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amo The annual publication of the Missouri School of Mines Volume 52


l" The Miner is a very versatile person. His haunts and habits are constantly changing, forming a basis for tomorrow's p ersonality. This has been a formative year for the Miner. It will reflect the future success of the Miner. Learning what is put forth in the classroom is the foremost asset of an education. Here opportunities are presented that will not be paralleled at any time in life. Here the ambitions of the Miner are guided through proper chao~els. The heavy concentration of knowledge acquired this year will tend to pour out as the high salaries of the following years. ¡



Konrad Editor-in-Chief

James L. Urban Business Manager Richard G. Ross Associate Editor 2

Robert Hughes Senior Photographer

ean Leadership ability prospers among the assets of the Miner and is nourished in the many campus organizations. These organizations vary in purpose from religious to professional, but all prepare the Miner, now, for the years to come. Through participation in social and athletic events the Miner forges further links on a chain that is destined someday to lock around success. The many opportunities of this year make it a great determinant of the future. No period of time can be underestimated, but it is now that is most important.


One characteristic that is possessed by every student is his affinity for the slide rule. At some time during every day of the school year, the slide rule is used. With this in mind the slide rule will be seen on some of the following pages so that it will be identified with the 1958 Rollamo as it is with the typical Miner. In some cases the slide rule will be subdued, on other pages it will be forward, just as it is used and forgotten depending upon the activity at hand. The Miner is waiting for something better. He always wants to see improvement. In this book an attempt was made to give him more to remember. Many things have been added to this year's Rollamo and it is hoped that this is to the liking of the Student. There are many events to a schoolyear and it is the hope of the staff of the Rollamo that in the following pages, these events are covered to the Miners' satisfaction. The Rollamo is a recollection of memories of the past year. One cannot help feeling a resurge of pride in past successes. On the following pages is an accurate record of just what you have done. The written word, compensated by the pictures shown, give one an indication of himself. A school is no better than its students. The Faculty of MSM and the students who have preceded you have given you the entire heritage of campus life. From administration through social events you have received a start. Here is how you have capitalized in the investment of schooling on your way to the acquisition of knowledge and graduation.








ng g Buildi n i n i M the s of Walls roofugh the door d e r e v o h c The irvtlhylaeiJr . splendor t e w arok Psh


Mining Building and the Old Chern Building

Sunlight plays upon the Old Chem. Building as the student works within.

It's part of the day's work in the Chemical Engineering Department.

Old Chern Buil Mechanical

Rays of light dancing in the Rolla Building frame the warmth of education.


=ling and the Engineering Building

Adjusting one's future.

Knowledge is the open door to success.


, l l a H d o o w r o N , l l a H n o t l g n u i F d l i u B a l l o R e h t and



rogres mold p ts is g r e t a l lu


Fulton a ll s o f w e h t within

H a ll .

The poetic magic of the Rolla Building is seen through the leaves of time.

Steps leading to the administrative ability in Parker Hall.

In and Out of Parker Hall


Engineering, the mixing device of ideas.

Educatjon, the fuel that sparks the lamp of Jife.

Within the Chemical Engineering Building Knowledge is the means by which the shadows of indecision are erased.

Calculating for an investment in one's future.

Chemical Engineering

Building and the Dower Dlant The smokestack of the Power Plant sym路 bolizes the heights to which one can soar with the firm foundation of education.



President School of Mines and Metallurgy University of Missouri


President Elmer Ellis B.A., 1924, M.A., 1925, University of North Da¡ kota; Ph.D. , 1931, State University of Iowa

Parker Hall • Administration Center of MSM

Dr. Elmer Ellis, having completed his third year as president of the University of Missouri, rose to this post through the ranks of professorship, committeeman, and deanship. Arriving at the University of Missouri in 1930, he joined the faculty as an assistant professor of history, advanced to the position of professor, and served on many important committees during the summers of 1936, 1939. and 1941. Through this work, Dr. Ellis gained a thor18

ough knowledge of University policies and procedures and an opportunity to demonstrate his administrative ability. Acting in the capacity of Dean of the College of Arts and Science from the World War II period to 1954, he increased his standing as a person of educational and administrative talent. Then that year, Dr. Ellis was appointed acting president of the University; and before the end of this term he received the appointment of president by the Board of Curators.

Board of Cura tors

BOARD OF CURATO RS Mrs. Byron T. Shutz Mr. James A. Finch, Jr. Mr. Lester E. Cox Mr. Fred V . Heinkel President Elmer Ellis (U. of Mo. ) Mr. J. A. Daggs Mr. Randall R. Kitt Mr. Oliver B. Ferguson Mr. Delos C. Johns Mr. Robert Neill

Composed of nine residents of the state of Missouri, the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri and the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurg y is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. Not more than one man may be appointed from the same congressio nal district in order to insure a true representa tion, and not more than five curators may belong to any one political party. The term of service of the curators is six years with the terms of their members expiring every two years. When his term expires, each member of the Board is eligible for reappoint ment, and thus some of the present members have many years of experienc e. Serving as the Executive Committe e for the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurg y each year are three members appointed by the Board. This committee meets monthly for the purpose of auditing claims and attending to other such business given them by the Board of Curators. Randall R. Kite is chairman of the present Executive Committe e. The ocher two members are Oliver B. Ferguson and Mrs. Byron T. Shutz.

Seated: Mrs. Byron T. Shutz, James A. Finch, Jr., Lester E. Cox, Fred V. Heinkel. Standing: President Elmer Ellis (U. of Mo.); ]. A. Daggs, Randall R . JGtt, Oliver B. Ferguson, Delos C. Johns, Robert Neill.

Curtis l. Wilson Oean Dr. Curtis L. Wilson, D ean of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, is one of the outstanding figures in the field of engineering today. A native of Balcimore, Maryland, he received his education both in this country and abroad. Before assuming the position of Dean at the School of Mines in 1941, Dr. Wilson had worked in industry and taught at the Monta na School of Mines. Along w ith his honors as an administrator, he has also distinguished himself as the author of a number of technica l articles.


DEAN CURTIS L. WILSON Dean M.S.M., 1941 B.S., 1916, Baltimore City College; E.M., 1920, Montana School of Mines; Ph.D., 1928, University of Goettingen; D.Eng., 1954, Washington University; D .Eng., 1955, Montana School of Mines.

The Dean and Mrs. Wilson at home

At the Missouri School of Mines, Dean Wilson is especially known and respected for his ability as a speaker. His talent in this field is unlimited and he is equally versatile in delivering a formal address or an informal discussion. Although , he has the immense task of co-ordinating the activities of the entire school, Dr. Wilson sti ll tries to accept as many speaking requests as he can fit into his already tight schedule. These many invi.tations are an indication of the great demand and respect for his speaking powers. In his seventeen years of service as Dean, Dr. Wilson has brought great prestige to the Missouri School of Mines; and his sound practical decisions have always served for the best advantage of all concerned.

The Dean's Residence


Vernon Gevecker Assistant Deao

To Assistant Dean Gevecker belongs the task of guiding the student through his college years in accordance with the policies and rules that characterize the high level of operating conditions exisiting at MSM. With this aim in mind, Dean Gevecker does highly commendable work in maintaining his many duties and provides the student with excellent counsel and advice.

Noel Hubbard Registrar

Sound judgement and decision exemplify the actions of Mr. Noel Hubbard in his position as Registrar of the School of Mines. Through long experience in the post of Registrar, Mr. Hubbard efficiently and admirably carries out the difficult problems of class scheduling as well as keeping路 an accurate and up to date file of every student's activities.




Assistant Registrar

As Assistant Registrar, Mr. Paul Ponder undertakes to relieve the office of the Registrar in a major portion of the huge tasks that confront them. Through his assistance, the duties of the Registrar can be more thoroughly carried out to their completion, resulting in more efficient operation. At the end of his third year in this position, Mr. Ponder is doing an admirable job.


Emmett Klinkermann Business Manager

The sound financia l conditio n of the School of Mines is preserve d through the supervis ion of Mr. Emmett Klinkerm ann, Business Manage r of MSM. Althoug h, the student' s main contact with the Business Manage r cccurs only at the beginnin g of each semester when fees are due, Mr. Klinkermann does fine work in handling the many financial problem s that beset him.

Earl Randolph Librarian

Complet ing his eleventh year in the office of Head Libraria n, is Mr. Earl Randolph, holder of AB and AM degrees in Library Science along with a BS degree in chemistr y. His is the responsi bility of maintaining a wide and varied selection of the most recent scientific publicat ions for the benefit of the student in his studies and relaxation .

Ernest P. Hendrix Superinten dent of Grounds

Keeping our campus beautifu l and in excellen t conditio n is the major aim of Mr. Ernest He.ndrix , Superin tendent of Building and Grounds . With this thought in mind, Mr. Hendrix supervis es and controls the entire activitie s of the mainten ance crew on our campus. In this way, he is able to make certain that repairs and other projects are carried out in the most satisfact ory way.


Ceramic Engineering Department The word "Ceramics" is applied to all articles formed of clay and other non-metallic earthy materials and subjected to a heat treatment. From its small beginnings in the prehistoric ages, ceramtcs has advanced into a complex study.

Theodore J. Planje Department Chairman Professor of Ceramic Engineering 1946, 1955. B.S. in Cer. E. 1940, Missouri School of Mines; Ph. D., 1950, Missouri.

Robert Moore, Instructor Grinding Operation

It is interesting to note that people today are intimately associated with thousands of Ceramic prod ucts daily, yet very seldom is the word Ceramics mentioned. The diversity of occupations pursued by Ceramic Engineers is very apparent. Most Ceramic Engineers are employed in one of four types of work-- production, sales, research, and administrative work. Yes, the opportunities for a college trained Ceramist as he enters the industry are excellent.


Ceramic Engineering Department The Ceramic Engineering Department, established in 1926 and fourth largest in the nation, possesses especially well equipped laboratories and a very close contact is maintained with industry through testing and research done at the college for manufacturers. As research activities are expanded, the demand continues to increase and these factors make it possible for the young Ceramic Engineer to go into his choice of branches of the industry and advance rapidly.

Above - George Lorey, Assistant Professor

Below. Dynamometer Test

Mud Lab


Chemical Engineering Department

Dudley Thompson Department Chairman Professor of Chemical Engi路 neering 1956 B.S. in Ch. E., 1935, M.S., 1941, Ph. D., 1950 Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

The Chemical Engineer is found in every large industrial organization participating in the development and improvement of new products. His duties may place him in the executive department, research, development, plant and equipment design plant construction and operation, process control or technical sales. In any event, he will be in the midst of things, making every effort to produce better living through the application of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. There are unlimited opportunities for the person who is willing to secure his fundamental t r a i n i n g in Chemical Engineering. The field is so diversified that the man so trained may select the type of work he particularly desires.

Unit Operations lab Quant. Lab


Chemical Engineering Department The Chemical Engineering student receives training that supplies the foundation and cools he needs co start a professional career. Organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry, mathematics, physics, mechanics, and economics furnish the basic training. The professional aspects are emphasized by industrial stoichiometry, chemical engineering unit operation, design, and thermodynamics. Other supporting engineering subjects in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering complete the four year curriculum. The Missouri School of Mines offers a science-chemistry option in addition to training in Chemical Engineering. Students interested in theoretical, analytical, inorganic, organic, a n d physical chemistry or the research and teaching of ch~mistry are offered complete accredited curricula for preparation in these fields.


Above • Fisher, Custead and James Below • Qual Lab


Civil Engineering

Department The term Civil Engineering was originally applied to all types of engineering work not directly connected with military operations. At the present time, Civil Engineering still covers an extremely broad field of engineering end eavor. The Railway, Highway, H ydraulic, Sanitary, and Structural phases of engineering may exemplify the wide and varied applications of the Civil Engineering field. Yet, these general clivi-

"Doc" Muir and Fluid Display

Mr. Stites' Fluid Lab

sions comprise only a portion of the many versatile developments accredited to the tide, Civil Engineering. This field is obviously coo extensive to be covered thoroughly in all its divisions in four years. Therefore, the student may, in addition to the fundamentals of Civil Engineering, select special training at the School of Mines and Metallurgy in any of its numerous branches. The curriculum in Civil Engineering, one of the oldest and largest departments on campus,


Carlton and Eshbaugh checking equipment

Civil Eng inee ring Dep artm ent

Ernest W. Carlton Department Chairman Professor of Civil Engineering, 1923, 1936. B.S. in M.E., 1920, M.S. Ind. Ed. 1926, Colorado State U.; B.S. in C.E., 1950 Missouri School of Mines


is designed to afford a thorough training in the fundamen tal princip le~ upon which the practice of Civil Engineeri ng is founded. It is the aim of the departme nt to prepare its graduates for technical and adminisra tive positions in the promotion, design, constructi on, operation , and management of engineeri ng projects. Best and Chappick making a compression test on concrete

Above 路 Leveling the instrument Prof. Hershkowitz teachlng fluid lab


Electric al En.g ineerin g Depart ment

Instructors J. Brown and J. Smith checking lab equipment

So broad is the field of Electrical Engineering that it can truthfully be said that modern man can hardly perform a single function in his normal routine which is not influenced by the Electrical Engineer. Our drinking water is processed by machines of electrical design; our clothes and furniture are manufactured by electric motive power; our recreation is geared to the pace of television; and our societies ' protection is keyed to radar. It is not surprising then that with such a broad potencial field of activity open before him the Electrical Engineering student finds himself confronted with a curriculum w hich is of

ISRAEL H. LOVETT Department Chairman Professor of Electrical Engineering, 1921, 1931. B.S., 1914, M.I.T.; E.E. , 1924, Missouri School of Mines; M.S.E., 1928, Michigan.

Instructor P. Brown explains Electronics experiment


Prof. Tingley checking the wiring

Electric al

Engineering Depart ment necessity filled with branches and subbranches of specialized types of information. Also, training in fundamental principles related to the four main divisions of electrical engineering is provided by the curriculum. These may be classified as; manufacturing of electrical equipment, electric power service, communication systems, and electronics. Within these main divisions of Electrical Engineering, there is a set of basic fundamentals upon which all the branches of the profession are predicted. Therefore, the Electrical Engineering Curriculum at the Missouri School of Mines comprises a course of study which combines the necessary fundamentals with a desirable set of non-technical courses and a series 0f technical electives tO make possible adequate training for entering any branch of the profession.

Above • Plugging into power Below - Rheostat adjustment

Finding characteristics of an electron tube


Geology Department

PAUL D. PROCTOR Geology Department Professor of Geology, 1957 B.A., 1942, Utah, U, of; M.A., 1943, CorneU; Ph.D., 1949, Indiana

Geology is the fascinating study of the materi als of the earth; fossils, minerals, rocks; their composition, properties, arrangement, manner of occurance and uses. Geology is a broad diversified field. It includes such subjects as paleontology, stratigraphy, physiography, mineralogy, petrology and economic geology. I t is an applied as well as a pure science. The scientific investigator as well as the practical man is needed. Yes, one will find men of diversified interests and specialties in the field of geology. Yet, they have one common characteristic; a deep interest in the materials of the earth. A broad basic training in the fundamentals of biology, chemistry physics, and mathematics is required by geology. The growing import-

Gold? Finding Specific Gravity


Geology Department ance of these basic sciences is apparent as geology is turning from a qualitative science to a quantitative one. A command of the English language as well as a kno'-\ ledge of basic economics is necessary and desirable since a geologist must translate and communicate his findings to others in more easily understandable terms. The curriculum in Science-Geology Major at the School of Mines is designed to give training in basic subjects as well as geology. Geology students will find it advantageous to continue t h e i r studies through the Master's degree and those who wish to specialize should plan a Doctor's degree. Both of these advanced degrees in geology may be gained at the Missouri School of Mines. Those who obtain these degrees will find wide employment opportunities and starting salaries will be proP?rtionaly better.

Core logging


Standing - Morgan, Hagni, Frizzell, G r a w e , Bethke, Amstutz, Maxwell, Spreng. Seated 路 Proctor, Chairman Below 路 Petrology Lab


Mech anica l Engineering Department Mechanical Engineering embraces the sciences of generating, transmitting , and utilizing mechanical power, and the production of tools, machine tools, machinery, and their products. In addition to the design, research, developmen t and investigatio n required to create these services and produces, Mechanical Engineering includes the coordi nation of material, natural resources, manpower, and money for effective and economic production.

