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e all know the classic routine: lecture-homework-study-test, lecturehomework-study-te st... It's something most of us will do for 4+ years on our road to sure fame and fortune. By the time we·re Seniors, it's something we can do in our sleep and some of us do. Occasionally, there•s a weekend party or road trip to St. Louis to break up the monotony. There are some things every student sees-ME 104, the Puck, the Registrar•s office, and increasing tuition bills. But, then again, there are many things that not everyone who attends UMR sees. The blue glow of the nuclear reactor, the often felt and heard explosions at the Explosives Research Center, the inside of Dr. Park•s office, are a few examples. This year the Rollamo staff and I challenged ourselves to show you some of the lighter, happier, and perhaps, more interesting moments of life at UMRolla, we•re going to explore the other side of classwork, tests, and finals and try to capture the more lively and exotic events that occur in the city we live in. A city called Rolla.

T h e UMR R o u t i n e 8:00am

Wake up for 8:30 class after hitting snooze 7 times.


Shower, dress, grab a Fountain Dew, go.


Race into class just as the professor is erasing the first board of notes off the chalkboard.


Open notebook after deciding that today's lecture is worth the effort of taking notes. Pop the top on the Fountain Dew. (Feel free to insert your caffeinated beverage of choice in place of Fountain Dew.)


Your eyes are beginning to feel heavy. Take a swig of Fountain Dew.


1 st head bob. Instantly, you jerk awake and scribble a few lines of notes. Take a swig of Fountain Dew.


You check your watch and roll your eyes realizing that you must endure at least 21 minutes of torture.


2 nd


3 rct


4'h head bob. Down and out for the count. NAP ON!


You awake to the sound of books slamming shut, zippers zipping , and the professor announcing a quiz over the material at the end of the lecture.


You make it through the rest of your classes without sleeping or being totally awake.

1 :30-4:20

The traditional marathon lab with the lab T.A. who obviously reads the lab manual as often as you do.


Dinner (i.e. something nuked, burned , or fried.)

head bob. Scribble a few more notes. Gulp Fountain Dew.

head bob. Put down your pencil , stretch , finish Fountain Dew.


Put plate and dishes with their companions in the sink. Check MTV or Nightly News. VEG OUT!

6:30pm 8:00pm

Society meeting, lab group meeting, or date with significant other. Say hello to Mr. Homework.


Potty break. Grab caffeinated beverage.


Hit the books. Tell the dude next door to turn down stereo or put on better music.


Major munchie/chocolate attack.

10:00 pm

Return to homework. Attempt first problem out of 42 assigned.

10:40 pm

Out of frustration, call friend for help.

11 :15 pm

Get off phone after yaking about everything but homework.

11 :20 pm

Continue to attempt homework.

11:30 pm

Check TV.

12:00 am

Give up on homework and TV. Decide to find a file or friend to copy from tomorrow.

12:10 am

Find a party.

12:15 am

Engage in party activities. (i.e. lampshade on head, marker on face, etc.)

2:30 am

Leave party.


Get home. Wake up roommate after stubbing toe on a chair.


Go to bed. Set alarm for 7:00am.

[Disclaimer: The author is not insinuating that classes at UMR are boring or that professors are nogs. This cycle may not apply to everyone but after 3+ years at UMR, it is definitely a noticeable pattern. The author makes no implied warranties or guarantees--what-you-see-is-what-youget. Expect nothing more, get nothing less.]

There are some places on campus where you can momentarily forget the hustle and bustle of classes and tests. Above: The blue glow of UM R's nuclear reactor is one the more beautiful sites on campus. Above right: Light blue cold plasma is used in thin film studies at the MRC. Right: With a warm smile Chancellor Park welcomes visitors to his office.

1992 UMR Men's Cross Country Team: Eric Achelpohl, !Jon Andrews, Jason Bonilla, Brian Collingham, Bob Etien, Dirk Frisbee, Travis Irvin, Kerry Kimmel, Kevin Schwalje, James Stanfield, Damon Stewart, Justin Teiken, Steve Young, Head Coach Sarah Preston.



Cougar Classic Southern Stampede UMC Invitational SMS Invitational Miner Invitational MIAA Championships Great Lakes Regional

5/9 11/12 517 7/10 8/13 7/8


Harriers Gain Experience The men's cross country team did not win any meets this fall, but did gain some valuable experience for next year. With the loss of last years top runners, Steve Hostetter and Ron Kochanowicz, the Miners hoped to build a stronger team for next season. The majority of the team was comprised of sophomores and freshmen with the exception of Kerry Kimmel and Dirk Frisbee. James Stanfield and Damon Stewart returned as the most experienced of the second-year performers. Before the season began, Head Coach Sarah Preston was expecting big things from newcomer Bob Etien. Bob made an impressive showing in his first collegiate meet by finishing the six-kilometer race in a time of 21 minutes, 11 seconds. Following the meet, Preston was quoted as saying, "Bob lived up to his expectations." Without a doubt the men's cross country most valuable player this year was freshman Bob Etien, the top runner in all but one meet. Bob also had a good showing at the MIAA Championships with a 24th place finish.

Above: Just out from the starting line, Kerry Kimmel vies for position at the Miner Invitational.

Above: As three other runners try to keep pace, James Stanfield turns on the afterburners. Left: Arms pumping, Stewart Damon struggles to obtain a second wind. Far Left: Headed for home, Dirk Frisbee grins in anticipation as team ate James Stanfield grimaces and tries to catch up.

1992 UMR iWomen's Cross Country Team: Beck Chrisfield, Gina Turner, Carla Wiebe, Becky Wilson, Head Coach Sarah Preston.



Cougar Classic Southern Stampede UMC Invitational SMS Invitational Miner Invitational MIAA Championships Great Lakes Regional

5/9 6/6 Incomplete Incomplete Incomplete Incomplete Incomplete

Trying Season for Ladies• Squad Despite a lack of runners, the women's cross country team still represented UMR in various races this year. The Lady Miners did not field a complete team for all but two meets this year. For this reason, they didn't receive team scores or places at many meets, but competed for individual places and gained experience. For the second consecutive season, Becky Wilson was the most valuable player for the women's cross country team. Becky was top runner at every meet and finished 13th at the MIAA Championships. The highlight of her season was at the Miner Invitational where she finished in a time of 19 minutes, 1 second, which was good for third place all-time at UMR for the five-kilometer race. Hopefully, the team's dedication will be rewarded next year with high scores and places. Most of the runners will be back next year, and with the addition of a few more, a full team will be in order.

Above: In a focused state, Gina Turner tries to maintain a rigorous pace.

Above: With company knocking on her back door, Becky Chrisfield prepares to try to ditch her trailer.

Right: Carla Wiebe looking solid in the Miner Invitational in which she eventually finished second among the UMR runners with a time of 21:30 .

Above: Carla Wiebe pushes herself towards the finish line. Left: Gina Turner, one of UMR's top runners, shows the concentration and effort necessary to finish well.

Victories Elude Miners

UMR Football. Row #1: Jarret Dace, Chad Hamilton, Don Huff(Co-

Capt. ), Brett Goodman( Co-Capt.), Chris Alverson, Curt Courtney, Chris Kennedy, Sh wn O'Donnell, Mike Wise( Co-Capt.), Fred F' nley. Row #2: Steve Howard, Rick Henry, Chris Brownell, Matt Schwen , Reil Barron, Craig Soren en, Jason Illum, Tom DeGonia, J.D. Stephney, Pat Risner(Co-Capt.). Row #3: Chad Salli, Ted Button, Tahon Edwards, Chris Shore, Brian Tilley, Brian Krzeminski, Louis Hickman, Brad Lind, Brad Kloeppel, Ed Reichert. Row #4: Jon King, Bill Smith, Jim VanAcker, Rob lves, Joe Knapp, Matt Henry, Darin Nix Seth Burns, Joe Sousa, E 'vind Listerud. Row #5: Jeremy Green, Robb Graves, Matt Matthews, Moody, Jason Crawford, Scott Cham ers, Danny Simpson, Don Richards, Don Taggart. Row #6: Jim Jaegers, David Barr, Jeff Hirtz, C ris Ward, Jerry Wallock, Brian Alfredson, poug Fulton, Brian Fortel a, Gary Lange. Row #7: Greg Smith, Monty Conner, Geoff DuBoise, Mike Potts, Chris Sangster, Kevin Davis, Jeff Buss, Marcus Ricks. Row 8: Don Weindel, Marcus McManus, Kevi Hug, Sean Huggans, J roes Thomasee. Row #9: Doug Grooms, D.C. Look, Les Boyum, Brad Moppins, Jim Anderson, Charlie Finley, Travis Boulware.




Iowa Wesleyan Murray State Northwest Missouri Pittsburg State Missouri Western Missouri Southern Emporia State Washburn Central Missouri Southwest Baptist Northeast Missouri

27 0 14 3 21 13 6 26 0 7 14

26 36 29 45 28 33 35 21 17 17 36

Overall Record Conference

2-9-0 1-8-0

The UMR football team entered the 1992 season looking to keep the momentum oflast years convincing turnaround under the direction of new Head Coach Jim Anderson. It didn't take long to see the Miners in true form as they got even with Iowa Wesleyen in the season opener after a controversial call in their game last year. The team pulled off one of the top comebacks in the history of the program as they rallied from a 19-point deficit to upend Iowa Wesleyan 27-26. However, it wasn't long before injuries had plagued the team. Due to Mike Wise's injuries, Joe Knapp had to assume the duties of quarterback and did a respectable job. The untimely injuries in addition to several errors led the Miners to a sixgame losing streak eventually snapped with a win over Washburn. Despite the struggle, many players had solid seasons. Wide receiver Chris Alverson finished the season with 50 receptions, good for third in the MIAA, for 729 yards and six touchdowns. Alverson closed his career finishing third on the UMR all-time receiving list with 122 receptions for 1632 yards. Five team members were named to the MIAA all-conference team, led by secondteamers Chris Alverson and Pat Risner. Jerry W allock, Brett Goodman and Matt Henry were third-team all-conference selections. In addition, Don Huff and Eivind Listerud were first-team and Pat Risner was second-team all-district. Huff also earned additional honors, as he was named to the Academic All-America first-team for the second consecutive season.

Left: Wide receiver Chris Alverson makes it look easy as he is about to complete a pass from quarterback Curt Courtney. Below: As the Miner offense lines up, quarterback Curt Courtney tries to read the defense.

Left: A focused Fred Finley prepares to take the field.

Right: With no one near him, Matt Henry sprints downfield. Below: Curt Courtney lets the ball loose just in time a s an opposing player gets ready to pounce on him.

Left: Matt Henry gets some

rest as he intently watches the action on the field.

Below: As the Washburn defense pressures, quarterback Joe Knapp puts up a pass.

Right: Kevin Hug gets set to throw a shoulder in an attempt to gain some extra yards.

Above: As the Northeast players look on, a wide open Chris Alverson is in place to receive a pass. Right: Following a failed first down attempt, punter Chris Shore serves up a delivery.

Above: Playing for the injured Mike Wise, quarterback Joe Knapp tosses a pass to an open receiver downfield. Top: After gaining a few yards on the ground, Joe Knapp is swarmed by a couple of Northeast Missouri players.

1992 UMR Men's Soccer Team: Erik Anderson, Rol:l Bartel, Dan Blevins, Pat :Brennan, Sean Bulla, Jim Chapman, Nazaru in Chesalleh, Bill Faherty,iPhil Hahn, Scott Harrison, Kalim Jacobs, & dy Jenkins, Jay Kniker, ared Lewis, Jeff Schaefer, Pat Snider, Byro Yeung, Head Coach Eric S:wanbeck.




New Hampshire College Missouri Southern Wisconsin-Parkside Lincoln McKendree Drury Missouri-St. Louis St. Joseph's (Ind.) Columbia College Lindenwood Lewis Denver Southwest Missouri Bellarmine Missouri Valley Kentucky Wesleyan Northeast Missouri

2 2

6 1 6

Final Record


0 4 1 0 0

w 1 4 1


3 3 4 Forfeit 2

1 2



1 1 3 1 0


0 2

0 2

Miners Endure Another .. Transition Year .. At the beginning of the UMR men's soccer team season, secondyear Head Coach Eric Swanbeck said he hoped that a mix of experienced returning players and talanted newcomers could turn around last seasons record quickly. Even though the team only scored a few more victories it gained valuable experience in a season which Swanbeck viewed as another "transition year". A solid core of players returned for the season led by Jim Chapman, UMR' s leading scorer from last year. However, the team was comprised of a roster of only 14 players. Even so the Miners were able to better last years mark and finished short of .500 by one game. The highlight of the season was the win over Missouri Southern. The Miners pulled off one of the most incredible victories in the histor "fthe program. Jim Chapman scored with ten seconds remaining in regulation play to take the game into overtime, and the two teams played scoreless through two overtime periods when Scott Harrison scored with three seconds remaining. Chapman also scored three goals in a win over Lindenwood. Jim Chapman was named to the all-midwest region first team. He led the Miners in scoring this season with seven goals and four assists. He is the fourth Miner player to receive all-region honors in the past three years.

Left: As Bill Faherty takes a direct kick, the rest of the team makes its way towards the net.

Above: Scott Harrison uses his quickness to make his way toward the net.

Left: With an opposing player apparently injured at midfield, Jay Knicker sets out towards an open field.

Above: Scott Harrison gets set to launch the ball in an attempt to reach an open player up field.

Right: With a look of determination, Scott Harrison throws the ball back into play.

Left: Trying to keep the ball under control, N azarudin Chesalleh gets ready to take on an opposing player. Below: Jay Kniker launches the ball upfield while keeping it from going out of bounds.

1992 UMR Women's Soccer Team: Cathy Carlisle, Francie Hilding, Stephanie Ingalls, Chrissy Isreal, Tracy Kopetski, Tricia K ne, Cathlin Maloney Katie Mastennan, Julie Maurer, Carolyn Mi ski, Melissa Moore, Passanise, Cynthia Peters, Kristen Stroik, Head Coach Eric Swanbe k.





Missouri Baptist Maryville Univ. Missouri Baptist Lindenwood SIU-Edwardsville Wheeling St. Francis Washington Univ. Drury Westminster Missouri-St. Louis St. Joseph's Northeast Missouri William Woods Southern Indiana Bellarmine Missouri Valley Quincy

2 2 0 1 0 0 3 0 1 4 0 0 0 3 2 0 0 0

0 1 0 4 3

Final Record



1 1 0 0 2 4 6 1 0 1 1 4

Lady Miners Accomplish Convincing Turnaround Mter going 1-14-2 for the past two seasons the Lady Miner soccer team was finally able to turn it around. This was due in large part to a core of new players which made the team more offensive-minde d than in recent years. In the past the team was playing defense 90 percent ofthe time. The top newcomers were Stephanie Ingalls, Katie Masterson, Julie Maurer and Tracy Kopetzki. There were many highlights during the season. Freshman Chrissy Isreal scored three goals in a 4-0 win over Westminster. This was the first three-goal performance by a UMR player since 1988. The win over William Woods was the first in school history for a Lady Miner team over that opponent. The Lady Miners finished the season with the best record for a UMR women's team since 1986. The team also set a mark of most wins by a Lady Miner squad in six years. The leading scorer was Chrissy Isreal with five goals and five assists. The future looks very bright indeed for the Lady Miner soccer team.

Left: Tracy Kopetski works hard to keep an opponent from stealing the ball.

Above: Angie Passanise does a good job of applying defensive pressure as she lunges towards the ball. Left: Melissa Moore keeps an opposing player from getting near her own net.

Right: Tricia Kuhne makes her way toward the center of the field as an opposing player tries to keep up with her.

Above: Melissa Moore concentrates while trying to direct her centering pass. Right: With opposing players in hot pursuit, Melissa Moore pushes the ball up the field.

Above: Mter a tough game, all the players shake hands. Top: All alone, Cathlin Maloney prepares to launch the


Miners Live up to Expectations

UMR Men's Basketball. Front: Donnie Brown, Chris awson, Mike Parmeley, A sistant Coach Don Morris, Head Coach Dale Martin, Assistant Coach Todd Franklin, Bill Jolly, Jon Huecker, Eric Kearbey. Back: Jason Piepho, Ryan Wade, Rod Jackson, Todd Weaver, James Sinner Jamie Brueggeman Larry Smith Chris Gordon Chris Henry ' ' ' ' ' Terry Harton.




Arkansas Baptist Florida Tech. South Carolina Spartanburg Evansville Arkansas College Webster Drury Northern Arizona Michigan Tech. West Texas State Southwest Baptist Missouri Western Missouri-St. Louis Central Missouri Missouri Southern Pittsburg State Southwest Baptist Lincoln Missouri-St. Louis Washburn Missouri Southern Pittsburg State Lincoln Northwest Missouri Emporia State Northeast Missouri

133 103 74 73 97 119 94 95 67 67 80 90 86 96 63 83 63 97 89 77 80

85 85 82 82 85 47 82 85 79 84 68 76 65 93 90 79 79 92 81 74 85 80 86 103 84 66

Overall Record



84 100 102 80

After all the success the men's basketball team had last season, many things were expected of them this time around. The Miners were picked to finish third again in the MIAA in a pre-season poll. With 10 lettermen back in the fold for the season, the Miners were up for challenge. UMR opened up the season in record-setti ng fashion in a 133-85 rout over Arkansas Baptist. The Miners set five new school records, tied a sixth and broke a conference record in the process. The team made 19 three-pointe rs and broke the MIAA record. Bill Jolly became the MIAA's all-time leader in successfull three-point shots, while Chris Dawson became the 15th player in UMR history to pass the 1000 point mark for his career. The highlight of the season was undoubted ly the win over Washburn, ranked number two in NCAA Division II, at home. The Miners held off a late charge by 1 Washburn to secure the victory. Many records were set in this exciting season including that of , Bill Jolly becoming the school's alltime leading scorer when he broke Curtis Gibson's record of 1,534 points in a win over Southwest Baptist. Bill Jolly was chosen to the 1993 Division II All-America third team. He is the all-time leading scorer at UMR with 1,920 points, led the MIAA in scoring with an average of 22.4 points per game, finished in fifth place on the MIAA's all-time scoring list and set ten school records.


Above: On the fast break, Chris Henry leads the pack and lays one up for the Miners. Left: As the team gathers in a circle, Head Coach Dale Martin goes over the game plan.

Above: With two defenders in his face, Donnie Brown powers the ball towards the basket. Upper Right: Chris Dawson shoots from the top of the key. Right: Donnie Brown rises high above a cluster of defenders as he puts up a jump shot.

Below: As two defenders watch hopelessly, Chris Dawson makes a basket.

Above: Mter completing the three point play, Bill Jolly points toward the crowd in celebration.

Lady Miners Continue to Contend

UMR Women's Basketball. Front: Chris Bohannon, Iiams, Kerri eSchepper, Assistant Coach Terri Schris Student Assistant Coach Sarah Conyers, Patti Wright, tacy Mathes, Student Assistant Coach Cathlin Maloney, Wende Watkin , Lorie White. Back: Amy G isler, Head Coach Linda Roberts, Maja Lun een, Katherine Kersten, Joee Kvetensky, Julie Maurer, Erika Nelson, Korena Stevens, He ther Wells.




Oklahoma City Quincy Missouri Western SIU-Edwardsville Kansas State William Jewell Missouri Baptist Lindenwood Quinnipiac Florida Southern Southwest Baptist Missouri Western Missouri-St. Louis Central Missouri Missouri Southern Pittsburg State Southwest Baptist Lincoln Missouri-St. Louis Washburn Missouri Southern Pittsburg State Lincoln Northwest Missouri Emporia State Northeast Missouri

59 60

67 56 70 75 70 69 50 51 56 63 60 57 72 66 66 77 75 58 56 68

Overall Record


65 59 75 68 53 68 52 77

55 83 73 63 68 69 73 54 53 52 53 69 72 75 75

Mter a stong season last year, much was expected of the Lady Miners for the 1992-93 season. Even though only one starter returned, that being Stacy Mathes, the women's basketball team stepped up to the challange and finished the season with a winning record. It was the fifth straight winning season for the Lady Miners, the first time that has ever occurred. The team's winatCentralMissouriState was their first ever. UMR was 8-8 in the MIAA and made the MIAA Post-Season Tournament for the fifth consecutive year. J oee Kvetensky turned in some solid performances during the season. Kvetensky was named MVP of the Cox Cable Classic tournament early in the season. She also had a career high 28 points against Emporia State. In addition, Kvetensky set the single season school record for points scored in a season with 489.


75 44 63 53 59


Above: Chris Bohannon lets go a jump shot.

Left: Korena Stevens puts up the easy lay up as she leads the Miners on the fast break. Below: During a timeout, Head Coach Linda Roberts offers the team a few pointers to improve their play.

Left: Team Captain Stacy Mathes concentrates as she is about to shoot a free throw.

Right: Driving through tough traffic near the baseline , Joee Kvetensky works for two points against William Jewel.

Above: Playing tough man-to-man defense, Erika Nelson pressures an opposing player to pass.

Right: Katherine Kersten easily breaks through William Jewel's defense to score the easy two points.


Left: After inbounding the ball, Katherine Kersten makes her way up the court. Below: Amidst a couple of defenders, Katherine Kersten puts up the quick shot.

Left: After Joee Kvetensky and an opposing player collide, Heather Wells tries to maintain control of the ball.

Swimmers Continue to Soak up Success UMR Swimming. Front: Assistant Coach Doug Grooms, Brian Ramsey, Pete Baums ark, Mark Cresswell, David Cadoff, Chris Barnett, Jay Meyers, Ma k Munoz, Mike Holm. Back: Assistant <Coach Darke Milankovic, Jon Ludlow, Keith Pimmel, Keith Thompson, Ed Midden, J effWinslow, Travis McGee, Wade Haggstrom, Bill Elmore, Brad Cozad, Rob Hagan, Head Coach Mark Mullin.




Missouri-St. Louis Washington Univ. Washington Univ. Relays Northeast Missouri Arkansas-Little Rock Missouri Invitational Missouri-St. Louis Sarasota Invitational Relays Austin Henderson Arkansas-Little Rock Missouri-Columbia Northeast Missouri Washington Univ. Invitational Millikan Principia Mideast Regional Championship

121 129 1st 126 118 4th 122 1st 79 79 75 67 120 1st 126 112 1st

73 94

Dual Record


73 83 69 14 82 20 149 73 74 44

Even with the loss of JeffKuta, a five-time All-America award winner, the Miner swimming team continued to taste success in the water. The main reason for the team's success has been its im roved depth, which translates into a lot of second and third place finishes in addition to first place finishes. Head Coach Mark Mullin's goal for the season was to win the Mideast Regional Championships. It was a great year for the Miner swimming team, as UMR finished dual meet competition with a 10-2 record and then took first in the Mideast Regional Championships for the first time since 1989. There was also a historic moment at the Show-Me Invitational in which freshman Rob Hagan was reunited with his triplet brothers, and the three swam the first leg for their respective schools in the 400-yard freestyle relay. Mark Cresswell was outstanding this season as he was close to the national meet cuts since the first month of the season. He qualified for the national meet with a time of 4:07.75 in the 400-individual medley. The team eventually finished 21st at the NCAA Division II Championships. In addition to being one of the top teams strictly in the water, the Miners also had outstanding performances in the classroom. For the sixth time in the past seven years the swimming team was named to the All-Academic team.

Above: Springing from his block, Brad Cozad gets ready to increase the Miner lead.

Left: Peter Baumstark pulls ahead in the backstroke competition.

Above: Watching helplessly from the sidelines, Head Coach Mark Mullin tries to offer encouragement to his team. Top: As he begins his portion of the relay com-

petition, Mark Munoz attempts to make up ground on his opponents.

Right: Gasping for a breath of air, Keith Thompson adds to his lead.

Above: Arms stretched out in front of him, Brad Cozad (second from right) prepares to enter the water. Top: Scott Tonkins hardly breaks his rhythm as he catches his breath.

Miners Struggle Through Season UMR Basetiall. Front: Mike Barr, Nathan Wade, Chao Salli, Todd Rastorfer, Jeff Wilson, Pete Mueller, Nick Winkelman. iddle: Jason Hinson, Jeremy White, Tom Hasenstab, Chad Fuesting, Chris Ryan, Tim Pruett, Jeff Shook. Back: Head Coach Travis Boulware, Assistant Coach Brian Zoltowsk.i, Chris Leaton, Jeff Mitchell, Steve Zoll, Brett Felton, Eric ~prings, Glen Shonkwiler. Not pictured: Gary Hubbard, Darin Nix.




Coll. of the Ozarks Coll. of the Ozarks Central Missouri Washburn Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Missouri Southern Missouri Southern Missouri Southern Quincy Quincy Harris-Stowe Harris-Stowe Missouri-St. Louis Missouri-St. Louis Missouri-St. Louis Quincy Quincy Southwest Baptist Southwest Baptist

9 9 2 2

13 5

Overall Record 4-16-1 MIAA 2-10-1


5 5 8 4 10 4 6 11

2 0 3 1 4 8 1 1


12 0 9 1 10 11

10 10 7

9 15 3 4 20 15 19 4 8

Mter last season's improvement, Head Coach Travis Boulware was optimistic that the Miners could continue their upswing. However, UMR finished the rain-shortened season with an eight game losing streak. The major culprits during the year were a lack of strong pitching and erratic defensive play. Miner pitchers allowed the opposition to bat .318 against them and had a team ERA of 8.34. Defensively the Miners committed 59 errors in 21 games. Despite the struggle, UMR did get solid seasons from several players. Rightfielder Chris Leaton led the team in hitting with a .357 average while Tom Hasenstab had a strong finish to raise his average to .290. On the diamond, Tim Pruett led Miner pitchers in wins with two before suffering a season-ending knee injury. Jeff Mitchell had the lowest ERA among Miner hurlers at 4.99, and Steve Zoll threw the team's lone shutout in a win over Lincoln. Chris Leaton was selected to the MIAA all-conference second team as an outfielder, and pitcher Jeff Mitchell earned All-Academic honors.

Above: UMR catcher Darin Nix tags out a Harris-Stowe runner at the plate.

Another Year of Success UMR Softball. Front: Teri Marvich, Kristan King, Traci Keen, Jenny Crede, Nicki Wray, Christy Cheeley, Rachel Evans. Back: Head Coach Lisa Burwell, Dyan Risher, helly Backues, Amy Buttimer, Stacey <rranmer, Mary Rohrbacker, Ap 路 Buesch, Valerie Osborn, Assistant Coach T res a Dickenson. Not pictured路 Assistant Coach David Burwell, Stephanie Ingalls.





Mississippi Univ. Mississippi Univ. St. Francis (Ind.) St. Francis (Ind. ) Lake Forest Eureka Eureka Lake Forest Winona State Beloit Ind.-Pur.-Ft. Wayne St. Ambrose Pittsburg State Lincoln Southwest Baptist Missouri Southern Missouri-St. Louis Westminster Westminster Simpson Oklahoma City Central Missouri Southern Indiana Lincoln Missouri-St. Louis Lindenwood Lindenwood Columbia College Columbia College Pittsburg State Missouri Southern Southwest Baptist Missouri Baptist St. Louis St. Louis Washburn Missouri Western Missouri Baptist Missouri Baptist Missouri-Kansas City Missouri-Kansas City

2 0 2 19 1 3 14 .3 11 2 3 2 1

0 11 1 2 5 2 0 0 1 1 8 3 8 3 3 3 4 1 3 1 11 1 5 1 5 3 6 3 4 3 8 5 0 9 2 5 4 0 6 2 3

22-19-0 Overall Record MIAA 3-7-0




7 1 0 8 1 3 4 2 2 6 0 7 7 0 5 0 1 3 10 6 0 1 0 15 11

3 5

With the combination of experienced players and talented newcomers, Head Coach Lisa Burwell was looking forward to the season. The Lady Miner softball team finished its season with winning record but only went 3-7-0 in the MIAA. Two players were named to the all-conference team for the 1993 season. Dyan Risher earned firstteam All-MIAA honors as an outfielder. She was the leading hitter for the Lady Miners with a .382 average and lead the team in six other offensive categories. Kristan King was selected to the second team as an outfielder and hit .311. Several other Lady Miners had solid seasons. The best earned run average was posted by Mary Rohrbacker with a 1.96 to go with an 8-7 record. In addition, pitcher Jenny Crede had 8 victories for most on the staff. In addition to being successfull on the playing field, UMR also had outstanding performances in the classroom. Christy Cheeley, Jenny Crede and Kristan King earned AllAcademic honors.

Left: Following through on her delivery, Mary Mary Rohrbacker fills her role as one of the top pitchers for the Lady Miners. Stephanie Below: Ingalls gets ready t o make another routine out at first base.

Left: Nicki Wray keeps h er eyes on the ball as she goes for the extra base.

Right: After gammg another victory, the Lady Miners gather round for the celebration. Below: As the delivery makes its way to the plate, Christy Cheeley sets up in case the ball comes her way.

Above: Poised on the edge of the bag, Dyan Risher waits for the pitcher to release the ball to make her break toward home. Left: About to release the ball, Jenny Crede concentrates on keeping it low.

Rugby Squad Gets Down and Dirty UMRRugb)'t. Front: John FitzSimmons, Robin Winskett, amie Haantz. Middle: Trajs Helms, Eric Allen, Ashley Goverro, Bol:) Long, Kevin Robertson. Back: Rob Hormell, Steve Owens, Pete W hmeyer, Jon Anders, Sam Welge, Jason Lewis, Aaron Kempfer, Andy Martine, Chad Borah, Rob Flugate. Not pictured: John Lehmbeck, Jay Kladiva.

The UMR Rugby team had another successfull season. The team scored wins over Ft. Wood, West Plains and Central Missouri, while a loss to Langenburg kept the squad out of the Western Regionals. Due to injuries and academics, anumber of players didn't play during all or part of the season. However, the class ofnewcomers looks very promISing.

The team is looking forward to next year when Professor Miller takes over as coach. His experience is bound to give the Rugby squad the edge they need to remain competative. Professor Miller's years of experience come from playing rugby in Europe and Africa. In order to balance work with play, the UMR Rugby team also held many social events during the season. Everyone agreed that they had a good time, either from the meetings, get-togethers or wing teas at six in the morning.

Above: Sam Welge towers off his opponent to win the line-out for UMR.

Left: An opposing player passes the ball before UMR's Robin Winslett takes him down. Below: UMR getting the ball out quick, a key to overloading opponents.

Left: UMR showing total concentration as the ball is about to be put in play.

Right: Andy Martine drives past an opposing rugger. Below: John FitzSimmons pitches out the ball to the backfield to start UMR's offensive.

Above: John FitzSimmons and UMR binding in to start play with a serum-down.

Above: The game gets extremely physical soon after it begins.

.. ..


. . --. ... ;'fJ4, 路 I




Left: Bodies flying everywhere is a typical sight at a rugby game .

Above: Mter a grueling match, the two teams shake hands in friendship.

Right: Rising to the occasion in the mud, UMR's scrumees seek to gain control of the ball.

Below: UMR players and spectators enjoy the game.

Above: A shot of the sidelines with players and fans alike.

Left: Upon kicking it out oftheir end, the UMR team pursues the ball.

Miners Take Step in the Right Direction UMR Tenni • Front: Eric Cloud, Jay Hertel, Ryan Saffek Back: Josh Prince, Jim Fiechtl, Aaron Otten, Head Coach Todd Franklin, Mark Hughes.




Central Methodist Maryville Univ. Northeast Missouri Westminster Northwest Missouri Missouri-St. Louis Central Methodist Westminster MIAA Championships

4 4

5 2

0 8 0 3 5 5 717

9 1

Overall Record


7 6 4 4

Mter failing to win a match during the 1992 season, the UMR tennis team finished at the .500 mark for the season with a 5-4 win over Westminster in the last regular season match. Unfortunately for the Miners, the success did not carry over into the MIAA Championships, where they finished last among seven participants. The team had solid performances in singles competition from firstyear team members Jim Fiechtl and Eric Cloud. The doubles team of Mark Hughes-Ryan Saffels was also a consistent winner during the year. Two UMR tennis players were recognized for their success in the classroom as well. Aaron Otten and Josh Prince earned All-Academic honors.

Above: Following through on a stong return, Jay Hertel gives the extra effort to help the team.

Above: Jim Fiechtl follows through with his powerful backhand. Above Left: Mter racing towards the ball, Aaron Otten hits another crosscourt winner. Left: With a determined look on his face, Jay Hertel sets up for a big return.

Team Starts to Mature

UMR Golf. Front: Brian Haggard, Eric Ziegels, Jason Hudson. Back: Head Coach A. C. Mercier, Ryan Morris, Troy Pinkerton, MiKe Stambaugh.



Crossroads of America (Joplin) Central Missouri State Tournament Riverman Invitational Ramada Inn Invitational UMR Best Ball Tournament MIAA Championships

8/20 15/23 7/19 8/9 3/3 11/ 11

The golf season at UMR came to an end as the Miners finished in eleventh place at the MIAA Championships at the Oaks Course at Tan-Tar-A, Lake ofthe Ozarks. The Miner team finished in the middle of the pack in most of their meets. Brian Haggard had another great season as he tied for second overall with a score of 150 and missed getting a medal by one shot in the Ramada-Inn Invitational. He was also the top performer for the Miners in the MIAA Championships as he shot a 245 for 54 holes. The team finished third in the UMR Best Ball Tournament. Brian Haggard and Ryan Morris each shot a 155 over ~e two-day event, with Morris checking in with a 76 on the first day. Haggard shot a 74 the following day.

Above: Team MVP Brian Haggard carefully reads the green before attempting a birdie putt.

Left: Jason Hudson takes one last look at his target before hitting the ball at the UMR Best Ball Tournament. Below: Following through on a clean stroke, Brian Haggard looks far in the distance, hoping to see his ball landing neatly on the green.

