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19 91 Ro lla rno

res hm an ori ent atio n and nt me nce com me rep res ent the beg inn ing s and end s of the line s tha t def ine and sha pe our tim e her e at UMR. Alon~ the way , our Ind ivid ual pat hs inte rse ct, alte ring our dire ctio ns yet kee pin g the m on a ste ady cou rse .

utside event s at times threat ened to disrup t the contin uity of our lives. Battle lines were drawn in the sands of the Middl e East; lack of state fundin g weake ned our lines of suppo rt; and the loss of key unive rsity officia ls tempo rarily interf ered with the line of leader ship. This series of event s interrupte d the seque nces of our lives, but we bande d togeth er and found streng th along these lines.

ar in the








Photos by Wide World

The third Wednesday in January found most students. as well as most of the countzy, glued to their television sets. The shooting war had begun. The Vietnam conflict is said to have been the first television war. It brought the war into the nation's 1Mng rooms. But Operation Desert Storm became a war in which live coverage gave the world an idea what it was Uke to huniedly don gas masks as sirens wailed: to hear anti-aircraft fire thunder outside the hotel of three CNN reporters: and to see for the first time, in actual combat conditions, what a smart OOmb sees as it rushes toward the roof of a building until the screen goes black at the instant of detonation. Nightly we watched the news reports of the expanding air war and felt the horror as Scud missles leaked through the Patriot missle defense and landed in Israel and Saudi Arabia. Ftnally, after a ground campaign that lasted less than one hundred hours. the war was over and Kuwait Uberated on Wednesday, February 27. Almost as soon as it was completed, troops began returning home for some of the most touching scenes of the entire episode. But problems still exist in the area. Hussein was not removed and is still in charge of Iraq; Allied forces stayed behind in northhern Iraq to protect the Kurdish refugees forced from their homes by fear; and burning oll wells and spilled oll continue to damage the environment.

The War in the Gulf was a war of images coming in the era of sound bites and television news updates. Some are pictured on these four pages. But photographs cannot display the emotions that we all felt during the war or the terrible human toll exacted on all the countries involved. Those images will never be erased from our memories.

Wide World Photo

Photo by Jason McHaney




Satellite news trucks park near the center of New Madrid. Missouri. dw1ng the week of December 3. waiting for the earthquake which never occured and that became the biggest non-news event of the year. The earthquake was predicted by climatologlst Iben Browning to occur along the New Madrid Fault. which was the site Jn 1811 of one of the

counby's strongest earthquakes. The resultant fwvor caused a run on all types of emergency suppJies. residents to leave the area during the four day 'Winclow'". and the town to be jammed with the press. making New Madrtd a household word. Photo OOUI'teS!I of Steve Gaynor Rolla Dally News.




Defeating the Milwaukee Brewers on July 31. 1990, Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan won his 300th game. "I feel more relieved than anything else after all the buildup," Ryan said after joining the 300 Club. Ryan became one of only ten major league pitchers to win 300 games. Wide world Photos


The U.S. Senate rejected a constitutional amendment against flag burning on June 26, 1990. The Senate voted 58-42 in favor. leaving it nine votes short of the required two-thirds majority needed to approve amendments. President Bush called for approval of the measure, which said that ..Congress and the states shall have the power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States." wide world Photos

IU!li[JICI"'._. . . . . .~ ,.


Massive crowds turned out for African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela at every stop on his sixweek tour of three continents. Mandela visited 14 nations in Europe, North America and Africa, achieving his goals: urging foreign governments to maintain sanctions against South Africa, raising ftmds for the ANC and explaining the goals of his movement. The ANC developed problems of its own as the rival Zulu Nation competed for political influence. Bloody clashes between Zulus and ANC factions threatened to destroy the progress reached by the two groups. wide World Photos


The Cincinnati Reds, given no chance to beat the Oakland Athletics, needed only four quick games to win the World Series. The Reds completed their improbable sweep on October 20, 1990, in spite of losing two star players, Eric Davis and Billy Hatcher, to injuries. Cincinnati relied on Jose Rijo and rallied for two runs in the eighth inning to win 2-1, and that was it. The Athletics' third straight trip to the World Series ended with yet another disappointment: 1988's loss to Los Angeles, last year's championship overshadowed by the earthquake, and this season's loss. Wide world Photos

World leaders welcomed a united Germany into the international community on October 3, 1990, but concerns about the ba1ance of power tempered some European enthusiasm. ..A new era is beg1nning for Gennany, for Europe and indeed, we hope, for the world," Secretmy of State James Baker ill declared in New York. In a message to governments worldwide, Chancellor Helmut Kohl pledged that Germany would never again pose the tenitorlal claims that marked Gennany from its initlal unification in 1871 to its defeat and division in World War D. "In the future. only peace will emanate from German soU," Kohl said. His message came after Gennany held a night-long celebration with fireworks and music. The unification came 11 months after the Berlin Wall fell in a peaceful revolt that cast aside Communist East German overlords. Wide World Photos


14 WMid-

The Soviet army imposed a curfew and declared a general in command of the Uthuanian capital of Vilnius on Januruy 13, 1991, after troops seized a television tower in an assault that killed 13 and injured about 140 people. The incident was just the beginning of a year filled with headaches for Mikhail Gorbachev. Rebellious Baltic republics, unrest in the provinces, and Boris Yeltsin, Gorbechav's biggest political rival, being elected as President of Russia seemed ready to shatter the already weak Soviet Union. Wide World Photos


Buffalo Bllls ld er Scott NoiWood misses the field goal o the last play of the game, clinchmg the vi tmy for the New York Giants in Super wl XXV in Tampa, Florida. The Giants won ~:9 in a game that kept fans in their seats r~d glued to their 1V screens untll the al second. wide world Photos



Then and Now As students, a large porUon of our time is spent m Jabs, whether they are :fi"eshma:n chemistly or senior design. Labs help to secure the theory leamed in class w1th practtcaJ.. ftrst-hand expertence. But Jf we take away the ~ equipment used m some Jabs, they would dosely oompare to the classes taken by students seven4'-tlve years ago. In fact. some Jabs on campus have changed Bttle m. appearance over the years. Students often comp1ain that the equipment hasnl changed much jn that Um.e, elther. The followtng pages compare Jabs of fonner years with those of today.


16 tJa.

Cerami cs

Com puter Scien ce

Chem istry



Lo ss of key W1iversity adm inis tra tor s an d the acc ept anc e of one lea d to...

On Februacy 21 , 1991, after leadin g the University of Misso uriRolla for nearly five years, Chan cellor Marti n Jisch ke anno unced he was accep ting the postto n of President of Iowa State University. Dr. Jisch ke assum ed his dutie s as chanc ellor on 28, 1986. Since then, the university has made progr ess byApril expan ding resea rch and prtvat e fundi ng and addin g new cfegree progr ams. Dr. Jisch ke's depar ture come s at a time when state rt for higher educa tion is in a decline. While he was more optimsuppo istic abou t highe r educa tion in the state, Jisch ke felt Iowa had demo nstra ted a deepe r conun itrnen t It also come s durin g a time of transi tion leader ship of the entire University system. The searc h for his in the ment had hardly begun when C. Peter Magr ath, presid ent of replac ecamp us University of Misso uri system, was name d presid ent the fourof the National Association of State Universities and Land Gran t Colleg The searc h for Jisch ke's replac emen t will not be conti nu ed until es. a new UM president has beei1 chose n. 20


While the search is on for J ischke's replacement, Dr. John Park (left}, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, has been appointed interim chancellor. Dr. Park previously served as the chairman of the UMR Physics Department. Before leaving the campus, Dr. Jischke announced that J ohn Fulton (below} would be named dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UMR Dr. Fulton holds a bachelor of science degree in engineering mathematics from North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He also received his master's and doctorate degrees in mathematics from North Carolina State. At the time of his acceptance, Dr. Fulton was dean of the University of West Florida's College of Arts and Sciences.



Campus Views

A panoramic view of the C.L. Wilson Library,

Castleman Hall

C. L. Wilson Ubrruy

A panor ic view of the Math-Computer Science Bulldtng, the library, Humanities-Social Sciences Building, and the Engineering Management Bulldtng.

A panoramic view of the Engineering Management Building, V.H. McNutt Hall, Engineering Re earch Lab, and the Computer-Science Building.


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Angel Flight Ertc Haynes, Janet Alfermann. Elizabeth Knaust. Heather Harlan, Andrew Porter, James DeVaney Jr. Photo by Jason McHaney

.1111 allt.. aa....taoftlle

1Jatftll*'of••aarl Ahmed Mustafa. Ke9ln Burlrett. Karrt Hall. ADen Sebrt. Eugene Bae. T. Brow:n.. K. Merson, Luke Peteraon. Lance WtJHams (Adv.).

.flrloa) llg c1aon McHaney

American Society of HeatRefrigeration and AirConditioning Engineers Lesl y Osick, Joe Sauer, Tim Scott, Jim Niebergall, Gregory Mae . Keith Weepie, Lori E~ann, J effrey Keran.


Photo by Jason McHaney

Alpha Stpa llu Row 1: Kimberly Kaeding, Dana Salzmann, Gerald Feldewerth, Alan Sago, Bradley Steinkamp. Row 2: Michael Moats, Joel Philliber, Timothy Hymer, Jeanne Jackson, Curtis Courtney, Peter Friend, Theodore Ahrens, Darrell

Dixon, E. Tseng. Photo by Jason McHaney


AIME: Society of Petroleum Engineers Row 1: Fartk Daud, Mohd-Pauzi Ibrahim, Surazi Shuib, Jamarl Amin, Yaztd Md-Tatb, Nader Al-Satdi, S. Dunn-Norman, Angela Escalera, Amber Ockree, Lloyd Heinze. Row 2: Russell Bucher, David Britton, Orner Roberts, Clayton Wene, Keith St. Gemme, Mark Layne. Leonard Keod eritz (Adv.). Photo by Jason Mert路 wether

Alllerlcan. Found.rymen'a Society Row 1: Steven Lane, Ezra Kotzen (Guest Speaker), Suntla Lahiri, Melanie Robertson, Jeanette Stpp, Jennifer Llewellyn, Timothy Distler. Row 2 : Bradley Steinkamp, Peter Friend, Yuan Sun, - , Mary Eise, Kyle Metzloff, John Ice, Den1ck Elledge, Brtan Mangogna. Scott Head. Row 3: Richard Stehlin, Timothy Faenger. Curtis Courtney, Kevin Biggers, Donald Askeland (Adv.). Photo by Ed Hassinger

AMoclated OeDenl CoDtncton Rcnr 1: Mark Sanzoterra, Greg Schulte, Adam 2: - . Dave Manka, Keith Watson, Gregg Sparks. - , John Kincaid (Adv.). Hansen. Rcnr 3: Scott Joe Moem. KeUh__ Francis Stan Shultz. Paul Rldl Strange, Shannon Lambert. Ruste Hinke, Jim Brauer . Susan Brown. Photo by Eric Hodges

Association of Engineering Geologists Row 1: Ferderico Artioli, Steve Bruer, Jeffrey Harris, R. Kuhr, L. Clarke. Row 2: - , Scott Reid, - . - . Gretchen Rogers, Lany Fowler, Velleta Grote. Row 3: John Rockaway (Adv.). Scott Dixon, Michael Heaton, Sandra Feher, Mark McColloch, Melissa Lambert, - . James Beaver. Photo by Mike Schmid

American Society for Quality Control Row 1: Brent Clark, Winston Erevelles, Holly Wohlschlaeger, Chlis Chichura, Jennifer Bayless. Row 2 : Steven Sievert, Kevin Rasmussen, Daniel McCarthy, Jon Perguson, William Camp. Photo by Ed Hassinger

AIME: Society of Mining Engineers Row 1: Jon Roseen. Joe Vaughn. Row 2: Khan Powell, Steven Kinsey, Patrick Short, Gregory Dennis, Brian Goerke, Gerald Haantz. Row 3: Michael Feese, Michael Konjevich, Roger Hickam, Timothy Krueger, Harold Mayo, Ken Berry. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Above: Alletta Curtis, Brent Jones, Keith Miller and Ascha Holliday have a discussion in KMNR's office. KMNR is the University of Missouri-Rolla's student-run radio station. It is one of the few free -formatted radio stations in lhe country. The station is run entirely by students who are trained by KMNR and attain licenses to be disc jockeys through this training. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Left: Matt Turk entertains the campus with talk and music during his show called Stone Free. Photo by Usa Stiles

KMNR Makes Waves Above: John Carlson checks to see if

everything is running s moothly during a show over fall semester. Photo by Usa Stiles

Left: Jennifer Jones takes out an album from KMNR's library. The library has 23,098 albums and compact discs. Photo by Usa Stiles

\ ~

.AIIledoaD ~of a.t1 ...,._..,. llemben are: A. Adams. L. Aughenbaugh, D. Bal11nger. C.

Bellsmith, M. Benedick. M. Bennish, B. Bhakta, C. Black. J . Blue. J . Brauer, K. Bray Jr., S . Brown, T. Broyles, H. Burkemper, C. Chlodtnl. C. Cone, M. Copp, J . Culp. D. Curbow, B. Dare, K. Dierker, J . Dlckherber, J . Ellermann. T. Emery, K. Francis. W. Fredertch, S. Gardner, A. Gefferth, Y. Gluzman, D. Gowin. B. Groner, B. Hall, J . Halldorsdotter, K . Hansen, B. Harder. R Henke, E. Hodge, K. Hodges, C. Hoeft, S. Homan, S . Hopkins, A. Horst, R Huizinga, M. Ingram, A. JOg, C. Johnson, D. Jones, K. Jozwiak, S. Kelley, R. Kluz, B. Koelling, J . Lambert, S. Lamert, J. Lawver, R. U:tngang. M. Utherland, P. Luchun, M. Mma. M. McCann, T. McConnell, S. McCnuy. C. Merrla, R. Meyer. B. Mlcklewrlght.J. Moses.A. Mueller, J . Mueller. A. Nagy, P. Namatra. C . Nsor, R O'Connor, J . Page, C. Patterson, J. Pendino, J. Peterson, R. Pittman. D. Ratliff, B. Reagan. P. Rldlen. D. Rightnowar, E. Rose. D. Rozgay, L. Sawyer, G. Schalk. A. Schaller, J . Schambach, T. Schroeder, S. Schultz. T. Scott, C. Sfreddo, M. Slmecek. David Smith, Daniel Smith. L. Smith, P. Smith, G. Sparles. T. Stratman. C. Still, B. Tate, K. Tayon. P. Tobben. M. Vanderpool, G. Vaughn, D. Vollenweider, T. WaDs, A. Watson, S . Wehmeyer, D. Westcott. J. Winders, K. Winters. J .-S. Yang.

American Society of Mechanical Englneera Ofllcera are: Eric Powers . John Mazzola J r., J effery Reran, John Hall. Photo by Jason McH aney

AIME: Society of Metallurgical Engineers Row 1: J ohn Ice, Kevin Biggers. J ennifer

Cred e, Steven Renick , - , J ames Sullivan, Amy O'Connell, Michael Bosch , Andrew Gray. Wade Schott IV, - . Mich ael McClellan, Mark Geissler , Krist! Heinemann, Henry Rawlins, Drake Clarke, Kyle Metzloff, Melanie Robertson , Ajay Agrawal. Row 2: Douglas Kra u se, David Hicks , J ohn Munro, Scot Colgrove, Bra dley Steinkamp, Andrew Porter. J oel Philliber , J eanne J ackson , Joseph Price, Kimberly Kaeding, Dana Salzm an. Michelle Carpet, David Cottrell, Curtis Courtney, Chris topher Kennedy. Photo by Jason McHaney

AIDedcaa ra.tltate of .Aelaaa1ltlce a~ llcnr 1: Ron Mudler, Kathy Clapper, Paul Schulte, Dharmendra Patel. John Hooper. Mike Rustmeyer, David Gulot. H.F. Nelson (Adv.). ..,_ 2: Paul Gamer, Chris Rathbun. Shane Yeisley, Don Stanabely, Howard Ho. llcnr 8: Scott Scl11ntcl, Eric Cbnton. Mark Korsten, Donna Kraus. Craig Eyermann. John Humphery, Rick Parden, EDen Tucker, Bradley Sprinkle, Rich Stigall, Scbonda Briggs. James Cummmgs. Phllllp Wong, Robert Stmbrell. llcnr 4: Bert Neal. 11m King. Brian Wibbenmeyer . John 'lbompeon. Mark Underwood, Bob Kilton. Frank Reinsch. James DeVaney, Andy Johnston, Kt:YID W118on. Clint Tbessen. Scott Maycoom. Dan Brady, Robert Stone, Paul Vltt. Brmt MarUn. Teny Dunlap. Doug Brown. Steve Strubberg. Phofo by Jffb Sc:hn*f

MIDctatlall of Beptlaa 8tadeata Sedny AtUa. Hoesam Bedroe, Magdt NaaraDah (Adv.), Mohamed Gaber. PhDtD by Juan llcfftlnt!y

A1plla Pld

OJDe&a Otllcen

are: Warren Unk, Vlcld Betlacb. Ed Hassinger, Jeanne Jackson, Deanna Valentino, Natalie McCune. Photo by Ja.son AfcHclney

American Ceramic Society Row 1: Amy Mcintyre, Tom Miller, Laura Vrabel, Chris Leach. Row 2: Jerry Lazaroff, John Dillingham, Patrick Tepesch, Mark Zurbuchen, Jacqueline King, Vicky Horstmann, Kara Kopplin. Row 3: Karen Niehaus, Guy Brady, Krista Sheftick, Jeffery Birkenmeier, Douglas Ingerly, Matt Seabaugh, Rodrigo Aburto. Photo by Ed Hassinger

American Nuclear SocietyI Alpha Nu Sigma Row 1: Alan Smith, Alice Netzer, Tracy Orf, Timothy Gode. Row 2: Wayne Green, Matthew McLaughlin, Clinton Gross, Benjamin Strehlman Jr.. Row 3: S. Sleidener, Mark Bruss, Danika Jackson, James Hill, Allen W1lk1ns Jr.. Row 4: Scott Palmtag, W1lliam Saguto, Mark Nel, Tim Holland. Row 5 : Shahla Keyvan (Adv.), Joseph Schumer. Photo by Ed. Hassinger

A1plaa Cld NP'I Row 1: ADen Wllk1ns Jr.• Lori Wood. Lori Strtcker. Bran· don Cordts. Sean Dingman. Douglas Rivard. Raw 2: Darren Rosenbaum.

Brian Mangogna. Brian Clemson. Michael Halbach. Erick O'Hare. Robert Randolph. Raw 8: Marcus Bahr. Amy MJsche. Kevin Robertson. Steve Ford. Rachel Wiggins. Bharat Suvagla. Mark McCoy. Raw 4: Chuck Butby. Frank Simon. Renee Proctor. Photo I'll Ed H~

American Society of Engineering Managemen t/Institute of Industrial Engineers Row 1: Phillip Simpkins, David Lewis. Kristine Hogard. Robert McKechnie rv. Lenier Johnson Jr. Row 2: Kevin Rasmussen. Barbara Meder. Stephanie Swift. Angela Colin. William Camp. Charles Misner, Holly Wohlschlaege r. Row 3: E. Walters. Donald Rainbolt, B. Cantoath, Daniel McCarthy. Jon Pergason. Brent Clark,- Row 4: Michelle Sievers, J ean Babcock. Jackie Haggerty,Gin a Marnatti,-, -. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Arnold Air Society Row 1: Scott Virtue. Row 2 : Jahna Wollard. Susan Shaw, Christopher Jones. Row 3: Randy Boswell. Eric Haynes. Brooke Sander. Camille Still, D. Meyer, John Landgraf. Row 4: Brian Hertford. David Black, James DeVaney Jr., Alex J ernigan, Michael Deimeke. Photo by Jason Meriwether


Warms Need y

Above: Cleo Kottwitz, the campus minister of the Wesley Foundation, assists students at Wesley's woodcut. The woodcut was organized to collect wood for families in need of firewood to keep warm over the winter. Need was determined by L.O.V.E., a charitable institution. Right: President of the Wesley Foundation, Jeff Rainwater. swings an axe. Photos by Jason McHaney


.AmerlcaD Jutitate of Claellllcal ........... ..,.. 1: Timothy McKeon, Jodi Starkey, Jeffrey Alvarez, Diane Schwalje, Michael Halbach, Ryan Buschjost. Row 2: - . WtlUam Watson. - , Michael M1ller. Christina Cunningham. Steve Diesen, George Stewart. Todd Cavitt, Tamara Holland, Davtd Foraker. ..,.. 3: Rebecca Lugge, Darren Rosenbaum, Janet Tieman, .Angdla BeD, Karen Meyer, Jeremy Buchanan, Michael Matthews, - • Marta AguJIera. Michael Lacey. ..,.. <&: Chad Gerard, Robert Ybana (Adv.). Sean Dingman, - , HstngWel Chang. - , Calvin Pratt, Rachel Wiggins. Ertk 01fare, Ph1l Ung, Robert Randolph, Don Murphy, Kevtn Pang. ..,.. 5: Rodney Rlebold. - , - , Randy Gardner, Charles Buttry. James Dillon. 1bomaa Parker, Kevin Harrison, Mark McCoy. Farhad Adtb. Barbara Halpin. Lori Stricker. ..,.. 8: - , - . Vernon Smith, Abd Hamid, Glenn Hoppe, Mahmoud Kaba. Eraan Dgar. PhDto by Khan Powell

.._ JEe7 llow 1: Leslie VIgna. RodneyVelssman, Brian Fortman, Mlchelle Hoyt. Nield George, Eugene Bae. Nancy Fetters, Stephanie Stroker, Missy Benedick. Sue Anyan. Chris Figge. Archie Culp (Adv.). Steve Bleckler, Ron Salamle. Row 2: Jeffrey Herzog. Jeffrey Zawlla, Allen Hentges, Robert Schneider, Scott Musgrave, Barbara Halpin, Allee Netzer, Kathy Clapper, Michael Keuss. Joe Gucctone. Photo by Jason McHaney