Prof. Remington illustrates

Vast contribution s in the fields of power and machine design have been made by the Mechanical Engineer. There are excellent opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in all parts of the country with every kind of manufacturin~ organization and power company. New horizons are continually opening for young men with chis background . The minds of design and development engineers are being challenged by new prime movers. such as, the gas turbine. T re-


mendous strides have been made in the nuclear energy field, but the best efforcs of the Mechanical Engineer will be needed in order co bring the many blessings of this new power source into reality. Being obviously coo extensive co cover thoroughly in all its divisions in four years, the university curriculum for Mechanical Engineering students is therefore perhaps more fundamenta l

Prof. Schowalter watches machining operation

and less specialized chan ocher engineering curricula. In many respects, this is greatly co the advantage of the student as it enables him to choose his option later in his college course or co change his professional objective co suit the trend of industrial progress. The Department , equipped with one of the finest Laboratories of its kind, strives co train and instruct students co meet the high professional standards required of technically trained men.

Mechanical Engineering Department

\ AARON J. MILES Department Chairman Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1930, 1943 B.S., 1930, M.S., 1931, Missouri School of Mines SeD., 1935, Michigan. ..# .

Prof. Young checks data

Above - Instruction in welding Below - A lathe operation


Metallurgical Engineering Department

ALBERT W . SCHLECHTEN Department Chairman Professor of Metallurgical Engineering, 1946 . B.S. in Met. E. , 1937, Montana School of Mines; D .Sc., 1940, M.I.T.

That branch of engineering concerned with the extraction of metals from their ores by milling, smelting, the forming of these metals into alloys, and their adaptation to man's uses, is called Metallurgical Engineenng. The demand for metallurgical engineers is increasing as the ores to be treated become more complex, and as a greater variety of alloys are used commercially. The variety of openings for a metallurgical engineer means that there are no particular requirements so far as physical vigor temperament are concerned. It is necessary first that the prospective engineer have some competance at mathematics. In addition to this, the student in Metallurgical Engineering must acquire considerable training in both physics and chemistry. His preference between these two subjects will probably determine what branch of metallurgy he favors. To meet these needs, the Department of Metallurgical Engineering at the School of Mines employs competent faculty members, and laboratOry facilities are provided for mineral dressing, extractive metallurgy, physical metallurgy, and foundry. All stuProf. Legsden explains lab procedure

Dr. H. R . Hanley

Dr. T. M. Morris

Dr. W . A. Frad

Metallurgical Engineering

Depart ment dents take some work in each of these areas, and the studies are so arranged that there is opportunity for specialization in the senior year. The Met Department is not only one of the first departments established on campus but also one of the largest in the United States. In addition to its regular curriculum, a Nuclear Engineering option is offered to combine with metaliurgy training in the most recent developments in the study of metals and atomic structures. Also, highly specialized laboratory equipment is available for research which is carried on primarily by graduate students. The opportunities in Metallurgical Engineering are excellent and there is every reason to believe that this will continue in the future.

Above - Prof Wolf and Dr. Epplesheimet Below - Melting metal in Cupola

Mineral Dressing Lab

Charging a non-ferrous metal furnace



Mining Engineering Department Mining Engineering is best defined as the application of science co the discovery and exploration of mineral materials in the earth's crust. Such materials include metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals, coal, petroleum, and natural gas. These substances are either solids, or liquids and gases. Corresponding to these cwo general classifications is the division of the fields of study in Mining Engineering. Petroleum Engineering, the division of study concerned with the discovery and exploration of petroleum and natural gas, provides a Geology Optional for students desiring emphasis in the geological aspects of petroleum production. Mining Engineering, che division of study concerned with the discovery and

Mixing mud

Above - Viscometer test Below - Gasoline testing

exploration of solid materials, likewise provides a Geology Option for chose students desiring emphasis in chis phase of mineral engineeri ng. As a means of supplementing effective research studies a nd instruction in irs cur-

Mining Engineering Depart ment ricula, the Department operates an experimental mine and materials a display room which demonstrates various types of equipment and apparatus. Graduate study and research programs of both fundamental and applied nature are offered by the Department in all the divisions for students who desire to work toward a Master's or Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Mining engineering, P etroleum Engineering, and their Geology Options offer very fertile fields for advanced study and research.

Instructor Schoeppel running an experiment

Above - GEORGE B. CLARK Department Chairman Professor of Mining Engineering, 1954. B.S., 1935, M.S., 1946, University of Utah; E.M ., 1949, Ph.D., 1952, Universicy of Illinois.

Core test


Physics Department A physicist might be defined as a person who has studied intensively the fields chac comprise the subjecc of physics, and who uses che knowledge and mechods of Physics to solve problems in a w ide variety of situat ions. His work borders upon and may enter into chac of the chemist, the doctor, the biologist, and the engineer. The personal qualifications necessary for a successful career in Physics are highly exacting. Although a high level of intelligence is necessary, a real

HAROLD Q . FULLER Department Chairman Professor of Physics, 1947. A.B., l928, Wabash; A.M. , 1930, Ph.D., 1932, Illinois.

Experiment in optics Dr. Lund, Dr. Rivers, and Byrnes


Physics Department interest in, and a special aptitude for Physics, mathematics, and other sciences are likewise essential. More important than any of these are character and personality which will carry the student through the long, hard training period and permit him ro find pleasure in work of a most exacting sort. At the School of Mines and Metallurgy, training is offered leading to the Bachelor's degree in 't he Science curriculum with a major in Physics, and also graduate work leading to the Master's degree. Emphasis is placed upon the fundamental principles of physics and thorough laboratory training. Upon completion of his basic requirements in the Phys ics D epartment, the student may consider himself entirely capable of obtaining an engineering degree.

Checking the focal length

Above • Standing : Dr. Fuller, Dr. Jensen Seated: Schoen, Tipsword

Below • Dr. Pauls a nd Dr. Cole


Engineering Drawing Department Often called the graphic language of the engineer, Engineering Drawing is an important requirement for all who might be connected with or interested in technical industry. This makes it a basic part of the engineering field, worthy of the engineering student's interest and application. One of the best means of conveying new ideas is through a pictorial or graphical representation. Thus, the adaptibility of engineering drawing is unlimited. From the of the Structural Engineer to the wiring diagrams of the Electrical Engineer, drawing acts as a means of design, assembly, and description. It is the aim of this department to present the underlying principals concerned in drafting work and at the same time to give enough practical drafting work to affix these p~inciples in the student's mind. With this foundation of definite recognized procedure in presenting graphical representations, the student should be capable of creditable professional drafting work. LLOYD C. CHRISTIONSON Drawing Department Professor of Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry, 1946, 1956. B.A., 1925, Westminester; M.A., 1928, M. Ed., 1952, Missouri. Vickers Teaching Descriptive Geometry

Blevins helping student

Swancult checking work

Burns answering question

Humanities Department Humanities is the science of man, and as such, it bridges the immense gap between the technical and cultural aspects in his way of life. It is this facet of learning that completes and brings to full maturity the education of the modern engineering student. Yes, Humanities is the mediator between the engineering field and the non-technical everyday world. Realizing the tremendous importance of the need for a practical and cultural outlook on life, all engineering qepartments on campus require at least twelve credit hours of courses in English, six credit hours in Economics, and three credit hours in American history. In this manner, the engineering student receives a more liberal and humanized preparation for the later work in his chosen field. The Humanities Department is a necessary and importa nt link in the effort to correlate the engineer's technical education with the practical problems to be found in industry.

Above ¡ Regie, Robbins, Brewer, Maxson , Christy

Murphy, Moulder, Boyd,

Below • SAMUEL H. LLOYD Department Chairman Pro fessor of Economics, 1921, 1946. A.B., 1918, DePauw; M.S., 192 1, Missouri School of Mines.

Mr. Christy instructs

Speech Class

Mr. Cagg leCtures




;) /_

Dr. Johnson

Running off quiz

ROLFE M. RANKIN Department Chairman Professor of Mathematics, 1922, 1946. A.B., 1916, Maryville (Tennessee); A.M., 1922, Chicago; B.S. in C.E., 1927, Missouri School of Mines.

Mathe matics Department Mathematics is truly the backbone of modern engineering study. Without a thorough understanding of the f undamental principles of mathematics, it would be impossible for the student to meet and cope with the problems of engineering. Development in Math at the School of Mines begins with the basic algebra and trigonometry course. From this beginning, the student continues into higher mathematics, matching his wits with analytical geometry as well as differential and integral calculus. At this point, the student sometimes need go no farther, depending upon the department in which he is enrolled. Yet, for those students who wish to enhance their mathematical knowledge, the Math Department has many valuable advanced courses of study to offer.

L-R Antle, Lee - Pagano, Cave - Dautenhahn, Scrivner - Oeffner, Erkeletian, Coffey, Kerr

Mec han ics Dep artm ent

Torsion test

ROBERT F. DAVIDSO N Departmen t Chairman Professor of Mechanics, 1946, 1953. B.S. in C.E., 1941, M.S. in C.E., 1949, Missouri School of Mines.

A necessar y and useful portion of every student's curricul um, Mechanics is the science that deals with the effect of forces on bodies. The aim of this departm ent at the School of Mines is to tie together the principles of pure sciences such as physics and mathem at ics to practica l advance d courses of construc tion and design taught in higher courses of the student's curricul um. Because of the value of the principl es learned and the practice gained, students are required to take certain courses. "Statics" and "Mechanics of Materia ls" typify the array of courses. The obvious importan ce of the Mechanics Departm ent insures that no student ever passes through the School of Mines without venturin g into its realms. loading beam


Military Dep artm e nt

Summer Camp morning roundup

The Reserve Officer Trainin g unit can be justly proud of its work at the Missour i School of Mines for it not only is the largest of its kind in the United States but also one of the highest ranking in the country. Graduat es from M.S.M. rank in the upper third of all enginee ring . cadets in the nation. This can only be attribute d to the course of instructi on pursued by the officers and enlisted men in charge of this department. Four semesters of basic military training are required for all students not having complet ed their service obligatio ns. When a student complet es his basic training , he may upon applicat ion receive advance d military training , consistin g of four additional semesters of school ing in military science. At the end of this time and upon graduation, the student is commiss ioned a Second Lieutena nt in the United States Army Reserve . Summer Camp jnstruction

Above - Present Arms

Below - Pass jn Review


Military D epartment

First Row • Evans, Roeth , Schafer. Second Row · Bradbury, Elser, Jones, Hess. Third Row • Clif· ton, Laffey, Bray, Walher , Cogley.

The Military Department holds as its major aim, the development of its cadets in the qualities, initiative, and integrity, while at the same time training them as capable officers ready to take their p lace in the Army Cor ps of Engineers. Despite the large number of cadets enrolled in th is training, the Military Department is carrying out its aim remarkably well.

First Row · Norton, Fuller, Medsger. Second Row • Stewart, McGuire, Reagan. Third Row • Nowak, Knox, Ayers, Barrand.

Military Department Colonel C. E. P rofessor of Military Science and Tactics, 1957, B.S., 19ti0, Wisconsin. Below · Regimental lineup


Senior Class Adlon, Gerald L. ASME; Newman Club;

Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. from Washington Universitr


Albcrter, Ronald G. Electrkal Brentwood, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretarr; Curators Award; Theta T au; Eta Kappa Nu; IRE; R ifle Squad Alders, Elmer J. Mechanical St. Joseph, Mo. Engineers Club; ASME; SAE; Transferred from St. J oseph College Allmon, Gerald W. Ceramic Cape Girardeau, Mo. Pa. Glass and Sand Corporation Scholarship; ACS, Secretar>'• Vice President, President; We)ley Foundation; Tra nsferred from Southeast Missouri State College; Kera mos Almond, James E. Electrical Fredricktown, Mo. Tech Club; Independents; Cu rators Award; Al EE; I RE Alvandian, Armand Mining·Gcolo gy W hitestone, N . Y. T heta Xi, Secretary; I ndependent~; Al ME; Canterbur y Club

Knight of St. Pat Adloa


Alvandian Andreas, Wa}·ne T. l lonor List; Al EE; l RE



Rolla, Mo.

Anspach, Earl E. Electrical Poplar Bluff, Mo. Delta Sigma Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor List; A l EE; IRE; Transferred from Mi~souri Baptbt Junior College Armer, Virgil C. Civil Sigma Nu; ASCE; ROTC Band Armstrong, Gerald C. Mining Honor List; Track; Student A\sistanr in from Baker University

Kansas Ciry, Mo


Rolla, Mo. Transferred

Atha, Larry C. Mechanical West Plains, Mo. Tech Club; Independent); Honor List; ASME; SAE; Football; BSU Bani...,, Leland L. Electrical St. James, Mo. l lonor l bt Darn. Andre\\ S. Chemical EliLabcth, N. J. Independent\; Engineer) Club; AIChE: Track; Newman Club; "M" Cluh








1958 Barre, NiC'k W. Mechanical Arbyrd, Mo. Tau Kappa F.p~ilon , Historian: AS{\IE: SAE: Busketball; Track; ""M"' <.luh; Tran;ferred from Arkansas Stute College Baruch, Hichard M. Cl\ II Baskin, Charles G. Civil Waterbury, Conn. Jndcpendents; Tech Cluh: Honor list; Chi Epsilon; ASCE: ASM: Glee Club: Student Council: Hollarno Board Beck. Hobert R. Mintnlt Downers Grove, Ill. Kappa Alpha; Mosamo Award: ASME; l nternalional fellowship; Student Assistant in ]\路lining and Metallurjty Bee, Richard A. Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Independents; Tech Club: AS{\ I E: Transferred from \Xfashington Uni,er~ity and S1. l ouis t'ni,ersity Behnken, Rolland \VI. Civil Mari,sa, 111. Engineers Club; Independents; Theta Tau; llonor List; AIMME; ASCE: Student A>~i,tant in Civil Engineering Bellchamher, Donald K. Chemical St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Nu, L1. Commander; llonor l i'>t: AIChE; Spelunkers; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Berkel. J ames A. Mechanical Murion. Ill. Engineers Club: Independent': ASME: SAE: Newman Club










Bohl Senior Officers

Bcrtorello, Thomas A. Electrical Benld, Ill. T ech Club; Independent); Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu: ASMI\; SAE: A l EE; IR E: Photo Club; Glee Club, Treasurer, Vice-Pre.,ident; Student Council: Newman Club, President Bierbaum. Crai,:: E. Mechanical St. louis, Mo. Sigma Nu; Honor List: ASME; SAE: Transferred from Washing路 ton Univer,ity Bigg'>, Lawrence II. Electrical Springfield, Mo. Tech Club: llonor List: AlEE: IRE; ASME; Transferred from Texas Christian Uni,er;it) Bi~choH. Donald E. Mechanical St . Louis, Mo. Honor Li'>t: ASME: SAE; Tran..ferrcd from Washington Uni路 versity Bland, Herhert H . Dexter, Mo. Prospector~ Club: Cu rator Award; llonor Lht; APO Bloods"onh , J ohn 0. Metallurgy Media, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon; AIMME; American Foundrymens Society; Football; Interfraternity Council, Treasurer; Canterbury Club, Vice-Presiden t Bohl. Carl D. Chemical St. Louis, Mo. Independents; Tech Club; AIChE; Glee Club; Student Council; Transferred from Harris Teachers College

Senior Class Bolon, Lucien M. Civil Rolla, Mo. Independen ts; ASCE: Basketball; " M" Club; Canterbury Club; Transferred from Northwest Missouri State College; Student As· sistant in Civil Engineering Boschert, Robert J . Electrical St. Charles, Mo. Sigma Tau Gamma; Independen ts; Honor List; Blue Key; Al EE; IRE; Radio Club; Dorm Council, Constitution Commjttee; Newman Club; St. Pat's Board Bo)·ert, Ri chard E. Civil Harrisburg, Ill. Independen ts; Engineers Club; football; "'M" Club; Student Council, Secretary; Student Assistant in PE Braohof, Edward f . Mechanical Jennings, Mo. Beta Sigma Psi, Athletic Manager; SAE; Basketball: "M" Club; Student Assistant in PE Brendecke, Roger C.


Village of Country Club Hills, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha: Honor List; Blue Key; ASM E; SAE; Rollamo; Miner

Brennecke, William E. Electrical AlEE: Student Assistant in Library

St. Louis, Mo.

Brill , Walter C. Mechanical I ndependentS : Tech Club: ASME; SAE

Joplin, Mo.

