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PROGRESS . .. through seasons

campus life 24-103


through unity


living units 176-263


through teamwork

through beauty

sports 104-159

queens 160-175


to graduation

foiWard The ROILAMO is the official yearbook of the University of Missouri-Rolla, and is published by the students of the Rolla campus. The ROil..AMO documents a year in the life of the University and it's people. The emphasis in this book is on students, their different life styles, the events and services that effect them, the administration that surrounds them, and the organizations that round out the growth of a student. It is hoped that the '78 ROILAMO has reflections for everyone.


seniors & who's who 306-357


Russ Brazeal

Bob Arasmith

Kay Spaunhorst

Kathy Gehlert



Kelly Brazeal

Karen Durso

Lance Williams Gayle Cordes

Russell S. Brazeal . .Editor in-Chief Tom Beard .......... .Photo Editor Glenn Johney .........Campus Ufe Kathy Gehlert ............. . Sports Kelly Brazeal ..... Queens & Who's Who Bob Arasmith ......... Living Units Kay Spaunhorst ..... Organizations Karen Durso ............. .. Seniors Dr. Lance Williams ....... .Adviser

PHOTOGRAPHERS Matt Mills Daryl Quinn Steve Olson Mike Noblot Scott McKee Marilyn Daum Mike DiNapoli Brian Rasch Tom Beard Russ Brazeal Glenn Johney Bob Arosmith

Glenn Johney

Publisher ... .Herff Jones Yearbooks Representativ e ...... .Gayle Cordes Technical Assistant .......... Ernie Gutierrez


禄 .~

~路 I



ME K\~~ CHRlS l-MA':: AND HAPl )y ~~F-~W YEAR


twenty two

twenty three

twenty six






~w ' l




-- ~






~, ~ .~

. """'







---- --

( - ·~



.•.. __ · · .

... --..;:;,.





,::.:.: ,...., . ··... .... "';-'

twenty seven

lwenty eighl

twenty nine


th irty one

thirtv two

thirty three

thirty four

thirty five

thirty six

thirty seven

thirty eight

thirty nine


forty one

forty two

forty three


fo rty four

forty five


forty six

forty seven



forty eight

forty nine


fifty one

fifty two

fifty three

fifty four

fifty five

fifty six

fifty seven

fifty eight

fifty nJne


sixty one

sixty two

sixty three

sixty four

sixty five

sixty six

sixty seven

sixty eight

sixty nine





seventy one

seventy two

seventy three

seventy four

seventy five

seventy six

seventy seven

seventy eight

seventy nine

-路.c...._ ....

-V~-- -路

~ ~

._ .



eighty one

eighty two

eighty three

eighty four

eighty five

eighty six

eighty seven

eighty eight

eighty nine


ninety one

ninety two

ninety three

ninety four

ninety five

ninety six

ninety seven

ninety eight

ninety nine

one hundred

one hundred one

one hundred two

one hundred three

one ten

one eleven





one fourteen


u G B y


SWIMMING one sixteen


Row 1: Frank Landwehr, Rod Herrin, Mike Anderson, Randolph johnson, Phil Ostopowicz, Mike Keusch, Kerry Turner, Joel Schriener. Row 2: Assistant Coach Jim Dinsdale, Steve Kelly, Dennis Fenske, Dennis DeBondt, jeff Kipp, jeff Lewis, Rick Fuerman, Ulysses Hollimon. Head Coach Billy Key


Basketball Eight Wi ns Sixteen Losses


•..,.'f :·: . - ._


one twenty four

. ..

Women's Basketball

Fourteen Wins Five Losses

one lwenly five





0 0 5 0 0 4



9 5 2 2




0 1 1





- -.

Southwest Mo. St. Louis U. Mo. Western William ]ewell U. of Mo.-St. Louis Florrisant Valley C.C. Columbia St. Louis College of Pharmacy Meramec C.C. Washington U. Southeast Mo. Central Mo. Northwest Mo. John Brown South east Mo. Southwest Baptist

9 9 4

9 9 3 3 0 4

7 7 4

9 8 8 9



one twenty seven




The wrestlers were somethin' else!

one twenty eight



one twenty nine


one thirty

Baseball Eleven Wins Fifteen Losses

one thirty one


one thirty


0: 2 2 .

• • • 6

one thirty three


FOOTBAll: Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon

SOCCER: Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon

SWIM!vfiNG: Sigma Nu Sigma Pi

TENNIS: Tau Kappa Epsilon





GOLF: Thomas Jefferson Pi Kappa Alpha



CROSS COUNTRY: Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Kappa Theta


VOLLEYBALL : Beta Sigma Psi Sigma Phi Epsilon

BASKETBALL : Tech-Engine Sigma Phi Epsilon

WRESTUNG: Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Alpha

HANDBALL: Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Nu

ARCHERY: Beta Sigma Psi Delta Sig



SOFTBALL: Pi Kappa Alpha



TENNIS: Zeta Tau Alpha WRHA

SWIMMING: Kappa Delta Thomas Jefferson

BOWUNG: Kappa Delta Zeta Tau Alpha


Thomas Jefferson

RACQUETBAll..: Thomas Jefferson Zeta Tau Alpha


ARCHERY: Zeta Tau Alpha WRHA

VOLLEYBALL: Crescents AWS/ Zeta Tau Alpha

TABLE TENNIS: Kappa Delta WRHNCrescents





one thirty eight


SWIM THE FASTEST __.....,...,~ .

--.-.---..-----,---..-- .. . .


. -:--1

. .~ ·--..--.---



2 2.

• •


one thirty nine



one forty




one forty one


one forty two



one forty three



( .-~

(-•·, ,

. >; $-

I 'r·i

"--l • (




./ ,;

....., ...•



~ .. \

\.. ,.


~ --'



(. .'



one forty four


-- :-"\


, . . 61. 路-')

one forty five



K A p p




one forty six




one forty seven



one forty eight



one fifty



one fifty one


one fifty two




one fifty three


one fifty four


one fifty five




s A G A


one fifty six


one fifty seven

whether you're a greek ...

one seventy eight

... indep enden t .. .

one seventy nine

. .. or choos e to live in the trees.

the only things that matte r o ne eighry

are making new friends .

and living as you please. one eighty one


one eighty two

must kn c~ns


'n two

25 ¢ 2


one e ighty three

o n t> eighty four

one e ighty fivC'

one <>ightv six

one eighty seven

one eighly eighl

one eighty nine

one ninety

one ninety one

one ninety two

one ninety three

one ninety Jour r

one ninety f ive

one ninety six

one ninety seven

Row 1- Debbie Kusmec, Karen Budde. Becky Brockman , Dolly St. Denis. Barbie Bening. Lindo Jacobs Row 2-Carmo Stone, Koren Lucas, Debbie Ferner, ChezyJ Coleman. Sara Dewell, Beth Meyers, Cindy Cooper, Potty Klug, Pam Baxter, Angie Baker, Terri Lewis, Marylin Kolbe! Row 3-Doli Shetley. Robert Hoed/. Dionee Speer, Lindo McKinzie, Andrea Green, Cindy Diedrich. Allison Reitz, Denise Dawson, Reggie Lewis Row 4-Mary Preston , Beth Viessmon, Barbara Parson, Missy Coil, Leigh Ann Terry, Leslie Greenly, Kay Broun , Beth Spencer. Lix Sauer. Brenda Brookshire, Peggy Taylor. Jenny Adkins Not s hown- Kay Spounhorst, Peggy Bessell, Kris ty Dailey, Sl1erri Clark. Cathey Morris. Debra Bene, Vicki Moore, Kathy Dill, Rhonda Reed

one ninety eight

one ninPiy nine


two hundred


two hundred one


Row 1- Eric Hirsch. Rick Levin. Mike Martin. Greg Mundkowsky, Ed Goodrich. Paul Thomas, Vol Bates, Eric Lancaster, Shultz. Tom Sutterfield, Mark jones, joe Briscuso Row 2- David Upnick, Jim Irwin. Ron Bemis, Mark Schlesinger. Ron Hoormann, Al Diamant, Jim Purtle, Chris Wright, Pat Martin, Steve Gray Row 3-Bob McCann, Pete Goldberg, Bob Wille, A1 Ketterer. Lorry Maxwell. Blake Silkwood, Bob Gold Row 4-Robert Meredith. Bob Karp , Jerry Gusdorf, Steve Rollins, Spike, BiU Pennstrom. Barry Goldstein, Steve Seigel, Scott kier. Jeff Babb. Keith Wesselschmidt

two hundred two


Row 1-flobort Stallion, Thomas Cleveland, Gory Penny. Mark Pledger Row 2- Rondy Donaldson, Kevin Chaney, James Brown fll, Thurmon Botos Ill, Dale Cain Row 3-Robcrt Lindsey, Theodis Johnson, Gregory Skannal. Virgil Work, Jr.. Frank Bowers. Carl Lavalle, Aso Watson HJ

two hundred three

Row 1-Steve 'Mo' Mueller. Steve 'Rinz' Rinne, Tim Haber. David 'Woody' Driemeier, Jim 'Weener' Weinhold, Dennis 'OK' Kinchen, Brion 'P' Wagner. Kieth Malone, Rick Hausmann, Tomy 'Wop' Avena. Mike 'Rosy' Rosenmeyer, Scot! 'Dickerdog' Dickenhoff, Roger 'Rat' Boyer, Bob 'Meeper' Garcia, Doug 'Fioos' Fleiss. David Diedricl1, Rick 'Cheeks' Bruns, Bob Fuermann Row 2-Cindy MiUer, Steve Lampe Row 3-Rusty 'RuseJI F' Goldammer, Brian 'BRF' Fiehler, Terry Yo!ler, Keith 'Tomato' Tomazi. Dan 'Dad' Darnell, Janet Reiter. Ellen Folluo, Undo Steinhoff, Brenda Ellerbrake, Barb Ellerbroke, Cathy Schroer, Art Giesler, Doug Bye, Ken Buhlig, Dave Schlorman, Mark 'Bear' Drewes. Row 4-Bulch '8}' Johnson, Steve 'Son' Goldammer, Donno Tubbesing, Rex Coolter. Roger 'Dodger' Zimmermann. fim 'J.C.' Hafner. Craig 'Frits' Fritsche, Glen 路z路 Ziolko, David 'Fronky' Fronkenboch Row 5-Scotl 'Zog' Herzog, Bill Long, Brad 'B.F.' Kasten , Jim 'S7W' Sutton. Mark 'Wrongway' Roenfeld!

two hundred four

Row 1-Gene Noe, Bob Arnold, Todd Ko1chbrenner, Ed Dixon. John Tordan. Brion Chaney. Keith Vogan. Neil Jaegers, Bob Hendershot. Andy Carlson, Tom Dooling Row 2-Mark Phillips, Dennis Naegers, Bill Krunk.horst, Virgil Hughes, Doug Adamson. Paul Coonon. Dan Hirschbuehler, Renny Eisele, Steve Floray, Dove Reinertson Row 3-Bob Hartwig, Kent Lueders, Jim Vogan, Brett Bishop. /annie Roberts, Roger Arbuthnot. Frank McCormack On Porch Roof-Jeff Theemon, Dove Ruprecht. Tim Madden, Jeff Freeland, Mark Wilson, Larry Bell

two hundred five

Row 1-foe 'Hou nd ' Morales. Astra 'The Nose' Wondermul , Eddie 'Gloss Top' Doss. Tom 'The Mitt" Schmilf. 1/cidi the Birdchoser. Johnny 'P.T.' Branum. Kevin 'Pinetree' 1/ousrr Row 2-Mike 'Thf' Frock' Bellew. John 'Do<lley' Trousdolr. Dove 'Long Legs' DuBois, Warren 'Pool' Gref'mvolr. Hick 'The Duck' Klein, Bob 'Bob-0' I lolloron , Gory 'Underpuppv' Underwood. Dave 'The Fly' I loll. Mike 'Dam mit' Houser Row 3-Nick 'Snicker' Dungey. Tim 'Mutlley' Heath, Jeff 'Bogart' Sheers, Mjkc 'The Mo' Bowen

two hundred six


Row 1-Tom Dill. Brian Wolter. Dave Laughter. Scott Palmer Row 2-Mark Gammon, jne Bruce. Kevin Klimt. Mike Ray. Dan Holma11. Mike Allen. Kevin lsom, Rich Louis. Dave Holland, Bob Boon, Mark Winnett, Rob Thurmond, Mark Pfitzinger. Lloyd Lewis, Ken Miller, Alan Van Booven. joel Schreiner, Mark Arand, Tom Hagale. Greg Evans, Andy Mueller, j oe Harster. Jeff Crawley. Don Siroky. Greg Grindinger, Paul Russell, Dave Koissling, Mike Ferguson, Gory Donner, Dale Tayloe, fohn Phillips

two hundred seven


two hundred eight

AXA ------- - . .