Individual Successes Galore

UMR Men's and Women's Track and Field. Row #1: Coach Sarah Preston,Polly Robinson,Brandi Smith,Becky Wilson,Lu i Minor ,Kim Morris. Row #2: Dyan Risher,Kerry Kimmel. Row #3: Brandon Graham,Yen Collier,Marcus Ricks,Kim Finke,Korena ,Stevens,Maja Lundeen. Row #4: Pat Risner,Kevin Schwalje,Rob Ve~derwall,Ty Morris,Marc McManus,James Stanfield. Row #5: Scott 1W erner,Craig Sorensen, Steve Young,Scott Harrison,Jon Andrews,Justin Teiken. Row #6 : Jason Oarter,Tom O'Neill,Mike Provence,Jeffi Hurt,David Borrok,Steve Hostetter,Coach Les Boyum.



MIAA Championships (Women) Central Missouri State MIAA Championships (Women) Central Missouri State


MIAA Championships (Men) Central Missouri State MIAA Championships (Men) Central Missouri State

9/9 6/9 7/9

The men's and women's UMR track and field teams had very successful seasons this year, especially on the individual level. Although the men and women didn't finish very high at the MIAA Championships, performances by certain athletes made up for the teams' position. In addition, many old records were shattered this year by both men and women. A pair of school records fell as the Miners competed in the Jayhawk Invitational. Mike Provence bettered his provisional qualifying mark with a school record performance. Provence posted a distance of 51-feet, 9-inches to take second place in the event. Craig Sorensen met the provisional mark in the high jump with the best ever jump by a UMR athlete. Sorensen had a jump of 6-9, which tied for fifth. Jeff Hurt and Leta Thomas were the standouts for the UMR track teams at the Central Missouri State Clessic. Hurt won the long jump and finished second in the triple jump, while Thomas set three school records. Thomas set records in the 55- and 200-meter dashes and the long jump. Although the UMR men's track team finished in seventh place at theMIAAChampionships, the Miners did have something to smile about. UMR athletes won two championships and posted a pair of provisional qualifying marks for the NCAA Division II national meet. Hurt repeated as the MIAA champion in the long jump, while Sorensen won his first championship.

Left: Slipping gracefully over the bar in the high jump, junior Craig Sorensen looks toward his landing zone. Below: Mike Provence coils up for what looks to be a nother powerful toss.

Right: As spectators look on, Luci Minor completes another shot put toss. Far Lower Right: Leta Thomas (center) gets ready to take the lead as the finish to the 200 meters nears. Below: Jeff Hurt on his way to a second-place finish at the MIAA Indoor Championships with a long jump of 23-feet , 8 112 inches.

Left: Scott Werner displays his best pole-vaulting form at the SMSU meet.

Above: Steve Young gets set to clear t he water h azard in the steeplechase. Craig Sorensen on his way up towards another strong finish in the high jump.


Young Team Aims for Perfection

UMR Rifle 'Jieam. Coach Richard Moen,Lance Yarbrough,Mark Cowell,Matt Maerli,Martin Rassberry,Jon Sidwell.

The UMR rifle team lost all but one oftheir team members from last year, but recruited four freshmen. Starting late in the season and with the apparent hinderence of non-experienced shooters, the team overcame the odds and finished the season with a match record of 4-1. The determination of the young team paid off. Finishing 4th in the NCAA Sectionals and 3rd in the MIRL, the talent shown this season only foreshadows the match performances and championships yet to come. This season, all team members shot season highs. Mark Cowell's 1041x21 at the MIRL Championships and Lance Yarbrough's 1037x21 recorded at the NCAA Sectional Championships, were the two high scores of the season. Lance Yarbrough was the team captain and the only member from last years squad to return. Along with Coach Richard Moen, the two started out the young team on the road to victory. High scores and high rankings in tournament play stayed with the team all season long. The MVP of the team was Mark Cowell. His score of 973x17 at the NRA Open Sectionals earned him a silver medal in the Masters Class. Mark has lettered, earned NRAhonors and award points and been elected MVP all in his first year. The team especially thanks Coach Moen for all the time spent with the team from six a.m. practices to allnight drives to matches.

Left: Getting ready to do some shooting, a member ofthe trap and skeet club loads clay pigeons. Below: Members of the rifle team set up in the most common shot positions.

1993 Men's Intramurals Total Points Place




Phi Kappa Theta SigmaNu Pi Kappa Alpha Lamda Chi Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon Quadrangle Hall Association Sigma Pi Sigma Chi Kappa Alpha Tau Kappa Epsilon Thomas Jefferson-North Association of Black Students Alpha Epsilon Pi Triangle Sigma Tau Gamma Kappa Sigma Beta Sigma Psi Theta Xi Campus Christian Fellowship Air Force ROTC TEC Baptist Student Union Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta American Society of Civil Engineers Thai Students Association Thomas Jefferson-South American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Muslim Students Association Chinese Students Association Turkish Students Association Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Phi Alpha Omega Psi Phi General Delegation of Independents Vietnamese Students Association M-Club Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Acacia Lutheran Student Center

3345 3344.5 3336 3162 3023 2870 2638.5 2534.5 2505 2441.5 2264.5 1768.5 1673.5 1656.5 1605 1604 1580.5 1517 1406 1359 1213.5 1200 1127.5 1081.5 1078.5 1070 980 897.5 880.5 869 860 820.5 762 729.5 663 626.5 620.5 551.5 450.5 406

2 3 4 5 6 7 8


10 11

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

34 35 36 37 38 39 40

1993 Women's Intramura ls


Total Points Place




Chi Omega Zeta Tau Alpha M-Club Sigma Pi/Alpha Epsilon Pi Little Sisters Thomas Jefferson Hall Association Kappa Delta Baptist Student Union Quadrangle Hall Association Campus Christian Fellowship


2 3

4 5 6 7

8 9


540 491 466.5 443 389 280 278

1993 Intramura l Champion s Sport


Cross Country Golf Wrestling Weightlifting Billiards Badminton Bowling Racquetball Swimming Track and Field Table Tennis Tennis Flag Football

Campus Christian Fellowship American Society of Civil Engineers SigmaNu Pi Kappa Alpha SigmaNu Muslim Students Association Phi Kappa Theta American Society of Civil Engineers SigmaNu SigmaNu Muslim Students Association Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Omega Psi Phi Delta Sigma Phi Campus Christian Fellowship Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Chi SigmaNu Sigma Chi Quadrangle Hall Association Thomas Jefferson-South

Basketball Softball Soccer Volleyball


Baptist Student Union Chi Omega M-Club Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Chi Omega Chi Omega M-Club M-Club Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha

Intramural Athletes of the Year Men Women

Ryan Barr Jennifer McGee

SigmaNu Sigma Pi/Alpha Epsilon Pi Little Sisters

g e &

Bottom: UMR students prove thatthey really can move and shake it. Right: The lip-synch contest included impersonations of everyone from Roy Orbison to Micheal Smith to, of course, Elvis. Bottom Right: Gotta keep that pelvis poppin' to keep that Hula-Hoop hoppin'.

路~,,'i( )"~














Above: TheMinersset-upforanalloutassaulton the enemy. Right:TheGoldminersstruttedtheirstuffduring theHomecorrringhalf-time show.



Front row: Ross McGee, Scott Schaffner, Chris Martin, Cory Hunsley, Jason Meriwether. Back row: Shannon Shank, Randy Kixmiller, David Black, Emre Tuksal, Matthew Schaefer, John Gerfen.


Alpha Epsilon



Front row: Bill Greene, Chris Tchoukaleff, Scott Comer, Kevin Ruth, Darin Bierbaum, Gregg Rainbolt, Troy Pinkerton, Tom Huffman, T .J. Simms, Josh Russell, Joe Fortman, Reid Miller, Jason Daniels. Back row: Joe Witt, Doug Meyers, Darren Whitehurst, Mark.Hart, Glen Graham, Chris Putnam, Eddie Rodriguez, Chris Francis, Bob Lowe, Rich Schafer, Ray Steinmetz, Troy Peterson, Todd Kelsheimer, Keith Steinmetz, Pat Flaherty, Dave Gustavson, Eric Peters, Branden Doster, Pete Wehmeyer, Darin Halter, Craig Puder, Josh Prince, Jeff Lewallen, D.J. Dye, Kirk Palicki, Dave Glastetter

Alpha Phi Alpha A<PA A<PA A<PA A<PA A<PA A<PA A<PA

Delta Sigma Phi

Delta Tau Delta ~TA

Front row: John Goethe, Daniel Ludwig, Jim Schrock, Brad Zerr, Keith Dandurand, Steve Barnett . Second row: Chad Allen, Todd Hubbell, Chris Hubbell, Gary Greene, Jason Carter, Matthew King, Kirk McMenamin, Shannon Walker.





row: Paul Tran, Mark Joersz, Adrian Yu, Steve Lynchard, Ron Richardson, John Falkenrath, Brian Durand, Dave Heikkinen, Jeff Hordesky, Brian Opperman, Andrew Guillot, Todd Birky, Tom O'Neil. Second row: Billy Gray, Marc Bahr, Steve Lair, Matt Mandry, Brandon Cordts, Steve Renick, Jason Baker, Dave Carlson, Scott Preston, Matt Turley, Keith Korte, Gordon Arbesman. Third row: Andrew Townley, Jason George, Paul McCormick, Mike Bahr, JeffKullmann, Cory Ray, Nathan Staehling, Paul Senne, Brian Lasey, Scott Dye, Chip Jansen

Phi Kappa Theta <I>K8 <I>K8 <I>K8 <I>K8 <I>K8 <I>K8 <I>K8 The 1992-93 school year was once again a successful one for the Missouri MU chapter of Phi Kappa Theta. We witnessed the initiation of twenty-two new brothers and we contiued our tradition of excellence in academics and intram urals. This was evident as we finished among the top in both of these areas. Not only did we excel in academics and intramurals, but we also were very involved with campus activities as well as many charity fundraisers. This year, we held several T.G.I.F's with the sororities here and we also had several big parties including the Kiss the Summer Goodbye Party and the Party Before the Party. We continued our tradition of being very socially active with campus. During Homecoming, Christmas Party Weekend, St. Pat's and Greek Week, several alumni came down to see the progress we have made and to share in the festivities. This year we held our first annual Alumni Weekend which proved to be an excellent opportunity to strengthen our alumni relations. Phi Kappa Theta plans to continue its strong tradition of excellence for the 1993-94 school year and for many years to come.

Steve Klein, Greg Starke, Chris Scheiblehofer, Joe Engeman, Greg Kremer, Joe Skerik, Allen Hentges, Stephen Boianoff, Dan Blevins, Pat Winkleman, Allen Shulte, Jon Govro, Dan Friedmann, Allen Shulfer, Doug Kolb. Greg Davis, Dave Stewart, Scott Lasswell, Dave Talken, Aaron Kempfer, Andy Martine, Joe Weil, Chris Aubuchon, Ryan Bushjost, Darrin Hotop, Keith Weepie, Todd Balkenbush, Brian Holthaus, Eric Landwehr, Bruce Dionne. John Lochirco, Dan Shepard, Michael Neuner, Greg Kutz, Joe Wokurka, Brian Hageman, Denny Koschielski, Frank Karfs, Pat Kuhne, John Yukich, Mike Kill, Jason Stratman. Brett Harles, Matthew Evers, Jamison Case, Jamie Crutchley, Curt Lehmen, Chris Trull, Terry Kliethermes, Clint Scott, Chris Case, Ed Granados, Matt Harper. Shawn Hall, Mike Meade, Gerald Johnson, Jon Stratman, Scott Cotriss, Kowei Huang, Tom Wigington, Adam Birk, Brandon Matthews, Bill Keuss, Scott Borman, Jeremy Estep.


Kappa Alpha

TIKA TIKA TIKA TIKA TIKA TIKA TIKA The Alpha Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has been actively involved in campus and community activities over the last year. We started the intramural sesson off right with a big first place finish in flag football and tennis along with a second place finish in soccer. Homecoming for Pi Kappa Alpha was a huge success. Thanks to the largest homecoming display in UMR history and our queen candidate Lisa Wilhaus, we received the first place homecoming trophy for overall competition and participation. Pi Kappa Alpha would like to thank all the brothers who are involved in campus organizations, especailly the ones who hold the offices in these organizations. Thanks for upholding the image and reputation of the Alpha Kappa Chapter and helping us strive for excellence. Charity and community service has been a major objective for the Alpha Kappa Chapter over the last year. Thanks to all the hard work put forth, we have accomplished this goal. We have been working with the American Diabetes Association to help stop diabetes by collecting money from customers in front of stores and doing toll roads. We collected a lot of clothes and donated them to the LOVE program in Rolla. We have also participated in highway clean-ups and Rolla clean-up days to help preserve the beauty of Rolla. Finally this has been a special year in the history of the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha because it marked the one hundred twenty-fifth anniversary since our founding. It was a day none of our brothers will forget.

Front row: Ron Longwell, Chris Dampf, Bas Owatverot, Matt McQuality, Don Brown, Dan Brune, J.B. Murphy, Scott Adams, Kevin Riley, Kevin Como, John Grater, Tim Schneider, Jamar Neal, Bill Anast, Ross Thomasson, Dale Spence. Second row: Mary Voss, Ashley Govero, Pat Johnson, Scott Haskenhoff, Denis Mink, Tom Holt, Darren Sullivan, Ed Grimmer,Terry Chevalier, Joe Boley, Scott Canty, Mike Noran, Marc Barmeier, Mike Weiland. Third row: Rick Tokar, Chad Salli, Matt Johnson, Paul Pritchard, Stuart Beard, Bill Backlew, Mark Spence, Brian Koelling, J ason Lewis, John Fierke, Brad Stewart, Craig Pidcock, Andy Wylie. Back row: Don Weindel, Jim Fiechtl, Dave Wells, Travis Hurst, Terry Shockley, Kevin Hug, Craig Sorensen, Clint Rybak, Brian Beyer, Alex Beyer.





Eric Adams, Anthony Antonacci, Jay Apostol, Bob Bohnak, Todd Eisenhauer, Brad Flauaus, Archie Gallup, Brett Goodman, Eric Gorman, Howard Hollingsworth, Blair Jones, Brad Kloeppel, Chris Kuntx, Chris Leach, Mike Matthews, Jason McFarland, Wade Montgomery, Brad Moppins, Chun Park, Jeff Paskiewicz, Larry Polk, Gerhardt Rodenberger, Jeff Rooks, Tony Roungon, Jack Schaller, Andrew Sears, Mike Sebourn, Jim Spradling, Chris Williams, Brian Williamson, Jeff Wright, Mark Zurbuchen





The brothers of Sigma N u once again enjoyed an excellent year on the Rolla campus. We made steady strides in academic s in spite of our weekly social engageme nts and a few unfortunat e brothers reaching the alumn i status early. We came back from the early setback of our three story Elvis, which was not to be. Our intramur al program showed strenght and resolve a s we chipped away in search of another strong finish. The spring semester was especially kind to us, Sigma Nu threw its weight behind the St. Pat's Celebrati on under the leadershi p of Brother Shawn Craig, St. Patrick 1993. We relished the return of Alice by proudly presentin g our :first cudgel, which lead us to a second place overall finish. We also had our first annual May Day Dash raising over $1000 for Special Olympics. Sig Nu had much more to be proud of, a s Brother Brian Klein and Ryan Barr were named IFC Man and Intralmu ralAthlet e of the Year, respective ly. We wer e also proud to lend leader ship to the Miner, Theta Tau Omega, and many others. Finally the Brothers ofSigma Nu would like to congradu lat e -our fifteen graduates and the class of 1993 for making it out.

Dammerich , Matt Mogg, Mex, JeffMeystr ik, Mike Ecker, Cam Pinzke, Aaron Basham, John Lotz, Chief, Ken Ewers, Cramer, Tom , Kelly Baumstark Tom Ellis, Jason Slacker, Adam French, Andy Machens, Grant Scott, Lance Schuette, Shawn Kitchen, Sean Baird, Jim effRush, J Speidel, Brett Cheezer, Gerber, VanBuren, Mike Smith , Rip Van Press, Tom Mee, Mike Venneman, Jeff Bruns, Lamar Lang, Bob effErker, J Ulry, Troy Pocket, C., M. Munsey, Kirk N ar zinski, Steve Hu ddle, John Dorn, Steve Bennett, Vich, Drew Donnelli, Meyer, Chris Dave Noel, Nate Moran, Gary Graham, Intag, Drake Clarke, Eric Fisher, Brian McBride, Gaylen Michael, Chad Bash am, Mike Squeeler, Kilian, Federhofer, James Melin, Shayne Yeisley, Boy, Eric Burkhalter , Ryan Barr, Todd Rastorfer, Sean Mike Stu, Glodowski, Greg Monroe Travis Newkirk, Skater, Hooper, Eric Gergardt, McTavish, Tom Shafer, Fletch, Steve Campbell, Chump, Mom, Craig, Shawn Koffman, Ray Yeargain, Brian Mangogna, Kory Pace, Bill Faherty, Q, Tinker, Scott Boyd, Jeremy White, Frank, Scott Armstrong.

Sigma Phi Epsilon

'Tau Kappa Epsilon





83 83 83 83 83 83 83 83 83 83 With the recent graduation of many of our brothers, we faced a make-or-break year for rush which, with a lot of hard work by everyone, we came through with flying colors. We pledged 15 new members bringing our house to a comfortable total of30 guys. And to follow up that success, we inititated 14 new brothers at the start of the spring semester. Theta Xi has been active in almost every activity on campus, from intram urals to IK. This year we boasted a winning streak (for a change) in almost every intramural sport, even capturing the singles tennis championship courtesy of our very own Eric Cloud. Way to go Eric!! Additionally, we had representatives on all major student organizations, including APO, IK, and GAD. We also participated in both the Homecoming and St. Pat's festivities and although we failed to clinch any victories, we had a lot of fun along the way. For the first time in two years we have a St. Pat's rep, Mike Greenway (Congradualtions Mike!!), which allowed us to actually compete in the St. Pat's games. And while we didn't win, we had a blast trying. Recently, we raised nearly $600 to donate to our national charity, Multiple Sclerosis. Locally, we've been involved with a number of GAD community projects, doing some interior painting at the Holloway House and hauling firewood for the Wesley Foundation to distribute to the needy. We have also been trying to emphasize academics and our work has really shown. Last spring we placed second out of21 fraternities and this last fall we took sixth. Hopefully, this will be just the added incentive we need to get back on track and ready for the top again. And lest we sound too serious, we've also been taking time to kick back and have a good time with TGIF's and parties with the sororities and other fraternities, including our infamous Christmas and Valentine's Day Massacre parties, both of which were a big hit with everyone. The Men of Theta Xi look forward to making the coming year the best ever!!









Front row: Mat Wilson, Brian Robertson, Matt Beard, Dave Maschler, Joe Skeeters, Ed Schuh II, John Jilg, Chuck Petit. Middle row: Bill Stewart, Scott Werner, James Ledbetter, Scott Britt, Pat Schroeder, Craig Findley, Greg Wyatt, Greg Petit, Volkan Becker. Back row: John Meyer, Dan Plank, Chris Fields, Dave Bodeen, Frank Reinsch. Not Pictured: Eric Cloud, Jeff Haywood Mike Greenway, Robert Ward, John Blair, Drew Davis, John McNeely '



Omega xn xn xn xn xn xn xn xn xn xn xn

Front row- Amy Weber, Julie Gannon, Tara Muehe, Amy Ruhland, Jody Luksich, TJ Davenport, Karen Goetz, Missy McMurray, Becky Wakely, Chris Scheid, Diane Lohe, Missi Hernandez, Cherin Karis. Second row- Jennifer Bischel, Chera Abrams, Deanna Yalentino, Heather Sphar, Stephanie Straker, Andrea Sebaugh, Jodie Courtin, Christy Griwach. Thrid row- Kerri Kraft, Francine Belaska, Sonya Oetting, Angela Passanise, Lena Tsoulfanidis, Kristi Heinemann, Kelly Goodman, Mary McClain, Lauren Poole. Fourth row- Rachel Limbaugh, Sandi Todd, Laura Bytnar, Beth Shaw, LeAnne Kilby, April Mason. Fifth row- Cindy Schreckenberg, Lynette Brunner,Robin Rinker, Jennifer Hunsicker, Catherine Lunde, Susie Race, Shannon Neimeyer, Deanna Wohlgemuth, Lisa Willhaus, Suzanne Reeves. sixth row- Angie Baer, JoMarie Flahive, J ennifer Mueller, Sheila Connors, Karen Niehaus, Sandy Junge.

Chi Omega We started off this year by placing second overall in the Homecoming games. For community service, during Christmas we went caroling at t he Phelps County Hospital and the Presbyterian Manor Nursing Home. We also visited with the children of State School during Halloween and Valentines Day. In intram urals, we placed second in basketball, football, and vollyball. Finally, we h ad our annual spagh etti dinner for the St. Pat's Ugly Man Contest. All of the proceeds went to L.O.V.E., Local Organization for Various Emergencies. Thanks to all the chapter's hard work for another good year for Chi Omega.



Front row- Sarah West, Laura Donley, Amanda McBane, Leigh Reisinger, Lynne Sanick, Mindy Gardner, Cheryl Figge. Second row -- Michelle Shafer, Laura Herndon, Rebecca Light, Sara Tenney, Sandra Langendoerfer, Jennifer Kiefer, Brandi Smith, Shelly Johnson, Tracy Griewe, Chris Kump, Beth Rikand, Stephanie Leon, Chrissy Stelzer. Third row- Stephanie Kelemetc, Julie Thomas, Janet Alfermann, Karen Klemme, Karla Dill, Julie Schoer, Susan Goodman, Denise Ratcliff.

Kappa Delta had an awesome 1992-1993 year. We kicked offthe fall semester with the addition of thirteen wonderful pledges. Our fall semester continued to be very busy with our 20th anniversary celebration during Homecoming weekend, where we celebrated 20 years on the UMR campus. Kappa Delta also hosted the first annual Soccer Smash soccer tournament during October. This event was a huge success in raising money for one of our national philanthropies, the Children's Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. We also carved v pumpkins for all the fraternities and sororities for Halloween. Our fall semester also included our annual Kidnapping of the Presidents Event for charity with which we raised enough canned goods for the Rolla community for Thanksgiving. Our spring semester proved to be " very busy also. We initiated the pledges from the fall semester and added five new pledges. We also recieved the Sigma Province Scholarship Award for outstanding academic achievement for the previous semester. In March, while working hard for St. Pat's we also ' had a lot of fun participating and working toward Greek Week 1993 in the spring semester. Along with social events with various fraternities throughout the year, we had our Under the Sea/Hawaiian Theme Party in May.

Zeta Tau Alpha




Front row: Tara Cox, Christi Rives, Nicole Winters, Dawn McCoy, Chrissy Isreal, Susan Cho, Lisa Madison, Kristen King, Kim Thone, Marla Fisher, Rachel Daugherty, Kim Christensen, Heather Pohl. Second row: Shannon Knudson, Dawn Sharp, Chris Zimmer, Karen Griesel, Christine Peterson, Amber Ockreee, Deena Chapman, Debbie Schopp, Janice Struckoff, Janet Roper, Candy McNeill, Michelle Debourge, Lissy Kuenzel, Erica Dunning, Rayna Koopman, Jennifer Downes. Third row: Jackie White, Jenni Peterson Dee Venker, Julie Montefusco, Kate Gertken, Julie Dickherber, Amy Rein, Angie Brickner, Laura Riegel, Kim Huonker, Anne Chapman, Shannon White, Jill Sandifer, Doris Flock. Fourth row: Lisa Smith, Melissa Moore, Christi Land, Lisa Stiles, Becky Bohannan, Susan Jamboretz, Lisa Molner, Laura Visintine, Nancy Neill, Amy Zielinski, Shawn Thomas, Julie Tatum. Fifth row: Michelle Lillard, Noeida Castro, Peggy Chen, Christi Everitt, Leslie Frost, Wendy Abbott, Deena Ballinger, Christina Sfreddo, Betsy Blaske, Amy Gefferth, Chrissy Kluz, Angelika Adams, Stacy Walker, Tricia Hudson, Shanon Aymond, Mary Kane. Not pictured: Sarah Banks, Jeanne Barkley, Tracy Kopetzki, Tara Kruep, Kelly Peck, Carolyn Minski, Dyan Pulsipher, Rebecca Richie

Gil 1•

This past year has been a busy one for the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha. We started off the fall semester with the addition of eighteen new pledges from formal and informal rush. In early September, Zeta held its annual charity volleyball tournament for Association of Retarded Citizens, one of our two philanthropies. There was an excellent turn out despite the weather. This led us into October for the Homecoming celebration with a first place finish for sororities. Zeta was proud to have our own candidate Miss Lisa Molner crowned Homecoming Queen. Zeta also held its annual Mystery Date dance this month with Safari Sweetie as the theme. The Zetas and their dates had an awesome time all dressed out in jungle gear. As we rolled into November, Zetas went to a place near Cuba for their Sisterhood Retreat for some fun and relaxation with their sisters. To wind up the fall semester, Zeta held its formal Whie Violet dance. When the spring semester began, we initiated our awesome pledges from last semester and added five new pledges to our Zeta family. We started off this semester with two great service projects, the "Zeta Jail" and Ugly Man's "pie in the face". We raised a total of over $1500. We made donations to the Susan B. Kamen Foundation for breast cancer, our second philanthropy, and to the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center. At the beginning of March, Zeta held its theme party with "Take me home I'm seeing double" as the theme. Zeta had an awesome time during St. Pats.We were proud to have Miss Melissa Kuenzel as first runner up and Miss Kristi Rives as second runner up. Zeta Tau Alpha hopes everyone had a great year, and we are looking forward to next semester.

Jason Nowland, Andrew Nelson, Aaron Buerge, Chad Runzi, Brian Overturf, Daniel Engle, John Jones, Jeffery Andrew, Brian Horstmann, Robert Brown, Bryan Nelson, Mitchell Poindexter, Eric Black, Gene Shaw, Joseph Sueme III, Thaweechai Kungwankrai, Marcus Ricks, Patrick Hall, Greg Patience, Martin Gugel, Douglas Vucich, Thomas Sellers Jr., Christine Sheehy

One Nor th

Chad Pennel, Leslie Moody, Peter Manis, Mark Bentrup, Bryce Anson, Roderick Kyles, William Knickmeyer, Paul Schlegel, Robert Reiffel, Darrell Bret, Chad Cotter, Christopher Rickey, Jason Daniels, Henry Ivy III, Christopher Cavin, Jason Ainslie, Brandon Tripp, Stephen Lytle, Daren Shanholtzer, Shawn Kretschmer, Carl Mullen II, Tony Yau, Brian Clay, Jason Fuller, Yan Chad, Marcus Huggans, Thomas Threlkeld, David Hamilton, Paul Kniton, Christopher Hemme, Christopher Talley, Jeffrey Ewens, Jeff Kinney, Nick Voris, Jeffrey Burner, Thomas Miller Jr., Kentard Takahashi, Christopher Kloiber, Bryan Bross, Darryl Cain, Lazard Espinosa, David Howell, Brendan Beavers, Kirk Schilling, Andrew Pozsgay, Kiran Patel, Roger Amann Jr., Robert Allen, Terry Pieper,Frank Zeiss, Panat Boonkham, Thomas Kacvinsky, Tyler Lonondon, Michael Alley, Brian Scott

Two North

Joshua Dalzell, Jonathan Winter, Jesse Baker, Wayne Terry, Ryan Pool, Kenneth Schenke, David Borrok, Ryan Grohmann, Anthony Wagner, Bradley Suddarth, Todd Roseberry, Carl Herbold Jr. , Ryan Dickneite, Ilhan Olcay, Joseph Benton, Shawn Bogener, Dirk Mooy, Scott Clark, Jeffrey Bach, Ali Elahi, Simon Crafts, Darin Wilson, Daniel Seipp, Ryan Fine, Brian George, Jeremy Baumgardner, Karl Edmenn III, Ee Koo, Steven Russell, Charles Rennier, Troy Vincent, Brian Dudkowski, Michael Hudson, Kirk Kreisel, Kenneth Taylor, Chonghoon Kwon, Andrew Davis, Chris Hoer, Thuc Nguyen, Patrick Berryhill, Brian Richardson, Sean Willoughby, John Weiland, Kevin Mueller, Michael Quinn, Michael Gleba, Jason Martin, Christopher Aldenderfer, Martin Rasberry, Jamie Brueggeman, Ryan Wade, Michael Chilcutt, Christopher Knauper, Mark Matthews, Ross Wilper, Chadwick Mathes, Ryan Jarrell, Gregory Svolopoulos, Jason Cargill, Ian Poertner, Christopher Foster, Jason Tharp, Michael Potts, James Miller, Anthony Hatfield

Thr ee Nor th

Keith Carter, Chris Bisset, Sam Clark, Mike Barr, Paul Cox, Brian Kuhn, Eric Robinson, Nicholas Winkelmann, Ben Short, Jason Muller, Eric Powers, Assad Bangash, Joshua Sabec, Sean Bentley, Dan Brinkmeyer, Joe Sueme, Eric Fulton, Tim Jonson, Scott 'Wally' Nicholas, John Le, Benjamin Likens, Jim Mitchell, Don Stahl, Jesse Farmer, Tejal Gajjar, Craig Wyzik, Chuck Lottes, Mike Belrose, Steve Owens, Jason Treece, Steve Gili, JeffThornbur g, Scott Brauer, JeffOsenga, Edmund Gaffney, Alan Van Giesen, Joe Jackson, Al Gleason, Tim Schiefelbien, Craig Distler, James Turner, Arnold Wilkes, Steve Weber, Randy Gorton, Jamey Adams, Derek Duson, Jason Kinnear, Dan Farmer, Joe Batcheler, Eric Kirchner, Ken Schenke, Brad Moore, Carey Nicholas, Russell O'Donnell, Mark Haddock, Wayne Weber, Wyman Lo, Greg Marino, John Hirschbuehle r

Fo ur No rt h 4N was active thais year in several intramural sports. Ofcourse, 4N celebrated Pearl Harbor with a wonderful party. 4N was blessed with the presence ofWally. 4N was also blessed with a flood in the middle of the night. We finished out the year with a float trip.

Front Row- Brandi Smith, Melissa Duensing, Daphne Place, Jennifer Deis, Laura Waller, Frances Wingert, Michelle Novak, Teresa HeithausSecond Row - Yui Kangsadan, Tracey Davis, Angie Grabbs, Amanda McBane, Vicki Wallis, Becky Steinman, Jodie Davenport, Chris Willard, Krista Moulin, April Buesch, Wandee Watkins, Kathrine Kerstene, Kristi DorgeThird Row- Susan Cho, Monica Green, Pam Walk, Jenny Brunz, Pam Johnson, Vanessa Paul, Linda Starbuck, Andrea Sebaugh, Rebecca Dunkmann, Polly ' Robinson, Connie Jansen, Becky ChrisfieldFourth Row- Christy Griwach, Jessica Glancy, Rachel Limbaugh, Kim Finke, Amy Igarta, Kristi Rhoads, Carolyn Minski, Camille Kelly

Five North has been active in many ways this year. We won the TJ Christmas decorating contest with the theme of "Candyland". We held and ice cream social to break the tenson over finals week, and invited Chancellor Park to visit so that residents chould meet him. In cooperation with other floors , we have played ultimate frisbee several times and went to a Halloween party and hayride .In addition, we have had several opportunities to expand out knowlege including a session on how to avOid date rape situation and weekly discussions on topics of interest.

Tracy Gach, Brian Hlausa, Aaron Buie, Mike Scott, Mike Jones, Kris Hazen, Zach Byars, Jason Bloomberg, Matt Gasswint, Travis Banard, Barry Litchfield, Mike Miller, Mark Allen, Bob Baer, Christopher James, Demetrius Phillips, Mike Baysinger, Russell Gish, Robert 'Kim' Hutchison, Sean Daly, Ryan Pitts, Phillip Menkel, Paul Cox, Tom McMahon, Eric Tavenner, James Schock, Scott Gizzie, Keith Luke, Michael Prissovski, Grea Claussen, Jason Chapman, Chris Goettinger, Jens Erp, Matt Oetting, Mike Kirn, Matt Roberds, Bill Dean, Chris Sherman, Trey Boley, Tim Lucas, Dennis Robb, Mike Riley, Dave Baquette, Adam Rose, John Cash, David MichelNot Pictured- Dan Smith, Tony Phillips, Ali Elahi, Clay Cooper, Brian Nelson, Dyrk Huffman, Rob Bartel, David 'Doc' Edwards, Marvin Fuller, Jeremy Martens, Rajabrata Chauderl, Matt Vandergriff, Steve Lang, Jon Whitmer, Kevin Sabacky, William Allen, Keith Blackford, Dennis 'Ming' Leong, Joseph Counsberry, Brian Broekemeier, Joshua Howard, Matt Taylor, Mike Koch, Rodrigo Aburto, Jeff Schoby, Phillip Steinmetz, Jarrod Stockman

Six North Six North is one of the largest :.?""""' residence floors on campus. Many of which participated in activities and received awards for the school year. Our activities were: organiz, .' ing classes for CPR certification; ... softball and basketball games; a hayride and wiener roast; and a dance for the entire residence hall. We also received the award for most outstanding residence hall floor for fall semester '92 and our resident assistant, Tracy Gach, was chosen as most outsanding R.A.