Brown, Orvis F. Petroleum E. St. Loui~, Ill. Lambda Chi Alpha; ASME; AIMM F.; Student Assistant in Min· ing

Buchanan Burrows

Bucy Buzzard

Canad y

Buck , Arch L. Mechanical West Plains, Mo. Tau Beta Pi, Recording Secretaq•; Honor List; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME: Golf; '" M" Club, Pre~id<'nt; Student Asshtant in Me· chanica( 1\ngineering Burrows, J ohn H. Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Tech Club; Independen ts; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Li \t; ASM E: SAE; Transferred from llttrris Teachers College; Coop Training Program with McDonnell Aircraft Buzzard, Wallace C. Science-Physics Seneca, Mo. Independent~; Prospectors Club, Secretar), Treasurer; AlEE; IRE; Canterbu r y Club; Transferred from Joplin Jr. College

Bolon Branhof

Boschert Brendecke

Buchanan , John 0. Civil Tramfcrred from The Citaldcl

Boyett Brennecke


Carthage, Mo.

Canady, J ohn E. Civil Springfield, Ill. Theta Xi, Vice-Presid ent; ASCF.; St. Pat', Hoard; Student Coun· cil Cullowhee, N. C.

Bucy, Raymon d W . Mechanical Savannah, Mo. I ndependen~: Engineers Club: Tau Beta Pi, Vice President; Honor List; Pi Tau Sigma, President; ASME; SAF., President


Call, Donald H. Prospector\ Club

Capone, Donald W. Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Pi Tau Sigma; Tau lleta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Honor li>t: White Rodger~ Co. Scholar\hip ; Curator Award; ASMI:, Treasurer; SAE: Transferred from llarris Teachers Col· lege: Student Assistant in Mechanical F.n!(inccring

1958 Capps, Robcn 0. MininK-PCtroleum Rolla, Mo. Indepcndenrs; Cu r ator Award; AIME; BSU , Treasurer

Chapnick, Larry Petroleum Tech Club; Independents; AIMME

Carr, Jerry J . Chemical J oplin, Mo. Tech Club; Honor List; LaVerne Noyes Scholarship; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE; Tran~ferred from Joplin Jr. College

Christopher, Thomas W . Metallurgy Bonne T erre, Mo. Thera Xi, Vice- President; SAE; ASM; AfS; Sr. Pat's Board

Carroll, Warren J. Petroleum St. Louis, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi; AI ME; St . Pat's Board; Rollamo; Newman Club Carstens, Fred E. Metallurgy Alton, Ill. Tech Club; Honor List; AFS; Transferred from Case Institute of Technology Cassady, Thomas G. Civil E. St. Louis, Jll. Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman; ASCE; Pershing Rifles; R ifles Club





The big shaft

Everything that glitters is not gold



Clark, David C. Chemical Engineers Club; Tech Club; Independents

St. l ouis, Mo.

St. Louis, Mo.

Cobb, Robert H . Sciencc-Phrsic s Curahoga Falls, Ohio Shamr<><.k Club; l ndependenu; SiE:ma Pi Sigma; AIMME; Transferred from Case Institute of Tcchnolog} and Ohio State College Coffey, Frank J. Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Independents; Shamrock Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; ASM; Student Council; Foundrrmens Society



Cars teas




Senior Class Colburn, Samuel E. Chemical Robertson, Mo . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Independents; Tech Club; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE; Glee Club; Tramfcrred from Augus Tuna College

Cox, L. F.






Coleman, Glenn J . Electrical K irkwood. Mo. Honor Li~t ; Al liE, Ne"man Club; T ransferred from St. Louis Uni, ersit) Connelly, J ohn E. Petroleum Richmond Hts., Mo. Independents: T ran)ferred from Uni,ersiry of Missouri Coombes, William A. Chemical St. Louis, Mo. Transferred from Southwest Missouri Stare College Correll, Howard D. Civil Peace Valle, Mo. Independents; Honor List; ASCE; Photo Club Cox, Kenneth n. Spelunkers




Hightstown , N. J .


Cullen, Michael J. Mining St . l ouis, Mo . Sigma Phi Epsilon; AIMME; Miner Board; Newman Club Cummings, Bradford C. Mining J. H. Steinmesch Award; Honor List; Spelunkers

Ro lla, Mo.

Dajani, Walid Z. Civil Cairo, Egypt Shamrock Club; Honor l ist; Ro lla Rotar y Clu b Scholarship; ASCE; International Fellowship; Transferred from Amirira Sec. School Dally, Gary R. Electrical St. l ouis, Mo. Independen ts; Engineer s Club; Curators Award; Alpha Phi Orne路 ga; Al EE; IRE

Crowe Coombes





Cox, K . R.

(;ox, Lo uis F. Mechanical For re$t City, Ark. Enginee rs Club, Secreta ry, T reasu rer ; Pi Tau Sig ma; Honor List; ASM E; SA E; Intern ational Fellowship, Vice-President ; I nterfai th Council: W esley Foundation, Secretary Cra ne, Donald N. Mining-Geology El Porado Spri ngs, Mo. Theta Xi; Curator's Award; AFS; AIME; Glee Club Crap nell, Donald W . Mechanical l ouisiana, Mo. Enginee rs Club; ASME; SAE; Transfe rred from Universit y of South Ca rolina Crecelius, Percy H. Electr ical Sedalia. Mo. Engineers Club; Alumni Association Scholarship; Curators Award: Honor list; SAE: BSU Crist, Marvin A. Mining-Petro leum Loup City, Neb. Shamrock Club; Independents; Honor List; AIMME Crofts, Duane E. Mechanical St. l o uis. Mo. Sigma Pi , Second Counselor; Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Honor list ; ASME; SAE; T ran sferred from Harris Teachers College Crowe, j oseph E. Ci' il St. l ouis, Mo. Tech Club; I ndependents; Tau Dcta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Honor List; Class of ' 14 Scholarship; ASCE; Gamma Della




1958 Daniels, Leslie C. Chemical Chesterfield, Mo. Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, President; Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; Mallery Scholarship; Curators Award; AlChE Jr. Scholarship; AIChE Award; Alpha Chi Sigma; AI ChE; ROTC Band; Rollamo; Gamma Delta; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Davis, Walter H. Electrical Cape Girardeau, Mo. Al EE; Transferred from Southeast Missouri State College Davis, Walter R. Electrical St. James, Mo. Electrical Bonne Terre, Mo . Dawson, Jerry 0 . Kappa Alpha; APO, Sgt. at Arms; Al EE; Radio Club; BSU Day, Delbert E. Ceramic Springfield, Mo. Engineers Club; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi: APO; Blue Key; ACS; Keramos; Track; "M" Club; Student Council Civil Richmond HtS. Mo. Degenhart, Edward R. Engineers Club, President; ASCE; Glee Club; Student Council Demopoulos, Panayotis P. Chemical Athens, Greece Engineers Club, Vice路President; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma, Secretary Dendler, Richard C. Mining-Geology Chicago, Ill. Kappa Alpha, Vice-President; Student Council, Treasurer Kill ing ants Davis, W . H .

D endler

D avis, W. R.

D owell








Duseja Scotch and water

Dowell, Dennie L. Chemical Sunflower, Kansas Independents; H onor List; AIChE, Repor ter; Transfer red from LeGrange College and University of Missouri Doddridge, Ken neth J. Civil Rolla, Mo. I ndependents; Honor List; ASCE, Vice-President; Transferred from Southwest Missouri State College Duderstadt, Edward C. Ceramic Kansas City, Kansas Sigma Gamma Epsilon, President; Independents; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary; A. P. Green Firebrick Corp. Scholarship; Honor List; Blue Key, Treasurer; Keramos, Secretary, President; ACS, President Dull, Melvin J. Electrical Troy, Ill. Eta Kappa Nu; Independents; Shamrock Club; Phi Kappa Pbi; H onor List; AlEE; IRE; T ransferred from Blackburn College Duseja, Purshottam G. Metallurgy I nter national Fellowship ; AFS

Bombay, India


Senior Class Dusin, Albert J . EleCirical St. Louis, Mo. Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary; Independents; Honor List; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; AlEE; Interfraternity Council; Transferred from State College of Pharmacy; Coop Program, McDonnell Aircraft Corp. Dye, William B. Civil Sigma Tau Gamma; Independents; Honor List; Phi Kappa Phi; Curators Award; ASCE; Dorm Council Eaker, Thomas W. Electrical Steelville, Mo. Independents; Engineers Club; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List ; Curators Award; Phi Kappa Phi; Lucy W . James Scholarship; Blue Key; AlEE; IRE; Track; .. M .. Club; ROTC Band Ebert, William J. Electrical St. Louis, Mo. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Al EE; Dorm Council, Alternate; Transferred from Washington University Edwards, Walter N . Chemical Hillsboro, Ill. Kappa Sigma; Missouri Miner Board Award; Student Council Alternate; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering

" If that meter reads any higher, it wiU blow up." Dusin

Ege, D. L.





Ege, H. D.



Ell mer

Ege, Donald L. Electrical Springfield, Mo. En~ineers Club; Al EE; IR E; ROTC Band, Brass G roup Lead and Director; Wesley FoundAtion: Transferred from Southwest Mis路 souri State College Ege, Harold D. Electrical Springfield, Mo. ROTC Band; Dorm Council Alternate; Wesley Foundation; Transferred from Southwest Misso uri State College; Student As路 sistant in Cafeteria Mechanical Breese, Jll. Elling, Ado lph Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List: ASME: SAE: Trans ferred from Southern Illinois Un ivers ity Elliou, Leslie M. Civil Rolla, Mo. ASCE; Transferred from University o f South Dakota Ellmer, Richard W. Chemical St. Louis, Mo. Shamrock Club; lndepend'ents. Board of Governors; AIChE; Blee Club: Student Council ; Rollamo Board Enf(lehard t , William Mecha nical Butler, Mo. Engineers Club; Shamrock Club; G lee Cluh; ASME: SAE; FoOt路 ball: .. M.. Club; Wesley Foundation; Transfer red (rom Dodge City College; Student Assistam in PE Ennis. Jerr y Mining路Geo logy St. Louis. M o. Kappa Alpha, Treasurer: Curaton Award; Ho nor List; AIME; BSU; Student Assistant in Minin~


Ennis Englehardt



Ford, D. C.


fo rd, J.

G illespie. Jl l. <.hemica l Falke, W•l bert L. Tech Club; Independents; Ho nor l i)t; Alpha Chi Si.!(ma: AIChE: Newman Cl wh St. James. Mo. Electr ica l Field , Wi ll iam R. Oeha Si~ma Phi, President; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Ka ppa Nu. V ice· Pre~ident ; Phi Kappa Phi; llonor list; AIFE: I RE; Studenl A~­ , i~tan : in Electrical En!!ineerin.!( Ahoo, lll. Chemica l Ford. Da' id C. Shamrock Club; I ndependent~: APO:. AIChE: S" imming Team; " M " Club; Spelunker~; Student Council; Ne" man Club; Student A ~si!. tant in PE Cope Gi rardea u , Mo. Mechanical Ford , Joh n Eogim·ers Club; SAE: Studen l Council K an~as Cit)·, Mo . Civi l Forster, Calvin W . Independents; ASCE Uniontown, Mo. Civil Franke, George E. Prospectors Club; Independents; ASCE; Ame rican Road Builde rs A~sociation ; Gamma Delta lick ing, Mo. Mining-Petroleum Friend . D:l\ id D. AIMME; Student Assis ta nt in Min ing Effi ngham, Ill . Civil Fue~dng , Arthu r W . Thein Kappa Phi; Engineer\ Club; Rollamo Board

Forster Friend


J. H





Garrett, R. K.




Rosiclare, Ill. Mining Weldon F. Independents; C. L Da ke Geo logy Society; A IME Kansas, Mo. Civil Fu rrell. Richa rd R. ASCE; Studen t Assistan t in Ci' il Engineeri ng Poplar Bluff, Mo . c;, il Gaebler , Arnold E. l nd ependen•s: Tech Club; Engineers Club; ASCE: Studen t Cou n· cil St. Louis, Mo. Petroleum Garren , James H. T ech Clu b; Independents; Honor List; AIME; Petroleum Sec· lion , Treasurer Schnectady, N . Y . Metallurg)' Garren , Robert K. Theta Xi, llouse Manager; ASM; AIMM E; Foundry mens Society; Student Counci l Ha kensack , N . J. Mechan ical C asta ldi, Robert A. Theta Kappa Phi, Pledge Ma nager; SAE; Student Cou ncil; Rol· lamo; Newman Club St. Louis, Mo. Civil Geil, Walter C. Independents; Engineers Club: H onor List; ASCE; T ransferred from Harris Teachers College Pittsburg, Kansas Chemical Gerwert, Philip E. Independents; Prospectors Club ; AIChE; Transferred from Joplin Jr. College; Student Assistan t in Library Ful~hum ,

Tau Bet overnight party

Senior Class Gibbons, James L. Electrical Lowndes, Mo. Shamrock Club; IndependentS; Cu rators Award; AlEE; Pershing Rifles; Radio Club Giboney, John R. Electrical Springfield, Mo. Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor List; Transferred from Southwest Missou.r i State College Civil Fort Madison, Iowa Gillenwater, Donald L. Sigma Nu; Alpha Chi Sigma; Honor List; Tau Beta Pi; AICbE, President; Student Assistant in Chem; Student Council Gioiosa, Thomas E.


Washington, D. C.

Godfrey, Carl B. Electrical Malden, Mo. Tech Clu b; Independents; Curators Award; Honor List; AlEE;

IRE Godsy, James D. Civil Fremont, Mo. Shamrock Club; Independents; ASCE; Pershing Rifles; BSU; Dorm Council; Student Assistant in Cafeteria Goin, Paul T . Metallurgy Clinton, Mo. Kap pa Alpha; AIMME; Foundrymens Society; Canterbury Club; Student Assistant in Metallurgy Gordon, Robert E. Electrical St. Louis, Mo. Kappa Sigma; H onor List; Al EE; Spelunkers; Student Assistant in Electrical Engineering


Graf Gregory

Gordon Grebiog Grenia

Graden Green Griffit.h

Grebing, Ronald P. Petroleum St. Louis, Mo. Beta Sigma Psi 0 Vatterott Foundation Scholarship; AIMME> Gamma Delta; St. Pat's Board Green, Charles E. Civil St. Louis, Mo. i ndependents; ASCE; Transferred from Belleville Township College Gregory, Donald B. Honor List; ASCE


Grenia, J ames D. Science Transferred from Flat River J unior College

Gibbons Gioiosa

Giboney Godfrey


Rolla, Mo.

G illenwater


Graden, William F. Petroleum Cleveland, Ohio IndependentS; Shamrock Club; Honor List; APO; ACS; AIMME> International Fellowship Graf, Charles R. MetaUurgy Transfened from General Motors Institute

Malden, Mo.

Danville, Ill.

Electrical Thayer, Mo. Griffith, Carl D. Tech Club; lndependeors; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor List; Cu rators Award; General Scholarship; AlEE; IRE; Rifle Club; Glee Club Electrical Overland, Mo. Grossenbacher, Robert H. Sigma Pi; IndependentS; Curators Award; Honor List; AlEE Gruel, Fred W. Civil Sullivan, Mo. Tech Club; Independents; Curator Award; ASCE

1958 Guetersloh, Donald G. Mechanical Webster Groves, Mo. Honor List; Pi Kappa Alpha, Assistant House Manager, House Manager; Alpha Phi Omega, Sgt. at Arms, Vice-President; Blue Key, Secretary; SAE; ASME, Vice-President;, Business Staff; Miner, Adv. Manager, Editor

Hahne, James H. Electrical Chaffee, Mo. Sigma Tau Gamma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa N u; AlEE; IRE; Radio Club; Newman Club; T ransferr ed from South路 east Missouri State College Hall, Floyd

Guion, Harvey C. Science-Physics Golden City, Mo. Independents; Engineers Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Rifle Club; BSU Hackett, James L. Electrical Sikeston, Mo. Honor List; Al EE, Treasurer; IRE, Treasurer; BSU Hadler, Palmer H . Electrical Frohna, Mo. Honor List; Sigma Pi Sigma; AlEE; Photo Club; Delta, President


St. Louis, Mo.

Hammock, William R. Mechanical LeQuey, Mo. Prospectors Club, Board of Control; Honor List; SAE; ASME; Transferred from Anderson College Harbaugh, Terence E. Civil West Plains, Mo. Engineers Club; Curators Award; Honor List; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Photo Club

Hager, Charles L. Civil . Farmington, Mo. Shamrock Club; Tau Beta P i; Honor List; Chi Epsilon; ASCE

Hardebeck, Elizabeth M. Chemical Rolla, Mo. Curators Award; Honor List; AIChE; Canterbur y Club, Secretary

G rossen bacher











Hardebeck, E. M.