Row 1-Brion Walker, Sam Mossey, Tina Gou ty, Betty McCoy. Sue Has/ell, Kevin Huther, Kevin Patterson. Mike Marchetti Row 2-Trocy Butcher, Jim Lee, Burton Walker, Dennis jones. Cindy Brower. Undo Bronum, Tom Gebhardt, Joyce Ulrich, Don Ull'ich, Mark Meyerhoff, Joe Stevenson. Ma rgia Smith , Chuck Word.

Chris Thomason, Janel Parker. Stcvl' Wachtel. Randy Brunts. Fred Merion, Corinna Campbell. Bruce Co/borne, Ed Bober. Terry O'Loughlin, Bruce Dm•is. Dan Grose. Linn Field. George Shannon. Kurt Holekamp. jack Tarkington Row 3-Bob Mocrum, Jim Burnett, Ricardo Tiongson, Rob Steinhoff. Julie Boxell, Mike Johnson. Roger Watwood. Steve Tanquory. Martha Dixon, Greg Bonogurio. Bob Doum, Phil Anderson. Tim Held Row 4-Dove Akers, Dave Esker, Bruce Mueller, Mark Has/ell. Jim Unverferth. Gory Troutman. Lisa

Harrison. Gary Amsinger

two hundred nin(J


two ten


Row 1 (left to right)-G. Schmutzler, J.T. McSherry, G. Sedacek, L. Elliolt, R. Bay. F. Murphy Row 2 D. Kearney. W. Schnell. B.P. Winter, D. McConn, S.D. McHenry. E. Bramer, S. Sleeman, G. Maxwell. M. Post, R. Heo, J. Morfice, ]. Gaddy, D. Gordon, R. Smith, D. Caswell Row 3 L.R. Leipold, S. Winkelhoch, D. Simac, R. Rundle. D. Winter. T.W. Fenneseey, K. Donnelly, M. Schaefer. R. Dahmer. J.S. Williams, (somebody's hair). }. Weiland, W. Weber, M. Nealon. G. Clumb. P. McCole. P. Baldelli,}. Lalteman, K.Q. Smith, T. Erman, E. Chomperlain. P. Metcalf. M. MucJ/er, D. Moore, K. White, D. Acre. P. McAllister, R. Schnell, f. Stukes. }. Rynski

two elPvl'n


How 1-Mike Newberry, Keith Bl'sl. Paul Hoger. Tim Rose. Joe Younger. Mike lloffmann, Keilh Butcher. Mike Slacker. Bill Slein How 2-Howard Siever, Holly SIPver. Don Bingaman. Donald Duck, Sam Enns. Joe Gioia. Sieve J Jonkel. Mike Fousl, Keilh 1-loemonn, David Leulzinger. David Strelow How 3-Joe Pe lcr

hvo hvdvp


two thirteen

Row 1-Kurt Kinnevan. Don Vance. Bob Zipp. F'ron Saldajeno, Harley Boll. Rocky Andes. Bear. Tim Brown. Gory Fannin. Bill Cissell Row 2-Dove Naeger, Dove Braun, Cloy Bachman, Andy Cox, Bob Sanner. Mike Klump. Randy Gonz. Pot Wolff, Chuck Le ibrondt, Gregg Sullivan, Jeff Vincent Row 3-Brion He uckroth, Jim Scott, Jim Baker. AI Barkovitz, Jim Schneider, Doug Bayer, Mike Coombs, Ken Hardy, Kevin Eisenbeis, Bob Knowles, Dave Eller, Mark Walker, Paul Manocchio, Jerry Shirly, Carl Martin, Matt Bruns. Brian Boch , Phil Schmidt. Bruce Copeland, Bob Schoonover. Russ Davis Row 4-Tom Bach , Mike Finnegan. Jim Hunicke. Don Wapplehorst, Rick Ruerman Front Row Ledge-Tom Rothennich. joe Bierschwol, Ed Prost, Scott Liebel, Don Bisessi.Jim Haolehan, Steve Emmendorfer. Brad Byam. Steve Hendricks Second Row Ledge-Mark Lynch, Lonnie Jaycox. Alan Kaeb/e, Larry Giles. Stacey Dunn, joe Thebeau, Mike Hartman two fo urteen

liT ~Tl"";'




. :


two fifteen


Row 1- Rich Corpf'nter. Kevi n Schulte. Scott McKee. Scott Diestelkamp, Bill Nix. Ted Cocos, Dave Birenbaum, Ken Ogle, jim Roberts. Rusty Utchfield. Davl' Brown, Mike Coyle, Greg Wayne. Rob Freyder. Don Holmes. Kevin Wiese. Bob Nespodzony. Ted Lowe. Andy Hough Row 2-Mork Knickme}•er, Marty Huggins. Phil Webster. Karl yeager, Doug Donody, Harry Lohse. Tim O'Moro. Ed Ellcbrocht. Molt Stone. Mike Sickcndick. Moll Snook. joe McKeirnon, Bob Breen Row 3-Steve Posse!. Gene Kue lker, Brion Ellis, Eric Stelzer, Steve Klutho, j .T . Sharp, jerry Fred erick, Lorry Sicking, Brian Lashely, Don Zust, Cory Aymen, Benji Schaefer, Jim Rau Not Pictured- Mike Noblet, fohn Johnson, john Rieker, Dove Kolkmeyer

two sixteen


Row 1-Bil/ Groce. Jeff Wilson. Dove Brueggeman. Ron Jansen, John Cooley, Dean Undslrom. Jeff Steinhart, Bill 'Doc' Deine, Steve 'E.J.' Jennemonn. Mark 'ABs' Abernathy, Chris Enlie. Jeff 'Hype路 Josl. Mike 'Ape' Beckman, Tom I. Beard, Guy Slecnsgor Row 2-Pete Te/thorst. Randy 路sport' White. Don Kissel, Rober! Mitchell. Ed Meyer. Bill Cluff. Bob 'Cheep' Proe, Wayne Toby Schmidt, Chris 'Hansom' Ransom, Don Rose, .\1ike ',\-lac' McCoy, Charles Rinehart, Jim 'Zero' Lynch, Mike 'Buzz' DiNapoli. Tom 'Georheod' Hancock. Tom Muller, Jim Whetzel. Ken Arendt, Joe Buehler, Greg 'Hick' Steuer. Don Becker/e. Don Hunt, Bill 'Bubbo' Wanvick, Mike 'Colonel' Criste, Bill 路s&V' Fronk, John Cosh, Tom 'S.F.' Gonther. Mark Hoffman, Mike J. Busby Row 3-john Crow, Rob Telker, Mark Brown, Chris Auer Row 4-Mike McEvilly

two seventeen


two eighteen


Row 1-/ay Warren, fohn Fitzpatrick, Gory Johnson. Dove Brewer. Kevin Clarkin Row 2-Steve Zeboski, 0. Jackson, Bill Euliss. Mike Bell, Bill Storoz, Greg Long, Chuck Mattson, Todd Williams Row 3-Rob Davinroy, Bill Field, Jeff Heppermann, Harry Laswell, Jim Hall, Tom Parks. Jeff Porter, Bruce Stuart, Sandy Stuart Row 4-Glen Frick, Raul Reddy, Eric Schultz. Steve Ughtbody, Keith Borton, Randy Bissey, Terry Bone, Brian Rock Not shown-Greg Melton, Chuck Durbin. Keith Bockelmann , Terry Kremmel. Skip Christman, Steve Long, Carl Hayworth, Bill Nichols. Mike Johnson, Roger Goodlet, Joe Brinkmann. Scot Greives. Rick Ruf, Vic Ratkowski, Bob Brewer

two nineteen

() U (_ 0 ( gvrJ'Ij

J () ~J l'lf~ ~



;hvt . /(J i/ _{)


Front Row-Rosa lie Larson. Usa Harrison, Dar/is Burris, Kristine Hurd, Lynn Rieldn. Tina Gouty. 8etty Ellsworth. Soosan Binesh, Paula Snyder !Jock Row-Marilyn Smelcer, Cindy Brower, Cathy Godsey, Margaret Frazier. Sandy Haynie, Bonnie Boland, Susan Diehl. Sue Holm. Julie Boxell, Trudy Hellman. Betty McCoy, Tommy Hickman, Becky Burgess, Pam Reed. Koren McCoy. Marcel Woremon, Anita Benschop, Chris Thomason, Kathy Gchlert, Martha Dixon

two thirty six


two thirty seven


Front row-Gary Hibberd. Craig Meese, Ed Undquist, Tom Conant, Keith Osborne, John Levengood, Tim Chandler, Andrew Smith Middle Row-Kendall Hockman, Greg Youll, Fred Bean, Carl Hoon, Andrew Schellick, Mike Cole-

man Bock Row-Ken Green, Roy Hinton, Bob Lyle, Ken Keeven. Mark Huck

Row 1-Tom Sutterfield, Steve Milks, Doug Myer . Brian Nolson, Joe Pundmonn , Bob Tenholder. Rick Pfleging, Joe Trapani, Dan Deatherage, Mike Ingram. Kevin Entwistle, Steve Honmonn

two thirty eight


two thirty nine


Row 1-Greg Bertoglio, Ed Hasler, Kevin Hagan, Steve Brenneman, Rick Williams, John Long, John Busse, John Jennings, john Triller. john Wankom, Rob Closier, Cliff Noble, Luis Roquebert Row 2-Luis Navarro. David Kennedy. Brice Kelley, Richard Bohonsky, Mike Magruder, Mark Felzien, Tom Mueller, Fotih Tezok. Tim Hinken. Keith Townsend. Steve McGroarty. Rolando Cuevas Row 3-Rob Hileman, Steve Ott, Scott Newland, Jim Hawkins, Rich Moellenberg, Mike DePasquale, Kevin Humphrey, Scot Wilke, Bruce Lamb, Lowell Klassen, Kevin Watson, Tim Ellison, Steve Westerhouse, Gene Austin, Dale Gillmore Row 4-Robert Howell, Joe Robey, Kelly Rudolph, Kent Duncan, Dove Huxhold, Tom Laskowski, Breck Summerford, Marc Wilcoxen, Alan Pulley, Randy Westerdole, Mike Carpenter, Scott Frieberger, Chris Wilcox