Front Row- Brook Damon, Randy Ritzen, Wayne Hurt, Chris Johnston Second Row- Dan de la Fuente, Travis White, Joel Mikelionsis, Brian Repke, Joe Cushman, Carl Pinkert, Brett Frankenberger, Bob Ribbing Third Row- Wayn Herbert, Pete Schoenarts, Joe O'Flaherty, Dan Troesser, Steve Abraham, Tom Alleman, Dennis Lawson Fourth Row- John Falk, Todd Moore, Matt Berndt, Andy LeCren, JeffSchroeder, Ryan Purkey, T. J. Eaton, Rick Burkemper, Kurt Meister, Will Scott, Rob Ward, Lonny Boring, John Reynolds Fifth Row- Erik Komers, Kirk Meinershagen, Matt Sander, Greg Kuntz , Bill Ruprecht, J . R. Grohs, Hason Trussell, Hason Cummins, Bob Payne, Kevin Beutelman Sixth Row- Scott worden, Tom Klierthmes , Brandon Keith

Seven North Seven North, led by their fearless R. A. Jeff Schroeder, the men of Seven have been involved in basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee, and paint pellet wars. They've also participated in: T. J.'s Sexy Legs contest (and won), Boose Bowl, Penny Mile, the Ill-Fated Miss T. J. Pagent, Intramural Basketball, College Bowl, and a varaity of other activities. The floor is renowed for it's Movie Nights, Interesting Murals, Computer games, and of course it's slacking.

Front Row- Michelle Miller, Andrea Phillips, Kelly Sink, Ann Chartrand, Amy Rogers, Gina Hurst Kelly Thompson Second RowAngie Urbane, Mary Grimm, Cathy Edwards, Laurie Wilman, Tora Jenings, Jeni Wright, Amy Yaiser, Claire Sevier

Tw o

So ut h

Front row: Melissa Cook, Alisa Derryberry, Kristi Lynn, Kim Benson, Julie Anderson, Kristen Stork. Back row: Mindy Richardson, Mysty Johnson, Sandy Eftink (RA), Angela Greene, Willetta Fitzpatrick, Frances Hilding, Mary Frank, Kristen Templet, Christy Worrell, Kendra Bowen.

Three South The Ladies of 3 South have participated in a variety of activities this year. A shopping trip to Osage Beach, a trick-ortreat excursion on 11 South, a roller skating party, and a picnic at Lane Springs mark a few oftheir social activities. Three South was represented in the RHA fundraising 24 hour volleyball marathon. The community was also involved in several programs throughtout the year, including programs for African American Awareness Month and the infamous "Sex and Popcorn".

Front row: Minh Nguyen, Rich Altman. Second row: Aaron Barnhart, Jim Dunajcik, Luca Deangelis. Third row: Tom Lohman, Jeff Potthast, Nickolas Brakensiek, Jason Gibson, Brian Lowderman, Mike Bland, Bryan Olds, Darryl Hudson, Ron Smith, Jim Matney. Back row: Jason Bonilla, Neil Bascoski, Rich Piepho, Alex Bowman.

Fo ur So uth Four South's activities for the year included a trip to the Anheuser Busch Brewery, pouring aluminum castings in McNutt Hall, camping and hiking at Lane Springs, softball, and movie nights. We also participated in the Sex Bowl, 24hour Volleyball Marathon at the Quad, and the Penny mile. The year was concluded with an end of the year pizza party. In addition to activities, several members of the floor composed two bands, and 10% of the floor found that "capture the flag" is not a game to be played on the UMR golf course.

Gregory Baugher, Ryan Howell, John Gamby, Bryan Niehaus, Bryan Snage, John Crick, James Kastler, Justin Teiken, Ron Porter, Benjamin Steger, Jeffrey Plummer, Matthew Bohls, Michael Friend, Heather Freeman, Thomas Sully, Shane Quimby, Christopher Bryant, Gregory Anderson, William Gratzer, Christopher Bristol, Matt Matthews, Ryan White, Brian Gorman, William Reed, Ronald Paul, David Renetzky, Scott Cole, Joseph Sousa, Gonzalo Amezaga, JeffBromberger, Eric Hirsch, Mark Goldsmith

Five South

Shawn Faulkner, Clifford Garrett, Matthew Zion, Michael Zlatic, Christopher Ryan, Jon Autrey, Matthew Schoenberg, Beau Barrett, Mark Massman, David Schmidt, Lionel Cureau, Stephen Post, Martin Vaughan, Brian Broekemeier, Thomas Rogge, John Medley, Jason Poor, Eric Triplett, John Gladbach, Kennith Simpson, Eric Peterson, Adeniran Fajemisin, Steven Gorg, Andrew Holtzscher, Karl Beal, Teddy Standley, Rodrick Wilson, Curtis Wilson II,

Seven South

Front row: B.G. Visser, Steve Myers (RA), Fred Hopper, Todd Phillips, Bart Potts, Erik Shores, Eric Utterson. Second row: Jason Hughes, Jim Brassel, Eric Shumate, Bob Moran. Third row: Tracy Camp, George Koepp, Steve Abbott, Ryan Williams, Tim Saxe. Fourth row: Jason Burgess, Kevin Solofra, Chris Morlier, Kevin Stevenson, Eric Lund, Jason Buchek. Fifth row: James Hemrick

Eight South Fall 1992 and Winter 1993 were busy semesters for 8 South. Unfortunately, most of this business was due to homework. Eight South had the highest GPA in Thomas Jefferson Hall. Stress relieving activities included Ultimate Frisbeein which they were never defeated, softball, and floor picnics.

Front row: Natalie Dixon, Katherine Gregory, Bridgette Ganley, Christy Hargrove. Second row: Brooke Duckering, Debbie Archibald, Laura Clemenson, Jennifer Marshall, Lisa Madison. Back row: Shanna Carmichael, Karen Klemme, Sarah Hummel, Gina Turner, Lisa Edwards, Jamie Meyers, Renee Stuecken. Not pictured: Kim Schumer, Amanda McBane, Valarie Osborn, Angie Swiney, Patti Wright, Kara Wagner, Kara Kruegger, Christy Schaeffer, Leah Hoffman, Melissa Fox, Denise Ling, Mary Wadlow, Heather Shearer, Donna Joaquim. amd Tabitha Brown

Nine South Nine South was voted "Floor of the Year" by TJHA this year. The residents of 9 South were active in the women's intramural program; and sponsored the Trick-or-Treat at TJ night for area children, voted best program of the semester. Other floor activities included a non-alcoholic room-to-room party, a trip to St. Louis, a 'porch' party, and several movie nights. The 9 South women won the floor mural contest when they turned their TV lounge into a family room by painting wallpaper, bookshelves, and a grandfather clock.

Greg Pool, Jason Cassibry, Jason Jones, Mark Repetto, Joseph Miller, B:ijan Khazai, Mark Rages, David Graham, Chris Lammert, Steven Frank, Jacob Wang, Jason Bryan, Noel Ludwick, Michael Thompson, Kim Petrie, Michael Venegoni (RA), Shawn O'Donnell, Jeremy Green, Bradley Lind, Manuel Arjona, Byron Yeung, Matthew Ballard, James Cain, Sean Fears (not pictured) Jason Hoerner, Todd Hartman, Ziad Diaz, Sean Teitelbaum, Benjamin Eldred, Christopher Grove (not pictured) Toriano Tayler, Jim Arrowsmith.

Ten Sou th

Ten South had an outstanding year filled with numerous activities including weekly ' movie nights with 2 South, two canoe trips, and picnics at Lane Springs. Ten South also was undefeated at softball and paint pellets.

First row-Rick Lowson, Jeff Winslow, Dempsey Rollins, Rick Pardun, Jeff Schroeder, Ryan Stough, Justin Apperson-R.A. Second row-Doug Wilson, Matt Selph, Scott Smith, Shawn Kebel, Eric Clinton, Bryee Meyer, Doug Preis. Third row-Jeff Ewens, Don Richards, Jason Canon, Mark Lansberry, Robb Williams, Bob Sullivan. Fourt row-Darrin Koepke, Karl Gerhardt, Eric Steidl. Not pictured-Kent Householder, Mark Politowski, Michael Johnson, Jay Doster.

Ele ven So uth

Wael Arabi-Katbi, Kevin Hollander, Wynn Hall, Paul Baudendistel, James Blase, Sarah Young, Jennifer Shryer, Amy Katschman, Dionne Roberts, Shannon Dettmer, Nancy Lambertson, Jessica Barnett, Tanya Karnowski, Emily Gordon, Amy Kozlowicz, Amy Lee, Lisa Webb, Heather Wells, Lorie White, Lisa Cutler, Theresa Hanks, Alicia Chance, Tara Schaeffer, Jian Ding, Jennifer Marks, Cara Saling, Amy Jensen, Rafael Millangue, John Torbit Jr., Philip Littlefield, Michael Reimer, Karsten Sommerhauser, Daniel Petrovich, Scott Chambers, Russell Brooks, Osama Arabi-Katbi, Nathan Wade, Andrew Bachle, Matthew Williams, Jason Kindle, Malcolm Hays, Michael de Stefane, Lawrence Cook III, Mark Hughes, Omar Metwalli, Julio Garcia, Steven Davis, Douglas Howard, Carl Berkelman IV, Charles Myers, Peter Bachle, Christopher Taylor, Joshua Markell, Alfred Cureau Jr., Timothy Zuroweste, Scott Barber, Steven Getz, Matthew Groves, Thomas Bumgardner II, Jason Helmke, Robert Hormell, Steven Birkholz, Michael Riley, Brian Edgar, Kevin Spindler, Howard Thomas, Michael Marstall, Joseph Szabo, Jawsheng Chu, Karl Neville, Eric Heien, Gary Sydnor II, Richard Petitt Jr.

McAnerney Hall

Christina Powell, Tina Faughn, Cynthia Peters, Cynthia Gillespie, Elizabeth Arrowsmith, Tammy Marler, Lisa Spindel, Cynthia Finley, Michelle Gower, Daniel Jones, Kenneth Baxter, Daniel Eldridge, Boston Gabriel, William Elliott, William Gray Jr., Steven Johnson, Jeffrey Hurt, William Fischer, Jay McMackin, Tai-Ching Hsu, Scott Smith, Mark Logan, Daniel Flynn, Ghiath Osman, David Perkins, Jason James, Gary Schaper, Harold Schafer II, Eugene Browder, Ronald Platz, Michael Hopkins, Michael Buckley, Jarold Ruch, Douglas Radloff Jr., Gary Halbert, Phillip Hess, Robert Beck, Ari Kogut, Larry Lacy, Tom Shrum, David Dajc, Yuji Sakuma, Brian Harris, Mark Newby, Grant Arnold, Daniel Johnson, Robert Walsh, Matthew Nichols, Kevin Schaefer, James Ayers, Jonathan Geels, Charles Gilliland, Roy Garner, Douglas Staley, James Wilson.

Holtma n Hall

David Cadoff, Chris Upp, Brian Ramsey, James Jaegers II, Joseph Cella, Keith Thompson, Michael Zogg Jr., Jesse Harvey, Jason Peters, Ronald Lile Jr., Stuart Harlan, Jack Friesner II, Michael Holm, Mark Munoz, Peter Zimmerman, Craig Wieden, James Allen III, Kyle Kroeger, Ariel Belano, Aaron Otten, Roger Protzman, William Eatherton, Ronald Rhoades, Timothy Rupe, Garth Brown, Steven Thiele, Christopher Eggers, Christopher Smyser

Donald Cook, Bradley Cozad, Martin Kayadarma, Brian Schanuel, Anthony Hofeling, Jon Owens, Thomas Murawski, Brent Hedding, Bradley Deles, Eric Banks, Richard Huber Jr., J ody Markham, Robert Turner, Peter Baumstark, Travis McGee, Christopher Barnett, Robert Hagan, Michael Casedy, Mark Cowell, John Boeckmann, Dean Eckhoff, Charles Lipoma, Michael Hall, Seth Burns, Chad Daniel, Randall Krause , Tory Nelson, John Holzman, Christopher Huskamp, David Sipp, William Elmore,

Jennifer Stevenson, Jennifer Hayduk, Stacey Cranmer, Teresa Marvich, Brandi Lear, Mary Rohrbacker, Cherie Summa, Christina Standridge, Amy Walker, Sabrina Adams, Leta Thomas, Mylonnie Carpenter, Chondell Boyd, Katherine Vollert, Rachel Evans, Brenda Wieseler, Susan Heide, Jessica Thomas, Marites De Los Santos, Ngocthuy Nguyen, Maria Speckhals, Christina Steck, Marion Balton, Jennifer Denton, Lynn Morak, Lisa Harrison, Amy Buttimer, Valerie Osborn, Jennifer Martychenko, Nicole Wray, Jennifer Irons, Cassandra Budde, Lucile Minor, Lisa Jones, Teri Douglas,

Patrick Schneier, Christopher Winkler, John Ireland, Raul Garcia, Lee Grosch, Christopher Rock, Craig Dahlgren, Bryan Hardy, Scott Drumm, James Barnes, Kirby Vandivort, Matthew Pritzker, Heok-Peng Pang, Andre Taylor, Matthew Maerli, Bryan Kirchoff, David Lamb, Michael Becvar, Carl Schoeneberg, Joseph Simones, Matthew Kunkel, Steven Stuckmeyer, Jason Gardner, Alan Ringhausen, John Regan, John Whitworth, Erik Anderson, Jeffery Shaw, Randall Holdbaugh, Brian Steele, Jason Beebe, DouglasSobery, Lowell Cox, Graham Emore, Richard Bell, Brian Wibbenmeyer, Waylan Johnson, Jason Hansen, James Ward, John Schumaker, Albert Nestler Jr. , Matt Herberholt.

Brian Himstedt, John Benefield, Christopher Leaton, Eric Christianson, William Podrazik, Keith Pimmel, Dyke Walden, Peter Mueller, Todd Choura, Jim Stange Jr., Lori Fry, Julie Kolbe, Amy Carroll, Linda Gaddie, Stephanie Ingalls, Melissa Braud, Lisa Schieferle, Michelle Shafer, Catherine Carlisle, Katherine Wilkerson, Cherin Karis, Heather Sphar, Kerri Deschepper, Julie Huff, Ginger Wethington, Carmen Murrell, Emily Donaldson, Kathryn Masterman, Lori Coates

Ian Loenig, Lewis Hickman, Rande Hackmann, William Simonton, Jonathon Ludlow, Henry Midden IV, Richard Meyer, Ryan Saffels, Mark Rost, Christopher Kulifay, Kristopher Tate, Paul Wakeland, Duane Hamilton, John Spegal, Nathan Laiser, Hoa Tang, Kevin Johnson, Oleg Lagoviyer, Lawrence Shreve, John Geritz, Michael Harper, Anthony Berhorst, Steven Kunze, Jonathan Carmack, Ray Myers, Jeremy Burch, Jerry Vogt, David Stroman, Sam Groves, Stephen Chadwick, Rober Van Hoose, Jeffrey Smith, Chad Brown, Larry Determan Jr., Christopher Dahl, Martin Adams, Robert Burri, Andrew Rothweil, David Comella, Kerrick Lindsey, Robert Schneiderjohn, Qing Ding, Aaron Peterson, Christopher Kruger, Jason Lane, James Simpson, Mark King, Anthony Edwards, Christopher Shore, Clifton Wade III.


f<~tde#t-~e ~~tt ~44tJ;~ta,tttJ;#t-

1H-te41'te:tte4~ettif e tJ,etH-~te

The UMR Panhellenic Association was hard at work this year coordinating rush and its many other activities. Panhellenic was delighted with the new addition of Delta Sigma Theta as our newest campus recognized sorority. Many hours were spent this year revising and reorganizing rush. We've made a lot of changes and are expecting a very successful formal ruch. We kept up good sorority and fraternity relations by hosting an all Greek spades tournament, sorority night at a MINERS basketball game, a Halloween Fright Night party with Sigma Phi Epsilon, an annual pledge dance, an IFC vs. Panhellenic softball game, UMR phone-a-thons, and much more. We co-sponsored several seminars on issues that concern women for Women's Issues Month in March, and worked hard in conjunction with IFC to make this years Greek Sing and Greek Week a success.

Groups not pictured Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Sigma Psi Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Kigma Sigma Pi Sigma Tau Gamma Thomas Jefferson 6 South

Fraternities and Sororities play an integral part in the social life of many students at UMR. Greek Week is the one time a year where Greeks celebrate being Greek. Like the Olympics held by ancient Athenians, Greek Week is held in the Spring and revolves around a set of fun-filled contests. An important part of the ancient Olympics was the celebration of life that was held while the athletes competed. In the same spirit, many fraternities and sororities hold parties in anticipation of a visit from the Greek Week Godz.



Quee ns The Queens competition is one of the most feircely contested races during all of Greek Week. After nominations and interviews the candidates attempt to persuade the judges (who happen to be the Godz) to vote for them.




f _I

It is easy to see that Greeks are involved in nearly every aspect of campus life. Many occupy positions on the St. Pat's Committee which works hard every year to prepare UMR for its best known celebration. Others play one or more of the many sports available at UMR. Football is a good example of Greek involvement. Some serve in a more official capacity by being one of UMR's Student Ambassadors.




As you can see, being a member of a, fraternity or sorority is not all work, no. play. There are plenty of opportunities to take a well-deserved break from the Rolla routine. Greek Week and Homecoming provide much needed time to socialize with friends.



American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The UMRAIAA Student Chapter was involved in various activities throughout the school year. In the Fall semester we participated in the Phone-a-thon for the Aerospace Engineering Department. We also organized our annual picnic and participated in the Open House held for prospective UMR students. During the Spring semester, we helped with the Boy Scout Merit Badge Day, helping a group of scouts to receive their merit badge in aviation. The year also featured some great guest speakers. Among them were Jim Sullivan, a retired SR-71 pilot, Dr. David Riggins on the national Aerospace Plane, and Tim Bonds on Hypersonic Vehicle Design.

AIAA Officers: Fall1992: Clint Thessen, Chairman Patricia Foster, Vice-Chairman Laura Koenig, Secretary Robert Stone, Treasurer

Ducharme, Elizabeth Everett, Ed Feltrop, John Fields, Patricia Foster, Jacopo Frigerio, Anthony Fussner, Christopher Gettinger, Scott Gizzie, Steven Haug, Rob Hepler, Jarrod Hoecker, Sheri M. Ruther, Jeffery Inman, Gary Jacquin, Walter B. Jansen, Matthew Johnsen, Andrew Spring 1993: Johnston, Martin Kayadarma, TimR. King, Clint Thessen, Chairman Laura Koenig, Aaron Laws, Rick Lawson, Holly Berendzen, Vice-Chairman Eivind Listerud, Noel Ludwick, Jeffery Dane Drefke, Secretary Lueddecke, Jimmy Mack, Ray A. Myers, Aaron Laws, Treasurer Travis Newkirk, Dawn Nickolaus, James Ockes, Nora Okong'o, Sung-Yong Park, Advisor: Dr. H.F. Nelson Christopher Penningroth, Marshall Phillips, Ronald Platz, Ryan P. Pool, Jeffery AIAA members: Paul Anway, Scott Rainwater, Jeffery P. Recktenwald, Larry Atterberry, Tracy Bagwill, Karen Baker, Reeves, Scott Repke, Larry F Rupp, James Holly Berendzen, Dan Brady, Jeffery Schneider, Thomas Scott, Kenneth Brunson, Brian Carbrey, J. Scott Cargill, Senechal, Robert Seydel, Glen Shonkwiler, Jason T. Cassibry, Weimin Chen, Xinju Robert Stone, David Tattershall, Kristen Chen, Eric Clinton, Jerome J. Comeau, Templet, Clint Thessen, Jeff Thornburg, Don P. Cook, Clayton Cooper, Timothy L. Christopher Trantham, Daniel J. Troesser, Cott, James Cummings, Tonda Davis, Brett Walker,Amy Williams, Kevin Wilson Michael Deimeke, Dane Drefke, Carl Stephen Witherspoon

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AFROTC AFROTC members: Completed status: Bill Braasch, Kim Dale, Derek Meyer, Susan Shaw, Scott Virtue, Jahna Wollard; 1st Class: Mark Broleman, Shelly Garey, Garry Haase, Steve Lynchard, Dan Magidson, Bryan Opperman; 2nd Class: Thomas J. Black, T.J. Davenport, Kevin Grant, Ed Hunn, Alex Jernigan, Fawad Khan, Chris Kunz, Travis McGee, Tara Muehe, Derek Olander, Brian Heriford; 3rd Class: Geoff Akers, Chris Autrey, Jason Beebe, Brian Broekemeier, James Christ, Josh Markell, Deuce Mullen, Chris Penningroth, Martin Vaughan, Christina Willard; 4th Class: Julie Anderson, Jeremy Burch, Jason Burgess, David Comella, Shane Fought, Joshua Grove, Gina Hurst, Cherin Karis, Jason Lane, Brian Nelson, Ngocthuy Nguyen, Kelly Peck, Ian Poertner, Ryan Punkey, Robert Rivard, Monica Roberts, Ed Schuh, Mark Schultz, Jonathon Sidwell, Kristin Templet

American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Engineers officers.

American Nuclear Society members: Back row: Hatem KhouaJ a, Rich Schafer, Keith Steinmetz, Steve Schlutow, Paul Sakowicz, Shawn Bequette, Travis White, Andy Holtzscher; Middle row: Jeff Fugate, Laura Herndon, Victoria Wallis, Dianne Murphy, Phil Ferguson, Ward Cook; Front row: Scott Palmtag (president), Briana Churchich (vice-president 1), Lisa Stiles (secretary), Wayne T. Greene (treasurer), Daniel Eldridge (vice-president elect)

Amnesty International


Amnesty International members: Back row: Becky Christenfield, Aarron Barnhart, Laura Sutten, Jason Bucheck; First row: Michelle Eslinger (vice-president), Robyn (president), Chu-Chin

Last year, Amnesty International had bimonthly meetings in which they discussed human rights issues. They also participated in writing lot-t-o..•a on behalf of Prisoner's of Conscience. The years activities included painting the TJ tunnel and ~~h.,.....<,hu winning first place in the contest. We also co-sponsored several meetings with the Rolla Peace Issues Group, and we had several petition signing days on campus.

Mustahad, Brett Felton, Carl Biondo; 3rd row: John Yukich, Erik Barnhill, Joe Skeeters, Will Scott, Brent Fullerton, Kevin Wall, Elizabeth Broyles, Andrea Budnik; 2nd row: Sarah Tenney, Mike Sebourn, Amy Henke, Mark Moreland, Chad Dacus Dave Masterson, Sarah Blunt, Krissy Kluz; Front row: Scott David, Jason Hudson, Kory Pace, Barclay Nothaus, Jeff Burner, Erica Dunning

ASEM presents guest speakers to discuss the current practices in engineering management and introduces its members to corporate practices in the management field. The ASEM also organizes social events during which students and professors can have fun and get acquainted.

ASEM members: Back row: Ahmed

American Society for Engineering Management

Association for Computing Machinery

Association of Black Students

American SooietyofCivilEngineen Sdrultz;2ndroW:JolmSdlroeder,SeanHemy, memben:Backrow:PatriciaCwutas,ROOert JamttDace,JimBra,JamesCulp,Angelika Scbaefer,TomSutton,AlexanderKombokus, Adams;Frontrow:DavidJohnson(recording SteveWalters, ChrisKloiber,LisaLubioski, secretary),SeanAntle(vi.oo-president),Scott TriciaKnhne;4throw:JohnFalkenwrath,Dan McKee(treasurer),DavidSmith(president), D.reiseward,JolmWhitwmh,Dan.Doe,Marlt Ken Berry, Courtney T. Sandford McCauley,ScottRakonick,Jeft'Bohler;3rd (oom38p01ldingsecretary) row: Beth Hall, Pam Luchun, Marty Hesterberg,Kevinlrving,ChrisRutledge, David Ellermann, Mike Atkinson, Steve

National Society of Black Engineers

Association of General Contractors AssociationofGeneralContractoi'Smembers:Backrow:DaveSmith,SteveSchultz,Jeft'Bohler,Mik.eAtkinson,ScottRakonick,JobnKincaid(faculty advisor);Middlerow:KingColtrin,JeffAustin,SteveHoman,MarkMai.s,SeanAntle,Mary Litherland;Frontrow:JimBrauer(president), ChrisKloiber (correspondingsecretary),Jack.Schaller(recordingsecretary),CoryPace(treasurer),MikeBurke(vice-president),DeenaBallinger(reswnebook dlainnan)

Baptist Student Union The BaptistStudentUnion(BSU)isan organization of Christian students primarily ofthe Baptist denomination. However, anyone, no matter what religious preference, is welcome tojoin. Weekly activities include bible study, choir, prayer lunches, and a worship service. Periodically, additional activities suchasdinnersandfellowshipsareheld. Many members participate in a mission tripoverspringbreak,aswellasinother

missionprojectsthroughouttheyear. The BSU is also active in UMR's intramural sports. AllBSU activities take place at theBaptistStudentCenter, 610W.10th Street. The building is open daily and offers astudyroom, t.v.lounge, pool, and pingpong. Formoreinformationcall the Baptist StudentUnionat364-3354.

BSUmembers:Backrow:AllanMeredith,Roger Younger,MikeHill,BrandonKeith; Fourth row: Danielle Miller, TriciaMiller , ScottVolner, Eric Clinton, Randy Barton,SarahYoung; Third row: Rob Weirich, Dan Smith, Michele Keith, Jeff Winters; Second row: John Spitzmiller, Brad Hoppe, Linda Lashley, Robyn Litle, April Peterson,LukePeterson;Firstrow:RonaldPlatz, KobySmith,JeffJamison,BrentMassey,John Dillingham,Jim Ockers,RickLawson

Blue Key BlueKeymembers:Backrow:BillBockman,KevinBurkett,Pat Winkleman,BrianKlien,EricHardin,LisaWillhaus,JasonBoles,ShawnCraig,Shawn VanAsdale, Dr. Culp;3rdrow:JohnMunro, Clint Scott, David Witt, Sue Burrows, Lena Tsoulfanidis, Laura Ledgerwood, Stephen Lane, Victor Poland, KeithKorte;2ndrow:RonaldPlatz, CraigRackers,LisaMolner, Christine Peterson; First row: Kim Thomason,Mindy Gardner,Travis Newkirk, Suzanne Reeves, Chris Leach, Chris Case,KenMartinez;Notpictured: Sheila Connors,JeflFeltz, TedFerkenhoff, Kevin Hicks, Karen Niehaus, Lynne Sanick, Jim Saunders, Denise Ratcliff, ScottPalmtag,JeffSchroder

Chi Epsilon

Blue Sabres is a distinguished :militaeyorgmrizationthatservesasthe color guard for DET 442, UMR, and the Rolla community. In addition to beingacolorguard,BlueSabresalso functions as a drill team and sabre detail BeingamemberofBlueSabres instills discipline, followership, leadership and team spirit. Since its firstsemester(Fall1989),BlueSabres hasdistinguisheditselfasamodelof professionalism bypresentingadrill

exhibition, serving as a color guard and 21 gun salute detail for local churchesonVeterans'Day,andserving asaoolorguardforthestatewid.eMIA/ POW Awareness Ceremony in JeffersonCityduringtheFallsemester. BlueSabrescanbesummedupbyour motto, "Itisnotpennittedforustobe mediocre."

Blue Sabres m e mbers: Back row: Marty Vaughan, Derek Meyer, Garry Hasse, Kevin Grant; Front row: Chris Kunz, Sh elly Garey, SteveLynchard,Jefffilack

College Republicans

Christian Campus Fellowship

Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is a student run campus ministry who's goals are to provide an atmosphere in which

students can worship God freely and to provide an opportunity for students to socialize. Our activities for this year included afloat trip, Christmas and many other parties, a trip to Elephant Rocks, a Tie-Dye Party, and an End-of-the-year Bonfire. Wehaveweeldymeetings where we have singing, worship, Bible Study, and prayer.

Chi Alpha members: Back row: Chris Bowen, Bill Knickmeyer, Phil Allen, James Malikowski, Wade Schott; 2nd row: John Hester, John Crick, Shawn Crane, Matt Bowman; Front row: Mark Allen, Laurie Croslin, Kristi Smith, Laura Quick, Robb Best; Not pictured: Cara Crocker, John Jones, Steve Denney, Mike Stewart, Lisa Ak:ley, Doc Edwards

Down to Earth

Down to Earth members: Back row: Scott Werner, Steve Fett, Bob Bohnak, Jay Kladi va, Cherin Karis, Steve Lair, Greg Lea, Scott Bell; Front row: Becky Wilson, Mike Pauli, Travis Dunnington, Nancy Neill; Not pictured: Harry Brown (advisor), Tim Carr, Travis Helms, Dusty Kerr, Lisa Molner, Jim Ockers, Chuck Petit, Andrea Phillips, Michelle Shafer, Kelly Sink, Jessica Thomas, Laura Visintine, Kevin Wilson

Down to Earth is UMR'senviromnental organization. Our main objective is to promote environmentalprotection and to enhance environmental concerns of students at UMR. In the 1992-1993 school year Down to Earth promoted environmental awareness throughAdoptA-Highway and Stream Team cleanups, hosting a guest speaker once a month, placing cans for disposing aluminum at the University Center, and sponsoring EarthDay. DowntoEarth'sfundraiserto sponsor the Earth Day Celebration was city cup stickers. The city cup sticker

may be placed on areusableplasticcupto receive discounts on soft drinks while reducing the amount of waste headed for landfills due to fast food disposable cups. Keep a look out for more environmental awarenessprogramsinthecomingyears.

Gaming Association Gaming Association members: Back row: Sam Groves, Carl Beat, Jason Kindle, Sean Tietelbaum, Jason Williams (treasurer), Tom Bumgardner (president), Chris Taylor, Chris Hemme, Omar Metwalli, Richard Sidwell; Front row: Mike Belrose, Gary Schaper (secretary), Gary Gygax, John Powers, Julio Garcia, Malcolm Hays, Darnin Woods, Tim Parker

Cycling Club Cycling Club members: Back row: Rob Ruff, Mike Pauli, Rick Ashabranner, Paul Majors, John Lotz, Jeff Marx, Steve Curran, Pete Zimmerman, Kirk Palicki, Brian Hunnius, Brian Howard; Front row: Chris Barnett, Tom Erb, Scott Reynolds, Jim Ward, Roger Protzman

Gold miner s

Goldminer members: Back row: Sarah Banks, Jennifer Marks, Natalie Dixon, Bridgette Ganley, Amanda McBane; 2nd row: Theresa Hanks, Jodie Courtin, Angie Gambill, Andrea Sebaugh, Jessie Barnett; Front row: Lisa Cutler, Jarni Frenkel, MaritesdelosSantos,LindaStarbuck;Notpictured: Christy Land, Julie Schambach, Jacquje King

The 1992-93 UMR Goldminer dance and porn pon organization entertained the crowd during half-time performances at all home football games and five home basketball games. In addition, the Goldminers performed to the UMR fight song in pre-game activities. During the Fall 1992 semesterthe squad consisted offourteen members with Julie Schambach as captain and Jacquie King as co-captain. When both Schambach and King graduated in December the squad elected Linda Starbuck as captain and Jodie Courtin as co-captain. The Goldminers accumulated three new members when they held tryoutsinJanuary, bringing the squad total to fifteen. In order to make the squad the members learned a dance routine and a routine to the UMR

fight song. The members of the squad scheduled practices twice a week for an hour and a half each practice and held additional practices the week before performances. Brand new black with gold sequin uniforms and poms added a professional touch to the two year old organization. On May 1, the Goldminers used their talents to raise money for their organization by holding a dance clinic for children ages four to fifteen. The Goldrniners are looking forward to next year.

HELIX Life Science Club

Hang GHding Club members: Gokhan

Inane, Michael Monterastelli, Becky Chrisfield

Theprimarypurposeofthe Hang Gliding Oub is to promote safe,

footJaunched,powerlessflight The club takes trips to various sights where they receive expert training from licesensed instructors. The Hang Gliding Club has weekly meetings where all UMR students

are welcome.

India Association

History Club

India Association members: Back row: Dr. Romesh C Batra, Vivek Sandell, Vick Agarwal; Front row: Shobha S. , Pragn a Patel

Most of the activities of the India Association are meant for its members, but are open to the campus community at large and are usually attended by people from other countries as well as Americans. These activities include picnics and Indian movies. Two of our major events, the Diwali function and Holi function are attended by a large number of persons from all over Rolla, students and non-students. Diwali and Holi are two of India's major festivals and are celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India.

The functions in Rolla feature songs and cultural dances from India and provide the visitors an opportunity to injoy the Indian delicacies served for dinner. All these events are advertised on campus and all those interested in finding out more about India and its people are welcome to attend them. Independents members: Back: Karen O'Conner, Bob O'Conner; Back Row: Dr. Terry 'T' Bone (advisor), John Carlson, Rhonda Brown, Mark Simececk; 4th row: Jeff 'Speak' Fugate, Daren 'See' Rice (treasurer ), Rob 'Hear ' Hormell (secretary); 3rd row: Brian George, Chris Pollard, Rob Fugate, Sean Henry (sgt. at arms); 2nd row: Kentaro Takahashi, Ben Harvey, Rich Jansen, Jesse Brown; Front


row: Sean Cordes, Brook Damon, Kelly Jones (president), Cheri Summa (vicepresident); Not pictured: Joe Ambrose, Gonzalo Amezaga, Matt Arnold, Robert Baily, Matt Benz, Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brunz, Jason Buchek, Cathy Carlisle, Paul Combs, James Fitz, Alicia Forby, Tony Fussner, Emily Gordon, Tom Grimm, Cindy Harvey, Stuart Haynes, Bill Headrick, Stephanie Headrick, Doug Heckel, Bruce Heimlich, Christina Horstan, Tim Johnson, Pam Johnson, Monty Jones, Tonya Karnowski, Denise Kulowics, Laura Luther, Brad Murphy, Ted Palmer , Tenjendra Patel, Joel Peacher, Aaron Penn, Dan Pettrovich, Greg Poettgen, Michael Poissovsky, Jason Poor, Brian Ramsey, Jimmy Ray, Rhett Rhinehart, Aaron Rutledge, Scott Sandahl, Ray Shelton, Bart Simpson, Jim Stickley, James Turner, Cassie Drummond, Mike Foster, Simon Crafts

Institute of Packaging Professionals Institute of Packaging Professionals members: Back row: Ozgur Polat, Barclay Nothaus, Kevin Wall, Seth Burget, Brett Feldon; Front row: Carrie Sauts, Jeff Decker, Stephanie Ruehling, Shelly Kellar

Intramural Managers Association


The International Student Club is a small organization open to all UMR students in order to encourage understanding and cooperation between students from all countries. The activities the club organizes include slide shows, an International Party Night, dancing, entertainment, picnics, movies, and most impor-

tant of all International Day. The club encourages students to join the ISC organization to share theircultural, social, and ethnic background among one another.