Senior Class Hardcheck, Harr y E. Science Rolla, Mo. Tau Beta Pi: Si~ tn a Pi Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; Al EE; ASME: Rad io Club Harper , William R . Minin~-: AIMME: Studcm Assistant in Mini ng






Cairo, Ill.

Harris, Bohhy V. Mechanical Poplar Bluff, Mo. En~-:inccr~ Cluh: lndependcm'; Theca Tau, Treas urer: AIME: SA E; Baskethall; Track ; Tenni'; G lee Cluh; .. M .. Cluh H arris, Dale WI. Chemical Hanniha l. Mo. De lta Sigma Phi; Independen ts: Tau Bew Pi; Ho nor List; Cura· tors Award: Phi Kappa Phi; Union Carhide Engineer Scholar· ship: 131uc Kcr: Alrha Chi Sigma. Trea~urer; AIChE; Glee Cluh: St . Pat's Board: Dorm Counci l: Student As~istant in Chemical Engi neerin~-: Harris, Ronald E. Chemical Kan sas Cit~ , Mo. Trian~le, Secreta r y; Honor List; Kansas Gtr Science Affair Scholarship; Alpha Chi Si!!ma

Hardebeck, H. E.


Harris, B. V. Head Brow nin g, Mo.

Head. Eldon \VI . Independen ts; ASCE Heidemann, Joseph E. Civil Theta Kappa Phi: ASCE; Newman Cluh

St . Louis, Mo.

Heltihrand, Dcwayn \V/ . l\,lcchan ical Chaffee, Mo. Shamrock; Independents; SA E: ASM E: Transferred from South· eastern Missouri State College Helzer , Forrest R . Mechanical Graham, Mo. SAE: Transferred from N orthwester n Missouri State College lle msky, J oseph W . Ph rs ics Me. Carmel, Ill. Engineers Cluh; Independents; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Lucy W . J ames Scholarship

Harris, D. W. Ha rt, Donald R. I ndependent~: En~inecrs

Harris, R . E.








Civi l Greentop. Mo. Cluh: Honor li,t: ASCE

1-Iartw i~.

Sterling l. Petroleum Success, Arkanslt' Prospectors Cluh; Honor List; Transferred from Arkan'a' State Col lege

Hartzell, Frank L. Mec·hanical Tech Cluh; Ind ependent~; SAE

St. Louis, Mo.

Hatfield, Walter B. Electric:d St. jo~eph. Mo. Pro~penor' Cluh; Independents; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi; Ho nor l i>t: Curator' Awa rd; AlEE; Dorm Counc·il; Studem Assistant in Lihrar r Haydon, J ack 13. c;, il Palmrra. i\l o. En gineers Cluh; Indepe ndent,; SiJ.:rna Phi SiJ{mtt; Tau Beta Pi; \.hi Epsi lon: Honor Lbt; ASCE; Student As'i'lllnt in Ci' il cn~i­ neering Ha re,, Robert 0 . Mechan ical Sigma T au Gumma; SA E: A S~! E


Hayden , Mo.

1958 Henderson. Robert L. Civil Ourk, Mo. Chi Ep)ilon: Tau Beta Pi: ASCE; Transferred from Southeast Mi~souri State College; Student Assistant in Mechanical Engi路 ncerin,~:

Herforth. Donald). Mechanical Perl')ville, Mo. Honor Li>t: ASME: SAE; Coop. Program McDonnell Aircraft Corp. Herren. Carl M. Electrical Marshfield , Mo. Delta Sigma Phi: Honor List; AlEE: Curators Award Herrmann, Paul 0 . Electrical St. Louis, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer: Honor List: SAE; AIME; AlEE: Rollamo: Gamma Delta, Treasurer Herron. Robert L. Petroleum St. Louis, Mo. Tau Kappa Epsilon; AIMMF.: St. Pat's Board; Miner Hess. Robert M. Civil St. Louis, Mo. Theta Xi. Hou~e Mana,~:er , President; PMS&T Award; ASCE: Rifl e Club: Pershing Rifle~; Transferred from Washington Uni路 versitv Heumann , Carl) . ~ivil St. Louis, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi, Sgl. at Arms, Treasurer, Vice-President; Honor Lisl; ASCE; PMS&T Award; St. Pat's Board; Miner Board; Hollamo, EditOr; Newman Club









Hoffma n. Ch.trle~ R. Civil Springfield, Mo. Kappa Sigma; Honor List; Theta Tau; Chi Epsilon; PMS&T Award; Student Assistant in Ci' i1 Engineering Hoffstetter, James F. Mechanical Tipton, Mo. Shamrock Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Honor List; ASME; SAE; Pershing Rifles; Dorm Council; Esley Foundation Holland. Theodore W . Science-Geology Brooklyn, N. Y . Shamrock Club; Independents; Hammer Throwers; Rifle Club Holman, Joseph A. Mechanical Rolla, Mo. Sigma Phi Ep~ilon; Canterbury Club Hooks, Warren D. Mining Preston, Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor List: Curator Award; Wesley Fire路 side Group Hooper, R ichard A. Electrical Cape Girardeau, Mo. Tau Kappa Epsilon: AlEE; Student Council; Transferred from Southeast Missouri State College Houska, Frank B. Metallurgy Jennings, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha: APO; AFS; AIMME

On to the next liquor store H eumann Hoffman

H ooper


Senio r Class Howard, Fred D . Electrical Montgomery City, Mo. AlEE: Glee Club Hudson , Melvin C. Science-Physics St. Mary's, Mo. Shamrock Club: Sigma ·Pi Sigma; Curators Award Huff, Ray V. Petroleum Centralia, Ill. Shamrock Club; ASMME: Newman Club; Transferred from Cen· tralia Junior College Hughes, Daniel T. Electrical St . Louis, Mo. Engineers Club; AlEE Hughes, George T . Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Kappa Sigma; Curators Award; Honor List: ASME; Canter bury Club Hughes, Roben G. Mechanica l Kansas Ciry, Mo. La mbda Chi Alpha; ASME; SAE; Rollamo Board, Business Staff H umph rey, Donald D. Electrical Centralia, Mo. Prospectors Club; Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi; Ho nor List ; Curator Award; ASME; SAE H unnicutt, Dennis R . Electrical Gr anite City, Ill. T riangle, Treasu rer; Honor List; Blue Key; AlEE; Basketball; "M" Cl ub, Secretary: Rollamo Board

Got a match Howard

Hughes, R. G.



H unter, Robert G. Petroleum South Ro xana, Ill. Engineers Club; ASME; Basketball: Tennis: "M " Club; Trans· ferred from Sheutleff College Hurl burt, W' illiam E. Ceramic Neosho, Mo. T ech Clu b; Curators Award; ACS: Football; "M" Club Husemann, Ronald B. Chemical J en nings, Mo. Beta Sig ma Psi, Vice-President; Curators Award ; A IChE; Track; Football; "M" Club Ingram, Bobh)• J. Chemical Springfield , Mo. Tau Kappa Epsilon; AIChE: " M" Club; Transferred from South· we~t Missouri State College; Student Assistant in Athletics Jackson. Philip W . Civi l Marshall, Mo. Honor List; ASCE Janes, Frank E. Mechanical Ka nsas City, Mo. Jndependems; Pi Tau Sigma, Secretar y; Curators Award; ASME; SAE Jenkins. David R. Chemical Pine Bluff, Arkansas Sigmn Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List: AIChE; Rollamo Board, Organi7ation Committee; St. Pat's Board J ones, C lintford R . Metallurgy Alton, Ill. Pro~pectors Club: Foundry Ed. Fou ndation Scholarship; MaJ. loq Scholarship: Leopold Schepp Fo undation Scholarship; APO; AIMME; ASM: AfS; library Assistant



Hughes, D. T.

Hunnicutt Husemann

Hunter Ingram

Hug hes, G. T.


1958 Jones, John C. ElccuicaJ Aurora, Mo. Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu; Foot ball; ""M" Club; BSU; Tra n~fcrred from Southwest Baptist College; Student A~路 sistanr in Athletics and Electrical Engineering Jones, Rex l. Physics St . Louis, Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Honor List; AlEE; Ph ysics Achievement; de Silva Scholarship; Curators Award Jones, Stuart M. Chemical York, Pa. Pi Kappa Alpha; AlChE; SAE; Pershing Rifles; Ro llamo, Organization Staff Johner, Allan F. Mechanical Kirkwood , Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha, Assistant Treasurer, Pledgemaster, President; APO; ASME; SAE; Rollamo Board; Sr. Par's Board Johnson, Dale C. Electrical St. Louis, Mo. I ndependents; Honor List; Al EE; Transferred from Washington Uni versity and Park College Jurenka, Ronald D . Petroleum Madison, Kansas Tech Club; Independents; Engineers Club, Business Manager; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List ; Blue Key; Alpha Chi Sigma; Basket路 ball; '"M'" Club; Transferred from Ottowa Uni versiry; Srudent Assistant in PE

Jones, J. C.

Jones, R. L.



Jo nes, S.M.






Joslin, Jame~ L. Civil Rolla, Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha; ASCE; Golf; "M" Club; BSU )ost, Jack L. Mechanical Maplewood, Mo. Sigma Nu; Pi Tau Sigma; Honor List; ASM E; St. Pat's Board; Transferred from Central College Kellermeyer , Richard E. Mechanical Canhage, Mo. Kappa Alpha, Assistant Treasurer; Sr. Pat's Board; Student Council Kenned y, William L. Chemical Harrisonville, Mo. Independents; Prospectors Club; Alpha Chi Sigma; Curators Award; Glee Club; AIChE; ROTC Band; Student Assistant in Registrar Office Kiehne, Arthur 0 . Chemical Benton, Mo. Triangle, Vice-President; Alpha Chi Sigma, Histori an; H onor List; AlChF.; Student Council; Rollamo Board; Transferred from Southeast Missouri Srate College; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Kilgo, Robert R. Civil Alton , Ill. Ther.a Kappa Phi; ASCE; l nterfraterniry Council; Rollamo Board; Transferred from Universiry of Detroit

Purple People Eater

Senior Class King, Clyde R. Chemical RogersviUe, Mo. Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; AIChE; Transferred from South路 west Missouri State College Kirse, John F. Civil Hannibal, Mo. Sigma Tau Gamma; Theta Tau; ASCE; Glee Club; GalllJlla Delta Kissling, Donald L. Science-Geology Chesterfield, Mo. Engineers Club; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; AIMME Klingele, James E. Chemical Roodhouse, Ill. AIChE; Transferred from Washington University Klohr, Dale D. Civil Belleville, ill. Sigma Pi, Secretary, Second Counselor; Chi Epsilon; Honor List; Blue Key; Football; "M " Club; Interfraternity Council; ASCE Knapp, John R. Chemical Affton, Mo. Shamrock Club; Alpha Chi Sigma; Honor List; APO; AIChE K.nickman, Terry M. Chemical Webster Groves, Mo. Theta Xi, Steward; Curators Award; Honor List; AIChE; Glee Club; Interfraternity Council Knight, Virgil P. Chemical Springfield, Mo. Sigma Tau Gamma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; AIChE; Transferred from Southwest Missouri State College; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Koederitz, Eugene H. Mechanical Tau Kappa Epsilon; ASME

St. Louis, Mo.

Knickman Kohler Kreigh

Knight Konrad Kroutil

Koedcriu Korn Krueger, F. W.

Konrad, R icha.r d J. EE St. Loujs, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi, Alumni Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President; Blue Key, Secretary, President; Alp ha Phi Omega, Secretary, Vice P resident, President; Newman Club, Secretary, Vice President; AlEE, Secretary; Board of Student T rustees, Chairman; Miner Board; Eta Kappa Nu; Cu rators Award; Silver Key Award; Fraternity Man of the Year; Rollamo, Sports Editor, Literary Editor, Editor-in-Chief. Korn, Robert A. Electrical East R utherford, N. J . Theta Xi, President; Al EE; IRE; Canterbury Club Kreigh, Wilbur K. Civil Columbia, Mo. Honor List; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Transferred from University of Missouri

King K lingele

Kirse Klohr

Kissling Knapp

Kroutil, J oseph C. Mechanical Bolivar, Mo. Curators Award; ASME; Newman Club; Transferred from Southwest Baptist College Krueger, Fred W . ASCE

Kohler, Teuy J. Petroleum St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Pi; Tech Club; Honor List; AlMME; St. Pat's Board; Tennis



Petersburg, IU.

Kruger, A.r thur R . Civil St. Louis, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha; Honor List; A PO, Vice-President; ASCE, Sec路 retary; Rollamo Board; American Road Builders Association

1958 Kuehn, Gene R. Chemical Honor List; AIChE; ROTC Band

St. James, Mo.

Kyaw, Tun A. Metallurgy Fakokicy, Burma Prospectors Club; Shamrock Club; Honor List; AFS; ASM; International Fellowship Lager, Gervase ] . Electrical Engineers Club; Honor Lisr; AlEE

Aviston, W.

Lamb, Richard D. Science-Ph ysics Breorwood, Mo. Dorm Council; Sigma Pi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Glee Club; ROTC Band; BSU; Student Assistant in Band Landry, Robert L Honor List


Donaldsonville, La.

Law, David C. Electrical Ferguson, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha; Honor List; APO; AlEE; IRE; Photo Club, Vice-President; ROTC Band; Rollamo Board

Krueger, A. R.


Lewis, Bruce N. Mechanical Sikeswn, Mo. Dorm Council; Tech Club; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; ASME; SAE; Glee Club; Curators AwA•d; BSU; F. E. F. Scholarship; Student Assistant in Mechan.ic:al Engineering Light, Thomas E. Mechanical Honor List; Curators Award; BSU

Rolla, Mo.

Lin, Ching-San Metallurgy Kaobsiung Tiawan, China National Science Foundation; ASM; International Fellowship Linn, James E. Mining Stephens, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon; SAME; St. Pat's Board; Miner; Rollamo Board Littlefield, Jerry K. Civil St. Louis, Mo. Kappa Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Curators Award; Honor List; Miner Board











Peanuts pounding sand

Hro and MSM faculty

Senio r Class

McCarthy, T. A.

McCarthy, T . M.




Luebbert, Wi!Jjam J. Civil Jefferson City, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi, Secretary, President; Ch i Epsilon; Honor List; Blue Key; Rollamo Board; Newman Club Lukefahr, Robert L. Electrical PerryviiJe, Mo. Gamma Delta, Vice-President; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Transferred from Southeast Missouri State College Lukuc, Raymond J. Mechanical Benton, Ill. Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; ASME; Transferred from Southern Illinois University Lum, Harry K. Electrical Forrest City, Ark. Engineers Club; International Fellowship; Honor list ; AlEE; IRE; Wesley Foundation Lutz, H . J ohn Mining-Petroleum Kirkwood , Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor List; AIME; Newman Club Lyons, Robert B. Chemical Kirkwood, Mo. Curators Award; Newman Club McCarthy, Thomas A . Petroleum .East St. Louis, Ill. T ech Club, Business Manager; H onor List; APO; AIME; ASCE; Independents; Student Council; St . Pat's Board; Newman Club

Luebber t




McGill, Charles L. Mechanical Marissa, Ill. Engineers Club; I ndependentS; Theta Tau; ASCE; SAE; ASME McGinnis, Paul R . Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Vi Tau Sigma; Honor List; ASME; SAE; Coop. Program MeDon· nell Aircraft Corp.; Student Assistant in Mechanical and Physics McGovern, Donald R . Mechanical Granite City, Ill. Triangle, House Manager, Vice-President, Steward; ASME: Foot· ball; " M" Club; St . Pat's Board, Treasurer; Rollamo Board; Canterbur y Club; Student Assistant in Mechanical Engineering McNabb, J ames E. Electrical Marshfield, Mo. Delta Sigma Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; AlEE; Transferred from Southwest Missouri State College and Southeast Missouri State College Macalady, Arthur R . Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Kappa Sigma; Blue Key; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; SAE; Interfraternity Council; Student Assistant in Math and Library.