two forty


Silting & Kneeling (left to right)-Dove Maskey, Greg Harding, Scott Diermonn, Garth Studebaker, Dave Mueller, Bush Gladden, Bryan Rathert, Don Walden, George Dickinson, Tom Hayes. Chris Wright. john Wong, Richard Herbert. joe Gillordi. Randy jordison. Chris Williams. Terry Gutsch, Randy Kempf, Mike Jones. Kevin jones, Dove Ried, Mike Boone, Ray jost. Greg Eods, Harry Syers Standing (loft t.o right}-Mike Fischer, Dove Sumpter, Dwight Hulton, Dave Dierker. Joe Ondrus. Don Reid, Mark Timmerman. /nwoo Yoon. Bob Steiner, Tom Hepler. Rohml Dcdcogou, fohn Hall. Paul Richardson. Russ Shipman. Dave Kottmon. Lorry Wayman, Arthur Wilkins. Garry Kraus, jim Taylor. Duane Emanuel, Rick Wolfe, Mike Fitzgcrel. Val Chkautovich. Randy Niesler. Jim Roberts. Steve Martin. Glenn Hartog, Dave Lazure. Ccltik Mahir

two forty one


Kneeling-John Nelson, Mike Clark, M. Kevin Williams, Steve Null, Tom, Dwight Fulton, Glenn Upscomb, Glenn Boresi, Curtis Cradic. Bill Horst, Mark Mueller Bock Row-Brad Young. David Smith. Mike West, Don Bohm, Hal Tharp, Richard Boltz, Jeff Jeter. Charles Linck. Ken Zimmerman. Lorry Barringer. Dave Bvrd. t\Jiork Lippe. Jeff Meier. Chuck Jacobsen. Dave Weeks. Jeffrey Dorst. Roberto Co/met. Mich Rodgcrs. Joe Kipper, Wendel Perkins, Rick Proehl. Keith Jantz. Jim Donohoe


forty two

two forty threP

house a

Row 1-'Moon' Hollimon, Don Hayman, Dirk Holt, Craig Robertson, Steve Triplett, Ramone Norona, Don Harrington Row 2-Dennis Glascock, jeff Russom, Don Perkins, Dwone Kelly, Milo Wieburg, Ronald McClellan, Steve Harding, Kevin McCosh, Billy George Row 3-Lee Maleus, Mark Hanley, Robin Wilson, Craig Heath, Kent Cobb, Scot Bohler, Bradley Amon, Don Sangen

two forty four

house b

Row 1- Kerry Meyer, Mike Schimmelpfennig. Ron Bredenkamp Row 2- Bi/J Reagan, Blayne Dinwiddie. Mike Mareschal, Jim Rockie, John Reed, Tom Bender.

Ken Sschmidt Row 3-Tom Hereford, Lonny Voight, Don Ragsdale, jeff Arensmeyer, Bruce Bales. Captain, John

Pogue. Jim Gerner

two forty five

house c

Row 1-/im Colliton. Ken Rice, Dirk Holey, Stan Heimburger, James Logon. Don Guenther, Don McGowan Row 2-Thomas Lindley, Bill Murray, Randy Hoyt. Don Walther, Bill Hoff, Sionc Hoitini Puloko, jim Hill, Mike Kieffer Row 3-Don Birchler, Lee Codwolloder, David McElhiney, Andy Droke, john Werner, Tom Rothermich Row 4--Dove Union. Mark Schenewerk, Dennis Smith, Mike Bratcher, Brandt Dorque, Rob Heritage Row 5-Chuck Lucas, Eo/ Muehlforth, Don Keller

two fo rty six


Row 1-Steve Janke, Pol Janke, Richard Stark. Dave Ruester, Cliff Klein, Paul Braddock. Ivan Engeman, Fred Humphreys. Kirk Fritsch. Mike McMenus. Eddy Kyser. Bruce Bowden Row 2-Greg Polowy, Ernie Bonks, Don Martin. Tim Guethler, feff Pitts, Terry Bodine. Gregg Koch. Bob Been Row 3-fim Puckett, Jim Drake, Lindy Lehmberg. Bill Rosener, Randy Burnum, Mike Stringer, Alan Godsy, Doug Monnig. Paul Buschmeyer, Rick Lux, Roddy Rogers. Bill Grantham, Jeff Lewenczuk. Dean Eubanks

two fo rty seven

house 1

two forty eight

house 2

Row 1-}ane Powell, Moria Wilmsmeyer. Donna Roberts. Lois Catron. Sandy Wagner, Susan Callahan, Becky Erb. Vicki Bradham, Mary Angert Row 2-Rochelle Troupe, Gayle Feist, Vanessa Chadwell, lohnna Howard. Glenda Bankhead, jane Geisel, Ellen Folluo, joan Krupski, Margaret Zlotic, Janet Reiter. Down Moore. Robin Bechtold Row 3-Martha Heinze, Suchindo Chotiponich, Jennifer Wood. Barbaro Ellerbroke, Mary Jo lludnut, Mory Garrett. Ann Crannell, Peggy Eck, Caroline Sturm, Dianna Tickner. Mary Rothery, Phyllis Tesson, Bonnie Hubert, Terry Hogrebe Row 4-}oyce Pearson, Louann Ruyle. Ann Veatch. Kim Flcddcrmon, Carole Reidmeyer, Diona Collins, Wando Hughes. Kathy Schroer. Pam Hendrix, Amy McDaniels. Nolo Wicker, Giuseppo DiQuorto

two forty nine

house 3

Row 1-Mork Corter, Paul Cor/d/1, Ken Mizuki, Mike Schaefer. Doug Montgomery, Dennis Dressel. jeff Keevo. Dove McGownd, More (Jelly) Anderson, Tim Aldredge Row 2-Gcorgc Tucker, Dave King, Jeff Williams, Dave Webb. Guy llonshaw, Gerry Word, Jim Anderson. Fronk Zykan, Mitch Aguilar. Stove Schubert. Ron Fisher, Kevin Murphy. Dove Busse. Robert Stovrns. Jim Davis. John Stoddard Row 3-Rodger llirschmon, Witold Norwid, Keith May. Craig Brouks. Don Bouck, Del Wilson, Ted Wood, Ernie Jones, Bob Coshner. John Muehlfarth

two fifty

house 4

Row 1-Herc Row 2-Horry Pohl, Vic Coleman, Glen Fork, Dennis Blows, Fronk Hoffer Row 3-Sieepy, Pat Kelly, Barf Mild, Mike Schmidt. D.P. Mery. Nilesh Shah Row 4--C. Lukefahr. P. Dry Bryant, Daryl Fishham . Fall Again, Melwood Again, Steve Again, joe Theisen

Row 1-Dr. Gunlly Row 2-Bread Mild, Tony Rhinefart, D. Tucker, Alan Winter. jon Wilson Row 3-Richord Rollins, T.A., Priest, d.B. Smith, Ken Rareeno, B. Buden, Neal Shearer. fuchard Wagner Row 4--Mike Axehondle, M.M., Mike Hardblow, Fatt Hughes, Melwood, Steve Allen. Rolin Geronimo, D. Vader

two fifty one

ho us e 5

Mills Row 1-Ron dy jones, Francis Moser, Ted Paul, Matt Undsc y Henry Riley, Kent Fox, jim s. Row 2-Ron Kempen, Don Siever Row 3-Min g Lou. Bob Swain Mitch (Paranoid) Wagner, Ron Taylor, Ken Row 4--Bri an Brumback, Scolt Sieber, Mike Fletcher, Dory/ Quinn , Bob Giovanda, Clint White, Randy Guyer, Fleck (Flocko), A1 Charles, Tony Craig Bowen, T.F. Cerny Boyer, Kevin ph, McClanahan, Don O'Sull ivan, Dennis Struem

two fifty two

house 6

Row 1-Mike Wilson, Jim Barnett, Mohammad Soidi, Matt Carroll, John Thro, Dave Siebold Row 2-John Moore. Bob Koenig, Dave Stolt, Ken Anderson, Bruce Bartlett, Doug Gluntz, John Cox Row 3-Joel Yost, Richard Petsch, Les Witt, joe Murphy, Doug Niezwaag, Phil Torre, Dave Bangert Row 4-Charlies Gooseman, Roger Tayloe, Alan Brook, Mark Dunlay, Bryant Liddle, Craig Johnson, Kerry Fiscko

two fifty three

house 7

How J- Tim Koch. Tom Crump, Bob jackson. Glen Doughty, Mark Sprrit/cr. Mark SteJ/ner. Kent Cummings. Lorry Wetzel Row 2-Dave Peters, Mark Wilsey. Robert Hodgson, Alan Means. S teve Roth. Fronk Meh!villc. Dave Klein, john Ollech, Walter Ley. Frosty Buzan, Mark NanikJva/, !Job Kornegay. Ken KrrpeJ. Brent Sparks, Dave Webb Row 3-Don Webber. Steve jones. Bob Burchett, Charles Bagnell. Dovr MN$ Row 4--E.R. Uber. Mike Erhet, john Weaver. Bill Werries. Jim Gambil. Wolter Bilgrom. Mark Ewers. Bob Pope. Randy Wilson. Jack Geer/ings. Don Booher. Greg Branch

two fifty four

house 8 •

Row 1- Ken Allen , Harlan Ashton, Steve DeloRoche, Kevin Wiue, Steve Strouse. Brian Miller. }ames Jeffery, Dennis Clodfelter Row 2- John Hawkins. Jim Hawkins. Rodn ey Kaiser. John Pagan. Mick Schneider, Randy Tomic. Ervin Fackler Row 3- Kerry Taylor, Ron Davidson, Bob Kreienheder, Ron Buechle in, Tom Varwig, Scott Blac k, Jimmie Myers. Jeremy Oliver Row 4-James Yu, Bob Olson. Greg London. Jock Posey. Mike Chilton Row 5-Dove Stohl, Bruce Robe, Bob Diestelkomp. Mike O'Danie ll, John Rosbrugh, Ken Stuckmeyer. Kirk Bennett. Brian Owenson , Mohamod Golkar

two fifty five


Top row-Karen Miller, Patti Greco. Jane Riolo, Koren Avery, Vicki Brauer, Debbie Cooper, Yoelit Shapiro Middle Row-Mary Taylor. Sheila Lofton, Kim Hitchens. Pam Chatman Bottom row-Carmen Ramos. Dona Smith

two fifty six


Row 1-Anthony Tsigolaroff, Lloyd Brandon, Bart Smith, Dennis Hafley, Roy Jones, john Reed Row 2-Ali Ballou. Brad jones, Morgan Slusher. Hossein Dashli, Charles Hendricks, Lee Johnston. Steve Gwinn Row 3-Sergio Terrazas, Alfredo Bonilla. Ted Martin. Floyd Reed. Dennis Fahy

Row 4-Michoel Glenn, Norm Reed Top-Bob Becker

, /


Row 1-Stanley Scott. Barry Wealand. Heyees Reinoso Row 2-Gary LaRue, Milo Foster. Rex Wright, Tommy Shelton. Mark Saoke Row 3-Scotr OeRigne, David Kirk. Joe Smith. Ron Howard. Jonathan Scaggs

two fifty seven

campus club

two fifty eight


two fifty nine

campus Inn

Row 1-Tom Bell. Dave Hengel, Roland St. john. Kevin Minden How 2-Mike Graves, Alex Ator, Dennis Bell, Larry Thurmon, Dennis Fenske Row 3-Francesco Venneri, Brent Haefner, Tim Petrus, Tim Tilford. Kevi n West

two sixty

two six ty one

lwo sixly lwo


• "


two sixty three

STUDENT GOVERNMENT................ 267 .