BACCIIU8 Row 1: Joe Hettinger, Jonathan Geels, Michael Schaeffer. Row 2: Clint Scott. Shannon Robb, Carl Bums. Photo by John Lochlroo

~~~~~~----~~~~====~====~~~~ ~~


Mkh~W~. ~

Lynchard. Alva Veach. Brmt Helc:len1nnd, Shelly Garey. . . . 2: Jeffrey BJack. Garry Haase. Derek Meyer. Darren Guttmann, Kevin Grant. Vladtmtr Stangevlc. Sc:luNd

l'haiD.., ...

Baptlat Student UDlon Row 1: Jesse Parrott, Luke Peterson, Mark Strickland, Tara Wilkes. Row 2: Jon Johnson, Becky Ught, Kelly Simmons, Gregg Schalk, Poet Stapomwongkul, Timothy McCrary. Row 3: Mickey Farmer, Tim Hymer. Randy Barton, Chris Barnhart, Brian McRoberts, Brent Massey. Jefferson GUkey. Row 4: Robert Weirich, Ronald Platz, John Hymer, Michael Hill, Darin Sanders, Michele Keith, Phil Muehring, Jim Rutherford. Row 5: Lee Perstrope, Shanna Carmichael, Mary Utherland, Robin Williams, Joe Price, Roger Younger. John Dillingham, Aaron Ellinghouse, Mark Junkins, Vaughn Taylor. Scott Sorrell. Photo by Ed Hassinger

Chinese Student Association Council of Graduate Students Row 1: Pradeep D'Souza, Ann Hagnt, Edward Stephens IV, Curtis Schroeder, Alice Netzer, R. Jackson, Kyle Graves, Keith Tomazi. Row 2: R. Jayachandran, Mohan Ramankutty. Jean Babcock, Paul Ridlen, Amy Horst, Richard Callahan, Dale Sivils. Photo by Mike Schmid

Cb.rlatlall ScleDce Orpalatloa Joy Walton, Ray Waggoner (Adv.).


Cb.rlatlall campaal'ellowablp Row 1: Rick Elmer, Kevin Spengler, Koby Smith. Row 2: Lee Perstrope, Jeff Shook, Keenan O'Brien, Scott Hayes, DusUnAllcom, Btll Redman, Brian Haile. Row 3: Jason Chase, Raquel Rogado, Jamie Page, Diane Bacon, Karl Winters, PhUlip Wong, Dan J ones, nm Stanslfer. Rcnr 4: Clarence Flubber, Robert Johnson, Richard Lawson, Jeffrey Ph1111ps, Eric Bertram, David Brown, Brad Tate, Matt McKay, Michael Jones, Glen ShonkwUer.

CblBpdoa Row 1: Rusty Henke, Plrapon Namatra, Robin Meyer, Gregg Sparks, Dirk Gowin, Jim Knutelskl. Row 2: Claudia Hoeft, Melissa Benedick. Alex Rickard, Kim Hodges, Judy Von Der Haar, Paul Tobben. Row 3: Gregg Schalk, Kenneth Sessa, Shannon Lambert, Brttta Harder, Susan Brown, Kristen Dierker, Gregory Schulte, Bhavnesh Bhakta. Row 4: Paul Ridlen, Ron Salamte, Ron Schankland, Martin Hesterberg, David Manka, Jeff Lambert, GreggSallee,AndrewMueller, Jim Peterson. Kirk Thibodeaux. Mark Gawedzlnskl. PhDID by Ed lfas5tnger

APO Gets Physically Fit to Fund Charity

~~workout ~Above: John Gerfen collapsed exhaustion after a tiring during Alpha Phi Omega's Aerobathon. The in

Aerobathon was an event planned by APO, the University of Missourt-Rolla's chapter of a national service fraternity, to raise money for the Special Olympics. The Aerobathon was held on October 27 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Left: Steve Phillips, Jason Yobby and

Dan Elze cheerfully pump their muscles in an effort lo combine healthy exerCise and charity fund-raising. The Aerobathon was an event sponsored by APO to raise funds for seven area Special Olympics. The Special Olympics is an international sports competition for adults and children who are either physically or mentally handicapped. Fb:Jto by Ed Hassinger

' Kathy Ban and Peggy Chlrban InStruCt students partlclpating in Alpha Phi Omega's Aerobathon. The aerobathon was held at Vessell's Fltness oomplex located behind Thomas Jefferson Residence Hall. Rl&ld: Working up a sweat to the music are Unda Miller and Chris Reynolds. FYlOtDs btl &t flclsstiVIer

Mote: Janice 1\uner,

Daughters of Diana Row 1: Peggy Chen, Kim Thomason, Penny Pike. Mary Eise. Trtcia Kuhne. Tanya Zlatic. Row 2: Steve Fogle, Melissa Moore. Cathlin Maloney. Usa Stiles. Row 3: Peggy Hagelstein, Sh elley Kellar, J ana Neal. Photo by Usa Stiles

'fllmlbten of tbe Emenld Row 1: Susan Jamboretz, Donna Unn, Susan Raith. Row 2: Laura Bytnar. Jamie Frenkel Laura Vrabel, Piper

Koekler. Krist! Heinemann. Brian Costello. Row S: Kym Gross, Carolyn Mcintosh, Karen Niehaus. Erica Easley. Photo by Jason Merlwether

Daughters of Lee Row 1: Deena Ballinger, Jill Sandifer, L. Cleaver, Noelle Puckett. Amy Weber, Chera Abrams, Alice Netzer, Leanne Jackson. Row 2: Francine Belaska, Robin Ruiz, J ulie Montefusso, Tina Faughn, Su san Goodman, Christina Sfreddo, Patricia Beaird. Susan Bruns, Susan Stogsdill, Kerri Kraft, Lisa Harrison. Photo by Khan Powell

Bta Kappa Na WIDiam Waas, Scott Defendelfer, Bill

Alexander, Blair Jones, David Medrow, Michael Connell, Ryan Elbert, Galy

Elbert. Casey Engstrom. Christine Sheehy, David Brown. Don Brundage. ,..., llfi.D!,....,.,



....... a. lt8w 1: Sabrina Gray, Ange1ia Spanuw, Susan Missaugh, Jean Craft. Janey Blue. lt8w 2: Holly Atkinson, Elizabeth Allen, Mona Brown, Shannon Robb. Photo by Ed Hassinger Environmental Protection Advocates Row 1: Cathertne Jabusch. Lance Drtskill. Michael Gadberry. Row 2 : Rebecca Wilson. Liana Harper, Brigitte Stagner. Row 3: Jean Terbrook, Eric Walters, Rachel Terbrook. Row 4: Paul Mack, Greg Sanders. Scott Bell. Row 5: Tim O'Hearn, Mellssa Klotz. Photo by Mike Schmid

Economics Club Row 1: Kevin Wood, Shirley Wentland, Vanita Lee, Susan Johnson. Row 2: Gregory Gellis, Salma Arabi, Linda Manning. Heidi Wilson, Richard Bryant (Adv.). Steven Updike. Michael Tessaro. Photo by John Lochirco

Friends of the Heart Photo by Jason McHaney

Gemtng Aseociation Row 1: Andy Nolan, Paula Schrtcker, Angelia Sparrow, Kevin Haman, Allen Wilkins, Fran Tremblay, Totsuya Nojima. Row 2: Richard Schafer, Robert Medrow (Adv.}, Richard Sparrow, Ian Murphy, Ross Wilper, Robert Barns. Photo by Ed Hassinger

General Delegation of Independents Row 1: Raymond Shelton, Rhonda Brown, Thomas Hart. Mark Ochs. Mark Simecek. Row 2 : - . - , S. Keaveny, Ann Clark, Anita Beckman, Joel Brand. Row 3: James Stickley, - ,

Douglas Moyer, Ch arles Greeno. Bill Congdon. Row 4: - , - . Gregory Jeziorski. - , Scott Sandahl, T. Sandahl, Brtan Gulledge. Row 5: Bradley Kohrtng, Alletta Curtis, John Carlson, Jennifer Jones, Kerrte Blazek, Robert Shelley, James Eyberg. Row 6: Robert Bartelsmeyer, M. Jones. - , Daniel Petrovich, Terry Bone, Robert O'Connor. Row 7: Patrtck O'Mahoney. Photo by Jason Meriwether



Sun Shined Through the Summer-Time Blues

Abov e: The Student Union Board's annual Ice Cream Social

attracted a large crowd. Regardless of whether it was the heat thal attracted the students or the opportunit y to be served ice cream by faculty and administra tors. the students waited until the ice cream tubs were empty. Photo by Eric Hodges

50 ~

Left: Dan Blevins. Mike Kill, Steve Klein and J ason Dobbson cool off in the late night a ir at the Student Union Board's Night at the Drive-In. The eveni ng was one of lhe many events SUB sponsored to help students relax after a long day in lhe hot classrooms . Photo by Bill Booth.


Left: Ice cream was one way students tried to beat the heat and humidity common during Missouri's s ummer weather. Photo by Eric Hodges Above: J eff Morris and Torn Hughes pour drinks at

Theta Tau Omega's Summerfest. The Sumrnerfest was a party held out at the Lion's Club Park in September. Loud music, food. drinks and friends were major ingredients of this event. Photo by Mike Schmid

~ 51

Interc ollegiate Knights Me mbers are: M. Acuff. w. Anast, T. Anderson, S. Asbury, M. Bahr. D. Baldetti, J. Beard, F. Belaska, R. Bell. M. Benedick, J. Boles, T. Bornman, S. Boyd. C. Boyer. P. Brennan, A. Brickner, R. Broman, B. Burlison, S. Burrows. D. Bushey, D. Carpenter. B. Castello. J. Chaffin, J. Collins, L. Cook, T. DeGonia. J. Dickherber. S. Drake, L. Driskill. E. Dunning, M. Farwlg.

D. Faust, P. Flaherty. Y. Franklin, B. Frazier. R. Fugate. T. Fussner. B. Halpin. D. Haney. R. Harashe. K. Heinemann , D. Hotop. B. Hunnlus. R. lluntebrlnker, E. Husman, C. Kennedy. R. Kent. J. Kladlva. M. Kuenzel, C. Kump, S. Lane. S. Langendoefer, D. Lauritzen. J. Lotz, R. Lowe, A. Madison. B.

Mangogna, T. Martin, M. Matthews, M. McNett. B. Melick, s. Metzner, J. Meyslrik. J. Mlhalcv1ch. M. Moore, E. Mueller, T. Mueller. D. Munns. K. Murphy, T. Newkirk. T. Newton. R. Oswald. M. Overfelt. D. Peeler, M. Potrafka (Adv.), G. Potter. J. Poulson. T. Pruett. D. Ratcliffe. R. Reinsch. R. Riehle. R. Rinker, M. Roberts, S. Robertson. S. Romer. S. Rottman. D. Sagez. J. Saunders. V. Scammacca. C. Schreckenberg, E. Seaman, B. Shepard. A. Shulfer. B. Singh, V. Smith, P. Snider. T. Steadhan. J. Steinkotter, T. Stelljes, J. Swinford. S. Tonkins, K. VanBuren, L. Warbington. w. Watson. B. Weber. P. Wehmeyer. L. Willhaus, K. Williams. J. Withinton. J. Wulf, R. Yeargain. s. Yeisley. B. Zoltowski. Photo 52


by Mike Schmid

J..,..,•• Club

Stephen Denney, Gregory Photo by Mike Carstens. Edward Maes. Schmid

IDatitute of Blectrlcal aad ElectroDlc• £D&iaeen omcera are: Glen Halley, Pragna

Patel. Dennis Robertson , Photo by Jason


Kappa Mu Epsilon Officers are: Sean Griffin, Allen Hentges, Pragna Patel. Jeremy Buchanan, Charles Fox, David Renfert. Photo by Jason Meri路 wether

Korean Student Aesoclatlon Row 1: Youngtl Song, H . Bae, S. Kang, P.


Ahn, Chun Park. S. Oh. Row 2 : Kwang Ko. Kook Byun. Ilyoung Ahn, Kwang Park, S. Kang. P. Ahn. Row 3 : Jungsun Hwang. J. Lee, Yong Kwon, J. Park. S. Shin, Du Kim, Il-Kwon Yim, Kyung Yoo, H. Kim. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Kappa Kappa Psi Row 1: Geoffrey Wlllmoth, Craig Blair, Gregory Martin. Martin Tippin, Bryan Penning. Row 2: Thomas Rogge. L. Knowles, Timothy Pierce, Bryan Gregory, Mark Terry. Row 3: Steven Abraham, Jason Bennett, Jeffrey Schramm. Scott Miller, Robert Fugtna, Larry Dotson, David Johnson, David McCown. David Medrow, Shawn Edwards.

Kenmoe Row 1: Vick Horstmann, Scott Haling, Vincent Spankle, laura Vrabel. Chris Leach. Michael Basham, Amy Mcintyre, Pat Tepesch. Row 2: Jeff Blrkenmeter, TomM1ller. Karen Niehaus, John Conrad, Aaron Basham, Keith Schoby, Chris Mallow, Walter Stephens. Photo by Jason Men-

Uttle Slpaa

l'hot.o by James Anderson


Luthena Studeat Center

DINR Row 1: Ty Perkins. Greg Boice, Ken Bridges. Row 2: Kevin Burkett. Terry Bowness. Craig WildIng. Lori Perkins. Jeff Bee. Laura Luther. Brian Gulledge, Ken Gregory. Tim Bergfield. Bill Congdon, Mark Ochs. Row 3: Gregg Poettgen. Jack Rozdtlsky , John Carlson . John MacDonald. Bob Gashen. Mike Gadberry, Eric Johnson. Rhonda Brown. Row 4: Brad Beach. Jeff Schramm. Linda Pluschke, Brian McCurren, Martina SchoUmeyer, Jon Purgason. Row 5: Brian Kincaid, Eric Hardin. Arvy Myers, Jim Burnette. Bryan Penning, Ascha HoiUda, Alletta Curtis. Karen Goetz. Btll Kirby, Phil Wentz, Steve Keutzer, Tobin Roberts. Row 8: Mike Heaton. Pat Hartne tt. Randy Berry. Bob Ntedergerke. Mark Stranczek. John Steltenpobl. - 7 : Bobbee Sullinger, Kerrte Blazek,

Jennifer Jones. JennJfer Zung. Jtm

Hartley. a.w 8: Ray Shelton, Mark Slme!S. Doug Moyer, Brent Jones, Steftn Tumer, Keith Miller, Tom Erb. ~55

Above: Entrance to the General Delegation of Inde-

pendent's Blarney Rocker was through the purchase of cups displaying GDI's coat of arms and the slogan for the campus wide party. Right: Live music was a feature of the 1991 Blarney Rocker. Photos by Jason Meriwether


Below: The General Delegation of Independents s ponsored the Blarney Rocker, a campus wide party over the St. Patiick's Day holiday. It was held at the Lion's Club Park. Regardless of the sleet and snow, there was a large turnout. Food, music and drinks enabled the students and the alumni who braved the weather to enjoy themselves. Photos by Jason Meriwether

KadOIW 8oc.letJ' of Black . . . . . . . . . . . . 1: Alfred

Cureau, Jerome Jones, Angela Cooper, Jesse Swift, Colette Neal. Row 2: Regina Jacobs, Tommce Jones, Rhonda Frankl1n.

TauquJncy McDonald, Calvin Motley, Len1er Johnson Jr., Tamlko Youngblood. Row 8: Michael Smith, Antonia Love, Karen Jones, Raldyah Mason. Michael Riggs. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Newman CeDter Row 1: Erin Mulanax. John Diederich, April Mason. Row 2: Beth Shipman, Bob Woodly, Chris Stememan, Jane Dey, Debbie Massman, Dare Keller. Row 3: CArol Weatherwax, Martina Schollmeyer, Gary Elbert, Bob Becker, - • M. Strauss, Jeff Zawlla, Ken Mtkuldk. Steve IOeln. Row 4: - • Wayne Portwlne, VIctor Biega. Don Hinds, 1lm Keller.Travts Newkirk, - • Mark Smith, Phil Wentz. Ray Uaenbe. Photo btl JasonJicflaney

Phi Kappa Phi llemben are: S. Acup, M. Aquilera, S. Akhtar, J. Apperson, T. Bergfeld, V. Btega, G. Brenneke, D. Brundage, D. Burwell, S. Chang, R Coker, C. Comeau, M. Davis, T. Dunlap, F. Erickson, S. Fulkerson, M. Giboney, B. Griffen, B. Halpin, G . Harper, R. Haselhorst, J . Hill, M. Hill,J.S. Hoffman, T. Hsu, R. Huizinga, F. Husman, G. Jacquin, B. Jenkins, D. Johnston, D. Jones, D. Kiehne, L. Koenig, J. Kuehn, P. Ling, Ah. Ly, C. Mallow, P. Mar, V. May, K. Metzloff, K. Mikulctk, J. Mueller, S. Musgrave, M. Nel, B. Nelson, R. Parsons, J. Ph1lliber, L. Ph1llips, M. Rohr, C. Sandidge, M. Sautman, J. Schmidt, J. Schumer, S. Scott, R Shankland Jr., K. Sidener, G. Simadiris, B. Talley, M. Taphorn, P. Thessen, W. Watson, D. Weinand, R. Williams, J. Winkler, H. Wohlschlaeger, D. Wyant, D. Bhakta, S. Brunk, D. Derner, P. Emerson, M. Hesterberg, R. Jennings, S. Johnson, A. Keith, J. Kozlowski, J. Krueger, S. Leimkuehler, L. Marshall, D. McDowell, M. McKay, J. Minor, J. Roseen, T. Sublette, J . Tandy, M. Wilhelm, E. Yonker. PhotobyEdHasstnger

Psi Club Row 1: Mona Brown, Michael Traver, Debby Freeman, Sh erri Hawkins, Jeannie Merz, Aaron Solomon. Row 2: Linda Harp, Janey Blue, Dawn Clayton, Elizabeth Lang, Colleen Combs, Vickie James. Row 3: Richard Hall (Adv.), Richard Wilkinson, Sh awn Steen, Loralee Moeckli. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Pi Epsilon Tau Row 1: Keith St. Gemme, Nader Al-

Saidi, S. Dunn-Norman, Lloyd Heinze, Russell Bucher. Row 2: Orner Roberts, David Britton , Clayton Wene, Mark Layne. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Pakistani Student Association Row 1: Ali Malik, Mohamma d Jamal, Ahmed Mustafa. Row 2: Ras il Haque, Naushad Zaki, Waqar Haidari, Salman Akhtar. Row 3 : Majid Shah, Hasan Shami, Azam Mirza. Row 4: Jawad Zaidi, Syed Tariq. Photo by BUl Booth ~59

Raiders Row 1: Robert Everson (Adv.). Robert Hepler, Thomas Polesel, Daniel Magidson, Thomas Black IV, David Johnson, Kenneth Howe. Row 2: James Hanke, Jeff Shook, Andrew Speck, Jonathan Banderman, Clifford Bishop, Stephen Poskin, Kurt Owings. Photo by Jason Meri路 wether


Society of Women Engineers Row 1: Kim Stevenson, Dawn Campbell, Leigh Clark, Tracy Greiwe. Row 2: Melissa Benedick. Angela Dofner, Angela Passanise, Donna Kraus. Row 3 : Yvonne Gander, Sandi Todd, Christine Boyer, Amy Melius. Row 4: Kathy Gunderson, Jennifer Nagel, Sandra Nelson. Row 5 : Denise Howard, Cynthia Totton, Karen Griesel, Robyn Litle, Nancy Hubing. Photo by Usa Stiles

Society of Physics Students Row 1: Erin Mulanax, Matthew Woodward. Row 2: Joel Peacher, Timothy Bergfeld, Michael Elliott, J eff Wallendorff, Shane Henry. Row 3: Jeff Shapiro, Ed Hassinger, Jonathan Geels, Mark Bumside. Photo by Mike Schmid

Society of Ezploratlon Qeophyslcl8ts Cheryl Jansen, Jose Arce, Lynne Fielding, Simon Broomhead , Alex Martinez, CltfJord Bishop, Jim Davis, Stuart Harlan. Photo by MfkeSchmtd

Student UDioD Boud Row 1: Mark Saubnan. Doug Haney, Connie Crossen. Phil Caruso, Jennifer Zung, Kathy Sohrabi. Row 2: Mike Schmid. Ron Wells, Sonal Patel. Shawn Sitton. Unda Martin (Adv.), Rich Guteb. Photo by Mfke Schmid

Slam• PI Slam•

Scott Sehlin, Edward Stephens IV, Richard Sparrow. Farhad Akhavan, Melva Crocker, Richard Ma.rgls, Jon Fox. John Wagner. Christopher Mertens. Juan Villacis, Oran Pringle (Adv.). PhotobyJasonMcHaney

SOUTHWINDS Members are: Matthew Seabau gh, Angelia Sparrow, Janey Blue, Angela Moerlien , Gene D oty (Adv.). Photo by Bill Booth

Left: The St. Pats Board played

the Interfraternity Council in the annual Green and Gray Soccer Classic. Shouts rang out as the Board and IFC had it out. The IFC did its best, but to no avail. The final score was 5 to 2 in favor of the St. Pat's Board. Photos by Bill Booth

Green Mows Over Gray Board Reps Win Green & Gray Classic


St. Pat's Board Row 1: Eddie Rodriguez, James Boyanchek, Christopher Goo, Joseph Hornburg. Row 2: Thomas Johnson, - , Archie Gallup, Bradley Harvey, Ertc Boyer. Row 3 : Bryan Schneller, Tristan Pinzke, Scott Burkemper, J ohn Lochirco, Michael Cook, Allan Busch. Row 4: Mark Kilgore, Matthew Tobey, Michael Hurst, James Dierkes. Kenny Haynes. Row 5: Steve Hunt, Jason Lowry. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Spelunkers Officers are: Simon Broomhead, Scott Wells, David Thilker. Christopher Weaver. PhotobyJasonMertwether

locletJofRispnlePrdl llhn•l ........... PftDtD by Ed Haasfnger

Sl8ten of tbe Wldte Star Row 1: Laura VlstnUne. Dennis Tate. WUson Chen. Krls Fleming. Row 2: Donna Kraus, Amy Gefferth. Ayako Koike, Melissa Otto. Row 3: Pam Krebs, Lynette Brunner, Renee Todd, Marcie Politte, Jennifer Cuny. Photo btl Mike Sc::hmt.l

SIRen of Alplla BpdoD PI Row 1: Amy Mason, Kathy Wyland, Kelly Williams, Tara Muehe, Laura Koenig, Lena Tsou1fan1dts, Tammy Gross, Jen McGee, Laura Miller, Kathy Clapper, Mary Bernard, Becky Lema. Photo by .Jason Jlerlwetlwr

Sigma Gamma Epsilon Row 1: Karen Brakefield, Kevin Delinger, Lisa Kessels, Lisa Reeves. Timothy Keller, Brian Hopp. Row 2 : Melissa Lambert, C. Baugh, Dwight Haney, Derek Ingram, Leigh Clark, Shawn Slattery. Row 3: Ferdertco Artioli, - , Timothy Saunders, Steve Bruer, Jennifer McGee, Leanne Kilby. Row 4 : Gary Halbert, - , Larry Fowler, - . Photo by Jason Boles

Sigma Gamma Tau Row 1: Steve Strubberg, Doug Brown, Andrew Johnston. Row 2 : Donna Kraus, Robin Williams, Laura Koenig, John Goethe. Row 3 : Mark Underwood, Jarrod Hoecker, Joseph Stemler, Scott Maycock. Photo by Jason McHaney

W.T. Schrenk Society


Nicole Mason, Renee Proctor, Theresa Pierce, Joe 1:



Villines. Row 2: Tim Evenson, Tim McKeon, Pat Cal-

lahan (Adv.) , Heather Freeman, Mike Pfleegor. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Row 1: E. Wal-

ters, Winston Evevelles, Kristine Hogard, Angela Colin, J ennlfer Bayless. Row 2: Robert Kantouth, Caniel McCarthy, Jon Ferguson, William Camp, Charles Misner. Photo by Jason Meriwether

Music Rings Across Campus Above: Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens perform South African pop/jazz music in Centennial Hall. The performance was sponsored by the Student Union Board. Photo by Mike Schmid

• a blues sJnger. waa brought to Above: Lonnie Bro bu•Booeh campus by SUB. P Right: The Soulard Blues Band playa out at the Hockey Puck durin a 8UJU1¥ afternoon. PhofobyScoU Johnson

Above: Hypnotist Jim Wand put

students inlo a trance. Students were suggested lo do things that

they would not nonnally do, such as having the men pretend to nurse a baby. PhDto by Eric Hodges

Above: Ron Wells wears a balloon animal as a hat during Ken Schultz comedy and variety act Pfwlo by Mike Schmid

Right: Comedy Night was one of the comedy events planned to help alleviate stress. The event was held indoors in Centennial Hall due to rain. The comedians featured were Hugh Fink and Peter Caulk. Pholo by Eric /lodges

Laughter is the SUB Topic

Above: Ken Schultz juggles in his show for SUB in Centennial Hall. His act includes comedy. juggling and riding a unicycle. Photo by Mike Schmid

Left: Walli Collins performs his act

in front of a laughing audience in the University Center-Eas t Cafeteria. Collins' act was part of the fourth annual April Fool's Comedy Series sponsored by the Student Union Board. Walli Collins has performed on MIV, Showlime at the Apollo and has appeared with acts s uch as M.C. Hammer. Jeny Seinfeld, and Sam Kinison. Photo

"1~;;::;::::=1~-::::::==ir- Thai Student Association



Row 1: P. Loakranjanaudom, P. Kerd-

kaewfah, Tungsiripat. Row 2: S.V. Koompairojn, B. Srithammasak, R. Manalert, P. Kumpibal, T. Watanapahu, C. Junthir~,j-...::=::::::::::...L._ apanich. Row 3 : K. Sukumoljuntra, S. Sittisathanchai, V. Sithivarapom. R. Meeraska, S. Kulvaranon, E. Sianawati, M. Sivapiromrat, K. Dusitsin, S. Pram-saneh, B. Pataralertsiri. Row 4 : S. Suthirakuljai, P. Poshyanonda, A. Atilaksana, P. Chungwatana, S. Suth-iwong, S. Ratanabhas, C. Arkaradejdachachai.


Turkish Student M.ODIII!IGIII Row 1: Murat Erenay. Murat Tiryakioglu, Gokhan Inane, Serhat Uludag. Row 2: Muaa Karakus, Abdullah Ozturk. Coskun Goktan, Levent N!ar. Yildirim Omurtag, Demet Baykal, Mehmet Sadderell.

Taa Beta Slpa Row 1: Jennifer Dunger. Valarie Under, Stacy Hale. Row 2: Julle Cook. Ellen Tucker. Penny Cutler. Debra Hunke. Stacy Doing. Row 3: Pabicla Childress (Adv.). Cynthia MWangue. Tina Gazaway. Rebecca Lema, Karen Schoor. Kim Freiberger.

Theta Tau Omega Officers are: Michael Donnelly, Johnny Julian, Nicholas Klukvin, Frederick Husman, Robert Fischer, Thomas Hughes. Photo by Tom Scharenborg

Tau Beta Pl Members are: B. Abu Bakar, A. Aguilera, M. Aguilera, J. Alferman, D. Archibald, M. Bahr, R. Beliz, A. Bell. M. Benedick, D. Bhakta, S. Biermann, T. Bowness, D. Brown, D. Brundage. J . Buchanan, J. Burnette, W. Camp, C. Cao, K. Casper, S. Chaney, S. Chang, B. Clark, J . Cordes, M. Davis, J . Dey, M. Diamond, J. Dickens. H. Doan, R. Doss, T. Dunlap, J. East, L. Ehlmann, G. Elbert, R. Elbert. C. Engstrom, T. Evers, J. Falkenrath, J. Feltz, R. Fensterman, N. Fetters,J. Ftelds, B. Fortman, M. Frankenberg. S. Fulkerson, M. Funkhouser, R. Garner, G. Gibson, G. Godat, J. Goethe, C. Goodin, R. Goring, J. Gosnell. D. Gowin, J. Grotenhuts, A. Grover, B. Hall, B. Halpin, E. Hardin, G. Harper, P. Hayes, W. Headrick. J. Hill, M. Hill, S. Hoffman, D. Howard, T. Hsu. W. Hunter, B. Husen, J. Iverson, G. Jacquin. B. Je~s. R. Jennings, A. J ohnston. A. Keith. R. Kilcher, B. Klein, L. Koenig, A. Koike, D. Kopp,

Tau Beta Pl (CoatlDued.): D. Kraus. D. Lewis, P. Ung, J. Uu. M. Lowrey, M. McCann, K. McCarter, A. Mcintyre. M. McKay, N. McCune, C. Martin, R. Mason, D. Medrow, K. Metzloff, K. Meyer, M. Moats. B. Mollenhoff, C. Monge, S Mussgrave, J. Nagel, A. Netzer, D. Newburry. D. Nickolaus, M. Norton, T. Oetting, T. Orf, J. Orr, S. Otto, R. Palovchik, W. Parks, J . Philllber, J. Phillips, J. Pursley, T. Rebsamen, G. Rogers. C. Rook, D. Rosenbaum, K. Salah, G. Sallee, V. Scammacca, G. Schalk. K. Schilli, J. Schmidt, M. Schollmeyer, K. Schultz, J. Schumer, D. Schwalje, M. Seboum. R. Seggelke, R. Shankland, A. Shao, C. Sheehy, P. Simekins, R. Slusmeyer, D. Smith, V. Sprenkle. J. Steverson, R. Stigall. M. Strouse, S. Strubberg, T. Sublette, M. Swinford, B. Talley, J. Tandy, M. Taphom, F. Thomas. K. Tomazi, L. Tyler, M. UndeiWood, W. Unk, K. Vaisvil, P. Vltt. D. Weinand. R. Weirich, K. Westhoff. J. White, L. Willhaus, C. Wills, H. Wohlschlaeger, D. Wyant, J. Zaninovlch. Photo by Eric Hodges


Theta Tau Omega Casino Night

Dealing for Dollars Above: Stu dents play blackjack at Theta Tau Omega's Casino Night.

Left: Mouse Roulette is one of the fea-

tures of Casino Night. Instead of a ball rolling around a turning wheel, a mouse runs around the wheel. Photos by Mike Schimd

Right: Lance Williams collects money at the craps table. Winners of the games at Casino Night collected play money with which the winners could buy prizes or continue to place bets. Photo by Mike Schmid


Above: Theta Tau Omega Casino Night is

an annual St. Patrtck's Day h oliday event. The event is a fundraiser for charities, such as Big Brothers and Sisters. It was held at the National Guard Armory. Right: Play money won at the gambling tables could be traded in for prizes donated by various local businesses. Photos by Mike Schmid





B E sy E V E R


1991 St. Pat's Court Front Row: Trumpeteer Mark Reynolds, Page Lynn Cramer, Page Ken Smiley, Herald Pete Wehmeyer. Back Row: Guard Greg Allen, Guard Terry Piskorski, St. Pat Stephen Starwalt, Master Guard Michael Rollet, Gu ard Kevin Webb, Gu ard Mark Kelly. Photo by Mike Schmid




Above: Keeping campus safe from snakes is the freshmen's j ob . Photo by Jason Meriwether.

Left: There are certain disadvantages in carryin g a "big stick". Photo by Mike Schmid.

Opposite Bottom: Snakes don't stand a chance in the middle of this group. Photo by Ed Hassinger.

"Rolla... a town you ought to see before you go to Paris and die."

- as reported by a St. Louis newspaper, covering the 1918 St. Pat's celebration. 4t. /I4U







Above: St. Pat enjoys the company of one of the leprechaun look-alike contestants. Above Right: In the Most Sweatshirts in One Minute contest, neatness doesn't count. Right: Andrea Lenox has a tough time canytng Kappa Delta's walking stick. Photo by Ed Hassinger.

76 4t. /l4f4.




Above Left: Leslie Vigna pulls on another garter. Photo by Jason Men路 wether.

Above: "You want to put more buttons where?" Photo by Jason Meriwether.

Left: Three leprechaun look-alike

contestants pose for St. Pat.


Above: Teke's first-place cudgel gets carrted toward the finish line. Photo by Jason McHaney Upper Right: Even with earmuffs, the weather made Gonzo hard to deal with for some. Photo by Jason McHaney. Right: Painted faces were another way people got psyched for St. Pat's. Photo by Jason Meriwether.


Above: The K-SHE band wasn't the only thing that warmed up these guys. Left: Mark Reynolds gets wrapped up in his job as trumpeteer.

Below: Because of the intermittent flurries, students dressed approprtately for a day at Lion's Club. Photos by Jason McHaney.

4t. ,t4U









The somersault race required more balance than some people could muster. Photo by Mike Schmid.


Left: Celebrating Pi Kaps give each other a high five.

Photo by Ed



The twelve-ounce dash took quite a bit of stamina.

Ed Hassinger.

Photo by

Left: The bat race is hard enough

without board reps yelling at you. Photo by Ed Hassinger.

Below Left: Jeanne Jackson desperaUy looks for the finish line. Photo by Mike Schmid.

Below Right: The cold weather required some antifreeze to make the Games bearable. Photo by Mike Schmid.

St .



Pat ' s

R 0


Right: Herald Pete Wehmeyer announces the anival of St. Patrick and his courl. Below: Chancellor Martin Jishcke is knighled as an honorary St. Patrick before he assists the court with the ceremony. Photos by Ed Hassinger.


A TI 0


Left: Chancellor Jischke presents Missouri. Miner editor Larry Williams with his medal before St. Patrick knights him.

Below: St. Patrick (Stephen Starwalt) escorts Natalie McCune, the 1991 Queen of Love and Beauty, to the edge of the stage to receive the audience's applause. Natalie was nominated by Triangle fraternity. Photos by Ed Hassinger



. .




Right: "It's Alive!" was the theme of Beta Sig's first place float. Below: "Wild" Bill Smith Iides on the Kappa Stg Deathmobile from Animal House. Photo by Ed Hassinger.




Above: The UMR Highland Pipe

Band follows the banner proclaiming the theme of this year's parade. Right: Zeta's non-float entry depicts one of Hollywood's more famous attractions. Photo by Ed Hassinger.

Below: The rugby team celebrate St. Pat's atop their car. Photo by Ed Hassinger.


t •


p a t Is



Right: GetUng clean is the most important thing after going in Alice. Lany Williams jokes with Connie Crossen after he stole a top hat.

Below Left:

Below Right: Coming up for air, this knight yeUs with the crowd. Photos by Mike Schmid.

I 9

c E


Top: Meeting Alice head-first is not a pleasenl experience. Above: Lance Haynes, right. celebrates after his swim. Right: Schmid.


McHaney poses for the camera.

Photos by Mike




R E 0



Right: Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon prepares for another song. Photo by Jason Meriwether.


Those who held a ticket faced a long

wait in line.

Pholo by Mike Schmid.


Above: The band's appeal can be seen in the audience's reactions. Photo by Mike Schmid. Left: Kevin Cronin gets into a guitar solo.

Photo by Jason


Below: After the concert, people got autographs on whatever they had on them. Photo by Mike Schmid.

. .. :

. •






•• •



. .. :




. . . . :: 0





I •




. .:

. •

. . . . .. . .. ... . .. .: . . . . . . . . . . .

. ••




. . •


•• •• • •

•• •

. . . . .. •

. •




• • • •





.路:.路 路/ . . .' ./.>fl' f ,4

' /~ I

Two North TWO NORTH: Front Row-Jason Lewis, Rod Jackson, Bryan Opperman. Second Row-Larry Smith, Tom Threlkeld, Sedny Attia, Rich Roland. Eric Pfl.tztnger. Scott Rakonick, Jeff Ewens. Third Row-Prentice Cawley. Joe Boley, Todd Ohlms, Darrell Konneman, Aaron Boyle, Tim Oligmueller (R.A.}, Chad Little. Kurt Leucht, Jim Murphy. Back Row-Steve Jones, Prashant Vemireddy, Mark Murphy, David Taylor, Greg Richardson, Mike Bland, David Hamilton. Eric Gunn, David Guiot, Chuck Smith, Rory Pasley, Joe Johnson. Steve Post. Brad Gardner, Harry Halladay. Shane Nieukirk, Dan Farmer, Jason Bennett, Steve Poskin, Terry Pieper, Brian Scott. Keith Morris Photo by Brad Gardner.

Three North THREE NORTH: Front Row-Gary Schaper, Brad Baan. Alfred Cureau, Tim Brown, Brad SprinkJe, Dave Smith, Kerwin Stretch, Bob Daniels, Khan Powell, Shawn Esry. Doug Radloff. Second RowJames Brown, Randy Russell, J oe Gailey, Salman Akhtar, Ken Weissmann, Kevin Lutin, DaveTajkowski (R.A.}. MattAyers, Greg Houlle. Third Row-Peter Lee, Chad Tate, Scott Ashwell, Derek Meyer. Greg Teets. Back Row-Ross Wilper, Scott Subbert, Rob Bowers, Lemar Dace, Ken Senechal, Rob Jackson. Paul Gamer, Rich Morris, Paul Derrien. Photo By Khan PowelL

Four North FOUR NORTH: Fronl Row-Ken Otten, Rick Jennings, Ryan Cundall. Second Row-Matt Long, Frank Simon. Brad Murphy, Eric Fulton. Nick Kurz, Rick Pamurn. Travis Irvin, Mike Stewart, Mark Schultz. Third Row-Cory Melvin, Arnold Wilkes, Brian Neary. Steve Bohnam. Gokhan Inane, Kark Finke, Suresh Mohapatra, Phil Kessel. Back Row-Tom Preston, Nathan Staehling, Shawn Thompson, Chris Weaver, David Thilker, Mike Galluzzo, Matt Arnold, Steve Thilker. Scott Schneider. Photo by Brad Gardner.

Five North FIVE NORTH: Tanya Flake. Heather Cahall. Troct Keen. Shelley Kellar. Rhonda Dees. Sandra Todd, Kim McMahan. Christine Peterson,

Jennifer Smith, Lisa Harrison. Angela Dufner, Liz Hoffman. Kelly Kalmer. Peggy Chen. Ponsompak Kumpibal. Melissa Mesko. Christina Neihaus. Stephanie Rueling. Sabrina Gray. Angela Passanise, Frances Wingert. Renee Proctor. Andrea Lane. Julie Dlckherber. Melissa Ince, Christine Stelzer, Michelle Walker. Julie Montefusco, Laura Riegel, Mary Waldron. Tara Muehe, Kim Poston. Amy Pharr (R.A.). Jana Neal, Karen Goetz. Carol Gollihue. Julie Parton, Jennifer Nagel, Tracy Dencker. Tanya Zlatic, Krista Moulin, Ericka Scheidt. Rakiyah Mason, Shelley Carey. Christine Boyer. Karen Griesel, Angela Brickner, Beth Shaw. HyeJung Kim. Kim Stevenson. Amy Keith, Janice Stuckhoff. Lisa Stiles. Deanna Venker.

Six North Front Row-Chris Hu.lfman. Bryan Penning. Tony Phillips. Second Row-Michael Elliott. Mike Lind (R.A.) , James DeVaney Jr., Robert Seydel. Third Row-Shawn Lewinski. Darin Walker. Dan Kirtlink. Ken Bridges. Matt Parker. David Bosch, Brent Massey. Kevin Como, Maurice Williams. Chun-Kee "Calvin~ Ng. Fourth & Fifth Row-Peter Hackett, John Cash. Robert Johnson, Jason Dickens. Kirk Shoeck, Kevin Delinger, Troy Fuller, Darren Guttmann. Ary Meyers, Jeff Mitchell, Jefferson Gilkey, Rob Niedergerke, Randy Stuckmeyer. Chun Park. Phillip Littlefield, Tim Krueger, Eel Rapien, Navdeep Thakur. Dan Smith, Jeremy Wade. Photo by Brad Gardner.


Seven North SEVEN NOR1H: Front Row-John Spitzmiller, Tony Cheaney, Reginald Johnson, Brtan Kim, Eric Lappe, Matt Turley, Brtan Heriford, Aaron Everson, Eric Hodges, Stephen Nicholson, Don Brundage, Dan Terhaar. Second RowRobert Simmons, AJ Meyers, Kerry Kimmel, Jack White. KeVin Beutelmann, Reuben Wetzel, Jeff Stevens, Mark Eberle, Pak Lei. 1hird Row-Micheal Lehmann, John Mamatti, David Bailey, Manny lrizany, Mark Junkins, Geoffrey Willmoth, Chris Matt. Steven Abraham, Dan Bilbrey. Ken Niekamp. Elmer Fuchs. Fourth Row-Leroy Brown, Ron Siebert. Eric Bierling. Terry Shockley, Joe DiMaggio, Stephen Hunnius, Duane Lascoe, Brian Ramsey, Steve Lang, Micheal Pyle, Bob Stocker, Dwayne Baker, Steven Kraemer. Fifth Row-Tom Scharenborg. Poet Stapomwongkul. Eric Haynes (R.A.)

Photo by Eric Hodges ..

Two South Front Row-Jennifer Wray (R.A.), T.Q. McDonald. Chera Abrams, Jennifer Bischel, Cynthia Totton. Second Row-Julie Cook, Cathy Hulsof, Denise Howard. Third Row-T.J. Davenport, Sharon Lofton, Nikki Johnson, Erica Easley, Kym Gross, Ericka Jones, Erica Williamson. Denise l..enley. Tricia Beaird. Fourth Row-Kara Kopplin, Anissa Tapp, Angie Redington, Chris Jarzenbeck, Melissa Otto. Top Row-Jennifer Mueller, Lena Tsoulfanidis, Jami Frenkel, Gina Faulkner. Photo by Brad Gardner. 1WO SOln'H:

Three South THREE SOUTH: Front Row-Sara Tenney, Christine Kemp, Sandra Langendoerfer, Brooke Duckering (RA), Unh Tran, Robyn Little. Second Row-Lawanda Jackson, Laura Bytnar, Jahna Wollard, Stephanie Bagely. Third Row-Mangoleta Ali, Tina Faughn, Susan Goodman, Carolyn Mcintosh, Piper Kohler, Robin RuiZ, Andrea Murphy, Tanya Will, Lisa Mooney. Photo by Ed Hassinger.

Four South FOUR SOUTH: Front Row-Jim Pierce, Kevin Eppinger. Jon Finnell, Tony Edwards, Paul Bronson. Aaron Basham. Second Row-Mike Clonts. David Howell. Jeff Burner, Frankie Franklin, Bryan Stanford, Dennis Smith,1lm Netton. Jason Giles. Rich Budinger, Mike Pitts. Third Row-Gary Hazen, Ashley Govero. Art Otzenberger, Bob Graff(RA.). Brad Shortt. Roger Fleig, Duane Chadaratana, Jim Nunley. Greg Letizia. Back Row-Chris Kunz, Ed Yost. Photo by Eric Hodges.

Five South FIVE SOUTH: Micheal Bosch, James Sullivan. Bill Macneil, Dan Wendeln, Mike Venegoni, Charles Rathbun, James Schneider, Tony Blaylock, Richard Davis, Andrew Akes, Mark Lanigan, Dan Cassen. Jeff Daniels, Greg Anderson. John Hall (R.A.). Shane Henry. Tom Houchin, Yeman Collier, Alan Flagg. Mike Castle, Jerome Simon, Daron Hunt. Mickey Lawrence, James Randell, Chris Hyatt, Jerome Jones, Dominic Lenoir.

Six South Front Row-Boris SOUTH: Opachevsky. Greg Uvorsi. Jerry McGarity, Steve Hunt. Marshall Philips. Ken Howe, Harry Matthews. Second RowNimesh Amin, Jason Crawford. Doug Fulton. Tod Briggs. Kurt Kirby. Lamont Orange, Ron Wohlgemuth. Third RowJeff Rooks. Darrick Jensen, Jeff Bohler. Dan Lauer. Lemont Chambliss, Brad Flauaus, Alex Stone, Bryan Wagner. David Jett, Mike Spalding. SIX

NRI-U-I members practice a skit at a meeting. Photo by John Lochirco Bottom Left: Amy Pharr and Karen Goetz talk out on the balcony. Left:

Photo by Usa Stiles.

TJ's entry in the Homecoming parade was a "scale" model of campus. Photo by Usa Sttles Lower Right: Dave Libiez whinces as the nurse adjusts his tubes.

Upper Right:

Photo by Mike Schmid.

Eight South Bottom Row-(Upsidedown) JeffWallendorf. Jason McFarland. John Surls. David Hockanson (R.A.). Second Row-Brian Colltngham. Greg Gallaher. David Hollensteiner, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Gary Hubbard, Todd Bridgeman, Tim Piper, Danny Brauhn. Audie Pilliam, Jason Christenson, Craig Wyzik. Top Row-Mark Norton. Justin Hightower, Joe Gailey. Charles Janson. EIGHT SOUTH:

Photo by John Lochlrco

tilDe tllllr .......... f/1 CODtauua811111DCIIVII;;ll a tlllli' lfaaa. Tile loar tDak a Clllllll*d trlpoa J~aea'Zita BllliiCMIIdaMII IIOeltll ID the MadE1'wliiD ~. theybmed the Ja&btSou:thl Hit Sq81KL



Nine South NINE SOUTH: Front Row-Kimberly Schumer, Deborah Archibald, Catherine Boatner, Amy Hansen, Donna Linn. Second Row-Denise Ling, Michelle Podgornik, Elizabeth Warrick, Melissa Burns. Stacy Doing. Back Row-Mary Wadlow, Cynthia Arens (R.A.), Sandra Anderson, Jamie Myers, Christina Schaefer, Joy Walton, Kara Krueger. Photo by Eric Hodges.

Ten South TEN SOUTH: Front Row-Brad Chambon, Steve Curran, Mark Keller, Dan Karraker, James Blue. Second Row-Matt Spaethe, Matt Mandry, Shawn O'Donnell, Charles Fox (R.A.). Brian Nettleton, James Arrowsmith. Back Row-Eric Fritsch, Brian Klein, Mark Repetto. Photo by Brad Gardner.

Eleven South ELEVEN SOUTH: Front Row-Robb Williams, Matthew Groves (R.A.). John Krische. Second Row-Joseph Galan, Dan Seipp. Cecil Day, Brett Walker, Nolan Smith. Third Row-Scott Smith, Mark Lansbeny, Gary Antes, Brian Stewart, Jeff Shapiro, Bryce Meyer, Andrew Carso, Mark Politowski. Back Row-Eric Clinton, Eric Steidl, Karl Gerhardt, Jeff Scroeder, Scott New, Matthew Swobda, Kevin Irving. James Beaver, George Doster, Herman Smith. Photo by Brad Gardner

TJHA Thomas Jefferson Hall Association Front Row-Matt Turley. David Fannin, Kim Thomson, Kerry Kimmel, Brian Klein, Mark Keller, Steve Nicholson, Ken Howe. Second Row-Chad Little, Chris Smith, Lori Wood. Beth Shaw, Rhonda Dees. Scott Ra.konick, Francis Tremblay. Amy Hansen, Beth Warrick, Joseph O'Flagherty, Steve Hunt. Back Row-Jeff Schroeder, J.R. Smith. Shane Nieukirk, Jon Gibbs, Kym Gross. Scott Towers, CraigWyzik, Charles Janson, Troy Fuller, Brent Massey, Arvy Meyers. Jeff Stevens. TJIIA:

Photo by Brad Gardner.

Kell~ House A KELLY HOUSE A: Upside Down-Roger

Protzman. Front Row-Jeff Fugate, Chris Pollard, Rob Fugate. Steve Fulkerson. Cliff Bishop, Boonchuuy Shritmasak. Second Row-Jack Friesner, Chris Smyser, Doug Miller. Matt Johnson, Jason James, Jim Swinford. Third Row-Jim Hummel. Marlin Jiranek, Brian Olson. Bill Rupel. Matt Brooks (R.A). Fourth Row-Stuart Harlan, Derek Olander, Keith Esarey. Fifth Row-Chris Eggers, Jeff Wright, John Schroeder. Sixth Row-Craig Wieden. Seventh Row-Doug Ingerly, Matt Seabaugh Photo by Jason Meriwether.

The 1990-9 1 year had been a busy one for House A. In addition to successfully obscuring our all incompassing planforworlddominanceby 1997witharealistlcim1tation ofmaintaining what passes for the status quo here in Kelly Hall, we have also managed to field a respectable roller hockey team, participate in the all-Quad minature golf tournament with themostextravaganthole, and to subject our television lounge furniture to sustained radiation bombardment test through our 24 hour television viewing program. Truly. this has been one ofour finest hours.

RHA Residential Hall Association Front Row-Andy Utrie, Scott Dahlgren, Vicki Wallis, Sarah Baxer, Don McDowell. Second Row-Ron Holland, Judy Von Der Haar. Matt Brooks. Roger Protzman, Jesse Harvey. Third Row-Amy O'Connell, Shonna White, Dave Lewis , Mark Petrano, Rafael Millangue, Lisa Lucas. Fourth Row-John Balderarnos, Torn Bumgc:>rdner, Spring Romer, Brian Harris, Mike Zimmerman, John Iverson, Jim Swinford, Lazaro Espinosa. Brian Hirnstedt, Kareem Khan. Tim Schroeder.


Photo by Jason Meriwether.

Kelly HouseD KELLY HOUSE D: Front Row-Gregory

