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Wrexham Scout Shop Shop open Wednesdays 6.30-9pm, Resource Centre 6.30-8.30pm, shop no longer & Resource Centre open on Saturdays due to lack of staff . Wrexham Scout HQ, Station Approach, Wxm

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DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS Flintshire Pat Royle Llangollen Roger Cragg Vale of Clwyd Lesley Bordoli Wrexham Jan George

Lane, Chirk, Wrexham

01691 777916 Chirk Scout & Guide HQ, Shephard’s

Bunkhouse sleeping 22 people with kitchen, lounge, main hall and showers

Chirk Bunkhouse

Caergwrle, Wrexham

01352 735269 Rowallan Scout HQ, Rhyddyn Hill,

Small camping field, building, kitchen & toilets. Easy access by train


Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham

07930 103090 Cae Llwyd Campsite, Bronwylfa,

Back to basics site next to reservoir and Terrain Zero mountainous area

Cae Llwyd


01978 364953 Coxwood Campsite, Cox’s Lane, Rossett,

Woodland campsite. Kitchen, showers & toilets. Kids’ play area

Malcolm Seller

Hawarden, Flints


Large Camping field and woodland area. Kitchen, showers & toilets

(number for Yvette only please)

Gladstone Centre, Chester Road,

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lunch! The day will take place on Saturday 12th July 2008 at the Northop Horticultural College, and is free to all attending. Further details and a booking form will be available soon, but at this stage we’d ask everyone just to put the date in their diary & listen for more info.

See pages 10 and 11 for course dates and details on how to get involved

Not only will new Leaders benefit, but existing adults who feel that they may want to brush up on a certain aspect of Scouting can attend a course and get ideas and information to help run their Section meetings.

Great news - Groups no longer have to find the cash to send new Leaders on Adult Training courses. Due to funding obtained by the Welsh Scout Council, everyone can now just turn up and enjoy the training without having to open their Group cheque books!

Training is now free

Clwyd Scouts are inviting EVERY adult in the Area, Leader, Commissioner, or non-uniformed Committee member or supporter, to attend MOTIV8 - a day where you can meet other Leaders, take part in workshops, ask the Area Team questions and even have a free

Come to

David Jones in his own words - page 2 

Issue 21 - April 2008


News and information for everyone involved in Scouting in Clwyd Area

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

We all appreciate that the world is a very different place these days with significant change happening in our lives almost on a weekly basis and everyone competing for a slice of our time and the pressures that flow out from a competitive lifestyle.

Throughout this time I have had one objective - to ensure the children are safe and have fun in Scouting. This remains the case today. I still help out at my local Group almost every week and so fully understand and see the issues that face the Adult volunteers on a day by day basis.

As to a little background to myself - this is the second time around for me as Area Commissioner as I briefly held the role about 10 years ago. To start with I joined Scouting as a boy 50 years ago and then on into Scouts at 1st Gresford, leaving after a couple of years, but not until I discovered that Scouts and Guides worked together! I was drawn back into Scouting as a young adult leader, then before I knew it everyone around was calling me Akela! This remained my horizon in Scouting for the next 20 years. Eventually people retired and a new window opened for me and I was asked to become GSL. Then again before I knew it I agreed to become District Commissioner and the story continued in various jobs until today when I resume my role as Area Commissioner.

Since taking over effectively from early last Autumn, my job in Scouting has quite simply been bringing myself up to date with what is happening in the Scout Districts in North East Wales.

David Jones in his own words

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David Jones

But for now, from me and the Area Team many, many thanks for all your hard work and efforts in Scouting.

Secondly, the Area is trying to build a team of people that bring together as much experience as practically possible, to focus our efforts in supporting adults in Scouting over the next several years. As part of this process we are holding ‘MOTIV8’ - a day at Northop Horticultural College on July 12th, starting at 10.30 pm and concluding at approx 3pm. Everyone is invited to attend. Please see separate item on this in this issue of Hotliner.

What are we doing about it? Firstly the Welsh Scout Council has allocated significant funds and matched funding to allow the employment of a full time local development officer in North Wales . In the current phase of his role he has a rolling, two pronged attack, based upon tried and tested methods, i.e. to start or restart Sections of a new Scout Group, supporting and underpinning an existing Section of a Group. The scheme has very aggressive targets and as of today am I pleased to say we are seeing significant successes in the first part year of a three year project. If you would like to find out more about this project, please contact your District Commissioner or a member of their team.

Well how then do we keep this tradition flowing for the next 100 years? We obviously need more resources and that, in my opinion, simply means more volunteers.

So why do parents continue wishing to enrol their child into Scouting? What is it about Scouting that is so attractive? I think and I know that Scouting provides through its Leaders a set of values that is almost unique in today’s society. Also it provides a platform for learning and a safe environment for playing, providing an opportunity to develop and understand and use these new skills.