SPECIAL INTEREST........................... 2 70 LITTLE SISTERS .............. ............ ... ... 2 BB

PROFESSIONAL................................. 290 INTERCULTURAL ... ........... .............. .. 3 0 2 RELICIO US . ............ ............ ........... .. .. . 3 04

two sixty six


First row: Von Cowvey, Mike Johnson, Joe Glodboch, Steve Treis. Second row: Steve Vrozolich. Paul Lammert. Ted Cocos, Karl Joem, Tom Bender. Bob Manor, Dove Loutzinger, Louann Ruyle, Dove Stolt. Fred Mathews. Third raw: Dan O'Sullivan, Tim Fusselman, Bruce Allen. Robert llazelwood. Mike Boyer, Mike Priest. Scott Diermon. Frances Hauschildt. Blayne Mayfield, jeff Greene.

First row: Scott Winter, Steve Puricelli. Scott Wilson. Second row: Keith Chrismon, Bob Summers, Doug F'leiss. Beverly Truster, Ken Allen, Tom Phelan, Koren Williamson, Rich Isbell, Joe Schroeder, Bobby Wixson, Rusty Adams, Steve Bay, Mark Dunn. Third row: Fred Bean, Mark Donley, Mark Neider, Betty Elsworth, Bonnie Boland, Valerie Brenner, Ra ndy Meyr.

two s ixty seven



General Lectures

Special Events

two sixty eight


Indoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation


two sixty nine



two seventy



two seventy one

two seventy two


lwo sevenly lhree

CIRCLE K Paul Rifkin, Roger Boyer. john Upchurch, joe Safran , Stan Wadsworth, joy Campbell, Mike Coyoe, Jerry Fredick, Bill Zohoner. Bill Elliott, Dove Acres, joy Fisher, Gene Cook, U. Governor Division 10 Kiwanis. Gory Cocker, Bob Minor, Lynn Field. johnnie Roberts. Cloy Hubach, Bob Macrun, Rex Brown, foe Horsier. Bill Coppoc.


two seventy four


Nor in Order: Bob Arasmilh, George Dickinson, Mark Moore. Greg Wayne, Bruce McCoy, Dr. Lorry Sieck-Advisor, Kathie Rupert. Connie Roth, Chuck Montgomery, Ed Lillie, Guy Gilbert, Bill Heilz, Rick Campbell, Kim Kimmel. John Jordan, Alan Van Booven, Andy Mueller, Brian Foster. Keilh Wesselschmidl, Mark Palmer. Dave Caswell.

two seventy five



two seventy six



two seventy seven



two seventy eight

two seventy nine



two eighty


two eighty one


First row: Richard Hoffman, Gary Magruder, Tim Armintraut. John Schroeder. Second raw: Bob Cayes. Robert Berri, Dennis Webb, Dan Cogan. fohn Holdman, Edward Vasquez. Third raw: Will Bereswill, Greg Youll.

two eighty two


two eighty three


Not in order: fono Trompe, Kay Thorton, Rita Stockhecker, Mory Suiter, Stephanie Tonoko, Potty Tanaka, Margaret While, Winnie Cunn, Rhonda Appleton. Corio Schlomon, Rosie Love, Brenda Longkopf, fill Burgi. Mary Schumacher, Reto Russel, Dol/as, Kirk, Terri Naelker.

two eighty four


two eighty five





two eighty six


two eighty seven

LITTLE SISTERS OF PI KAPPA ALPHA jeanne Achelpohl, Cathey Morris, Kim "Kimmy Sue" Alllison, Gail Munchschunk, Cheryl Westphal "Schlitler", Dianne Speer "Commer," Sandy Haynie, Anita Benschop. Angie Baker, Lori Robertson.

DAUGHTERS OF LEE Becky Brockman, Andrea Green, Roberto Hoed!, Carol Potzmann. Nicole Talbot, Leigh Ann Terry "Bradley.'' Beth Viessmon, Undo jacobs "Jake," Kristy Daily, Karen Burnham, Cindy Mette, Penny Shelton, Sue Diehl, Kathy Sullivan, Sara Dewell, Francis Sharkus, Robyn Arand, Theresa Talty, Sue Leach. Kim Winnett, Vicki Bunker, Janet Jones.

DAUGHTERS OF DIANA Barbie Bening, Rose Emhoff, johanna Yuhas, Rosemary Newberry, jennie Adkins, Darlene Barnes, Polly Welton, Doli Shetley. Susan Remley, Karen Downer, Denise Broodhocker. Kathy Rupert, Jennie Borton. Annette LeCrone, Rhonda "Rhoda" Reed, Debbie Ferner.

two eighty eight



SIGMA NU LITTL E SISTERS First row: Christy Lucas, Carolyn Neiss, Lindo Wagner, I<Jnleigh Hrovat. Second row: Vanessa Chadwell, Gayle Feist, Mary Treis, Melissa Reese, Christine Hurd, Alice Nou, Kathy Phillips, Peggy Taylor, Beth Meyers.

two eighty nine



two ninety


two ninety one


two ninety two


two ninety th ree



two ninety four


two ninety five



two ninety six



two ninety seven



two ninety eight



two ninety nine


three hundred


three hundred one


.. .t.


three hundred two



three hundred three



three hundred four


th ree hundred five

Brenda Ellerbrake " Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

Matthew 7:7

Arthur Giesler "Man strives for glory, honor, fame, That all the world may know his name. Amasses wealth by brain and hand; Becomes a power in the land , But when he nears the end of life And looks back over the years of strife, He finds that happiness depends On none of these but love of friends."

three ten

James Grelle "Four Things Rolla has Given Me, 1) 2) 3) 4)

A lot of good times

A lot of good friends A good education and Permanent Brain Damage"

Denni s Kinchen

three eleven

Gary Maxwell "The road to success is always under construction, and it can only be traveled by a person who has many dreams, a desire for wisdom, and the qualities of a leader."

Mi chael Simac "In dealing with people, issues, and decisions you must judge each on its own merits against your own standard of values. You must judge each objectively against that constant standard, in order to formulate your opinion. Therefore, know yourself and what you elieve in. Then don't ever subdue your opinion. Stand firm for your beliefs, ideals, and judgement to what is fair, right, and just. Although your not the most well liked person, there is great satisfaction to know you are respected for treating everyone as an equal."

lhree twelve

Rita Webber

Robert Welch "My college experience cannot be measured in dollars and cents. It has given me the ability to communicate and to get along with people, as well the ability to make decisions. Most importantly, I have learned to set my priorities and to live by them. "

Not Shown: Aaron Cook Not Shown: Kenneth Lueckenhoff three thirteen

Rick Ackerson Engineering Management, Campus Club

Kevin Adkison

Civil Engineering, ASCE, ASME, UMn Trap & Skeet Club

Ali Afjli Engineering Management

Craig L. Agne Electrical Engineering. IEEE. Tech Engine. HKN

Raul Alfonzo Bruce H. Allen Mining Engineering, SME. ATME, Student Council, Scuba Club, GDI

f. Michael Allen II Mechanical Engineering. Kappa Alpha. ASME, SAE. Circle K. Newman Center

Stephen L. Allen

Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma. Eta Kappa Nu. Tau Beta Pi, Radio Club. GDI

Hecton Almeida Petroleum Engineering

William P. Alt Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sig-

mo. Student Council. IEEE

fohn Althouser

MPtollurgicol Engineering. /\SF. Phi Eta Sigmo

Michael M. Amelunke Mechanical Engineering

three hundred fourteen

Dean Anderson Chemical Engineering. Alpha Chi

Sigma. AIChE

Jam es F. Anderson Civil Engineering. Chi Sigma. Tau

Beta Pi

Marc A . Arand Electrical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, IEEE. UMR Sports Cor Club. Racquetball Club

Freddy Arais Chemical Engineering, FELA. Vrmezuelon Student Assn., AIChE

Gregory R. Arneson Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma. Motes

Richard E. Arthur Economics

Jerry L. A rthur Petroleum Engineering. CAD. M Club. Football

Dav id K. Askren Engineering Ma nagement, CD/, ASME, EMA, SUB

Abdallah Azim N u clear Engineering

Azarnoosh A shrafzadeh Civil Engineering, ASCE. rm

William C. Bagley Electrical Engineering. Phi Kappa


Donald S. Bahm Computer Science. ACM. IEEE

Gregory J. Baker Mechanical Engineering. ASME.


Mitchell B. Baker Computer Science, Kappa Alpha, ACM, UPE. KME. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappo Phi, fK. Amatf'ur Radio Club

three hundred fift een

Edward f. Banovic Mining Engineering. A/ME. St. Pots Boord, Phi Kappa Theta. SME. SUB

James L. Barnett Electrical Engineering. Eta Kappa Nu. IEEE. WOEEE. RA

S teven M. Baumann Electrical Engineering. Phi Kappa Phi. IEEE

Mich ael G. Bayer Electrical Engineering, HKN, Acacia. IEEE, Theatre Guild. Student Council. Chess Club

Thomas I. Beard Geology-Engineering Management, Rollamo, Tau Kappa Epsilon, MSM Spelunkers. Varsity Rifle, C.L. Doke

Doris A. Behr Moth, Band, Choir. Tau Beta Sigma, SWE, IKA. 4H

Vance Beh r Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma. Tau Beta Pi. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma. Pershing Rifles, Phi Kappa Phi. ASME

Mi chael Bell Mechanical Engineering, Triangle. Pi Tau Sigma, IFC. Newman, Blue Key

Robert Bellora Electrical Engineering, Cross Country. Track, KME. Cycling Club, IEEE

T heodore L. Beresik Chemical Engineering. Alpha Chi Sigma. AJChE

Craig Bernstein Engineering Management, KMNR, GDI. SME. EMA. SAE

Dana C. Best Aerospace Engineering. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, Kappa Kappa Psi. AIAA

Ted F. Bestor Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Sigma, IK, ASME, GAD

James L. Bexterm ueller Electrical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Alpha Phi Omega

three sixteen

Dan iel L. Binz Geology. Phi Kappa .Theta. SUB.