McGehee Lum





Macalad y


Ml·Carthy, Thomas M . .Electrical St. Louis, Mo. 1 heta Kappa Phi, Plcdgemastcr: T ech Club; APO; AlEE; IRE: Student Council, Vicc- Presidcnt: Newman Club McConnell, Bobby J . Electrical Malden, Mo. Shamrock Club; Independents: Tau Beta Pi; .Eta Kappa Nu; Honor List; AlEE; IRE; Transferred from Murray State College; Student Assisrant in Mechanics McClay, LeRoy F. Mechanical Richland, Mo. Sigma Nu; ASM£ McCullo ugh, Douglas L. Mining Kansas City, Mo. Honor List; Trans ferred from Uni"ersity of Kansas McCulley, William 0 . Electrical Rolla, Mo. Honor List; AlEE; IRE; Gamma Delta; Transferred from South· east Missouri State College McGehee, Charles R. Electrical Kennett, Mo. Delta Sigma Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; H onor List; A I EE: IRE



1958 Macfarlane, Edward K. Ceramic Pueblo, Colorado Independents; T ech Club; Engineers Club; H onor List; ACS; Keramos; Glee Club; Student Council Mallow, Henry L. Civil Potosi, Mo. Kappa Sigma; Curators Award; Honor Lin; AIME; Esperanto Club; Rollamo Board; Miner Circulation Staff Marlow, Bobby L. Mechanical Rolla, Mo. SAE Martens, Alan Science-Physics Libertyville, Ill. Jndependents; Shamrock Club; ASM; Glee Club Martin, Henr)' T. Electrical Fredericktown, Mo. Independents; Tech Club; PMS&T Award; AlEE; IRE; Radio Club; ROTC Band Martins, Octo R . Mechanical Harviell, Mo. Shamrock Club; I ndependents; Dorm Council; ASME; SAE: Swimming; "M" Club; Gamma Delta; Transferred from South路 east Missouri State College; Student Assistant in PE

Some fell outside the classroom


Mason, D. E.




Mason, R. L.



Mason, Dennis E. Electrical Brunswick, Mo. Kappa Alpha, Secretary; Curators Award; Mo. College Newspaper Association Award; Al EE; Glee Club; ROTC Band; Miner Board, Editor; Rollam o Board Mason, Richard L. Electrical Independence, Mo. Prospectors Club; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu; AlEE; TRE; Transferred from St. j oseph Jr. College; Student Assistant in Electrical Engineering Matheus, John H . Electrical St. Louis, Mo. Independents; Al EE; IRE; ROTC Band; BSU; Canterbury Club; Transferred from Harris Teachers College Matias, Andrew S. Metallurgy Rolla, Mo. ASM; AFS; Transferred from Purdue; Student Assistant in Metallurgy Mattingly, Raymond C. Electrical St . Louis, Mo. Independents, Board of Governors; Tech Club; AlEE; IRE; Stu路 dent Council; Rollamo Sports Staff; Newman Club Mayo, Terry H . Metallurgy Parma, Mo. AFS

"Now w hen I was in ROTC ..





Senior Class Mehta, Kanai,aiai J. Chemical AICh E; International Fellowship

Bombay, I ndia

Metcalf, Thoma5 C. Curator~ Award; SAE



Jame~ .


Merer. Carl J . Electrical St . Charles, Mo. Independents; Tech Cluh; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu, Trea,urer; AlEE: IR E; Newman Cluh Me)路er, Dwi~ht L. Lambda Chi Alpha; Pershing Rifles

Chil Independents;

Bonne T erre, Mo. Engineers Club; ASCE;

Meyer, Larry B. Civil farmington, Mo. Shamrock Club; T au Beta Pi; Honor List; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Trano.ferred from Flat River Jr. College Micka, Donald C. Petroleum Rock Hill, Mo. Honor List; Dowell Scholarship; Transferred fro m Washington University Swindle




Meyer, C. ] .

Meyer, D. L.


Miller, C. K .

Miller, G . T .

Micl.cs, J o~cph A . Welbton, Mo. Civil 'T het.t Xi, llouse Manager, Steward, Secretary, President; Honor List; Al i\IMJ:.; A (.1;; I FC Miller, ChMIC) K. Ko~ppa Stgma; AC ;


Ceramic Uoard; BSU

Lebanon, Mo.

Miller. George T . ~lining Roanoke, Va. T ech Cluh, A IM.M f; Student Assistant in Mining ~Iiller,

J ohn A. Electrical Verona, Mo. Sigma Pi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor Li~t; AI lE; IRE; Newman Cluh

Miller, Karl D. Ceramic Thomas. Okla. Ko~ppa Sigma, Grand Procurer; ACS; Rollamo Board Miller, Ho)' L. Mining Davenport, Ia. Sigma Gnmmu E1>\ilon; Curator~ Award; Honor li~t; AIMME;\, Glee Cluh; Student Assistant in Mi ning Miloro, J o,eph Ci'il St. Louis, Mo. Independent); llonor Li,t; ASCE; Track; Newman Club; Stu路 dent As\i,tant in Ci~il Engineering


Miller, R. L. Miller, K . D.

Mever, L. B.

Miller , J. A.



1958 Minton, Rohert C. Mechanical Cape Girardeau, Mo. Pi Tau Sigma; l ambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi, President, Cataloger; Honor li~t ; Gardner-Denver Scholarship; ASME; SAE; Rifle Club Mitchell, Donald E. Electrical Rolla, Mo. Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu: AlEE Modesitt, Donald E. Civil Richmond, Ind. Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer; Independents; Curators Award; Honor List; Chi Epsilon , Treasurer; ASCE; Glee Club, Secretaq• Morgenstern. Richard A. Metallurgy Jamestown, N . Y. Honor List; F. E. F. Scho larship; AIME; ASM; AFS; Radio Club Mormino, Mark A. Mechanical Hillsboro, Ill. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, Pledgemaster; Honor list; AS ME Mosby, Fred L. Mechanical Dixon, Mo. Tau Beta Pa; Honor list; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME: SAE; Student Assistant in Mechanical Engineering Moser, John E. Electrical Essex, Mo. Independenrs; Shamrock Club: CuratOrs Award; A I EE

Morgenstern Mosby

Mueller, D . L.

Mormino Moser

Mueller, T. B.







Mount, Ronald J . Civil Centralia, Ill. Honor list~ AJMME: Transferred from Centralia Jr. College Mo)'ers, Gerald E. Metallurgy Rolla, Mo. Kappa Alpha; ASM: AFS; AIMME: Pershing R;fles Mudd, john T. Mechanical Webster Groves, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi; Curators Award; Honor l ist; PMS&T Award; AlEE: SAE: ASME: Glee Club; ROTC Band; Miner Board; Rollamo Board; Newman Club Mueller , Donald L. Mechanical leslie. Mo. ASME, President Mueller. Ted B. Ch il St. Louis, Mo. Independents; Tech Club; A CE: Student Council: Newman Club; Tranderred from Harris Teachers College Munger. Paul R. Chil Hannibal, Mo. Tau Beta Pi; Honor Liu: Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Transferred from La-Grange M)¡er~. Charle~ C. Metallurgy Anderson, lnd. Independents; Sigma Pi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Crane Co. Scholarship; F. E. F. Scholarship; ASM, Treasurer; AFS; Transferred from University of Toledo Nauert, James P. Mechanical Brentwood, Mo. I ndependents; Tech Club: Pi Tau Sigma; Honor List; Glee Club; ASME; St. Pat's Board; Student Council; first Prize Enoch R . Needles Speech Contest

Really nothing to it

Senior Class Nelson, Jack D. Independents


Rolla, Mo.

Newton, James E. Chemical Jasper, Mo. Sigma T au Gamma; Prospectors Club; Alpha Chi Sigma; AJChE; Dorm Council; Transferred from J oplin J r. College Newton, Kaye E. Sigma Nu; SAE; ASME


Rolla, Mo.

Niederme yer , Oscar D. Mining Nicaro, Cuba Transferred from Georgia Tech; Student Assistant in Mining Niedringhaus, Edward L. Tech Club; ASCE


Maplewood, Mo.

Niemeyer, William G. Chemical St. Louis, Mo. Shamrock Club; Independents; AIChE; Transferred from Washington University Nolan, J ames R . Mechanical Alron, I ll. Independents; Dorm Council; SAE, Treasurer; ASME Norman, Dan P. Chemical jefferson City, Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; AICh E; International Fellowship; Transferred from Jefferson City Jr. College Northrup, Wallace E. Civil Rolla, Mo. Independents, President; ASCE; Football; Track; "M" Club; Student Council; Canterbury Club; Student Assistant in PE Nowak, George A.


Rolla, Mo.

Nolan Nowak O'Keefe

N orman N owotn y Okenfuss

Northrup O 'Hearne Olsen

O'Keefe, Thomas J . Metallurgy St. Louis, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi; Honor List; American Foundrymens Association; ASM reporter; Miner Board; Rollamo Board; Diester Co. Scholarship; Foundry Education Foundation Scholarship; Keme路 cou Copper Corp. Scholarship Okenfuss, Richard H. Chemical Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi; Hono r L ist; Curator Award; AIChE; Board of Trustee's for Student Publication; Miner, Editor Olsen, Harold A. Petroleum Springfield, Ill. Sigma Pi; Theta Tau, Secretary; AIME; Rifle Club; Student Council; Board of Trustee's Joe Student Publications; St. Pat's Board

Nelson N iedermeyer

Newton, ]. E. Niedringhaus

Newton , K . E. Niemeyer

Overall, MiltOn P . Chemical St. Louis, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi; Curator Award; Honor List; Miner Staff; Rollamo Owen , James W . Physics Lebanon. Mo. Engineers Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Rifle Club; Pershing Rifles

Nowotny, John W . Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi; SAE; Glee Club; Interfrater nity Council; Rollamo Board; Miner Board; Newman Club O'Hearne, Robert L. Sifotma Pi Epsilon; SAE



St. Louis, Mo.

Owens, Willard G. Science St. Louis, Mo. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Honor List; Student Council Alternate; T ransferred from Central College; Student Assistant in Geolo~n Palovehik, Joseph M. Mechanical Granite City, Il l. T riangle. President. Treasurer, Vice-President, Assistant Treas路 urer; SAE; ASME; St. Pat's Board, President

1958 Pasley, John L. Civil Jefferson Ciry, Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice. Pre~ident: Honor List; APO; ASCE; Al EE; IRE; Radio Club: ROTC Rand

Pellicciotto, Theodore A. Mining Jcrsc} Cit}, N . ) . Theta Xi, llousc Manager; Honor List: AFS; Glee Club; Dorm Council; St. Pat's Boa rd

Pate, James E. Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha; Honor List; Pi Tau Sigma; APO; Blue Ke y; ASCE; ASME; IFC; Rollamo; Miner; Student Assistant in Metallurgy

Penn, 1-larr} L. Mechanical West Plain), ~t o Engineers Club; CuratOr) Award: Golf; " .M" Club

Patel, Ashok M . Metallurgy Shanhinikelan, India International Fellowship; A FS; Transferred from University of Bombay Peel, Wesley E. Civil Honor List; Chi Epsilon; ASCE

Bonham, T exas

Peet, Edward C. Petroleum Columbus, Ohio Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Rush Chairman; Honor List~ AIMME; Photo Clu b; Rollamo Photo Staff; Transferred from Rockhum and Kansas City Jr. College; Student Assistam in Mining





Spelunker's paradise

Fulton Hall dedication



Pepmiller, Paul E. EleCLrical Marston , Mo. llonor list; Transferred from Southwest l\fi)souri State Collc1(e Planstiel, Donald G. Metallurgy St. louis, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain; Honor List; F. E. F. Scholar)hip; Blue Key; Theta Tau; ASME; AFS; ASMME; ASM; Miner, Bu~i足 ne~) Manager Phillip), Raymond E. Mechanical l ouisiana, Mo. Engineers Cluh; llonor list; SAE; ASME; ROTC Band; BSU







Senior Class

Pruitt, C. H .

Pruitt, D. K.


Harrville, Mo. Science-Ph rsics Pool , Hohcrt H . Tau Ucm Pi: Phi Kappa Phi; Honor Li.-t; Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice路 Pre,ident; AlEE: Photo Club Belton, Mo. Metallur~y Pressl) , Harold B Engineer' Cluh; I ndcpcndenl!-; Tau Beta Pi; Curator A ward; Honor Li~t; Die\ler Contractor Co. Scholar~hip; American Smeltiro~ Scholar, hip; A FS; ASM, Vice-Chairman; BSU; Sigma Gamma Ep~ilon; tudent Assistant in Metallurgy Wheaton, Mo . Mechanical Price, Jame' H. igma Tau Gamma. President; SAE; IFC; Transferred from Southwe)t ~l i~~ouri tate College Ak yab, Burma Metallurgy Pru, ~ t aung S. ASM; International Fellow~hip; Transferred from Universit)' of Rangoon Charleston, Mo. Electrical Pruitt, Cha rl e~ II . Transferred from Southeast Missouri State College



Pool Rapisarda



Herrin, Ill. Mining Red fearn. Donald F. Du)ter Coucenhatac Co. Scholarship; AIMl\IE; Transferred from Southern Illinois University; Student Assi~tant in Mini ng Eureka, Ill. Science-Geology Reesman, Richard H . llonor List; Glee Club: Dorm Council; Student Assistant in Geology Mechanical Reinhart. Thomas W . I ndependent~; Newman Club

Hil(ginsville, Mo.

Springfield, Mo. Civil Rin genberg, Charles P. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Chi Epsilon; Hono r List; ASCE; Transferred from Southwest Missou ri State College St. Louis, Mo. Mechanical Ritter , George T. Tech Club; Transferred from Harris Teachers College and Wa~hington University

Redfearn Pressly





Charleston, Mo . Chemical Pruitt, Delbert K. AJChf; Transferred from Southeast Missouri State College; Stu路 dent A s~htan t in Chemical Engineering Kansas Cit)', Mo. Electrical Rand , Robert L. Engineers Cluh; Sigma Pi Sigma; Glee Club; Al EE; BSU St. Loui~. Mo. Mechanical Rapisardo, Ro) R. Tau Kappa hpsilon; Honor List; ASME; AlEE; Radio Clu b; Newman Club Farmington, Mo. Chemical Ra!>che, J ohn F. Independents; Shamrock Club; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; llonor Li~t; St. joseph Senior Scholarship; Blue Ke y; Sgt. at Arn"; Alpha Chi Sigma, Treasurer, Master Alchemist; A ICh E: Track; "M" Club; Glee Cluh; ROTC Band; Dorm Council; New路 man Club Hector, Adrian Transferred from


Springfield, Mo. Mechaniclll outhwest Missouri State and Drury Colleges


R itter


1958 Roberson , Fiord £. AlEE; IRE

Rolla, Mo.


Kansas City, Mo. Electrical Roberts, Craig G . Independents; Prospectors Club; Curators Award; Honor List; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Al EE; IRE Jefferson City, Mo. Petroleum-Geology Robino, Antonio P. Triangle, Vice-President; All\IME; Rollamo Board H artville, Mo. Civil Robson. Eugene ASCE; Transferred from Southwest Missouri State College St. Louis. Mo. Science-Ph} sics Roehrs, Walter R. Beta Sigma Psi, Treasurer, Presiden t; Sigma Pi Sigma. Treas· urer; Curators Award; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Atlas Power Co. Scholarship; Blue Kc)•: Football Sarcoxie, Mo. Mechanical Roper, Philip W. Independents; Engineers Club; ASM E; SAE; Transferred from Southwest State College

SAE annual tire kicking contest









Arlington , Mo. Mini ng Routon , Donald E. Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager; Honor List; APO; AIMME, Mining Chairman, Vice-President, Secretary; Rollamo Board and Business Sta ff; Transferred from Carnegie Institute o f Tee!-· nology; Student Assistant in Mining. Mar issa, Ill. Mechanical Ruester, John T . Engineers Club; Independents; ASME; SAE; Glee Club Derby, Conn. Chemical Ruggeri, Carmen E. T ech Club; Independent\; A IChE; Newman Club; Transferred from Norwich Uni,Cr)it), Student A (~istant in libraq Affton, Mo . Petro leum Ruppert, Robert R. Kappa Sigma; AlME; T rack; Hammer Thrower~; Football; Stu· dent As)istant in PE Cromwell, Conn. Civil Eugene R . Theta Xi, H ou~e Manager, Steward, Vice-President; Radio Cluh; AlEE; IRE; ASCE; IFC; Newman Cluh; Transferred from State Tech Institute


Mechanical Jacob J. Independents; Shamrock Cluh; SA E; ASM E


St. Louis, Mo.





