pat Royle

01244 543920


Roger Cragg

01978 861593

Vale of Clwyd

Andy Collin

01745 330551


Jan George

01978 361520


Eric Gardner

01244 533046


Brian Doyle

01978 290380

Cae Llwyd

Gerry Kellett

07930 103090


Tracey Johnston

01352 735269

Chirk Bunkhouse


01691 777916


RESOURCES Scout Information Centre Wrexham Scout Shop and Resource Centre

Uniform, clothing, equipment, publications, badges & programme material Open Weds 6.30-8.30 Wrexham Scout HQ, Station Approach, Wrexham

Clwyd website


Š Clwyd Area Scouts 2009 Area Scouts Hotliner Hotliner is edited Clwyd by Moz, AAC Communications

Hotliner - September 2009  

Clwyd Area Scouts newsletter

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