International Student Club members: Ozgur Polat, secretary; Mohamed AL-Tholaya, president; Lance Haynes, advisor; Jyoti A vora, executive board member; Christian Chang, treasurer; Brenda

lntervarsity Christian Fellowship

Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon members: Gabrielle lme, president; Karen Goetz, vice-president; Jason Stratman, secretary; Darren Hotop, treasurer; Lena Tsoulfanictis,

l historian; Shawn Van Asdale, social

Juggling Club

Latter-Day Saint Student Association Latter-Day Saint Student Association members: Joe Loethen, Amy Loethen, Phil Quintana, Greg Hutchinson, Matthew Williams, Wealthy Spreng, Kirk Christensen, Brad Mouser, Melody Lloyd

KMNR Radio Station

Lambda Sigma Pi

Lambda Sigma Pi members: Kristi KMNR a,adio Station members: Howard Hollingsworth, Christopher Goo, Allen, Angie Baer, Sue Burrows, Jennifer Jeff Bee, Jay Winkeler, Jim Burnette, Greg Downes, Leslie Frost, Lynda Kliewer, Lisa Poettgen, Melissa Mesko, Dan Farmer, Dick Molner, TaraMuehe, TriciaRuma, Shawn Falkenrath, Angela Haines, Karen Goetz, Thomas, TJ Davenport, Kim Christensen, Sandy Junge, Kara Koplin, Simon Crafts, Rayna Koopman, Mitzi Mcintyre, Missy Kevin McBride, Tom Erb, Phil Wentz, Andy McMurray, Susie Race , Dawn Sharp; Grover, Kerrie Blazek, Greg Baker, Ray Advisor: Meg Brady; Not pictured: Chera , Shelton, James Murphy, JeffBerry, Alletta, Abrams, Heather Governick, Marcie Jennifer Zung, John Dignan, Lemar "Big Politte, Kim Thomason, Dee Venker, Kim Bass" Dace, Derrick Jensen, Woody, Ben Thone Steltonpohl, John Carlson, Mark Stranczek, r Dave "Sparky" McCown, Libby Perkins, Bryan Penning, Rhonda Brown, Bruce Hemlich, Craig Blair, Jon Steltenpohl, Arvy Meyers, Chad Diditagain, Destin LeBlanc, Randy Berry, Sean Murphy, TobiN, Victor r Marolf, Tom Tyree, Brian McCurren, Eric Shit

l I

M-Club members: Back row: Rob Ives, Mike Wise, Robb Graves, Chris Ward, Kathlin Maloney, Stacey Mathes, Craig Soresen, Shawn O'Donnell, James Swinford, Doug Cordier, Chris Kennedy, Marlin Jiranek, Tom DeGonia, Keith Thompson, Brian Ramsey; 2nd row: Jason Illum, Beck Wilson, Angela Pagnezi, Darrin Nix, Mark Munoz, Tricia Kuhne, Don Huff, Shelly Backues, Eivin Listerud, Floyd Harris (advisor); Front row: Mike Holm, Jen Crede, Teresa Dickerson, Jay Meyers, Ed Midden, Dave Cadoff, Jason Schnepp

The M-Club is a service organization composed of varsity athletes. Our 1992-93 activities included Homecoming Bonfire, Junior Olympics, MVP Banquet, leaf rake, 12th man award, and 6th man award.


Lutheran Student Center members: Back row: Gary Haase, Sandy Anderson, Jennifer Suttmoeller, Bob Baer, Kirt Harvey, Troy Hartwig; 2nd row: James Gusewelle, JoAnnHasselbring, Ann Kruse, Matt Berndt, Ron Six; Front row: Sean Fears, Pam Duncan, Margaret Buhl

The Lutheran Student Center (LSC) is an extension ofthe ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rolla. Membership is open to all UMR students. Some of the LSC activities include: Bible studies every Thursday night and Sunday morning, intramural teams, Church choir, float trips, local and regional service projects, retreats every semester, game/movie nights, and much more.

Lutheran Student Center

Malaysian Students Organizatio n

Newman Center Newman Center members: Back row: David Edwards, Father James Finder, Jeff Dalton, Chris Niehaus, Stephen Diesen, Don Hinds, Dave Renfert, Phil Wentz, Mitch Rackers, Tim Keller, James Strange, Paul Sampson, Chris Vierrether, Paul Lim; 2nd row: Kate Gertken, Chris Wright, Travis Newkirk, Karen Griesel; First row: Debra Archibald, Tara Kruep, Renee Wolfgeher

Omega Sigma Omega Sigma members: Back row: Michelle Shafer, Trish Rudloff, Dan Friedman, Kim Thone, Jeanne Barkley, Janet Alfermann, Jen Hunsicker, Chris Zimmer, Gina O'Brien, Susan Heide, Beth Rikand, Lisa Rothley, Jessica Thomas, Spring Romer, Kelly Thompson, Julie Thomas, Sonya Oetling; 1st row: Deanna Chapman, Laura Donley, Steph Kelemetc, Kate Gertken, Debbie Schopp

The Newman Center is the Catholic Student Center on campus. Activities that occur throughout the year fall into three catagories: spiritual, social, and service. Many of the Newman Center activities are centered around spiritual events. Every Wednesday night we gather for Wednesday night mass at 9:00 in the living room. A retreat is held once a semester for prayer and relaxation. Many other programs scheduled throughout the year, such as the Lenten Program, offer good times and chances to cleanse hearts and minds. Service is also an important aspect of Newman. This year Newman held its annual

woodcut, painted a Christmas sign for the Hospice Center in Rolla, decorated the Rolla Manor for Christmas, helped at the Special Olympics, and sponsored a Pancake Breakfast and Chili Supper. The Newman Center also offers chances to meet new people through its many social events such as bowling, rollerskating, backyard volleyball and barbeques, float trips, movie nights, and theme parties. The Newman Center welcomes Catholics and non-Catholics, be it for spiritual, social 路or serviceoriented reasons. Just stop by and say hi.

Pi Tau Sigma

Pi Tau Sigma members: Graduate members: Clement Goodin , Gregory Harper, David Hemmer, Ronald Holland, Steven Medley, Donald Mueller, Lisa Nemecek, Georgios Simadiris, Douglas Wyant; Undergraduate members: Timothy Bequette, Laura Bytnar, David Carlson, Bart Collins, Alfred Cureau, Jenifer Curry, James Daniels, Daron Dryer, Jeffrey Feltz, Stephen Gibbs, Denis Gladbach, Andrew Grover, Eric Hardin, Thomas Hawkins, Allen Hentges, Rickey Jennings, Shannon Johnson, William Levan, Jennifer Marino, Rakiyah Mason , Kevin McClendon , Kenneth Niekamp, Victor Poland, Craig Potts, Mitchell Rackers, Suzanne Reeves, Dwight Robertson, Chris Smyser, Jason Stratman, Janice Struckhoff, Paul Tran, Dominic Trudell, Matthew Tucker, Regina Turner, Rogert Wagner, Amy Weir, Brian Wibbenmeyer; Advisors: Dr. H.L. Tsai, Dr. L.R. Koval

St. Pat•s Committee

Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Society of Automotive Engineers

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Society of Manufacturing Engineers members: Back row: Connie Jensen, Micheal O'Brian, Murat Tiryakioglu, Kevin Wall, Seth Burget; Front row: Ozgur Polat, Stephanie Ruehling, Shelley Kellar, Brian Gulladge

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is a diverse and well established organization nationally. SME celebrated its 60th anniversary this past year as one of the largest engineering societies in the country. Our student chapter is a small group (30-40 students) that is making a strong effort to be a first class organization. We strive to be professionals and are seeking a new

level of professionalism. One way we achieve this goal is by giving the Certified Manufacturing Technologists Exam; this is the Manufacturing Engineers' "EIT". Yet another way our chapter is achieving this goal is by establishing and organizing the first campus wide National Engineers Week presentation. This Program now includes many other organizations, and we hope it will become an annual event. Otherveryimportantprojects include the development oftwo new student chapters. The Missouri Society of Professional Engineers and the Society ofPlastics Engineers

are both being coordinated by SME student members. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers includes mechanical, electrical, industrial, and engineering management personnel. This society welcomes many other disciplines such as metallurgical and chemical engineers as well. Most disciplines of engineering are involved in some sort of manufacturing process and could benefit from an organization such as ours. Our student chapter welcomes all disciplines that are interested in becoming involved on campus.

Student Missouri State Teacher Association members: Karen Goetz, Tracy Davis, Kerrie Blazek, Tena Glover, Koby Smith, Thomas Nield, Patricia Beaird, Donna Riggs, William Davis, James Wagner, Beverly Pellegrin, Kelly McGarity, Rebecca Mulanax, Jami Frenkel, Montana Pahlmann, Candace McNeill, Carrie Alkier, Cathy Wells, Petra Dewitt, Betty Gibson

Society of Exploration Geophysici sts

Student Fellowship of Church of Christ

SocietyofWomenEngineersmembers: Back row: Sarah Hummel, Natalie Dixon, Bridgette Ganley, Jennifer Marshall, Tina Steck, Lynn Morak, Kristen Danley, Courtney Sandford; Front row: Debbie Wolfe, Julie Davenport, Laura Clemenson, Karen Cox, Karen Klemme, Connie Jansen, Julie Huff, Emily Donaldson, Maria Speckhals, Brandi Lear, Nancy Hubing

The Society of Women Engineers (S ) is a national organization open to all full time students in engineering or engineering related fields. Our goals as the student

chapter ofSWE are to inform, assist, support and network with the students on campus and with the community. SWE is involved in various activities throughout the year. These activities include: Evening with Industry, Women's Issues Colloquium, Students Awards Banquet, High School Conference, Christmas Party for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Girl Scout Conference, Science Fair Award and Engineering Day at the Forum.

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineers Honor Society

Spelunkers Club

Spelunkers Club members: Back row: Steve Bonham (publicity); 3rd row: Roland Kilcher (secretary/treasurer), Diane Schwalje; 2nd row: Bart Potts, Michael Gawedzinski , Randall Slead (vicepresident), Rob Tayloe (president), Matt Payton; Front row: Simon Broomhead (rescue director)

The Missouri School of Mines Spelunkers Club is the oldest organized cave exploring club in the state of Missouri. The Spelunkers Club has been promoting caving since the 1930's. The purposes of

the Spelunkers Club are to bring people together who have an interest in the exploration, geology, surveying, photography, etc. of caves and cave life; promote and teach safe caving and rope-work techniques; and inform people of cave conservation and preservation. Any interest from just enjoying a cave for "esthetics" to mapping and resue are offered to the Spelunkers Club members. Files of the Spelunkers Club are available to those interested in the history of

caving in the area and in the sate. Guest speakers, spelunking workshops, and slide shows are presented throughout the year. Several times a year the Spelunkers Club has outing to other states, on float streams, and other regional activities to visit karst areas in other locations. Caving equipment is available to Spelunkers Club members who are in good standing. Meetings are held every Wednesday during the school year at 6:00 p.m. in McNutt 204.

Student Council

Student Council members: 1992-1993 Officers: Jennifer McGee, president Laura Ledgerwood, V.P. oflnternal Affairs Ben Steltenpohl, treasurer Scott Palmtag, V.P. of External Affairs Brad Flauaus, recorder STUCO Representatives and Chairs: These members and chairs have contributed their talent and time to the issues concerning students on campus. There is an endless opportunity for students to become actively involved in Student Council and making their voice heard. The Student Council Office is located at 202 UCW and new members are welcome.

Student Council is the official governing body for students on the UMR campus. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to be involved and play a major role in the philosophy, policies and operation of the university. Student Council offers the opportunity for leadership and communication skill development to students involved and interested 1n student representative government. Student Council is the students' voice at UMR. The purpose of Student Council is to represent the

interests of the student body in student, university and government affairs. It is Student Council's objective to voice student opinions to university administrators on issues relating campus life and services students provide. Student Council also plays an active role in the coordination and regulation of student activities and funds based on the interests of the student body. In addition, Student Council strives to maintain a positive relationship between the student body and the local community.

Tab Tennis Club members: Jerry McCall, Bob Schneideijohn, Willie Dumaine, Ed


__.... __

Taekwondo Club members: Back row: Randy Berry, Chris Wolfgeher, Richard Sidwell, Claire Nechol Sevier, Ron Porter, Wade Schott, Joseph O'Flaherty, Qing Ning Ding, Kris Tate, Andrew McCullough, Brett Baldwin; 2nd row: Yehia Fadel, Richard Wu, Ju Chien Hsu, Tony Blaylock, Willetta Fitzpatrick, Hoa Tang, Jason Giles, Fred Hausch; Front row: children of faculty/ students; Not pictured: Howard Ho, David Klingeman, Joe Zhang, Wen-liang Liao, Heather Freeman, Eric Tavenner Advisor: Dr. D.C. Look

The UMR TaeKwonDo Club is a non-varsity sport team whose aim is to instruct any interested students, faculty or their families in the Korean martial art ofTae kwon

do. The club conducts regular practices four nights a week. In the 1992-93 year the club competed in many regional and National Tae kwon do tournaments. Andrew McCullough competed in the U.S. National Collegiate Championships in Berkley California and the U.S. mens national Tae kwon do championships. Several club members competed in the Missouri State Tae kwon do championships and the Missouri Junior TKD championships. The club also fought in five other regional tournaments and did well in all of these.

Taekwondo Club

Tau Beta Pi

Theta Tau Omega

Trap and Skeet Club members: Back row: David Nagel, Andy Holtzscher, Jeff Quarles, Greg Bradley, Scott Palmtag; Front row: Jim David, Scott Ashwell, Scott Hrabovski, Doug Vucich, Jack Gladbach, Jeff Spencer

Turkish Students Association

Turkish Students Association: Back row: Murat Tiryakioglu, Gokhan Inane, Engin Koncagul, Mustafa Keskin; Front row: Hakan Hakman, Ozgur Polat, Taner Ercal, Orner Celiker

The purpose of the Turkish Student Association is to promote a close relationship and better understanding between the Turkish students and the American students, and other international student as UMR. In order to fulfill

this cause the Turkish Student Association organized events such as the TSA/MSA Bosnia Herzegovina fund, TSA Bridge Tournament, International Day and International Feeling Good Week at Truman Elementary School. The Turkish Student Association will continue to become a social and cultrual bridge between the Turkish community and the other communities in Rolla.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon


!Upsilon Pi Epsilon members: Stephanie Bagley, Jason Bennett, Sandy Berendzen, Scott Biermann, Stephen Denney, Dirk ' Heydtmann, Tom McMahon, Thomas Sauder, Scott Smith, Reuben Wetzel; Not pictured: Chien-Cheng Chen, Julie Cook, Randy , House, Donald Leroy Huff, Nookaiah Kolluru, Norka R. Morales, Martina Schollmeyer, Mihai Sirbu, Kevin Sullivan, Aggie Sun; Advisor: Dr. George W. Zobrist

Voices of Inspiration

Voices oflnspiration members: Back row: Lucille Minur, Freeman Robinson, Claire Siever, Kelly Spencer, Karonica Glover; Front row: Lisa Pritchett, Sharon Lofton, Tauquincy McDonald, Patricia Edwards, Ms. Mary Pulley (advisor); Not pictured: Monica Bell, r M~rion Balton

Volleyball Club

exciting developments for UMR's volleyball club. This year for the first time the volleyball club was granted non-varsity status by the University, allowing the club to take part in more tournaments and send more members to competition. This was also the first year UMR has fielded a women's team. The men's A-team attended 4 USVBA sponsored tournaments. Showing a respectable third place finish in one, they played well all year, improving as the year passed, showing that hard work does pay off. The men's B-team showed a lot of potential, they also showed the depth of the club's players as well as serving as This has been a year of new and a support to the A-teams player pool. The B-team only participated

Volleyball Club members: Jim Allen, Chad Bockholdt, William Bockman, Mellisa Braud, Darryl Burmester, Steve Davis, Bill Dean, Rebecca Dunkmann, Scott Edwards, Derrick Elledeg, Shawn Faulkner, Jon Finnell, Cliff Garrett, Angie Greene, Dirk Gowen, Cameron Groves, Matt Groves, Brian Himstedt, Rick Huber , Ron Humphrey, Donna Joaquin , Tonya Karnowski, Brian Kirchoff, William Knickmeyer, Kerri Kraft, Chuck Lipoma, Kri s ti Lynn, Jennifer McGee, Raf Millangue, Tom Murowski, Charles Myers, Matt Nichols, Aaron Otten, Rich Petit, Scott Pirtle, Raquel Rogado, Bob Ribbing, Chris Ryan, Brett Saunier, Joe Simones, Mark Sommerhauser, Kevin Solofra, Gary Sydner, Mark Stranczek, Greg Svolopoulos, John Tarpley, Howard Thomas, Leta Thomas, Katie Vollert, Tony Wagner , Brenda Wieseler, Jenny Wright, Mike Zlatic

in two tournaments but they made their presence known by making it to play-offs in their second tournament. The women's team made it to three tournaments. While the record may not show stellar performances the women definitely grew as a team and as individual players. There will definitely be cause to watch for them, due to their many returning players next fall. All in all the season was a growing and learning experience for all involved. After losing only a few members to graduation, the teams should be even stronger next year. If this sounds like fun to you we are always looking for new players whether for fun or competition.

Water Polo Club members: Back row: ~ Keith Thompson, Alex Kombokis, Rob Hagan, Ed Midden, Chris Barnett, Mark Cresswell; Front row: John Falkenrath, Kurt Steinmann, Paul Baudendistel, Doug ~ Cordier, Mark Munoz; Not pictured: Peter Baumstark, Travis McGee, Keith Pimmel, Derek Olander, Marlin Jiranek, Brian Klein, Jay Meyers, David Cadoff, Jason Mike Belrose, Darko Schnepp, ~ Milankovich; Advisor: Mark Mullin

The Water Polo Club was proud to be one ofUMR' s winning teams this ' year. The team was 9-2 after going 3-3last year. Mter losing many key members over the years, the strength of UMR water polo has l waned. This year, however, the club managed to grow phenomenally in strength and skill. Sweeping their home tournament in the fall,

Water Polo Club

the Water P olo Club managed to start t he season offwell. Among the Miner's victims were Southern Illinois University and Indiana University. The highlight of this tournament was a close match-up between the Miners and the University of Illinois. In the final seconds of the game, Chris Barnett drilled in a tie-breaking goal, bringing the Miners a 10-9 victory over U of I. Next, the Miners found themselves at Southern Illinois University. There the SIU salukis managed to serve the Miners their first defeat. Undaunted, UMR went on victorious against Miami of Ohio, Vanderbuilt and a questionable SIU-B team. One star member to whom the Water Polo Club owes

much of its success IS Kurt Steinmann. Kurt was a driving force in theWater Polo Club's offense and defense. When asked about his first year with UMR Water Polo, Steinmann seemed disgruntled with the many "tough breaks", but did note that the Water Polo Club still managed to have a successful One element which season. empowered the Miners this year was the instruction and guidance of president Paul Baudendistel. Thanks to Paul, all the polo club members, and the support of UMR theWater Polo Club has become the driving athletic force that it is today. As Baudendistel puts it, "Water polo is to UMR what sugar is to Frosted Flakes."

W.T. Schrenk Society

Wesley Foundation

Wesley Foundation members: Back row: Garth Brown, Eric Banks, Brad Cozad, JeffRainwater, Robin Seydel, Chris Martin, Bryce Anson; Front row: Greg Effiand, Sarah West, Brian Kruger, Karen Morse, Jennifer Irons, Ken Kangas


UMR'sannualSt. Pat's Celebration was quite a celebration this year. Therewerethetraditionalfestivities and contests. AB the celebrationgotunderway,itwasclearthatthisyear was going to be "The Best Ever." Among the actvitiesweretheGreenestPerson, theleprechaunlook-alike contest, and the Women's WalkingStickcompetitions. Themusicalentertainmentforthisyear'sSt. Pat's wasespeciallygood. During Gonzo, the up-and-coming Saturn Cats played for the crowd. At St. Pat's Games the music was pumped out by Lunacy. Tocloseouttheweek, FirehouserockedtheMulti-PurposeBuilding with their own special brandofrock-&-roll. St. Patandhis Court were as follows:

St. Pat Shawn Craig Herald ShawnVanABdale

'frunmeteer Shane Tomson MasterGuards Aaron Shaw, Tony Howdyshell

PcQs JasonMyers,JohnBoysen Guar<ยง

MattForesman,DavidWitt, Tom Myers, Kelly Williams

AboveLeft: St.Patandhi sQueenatth e formalKnightingCeremony. Upper Right: Someofthem orememorab le events ofthe 1992 Olympics were depicted on this float. LowerRight: SigmaNu'sk nightbattles the great,greengiant,Alice.

Top Facing Page: St.Patbeingescortedinto theformalKnightingCeremony by his Guards. BottomFacingPage: The candidates for QueenofLove and Beauty lined-up anxously waitingforthatspecialmoment. Top Left: Thewinningshillelaghasit passes thecrowdattheparade. Top Right: St. Patknightinganhonorary Kllight Left: Herald, ShawnVanAsdale, preparing to read a proclamation.

Top Facing Page: It seems like someone always takes a dive during St. Pat's. Although, a pool may be a safer place than thefratfields.

BottomFacingPage: Roundandround we go, where we stop, nobody knows.

Top Left& Right: The young and old enjoy all thefunandfestivities St. Pat's has to offer. Left: Linda Martin watches the games at



Top Facing Page: Takingtheplungeinto Alice can be a harrowing experience. Bottom FacingPage: Theleadguitaristfor FireHouseputonquiteashow. Left: Most went into Alice's pool triumphantly.

Lower Left: Alice leftaremnantofherselfon all thosewhoenteredher. (What was that stuff?)

Lower Right: Theleadsingerfor FireHouse really wooed the women.

Amran Ab-Talib Electrical Engineering

Ha'snawi Abdul Rahim Mechanical Engineering

Badrul H. Abu Bakar Electrical Engineering

Hishamuddin Abu Bakar Petroleum Engineering

Julia Nereida Acosta History

Andrew Scott Adams Electrical Engineering

Angelika Leigh Adams Civil Engineering

Brenda Kay Adams Geology

Anthony Cruz Aguilera Electrical Engineering

Yehia H. AI-Amrani Petroleum Engineering

Mohamed Ali AITholaya Petroleum Engineering

Janet Marie Alfermann Chemical Engineering

William K. Alkier Chemical Engineering

Lyman T. Anderson Geology

Anthony L. Antonacci Electrical Engineering

Deborah L. Archibald Civil Engineering

Jyotsna Arora Electrical Engineering

Brad A. Atkinson Electrical Engineering

Stephen J. Auckly Computer Science

Timothy Joseph Baer Civil Engineering




Stephanie L.Bagley Computer Science Mathematics

Marcus John Bahr Chemical Engineering

Michael James Bahr Electrical Engineering

Carol A. Bain Life Sciences

Bret A. Baldwin Mechanical Engineering

Deena Carole Ballinger Civil Engineering

Randall W. Barton Mechanical Engineering

Michael S. Bennish Psychology

Timothy Michael Bequette Mechanical Engineering

Holly J. Berendzen Aerospace Engineering

Sandra J. Berendzen Computer Science

Shawn A. Berkel Mechanical Engineering

Eric Paul Bertram Mechanical Engineering

Andrew W. Bessler Mechanical Engineering

Dharmesh H. Bhakta Electrical Engineering

Scott Christopher Biermann Computer Science

Daniel Richard Bilbrey Geological Engineering

Jeffery D. Birkenmeier Ceramic Engineering

Robert H. Birlingmair Electrical Engineering

CUfford Wade Bishop Geophysics


William Charles Bisso, Jr History Archeology

Terrance Joseph Bjerken Engineering Management

Michael Andrew Bland Metallurgical Engineering

Elizabeth Grances Blaske Life Sciences

Kerrie A. Blazek Geology

Sarah A. Blunt Engineering Management

Becky Lynn Bohannon Psychology

Stephen Mark Bonham Electrical Engineering

Douglas Eric Bonner Civil Engineering

James H. Bossman Mechanical Engineering

Matthew L. Bowman Electrical Engineering

Paul Steven Bozdech Applied Mathematics

William B. Braasch Electrical Engineering

Gregory S. Bradley Computer Science

Patrick E. Brennan Geological Engineering

Andrew J. Brinkmann Mechanical Engineering

Bryan C. Bross Geological Engineering

Gregory Weston Brown Electrical Engineering

Mona lone Brown Psychology

Thomas Calvin Brown Engineering Management


Jeffrey William Brunson Mechanical Engineering

Jeremy C. Buchanan Chemical Engineering

William A. Bucklew Mechanical Engineering

Suzanne M. Burrows Electrical Engineering

JetTT. Butler Civil Engineering

Tony L. Cable Electrical Engineering

Darryl Edward Cain Civil Engineering

Brian P. Carbrey Aerospace Engineering

Randy A. Card Mechanical Engineering

Christopher C. Case Life Sciences

Christopher M. Cash Civil Engineering

Deana Lynnette Cash Civil Engineering

Noeida Castro Engineering Management

Duane S. Chadaratana Mechanical Engineering

Christian Herbert Chang Engineering Management

Christy M. Cheeley Ceramic Engineering

Tzu-Chin Chen Electrical Engineering

Grant A. Christensen Applied Mathematics

Briana Lynn Churchich Nuclear Engineering

David A. Clark Electrical Engineering


Brian Robert Clemson Biochemistry

Michael William Cobb Mechanical Engineering

Jane Louise Cochran Ceramic Engineering

Bart C. Collins Mechanical Engineering

John Patrick Collins Mechanical Engineering

King D. Coltrin Civil Engineering

Michael J. Connell Electrical Engineering

Dianna Lynn Conner Mechanical Engineering

Brandon Lee Cordts Ceramic Engineering

Kellie Covington Engineering Management

Ronald Covington Electrical Engineering

Ronald E. Cowan Computer Science

Alfred Joseph Cureau, Jr Mechanical Engineering

Jenifer Leigh Curry Mechanical Engineering

Mark M. Cyr Mechanical Engineering

Jarrett Wayne Dace Civil Engineering

Elizabeth J. Dare Civil Engineering

Gregory Allan Davis Electrical Engineering

Mark Wesley Deckard Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Paul Delinger Geology


Greg A. Dennis Mining Engineering

Lawrence Edward Didur Electrical Engineering

Marijo Dimmick Computer Science

Dane Paul Drefke Aerospace Engineering

Todd A. Durbin Mechanical Engineering

Thomas K. Edmondson Electrical Engineering

Lisa A. Edwards Mechanical Engineering

Daniel C. Erni Geological Engineering

Michelle Christine Evans Mechanical Engineering

WiUiam W. Faherty Civil Engineering

Richard John Falkenrath Civil Engineering

David P. Fannin Computer Science

Ronald Edward Fehrmann Computer Science

Dianne Marie Feldewerth Metallurgy

Jeffrey Lee Feltz Mechanical Engineering

WiUiam T. FerkenhotT Metallurgical Engineering

J ohn Christopher Fields Aerospace Engineering

John Wilson Fierke Electrical Engineering

Cheryl L. Figge Chemical Engineering

Heather Rose Finley Electrical Engineering


Erich R. Fitzpatrick Aerospace Engineering

John E. FitzSimmons Chemical Engineering

Brent D. Glachsbart Mechanical Engineering

Steven A. Fogle Electrical Engineering

Wukiat Foo Electrical Engineering

Patricia Ann Foster Aerospace Engineering

Larry E. Frans Mechanical Engineering

Jacopo Antonio Frigerio Aerospace Engineering

Anthony G. Fussner Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Michael James Galbraith Metallurgical Engineering

Alonna Rine Gale Engineering Management

Tina L. Gazaway Chemical Engineering

John T. Geritz Mechanical Engineering

James Robert Gillespie Civil Engineering

Rob C. Girvan Electrical Engineering

Gregory D. Glodowski Metallurgical Engineering

Randy John Glotz Electrical Engineering

John Christopher Gorsuch Computer Science

Michael Dwayne Grabber Mechanical Engineering

Joseph David Graber Chemical Engineering


Gene W. Grable Mechanical Engineering

David W. Graham Mechanical Engineering

Wayne Thomas Greene Nuclear Engineering

Julie Gene Griffith Chemistry

VeUeta Marie Grote Geological Engineering

Andrew W. Grover Mechanical Engineering

Matthew D. Groves Metallurgical Engineering

Kathleen L. Gruver History

Michael J. Guidry Mechanical Engineering

Garry A. Haase Electrical Engineering

Scott Arthur Haling Ceramic Engineering

Chad M. Hamilton Geological Engineering

Micheal C. Hamilton Mechanical Engineering

Rebecca Sue Hanneken Mechanical Engineering

Andrew David Hanser Ceramic Engineering

Michael M. Harper Civil Engineering

Earl D. Harris Mechanical Engineering

Scott James Harris Mechanical Engineering

Scotty Lee Harris Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey Paul Harrison Electrical Engineering


Michael Richard Hartwig Civil Engineering Wan M. Hashim Mechanical Engineering Sherri J. Hawkins Psychology Hawkins W. Thomas Engineering Mechanical

Tony Dale Haynes Electrical Engineering Tim Alan Hellebusch Civil Engineering Allen Lee Hentges Mechanical Engineering John William Hertel Aerospace Engineering

Civil Engineering Robert Childs Hobart History Eric Jason Hodge Civil Engineering Bruce D. Holcomb Civil Engineering

Tamara M. Holland Chemical Engineering Tom L. Holt Mechanical Engineering Dennis Ronald Holtmeyer Mechanical Engineering Bradford D. Honeycutt Electrical Engineering

Brian David Hopp Geology Geophysics Jeffrey John Hordesky Electrical Engineering Vicky Lynn Horstmann Ceramic Engineering Denise M. Howard Chemical Engineering


Keith E. Howdeshell Psychology

JuChien Hsu Electrical Engineering Psychology

Mark Joseph Huber Mechanical Engineering

Laura Jane Hubert Engineering Management

Civil Engineering

Jon D. Hoecker Nuclear Engineering

Jeffrey Alan Hu.ett,enrne)•erl Electrical Engieering Donald L. Huff Computer Science

Brandon Lee Hunt Chemistry

Daron Mitc..ell Hunt Mining Engineering

Stanley H. Hunt Electrical Engineering

Richard Jay Huntebrinker Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey Sean Hunt Computer Science

Stephen A. Ingracia Electrical Engineering

Jeffery L. Inman Mechanical Engineering

Gary A. Jacquin Aerospace Engineering

Edward J, Jaigers Engineering Management

Jason Cana James Computer Science

Walter B. Jansen Aerospace Engineering

Stephen N. Jefferson Physics


Richard Earl Jenkins Electrical Engineering

Rick Wayne Jennings Mechanical Engineering

Anita Marie Jilg Civil Engineering

Michelle Johnson Mechanical Engineering

Blair Clark Jones Electrical Engineering

Daniel Allan Jones Civil Engineering

Spencer Newton Jones Civil Engineering

AtTeendy Kamal Petroleum Engineering

Kenneth D. Kangas Electrical Engineering

George Winsler Karr Life Sciences

Amy Michele Keith Electrical Engineering

Timothy James Keller Geology Geophysics

T. Scott Kelly Geological Engineering

Chris A. Kennedy Metallurgical Engineering

Antheny Gerard Kertz Mechanical Engineering

Lisa Ann Kessels Geology Geophysics

Keng Hoe Khong Mechanical Engineering

LeAnne Kilby Geological Engineering

Matthew J. King Metallurgical Engineering

Brian Matthew Klenklen Computer Science


David Ray Klingeman Electrical Engineering

Elizabeth Anne Knaust Computer Science

Laura Ann Koenig Aerospace Engineering

Warren Ray Kohm Electrical Engineering

James Edward Kuhlman Electrical Engineering

Tricia M. Kuhne Civil Engineereing

Michael Joseph Kupneski] Chemical Engineering

Karen S. Lacey Civil Engineering

Larry Alan Lacy Civil Engineering

AhnC.Lam Mechanical Engineering

Mark Allen Lanagan Electrical Engineering

Christopher Travis Leach Ceramic Engineering

Keasha Leandra Engineering Management

Larry Ronald Lee, Jr Electrical Engineering

William Ross Leible Electrical Engineering

Stephanie A. Leon Geological Engineering

Michelle Lynn Lillard Mechanical Engineering

Hona-Him Lim Electrical Engineering

James Lin Electrical Engineering

Yu-fengLin Electrical Engineering


G. Mike Lind Electrical Engineering

Jon Kevin Logan Mechanical Engineering

Michael W. Long Mechanical Engineering

Mark A. Losch Mechanical Engineering

John R.Lotz Mechanical Engineering

Lisa E. Lubiewski Civil Engineering

Yolanda Dementra Luster Mechanical Engineering

John W. Luther Computer Science

Laura Mae Luther Chemistry

Steven T. Lynchard Electrical Engineering

Richard Jay Macke Mechanical Engineering

Daniel J, Magidson History

Engineering Management

Mark Anthony Mais Civil Engineering

Cathlin C. Maloney Psychology

Brian A. Mangogna Metallurgical Engineering

Thomas C. Mann History

Jennifer Anne Marino Mechanical Engineering David L. Maschler Chemical Engineering