Scuba Club

David M. Birenbaum Civil Engineering, Sigma Tau

Gamma, ITE

Gregory M. Bledsoe Electrical Engineering

Kevin Bodenhamer Civil Engineering. Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, ASCE. NSPE, RA

Mike Boeckman Engineering Management

Robin M. Bohnenkamp Engineering Management. MSM Spelunkers

Michael Boles Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma. SAE. ASME

Alfredo Bonilla III Engineering Management, SME, ATPE, CMS. EMA. SAME

Robert E. Boon Psychology. Kappa Alpha, IK, Psych Club. SSSAC

Robert T. Borcherding Electrical Engineering, Triangle. IEEE. Photo Club, SUB. Rollamo

three seventeen

fames Boverie Chemical Engineering, Sigma Nu, Alpha Chi Sigma, AlChE, SUB

William Craig Bowen Computer Science. Upsilon Pi Epsilon. Track. Cross County

Ken Boyko Civil Engineering

Paul F. Braddock Electrical Engineering, Kappa Kappa Psi, Theater Guild. IEEE

Robert Brand Electrical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Ka ppa Nu

Robert Joseph Braun Electrical Engineering, lEEÂŁ

Russell S. Brazeal Engineering Management, Kappa Sigma. Rolloma, ASME. NSPE. EMA. RRFPA, Inc.


f. Brekrus

Civil Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon: SUB, ASCE

Kenne th ]. Brenneke Computer Science, UPE. ACM

Darryl Brinkmann Mechanical Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Pi Tau Sigma, Theta Tau, IK

three eighteen

Mary Brisbee Computer Science. ACM. UPG

Tom W. Briscoe Computer Science. Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, IK. Alpha Phi Omega. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega

David A. Brown Civil Engineering, Sigma Tou Gam-


Ja mes C. Brown Jr. Geology, C.L. Doke. MSM Spelunk-

ers, UMR Orchestra

Larry Brown Petroleum Engineering, SPE

Michael A. Brugnara Civil Engineering. ASCE. Chi Epsi-

lon, Tau Beta Pi

Brian D. Brum back Electrical Engineering, IEEE

Steve Brunts Metallurgical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi, ASM. AFS. Alpha Sigma Mu. Lambda Chi Alpha

Bruce H. Bryant Economics-Management, APO. Lambda Chi Alpha, Theta Tau Omega. Rugby Club

Gerald J. Buchh eit

Engineering Management, Tech Engine, EMA, GDI

Christopher R. Buechler Chemical Engineering, GDI, AJChE. Omega Chi Sigma

Marcus P. Bunz Computer Science. Delta Tau Delta. ACM, KME. UPE, Phi Kappa Phi, APO.SUB

Harry Burford UMR Pistol Club, UMR Photo Club. Circle K. Sigma Nu. UMR Miner

Stoff, CEEE

Jill Burgi

Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau

Sigma, Tau Beta Pi

three nineteen

Richard Burr Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu

Darlis ]. Burris Moth, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SWE, Phi Kappa Phi, WRHA, TJHA, IK, Student Concil, RA, Phi Eta Sigma

Michael ]. Busby Civil Engineering, ASCE, Tau Kap-

pa Epsilon

Paul D. Buschmeyer Electrical Engineering, Kappa Kappa Psi, NSPE, RHA

John R. Busse Mechanical Engineering, Varsity Baseball

Lam Buu-Long Economics, Vietnamese Association

Montgomery Byers Chemical Engineering, Campus Club, AIChE

Scott Cain Electrical Engineering

Susan Callahan Moth, University Band, Pep Bond, Chamber Bond, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi

Gary Allen Campbell Economics, Triangle, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi

William T. Campbell Chemical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Student Council, Alpha Chi Sigma, APO, Swimming, AIChE

Gregory A. Carroll Metallurgical Engineering, BSU. Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Sigma Mu, Kappa Mu Epsilon, AFS, Metallurgical Society, Tech-Engine

three twenty

Raymond E. Catlett Electrical Engineering, IEEE, New-

man Center

James L. Cawvey Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Pi, Student Concil, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi

T im M. Cerny Electrical Engineering, IEEE, HKN

Ethan A. Chamberlain Civil Engineering, Phi Kappa Al-

pha. Blue Key, IFC, Theta Tau Omega

Robert Raymond Chapman, Jr. History, MRHA, fEEE, Campus Club, Wesley, Newman, BSU

Elaine A. Christian Electrical Engi neering, Blue Key, IEEE. SUB, TJHA, WRHA, Phi Kappa Theta Litlle Sister, IKA, KMFA. Academic Council

Sherri Clark Petroleum Engineering. Kappa Delta, Panhellenic Council, Blue Key, APO, SPE, SUB, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister

Mi chael Layne Clemmons Chemical Engineering, AIChe

Daniel L. Cogan Electrical Engineering

Michael Coldiron Mechanical Engineering, ASME, SAE

Patrick L. Cole Physics

James E. Colliton Geological Engineering, AEG, Tau Beta Pi, NSPE, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, AAPG

James E. Collier Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Motes

David Combs Computer Science, ACM

three twenty one

Aaron L. Cook Computer Science, Acacia, CFC, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, APO. Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Who's Who

Neil Coonrod Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Ta u Beta Pi, IEEE, Radio Club

Bruce Alan Copeland Engineering Management, SUB, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, EMA, Sigrr.a Phi Epsilon

David B. Copeland English

Douglas K. Cothern Computer Science, Phi Eta Sigma, Focus, Phi Kappa Phi, Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Cherie Cowan Chemical Engineering

Keith Cowan Civil Engineering, ASCE, NSPE,


Robert R. Crader Mechanical Engineering, ASME,


Mark S. Craig Petroleum Engineering, SPE

Ron Craig Petroleum Engineering, Kappa Alpha, lK, SPE, Pi Epsilon Tau, Blue Key

Lessa R. Cravens Computer Science, ACM. Upsilon Pi Epsilon, AWS

Mary Rose Cripe Ceramic Engineering, ACS, Keromos, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi

Melva D. Crocker Physics

A. David Crowley Electrical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, IEEE, lK

three twenty two

Teresa Cypret Psychology, Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi, Psych Club. SSAC. Wesley, Sport Parachute Club

Russell W. Dahmer Geology, Pi Kappa Alpha, C.L. Dake. SUB, Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Richard David Dale Nuclear Engineering, ANS. IWC, GDI

Jon L. Danuser Mechanical Engineering, Acacia, lFC. APO, SUB

Glen R. Davidson Civil Engineering, ASCE

Romina Day Civil Engineering, Tau Beta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, ASCE. Tau Beta Pi

Danny K. Deatherage Petroleum Engineering

Harold L. Deckerd Civil Engineering. ASCE, CK, Chi Epsilon

Nicholas S. DeLarber English. Newman

Hipolito DeLgado Petroleum Engineering

Sam Denton III Computer Science, GDI, ACM. Student Council, Tau Beta Pi, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Spelunkers, Wargamers

Jacquelyn M. DeThorne Engineering Management, Zeta Tau Alpha, Who's Who. Blue Key, Panhellenic, SUB, APO, Rollamo, EMA

Randy Dewhirst Mechanical Engineering, GDI. NSPE

David Alan Diestelkamp Civil Engineering, Sigma Tau Gamma, CFC. ASCE. APO

Thomas R. Dill Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Blue Key, Gamma Alpha Delta. UMR Scuba Club, SUB, ANS, SAE,ASME

David L. Dimond Mechanical Engineering, ASME

three twenty three

Thomas W. Doering Civil Engineering, Tech-Engine. Kappa Kappa Psi, lWC, ASCE, ANS

fames Donahoe Geology, C.L. Dake, AEG, Spelunkers, GDI

Keith Donaldson Electrical Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, IEEE

Gary Lynn Donnor Chemical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, IFC, AlChE, SUB

John K. Doughtie Geophysics, Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Andrew S. Drake Mechan ical Engineering, RHA , ASME

William T. Dreiman Petroleum Engineering, SPE. Scabbard and Blade

Mark Drewes Aerospace Engineering, Beta Sigma Psi, AlAA, ASME

Douglas W. Duncan Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu

Keith T. Duncan History

three twenty four

Tran Anh Dung Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Eta Kappa Nu

Ramon Duque Metallurgical Engineering, Alpha Sigma Mu, ASM. FEL.A

Fred H. Durrenberger Chemical Engineering

Robert C. Durbin Civil Engineering, Triangle

Ken Elk Mechanical Engineering, ASME

Jam es Ehrhardt Civil Engineering, Acacia, NSPE. ASCE

Henry William Elceser Chemical Engineering. AlChE

Brenda Ella Ellerbrake Civil Engineering, SWE. Blue Key. Tau Beta Pi, ASCE. Chi Epsilon,

Phi Eta Sigma

Ivan Lee Engeman Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu. IEEE, GDI. KMNR, Tau Beta Pi

Jeff Erb Chemical Engineering. AIChE, Alpha Chi Sigma. Omega Chi Epsilon

Francilda A. Erickson Ceramic Engineering. Keramos. ACS. Tau Beta Pi

Kelvin T. Erickson Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Eta Kappa Nu. Tau Beta Pi. Phi Eta


Gary ErLer Mechanical Engineering, ASME. Campus Club

Victor Higo Escobar Chemical Engineering, FELA. VSA

three twenty five

Oamal E. Estrada

Chemical Engineering, Felo, VSA, AlChE

Dennis Evans Chemical Engineering

Robert W. Evans Nuclear Engineering, ANS, Tau Beta Pi. Phi Kappa Phi, Forensics

Joe Faber

Mining Engineering, Theta Tau Omega, SME. IK. AIME

Robert E. Farrell Eleclicol Engineering. Theta Xi. GAD, APO, IEEE

Thomas Fennessey

Civil Engineering. ASCE. Pi Kappa Alpha, ASCE, lK, NSPE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. Phi Kappa Phi

Charles Fiedler Electrical Engineering, IEEE, GDI

Micahel ]. Filla Civil Engineering, ASCE. RA. Chi

Epsilon, NSPE

Michael ]. Finnegan Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASME

James Michael Fischer Mechanical Engineering, ASME.


Kenneth Fleck Geology. C.L. Dake. RHA, Photography Club

Ralph E. Flori , Jr. Petroleum Engineering, SPE, RA. Phi Kappa Phi

Michael Lee Foley Chemical Engineering, Alpha Chi Sigma. AlChE. SUB

David K. Fonner Electrical Engineering

three twenty six

Ferrill E. Foro

Mechanical Engineering. ASME.


Kim Fowler

Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Bela Pi, IEEE, Focus

Robert D. Freeman

Mechanical Eng.ineering, jazz Bond I, KMNR, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi

Efrain Gamboa Electrical Engineering

John Garrett

Electrical Engineering, Newman. Beta Chi Sigma, IEEE. ACM, GDI, IK

Mary Ann Garrett

Computer Science, Newman, ACM, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi

Susan R. Gauthier Ufe Science

Stephens E. German

Electrical Engineering. Phi Eta Sig-

ma. Wrestling, M Club, fEEE. Eta Kappa Nu, MRHA

Rolin L. Geronsin Geology, C.L. Dake

Amir B. Ghazvinion Civil Engineering

three twenty seven

Kenneth M. Gianino Engineering Management. Radio Club. lEEE, EMA. KMNR

Ann R. Giesler

Psychology, Psych Club, Phi Kappa Theta Little Sisters, SWE. SUB. AWS, WRHA

Russell L. Goldamme r

Civil Engineering, Bela Sigma Psi, St. Pots Boord, Theta Tau Omega, APO,ASCE

Stephen E. Gol dammer

Chemical Engineering, Beta Sigma Psi. AIChE, Student Council, GAD

Peter A. Goldberg

Chemical Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, AIChE

Barry Goldstein Computer Science, Alpha Epsilon Pi

Hugo Jose Gonzal ez

Petroleum Engineering, SPE

Roger Goodlet Civil Engineering, SUB, Triangle

Marc Gorans Mechanical Engineering

joseph M. Grona Chemical Engineering, St. Pots Boord , GDI. MRHA, AJChE. Alpha

Chi Sigma

Rodger Grantham M echanica l Engineering, SAE, Tau


Arnton W. Gray, Jr.