Svolopoulos, Aaron Otten, Jonathan Steltenpohl, Jason Gardner, Brent Fuller. Bryan Hardy, Allan Ringhausen, Patrick Schneier. Daniel Miner Back Row- Timothy Steadham, Graham Emore, Scott Dahlgren, Daniel Drteseward, Timothy Schoeder. Dennis Cox, David Besch. Brian Widbenmeyer. David Perkins, Steve Johnson, Douglas Gentges, Scott Drumm, Scott Bell, Kirby Vandivort, Craig Dahlgren, Paul Pettitt Photo by Jason McHaney

We did house shirts, door decorations, RHA meetings. Yogi Bear, indoor soccer, Quad parties, and general apathy. Our interests on the floor varied from chasing trains, volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer. and computers to heavy metal music. Our golf pole was awesome and we participated in unique ways. Our Governor, Tim Schroeder, did organize a pizza party. and our Lt. Governor did organize a floor viewing of the SLmpsons in January. We have renamed HouseD the MPenthouse Suites."

Holtman HOLTMAN HALL: Front Row-Martin Sabin, Anthony Brown. Brian Joyal, Brian Harrts, Gozde Dengi, Alex Rickard, Nicky Oros, Rob Beck, Mark Cyr Second RowL.D. Walkker, CoxyKeller, DanSickendick, Gaxy Gumminger, Lisa Lucas, Ellen Brown, Cynthia Gillespie, Jennifer Jefferson, Mark Rasberxy, Jennifer Brown, Mike Matthews Back Row-Doug Horn, Bob Bernoteit, Michael Conwell, James Williams, Mike Buckley, Tatsu ya Nojima, Brad Nelson, Bob O'Brien, Chris Penzel, Verlito Ablin

Holtman HOLTMAN HALL: Front Row-Atul Desh-

mane, Steve Homan, Mark Calaway, Bill Wall, Jon Czernel Back Row-Thomas Tyrey, Mark Pedigo, Hirohiko Futakami, Christel Bemelmans, Ron Holland, Jigar Gandhi

McAnernev House 1 Front RowCathy Carlisle, Daniel Petrovich, David Tu, Tim Zuroweste, Jeanette Sipp. Brent Heldenbrand, David Lewis Back RowMonte Kern, Gary Halbert, Foo Wu, Walter Giles, Steve Vehige, Scott Kelly, Daren Rice, Mike Hawthorne. Gary Pinkley MCANERNEY HOUSE 1:

McAnern~y House 2 Front RowShane Switzer Second Row-Judy Von Der Haar, Heather Freeman, Wael ArabiKatbi Third Row-Matt Park, Dan Wilson, Don Parsous, Mark Pertano Fourth RowKevin Hollander, Kevin Adams. Brian Hinstedt, Charles Myers, Bob Christie


Photo by Usa Stiles

IFC Interfraternity Council

AKAK Acacia

AEII Alpha Epsl"lon Pi

ACI>A Alpha Phi Alpha

Beta Sigma Psi

Delta Tau Delta

KA Kappa Alpha

ton. Jason Carter, Damon Allen, David Hicks, John Munro, Ken Sessa. Chris Jungers, Michael Castro. Brett Tisch, Jeff Gilliam, Jeff Feller. Ken Owens, Aaron Shaw. Donald Neal, Brian Haggard

Kappa Sigma KAJIPA _ . . Jlraat Row: Rich BudSteR Zefler, Jq Dunntnglm. Oftg W. . .te. a... ..... Hutda, San•m). Todd Oppea,Scatt Bllrke•nper, Steve Z,Cfalrwld, lilk OSU'IIai lllllellaiiDD.,._Call""'''". BIIIDCJ'NIIl Seeaad RrJw: ,... s.raatta. Mat ...... IDIID. Jaa BwkiM.t•ne. Rob ~ Joba Bal. .~ &uwak. ..,.._ Aadereaa.CbrlaSig....... Blld.llalk'WnMie. DarlalWaltera 1'ldrd RDw: JGim P.nt:b,, David 'ftaelaen. RDb . . . . . . . leott Jobrwon. ....... Eddie ~. Crall ~ Dave'lboaqleoD. Daveau.beJ, - ..~""'Bradley, €ooch:- 9ttz. Ken-Meno1d.


lOeb•. n.,..

Dirt Ball, Tom Neaf, Mike Seguin, Radar, "Wild" Bill Smith, Rod Harash e, Mike


Photo by Ed Hassinger

AXA Lambda Chi Alpha LA11BDA CB1 ALPHA: Front Row-Brian Durand. Cbrta MacDonald. Matt Henry. Brian Dalton, Cyril Pimentel. Mike Bahr, Keith Korte, John Hartleroad, Brandy, Brtan Kincaid, Paul McConnick. Second Row- Dav1d Heikkinen. BlyanGrqfxy, RlckVogt. WUJiamStoltz. Stevan Vukcevlch, Steve Rentck.Jobn Pingel. T. Melick. Stephen Lane, Marc Bahr, Mark Strausbaugh, Brian Scott, Stephan Schwent, Greg Oamter. 11m Newton, Bobby Dye, Steve Lynchard, Andrew Townley, Bl1an Sweeney. 1bJrd RowDavid Munns. Paul Yates, BI1an Cbrtat, David Boles, Ed Casleton, Richard Stoneking, J . Needham. Brian Clark, John Boysen, Rich Falkenrath. Joseph Hornburg, Tim Faenger, Jeff Hordesky. Walt Jansen, Jeff Feltz, Brandon Cordts. John Baker. Photobf/Khan.Fowea.

<PK8 Phi Kappa Theta

Renfert, Drew Rimmer. Shannon Robb. Mike Rollet. Keith Rowe, TimSaunders.JefiSchaefer. Chris Scheiblhofer. Mike Schmid, Aaron Schmidt. Alan Schulte, Clint Scott. Mike Sheahan, Allen Shulfer, Greg Starke. Dave Stewart, Jason Stratman. Steve Temme. Tike Tessaro. DougTieber. CharlieTriller. Jay Unterreiner, Keith Weepie. Craig Wilde. Pat Winkelman. Brian Winschel. John Yukich Photo by Khan Powell

IIKA Pi Kappa Alpha



IIK<P Pi Kappa Phi



L<I>E Sigma Phi Epsilon

Lll Sigma Pi 8IOIIA PI: Front Row-Mike Selmer. Joe Bauer Secoad Row~ohn Plake. l.any Cook. Ron Roes, Jim WltbiDtoD. Alan Smith, Sean Mc:NedL Dan DeArmond, .AIJII""'o '1\XI짜 Haynes. Sean Dlngmali. pane Jlamlltori 'I1Jinl Row-steve HoO'mlm, ShaDa ~ Matt Dunehew, Rob Hetrlc:k. Jeff 1attleben. Kevin Miller. Mike King Fourth Row Todd


Babr, l!!rtc:Moeea, Earl Harrls.Jeft'SbeJmlfoi'Cl.

Matt BI1DkmaDn. Roger Broman. Jeft'Foentre, Dave Carpenter. Dave Dicks. LeroJ Brown. Greg Rlc:hardaon. JeJf.AnDstrong. Matt Boyee Fifth Row-J8801l Werner. Chrla Manlfteld, Billy Mtttenzwey, Sc:ott Macey. Ken Valaull. Pat Mayabb. Clay Wene. Brian Holt. Matt

Johneon. Bt1an Coetdlot.___Scot!lBdlllalll.-1l=d.J Martin. Kelly Short. Travis Irvin, Matt Tobey Not Pictured: Pat Baker. Erol Bas kurt. Phil Bell, Terry Ben t. Chris Chichura. Marcus Chlchura, Larry Cook . Russ Goring. Tim Holland, Tony Houndyshell, Stan I Iunt. Chad Naeger. Anthony Nikodym. Dennis Osborn, Marc Reynolds. Damon Sagehorn. Brian Snow. Marty Stack. John Stewart. Erik Stockglausne r. Sai Sunkara. Ed Suranunt. Kevin Wa llace Photo by Khan PoweU

LTr Sigma Tau Gamma

TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon

88 Theta Xi


Pan hellenic

XQ Chi Omega

anna Conner , Suzanne Reeves. Kathy Gu nderson. Back Row (Stairs)-Chrts Uzzell. Nicki George, Sue Burrows, Lanie Yonker. Krtstl Allen, Catherine Lunde. Susan Wohlschlanger, Francine Belaska, Missy Benedick, Lynda Kliewer. Photo by Jason McHaney.

Kappa Delta

ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha

son, Melissa Kuenzel, Leslie Frost. Karen Griesel, Wendi Abbott, Nancy Nawojski. Kimberly Roper, Melissa Moore. Ayako Koike, Lisa Smith, Jill Goetges, Christina Sfredda, Jennifer Llewellyn, Doreen Schulz, Jackye White, Deanna Rozgay. Leslie Vigna, Leann Herren. Becky Bohannon, Shannon White, Shawn Thomas, Stacy Dedic. Photo by Jason McHaney.

Greek Week Right: The Queen's Toga Party allowed greeks to

gather with friends.

Photo by

Jason Meriwether.

Below Left: Sigma Pi's show chariot has all the modem conveniences anyone would want. Photo by Lisa Stiles. Below Right: This participant in the keg toss prepares to hurl. Photo by Mike Schmid.

Hare Tho.,.as





Avl Schl'lerer

IEPHAESTUS Mark lelsoa

GYES Jo.Jo~~es


Oppo.tte Top: The queen candidates have the Goelz' complete and undivided attention . Photo by Usa Sttles. Oppo.tte Left: Guiding a remote-controled Bo Jackson through Kappa Alpha's course was not as easy as Jt looked. Photo by James Anderson.

Oppo.tte JtiCbt: Mark Bruss portrays the Greek god Townteus. Photo by Ed Hasstnger.

Above: Tony MDad" Fussner raps for the crowd at the Idi-Odysses. Photo by Jason McHaney. Right: These girls model very non-traditional togas at the Queen's Toga Party. Photo by Jason Meriwether.

Below: Teke's booth at the carnival allowed students to vent their feelings toward Iraq. Photo by Ed Hassinger.

Above: Sigma Nu's chariot seems ready to race. Photo by Usa Stiles.

Left: Beta Sig's team struggles to win the Mini-

Olympics tug-of-war.

Photo by Mike Schmid.

Below: The beeramid took lots of coordination

to complete.

Photo by Mike Schmid.


Chi Omega's booth at the carntval took a lot of hand-eye coordination. Photo by


Below Left: Walking a keg across the mud can be treacherous. Photo by Usa Stiles.

Below m,J~t: KA's Idt-Odyssey entry "crack"s up the audience. Photo by Ed Hassinger.




,.. ,,



mermaid made quite a splash at the ldl-Odysses.

1'tWJID by Jasen McHcrney.


Even though It rained on the opening day d Greek

Week. spirts were not dampened.

Photo by Jason Merfwther.

AboN: Kappa Delta's chartot won first plare for the second year in a row. 1'tW1ID by Ed. l-lassllwer路

Allegatio ns Result in Suspensions




Just for Grins

Once in a while. you just have to let loose and do somethin g completely for laughs, like these people did.


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: 0.







After more than al.zty years of service. Dewey Allgood and Billy Key are.··

''A .C1 nything worth doing is worth doing 11 0 °/o or let's not do it at all" is the philosophy Coach Dewey Allgood has preached to the hundreds of athletes he has coached in his 40 years at UMR. It is a philosophy he takes personally. Now. after 40 years of giving 110% at UMR. Dewey Allgood has retired. During his career here. Dewey has been head basketba ll, footba ll. golf. men's track a nd cross country coach. He has a lso sented as intramural director since 197 1 a nd has been a professor of phys ica l education since 1950. Dewey rece ived hi s bachelor's degree from North Da kota Stale University in 1948. majoring in phys ical education and English. a nd his mas ter's in physical ed ucation from Colorado Stale Univers ity in 1949. l ie lellered in basketba ll. football. baseball and track while in college. After receiving his master's d egree. he s pent a year in Maryville. Missouri . as the director of intermurals and assistant football. basketball. a nd track coaches for Northwest Missouri Stale. In 1950. Dewey made a change. M While I was up there IMa ryvillel. Mr. IGa lel Bu llman was down here. He came up and asked me if I would come lo Rolla. and made me a better offer tha n I had up there. I thought 'With a ll these guys down here. you had lo have a winner'." Dewey became the new footba ll and bas ketbaJl coach a l what was then the Missouri School of Mines in 1950. Many of his players were older than him due to the influx of students a fter World War II. "It's kind of hard lo discipline guys that were older than you."


During his first year here. the catcher I outfielder. "If you enjoy $70 a football team travelled to Bloomington. month. riding in old school buses a nd Illinois. to play Illinois Normal in the Corn paying your own expenses at home. it Bowl. The game was played on Thanks- was great. But I enjoyed it." One of the things that made Dewey giving Day in 1950 on a n ice-covered field. The Miners won their only appear- a good coach was the concern he had for his atheletes off ence in a bowl of as well as on game with , a the playing field. score of 7-6. "It He a lways made was so cold." s ure they were laughed Dewey. go ing to class. "that you didn't monitoring their care who won." g rad es a nd Hi s biggest c h ec k in g with memories of the professors. game were freezIn his lime ing to death and here . Dewey has getting away seen his athletes with the game s truggle through ball. fina ncially. Whe n In 1964, he started. there the footba ll prowere no athletic g ram was a lschola rs hips. The most dropped. best they could do Dewey only had eighteen returnwas lo get one of ing team memthe few s tudent asbers. and. as he s istantships a nd said, "Some of room in the old those were not Jackling gymna good foo tba ll s ium. Dewey feels players." But that lack of fund good recruiting ing is s till a probhelped to build lem. "They Ithe a d the team. unlil minis tra tion! keep in 1969. t h e say ing ·we' r e Miner learn s pending the dol..If [UMR] is going to posted a 7 - 2 lar'. but it's notlhe compete in athletics record, the best dollar factor. it's modem day recthe sc hol a rs hip in the MIAA, let's ord until Charfactor." compete all the way.., lie Finley's 1980 Forty years team went unis a long lime to - Dewey Allgood d e fea t e d with s pend in one place. ten wins. In that lime. Dewey One of lhe few s ports Dewey never has touched hundreds of lives through coached at UMR was his persona l favor- athletics, making s ure that his boys would ite. however. "I really loved baseball. It be prepared to face life after school. It has was an individual s port. It was one-on- been forty years well s pent. JBM one - a challenge all the time." Dewey actually played professional baseball in 1941 . in the Northern League for the Cleveland Indians· farm learn as a

Imagine trying to pick the twelve best collegiate ba sketball coaches from the nearly one thousand teams in th e country. Nowthink about b ecoming the president of that group.

In 1964. Allgood was given the position of h ead football coach and the opportunity to hire a new head basketball coach. He immediately thought of Billy Key. Billy came to UMR during a period of change in the athletic program. It was the first year athletic scholarships were offered. partially funded by the first student activity fee charge specifically for athletics. It was also the last year a Miner team would play in the old Jackling gymnasium. "It was a very confined gym In 1976, Billy Key, head basket- - antiquish I guess you could say." said ball coach and Athletic Dtrector for the Key. "It was very hard to win there," said University of Missouri-Rolla, was elected Billy. The next three seasons were played to the National Association of Basketball Coaches and in the Rolla High School gym while the new multipurpose building was under became the presi- construction. dent during his In 1976, Billy lead the Miners to last year as head their only MIAA title. Several outstandcoach in 1986. ing seniors and a good season of recruitThis marked one ing provided the catalylst for this winning of the high points team. He also took teams to the NCAA of a career that Division II finals in 1975 and 1976. where has lasted th ey both lost in the first round. In 1985 twenty-two years Billy assisted Larry Brown of the San at UMR and over Antonio Spurs during the United States forty years in Sports Festival. leading the North squad public education. to the championship. After these many In 1967. Gale Bu llman retired and years of service. Billy took his place as Athletic Director Billy Key retired for UMR. During his term. he has seen as athletic direc- the athletic program grow from nine men路s tor January 1 路 sports to fifteen. including five for women. 1991. Duringhisentirecareer, Billy had After re- a record of535-380. with a 279-278 mark ceivinghis bache- at UMR. But he has a lways understood lor's from Central that the main focus of the student-athMissouri State Jete shou ld b e their scholastic performand a master's ance. He is very proud of the better than from Washington 80% graduation rate of UMR athletes. He University in St. has a lways operated on what he calls his Louis, Billy 4 -40 plan - influencing the athletes for coached high the four years they are h ere in preparaschool basketball tion for the forty years they will spend at Wellsville and working. As his players would agree. h e Monroe City. Missouri. Later he coached has done this and more. JBM the basketball team at Harris Teacher's College in St. Louis, where he met the basketball coach for MSM. Dewey Allgood. He then moved to a coaching position at Nichols State in Louisiana.

'There is plenty of room and plenty of time for an individual to be an ou athlete or a good athlete -BUly Key ~


Season Spent Acquiring Experience At the University of MissouriRolla this year, both the men's and women's cross country teams were under the direction of Sarah Preston. This was the first year for her to lead the men's team. She added those duties after the retirement of long-time coach Dewey Allgood. She saw the team struggle through the MIAA this year, trailing the rest at the conference championships in Cape Girardeau. The Miners started this year as a young team consisting mostly of underclassmen. With John Conrad providing senior leadership, the Miners quickly gained experience. Conrad and Steve Hostetter were UMR's most consistent run-

ners, finishing at the top of Miner lists on a weekly basis. Kerry Kimmel, the team's MVP this year, contributed stability to the team. Unfortunately, the team had bad luck with injuries this year. For example, Hostetter missed the conference meet, which hurt the Miners' performance as they fmished eighth. Luckily, other runners' seasons steadily improved. Namely, Ron Kochanowicz changed his initial inconsistency and .leveled off his times near the season's end. Next year's team, assisted by this year's experience, should be fully improved, especially since nine of ten runners will be back to race next season.

Event Points Southwest Baptist Dual Meet 19 Cougar Classic 191 Pittsburg State 85 Miner Invitational 185 Loyola Lakefront 488 MIAA Championships 200 NCAA Great Lakes Regional 505

Men's Cross Country: Front: Doug Haney, Steve Hostetter, Keny Kimmel, Keith Schoby, and Dan Seipp. Back: Ron Kochanowicz, John Conrad, Dirk Frisbee, Brent Ward, and Quentin Nuttmann. Photo by Jason McHaney. 140



2/2 8/12 5/8 6115 13/28 8/8 19/20

Above: Giving

each other helpful s u pport, Ron Kochanowicz and Keith Schoby team up to move up in the ranks by pacing one another. Far Left: Working hard to finish well in the Miner Invitational, Keny Kimmel's efforts exemplify the meaning of being the team's MVP. Left: Senior Joh n Conrad concentrates to maintain a winning pace in one of his last races. Photos by Jason McHaney.

Trying Season For Ladies路 Cross Country Despite a lack of runners, the women's cross country team still represented UMR in various races this year. The Lady Miners did not field a complete team for any meet this year. For this reason, they never received team scores or places this year, but competed for individual places and gained experience. Concerning the individuals, Jeanne Jackson was the most consistent runner, as she won the race in the dual meet with Southwest Baptist and finished as the top UMR run-

ner in all the other races this season. The MVP for this year's team was Gina Turner, who made tremendous improvement from the previous season. Unfortunately, freshman recruit Becky Wilson was prevented from achieving her maximum potential because of an illness. Hopefully, the team's dedictation will be rewarded next year with high scores and places. All of the runners will be back next year, and with the addition of a few more, a full team will be in order.

Women's Cross County: Coach Sarah Preston, Becky Wilson, Heather Benson , Gina Turner. Jeanne Jackson , and Asst. Coach Debbie Klaus. Photo by Jason McHaney.



Left: With team mate Becky Wilson in pursuit, Heather Benson tries to keep up her quick stride. Photo by Jason McHaney.

Above: A fatigued

and winded Gina Turner is met at the finish line by her coach, Sarah Preston. Left: As Debbie Klaus monitors her time, J eanne Jackson works intensely to increase her pace. Photos by Jason McHaney.

Victories Elude Miners In a season that saw a little of everything, one thing that did not h appen for the UMR football team was a Miner victory. It was only the third time in school history that a UMR football team concluded a winless season. The 0- 10 year lengthened the nation's longest losing streak to 19 games, extending the school record. But despite the apparently poor performance, there were quite a few good things that h appened along the way. The Miners were on the verge of victories in six of the losses, but failed to execute the necessary plays to pull off the victories. For example, the Miners led in the fourth qu arter 17- 14 over both Northeast Missouri State a nd Southeast Missouri State (the MIAA's second and third place teams, respectively) but carne up shorthanded in both games. In addition to these key chances, honors bestowed on team members proved to be uplifting. Two juniors, linebacker Mike Swinford and offensive guard Todd

Young, and senior defensive end Mike Chandler were named to the MIAAAll-Conference second team. Anotherjunior, defensive back Mark Diamond, made third team as defensive back. Diamond and fellow defensive back Don Huff also earned Academic All-District Honors for District 7, also making them eligible for Academic All-American Honors. Besides the outstanding efforts of these players, the performance of certain other individuals also provided bright spots. Although he left for personal reasons eight games into the season, running back Vincent Banks fmished among the nation's leaders in punt returning. Others who had a solid year included sophomore running back Rick Henry, the team's leading rusher with 464 yards; senior linebacker Mike Noble; junior defensive lineman Kevin Riggs; soph omore wide receiver Chris Alverson; and senior offensive linemen BillJohnson and Dave Christensen.

-- Courtesy of UMR Athletic Department and John Kean

UMR Foot ball: First Row : Bill Johnson. Todd Parks. Dave Christensen. Mike Swinford, Mike Noble, Dan Herzberg, Kevin Riggs. Tom Oberle, Chad Hamilton. Jarret Dace. Mlke Chandler. Jason lllum, Gary Gibbs. Mike Moran, Jason Huelsing, and Art Matthews. Secon d Row: Chris Kennedy. Mark Wojtal. Eric Crumpecker, Anthony Hudson. Shawn O'Donnell, Chris Long. Brian Sitton, Todd Young. Rob Noble, Chris Overton, Rob Hribar. Tom Sullivan, Chris Alverson. Malcolm Thompson. Mlke Wise. Craig Sorensen, and Reil Barron. Third Row: VIncent Banks, Greg Brown. Pat Risner. Brett Goodman. Greg Dennis, Mark Diamond. Don Huff. Tom Hasenstab. Malt Schwent. Barry Almond. Tom DeGonJa. Clint Couse. Rob Graves. Jeff Buss. Kevin Hug. Fred Finley. and Carlos Cain. Fourth Row: Todd Althoff. Jason Lewis. Stacey Ward, Ed Button. Kurt Daniels. Doug Fulton. John Whitworth. Robert Ives. Curt Courtney. Brad Flavans. Joe Galley. Randy Russell, J ason Crawford, Lemont Chambliss. J.R. Smith, Don Newbeny, and Rick Henry. Fifth Row: Asst. Coach Jeff Stephens. Student Asst. Tom Minnick. Student Asst. Carl Roth. Asst. Coach Joe Keeton. Student Asst. Ron Tyson, Asst. Coach Travis Boulware. and Head Coach CharlJe Finley. Photo by Jason McHaney. 144 ~



"" .-


~, ~






~ - · !;'




~""---~ ~ -·-~



Left: Press ured by a tight Wash bum defen se, quart erbac k Mike Wise fades left while looki ng for an open receiver. Photo by Jason McHaney

Below : Assis tant Coac h Jeff Steph ens outli nes his ideas for the Mine r squa d. Photo by Jason McHaney

UMR Opponent 7 Washburn 17 Northeast Missouri 21 Missouri Western 0 lllinois State uri 17 Misso east South 13 Northwest Misso uri 7 State Pittsburg uri 0 Misso Central 7 ern Missouri South 7 Southwest Baptist 0-10 Final Recor d


13 24 24 46 28 21 52 37 14 45

Right: Raising his hands in exhilaration, Carlos Cain celebrates a Miner touchdown . Below: The Miner defense quickly annihilated such feeble attempts by opponents to gen erate offense. Photos by Jason McHaney



Above: The Miners make a tough defensive stand as the Washburn running back tries to dive over the top to gain extra yardage. Photo by Jason McHaney Below: Three Miners share in the tackle of the ball carrier.

Photo by Khan Powell



Rugby Squad Gets Down and Dirty

Preparing for a serum. the aggresive UMR squad is ready to take the pigskin.


Opposite Top: This rugger is confronted by a solid wall of defenders.

Opposite Bottom: Ken Mikulcik passes the ball before the defense arrives. Photos by Khan PowelL

Sitting: Ken Mikulclk. -. -. 11m Kram. Kneeling: Joe Martin Pat W~elman, J?~ve Bushey, ~?tt Mosher, Derrick Elledge, Chris Chichura. ' Standing. Kelly Williams, -. Donuruc Greene, Sam Welge, Matt Grtscom 11m N kirk J im Saunders, Marcus Chichura. Photo by Khan PowelL ' ew • UMR Rugby.

14K .,..,._

Ups .. . and Downs.. . "Hold on to your hats, folks" probably could have seiVed as an appropriate motto for the men's soccer team. The season fluctuated tremendously, taking a roller coaster ride from uplifting victories to disappointing losses. The team's lack of consistency is reflected in its final record of 8-10-1. Although the Miners embarked on the season with high hopes, injuries and personal problems caused the team to be short handed the majority of the time. At first. an arsenal of six returning starters, strong leadership, and talented newcomers seemed to promise great things for the future. But a schedule consisting of 19 difficult games was expected to be one of the toughest ever faced by the Miners. After an encouraging start in the Gardner Cup, the Miners took a rough path to the end of the season. Notable wins included those over Lewis, Bellarmine, Kentucky, UMKC, Lindenwood, Westminster, and Southern Indiana. These high points provided the team with in-

centive throughout the year. In order for the season to turn out as it did, teamwork and effort were required. Filling in for injured teammates constantly occurred this year. Defenders I.any Frans, Bruce Campbell, and Aaron Basham all missed several games due to injuries. The loss of Chris Sulincevski dealt a tough blow to UMR's offense. Then, midway through the season, captains Bob Schneider and Jeff Schaefer were injured, disrupting much of the team's stability. Other players, however, did their best to make up for these losses. Doug 1leber led the team in total points, and Pat Snider netted eight goals of his own. Chalking up four shutouts this year, Bill Faherty proved himself many times in goal. Aaron Basham provided consistency at sweeperback. Although they could never really keep a winning streak alive, this year's soccer Miners gave their best efforts. Although there will be holes to fill next year, hopefully this year's hard work will pay off.

Right: Scott Johnson works from behind on an Oral Roberts U. player, trying to outplay him defensively. Photo by Khan R>we!L

Below Left: As Aaron Basham redirects the ball with a header, Johnny

Chittakhone breaks to the open field. Photo by Khan R>welL

Below Right: As Tom Carpenter skillfully handles the ball, Doug Tieber calls for a pass. Photo by Mike Schmid.

Lewis Missouri Southern Columbia College

Bellarmine Washington Univ. Kentucky Southeast Missouri Arkansas-Little Rock McKendree UMKC Gannon Mercyhurst Lindenwood Southwest Missouri Oral Roberts UMSL Westminster Southern Indiana Northeast Missouri

3 3 Forfeit Win 2 0 2



0 2 1


2 5

1 2

3 1



1 5 2 0


3 2

0 5

4 0

1 0

0 3


Men's Soccer: Front: Larry Frans, Johnny Chittakhone, Denny Koscielski, Pat Kuhne, Scott Johnson, Phil Hahn. Bill Faherty, Mike Balassi, Mike Basham, Tony Saranita, and Tim Koscielski. Back: Jay Kniker, Bob Schneider, Steve Becher. Aaron Basham, Mike Smith, Tom Dammerich, Pat Snider, Bruce Campbell, Tom Carpenter, Matt Harper, Doug Tieber, Head Coach Bob Boucher. Not Pictured: Jeff Schaefer and Chris Sulincevski. Photo by Khan Poweu. 150 .,.,..

Finally-Victory In lhe End Despite certain disadvantages this year's Lady obstacles, and Miner soccer team worked hard all season, giving their best effort in every game. Every outing proved to be a challenge and everyone's dedication was necessary. If points were given out for effort, this year's Lady Miner soccer team would have been a winner evezy time. But this year's team, under the leadership of Coach Boucher, found difficulty in each outing by having only twelve players, which allowed for only one substitute, thus making play difficult for evezyone. Yet, in the end, this determined squad of girls persevered, gaining their first win over Maryville College 2-1. This well-deseiVed victozy in the last week of the season provided a reward for the team's efforts throughout the season.

In addition to the lone victozy, there were also other bright

spots throughout the season. Overtime ties ending in scores of 11 occured against both Rhodes and Westminster. Individual players' efforts also stood out. Usa BUIWell accounted for two-thirds of the team's goals this year with four, including both in the victory. Stephanie Swift and Cynthia Peters added the majority of the other goals. Outstanding defensive play was provided this year by Leslie Sawyer and Melissa Moore, who enabled the Miners to remain close in many of the losses. Kim Dale also contributed her talents throughout the year. Overall, this team deserves much praise for its dedication and effort in the face of adversity. Hopefully, with a good recruiting season, there will be some fresh faces to help out next year.

Women's Soccer: Front: Angela Passanise, Jennifer Ryczek, Stephanie Swift Marijo Dimmick , and Lisa Molner. Back: Lisa Burwell, Kim Dale, Cathy Carli~le Leslie Sawyer, Melissa Moore, Cynthia Peters, Heather Freeman, and Coach Bob ' Boucher. Photo by Mike Tolbert. 152 ~

RJght: As goal keeper Leslie Sawyer stretches to defend the goal, Cathy Carlisle and Usa Molner guard the near post on a corner kick. Below Left: Lisa Molner works hard to keep an

opponent from stealing the ball. Below RJgbt:


Marijo Dimmick in hot pursuit, an opponent finds herself confronted by a new defensive obstacle -- Jennifer Ryczek. Photos by Bill Boolh.

Opponent UMR UMSL 0 Missouri Valley 0 Northeast Missouri 0 Missouri Baptist 0 Rhodes l Arkansas-Little Rock 0 Westminster l Louisville 0 Missouri Baptist 1 Arkansas 0 Washington Univ. 0 Quincy 0 SIU-Edwardsville 0 William Woocts l Maryville 2 Lindenwood 0 Lewis 0 Final Record l-14-2

Opp. 8 5 1 l 1

9 1

5 2 9 2 3 9 4 1

6 6

Miners Splash

to Victory Posting a season record of eleven wins and only four loses, the UMR water polo team had a very successful year. Half of the team's losses came at the hands of the University ofArkansas-Little Rock, a top ten school in Division I. A look at the scores gives some idea as to t h e team's biggest strength. !his is a very physical team," said Coach Mark Mullin. "The guys are not afraid to mix it up." The strong defense kept the opposition from scoring, while allowing the offense time to capitalize on the advantage.

Mullin faces a year of rebuilding. The loss of several key players leaves the team in need of experienced players, a rare commodity. Most of the players are recruited from the swim team and have little exposure to the game. Mullin hopes to get more freshmen like Paul Baudendistel, a first-year player from St. Louis University High School with a good background and all-around abilities. Even with the addition of several new players, Mullin expects a competive year as his young team gains experience.

Opponent UMR SIU-Carbondale 30 Vanderbilt 23 nlioois 16 Arkansas-Little Rock 10 Sill-Carbondale 15 Daisy 5 Indiana 13 Clayton 3 Enid 21 Texas A&M 14 Arkansas-Little Rock 7 Indiana 20 Northwestern 17 Michigan 5 Final Record 11-4

Water Connolly, Mike Stus, Terry Cruse, Biian Paul Baudendistel, Jeff Kuta (behind), Doug Cordier, Tim Strelo, Rich Berger, Steve Fulkerson Not Pictured: Rob Wagoner. Photo by Mike Tolbert.




0 4 5 15 1 0 5 13 6 8 16 7

10 6

Above: Presenting a formidable obstacle, goalie J eff Kuta guards against a shot. Right: Mark Mullin directs his team during a time out.

Below: Freshman Paul Baudendistel reaches around from behind trying to steal the ball on defense. Photos by Mike Tolbert.

Aiming For Perfection Under the direction of SFC Richard Moen this year, the University of Missouri-Rolla rifle team traveled to nine matches. They suffered one loss to Westminster and two losses to Kirksville. At the NCAA Division ll Sectional match, the Miners placed second. They also received second at the Missouri Intercollegiate Rifle League

Championship match. At the two National matches in which the Miner squad participated, they placed approximately 24th each time.

Although five men attended and shot in the matches, there were almost twenty people who began practicing at the year's start. Of the top five, all will return to

Above: The sharp stare a true marksman gleams in Todd Eisenhauer's eyes as he staballzes for a tough standing shot. Upper Right: Broken down on one knee to increase his balance. Charles Fox carefully sets himself for the shot FtlDtDs by Mike 7blbert. !56~

shoot next year. The team's MVP, junior Todd Eisenhauer, finished as the top male shooter in the entire league. Junior Charles Fox placed second highest in the air rifle Missouri championship. It was the first year on the team for Mark Keller and John Stone, so experience should be on their side for next year.

UMR Rl1Je Team: Todd Eisenhauer, Mark Keller, Charles Fox. Dennis Cox. and SFC Richard Moen. Not Pictured: John Stone. Photo by Mike Tolbert




Tracy Bagwell takes aim in the skeet event.


UMR Trap & Skeet Club


R J . Streams waits for the clay pigeon to be





Out of the Gutter

Tim Lafser concentrates as h e releases the ball.


Right: Trying to pick u p a difficult spare, John Youngblood holds his form. Below:


Mike Spalding aims for another Photos by Jason McHaney.

Mike Spalding, John Youngblood, Jim Wonders, Mark Lanigan, Brian Zoltowski, and Tim Lafser. .Awto by Jason McHaney.

UMR Bowling Team:

Getting Their Kicks Above: Centertng the force of his punch, Brett Baldwin breaks the board John Thompson is holding.

Sitting: George Godat, Brett Baldwin, Allen Abbot, Howard Ho, Tony Blaylock. Standing: Kwang Park, John Thompson, Randy Berry, Andrew McCullough, Master H.K Yi, Allen Schlotzhauer , Ray Engelhardt, Jeff Mitchell, Than Melick

Tae Kwon Do Club:

Below: Andrew McCullough narrowly avoids the powerful kick being delivered by Than Melick. Photos by Khan PowelL



Backing UMR Athletics

Above: The UMR Poms squad shakes to the rhythm during their halftime exhibition.

Front, Sitting: Megan James. Kneeling: Heather Estey. Lined Up: Patricia Hafey. Lindsay Baker. Christina Poston. and Stephanie Pauley. Top: Katie Mullin. UMR Poma: Front: Captain Cynthia Arens. Second Row: CoCaptain Rakiyah Mason and Regina Jacobs. Third Row: J ennifer Ratcliff and Victorta Young. Behind: Nicole Johnson. Standing Left: Manager Mary Wadlow. Not Pictured: Amy Hansen.

Lady Minor Mlnen.



Photo by John Lochtrco



Left: Andrea Budnick fires up the Miner football crowd. Photo by Jason McHaney

UMR Cheerleaders: Bottom: Eric Parsons, Darrel Trachsel, Dave Chullino, Rich Guieb, and Matt Licklider. Top: Andrea Budnik, Debbie Walton, Anne Chapman, and Cindy Schreckenberg. Photo by John Lochirco

Above: TheM-Club honors their supporters a t a recognition gathering. Photo by Jason McHaney. M-Club: Officers are: President Elisabeth Tieber, Vice President J on Purgason, Secretary Rob Schneider, Treasurer Joann Stratm an, and Deanna Well. Photo by Jason Meriwether. ~


Just Couldn•t Do It Again After making an appearance in the MIAA Post-Season Tournament last year, their first since 1981, the University of Missourt Rolla men's basketball team looked to attend two in a row. But after losing the last four games of the season, the Miners missed their chance. This year's team was led by senior captains William McCauley and Chris Schneider. McCauley had missed most of last season, but returned this year to play in, and start in, almost every game. Schneider proved to be a rebounding machine for the Miners, averaging almost eight per game. For his efforts, Chris Schneider, who started every game, was named as

an honorable mention selection by the MIAA. During tough stretches the sophomores provided much of the team's strength. Chris Dawson and Bill Jolly, both members of the MIAA All-Freshman team last year, led the team throughout the year. After starting in every game, Jolly went on to lead the Miner scoring in total points, field goals, three point shots, and free throws. He averaged almost 19 points per game, the team high. These fine statistics easily secured a spot on the AllMIAA second team for Jolly. Dawson, who was second only to Jolly in most of the scoring categories, was also named as an honorable mention selection by the MIAA.

Opponent John Brown

Men's Basketball: Front: Tony Johnson, Neuil Edwards, Donnie Brown, Chris Schneider. Larry Smith, and Jon Huecker. Back: Assistant Coach Tom Deffebaugh , Danny Gold, Prentice Cawley, Rod Jackson, Chris Dawson, William McCauley, Mike Parmeley, Bill Jolly, and Head Coach Dale Martin. Photo by Mike Schml.d.

162 .,.,..

Harding Evangel Cui ver-Stockton Drury Westminster Northeast Missouri Ark.-Pine Bluff Ark. Pine Bluff Cameron Eastern Montana Southwest Baptist Missouri Western UMSL Central Missouri Missouri Southern Piusburg State Southwest Baptist Southeast Missouri UMSL Washburn Missouri Southern Pinsburg State Southeast Missouri Northwest Missouri Lincoln Northeast Missouri Final Record


Forfeit Victory

84 74

74 68



62 73

81 77 87 80 51 83 70 61 63 71 79 87


66 53 57 59 58 76 77

80 65 80 67 50


70 83


Above: Ignoring the two SBU defenders, Chris Dawson goes up for an inside s hot. Photo by Mike Schmid. Below: Calling the next play, Bill Jolly runs the offense from the point. Photo by Khan PowelL

Right: Icing

another victory for the Miners, Danny Gold sinks two

shots to add to his 91% free throw average, which was second on the team. Below: As Chris Schnei-

der puts up a shot, teammates Rod Jackson and Donnie Brown brace themselves to rebound. Photos by Mike




Left: Bill Jolly shoots from the top of the key.

Below: Pulling up for a jumper, William McCauley looks to beat his Southwest Baptist opponent for the score. Photos by Mike Schmid.

Above: In an intensely tough move, Chris Dawson slips the ball around

the defense to an open teammate.

Photo by Khan PoweU

Left: Stifled by tight defense, Chrts Schneider drtves toward the basket. Photos by John Lochirco



Lady Miners

Continue to Contend Once again, the University of Missouri-R olla Lady Miners basketball team proved to be a tough contender in the MIAA this year. Despite losing the all-time leading scorer in school history, Jennifer Cordes, UMR still went 17- 11 overall and 9-7 in the MIAA. TheLadyM inerswereg uided by four seniors this year. Sarah Conyers. center Casey Engstrom, forward Jennifer Schnur, and guard Jan Grotenhuis all played their last season this year, with Schnur and Grotenhuis anchoring the team

as captains. Junior Trish Van Diggelen, who tied two NCAA scoring records for her three-poin t shooting, led the team in scoring, average points per game, and threepoint shots. Mter ranking ftft.h nationally in three-point shooting, she was named to the women's second all-conferen ce team in the MIAA. Schnur, Grotenhuis , Engstrom, junior Suzanne Spencer, and sophomore Stacy Mathes were selected to honorable mention for the MIAA team.



Opponent College of the Ozarks Quincy Pitt-Johnstown Hillsdale McKendree Quincy Oklahoma Baptist Emporia State Shawnee State Central Missouri Lincoln Southwest Baptist Missouri Western