Nicole Renee Mason Chemistry


Eric Gordon Matlock Geological Engineering

Don M. Mayberry Management Systems

Scott Eric Maycock Aerospace Engineering

Jerry A. McCall Electrical Engineering

George Andrew McCandliss English

Natalie Lynn McCune Metallurgical Engineering

Jerry Gene McGarity Electrical Engineering

Jennifer K. McGee Geophysics

Jeffrey Glen McLeod Computer Science

Rodney Don Mell Electrical Engineering

Melissa G. Mesko Ceramic Engineering

Derek Renwick Meyer Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey Jay Mitchell Mathematics

Albert Michael Meyers Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey J. Meystrik Electrical Engineering

Rafael K. Millangue Chemical Engineering

Amu Christine Mische Chemical Engineering

Lora Lee Moeckli Psychology

Ismail HJ Mohamad Saaid Petroleum Engineering

Anna Marie Moomaw Chemical Engineering


Melissa A. Moore Geological Engineering

Mark Allen Moreland Engineering Management Mechanical Engineering

Richard L. Morris Geology

Kurt P. Muehlher Civil Engineering

R. Erin Mulanax Physics

Michael G. Munsell Mechanical Engineering

Charles Eric Murphy Electrical Engineering

DAnne C. Murphy Nuclear Engineering

H. Arvy Myers Ceramic Engineering

Charles Lloyd Myers Civil Engineering

William Gary Natsch Engineering Management

Atha J. Neal Electrical Engineering

Travis Scott Newkirk Aerospace Engineering

Timothy E. Newton Geological Engineering

Hue C.Ngo Electrical Engineering

Robert C. Ngo Electrical Eongineering

Le Gia Nguyen Electrical Engineering

Karen Sue Niehaus Ceramic Engineering

Vanna Tan Nou Electrical Engineering

Mary E. Nussbaum Chemical Engineering


Robert G. O'Connor Civil Engineering Shawn M. O'Donnell Geological Engineering Mohd Roslee Othman Petroleum Engineering Brian James Overturf Mechanical Engineering

Thanawut "Bas" Owatverot Mechanical Engineering Kory James Pace Engineering Management Sung Y ong Parkk Aerospace Engineering Michael A. Parmeley Electrical Engineering

Brian Alan Parnell Mechanical Engineering Sonal J. Patel Electrical Engineering Tetendra K. Patel Electrical Engineering Matthew H. Payton Computer Science

William C. Pendleton Mechanical Engineering Benjamin J. Peters Civil Engineering Cynthia R. Peters Life Sciences Luke Allen Peterson Electrical Engineering

Paul Adam Petitt Chemical Engineering Christopher D. Pfeuffer Mechanical Engineering Jeffrey Alan Chemical Engineering Jeffrey R. Phillips Electrical Engineering


Tony Phillips Computer Science

Jim Ronald Pierce Mechanical Engineering

John E. Pingel Computer Science

Terrence I. Piskorski Mechanical Engineering

Marcie K. Politte Civil Engineering

Micheal P. Portell Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Engineering

Patrick Sean Portell Mechanical Engineering

Gary Potter Mechanical Engineering

Joan D. Pottinger History

Kathy S. Powell Geological Engineering

Eli J. Price Mechanical Engineering

Joshua Scott Prince Mechanical Engineering

Roger Stewart Protzman Geological Engineering

Michael B. Pruitt Electrical Engineering

Stephen R. Puljak Engineering Management

Mitchell Lee Rackers Mechanical Engineering

Douglas James Radloff Electrical Engineering

Ahmad Rahimi Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey 0. Rainwater Aerospace Engineering

Ricky Thomas Rausch Electrical Engineering


Suzanne Margaret Reeves Mechanical Engineering Leigh Anne Reisinger Physics David A. Renfert Mechanical Engineering Aaron Ramon Rezendez Geology

Daren A. Rice Life Sciences Kenneth Earl Rice Mechanical Engineering Mathew M. Rice Mechanical Engineering Michael Ray Riggs Engineering Management

Patrick Dion Risner Mining Engineering Dwight Steven Rovertson Mechanical Engineering Diego Rodriguez Metallurgical Engineering Engineering Management Edward Louis Rodriguez Mechanical Engineering

JudeThaddeus P. Rogado Mechanical Engineering Raquel P. Rogado Mechanical Engineering Rachel R. Rogers Chemical Engineering Thomas H. Rogge Electrical Engineering

Rick G. Rohlfing Civil Engineering David Rottmann Mechanical Engineering Teann Ruffin Engineering Management Stephen M. Ruffing Electrical Engineering


Dan C. Sackberger Electrical Engineering Devon Lee Sample Applied Mathematics Basir Samsudin Petroleum Engineering Linda B. Sands English

Lynne M. Sanick Engineering Management James M. Suanders Geological Engineering Leslie Sawyer Civil Engineering Andrew M. Schadt Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey John Schaefer Metallurgical Engineering Robert J Schaffer Civil Engineering Jason Matthew Schnepp Chemical Engineering Teri Michele Schofield History

Timothy J. Schroeder Civil Engineering Diane Kay Schwalje Chemical Engineering Clint Allen Scott Mechanical Engineering Eric F. Seaman Civil Engineering

Michael S. Sebourn Engineering Management Raymond Michael Seffelke Electrical Engineering Allen L. Sehrt Mechanical Engineering Robert E. Seydel Aerospace Engineering


Susan E. Shaw Electrical Engineeering Heather Marie Shearer Geological Engineering Michael N. Shearer Mechanical Engineering Christine Ann Sheehy Electrical Engineering

Troy David Shireman Computer Science Glen D. Shonkwiler Aerospace Engineering Tami Lynne Short Life Sciences Daniel Lee Sickendick Civil Engineering

Keith Alan Sigg Mechanical Engineering Daniel M. Smith Civil Engineering Scott Stephen Smith Computer Science Vernon A. Smith Chemical Engineering

James Michael Southern Mechanical Engineering Andrew M. Speck Engineering Management Jefrey W. Spencer Computer Science Paul Christian Stallman II Mechanical Engineering

Bill H. Steininger Civil Engineering Fred R. Steinkuehler Metallurgical Engineering Jeffery Adam Stephens Computer Science Kimberly Renai Stevenson Chemical Engineering


Marcus A. Stevenson Engineering Management

Bradley M. Stewart Mechanical Engineering

James W. Stickley Computer Sciece

Robert J. Stoltz History

Mark A. Stranczek History

Stephanie A. Stroker Mechanical Engineering

MarshaU L. Stouse Electrical Engineering

Todd William Sublette Electrical Engineering

Robert John Suess Civil Engineering

Izaini Suid Shoib Petroleum Engineering

Lance Adam Sullivan Chemical Engineering

Jesse B. Swift II Mining Engineering

Jon Paul Tandy Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey S. Tebbe Electrical Engineering

Sara G. Tenney Engineering Management

Chanin Thamrongvithavatpong History

Wes R. Theissen Engineering Management

Angela D. Thias Electrical Engineering

David A. Thilker Physics

Kimberly A. Thomason Geological Engineering


Brian David Thornton Electrical Engineering Stephanie E. Trickey Geological Engineering Dustin Daniel Tripp Electrical Engineering Dominic Francis Trudell Mechanical Engineering

Kyle G. Tucker Mechanical Engineering Matthew L. Turley Computer Science Gina L. Turner Mechanical Engineering Shyh-chyang Tzeng Electrical Engineering

Deanna Valentino Life Sciences Michael P Venegoni Mechanical Engineering Scott Richard Virtue Mechanical Engineering Marybeth Anne Electrical Engineering

Laura Anne Vrabel Ceramic Engineering Esther Kwabea Walker Electrical Engineering Robert Kevin Wall Engineering Management Jeffrey Paul Waller Mechanical Engineering

Maurice Lavell Weathers Mechanical Engineering Steven Edward Weible Civil Engineering Michael James Weiland Mechanical Engineering Jeffrey G. Weldele Electrical Engineering


Samuel D. Welge Mechanical Engineering ScottC Wells Electrical Engineering Philip J. Wentz Electrical Engineering Paul R. West Electrical Engineering

Lisa Gail Wikhaus Chemical Engineering Christopher John Williams Civil Engineering Donald Wilson J r Electrical Engineering Mimi Win Civil Engineering

Gary L. Winkel Mechanical Engineering Albert Frank Winkeler III Electrical Engineering English John D. Withouse Mechanical Engineering Chris A. Wolfgeher Electrical Engineering

Jahna Lynn Wollard Electrical Engineering Jeffrey M. Wood Engineering Management Kamau Udin Woodared Chemical Engineering Jennifer K. Wray Mechanical Engineering

BaiLin Yang Electrical Engineering Ray L. Yeargain Civil Engineering Adrian Anthony Yu Electrical Engineering Azmi Zainal Adnan Petroleum Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Brian Norbert Zoltowski Geological Engineering Paul~chaeiSakowicz

Nuclear Engineering


A Amran Ab-Talib Malaysia

Hasnawi Abdul Rahim Malaysia Malaysian Students Organization, Muslim Students Association

Brenda Adams Rolla, MO

Andrew Scott Adams Hannibal, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, Varsity football, M-Ciub, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, American Foundryman's Society

Hishamuddin Abu Bakar Malaysia Anthony Aguilera Malaysian Students OrganiIndependence, MO zation, Muslim Students Association, Society of Pe- Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Student troleum Engineers Union Board, Band, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Julia N. Acosta Rolla, MO History Club, Society of Yehia AI-Amrani Hispanic Professional EngiSana'a, Yemen neers

Angelika Adams Union, MO Zeta Tau Alpha, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Daughters of the Emerald

Mohamed AI-Tholaya Republic of Yemen

Janet Alfermann Washington, MO Kappa Delta, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of

Ambassadors, Omega Chi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma

Wiliam K. Alkier Willard, MO Omega Chi Epsilon, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Anthony Antonacci St. Louis, MO Sigma Chi, Student Union Lyman T Anderson Blue Springs, MO Kappa Sigma, lntercollegate Knights

Anthony Antonacci St. Louis, MO Sigma Chi, Student Union Board, Intercollegiate Knights, Tau Beta Pi

Deborah L Archibald Oakville, MO Chi Epsilon, Newman Center, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Civil Engineers

Jyotsna Arora India Indian Association, International Students Club, Little Sisters of White Star, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Society of Women Engineers

Brad Atkinson Republic, MO Society of Automotive Engineers - Formula 1, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu

Stephen J. Auckly Kansas City, MO Association for Computing Machinery, Newman Center, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Tau Sigma Pi

Lance Aullivan Kansas City, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers

8 Timothy Joseph Baer Perryville, MO Phi Kappa Theta, American Society of Civil

Engineers, Associated General Contractors, Intercollegiate Knights

Stephanie Bagley Florissant, MO Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi

Marcus J. Bahr Maryland Heights, MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Chi Sigma, American lnstitute of Chemical Engineers

Michael J. Bahr Maryland Heights, MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Intercollegiate Knights

Carol A. Bain Keokuk, lA

Bret Baldwin Butler, MO American Society of Mechanica! Engineers, Associated Students of the University of Missouri

Deena Ballinger Raytown, MO Associated General Contractors, American Society

of Civil Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha

Randall W Barton DeSoto, MO Baptist Student Union, Student Council, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramural Sports

Michael S. Bennish Rolla, MO Varsity Football, Psycho!ogy Club, Young Republicans of America, Student Catholic Organization

Timothy M. Bequette Eolia, MO Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma

Holly Berendzen Eldon, MO Transfer Student Association, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Sandra Berendzen Eldon, MO Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Transfer Student Association , Phi Kappa Phi


Shawn A. Berkel St. Louis, MO

Eric Paul Bertram Farmington, MO Hang Gliding Club, Intramural Sports, Alpha Kappa Lambda

Andrew Bessler Kirkwood, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega

Willim C. Besso, Jr St. James, MO

Dharmesh H. Bhakta Neasho, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Tau Beta Pi , Transfer Student Association, UMR Solar Car Team

Scott Biermann Washington, MO Tau Beta Pi

Daniel R. Bilbrey Salem, MO

Band , Tau Beta Pi , Phi Eta Sigma , Kappa MU Epsilon

Assistant, Student Union Board

Jeffery D. Birkenmeier Elizabeth F. Blaske O'Fallon, MO Alton, IL Tau Beta Pi, Keramos , American Ceramic Society, Student Union Board, Helix, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little SigInternational Society for mas Hybrid Microelectronics , National Institute of CeKerrie Blazek ramic Engineers, Kappa Belleville, 1L Sigma KMNR, G, C. L. Dake Society, Student Activities Fee Board Robert H. Birlingmair Cameron, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Baptist Student Union , Christian Campus Fellowship

Clifford W Bishop Ozark, AR Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Terrance J. Bjerken Kansas City, MO Theta Xi

Michael Andrew Bland Brighton, IL Metallurgical Society, American Foundrymen's Society, Foundry Educational Foundation, Resident

Sarah A. Blunt Plato, MO American Society for Engineering Management, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Blue Key, National Residence Hall Honorary, Student Activity Fee Board Thomas Jefferson Resident Assistant, UMR TE.C.H.S.

Becky Bohannon St. Louis, MO Psi Club, Down to Earth Intercollegiate Knights, z~ta Tau Alpha, Student Ambassador

Stephen M. Bonham Florissant, MO MSM Spelunkers Club

Doug Bonner East Alton, 1L

American Society of Civil Engineers, Transfer Student Association

James Bossman St. Louis, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Mechanica! Engineers

Andrew J. Brinkmann Washington, MO

Bryan C. Bross Hannibal, MO Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Association of Engineering Geologists, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi

Lisa Bubiewski Florissant, MO Tau Beta Pi, Xi Epsilon , American Society of Civil Engineers

Jeremy Buchanan Carthage, MO Student Council , Christian Campus Fellowship, Tau Beta Pi

Matthew L. Bowman William A. Bucklew Greg W Brown Kansas City, MO Washington, D.C. Maryville, MO Chancellors, Leadership Class, Chi Alpha, Institute Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, American Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Society of Mechanical Engiof Electrical and Electronic neers, Society of AutomoPhi Engineers, Phi Kappa Phi, tive Engineers Campus Crusade for Christ, Collegum Museum Mona I. Brown Salem, MO Suzanne M. Burrows Psi Club, Psi Chi , EnvironPauiBozdech Florissant, MO mental Protection AdvoSt. Louis, MO Chi Omega, Blue Key, cates, English Club Volleyball Club, Photo Club, Lambda Sigma Pi , Gamma Intramural Sports Pi Epsilon, Toastmasters William Braasch International, Intercollegiate Thomas C. Brown Ellfingham, IL Knights, Sisters of the Iberia, MO Beta Sigma Psi, Air Force Shield and the Diamond, Missouri Miner, Associated ROTC, Eta Kappa Nu Gold miners Students of the University of Missouri, American Society for Engineering ManGregory S. Bradley Jeff Butler agement Stover, MO Eolia, MO Trap and Skeet Club Residence Hall Association, Associated Students of the Jeffrey W Brunson University of Missouri Fair Grove, MO Patrick Brennan American Society of MeSt. Louis, MO chanica! Engineers, Society Phi Kappa Theta, Varsity of Automotive Engineers Soccer

c Tony L. Cable St. Clair, MO Christian Campus Fellowship, Solar Car Club, Intramural Sports, Eta Kappa Nu

Darryl E. Cain Raytown, MO Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers


Chris Cash Willow Springs, MO Chi Epsilon

Deana L. Cash Fredericktown, MO American Society of Civil Engineers, MAC, New Horizons Non-Traditional Careers

Noeida Castro Kansas City, MO Zeta Tau Alpha, American Society of Engineering Brian Patrick Carbrey Management, UMR St. Louis, MO Panhellenic, Society of Phi Kappa Theta, American Institute of Aeronautics and Women Engineers, Student Astronautics, Gamma Alpha Ambassador, Student Union Board Delta

Randy Card St. Louis, MO KMNR, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Christopher Case Jefferson City, MO Phi Kappa Theta, Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, HELIX, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Who's Who among College Students, Student


Duane S. Chadaratana St. Louis, MO American Society of Mechanica! Engineers, MSM Spelunker's Club, lntramural Sports

Christian H. Chang Lima, Peru International Student Club ' Society of Hispanic Profes-

sional Engineers, American Society of Engineering Management, Student Council

Christy Cheeley St. Louis, MO Varsity Softball, M-Ciub, American Ceramic Society, Keramos, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma

Tzu-Chin Chen Rolla, MO Chinese Student Associ ation

Devon lee Christensen Puxico, MO

Grant Christensen Mountain Grove, MO Pi Kappa Phi, Student Council, Intercollegiate Knights

Briana Chrchich Alton, IL American Nuclear Society, Student Council

David A. Clark Springfield, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Toastmasters

Brian Clemson Ballwin, MO Alpha Chi Sigma, Student Council

Michael William Cobb Montgomery City, MO Sigma Pi, St. Patricks Board, Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Mechanica! Engineers

Jane Cochran Belleville, IL Koinonia, American Ceramie Society, Keramos, Society of Women Engineers

Bart C. Collins Springfield, MO Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi,

John Collins Canton, MO Sigma Nu, American Society of Mechanical Enginf3ers, Gamma Alpha Delta

King Coltrin Buffalo, MO American Society of Civil Engineers, Associated General Contractors

Michael J. Connell, Ill Quincy, IL Phi Kappa Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Chancellor's leadership class

American Cultural and Recognition Committee, Student Activity Fee Board

Dianna Lynn Conner Lee's Summit, MO Chi Omega, Student Union Board, Intercollegiate Knights, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Daughters of the Lion

Alfred J. Cureau, Jr. University City, MO Pi Tau Sigma, Intramural Sports, Association of Black Students, Phi Eta Sigma

Brandon Lee Cordts Pekin, IL Lambda Chi Alpha, American Ceramic Society, Keramos, Gamma Alpha Delta, Alpha Chi Sigma

Ronald E. Cowan St. Louis, MO

Jenifer L. Curry Campbell, MO Chi Omega, Panhellenic, UMR T.E.C.H.S., Pi Tau Sigma, UMR Cheerleader, Little Sisters of the White Star, Chancellor's Leadership Class

Mark Matthew Cyr Joplin, MO Kellie Meriedith Covington American Society of MeFlorissant, MO chanica! Engineers, Society National Society of Black of Manufacturing EngiEngineers, American Socineers, Band ,American Soety of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of ciety of Civil Engineers, MClub Engineering Management, T JHA, Little Sigmas

Ronald Covington St. Louis, MO Association of Black Students, National Society of Black Engineers, African


D Jarrett Dale Sullivan, MO Varsity Football, Delta Sigma Phi, American Society of Civil Engineers, MCiub

Beth Dare Rolla, MO Chi Omega, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Student Council, Daughters of the Lion ' Band

Gregory Allan Davis Belleville, IL Phi Kappa Theta, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Toastmasters, Alpha Phi Omega

Mark Deckard Springfield, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Kevin Paul Delinger

Washington, IL C. L Dake Geological Society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, College Republicans, Chancellor's Leadership Class

Greg A. Dennis Van Buren, AK Varsity Football, Varstiy Baseball, M-Ciub, Society of Mining Engineers

Lawrence E. Didur Union, MO

Marijo Dimmick Nicholasville, KY Varsity Soccer, M-Ciub

Dane P. Drefke Springfield , MO American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics ' UMR Rifle Team

Todd Ashley Durbin Greenwood, MO Kappa Alpha, Gamma Alpha Delta, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

E Thomas Edmondson Warrensburg, MO Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, KMNR, Institute of Electical and Electronics Engineers, Christian Campus Fellowship

Lisa Edwards St. Charles, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Student Council ' Astronomy Club, Society of Physics Students, Intramural Sports

Daniel Erni Bourbon, MO Asssociation of Engineering Geologists, American Society of Civil Engineers

F William W Faherty, IV St. Louis, MO Sigma Nu , Varsity Soccer, American Society of Civil Engineers, Associated

General Contractors, Alpha Phi Omega

Richard John Falkenrath Rolla, MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, KMNR, UMR Water Polo Club

David Fannin Rolla, MO

Ronald Fehrmann Jackson, MO Beta Sigma Psi, Alpha Phi Omega

Dianne Feldewerth St. Paul, MO American Foundrymen's Society, Spelunker's Club

Jeffrey Lee Feltz High Ridge, MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, American Society of Mechanica! Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega

William Ted Ferkenhoff Harrisonville, MO

Student Union Board, Intercollegiate Knights, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Blue Key, Society of Metallurgical Engineers

John Christopher Fields Raytown, MO American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sigma Gamma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Xi, Show-Me Anime Club, Phi Eta Sigma

John Fierke Hannibal, MO Parachute Club, Institute of Electical and Electronic Engineers, Toastmasters, Rugby Club

nautics and Astronautics, EAA, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society

John E. FitzSimmons Festus, MO UMR Rugby Club, Alpha Chi Sigma, American lnstitute of Chemical Engineers

Brent Flachsbart Chesterfield, MO American Society of Mechanica! Engineers, Association of the U. S. Army, ROTC

Steven A. Fogle St. Louis, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Tau Omega, Gamma Pi Epsilon

Cheryl Figge Ste. Genevieve, MO Kappa Delta, American lnsitute of Chemical Engineers

Wukiat Foo Malaysia Chinese Student Associ ation, Malaysian Student Organization

Heather Finley Troy, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Patricia A. Foster St. Louis, MO American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sigma Gamma Tau

Erich Fitzpatrick Rockbridge, MO American Institute of Aero-


Larry Frans House Springs, MO Delta Sigma Phi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Varsity Soccer, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Society for Quality Control

Jacopo Frigerio Bronxville, NY Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau

Anthony Fussner St. Louis, MO Triangle, Interfraternity Council, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Intercollegiate Knights

G Mike Galbraith Leawood, KS Sigma Phi Epsilon, Society for Metallurgical Engineers

Alanna Rene Gale St. Louis, MO National Society of Black Engineers, American Society for Engineering Management, Institute of Packaging Proffessionals, Alpha Kappa Alpha

Tina L. Gazaway Carthage, MO Band, Tau Beta Sigma

John Theodore Geritz Kansas City, Mo Kappa Mu Epsilon, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

James R. Gillespie Albany, MO Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of General Contractors

Rob Girvan Ballwin, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Gamma Alpha Delta

Gregory D. Glodowski Lee's Summit, MO Sigma Nu, American Society for Quality Control, Stu-

dent Council, American Society of Metals, American Foundrymen's Society

Randy J. Goltz St. Louis, Mo Alpha Phi Omega, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tau Kappa Epsilon

John Christopher Gorsuch Astoria, IL Triangle, Student Union Board

Michael D. Grabber Springfield, MO Missouri Society of Proffessional Engineers, UMR Rifle Team, National Society of Professional Engineers

Joseph David Graber Dalton, OH Omega Chi Epsilon , American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Christian Campus Fellowship, Intramural Sports

Gene Grable Rosedale, IL Transfer Student Association


David W Graham St. Louis, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers, Campus Crusade for Christ

Wayne T. Greene Detroit, Ml Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Phi Sigma, American Nuclear Society, Student Affairs Committee, Student Finance Committee, National Society of Black Engineers

Lutheran Student Center, Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Kathleen Gruver Steelville, MO History Club

Michael J. Guidry St. Louis, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Toastmasters

H Julie Griffith Vienna, MO

Andrew W Grover Mora, IL Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, KMNR, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Matthew Groves Des Peres, MO Campus Crusade for Christ, Volleyball Club, T JHA, QHA

Velleta Grote Joplin, MO Student Council, American Society of Engineering Geologists, Tae Kwon Do,

Garry Haase Warrensburg, MO Blue Sabres, Band, Lutheran Student Center

Scott Haling Sweet Springs, MO Keramos, American Ceramic Society, National Institute of Ceramic Engineers, Tau Beta Pi

Chad Hamilton Wood River, IL Varstiy Football, M-Ciub, Association of Engineering Geologists, Delta Sigma Phi

Micheal C. Hamilton Lee's Summitt, MO Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Rebecca S. Hanneken St. Louis, MO

Andrew David Hansen St. Louis, MO Keramos, American Ceramic Society, Christian Science Organization, Tau Beta Pi

Michael M. Harper Kansas City, MO Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers

Earl D. Harris Poplar Bluff, MO Sigma Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega

Scott J. Harris Fredericktown, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramural Sports

Scotty L. Harris Belle, MO Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Kappa Psi, KMNR

Jeff Harrison Arnold, MO

Michael Hartwig Lake Ozark, MO Triangle, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega

Wan M.Azhar Hashim Malaysia Malaysian Student Organization, Muslim Student Assocation, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Sherri Hawkins Anutt, MO Psi Club

Tony Haynes Chillicothe, MO Sigma Pi, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, KUMR, Gamma Alpha Delta

Tim Hellebusch Marthasville, MO Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of General Contractors

Allen Hentges Jefferson City, MO Phi Kappa Theta, UMR Ambassadors, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Pi Tau Sigma, Student Council, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon

John Hertel Sterling, IL Varsity Tennis, Lutheran Student Center, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Society of Automotive Engineers, Intramural Sports, Newman Center

Robert Childs Hobart Rolla, MO History Club, Phi Alpha Thet Eric Jason Hodge . Branson, MO American Society of Civil Engineers, Campus Crusade for Christ

Khong Keng Hoe Malaysia Malaysian Student Organization, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Bruce D. Holcomb St. Joseph , MO Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi

Tamara Holland Cape Girardeau, MO KMNR, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Tom Holt, Jr. Thomas W Hawkins Peoria, IL St. Louis, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, American Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Society of Mechanical EngiPhi, Tau Beta Pi, American Kevin D. Hicks neers, Alpha Phi Omega, Society of Mechanical EngiAsh Grove, MO Toastmasters, American neers Acacia, Interfraternity Society of Heating, Council, Blue Key, Chi Epsi- Refridgeration and Air Conlon, Alpha Phi Omega ditioning Engineers

Dennis R, Holtmeyer St. Charles, MO American Society of Mechanica! Engineers

Brad Honeycutt Monett, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Koininia

Brian Hopp Columbia, IL Spelunker's Club, Cycling Club, C.L. Dake Society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Jeffrey John Hordesky Mapleton, IL Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma Alpha Delta

Vicky Horstmann Berger, MO American Ceramic Society, Keramos

Denise M. Howard Kansas City, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon, Society of Women Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma

Keith E. Howdeshell Cuba, MO

Student Council, Psi Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Transfer Student Association

Ju Chien Hsu Ballwin, MO Amnesty International, Tae Kwon Do, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu

Mark J. Huber Ste. Genevieve, MO Sigma Phi Epsilon, Theta Tau Omega, Gamma Alpha Delta, Intramural Manager's Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Laura J. Hubert St. Louis, MO Student Union Board, lnstitute of Packaging Professionals

Melissa Hudson Jefferson City, MO Varsity Softball, Varsity Track, M-Ciub, American Society of Civil Engineers

Jon Huecker Bunceton, MO Varsity Basketball, American Nuclear Society

Jeffrey A. Huettenmeyer St. Louis, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma

Donald L. Huff Blue Springs, MO Christian Campus Fellowship, Varsity Football, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, M-Ciub, Student Council

Brandon L. Hunt Dexter, MO Triangle, Gamma Alpha Delta

Daron M. Hunt East Alton , IL Society of Mining Engineers, KMNR, Band

Stan Hunt Mayfield, KY Sigma Pi, lnsititue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Rock Climbing Club

Richard J. Huntebrinker St. Louis, MO


Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Tau Omega , Pi Tau Sigma, Intramural Managers Association, Intercollegiate Knights

JeffreyS. Hurt Kansas Cj!y.,-MO Varsity Track, National Society of Black Engineers, Intramural Sports, Association of Black Students, Minority Engineering Program Scholar

I Stephen A. lngracia West Plains, MO Institute of Electical and Electronics Engineers


Sigma , Thomas Jefferson Resident Assistant, Mechanica! Engineering Honors Program

Gary Jacquin Washington, MO Phi Kappa Theta, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sigma Gamma Tau, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma

Anita M. Jilg Eldred, IL Chi Omega, Student Union Board, American Society of Civil Engineers

Edward Jaegers Fenton, MO Theta Xi

Michelle Johnson St. Louis, MO Kappa Delta, Student Ambassador, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Omega Sigma

JasonJames Caruthersville, MO

Walter B. Jansen Plymouth, MN

Blair Jones Bloomfield, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma

Stephen N. Jefferson Cuba, MO Jeffery L. Inman Desloge, MO American Society of Mechanica! Engineers, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Richard E. Jenkins St. Louis, MO UMR Solar Car Team. lnstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Daniel A. Jones Kansas City, MO Christian Campus Fellowship, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Varsity Baseball, Intramural Sports

Rickey Wayne Jennings Ozark, MO Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta

Spencer Jones Battlefield, MO American Society of Civil Engineers

K Affendy Kamal Alar Gajah, Malaysia Pi Epsilon Tau, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Malaysian Student Organization, Muslim Student Association

Kenneth Donald Kangas Kirksville, MO Wesley Foundation, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

George Karr Rolla, MO

Michele Keith Point Lookout, MO Eta Kappa Nu,Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Baptist Student Union, Phi Eta Sigma

Tim Keller St. Louis, MO Sigma Gamma Epsilon, C.L. Dake Geological Society, Newman Center, Phi Kappa Phi, Rock Climbing Club

T. Scott Kelly Stilwell, KS American Society of Engineering Geologists, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, QHA, Intramural Sports

Chris Kennedy Panama City , FL Varsity Foorball, M-Ciub, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Sigma Mu, American Society of Metals, American Foundrymen's Society

Anthony G. Kertz Ste. Genevieve, MO Blue Key, Theta Tau Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramural Sports

Lisa Ann Kessels New Melle, MO Sigma Gamma Epsilon, C.L. Dake Geological Society

LeAnne Kilby LaCenter, KY Chi Omega,Tau Beta Pi, Association of Engineering Geologists, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma

Matthew J. King Harrisonville, MO Delta Tau Delta, American Foundrymen's Society, American Society of Metals, Alpha Sigma Mu

Brian Klenklen Independence, MO Theta Xi, Gamma Alpha Delta

David Klingeman Imperial, MO Tae Kwon Do, RHA, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Elizabeth Knaust O'Fallon, MO Arnold Air Society

Laura Koenig St. Louis, MO American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics ' Sigma Gamma Tau, Tau Beta Pi

Warren Kohm Jefferson City, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, St. Pat's Board , American Nuclear Society, Delta Sigma Phi

Transfer Student Association James Edward Kuhlman Mapaville, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Lutheran Student Center, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, University Theatre

Tricia Marie Kuhne Florissant, MO Varsity Womens Soccer, MCiub, Associated General Contractors, American Society of Civil Engineers

Michael J. Kupneski Kansas City, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Omega Chi Epsilon, Student Union Board, Tau Beta Pi

L Karen Lacey Belle, MO American Society of Civil Engineers Larry Lacy Overland, MO

Ahn Lam St. Louis, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vietnamese Student Association

Mark Lanigan Kansas City, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma

Christopher T Leach New Franklin, MO Sigma Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Blue Key, Keramos, American Ceramic Society, Student Council

Keasha Leandra Rolla,MO Formula SAE, Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Engineering Management, Student Union Board

Larry Lee, Jr Kansas City, MO Kappa Alpha Psi, Association for Black Students, National Society of Black Engineers, Intramural Sports, Interfraternity Council

William Leible Jennings, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Stephanie Leon St, Louis, MO Kappa Delta, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Association of Engineering Geologists, Gamma Alpha Delta

Michelle Lillard Lebanon, MO Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan hellenic

James Lin St. Louis, MO

Yu-Feng Lin Taipei, Taiwan Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Student Association

G. Mike Lind , Jr. Kansas City, KS Thomas Jefferson Resident Assistant, Holtman Hall Resident Assistant , UMR TE .C.H.S., Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Jon Kevin Logan Joplin, MO

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society for Quality Control

Michael W Long Rockview, MO Baptist Student Union, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Gaming Association, Rock Climbing Club

Mark Losch Roxana, IL Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Transfer Student Association

John Lotz Overland Park, KS Sigma Nu, Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Mehcanical Engineers, Intercollegiate Knights, Cycling Club, National Society of Professional Engineers, Formual SAE, Varisty Football

Yolanda Dementra Luster Kansas City, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers

John W Luther Rolla, MO

Missouri Miner

Laura Luther Camden Point, MO General Delegation of Independents, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Intramural Sports, KMNR

Karenda Lutz Dittmer, MO Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Steve Lynchard Bourban, MO Blue Sabres, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Society of American Military Engineers

M Richard J. Macke Fredericktown, MO Pi Tau Sigma, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society for Quality Control, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Intramural Sports

Daniel J. Magidson St. Louis, MO Air Force ROTC, Raiders, Campus Service Officer Junior Varsity Rifle Team

lftekhar Mahmood Dhaka, Bangladesh Muslim Studen Association, International Student Council, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Society of Engineering Management, Institute of Industrial Engineers

Mark Anthony Mais Aurora, MO American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of General Contractors

Cathlin C. Maloney Kansas City, MO TJHA, Daughters of Diana, M-Ciub, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer

Brian A. Mangogna Hazelwood, MO Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Sigma Nu, American Society of Metals, American Foundrymen's Society

Thomas C. Mann Hingham, MA History Club, Phi Alpha Theta

Jennifer Marino Springfield, MO Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Society of Women Engineers, Chancellor's Leadership Class, Intramural Sports

David Maschler Kansas City, MO Theta Xi,Aiphi Phi Omega, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Alpha Chi Sigma

Nicole Mason St. Louis, MO Schrenk Society, Spelunkers Club

Eric G. Matlock Sullivan, MO Kappa Alpha, Student Council, Assocation of Engineering Geologists

Donald M. Mayberry Rolla, MO Transfer Student Association


Scott Maycock Omaha, NE Student Council, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sigma Gamma Tau, Tau Beta Pi , Phi Kappa Phi

Jerry McCall St. Louis, MO National Society of Black Engineers, Chancellor's Leadership Class, Minority Engineering Program, Association of Black Students, Intramural Managers Association, Student Union Board, Ping Pong Club