El ectrical Engineering, IEEE, NSPE,


Alan W. Green Civil Engineering, ASCE, NSPE, Motes, GDI

Michael ]. Gregory Engineering Management, EMA, SUB , MRHA, GDI

three twenty eight

Daniel W. Grose

Computer Science. lnmbda Chi Alpha. Phi Kappa Phi, Bela Pi. Upsilon Pi Epsilon. ACM, Circle K

Stephen P. Guntly

Computer Science, ACM, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phl. Newman. UPE

Tony Guyer Electrical Engineering. IEEE, MRHA

Norman C. Haas

Mining Engineeri ng, SME, Cross Country

Paul G. Hoger Electrical Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, Gamma Della

Sandra ] o Hagni Geology. Sigma Gamma Epsilon,

C.L. Dake, SWE, CK, MSM Rock Climbers, Wesley

Leslie R. Hamilton Mining Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. SME. AIME. SAE, NSPE

Jeff Hannah Electrical Engineering. Baseball

Resa Lynn Harbison Computer Science, Zeta Tau Alpha. SWE, ACM, Phi Kappa Phi, Upsilon Phi Epsilon, Student Council

Michael D. Hardesty

Chemical Engineeering, UMR Trap & Skeel Club, AJChE. Alpha Chi


Gary Hargis Civil Engineering, ASCE. GO/

Eric Harris Computer Science. Pi Kappa Phi, ACM

three twenty nine

Patrick L. Harris Mechanical Engineering, SAE

Stephen M . Haupt

Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Phi Koppo Phi

Michael Hauser Geology, Delro Tou De/to. AEG.


Michael A. Haynes

Chemistry, W.T. Shrenk, Alpha Chi Sigma, IWC

Sandra K. Hay nie

Computer Science. Pi Koppo Alpha Little Sister. Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Michael Heaton

Mechanical Engineering, IMA.


Dennis Heider Civil Engineering, Tech-Engine. GDl. ASCE

William Ray Heifner

Life Scien ce. BSU. Campus Club, U.M.R. Chamber Choir, Helix

Gary G. Heimbaugh

Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma

Bill M. Heit7. Electrical Engineering. fEEE. Beta Chi Sigma, UMR Engineer, KMNR

Mi chael Alan Heitzman

Civil Engineering. Phi Koppo Theta, ASCE, Soccer Club

Clarence Heller

Electrical Engineering. IEEE. Phi Koppo Phi. Motes




ElectricoJ Engineering. GDl. lWC. Campus Club. IEEE

Richard H. Hellman ElectricoJ Engineering, Eta Koppo Nu. fK, IEEE. Tou Bela Pi, Phi Koppo Phi. Campus Club

t hree t.hirty

Howard Hemmann Civil Engineering, ASCE. TechEngine, NSPE

James P. Henning Mechanical Engineering, TechEngine. ASME, SAE

Th omas Edward Hepler Civil Engineering, ASCE, ITE

Rosa Lou Hermas Chemical Engineering, Zeta Tau Alpha, Chi Sigma, Gamma Alpha Delta, Wesley. AlChE SWE, lKA

Adolfo Tomas Hernandez Chemical Engineering, AIChE. Campua Club, GDI. FELA. TechEngine, Baseball

Pamela Gaul Herzog Mechanical Engineering, Wesley

Reid Paul Herzog Electrical Engineering, Wesley

Brian A. Heuckroth Electrical Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon, SUB, Karate Club. Fine Arts

Pam ela K. Hill Engineering Management, Kappa Delta, EMA. IFC, SWE. SUB. Daughters of Lee

David W. Hilt Electrical Engineering, IEEE, MSPE

Raymon d W. Hinton Engineering Mctnagement, EMA, Christain Fellowship House, RHA. TJHA

David C. Hitch Cock Ceramic Engineering. Wesley, Keramos, ACS. Phi Kappa Phi. Raiders

William E. Hoehn Mechanical Engineering, Campus Club, ASME. SAE

Keith I. Hoemann Electrical Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, IEEE

Martin D. Hoffm an Chemical Engineering, AIChE. Omega Chi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Cycling Club

Wi lliam Hoff Civil Engineering, ASCE. NSPE.


three thirty one

Glenn Hogenmiller Civil Engineering, Bond, Chi Epsilon. ASCE, ITE

Paul R. Hoh Electrical Engineering, NSPE, IEEE

John W. Hohenberger Petroleum Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha. APO, Miner, Rollamo, Soccer Club, SPE

Charles Holcomb Civil Engineering, Baseball. ASCE, Chi Epsilon

David K. Holland, Jr. Chemical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Blue Key, IK, AIChE, APO

Steven R. Holley Electrical Engineering, IEEE, GDI

Mark L. Holt Mechanical Engineering


J. Holt

Geological Engineering, Sigma Comma Epsilon. AEG, AIMÂŁ

Kennith Robert Holtgrieve Civil Engineering, ASCE

Carl R. Hoon, Jr. Electrical Engineering. TEEE

Ronald Hoormann Electrical Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi

David Hoppe Nuclear Engineering, Tau Beta Pi.


Peter Charles Horn Computer Science. BSU. IEEE,

ACM, Wesley, Newman, Campus Club, ICC, FOCUS, University Choir

Glenn L. Horter Chemical Engineering

three thirty two

Jerry Huchzermeier Computer Science, ACM, Sigma Pi

Carl T. Huck Electrical Engineering, Acacia, IEEE, APO

Mary Jo Hudnut Computer Science, Alpha Epsilon Pi Littler Sister, IKA

Steven C. Hughes Mechanical Engineering, TechEngine, Student Council. GDI

Kurt D. Humphrey Ceramic Engineering, ACS, Keramos. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Uahona Fellowship

John J. Hunter Mechanical Engineering


f. Huther

Electrical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, lEEE. SUB. Phi Kappa Phi,


David W. Ihms Chemistry, W.T. Schrenic, Beta Sigma Psi, IK. Phi Eta Sigma

Julius A. Ihonre Milling Engineering

James Ivy Civil Engineering, TEC, ASCE. GDl

Stephen Janke Civil Engineering, ASCE, Bowling

Veronica Jansen Chemical Engineering. AIChE. GDI

three thirty three

Francis P. Jaquay Mechanical Engineering

Schusilp Jarunverochsiri Engineering Management

Bill Jenkins Computer Science, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Upsilon Pi Epsilon, ACM, Astronomy Club

Thomas E. Jett Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Campus Club

John ]. Jobst Math, Theta Tau, Newman

Galen E. Jahney Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Amateur Radio Club

Glenn E. Johney Aerospace Engineering, Rollamo, AIAA, Gamma Delta Theater Guild

David Blaine Johnson Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, MRHA, SAWE

John E. Johnson Mechanical Engineering, IFC, Sigma Tau Gamma, APO, ASME

Michael E. Johnson Chemical Engineering, IK, Student Council, Triangle, Blue Key, AJChE,


Stan Johnson

Civil Engineering, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi. Chi Epsilon

Karl A. Johnston Aerospace Engineering, AlAA, MRHA, SAE, SAWE

three thirty four

Charles D. Jones Exonomics. TJHA , Russian Club, Photography Club. Economics Club

Debbie Jordan

Psychology, GDI, fWC

Patricia L. Kamler Computer Science. UPE. ACM. Phi Kappa Phi. Newman

Bradley W. Kasten Civil Engineering, Bela Sigma Psi. ASCE

Jeffrey D. Kath Mechanical Engineering, ASME,


Brian W. Kavanaugh Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Theta , Missouri Miner. IEEE, fK

Dennis R. Keats Electrical Engineering. Phi Kappa Phi , IEEE, ACM

Kenneth Keeven .Electrical Engineering, IEEE

Jeff Kelly Electrical Engineering, KME, Eta Kappa Nu , Student Council. IEEE

Ralph A. Kelley Economics

Ted f. Kelly

Economics. GDI. M-Ciub, EMA. SSSAC, Baseball

Robert A. Kertis Electrical Engineering. Eta Kappa Nu, M-Club , IK. Phi Kappa Theta, IEEE

James G. Kettinger Chemical Engineer. lK, APO, Phi Kappa Theta, AIChE

Dennis f. Kinchen

Mechanical Engineering. Pi Tau Sigma, Bela Sigma Psi, lFC, Blue Key, Theta Tau, ASME. SAE

three thirty five

Kurt ]. Kinnevan Chemical Engineering, Sigma Phi

Epsilon, AJChE, Wreslling

Wilma M. Kim Civil Engineering, RA. Daughters of Diana

Clifford R. Klein Malh, Phi Eta Sigma, KME, SPS

Kim Alan Kline Engineering Management, AJAA, Gamma Delta

James Klutho Geological Engineering, Campus Club, AEG

Tom Kohler Chemical Engineering, Sigma Tau Gamma, Wrestling

David P. Kolkmeier Chemical Engineering, lK, Sigma Tau Gamma. APO


J. Kolze

Electrical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, lK, KME

David Kornfeld Engineering Management, Sigma Nu, GAD, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi

Garrett S. Kramer Electrical Engineering

James H. Kramer Electrical Engineering

Ed Kuhlmann Civil Engineering, ASGE, NSPE,


Jim Kuhlmann Chemical Engineering, GDI, AIChE

Russell A. Kurtz Engineering Management, Kappa Alpha, Student Council, EMA

Erdogan Kuyucuoglu Civil Engineering, NSPE, ASCE, APWA

Steve Lacy Chemical Engineering, Alpha Chi Sigma, AlChE, Omega Chi Epsilon


three thirty six

Kevin M. Lahay

GeologicaJ Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Soccer Club, Parachute Club

Gary Roger Lake

Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Pi, ASME, SAE

Jim LamJ<jns

Civil Engineering, Acacia, Scuba Club, ASC£

Harry T. Laswell II

Physics, Triangle, Phi £to Sigma,


Jim Lattner Chemical Engineering, Track, Gymnastics Club

Richard Laurentius Chemical Engineering. Tech-Engine. AlChE

Steven Lautenschlaeger Mining Engineering, SME, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi

Steven C. Lay

Engineering Management, UMR Engineer, AIChE, NSP£

Richard Lesser Engineering Mechanics, Phi Eta Sigma, AAM

Mark Lekar Civil Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, St. Pats Board, APO, ASCE

David M. Levings Chemical Engineering, IK, Alpha Chi Sigma, AIChE. Wesley, MRHA

David Lewis Civil Engineering, ASCE, AJ\/S, GDI,TEC

three thirty seven

Steven R . Lewis Mining Engineering, Sigma Nu, IFC. Rugby, SME

Steven G. Leischeidt Mechanical Engineering, Beta Sigma Psi, Blue Key, Student Council, APO.ASME

Ed Lillie Computer Science, ACM. Sl!B. Scuba Club, SFS KMF A. Beta Chi Sigma

Arthur C. Litchfield, Jr. Chemical Engineering, Engineering Management, Sigma Tau Gamma, Baseball, AIChE. APO, EMA

Gregory Park Long Geological Engineering, ICF. C.L. Drake

Louis George Loos Civil Engineering, ASCE, GDI. fCC. Wrestling

Alan Lord Nuclear Engineering, NHS, ANS

Mark S. Lorenz Mechanical Engineering

Walter Lounsbert Aerospace Engineering, AlAA, ASME, SAE

Do Ba Luan Electrical Engineering

Randall John Lubbert Mining Engineering, Swimming. SME, Sigma Pi. Phi Eta Sigma, M-Club


J. Lucas

Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Nu, Rock Climbing Club, Trap and Skeet Club

Luis E. Lucero VSA

Michael F. Ludwig Mechanical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi , Pi Tau Sigma, RHA, ASME, Soccer Club, RA


thirty eight

Kenneth C. Lueckenh off Civil Engineering. Pi Kappa Alpha, Blue Key, APO, Student Council, NSPE.ASCE