UMSL Central Missouri Northeast Missouri Missouri Southern Pittsburg State Southwest Baptist Southeast Missouri


Women's Basketball: Front Row: Amy Geisler, Anita Keck, Trish Van Diggelen, Jennifer Schnur, Jan Grotenhuis, Korena Stevens, Cathlin Maloney, and Suzanne Spencer. Back Row: Asst. Coach Tina Costello, Head Coach Mary Ortelee, Stacy Mathes, Karissa McCarter, Sarah Conyers. Casey Engstrom, J oee Kvetensky. Erika Nelson, Asst. Coach Jennifer Cordes. Asst. Coach Colette Neal. Photo courtesy ofUMR PubUcations



Washburn Missouri Southern Pittsburg State Southeast Missouri Northwest Missouri Northeast Missouri Central Missouri Final Record 17- 11



82 88 67 96 109 86 74 71 91 69

67 65 68 61 37 61 79 72 68 62 46 53 61 73 59 56 51 54 53 71 84 64 70

99 84 69 84

55 63 75 59 64 56 83 50 66 52 52 79 72


60 64 72 52 71


Left: Karissa McCarter looks for an

open teammate against tough man-toman defense. Below: During the halftime break, Coach Mary Ortelee offers the team a few pointers to improve their play. Photos by Jason Meriwether.

Left: Kartssa McCarter runs the offense from the point as she dishes the ball off to Trish Van Diggelen. Ff1oto by Jason Meriwether.

Far Upper Left: Trying to break through the defense on the fast break, Joee Kvetensky lays up the ball against two opponents. Ff1oto by Bill Booth Above: Setting up in three point range, Trish Van Diggelen prepares to let loose one of her trademark shots. Photo by Bill Booth.

Far Upper RJght: As Stacy Mathes

goes up for the opening tip-off, teammates Sarah Conyers, Jennifer Schnur, and J oee Kvetensky expectantly wait for a loose ball. Photo by Jason Meriwether. Right: As J ennifer Schnur posts up to rebound if necessary, Suzanne Spencer pulls up for a jumper at the free throw line. Photo by Jason Meriwether.

Leadership Pays Off Led by Coach Mark Mullin and seniors Steve Fulkerson and Andrew Zimsen, this year's swim team posted a very successful season. Both Fulkerson and Zimsen were invited to participate in the Midwest Regional Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fulkerson was a finalist in the breaststroke and freestyle, while Zimsen took second place in the 200-meter butterfly. JuniorJeffKuta, another standout this year, earned All-American honors at the NCAA Division II Swimming and Diving Championships held in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, on March 14- 16 by finishing third in the 100-yard freestyle event. He was undefeated in the two

sh ortest freestyle events prior to nationals, and fmished forty-first out of one hundred-ten swimmers at the United States Junior Nationals in Seattle, Washington, with a time of 23.97 seconds in a long course pool. "He had a tremendous year for us," stated Mullin. "It is amazing to go undefeated all year. He went through an entire regular season without losing a race in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle events." Two freshmen have been signed to add strength to the team in the butterfly competition next year, and Mark Cresswell will be returning. Mullin is looking forward to an improved and close-knit team next year.

Opponent/Event UMR Evansville 107 Northern illinois 73 Eastern lllinois 139 145 Southwest Missouri Washington Univ. 65 UMSL 62 Arkansas-Little Rock 114 Ohio Weslyan 37.5 Northeast Missouri 127 Wash. U. Invitational 531 Principia 118 Championship Midwest 346 NCAA Division IT 25 Swimming and Diving: Front Row: Paul Baudendistel. Jason Schnepp, Brian Klein, Greg Houlle. Scott Tonkins. Steve Fulkerson. Teny Cruse. and Mike Stus. Back Row: Jeff Kuta. Doug Cordier. Derek Olander. Scott Johnson. Andrew Zimsen. Andy Connolly. and Marlin Jlranek. Not Pictured: Rich Berger. Lany Coffin. Mike Julian, Randy Klelnmann. Photo courtesy of PubLications Department 170 ~

Opp 130 134 74 179 30 49 71 36.5 71 4of7 86

Above: Urging on their teammate, members of the UMR swim team shout

encouragements. Photo by Jason McHaney. Below: Scott Tonkins continues to gain on his opponent.

Photo by Khan Poweu

RJght: As Steve Fulkerson speeds along, Coach Mark Mullin tries to catch his attention to remind him of the proper form. Below:

Jason Schnepp adds to

his lead in the freestyle.

Photos by

Jason McHaney.


.....,.-.(;-.-----..,..-...-. ~






Above: tition.

l..any Coffin pulls ahead in the backstroke com pePhoto by Mike Schmid.

Left: All-Amertcan Jeff Kuta awaits the starting signal for

the 50-yard freestyle.

Photo by Khan PowelL

Paul Baudendistel hardly breaks his rhythm as h e catches his breath. Photo by Khan PowelL




Toughness Prevails Although the team did not achieve plateau levels as a whole, certain members of the 1990-9 1 University of Missouri-Rolla baseball team had outstanding individual performances. The Miners closed out the season with a 5-26-1 record,losing three of their last four games to Washington University and University of Missouri-St. Louis. Kevin Dry, a junior outfielder from Cape Girardeau, MO, was the lone UMR player to be honored by the MlAA on the all-conferen ce team. Dry, a .291 hitter this season, was named to the All-MlAA second team and was a first-team South Division pick. Rightfielder Eric Abel led the

Miners in hitting for the second successiveyear , ashecameinw ith a mark of .295. Abel also stole the most bases for the Miners, pilfering a total of nine on the year. Todd Oetting, the third member of the opening day outfield squad for UMR, slipped b ehind Abel in the season's last weekend and fmished up with an average of .293. Oetting did manage to lead the team in home runs, with a fmal total of four. J eff Mitchell was the club's earned run average champion , fmishing with a 3.43 ERA despite a 1-7 record. Freshman Tim Pruett, who led the staff in wins with two, was close behind in ERA with a 3.47 mark.

UMR Baseball: Front Row: Asst. Coach Ron Hunt. Brent Massey, Tim Pruett,

Todd Oetting, Kevin Dry, Steve Zoll. Steve Ruffing, Tom Hart, and J eremy White. Back Row: Asst. Coach Chrts Silles. Eric Abel, Scott Weiner, Brett Felton. Gary Hubbard. Jeff King. Curt Courtney. J eff Mitchell, Dan McCarthy, Tom Hasenstab, Head Coach Travis Boulware. Photo by Mike &hmid. 174 ~

Opponent Grandview Berry West Virginia Tech Charleston Kentucky Weslyan Marietta Marietta Charleston Pittsburg State Pittsburg State Piusburg State College of OzarXs College of <narks Southeast Missouri Southeast Missouri Southeast Missouri StU-Edwardsville SIU-Edwardsville Missouri Southern Missouri Southern Missouri Southern Quincy Quincy Southwest Baptist , Southwest Baptist Southwest Baptist Nonheast Missouri Nonheast Missouri Washington Univ. Washington Univ. UMSL UMSL Final Record 5-26-1

4 2 I

Op p. 6 10 4 10 2 14




3 6

10 13 16 4 2



UMR 0 4


5 5





7 0 I 2 2

16 6

3 5 0

5 3 3 3 3 3 6 0


8 7 II 4 2 2 9

5 5 2 4 2 II 3 10

Top: Releasing the ball at the peak of his motion, Steve Zoll puts quite a bit of movement on this delivery. Photo by Jason McHaney. Above Left: Scott Weiner, Tom Hasenstab. and Curt Cou rtney confer on the mound. Photo by Jason McHaney

Above Right: Well out in front of the pitch, Tom Hasenstab sends a line shot down to the third base area. Photo by Khan Powell.

Right: Despite the sliding opponent kicking up dust, Dan McCarthy still manages to send the ball over to first to complete the dou ble play. Photo by Khan Powell.

Below: Working off the windup, freshman Tim Pruett exemplifies his gamewinning form. Photo by James Anderson.

Right: SlidiDg into first, Steve Zoll manages to succeed in disCUrbing the first baseman, who has obviously dropped the ball. Photo by Khan




Above: Exerting himself completely, lefthander Jeff Mitchell tensely glares Photo by Khan PoweU. toward home plate. Left: As catcher Tom Hasenstab watches confidently, second baseman Brent Massey easily puts the tag on an opponent futilely trying to steal second. Shortstop Dan McCarthy is shifting to cover as pitcher T1m Pruett supervises the play. Photo by Khan Fbwell. ~


Another Year of Success For the third straight year, the Lady Miners had a strong showing at the MIAA softball tournament. UMR finished in fourth place at the event, after placing third and second over the past two years. The Lady Miners were one of just four teams to survive the first day of competition, as Jenny Crede had three strong outings on Friday. UMR knocked off the MIAA North Division's top seed, Central Missouri State, 3-2 in the opening round. UMR then held a 3- 1 lead on eventual champion Southeast Missouri State before the Otahkians rallied to win in the bottom of the seventh 4-3. Crede frred a 5-0 shutout at Pittsburg State to fmis h Friday's action, but after Central spotted UMR a firs t inning run in the

rema tch Saturday, Central responded with two runs of its own and never looked back in the 5-1 win. Crede finished the season with impressive numbers - a record of 18-12, an earned run average of 1.38, seven shutouts, and a total of 163 strikeouts. Joann Stratman was one of four Lady Miner players to hit over .300, as she posted a team-leading mark of .321. Crede, Teri Schofield (.305 batting average) , Christy Cheeley (.225) and Teresa Dickenson (. 312 and a team-leading 20 RBis) were second teamAll-MIAAselections. Dickenson and first baseman Ellie Hudson (.308) were All-MIAA South Division selections for the 21 -20 Lady Miners.

UMR Softball: Front Row: Ten Schofield, Teresa Dickens on, Dyan Risher, Sarah McCorkle, Leslie Wickers , and Shelly Backues. Back Row: Joann Strat-

man, J enny Crede, Troci Keen, Asst. Coach Kiisty Weber, Head Coach Tina Costello, Asst. Coach Lis a Buxwell, Raquel Rogado, Ellie Hudson, and Christy Cheeley. Photo by K han Powell. !7K~

Opponent California (PA) Quinnipiac Maine Valparaiso Northwest Missouri Wayne State (MI) Merrimack Indiana (PA) Chapman Columbia College Columbia College Concordia (MN) Concordia (MN) William Woods Southeast M issouri UMSL Pittsburg State M issouri Southern Southwest Baptist Lincoln Lincoln Northeast M issouri Northeast M issouri Pittsburg State Oklahoma City Central Missouri Northeastern State (OK) UMSL Southeast Missouri Lincoln Central Missouri Ferris State Pittsburg State South west Baptist Missouri Southern UMKC UMKC MIAA Tournament Central M issouri Southeast Missouri Pittsburg State Central Missouri

UMR 0 2


7 3 2





1 0 8



4 I 4 I

0 8

9 5


I 7


6 10

2 9


2 1

5 4

7 3




II 4


6 3



2 0 3 0 6 0 5


7 7 4 4 I 2

6 1




0 4


3 3 3 5 I

2 4

0 5

Far Upper Left:

Eyes on the pitcher's hand, Teresa Dickenson waits for the release of the ball to judge the speed of the pitch. Above: Breaking to

cover the hole at short, Teri Schofield slides to her left. Left: The Miners get together on a ear-splittingly enthusiastic pregame rally cheer. Photos by James Anderson.

Above: Poised on the edge of the bag, Teri Schofield waits for the pitcher to release the ball to make her break toward home. Right: Leslie Wickers takes a huge cut at an outside pitch, fouling it off down the third base line. Photos by Khan PowelL



Left: As a good kleptomaniac should, Dyan Risher looks to beat the second baseman for the steal. Below: Jenny Crede. leaning back in her windup. concentrates on keeping the delivery low.

runner advances to second, Ellie Hudson whips the ball across the diamond to get the easy fielder's choice. ending the


Photos by Khan Powell.



Eventful Year Develops A Young Team The UMR golf season ended with the Miners finishing in ninth place at the MIAA Championships held at the Oaks Course at TanTar-A, Lake of the Ozarks. Freshman Brtan Haggard was the team medalist with a score of 259 over the two-day event. John Stewart, also a freshman, was second on the team with a two-day score of 266. This year's team was composed entirely of freshmen, so the entire team will return next year with more depth, confidence, and experience. The MVP for the Miner

squad this year was Brian Haggard. He consistently led the team every time. At the Missouri Intercollegiate meet this year, the team enjoyed its best outing, according to Coach Bud Mercier. They finished thirteenth out of twenty-seven teams, with Brian Haggard topping the team with a score of 76/81 for the event. Later in the year, at the UMR Best Ball held at Oak Meadow, Above: Teammates David Messa and Stewart practice before they begin the Miners fell only three shots John the tournament. short of defending the title. The University of Missouri-St. Louis beat Near Right: Following through on a clean stroke, David Messa looks far in the Miners in a tough battle. the distance, hoping to see his ball landing neatly on the green. Concentrating intensely on the center of the ball, Brian Haggard thinks about keeping his head down and his swing tight in order to keep the ball in play on the fairway. Photos by Far Right:

Jason Meriwether

Score Place 366 8/10 Pittsburgh State 676 18/25 Missouri Southern 353 9/14 UMSL 641 7/10 SIU-Edwardsville Missouri Intercollegiate 673 13/27 521 2/3 St. Louis University 428 2/2 UMR Best Ball 532 9/9 Event

Coach Bud Mercier, Jason Hudson, Brian Haggard, Todd Bridgeman, David Messa, Ryan Morris, and John Stewart. Photo by Jason Meriwether.

UMR Golf:

IK2 짜Mf4.

Team Guided By Experience The tennis season closed at UMR with the Miners cying for sixth place with the University of Missouri-St. Louis. National power Southwest Baptist won the meet by a wide margin. Only two UMR teams came away victorious, and both were in the doubles competition. The team of Jon Johnson and Ed Suranant took fourth, winning a pair of matches before falling in the consolation finals. The team of Vic Tumell and Drake Clarke also won a flrst round consolation match before losing in the consolation semifmals. Tilis year's team was composed mainly of upperclassmen, which means that four seniors--

illling the numbers 1,2,3, and 5 singles slots--will not return next year. Therefore, Coach Deffebaugh expects next year to invovle some reloading. He expects lots from talented freshmen Drake Clarke and Jodi Zung, and hopefully the team can pick up some new additions next fall. Capping off an excellent senior year, Ed Suranant was named the team's MVP. A solid, dedicated player who held the # 1 singles slot for two years, Jon Johnson ended a magnificent minor tennis career. Jay Hertel exhibited steady play this season, and with some hard work will be a fine :MIAA player next fall.

Front Row: Ed Suran.ant, Mike Bosch, and J ay Hertel. Back Row: Coach Tommy Deffebaugh, Drake Clarke, Harold Martln-Vignerte, Victor Turnell, Jon Johnson, and Asst. Coach Berkstresser. Not Pictured: Jodi Zung. Photo~ Khan PowelL

I K4


Opponent Sangamon State Central Methodist

4 8



~orUhvvest ~ssotui


Washburn Central Missouri Southvvest Baptist Westminster

0 1

0 7



~ortheast ~ssouri

1 7


6 8 5 4 5 2 6 5 2

UMSL 1 Central Methodist 8 6th place MIAA Championships

Left: Harold Martin-Vtgnerte keeps his eye on the ball as he prepares to crush it with his powerful backhand. Photo by Khan PoweU.

Above: Following

through on a backhand, Victor 1'urnell tries for perfect placement of the ball. Left: Ed Suranant, leaping to increase his power, smashes back a strong overhand. Photos by Khan PowelL

Individual Successes Galore! The men's and women's UMR track teams had very successful seasons this year, especially on the individual level. Although both teams finished in eigh th place at the MIAA Championships held at Maryville, performances by certain athletes made up for the team's position. In addition, many old r ecords were shattered this year by both men and women. Men's outdoor track MVP Eric Crumpecker, who set new UMR indoor and outdoor s hot put records, placed fifth in both the conference meets. Men's indoor track MVP Scott Musgrave, who set a n ew indoor school record in the triple jump, eamed second place outdoors and indoors at conference, and also participated in nationals. Jeff Hurt and Pat Ris n er also placed at conference, in addi-

tion to Melissa Hudson (women's indoor MVP) and Jennifer Sch nur. Such individual feats throughout the season were notable, but the highligh t was provided by javelin thrower Casey Engstrom. Engstrom, a senior from Paragould, Ark., won the j avelin competition at Maryville with a throw of 135 feet, 4 inches. This was the first time in history that a woman from UMR was a conference champion in her Track and Field event. Also, Casey then advanced to the NCAA Division II National Championships, where she placed ninth. In addition to being named Women's Outdoor MVP for the fourth consecutive year, Casey also set the new school record for javelin with a throw of 144 feet, 10.5 inches.

Above: J eff Hurt stretches to gain evry inch in the longjump. Right: Jeff Hurt takes the baton from Kurt O'Brien as he finishes his leg of the relay.

Right: Encountering a little obstacle. Steve Hostetler concen trates on finishing Lhe 3000 meter steeplechase. Photos by Khan Powell

UMR Track Team: Casey Engstrom. J eff Hurt. Ron Kochanowicz. Stuart Beard,

Craig Sorensen. Da n Seipp, Kurt O'Brien , Scott Edwards. Pal Risner, Joe Stemler. Eric Crumpecker, Steve Hostetter, Kerry Kimmel. J ason Crawford, Rakiyah Mason, Jim Swinford. Becky Wilson. Curt Chaffin, Dirk Frisbee, Byron Delaware, Tim Pikey, Karissa McCarter, Jennifer Schnur. and BIG ENOS (the bus). Photo by Khan Powell.





Crumpecker coils up for what looks to be another powerful toss. Upper Right: Casey Engstrom displays the tight form needed to win a conference championship. Right: Struggling through the hurdles, Pat Risner makes progress in his effort to complete the decathalon. Photos by Khan PoweU.

Top: Slipping gracefully over the bar in the high jump. freshman Craig Sorensen looks toward his landing zone. Above: Joe Stemler splashes through the water as he clears a hurdle in the steeplechase. Left: Kicking into a final sprint, Curt Chaffin rounds the last cwve on the way to the finish line. Photos by Khan PowelL



Photo by Ed Hassinger

Photo by M ike Schmid





0 ;:J



~ s








Men·s Event Champs FootbaD I1KA Golf . <llK9 RacquetbaD I1KA BIIUalda ASCE. m. 'IKE (tie)


Country Temd• IN


Bonealloes Dl>E

Table Tennis VSA 8wlmmiDg I1KA VoDeyball I1KA

Soccer Ia:



BaaketbaD M-Club Badminton AFJl

wreatliDg m Track I:X SoftbaD Dl>E

Ftwto by Mike Schmid




PhotD by Ed Hassinger


Women路s Event Champs Football CCF Racqaetball Singles <XF Racquetball Doubles XQ BIJUalds Singles ~ Bllllalds Doubles XQ Temds Uttle Sigs llonleshoes ZfA Table Tennis XQ/ZfA (tie) Volleyball ZfA Swhmnlng


Basketball Bailmlntoa.





by Jason McHaney

Photo by James Anderson ~


196 .,.,_.

Men's Intramurals Organization Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Theta Sigma Pi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Chi Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Epsilon Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Alpha Omega Beta Sigma Psi

Points 3098.5 3070 2913.5 2890.5 2676 2675 2532.5 2491.5 2346.5 2280.25 2211.25 2192.5 2189.5

Points Organization 1838 TJ North 1683 Triangle 1680.5 Baptist Student Union 1599.5 Tech Engine Club 1568.25 RHA 1383 Delta Sigma Phi 1327 Theta Xi 1308 TJ South 1279.5 Sigma Tau Gamma 1272.5 Alpha Phi Alpha Association of Black Students 1264.75 1204.5 M-Club 1065 Christian Campus Fellowship

Points Organization 1012 Chinese Students Association 929 Air Force ROTC 924.5 Delta Tau Delta Amer. Society of Civil Engineers 885 Vietnamese Students Association 794 793.5 Thai Students Association 791.5 Acacia 772.5 Luthem Student Center 689.5 AIAA 649 GDI 441 Kappa Alpha Psi Veteran's Assistance Association 170

Women's Intramurals Organization Chi Omega Christian Campus Foundation Zeta Tau Alpha Little Sigmas (Sig Chi) Kappa Delta TJHA Phi KapffKE Alpha Omega Do FJAEPi RHA AKNABS

Points 819 732.5 722 492.5 491 471 364 289 282.5 180 137



Homeco ming 1991 invited both studen ts and alumni to ...

Enter the


Hats, picks, and slide rules abound at the Joe Miner Look-a-Uke contest. Photo by Eric Hodges.

Opposite Top:

Physics helps these studen ts calculate the estimated trajectory of their egg. Photo by Khan PowelL

Opposite Bottom:

Above: Bungee cords provide the thrust for this egg catapult. PfwlD by Khan PowelL

Upper Right: Joe Ward consults with the other judges durrtng Uhe Joe Miner Look-a -Uke contest. Photo by Eric Hodges.

Right: The 1Wister contest required students to remain flexible. Photo by Khan PowelL


Above: while.

Forcing that next popcicle down became difficult after a

Right: Tekes pull ahead in the IFC Pajama Race held before the beginning of the Homecoming game. Not just the spirit of Joe Miner walked campus durlng Homecoming. Photos by Eric Hodges


The Pikes show their support for the team by decorating their house.



Cramps from the cold didn't stop students from

continuing to eat

Ftwtos by Eric Hcxlges.

'-e~ (lf9



Above: The Miners rush onto the field.


by Eric Hodges.

Vicki Scammacca was crowned 1991 Homecoming Queen dwing the halft1me activities. Vicki represented Chi Omega sorority and was escorted by Eugene Bae. Ftloto by Ed Hassinger. Top Right:

The UMR Marching Band prepares to perlorm its halftime show. Photo by Eric Hodges.


Top: Quarterback Mike Wise runs left trying to avoid the closing Northwest Missouri defense.

Above Left: Fans cheer as the Min er offense scores a touchdown. Despite such support, however, the Miners lost the game with a score of 2 1- 13, extending their losing streak. Above Right: The Miners were plagued by interceptions and incomplete passes. Photos by Eric Hodges.





. •

·. •

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. . :. . .

. .

: .. . . . . . .. . .... .. . . . 0


. .







. ..








• •.



• 0



. . . ..









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0 0



• •



•. 0

/ l.




/ v /)

Ricardo L. Agostl Mechanical Engineering Norman Aguilar Electrical Engineering Maria GUcla Aguilera Chemical Engineering Theodore W. Ahrens Metallurgical Engineering Tracy Lynn Akiyama

Mechanical E~ineering

JucUth Almasque

Electrical Engineering Nader Al-Saldl Petroleum Engineering Jeffrey Alvarez Chemical Engineering

PyongH. An Electrical Engineering Ed Andrews CivU Engineering Jose R. Arce Geophysics Holly Ann Atkinson English

Sylvia Avula Electrical Engineering Mohd Sufftan Ayob Mechanical Engineering Wuiu A. Babatunde Chemical Engineering

Eugene Bae Electrical Engineering

Kevin J. Baer Electrical Engineering William Joseph Baer

Computer Science

Michael Gerard Balassl Computer Science

John Balderamos Mechanical Engineering

Tracey BaU Mechanical Engineering

William Mark Barnett Chemistry

Heather Barstad Metallurgical Engineering

Kevin W. Bartz Electrical Engineering

Steven L. Baymiller Mechanical Engineering

John Beatty Engineering

Christopher G. Bell Computer Science

MeUssa Benedick Civil Engineering

Richard Anthony Berger Mechanical Engineering

Brian Berkstresser Mechanical Engineering

Brian Berlener Engineering

Robert H. Bersett Metallurgical Engineering

Julie Ann Betlach Computer Science

Vicki Betlach Mechanical Engineering

Robert Henry Birllngmair Engineering

Stephen Michael B[eckler Computer Science

James Laveral Blue Jr. CivU Engineering

Mary Jane Blue English

Thomas R. Boden Computer Science

Greg Boice Computer Science

Wendell Wayne Bonta CivU Engineering

Christine E. Bough Geochemistry

Denise Brandt Metallurgical Engineering

Mike Brandt Engineering Management

John David Brase Metallurgical Engineering

Timothy Breece CivU Engineering

Glenn Steven Brenneke Mechanical Engineering

Dana II. Brewer Engineering

Benjamin Page Bridges Electrical Engineering

Iris Elizabeth Brinegar English/ Psychology

Thomas G. Brinkmann Mechanical Engineering

David E . Britton Petroleum Engineering

Gretchen A. Brockfeld Aerospace Engineering

Simon Broomhead Geophysics

Douglas Leon Brown Aerospace Engineering

Willlam E. Brown Jr. Electrical Engineering

Jeffery S. Brozson Electrical Engineering

Donald L. Brundage Electrical Engineering

Mark E. Bruss Nuclear Engineering

Steve Bryant Civil Engineering

Lisa Rene Burwell Engineering Management

David R. Bushey Civil Engineering

Charles Raymond Buttry Chemical Engineering

WIJJiam Dean Camp

Engineering Management

Daniel A. Carey Chemical Engineering

Michelle Lynn Carpet

Metallurgical Engineering

Karla Casper Electrical Engineering

Rayford G. Chambers Mechanical Engineering

Shu-Tin Stephen Chang Electrical Engineering

Mohd Asri Che Nawi Electrical Engineering

Wilson Chen Electrical Engineering

Marcus Chichura Engineering Management

Dat T. Chu

Mechan ical Enginee ring Kathry n R. Clappe r Aerospa ce Enginee ring Ann Clark Psychol ogy Brentle y C. Clark Enginee ring Manage ment

Eric Lee Cleven ger

Electric al Enginee ring

Scott Luther Cochra n

Mechan ical Enginee ring

Robert Allen Coker

Enginee ring Manage ment Angela R. CoHn Enginee ring Manage ment

EUse ColUns

Electric al Enginee ring

Matthe w G. ColUns

Mechan ical Enginee ring Sally A. ColUns Comput er &fence

Chad Dougla s Colvin

Electric al Enginee ring

Charles E. Comea u Mining Enginee ring

John Conrad

Cerwnic Enginee ring

Michae l G. Cook

Electric al Enginee ring

Jeffery Allen Cooley Comput er &fence

Angela M. Cooper Mechan ical Enginee ring Jennife r Cordes Mechan ical Enginee ring Stacy Lynn Crites Comput er Science Terry Cruse Cerwnic Enginee ring

Christi na Cunnin gham Chemic al Enginee ring Dwayn e Ray Curbow Civil Enginee ring Alletta Marie Curtis Philoso phy Penny Sue Cutler Enginee ring Manage ment

Brian Scott Dalton Computer Science

Christine E. Darnell Computer Science

Jeffrey Wayne Davis Electrical Engineering

Michael L. Davis Electrical Engineering

M. Travis Dean Metallurgical Engineering

Carl W. DeBrock Mechanical Engineering

Tracy Dencker Electrical Engineering

Michael Steven Dennison Mechanical Engineering

James E. DeVaney Jr. Aerospace Engineering Justin Ty DeWitt Mechanical Engineering

Jane D. Dey Chemical Engineering

James P. Dierkes Jr. Electrical Engineering

Lai Hua Ding Electrical Engineering Tim Distler Metallurgical Engineering

Matthew J. Donelon Ceramic Engineering

ReDna Dressel MechanicaT Engineering

Jeffrey L. Drury Metallurgical Engineering

Terry Joseph Dunlap Aerospace Engineering

Matthew Allen Dwyer Mechanical Engineering

Michael Craig Eberwein Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey Scott Eftink Mechanical Engineering

Paul Eggers Electrical Engineering

Lori Ehlmann Mechanical Engineering

Mary Frances Eise Metallurgical Engineering

Gary W. Elbert E lectrical Engineering

Ryan Elbert

Electrical Engineering

Robert Elliott Mechanica l Engineering

Jay D. Ellison

Mechanica l Engineering

Gerald M. Elphingsto ne Jr. Chem ical Engineering

Raymond T. Engelhard t Jr. Mechanical Engineering

Askin Erdogan Engineering Manageme nt

Craig Eyermann

Aerospace / Mechanical Engineering

Mitchell R. Fait Ceramic Engineering

Scott T. Feldmann Mechanica l Engineering

Thomas Michael Femer Engineering Manageme nt

Nancy Fetters

Aerospace E ngineering

Peter Dwain Feuerstein Mechanical Engineering

Quay B. Finefrock Chemical Engineering

Robert J. Fischer Metallurgic al Engineering

Kristine Fleming Engineering Manageme nt

Scott Monroe Fletcher Civil Engineering

Brian Anthony Fortman Electrical Engineering

Mike J. Frankenbe rg Electrical Engineering

Rhonda LaSchell Franklin Ch emical Eng ineering

Joseph David Frericks Electrical Engineering

Lyle R. Fricke Electrical Engineering

Peter Thomas Friend Metallurgic al Engineering

Marshall Funkhouse r Electrical Engineering

Jean M. Gardiner Engineering Management Randall Don Gardner Chemical Engineering

Gregory T. Gamier Engineering Management Richard A. Gasaway Electrical Engineering

Mary Gasper Chemistry

Carey L. Gatlin Mechanical Engineering

Mark S. Geiuler Metallurgical Engineering

Tamara Lyn Gibson Computer Science

Jeffrey Allen Gillham Mechanical Engineering

Kevin GlanDon Mechanical Engineering

Timothy Daniel Gode Nuclear Engineering

Thomas Michael Goebel Engineering Management

Jill Goetges Metallurgical Engineering

David Keith Goetz Electrical Engineering

Richard Michael Gore Mechanical Engineering

Dirk L. Gowin CivU Engineering

Joseph T. Graf Electrical Engineering

Jennifer Graham Metallurgical Engineering

Joe Guccione Mechanical Engineering Cary Alan Guffey Life Sciences

Richard P. Guieb Jr. Psychology

Kathy Lynn Gunderson Engineering Management

Stephanie D. Gurlen Computer Science

Dan Hack Electrical Engineering

JacqueUne Ann Hackett Aerospace Engineering

KarriLynH all

Civil Engineering

Kevin W. Hall Mechanical Engineering

Glen K. Halley Electrical Engineering

Dwight Douglas Haney Geological Engineering

Keith Hansen Civil Engineering

David Uoyd Harfst Electrical Engineering

Heather L. Harlan Computer Science

Gregory Wayne Harper Mechanica l Engineering

Jeffrey A. Harris

Geological Engineering

Timothy E. Harster Ceramic Engineering

John Douglas Hart

Electrical Engineering

Michael William Hartman Mechanica l Engineering

Ed Hassinger Physics/ Electrical Engineering

Roger L. Hatfield Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey S. Hawk Mining Engineering

Christina M. Hayes Ufe Sciences

Eric August Haynes History

William Lloyd Headrick Jr. Ceramic Engineering

Michael A. Heaton Geological Engineering

Charlene Sue Hentges Mechanica l Engineering

Daniel Herzberg Economics

Vincent S. Hibdon Computer Science

Roger S. Hickam Mining Engineering

James L. Hill Nuclear Engineering

Brian J. Hirshberg Electrical Engineering

Howard S. H. Ho Aerospace Engineering

Kimberly D. Hodges Civil Engineering

Stephen Hoffman Electrical Engineering

Bradley Chandler HoWday Mechanical Engineering

Joanne Marie Holmes Metallurgical Engineering

Shannon Dean Hopkins Civil Engineering

Glen Hoppe Chemical Engineering

Richard Horst Mechanical Engineering

James Curtis Hovis Electrical Engineering

Andrew Scott Howerton Electrical Engineering

Michelle A. Hoyt Applied Mathematics TonyHsu Electrical Engineering

JoelleYvonneHubbard Electrical Engineering

R. Christopher Hughes Aerospace Engineering

Thomas F. Hughes Engineering Management

Richard Joe Huizinga Civil Engineering

Charanjit Hundal Electrical Engineering Debra Ann Hunke Engineering Management

Ken Hunsaker Computer Science

BismaHusen Mechanical Engineering

Carla Huskey Psychology

Frederick W. Husman Electrical Engineering

Lenler Johnson Jr. Engineering Manageme nt

Matthew H. Johnson

Mechanical Engineering

Tyronna Johnson Chemical Engineering

William Johnson Geological Engineering

Andrew P. Johnston Aerospace Engineering

David Jones Electrical Engineering

James Brent Jones Civil Engineering

Jennifer Jones Geological Engineering

Karen Denise Jones Mechanica l Engineering

Michael Steven Jones

Mechanica l Engineering

Jonathan W. JopUn Electrical Engineering

Kelley Ann Jozwalk CivU Engineering

Chris Jungers Mechanica l Engineering

Mahmoud S. Kaba

Chemical Engineering

Kimberly K. Kaeding Metallurgic al Engineering

Susan Kellems History

lllchael Scott Keyes Mechanical Engineering

David Wayne Kiehne Mechanical Engineering

Roland R. Kllcher Mechanical Engineering Deborah J. Klaus Mechanical Engineering

llellsea Dawn Klotz Chemical Engineering

Timothy Koc&111' Electrical Engineering

Rachel Kong Electrical Engineering David A. Kopp Mechanical Engineering

Timothy Stanley Ko.clelaki Electrical Engineering Timothy Prancla Kram Electrical Engineering Donna Karen Kraus Aerospace Engineering

Men- M. Krolak.

Engineering Management

John J. Kuehn Electrical Engineering

Lonnie Wayne Lacey Electrical Engineering

Sunila Lahtrl

Metallurgical Engineering

Klet V. Lam Electrical Engineering

EUzabeth Anne Lang Psychology

Matthew F. Laudon Mechanical Engineering

Robert Lavelle Mechanical Engineering

JaeH. Lee Electrical Engineering

Scott J. Leigh Electrical Engineering

Rebecca Kuhr LeMay Geological Engineering

Ralph Lemongelll m

CivU Engineering

Paul T. Lenox Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey Edward Leonard Computer &fence

David M. Lewis

Engineering Manageme nt

David Ubiez

Electrical Engineering

Harold T. Liclillder Jr. Psychology

JamesUu Electrical Engineering

Earl R. Uvlngston Electrical Engineering

Jennifer Kay Uewellyn Metallurgic al Engineering

Susan Lovelace Engineering Manageme nt

Susan Lowe Electrical Engineering

Pamela Luchun Civil Engineering

John MacDonald Civil Engineering

Chris Wesley Maddox Aerospace Engineering

David Madrid Electrical Engineering

David L. Manka

Civil Engineering

CaroUne Manuel Psychology

Perry Louis Mar Chemical Engineering

Gina M. Marnatti

Engineering Manageme nt

Kerry Steven Martin

Electrical Engineering

Harold Martin-Vig nerte Mechanical Engineering

Gregory S. Martinez Electrical Engineering

Karon S. Matlock &anomies

John J. Mazzola Jr. Mechanical Engineering

Michael Jeffrey McCann Civil Engineering

Katrina McDaniel Engineering Manageme nt

Sean Finn McDermott Mechanical Engineering

Jeffery Z. McEntire Mechanical Engineering

Jason Blair McHaney Chemical Engineering

Timothy J. McKeon Chemical Engineering

Kimberly Rona McMahan CivU Engineering

David Meclrow Electrical Engineering

Samuel J . Mehmert Electrical Engineering

Amy Diane MeUus Mechanical Engineering/ Physics

Darren Melton Electrical Engineering

MicheUeL Melton Ceramic Engineering

Stephen Menendez Metallurgical Engineering C&rlaJean Merz Psychology

Robin DanieUe Meyer Civil Engineering

Thomas Christopher Meyer Mechanical Engineering

Michael G. Miano Mechanical Engineering

Brian Micklewrlght Civil Engineering

Cynthia ADD Mtllangue Electrical Engineering

Kevin Michael Miller CivU Engineering

Shelly Miller Mathematics

Thomas M. Miller Ceramic Engineering

CraJgMoeJienhoff Electrical Engineering

DarylJ. Moore Mechanical Engineering

Anthony Edwin Morgan Mechanical Engineering

Charmaine C. Morgan Engineering Management

Keith Aaron Morris Electrical Engineering

Joseph Marlon Moses Jr. Civil Engineering

Andrew T. Mueller Civil Engineering

EUzabeth Mueller Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey G. Mueller Electrical Engineering Laura J. Mueller Engineering Management Randall Murray Electrical Engineering

Scott Allen Musgrave Mechanical Engineering

Timothy Mussman Electrical Engineering

Daniel Chad Naes

Mechanical Engineering

Ale.z Martin Nagy Civil Engineering

MichaelNapoU Mechanical Engineering

Nancy Nawojsld Mechanical Engineering

Brian Neary Computer Science

Brian Joseph Nenninger Electrical Engineering

Chris Newcombe Computer Science

Chun-Kee Calvin Ng Engineering Management

Shena Nguyen Aerospace Engineering

Robert Lee Niedergerke Computer Science

Michael L. Noble Physics

Anuchai Notananda Engineering Management

Jeffrey B. Obermark Aerospace Engineering

Debbie Obertz Computer Science

Robert G. O'Brien Mathematics

Mark Ochs Engineering Management Nora A. Okong'o Aerospace Engineering

Tim Oligmueller Engineering Management

Kok Ching Ong Electrical Engineering

Abdul Halim Othman Aerospace Engineering

Jamie Page CivU Engineering

Rebecca Palovchik Chemical Engineering

James E. Papin

Aerospace Engineering

Kevin Park Electrical Engineering

Todd Parks Mining Engineering Eric L. Parsons Mechanical Engineering

Dharmendra Patel Aerospace Engineering

Pragna Gijubhal Patel Electrical Engineering I Mathematics

David Patterson Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Patterson Mathematics

Joel F. Peacher Physics

Daniel Joseph Pearson Engineering Management

Jeff D. Pearson Mechanical Engineering Marilyn Peebles-Ruffin Electrical Engineering

Joseph Pendino Civil Engineering

Douglas W. Pentecost Aerospace Engineering

James Preston Peterson U Civil Engineering

Paul Petry Electrical Engineering Amy Pharr Engineering Management

Cyril P. Pimentel Engineering Manageme nt

Wesley Pitman Mechanica l Engineering

Jeff Platcher Electrical Engineering

Ronald E. Platz

Aerospace Engineering

David N. Poff Mechanica l Engineering Charles A. Porter Metallurgic al Engineering

Timothy Wynne Preusch Mechanica l Engineering

Joseph E. Price Metallurgy

Sally A. PuhUck Electrical Engineering

John Pulay Electrical Engineering

Jon LesUe Purgason Engineering Manageme nt Victor L. Rackers CivU Engineering

David A. Randall

Geological Engineerin g

Keith E. Randall Mechanica l Engineerin g Charles RawUns

Metallurgic al Engineering

Brian Reagan CivU Engineering

Timothy Reitz Mechanica l Engineering Lisa Ann Riley Electrical Engineering

David B. Rintoul Civil Engineering

Steven Lee Rist English

De•nna llarle Roqay CtvU Engineering Badral Blah•m llobd Said Aerospace Engineering Roaald J. Salamle Ct.vU Engineering Scott A. Sallbeq Electrtcal Engineering are,o~PbiDlp 8allee


Metallurgical Engtneerlng Jolua Uoyd Sander Electrlcal Engineering

Timothy II. Saunders Mechanical Engineering

llark Tbomu SautmaD Nuclear Engineering VIctoria Sc•mmacca Electrtcal Engineering Diana Scantlan English Terry Scliafer Engineering Management

Allen Schlotzhauer Aerospace Engineering

Rob Schoenborn


Electrlcal Engtneerlng Timothy G. Scbroecler Mechanical Engineering

Lolmle Eqene Schubert Metall.urgtCal Engineering Doreen Scbub

Geology Timothy Dale Scott Mechanical Engineering

Steven Jolua SeDer

Mechanical Engineering

Muhammad Reza Shawal Alludln


lllchael P. Shealum Electrica1 Engfneerfng S11ND Laura Shefchyk Chemical Engineering Kathleen Shelton Ufe Sciences

Kenneth Shlelcla

Electrica1 rf'nmnL2DP#n,.. ~t~qu~~路u~ Engineering E Sue Shrove Electrica1 Engineering S11ND E. 8hnuD Engineering Management

Boyd Duane Sleven Mechanical Engineering

Steven Lawnnce Sievert

Engineering Management Chrlatopher SlUes Mechanical Engineering

Jerome Simon

Electrical Engineering

Sukdev Kr Sinha Electrica1 EngineertnQ

Joeeph J. SkeetenElectrfcal Engtneertng Keith Scott Smith

Electrica1 ~ llark \V. SIDlth Engtneertng

SuulraE. Smith PsychDIDgy

Kataycnm Sohrabl

~~ PsychDIDgy

GregSparb CtvU Engineering

Jolm D. Spencer Ceramic Engineering Do~a• Michael SpiDer

Engineering Mechanics Dalllel W. St. Peten Engtneerf11g Management

DonaldT. Stanwhery Aerospace Engineering

RlckStebUD Metallurgical Engineering

Cbrla Steineman Mechanical Engineering