George Mclandliss St. Louis, MO Pi Kappa Phi, Student Council, Student Union Board, Living Poet's Society, Missouri Miner

Natalie L. McCune O'Fallon, MO Chi Omega, Tau Beta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, ASM, Phi Eta Sigma, Society of Women Engineers

Jerry G. McGarity Hornersville, MO

Jennifer McGee Viburnum, MO Student Council, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Student Union Board, Intramural Managers Assocaition, Daughters of the Lion

Jeffrey G. Mcleod Potosi, MO ACM, UMR Trap and Skeet Club

Rodney D. Mell Flat River, MO Eta Kappa Nu,Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Transfer Student Associ ation, Choir

Melissa Mesko Brentwood, MO Keramos, American Ceramie Soceity, Inter Residence Council, KMNR

Derek Renwick Meyer Zwiebrucken , Germany Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Blue Sabres

Albert M. Meyers St. Louis, MO American Society of Me-


chanica! Engineers, Newman Center

Jeff J. Meystrik St. Louis, MO Sigma Nu,Theta Tau Omega, lnsititute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Student Union Board, Intercollegiate Knights, UMR Rugby Club, Juggling Club

Rafael Kenneth Millangue Chesterfield, MO Inter Residence Council, QHA, T JHA, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Amy Mische Grandview, MO Kappa Delta, Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, HELIX

Jeffrey J. Mitchell Shelby, NE Varsity Baseball, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi

Loralee Moeckli Rolla, MO New Traditional Students, The Psi Club

Anna Marie Moomaw El Dorado Springs, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Omega Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi

Melissa Moore St. Charles, MO Varsity Women's Soccer, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, M-Ciub

Mark A. Moreland Rolla, MO American Society of Engineering Management, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Richard L. Morris Blue Springs, MO C. L. Dake Geological Society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Kurt Muehlhen St. Louis, MO American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of General Contractors, Intramural Sports

R. Erin Mulanax Bridgeton, MO

Chi Omega, Gamma Alpha Delta, Order of the Sun, Society of Missouri Student Teacher Association

Michael G. Munsell St. Louis, MO Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Charles Eric Murphy Chesterfield, MO UMR Excel

DAnne Murphy Richland, MO Kappa Delta, Alpha Nu Sigma, Tau Beta Pi

Charles L. Myers Macungie, PA QHA, American Society of Civil Engineers, Volleyball Club

H. Arvy Myers Crystal Lake, IL KMNR, Keramos, American Ceramic Society, National Institute of Ceramic Engineers

N William Natsch Jefferson City, MO Intramural Sports, American Society of Engineering Management

Atha Jamar Neal Ill Maryland Heights, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi

Travis S. Newkirk Independence, MO Sigma Nu, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Blue Key, Newman Center, Intercollegiate Knights

Timothy Newton Joplin, MO

Robert C. Ngo St. Louis, MO

LeG. Nguyen St. Louis, MO

Karen Sue Niehaus Chesterfield, MO Chi Omega, Blue Key, Tau Beta Pi, Keramos, American Ceramic Society, National Institute of Ceramic Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega, Society of Women Engineers

Varna Nou Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mary Nussbaum Jackson, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Omega Chi Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, Intramural Sports

0 Robert G. O'Conner Rolla, MO American Society of Civil Engineers

Shawn O'Donnell Chicago Ridge, IL Varsity Football, Association of Engineering Geologists, M-Ciub

Mohd Roslee thman Selanuor, Malaysia Society of Petroleum Engineers

Brian Overturf Kansas City, MO National Society of Professional Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Trap and Skeet Club

Thanawut "Bas" Owatverot St. Louis, MO Student Union Board

p Kory J. Pace St. Louis, MO Sigma Nu, Interfraternity Council, American Society of Engineering Management, Associated General Contractors, American Society of Civil Engineers

Sung Yong Park St. Louis, MO UMR Rugby, Korean Student Association

Michael A. Parmeley DeSoto, MO

Varsity Basketball, M-Ciub, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Brian Parnell Lockwood, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Sonal J. Patel Rolla, MO Student Union Board, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Society of Women Engineers

Matthew H. Payton Kansas City, MO Association for Computing Machinery, Spelunker's Club, T JHA, UMR Gaming Association

William C. Pendleton Fenton, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramural Sports

Benjamin Peters DuBois, IL American Society of Civil Engineers

Cynthia Peters Omaha, NE Varsity Women's Soccer

Luke Allen Peterson Chesterfield, MO Student Council, Baptist Student Union, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma

Paul Petitt Scott City, MO

Christopher D. Pfeuffer St. Louis, MO Beta Sigma Psi, Interfraternity Council, Alpha Phi Omega

Tony Phillips Ballwin, MO Association for Computing Machinery, T JHA

Jim Pierce Caledonia, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers

John Pingel Crestwood, MO Association for Computing Machinery, Lambda Chi Alpha, Student Affairs

Terrence I. Piskorski Florissant, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon, St. Pat's Board, Theta Tau Omega

Jeffrey A. Phillips Marcie K. Politte Dixon, MO Potosi, MO Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Chi Omega, Lambda Sigma Pi, Choir, Down to Earth , Intramural Managers AssoAmerican Society of Civil ciation Engineers, Little Sisters of the White Star, Toastmasters Jeffrey R. Phillips Joplin, MO Christian Campus FellowMichael Paul Portell ship, Institute of Electrical Cadett, MO and Electronics Engineers, American Society of MeEta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa chanical Engineers, AmeriPhi, UMR French Club, Intramural Sports

can Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

tist Student Union, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma

Patrick Portell Cadett, MO American Society of Mechanica! Engineers

Roger S. Protzman Jefferson City, MO UMR Cycling Club, Association of Engineering Geologists, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, QHA

Gary Potter Marthasville, MO Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega

Joan Dembowski Pottinger Rolla, MO Newman Center, History Club, Phi Alpha Theta

Kathy S. Powell Rolla, MO Association of Engineering Geologists, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi

Eli J. Price Sparta, IL Army ROTC, Theta Tau Omega, Society of American Military Engineers

Josh Prince , State College, PA Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Varstiy Tennis, Bap-


Michael B. Pruitt Eugene, MO Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Society for American Military Engineers

Stephen Puljak St. Louis, MO Triangle, Missouri Miner, American Society for Engineering Management, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Orchestra, Phi Eta Sigma

R Mitchell Lee Rackers Taos, MO Newman Center, Pi Tau Sigma, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Student Council

Douglas J. Radloff, Jr Maryland Heights, MO Thomas Jefferson Resident Assistant

Abu-Bakar Radrul Rolla, MO Ahmad Rahimi Rolla, MO Phi Kappa Phi,Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu

Jeffrey Olen Rainwater Fayetteville, AK Sigma Gamma Tau American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Wesley Foundation

Ricky Thomas Rausch Poplar Bluff, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi

Suzanne Margaret Reeves St. Louis, MO Chi Omega, Blue Key, Pi Tau Sigma, Band, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma

Leigh Reisinger St. Joseph, MO Kappa Delta, Collegium

Musiceum, Choir, Society of Physics Students, Student Council, Shrenk Society

Mathew M. Rice Chesterfield, MO Pi Kappa Phi

Michael R. Riggs David A. Renfert Kansas City, MO Union, MO Alpha Phi Alpha, National Phi Kappa Theta, American Society of Black Engineers, Society of Mechanical EngiAssociation of Black Stuneers, Kappa Mu Epsilon dents, Student Council

Patrick D. Risner Aaron Ramon Rezendez Bixby, OK Peculiar, MO Society of Mining EngiSigma Gamma Epsilon, neers, Tau Beta Pi, M-Ciub, American Association of Varsity Football, Varsity Petroleum Geologists, Soci- Track, Sigma Gamma Epsiety of Exploration Geolon, Chancellor's Leaderphysicists, American Geoship Class logical Institute, Geological Society of America Dwight Steven Robertson Iberia, MO Daren Rice Delta Sigma Phi, Lee's Summit, MO Interfraternity Council, StuGeneral Delegation of Inde- dent Council, Varsity Football, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau pendents Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma Kenneth Earl Rice St. Louis, MO Alpha Phi Alpha, National Society of Black Engineers, Interfraternity Council, Student Union Board, Association of Black Students, Intramural Managers Assocation, Intramural Sports

Diego Rodriguez Lima, Peru Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Phi Kappa Phi, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Society of Metallurgical Engineers

Edward L. Rodriguez Charleston, MO Alpha Epsilon Pi, St. Pat's Board, Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Pi Epsilon

Jude Thaddeus P. Rogado St. Louis, MO Christian Campus Fellowship, Habitat for Humanity, Intramural Sports, Toastmasters, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Rachel Rogers St. Louis, MO Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon

Raquel P. Rogado St. Louis, MO Varstiy Softball, Christian Campus Fellowship, Volleyball Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

T.homas H. Rogge Chicago, IL Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi

s Rick Rohlfing New Haven, MO Acacia, Varsity Baseball, MClub

Dave Rottmann St. Charles, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Tau Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intercollegiate Knights, Alpha Phi Omega

Teann Ruffin St. Louis, MO National Society of Black Engineers, American Society for Engineering Management, Association for Black Students, Voices of Inspiration

Stephen, M. Ruffing Florissant, MO Varsity Baseball, M-Ciub, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tau Sigma Pi, Eta Kappa Nu


Dan Sackberger St. Louis, MO Solar Car Team, Economics Club, Christian Campus Fellowship, Toastmasters, lntramural Sports

Paul Michael Sakowicz Palatine, IL College Republicans, American Nuclear Society

Basir Samsudin Malaysia Muslim Student Associ ation, Malaysian Student Organization, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Linda B. Sands Owensville, MO Phi Eta Sigma , Down to Earth, English Club, Sigma Tau Delta

Lynne Sanick Florissant, MO Kappa Delta, American Society for Engineering Management, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Blue Key, Alpha Phi Omega, Toastmasters, Gamma Alpha Delta

James M. Saunders South Bend, IN Alpha Epsilon Pi, Blue Key, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Intercollegiate Knights, Toastmasters, Student Council, Association of Engineering Geologists, UMR Rugby

Leslie Sawyer Downingtown, PA Varsity Women's Soccer, American Society of Civil Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega

Andrew M. Schad t Huntley, IL Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Jeffrey J. Schaefer St. Louis, MO Phi Kappa Theta, Varsity Soccer, M-Ciub, American Foundrymen's Society, American Society of Metals

Robert James Schaff er Sullivan, MO American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of General Contractors

Jason M. Schnepp Springfield, IL

Varsity Swimming, Water Polo Club, American lnstitute of Chemical Engineers, Omega Chi Epsilon, M-Ciub

Teri M. Schofield Palm Beach Gardens, FL Varsity Softball, M-Ciub

Timothy James Schroeder Union, MO Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers

Diane Kay Schwalje Rolla, MO Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon. Spelunkers Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Missouri London Program

Clint Scott Phi Kappa Theta, Student Union Board, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Eric Seaman Centertown, MO Triangle, Intercollegiate Knights, Student Council,

Association of General Contractors

Michael S. Sebourn New Madrid, MO Sigma Chi, Tau Beta Pi, American Society for Engineering Management, AIpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma

Raymond M. Seffelke, Jr O'Fallon, MO Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Student Ambassador, Chancellor's Leadership Class, Phi Eta Sigma

Allen Sehrt Raytown, MO Kappa Alpha, Associated Students of the University of Missouri, American Society of Mehcanical Engineers

Robert Seydel St. Peters, MO Wesley Foundation, Sigma Gamma Tau, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tau Beta Pi, Student Council, Phi Kappa Phi

Susan Shaw Desloge, MO Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air

Society, Band

Heather Shearer Omaha, NE Colligeum Musicum, Choir, Association of Engineering Geologists

Michael N. Shearer St. Louis, MO American Society of Mechanica! Engineers

Christine A. Sheeny Chesterfield, MO Thomas Jefferson Head Resident Assistant, Quad Resident Assistant, RHA, Eta Kappa Nu,Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Blue Key

Troy Shireman Columbia, MO Association for Computing Mahcinery, Sigma Phi EpsiIon

lzaini Suid Shoib Malaysia Malaysian Students Organization, Muslim Students Association, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Pi Epsi-


lonTau Glen D. Shonkwiler Kansas City, MO Christian Campus Fellowship, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Intramural Sports

Tami Lynne Short Jadwin, MO

Daniel Sickendick Owensville, MO Chi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, American Society of Civil Engineers

Vernon A. Smith Jefferson City, MO Kappa Alpha, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon, Intercollegiate Knights, Gamma Alpha Delta

James Michael Southern Steele, MO Phi Kappa Phi,Tau Kappa Epsilon, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Bill Steininger Fredericktown , MO Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers

Fred B. Steinkuehler Edwardsville, IL Kappa Alpha, UMR Rugby, Gamma Alpha Delta

Jeff Stephens Independence, MO

Kimberly Stevenson Kansas City, MO Andrew M. Speck Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Burke, VA Army ROTC, Raiders, Alpha Sigma, Society of Women , Engineers, National Society Iota Delta, Society of Keith A. Sigg of Black Engineers, AmeriAmerican Military EngiKansas City, MO can Institute of Chemical neers, Association of the Society of Automotive EngiEngineers U.S. Army neers, Formula SAE, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Xi Marcus Stevenson Jeffrey W Spencer St. Louis, MO Rolla , MO Alpha Phi Alpha , Alpha Phi UMR Trap and Skeet Club, Daniel M. Smith Omega, St. Pat's Board, Association of Computing Mascoutah , IL American Society of EngiMachinery Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ering Management, American Society of Civil American Society of MeEngineers, Phi Eta Sigma chanical Engineering, Minority Engineering ProPaul Christian Stallman , II Chester, IL gram, National Society of Scott S. Smith Solar Car Team , American Black Engineers, AssociaSt. Charles, MO tion of Black Students Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma Bradley M. Stewart

Fenton, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Student Union Board

Jim Stickley Rolla, MO General Delegation of lndependents

Robert J. Stoltz Rolla, MO History Club, Associated Students of the University of Missouri


Mark Strankzek Oklahoma City, OK ' [ Sigma Tau Gamma, History ~ Club, UMR Volleyball Club

Todd Sublette Hannibal, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Robert J. Suess St. Louis, MO Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Alpha Delta, American Society of Civil Engineers

Jesse Swift, Ill East St. Louis, IL National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Mining Engineers, Association of Black Students

Patel Tejendra St. Louis, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, India Association, Amnesty International

Sara Tenney Springfield, MO Intercollegiate Knights, Student Union Board, Kappa Delta, American Society for Engineering Management

Chanin Thamrongvithavatpong Bangkok, Thailand





Stephanie Straker Chesterfield, MO Chi Omega, Blue Key, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Missouri Miner

Marshall Strouse Rolla, MO Society of Automotive Engineers, Formual SAE, lnstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, UMR Amateur Radio Club, Triangle

T Jon Tandy Odessa, MO Christian Campus Fellowship, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi

Jeffrey S. Tebbe Washington, MO Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu

Wes Theissen Gasconade, MO Acacia, Varsity Baseball

Angela Thias St. Louis, MO Eta Kappa Nu,Tau Beta Pi, Little Sisters of the White Star, Baptist Student Union

David A. Thilker St. Charles, MO Sigma Pi Sigma, Society of Physics Students,


Spelunker's Club, Astronomy Club

Kimberly Ann Thomason Moneta, VA Chi Omega, Association of Engineering Geologists, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Blue Key, Lambda Sigma Pi, Delta Delta

Brian Thornton Springfield, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, ACES

Stephanie Trickey Leawood, KS Society of Women Engineers, Association of Engineering Geologists

Dustin Daniel Tripp Cobden, IL Eta Kappa Nu

Dominic Francis Trudell Devils Elbon, MO Newman Center, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Institute of

Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Tae Kwon Do Association

Kyle Tucker Farmington, MO Society of Automotive Engineers, Formula SAE, Solar Car Team, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers

Matthew L. Turley Carlinville, IL Lambda Chi Alpha, T JHA, Association for Computing Machinery, Starfleet International, Intramural Sports

Gina L. Turner St. Peters, MO Phi Kappa Phi,Tau Beta Pi, Thomas Jefferson Resident Assistant, Varsity CrossCountry, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Intramural Sports

Shyh - Chyang Tzeng Taiwan Chinese Student Association

v Deanna Valentino Irving, TX Chi Omega, Alpha Chi Sigma, HELIX, Alpha Phi Omega, Choir, Intramural Sports

Michael P. Venegoni Fenton, MO Rollamo Photographer, Resident Assistant, Missouri Miner, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Scott R. Virtue O'Fallon, MO Arnold Air Society, Air Force ROTC, Intramural Sports

Marybeth Anne Volk St. Louis, MO Toastmasters, Economics Club, Newman Center

Laura A. Vrabel Morton, IL Keramos, Daughters of the Emerald, Intramural Managers Association, American Ceramic Society, Student Activity Fee Board


Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Christian Campus Fellowship

Michael J. Weiland Esther Kwabea Walker St. Louis, MO Chicago, IL Delta Sigma Theta, National Pi Kappa Alpha, American Society of Black Engineers, Society of Mechanical Engineers, UMR Sport ParaStudent Union Board, Band, Association of Black chute Club, Newman Center, Student Union Board, Students, Panhellenic, InstiMissouri Miner tutes of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Robert Kevin Wall Johnston City, IL Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Socieyt for Engineering Management, lnsititute of Industrial Engineers

Jeffrey P Waller St. Louis, MO Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Maurice Lavell Weathers St. Louis, MO Kappa Alpha Psi, Student Council, Association of Black Students, National Society of Black Engineers

Steven E. Weible Bonne Terre, MO

Jeffrey G. Weldele Arnold, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Alpha Omega, Student Ambassador

Samuel D. Welge Chester, IL Sigma Phi Epsilon, UMR Rugby, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioining Engineers

Scott Wells Chesterfield, MO Splelunkers Club, lnsititute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Electrical and Electronics Engineers, KMNR

Paul West St. Louis, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, UMR Trap and Skeet Club

Lisa Willhaus Kansas City, MO Chi Omega, Blue Key, Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Intercollegiate Knights

Christopher J. Williams St. Louis, MO Sigma Chi, American Society of Civil Engineers

Donald G. Wilson, Jr St. Louis, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Solar Car Team, Society of Automotive Engineers, Orchestra, Collegium Musicum

Mimi Win Rangoon, Burma Philip J. Wentz Imperial, MO Newman Center, Institute of

Gary L. Winkel Centerville, lA Transfer Student Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers

Albert Frank Winkeler, Ill Florissant, MO KMNR, UMR Theatre, Lliving Poet's Society

John Withouse Bland, MO

Pi, Institute of Packaging Profressionals, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Society for Engineering Management, Blue Key

Kamau Udin Woodard Calumet Park, IL Kappa Alpha Psi

Jennifer Kathleen Wray St. Joseph, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Newman Center, Thomas Jefferson Resident Assistant

Jeffrey M. Wood Hallsville, MO Student Union Board, Student Council, Alpha Epsilon

z Azmi Zainal Ad nan Malaysia Malaysian Students Organization, Muslim Student Assocation

Steve Glennon Zoll Festus, MO Varsity Baseball, M-Ciub, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Chris Wolfgeher Gladstone, MO TaeKwonDo

Jahna L. Wollard Springfield, MO Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Student Council, Society of Women Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Adrain A.Yu St. Louis, MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Student Ambassador, Toastmasters , Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

y BaiLin Yang St. Louis, MO

Ray L. Yeargain, II St. Charles, MO Sigma Nu, Theta Tau Omega, American Society of Civil Engineers, Intercollegiate Knights, UMR Rugby

Brian Zoltowski Lakeville, NY Association of Engineering Geologist, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Varsity Baseball, Alpha Phi Omega

Faculty Group Pictures














world 's finest commu ni l'ati on s:·stPm s b~ taking risks, ill\ PStin g in technology and holding l'ast to our va lues of satisl)ing ou r custonwrs. hiring talented pt>ople, prm'iding quality seJYices and maintn ining integri ty in business. \\'e're not going to stop no". Join us and be first in line for till' 2 1st cPnlury.

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The Anheuser-Busch family of companies congratulates the Class of 1993 on becoming part of the proud and distinguished group of men and women who caH themselves graduates of the University of Missouri-Rolla. The very best to all of you!



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First choice of professionals Worldwide leader in manufacturing and marketing of refrigeration and air conditioning flow controls. ALCO CONTROLS DIVISION • EMERSON ELECTRIC Co.


Richard H. Frueh, 1975, 1976 Christopher B. Groves, 1968, 1969 T. Michael McMillen, 1967, 1968 Allen G. Minks, 1981 , 1983 William B. Kremer, I 981 William H. Bond, 1983, 1986 Jeffrey D. Schauer, 1981 , 1990 Thomas J. Abkemeier, 1987, 1992 Keith L. Tayon, 1990, 1993

=111 §t!&t~q~E~Y!{t~q~d~~; 11 500 OLIVE BOULEVARD • SUITE 276 SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI 63141 • 7126

Careers in Design/ Build

noranda aluminum, inc.

• Architectural Engineering •Construction Science •Civil Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering




11330 Olive Street Road,St. Louis, Missouri 63141


CEDAR COMPUTER CENTER, INC. 11489 Page Service Drive • St. l ouis. M O 63146






Phone(314) 567-0600 FAX (314) 567-0601


MIDW EST AIRGAS. IN C. HW Y. 5 SOL T il C.•~ ID I ·: V ro~;.

" 0 6o020


Ron Pike

Rc:gist<red Professional En~:ineer Registered U.nd Surveyor

Sale-s Rep resen ta ti ve


13 H l 346-4 582 FAX 13 14 ) H6-62H

Residence 13 14 ) 34 6-2 01 3


BLAISE COOPER hi•• & Servlo• Conaultant


ST. LOUIS VALVE & FITTING CO. 18th & Fnsco P.O. Box 978 Rolla , MISSOUri 65401 Telephone :·314/364·1121 Res•dence : 314 /341·8015

Rich Dougherty Market Manager


~Jw:!J'JN!Le. CABLEVISION FOR THE ROLLA AREA 1304 Highway 72 East 364-5206


1 0844 Gravola lnduatrlal Ct. St. Loula, Mla-url 63128 Bualn••• (314) 842-5050 FAX (314) 842-6204 Home (314) 434-6321


International 11'11 /!l~ ®~


of Rolla

1106 N. Bishop, Rolla, MO 65401

Rick E. Westhues

__ -·-·



Travel Conaultanl

Marty Phillips Ctuiae Dept. (3U)341 ·3300 1·800·171-3331 FAX (314) 384·3780


Man . Fri 8am • lipm Sal IO<Im · >lpm


Melissa Anderson

Chris Roskllly





417-881-46n 1-800-299-4387 FAX 417-881-8753








(31-4) 63-4-3177 FAX #(314) 635· 2016


PHONE : 314 / 343 ·0893


FAX : 314 / 343 -0 668


Delp Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanical Contracting, Ventilation



108 E. 7th Street Rolla, MO 65401 (314) 364-1159


FENTON . MO 63026 -2401

Robert L. Delp P.E. (314) 765-4465




t .



A-1 Moving & Storage, Inc. Michael L. Duncan Sales/ Dispalch Coordinator



314 231 ·5068

Robert L. Delp Jr. (314) 364-4370

615 S. Highway 63 Rolla, Missouri 65401 Tel. 364-2100 364-4470


JANET WRIGHT General Manager / Sales Manager

Employment opportunities for electrical and mechanical engineers and accountants.


'AI POWER SYSTEMS Midwes/ Power • Midwesl Gas

Specialized Lighing Distributor MetroArea314-535-1314 1-800-737-1314 Fax 535-5471

4501 SWAN AVE. ST.LOUIS,M063110

Zenor Compan y Machine Shop Services

Human Resources 907 Walnut St. , PO Box 657 Des Moines, lA 50303 Equal employment opportunity employer•


Engineering Company

11250 Hunter Drive • Bridgelon, MO 63044 • 314-731 -3020

Hughes M. Zenor, Owner




Phone: Inside Rolla 364-2110 Outside Rolla CallS00-622-4405 FAX 314-364-8677

Manufacturer of automotive service equipment ... distributed world-wide.



Lumber & Home Center

6th & Rolla Street Downtown Rolla Call 364-1212



c5o[uE.nt c5!J1.te:m1. [Jnc. a fully authorized Value Added Reseller


Silver Pine

Dennis B. Moore President

Restaura nt

Sales (314) 822-9958 Service(314) 965-3290 Fax (314) 965-2260

Tammy Maher



Your complete lumber, hardware and home decorating center.


Box 575 65401




795 OFFICE P'ti1NY ST. LOUIS, lAO 83 141 31418n·9042 FAX: 3 14/Bn-3000

1049 Kingshighway Rolla, Missouri 341-3909

Ma nager


704 Pine Street Rolla . MO 6540 1


, .....I .. PHILLIPS BROTHERS PRINTERS 1555 West Jefferson Springfield, Illinois 62 705 217/787 · 3014


Chicago Bridge and Iron Company is an Engeneeting and Construction company that designs and builds some of the largest structures and process systems in the world, including water and oil storage structures, nuclear power, cryogenic, and offshore structures, wind tunnels, complex structures for fusion research, and large vacumn systems for space simulation and testing. CBI provides these services throughout the world.

BorgWarner Automotive Powertrain Assemblies

Chicago Bridge and Iron Co. 800 J orie Blvd. Oak Brook, IL 708·654·1700

Industry Technology Leaders: Four - Wheel Drive All - Wheel Drive Manual Transmissions

• • A ...ILIE'•S BUILDING •r•#4• nJ ., SERVICES 910 N. College, Suite 3 Columbia, MO 65201 314-422- 7800 'CFC' FREE SERVICE COMMERCIAL AIC SERVICE RECLAIM SERVICE

General Office: 6690 18 112 Mile Rd. Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314

Trane Authorized Warranty Service





122 W. 8th St. Rolla




Congratulations to all1993 Graduates








United Telephone is Your one Convenient source for all your telephone needs.

S Missouri Celllular "Making Cellular Sensible For Everyone "





2220-B N. BISHOP


United Telephone A Sprint Company

1-800-788-3500 ~~~~~l!.~~ DELICIOUS





I 364-1971 I HWY 63 SO. ROLLA , MO

Photographer•s Best

[Editor's Note: On the following pages are photographs that the Rollamo's photographer's felt like were their "best" work. Keep in mind, we have some pretty crafty photographers. Much of what you see has been created using photography magic. With the advent of scanners, computers, and desktop publishing, many more exotic "tricks" can be done to photos. As a result, things may not always be what they seem.]

The Rollamo Top Right: Photo Editor James Anderson poses with his favorite character. Middle Right: Michael Venegoni pushes the button on his favorite possessiOn. Bottom Right: Rod Aburto demonstrates his creative power with an interesting self-portrait. Facing Page, Top Left: Photographer Doug Sobery. Facing Page, Bottom Left: T. J. Houchin appears to have lost his mind somewhere in Rolla. Facing Page, Top Right: Jason Hansen hangs precariously from a tree. Facing Page, Bottom Right: Jason Meriwether sits at his favorite place in Rolla.


The In-Side

A Ab-Talib,Amran 208,236 Abbott,Steve 119 Abbott,Wendy 106 Abraham,Steve 113 Abrarns,Chera 104 Abu, Badrul H. Bakar 208 Acosta,JuliaN. 208.236 Adarns.AndrewScott 208,236 Adarns,Angelikaleigh 106,155,208,236 Adams. Brenda Kay 208,236 Adams. Eric 98 Adarns,.Jamey 110 Adams, Martin 130 Adarns,Sabrina 127 Adams,Scott 96 Adnan,AzmiZainal230,260 Aguilera.AnthonyCruz 208,236 Ainslie,Jason 108 Akers,Geoff 149 AI-Amrani ,Yehia H. 208.236 AI-Tholaya,MohamedAii 169,208,236 Alan,Jeffrey 223 Aldenderfer,Christopher 109 Alfermann,Janet 105.176,208,236 Alfredson, Brian 24 Alkier,Carrie 181 Alkier.WilliamK. 208.236 Alleman.Tom 113 Allen.Chad 92 Allen . Eric 56 Allen.James 125, 194 Allen , Kristi 173 Allen. Mark 112 Allen .Robert 108 Alley,Michael108 Altman ,Rich 116 Alverson ,Chris 24.25,28 Amann,Roger 108 Amezaga,Gonzalo 117 Anast. Bill 96 Anders,Jon 56 Anderson, Erik 30, 128 Anderson,Gregory 117 Anderson.Jim 24 Anderson.Julie 115.149 Anderson, Lyman T. 208.236 Anderson,Sandy 175 Andrew,Jeffery 107 Andrews,Jon 66 Anne, Marybeth 229 Anson. Bryce 108.197 Antle.Sean 155, 156 Antonacci. Anthony 98,208.236 Anway,Paul 148 Apostoi.Jay 98 Apperson.Justin 122 Arabi-Katbi.Osama 123 Arabi-Katbi. Wael 123 Arbesman,Gordon 94 Archibald.Deborahl. 120, 176,208,236 Arjona,Manuel 121 Armstrong,Scott 99 Arnold,Grant 124 Arora ,Jyotsna 208,236 Arrowsmith, Elizabeth 124 Arrowsmith,Jim 121 Ashwell. Scott 191 Atkinson .BradA. 208 ,236 Atkinson . Mike 155, 156 Atterberry,Scott 148 Aubuchon,Chris 95 Auckly,StephenJ . 208.237 Aullivan,Lance 237 Austin,Jeff 156 Autrey.Chris 149 Autrey,Jon 118 Avora,Jyoti 169 Ayers,James 124

Aymond,Shanon 106 Azhar, Wan M. Hashim 244

B Bach,Jeffrey 109 Bachle.Andrew 123 Bachle,Peter 123 Backlew, Bill 96 Backues,Shelly 52, 175 Baer,Angie 104, 173 Baer,Bob 112.175 Baer,TimothyJoseph 208.237 Bagley.Stephanie 193,209,237 Bagwiii.Tracy 148 Bahr.MarcusJ. 94,209.237 Bahr,MichaeiJ. 94.209,237 Bain ,CaroiA. 209.237 Baird,Sean 99 Bakar.HishamuddinAbu 208.236 Baker,Greg 173 Baker,Jason 94 Baker,Jesse 109 Baker,Karen 148 Baldwin,BretA. 188,209,237 Balkenbush,Todd 95 Ballard,Matthew 121 Ballinger, Deena 106,156,209,237 Balton.Marion 127

Banard ,Travis 112 Bangash,Assad 110 Banks, Eric 126, 197 Baquette,Dave 112 Barber,Scott 123 Bar1<1ey,Jeanne 176 Barmeier.Marc 96 Bames,James 128 Barnett.Chris 46, 126, 195 Bamett.Jessica 123 Barnett,Steve 92 Barnhart.Aaron 116, 153 Barnhill , Erik 153 Barr. David 24 Barr, Mike 50, 110 Barr, Ryan 99 Barrett, Beau 118 Barron,Reil 24 BarteL Rob 30 Barton .RandaiiW. 209.237 Barton.Randy 157 Bascoski. Neil 116 Basham,Aaron 99 Basham. Mike 99 Batcheler.Joe 110 Baudendistei.Paul123, 195 Baugher,Gregory 117 BaLmgardler,Jeremy 109 Baumstark, Peter 46.47,126 Baumstark, Tom 99 Baxter.Kenneth 124

Baysinger. Mike 112 Beaird.Patricia 181 Beal. Karl 118 Beard,Matt 102 Beard , Stuart 96 Beavers,Brendan 108 Beck, Robert 124 Becker.Volkan 102 Becvar.Michael128 Bee.Jeff 173 Beebe,Jason 128, 149 Belano ,Ariel 125 Belaska.Francine 104 Beii .Richard 128 Belrose,Mike 110 Benefield,John 129 Bennett.Jason 193 Bennett,Steve 99 Bennish,MichaeiS. 209.237 Benson .Kim 115 Bentley,Sean 110 Benton,Joseph 109 Bentrup,Mark 108 Bequette,Shawn 151 Bequette.TimothyM. 177.209. 237 Berendzen.HollyJ . 148,209. 237 Berendzen.SandraJ. 193,209 Berhorst.Anthony 130 BerkeL Shawn A. 209 Berkelman.Carl123 Berndt, Matt 113,175

Brown , Don 38,40, 96 Brown,Garth 125, 197 Brown,Gregory W. 210,239 Brown ,Mona l. 210,239 Brown,Rhonda 173 Brown ,Robert 107 Brown ,ThomasC. 210,239 Browne ll, Chris 24 Broyles,Eiizabeth 153 Brueggeman,Jamie 38,109 Brune, Da n 96 Brunner,Lynette 104 Bruns,Jeff 99 Brunson,JeffreyW. 148,21 1.239 Brunz,Je nny 111 Bryan,Jason 121 Bryant,Christopher 117 Bubiewski, Lisa 239 Buchanan,JeremyC. 211 .239 Buchek,Jason 119, 153 Bucklew,WilliamA. 211.239 Buckley,Michael124 Budcle,Cossandra 127 Budnik,Andrea 153 Buerge,Aaron 107 Buesch,April 52, 111 Buhi,Margaret 175 Buie,Aaron 11 2 Bulla,Sean 30 Bumgardner,Thomas 123 Burch,Jeremy 130, 149 Burgess,Jason 119, 149 Burget,Seth 168, 180 Burke, Mike 156 Burkemper, Rick 113 Burkett, Kevin 158 Burkha lter,Eric 99 Burmester, Darryl 194 Burner,Jeffrey 108, 153 Burnette,Jim 173 Burns, Seth 24, 126 Burri, Robert 130 Burrows,SuzanneM. 158, 173,21 1,239 Burwell, Lisa 52 Bushjost,Ryan 95 Buss,Jeff 24 Butler,JeffT. 211,239 Buttimer,Amy 52, 127 Button ,Ted 24 Byars.Zach 112 Bytnar,Laura 104, 177