Richard D. Lusk, Jr. Chemical Engineering, A /ChE. GO/

Maria Lux English, CCH, Newman. WRHA, Miner

John B. Ly le Petroleum Engineering, Sigma Nu, SPE

Joseph W. Madison II Mechanical Engineering, TechEngine, GO!, NS PE. ASME

Mark Madras Computer Science

Duane Marble Civ il Engineering, Sigma N u. Circle K, Theatre Guild. KCE. GAD. NSPE

Leora E. Markunas Geology, C.L. Oake, SWE, MSM Spelunkers

Dante E. Marsano Mechanical Engineering. FELA, AFS. Soccer Clu b

Daniel Lee Martin Chemical Engineering, Omega Chi Epsilon, AIChE

Samuel L. Massey Petroleum Engineering, St. Pots Boord, Theta Tau, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rugby

Gary R. Maxwell Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Sigma, Blue Key, APO, SUB

three thirty nine

S teven Maxwell Electrical Engineering

Keith May Engineering Management, Football. EMA

Larry D. McCallister Civil Engineering, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, IK, ROTC,

Ra iders

Terry D. McCallister Engineering Management, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Student Counci l. fK, EMA

David L. McCann Mechanical Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha. ASME, SAE, NSPE

Mi chael D. McCaw Chemica l Engineering. AIChE

Tim McClain Chemical Engineering, SUB, AIChE, Circle K. Sigma Nu, Rugby, Rock Climbing Clu bs

Ronald A. McClellan Nuclear Engineering, ANS, M-Club. RA. Varsity Track

Dennis McCormack Electrical Engineering, GDJ, IEEE, Karole Club

Dolbert McCoy Engineering Management

Richard B. McDonald Electrical Engineering, Kappa Kappa Psi, Theatre Guild, Bond. Radio Club

Michael C. McFarland Geology

th ree forty

Raymond M. McFarland Mechanical Engineering, ASME. Pi Tau Sigma, Campus Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon

Richard E. McGee Mining, SME-ArME, Tau Beta Pi

Kelly McGinnis Physics

Steven R. Mcintyre Electrica l Engineering

James R. McKenzie

Civil Engineering, ASCE. Sigma Pi, APO, Theta Tau

John William McVay Electrical Engineering, Radio Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Bond, IEEE. Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eto


Deboralt Meister English, Miner Newspaper, Zeta Tau Alpha

John P. Melcher Civil Engineering. ASCE

Greg A. Melton Mining Engineering, IFC. Triangle, SME-AIME

Cesar Meneses Geological Engineering, VSA

Kevin C. Menke Electrical. Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi , fEEE

Mary Mercer Petroleum Engineering, Alpha Chi Sigma, SWE. SPE. NSPE

Fred A. Merion Geological Engineering. lAmbda Chi Alpha. AEG. SPE. Rugby Club

Kevin Merrill Engineering Mechanics, SESA, SUB. Delta Sigma Phi , Gymnastic Club

Kirk Mescher Mechanical Engineering, SAE, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma

Steven L. Mescher Mining Engineering, SME

three forty one

Cliff Meyer Metallurgy. Met Society

Daniel A. Micka Civil Engineering. ASCE

john R. Middendorf Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Tau Gamma

Julie A. Miller Geophysics, C.L. Dake, SUB, Rock Climbing Club. SEC, Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Keith C. MjJJer Engineering Management, Theatre Guild, Alpha Psi Omega, Tau Beta Pi, EMA

Gary S. Miloradovich Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, fEEE. Tau Beta Pi

Thomas R. Moder Electrical Engineering. KME. GDI, IEEE

John 0. Moles Mechanical Engineering, ASME. SAE, M Club , Football

Renee ]. Moles Michael K. Monrotus Mechanical Engineering, GDI

John W. Moore Aerospace Engineering, Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Gamma Tau. AlAA

Randall Lee Moore Metallurgical Engineering, Alpha Sigma Mu, Sigma T au Gamma. Met Society, Student Council, AFS

Ronald A. Morgan Engineering Management

John C. Muehlfarth Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma. ASME, SAE

three forty two

Joseph L. Murphy

Electrical Engineering, jazz Band. IK, HKN

Kolawole Musa Electrical Engineering

Marion Myers

Electrical Engineering, IEEE

Michael L. Nadel

Computer Science. ACM. Motes

Robert C. Nardin, Jr.

Computer Science, APO, ACM, Sigma Tau Gamma

Abraham Na tiv

Engineering Management. COl, Campus Club, EMA

Thomas F. Nichols English. GRUMRMLS

Richard Ralph Nixon Civil Engineering

Terri Noelker Moth. AWS, M 路Club, Bosketboll

Timothy F. Oberle

Electrical Engineering. Chris tian Campus House. IEEE

Dave Oberman n

Moth, Phi Kappa Phi, KMNR, Academic Council

Stuart W. Oberman n

Mechanical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi

Joseph R. O'Brien , Jr.

Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, ASCE,


Amy T . Oliver

Computer Science. Crescents. KME. UMR Chamber Choir




Civil Engineering, ROTC, Sport Parachute Club, Scabbard & Blade

Steve Olson

Electrical Engineering, UMR Engineer, Rollomo, IWC, KMNR

three forty three

John O'Malley Mechanical Engineering

Patrick M. O'Mara Mechanical Engineering, ASME

Oliver A. Onyewueny i

Metallurgical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, ASM-AIME, ASA

Ernie Onyia Mining Engineering

Rosa A. Ortiz

Geologico/ Engineering, VSA

Leonardo Ortiz Electrical Engineering, VSA

R. Scott Osborne Electrical Engineering, Kappa Alpha. IEEE, NSPE, APO. RA. UMR Theatre Guild

Donald Otto Electrical Engineering

Patrick Owen Civil Engineering, ASCE, NSPE. Kappa Sigma

Lawrence Padfield Civil Engineering, ASCE, Sigma Nu. Swim Team, APO, SUB, ITE, Water Polo Club

Jim Parker Eng.i neering Mechanics

James S. Parks

Civil Engineering, ASCE, Triangle

John F. Parrott Electrical Engineering

James M. Party Geology, Pi Kappa Alpha. SUB, /K, Sigma Gamma Alpha, C.L. Doke. Parachuting Club

three forty four

Teri Ann Payne Chemistry-Life Science. Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. Helix. Wesley

Russell Mark Pearson

Civil Engineering. Tau Beta Pi. Phi Kappa Phi. Chi Epsilon UMR Orc hestra

Jorge M. Pena Petroleum Engineering, VSA

David Pense Geological Engineering, GDI

Bill Pepper Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Wrestli ng

Mario Perales Mining Engineering, VSA, AL\4ÂŁ, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, FELA

Daniel H. Perkins Physics. Russian Club, RHA

John P. Persson Chemical Engineering

Mark A. Petry Mining Engineering, AIME-SME

Jadde G. Pippenger Mining Engineeri ng, SME-AIME, Ma tes, Baseball

lana Pdzimek Chemistry-Life Science. Zeta Tau Alpha, Helix , Gymnastics Club

David H. Poe Electrical Engineering. Sigma Tau Gam ma, Eta Kappa Nu. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. lK, Phi Kappa Ph i

Ronald L. Poertner Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Alpha. ASME, SAE

Glory Pong Mathematics

three forty five

Sharon Ponzer English, Newman Center

Jack W. Posey

Engineering Management, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsi路 /on, RHA. ASME, AMA. UMR Engineer

Mark K. Post

Computer Science, Pi Kappa Alpha. ACM, Phi Kappa Phi, UPE. Chess Club, Trap & Skeet Club

Jim Pozzo

Mechanical Engineering, RHA, Tech-Engine

Peter Price

Geology. C.L. Doke, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, GRUMRMLS. Theatre Guild, Gymnastics

Gary R. Protte Chemical Engineering

Gina Pruitt

Chemical Engineering, Alpha Chi Sigma, ABS, AIChE, Cheerleader

James L. Puckett

Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma, W.T. Schrenck Society, IK. RHA, SUB, Newman

John Quick Electrical Engineering. Campus Club

Stephen Ragaini Engineering Management

Donald L. Rapp Electrical Engineering

Victor E. Ratkow ski , Jr. Electrical Engineering, SUB, IEEE. GAD, Triangle

three forty six

James T. Rau Civil Engineering, Sigma Tau Gamma, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi

Edgar V. Ray, Jr. Civil Engineering, ASCE, Scabbard


Gary F. Re Electrical Engineering, NSPE. lEEE

Michael K. Reed Electrical Engineering, BSU . .lEEE

Billy W. Reed Nuclear Engineering, ANS

Mark A. Reidmeyer Mechanical Engineering, SAE, ASME

Reyes Reinoso Chemical Engineering. VSA. AIChE. Alpha Chi Sigma

Steven J. Reis Mechanical Engineering, ASME, SAE,RHA

Guy L. Renshaw Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. SAE, RHA

Stephen J. Rethmeyer Electrical Engineering, II<. Campus Club, IEEE

Ronald W. Reynolds Civil Engineering, ASCE. NSPE, MSPE, Chi Epsilon

Kenneth 0. Rke Geological Engineering, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, SPE, AEG, Ugly Man

Steven J. Richards Mechanical Engineering. NSPE

Kent Richardson Civil Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, IK, St. Pots Boord. Theta Tau

Lee Ann Richardson Civil Engineering. Kappa Delta, Blue Key, SWE, ASCE, SUB, Chi


Kurt Rieke Electrical Engineering. Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Tech-Engine. UMR Engineer

three forty seven

Steven Rinne Chemical Engineering, AlChE. Beta Sigma Psi. Intramural Managers

Carlos Rivas Petroleum Engineering. FELA

Osmar Rivas Electrical Engineering

Terry L. Robb History. Scabbard & Blade, Phi Kappa Phi

James M. Roberts Mining Engineering, AlME, SME

Rickey D. Robertson Psychology

Brian A . Rock Chemistry, Triangle. SUB, Russian Club, W.T. Schrenk, GAD, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eto Sigma, Newman

Michael Rodgers Computer Science

Jesus R. Rodriguea Petroleum Engineering. FELA, VSA , SPE

Mark Roenfeldt Civil Engineering, ASCE, Beta Sigma Psi. APO

Tony Rois Mechanical Engineering, SAE

Kamran Rokhsaz Aerospace Engineering, AlAA, Sigma Gamma Tau

Bruce Q. Roney Eng.i neering Management, EMA, Kappa Alpha, Varsity Golf

David Ruester Civil Engineering, ASCE. Chi


David Ruprecht Physics, De/to Sigma Phi, IK, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi


J. Rustige

Chemical Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha. AJChE

three forty eight

Louann Ruyle Mechanical Engineering, Student Council, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, RHA

Robert L. Ruzensky Electrical Eng.ineering, IEEE, KMNR, Tennis

Ken St. Onge Electrical Engineering

Gregory G. Salomon Mechanical Engineering

Gualberto J. Sanchez

Chemical Engineering, VSA

Chester L. Sanders Computer Science, ACM, UPE

Ellen Sandhaus History

James L. Saylor Chemical Engineering, Omega Chi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, A/ChE

Michael E. Schaefer Civil Engineering, ASCE, Parachute Club, St. Pat's Board, GDI