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008






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B=Beavers C=Cubs S=Scouts E=Explorer N=Network T=Training W=Wxm F=Flints L=Llan V=Vale of Clwyd If you have events/meetings to be listed contact Moz - see overleaf for contact details

03 Module 15 Gladstone 07 Module 7 Gladstone 12 MOTIV8 - ALL ADULTS IN CLWYD SCOUTING PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND - SEE PAGE 1

JULY 2008

04 Module 16 prep night Gladstone (for Scouts and Explorers) 05 Module 5 Gladstone 13-15 Module 16 Gladstone (for Scouts and Explorers) 14 Wales Cub Fun Day 18 Module 20 Gladstone 20-21 Wrexham Cubs night hike/bivvy 20-22 All Wales Scout Camp 20-22 Network Walking Weekend 25 Module 22 Gladstone 27 Wrexham District Explorer Scout Meeting

JUNE 2008

02-05 River Wye Canoe Cruise 06 Wrexham YL Training 10 Jamboree on the Trail 12 Module 11 Gladstone 17 Wrexham Sports Day 20 Flintshire District AGM 20 Module 8 Gladstone 20 Network International Night 22 Flintshire District AGM 23 Vikki’s Vacation 28 Module 16 prep night Gladstone (for Scouts and Explorers) 30 - June 01 Module 16 Gladstone (for Beavers and Cubs) 31 - June 01 Llyn Brenig Sailing

MAY 2008

13 Modules 4 & 12 Gladstone 16 Module 25 Gladstone 18-19 Connah’s Quay Exhibition 19 Wrexham Cub Factor 20 Vale of Clwyd St George’s Activity Day 21/22 Network: First Aid 21 Flintshire Scouts Quiz 25-27 Mountain Leader Training 3 25-27 Wrexham District St George’s Day Camp/Funday 26-27 RAF Valley training weekend 27 Flintshire District St George’s Parade

APRIL 2008

Why not get your highlighters out and mark all the dates that apply to you!

Dates for your Diary

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

Page 10

Remember, all Leaders are now required to undertake a minimum of 5 hours training a year, and hold a First Aid certificate (the minimum being First Response). First Aid training can count towards the 5 hours. All Leaders can do the training courses, even if they have a Wood Badge.

10. Questions Contact Pat if you have any questions.

9. What to Bring Bring pen and paper to take notes. Uniform is not necessary, but activity wear is usual, and something warm is needed in cold weather. Ladies, please don’t wear heeled shoes. Bring a packed lunch if the course is all day. Refreshments are provided.

8. Regular Modules will be repeated throughout the year on different days and times

7. Payment All Adult Training courses are now free of charge due to funding obtained by the Welsh Scout Council.

6. Booking If the new adult needs to come on one of the courses, they should contact Pat Royle, the Area Training Manager, in plenty of time. Email or phone Pat.

5. Courses There will be several Modules which the new adult will need to attend a course for. Dates of courses already planned are on the facing page, and also on the Clwyd website. TAs will inform the Area Training Manager of which courses are needed so they can be put on. Once the adult has attended the course, they can be validated by their TA.

4. Modules and Validation Module 2 is the Personal Learning Plan. The new adult will sit down with their TA and put together a plan of what training they need to do. There may be some Modules where the new adult can move straight to validation without attending a course. Validation checks that the adult has the knowledge covered by the Module. The TA will complete the validation with the new adult and the Module will be signed off.

3. Stages of Training Within 5 months of provisional appointment, the new adult should complete ‘Getting Started’ which consists of Modules 1, 2 and 3, and attend an Appointments Committee interview. They will then receive their full appointment. Within 3 years they should have completed the next stage of their training and e awarded the Wood Badge. There then follows a commitment to Ongoing Training of five hours a year.

2. Training Advisor The new adult will be allocated a Training Advisor (TA). This person will guide the new adult through the process of training.

1. Recruitment A new adult is recruited into Scouting and agrees a Job Description. The job description will underline that there is a commitment to training. They will initially be given a provisional appointment.

Here’s a quick guide to how the Adult Training Scheme works…

How Training Works

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

Part of the ‘deal’ was that there was an input from Clwyd Scouts to implement the proposal and this was included in the bid. Six weekends have been identified when a major impact can be made and so we’re calling on all Scouts in Clwyd to come and give a hand at Gladstone.

Everyone was over the moon late last year when the Gladstone Centre successfully won a Big Lottery grant of £64,860.

Gladstone needs your help again!

Offers of help and dates can be sent to

Page 3

It would be really great if there could be an input from every Group in the Area. There will be some way of recording all contributions to the project. All groups are stakeholders in Gladstone and we want to encourage ownership.