Hold that tiger

Senior Class Sainz, Joseph Chemical St . Louis, Mo. Independents; Shamrock Clu b; H onor List; Transferred from St. Louis University Sakonyi, A lex S. Chemical Brentwood, Mo. Transfer red from University of I llinois Sample, Hugh W. Mechanica l Webster Groves, Mo . T riangle, Assistant Treasurer , T reasurer, Steward; SAE; ASME Sapp, J ames W. Chemical Springfield, Mo. Kappa Alpha; AlChE; Transferred from Southwest Missour i State College; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Schaefer, Orville L. Electrical Uniontown, Mo. Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu, President; ASCE; AlEE; IRE; Photo Club, Secretary, T reasurer , President; ROTC Band; Dorm Council; Gamma Delta, Vice路 President, Treasurer; Student Assistant in Registrar's Office, Cafeteria and Math Scheirmeier, john ) . Elect rical Florissant, Mo. Tau Beta Pi, Recording Secreta ry; Honor List; Eta Kappa N u , Secretary, Vice-President; AlEE; IRE: Newman Club; Student Assistant in Electrical Engineering

Gene Krupa Trio








Schreiber Schriever

Schluemer , William E. Mecha nical St. Louis, Mo. Phi Ka ppa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; SAE; Photo Club; Dorm Council; Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secreta ry; Stu路 dent Assistant in Mech anical Engineering Schmidt, Edward R. Mechanical Kirkwood . Mo. Jndept;ndent); Pi T au Sigma, Treasu rer; Honor List; ASME; Dorm Council; Newman Club Schoene, Raymond E. Electrical St . Charles, Mo. I ndependent~; Shnmrock Clu b; AlEE: IR E; New man Club Schreiber, Paul Electrical St. Louis, Mo. Triangle. Recording Secretary; A l EE Schrenk. Albert l . Mechanical Macbride, Mo. SAE: Newman Cluh; Transferred from Unhersit)' o f Mar) land Schrieber, Frederic W . l:lectrical St. l ouis. Mo. Beta Sigma Pst; Student Coundl: Curator Award; AlEE: Glee Club; Sport) Manager Schriever, Byron N . Ci'路il RoliB. Mo. llonor list; ASCF. Schru mpf. Leman C. Mechanic11l Per r yville, Mo. Jndependenh; Shamrock Cluh; Ph i Kappa Phi; Honor li 'f; AS ME; SAE; Curator Award Schueren~rg . Rohcrt l . Ch il Kewanae, Mo. Honor l ist: from Sout heast Missouri State College; Studen t A))btant in ._:-awin~ot







1958 St. Louis, Mo. Electrical Schulte, John J . Delta Sigma Pi: llonor lise; AI F.E; IRE: Sc. Pat's Board: Newman Club St. Louis, Mo. Chemical Schultz, Kenneth R. Sigma Pi, Vice· Prc~ idenc: Phi Kappa Phi; Honor Lise; AIChE; Glee Club; Per~hing Rifles; Curator Award: l ncerfrarerniry Council, Vice-President; Wesley Foundarion: Alpho Chi Sigma: Studenr Assiscanc in Chemical Engineering AHton , Mo. Civil Schumacher, Carl R. lambda Chi Alpha: Chi Epsilon: H onor List; ASCE: Curato r Award Lemay. Mo. Electrical Schucrenhelm, Roger E. Lambda Chi Alpha. Secrccarr, Vice-Presidenr: Curator Award; Honor List; ASCE: AlEE: lncerfracerniry Council Alcon, Ill. Electrical Schwegel, Richard A . Tech Club. Sofcball Manager: l ndependencs: Transferred from Southern lllinoi, Universiry Union. Mo. Chemical Scou, Royce M. En!lineers Club: Independents; Curator Award: Alpha Chi Sigma; AlChE: Student As~istant in Chemical Engineer ing

Schumacher Schwegel


Schuttenhelm Scou





Sherwood, L.



Kyaokse. Burma Metallurg)' Sein, Kyam Prospectors Club; AIChE; l ncernacional Fellowship; Transferred from U niversitr of Illinois Port Crane, N . Y. Metallurgy Selby, Robert W . Tech Club; Independents; Cht!m. Achievement Award ; AFS Scho larship: AFS: ASM: Rifle Club Clayton. Mo. Civil Selle, Gerdld 0 . Chi Epsilon; Honor Lise; Transfe rred from Washington Uni\Crsity Sourh Bridge, Mass. Civil Sfreddo , Humbe rt E. Kappa Alpha: ASCE: Tran•ferred from \X'orchester Jr. College Bomba)•. India Metallurg) Shah. I. D . International Fellow~hip; Honor List; Gamma Delta: Transfer· red from Bombay Uni,ersit)': Scudenc Assistant in Foundr)' Dexter, Mo. Chemical Shell, Harvey D. Honor l ise; ASChE; Transferred from Southeast Missouri State College; Student Asshcant in Chemical Engjneering and Civil Engineering Seneca, Mo. Civil Sherwood , Lloyd J . Independents; ASCE: T ransferred from University of Texas Seneca, Mo. Ceramic Sherwood. Melvin D. ACS: Transferred from Southwest Missouri State Colle~e

Watch the right

Sherwood, M . D.

Senior Class E. S1. Louis, Ill. Mechanical Shopher, William E. Independents; Tau Beta Pi; SAE; Transferred from Belle, ille J r . College S1. Louh, Mo. C.hil Singer. PaulL. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Chi Ep~ilon; Honor Lise; Blue Key; ASCE: Football; " M" Club; Transferred from Harris Teachers College: Student Assistant in PE Brookl)'n , N . Y. Elenrical Siroka, l\l urra)• Al EE; IRE: Transfe rred from Brooklyn College Belle, Mo. Mechanical Skoubr. l\larion C. Independents; Prospeccor) Club; ASME, Secretary; SAE Sikeston, Mo. Ci'il Slinkerd , Paul H. Tau Kappa tpsilon; AlEE: IRE; ASEE: Transferred from South· caM Missouri State College Pleasant Hill. Mo . Electrical Sloan. Roy F. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Chaplain. Vice·Prcsident, President; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu; Al EE; ASME; Transferred from Central College Mechanical Smith, Jerrel D. Tech Club; Independent); Hono r Lbc




Farmington, Mo. Chemical Smith, Robert M. lndependenr); Prospector~ C l<~b; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE; A ICE; Honor List

Smith, }. D . Smith. W . H. Snyder

Smith R . M .

Smith, W. Soma


Smj th, R . T . Smuland Spen cer , I. L.

St. Louis, Mo. Mechanical Smith, \Villiam l-1. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Honor Lise; SAE: Tran~ferred from General Motors l n~titute Granby, .Mo. Civil Smith, William J . Independents; Shamrock Club; Chi Ep~ilon ; ASCE; Transferred from Souchwe)t Missou ri Scate College; Tau Beta Pi; Honor l.i~t

Springfield, Mo. Mechanical Smuland , Robert}. Engineers Club; Honor List; SA E: ASME; Transferred from Southwesc Missouri State College and Worcescer Jr. College; Scudenr A ~sistanc in Mechanical Engineering

Shopher Skouby




Sl oan

Ca rthage, Mo. Mining Snyder, John H . Engineer~ Club; Independent.\; Honor Li~t: Cu rat or A ward; Scu· dent Ed. & Loan Fo undation Scholat\hip; AIME; lncerrrdcional Fellowship; Studenc A ~sis canc in Mining Spnn~f.eld. Ill Minin~t Soma, J ohn L. Pi Kappa Alpha: AIME: Phoro Cluh; Newman Club

Sc. Louis, Mo. Ceramic Smith , Roy T. Beta Sigma Psi, V ice·Presidenc: Penn. Sand G lass Awa rd; Lucy W . James Scholarship ; H onor Lise; Keramos, Secretar y, Prcsi· dent; ACS, Vice-President, Preside nt; Sc. Pac's Board , T reasurer ; Gamma Delta, T r easurer


Q,erland. Mo. Metallurgy Spencer, I rvin~ L. I ndcpcndcnr~; llonor Lbt; American Societ)' for Mctab Scholar· ship; American Rrake Shoe Co. Scholar\hip; J. I I. Stcinmcsch Award; APO. ccrecar>· President; Kroll Fellow: AFS; ASM: Student Council; cudent Assiscant in l\lccallur~r

1958 Nevada, Mo. Chemical Spencer, Richard K. Pi Kappa Alpha; Honor List; APO; Blue Key; Vice-President; Alpha Chi Sigma; SAE: AIChE; ROTC Band; Rollamo Business Staff; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Mt. Vernon, Mo. Physics Spratt, Robert E. Lambda Chi Alpha; Radio Club; IndependentS; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Blue Key; IRE; AlEE; Rifle Club; Miner; BSU: Student Assistant io Physics Medicine Lodge, Kansas Petroleum Stallard, Ja mes E. Independen ts; Honor List ; AIME: Transferred from Colorado School of Mines and University of Kansas Flora, Ill. Mechanical Stanford, Charles 0 . Sigma N u; ASME; SAE Carthage, Mo. Electrical Stanton, Mack J . Kappa Alpha, Assistant in Meeting; Tau Beta Pi, Treasurer , Vice-President; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; W estinghouse Scholarship; Blue Key; Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer; AlEE; IRE; Interfraternily Council

Spencer , R . K.







Congratulations from Falstaff

Houston, Texas Metallurgy Starkweather, Gilbert Kappa Sigma; ASM, Vice路Chairman; Glee Club; Student Council; Newma n Cluh Mar thasville, Mo. Chem1cal Storment, UonaiO u . Tech Club; Alpha Chi Sigma; BSU Rolla, Mo. Civil Strai n, Robert .E. Honor List Granby, Mo. Civil Strait, J ames 0 . Tech Club; Independents; ASCE Kansas City, Mo. Civil Straub, Frank W . Independents; Ho nor List; ASCE St. Louis, Mo. Metallurgy Strieder. Henr)' L. Si~ ma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President, President; AlMME; Pershing Rifles Belleville, Ill. Civil Strub, Dale A. Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, President; Blue Key; Chi Epsilon; ASCE: Rollamo Sport Staff







Senior Class



Sturdy, Ja mes N. Mechanical Kirkwood, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASME: St. Pat's Board Sucher, Robert W . Chemical St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Nu, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Blue Key; Alpha Chi Sigma; SAE; AIChE; Swimming; ''M" Club; Student Assist· ant in PE Sullivan, Charles H . Civil Hannibal, Mo. Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; G lee Club; T ransferred from Hannibal LaGrange College Sutherlin, William N . Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. Engineers Club; Independents; Honor List: ASME; SAE; BSU; Transferred from Harris Teachers College Sutton, David A. Electrical Ironton , Mo. Tech Clu b, President; Independents; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Blue Key; Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer; Sigma Pi Sigma; AlEE; St. Pat's Board; BSU; Student Education & loan Foundation Scholarship; Western Electric Scholarship; AlEE Award Swander , Walter L. Chemical H an nibal, Mo. Honor List; Transferred from Hannibal LaGrange College


Su cher






Taylor , Paul W . Mechanical Springfield, Mo. Kappa Sigma, Grand Scribe; Curators Award; Honor List; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; SAE; IFC; Rollamo Board; Miner Board; Student Assistant in Mechanical Engineering; Coop Program, McDonnell Aircr aft Corp.; Foundry Education Foundation Scholarship; Schlumberger Scholarship Thaung, Maung Ceramic 'IX'' akema, Burma Prospectors Club; Shamrock Club; Honor List; Keramos; ACS; l nterna,ional Fellowship; Transferred from LaHigh University and Rangoon University Thein, Maung A. Metallurgy Rangoon, Burma Shamrock Club; Prospectors Club; ASM; AIM E; AFS; Inter· national Fellowship; Transferred from University o f Rangoon Tho mas, Rex D. Chemical Sweet Springs, Mo. Independents; Shamrock Club; AIChE; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering T homas, William E. Chemical Olney, 111. Honor List; AIChE

Taylor, F. Sutherlin



Taylor , P. W .


~wan der

Swaru, Lowell M. Mechanical Independence, Mo. H onor List; ASME; SAE; Dorm Council; Interfaith Council; lnrernational Fellowship; T ransferred from Kansas Ciry J r. College Sweeney, John F. Electrical Laurelton, N. Y. Shamrock Club; Engineers Club; H onor List; AlEE; Basketball; "M" Club; T ransfe rred from Southern Illinois Universi ty; Stu· dent Assista nt in PE Swoboda, Raymond B. Mining Washi ngton, Mo. Tech Club; Independents; H onor List; Transferred from College of the Ozarks Tacken, Charles E. Geology Ashland, Ky. Transferred from Ashland Jr. College Tapp, Ernest G. Mechanical Poplar Bluff, Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha; Engineers Club; Honor List; ASME; SA£ Tatman, John W . Mechanical Kansas City, Mo. Prospectors Club; SAE; Transferred from Kansas Ciry Jr. College Taylor , F. ). Electrical Waynesville, Mo. Shamrock Club; Curators Award; Coop. Program, Union Car· bide Nuclear Co. Thein


Thomas, R. D.

Thomas, W. E.

1958 Charleston, Mo. Electrical Thompson, Billy }. Sigma Pi, Steward, Vice-President, President; Honor List; Cura路 tors Award; Blue Key; Theta Tau; AJME; AlEE; IFC; ROTC Band; Glee Club Kinderhook, 111. Civil Thompson, Richard N . Transferred from Hannibal LaGrange College Jennings, Mo. Electrical Tomazi, George D. Sigma Pi, Sgt. at Arms; Curators Award; Honor List; St. Louis Science Fair Scholarship; AlEE Springfield, Mo. Mechanical Traw, William J. Honor List; ASME; SAE Sullivan, Mo. Mechanical Tucker, Thomas L. Tech Club; ASM; SAE; ASME; ROTC Band J oplin, Mo. Mechanical Tuggle, Lloyd H. Kappa Sigma, House Manager, Social Chairman, Rush Chair路 man; SAE; ASME; Transferred from Georgia Institute of Technology; Tech Club Bevier, Mo. Metallurgy Twyman, J ames E. Theta Xi, .Vice-President; Blue Key; Sigma Phi Sigma; AFS; AlME; Pershing Rifles; ROTC Band; Glee Club; Foundry Edu路 cational Foundation Scholarship

50th Anniversary for Doc Schrenk Thompson, B. ].

Thompson, R. N.









Washington, Mo. Merallurgy Unnerstall, Lester A. Independents, Treasurer; Shamrock Club, Board of Control; Foundry Educational Foundation Scholarship; APO, Historian; AFS; ASM, Treasurer, Chairman; Student Council; Dorm Coun路 cil; Newman Club Affton, Mo. Chemical Urban, J ames L. Pi Kappa Alpha, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Vice-President, President; AlChE; St. Pat's Board, Treasurer; Rollamo Board, Business Manager Arak, Iran Electrical Vakil, Sadegh M. International Fellowship, Treasurer, Vice-President; Prospectors Club; Tau Beta Pi; Foreign Student Scholarship; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu; AlEE; IRE; BSU; Student Assistant in Library Jefferson City, Mo. Chemical Veuer, Ronald F. Independents; Prospectors Club; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE, President; Newman Club; Transferred from Jefferson City Jr. College Florissant, Mo. Chemical Vie, Jerr y D. Beta Sigma Psi, Secretary, Treasurer; Curator Award; Honor List; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE; Glee Club; Gamma Delta




Senior Class Vyas, Sharad L. MininE: India International Fellowship; Transferred from Gujarar Uni,路ersi ty; Student Assistant in Lihrarr Wajo:ncr, Rohert J. Petroleum St. Louis, Mo. Theta Kappa Phi; I FC; Rollamo Board, Organization Staff; Newman Cluh Wakefield. Edward 0. Civil Independents; Engineers Cluh; ASCE

Salem. Ill.

Walker, William D. Electrical Mountain View, Mo. Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu; AlEE; IRE; Transferred from Missouri Arkansas Baptist College Electrical Bolivar. Mo. Wallace, Norval D . Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; f.tta Kappa Nu, President; AlEE; IRE; Transferred from Drury College Wa rd, Charles E. SA拢

Lots of birds

Hume. Mo .






Wa rd





Waters, john W . Petroleum Sikeston, Mo. H onor List; AIME; Newman Club; Transferred from Southeast Missouri State College Watki ns, Richard M. Electrical Caruthersville, Mo. Shamrock Club; Curators Awa.r d; AlEE; IRE Watson, R obert L. Civil Honor List; ASCE; Canterbury Club

Rolla Mo.