Berry,Jeff 173 Berry, Ken 155 Berry,Randy 173, 188 Berryhill, Patrick 109 Bertram, Eric Paul 209 Bessler,Andrew W. 209 Besso,William C. 237 Beutelman,Kevin 113 Beyer, Aiex 96 Beyer, Brian 96 Bhakta,DharmeshH. 209,237 Bierbaum,Darin 89 Biermann,Scott C. 193,209,237 Bilbrey,Danie i R. 209,238 Biondo,Carl 153 Birk,Adam 95 Birkenmeier,JefferyD. 209,238 Birkholz, Steven 123 Birky, Todd 94 Birlingmair,Robe rtH. 209,238 Bische i,Je nnifer 104 Bishop,Ciifford W. 209,238 Bisset, C hris 110 Bisso, WilliamC. 210 Bjerken,TerranceJ. 210,238 Black, David 88 Blac k, Eric 107 Blac k,Jeff 159 Bla c k,ThomasJ. 149 Bla ir,Craig 173 Bland,MichaeiA. 116,210,238


Blase,James 123 Blaske,Eiizabeth 106,210,238 Blaylock, Tony 188 Blazek, KerrieA. 173, 181.210,238 Blevins,Dan 30,95 Bloomberg,Jason 11 2 Blunt.SarahA. 153,2 10,238 Bockholdt,Chad 194 Bockman,William 158, 194 Bodeen,Dave 102 Boeckmann,John 126 Bogener,Shawn 109 Bohannon, Beckyl. 106,210,238 Bohannon, Chris 42 Bohler,Jeff 155, 156 Bahls, Matthew 11 7 Bohnak, Bob 98 Boianoff,stephen 95 Boles,Jason 158 Boley ,Joe 96 Boley , Tre y 11 2 Bonham,stephen M. 186,210,238 Bonilla,Jason 116 Bonner,DouglasE. 2 10,238 Boonkham,Panat 108 Borah,Chad 56 Boring,Lonny 113 Borman,Scott 95 Borrok, David 66, 109 Bossman,James H. 210,238 Boulware,Travis 24,50

Bowen,Kendra 115 Bowman,Aiex 116 Bowman,Matthewl. 210,238 Boyd,Chondell1 27 Boyd, Scott 99 Boysen,John 198 Boyum,Les 24,66 Bozdech,PauiS. 21 0,238 Braasch, William B. 149,210,238 Bradley,GregoryS. 191.210,238 Brady,Dan 148 Brakensiek,Nic kolas 116 BrasseUm 119 Braud,Melissa 129, 194 Braue r,Jim 155, 156 Brauer,Scott 110 Brennan,PatrickE. 30,210,238 Bret. Darrell 108 Brickner.Angie 106 Brinkmann,AndrewJ. 210,238 Brinkmeyer,Dan 110 Bristol, C hristophe r 11 7 Britt, Scott 102 Broekemeier, Brian 11 8, 149 Broleman,Mark 149 Bromberger,Jeff 11 7 Brooks, Russell 123 Broomhead,Simon 186 Bross, Bryan C. 108,210,239 Browder,Eugene 124 Brown,Chad 130

c Cable,Tony L. 211 , 239 Cadoff,David 46, 125, 175 C a in, DarryiE. 108, 211.239 Cain,James 121 Camp,Tracy 119 Campbell,steve 99 Canon,Jason 122 Canty,Scott 96 Carbrey,BrianP. 148,2 11 ,239 Card,RandyA. 211.239 Cargiii.JasonScott 109, 148 Carlisle,Catherine 34, 129 Carlson, David 94, 177 Carlson,John 173 Carrnack.Jonathan 130 CarmichaeLS1anna 120 Carpenter,Mylonnie 127 Carroii,Amy 129 Carter,Jason 66,92 Carter, Keith 110 Case ,ChristopherC. 95, 158,211 .239 Case,Jamison 95 Casedy;Michael1 26 Cash,Chris 211.239 Cash,Deana l . 211 ,239 Cash,John 112 Cassibry,JasonT. 121, 148 Castro ,Noeida 106,2 11 ,239 Cavin,Christopher 108

Celiker, Omer 192 Cella,Joseph 125 Chad.Yan 108 Chadaratana.DuaneS. 211,240 Chadwick.Stephen 130 Chambers,Scott 24,123 Chance,Aiicia 123 Chang,ChristianH. 169,211 ,240 Chapman,Anne 111? Chapman,Deena 111?, 176 Chq:)mc:rl.Jason 112 Chapman,Jim 30 Chartrond.Ann 114 Cheeley,ChristyM. 52,54,211 ,240 Chen,Peggy 111? Chen.Tzu-Chin 211.240 Chen ,Weimin 148 Chen.Xinju 148 Chesalleh,Nazarudin 30,33 Chevalier. Terry 96 Chilcutt.Michael109 Cho,Susan 111?, 111 Choura.Todd 129 Chrchich,Briana 240 Chrisfield ,Becky 22, 111 Christ.James 149 Christenfield,Becky 153 Christensen. Devon lee 240 Christensen , Grant A 211 , 240 Christensen. Kim 106. 173 Christensen , Kirk 172 Christianson , Eric 129 Chu,Jawsherg 123 Chu-Chin 153 Churchich,BrianaLynn 151 ,211 Chyang,Shyh Tzeng 259 Clark. DavidA 211 .240 Clark.Sam 110 Clark,Scott 109 Clarke, Drake 99 Claussen.Grea 112 Clay,Brian 108 Clemenson.Laura 120, 184 Clemson .Brian 212.240 Clinton . Eric 122, 148, 157 Cloud , Eric 62 Coates, Lori 129 Cobb,MichaeiWilliam 212,240 Cochran.Jane 212,240 Cole,Scott 117 Collier, Yen 66 Collins.BartC . 177, 212 ,240 Collins.John 212,240 Coltrin , KingD . 156.212,240 Corneau.JeromeJ. 148 Comella,David 130, 149 Comer.Scott 89 Como.Kevin 96 Conneii.MichaeiJ. 212,240 Conner.DiannaLynn 212,240 Conner. Monty 24 Connors,Sheila 104 Conyers, Sarah 42 Cook.DonaldP. 126. 148 Coak,Lawrence 123 Cook, Melissa 115 Cook, Ward 151 Coaper,Ciayton 148 Cordier.Doug 175,1 95 Cordts.BrandonLee 94.2 12.240 Cotriss. Scott 95 Cott. Timothy L. 148 Cotter,Chad 108 Courtin.Jodie 104 Courtney,Curt 24.25,26,85 Covington.Kellie 212,240 Covington.Ronald 212.240 Cowan.RonaldE. 212,240 Cowell. Mark 70, 126 Cox, Karen 184 Cox, Lowell 128 Cox. Paul 110, 112 Cox, Tara 106 Cozad,Bradley 46.47.49. 126.197 Crafts.Simon 109, 173

Craig,Shawn 99,158, 198 Cranmer,Stacey 52, 127 Crawford,Jason 24 Crede,Jen 52,55, 175 Cresswell , Mark 46, 195 Crick,John 117 Crutchley,Jamie 95 Cuartas.Patncia 155 Culp,James 155 Cummings,James 148 Cummins. Hason 113 Cureau,Aifred 123, 177,2 12,241 Cureau.Uonel 118 Curry,Jeniferl. 177,2 12,241 Cushman,Joe 113 Cutler. Lisa 123 Cyr,MarkM. 212, 241

D Dace,Jarrett 24,155,212 Dace.Lemar 173 Dacus.Chad 153 Dahl , Christopher 130 Dahlgren.Craig 128 Dajc ,David 124 Dale ,Jarrett 241 Dale, Kim 149 Dalton.Jeff 176 Daly,Sean 112 Dalzeii,Joshua 109

Dammerich,Tom 99 Damon, Brook 113 Dampf,Chris 96 Dandurand, Keith 92 Daniei,Chad 126 Daniels,James 177 Daniels,Jason 89, 108 Danley, Kristen 184 Dare.EiizabethJ. 212,241 Daugherty,Rachel 1IX> Davenport,Jodie 111 Davenport,Julie 184 Davenport.T.J . 104, 149, 173 David,Jim 191 David.Scott 153 Davis,Andrew 109 Davis,GregoryA. 95,212,241 Davis. Kevin 24 Davis,Steven 123,194 Davis,Tonda 148 Davis,Tracey 111 , 181 Davis, William 181 Dawson , Chris 38.40.41 DeGonia ,Tom 24,175 DelaFuente.Dan 113 DeLosSantos.Marites 127 DeSchepper.Kerri 42 , 129 DeStefane,Michael123 Dean . Bill 112,194 Deangelis,Luca 116 Debourge,Michelle 111? Deckard, Mark 212,241 Decker.Jeff 168

Deimeke.Michael148 Deis.Jennifer 111 Deles.Bradley 126 Delinger, Kevin Paul 212 ,241 Denney.Stephen 193 Dennis,GregA. 213,241 Denton,Jennifer 127 Derryberry.Aiisa 115 Determan ,Larry 130 Dettmer,Shannon 123 Dewitt, Petra 181 Diaz. Zlad 121 Dickerson. Teresa 52 , 175 Dlckherber.Julie 111? Dickneite,Ryan 109 Dlditagain.Chad 173 Didur. Lawrence Edward 213 Diesen.Stephen 176 Dignan.John 173 Dill , Karla 105 Dillingham,John 157 Dimmick.Marijo 213.241 Ding,Jian 123 Ding ,QingNing 130, 188 Dionne . Bruce 95 Distler.Craig 110 Dixon . Natalie 120, 184 Doerr, Dan 155 Donaldson.Emily 129, 184 Donley, Laura 105. 176 Donnelli. Drew 99 Dorge, Kristi 111 Dorn .John 99

Evans,Rachel 52, 127 Everett,Eiizabeth 148 Everitt,Chrlsti 106 Evers, Matthew 95 Ewens,Jeffrey 108, 122 Ewers, Ken 99

Fuller,Jason 108 Fullerton, Brent 153 Fulton,Doug 24 Fulton, Eric 110 Fussner,Anthony 148,21 4,243


Doste r,Brande n 89 Douglas,Teri 127 Downes,Jennifer 106, 173 Drefke,DaneP. 148,213,241 Dreiseward,Dan 155 Drumm,Scott 128 Dryer, Daron 177 DuBoise, Geoff 24 Duc harme,Carl148 Duc ke ring, Brooke 120 Dudkowski, Brian 109 Duensing ,Melissa 111 Dumaine,Willie 188 Dunajc ik,Jim 116 Duncan,Pam 175 Dunkmann,Rebecc a 111 ,194 Dunning, Erica 106,153 Durand,Brian 94 Durbin,ToddA. 2 13,241 Duson, Derek 110 Dye,D.J. 89 Dye,Scott 94

Eatherton,William 125 Eaton,T.J. 113 Ecker,Mike 99 Eckhoff,Dean 126 Edgar, Brian 123 Edme nn,Karl 109

Edmondson,ThomasK. 213,241 Edwards,Anthony 130 Edwards,Cathy 114 Edwards,David 176 Edwards,LisaA 120,213,241 Edwards, Patricia 193 Edwards,Scott 194 Edwards,Talion 24 Effland,Greg 197 Eftink,Sandy 115 Eggers,Christopher 125 Eisenhauer,Todd 98 Elahi, Ali 109 Eldred,Benjamin 121 Eldridge ,Daniel 124, 151 Elledeg,Derric k 194 Ellermann,David 155 Elliott,William 124 Ellis,Jason 99 Elmore, William 46,126 Emore,Graham 128 Engeman,Joe 95 Engle,Danie1107 Erb, Tom 173 Ercai,Taner 192 Erke r,Jeff 99 Erni,Daniel 213,24 1 Erp,Jens 11 2 Eslinger,Michelle 153 Espinosa,Lazard 108 Estep,Jeremy 95 Etie n ,Bob 18 Evans,MichelleChristine 213

FadeLYehia 188 Faherty, WilliamW. 30,3 1, 99,213,241 Fajemisin,Adeniran 118 Falk,John 113 Falkenrath,Richar d 94, 173, 195,213, 242 Falkenwrath,John 155 Fannin,DavidP. 213,242 Farmer, Dan 110, 173 Farmer,Jesse 110 Faughn,llna 124 Faulkner,Shawn 118, 194 Fears,Sean 121,175 Federhofer,Chris 99 Fehrmann,Ronald 213,242 Feldewerth,Diann e 213,242 Felton, Brett 50, 153, 168 Feltrop, Ed 148 Feltz,Jeffrey 177,213,242 Ferguson, Phil 151 Ferkenhoff, William T. 213,242 FiechtL Jim 62,63,96 Fields, Chris 102 Fields,John 148,213,242 Fierke,John 96,2 13,242 Figge,Cheryll. 105,213,242 Rnder,James 176 Findley,Craig 102 Fine,Ryan 109 Finke, Kim 66, 111 Finley,Charlie 24 Finley,Cynthia 124 Finley,Fred 24,25 Finley,Heather 213,242 Finneii,Jon 194 Fischer, William 124 Fisher, Eric 99 Fisher,Marla 106 Fitzpatrick, Erich R. 214,242 Fitzpatrick,Willetta 11 5, 188 路 Fitzsimmons,John E. 56,58,214,242 Flachsbart,Brent 242 Flaherty, Pat 89 Rahive,JoMarie 104 Flauaus,Brad 98,187 Flock, Doris 106 Flynn, Daniel 124 Fogle ,StevenA 214,242 Foo,Wukiat 214,242 Foresman,Matt 198 Fortelka, Brian 24 Fortman,Joe 89 Foster, Christopher 109 Foster,PatriciaA 148,214,242 Fought,Shane 149 Franc is,Chris 89 Frank,Mary 115 Frank,Steven 121 Frankenberger, Brett 113 Franklin,Todd 38,62 Frans, LarryE. 214, 242 Freeman,Heather 117 French,Adam 99 Frenkei,Jami 181 Friedman, Dan 95, 176 Friend,Michael1 17 Friesner,Jack 125 Frigerio,Jacopo 148,214,242 Frisbee, Dirk 18, 19 Frost,Leslie 106, 173 Fry, Lori 129 Fuesting,Chad 50 Fugate,Jeff 151 Fugate , Rob 56

Gabriei,Boston 124 Gach,Tracy 112 Gaddie,Unda 129 Gaffney,Edmund 110 Ga]ar,Tejal 110 Galbraith,Michael 214,243 Gale,Aionna 214,243 Gallup,Archie 98 Gamby,John 117 Ganley,Bridgette 120, 184 Gannon,Julie 104 Garcia,Julio 123 Garcia,Raul128 Gardner,Jason 128 Gardner,Mindy 105, 158 Garey,Shelly 149,159 Garner,Roy 124 Garrett, Cliff 118, 194 Gasswint ,Matt 11 2 GawedzinskLMicha el186 Gazaway,llnal. 214,243 Geels,Jonathan 124 Gefferth,Amy 106 Geisler, Amy 42 George,Brian 109 George,Jason 94 Gerber,Lamar 99 Gerfen,John 88 Gergardt,Eric 99 Gerhardt,Karl 122 Geritz,John T. 130,214,243 Gertken,Kate 106, 176 Gettinger,Christop her 148 Getz,Steven 123 Gibbs,Stephen 177 Gibson,Betty 181 Gibson,Jason 116 Giles,Jason 188 GilL Steve 110 Gillespie,Cynthia 124 Gillespie,JamesR. 214,243 Gilliland,Charles 124 Girvan ,RobC. 214,243 Gish, Russell 112 Gizzle,Scott 11 2, 148 Glachsbart,BrentD. 214 Gladbach,Denis 177 Glad::xx:h,Jack 191 Glad::xx:h,John 118 Glancy,Jessica 111 Glastetter, Dave 89 Gleason,AI 110 Gleba,Michael109 Glodowski,Grego ry D. 99,214,243 Glotz,RandyJohn 214 Glover,Karonica 193 G lover,Tena 181 Goethe,John 92 Goettinger, Chris 11 2 Goetz, Karen 104, 171,173, 181 Goldsmith,Mark 11 7 Goltz, Randy J. 243 Goo,Christopher 173 Goodin,Ciement 177 Goodman, Brett 24,98 Goodman,Kelly 104 Goodman,Susan 105 Gordon,Chris 38 Gordon,Emily 123 Gorg,Steven 118 Gorman, Brian 117 Gorman, Eric 98 Gorsuch,JohnChristopher 214,243 Gorton,Randy 110 Govero,Ashley 56,96

Govro,Jon 95 Gowen ,Dirk 194 Gower,Michelle 124 Grabber,MichaeiD. 214.243 Grabbs.Angie 111 Graber,JosephDavid 214,243 Grable,GeneW. 215,243 Graham,Brandon M Graham,DavidW. 121.215.243 Graham,Gary 99 Graham,Glen 89 Granados,Ed 95 Grant. Kevin 149, 159 Grater.John 96 Gratzer, William 117 Graves,Robb 24,175 Gray, Billy 94 Gray.William 124 Green,Jeremy 24, 121 Green,Monica 111 Greene,Angie 115,194 Greene,Bill 89 Greene,Gary 92 Greene,WayneT. 151.215,243 Gregory,Katherine 120 Griesei,Karen 106, 176 Griewe,Tracy 105 Griffith ,Julie 215,243 Grimm.Mary 114 Grimmer,Ed 96 Griwach,Christy 104.111 Grohmann,Ryan 100 Grohs.J . R. 113 Grooms, Doug 24,46 Grosch,Lee 128 Grote,Velleta 215.244 Grove,Christopher 121 Grove,Joshua 149 Grover,AndrewW. 173, 177,215.243 Groves,Cameron 194 Groves,Matthew 123, 194.215.243 Groves,Sam 130 Gruver,Kathleen 215.244 Gugel. Martin 107 Guidry,MichaeiJ. 215,244 Guillot,Andrew 94 Gulladge, Brian 180 Gusewelle,James 175 Gustavson,Dave 89


H Haantz.Jamie 56 Haase ,GarryA. 149, 175.215,244 Hackmann,Rande 130 Haddock.Marik 110 Hagan , Rob 46, 126, 195 Hageman,Brian 95 Haggard,Brian 64,65 Haggstrom,Wade 46 Hahn.Phil 30 Haines,Angela 173 Hakman,Hakan 192 Halbert,Gary 124 Haling ,Scott 215,244 Haii , Beth 155 Hall. Michael 126 Hall. Patrick 107 Haii.Shawn 95 Hall , Wynn 123 Halter, Darin 89 Hamilton,Chad 24,215,244 Hamilton,David 108 Hamilton, Duane 130 Hamilton,MicheaiC. 215.244 Hanks, Theresa 123 Hanneken,RebeccaS. 215,244 Hansen,AndrewDavid 215,244 Hansen,Jason 128 Hardin , Eric 158.177 Hardy. Bryan 128 Hargrove,Christy 120 Harlan,Stuart 125 Harles, Brett 95

Harper,Gregory 177 Harper, Matt 95 Harper,MichaeiM. 130,215,244 Harris, Brian 124 Harris, EariD. 215.244 Harris, Floyd 175 Harris,ScottJ . 215,244 Harris,ScottyL. 215, 244 Harrison.Jeff 215.244 Harrison.Lisa 127 Harrison , Scott 30, 31, 32 , 66 Hart, Mark 89 Hartman,Todd 121 Harton , Terry 38 Hartwig. Michael 216.244 Hartwig , Troy 175 Harvey.Jesse 125 Harvey, Kirt 175 Hasenstab.Tom 50 Hashim ,WanM. 216 Haskenhoff,Scott 96 Hasse,Garry 159 Hasselbring,JoAnn 175 Hatfield,Anthony 100 Haug,Steven 148 Hausch,Fred 188 Hawkins.SherriJ. 216,244 Hawkins,ThomasW. 177,216.244 Hayduk,Jennifer 127 Haynes,Lance 169 Haynes,TonyDale 2 16.244

Hays.Malcolm 123 Hazen , Kris 112 Hedding,Brent 126 Heide.Susan 127, 176 Heien, Eric 123 Heikkinen, Dave 94 Heinemann,Kristi 104 Heithaus,Teresa 111 Hellebusch,TimAian 216,244 Helmke,Jason 123 Helms, Travis 56 Hemlich, Bruce 173 Hemme,Christopher 108 Hemmer,David 177 Hemrick,James 119 Henke.Amy 153 Henry, Chris 38 , 39 Henry, Matt 24,26,27 Henry, Rick 24,85 Henry,Sean 155 Hentges,AIIen 95, 177,216,245 Hepler, Rob 148 Herberholt.Matt 128 Herbert,Wayn 113 Herbold, Carl 109 Heriford, Brian 149 Hernandez, Missi 104 Herndon, laura 105,151 Hertei.Jay 62,63 Hertei,John 216,245 Hess, Phillip 124

Hesterberg,Marty 155 Heydtmann, Dirk 193 Hickman. Lewis 24, 130 Hicks,KevinD. 216, 245 Hilding,Frances 34,115 Hiii.Mike 157 Himstedt,Brian 129. 194 Hinds, Don 176 Hinson.Jason 50 Hirsch , Eric 117 Hirschbuehler,John 110 Hirtz,Jeff 24 Hlausa,Brian 112 Hobart, Robert Childs 216,245 Hodge.EricJason 216,245 Hoe,KhongKeng 245 Hoecker,Jarrod 148 Hoer, Chris 109 Hoerner,Jason 121 Hofeling,Anthony 126 Holcomb.BruceD. 216,245 Holdbaugh,Randall128 Holland,Ronald 177 Holland,TamaraM. 216,245 Hollander,Kevin 123 Hollingsworth, Howard 98, 173 Holm,Michael46, 125,175 Holt,TomL. 96,216,245 Holthaus, Brian 95 Holtmeyer,DennisR. 216,245 Holtzscher,Andrew 118,151,191

Huskamp,Christopher 126 Hutchinson,Gr eg 172 Hutchison,Rob ert 11 2 Huther, Sheri M. 148

lgarta,Amy 111 lllum,Jason 24, 175 lme,Gabrielle 171 lnanc,Gokhan 192 ingalls,Stephanie 34,53, 129 lngracla,Steph enA 217,246 lnman,Jeffery 148,217,246 ireland,John 128 irons,Jennifer 127,197 irving,Kevin 155 Isreal, C hrissy 34, 106 ives, Rob 24, 175 lvy,Henry 108


Holzman,John 126 Homan,Steve 156 Honeycutt,Brad 216,245 Hopkins,Micha el124 Hopp,Brian 216,245 Hoppe, Brad 157 Hopper,Fred 119 Hordesky,Jeff 94,216, 245 HormeiLRob 56, 123 Horstmann, Brian 107 Horstmann, Vicky 2 16,245 Hostetter, Steve 18, 66 Hotop,Darren 95, 17 1 Howard,DeniseM. 2 16,245 Howard,Douglas 123 Howard,Steve 24 Howdeshe ii,KeithE. 2 17,245 Howdyshe ii,Tony 198 HoweiLDavid 108 Howeii, Ryan 117 Hrabovski, Scott 191 Hsu,Ju C hie n 188,2 17,245 Hsu,Tai-C hing 124 Huang,Kowei 95 Hubbe ii,Chris 92 Hubbeii,Todd 92 Hube r,MarkJ. 217,245 Huber,Ric hard 126, 194 Hube rUauraJ. 217,245 Hubing,Nancy 184 Huddle,Steve 99

Hudson,Darry l 116 Hudson,Jason 64,65, 153 Hudso n ,MelissaE. 217,246 Hudson,Mic hael1 09 Hudson,Tricia 106 Huecker,Jon D. 38,217,246 Huette nmeyer,Jeffrey A 217,246 Huff, Don 24,175,2 17,246 Huff,Julie 129, 184 Huffman ,Tom 89 Hug , Kevin 24,28,96 Huggans,Marc us 108 Huggans,Sean 24 Hughes,Jason 119 Hug hes, Mark 62, 123 Hummei,Sarah 120, 184 Humphrey,Ron 194 Hunn, Ed 149 Hunsicker,Jen nife r 104, 176 Hunsley, Cory 88 Hunt,Brandon l. 217,246 Hunt,DaronM . 2 17,246 HunUeffrey Sean 217 Hunt,Stan 246 Hunt,Stanley H. 2 17 Huntebrinker,R ichardJ. 217,246 Huonker,Kim 106 Hurst, Gina 114, 149 Hurst , Travis 96 Hurt,Jeff 66,68, 124,246 Hurt,Wayne 11 3

Jackson,Joe 110 Jackson,Rod 38 Jacobs,Ka lim 30 Jacquin,Gary A 148,217,246 Jaegers,Edward 217,246 Jaegers,James 24, 125 Jamboretz,Susan 106 James,Christophe r 112 James,Jason 124,217,246 Jamison,Jeff 157 Jansen,Chip 94 Jansen,Connie 111,184 Jansen,WalterB. 148,217,246 JarrelLRyan 109 Jefferson,StephenN. 246 Jenings,Tora 114 Jenkins,Andy 30 Jenkins,RichardE. 218,246 Jennings,RickW ayne 177,218,246 Jensen,Amy 123 Jensen,Connie 180 Jensen,Derrick 173 Jemigan,Aiex 149 Jilg ,Anita M. 218,247 Jilg ,John 102 Jiranek,Marlin 175 Joaquin,Donna 194 Joersz, Mark 94 Johnsen,Matthew 148 Johnson,Danie l1 24 Johnson, David 155 Johnson,Gerald 95 Johnson,Kevin 130 Johnson, Matt 96 Johnson, Michelle 218,247 Johnson,Mysty 115 Johnson,Pam 111 Johnson, Pat 96 Johnson,Shannon 177 Johnson,Shelly 105 Johnson,Steven 124 Johnson,Waylan 128 Johnston,Andr ew 148 Johnston,Chris 113 Jolly, Bill 38,4 1 Jones, Blair 98,218,247 Jones,DanieiA 124,218,247 Jones,Jason 121 Jones,John 107 Jones,Usa 127 Jones,Mike 11 2 Jones,Spencer 218,247 Jonson, Tim 110 Junge,Sandy 104,173

K Kacvinsky,Thomas 108 Kamai,Affendy 218,247 Kane,Mary 106 Kangas,Kenneth D. 197,218,247 Kangsadan,Yui 111 Kerfs, Frank 95 Karis,Cherin 104, 129, 149 Karnowski,Tonya 123, 194 Karr,George 21 8,247 Kastler,Ja mes 117 Katschman,Am y 123 Kayadarma,M artn 126, 148 Kearbey, Eric 38 Kebei,Shawn 122 Keen, Traci 52 Keith,AmyMic hele 218 Keith, Brandon 11 3, 157 Keith,Michele 157,247 Keiemetc,Step hanie 105,176 Kellar,Sheliey 168, 180 Keller, Tim 176, 218, 247 Kelly,Camille 111 Kelly,T. Scott 218,247 Kelsheimer,Todd 89 Kempfer,Aaro n 56,95 Kennedy, ChrisA. 24, 175,218,247 Kersten, Kathe rine 42,44,45,1 11 Kertz,Anthony G . 218,247 Keskin,Mustafa 192 Kessels,LisaAn n 218, 247 Keuss, Bill 95 Khan,Fawad 149 Khaza i, Bija n 121 Khong,Keng Hoe 21 8 KhouaJa,Hate m 151 Kiefer,Jennifer 105 Kilby, LeAnne 104,218,247 Kilcher,Roland 186 Kilian,Sean 99 Kiii, M ike 95 Kimmei,Kerry 18, 66 Kincaid,John 156 Kindle,Jason 123 King,Jon 24 King , Kristen 52, 106 King,Mark 130 King,Matthew J. 92,218,247 King , Tim R. 148 Kinnear,Jason 110 Kinney,Jeff 108 Kirchner,Eric 110 Kirchoff,Bryan 128, 194 Kirn, M ike 112 Kitchen,Shawn 99 Kixmiiler, Randy 88 Klein,Steve 95 Klemme, Karen 105, 120, 184 Klenklen,Brian 218,247 Klien, Brian 158 Klierthmes,To m 11 3 Kliethermes, Terry 95 Kliewer,Lynda 173 Klingeman,Davld 219,247 Kloeppei,Brad 24,98 Kloibe r, Chris 108, 155, 156 Kluz,Chrissy 106, 153 Knapp,Joe 24,27,29 Knauper,Christophe r 109 Knaust,Eiizabeth 219,248 Knickmeyer,W illiam 108, 194 Kniker,Jay 30,33 Knito n ,Paul 108 Knudson,Shannon 106 Kochanowicz, Ron 18 Koelling,Brian 96 Koenig,Laura 148,219,248 Koepke,Darrin 122 Koepp,George 119 Koffman, Mike 99 Kogut,Ari 124 Kohm ,Warren 219, 248

Kolb,Doug 95 Kolbe,Julie 129 Kombokis,Aiex 155, 195 Komers, Erik 113 Koncagui,Engin 192 Koo , Ee 109 Koopman,Rayna 1~. 173 Kopetski,Tracy 34,35 Koplin, Kara 173 Korte , Keith 94, 158 Koschielski,Denny 95 Koval, L. R. 177 Kozlowicz,Amy 123 Kraft, Kerri 104, 194 Krause,Randall126 Kreisel, Kirk 109 Kremer, Greg 95 Kretschmer,Shawn 108 Kroeger, Kyle 125 Kruep,Tara 176 Kruger, Brian 197 Kruger, Christopher 130 Kruse ,Ann 175 Krzeminski , Brian 24 Kuenzel, Lissy 106 KLillman,JcrnesEdward 219,248 Kuhn , Brian 110 Kuhne, Pat 95 Kuhne ,TriciaM. 34,37 , 155,175,219, 248 Kulifay, Christopher 130 Kullmann,Jeff 94 Kump ,Chris 105 KLnQ'Wankrai,Thaweechai 107 Kunkel, Matthew 128 Kuntx, Chris 98 Kuntz, Greg 1 13 Kunz,Chris 149, 159 Kunze,Steven 130 Kupneski,MichaeiJ. 219,248 Kutz, Greg 95 Kvetensky,Joee 42,44,45 Kwon,Chonghoon 109 Kyles, Roderick 108

L Lacey,KarenS. 219,248 Lacy,LarryAian 124,219,248 Lagoviyer,Oieg 130 Lair,Steve 94 Laiser,Nathan 130 Lam ,AhnC . 219,248 Lamb,David 128 Lambertson,Nancy 123 Lammert, Chris 121 Lanagan,MarkAIIen 219 Land ,Christi 106 Landwehr, Eric 95 Lane,Jason 130, 149 Lane,Stephen 158 Lang, Bob 99 Lange,Gary 24 Langendoerfer,Sandra 105 Lanigan, Mark 248 Lansberry,Mark 122 Lasey,Brian 94 Lashley,Linda 157 Lasswell, Scott 95 Laws,Aaron 148 Lawson,Dennis 113 Lawson, Rick 148, 157 Le,John 110 LeCren,Andy 113 Leach,ChristopherT. 98, 158,219,248 Leandra,Keasha 219,248 Lear, Brandi 127, 184 Leaton, Chris 50, 129 LeBianc,Destin 173 Lecbetter,Janes 102 Ledgerwood,LOLM'a 158,187 Lee,Amy 123 Lee, LarryR. 219, 248

Lehmen,Curt 95 Lelble, William Ross 219,248 Leon,StephanieA. 105,219,248 Levan, William 177 Lewallen,Jeff 89 Lewis,Jared 30 Lewis,Jason 56,96 Light, Rebecca 105 Likens, Benjamin 11 0 Lile,Ronald 125 Lillard,MichelleLynn 106,219,248 Lim,Hona-Him 219 Lim ,Paul 176 Umbaugh,Rachel 104,111 Lin,James 219,248 Lin,Yu-feng 219,248 Lind, Bradley 24, 121 Lind, Mike 220,248 Lindsey, Kerrick 130 Lipoma,Charles 126, 194 Listerud, Eivind 24, 148, 175 Litchfield, Barry 112 Utherland,Mary 156 Litle, Robyn 153, 157 Littlefield, Philip 123 Lloyd,Melody 172 Lo,Wyman 110 Lochirco,John 95 Loenig,lan 130 Loethen,Amy 172 Loethen,Joe 172 Lofton,Sharon 193 Logan,JonKevin 220,249 Logan,Mark 124 Lohe,Diane 104 Lohman,Tom 116 Long, Bob 56 Long,MichaeiW. 220,249 Longwell, Ron 96 Lonondon ,Tyler 108 Look, D .C . 24 Losch,MarkA. 220,249 Lottes,Chuck 110 Lotz, John R. 99,220, 249 Lowderman,Brian 116 Lowe,Bob 89 Lowson ,Rick 122 Lubiewski,LisaE. 155,220 Lucas, Tim 112 Luchun, Pam 155 Ludlow,Jonathon 46, 130 Ludwick, Noel 121.148 Ludwig, Daniel 92 Lueddecke,Jeffery 148 Luke, Keith 112 Luksich ,Jody 104 Lund ,Eric 119 Lunde,Catherine 104 Lundeen,Maja 42,66 Luster.YolandaDementra 220,249 Luther,JohnW. 220,249 Luther, Laura Mae 220,249 Lutz, Karenda 249 Lynchard,StevenT. 94, 149, 159,220, 249 Lynn , Kristi 115, 194 Lytle,Stephen 108

M Machens,Andy 99 Mock,Jimmy 148 Macke,RichardJ. 220,249 Madison,Usa 106, 120 Maerli,Matthew 70, 128 Magidson,DanieiJ . 149,220,249 Mahmood, lftekharUddin 220,249 Mais,Mark 156,220,249 Maloney,CathlinC. 34,37,42, 175,220,