You may recall that the major work will be a professionally built agility course, refurbished John Clarke building with much better bunkhouse facilities, new furniture for the main hall and improved landscaping.

The dates that work parties will be held are: 5/6th April, 12/13th April, 19/20th April, 26/27th April, 3/4th May, 10/11th May

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

WSC has developed a highly successful programme to enable the start up of new Beaver and Cub sections either in new locations or to supplement an already existing Group. This initiative involves working with schools and requires some support from existing Leaders for a short period of time. The Development Officer undertakes the majority of the work but does require some support during the initial few weeks to ensure that the new Leadership team feel appropriately supported. The more people who volunteer to help in this limited period the less time each one will have to commit. In an ideal world there would be sufficient people to limit the involvement to just one or two extra evenings.

Each Development Officer is required to enable the opening of two new sections each school term. This could be the start of a new Scout Group or a new section within an existing Group. In addition they are required to work with two existing sections that are looking to increase the number of adults involved. Each term the Development Officer is required to recruit a minimum of 20 new adults (Leaders, Helpers or Committee Members). This is highly focussed work over a limited period but the Welsh Scout Council has good evidence that the programme works and is successful in attracting new adults into Scouting. Once recruited it is essential they are properly welcomed and then supported over the longer term.

The Welsh Scout Council (WSC) has recently attracted significant funding to enable it to employ three full time Development Officers working across Wales. This funding has been secured on the basis of achieving certain targets. Scouting offers a great programme but is not always able to deliver it in communities due to a shortage of adult volunteers. The Development Officer programme is one positive way in which to address this difficult issue.

Developing Scouting

Page 4

Clive Bracewell

The world of work has changed and with it has come the need for us to be more flexible in our recruitment. Some newly recruited adult volunteers will be prepared to give the amount of time many long standing Leaders have given to the Movement. However it is more likely that many will only stay whilst their children are involved. This means that the need to recruit is a continuing and ongoing process. Some new volunteers will not be able to come along every week but are able to commit to say every alternate week. Groups need to be flexible and capable of handling the different ways in which volunteers will commit their time. Being flexible means more opportunities for everyone.

The Development Team is tasked with working at Scout Group level to provide direct support to hard pressed existing volunteers. Your District Commissioner, working with the Area Commissioner and Field Commissioner will determine which Scout Groups or new locations the Development Officer will be assigned to. However we all want to work in co-operation with you so it is important that you take ownership for a project – you must want the support of a Development Officer if the process is to work effectively and benefit your Group. Talk to your District Commissioner about your development needs. It will not be possible to respond to everyone’s needs and requirements so there will inevitably be some who will not receive help and assistance – not because their need is less than anybody else’s but simply because the Development Officer resource is limited.

Obviously there is more development work to be done than there are available Officers and hours. Currently Clwyd has the support of Mark Winson who has worked in each District so will already be known to some of you.

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

Anne-Marie Roberts

Lets see who can be the next Queen’s Scout!

I’m very pleased to announce that three more Network members have just had confirmation that they will be receiving theirs very soon too so congratulations to Hannah Dooley, Chris Williams and Dan Campbell.

Page 9

As Hotliner goes to print, the intrepid two are in Nepal. To find out how they got on and to contribute to their fundraising for the Brick School visit their website:

Despite all this they are determined to make it to Everest and support their chosen charity, the Brick School, with as much determination and effort that they put into everything that they attempt.

Dorothy is joined by her Flint High School colleague Marjorie. Both are not keen on flying, which should make the long haul flight to Kathmandu interesting. Marjorie is terrified of heights and has to be forced to walk across anything that is six feet or more off the ground. Dorothy cannot cope with cows, yaks and bulls without breaking out in a panic stricken sweat.

Dorothy Jackson, the Clwyd Area Secretary, is undertaking her own adventure by trekking to Everest base camp at Easter to raise money for the brick school in Nepal.

We have already congratulated Chris Smith, James Graham and Helen Smith for gaining this award.

Area Secretary heads for Nepal

The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest youth award you can achieve in Scouting. Once the award has been achieved many opportunities will open up to you, including being able to take part in the National St George's Day Parade at Windsor Castle as well as having the opportunity to join the Queen's Scout

Working party. You will also be invited to receive your award at a National Queen's Scout Reception. Potential employers also look for the Queen's Scout Award on CV’s as it displays qualities such as teamwork and personal initiative.

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

All members of the Group will also be

The Group will be holding lots of celebrations this year to mark the occasion, including an exhibition on the 18th and 19th of April

2008 is going to be just as special for the members of the 1st Connah’s Quay Scout Group, who will be celebrating their Centenary. The Group was one of the first, if not the first Scout Group to be founded in the Area, way back in 1908.

Last year was a very special year for us all when Scouts around the globe celebrated the Centenary of Scouting.

Page 8

We’d love to hear your stories and celebrate with you!