Watts, Charles A. Electrical Kearney, Mo. Engineers Club; Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Era Kappa N u ; AlEE; IRE; Transferred from Culver Stockton Wear:, Fr:eder:ick C. Mechanical Belton, Mo. Sigma Tau Gamma; ASME; SAE; BSU; Transferred from Central Missouri State College Weeke, W illiam H. Civil St. Louis, Mo. H onor List ; ASCE; Transferred from Harr is Teachers College Weems, John C. Electrical Rolla, Mo. AlEE Wegener , Ronald E. Electrical Warrenton. Mo.



1958 Corona. N . Y . Metallurgy Wehr, Allan G. Independents; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi: Mallor )' Fellowship; Honor List; ASM: AFS. Secretat)' , Treasurer. Chairman; Stu路 dent Council; Foundry Educational Foundation Scholarship: Crane Co. Scholarship; Transferred from City College of New York; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Sedalia, Mo. Electrical Weimholr, James E. Delta Sigma Phi: Tau Beta Pi; Etta Kappa Nu; Honor List; AlEE; IRE; Newman Club Belleville, 111. Civil Weisenstein, Donald J. Pi Kappa Alpha: Honor List; ASCE; Rollamo Sports StaU; Transferred from Belleville Jr. College Rolla, Mo. Mechanical Welch, Charles R. Independents: Honor List; SAE; Sccretar)'; ASME: BSU Maplewood, Mo. Mechanical Welsh, Thomas E. Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-Pr~ident. Secretary; Blue Key; Cura10rs Award; Honor List; SAE; ASME; IFC, Secretary, Treasurer: Rollamo Board; Miner Board; Student Assistant in Metallurgy; FEF Scholarship Springfield, Mo. Mechanical Wensel, John D. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sgt. at Arms; Transferred fro m Southwest Missouri State College

W elsh

West, H . E.




West, K. L.

West, R. R.


Willow Springs, Mo. Civil Werbitzky, H arr y M. Sigma Nu; AIChE; ASCE; Transferred from Washington University Chemical Jersey, N. J. Werder, Edward R. IndependentS; AIChE; Canterbury Club, Treasurer, Secretary路 T reasurer; Student Assistant in Chemical Engineering Belleville, 111. Mechanical West, Billy B. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Theta Tau; AJME; IFC; Miner Board, Sports Editor; Student Assistant in Mining Salem, Ill. Petroleum West. Harry E. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sgt. at Arms, Chaplain; Independents: AI ME: ROTC Band Salem, Mo. Mechanical West , Kenneth L. Engineers Club; IndependentS; Curators Award; Honor List; SAE Centralia, Ill. Science-Geology West, Ronald R . Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Honor List; AJME; BSU; Spelunker; Transferred from Centralia TWP Jr. College; Student Assistant in Geology Rolla, Mo. Electrical Whitaker. Robert M. AlEE; IRE Sapulpa, Okla. Mechanical Whitehouse, Gerald D . Engineers Club, Board of Controls; Honor List; Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME: SAE: Glee Club; Student Assistant in Me路 Student Union chanica! Engineeri ng

West, B. B.


Senior Class

Williams. P. L.

Williams, R. C.

William< W. J.

Wilson, H . W.

Wilson, P. C.


Wick, Clyde E. Memllurgy-Perroleum Chicago, Ill. Thera Xi, Steward; ASM; AFS; AIMMF.; Glee Club; Transferred from Wright Jr. College Wilkins, Robert L. Chemical Rolla, Mo. Honor List; Curators Award; Alpha Chi Sigma; Golf; "M" Club; ROTC Band; Canterbury Club Wilkison, Kermit L. Mechanical Kennett, Mo. Tau Beta Pi; Curator Award; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; Pi T au Sigma; ASME; SAE; Dorm Council, President, Secretary; BSU; Student Assistant in Mechankal Engineering Williams, Donald W. Mining Hoopeston, Ill. Theta Xi, Secretary, Vice-President; St. Par's Board Williams, George B. Mechanical St. Louis, Mo. ASME; Transferred from Sr. Louis University and Washington University




Winford, Claud J. Mechanical Crystal City, Mo. Triangle, House Manager; Honor List; SAE Winter, Lester H . Civil Belleville, Ill. Pi Kappa Alpha; Honor List; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Newman Club; Transferred from Belleville Jr. College Withrow, Kerry R. Petroleum Farmington, Mo. Prospectors Club, Board of Control; Honor List; SAE; AIMME; Rollamo Board Wolf, john H. Civil St. Louis, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha; Tech Club; ASCE Wollgast, Roy C. Elect rical St. Louis, Mo. Beta Sigma Psi, Vice-President, Commisary; Honor List; Blue Key; Glee Club; Interfraternity Council; Gamma Delta Woltjen, Duane W. Mechanical Florissant , Mo. Independents; Shamrock Club; ASME; SAE; Glee Club; Rifle Club; PMS&T Award Woodruff, Kenneth C. Mechanical St. Louis. Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha; SAE; ASME: Glee Club

Williams, D. W.

Williams, G. B.








J. 0.

Williams, James 0. Ceramic Carthage, Mo. Engineers Club; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Honor List; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Keramos, Treasurer, President; ACS; Re路 search Williams, Paul L. Electrical Conway, Mo. Shamrock Club; H onor List; AlEE; IRE; Radio Club; Transferred from Southwest Missouri State College Williams, Rex C. Electrical Webster Groves, Mo. Engineers Club; AlEE; Track; Football; "M" Club; Miner Board Williams, William j. Mechanical Murphysboro, Ill. Honor List; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma, President; ASME; SAE; Transferred from Southern Illinois University Wilson, Hugh W. Petroleum-Geology St. Louis, Mo. Tau Kappa Epsilon; AIMME; Football; Track; "M" Club; St. Pat's Board Wilson, Peter C. Metallurgy-Mining Not Listed Honor List; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Transferred 拢rom University of Florida


1958 Wright, George F. Mechanical Springfield, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor List; Pi Tau Sigma; SAE Wright, Gerald L. Kappa Sigma; ASCE Wright, J ohn E. Honor List; AlEE


Springfield, Mo.


Kansas Ciry, Mo.

Yannopoulos, Lymperios N. Chemical Alton, Ill. Engineers Club; International Fellowship; Alpha Chi Sigma; AlChE Yeakey, Jack A. SAE; ASME


Joplin, Mo.

Twinkle roes Wright, G. F.


Wright, G. L.


Wright, ]. E.


York, William L. Petroleum Pi Kappa Alpha; AIMME



McLeansboro, Ill.

Young, Ralph 0. Mechanical Patchogue, N . Y. Tech Club; Independents; Honor List; Pi Tau Sigma; SAE; AS ME; Glee Club; ROTC Band; Student Council Zdanis, William R. Mechanical Newington, Conn. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice路President, Historian; Honor List; AI EE; Student Council Zesch, Eugene N . Electrical St . Louis, Mo. Tau Beta Pi; Honor List; Eta Kappa Nu; AJEE Zieba, William D. Civil Shamrock Club; Chi Epsilon; ASCE Zoller, Jon M. Al EE; Radio Club


Farmington, Mo.

Tulsa, Okla.

What n ow?




Seniors Without Pictures Agers, Donne! W. Aid, J oseph R. Alford, James R. Aubuchon, Robert D. Bailey, Wayne S. Ball, Jack E. Bono, Robert L.

Metallurgy Chemical Mechanical Civil Mechanical Civil Mech anical

DeSoto, Mo. West Plains, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Festus, Mo. Lake Villa, 111. West Plains, Mo. Louisiana. Mo.

Engineers Day

Bridgforth, James J . Springfield , Mo. Geology Bro wn , Robert L. St . Louis, Mo. Electrical Burlbaw, Herbert G . jellerson City, Mo. Civil Burmeister, John B. Farmington, Mo. Mechanical Caner , Al i R. Mechanical Aydin, Turke) Carroll, Roder ick D . Mining-Metallurgy New York City, N . Y . Doria-Medina, jor~e H . Sucre, Bolivia Edmund~. Robert C. Mechanical Ro lla, Mo. Farrell, Thomas J . Civil St. Louis, Mo. Frankenberg Raymond H . Civil Marthasville, Mo. Ganr, Charles R . Mec hanica l St. Louis, Mo.


Grant, William H . Guin an , Thomas J . Gunther , Roy J . Handkins, Robert E. Hanna, George R. Herrick, Thomas J. Hill, Frank W .

Ceramic Petroleum-Geology Civil Civil Electrical Electrical Civil


llannibal, Mo. Missouri Valley, Ia. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Cr)'stal City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Springfield, Mo.


Hill, William J. Hiranandani, H . R . Horton, Melvin E. j ohnson, Gordon E. Kibler, Ronald A. Kisvarsanyi, Eva Knecht, Roy E. Kornfeld, Robert J . Kwentus, Alan II. Li, Hsiung-wei Lichius, Howard W .

Electrical Electrical Metallurgy-Nuclear Science-Geology Metallurgy Geology Chemical Chemical Mining Metallurgy Civil

Sprmgfield, Mo. India Rolla, Mo. Berwyn, 111. Rolla, Mo. Ro lla, Mo. St. Louis, Mo . St. Louis, Mo. St . Louis, Mo. formosa, China Manchester, Mo.

Se niors Witho ut Picture s Link, Donald A . Long, Fong H . Lovelace, Warren R. Lowry, ]on D. McCullough, Hu bert W. McNeill, Richard L. Meyer, Milton W .

What do you see

Montgomery, \Villiam R. Mueller, C. Lee Nenninger, Glenn E. Newby, William J. Norman, Charle~ H . Norton, Lawrence \V. O' Dell, Richard C. Opperman , Raymond F. Ortbals, Jerome J . Pipal , Dale W . Pbacane, Louis A. Posner, Alfred C.

Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Petroleum Electrical Civil Metallurgy

St. Louis, Mo. Singapore, China Roodhouse , IlL Joplin , Mo. Cape Girardeau, Mo. Kewanee, Ill. Rolla, Mo.

Rathgeb, lawrence Ratlifi, John L. Ringo, Herbert A. Rothermel, \Valter Scharf, Joel S. Schwalb, Bill L. Shea, James M.

Ladder to the sky

Cape Girardeau, Mo. Civil Petroleum St. Louis, Mo . Cape Girardeau, Mo. Petroleum Mining Joplin, Mo. Mechanical GodfrC)', IlL Rolla, Mo. Civil Eleetrical Lebanon, Mo. Petroleum-Geology Woodbury, Conn. Electrical Vienna, Mo. Mechanical Eldon , Mo. Forest Hills, N . Y. Geology St. Louis, Mo. Civil

J. J.

Mechanical Metallurgy Mechanical Science-Geology Mining-Geology Civil Civil

Rolla, Mo. Litchfield, Ill. Rolla, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Hewleh, N . Y. Dorsey, Ill. Kirkwood , Mo.

Lower the boom

Smith, Walter W. Mining-Geology Staton, Robert M . Electrical Stone, James W . Electrical Stubblefield, Stanley W . Ch•il Suddath, James N . Mechanical Taha, Fouad Science-Geology Tolpen , Jack Mechanical Tun, Maung T. Metallurgy Tun, Tin Metallurgy Turtle, Clair J. Petroleum Wyman, Gerald R . Mining

Springfield, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Cape Girardeau, Mo. Bland, Mo. Festus, Mo. Beirut, Lebanon Akyab, Burma Moulmcin , Burma Bridgeport, IlL Chuquicamata, Chile


Graduate Ander~on, Donald E. Asseo, Sabi j . Atchley, Bill L . Bardon, Donald G

Barrand , Kerwood W . llau~r, Ra) mond Beckeme)er, Edward J

lleghtol. LerO) A . Brodger, Robert F Brown , Phillop 0

Bunch, Da"d W Carnahan, jam1.~ F. Caudle, Rodne) 0

Chaudhuri, Sihclas Choco, Raymundo J. Dreshficld, Robert L.


Mechanical Electrical Chil El.:ctrical

Cal/lllry, Canada btanbul, Turkey Ca~ Girardeau. Mo. Ferguson, Mo.

Co vii Chemical Mctallurg)

Philomath, Oregon St. Louis, Mo. Crystal City, Mo.

Mining Scoenct!.Chem iC111 Electrical

Chemocal Cherrucal Minonjl

Metallurgy Geology Mctalluqo

Lombard, Ill. joplin, Mo. Auro,_, Mo.

Rolla, Mo. Sarcoxie, Mo. Rolla, Mo

India Arjtentina. S. A E. St. Louis, Ill .

Stu den ts Eshbaugh, Robert W . E•anJ, lanny L. Fard. Mehdi R.

Fo-. lkes, <.harlcs w . Groner, Rich&rd S. Houbold, Niels ll.

Mccbonka l Geolog) Chemical

M«hanica l Civil Mining

Rolla, Mo. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Tehran. Iran

Ledar Hill, Mo. jefferson, Mo. Palacios. Tex.

Keller, Charl~s W . Kohler, Klaus M.

Chcnucal Mining

Springfield , Mo. Berlin Stcglitz, Gcrmtony

L<lciny , Llo}d Li, llsiun,:· wel Louur, jo~ph F.

Mechonocol Mctallurg) 01crnical

Kirkwood. Mo. Formosa, China Riverside. Ill.

Moore, Robert b Muhlhauor , Karlheont <... Nee, Din!I·Ycc

Ccrcnuc Civol

Bloomfield, Neb Rolla , Mo. S..o Paulo. Urnil


Graduate Overton, Jerry B. Pearson, Richard D. Puycar, Donald E.

Petroleum Civil Chentical

Martin City, Mo. Whyalla, So. AustraUa Malden, Mo.

Rnchovitsky, Yehuda Rapp, Clifford J. Reitsma , louis J.


Chemical Metallurgy

Tei路Aviv, Jsrael Centralia, 111. Nunica, Mich.

Rinker, Donald A. Rother, John H . Sauc_r, Harry J.

Scboeppcl, Roger J . Senter, lloyd 0 . Severson, Marshall L.

Simatupang, Marangin Smkewiz, Giles C. Smith, Bert L.


Physics Chemical Mechanical

Miniog Civil


Mining .Electrical


Marysville, Ill. St. Chatle$, Mo. St. J t?seph, Mo.

Rolla, Mo. Fredericktown, Mo. Rolla, Mo.

Tarutung, Indonesia Rolla, Mo. St. louis, Mo.

Students Snook, Donald F. S«llner, Artb~r M. Wa.rga·Dalem, Azhari

Weott, Charles A. Zanavatjian, Popken A. Zimmermann. Rkhard A.

El«trical Physics Mining

ChemiC111 Geology Mining·Geology

St. Jaml!t, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Palembarg, lndoni!Sia

Edwardsville, Ill. Baghdad, Iraq Springfield, Mass.

Graduate Students Without Pictures Rolla, Mo. Antle , Charles E. Physics Rolla, Mo. Baird, Thomas B. Uncla"ified Carroll, Roderick 0 . New York City, N. Y. Geophysics St. James, Mo. Cochran, Andrew A. Physics Rolla , Mo. Custead, Wayne G Chemical Oa,•ila, Oscar M. Metallurgy Catavi, Bolivia Springfield, Ill. Dunn, Karl H. Chil Edwards, Charles L. Mechanical St. J~pb, Mo. Ejima, Tatsuhol..o Metallurg)' H)•ogo, Japan Fabricius, Eugene D. Physocs St. Louis, Mo. Martbas,•ille. Mo. Frankenberg, Raymond H . Civil Grubbs, Edward C. Civil Houston. Tex. Howell , Mich. lfagni, Rochard D. Geolo8) llenr) , R ochard L. Civil Rolla, Mo. Hoffman , AnthOn) E. Storm Lake, Iowa Physics Hughes, J~ph B. Physics St. James. Mo. Johnson, J ames If Elecn-ical Caruthers' olle, Mo. John;on, James W . Chemical Rolla, Mo. Centralia, Mo. Jones, James A. Mechanical Kri.shna;wamy, Deenahalli S. Science·Geology Robertsonpet, India Kwentu<, Alan If. Mining St. Louis, Mo. La Salle, Ill. Larson, Andrew II . Metallurgy Leonjt, Judson Rangoon, Burma Civil ligasacchi, Auilio Milano, Italy Scicnre·Geology Milano, Italy li!~Usocchl, Giovann• Science·Geology Liu, You·Sheih Metallurgy Hong Kong, B. C. Long, Churle> A. Civil Rolla, Mo.