David R. Scharf Chemical Engineering, Alpha Chi Sigma, Omega Chi Epsilon, AIChE

Terry R. Scheihing Civil Engineering, ASCE

Daniel C. Schenk Civi l Engineering

Donald P. Schilling Ceramic Engineering, ACS, Christian Campus House, Keramos

Hans Karl Schmoldt Geological Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, APO, Theta Tau. Blue Key, TFC

three forty nine

Allen Schmutzler Computer Science. ACM, UPE

Robert ]. Schnell Electrical Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, GAD, APO, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Blue Key. Eta Kappa Nu

Patricia A. Scholl Civil Engineering. SWE. Intercollegiate Knights, Zeta Tau Alpha, SWE. ASCE

Mark Schroepfer Metallurgical Engineering, Sigma Tau Gamma, ASM

Dennis Schulte Mechanical Engineering. Phi Kappa


Stanley Scott Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. Phi Eta Sigma, ASME

David Sees Civil Engineering, ASCE, Chi Epsil on, Tau Beta Pi

Gary ]. Seiter Electrical Engineering, Theatre Guild, Pistol club, IEEE, NSPE

Mark E. Seppelt Civil Engineering

Steven G. Serniak Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma. Tau Beta Pi. Kappa Mu Epsilon, KMNR, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, NSPE. Radio Club, GDI

Eugene L. Setchfield Mechanical Engineering, TechEngine, ASME, SAE

David M. Shaffer Civil !..Engineering, ASCE, Kappa Alpha

three fifty

Gary Wane Shaffer Civil Engineering, ASCE. NSPE

Pankuj C. Shah Mechanical Engineering

Richard W. Whelton Nuclear Engineering

Stanley R. Shilling Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sigma, !EEE, KMNR. TK. HKN. KME

Larry R. Shipers Mechanical Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha, Blue Key, Who's Who,

Theta Tau, IFC. GAD, APO, Circle K, SUB, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta


Robert N. Sieferd Electrical Engineering, Theater


Michael E. Siegrist Mechanical Engineering, ASME. SAE, Campus Club

Michael R. Simac Civil Engineering, Blue Key. Who's Wh o, Pi Kappa Alpha, M-Ciub, Baseball

Richard L. Slavit Engineering Management, EMA

Stephen A. Smid Chemical Engineering, Kappa Sigma, AXE, Omega Chi Epsilon, AlChE

Ben Smith Electrical Engineering, Photo Club, Christian Campus

Brian E. Smith Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Kappa Psi, ICMNR, Miner Band

Daniel B. Smith Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Radio Club, IEEE

Patricia Ann Smith Chemistry-Life Science, Helix

Richard P. Smith Geological Engineering

Robert M. Smith, Jr.

Chemical Engineering, SUB, AlChE, Theater Guild

three fifty one

Timothy Snyder Ceramic Engineering, ACS, TechEngine

H. Kent Sooter Chemical Engineering, AlChE, AXE

Charles C. Sorrell Ceramic Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, ACS, GDI, Keramos

Dianne Speer Geological Engineering, AEG, Kappa Delta, SWE, Tau Beta Pi,


fames W. Speiser Electrical Engineering

David f. Sperling

Mining Engineering, SME, Phi Kappa Phi

Richard L. Stabo Economics-Management, Sigma Pi

Charles E. Staley Electrical Engineering-Management, Phi Kappa Theta, IEEE, Rollamo, ACS, Miner

David E. Statler Mechanical Engineering, Wexley, AFS. ASME

Hobin Stege Computer Science, ACM, UPE

Sheery Ann Steib Civil Engineering, Mates, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon

Bill Stein Mechanical Engineering. M Club, Tennis

Robert Steiner Computer Science, UPE, ACM, Rock Climbing Club

Dave f. Stelzer

Electrical Engineering, fEEE, Campus Club

three fifty two

Mark E. Stochl Chemical Engineering, Phi Kappa Theta, AlChE

Rita Stockhecker Chemica/ Engineering. SWE, Alpha Chi Sigma, IKA, Tau Beta Pi. Omega Chi Sigma, AWS

Peter ]. Stoddard Engineering Management

Mark A. Strange Aerospace Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley. AlAA. Sigma

Gamma Tau

David Strawhun Electrical Engineering, Sigma Nu, IEEE, NSPE, KMNR

Forrest Strobel Mechanical Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi, ASME, SAE

Arturo Luis Sulbaran Petroleum Engineering, FELA, VSA, SPE

Gregg Sullivan Computer Science, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SUB. ACM. UPE

fames Sutton Mechanical Engineering, GAD, Bela Sigma Psi, SAE, ASME, Blue Key, Pi Tau Sigma, Sports Cor Cl ub

fames L. Swaters El ectrica l Engineering, Radio Club

Ronald f. Taylor Metallurgical Engineering, AFS, ASM, Alpha Sigma Nu, Tau Bela Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, AJME

Joyce Ann Thomas English

Patye Thomas Ci vil Lengineering, ASCE. IKA, AWS, APO, Pi Kappa Alpha Little


William B. Thomas, Jr. Electrical Engineering, IEEE. HKN

three fifty three

Uoyd E. Thompson Mechanical Engineering, Wrestling

John R. Thro Nuclear Engineering, ANS. RHA

Jack S. Thrower Metallurgical Engineeri11g, Alpha Sigma Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, SUB. Motes, ASM-AIME

Steven D. Tidwell Engineering Management, TechEngine, IWC, GDJ, EMA

Bruce 路R. Tipton Metallurgical Engineeri11g, Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Sig路 rna Mu, IK. AFS, Met Society, Blue Key, Scuba Club

Richard Toth Metallurgical Engineering, Alpha Sigma Mu, Met Society, AFS, Campus Club

Carl Trauth Computer Science, ACM, SUB

Wanda Ellen Tull English. Wesley

James M. Turner Electrical Engineering, IEEE

Dan C. Vance Petroleum Engineering, IFC, Sigma Phi Epsilon, M Club, Football. SPE, Theta Tau

James Vemmer Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma

Michael P. Verbryck Mechanical Engineering

Roger W. Vessell Psychology, M-Club, Student Counc il, Psych Club, lK

Stephan Vrazalich Computer Science, ACM, UPE. KME, Student Council

Susan Waggoner Psychology, Phi Kappa Phi, SSSAC, Psych Club

Mitchell N. Wagner Mechanical Engineering, SAE

three fifty four

Theodore B. Waldbart Computer Science

Donald R. Walker History

Donald G. Walther Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Eta Kappa Nu

Roy Walton Mechanical Engineering

Dennis Warden Engineering Management

William M. WCllWick Engineering Management, APO. Theta Tau, Football

Timothy Lee Weadon Electrical Engineering. lntervarsity Christian Fellowship

Rita M. Webber Chemical Engineering, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Chi Sigma. Omega Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. AIChE. Bicycling Club

John E. Weber III Mechanical Engineering, TechEngine, ASME

David Webers Electrical Engineering. Tech-Engine, IEEE

Edward P. Webster Chemical Engineering, Alpha Chi Sigma, AIChE

David Weeks Civil Engineering, ASCE. Chi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma

Mike W. Weiss Chemical Engineering, GDI, AlChE

Robert C. Welsh Electrical Engineering

three fifty five

Hugh 0. Wentz Mechanical Engineering

Randy Jay Westerdale Computer Science, ACM. UPE

Cheryl S. Westphal Engineering Mechanics, SWE, SAE. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha Uttle Sisters

Kevin White Mechanical Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, ASME, NSPB. IK

Margaret E. White Psychology, AWS, Psych Club

Rona ]. Whi ttall Geology, C.L. Dake. Choir, Theater Guild, Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Arth ur Wilkins Computer Science. UPE

Christopher J. Williams Chemistry, GDI

Gaylord T . Williams Electrical Engineering and Physics, IEEE, ABS, NSBE. M-Club, Track

Jeff Williams

Electrical Engineering. RHA, IEEE

James H. Wills, Jr. Mechanical Engineering, GDI, Spelunkers. ASME. NSPE

Maria E. Wilmsmeyer Psychology, Psych Club, Choir, Bond, Newman

Gregg Alan Wilson Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, SUB, ASME, SAE

Mark Keith Wilson Economics, Delta Sigma Phi, Econ Club. NSPE. EMA. Y ARC

three fifty six

Richard A. Windhausen Electrical Engineering. HKN, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Campus Club, IEEE

James Withers Electrical Engineering

Gregory J. Whitte Psychology

Kevin Witte Chemical Engineering, GDI, AIChE, MRHA, Omega Chi Epsilon. Track

Robert Blane Work Civil Engineering, ASCE

Virgil V. Work,


Engineering management, Alpha Phi Alpha. Student Council, SUB. ABS, NSBE

Keith Wren Electrical Engineering, KMNR, Theatre Guild, LEEE

Lawrence ]. Hu erz Electrical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, M-Ciub, Baseball, IEEE

Dale L. Wykoff Nuclear Engineering, Scabbard and Blade

David M. York Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi

Ronald D. Young

Computer Science, KME, Phi Kappa Phi, UPE, ACM

Ron Yust Math

John W. Ziebold Mechanical Engineering. ASME.


Glen Ziolko Mechanical Engineering, Beta Sig-

ma Psi

Robert P. Zipp Chemical Engineering, SUB, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Omega Chi Sigma, AIChE, NSPE

Thomas Zuiss Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi. GO/, Phi Kappa


three fifty seven


Steve Olson

Daryl Quinn

Mike Noblot Scott M cKee

Marilyn Daum & MaLL Mills


three fifty t•ight

Glenn Johney

Marilyn Daum

lhrec fifly nine

Kelly Brazeal

Brian Rasch

Daryl Quinn

Tom Beard

Matt Mills

Daryl Quinn

Steve Olson

Daryl Quinn

three sixty three

Mike Noblot

Daryl Quinn

three sixty four

Steve Olson

Mike Noblot

three sixty five

EDITOR'S NOTE As I sit here wondering how to bring the 1978 ROUAMO to a close, many thoughts pass through my mind. There are thoughts of the thousands of man-hours which were given in the creation of this book, and hopefully of the many moments of enjoyment received as a result of It's creation. The goal of the 1978 ROLLAMO staff was to create a yearbook for the students of UMR, a median by which memories may be stored and called upon sometime in the future. We have attempted to summarize the many events which surround the students here at UMR throughout the academic year, and hope that evezyone may see a part of themselves somewhere within the 368 pages of this book. This book would have never been completed without the hard, diligent work of the 1978 ROLLAMO Staff. My many thanks and best wishes to the staff for their support. I know they must share the same pride as I do in this publication. I must give special thanks te Dr. Lance Williams our adviser, without his help and encouragement our staff could not have functioned. Herff Jones Yearbooks and Gayle Cordes have been great, good luck Gayle, it's been a pleasure. Steven's Studios with your senior's photography, you've done a great job, hope to see you next year. I would like to thank Tom Beard and his photography staff for their support. Best wishes for the next year Tom. Matt, Dazyl, and Steve, hang in there. A special note and thanks to Glenn Johney for his four years of devotion to the ROLLAMO Yearbook. Kathy, Kay, and Koren, thanks for being the first ones done with your sections. Good luck next year.

Bob, the best friend a guy could ever have, hope you've made notes of my mistakes this year, I'm sure the '79 ROLLAMO will be even better. Good Luck Arasmiths', keep in touch. One final note of thanks must go to my wife Kelly, for standing by my side throughout the many late hours of work. I couldn't hove mode it without your help. And to UMR, it's been o proud four years and a terrific honor to serve on the ROLLAMO Staff.

Thanks again, Russell S. Brazeal Editor-in-Chief 1978 ROLLAMO