Are any other Groups out there celebrating their Centenaries? If so please contact Moz, AAC Communications on 0777 xxxxxxx or via email:

wearing a special badge. The badge designing process was run as a competition, and each Section had a winner, then an overall winner was chosen to have their design made into the badge. The winner was Lewis Jones who is a member of the Mohawk Cub Pack.

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

Speaking of her appointment as DC for Flintshire Pat Royle said, “I'm very happy to be moving back to 'my home' District of Flintshire in the challenging role of District Commissioner. I feel that my role in training will enhance and compliment that of DC and I look forward to carrying on where May Castrey has left off.”

Area Commissioner David Jones has made several new Appointments to the Area team. Nicola Gamlen has been appointed Assistant Area Commissioner (Cub Scouts), Pat Royle takes over from May Castrey as District Commissioner for Flintshire, with May becoming chair of the Area Appointments Sub committee.. Another new appointment is Tamsin Harrison-Royle as Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts) for Flintshire.

New Appointments for Clwyd

Clockwise from top left: Tamsin Harrison-Royle, Pat Royle, May Castrey and Nicola Gamlen


Page 5

But we’d appreciate it if everyone could check that their details at

Halkyn Mountain Hawarden Mynydd Isa Sandycroft & Mancot Shotton Sychdyn Trefynnon Cyntaf

Some of the Groups we need details for are:

We’ve got most details thanks to people emailing in, but there’s a few blanks.

I’m trying to update details of which nights Groups meet and what colour necker they wear for the Clwyd Area website.

Group Details

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

Things like the Jamboree got in the way of holding another meeting, but we’re going to try to hold another meeting sometime in April.

Last year we held a very successful meeting of Leaders and Commissioners with the Explorer Scout Section. 16 people attended with representatives from every Scout District. It was the first time we’d actually got all of the DESCs to sit down together!

Calling all Explorers

Page 6

To find out more and to be put on the mailing list (Explorer Scouts themselves can be added too) contact the Welsh Scout Council on 01446 795277, or visit

Team X is a Wales-wide Young Leaders Unit that puts on YL training all over Wales as well as providing a service team for the All Wales Scout Camp and Wales Cub Fun Day. It’s also a great way for Explorer Scouts in rural areas to meet other Explorers from across Wales.

Team X

The idea of the meeting will be to get At a recent meeting of the Clwyd Area Team all in Exit was agreed that it should be the aim for all plorer adults in Scouting in Clwyd to complete CRB Scouts in checks by the end of 2008. Clwyd together twice Until now only new adults have done the a year to look at whether we need Area Exchecks, but it is now considered best practice plorer Scout events, to discuss issues effectfor those who had joined before the CRB ing Explorer Scouting, and also to be a link system came in to undergo the checks. This between Clwyd and the Wales Explorer includes all trustees and officers eg Group Scout Team and Wales Explorer Scout FoChairmen, Secretaries and Treasurers etc. rum.

CRB checks for all

If you don’t hear anything about the meeting and don’t have access to the internet, but would still like to be involved, give Moz a ring on xxxxxxx.

If your details are listed in MyBackpack as being an ESL, AESL, DESC or DESL then you’ll be posted details of the meeting when a date and venue has been agreed. Details will also be posted on the Clwyd website.

In a slight change of format that will see Explorer Scouts themselves attending the meeting, we now want 2 reps from every Explorer Scout Unit in the Area to attend - at least one should be an Explorer Scout.

Clwyd Area Scouts


April 2008

Pat Royle .uk training@clw

at Royle, se contact P a le p s le ro n - no these bout any of - no obligatio a t a re o ch l m a ut rm o To find for an info g Manager, Area Trainin , just suss it out! aps tricks - no tr

Presenter Facilitator visor Training Ad anager t) Training M tr Local (Dis ic Training Administrator t) Local (Distric dministrator A g in in ra Area T Manager g in in ra T Area

ge haven’t ur W ood Bad Group or Leaders who yo ed n ai g 1. have you ders in your got new Lea u ? yo e av H 2. t it’s all about ir training? ssistant find out wha A to r u ng yo yi r finished the tr o s ill ders st Leader w ea e L n w r u ne yo r u e 3. Are yo encourag ten help and 4. Do you of w skills? ur Leaders ne yo g Leaders? in h ac te d yourself lenge? 5. Do you fin e a new chal lik u yo ld ou 6. W “buzz”? u like a new yo ld ou W 7. estions, t e of these qu on t as le t a to wered “yes” If you’ve ans on… d ea R u. n. r yo ing dimensio his may be fo aining-learn tr e th in l fil roles to ts of exciting There are lo a few: st These are ju

these t a o g a Have ?

r e n r o C z Qui ions: few quest

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Hotliner - April 2008  

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Hotliner - April 2008  

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