Keith Alan St.Gemme Petroleum Engineering

Mark Stlelow Mechanical Engineering

Richard Allen Stfi.U D Aerospace Engineering

Erik StoclqElauaner Metallurgy

Thomu P. Stratman CivU Engineering

Lori Stricker Chemical Engineering

Ste9eDJ. 8trabbelg Aerospace Engineering


Engineering Management 8allendra R. Sunlrara Computer &ience Poontawee SUI'Ulunt Chemical Engineering

Douglas Swancutt

Enginee~:.d~= Nuclear Engineering DavldT~


Bradley Len Tate CivU Engineering

David C. Thomps on Ceramic Engineer ing

Neal Thomps on

Mechanic al Engineer ing

Elisabet h Tieber

Metallurg ical Engineer ing Martin A. Tippin Compute r Science

Brett Lyle Tisch

Mechanic al Engineer ing

Paul Tobben

Civil Engineer ing

Michael Eugene Tolbert Engineer ing Managem ent

Michael Traver Psyclwlo gy

Kelly Bemal Tucker Psyclwlo gy

Victor J. TurneD

Mechanic al Engineer ing

Tracy C. Turner Ufe Sciences

Claudia L. Tutt Chemica l Engineer ing

Lee Alan Tyler Electrica l Engineer ing

RoDDie W. Tyson

Geologica l Engineer ing

Steven Gayle Underwo od Electrica l Engineer ing

Warren Unk

Electrica l Engineer ing

Steven L. Updike


Christin e A. Uzzell

Mechanic al Engineer ing

Carla Vest History

Matthew J. Viehman n Electrica l Engineer ing

Rodney Bruce Vleuman Computer Science Lealie Belayne Vigna Chemical Engineering Paul Vltt Aerospace Engineering Judith Ann Von Der Baar CivU Engineering

Mac Joseph Voss Mechanical Engineering

Mark Anthony Vou Electrical Engineering

PeiUfJ' Waeltermann

-Computer Science

Robert Allan Wagner Jr. Engineering Management

Eric Walters Engineering Management Deborah A. Walton Aerospace Engineering Simon S. Wang Aerospacel Mechanical Engineering Thomas Wankum Mechanical Engineering

Scott G. Warhover Mechanical Engineering

Adam Watson Civil Engineering WtJJtam B. Watson Chemical Engineering

Tod Webb Chemical Engineering

Daniel E. Weber Mechanical Engineering

John Weber Computer Science

KrlatyLynn Weber Engineering Management

Michael Nelson Weidner Electrical Engineering

Robert II. WUcoz Electrical Engineering

Richard Wllklnson


Emery Thomu Williams

Electrical Engineering John Williams Aerospace Engineering

Joseph Williams Jr. Mechanical Engineering Monica Marie Williams Engineering Management

John Francia Wlnkler Aerospace Engineering

Suzanne Wisdom History

Bolly EUzabeth Wohlachlaeae r

Engineering !Janagement

Thomas Severin Wolters Electrical Engineering Markel J. Wood Electrical Engineering John R. Woodruff Mechanical Engineering

F. Matthew Woodward Physics

David B. Wunder CivU Engineering

Sheela N. Yadav Engineerj!lg Management DeDDia &sm,-Yl Yeh Electrical Engineering

Bruce York Electrical Engineering

Lucinda Youna

Mechanical Engineering

Roger Younger

Electrical Engineering

JameaK. Yu

Electrical Engineering

COMMENCEMENT Graduation from college is a step we all look forward to as we struggle through our daily studies. For almost 1,000 UMR students, this landmark achievement was realized this year. Those of us who are left congratulate you, and hope to one day be crossing the same stage. The December Commencement was held in the Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building. The commencement address was given by John P. Lichtenegger, a member of the University of Missouri Board of Curators. The degree of Doctor of Engineering (Honoris Causa) was awarded to Thor Gjelsteen, chairman of Frontier Gold Resources and a graduate from UMR. Also, Nich olas C. Oros deserves great respect for graduating from UMR with a 4.00 average. For the flrst time in two years, May Commencement was held outside. Although it threatened to rain in the morning, the skies cleared and everyone enjoyed a warm day outside. M.W.J. Smumt, ch airman and C.E.O. of Jefferson Smumt Packaging Limited, gave the address for May Commencement, and was also the recipient of an Honorary Doctor of Engineering Degree. Two students, Robert L. Parsons, and Patrick D. Tepesch, graduated at this ceremony with a 4.00 average.

Top: Curator John P. Lichtenegger admonishes students to look toward the future . Photo by M ike Schmid

Bottom: December Graduates wait in the basement of the multipupos e building for the beginning of the ceremony. Photo by Mike Schmid

22 K


Above: Claudia Tutt and Al Cummings celebrate after the

ceremony. Left: The appearance of beach balls at commencement

is one of the lighter moments of the ceremony.

Left: Parents and

friends eagerly try lo capture the moment on fllm.



Top: Mtntng Engineers were easily recognized at May Commencement by their

unique mortarboards.

Photo by Ed Hassinger

Bottom: M. W. J. Smurftt gtves his rommmcem~t~~atM~

graduation. OppoRte Top: Kenneth Rigsby watches attentively at his December ceremony. Photo by IIUce Schmidt.

Oppoelte Bottom: The Blue Sabres pre-

pare to accompany the flag into the commencement ceremony. Photo by Ed Hassinger





.AliGn: A May graduate finds a famtl1ar face in the crowd Bottolll: Chancellor Martin Jischke addresses students at his last winter commencement at UMR. Jlhof.o by Mike Schmid.



Above: A masters student gets some assistance from a couple of future Miners. Photo by Jason McHaney

Left: The Class of 1941 await their recognition by Chancel-

lor Jlschke. Photo by Ed Hasstnger.


Senior Information

A Ricardo L. Agosti St. Lou is, MO Amertcan Society of Mechanical Engineers Norman Aguilar Rolla, MO Institute of Electrtcal and Electronic Engineers Maria Gilda Aguilera Independence, MO Tau Beta Pi, Publicity Chairperson; Amertcan Institute of Chemical Engineers; Society of Women Engineers

Pyong H. An Kansas City, MO Korean Students Association, President, Secretary, Treasurer; Tae Kwon Do Club, Vice President; International Students Club Jose R. Arce Lima, Peru Society of Exploration Geophysicists, President, Vice President; General Delegation of Independents Holly Ann Atkinson Rolla, MO English Club

Corresponding Secretary, Scholarship Officer, St. Pat's Chairman, Rush Chainnan, Student Council Representative; Gamma Alpha Delta, President, Vice President, Publicity Ch a irman; Blue Key, Editor, Secretary; Honors Association, Treasu rer, Senior Advisor, Tutor Kevin J . Baer Creve Coeur, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, House Manager , Social Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Institute of Electrtcal and Electronic Engineers

William Joseph Baer Sylvia Avula St. Louis, MO Rolla, MO Theodore W. Ahrens Student Council; Zeta Tau Alpha, Basketball; Softball; Stu dents for Students of UMR; Floor Vice St. Louis, MO Service Chairperson; IntercollePresident Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, giate Knights, Page Trainer; Sergeant-at-Arms; Amertcan Institute of Electrtcal and ElecFoundryman's Society; ASM/ Michael Gerard Balassi tronic Engineers; Society of St. Louis, MO TMS; Tau Beta Pi; Alph a Sigma Women Engineers Phi Kappa Theta, Assistant StewMu ard, Pledge Board; Upsilon Pi Mohd Suffian Ayob Tracy Lynn Akiyama LG. Perak, Malaysia Epsilon; Varsity Soccer, Captain; Kearney, MO Gamma Alpha Delta; M-Club; Muslim Students Association Amertcan Society of Mechanical Association for Compu ting MaEngineers; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta chinery Sigma John Balderamos Judith Almasque Belize City, Belize Wasiu A. Babatunde Kansas City, MO Amertcan Society of Mechanical Minneapolis, MN Institute of Electrtcal and ElecEngineers; Head Resident AssisAmertcan Institute of Chemical tronic Engineers tant Engineers; National Society of Black Engineers; Association of Nader Al-Saidi Tracey Ball Black Students Sana'a, Yemen Holt.. MO Society of Petroleum Engineers Amertcan Society of Mechanical Eugene Bae Engineers; Kappa Delta, House Kansas City, MO Jeffrey Alvarez Manager, Social Chairman, St. Associated Students of the UniSt. Charles, MO Pat's Representative; Daughters versity of Missourt, Board of Amertcan Institute of Chemical of Lee, President, Vice President, Engineers, President, Vice Presi- Directors, Chairman of the Secretary, Histortan, MemberBoard, Rolla Director, Legislative ship; Alpha Phi Omega, Recorddent; Alpha Chi Sigma, Pledge Captain; Freshman Honors Asso- Intern; Kappa Alpha, Province in g Secretary, Dance-A-Thon Undergradu ate Ch airman, ciation Ch airman; Stu dent Knight




William Mark Barnett Leadwood, MO W. T. Schrenk Society

Richard Anthony Berger Town and Country, MO Sigma Pi, Alumni Chairman; Varsity Swimming; Waterpolo Team, President; Student Council; American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Heather Barstad Chesterfield, MO Order of the Sun, Treasurer; Alpha Chi Sigma; ASM/TMS; Brian Berkstresser American Society for Quality Joplin, MO Control; American Foundryman's American Society of Mechanical Society Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers; Varsity Tennis Kevin W. Bartz St. Louis, MO Brian Berlener Beta Sigma Psi, Treasurer, StewHermann, MO ard, Assistant Rus h Chairman, Historian, Photographer; St. Pat's Institute of Electrical and ElecBoard; Alpha Phi Omega, Treas- tronic Engineers urer; Beta Chi Sigma; Student Union Board, Concerts CommitRobert H. Bersett tee Florissant, MO Phi Kappa Theta, Pledgemaster , Steven L. Baymiller Sister Advisor; InterfraterLittle Kansas City, MO nity Council, Committe ChairTheta Xi, Scholarship Officer; man; Theta Tau Omega; AmeriAlpha Phi Omega; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, can Foundryman's Society; ASM/ and Air Conditioning Engineers; TMS; Intramural Sports Student Conduct Committee Julie Ann Betlach Overland, MO John Beatty Kappa Delta, Secretary, StanThayer, MO dards Board, Press and Public Sigma Pi Sigma; Society of PhysRelations Chairman, Special ics Students Account Coordinator; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer; Theta Xi Little Christopher G. Bell Sisters, President, Secretary I Chesterfield, MO Treasurer, Fundraising Chair; Delta Tau Delta, Vice President, Treasurer; Intercollegiate Knights Blue Key; Upsilon Pi Epsilon Melissa Benedick Kansas City, MO Chi Epsilon, President; Tau Beta Pi, Recording Secretary; American Society of Civil Engineers, Treasurer; Blue Key; Society of Women Engineers, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary; Chi Omega

Vicki Betlach St. Louis, MO Zeta Tau Alpha, House Manager, Alumnae Relations, Music Chairman, Points Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Historian, Service Chairman; Daughters of the Blue Iris, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Historian, Social Chairman; Gold Miners Porn Poms; Society of Manufacturing Engineers; Orchestra, Bass

Robert Henry Birlingmair Cameron, MO Baptist Student Union; Christian Campus Fellowship; Eta Kappa Nu ; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Stephen Michael Bleckler Ste. Genevieve, MO Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, Secretary/Recorder, Chaplain; Beta Chi Sigma, President, Pledge Edu cator; Blue Key, Public Relations; KMNR Dis k Jockey James Laveral Blue Jr. Randles, MO American Society of Civil Engineers; Associated General Contractors of America; Chi Epsilon Mary Jane Blue Salem , MO English Club, President, Secretary; History Club, Treasurer; Southwind.s, Vice President; Psychology Club; Rollamo Thomas R. Boden St. Charles, MO Greg Boice Mission Viejo, CA Sigma Tau Gamma, Recording Secretary, Fundraiser, Little Sister Chairman, Historian; KMNR Public Relations Director, Programmer, Roads h ow Manager, Librarian Wendell Wayne Bonta Trenton, MO American Society of Civil Engineers; Phi Theta Kappa; Intramural Sports Christine E. Bough Edwardsville, IL Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Treasurer; Alpha Chi Sigma; Varsity Softball; Phi Kappa Theta Little Sisters Denise Brandt Hermann, MO ~235

Gretchen A Brockfeld Mike Brandt Warrenton, MO Blue Springs, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, Steward, House Simon Broomhead Manager. Risk Manager; Gamma St. Louis, MO Alpha Delta; American Society Spelunkers Club, President, for Engineering Management Secretary /Treasurer; Society of Exploration Geophysicists, PresiJohn David Brase dent; Sigma Gamma Epsilon Florissant, MO Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Union Douglas Leon Brown Board; Student Council; Alpha Springfield, MO Phi Omega; Society of MetalurgiTau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau, cal Engineers Secretary: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Timothy Breece Kappa Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta St. Louis. MO Sigma Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman, Pledge Program Director; InterWilliam E. Brown Jr. fraternity Council, Vice PresiArnold, MO dent; Theta Tau Omega; AmeriInstitu te of Electrical and Eleccan Society of Civil Engineers; tronic Engineers, Vice President Student Union Board; Association of General Contractors JefferyS. Broxson Columbia, MO Glenn Steven Brenneke Varsity Football; Institute of Jefferson City. MO Society of Au to motive Engineers; Electrical and Electronic EngiAmerican Society of Heating, Re- neers frigeration. and Air Conditioning Donald L. Brundage Engineers; Phi Eta Sigma Pleasant Hill, MO Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; InstiDana M. Brewer tute of Electrical and Electronic Independence, MO Liahona Fellowship ; TJHA; Intra- Engineers mural Sports Mark E. Bruss Benjamin Page Bridges Barnhart, MO Beta Sigma Psi, Treasurer, Social Springfield, MO Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Institute of Electrical and ElecPresident, Vice President, Treastronic Engineers; Golden Key: urer; Phi Eta Sigma, Historian, Phi Kappa Phi Corresponding Secretary; American Nuclear Society High School Iris Elizabeth Brinegar Houston, MO Visitation Committee; Student Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary; Eng- Union Board, Homecoming Committee; Toastmasters lish Club, Secretary; Sisters of the Shield and Diamond Steve Bryant Kansas City, MO Thomas G. Brinkmann Washington, MO Delta Sigma Phi, President, Sports Rush Chairman, Intramural Treasurer, Pi Tau Sigma; Social Chairman; American Society of Civil Engineers; KMNR David E. Britton IL Olney, Society of Petroleum Engineers 236~

Lisa Rene Burwell Florissant, MO Varsity Softball, Team Captain; Varsity Soccer; Society of Manufacturing Engineers; American Society for Engineering Management; Assistant Softball Coach; History Club David R. Bushey Webster Groves, MO Kappa Sigma; Rugby Club; American Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors; Intercollegiate Knights Charles Raymond Buttry Bernie, MO Student Council; Phi Eta Sigma; American Institute of Ch emical Engineers; Omega Chi Epsilon ; Alpha Chi Sigma

c William Dean Camp Highland, IL American Society for Engineering Management, Committee Chairman; Society of Manufacturing Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Student Union Board, Concerts Committee; American Society for Quality Control; Bowling Team Daniel A Carey St. Louis, MO Student Council; Student Union Board, Films Director, Summer Presiden t; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Alpha Chi Sigma, Master of Ceremonies, Assistant Master of Ceremonies; Delta S igma Phi

Michelle Lynn Carpet Dat T. Chu High Hill, MO St. Louis, MO Chi Omega, Steward, Community Vietnamese Students Associaton; Service, Assistant Treasurer, American Society of Mechanical Assistant House Manager; ASM/ Engineers TMS; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary; Student Council; Society of Kathryn R. Clapper Women Engineers Pierce City, MO American Institute of Aeronautics Karla Casper and Astronautics, Vice ChairMonett, MO man; Society of Women EngiZeta Tau Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; neers, President, Vice President, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Secretary /Treasurer; Blue Key; Little Sisters of Alpha Epsilon Pi, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers President, Vice President, Historian; Human Factors Society Rayford G. Chambers Florissant, MO Ann Clark Alpha Phi Alpha, President, Vice Peoria, IL President, Secretary; Association General Delegation of Independents; Helix Life Science Club; of Black Students, Vice PresiPsychology Club; Environmental dent; Rollamo, Assistant Editor; Protection Advocates, Vice PresiNational Society of Black Engineers dent

Angela R. Colin Jackson, MO American Society for Engineering Management, President, President-Elect, Vice President of Publicity, Fundraising Chairperson; Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Secretary; Student Union Board; Society of Women Engineers; Institute of Industrial Engineers, President, PresidentElect, Vice President of Publicity Elise Collins St. Louis, MO Little Sisters of Sigma Chi, Vice President, Rush Chairman; Varsity Cross Country; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Society of Women Engineers; M-Club

Matthew G. Collins Jefferson City, MO Phi Kappa Theta, President, Secretary, Alumni Secretary, Brentley C. Clark Shu-Tin Stephen Chang Chapter Editor; Blue Key, 2nd Joplin, MO Hong Kong Tau Beta Pi; American Society for Vice President; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi Engineering Management; Ameri- Intramural Managers Association, Treasurer, Recording Secrecan Society for Quality Control, Mohd Asri Che Nawi tary; Pi Tau Sigma, Key ChairPresident Rolla, MO man Muslim Students Association, Eric Lee Clevenger Treasurer Sally A. Collins Bogard, MO St. Louis, MO Student Council, Recorder; Wilson Chen American Ceramic Society, ProSigma Chi; Institute of Electical Rogers, AR graming Team and Competition; and Electronic Engineers Sigma Nu, 1st Assistant TreasIntramural Sports; Upsilon Pi urer, 2nd Assistant Treasurer, Epsilon Scott Luther Cochran Social Chairman, Little Sister Houston, MO Coordinator; Institute of ElectriChad Douglas Colvin American Society of Mechanical cal and Electronic Engineers, St. Louis, MO Vice President, Treasurer, Public- Engineers; American Institute of Intramural Sports Aeronautics and Astronautics; ity Committee Chairman; Tae Society of Automotive Engineers Kwon Do Club Charles E. Comeau Lebanon, MO Robert Allen Coker Marcus Chichura Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; Tau Kansas City, MO Belton, MO Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; St. Pat's Pi Kappa Alpha; Campus CruSigma Pi, Building Association sade for Christ, President; Chan- Board; Society of Mining EngiRepresentative, Judicial Board neers cellor's Leadership Class Chairman; Rugby Club, President, Treasurer, Tournament Chairman, Coach; Gamma Alpha Delta; Society of Manufacturing Engineers; American Society for Quality Control ~


John Conrad Raytown, MO Sigma Chi; Varsity Cross Country, Captain; Varsity Track; American Ceramic Society; MClub; Alpha Phi Omega Michael G. Cook St. Louis, MO Sigma Nu; St. Pat's Board Jeffery Allen Cooley Potosi, MO Association for Computing Machinery; Intramural Sports

Penny Sue Cutler Jefferson City, MO Tau Beta Sigma, President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Historian; American Society for Engineering Management, Sectretary; Newman Center; University Band; UMR Ozark Highland Pipe Band

D Brian Scott Dalton St. Louis, MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President; Varsity Track; Association for Computing Machinery

Justin Ty DeWitt Jacksonville, IL American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Student Council; Intramural Sports M. Travis Dean Dexter, MO Kappa Sigma, Secretary, Guard, Committee Head; Alpha Phi Omega; ASM/TMS; American Foundryman's Society Tracy Dencker St. Louis, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Angela M. Cooper Paducah, KY Michael Steven Dennison Delta Sigma Theta, Vice PresiIronton, MO dent, Treasurer; National Society Darnell E. Pi Tau Sigma Christine Pi; Beta Tau of Black Engineers; American St. Charles, MO Society of Mechanical Engineers, Jane D. Dey Cochairperson of Planning Com- Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Secretary; Phi Comof Association Sedalia, MO Sigma; mittee; Intramural Sports; Chan- Eta puting Machinery American Institute of Chemical cellor's Leadership Class Engineers; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Davis Wayne Jeffrey Omega Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Jennifer Cordes St. Louis, MO St. Louis, MO Kappa Delta, Assistant Treasurer; Newman Center Varsity Basketball; Varsity Soft- Sigma Tau Gamma; Institute of EngiElectronic and Electrical ball; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; neers; Gamma Alpha Delta James P. Dierkes Jr. Phi Eta Sigma St. Louis, MO Davis L. Michael Kappa Sigma, Vice President, Stacy Lynn Crites Belleville, IL St. Louis, MO Guard; Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Tau Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Mu EpsiOmega; St. Pat's Board, Parade Nu; Kappa Eta Pi; lon; Tau Beta Terry Cruse Fund, Decorations; Institute of Institute of Electrical and ElecHutchinson,KS Electrical and Electronic Engitronic Engineers neers Varsity Swimming Christina Cunningham Cuba, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Society ofWomen Engineers Dwayne Ray Curbow Springfield, MO Alletta Marie Curtis Independence, MO KMNR; General Delegation of Independents

Carl W. DeBrock Cape Girardeau, MO Pi Tau Sigma; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Publicity Committee James E. DeVaney Jr. Dell Rapids, SD Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society, Director of Operation s ; Resident Assistant; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Intramural Sports; Angel Fligh t

LaiHuaDing Sitiawan, Malaysia Chinese Student Association; International Students Club; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Intramural Sports Tim Distler St. Louis, MO Kappa Sigma, 2nd Vice President, Gu ard; American Foundryman's Society; Theta Tau Omega; ASM/TMS; American Society for Quality Control

Matthew J. Donelan Jefferson City, MO Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treasurer, House Manager; American Ceramic Society Regina Dressel St. Louis, MO Order of the Sun, President, Social Chairman; M-Club; Varsity Soccer, Captain; Pi Tau Sigma Jeffrey L. Drury Decatur, IL Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Trainer; American Foundryman's Society; ASM/TMS; St. Pat's Board

Paul Eggers St. Louis Beta Sigma Psi, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary; Intercollegiate Knights; Student Union Board, Concerts Committee; Marching Band; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engin eers; Theater Lori Ehlmann St. Charles, MO Pi Tau Sigma, President Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Women Engineers; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers

Terry Joseph Dunlap Mexico, MO Mary Frances Eise Sigma Gamma Tau, Treasurer , Maryland Heights, MO Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; American Institute of Aeronautics Daughters of Diana, President, and Astronautics; Phi Eta Sigma Vice President; Varsity Soccer; American Foundryman's Society; ASM/TMS; M-Club Matthew Allen Dwyer St. Louis, MO Gary W. Elbert Sigma Nu, Sentinal, Reporter, Willard, MO Social Chairman; Varsity Golf; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu, Alpha Phi Omega, Programing Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chairman; Tau Beta Pi, Publicity Chairman; Newman Vice President; M-Club Center; Institute of Electrical and Electronic En gineers; Kappa Mu Epsilon


Michael Craig Eberwein Pacific, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Toastmasters Jeffrey Scott Eftink Oran, MO Alpha Epsilon Pi, House Manager; Intercollegiate Knights; Phi Eta Sigma

Ryan Elbert Clever, MO Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu, President, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi, Scholarship Committee; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Robert Elliott Lake St. Louis, MO Pi Tau Sigma; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Planning Committee; KMNR Disk Jockey

Jay D. Ellison Decatur, IL Tau Kappa Epsilon Gerald M. Elphingstone Jr. Oakville, MO Interfraternity Council, Vice President; Sigma Tau Gamma, Vice President of Membership; Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi; KMNR Disk J ockey; Alpha Chi Sigm a Raymond T. Engelhardt Jr. St. Louis, MO TaeKwonDo Club, Vice President, Historian; Sport Parachute Club, Vice President; Beta Sigma Psi, Assistant House Manager ; Society of Automotive Engineers Askin Erdogan Izmir, Turkey Turkish Students Association, Treasurer; Society of Manufacturing Engineers Craig Eyermann St. Louis, MO Kappa Sigma, Secretary; RoUamo, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

F Mitchell R. Fait St. Louis, MO Keramos; American Ceramic Society; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Association of United States Army; Raiders Scott T. Feldmann St. Louis, MO Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers



Thomas Michael Ferner St. Louis, MO American Society for Engineering Management, Vice President; Institute of Industrial Engineers, Vice President; Sigma Pi, Fourth Counselor; Intercollegiate Knights, Social Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega

Scott Monroe Fletcher Rolla, MO American Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors, Treasurer

Brian Anthony Fortman St. Charles, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President, Secretary; Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Recording SecreNancy Fetters tary, Membership Chairman, Fenton, MO Pledge Trainer; Institute of ElecChi Omega, Pledge Trainer, Green Rep, Float Chairman; Blue trical and Electronic Engineers; Kappa Mu Epsilon Key, President, Miner of the Month Chairman; Alpha Phi Mike J . Frankenberg Omega, Vice President, Big Washington, MO Brothers Committee Chairman; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau, Treasurer; Intramural Sports; Institute of Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma, Electrical and Electronic EngiCorresponding Secretary neers Peter Dwain Feuerstein Rhonda LaSchell Franklin St. Charles, MO St. Louis, MO Pi Kappa Alpha; Army ROTC National Society of Black Engineers, Resume Book and NewsQuay B. Finefrock letter Chairperson; Association St. Louis, MO for Black Students; Minority EnOmega Chi Epsilon, Treasurer; Mentor Program; gineering Kappa Mu Epsilon; Baptist StuAmerican Institute of Chemical dent Union, Council Member; Engineers; Intramural Sports American Institute of Chemical Engineers Joseph David Frericks Jackson, MO Robert J . Fischer Pi, President, Epsilon Alpha St. Louis, MO Secretary, Alumni Secretary; Kappa Sigma, President, 2nd Vice President, Rush Chairman, Student Union Board, Public Relations Director; Institute of Guard, Intramural Chairman, Electrical and Electronic EngiSteward; Theta Tau Omega, neers; Phi Eta Sigma Pledge Trainer, Special Projects Chairman; American FoundryLyle R. Fricke man's Society; Alpha Sigma Mu; Hermann, MO Intramural Sports of Institute Electrical and Electronic Engineers, President, Kristine Fleming Treasurer; Student Union Board; Chesterfield, MO Newman Center Zeta Tau Alpha, Social ChairVice Council, Panhellenic man; Peter Thomas Friend President, Greek Events ChairOdessa, MO man, Mini-Olympics Chairman; ASM/TMS; American FoundryLittle Sisters of the White Star, man's Society; Alpha Sigma Mu President, Vice President; Football Ball Girl 240~

Marshall Funkhouser Fulerton, CA Tau Beta Pi; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu

G Jean M. Gardiner St. Louis, MO Randall Don Gardner Bois D'Arc, MO Acacia, Vice President, Treasurer, Historian; Tau Beta Pi; Omega Chi Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Intramural Sports Gregory T. Garnier St. Louis, MO Lambda Chi Alpha; American Society of Mechanical Engineers: American Society for Engineering Management Richard A. Gasaway Florissant, MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chairman; Eta Kappa Nu , Membership Chairman, Banquet Chairman; Tau Beta Pi; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Mary Gasper St. Louis, Mo Varsity Soccer; American Ceramic Society; M-Club; Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi, Secretary, Treasurer; Intramural Sports; Miner Cords Carey L. Gatlin St. Louis, MO MarkS. Geissler Fenton, MO ASM/TMS, President; American Foundryman's Society Tamara Lyn Gibson Florissant, MO

Jeffrey Allen Gillham Independence, MO Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega, Corresponding Secretary

Joseph T. Graf Kansas City, MO Phi Kappa Phi; Bible Study Club, Secretary

Kevin Glannon Kansas City, MO Baptist Student Union; Pi Tau Sigma; Student Union Board; Juggling Club

Jennifer Graham Wichita, KS Chi Omega, House Manager, Chapter Correspondent; ASM/ TMS; Intercollegiate Knights

Timothy Daniel Gode Joe Guccione Auxvasse, MO St. Charles, MO Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alumni Chair- Kappa Alpha, Recording Secreman, Sentinel; St. Pat's Board; tary, Treasurer; Alpha Phi American Nuclear Society, Treas- Omega. President, Recording urer; Intramural Sports Secretary; Blue Key; Society of Automotive Engineers; American Thomas Michael Goebel Society of Mechanical Engineers; Godfrey, IL Cheerleader Resident Assistant; TJHA, Floor President; Spelunkers Club; Cary Alan Guffey Student Union Board, Films and Camdenton, MO Video Committee, Fine Arts Committee; Cycling Club Richard P. Guieb Jr. Waynesville. MO Jill Goetges Army ROTC; Alpha Epsilon Pi, St. Charles, MO Sentinel. Philanthropy CommitZeta Tau Alpha, Membership; tee; Studen t Union Board, ConAlpha Phi Omega; Alpha Chi certs Committee; Cheerleader, Sigma; Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Cap tain ; Intercollegiate Knights; Sisters, President. Vice President Pershing Rifles David Keith Goetz Fenton, MO Theta Xi; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Union Board; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Richard Michael Gore St. Charles, MO Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Secretary, Rush Chairman; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer, Executive Council; Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Rugby Club Dirk L. Gowin Springfield, MO American Society of Civil Engineers, President, Secretary; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi

H Dan Hack Florissant, MO Beta Sigma Psi, President. Vice President, Steward, Sergeant-atArms, Social Chairman;Alph a Phi Omega, President, Vice President, Social Chairman; Student Con duct Committee; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Associated Students of the University of Missouri Jacqueline Ann Hackett St. Louis, MO Intramural Sports; National Residence Hall Honorary, Secretary, Historian; Resident Assistant; Tae Kwon Do Club, Vice President, Historian; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; TJHA. Floor President

Karri Lyn Hall Bolivar, MO Association of General Contractors, Resume Book Chairman, President; Associated Students of the University of Missouri, ComKathy Lynn Gunderson munications Director, Rolla Director; American Society of Civil Colorado Springs, CO Chi Omega; Society of Women Engin eers; Collegium Musician, Engineers, Vice President; Ameri- Choreographer, Dancer; Wesley can Society for Engineering Man- Foundation. Publicity Director agement; American Society for Kevin W. Hall Quality Control; Daughters of Lee Martinez, GA Stephanie D. Gurlen Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Phi Rolla, MO Omega; American Society of MeUpsilon Pi Epsilon chanical Engineers Glen K. Halley Cando, ND Track; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Madrigal Dinner Dancer



Dwight Douglas Haney Jackson, MO Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treasurer; Intercollegiate Knights, President, Vice President; Student Union Board, Vice President, Fine Arts Director; Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Vice President; Cross Country; Student Cou ncil

Michael William Hartman Rock Port, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Planning Committee; Ameiican Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers; General Delegation of Independents; Intramural Chairman

William Lloy d Headrick Jr. Salem,MO General Delegation of Independents, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Keramos: American Ceramic Society; Chancellor's Leadership Class Michael A. Heaton Benton, IL Association of Engineeiing Geologists: Phi Theta Kappa; Kappa Mu Epsilon

Ed Hassinger Kirkwood, MO Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Histoiian; Charlene Sue Hentges Society of Physics Students, Vice Jefferson City, MO President, Treasurer; Rollamo, Assistant Photo Editor, Photogra- Order of the Sun, President, Secretary, Treasurer; Angel pher David Lloyd Harfst Flight, Public Affairs; American Labadie,MO Society of Mechanical Engineers; Roger L. Hatfield Phi Kappa Phi; Institute of ElecIntramural Sports; Newman Clinton, MO tiical and Electronic Engineers Assistant Center Sigma Nu, Recorder, Heather L. Harlan Pledge Trainer, Sentinel; AmeriDaniel Herzberg Republic, MO can Society of Mechanical EngiSt. Louis, MO Phi Eta Sigma; Upsilon Pi Epsineers, Vice President, Treasurer, M-Clu b; Delta Football; of Varsity lon, Secretary; Angel Fligh t/ Society Chairman; Publicity Sigma Phi, Vice President; EcoSilver Wings, Commander, Automotive Engineers Pledge Trainer nomics Club Jeffrey S. Hawk Gregory Wayne Harper Vincent S . Hibdon Rolla, MO Kansas City, MO Tulsa, OK Mine Rescue Team; Society of Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma SecreMinin g Engineers, Alumni tary Roger S . Hickam Jeffrey A. Harris Goreville, IL Raytown, MO Society of Mining Engineers, Vice Christina M. Hayes Association of Engineeiing GeMO Osceola, President; Mine Rescue Team, ologists, President, Vice PresiZeta Tau Alpha, President, Ritual Captain Sigma Club; Spelunkers dent; Chairman, Scholarship ChairNu, Rush Chairman; Rifle Team man; Helix Life Science Club; James L. Hill Alpha Chi Sigma Jefferson City, MO Timothy E. Harster Delta Tau Delta, President, St. Louis, MO Eric August Haynes Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Ar ms; Phi Kappa Theta; St. Pat's Board, Hollister, MO American Nuclear Society. Social CeAmeiican Guard; Secretary, Air Force ROTC, Director of . Chairman; Alpha Nu Sigma, ramic Society; Keramos; AmeliTraining, Flight Sergeant; Arnold Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Phi can Society for Quality Control Air Society, Director of OperaOmega tions, Commander; Inter ResiJohn Douglas Hart dence Council, Cochairman·• Brian J . Hirshberg Marshfield, MO Student Resident Assistant; Evansville,IN Student Council; Institute of Union Board; Rifle Team Intramural Sports Electiical and Electronic Engineers; Tech Engine Club

Keith Hansen Jefferson City, MO Ameiican Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors; Institute of Transportation Engineers



Howard S . H. Ho Rolla, MO American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Gamma Tau; Tae Kwon Do Club, President, Historian Kimberly D. Hodges Springfield , MO American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon, Treasurer Stephen Hoffman Viburnum, MO Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Vice President; Sigma Pi, Herald , Scholarship Chairman Bradley Chandler Holliday Halltown, MO Joanne Marie Holmes St. Louis, MO Society of Women Engineers, Vice President; Alpha Sigma Mu Shannon Dean Hopkins Republic, MO Chi Epsilon, Committee Chairman; Christian Campus Fellowship, Vice President, Intramural Manager; American Society of Civil Engineers

Andrew Sc ott Howerton Carthage, MO Pi Kappa Phi, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary; Interfraternity Council; Alpha Phi Omega, Sergeant-at-Arms; Beta Chi Sigma

Richard Joe Huizinga Yankton, SD Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, President; Christian Campus Fellowship; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Tau Beta Pi

Michelle A. Hoyt Columbia, MO Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, Green Rep; Student Union Board, Special Events Director; Phi Eta Sigma, Executive Council, Corresponding Secretary; Blue Key; Kappa Mu Epsilon

Charanjit Hundal Shawnee, KS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Amnesty International; India Association, President

Joelle Yvonne Hubbard St. Louis, MO of Black EngiSociety National neers; Student Council; Association for Black Students, Treasurer, Secretary; Minority Engineering Mentor Program; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Alpha Kappa Alpha, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Dean of Pledges, Panhellenic Representative

Debra Ann Hunke Stark City, MO Tau Beta Sigma, President, Vice President; Little Sisters of Alpha Epsilon Pi, President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Historian; Institute of Industrial Engineers; Tau Beta Pi Keil Hunsaker St. Charles, MO KMNR Disk Jockey; Association for Computing Machinery

Bisma Husen J aharta, Indonesia R. Christopher Hughes Students Association, Muslim MO St. Joseph, Treasurer; American Institute of Sigma Tau Gamma, President, Aeronautics and Astronautics; Pi Vice President of Education; Sigma Tau American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Alpha Phi Glen Hoppe Carla Huskey Omega; English Club; Missouri Springfield, MO Rolla, MO Miner American Institute of Chemical Psi Chi; Psychology Club Engineers Thomas F. Hughes Frederick W. Husman Hazelwood, MO Richard Horst St. Louis, MO PresiVice President, Nu, Sigma Springfield, MO dent, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, American Society of Heating, Secretary, Historian, Rush ChairRefrigeration, and Air Condition- Varsity Soccer; Theta Tau Missouri President; Vice Omega, man; Eta Kappa Nu; Theta Tau ing Engineers, President; Sigma Omega, Vice President, TreasMiner, Sports Editor, Assistant Tau Gamma, House Manager, urer; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Chaplain, Assistant Social Chair- Sports Editor, Staff Writer; StuAmeriBoard; Fee Activities dent Omega; Phi Eta Sigma man, Comptroller; Pi Tau Sigma; can Society for Engineering ManAmerican Society of Mechanical Timothy Hymer agement Engineers Buffalo, MO Alpha Sigma Mu; Baptist Student J ames Curtis Hovis Union; American Foundryman's Union, MO Society; ASM/TMS ~243