249 Mandry,Matt 94 Mangogna,BrianA. 99,220,249 Manis,Peter 108

Mann,ThomasC. 220,249 Marino,Greg 110 Marino,Jennifer 177,220,249 Markeii,Joshua 123, 149 Markham,Jody 126 Marks,Jennifer 123 Marler,Tammy 124 Marolf. Victor 173 MarshaiLJennifer 120, 184 Marstaii,Michael123 Martin , Chris 88, 197 Martin, Dale 38,39 Martin,Jason 109 Martin, Linda 203 Martine,Andy 56,58,95 Martinez, Ken 158 Martychenko,Jennifer 127 Marvich ,Teresa 52, 127 Maschler,Davidl. 102,220,250 Mason ,April 104 Mason, Nicole 220,250 Mason,Rakiyah 177 Massey,Brent 157 Massman,Mark 118 Masterman,Kathryn 34,129 Masterson,Dave 153 Mathes,Chadwck 109 Mathes,Stacey 42,43, 175 Matlock, Eric G . 221,250 Matney,Jim 116 Matthews, Brandon 95 Matthews, Mark 109 Matthews, Matt 24,117 Matthews, Mike 98 Maurer,Julie 34,42 Mayberry, Donald M. 221 ,250 Maycock,Scott 221.250 McBane,Amanda 105,111 McBride,Brian 99 McBride,Kevin 173 McCall, Jerry A 188,221 , 250 McCandliss,GeorgeAndrew 221 McCauley,Mark 155 McCiain,Mary 104 McCiendon,Kevin 177 McCormick,Paul94 McCown,Dave 173 McCoy,Dawn 106 McCullough,Andrew 188 McCune,NatalieL. 221 ,250 McCurren, Brian 173 McDonald.Taucuincy 193 McFarland,Jason 98 McGarity,JerryG. 221.250 McGarity,Kelly 181 McGee,JenniferK. 187,194,221,250 McGee, Ross 88 McGee,Travis 46, 126, 149 Mcintyre, Mitzi 173 McKee,Scott 155 Mclandliss,George 250 McLeod,JeffreyG. 221 ,250 McMad<in,Jay 124 McMahon.Tom 112, 193 McManus, Marcus 24,66 McMenamin, Kirk 92 McMurray, Missy 104, 173 McNeiii,Candace 106,181 McQuality,Matt 96 Meade,Mike 95 Medley,John 118 Medley,Steven 177 Mee ,Tom 99 Meinershagen,Kirk 113 Meister, Kurt 113 Melin,James 99 Meii,RodneyD. 221.250 Menkel, Phillip 112 Mercier,A.C. 64 Meredith,AIIan 157 Meriwether,Jason 88 Mesko,MelissaG. 173,221,250 Metwalli,Omar 123 Meyer,Bryee 122 Meyer, Chad 99

Meyer, Dere k 149, 159,221.250 Meyer,John 102 Meyer,Richard 130 Meyers,AibertM. 221 ,250 Meyers,Arvy 173 Meyers,Doug 89 Meyers,Jamie 120 Meyers,Jay 46, 175 Meystrik,JeffreyJ. 99,221,250 Michaei,Gaylen 99 Michei,David 112 Midden,Ed 46, 175, 195 Midden,Henry 130 Mikelionsis,Joel 113 Milankovic,Darke 46 Millangue,RafaeiK. 123, 194,221 ,250 Miller, Danielle 157 Miller,James 109 Miller,Joseph 121 Miller,Michelle 114 Miller, Mike 112 Miller, Reid 89 Miller, Thomas 108 Miller, Tricia 157 Mink, Denis 96 Minor, Lucile 66,68, 127 Minski,Carolyn 34, 111 Minur,Lucille 193 Mische,Amy 221 ,250 MitcheiLJeffreyJ. 50,221 ,251 Mitcheii,Jim 110 Moeckli,Loralee 221.251 Moen, Richard 70 Mogg,Matt 99 Mohamad,lsrnaiiHJSaaid 221 Molner, Lisa 83, 106, 158, 173 Montefusco,Julie 106 Montgomery,Wade 98 Moody, Leslie 24, 108 Moomaw,AnnaMarie 221 ,251 Moore,Brad 110 Moore, Melissa A. 34,35,37 , 106,222, 251 Moore,Todd 113 Mooy, Dirk 109 Moppins, Brad 24,98 Morak,Lynn 127, 184 Moran ,Bob 119 Moran, Nate 99 Moreland ,MarkA. 153,222,251 Morlier, Chris 119 Morris, Don 38 Morris, Kim 66 Morris, Richard L. 222, 251 Morris, Ryan 64 Morris, Ty 66 Morse , Karen 197 Moulin , Krista 111 Mouser, Brad 172 Muehe,Tara 104, 149, 173 Muehlhen ,KurtP. 222,251 Mueller,Donald 177 Mueller,Jennifer 104 Mueller,Kevin 109 Mueller, Peter 50,129 Mulanax, R. Erin 222,251 Mulanax,Rebecca 181 Mullen,Carl 108 Mullen,Deuce 149 Muller,Jason 110 Mullin , Mark 46,48 Munoz, Mark 46,48, 125, 175, 195 Munro,John 158 Munseii.MichaeiG. 222,251 Munsey,Jim 99 Murawski, Thomas 126 Murowski ,Tom 194 Murphy, Charles Eric 222, 251 Murphy,DAnneC. 222,251 Murphy,Dianne 151 Murphy,J .B. 96 Murphy,James 173 Murphy,Sean 173 Murrell, Carmen 129 Mustahad,Aihmed 153

Myers,Charlesl. 123, 194,222,251 Myers,H.Arvy 222,251 Myers,Jason 198 Myers, Ray 130,148 Myers,Steve 119 Myers,Tom 198

N NageLDavid 191 Narzinski, Kirk 99 Natsch, William 222,251 NeaLAthaJ. 96,222,251 NeilL Nancy 106 Neimeyer,Shannon 104 Nelson,Andrew 107 Nelson, Bryan 107, 149 Nelson,Erika 42,44 Nelson,H.F. 148 Nelson, Tory 126 Nemecek,Usa 177 Nestler, Albert 128 Neuner,Michael95 Neville, Karl 123 Newby,Mark 124 Newkirk, Monroe Travis 99 Newkirk,TravisS. 148,158, 176,222, 251 Newton.TimothyE. 222,251 Ngo,HueC. 222 Ngo, Robert C. 222,251 Nguyen,LeG. 222,251 Nguyen,Minh 116 Nguyen,Ngocthuy 127, 149 Nguyen,Thuc 109 Nicholas, Carey 11 0 Nicholas,Scott 110 Nichols, Matt 124, 194 Nickolaus,Dawn 148 Niehaus, Bryan 117 Niehaus,Chris 176 Niehaus,Kare n 104,222.251 Niekamp, Kenneth 177 Nield.Thomas 181 Nix, Darrin 24, 51, 175 NoeL Dave 99 Naron, Mike 96 Nothaus,Barclay 153, 168 Nou,VannaTan 222,252 Novak,Michelle 111 Nowland.Jason 107 Nussbaum,Mary E. 222,252

0 O'Brian,Mic heall80 O'Brien,Gina 176 O'Connor,Robert G. 223,252 O'Donneii,Russell 110 O' Donneii,Shawn 24,121.175,223,252 O'Fiaherty,Joseph 113, 188 O ' Neiii.Tom 66, 94 Ockers,James 148, 157 Ockree,Amber 106 Oetting,Matt 112 Oetting,Sonya 104,1 76 Okong'o,Nora 148 Olander,Derek 149 Olcay,llhan 109 Olds,Bryan 116 Opperman, Bryan 94, 149 Osborn, Vale rie 52, 127 Osenga ,Jeff 110 Osman,Ghiath 124 Othman,Mohd Roslee 223 Otten,Aaron 62,63, 125,194 Overturf, Brian 107,223,252 Owatve rot,Bas 96,223,252 Owens.Jon 126 Owens,Steve 56, 110

p Pace,KoryJ. 99,153,156,223,252 Pagnezi.Angela 175 Pahlmann,Montana 181 Palicki, Kirk 89 Palmtag,Scott 151,187,191 Pang,Heok-Peng 128 Pardun,Rick 122 Park, Chun 98 Park,SungYong 148,223,252 Parmeley,MichaeiA. 38,223,252 Parneii,Brian 223,252 Paskiewicz.Jeff 98 Passanise,Angela 34,35,104 PateL Kiron l 08 PateLSonaiJ. 223,252 PateL Tetendra K. 223 Patience,Greg 107 PauLRonald 117 PauLVanessa lll Payne,Bob 113 Payton,MatthewH. 186.223,252 Peck, Kelly 149 Pellegrin,Beverly 181 Pendleton,WilliamC. 252 PenneLChad 108 Penning,Bryan 173 Penningroth,Chris 148,149 Perkins, David 124 Perkins, Libby 173 Peters,BenjaminJ. 223,252 Peters,CynthiaR. 34, 124,223,252 Peters, Eric 89 Peters,Jason 125 Peterson,Aaron 130 Peterson,April 157 Peterson,Christine 106,1 58 Peterson,Eric 118 Peterson,Jenni 106 Peterson, Luke 157, 223, 252 Peterson, Troy 89 Petit,Chuck 102 Petit,Greg 102 Petit, Rich 194 Petitt. Paul 252 Petitt, Richard 123 Petrie, Kim 121 Petrovich.Daniel 123 Pfeuffer, Christopher D. 223,252 Phillips,Andrea 114 Phillips, Demetrius 11 2 Phillips,Jeffrey A. 252 Phillips,JeffreyR. 223,253 Phillips,Marshall 148 Phillips,Todd 119 Phillips, Tony 224,253 Pidcock,Craig 96 Pie p e r, Terry 108 Pie pho,Jason 38 Piepho, Rich 116 Pierce,Jim 224,253 PimmeLKeith 46, 129 Pingei,JohnE. 224,253 Pinkert,Carl 113 Pinkerton ,Troy 64,89 Pinzke,Cam 99 Pirtle, Scott 194 Piskorski.Terrence I. 224,253 Pitts, Ryan 11 2 P\ace,Daphne lll Plank,Dan 102 Platz, Ronald 124, 148, 157, 158 Plummer,Jeffrey 11 7 Podrazlk, William 129 Poertner,lan 109, 149 Poettgen,Greg 173 PohL Heather l 06 Poindexter,Mitchell 107 Poland,Victor 158,177 Polat,Ozgur 168,169,180, 192 Politte,MarcieK. 224,253 Polk, Larry 98

PooLGreg 121 PooLRyanP. 109, 148 Poole,Lauren 104 Poor,Jason 118 PorteiLMichaeiP. 224,253 Porteii, PatrickS. 224,253 Porter, Ron 117, 188 Post.stephen 118 Potter, Gary 224,253 Potthast,Jeff 116 Pottinger,JoanD. 224,253 Potts, Bart 11 9, 186 Potts,Craig 177 Potts,Michaell09 Potts, Mike 24 Powell. Christina 124 Poweii,KathyS. 224,253 Powers, Eric ll 0 Pozsgay,Andrew 108 Preis, Doug 122 Press, Rip Van 99 Preston,Sarah 18,66 Preston,Scott 94 Price,EiiJ. 224,253 Prince,JoshuaScott 62,89,224,253 Prissovski. Michael 112 Pritchard,Paul96 Pritchett,Usa 193 Pritzker,Matthew 128 Protzman, RogerS. 125,224,253 Provence, Mike 66.67 Pruett, Tim 50 Pruitt,Michaei B. 224,253 Puder,Craig 89 Puljak,stephenR. 224,253 Pulley, Mary 193 Purkey,Ryan 113, 149 Putnam, Chris 89

Q Quarles,Jeff 191 Quimby,Shane 117 Quinn,Michaell09 Quintana,Phill72

R Race,Susie 104, 173 Rac kers,Craig 158 Rackers,Mitch 176, 177.224,253 Radloff.DouglasJ. 124,224,253 Radrui,Abu-Bakar 253 Rages,Mark 121 Rahim,HasnawiAbdul 208,236 Rahimi.Ahmad 224,254 Rainbolt,Gregg 89 Rainwater,JeffreyO. 148,197.224,254 Rakonick,Scott 155, 156 Ramsey,Brian 46, 125, 175 Rasberry, Martin 70, 109 Rastorfer, Todd 50, 99 Ratcliff,Denise 105 Rausch,RickyThomas 224,254 Ray, Cory 94 Recktenwald,JefferyP. 148 Reed,William 11 7 Reeves,Larry 148 Reeves,Suzanne 104, 158,177,225,254 Regan,John 128 Reichert,Ed 24 Reiffel. Robert 108 Reimer,Michael 123 Rein,Amy 106 Re insch, Frank 102 Reisinger,Leigh 105,225,254 Renetzky, David 117 Renfert,DavidA. 176,225,254 Renick,steve 94 Rennier,Charles 109 Repetto,Mark 121

Repke,Brian 113 Repke,Scott 148 Reynolds,John 113 Rezendez,AaronRamon 225,254 Rhoades,Ronald 125 Rhoads, Kristi 11 1 Ribbing,Bob 113.194 Rice.DarenA. 225,254 Rice,KennethEan 225,254 Rice,MathewM. 225,254 Richards, Don 24,122 Richardson.Brian 109 Richardson,Mindy 115 Richardson, Ron 94 Rickey,Christopher 108 Ricks, Marcus 24,66, 107 RiegeLLaura 106 Riggs, Donna 181 Riggs,Michaei R. 225.254 Rikand,Beth 105,176 Riley, Kevin 96 Riley,M ichael 11 2, 123 Ringhausen,Aian 128 Rinker,Robin 104 Risher, Dyan 52,55.66 Risner, Pat 24, 66 Risner.Patric kD. 225.254 Ritzen,Randy 11 3 Rivard,Robert 149 Rives, Christi l 06 Robb,Dennis 112 Roberds. Matt 112 Roberts, Dionne 123 Roberts, Linda 42.43 Roberts,Monica 149 Robertson,Brian 102 Robertson,Dwight 177,254 Robertson,Kevin 56 Robinson,Eric 110 Robinson, Freeman 193 Robinson,Polly 66, 111 Rock, Christopher 128 Rodenberger,Gerhardt 98 Rodriguez. Diego 225.254 Rodriguez, Edward L. 89,225,254 Rogado,J.Thaddeus 225,254 Rogado,RaqueiP. 194,225,255 Rogers,A my 114 Rogers,Rachel 225.254 Rogge,Thomas H. 118,225.255 Rohlfing,RickG. 225.255 Rohrbacker,Mary 52,53,127 Rollins, Dempsey 122 Romer,Spring 176 Rooks, Jeff 98 Roper,Janet 106 Rose,Adam 112 Roseberry,Todd 109 Rost , Mark 130 Rothle y, Usa 176 Rothw eii,Andrew 130 Rottmann,David 225,255 Roungon,Tony 98 Rovertson. Dwight steven 225 Ruch,Ja rold 124 Rudloff. Trish 176 Ruehling,stephanie 168, 180 Ruffin,Teann 225,255 Ruffing,stephenM. 225 Ruhland.Amy 104 Ruma,Tricia 173 Runzi. Chad 107 Rupe,Timothy 125 Rupp, Larry F 148 Ruprecht,Bill 113 Rush, Jeff 99 Russeii,Josh 89 Russeii.Steven 109 Ruth , Kevin 89 Rutledge,Chris 155 Ryan, Chris 50, 118, 194 Rybak,Clint 96

ยง Sabec ...Jcmua 110 Sackberger.DanC. 226.255 Saffels, Ryan 62, 130 Sakowicz.PauiM. 151 ,231 ,255 Sakuma.Yujl 124 Saling.Cara 123 Salli,Chad 24,50,96 Sample, Devon Lee 226 Sampson,Paul176 Samsudin,Basir 226,255 Sander.Matt 113 Sandford,Courtney 155, 184 Sandifer,Jill 106 Sands.LindaB. 226,255 Sangster. Chris 24 Sanick,LynneM. 105,226,255 Sauder.Thomas 193 Saunders.JamesM. 255 Saunier.Brett 194 Sauts.Carrie 168 Sawyer. Leslie 226,255 Saxe,Tim 119 Schadt,AndrewM. 226.255 Schaefer.Jeffrey J. 30,226,255 Schaefer. Kevin 124 Schaefer,Matthew 88 Schaefer.Robert 155 Schaeffer.Tara 123 Schafer,Harold 124 Schafer,Rich 89. 151 Schaffer.RobertJ. 226.255 Schaffner,Scott 88 Schaller.Jack 98,156 Schanuel. Brian 126 Schaper,Gary 124 Scheiblehofer.Chris 95 Scheid,Chris 104 Schenke.Ken 109.110 Schiefelbien.Tim 110 Schieferle,Lisa 129 Schilling.Kirk 108 Schlegel. Paul 108 Schlutow.Steve 151 Schmidt,David 118 Schneider,James 148 Schneider, Tim 96 SchneideQohn,Robert 130. 188 Schneier.Patrick 128 Schnepp.JasonM. 175,226,255 Schock.James 112 Schoenarts.Pete 113 Schoenberg,Matthew 118 Schoeneberg,Car1128 Schoer.Julie 105 Schofield ,Teri M. 226, 256 Schopp,Debbie 106, 176 Schott.Wade 188 Schreckenberg,Cindy 104 Schrishuhn , Terri 42 Schrock.Jim 92 Schroeder,Jeff 113.122 Schroeder,John 155 Schroeder.Pat 102 Schroeder,TimothyJ . 226,256 Schuette.Lance 99 Schuh. Ed 102, 149 Schultz, Mark 149 Schultz,Steve 155, 156 Schumaker,John 128 Schwalje,Diane 186,226,256 Schwaije,Kevin 66 Schwent. Matt 24 Scott, Brian 108 Scott.Ciint A 95, 158,226.256 Scott. Grant 99 Scott.Mike 112 Scott.Thomas 148 Scott. Will 113.153 Seaman.EricF. 226.256 Sears. Andrew 98 Sebaugh,Andrea 104.111

Sebourn.MichaeiS. 98, 153,226,256 Seffelke.RaymondM. 226,256 Sehrt, Allen L. 226. 256 Seipp,Danlel109 Sellers. Thomas 107 Selph,Matt 122 Senechai.Kenneth 148 Senne.Paul94 Sevier.Ciaire 114, 188 Seydei.RobertE. 148,226,256 Seydei,Robin 197 Sfreddo,Christina 106 Shafer. Michelle 105, 129.176 Shafer. Tom 99 Shanholtzer.Daren 108 Shank, Shannon 88 Sharp,Dawn 106, 173 Shaw,Aaron 198 Shaw.Beth 104 Shaw,Gene 107 Shaw,Jeffery 128 Shaw,SusanE. 149,227,256 Shearer.HeatherM. 227,256 Shearer. Michael N. 227 ,256 Sheehy,ChristineA 107,227 ,256 Shelton. Ray 173 Shepard,Dan 95 Sherman.Chris 112 Shireman, Troy 227 ,256 Shockley, Terry 96 Shoib, lzaini Suid 228, 256 Shonkwiler.GienD. 50. 148,227.256 Shook,Jeff 50 Shore , Chris 24,28,130 Shores, Erik 119 Short, Ben 110 Short.TamiLynne 227 ,256 Shreve,Lawrence 130 Shrum .Tom 124 Shryer.Jennifer 123 Shulfer, Allen 95 Shulte.AIIen 95 Shumate.Eric 119 Sickendick, Daniel Lee 227,256 Sidweii .Jon 70, 149 Sidwell, Richard 188 Siever,Ciaire 193 Sigg.KeithA 227 ,256 Simadiris,Georgios 177 Simms, T.J . 89 Simones.Joseph 128,194 Simonton, William 130 Simpson. Danny 24 Simpson,James 130 Simpson,Kennith 118 Sink , Kelly 114 Sinner.James 38 Sipp,David 126 Six, Ron 175 Skeeters.Joe 102,153 Skerik, Joe 95 Slead.Randall186 Smith , Bill 24 Smith , Brandi 66, 105,111 Smith.DanieiM. 157 ,227 .257 Smith .David 155,156 Smith, Greg 24 Smith,Jeffrey 130 Smith.Koby 157,181 Smith. Larry 38 Smith , Lisa 106 Smith . Mike 99 Smith, Ron 116 Smith ,ScottS. 122.124.193,227.257 Smith,VernonA 227 ,257 Smyser, Chris 125, 177 Snage, Bryan 117 Snider. Pat 30 Sobery,Doug 128 Solofra.Kevin 119,194 Sommerhauser.Karsten 123 Sommerhauser.Mark 194 Sorensen,Craig 24,, 175 Sousa.Joe 24 Sousa.Joseph 117

Southern.JamesMichael227,257 Speck.AndrewM. 227 ,257 Speckhals.Maria 127,184 Spegai,John 130 Speidel. Brett 99 Spence,Dale 96 Spence. Mark 96 Spencer,JeffreyW. 191,227,257 Spencer. Kelly 193 Sphar.Heather 104, 129 Spindel. Lisa 124 Spindler.Kevin 123 Spitzmiller.John 157 Spradling,Jim 98 Spreng.Wealthy 172 Springs, Eric 50 Staehling,Nathan 94 Stahi.Don 110 Staley,Douglas 124 Stallman,PauiChristian 227,257 Stambough,Mike 64 Standley,Teddy 118 Standridge,Christina 127 Stanfield,James 18,19,66 Stange,Jim 129 Starbuck, Undo 111 Starke,Greg 95 Steck.Christina 127 Steck, Tina 184 Steele,Brian 128 Steger. Benjamin 117 Steid. Eric 122 Steininger.BiiiH. 227,257 Steinkuehler.FredB. 257 Steinkuehler. Fred R. 227 Steinman.Becky 111 Steinmann.Kurt 195 Steinmetz.Keith 89, 151 Steinmetz. Ray 89 Steltenpohi.Ben 187 Steltenpohi.Jon 173 Steltonpohi.Ben 173 Stelzer. Chrissy 105 Stephen, M. Ruffing 255 Stephens,Jeff 227,257 Stephney.J.D. 24 Stevens,Korena 42.43,66 Stevenson,Jennifer 127 Stevenson, Kevin 119 Stevenson, Kimberly 227,257 Stevenson,MarcusA 228,257 Stewart.Bill 102 Stewart.BradleyM. 96,228,257 Stewart. Damon 18, 19 Stewart. Dave 95 Stickley,JamesW. 228,257 Stiles. Lisa 106, 151 Stoltz, Robert J. 228, 25 7 Stone.Robert 148 Stork, Kristen 115 Stough,Ryan 122 Stouse .Marshalll. 228 Stranczek.MarkA 173, 194,228 Strange,James 176 Strankzek. Mark 257 Stratman.Jason 95,171 , 177 Stratman.Jon 95 Stroik, Kristen 34 Stroker,StephanieA 104,228,257 Stroman.David 130 Strouse.Marshall 257 Struckhoff.Janice 106.177 Stuckmeyer.Steven 128 Stuecken.Renee 120 Suanders,JamesM. 226 Sublette,ToddWilliam 228,258 Suddarth,Bradley 109 Sueme.Joseph 107,110 Suess.RobertJ. 228,258 Sullivan.Bob 122 Sullivan. Darren 96 Sullivan. Lance Adam 228 Sully, Thomas 117 Summa,Cherie 127 Sutten.Laura 153

Suttmoeller. Jennifer 175 Sutton ,Tom 155 Svolopoulos.Gregory 109. 194 Swanbeck,Eric 30,34 Swift.JesseB. 228,258 Swinford.James 175 Sydnor.Gary 123, 194 Szabo,Joseph 123

T Taggart.Don 24 Takahashi,Kentard 108 Talken.Dave 95 Talley.Christopher 108 Tandy,JonPaul 228,258 Tang ,Hoa 130,188 Tarpley,John 194 Tate. Kris 130, 188 Tattershaii,David 148 Tatum ,Julie 106 Tavenner.Eric 112 Tayler, Toriano 121 Tayloe.Rob 186 Taylor.Andre 128 Taylor,Christopher 123 Taylor.Kenneth 109 Tchoukaleff.Chris 89 Tebbe,JeffreyS. 228,258 Teiken ,Justin 66,117 Tejendra.Patel258 Teltelbaum,Sean 121 Templet. Kristen 115,148,149 Tenney,SaraG. 105, 153,228,258 Terry, Wayne 109 Thamrongvithavatpong.Chanin 228.258 Tharp,Jason 109 Theissen. Wes R. 228,258 Thessen,Ciint 148 Thias.AngelaD. 228,258 Thiele.Steven 125 Thilker. David A 228, 258 Thman,MohdRoslee 252 Thomas. Howard 123,194 Thomas,Jessica 127,176 Thomas,'Julie 105,176 Thomas. Leta 68.127.194 Thomas,Shawn 106,173 Thomasee,James 24 Thomason.KimberlyA 158,228,258 Thomasson, Ross 96 Thompson . Keith 46.48, 125,175,195 Thompson.Kelly 114, 176 Thompson,Michael 121 Thone , Kim 106,176 Thornburg,Jeff 110.148 Thornton . Brian 229,258 Threlkeld, Thomas 108 Tilley, Brian 24 Tiryakioglu,Murat 180, 192 Todd,Sandi 104 Tokar. Rick 96 Tomson,Shane 198 Tonkins.Scott 49 Torbit,John 123 Townley,Andrew 94 Tran. Paul 94, 177 Trantham,Christopher 148 Treece.Jason 110 Trickey,StephanieE. 229.258 Triplett, Eric 118 Tripp,Brandon 108 Tripp, Dustin Daniel 229.258 Troesser. Dan 113 Troesser. Daniel 148 Trudeii.Dominic 177,229,258 Trull , Chris 95 Trussell, Hason 113 Tsai, H.L. 177 Tsoulfanidis.Lena 104,158,17 1 Tucker.KyleG. 229,258 Tucker.Matthew 177 Tuksal. Emre 88

Turley,Matthewl. 94,229,258 Turner,Gina 21,23, 120,177,229,258 Turner,James 110 Turner. Robert 126 Tyree, Tom 173 Tzeng,Shyh-chyang 229


Ulry, Troy 99 Upp,Chris 125 Urbanc,Angie 114 Utterson, Eric 119


Valentino,Deanna 229,259 VanAcker,Jim 24 VanAsdale,Shawn 158, 171,198,201 Van Buren, Kelly 99 VanGiesen,Aian 110 VanHoose,Robert 130 VanderwalL Rob 66 Vandivort,Kirby 128 Vaughan, Martin 118, 149, 159 Venegoni,Michael121 ,229,259 Venker,Dee 106 Venneman,Mike 99 Vierrether, Chris 176 VincenUroy 109 Virtue,Scott 149,229,259 Visintine, Laura 106 Visser,B.G. 119 VogUerry 130 Volk,MarybethAnne 259 Vollert,Katherine 127,194 Volner,Scott 157 Voris, Nick 108 Voss, Mary 96 Vrabei,LauraA. 229,259 Vucich,Douglas 107,191


Wade ,Ciifton 130 Wade ,Nathan 50,123 Wade,Ryan 38,109 Wagner,Anthony 109 Wagner,James 181 Wagner,Rogert 177 Wagner,Tony 194 Wakeland,Paul130 Wakely,Becky 104 Walden ,Dyke 129 Walk, Pam 111 Walke r,Amy 127 Walke r, Brett 148 Walker, Esther Kwabea 229,259 Walker,Shannon 92 alker,Stacy 106 WaiL Kevin 153,168, 180,229,259 WaJier,JeffreyP. 229,259 Wal <(!r, Laura 111 Wallis'; yictoria 11 1,151 Wallock,Jerry 24 Walsh,Robert 124 Walters,Steve 155 Wang,Jacob 121 Ward, C hris 24, 175 Ward,James 128 Ward, Rob 11 3 Watkins,Wandee 111 Watkins,We nde 42 Weathers, Maurice Lavell 229,259 Weaver,Todd 38 Webb,Lisa 123 Weber,Amy 104 Webe r,Steve 110 "'!eber,Wayne 110

Weepie,Keith 95 Wehmeyer, Pete 56,89 Weible,StevenE. 229,259 Weii.Joe 95 Weiland,John 109 Weiland,MichaeiJ. 96,229,259 Weindel, Don 24,96 Weir,Amy 177 Weirich,Rob 157 Weldele,JeffreyG. 229,259 Welge,SamueiD. 56,230,259 Wells,Cathy 181 Wells, Dave 96 Wells, Heather 42,45,123 Wells,Scott 230,259 Wentz,Philip J. 173, 176,230,259 Werner,Scott 66,69, 102 West,Paul 230,259 West,Sara h 105,197 Wethington,Ginger 129 Wetze,Reuben 193 White,Jackie 106 White,Jeremy 50,99 White, Lorie 42, 123 White,Ryan 117 White,Shannon 106 White, Travis 113,151 Whitehurst, Darren 89 Whitworth,John 128, 155 Wibbenmeyer,Bnan 128, 177 Wiebe,Carla 22,23 Wieden,C raig 125 Wieseler, Brenda 127, 194 Wigington,Tom 95 Wikhaus, UsaGail 230 Wilke rson , Katherine 129 Wilkes, Arnold 110 Willard,Christina 111,149 Willhaus, Usa 104, 158,260 Williams,Amy 148 Williams, Chris 98 Williams, Christie 42 Williams, Christopher J. 230,260 Williams, Kelly 198 Williams,Matthew 123, 172 Williams, Robb 122 Williams, Ryan 119 Williamson,Brian 98 Willoughby,Sean 109 Wilman,Laurie 114 Wilper, Ross 109 Wilson ,Becky 20,66,175 Wilson, Curtis 118 Wilson, Darin 109 Wilson,DonaldG. 230,260 Wilson,Doug 122 Wilson,James 124 Wilson,Jeff 50 Wilson , Kevin 148 Wilson, Matt 102 Wilson , Rodrick 118 Win, Mimi 230,260 Wingert,Frances 111 Winkel, Gary L. 230, 260 Winkeler, Albert Frank 230, 260 Winkele r,Jay 173 Winkelman,Nic k 50, 110 Winkle man, Pat 95,158 Winkler, Christopher 128 Winslett,Robin 56,57 Winslow,Jeff 46, 122 Winter,Jonathan 109 Winters,Jeff 157 Winters, Nicole 106 Wise, Mike 24,29, 175 Withe rspoon,Stephen 148 Withouse,JohnD. 230,260 Witt, David 158, 198 Witt,Joe 89 Wohlgemuth,Deanna 104 Wokurka ,Joe 95 Wolfe ,Debbie 184 Wolfgeher,C hrisA. 188,230,260 Wolfgeher,Renee 176 Wo llard,Jahnal. 149,230,260

Wood,JeffreyM. 230,260 Woodard,Kamau Udin 230,260 Worden,Scott 113 Worreii, Christy 115 Wray,JenniferK. 230,260 Wray,Nicole 52,53, 127 Wright. Chris 176 Wright ,Jeff 98 Wright.Jen 114, 194 Wright, Patti 42 Wu,Richard 188 Wyant,Douglas 177 Wyatt,Greg 102 Wylie,Andy 96 Wyzik, Craig 110

y Yaiser,Amy 114 Yalentino,Deanna 104 Yang,Bai lin 230,260 Yarbrough.Lance 70 Yau,Tony 108 Yeargain,Ray l. 99,230,260 Yeisley,Shayne 99 Yeung, Byron 30,121 Young,Sarah 123, 157 Young,Steve 66,69 Younger,Roger 157 Yu,AdrianA. 94,230,260 Yukich,John 95, 153

z Zerr, Brad 92 Ziegels, Eric 64 Zielinski, Amy 106 Zimmer, Chris 106, 176 Zlmmernnan,Peter 125 Zion,Matthew 118 Zlatic,Michael 118, 194 Zogg,Michael125 loll ,Steve G . 50, 231, 260 Zoltowski, Brian N. 50, 231, 260 Zung,Jennifer 173 Zurbuchen,Mark 98 Zuroweste , Timothy 123


Well, another issue is finally finished. I think the question of the century should be "What will it take to get the Rollamo staff to finish the book 24 hours before the final deadline?" Anyway, it's done! I think this is one of the best issues ever done. It's certainly the best one I've ever worked on which I think is a reflection on the quality of this year's staff. I need to give my thanks to the following people: Rollamo Photographers: I know sometimes I was a little rough on you guys, but really, I appreciate all the hard work you do. I could never spend the kind of time you do in the darkroom with all the smelly chemicals. Thank you very much. The yearbook would be pretty boring without your contributions. Rollamo Staff: Wow! We finally did it. Despite our differences and ever changing staff situation we managed to do an excellent job. I am impressed, especially with the ability of some of you to master PageMaker in a week. I look forward to working with you next year. UMR students: I hope you enjoyed this issue of the Rolla mo. After all, you're the ones who make it possible by contributing your dollars. If any of you want to explore the creative side of engineering, come join us in the adventure. There really is quite a bit of "engineering" in the Rollamo. Carol Molchan: Thanks for helping me out with the financial issues while Lance was on leave. I could have never done it without you. Lance: What can I say? Knowing you has been one of the highlights of my college career. You were always there to act as my sounding board for some of those crazy ideas I came up with. But, most of all, you stood by me and gave me that little extra encouragement when I needed it. In a word, thanks. Oh, yeah, just in case: All copyrights and registered trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

The 1993 Rollamo was printed by Jostens Yearbook Productions Group on a Lintronic typesetter. Captions are set in 10 point New Century Schoolbook. Body Copy is set in 12 point New Century Schoolbook. Headlines are set in Monotype Arial, Caslon Open Face, Franklin Gothic Condensed, Helvetica, and Symbol. The Rollamo is produced by University of Missouri-Rolla students using and IBM- compatible based desktop publishing platform. Layouts are designed using Jostens' templates in Aldus PageMaker 4.0速. Clip art is generated by Aldus Freehand 3.1 速. Layouts are submitted to the plant on floppy disks and accompanied by 75% scale spot -color laserprints of the layout which are printed using a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Ill速with an Adobe Postscipt Level 2速 cartridge.

University of Missouri-Rolla Parker Hall Rolla, MO 65401

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Residen tial Life: Chery Lusby, 'fracey Davis, Tanya Will, Natalie Dixon.