I Jeffrey A. Imhoff Tipton, MO Derek Dwight Ingram Caruthersv ille, MO Sigma Gamma Eps ilon, President; Association of Engineerin g Geologists

J Kenneth Johnson St. Ch arles, MO Delta Ta u Delta, 2nd Vice President, Guide; Interfratern ity Coun cil; Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers Lenier Johnson Jr. St. Louis, MO National Society of Black Engin eers, President, Vice President, Secretary; American Society for Engineerin g Manageme nt, Vice President-M embership; Toastmasters Matthew H. Johnson Kansas City, MO Sigma Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Tau Beta Pi Tyronna Johnson St. Louis, MO Alpha Kappa Alpha, President, Secretary; National Society of Black Engineers, Vice President; Panhellenic Council; Varsity Cheerleade r; Intramural Sports; Student Council William Johnson Jefferson City, MO Phi Kappa Theta; Varsity Football, Team Captain; Association of Engineerin g Geologists 244~

Andrew P. Johnston Milwaukee, WI Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Gamma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Army ROTC, Batallion Commander; Raiders, Company Commander David Jones Tampa, FL

Jonathan W. Joplin Arnold, MO Eta Kappa Nu, President, 'lreasurer, Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Kelley Ann Jozwaik St. Louis, MO Zeta Tau Alpha; Panhellenic Council, Secretary, Treasurer; American Society of Civil Engineers; Cheerleader

James Brent Jones Roachport, lA KMNR Program Director, PersonChris Jungers nel Director, Roadshow Manager, Ballwin, MO 'lrainee Director, Disk Jockey; General Delegation of lndepend- Kappa Alpha, House Manager, Social Chairman, Intramurals ents: Student Council, Committee Chairman; Delta Sigma Phi; V Chairman; Pi Tau Sigma Chancellor' s Student Cabinet Jennifer Jones St. Louis, MO KMNR Station Manager , Business Manager, Personnel Manager, Disk Jockey; General Delegation of Independen ts; Association of Engineerin g Geologists; Student Activity Fee Board


Mahmoud S. Kaba Monrovia, Liberia Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: American Institute of Ch emical Engineers: Student Council

Karen Denise Jones Kimberly K. Kaeding St. Louis, MO Mexico, MO National Society of Black EngiAlpha Sigma Mu; American neers, Parliament arian, Public Foundrym an's Society; ASM/ Relations Chairman; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, TMS Planning Committee Coch airman Susan Kellems Rolla, MO Michael Steven Jones Webb City, MO Mark P. Kelly Student Council, Recruitmen t St. Louis, MO Committee ; Christian Campus Fellowship; Pi Tau Sigma; Ameri- American Institute of Aeronautic s can Institute of Aeronautic s and and Astronauti cs, Treasurer: Phi Astronautic s; Society of Automo- Eta S igma tive Engineers; American Society Christoph er N. Kennedy of Heating, Refrigeratio n, and Air Viburnum, MO Conditionin g Engineers Air Force ROTC William J. Kenyon Blue Springs, MO Helix Life Science Club, SecretarY

Stephen Keutzer Kirkwood, MO Sigma Tau Gamma, President ; KMNR; Volleyball Club Michael Scott Keyes Kansas City, MO

David A Kopp Crystal City, MO Kappa Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; American Society of Mechanic al Engineer s; Society of Automoti ve Engineer s

Ti.m othy Stanley Kosciels ki Lake St. Louis, MO David Wayne Kiehne Phi Kappa Theta, Steward, ExFlorissan t, MO Manecutive Council, Summer and Alpha Epsilon Pi, House ager, Intramur al Manager, Histo- Area Rush; Varsity Soccer; Gamma Alpha Delta, Publicity rian, Sister Guide; Tau Beta Pi; Chairman ; Institute of Electrica l Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; American Society of Mechanic al and Electroni c Engineer s Engineer s; Alpha Phi Omega Timothy Francis Kram Kansas City, MO Roland R. KUcher Residenc e Hall Associati on, St. Charles, MO President , Treasure r; Campus Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Mu EpsiSafety Commiss ion; Rugby Club; lon; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Society of Au tomotive Engineer s; Student Knight; National ResiAmerican Society of Mechanic al dence Hall Honorary ; Inter Residence Council Engineer s Deborah J . Klaus St. Peters, MO Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Cou ntry; Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi Melissa Dawn Klotz Nevada, MO of Chemical Institute American Engineer s, Environm ental Protection Advocate s, Vice President ; Juggling Club, Vice Presiden t

Donna Karen Kraus McHenry , IL Society of Women Engineer s, Secretary /Treasure r; American Institute of Aeronaut ics and Astronau tics; Sigma Gamma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Little Sisters of the White Star, Presiden t, Treasure r

L Lonnie Wayne Lacey San Diego, CA Phi Kappa Phi; Institute of Electrical and Electroni c Engineer s Sunila Lahiri Lake St. Louis, MO Kappa Delta, Press and Public Relations Chairma n, Student Knight; Panhellen ic Council, IFC Liason, Special Events; Intercollegiate Knights, Presiden t, Vice President ; American Foundryman's Society, Treasure r; ASM/ TMS, Secretary Kiet V. Lam Warrensb urg, MO Institute of Electrica l and Electronic Engineer s; Chinese Student Associati on Elizabet h Anne Lang Webster Groves, MO Psycholo gy Club; Psi Ch i Matthew F. Laudon Rolla, MO American Society of Mechanic al Engineer s; Pi Tau Sigma; Lambda Chi Alpha

Melissa M. Krolak Oak Lawn, IL Robert Lavelle SociVarsity Softball; American East Alton, MO ent; Managem ing Engineer for ety Timothy Koczur American Society of Mechanic al Theater; TaeKwo nDo Club; MIronton, MO Engineer s; American Institute of Club; Intramur al Sports Aeronaut ics and Astronau tics; Institute of Electrica l and ElecTau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi tronic Engineer s; Eta Kappa Nu Kuehn . J John Kappa Phi Hobby Club Hartsbur g, MO Phi Kappa Theta, Presiden t, Jae H. Lee Rachel Kong Treast Assistan , Chairman Rush Seoul, Korea San Jose, CA urer, Student Council Represen - Korean Students Associati on, Daughter s of the Emerald; Tae President , Vice President , TreasKwon Do Club, Historian ; Korean tative; Blue Key, 1st Vice PresiTau Theta r; Treasure dent, , urer; Institute of Electrica l and Students Associati on, Secretary Omega, Casino Night Tickets and Electroni c Engineer s; Sigma Pi Treasure r Money Chairman ; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice President ; Intramural Sports


Scott J . Leigh Bridgeton, MO Lutheran Student Center: Eta Kappa Mu, Historian; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Rebecca Kuhr LeMay Sioux Falls, SD Association of Engineering Geologists; Society ofWomen Engineers Ralph Lemongelli III Monroe City, MO Student Council; Sigma Chi; Trap and Skeet Club; American Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors: Water Pollution Control Federation Paul T. Lenox Rolla, MO Semper Fidelis Society Jeffrey Edward Leonard Rolla, MO Varsity Golf David M. Lewis St. Louis, MO Head Resident Assistant: Inter Residence Council, President: American Society for Engineering Management, Vice President: Task Force for Greek Life Review: Residence Hall Association David Libiez Edmond, OK Sigma Ta u Gamma, Vice President: Interfraternity Council; Alpha Phi Omega Harold T. Licklider Jr. St. James, MO Psychology Club, Student Council Representative James Liu Taipei, Taiwan Tau Beta Pi; Chinese Students Association 246


Earl R. Livingston Waynesville, MO Jennifer Kay Llewellyn East Alton, IL Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President: Student Council; Society of Women Engineers; American Foundryman's Society; ASM/ TMS; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters, President

David L. Manka Kansas City, MO Sigma Nu; Chi Epsilon: As sociation of General Contractors, Treasurer: American Society of Civil Engineers: Studen t Union Board, Leisure and Recreation Committee: Toastmasters Gina Marnatti St. Louis, MO Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi, Intramural Manager: M-Club, Publicity Officer: American Society for Engineering Management; Varsity Softball; Varsity Soccer

Susan Lovelace Annada, MO Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2nd Vice Chairman; American Society for Engineering Caroline Manuel Management, Plant Trip CommitRolla, MO tee; American Society for Quality Association Psychology American Control Susan Lowe Springfield, MO Chi Omega; Tau Beta Pi, Vice President; Eta Kappa Nu; Missouri Miner, Photographer: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers: Society of Women Engineers Pamela Luchun Ballwin, MO American Society of Civil Engineers

M John MacDonald House Springs, MO KMNR Disk Jockey Chris Wesley Maddox St. Charles, MO Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Gamma Tau; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics David Madrid St. Louis, MO

Perry Louis Mar Kansas City, MO Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Omega Chi Epsilon, Vice President: American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Phi Kappa Phi; Golden Key Kerry Steven Martin Granite City, IL Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Harold Martin-Vignerte Germany Varsity Tennis; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, Vice President: Intramural Sports Gregory S . Martinez Florissant, MO Interfraternity Council, Vice President; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sergeant-at-Arms, Alumni Correspondent: Theta Tau Omega: Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi Karon S . Matlock Rolla, MO

John J . Mazzola Jr. Chesterfield, MO Phi Kappa Theta, Steward, Chapter Editor, Parade Chairman, Parent's Club Chairman; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vice President; Gamma Alpha Delta; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Kimberly Rona McMahan Maryland Heights, MO TJHA, Vice President, Secretary, Floor President; American Society of Civil Engineers; Inter Residence Council

Robin Danielle Meyer Washington, MO Chi Epsilon, Vice President, Secretary; American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi Omega; Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer ; Daughters of Diana, President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian

David Medrow Rolla, MO Tau Beta Pi, President, Vice Thomas Christopher Meyer President; Kappa Kappa Psi, Michael Jeffrey McCann Quincy, IL Secretary; Treasurer , Recording Madison, MO American Institute of Aeronautics Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Eta Kappa Nu, Corresponding Secretary; Marching and Concert and Astronautics; American SociCivil Engineers Band; Institute of Electrical and ety of Mechanical Engineers; Intramural Sports Electronic Engineers; Lutheran Katrina McDaniel Student Center St. James, MO Michael G. Miano American Society for Engineering St. Louis, MO Samuel J . Mehmert Management, Vice President of American Society of Mechanical Chamois, MO Membership; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Engineers Eta Kappa Nu Omega, Student Council Representative; Panhellenic Council; Brian Micklewright Amy Diane Melius Order of the Sun, Vice President; Oskaloosa, lA Bowling Green, KY Volleyball Club Trap and Skeet Club, President; Society of Women Engineers, Kappa Kappa Psi, Historian; President, Secretary /Treasurer; Sean Finn McDermott American Society of Civil EngiSociety of Physics Students, St. Louis, MO n eers; Association of General Secretary; American Society of American Society of Mechanical Contractors Engineers; Society of Automotive Mechanical Engineers Engineers; Intramural Sports Cynthia Ann Millangue Darren Melt on Chesterfield, MO Blue Springs, MO Jeffery Z. McEntire Ta u Beta Sigma, Vice President, Eta Kappa Nu, Vice President; Springfield, MO Historian; Newman Center; UniPhi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Institute of Electrical versity Band; UMR Ozark High Jason Blair McHaney land Pipe Band and Electronic Engineers East Prairie, MO Rollamo, Editor-in-Chief, Photo Kevin Michael Miller Michelle L. Melton Editor; Wesley Foundation, Proj Bartlett, IL Springfield, MO ects, Vice President; American ofTransportaInstitute Pi; Sigma Institute of Chemical Engineers; M-Club; Little Sigmas of Sigma tion Engineers, President; AmeriChi, Sweetheart, President, Vice Student Knight; Chancellor's President, Rush Chairman, Chip- can Society of Civil Engineers; Student Cabinet Alpha Phi Omega pendales Chairman; American Ceramic Society; Varsity Track Timothy J . McKeon Shelly Miller and Field; Intramural Sports Cape Girardeau, MO Potosi, MO American Institute of Chemical Kappa Delta; Alpha Phi Omega Stephen Menendez Engineers, Vice President; AmeriSt. Louis, MO can Ceramic Society, President; Thomas M. Miller Sigma Chi, House Manager; Omega Chi Epsilon, Treasurer Padu cah, KY American Foundryman's Society American Ceramic Society, President; Alpha Chi Sigma, Social Carla Jean Merz Chairman; Keramos, National St. Louis, MO Psi Chi; Psychology Club, Secre- Student Representative ; Intramural Sports tary ~


Randall Murray Craig Moellenhoff Bourbon, MO St. Louis, MO Ta u Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Insti- Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers tute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Lutheran Studen t Scott Allen Musgrave Center, President St. Ch arles. MO Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track Daryl J . Moore and Field; Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi University City, MO Anthony Edwin Morgan Fenton, MO Charmaine C. Morgan East St. Louis, IL American Society for Engineering Management; Delta Sigma Theta, President; National Society of Black Engineers Keith Aaron Morris St. Peters, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronir Engineers; Intramural Sports Joseph Marion Moses Jr. Nixa, MO American Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors Andrew T. Mueller Bertrand, MO Alpha Epsilon Pi, President. Vice President, Secretary; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Interfraternity Council

Timothy Mussman Florissant. MO Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice Presiden t. Business Representative; Beta Chi Sigma. Vice President

Chris Newcombe Florissant, MO Student Union Board; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Chun-Kee Calvin Ng Hong Kong Sheila Nguyen St. Louis, MO

Daniel Chad Naes St. Louis. MO

Robert Lee Niedergerke Columbia, MO Association for Computing Machinery, Vice President, Treasurer, Tours Committee. Mini Disk Committee. Membership Committee, Resu me Book Comm ittee, Programming Team; Phi Kappa Phi; KMNR; Ups ilon Pi Epsilon; Kappa Mu Epsilon

Alex Martin Nagy Poplar Bluff, MO Varsity Football; M-Club; American Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors; Delta Sigma Phi

Michael L. Noble Omaha, NB Varsity Football, Team Captain; Varsity Track; M-Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Air Force ROTC


Michael Napoli Kansas City, MO Pi Kappa Ph i; Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Mech anical Engineers Nancy Nawojski Ballwin, MO Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer

Anuchai Notananda Ch iang-Mai, Thailand

0 Jeffrey Obermark Wash in gton, MO Pi Kappa Phi

EUzabeth Mueller St. Louis, MO Brian Neary Kappa Delta; Intercollegiate Ballwin, MO Debbie Obertz Knigh ts; Little Sisters of Phi Association for Computing MaFlorissant, MO Kappa Theta; Institute of Electri- chinery; Spelunkers Club Association for Computing Macal and Electronic Engineers chinery; Daughters of the EmerBrian Joseph Nenninger ald. President, Treasurer, Rush Jeffrey G. Mueller Jackson . MO Chairman Florissant, MO President, Eta Kappa Nu, Vice Historian; Tau Beta Pi; Institu te Robert G. Obrien Laura J . Mueller of Electrical and Electronic EngiSt. Louis, MO Caseyville, IL neers Residence Hall Association American Society for Engineering Management; American Society for Quality Control 24K


Mark Ochs Perryville, MO General Delegation of Independents, Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice President, President; KMNR

James E. Papin St. Louis, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon , Rush Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Fundraising Chairman

Nora A. Okong'o Nairobi, Kenya American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Sigma Gamma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; M issouri Miner, Staff Writer

Kevin Park Kansas City, MO Tae Kwon Do Club, Assistant Instructor; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Newman Center; Korean Students Association; International Students Club

Tim Oligmueller Buckner, MO Resident Assistant; National Residence Hall Honorary, Vice President, Treasurer; American Society for Engineering Management Kok Ching Ong Singapore, Singapore Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu

Todd Parks Clinton, MO Varsity Football; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; M-Club; Society of Mining Engineers Eric L. Parsons Montgomery, AL

Daniel Joseph Pearson Fenton, MO Delta Tau Delta; Student Union Board; American Society for Engineering Managemen t; Society of Manufacturing Engineers Jeff D. Pearson Sikeston, MO Society of Au tomotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers Marilyn Peebles-Ruffin St. Louis, MO National Society for Black Engin eers, President, Vice President, Secretary; Association of Black Students, Secretary; Minority Engineerin g Mentor Program ; Intramural Sports Joseph Pendino Florissant, MO TJHA, Floor President

Dharmendra Patel Whittier, CA Douglas W. Pentecost American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Treasurer; Indian Harbour Beach , FL Abdul Halim Othman Air Force ROTC; UMR Band; Avalon, Assistant Editor; AE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Kappa Kappa Psi; TJ Food ComAmerican Institute of Aeronautics Crew mittee, Presiden t , Vice President; and Astron autics; Mus lim StuAmerican Institute of Aeronautics Pragna Gijubhai Patel dent Association Franklin, KY and Astronautics Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secretary; Phi James Preston Peterson II Eta Sigma; Indian Student AssoDuQuoin, IL ciation, Secretary; Society of Chi Epsilon, Vice President; Women Engineers; Institute of Varsity Football; M-Club; AmeriJamie Page Electrical and Electronic EngiNew London, MO can Society of Civil Engineers; n eers Christian Campus Fellowship; Association of General Contractors American Society of Civil EngiDavid Patterson neers; Intramural Sports St. Louis, MO Paul Petry American Society of Heating, Sunrise Beach, MO Rebecca Palovchik Refrigeration, and Air ConditionGranite City, IL ing Engineers; American Society Kappa Delta, Assistant Vice of Mechanical Engineers President, Scholarship Chairman, Activities Chairman, EffiKevin Patterson ciency Secretary; American InstiVienna, MO tute of Chemical Engineers; Tau Kappa Mu Epsilon Beta Pi; Omega Chi Epsilon Joel F. Peacher Rolla, MO Society of Physics Students, Vice President; Gaming Association




Amy Pharr

Blue Springs, MO National Residence Hall Honorary. President; Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi, President, Vice President; American Society for Engineering Management, Chapter Developement Committee; Inter Residence Council, National Communications Coordinator; TJHA, President; Floor President

Ronald E. Platz Shelbina, MO Student Council, Committee Chairman, Treasurer; Student Activity Fee Board; Baptist Student Union; American Institute o Aeronautics and Astronautics David N. Poff St. Joseph. MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Joel Philliber Charles A. Porter Sedalia, MO Lee's Summit, MO Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; ASM/TMS, Treas- American Foundryman's Society; ASM/TMS; American Society for urer; Intramural Sports Quality Control; Sigma Nu, Assistant Treasurer, House ManLara Christine Phillips ager, Steward Webster Groves, MO Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Little Timothy Wynne Preusch Sigmas of Sigma Chi, President, Lebanon, MO Secretary, Rush Chairman, Sweetheart; St. Pat's Queen; Eta American Society of Mechanical Kappa Nu ; Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electronic Engin eers J oseph E. Price Sherwood, AR Sandra Pierce Rolla, MO Baptist Student Union; ASM/ TMS Psych ology Club Tim Pierce Rolla, MO Student Council Cyril P. Pimentel St. Louis, MO Lambda Chi Alpha; St. Pat's Board; American Society for Engineering Managem ent; Alpha Phi Omega, lst Vice President; Historian; Intercollegiate Knights Pledge Trainer; Volleyball Club Wesley Pitman Perryville, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers Jeff Platcher Wauoconda, IL Delta Upsilon, Treasurer, Hou se Manager



Sally Puhlick Kearney, MO Varsity Soccer; Institu te of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister John Pulay St. Louis, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Jon Leslie Purgason Excelside Springs, MO Wrestling; M-Club, Vice President, Treasurer; Rugby Club; Army ROTC; Association of United States Army; American Society for Engineering Managem ent

R Victor L. Rackers Jefferson City, MO Phi Kappa Theta; American Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors David A. Randall Rolla, MO Keith Randall St. Lou is, MO Charles Rawlins Farmington, MO Alph a Epsilon Pi, Secretary, Historian, Social Chairman; American Society for Quality Control; Interfraternity Cou ncil; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramural Sports Brian Reagan St. Louis, MO Bowling Team; American Society of Civil Engineers; Association of General Contractors Timothy Reitz St. Louis, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Planning Committee Lisa Ann Riley New Madrid, MO Eta Kappa Nu, Recording Secretary, Membership Chairman; Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treasurer; Little Sigmas of Sigma Ch i, President, Pledge Trainer; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers David B. Rintoul Godfrey, IL Steven Lee Rist Virginia, IL KMNR, Disk Jockey, Hard Rock Director; KUMR Stu dent Assistant; Southwinds, Senior Editor, Assistant Editor

Douglas Charles Rivard Florissant, MO Sigma Nu, President, Rush Chairman, Alumni Contact; Alpha Chi Sigma, Master of Ceremonies; Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge Trainer, Social Chairman; American Institute of Ch emical Engineers Joshua Robinson Manch ester , MO Delta Sigm a Phi; Alph a Chi Sigma; American Ceramic Society; International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics; Ph i Eta Sigma; St. Pat's Board Anita D. Romli J akarta, Indon esia Gen eral Delegation of Independents John B. Rowland St. Lou is, MO Tech Engine Club; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Deanna Marie Rozgay Kearney, MO Zeta Tau Alpha; American Society of Civil Engineers Kathleen H. Ryan St. Louis, MO Varsity Track ; M-Club; Student Union Board; Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

s Badrul Hisham Mohd Said Johor, Malaysia Ronald J . Salamie St. Louis, MO Kappa Alpha, Vice President, Parliamentarian, Ritualist, Philanthropy Chairman, Student Knigh t; Gamma Alpha Delta,

President, Secretary/Treasurer, Victoria Scammacca Projects Chairman; Blue Key, Lee's Summit, MO 2nd Vice President; Cheerleader; Chi Omega, Personnel Ch airman, Chi Epsilon; Student Mfairs Treasurer, House Manager; Tau Committee Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma, President, Scott A. Sallberg Vice President, Secretary; InterSpring Lake Park, MN collegiate Knights, 1st Vice PresiEta Kappa Nu; Bowling Team den t, 2nd Vice Presiden t; Phi Kappa Phi; Daughters of Lee, Treasurer Gregory Phillip Sallee Diana Scantlan Cincinnati, OH Sullivan, MO Varsity Basketball; M-Club; Tau Phi Kappa Phi Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Phi Kappa Terry Schafer Phi Salem, MO Dana Lynn Salzman Toastmasters; American Society Alton, IL for Engineering Management; ASM/TMS, Secretary; Resident Society of Manu facturin g En giAssistant; American Foundryn eers man's Society; Society of Women Engineers Allen Schlotzhauer Holden, MO John Lloyd Sander Tae Kwon Do Club, Treasurer; St. Louis, MO American Institu te of Aeronautics Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman, and Astronautics; Society of Old South Chairman; Alpha Phi Physics Students Omega Rob Schoenborn Kenneth Sessa Cape Girardeau, MO Kansas City, MO Keramos, President; American Ceramic Society; Spelunkers Kappa Alph a; Chi Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; American Society of Club; Society of Physics Students, Vice Presiden t Civil Engineers Timothy M. Saunders St. Louis, MO Phi Kappa Theta, Social Chairman, Roving Rush, Assistant Rush Chairman; Varsity Soccer, Captain; Theta Tau Omega; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Campus Athletics Committee

Jeffrey Joseph Schonaerts Augu sta, MO Kappa Kappa Psi; Phi Theta Kappa; Marching Band; Jazz Band Timothy G. Schroeder Perryville, MO Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treasurer; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma

Mark Thomas Sautman Belleville, IL Student Union Board, Treasurer, Lonnie Eugene Schubert Films and Video Committee DiParsons, KS rector; Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, Alpha Sigma Mu, Treasurer; Chaplain; Blue Key; American ASM/TMS; Society of American Nuclear Society; Alpha Nu Sigma; Military Engineers Tau Beta Pi ~

25 1

Doreen Schulz St. Louis, MO Zeta Tau Alpha , Director of Pledge Programming, House Manager, Corresponding Secretary; Sisters of the Sheild and Diamond, President, Treasurer, Secretary; Student Council, Student Affairs Committee Chairman; Football Ball Girl

Su san Laura Shefchyk Rolla, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Treasurer; Alpha Chi Sigma, Reporter; Omega Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma

Christopher Silies St. Louis, MO Kappa Sigma, President, Guard; Varsity Baseball; Th eta Tau Omega; American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Kathleen Shelton St. Charles, MO Zeta Tau Alpha

Timothy Dale Scott Mount Vernon, MO Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Vice President, House Manager; Blue Key, President, Treasurer; Student Council; American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Kenneth Shields Raytown, MO National Residence Hall Honorary; Spelunkers Club; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Student Union Board, Technical Services

Jerome Simon Portage Des Sioux, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Collegium Musician

Steven John Seller Savannah, GA American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Dan Shipley Washington, MO Kappa Kappa Psi, Historian; Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Tau Gamma, Alumni Secretary; Jazz Band; Pep Band; Band, Spirit Leader

Jane Elizabeth Stoll Selle Rolla, MO American Society for Engineering Management; Institute of Indus trial Engineers; Tennis Team Mohd Ashri Shaari Jelebu, Malaysia Khairul Anwar Sharif Rolla, MO Muhammad Reza Shawal Alludin Malacca, Malaysia Student Union Board; Muslim Student Association NHchaelP. Sheahan Jefferson City, MO Phi Kappa Theta, Treasurer, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Steward; Kappa Mu Epsilon, President, Secretary; Blue Key, Social Chairman; Intramural Sports

25 2


Sue Shrove Seoul, Korea Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu Susan E. Shrum St. Louis, MO Varsity Soccer, Captain; Stardusters, Treasurer; American Society for Engineering Management; Society of Manufacturing Engineers Boyd Duane Sievers Jackson, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Society of Heating, Refriger ation, and Air Conditioning Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers

Sukdev Kr Sinha St. Louis, MO Joseph J. Skeeters Ellisville, MO Theta Xi, House Manager , House Improvement Chairman; Gamma Alpha Delta; Intramural Sports Keith Scott Smith Springfield, IL Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Intramural Sports Mark W. Smith Louisiana, MO Sandra E. Smith Kelso, MO Katayoun Sohrabi Tehran, Iran Toastmasters, President, Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma, President, Vice President, Secretary; Student Union Board, Fine Arts Committee Director; Chi Omega; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Omega

Aaron Paul Solomon Batavia, NY Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Educator, Charity and Alcohol Awareness Chairman, By Laws Chairman; Intramural Sports; Psi Chi; Alpha Steven Lawrence Seivert Phi Omega, Secretary, Blood Houston, TX Drive Chairman; History Club; American Society for Engineering Missouri Miner, Staff Writer, Copy Management; American Society Editor for Quality Control

Gregg Sparks Farmington, MO Chi Epsilon, Editor of The Transit. American Society of Civil En gineers, Intramural Represen tative; Association of General Contractors

Keith Alan St.Gemme Flat River, MO Society of Petroleum Engineers, President; Pi Epsilon Tau, Executive Vice President; Varsity Football

Sailendra R. Sunkara Creve Coeur, MO S tuden t Council; Sigma Pi, Steward; Ka ppa Mu Epsilon; Upsilon Pi Epsilon; Chancellor's Lea dership Class

Richard Allen Stigall ll Richmond, MO Sigma Gamma Tau, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; American Ins titute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Kappa Mu Epsilon

Poontawee Suranunt Leawood, KS Sigma Pi; M-Club; American Ins titute of Chemical Engineers; Varsity Tennis; Rugby Team

John D. Spencer St. Louis, MO Beta Sigma Psi, President, 1st Vice President, Secretary, Athletic Manager, Projects ChairDouglas Swancutt man; St. Pat's Board, Master Rolla , MO Erik Stockglausner Guard, Treasu rer, Campu s Sales for Engineering Society American St. Louis, MO Chairman; Theta Tau Omega; Managemen t , Society of ManuStu dent Activity Fee Board; Kera - Interfratem.ity Council, Vice facturing Engineers Presiden t; Sigma Pi, Pledge mos; American Ceramic Society Trainer, House Manager; Rugby Club, Social Chairman; ToastDouglas Michael Spiller masters, Execu tive Vice PresiMaryland Heights, MO dent; Theta Tau Omega; ASM/ Delta Tau Delta, Pledge Educa TMS tor, Guide, S ecr etary; American Brian Keith Taber Academy of Mechanics, PresiAva, MO Mark Stielow dent, Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega American Nuclear Society North Kansas City, MO Society of Automotive Engineers, Daniel W. St. Peters David Tajkowski Presiden t, Treasurer; Formula Alton , IL St. Charles, MO American Society for Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers, Group Leader; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Management, President, PresiBradley Len Tate dent-Elect; Institute of Industrial Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma Cabool, MO Engineers; Sigma Pi, Vice PresiFellows h ip , Campus tian Chris Thomas P. Stratman dent, Hou se Manager ; Gamma Vice President of External Affairs St. Louis, MO Alpha Delta and Outreach; American Society Sigma Ch.i of Civil Engineers Donald T. Stansbery Lori Stricker St. Louis, MO Keith L. Tayon St. Clair, MO American Institute of Aeronautics St. Louis, MO and Astronautics, Treasurer; AE Kappa Delta, Historian; American American Society of Civil EngiInstitute of Chemical Engineers; Crew Alpha Chi Sigma, Reporter; Little n eers Sisters of the White Star, PresiRick Stehlin Christopher Tebbe dent, Vice President, Secretary, St. Louis, MO Washington, MO Intramural Manager Kappa Sigma , Vice President; Interfraternity Council, Judicial David Tepen Steve n J. St rubberg Board Chairman; Theta Tau Florissant, MO Washington, MO Omega; American Foundryman's American Institute of Aeronautics Student Council, Recruiting Society, Vice Pres ident; ASM/ Committee Chairman; Institute of TMS; American Society for Qual- and Astronautics; Tau Beta Pi; Electrical and Electronic EngiSigma Gamma Tau; Intramural ity Control n eers, Treasurer; Affirmative Sports Action Advisory Committee; StuChris Steineman dent Affairs Comm.ittee; Tech Kamut Sukumoljuntr a Bowling Green, KY Engine Club; Intramural Sports Bangkok , Thailand Newman Center , President




Elisabeth Tieber Patrick Tepesch St. Louis, MO Kansas City, MO Keramos, President; Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Soccer, Captain; M-Club, President, Publicity Director; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; American Foundryman's Society; American Ceramic Society Missouri Miner, Staff Writer; Kent Allan Thaemert Order of the Sun, Intramural Florissant, MO Manager Lutheran Student Center, President, Vice President, Intramural Martin A. Tippin Manager; Pi Tau Sigma Warsaw, MO Kappa Kappa Psi, President, Mohmad Azman Theeran Historian; Marching Band, Drum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Major; Concert Band; Pep Band; Muslim Students Association, Phi Eta Sigma Executive Committee; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Brett Lyle Tisch Society of Manufacturing EngiFulton, MO Kappa Alpha, Recording Secreneers tary, Steward; St. Pat's Board; Theta Tau Omega; American Steven L. Thilker St. Charles, MO Society of Mechanical Engineers Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Vice President; Association for Computing Paul Tobben Machinery; Spelunkers Club; Phi Union, MO Eta Sigma Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers Frederick L. Thomas Columbia, MO Michael Eugene Tolbert Society of Automotive Engineers, Kansas City, MO President; Society of Automotive Interfratemity Council; American Engineers Race Team; Tau Beta Society for Engineering ManagePi ment; Alpha Phi Alpha, Vice President, Secretary, Dean of David C. Thompson Pledges; Association of Black St. Joseph, MO Students, 1st Vice President, Kappa Sigma; Theta Tau Omega; Treasurer; National Society of Keramos; American Ceramic So- Black Engineers; Waterpolo Club ciety, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega Michael Traver Louisiana, MO Neal Thompson Student Council; Psychology St. Charles, MO Club, President; General DelegaSociety of Automotive Engineers; tion of Independents American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Society of Kelly Tucker Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Mineral Point, MO Conditioning Enigineers Intemational Students Club; Veteran's Assistance Club, Vice President; Koinonia; Missouri Miner, Assistant News Editor; Triangle Little Sister; Psi Chi



Victor J. Turnell St. Louis, MO Tennis Team Tracy C. Turner Florissant, MO Helix Life Science Club; Kappa Delta; Philanthropy Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi Claudia L. Tutt St. Louis, MO National Society of Black Engineers, Chairperson of Finance; American Institute of Chemical Engineers Lee Alan Tyler Union, MO Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Intramural Sports; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Ronnie W. Tyson Edmond, OK Varsity Football; M-Club; Association of Engineering Geologists

u Steven Gayle Underwood Florissant, MO Bowling Team; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Warren Unk Union, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon; Student Council, Committee Chaiman; Alpha Phi Omega; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Newman Center Steven L. Updike Liberty, MO Association of United States Army, President; Society of American Military Engineers, Vice President; Veteran's Assistance Association; Economics Club

Christine A Uzzell St. Louis, MO Chi Omega, Assistant Scholarship Chairman, Assistant Pledge Trainer; Pi Tau Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Phi Kappa Theta Little Sisters, Social Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma

v Carla Vest Bunker, MO History Club

Judith Ann VonDerHaar St. Louis, MO Inter Residence Council, Chairperson; American Society of Civil Engineers; Residence Hall Association, Intramural Manager, Special Events Committee, Intellectual/Emotional Committee; Chi Epsilon

Deborah A Walton Warson Woods, MO Cheerleader, Captain, SecretaryI Treasurer; Chi Omega, Homecoming Chairman, Spirit Chairman; Student Union Board, Homecoming Committee, Queens Chairman; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Mac Joseph Voss Morrison, MO Pi Tau Sigma, Corresponding Secretary; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma

Simon S . Wang Kansas City, MO American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Cheerleader; Society of Automotive Engineers; Intramural Sports

Mark Anthony Voss Washington, MO

Thomas Wankum Jefferson City, MO Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Kappa Epsilon, House Manager, St. Pat's ComPeggy Waeltermann mittee Chairman, Academic MO St. Louis, Chairman, Little Sisters ChairUpsilon Pi Epsilon, President, Rodney Bruce Viessman Secretary; TJHA, Secretary; Inter man, Scrapbook Chairman Vienna, MO Blue Key, Alumni Secretary, 1st Residence Council; Miner Cords Scott G. Warhover Vice President; Phi Kappa Theta, St. Louis, MO Robert Allan Wagner J r. Financial Accountant, Assistant Epsilon, Rush ChairKappa Tau Kansas City, MO Treasurer; Association for Comman; Student Council; American Triangle, President, Assistant puting Machinery, Secretary, Society of Mechanical Engineers; Treasurer; Ph i Kappa Phi; Kappa House Manager; Varsity Swimming; Waterpolo Club, Secretary; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma, Key Mu Epsilon; Upsilon Pi Epsilon American Society for Engineering Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi Management; M-Club, Pledge Leslie Helayne Vigna Adam Watson Trainer; American Society of Festus, MO Olathe, KS Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, Public Manufacturing Engineers American Society of Civil EngiRelations, Historian; American neers; Association of General Eric Walters Institute of Chemical Engineers; Contractors; Student Union Chillicothe, MO Tau Beta Pi; Omega Chi Epsilon; Board Missouri Miner, Advertising Direc- Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Membership Chairman; tor; Blue Key William H. Watson American Ceramic Society; Sigma Liberty, MO Chi, Historian; American Society Paul Vitt American Institute of Chemical for Engineering Management Eomonton, Canada Engineers, President, Treasurer, Sigma Gamma Tau; President, Reporter; Theta Xi, Scholarship Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; Officer; Alpha Chi Sigma; Omega American Institute of Aeronautics Chi Epsilon and Astronautics; Tae Kwon Do Club, Treasurer, Historian Tod Webb Stewartsville, MO American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Matthew J. Viehmann St. Louis, MO Sigma Chi, President, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chaiman, Alumni Relations; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers




Daniel E. Weber Oak Grove, MO John Weber Bridgeton, MO Association for Computing Ma chinery

Robert M. Wilcox Kirkwood, MO Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice President, Historian, Chaplain, Rush Chaiman; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Kristy Lynn Weber Richard Wilkinson Westphalia, MO Heidelburg, Germany Varsity Softball; Zeta Tau Alpha; Psi Chi; Psychology Club American Society for Engineering Management; M-Club; Student Emery Thomas Williams Union Board, Public Occaisions Peculiar, MO Committee; Panhellenic Council Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Michael Nelson Weidner Florissant, MO Beta Sigma Psi, Financial Secretary, Computer Chairman; Eta Kappa Nu, Hobby Club Supervisor; Phi Eta Sigma; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engin eers; Intercollegiate Knights Deanna Lynn Weil Arnold, MO Varsity Soccer; Phi Kappa Theta Little Sister, Social Chairperson, President; Air Force ROTC; Newman Center, Lector, Eucharistic Minister; M-Club; Omega Sigma Dawn Renee Weinand Troy, MO Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Omega Chi Epsilon, Vice President; Phi Kappa Phi; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Intramural Sports James Westhoff St. Louis, MO Beta Sigma Psi, Steward, Financial Secretary; Student Council; Keramos; Intramural Sports Kenneth A. Westhoff Marthasville, MO Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi


John Williams St. Louis, MO American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Joseph Williams Jr. St. Louis, MO Student Council; Alpha PhiAlpha Monica Marie Williams Kansas City, MO National Society of Black Engineers, Alumni Committee Chairman; American Society for Engineering Management, Company Contact Committee Chairman; Toastmasters; Minority Engineering Mentor Program John Francis Winkler Independence, MO Delta Tau Delta, Director of Academic Affairs, House and Grounds Manage; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Suzanne Wisdom Salem, MO Psychology Club; History Club

Holly Elizabeth Wohlschlaeger Piedmont, MO Chi Omega, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Assistant Scholarship Chairman; American Society for Quality Control, Secretary; Tau Beta Pi; Intramural Sports; Phi Eta Sigma Thomas Severin Wolters St. Joseph, MO Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President; Rugby Club; KMNR Disk Jockey Markel J . Wood Camdenton, MO Delta Sigma Phi, Philanthropy Chairman John R. Woodruff St. Louis, MO American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Enigineers F. Matthew Woodward Sedalia, MO Army ROTC; Society of Physics Students; Raiders David B. Wunder Iowa City, lA Campus Crusade for Christ, Vice President, Treasurer; Varsity Soccer; American Society of Civil Engineers; Resident Assistant; Head Resident Assistant

y Sheela N. Yadav St. Louis, MO American Society for Engineering Management; Angel Flight, Administrative Officer; American Institute of Chemical Engineers Dennis Hsing-Yi Yeh St. Louis, MO Sigma Tau Gamma; Gamma Alpha Delta; Intramural Sports

Bruce York St. Louis, MO Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Intramural Sports Lucinda Young Kirkwood, MO House Manager, Alpha, Tau Zeta Standards Chariperson, Corresponding Secretary; Society of Women Engineers; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Enigineers; Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sisters, President, Vice President, Rush Ch airman Roger Younger Joplin, MO Baptist Student Union, Publicity, Publication, Discipleship; Eta Kappa Nu, Lab Insurance, Bridge Corespondent; Tau Beta Pi; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers James K. Yu St. Louis, MO Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Membership Committee; Studen t Union Board, Secretary, Public Relations Committee, Films and Video Committee; Society of Automotive Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu, Electronics Hobby Club, Lab Supervisor; Tae Kwon Do Club; Intramural Sports



Abbot. Allen Abbott. Wend! Abel. Eric Abtin, Vertito Abdul. Kadim Abdul. LaUIT

159 127 174. 175 102 58 58 58

Abdul. Talib Abraham. Steven 54 Abraham. Steven 95 Abrams. Chera 95. 125 Abrams. Chera 46 Abu. Bakar 58 Abu-Lebdeh. Ziad 58 Abubaker. Syukri 58 Aburto. Rodrigo 36 Abu Bakar. B. 7l Acacia 105 Acar. Levent 70 Acuff. M. 52 Acup. S. 59 Acuff, Matt 122 Adams. Angetika 127 Adams. Kevin 103 Adams. Scott 146 Adib, Farhad 40 Aerobathon 44. 45 Agostl. Ricardo L. 206. 234 Aguilar. Norman 206. 234 Aguilera. Maria Gilda 206. 234 Ahrens. Theodore W. 121. 206, 234 AlME: Society of Metallurgical Engineers 34 Agruwal. Amit 52 Agruwal. Vick 52 Agrawal. Ajay 34, 52 Aguilera. A. 71 Aguilera. M. 71 Aguilera. Maria 40 Ahn. llyoung 54 Ahn. P. 54 Ahrens. Theodore 29 Akes. Andrew 96 Akhavan. Farhad 61 Akhtar. s. 59. 65 Akhtar. Salman 59. 92 Akiyama. Tracy Lynn 206. 234 Al-Amranl. Yehia 58 Al-Saidi. Nader 30. 59. 206. 234 Al-Tholaya. Mohamed 58 Alexander. Bill 46 Alferman. J. 71 Alfermann. Janet 28. 59 Ali. Mangoleta 95 Alice 86 Allcorn. Dustin 43 Allen. Damon 104. 110 Allen. Elizabeth 47 Allen. Greg 64. 74 Allen. Kristi 125 Allen. Philip 42 Allgood. Dewey 138 A!masque. Judith 206. 234 Almond. Barry 144 Alpha Chi Sigma 36 Alpha Epsilon PI 106 Alpha Phi Alpha 107 Alpha Phi Omega 35, 44, 45 Alpha Sigma Mu 29 Alpha Sigma Nu 36 Altenbemd. C. 65 Althoff. Todd 118. 144 Alvarez. Jeffrey 40, 206. 234 Alverson. Christopher 107, 144 American Ceramic Society 36 American Foundrymen's Society 30 American Institute of Aeronautics & Astromomics 35 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 40 American Nuclear Society 36 American Society of Civil Engineers 34

American Society of Engineering Managemet 37 American Society of Heating. Air Condlntioning. and Refrigeration Enginners 29 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 34 American Society of Petroleum Engineers 30 Amin. Jamari 30. 58 Amln. Nimesh 96 Amlnuldeen 58 Amnesty International 35 An. Pyong H. 206. 234

Anandakrishnan. Kesavan 52 Anast. Bill 52. 114 Anderson. Greg 96 Anderson. J. 49 Anderson. Lyman 111 Anderson. Sandra 99 Anderson. T. 52 Andrews, Ed 206 Angel Flight 28 Antes. Gary 99 116 Antonacci. Anthony Anyan. Susan 40, 124. 126 Apperson, Allan 120 Apperson. J. 59

59 Aquilera. M. 47 Arabi. Salma Arabl-Katbi, Wael 103 61. 206. 234 Arce, Jose R 71. 99 Archibald. Deborah Arens. Cynthia 99. 160 Arkaradejdachach ai. Chavalit 70 Armstrong. Jeff l 19 Arnold, Matt 92 Arnold Air Society 37 Arora. Jyou 52 99 Arrowsm ith, James Artloli, Ferderico 3 1. 65 Asbury. s. 52

Asbury. Sean 123 Asdale, Shawn Van 106 Ashwell. Scott 92 Askeland. Donald 30 Associated General Contractors 30 Associated Students of the University of Missourt 28 Association for Black Students 37 Association for Computing MachinIsts 28 Association of Egyptian Students

35 Association of Engineering Geologists 31 70 Atilaksana, Anuson Atktnson. Holly Ann 47, 206. 234 Atterbery, Scott 105 Attia. Sedny 35, 65. 92 Aughenbaugh. L. 34 Avise, Bill 110 Avula. Sulochana 52 Avula, Sylvia 206. 234 Ayers. Matt 92 Ayob. Mohd Suffian 58. 206. 234 Baan. Brad 92 Babatunde. Wasiu A. 206. 234 Babcock. Jean 37. 42 BACCHUS 40 Backues. Shelly 178 Bacon. Diane 43 Bae. Eugene 28. 40. 110, 202. 206. 234 Bae. H. 54 Baer. Angie 125 Baer, Kevin J. 206. 234 Baer. Kirk 113 Baer. Tim 113 Baer. William Joseph 206. 234 Bagely, Stephanie 95 Bagnall. Linsay 124 Bagwell, Tracy 157 Bahr, M. 52. 71 Bahr. Marc 112 Bahr. Marcus 36 Bahr. Mike 112 Bahr. Steve 121 Bailey. David 95 Baker. Dwayne 95 Baker. John 112 Baker , Lindsay 160 Baker. Pat 119 Baker. Todd 119 Balassi. Michael Gerard 150. 206, 234 Balderamos. John 100, 206. 234 Baldettl. Dave 52. 113 Baldwin, Brett 159 64 Baldwin, James 106 Bald\vin, Jim Balkenbush. Todd 113 45 Ball, Kathy Ball. Tracey 206. 234 Ballinger. D. 34 Ballinger. Deena 46. 127 Bandennan. Jonathan 60 Banks. Vincent 144 Baptist Student Union 41 Banneier, Marc 114 Barnes, Darren 120 Barnett. William Mark 206. 235 Barnhart. c. 65 Barnhart. Chris 41 Barnhouse. Dena 126 Barns. Robert 48 Barron. Rell 144 Barstad. Heather 206. 235 Bartelsmeyer, Robert 48 Barton. Randy 41. 65 Bartz. Kevin W. 206. 235 Baseball 174 Basham. Aaron 55. 96. 150. 151 Basham. Michael 55

Basham. Mike 150 Baskurt. Erol 119 Baudendistel. Paul 154. 155. 170. 173 Bauer. Joe 119 49 Bauer. Selena Baugh. C. 65 Baxer. Sarah 100 Baykal. Demet 70 Bayless. Jennifer 66 Baymiller. Steven L. 122. 207. 235 Beach. Brad 55 Beaird. Patricia 46. 95. 126 52 Beard. J. Beard. Jmn 117 114. 186 Beard. Stuart Beatty. John 207. 235 Beaver. James 31. 99 Becher. Steve 150 Beck. Rob 102 Becker. Bob 58 Becker. Volkan 122 Beckman. Anita 48 Bedros. Hossam 35 Bee. Jeff 55 Beeram. Ranga 52 Beilsmith, C. 34 Beiter, Renee 127 Belaska, Francine 46. 52. 125 Beliz. R. 71 Bell. A. 71 Bell. Angelia 40 Bell. Christopher G. 109. 207. 235 Bell. Phil 119 Bell. R. 52 Bell. s. 65 Bell. Scott 47. 101 Bemelmans. Christel 102 Benedick. Melissa 34. 40. 43. 52. 60. 71. 125, 207. 235, Bennett. Jason 54. 92 Bennish, M. 34 Benson. Heather 142. 143 Bent. Terry 119 Berger, Richard Anthony 154. 170. 207, 235 Bergfeld, Timothy 55. 59. 60 Berkstresser, Brian 207. 235 Berlener. Brian 207. 235 Bernal. Kelly 58 Bernard. Mary 65 Bernette. Jim 121 Bernhard. Dave 64. 121 Bernoteit. Bob 102 Berry, Randy 55. 159 113 Bersett. Hank Bersett. Robert H. 207. 235 Bertelmann. K. 65 Bertram. Eric 43 Besch. David 101 Bessler. Andy 121 Beta Sigma Psi 108 Betlach. Julie Ann 207. 235 Betlach. Vicki 35. 207. 235 Beutelmann. Kevin 95 Bhakta. B. 34 Bhakta, Bhavnesh 43 Bhakta, D. 59. 71 Bhat. Girtsh 52 Bhatia. Kamlesh 52 Bible Study Club 37 Biega, v. 59 Biega, Victor 58 Bierling, Eric 95 Biermann. S. 71 108 Biggers. Brad Biggers. Kevin 30. 34 Bilbrey. Dan 95 Birkenmeler. Jeffery 36. 55 Birlingmair. Robert Henry 207. 235 Bischel. Jennifer 95 Bishop. Clifford 60. 61, 101 Bjerken. Terry 122 Black, C. 34

Black. David 37, 105 Black. Jeffrey 41 Black N. Thomas 60 Blair. Craig 54 Blair. John 122 Bland. Mike 92 Blanks. Keith 118 Blarney Rocker 56. 57 Blaske. EUzabeth 127 96. 159 Blaylock. Tony Blazek. Kerrie 42. 48. 55 Bleckler. Stephen Michael 40. 207. 235 Blevins. Dan 104. 113 Blue Jr .. James Laveral 99. 207. 235 Blue. J. 34 Blue. Mary Jane 47. 59. 61. 207. 235 104 Blue. Tony Blue Key 40 Blue Sabres 41 Boatner, Catherine 99 Bockhorst. Kraig 113 Bockman, Bill 110 Boden. Thomas R. 207. 235 Bohannon. Becky 127 Bohler, Jeff 96 Bohnam, Steve 92 Boianoff. Stephan 113 Boice. Greg 55. 207, 235 Boles. David 112 Boles. Jason 52. 123 92 Boley. Joe Bone, Terry 48 Bonta, Wendell Wayne 207. 235 Borgerding. John Ill Borgwald. B. 65 Borha. Steve 115 Bornman. T. 52 Bornman. Tracy 125 Bosch, David 94 Bosch. Michael 34. 96. 184 Bossman. Jim 114 Boswell, Randy 37. 65 Boucher. Bob 150. 152 Bough. Christine E. 207. 235 Boulware. Travis 174 Bowers. Rob 92 Bowling Team 158 42 Bowman. Matthew Bowness. Terry 55. 71 Boyanchek. James 64. 108 Boyce. Matt 119 Boyd. Scott 52. 117 Boyer. C. 52 Boyer, Christine 60. 93. 125 Boyer. Eric 64 Boyle. Aaron 92 Boysen. John 112 Braasch. Bill 108 Bradley. Aaron 111 Brady. Dan 35 Brady. Guy 36 Brakefield. Karen 65 Brand. Joel 48 Brandt. Denise 207, 235 Brandt. Mike 207, 236 Brase. John David 65. 106. 207, 236 Brauer. Jim 30. 34 Brauhn. Danny 98 Bray Jr.. K 34 Breece. Timothy 207. 236 Brendel. Kevin 121 Brennan. P. 52 Brennan. Pat 113 Brenneke. Glenn Steven 59. 207. 236 Brewer. Craig 123 Brewer. Dana M. 207. 236 Brickner. Angela 52. 93 Briddell. Pete 114 Bridgeman, Todd 98. 182 Bridges. Benjamin Page 208. 236

Bridges. Ken 55. 94 Briggs. Schonda 35 Briggs. Tod 96 Brinegar. Iris Eli7_abeth 208. 236 Brinkmann, Matt 119 Brinkmann. Thomas G. 208. 236 Briscoe. Casey I 17 Britton. David E. 30. 59. 208. 236 Brockfeld, Gretchen A. 208. 236 Broman. Roger 52. 119 96 Bronson. Paul Brooks. Lonnie 67 Brooks, Matt 100. 101 Broomhead. Simon61, 64. 208. 236 Brown. Anthony 102 Brown. D. 71 Brown. David 43. 46 Brown. Donnie 162, 164. 165 Brown. Douglas Leon 35. 65. 208. 236 Brown Jr., William E. 208, 236 Brown. E. 65 Brown. Ellen 102 Brown. Greg 144 Brown, James 92 Brown. Jennifer 102 Brown. Leroy 95, 119 Brown, Mona 47. 59 Brown. R. 65 Brown. Rhonda 48. 55 Brown, S. 34 Brown. Susan 30. 43 Brown, T. 28 Brown. Tim 92 Brown. Tom 58 Broxson. Jeffery S. 208. 236 Broyles. BiU 116 34 Broyles. T. Bruce. Carl 58 Bruer. Steve 31. 65 Brundage. Donald L. 46. 59. 71. 95. 208. 236 Brunk. S. 59 Brunner. Lynette 65. 125 Bruns, Susan 46. 125 Bruss. Mark E. 36. 108. 128. 208. 236 Bryant . Richard 47 Bryant. Steve 208. 236 Buatte. Vance 118 Buchanan. Jeremy 40. 54. 59. 71 Bucher. Russell 30. 59. 64 Buckley. Jared 106 Buckley. Mike 102 Budinger. Rich 96. Ill Budnik. Andrea 161 Buethe. Bryan 108 Bujang. Nazarudin 58 Bumgardner. Tom 65. 100 Bumgarner. Cheryl 125 Burkemper. H. 34 Burkemper. Henry 121 Burkemper. Scott 64. Ill Burkett. Kevin 28. 55. 110 Burklndine. Jon 65. Ill Burlison. B. 52 Burner, Jeff 96 Burnette. Jim 55. 71 Bums. Carl 40 Bums. MeUssa 99 Burnside. Mark 60. 108 Burrows. S. 52 Burrows, Sue 125 59 Burwell. D. Burwell. Usa Rene 152. 178. 208. 236 Busch. Allan 64 Buschjost. Ryan 40 Bush. Allan 123 Bush. George 13 Bushey, David R 52. Ill. 118. 148. 208. 236 Bushjost. Ryan 113 Buss. Jeff 144 t'Nt(a


114. Chlltakhone. Johnny Butler. Edward 107 150. 151 Button. Ed 144 Chi Alpha Chtistlan Fellowship Buttry. Charles Raymond 36. 40. 42 208. 236 Chi Epsilon 43 Bytnar. Laura 46. 95 Chi Omega 125 Byun. Kook 54 Chollino. David 110 C.l.. Dake Society 42 Chtist. Brtan 104. 112 CahaJJ. Heather 93 Chrtstensen. Dave 144 Cain. Carlos 144. 146 Chtistensen. Grant 65. 115 Calaway. Mark 102 Chtistenson. J ason 98 Caldarello. Mark 117 Chrtstlan Campus Fellowship 43 Callahan . Pat 66 Chrtstlan Sclence Organization 43 CaJlahan. Richard 42 Chrlstie. Bob 103 Camp. William Dean 31. 37. Chu. Dat T. 209. 237 66. 71. 208. 236 Chullino. Dave 161 Campbell. Bruce 150 70 Chungwatana. Paras Campbell. Dawn 00 35. 40. Clapper. Kathryn R Campbell. Steve 117 65. 209. 237 Campus Crusade for Chrlst 41 48, 209, 237 Clark. Ann Canlas. Benji I 14 71 Clark. B. Cantoath. B. 37 Clark. Brentley C. 37, 209, 237 Cao. C. 71 112 Clark. Brtan Carbrey. Brtan 113 Clark. Leigh 31. 60. 65 Carey. Daniel A. 208. 236 34. 117, 184 Clarke. Drake Carlisle. Cathy 103. 152. 153 Clayton. Dawn 59 Carlson. John 33. 48. 55 Cleaver. L. 46 Carmichael. Shanna 41 Clemson. Brtan 36 Carpenter. Dave 52. 119 209,237 Clevenger. Erlc Lee Carpenter. Tom Ill. 150. 151 35. 99 Carpet. Michelle Lynn 34. 208. Clinton. Ertc Clonts. Mike 96 237 209.237 Cochran. Scott Luther Carso. Andrew 99 Cochran, Tony 105 Carson . Christopher 49 Coffin. Larry 170. 173 Carstens. Edward 53 Coker. K 65 Carter. Jason I 10 Coker, Robert Allen 59. 114. Caruso. Phll 61. 115 Case. Chris 65. 113 209. 237 Cash. John 42.94 Colbert. Craig 53 Casino Night 72. 73 Colgrove. Scot 34, 110 Casleton. Ed 112 Colin. Angela R 37. 66, 209. 237 Casper. Karla 71. 208. 237 Collier. Yeman 96 CoUingham. Brian 98 Cassen. Dan 96 CoLlins. Elise 209. 237 Castello. B. 52 CoLlins. John 49, 52, 117 Castle. Mike 96 Castro. Michael 110 CoLlins. Matthew C. 113. Castro. Noelda 124. 127 209. 237 Cattcor. Chtis 121 CoLlins. Sally A. 209. 237 Collins. Walll 69 Cavitt. Todd 40 Cawfield. Jeff 49 Colvtn. Chad Douglas 209.237 Combs, Colleen Cawley. Prentice 92. 162 59 Chabino. Aaron 110 Comeau. Charles E. 59. 209. Chadaratana. Duane 96 237 Chaffin. Curt 123. 186. 189 Comedy Night 68 Como. Kevin Chaffin. J. 52 94 Chambers. Rayford C. 107. Compton. Marc 00 Cone. C. 34 208. 237 Chambliss. Lemont 96. 144 Congdon. Bill 48.55 Chambon. Brad 99 Connell. Michael 46. 113 Chandler. Mike 65. 144 Conner. Dianna 125 Chandrashekara. Ashik 52 Connolly. Andy 154. 170 Chanclrashekara. K. 52 Connors. Sheila 124. 125 71 Chaney. S. Conrad. John 55. 140. 141. 209. Chang. Hsing-Wei 40 238 Chang. S. 59. 7 I Conwell. Michael 102 Chang. Shu-Tin Stephen 208. 237 Conyers. Sarah 166. 167 Chapman. Anne '127. 161 Cook. Charles 110 Chase. Jason 43 Cook. James 110 Chavez. Augusto 65. I 19 Cook. Julie 70. 95 Che. Saleh 58 Cook. Larry 52. 119 Cheaney. Tony 95 Cook. Michael C. 64, 209. 238 Cheeley. Chtisty 178 Cooley. Jeffery Allen 209. 238 Chen. Peggy 46. 93 Cooper. Angela M. 58. 209. 238 Chen. Wilson 53. 65. 117. 208. Copp. M. 34 237 Cordes. Jennifer 71, 166, 209, 238 Che Nawl. Mohd Asrt 208. 237 Cordier. Doug 154. 170 Chichura. Chrts 3 1. 119. 148 Cordts. Brandon 36. 112 Chichura. Marcus 119. 148. 208. Coronation 82 237 Corum, K 65 Childress . Patrtcla 70 Costello. Brtan 46. 119 Chinese Student Association Costello. Tina 166. 178 42 Cottrell. David 34 Chiodini. C. 34 Council of Graduate Students Chirban. Peggy 45 42



Dennis. Gregory 31, 144 Courtney. Curtis 29. 30. 34. 144. Dennison. Michael Steven 210, 238 174 58. 123 Denzer. Greg 65. 144 Couse. Clint Derner. D. 59 101. 156 Cox. Dennis Denien. Paul 92 Cox. J. 65 Deshmane. Atul 102 47 Craft. Jean DeVaney Jr.. James E. 28. 35. 117 Craig. Shawn 37. 94. 210. 238 74 Cramer. Lynn DeWitt, Justin 1)' 210. 238 Crawford. Jason 96. 144. 186 Dey. Jane D. 58. 71. 210. 238 114 Crawford. Matt Dharani. Lokesh 52 34. 178. 181 Crede. Jennifer 71. 144. 146 209. 238 Diamond. Mark Clites. Stacy Lynn Dickens. Jason 71. 94 Crocker. Melva 61 Dickenson. Teresa 178. 179 Cronin. Kevin 88 Dickherber. Julie 34. 52. 93. 127 Crossen. Connie 58. 6 1. 86 Dicks. Dave 104. 119 Crumpecker. Erlc 144. 186. 189 Diederlch. John 58. 65 Cruse. Terry 154. 170. 209. Dierker. Krtsten 34. 43 238 Dierkes Jr.. James P. 64. 210. Culp . Archie 40 238 Culp. J. 34 Olesen. Steve 40 Cummings. Albert 107. 229 Dillingham. John 36. 41 Cummings. James 35 Dillon. James 40 Cundall. Ryan 92 DiMaggio. Joe 95 40. 209. Cunningham. ChtisUna 114 Dimalanta. Jon 238 Dimmick. Martjo 152. 153 34. 209. Curbow. Dwayne Ray 210. 238 Ding. L.aJ Hua 238 36. 40. 119 Dingman. Sean Cureau. Alfred 58. 92 65. 121 Dinkins. Tom Curran. Steve 99 Dino. Harris 58 Currte. Chrls 108 113 Dionne. Bruce Curry. Jennifer 65. 124. 125 Distler . Tlmolhy 30. 210. 238 Curtis. Alletta Marte 32. 48. 29 Dixon. Darrell 55. 209. 238 31 Dixon. Scott Cutler. Penny Sue 70. 209. 238 71 Doan. H. Cyr. Mark 102 113 Dobson. Paul Czemel. Jon 102 Dofner. Angela 00 D'Souza. Pradeep 42. 52 70. 99 Doing. Stacy Dace. Jarret 144 115 Dace. Lemar 92 Dolan. Zak Donelan. Matthew J. 210. 239 Dahlgren. Craig 101 Donnelly. Michael 71 Dahlgren. Scott 100. 101 Dom. John 104. 117 Dale. Kim 125. 152 Dalton. Brian Scott 112. 210. 238 Doshi. Mohil 52 Doss. R 71 Dammertch. Tom 150 Doster. George 99 Danda Roy. indranU 52 Dotson. Larry 54 Dandorand. Keith 109 Doty . Gene 61 Daniels. Bob 92. 93 Dove. Michael 49. 104 Daniels, Jeff 96 Dan.iels. Kurt 144 Drake. S. 52 Drake. Steven Danz. Mike 121 110 Dressel. Regina 210. 239 Dare. B. 34 Drtesewerd. Daniel 101 Dare. Beth 125 47. 52 Darnell. Chtistine E. 210. 238 Drtskill. Lance Daschke. Kim 125 Drumm. Scott 101 Daud. Farik 30 Drury. Jeffrey L. 210. 239 Dry. Kevin 174. 175 Daughters of Diana 46 Daughters of Lee 46 Dufner. Angela 93 Daughters of the Emerald 46 Duke. Jacob 118 Davenport. T.J. 95. 124 Dunehew. Matt 119 Davidson. Nell 113 Dunger. Jennifer 70 Dunlap. Terry Joseph 35. 59. Davts, Greg 113 Davis. James 59. 61 71. 210. 239 DaviS. Jef&ey Wayne 120. 210. 238 Dunn-Norman. S. 30. 59 Davts. Michael 1.. 59. 71. 210. 238 Dunning. Erlca 52. 127 Davis. Richard 96 Dunnington. Travis Ill Durand. Brtan 112 Dawson. Chrls 162. 163. 165 Day. Cecil 99 Durbin. Mark 117 Day. Mike 114 Durbin. Todd 110 Dean. M. 1Tavts 210. 238 Durham. Steve 106 DeArmond. Dan 119 Dusitsin. Krtd 70 DeBrock. Carl W. 210. 238 Dutta. Suranjeeta 52 Dedic. Stacy 127 Dwyer. Matthew Allen 117. 210. 239 Dees. Rhonda 93. 100 112 Dye. Bobby Defenderfer. Scott 46 Eapen. Mathew 52 Deffebaugh. Tom 162, 184 Easley. Erlca 46. 95 DeConla. Tom 52. 144 East. J. 71 Dclmeke, Michael 37 Eberle. Mark 95 Delaware. Byron 186 Eberwein. Michael Craig 2 !0. 239 Delinger. Kevin 42. 65. 94 Ecker. Micker 117 Delta Tau Delta 109 Economics Club 47 Dencker. 1Tacy 93. 210. 238 Edwards. NeuU 162 Dengt. Cozde 102 186 Edwards. Scott Denney. Brett 118 Edwards. Shawn 54 Denney. Stephen 42. 53 Edwards. Tony 96

EfUnk. Jeffrey Scott 106. 210. 239 Eggers. Chris 2. 101 Eggers. Paul 108. 210. 239 Ehlmann. Lori 29. 71. 210. 239 Eight South 98 60. 65. 116 Ellerman. Steve Else. Mary Frances 30. 46. 210. 239 Eisenhauer. Todd 156 46. 58. 71. 2 I I. Elbert. Gary W. 239 46. 71. 2 11. 239 Elbert. Ryan 99 Eleven South Ellebrecht. Kevin 110 ;30. 148 Elledge. Derrick EUem1an. David 60 34 Ellc1mann. J. 41 Ellinghouse. Aaron 60.94 Elliott. Michael 211. 239 Elliott. Robert 211. 239 Elllson. Jay D. 43 Elmer. Rick Elphingstone Jr.. Gerald M. 211. 239 45. 108 El7-e. Dan 59 Emerson. P. 34 Emery. T. 58.66 Emmerich. Timothy 101 Emore. Graham Engelhardt Jr.. Raymond T. 159. 211. 239 47 English Club Engstrom. Casey 46. 71. 166. 186. 188 Environmental Protection Advocates 47 96 Eppinger. Kevin 55.60 Erb. Tom

Erdogan. Askin 211. 239 Ercnay. Murat 70 Erevcllcs. Winston 31 Erickson. F. 59 Erickson. Jim 104. 122 Esarey. Keith 101 Escalera. Angela :x> Esparrageo. Jeff 116 Espinosa. Lazaro 100 Esry. Shawn 92 160 Estey. !leather Eta Kappa Nu 46 Evenson. 11m 66. 121 71 Evers. T. Everson . Robert 60 Everson. Aaron 95 Evevclles. Winston 66 Ewens. Jeff 92 117 Ewers. Ken Eyberg. James 48 Eyermann. Craig 35. Ill. 211. 239 Faengcr. Timothy 30. 104. 112 117. 150 Faherty. BUI Fait. MltcheU R. 211. 239 Falkenrath. J. 71 Falkenrath. Rich 112 100 Fannin. David Farmer. Dan 92 41 Farmer. Mickey Farwtg. Mike 52. 121 46. 65. 95 Faughn. Tina Faulkner. Gina 95 Faust. D. 52 31 Feese. Michael 31 Feher. Sandra Feldewerth. Gerald 29 Feldmann. Scott T. 211. 239

FeUer. Jeff 110 Felton. Brett 110. 174 Feltz. Jeff 71. 112 Fennewald. Keith 123 Fensterman. R. 71 Ferner. Thomas Michael 211. 240 Fetters. Nancy 40. 71. 125. 211. 240 Feuerstein. Peter Dwain 211.240 PteldLng. Lynne 61 Ptelds. J. 71 Ptgge. Chris 40. 118 Flnefrock. Quay B. 211. 240 Fink. Hugh 68 Ptnke. Kark 92 Ptnley. F'red 144 Ptnley. Ricky 110 FlnneU. Jon 96 Flscher. Robert J. 71. 211. 240 Five North 93 Flve South 96 Flagg. Alan 96 Flag burning II Flaherty. P. 52 Flake. John 119 Flake. Tanya 93 F'lauaus. Brad 96. 144 Fleig. Roger 96 Fleming. Kristine 65. 124. 127. 211. 240 Fletcher. Scott Monroe 211. 240 Flubber. Clarence 43 Foerste. Jeff 119 Fogle. Steve 46 Follies 76 Football 144 Foraker. David 40. 116

Ford. Steve 36 Ill Foresman. Matt Fortman. Brian Anthony 40. 71. 114. 211. 240 Four North 92 Four South 96 Fowler. Larry 31. 65 Fox. Charles 54. 99. 156 Fox. Jon 61 Foyle. Steve 121 Francis. Keith 30.34 Frank. Mary 59 Franken. Jeff 113 Frankenberg. Mike J. 71. 211. 240 Franklin. F'rankle 96 Franklin. Rhonda LaSchell 58. 211. 240 Franklin. Yvonne 52. 126 Frans. Larry 150 Frazier. Bryce 52. 122 F'rederlch. w. 34 Freeman. Debby 59 Freeman. Heather 66. 103. 152 Freeman. Jeff 118 Freiberger. Kim 70 Frenkel. Jamie 46.95 Frericks. Joseph David 106. 211. 240 Fricke. Lyle R. 211. 240 Fridley. Craig 117 Fridley. Mark 118 104. Ill Fridley. Mike Friend. Peter Thomas 29. 30. 211. 240 Friends of the Heart 48 Friesner. Jack 101 ~


Frisbee. Dirk Fritsch. Eric Frost. Leslie F'uchs. Elmer Pugate. Jeff Pugate. Rob f'ugina. Robert F'ulkerson. Steve

140. 186 99 124. 127

95 101 52. 101 54 59. 71. 101. 154.

170. 172 Fuller. 1Toy 94. 100 Fulller. Bret 101 Fulton. Doug 96. 144. 146 Fulton. Eric 92 Fulton. John 20 F'unkhouser. Marshall 71. 211.

240 F'ussner. Tony 52. 104. 123. 130 F'utakarnl. Hlrohiko 102 Gaber. Mohamed 35 Gadberry. Michael 47. 55 Gailey. Joe 92. 98. 144 Galan. Joseph 99 Gale, Nord 49 Gallup. Archie 64. 116 Galluzzo. Mike 92 Games 80 Gaming AssoclaUon 48 Gamma Alpha Delta 49 Gander. Yvonne 60 Gandhl. Jtgar 102 Gardiner. Jean M. 212. 240 Gardner. Brad 92 Gardner. Jason 101 Gardner. Mindy 124. 126 Gardner. Randall Don 40. 212.


212. 240 Garsuch. Chris 123 Gasaway. Richard A 212. 240 Cashen. Bob 55 Gasper. Mary 212. 240 Gates. John 49. 60 Gatlin. Carey L. 2 12. 240 Caulk. Peter 68 Gawedztnski. Mark 43 GawedzJnskl. Michael 42 Gazaway. Ttna 70 Geels. Jonathan 40. 60. I 13 GefJerth. Amy 34. 65. 124. 127 Geisler. Amy 166 Geissler. Mark S. 34. 212. 240 Gellis. Gregory 47 Gelso. Jack 118 General Oelegauon of Independents

48. 56. 57 Gcntgcs. Douglas 101 Geologists. American AssoclaUon of Petr 29 George. Lawrence 107 George. Nicki 40. 125 Gerard. Chad 40 Gerfen. John 44. 105 Gerhardt. Karl 99 German ReunlficaUon 14 Gibbs. Gary 144 Gibbs. Jon 100 Giboney. M. 59. 65 Gibson. G. 71 Gibson. Tamara Lyn 212. 240 96 Giles. Jason Giles. Walter 103 Gilkey. Jefferson 41. 94 Gillespie. Cynthia 102 Gillham. Jeffrey Allen 110.

212. 241 Girvan. Rob Gjelsteen. Thor Glannon. Kevin Glaser. Craig



114 228 212.241 118

212. 241 Goebel. Thomas Michael 212. 241 Goerke. Brian 31 Goetges. Jill 127. 212. 241 Goethe. John 65. 71. 109 Goetz. David Keith 212. 241 Goetz. Karen 55. 93. 97. 125 Goktan. Coskun 70 Gold. Danny 162. 164 Goldford. Marc 59 Golf 182 GoUaher. Greg 98 Gollihue. Carol 93 Goltz. Randy 121 Gonw 78 Goo. Christopher 64

Goodin. C.


Goodman. Brett 118. 144 Goodman. Susan 46. 95 Gorbachev, Mikhail 13. 16 Gore. Richard Michael 212. 241 Goring. Russ 71, 119 Gorton. R 65 GosneU. Jill 71. 124. 126 Gottman. Chris 65. 118 Govemlck. Heather 124. 126 Govero. Ashley 96. 114 Govero. Brian 106 Go\vin, Dirk L. 34. 43. 71. 212.

241 Graf. Joseph T. GrafT. Bob

212. 241 96 Graham. Glen 104. 106 Graham. Jennifer 212. 241

240 Gardner. S. 34 Garey. Shelly 41. 93 Garner. Paul 35. 92 Garner. R 71 Gamier. Gregory T.

Glatz. Jeff 65. 118 Glodowski. Greg 117 Gluzman. Y. 34 Codal. George 71. 159 Code. Timothy Daniel 36. 106.

Granados. Eduardo 113 Grant. Kevin 41 Grasch. Mike 104. 108 Graves. Kyle 42 Graves. Rob 144 Gray. Andrew 34 Gray. Sabrtna 47. 93 Greek Week 128 Green. Brent I 04. 117 Green. Wayne 36 Greene. Domlnlc 148 Greeno. Charles 48 Green and Gray Classic 62. 63 Gregory. Bryan 53. 54. 1 12 Gregory. Ken 55 Greiwe. Tracy 60 Griese!. Karen 9. 60. 93. 127 Griewe. Tracy 126 GrtfJen. B. 59

Griffin. Sean

54. I 13 I 14 148 34 36. 106 46. 95. 100 65

Grimmer. Eddie Grtscom. Matt Groner. B. Gross. Clinton Gross. Kym Gross. Tammy Grote 31. 65 Grotenhuis. Jan 71. 166 Grover. A 71 Groves. Matthew 99 Gruhn. Ryan 118 Guccione. Joseph 40. 110. 212. 241 Guerriero. H. 65 Guffey. Cary Alan 212. 241 Guharay. Siddarlha 52 Guleb Jr.. Richard P. 61. 161 .

2 12. 241 Gulot. David Gulf War Gulledge. Brian Gumminger. Gary Gunderson. Kathy

35. 92 6

48. 55 102 Lynn

212. 241 Gunn. Eric Gupta. Sanjay

92 52

60. 125.

Gurlen. Stephanie D. 212. 241 Guttmann. Darren 41, 94 Haase. Garry 4I Hack. Dan 108. 212. 241 Hackett. Jacqueline Ann 213. 241 Hackett. Peter 94 Hafey. Palrlda 160 Hagelsteln. Peggy 46 Hageman. Brian 113 Haggard. Brian I 10. 182 Haggerty. Jackie 37 Hagni . Richard 42 Hagni.Ann 42 Hahn. PhU 114. 150 Hahne!. Lee 108 Haldart. Waqar 59 Haile. Brian 43 Halbach. Michael 36. 40 Halbert. Gary 65. 103 Hale. Stacy 70 Haltng. Scott 55 Hall . Richard 59 Hall. B. 34. 71 Hall. Don 93. 113 Hall. Holtman 102 Hall. John 34. 96 Hall. Karrl Lyn 28. 213. 241 Hall. Kevin W. 213. 241 Hall. M. 65 Halladay. Harry 92 Halldorsdotter. J. 34 Halley. Glen K. 53. 213. 241 Halpln. Barbara 40. 52. 59. 71.

125 Halpln. Susan 65. 125 Halter. Darin 106 Haman. Kevin 48 Hamid. Abel 40 Hamilton. Chad 144 Hamilton. David 92. 119 Hammie. Ron 122 Haney. D. 52 Haney. Doug 61 Haney. Dwight Douglas 65. 140.

213. 242 Hang Gliding Club 49 James 60 Hansen. Amy 99. 100. 160 Hansen. Keith 30. 34. 213. 242 Haque. Rasll 59 Harashe. Rod 52. I I 1 Harder. Britta 34. 43 Hardin. Eric 55. 71. I I 7 Hardy. Bryan 101 Harfst. David Uoyd 213. 242 Harlan. Heather L. 28. 213.

242 Harlan. Stuart 61. 101 Harp. LLnda 59 Harper. Gregory Wayne

59. 71.

Harper. Uana 47 Harper. Matt 104. 113. 150 Harris. Brian 100. 102 Harris. Earl 119 Harris. Jeffrey A. 31. 213. 242 Harrison. Kevin 40 Harrison. Lisa 46. 93 Harster. Timothy E. 113.

213. 242 Hart. John Douglas 213. 242 Hart. Thomas 48. 174 Hartleroad. John I 12 Hartley. Jim 55 Hartman. Michael William 213. 242 Hartnett. Pat 55 Harvey. Bradley 64. 106 Harvey. Jesse 100 Haselhorst . Ron 53. 59 Hasenstab. Tom 144. 174. 175. 177

242 Haynes. Kenny 64 Haynes. Lance 87 Haynes. Tony 119 Hays. Scott 42 Haywood. Jeff 122 Hazen. Gary 96 Head. Scott 30. 104 Headrick Jr.. William Uoyd 71. 2 13.

242 Healy. Byron 118 Heaton. Michael A.

31. 2 13.

242 Heaton, Mike 55 Heikkinen. David 65. I 12 Heil. Timothy 53 Hetnemann. KrlsU 34. 46. 52. 65 Hetnze. Uoyd 30. 59 Heldenbrand. Brent 41. 103 Heldenbrand. M. 65 HEU:X Ufe Science Club 49 Helleny. Nadra 126 Hemmer. Dave 121 Henke. Rusty 34. 43 Henry. Matt I 12 Henry. Rick 144 Henry. Shane 60. 96 Hentges. Allen 40. 54. I 13 Hentges. Charlene Sue 213. 242 Hepler. Robert 60 Hertford. Brian 37. 95 Herren. Leann 127 Herrmann. John 1 I 7 Hertel. Jay 184 Her-.tberg. Daniel 144. 213. 242 Herzog. Jeffrey 40 Hesterberg. Martin 43. 59 Hetrick. Rob I 19 Hettinger. Joe 40 Hibdon. Vtncent S. 213. 242 Hickam. Roger S. 3 1. 213. 242 Hicks. David 34. 110 Hicks. Kevin 104. 105 Highfill. Gary 49 Hightower. JusUn 98 Hill. James L. 36. 59. 71. 109.

214. 242 Hill. Michael

213. 242

Haskenhoff. Scott 114 Hassan. ZuikJfil 58

Hassinger. Ed 35. 60. I I I, 2 I3. 242 Hatfield. Roger L. 117. 213. 242 Hawk. Jeffrey S. 213. 242 Hawkins. Sherr! 59 Hawthorne. Mike 103 Hayduk. J. 65 Hayes. Chrtsttna M. 127. 213. 242 Hayes. P. 71 Hayes. Scott 43 Haynes. Eric August 28. 37. 95. 213.

41. 59. 7 I

Himstedt. Brian 100. 103 Htnds. Don 58 Hinke. Ruste 30 Hinstedt. Brian 103 Himer. Cary I 18 Hirshberg. Brian J. 214. 242 History Club 43 Ho. Howard 35. I 59 Ho. Howard S. H. 214. 243 Hockanson. David 98 Hodges. Eric 34. 95 Hodges. Kimberly D. 34. 43. 214. 243 Hoecker. Jarrod 65 Hoeft, Claudia 34. 43 Hoffman. Liz 93 Hoffman. S. 59. 71 Hoffman. Scott I 19 Hoffman, Stephen I 19. 214. 243 Hogard. Kristine 37. 66 Holland. Ron 100. 102 Holland. Tamara 40 Holland. Timothy 36. 64. I 19 Hollander. Kevin 103 Hollenbeck. John 110 Hollensteiner. David 98 Holliday. Ascha 32. 55

Holliday. Bradley Chandler 214. 243 Holmes. Joanne Marie 214. 243 Holt. Brian 119 Holt. Samantha 42 Holt. Tom 42 Holthaus. Brtan 113 Holbnan Hall 102 Homan. Steve 34. 102 Homecoming 198 Honeycutt. Bradford 66 Hooper. John 35. 117 Hopkins. Shannon Dean 34. 214. 243 Hopp. Brtan 42.65 Hoppe. Glen 40, 214. 243 112 Hordesky. JefT Hom. Doug 102 Homburg. J oseph 64. I 12 Horst. Amy 34. 42 Horst. Richard 214. 243 Horstmann. Vicky 36. 49. 55 Hostetter. Steve 140. 186, 187 Hotop. D. 52 Houchin. Tom 96 Houlle. Greg 92. 170 119 Houndyshell. Tony 28 House. Laura House. Randy 28 214. Hovis. James Curtis 243 Howard. Denise 60. 71. 95 Howe. Kenneth 60. 96. 100 Howell. David 96 214. Howerton. Andrew Scott 243 40, 214. 243 Hoyt. Michelle A Hrtbar. Rob 113. 144 Hsu. Tony 59. 71. 214 Hubbard. Gary 98. 174 Hubbard. Joelle Yvonne 214. 243 Hubbell. Christopher 60. 109 Huber. Mark 118 Hublng. Nancy 60 Huddle. Steve 117 Hudson. Anthony 144 Hudson. Ellie 178. 181 Hudson. Jason 182. 183 Hudson. Melissa 186 Hudson. Trtcia 127 Huecker . Jon 162 Huelslng. Jason 113. 144 127 Huenefeldt. Tiffany 121 Hueltenmeyer. JefT HufT. Don 144 HufTham. J.B. 49 HulTman. Chris 94 Hug. Kevin 144 Huggahali. Ram 52 120. Hughes. R Christopher 214. 243 51. 58. Hughes. Thomas F. 71. 11 7. 2 14. 243 34. 53. Hui7Jnga. Richard Joe 59. 214. 243 Hulsof. Cathy 95 Hummel. Jim 101 Humphrey. John 35. 123 Humphrey. Ron 120 Hundal. Charanjit 52. 214, 243 Hunke. Debra Ann 70. 2 14. 243 Hunnius. B. 52 Hunnius. Stephen 95 Hunsaker. Kell 214. 243 Hunsick er. Jennifer 125 Hunt. Daron 96 Hunt. Ron 174 Hunt. Stan 119 Hunt. Steve 64. 96. 100. 105 Hunlebrinker. R. 52 Hunter. Mary Helen 126

Hunter. W. 71 Hurst. Michael 64 Hurt. JefT 186. 187 Husen. Blsma 71. 214. 243 Huskey. Carla 214. 243 Husman. Eric 52. 121 llusman. F'redertck W. 59. 71. 214, 243 Hussain. Shamshad 58 Hutson. Samuel 107 Hvenefeldl. Tiffany 58 Hwang. Jungsun 54 Hyatt. Chris 96 Hymer. John 41 Hymer. Timothy 29. 41. 215. 243 Ibrahim. Mohd-Pauzl 30. 58 Ice. John 30. 34. 123 llgar. Ersan 40 lllum. Jason 144 Imhoff. Jeffrey A 215. 244 Inane. Gokhan 70. 92

!nee. G.


lnce. Melissa 93 India Association 52 lngerly. Douglas 36. 65. 101 Ingram. Derek Dwight 65. 215. 244 Ingram. M . 34 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 53

Institute of Industrial Engmeers 37 intagliata. Tom 49 lntercoliegiate Knights 52 Interfraternity Council 62, 63. 104 International Students Club 47 lntervarsity Christian Fellowship 53 intramurals 190 Irizarry. Manny 95 lrvin. Travis 92. 119 lrving. Kevin 99 lsmaJI. F'aJdzull 58 Iverson. J. 71 Iverson. John 100 lves. Robert 113. 144 Jabusch. Catherine 47 Jackson. Danika 36 Jackson. Jeanne 29. 34. 35. 81. 125. 142. 143 Jack son. Lawanda 95 Jackson. Leanne 46 Jackson. R 42 Jackson. Rob 92 Jackson. Rod 92. 162. 164. 165 Jackson. Scott 118 Jacobs. Regma 58. 124. 160 Jacquin. Gary 59. 71. 113

J aegers. Ed 122 Jamal. Mohammad 59 Jamboretz. Susan 46. 127 James. Jason 101 James. Megan 160 James. Vickie 59 Jansen. Cheryl 61 Jansen. Wall 112 Janson. Charles 98. 100 J arzenbeck . Chris 95 Jayachandran. Chaandini 52 Jayachandran. R. 42. 52 Jefferson. Jennifer 102 Jenkins. B. 59. 71 Jennings. R. 59. 71 Jennings. Rick 92 Jennings. Scott 104. 110 Jensen. Darrtck 96 Jernigan. Alex 37 Jell. David 96 Jczlorski . Gregory 48 Jllg. Anita 34. 125 101. 170 Jlranek. Marlin Jlschke. Martin 20. 82. 232 John. Vinod 52 Johnson . J.W. 59 Johnson. SUI 113. 144 Johnson. C. 34 Johnson. David 54. 60 Johnson. Eric 55



Johnson. Joe 92 Johnson. Jon 41. 184 Johnson. Kenneth 109. 215. 244 Johnson. Matthew H. 101. 119. 215. 244 Johnson. Nichole 95. 160 Johnson. Reginald 95. i07 Johnson. Robert. 43. 94 Johnson. Ryan 117 Johnson. S. 59 Johnson. Scott Ill. 150. 151. 170 Johnson . Steve 101 Johnson. Susan 47 Johnson. Thomas 64 Johnson. Tony 162 Johnson. Tyronna 2 15. 244 Johnson. William 2 15. 244 Johnson Jr.• Lenier 37. 58. 215. 244 Johnston. Andrew P. 35. 65. 71. 215. 244 Johnston. D. 59 110 Jokerst. Grant 162. 163 Jolly. Bill Jones. Ben 104. 121 Jones. Blair 46 Jones. Christopher 37. 122 Jones. D. 34. 59 Jones. Dan 43 Jones. David 215. 244 95 Jones. Ericka Jones. J. 65 Jones. James Brent 32. 55. 215. 244 J ones. Jennifer 33. 48. 55. 215. 244 Jones. Jerome 58. 96 Jones. Joe 104. 113 Jones. Karen Denise 58. 2 15. 244 Jones. MJchael Steven 43. 48. 215. 244 Jones. Steve 92 Jones. Torrance 58 Joplin. Jonathan W. 215. 244 102 Joyal. Brian Jozwaik. Kelley Ann 34. 127. 215. 244 Juggling Club 53 Julian. Johnny 71 Julian. Michael 113. 170 Junge. Sandy 125 Jungers. Chris 11 0. 2 15. 244 Jungthirapanich. Chammong 70 Junkins. Mark 41. 95 Kaba. Mahmoud S. 40. 65. 215. 244 Kaeding. Kimberly K. 29. 34. 215. 244 Kaller. Shelly 58 Kalmer. Kelly 93 Kalyanaram. Srt.kanth 52 Kamarsu. Srigouri 52 Kane. Mary 127



Kantouth. Robert Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Sigma Karakus. Musa Karfs. Frank Karraker. Dan Keaveny. S. Keck. Anita Keen. Troci Keith. Amy Keith. MJchele Kellar. Shelley Kellems. Susan Keller. Cory


66 110 126

54 54

Ill 70 113 99

48 166 93. i 78 59. 71. 93 41

46. 93 2 15. 244 102

Keller. Dare 58 Keller. David 60 Keller. Mark 99. 100. 156 Keller. Timothy 42. 58. 60. 65 Kelley. S. 34 Kelly. Mark P. 64, 74. 215. 244 Kelly. Scott 103 Kelly House A 101 Kelly House D 10 I Kelsheimer. Todd 106 Kemp. Christine 95 Kennedy. Christopher N. 34. 52. 144. 215. 244 Kent. Randy 52. 122

Kenyon. William J. 2 15. 244 Keoderitz. Leonard 30 Keramos 55 Keran. Jeffrey 29. 34 Kerdkaewfah. Praehya 70 Kern. Monte 103 Kessel. Phil 92 Kesscls. Usa 42. 65 Ketcherside. Chris 118 Keuss. Michael 40 Keuss. MJkc ii3. 120. 215. 245 Keu tzer. Steve 55 Key. Billy 139 216. 245 Keyes. Michael Scott

Keyvan . Shahla


Khan. Kareem 100 Khanna. Rashi 52 Khemani, Kishorc 52 Khubchandanl. Raju 52 Khubchandanl. Sarita 52 Kiehne. David Wayne 59. 216. 245 Kilby. Leanne 65 KUcher. Roland R. 71. 216. 245 Kilgor e. Mark 64. 123 Kill. Mike 113 Kilton. Bob 35 Kilwin. Elizabeth 127 Kim. Brian 95

Kim. Du 54 54 Kim. H. Kim. Hye-Jung 93 Kimbel. J. 65 Kimmel. Kerry 95. 100, 140. 141. 186 Kincaid. Brian 55. 112 Kincaid. John 30 King. Jacqueline 36 174 King. Jeff King. Matthew 109 119 King. Mike King. 11m 35 31 Kinsey. Steven 55 Kirby. Bill Kirby. Kurt 96 Kirtlink. Dan 94 Kixmiller. Randy 105 Kladiva. J. 52 Klaiua, Jay I ll Klaus. Deborah J. 142, 143. 216. 245 Klein. Brian 71. 99. 100. 117. 154. 170 Klein. Steve 58, 113 Kleinmann, Randy 170 Klenklen, Brian 122 Kliewer. Lydia 124, 125 47. 2 16. Klotz, Melissa Dawn 245 Klukvin, Nicholas 71. 118 Klump. Steve 113 Kluz. Rachquel 34, 127 KMNR 32. 33, 55 Knaust. Elizabeth 28. 65 Knerr. Mark 104. 120 Knicker. Jay 113. 150 54 Knowles. L. Knutelski. Jim 43 Ko. Kwang 54 Kochanowlcz, Ron 140. 14 1. 186 Koczur, Timothy 216. 245 Koekler. Piper 46. 65 Koelling. Brian 34. 114 Koenig. Laura 59. 65, 71 Koffman. Mlke 117 Kohlbaker. Mlke 42 Kohler. Piper 95 Kohring. Bradley 48 Koike, Ayako 65. 71. 127 Koinonia 66 Kong. Rachel 216. 245 Konjevich, Michael 31 Konneman, Darrell 92 Koompairojn. Soontharee 70 Kopp. David A 71. 216. 245 Kopplin. Kara 36. 95 Korean Student Association 54 Korsten, Mark 35 Korte. Keith 104. 112 Kosclelski. Denny 113. 150 Kosclelski. Timothy Stanley 113. 150, 216. 245 Kotob. Moutaz 58 Kott.vitz, Cleo 38 Kotzen. Ezra 30 Kraft. Kern 46. 124. 125 Kram. Timothy Francis 148. 216. 245 Kraus. Donna Karen 35. 60, 65. 71. 216. 245 Krause. Douglas 34. 110 Krebs. Pam 65 Kreisz. Kurt 49 Kremer. Greg 113 Krtsche. John 99 Krolak. Melissa M. 216. 245 Krueger, J. 59 Krueger. Kara 99 Krueger. Timothy 31. 94 Kuehn. John J. 59. 113. 216. 245 Kuenzel. Melissa 52. 127 Kuhne, Patrick 113. 150 Kuhne, Tricia 46

Kuhr. R. 31 Kulvaranon. Suvit 70 Kump. Chris 52. 126 Kumpibal. Ponsompak 70. 93 Kuntz. C. 65 Kunz. Chris 96 Kun. Nick 92 Kuta. Jeff 154. 155. 170. 173 Kvetensky. Joee 166. 167. 169 54 Kwon. Yong Lacavich. Jeff 117 Lacey. Lonnie Wayne 216, 245 Lacey. Michael 40 Lady Minor Miners 160 158 Lafser. Tlm Lahiri. Sunila 30. 216, 245 Lair, s. 65 Lalumandier. Gary 118 Lam. Kiet V. 216, 245 Lambda Chi Alpha 112 Lambert. Jeff 34. 43 Lambert. Melissa 31. 65 Lambert. Shannon 30. 34. 43 Landgraf. John 37. 121 Lane. Andrea 93 Lane, Stephen 30. 52. 112 Lang, Bob 49. 117 Lang. Elizabeth Anne 59. 216. 245 Lang. Steve 95 Langendoefer. S. 52 Langendoerfer. Sandra 95. 126 96. 158 Lanigan. Mark Lansberry. Mark 99 Lappe. Eric 65. 95. 108 Lascoe. Duane 95 Lasswell. Scott 113 Laudon. Matthew F. 216. 245 Lauer. Dan 96 Laurent. Ross 113 Lauritzen, Darrin 52. 113 Lavelle. Robert 216. 245 Lawrence. Joshua 110 Lawrence. Mickey 96 Lawson. Richard 42. 43 Lawver. Jonna 34. 125 30. 59 Layne. Mark Lazaroff, Jerry 36 Leach. Chris 36. 55. 116 Leach. Rob 121 Lean. Mike 116 104. 109 Leap. Matthew 65 Ledgerwood. L. Lee, J. 54 Lee. Jae H. 2 16. 245 Lee. Peter 92 47 Lee. Vanita 95 Lehmann. Micheal Lei. Pak 95 Leigh. Scott J. 216. 246 Leimkuehler. S. 59 Leingang. R. 34 Lema. Rebecca 65. 70 216. 246 LeMay. Rebecca Kuhr 216, 246 Lemongelli lU. Ralph Lenley. Denise 95 Lenoir. Dominic 96. 107 76 Lenox. Andrea Lenox. Paul T. 216. 246 Leon. Stephanie 126 217. 246 Leonard. Jeffrey Edward Letizia. Greg 96 Leucht. Kurt 92 Lewinski. Sh awn 94 Lewis. David M. 37. 71. 100. 103. 217. 246 Lewis. Jason 92. 114. 144 Ubiez. David 58. 120. 217. 246 Lichtenegger. John P. 228 Ucklider Jr.. Harold T. 65. 217. 246 Licklider, Matt 58. I 10. 161 Light. Anna 126 Light. Becky 41 Lillard, Michelle 124. 127 Lin. Austin 53

Lin. Jenna 53 Und. Mike 94 Linder. Valarie 70 99 Ling. Denise Ling. Philip 40. 53. 59. 71 Link. Scott 110 Linn. Donna 46. 99 Lisenbe. Ray 58 Litherland. Mary 34. 41 Litle. Robyn 60. 95 Little. Chad 92. 100 Littlefield. Philip 53. 94 Little Sigmas 55 71. 217. 246 Liu, James Livingston. Earl R. 217. 246 Uvorsi, Greg 96 Llewellyn. Jennifer Kay 30. 127. 217. 246 Loaftnan. Craig 110 Loakranjanaudom. Pinit 70 Lochirco. John 64. 113 Lofton. Sharon 95 Long. Chris 144 92 Long. Matt Lotz. John 52. 117 Love. Antonia 58 Lovelace. Susan 217. 246 Lowe. R. 52 125. 217. 246 Lowe. Susan Lowrey. M. 71 Lowry. Jason 64. 110 Lucas. C. 65 Lucas. Usa 100. 102 Luchun. Pamela 34. 217. 246 Lucier. Anna 53 Luedde. Mark 113 40 Lugge. Rebecca Lunde. Catherine 49. 125 Lust. J. 65 Lust, John 123 Luther. Laura 55 Lutheran Student Center 55 Lutin. Kevin 92 Lutz, Alyson 49 Lutz. Lauren 49 49 Lutz. Paula Ly. H. 59 Lynchard, Steve 41. 112 Lyons. M atthew 110 M -Club 161 MacDonald. Chris 112 MacDonald. John 55, 217. 246 Macey. Scott 119 Mack. J. 65 Mack, James 110 47 Mack. Paul Macneil. Bill 96 Maddox. Chris Wesley 21 7. 246 Madison. A 52 Madison. Adam 122 Madrid. David 217. 246 Maes. Gregory 29. 53 Magidson. Daniel 60 Mahlathlni and the Mahotella Queens 07 Mahmood. lftekhar 58 Maier. Brian 104. 115 Mais. M. 34 Malik. Ali 59 Mallow. Chris 55. 59 Maloney. Cathlin 46. 166 70 Manalert. Ratthima Mandela. Nelson 12 Mandry. M. 65 Mandry. Matt 99 Mangogna. Brian 30. 36. 52. 117 30. 43. 117. 217. Manka. David L. 246 47 Manning. Linda 119 Mansfield. Chris Manuel. Caroline 217. 246 Mar. Perry Louis 59. 217, 246 61 Margis. Richard 111 Marino. Mike

MamatU. Gina M. 37. 217. 246 MamatU. John 95 Marshall. L. 59 Martin. Brent 35 Martin. C. 71 Martin. Dale 162 Martin. Gregory 54 Martin. Joe 148 Martin. Kerry Steven 217. 246 Martin. Linda 61 Martin. Ted 52. 11 9 Martin-Vignerl.e. liarold 184. 185. 217. 246 Martinez. Alex 61 Martinez. Gregory S. 104. 121. 217. 246 Martinez. Ken 104 Maschler. Dave 122 65 Mason. Amy Mason. April 58 Mason. Nicole 66 Mason. Rakiyah 58. 71. 93. 160. 186. 187 Massey. Brent 41. 94. 100. 174. 175,

177 Massman. Debbie 58 Mathai. Sheena 52 Mathes. Stacy 166. 167 Matlock. Eric 65. 110 Matlock. Karon S. 217. 246 Matt. Chris 95 Matthai. Sheena 53 Matthai. Thomas 53 Matthews. Art 144 Matthews. Harry 96 Matthews. Michael 40. 52. 102 May. V. 59 Mayabb. Pat 119 65 Maycock. Scott Maycoom. Scott 35 Mayo. Harold 31 Mazzola Jr.. John J. 34. 113. 217. 247 McAnemey House I 103 McAnemey House 2 103 McCalla. Phil 104. Ill McCandliss. George 11 5 34. 71. McCann. Michael Jeffrey 217. 247 McCarter. Karissa 71. 166. 169. 186 McCarthy. Caniel 66 McCarthy. Daniel 31. 37. 174. 176. 177 McCauley. William 162. 165 34 McClellan. Michael McColgan. Kevin 120 McColloch. Mark 31 McConnell. T. 34 McCorkle. Sarah 178 McCormick. Paul 112 54 McCown. David McCoy. Mark 36. 40 McCrary. S. 34 McCrary. Timothy 41 McCullough. Andrew 159 McCune. Natalie 35. 45. 71. 83 McCurren. Brian 55 McDaniel. Katrina 217. 247 McDermott. Sean Finn 218. 247 McDonald. Tauquincy 58. 95 McDowell. Don 59. 100 McEntire. Jeffery Z. 218. 247 McFarland. Jason 98 McGarity. Jerry 96 McGee. Jennifer 65 McHaney. Jason Blair 87. 218. 247 Mcintosh. Carolyn 46. 95 Mcintyre. Amy 36. 55. 71 McKay. David 42 McKay. Matt 43. 59. 71 37, 11 I McKechnie IV. Robert McKeon. Timothy J. 40, 59. 66. 218. 247 M cLaughlin. Matthew 36.65 ~


McLoud. Hany 115 McMahan. Kimberly Rona 93. 218. 247 McMenamin. Kirk 109 McNeill. Sean 104. 119 52. 117 McNett. Mall McQualtty. Matt 114 McRoberts. Brian 41 Md-Talb. Yazld 30 37. 127 Meder. Barbara Mcdrow • Robert 48 Medrow. David 46. 54. 71. 218. 247 Meeraska. Ronachal 70 Meers. Lenny 108 Mehmert. Samuel J. 218. 247 Mehrotra. Deepak 52 Meter. Kevin 116 MelJck. B. 52 MelJck. Than 112. 159 MelJus. Amy Diane 60. 66. 218. 247 Melton. Darren 218. 247 218. 247 Melton. Michelle L. Melvin. Cory 65. 92 Men's Basketball 162 140 Men's Cross Count:Iy Men's Soccer 150 Menendez. Stephen 116. 218. 247 Menold. Ken 64. Ill Menstng. Roger 123 182 Mercier. Bud Meriwether. Jason 105 Merris. C. 34 Merson. K. 28 Mertens. Chrtstopher 61 MCJ.t. Carta Jean 218. 247 MCJ.t. Jeannie 59 Mesko. Melissa 93 Mesplay. Lori 42 Messa. David 182. 183 Metzloff. Kyle 30. 34. 59. 71 Metzner. Suzanne 52. 125 Meyer. Bryce 99 Meyer. Derek 37. 41. 92 Meyer. Karen 40. 71 Meyer. Nancy 113 Meyer. Robtn DanielJe 34. 43. 125. 218. 247 Meyer. Thomas Christopher 218. 247 Meyers. AI 95 Meyers. Arvy 94. 100 Meystrtk. J. 52 Miano. Michael G. 218. 247 Micklewrtght. Brian 34. 218. 247 Mihalevich. Jay 52. 114 Mlkulclk. Ken 58. 59. 113. 148 Mlllangue. Cynthia Ann 70. 218. 247 Mlllangue. Rafael 100 Mlllcr. Doug 101 Miller. Jim 65. 109 Miller. Keith 32. 55 Mlller. Kevin Michael 119. 218. 247 Miller. Laura 65 Miller. Michael 40 MUier. Scott 54 Miller. Shelly 126. 2 18. 247 Mlller. Thomas M. 36. 55. 218. 247 Mtner. Daniel 101 MISSOURI MINER 58 Mtnor. J. 59 Mir.ta. Azam 59 Mische. Amy 36. 126 Misner. Charles 37. 66 Mlssaugh. Susan 47 Mitchell. Doug 110 Mitchell. Jeff 94. 159. 174. 177 Mlttcnzwey. Billy 49. 11 9 Moats. Michael 29. 71 Mocker. Dave 114 MoeckU. Loralee 59 Moellenhoff. Craig 218. 248 Moen. Richard 156 Moerllen. Angela 6 1


Mohapatra. Suresh 92 Mollenhoff. B. 71 Molner. Usa 124. 127. 152. 153 Monge. C. 71 Monson. M. 65 Monson. Nell 120 Montefusco. Julie 46. 93. 127 Mook. Benjamen 118 Mooney. Usa 95 Moore. Daryl J. 218. 248 Moore. Melissa 46. 52. 127. 152 Moore. Thacey 49. 125 116 Mopptns. Brad Moran. Mike 144 Morgan. Anthony Edwtn 218. 248 Morgan. Charmatne C. 218. 248 Morris. Jeff 51. 114 Morris. Keith Aaron 92. 219. 248 Morris. Rlch 92 Morris. Ryan 182 65. 106 Morrow. 1lm Moses Jr.. Joseph Marion 30. 34. 219. 248 Moses. Eric 119 Mosher. Scott 148 Motley. Calvin 58. 65 Moultn. Krista 93 Moyer. Douglas 48. 55 Mudler. Ron 35 Muehe. Tara 65. 93 Muehrtng. Phil 41 Mueller. Andrew T. 34. 43. 219. 248 Mueller. Elizabeth 52. 219. 248 Mueller. J. 34, 59 Mueller. Jeffrey G. 219. 248 Mueller. Jennifer 95. 125 Mueller. Laura J. 219. 248 Mueller. T. 52 Mukunda. V.G. 52 Mulanax. Erin 49, 58. 60 Mulltn. Katie 160 Mullin. Mark 154. 155. 170. 172 Munns. David 52. 112 Munro. John 34. 110 Murphy. Andrea 95 Murphy. Brad 92 Murphy. Don 40 Murphy. Ian 48 Murphy. Jim 92 Murphy. Ken 52. 65. 122 Murphy. Mark 92 Murphy. Sean 115 Murray. Randall 219. 248 Musgrave. Scott Allen 40. 59. 71, 114. 186. 219. 248. Muslim Student Association 58 Mussman. Timothy 219. 248 Mustafa. Ahmed 28. 58. 59. 65 Myers. Arvy 55 Myers. Charles 103 Myers. Jamie 99 Naeger. Chad 119 Naes. Daniel Chad 219. 248 Nagaraj. Jyothl 52 Nagel. Jennifer 59. 60. 71. 93 Nagy. Alex Martin 34. 219. 248 Namatra. Plrapon 34. 43 Napoli. Michael 219. 248 Narayan. Subraman.iam 52 Nasrallah . Magdi 35 National Society of Black Engineers 58 Nawojski. Nancy 127. 219. 248 Neaf. Tom Ill Neal. Bert 35 Neal. Colette 58. 65. 166 Neal. Donald 110 Neal. Jana 46.93 Neary. Brian 28. 92. 2I9. 248 Needham. J. 112 Nelhaus. Christina 93 Neill. Nancy 124. 127 Nel. Mark 36. 59 Nelson . H.F. 35

Nelson. Brad 59. 102 Nelson. Ertka 166 Nelson. Mark 104. 116 60 Nelson. Sandra Nenntnger. Brian Joseph 219. 248 52 Neogl. Parthasakha Nettleton. Brian 99 Netton. Tim 96 Allee 36. 40. 42. 46. 71 New. Scott 99 Newbeny. Don 144 Newbuny. D. 71 Newcombe. Chris 219. 248 Newkirk. Tim 52, 148 Newkirk. Travis 58. I 17 Newman Center 58 Newton. 11m 52. 112 New Madrid Earthquake 10 Ng. Chun-Kee CaMn 94. 219. 248 Nguyen. Sh eila 219. 248 Nicholson. Stephen 95. 100 Nickolaus. Dawn 71. 127 NtebergaU. Jim 29 Ntedergerke. Robert Lee 28. 55. 94. 219. 248 Niehaus. Karen 36. 46. 55. 125 95 Niekamp. Ken Nieuklrk. Shane 92. 100 Night at the Drive-In 5I Nikodym. Anthony I 19 Nilges. Mike 113 Nine South 99 Noble. Michael L. 144. 219. 248 Noble. Rob 144. 147 Nojima. Tatsuya 48. 102 Nolan. Andy 48. 115 65. 71. 98 Norton. Mark Notananda. Anuchal 219. 248 Nsor. C. 34 Nunley. Jim 96 Nuttmann. Quentin 120. 140 O'Brien. Keenan 43 O'Brien. Kurt 113. 186 O'Brien. Robert G. I02. 219 34. 100 O'Connell. Amy O'Connor. Robert 34. 48 O'Donnell. Shawn 99. 144 O'Fiaghcrty. Joseph 100 O'Hare. Erik 36. 40 O'Hearn. Tim 47 48 O'Mahoney . Patrick O'Neil. Brian 111 Oberkirsch. Ben 110 Oberle. Tom 144 Obermark. Jelirey H. 64. 115. 219. 248 Obertz. Debbie 219. 248 Obrien. Robert G. 248 Ochonicky. Ml.k e 108 Ochs. Mark 48. 55. 220. 249 Ockree. Amber 30. 65. 127 Oetting. Todd 71. 174 Oh. S. 54 Ohlms. Todd 92 Okong'o. Nora A 220. 249 Olander. Derek 101 , 170 OUgmueller. Tim 92. 220. 249 Olson. Brian 101 Omega Chi Epsilon 59 Omega Sigma 49 Omurtag. YUdirim 70 Ong. Kok Ching 220. 249 Opachevsky. Boris 96 Oppcau. Todd 104. Ill Opperman. Bryan 92 Orange. Lamont 96. 107 Orf. Thacy 36. 71 Oros. Nicholas C. 102. 228 Orr. JuiJe 71. 127 Ortelee. Mary 166. I67 Osborn. Dennis 119 Oslck. Lesley 29 Oswald. Ron 52. 116 Othman. Abdul 58. 220. 249

Otten. Aaron 101 Otten. Ken 92 Otto. Melissa 65. 95 Otto. Suzanne 59. 71 Otzenberger. Art 96 Overfelt. Mike 52. 111 Overton. Chris I44 Owens. Ken 110 Owings. Kurt 60 Ozturk. Abdullah 70 Pace. Cory 117 Padmanabhan. Gopal 52 113 Pagano. Ntkki Page. Jamie 34. 43. 220. 249 Page. Kory 104 Pahl. Rob 104 Pakistani Student Association 59 Palmtag. Scott 36. 65 Palovchtk. Rebecca 71. 220. 249 Pang. Kevin 40 Panhellenlc 124 Papin. James E. 121. 220. 249 Parade 84 Parden. Rick 35 Park. Chun 54. 94 Park. Dave 121 Park. John 20. 54 Park. Kevin 220. 249 54. 159 Park. Kwang Park. Matt 103 Parker. Matt 94 Parker. Thomas 40 Parks. Todd 144. 220. 249 Parks. W. 71 Parmeley. Mike 162 Pamum. Rlck 92 Panish. Bo 120 Parrott. Jesse 41 Parsons. Eric L. I06. 161. 220. 249 Parsons. Robert L. 59. 228 Parsous. Don 103 Parton. Julie 93 Pasley. Rory 92 Passanise. Angela 60, 93. 152. 153 Pataralertslri. Boonchuay 70 Patel . Jagdish 52 Patel. Dharmendra 35. 220. 249 52 Patel. Prabha Patel. Pragna GUubhal 52. 53. 54. 220. 249 Patel. Sonal 61 Patterson. Barbara 49 Patterson. C. 34 Patterson. David 220. 249 Patterson. Kevin 220. 249 Pauley. Stephanie 160 Paunicka. James 109 Paxton. Paula 42 Pazdera. Tom 106 Peacher. Joel F. 60. 220. 249 Pearson. Daniel Joseph 220. 249 Pearson. Jeff D. 220. 249 Pedigo. Mark 102 Peebles-Ruffin. Marilyn 220. 249 Peeler. D. 52 Pendlno. Joseph 34. 220. 249 Penning. Bryan 54. 55. 94 Pentecost. Douglas W. 220. 249 Penzel. Chris 102 Perguson. Jon 31. 37. 66 Periano. Mark 103 Perkins. David 101 Perkins. Lori 49. 55 Perkins. Tyler 49, 55 Perstrope. Lee 41. 43 Peters. Cynthia 152 Peters. Scan 121 Peterson. Christine 65. 93. 127 Peterson. J. 34 Peterson. Jennl 127 Peterson. Luke 28. 41, 65

Peterson U. James Preston 43. 220.


Petit. Chuck Petitt. Paul Petrano. Mark Petrovich. Daniel Pclry. Paul Pfeuffer. Chris Pfltztnger. Eric Pflcegor. Mike Pharr. Amy

Phelps. Keith Philips. Marshall Philips. Tony

122 101 100 48. 103

42. 220. 249

104. 108

Phlillber. Joel 29. 34. 59. 71. 221.

250 Phillips. Phillips. PhUiips. Phillips. Phillips.

B. 65 Jeffrey 43. 71 Lara Christine 59. 221. 250 Steve 45 Tony 94 Phi Etas~ 49


Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Theta

93. 97. 220. 250 115 96 28

Plcolct. Dale Pieper. Terry Pierce. Jim Pierce. Sandra



113 118 92 96 221. 250

Pierce. T. 65 Pierce. Theresa 66 Pierce. Timothy 54. 221. 250 Pike. Penny 46 Pikey. Tim 186 Pilllam. Audie 98 Pimentel. Cyrl1 P. 64. 112. 221. 250 112 Pingel. John 103 Pinkley. Gary 64. 117 Pinzkc. Tristan 98 Piper.1lm PiskorskJ. Terry 64. 74 221. 250 Pitman. Wesley 34 Pittman. R.

Pitts. Mike 96 Pi Epsilon Tau 59 Pi Kappa Alpha 114 PI Kappa Phi 115 Platcher. Jeff 221. 250 Platz. Ronald E. 41. 65. 221. 250 Pluschke. Unda 55 Podgomik. Michelle 99 Poettgen. Gregg 55 Poff. David N. 221. 250 PohJ. Amy 125 Poland. Victor 113 Polesel. Thomas 00 PolitowskJ. Mark 99 Politte. Marcie 65. 125 Polk. Lany 116 Pollard. Chris 101 Polson. Scott 117 Porter. Andrew 28. 34 Porter. Charles A 221. 250 Portwine. Wayne 58 Poshyanonda. Plpatpong 70 Poskin. Stephen 00. 92 Post. Steve 65. 92 Poston. Christina 100 Poston. Kim 93 Pothireddy. Sujatha 52 Potralka . M. 52 Potter. Gary 52. 118 Potter. Mike 117 Poulson. Jim 52. 122 Powell. Khan 31. 92 Powers. Eric 34 Prakash. Anupam 52 Prakash. Rajiv 52 Pramsaneh. Sarunyapong 70 Pratt. Calvin 40 Pratt. Cathleen 127 Prema. Mukunda 52 Preston. Sarah 140. 142. 143 92 Preston. Tom Preusch. Timothy Wynne 221. 250 Price. Bradley 110 Price. Joseph E. 34. 41. 221. 250 Prince. Josh 106 Pringle. Oran 61 Proctor. Renee 36. 66. 93 Protzman. Roger 100. 101 Pruett. Tim 52. 118. 174. 176. 177 Psi Club 59 Puckett. Noelle 46. 49. 125 221. 250 Puhllck. Sally A Pulay. John 109. 221. 250 Puljak. Steve 58. 123 Pulsipher. Dyan 127 Purgason. Jon Leslie 55. 161. 221. 250 Pursley. J. 71 Pyle. Michcal 95 Rackers. Craig 113 Rackers. M. 65 Rackers. Victor L. 221. 250 Radio Club 49 Radloff. Doug 92 Raghavan. Karthlk 52 Raiders 00 Rainbolt. Donald 37. 116 Rainwater. Jeff 38 Raith. Susan 46 Rakonick. Scott 92. 100 Ramankutty. Mohan 42. 52 Ramankutty. allni 52 Ramanujam. Chaya 52 Ramaratnam. Rajiv 52 Ramsey. Brian 95 Ranch. John Ill Randall. David A 221. 250 Randall. Keith E. 221. 250 Randell. James 96 Randolph. Robert 36. 40 Rangarajan. Keshava 52 Rapien. Ed 94 Rasberry. Mark 102 Rasmussen. Kevin 31. 37 (lu(Q.


Rasquinha. Clarence 52 Ralanabhas. Sandip 70 Ratcliff. Denise 34. 52. 126 Ratcliff. Jennifer 160 Rathbun. Charles 96 Rathbun. Chris 35 Rawlins. Charles 221. 250 Rawlins. Heruy 34 Reagan. Brian 34. 221. 250 Rebsamen. T. 71 Redenberger. Gerhardt 116 Redington. Angie 95 Redman. Bill 43. 53 Reed. Jason 11 7 Reeves. Lisa 65 Reeves. Suzanne 125 Reid. Scott 31 ReUmann. Clint 114 Rein. Joe 120 Reinsch. Frank 35. 65. 122 Reinsch. R 52 Reising. Deveron 108 Reisinger. Leigh 65. 126 Reitz. Timothy 221. 250 Renfert. David 54. 113 Renick. Steven 34. 112 REO Speedwagon 88 Repetto. Mark 99 Reynolds. Chrls 45 Reynolds. Marc 64. 74. 79. 119 RHA 100 Rice. Daren 49. 103 Rice. Kenneth 107 Rice. Mac 115 Richardson. Greg 119 52. 127 Richie. Rebecca 43. 102 Rickard. Alex Rid1en, Paul 30. 34. 42. 43

40 Riebold. Rodney 93. 127 Riegel. Laura Rille Team 156 Riggs. Kevin 144 Riggs. Michael 58. 65. 107 Rightnowar. D. 34 Rikand. Beth 126 Riley. Kevin 104 Riley. Usa Ann 221. 250 Rimmer. Drew 113 Ringhausen. Alan 101 Rinker. Robin 52. 125 Rintoul. David B. 221. 250 Risher. Dyan 178. 181 Risner. Pat 144. 186. 188 221. 250 Rist. Steven Lee Rivard. Douglas Charles 36. 117. 222. 251 Robb. Shannon 40. 47. 113 Roberts. Matt 52. 123 Roberts. Orner 30. 59 Roberts. Tobin 55. 120 Robertson. Dennis 53 Robertson. Kevin 36 Robertson. Melanie 30.34 Robertson. Steve 52. 104 Robinson. Joshua 222. 251 Rockaway . John 31 Rock Climbing Club 60 Rodden. Eric 106 Rodriguez. Eddie 64. 106 Rodriguez. Gonzalo 98 Rogado. Raquel 43. 178 Rogers. Gretchen 31. 71 Rogge. Thomas 54 Rohlfing. Rick 105 Rohr. M. 59 Roland, Rich 92

ROLLAMO Rollet. Michael Romer. S. Romer. Spring Romli. Anita D. Rook. C. Rooks. Jeff Roos. Matt Roper, Kimberly


Rose. E.


64. 74. 113 52

100 222. 251 71

65, 96 108 127

Roseen. J. 59 Rosenbaum. Darren 36. 40. 71. I 17 Rosenthal. Terry 122 Ross. Darren 106 Ross. Matt 104 Ross. Ron 119 Roth. Mike 108 Rottman. S. 52 Rottmann. Dave 121 Rowe. Keith 113 Rowland. John B. 222, 251 Rozdllsky. Jack 55 Rozgay. Deanna Marie 34. 127. 222, 251 Rueling. Stephanie 93 Ruffing. Steve 174 Rugby 148 Ruiz, Robin 46. 95 Ruma. Patricia 124. 126 Rupel. Bill 101 Rusario. Arnold Del 121 Russell. Randy 92. 144 Rustmeyer. Mike 35 Rutherford. Jim 41 Ryan. Kathleen H. 251 11 Ryan. Nolan Rybak, Clint 114 Ryczek. Jennifer 152, 153

Sabin. Martin 102 Sabya 52 Sagehom. Damon 119 Sagez. D. 52 Sago. Alan 29 Saguto. William 36. 105 Said, Badrul Hisham Mohd 222. 251 Salah. K. 71 Salarnie, Ronald J. 40. 43. 110. 222. 251 Sallberg. Scott A. 222. 251 Sallee. Gregory Phlllip 43. 71. 222. 251 Salzman. Dana Lynn 29. 34. 222. 251 48 Sandahl. Scott Sandahl, T. 48 Sander. Brooke 37. 127 Sander. John Uoyd 110. 222. 251 Sanders. Darin 41 Sanders. Greg 47 Sandidge. C. 59 Sandifer. Jill 46. 127 Sandifer. Phillip 110 Sanick. Lynne 126 52 Sankaranarayana. Raji Santacruz. Tom 117 Sanroterra. Mark 30 Saranita. Tony 111 . 150 Sariderell. Mehmet 70 Sauer. Joe 29 Saunders. Jim 52. 106. 148 65. 113. Saunders. Timothy M. 222. 251 Sautman. Mark Thomas 59. 61. 222. 251 34. 152. 153 Sawyer. Leslie Scammacca. Victoria 52. 71.

125. 202. 222. 251 Scanllan. Diana 222. 251 Schaefer. Christina 99 Schaefer. Jerr 113. 150 Schaefer. Matt 104. 105 Schaefer. Scott 105 Schaeffer. Michael 40 Schaeffer. S. 65 Schafer. Richard 48 Schafer. Terry 222. 251 Schalk. Gregg 34. 41. 43. 71 Schaller. A. 34 Schambach. J. 34 Schankland. Ron 43 Schaper. Gary 92 Scharenborg. Tom 95. 114 Scheiblhofer. Chris I 13 Scheidt. Ericka 93 Scherrer. Avi 104 Sch1llJ. K. 71 Schlotzhauer. Allen 159. 222. 251 Schmerer. Avi 123 Schmld. Mike 61. 113 Schmid. Scott 35 Schmidt. Aaron I 13 Schmidt. Jon 59. 7 1. 108 Schneider. Chris 162. 164. 165 Schneider. James 96 Schneider. Robert 40. 150. 161 Schneider. Scott 92 Schneider. Tim 114 Schneller. Bryan 64 Schnepp. Jason 170. 172 Schnur. Jennifer 166. 167. 169. 186 Schoby. Keith 55. 140. 141 Schockley. Terry 114 Schoenborn. Rob 222. 251 Schofield. Teri 178. 179. 180 Schollmeyer. Martina 28. 53. 55. 58. 71 Schonaerts. Jeffrey Joseph 222. 251 Schoor. Karen 70 Schott N. Wade 34 Schramm. Jeffrey 54. 55 Schreckenberg. Clndy 52. 125. 161 Schricker. Paula 48 Schroeder. Curtis 42 Schroeder. Jeff 100 Schroeder. John 10 1 Schroeder. Timothy G. 34. 100. 101. 222. 251 Schroer. Julie 124 Schubert. Lonnie Eugene 222. 251 Schulte. Alan 113 Schulte. Gregory 30. 43 Schulte. Paul 35 Schultz. Ken 68. 69. 71 Schultz. Mark 92 Schultz. S. 34 Schulz. Doreen 127, 222. 252 Sch umer. Joseph 36. 59. 7 1 Schumer. Kimberly 99 Schwaljc. Diane 40. 59. 71 Schwent. Ma tt 144 Schwent. Stephan 112 Scott. Brian 92. I I 2 Scott. Clint 40. 113 Scott. s. 59 Scott. Timothy Dale 29. 34. 222. 252 Scroeder. Jeff 99 Seabaugh. Matthew 36. 61. 10 I Seamen. Eric 52. 123 Scboum. Mike 71. 116 Seggclkc. R. 71 Seguin. Mlke 111 Schlin. Scott 61 Schrt. Allen 28. 110 Seller. Steven John 222. 252 Seipp, Dan 99. 140. 186 Seivert. Steven Lawrence 252 Sellner. Mike 119 Selle. Jane Elizabeth Stoll 223. 252 Senechal. Ken 92

Scrrage. Mlke 120 Sessa. Kenneth 43. 110. 223. 251 Seven North 95 Seydel. Robert 65. 94 Sfreddo. Christina 34. 46. 127 Shaa.ri. Mohd Ashri 58. 223. 252 Shafer. Rich 106 Shah. Majid 59 Shakelford. Jeff 119 Shaml. Hassan 58. 59 Shankland Jr.. R. 59. 71 Shao. A. 71 Shaprro. Jeff 60.99 Shartf. Kharrul Anwar 223. 252 Sharpe. Kirk 60 Shaw. Aaron 110 Shaw. Beth 93. 100 Shaw. Susan 37 Shawal Alludin. Muhammad Reza 58. 223.252 Sheahan. Michael P. 113. 223. 252 Sheehy. Christine 46. 71 Shefchyk. Susan laura 223. 252 ShellJck. Krista 36 Sheldon. Eric 118 Shelley. Robert 48 Shelton. Kathleen 223. 252 Shelton. Raymond 48. 55 Shepard. B. 52 Shepard. Scott 106 Shepherd. Chris 122 Shlelds. Kenneth 223. 252 Shln. S. 54 Shlpley. Dan 120. 223. 252 Shipman. Beth 58 Shrreman. Troy 118 Shneler. Patrick 10 1 Shockley. Terry 95 Shocck. Krrk 94 Shonkwiler. Glen 43 Shook. Jeff 43. 60 Short. Kelly 119 Short. Patrick 31 Shortt. Brad 96 Shritmasak. Boonchuuy 101 Shroer. Julie 126 Shrove. Sue 223. 252 Shrum. Susan E. 223. 252 Shuib. Surazi 30 Shulfer. Allen 52. 113 Shultz. Stan 30 SlanawaU. Emerentiana 70 Sickcndick. Dan 102 Sidener. K. 59 Siebert. Ron 95 Sievers. Boyd Duane 223. 252 Sievers. Michelle 37. 127 Sievert. Steven Lawrence 31. 223 Sigma Chi 116 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 65 Sigma Gamma Tau 65 S~a Nu 117 Sigma Phl Epsilon 118 Sigma Pi 119 Sigma Pi Sigma 61 Sigma Tau Gamma 120 S lUes. Christopher 111. 174. 223. 252 S lmac!Jtis. G. 59 S imbrell. Robert 35 Srrnecek. Mark 34. 48. 55 Srrnmons. Chris Ill S immons. Kelly 41 Simmons. Robert 95 Simon. Frank 36. 92 Simon. Jerome 96. 223. 252 S impkins. Phillip 37. 71 Singal. Dheeraj 52 Singh. Bind 52. 126 Singh. Mandeep 52 Singh. Preet 52 Sinha. Sukdev Kr 52. 223. 252 Sipp. Jeanette 30. 103 Sisters of Alpha Epsilon PI 65

Sisters of the White Star 65 Sitaram. Pravecn 52 Silhivarapom. Viroj 70 SitUsathanchal. S inchal 70 Sitton. Brian 144. 146 Sitton. Shawn 61 Sivaprromrat. Manoon 70 Sivils. Dale 42 Six North 94 Six South 96 Skeeters. Joseph J. 223. 252 Skikas. Steve I 17 Sklllington. Jeffery 110 Slattery. Shawn 65 36 Sleldener. S. Slusmeyer. R. 71 Smiley. Ken 64. 74 Smith . Carol Ann 58 Smith. Alan 36. 119 Smith. Bill 84. Ill Smith. Chris 100 Smith, Chuck 92 Smith, D. 71 Smith, Daniel 34. 94 Smith. David 34. 92 Smith. Dennis 96 Smith. Herman 99 Smith. J.R. 100. 144 Smith. Jennifer 93 Smith. Keith Scott 223. 252 Smith. Koby 43 Smith. L. 34 Smith. Larry 92. 162 Smith. Usa 127 Smith. Mark 58. 123 Smith, Mark W. 123. 223. 252 Smith. Michael 58 Smith. Mike I 17. 150 Smith. Neil 20 Smith. Nolan 99 Smith. P. 34 Smith. Sandra E. 223. 252 Smith, Scott 99 Smith. Vernon 40. 52. 110 SmurfiL M.W.J. 228. 230 Smyser. Chris 101 Snider. Pat 52. 150 Snow. Brian 119 Society of Automotive Engineers 53 Society of Exploration Geophysicists 61 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 64 Society of Manufacturing Engineers 66 Society of Physics Students 00 Society of Women Engineers 60 Softball 178 Sohrabi. Katayoun 61. 125. 223. 252 Solomon. Aaron Paul 59. 65. 223. 252 Somarajan. Shyama 52 Song. Youngtl 54 Sorensen. Craig 114. 144. 186. 189 Sorrell. Scott 41 Soulard Blues Band 67 SOlJTHWlNDS 61 Spaethe. Matt 99 Spalding. Mike 96. 158 Spankle. Vincent 55 Sparks. Gregg 30. 43. 223. 253 Sparles. G. 34 Sparrow. AngeUa 47. 48. 53. 61 Sparrow, Richard 48. 53. 61 Speck. Andrew 60 Spelunkers 64 Spence, Mark 114 Spencer. John D. 224. 253 Spencer. Suzanne 166. 169 Spengler. Kevin 43 Spiller. Douglas Michael 224. 253 Spitzrniller. John 95 Sport Parachute Club 00

Sprenkle. V. 71 Sprinkle. Brad 35. 92 Spyers. Tim 108 Srilhammasak. Boonchuay 70 St.Gemme. Keith Alan 30. 59. 224. 253 SL Pat's 74 St. Pat's Board 62. 63. 64 St. Peters. Daniel W. 224. 253 Stack. Marty 64. 119 Staehle. Sherry 126 Staehllng. Nathan 92 Stagner. Brigitte 47 Stanford. Bryan 96 Stangevtc. Vladimir 41 Stansbery. Donald T. 35. 224. 253 Stansifer. Tim 43. 65 Stapomwongkul. Poet 41. 95 Starke. Greg 113 Starkey. Jodi 40. 59 Starwalt. Stephen 64. 74. 83. 110 Steadham. Timothy 52. 101 Stecker. Ken 117 Steen. Shawn 59 Steger. Chris 115 Stehlin. Richard 30. 224. 253 Steidl. Eric 99 Steineman. Chris 224. 253 Steinkamp. Bradley 29. 30. 34 Stelnkotler. J. 52 Stelnkuehler. Fred 110 Stelljes. Tim 52. 109 Steltenpohl. Jonathan 55. 101 Stelzer. Christine 93 Stemler. Joseph 65. 186. 188 Stephens. Rob 111 Stephens. Walter 55 Stephens N. Edward 42. 61 Stemcman. Chris 58 Stevens. Jeff 95. 100 Stevens. Korena 166 Stevenson. Klm 60. 93 Stevenson. Marcus 107 Steverson. J. 71 Stewart. Brad 114 Stewart. Brian 99 Stewart. Dave 113 Stewart. George 40. 59 Stewart. John 119. 182. 183 Stewart. Mike 92 Stickley. James 48 Stielow. Mark 224. 253 Stigall II. Richard Allen 35. 71. 224. 253 Stiles. Usa 46. 93. 127 Still. Camille 34. 37 Stimemann. Mike 104. 120 Stocker. Bob 95 Stockglausncr. Erik 119. 224. 253 Stogsdill. Susan 46 Stoker. Stephanie 125 Stoltz. William 112 Stone. Alex 96 Stone. John 156 Stone. Robert 35 Stoneking. Richard 112 Stranczek. Mark 55. 120 Strange. Scott 30 Stratman. J ason 113 Stratman. Joann 161. 178 Stratman. Thomas P. 34. 116. 224. 253 Strausbaugh. Mark 112 Strauss, M. 58 Strean1s. R.J. 157 Street. Angela 127 Streeter. Matt 117 Strehlman Jr .. Benjamin 36 Strelo. Tim 154 Stretch. Kerwin 92 Stricker. Lort 36. 40. 224. 253 Strickland. Mark 41 Stroker. Stephanie 40



Strouse. Amy 126 Strouse. M. 71 Strubberg. Steven J. 35. 65. 71. 224. 253 StuckhofT. Janlce 93. 127 Stuckmeyer. Randy 94 Student Council 65 Student Fellowship of the Church of Christ 66 Student Unlon Board 50. 51. 61. 67.

69 Sturgeon. Jennifer 49 Stus. Mike 154. 170 Subbert. Scott 92 Sublette. T. 59. 71 Subramanlum. AnnapurnJ 52 Sukumoljuntra. Kamut 70. 224. 253 Sulincevski. Chris 150 Sullinger. Bobbee 55 Sullivan. Darren 65. 114 Sullivan. James 34. 96 Sullivan. Tom 144 Summerfest 51 Sun. Yuan 30 Sunkara. Sailendra R. 224. 253 Super Bowl 15 Suranunt. Poontawee Ed 184. 185.224.253 Surls. John 9 Suryanarayana. Sarma 52 Suthlrakuljai. Sulee 70 Suthlwong. Sukil 70 Suvagla. Bharal 36. 52 Swan. Rob 122 Swancutl. Douglas 224. 253 Sweeney. Btian 112 00 Sweeney. Todd Swift. Jesse 58 Swill. Stephanle 37. 126. 152 Swimming & DMng 170 Swtnford. Jlm 52. 100. 101. 186 Swtnford. Mike 71. 144. 146 Switzer. Shane 103 Swobda. Matthew 65. 99 Taber. Btian Keith 224. 253 Tae Kwon Do Club 159 Tajkowski. David 92. 224. 253 Talley. B. 59. 71 Tallon. Robert 49. 110 Tandy. J. 59. 71 Taphom. M. 59. 71 Tapp. Anissa 65. 95 Tatiq. Syed 59 Tarpley. John 110 Tate. Bradley Len 34. 43. 224. 253 Tate. Chad 92 Tate. Dennls 65. I 17 Tau Beta PI 71 Tau Beta S~ 70 Tau Kappa Epsilon 121 Taylor. David 92 Taylor. Vaughn 41 Tayon. Keith L. 34. 224. 253 Tebbe. Christopher 224. 253 Teets. Greg 92 Temme. Steve 113 Tenney. Sara 95 Tennls 184 Ten South 99 Tepen. David 224. 253 Tepesch. Patrick D. 36. 55. 224. 228. 254 Terbrook. Jean 47 Terbrook. Rachel 47 Terhaar. Dan 95 Terkonda. Lalltha 52 Terry. Mark 54 Tessaro. Michael 47 Tessaro. Tike I 13 Tewati. Ashlsh 52 Thaemert. Kent Allan 225. 254 Thai Student Association 70 Thakur. Navdeep 94

Thakur, Navi Thawaba. Hassan Theeran. Mohmad 254 Theisen. David Theisen. Wes Thcsscn. Clint 1l1csscn. P. 'illeta Tau Omega Theta Xi 122 Thibodeaux. Kirk Thilker. David Thilker. Steven L. Thomas. Prederick

52 58 Azman

58. 225.

Ill 105 35 59 51. 71. 72. 73

43 64. 92 28. 92. 225. 254 L. 71. 225. 254

Thomas. Jack 69 Thomas. Marc 104. ItO Thomas. Shawn 127 Thomason. Kim 46 1l1ompson. David C. ttl, 118. 225. 254 Thompson. John 35. 117. 159 'rhompson. Malcolm 144 Thompson. Neal 225. 254 Thompson. Shawn 92 'rhomson. Kim tOO Three North 92 Three South 95 Threlkeld. Tom 92

lieber, Doug 113. 150. 151 lieber. Elisabeth 161. 225. 254 Tieman. Janet 40 Tinlus. Jason 65. 109 Tippin, Martin A 54. 225. 254 Thyakioglu. Mural 70 Tisch. Brett Lyle I 10. 225. 254 TJHA 100 Toastmasters 70 34. 43. 225. 254 Tobben. Paul Tobey. Matthew 64. 119 Todd, Renee 65 60.93 Todd. Sandra

Tolbert. Michael Eugene 58. 107. 225. 254 42.71 Tomazl. Keith 119 Tomson. Shane Tonkins. Scoll 52. 108. 154. 170. 171 Tottleben. Jeff 119 Totton. Cynthia 60. 95 Towers. Scott 100 Townley. Andrew 112 Trachsel. Darrel 161 Track and Field 186




Trap & Skeet 157 Traver. Michael 59. 225. 254 1l'emblay. Francis 48. 100 Triangle 123 Triller. Charlie 113 Tseng. E. 29 Tsoulfanldis. Lena 65. 95. 125 Th. David 103 Thcker. Ellen 35. 70 Thcker. Kelly Bernal 225. 254 Tungslripat. Vikran 70 Thrk. Matt 32 Thrkish Student AssoclaUon 70 Thrley. Matt 95. 100 Thrnell. Victor J. 184. 185. 225. 254 142. 143 Thrner. Gina Thrner. Janice 45 Thrner. Steven 55 Thrner. Tracy C. 126.225.254 Thtt. Claudia L. 225. 229. 254 1\110 North 92 1\110 South 95 1Yler, Lee Alan 71. 225. 254


J. 65 Tyrey. Thomas 102 1Yson. Ronnie W. 225. 254 Uludag. Serhat 70 161 UMR Cheerleaders UMR Poms 160 Underwood. Mark 35. 65. 71 Underwood. Steven Gayle 225. 254 Unk, Warren 35. 65. 71. 225. 254 Unterreiner. Jay 11 3 Updike. Sleven L. 47. 225. 254 Upsilon Pi Epsilon 6 1 Utrie. Andy 100 Uzzell. Christine A 125. 225. 255 Valsvll. K. 71 Valentino. Deanna 35. 125 Valsuil. Ken 119 VanBuren. K. 52 Vanderpool. M . 34 Vandivort. Kirby 101 Van Diggelen. Trish 166. 169 Vaughn. G. 34 Veach. Alva 41 Vehlge. Steve 103 Veissman. Rodney 40 Vellanki. Mahesh 52 Vemireddy. Prashant 92 VenegonJ. Mlke 96 Venkatakrlshnaiah. Shoba 52 Venkatakrlshnalan. Shashi 52 Venker. Deanna 93 Vest. Carla 225. 255 Veteran's Assistance AssoclaUon 61 Viehmann. Matthew J. 116. 225. 255 Viessman. Rodney Bruce 226. 255 Vietnamese Students Association 61 Vigna. Leslie Helayne 40. 58. 127, 226. 255 Villacis. Juan 61 Villines. Joe 66 Virtue. Scott 37 Vislnllne. Laura 65. 127 Vitt. Paul 35. 71. 226. 255 Vitzthum, Paul 49 Vogt. Rick 65. 112 Vollenweider. D. 34 Volopoulos. Gregory 101


Von Der Haar. Judith Ann 43. I 00. 103. 226. 255 Voss. Mac Joseph 226. 255 Voss. Mark Anthony 226. 255 Voss. Marty 104 Vrabel. Laura 36. 46. 55 Vukcevich. Stevan 112 66 W.T. Schrenk Society Waas. William 46 Wade. Jeremy 94 Wadley. Brad 64 Wadlow. Mary 65. 99. 160 Waeltermann. Peggy 226. 255 Waggoner. Ray 43 Wagner Jr.. Robert Allan 123. 226. 255 Wagner. Bryan 96 Wagner. John 61 Wagoner. Rob 154 Waldron. Mary 53.93 111 Walgate. Greg Walker. Brett 99 Walker . Darin 94 Walker. Michelle 41. 93. 125 Walker. L.D. 102 Wall. Bill 102 Wallendorff. Jeff 60. 98 Wallis. Vicki 100 Walls. T. 34 Walters. Darren 111 Walters. Eric 37. 47. 66. 226. 255 Walton. Deborah A 161. 226. 255 Walton. Joy 43. 99 Wand. Jim 68 Wang. Simon S. 226. 255 Wankum. Thomas 121. 226. 255 Warbington. LaChell 49. 52. 126 Ward. Brent 140 Ward. Joe 198 Ward. Stacey 144 Ware. Brett 118 Warhover. Scott G. 121. 226. 255 Warrick. Elizabeth 99. 100 Warsnak. Richard 49. 117 Watanapahu. Thanissom 70 Water Polo 154 Watson. Adam 30. 34. 226. 255 Watson. William H. 40. 52. 59. 122. 226. 255 Wayman, Marsha 126 Weathers. M. 65 Weatherwax. Carol 58 64. 92 Weaver. Christopher Webb. Kevin 64. 74. 114 Webb. Tod 226. 255 Weber. Amy 46. 125 Weber. B. 52 Weber. Daniel E. 226. 256 Weber. John 226. 256 Weber. Krlsty Lynn 178. 226. 256 125 Weber. Renee 128 Week. Greek 29. 113 Weeple. Keith 52. 64. 74. 82. Wehmeyer. Pete 106 Wehmeyer. S. 34 Weidner. Michael Nelson 226. 256 Well. Deanna Lynn 161. 226. 256 WeUand. Micheal 114 Weinand. Dawn Renee 59. 71. 226. 256 Weiner, Scott 174 Weirich. Robert 41, 71 Weissmann. Ken 65. 92 Welge. Sam 118. 148 Wells. Ron 61. 68 Wells. Scott 64 Wendeln. Dan 96 Wene. Clayton 30. 59. 119 WenUand. Shirley 47 Wentz. Phil 55. 58 Werner. Jason 119 Wesley Foundation 38. 61

Westcott. D. 34 Westhoff. James 65. 108. 226. 256 Westhoff. Kenneth A. 71. 226. 256 Wetzel. Reuben 95 Whelan. J. 65 White. J. 65. 71 White. Jack 95 White. Jaekye 127 While. Jeremy 174 White. Shannon 127 White. Shonna 100 Whitworth. John 144 Wibbenmeyer. Brian 35. 101 Wickers. Leslie 178. 180 Wieden. Craig 101 Wiggtns. Rachel 36. 40. 59 Wilcox. Robert M. 121. 227. 256 Wilde. Craig 113 Wilding. Craig 55 Wiles. Le\viS 66 Wilfred. Pravin 52 Wilfred. Vanita 52 Wilhelm. M. 59 Wilkes. Arnold 92 Wilkes. Tara 41 Wilkins Jr.. Allen 36. 48 Wilkins. Howle 106 Wilkinson. Richard 59. 227. 256 Will. Tanya 95 WUlhaus. Usa 52. 71. 125 Williams Jr.. Joseph 227. 256 Williams. Emery Thomas 227. 256 Williams. J. 65 Williams. James 102 WUliams. John 110. 227. 256 Williams. Kelly 52. 65. 106. 148 28. 72 Williams. Lance Williams. Larry 58. 83. 86. 116 Williams. Maurtce 94 WUUams. Monica Marie 227. 256 Williams. R. 59 Williams. Robb 99 Williams. Robln 41. 65 Williamson. Ertca 95 Wlllmolh. Geoffrey 54. 95 Wills. C. 7 1 WUpcr. Ross 48. 92 Wilson. Becky 142. 143. 186 103 Wi.l son. Dan Wilson. lieidi 47 35 Wilson. Kevin Wilson. Rebecca 47 Winders. J. 34 Wingert. Frances 93 Winkelman. Pat li 3. 148 Winkler. John Frands 59. 109. 227. 256 Winschel. Brian 113 Winters. Karl 34. 43 Wisdom. Suzanne 227. 256 Wise. Mlke 144. 145. 203 Withinton. Jim 52. 119 Witt. David 110 WttUer. Scott 106 Wohlgemuth. Ron 96 Wohlschlaeger. Holly Eliz.abeth 31. 37. 59. 71. 227. 256 Wohlschlanger. Susan 125 Wojtal. Mark 144 Wollard. Jahna 37. 95 Wolters. Thomas Severin 227. 256 166 Women's Basketball 142 Women's Cross Country Women's Soccer 152 Wonders. Jim 158 Wong. Phillip 35. 43 Wood. Jeff 106 Wood. Kevin 47 Wood. Lori 36. 100 Wood. Markel J. 227. 256 Woodly. Bob 58 Woodruff. John R. 227. 256 Woodward. F. Matthew 60. 227. 256 Workman. Becky 126

World Series 12 Wray. Jennifer 95 Wright Jeff 101 Wright. Paul 42 Ill. 118 Wrocklae. Mark Wu. Foo 103 Wulf. J. 52 Wunder. David B. 227. 256 Wyant. D. 59. 71 Wyatt. Greg 104. 122 Wyland. Kathy 65 Wyzik. Crai.g 98. 100 Yadav. Sheela N. 227. 256 Yang. J.-S. 34 Yates. Paul 112 Ybarra. Robert 40 Yeargain. Ray 52. 117 Yeh. Demus Hsing-Yi 227. 256 Yeisley. Shayne 35. 52. 117 Yi. H.K. 159 Yim. 11-Kwon 54 Yobby. Jason 45. 11 5 Yonker. E. 59 Yonker. Lanle 124. 125 Yoo. Kyung 54 York. Bruce 227. 257 Yost Ed 96 Young. Lucinda 127. 227. 257 Young. Todd 144 Young. Victorta 160 Youngblood. John 158 Youngblood. Tamiko 58 Younger. Roger 41. 227. 257 Yu. James K. 227. 257 Yukich. John 113 Zaidi. Ja\vad 59 Zakl. Naushad 58. 59 Zaninovich. J. 71 Za\vlla. Jeffrey 40. 58. 116 Zee. R 65 Zeiger. Steve Ill Zerr. Brad 109 Zeta Tau Alpha 127 Zimmerman. Mike 100 Zimsen. Andrew 170 Zion. M. 65 Zlatic. Tanya 46. 65. 93 ZoU. Steve 174. 175. 176 Zoltowski. Brian 52. 11 8. 158 Zung. Jennifer 55. 60. 6 1 Zung. Jodi 184 Zurbuchen. Mark 36 Zuroweste. Tim 103 Zychlnski. Steve Ill





MII.OUAI .....

1991 Rollamo Staff Lance Williams Advisor

Robin Ruiz Seniors Editor

MikeSchimd Photo Editor

Jason Boles Sports Editor

Greg Teets Residential Life Editor

Rollamo Photographers

J ason Meriwether, J a m es Anderson, Ed Hassinger, Lisa Stiles, Khan Powell

Editor's Note Angela Moerlien Organizations Editor

Ed Hassinger Assistant Photo Editor

This yearbook is dedicated to the memory of the following people: Gregory Brune Chris Reynolds Mars h all Findley

Colophon Volume 85 of the University of Mis souri-Rolla Rollamo yearbook was published by Walsworth Publis hing Company of Marceline, Missouri. The cover, designed by Deane Schroeder, is silkscreened and hot-foil embossed. The book was printed on number 80 enamel pa per. Headlines were set in Avant Garde, body copy and captions in Bookman, and the folio tabs in Brush Script. Senior portra its were produced by Vardens Studio. Additional production facilities were graciou sly provided by the UMR Publications Department.

As I look over the final copy of the RoUamo. I am coming to the realization that my whole time at UMR has been tied to the yearbook. I s tarted s l.x years ago as a freshman. As I walked up the stairs of the Rolla Building, I serious ly considered turning around and leaving. Luckily, I didn't, because working on the RoUamo has given me much more than I feel I have given it. It gave me an outlet to the trials of s chool work and an opportunity to do things I migh t never do again. The book you are holding represents a turning point in the history of the Rollamo. For 84 years, the yearbook was meticulously laid out by hand on large triplicate carbon forms: for most of that time, the stories were typed on copy forms. This year the Rollamo was laid out on a computer and s u bmitted on disk to the publisher . This allows the staff to see what the book will look like before it is sent. We think tha t it is one of the best ever produced, and have high hopes for improving it as the s taff becomes more a dept using the system . Many thanks go to the staff of this year's book. Their s kill and talent really made the book what it is. Specifically: Mike - for sUcking it ou t and making sure everything was taken care of for me - "Smile and say 'Barefoot and Pregnant!'" Angela - for the outstanding job on the organization layouts "I should be done in a bou t an hour. " Greg - for s tepping in and taking over Reslife after Chris' death and for your expertise in getting and setting up the current computer system - I truely couldn't have done it without you . Jason - for taking over Sports when Deane and I had "creative differences" - I hope you approve of the triangle! Robin - for typing in all those names and putting on all those s tickers - I owe you a box of Frosted Flakes! Lance - for loosening the pu rs e strings and buying things that we didn't seem to need at the time- here's to the next 20 years (bet you thought I didn't notice!) A few more people who had a more backs tage role but were just as important to the book's success: Debbie and Mike - for putting up with my daily phone calls and being pa tien t as I learned the ropes - ''I've got a question ... " Kathy - for the pictures, computer help, and an intra into the world of design but more for the sympathetic ear, s upport. and Ckay, okay, okay ... this book definitely all the la te hours - M has pants!" Cathy - for just lis tening and giving advise- it is worth it after all, isn 't it? Mrs. Myrick - for giving me my firs t glimpse of journalism . not kicking me out of class for s melling of gasoline, and giving me a role model when I was in charge - my hat's off to you for staying in as long as you have . Mr. C - for teaching me what I know of photograph y, which playtng ultimately put me where I am now (the hot seat). and M the game", which has helped me immen sely in my dealings with the pu blic - "And miles to go before I..." And of course to my family, for believing I could make it through this place even when I didn't - I love you all very much . Jason McHaney RoUamo Editor-in-chief