Loper, Jack L. MacFarla ne, F.dward 1\.. Martin , Arliss V. Meuenburg, Clarence W . Mukerjee, Hari G. Nowacko, Ra)mond C. Nowal.. , George A. O'Neill, William J . Pape, Earl E. Peete), Robert L Perry. Bobbie L. Richardson , Norman L. Ruch, Robert Saonsbury, Garren M. Santoro, Alex J. Scmner, Jack M. Sigrist, Charles A Smith, James G. Ste,en<, Robert P. Tross, Ralph G. Vaughn, George £. Vitek, Richard K. Weddle, Curtis E. Wehr , Allan G . Weixelman, Wesle)• D. Wright, George F. Young, Robert E.

Mechanical Shreveport, La. Ceramic Pueblo, Colorado Chemical Salem, Mo. Physics Oonnell!on, Iowa Unclassified Calcuna, India Civil Becl..emeger. Ill. Chil Henderson, Nev. Civil Rolla, Mo. Petroleum St. Louis, l\lo. Pbysks Monticello, K). Geology W . Frankfort, Ill. Uncha$Sified St. Louis, Mo. Ph)•Sics Brenrwood, Mo. Mining Norseman, W . Australia Chemical Kansas City, Mo Ph) sics Rolla, Mo. Unclassified Rolla, Mo. Electrical Ben~on, Ill. Geology Rolla. Mo. Chil Los Angeles, Cal. lllining-Peuoleum Rolla, Mo. Chemical St. Ignace, Mich. Civil lndcpendente, Mo. Metallurgy Rolla, Mo. Geology Manhattan, Kansas Mechanical Springfield, Mo. Physics La Grange, Ill.



Adams, J. C.








Adams, H. L.



Junior Class Abbott, Austin N., Physics, Rolla, Mo. Abernathy, William E., Civil, Longtown, Mo. Acksel, Richard A., Mech., St. Louis, Mo. Acuff, Larry K., Mech., Springfield, Mo. Adam, Kenneth C., Physics, Rolla, Mo. Adams, Hubert L., Chern., Nevada, Mo. Adams, John C., E. E., Burlington, New Jersey Ahlert, Robert J., Mech., Jennings, Mo. Akrnakjian, Charles, Chern., Jersey City, N. ]. Allen, Gerald B., Chern., St. Louis, Mo. Allison, Perry R., Mech., Greenfield, Mo. Anders, Donald G., Civil. Risco, Mo.


Anderson, David W., Met., St. Louis, Mo. Andreatta, Anthony P., Mech., Springfield , Ill. Anyan, David E., Mech., St. Louis, Mo. Arimura, ltsu, Physics, St. Charles, Mo. Arnold, Arthur W., Mech., Alton, Ill. Arshadi, Mohammad R., Chern., Isfahan, Iran Asher, Charles E., Civil, Winona, Mo. Baker, Charles R. , Mech., Glendale, Mo. Bangs, J oseph F., Min., St. J ames, Mo. Barrie, Raymond E., Physics, Rumford, Rhode Island Basden, John G., Nuclear, St. Louis, Mo. Bassett, Norris J ., E. E., Vienna, Mo.



















1958 Beasley, Clive 0 ., Mech., Summersville, Mo. Beffa, Lawrence D . G., Met., St. Louis, Mo. Bening field , Harley W ., Physics, Kansas City, Mo. Benjamin, J erry 0 ., Chern., Pekin, Ill. Beydler , W illiam W ., E. E. , J erico Springs, Mo. Bievenue, Richard T ., Mech., Pra irie de Roeber, Ill.

Bauer, J . Bruce J ., E. E., St. Lo uis, Mo. Baum, Frank L. , E. E., Pleasant Hope, Mo. Baumgartner, William L. , Civil , Pittsburgh, Pa. Bayless, Jerry R. , Civil, Cuba, Mo. Bayliss, Marcus A., Mech ., W ellston, Mo. Beard , Dale F., Civil, Frederickto wn , Mo. Beasley













Borgini, Fred , E. E., Highwood, 111. Borman , J oh n G., Mech ., Spring field , Mo. Boss, Ronald J ., Civil, For n felt, Mo. Bowles, Robert V. , Min-Pet., Marsh all, Mo. Bowlin, Leo L., C ivil, Savannah , Mo. Boxdorfer , R obert L., E. E. , P erryville, M o.

Binz, Donald P., Pet., St . Louis, M o. Blackwell, Carrol L., Civil, Boone Terre, Mo. Blankenship, james E., Civil, Joplin, Mo. Blood, Paul E. , E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Bodicky, N orman C. , St . Lo uis, Mo. Bond , N orman L., Civil, Enon , Mo.









Br amoo





Br ose

Br own , D. E.

Brown, R. R.



Junior Class Bradley, James E., Civil, Monett, Mo. Bramon, Gerald A., Civil, Fulton, Mo. Brazzoduro, Bruno, Mech., Caracas, Venezuela Brenke, Edward V., Met., Bonne Terre, Mo. Briggs, Wendell W., Min.-Geo. , Virginia, Ill. Briscoe, Robert E., E. E., Trenton , Mo. Brock, Joe F. , Mech. , Berkeley , Mo. Bronson, John L., E. E., Lewistown, Mo. Brose, Joh n W., Civil, St. Louis, Mo. Brown, Donald E., Chern., St. Louis, Mo. Brown, Richard R., E. E., Jefferson City, Mo. Br uegging, J ohn J., Civil, Jefferson City, Mo.





Cain, C.

Br unjes, William S., Civil, Labadie, Mo. Bryant, Ronald D., E. E., Alton, Ill. Buckles, Richard E., Mecb., Overland, Mo. Buckner, Boyce B., Civil, Pikeview, Kentucky Buerk, Charles W., Mech., St. Louis, Mo. Buren, William L., Mech., Festus, Mo. Butterfield, Boydston L., Geol., Plainfield, N. Cain, Clarence, Civil, Barnett, Mo. Cain, Larry ]., Civil, Springfield, Mo. Canady, Richard A., Mech., Springfield, Ill. Cannell, Alfred L., Mech., Kansas City, Mo. Carpenter, James A., E. E., Bloomfield, Nebr.


Cain, L.








Carpenter, J. A .

.Carpenter, L. W .












1958 Carpenter, Lloyd W ., E. E., Seymour, Mo. Carver, Carl R ., Min-Pet., Wentworth, Mo. Casagrande, Ronald C., Civil, St. Louis, Mo. Cassmeyer, Charles C. , Mech ., Westphalia, Mo. Cavalier, Frank D., Mech., Sparta, Ill. Cawns, Albert E. , Mech., Little Rock, Ark. Center, David E., Mech. , Steelville, Mo. Chaney, Joe L., Civil, Harvey, Ill. Chappell, George A. , Chern., St. Charles, Mo. Chittenden, Jimmie A ., Chern., Sikeston, Mo. Cholerton, -E dward M., Pet-Geo. , Sea Isle City, N. Chullino, Gary B., Civil, Kansas City, Mo.




Clem, Carrell A., Civil, St. Louis, Mo. Clubb, Jerry J., E. E., Lutesville, Mo. Cochran, Russell V ., Physics, West Plains, Mo. Colandrea, Thomas R., Met., Staten Island, New York Colbeck, David E., Mech. , Lebanon, Mo. Colonna, Lawrence N., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Colston , Charles W ., Chern., Rolla,. Mo. Colwell, James A ., Mecb., Kansas City, Mo. Cooper, Donald G. , Met. , Beverly, Mass. Cornell, William W., Civil, Lutesville, Mo. Cottrell, Glenn L ., E. E., Dilliard, Mo. Cottrell, Wilbert C., Pet. , Terre Haute, Ind.








Cottrell, G. L.


Cottrell, W. C.



Craig, C. M .

Craig, R. L.



Davidson , D. E.


Davidson , R. N.





Junior Class Cova, Frank A., Min-Pet., Pore-of-Spain, Trinidad Craig, Charles M., C. E., New Rochelle, New York Craig, Robert L. , Civil, Licking, Mo. Crecelius, John D., Mech., Sedalia, Mo. Crone, James S., E. E., Decatur, Ill. Cunningham, Lance H., Mech., Roadhouse, 111. DaHmer, Douglas A. , Met., Staten Island, N. Y . Daube!, Karl J., E. E. , Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Davidson, Danny E. , Civil, Monett, Mo. Davidson, Robert N. , E. E., Kansas City, Mo. Dawson, Richard H ., Pet., Bloomington, Ill. DeBoard, James R ., Mech. , Piedmont, Mo.


Deddens, Allen E., Civil , St. Louis, Mo. D erx, Wayne R., Civil, Chicago, IU. Dice, Fred R. , Min. , Lenexa, Kansas Diebold , Morrell C., E. E., Illmo, Mo. Dille, Eldon R ., Chern., Slater, Mo. Doug las, Henry 1., M . E., Rome, New York Dowdy, Robert R., E. E., Sedalia, Mo. Drewelow, Paul J., E. E., Pocahontas, Mo . .Edison, Jerry D. , Civil, Newburg, Mo. Edwards, Doyle R ., Chern., Bloomfield, Mo. Edwards, Richard R., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Elam, Phillip R. , Mech., Dexter, Mo.










Edwards, D. R.

.Edwards, R. R.








1958 Ellis, Harland F., Mech. , Meta, Mo. Englert, Thomas M., Chern., Paducah, Ky. Evans, Richard T. , Min-Geo., Wichita, Kansas Ewing, Amos D., Civil, Dallas, Texas Exter , Seymour, Mech., Brooklyn, N. Y . Faustlin, Bernard J. , Mech., St. Joseph, Mo.

Feaster, Donald R., Civil, Palmyra, Mo. Ferguson, Larry L., E. E., Alton, Ill. Fesler, William, Jr., Mech. , Afcon, Mo. Fike, R oy A., Mech., Independence, Mo. Finke, Melvin W ., Mech ., St. Louis, Mo. Folstad, lver H ., E. E., Cabool , Mo.









Fowler, A. M.

Fowler, K. A.



Forin ash , Terry W ., Mech., Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Fouraker, Joe F., C ivil, Willard, Mo. Fowler, Albert M., E. E., Collinsville, III. Fowler, Kenneth A ., .Met., Upton, Mass. Fox, Gerald W ., Mecb., Springfield, Mo. Frederickson, Albert L., E. E., Cuba, Mo.




Fridenberg, Jerry T., E. E., Piggott , Ark. Fritts, R ex E., E. E., Aurora, Mo. Froemsdorf, Douglas M., E. E., Cape G irardeau, Mo. Fuller, John E., Civil, Rolla, Mo. Gabbert, Lloyd G., Mech., Springfield, Mo. Ganoinger, Robert E., Mecb., Desoto, Mo.


G abbert










Graham, F. J.


Graham, V. E.



Junior Class Gray, George n., Civil, Shreveport, La. Gray, Walter C., E. E., Waynesville, Mo. Grebing, Stanley E., Geol. , St. Louis, Mo. Green, Robert G., E. E., Neosho, Mo. Green, Sidney ]. , Mecb., Rolla, Mo. Griglione, Lawrence T., Civil, South Wilmjngtoo, lll. Grinker, Richard W. , E. E. , Washington, Mo. Grobel, Ed ward A. , Civil, Libertyville, 111. Groves, Richard n., Civil, Rolla, Mo. Guerra, Carlos R., Min路Geol. , Lima, Peru Guno, Gary Y., Civil, Barnah, Mo. Gustafson, George R .. Chern., Des Plaines, Ill.

Gerard, Peter A., Mech., Rolla, Mo. Gibbs, Terrr R., Mech., St. Joseph, Mo. Giddens, Carl D., Civil, Rolla, Mo. Gilmore, Rex A. , Civil, Willow Springs, Mo. G lover, Jerry L. , E. E., Rolla, Mo. Golden, Paul F., Mech., Springfield, Mo. Goldin, Herbert A. , Civil, NaPanoch, New York Goos, Gerald D., E. E., Wheeling, Mo. Grady, Charles G., Met., Hamilton, Ont., Canada Graham, Frederick ] ., Mech. , Fredericktown, Mo. Graham, Vernon E., E. E., Fredericktown, Mo. Graves, George H ., Chern., Rolla, Mo.


Gray, G. B.

Gray, W . C.



G rebing


Green, R . G.


Green, S. J.






Hall, D. D.


Hall, D. D .


Hall, J. E.

Hall, E. L.

Han man




1958 Hahne, Robert L., Mech., Rolla, Mo. Hall , Daniel D., Civil, Tuskegee, Alabama Hall, Donald D ., M. E. , Springfield, Mo. Hall, Evelyn L., Physics, Nevada, Mo. Hall, Johnnie E., Civil, Springfield, Mo. Hammond, Wayne K. , E. E., West Plains, Mo. Hanneman, William E., E. E. , Hermann, Mo. Harris, Oliver E., Pet-Geol., Effingham, Ill. Hart, Valgene E., Mech. , Carthage, Mo. Hartman, James P., Mech., Hannibal, Mo. Harvey, James R. , Pet-Geol., Dexter, Mo. Haseltine, Hugh W ., Chern. , Springfield, Mo. Hauth






Hauth, Leland D. , Civil, Willow Springs, Mo. Heagler, Roben M. , Civil, Rolla, Mo. Hedges, Jimmie L. , Mech. , Nevada, Mo. Henderson , Don E., Civil, Monroe City, Mo. Hendrickson , Ralph H. , Civil, Carthage, Mo. Henslee, Carl L., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Henson, James W. , Civil, Unionville, Mo. Herchenroeder, Robert B. , Rolla, Mo. Herring, Russell A., Mech., Hannibal, Mo. Hertlein, Edwin F., Mech., Cuba, Mo. Hertzberg, Donald H. , Civil, Eldorado Springs, Mo. Hibberd, James L., Chern., Alton, Ill. Henderson








Hoffma n

Highlan der



Hoaglun d

Hollenb eck

Hollenb erg





Ju n.i or Class Higgins , Michael J., Met., Kansas City, Mo. Highlan der, Fred L., Mech. , Livingst on, Ill. Hinners, Lowell H., E. E., Metropo lis, Ill. Hoaglun d, Glenn C., Mech ., Bellevill e, Ill. Hodge, Robert E., E. E., Poplar Bluff, Mo. Hofer, John G. , Chern., St . Louis, Mo. Hoffma n , Glenn W ., Chern., Overlan d, Mo. Hogan , Daniel J., Min路Geo l. , Plainfie ld, Ill. Hollenb eck, Charles F. , Mech., St. Louis, Mo. Hollenb erg, Robert L., Civil. , Sapping ton, Mo. Holley, Henry J ., E. E., Cottage Grove, Tenn. Hood, Edward S., Mech., Gray Ridge, Mo. Hopkins

Hovhan isian




Hopkins , Vaughn 0 ., Mech., Lincoln , Mo. Hord, William E., E. E., \.'(/arsaw , Ill. Horenka mp. Kenneth F., E. E., O'Fallon , Ill. Hornsev , Edward E., Min ., Potosi, Mo. Hornun lt, Thomas C., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Housem an , Jimmy J., Chern., Rolla, Mo. Hovl,an isian. Babgen , Mech., Teheran , Iran Howard , Kenneth .} ., Chern., Bethalto , Ill. Hradskv, Joseph W ., Mech. , Pagedal e, Mo. Huck, Robert H. , E. E., Ste. Genevie ve, Mo. Hudgen s, Lowell L., E. E. , Newbru g, Mo. Hudwal ker, Marvin E., Pet-Geol. , St. Louis, Mo. Horenk amp



Hornun g


Hudgen s

Housem an

H udwalke r


J. T .

Hughes, R . F.

H yde




1958 Hughes, J ohn T., Met., Derby, New York Hughes, Ray F., Chern., Ironton, Mo. Hyde, Charles K ., E. E., Marshfield, Mo. Ibach, Bobby F., E. E. , Stockton, Mo. Ingle, William L. , Civil, Beardstown, Ill. Inglis, James L. , Chern., Po lk , Mo. Irving


Jenkins, K. R.


Jackson, C. L.

J ohnson

1rvu. 6 , . .. u.uac• .K., ~1 er., "'-ansas L acy, Mo. lturri, Elias A. , Met., T ru villo, Peru Jackson, Clarence L., Min-Geol. , Owensboro, Ky . Jackson, J a mes D. , Civil. , St. J oseph , Mo. J asumback, Anthony E., Mech., Pierce City, Mo. Jenkins, Glenn W ., Mech ., Rosendale, Mo. Jackson, ]. D .


J enkins, Kenneth R ., Mech., J oplin, Mo. J obe, Kenneth D., Geol. , Anna, Ill. Johnson, Philip R., Met., Chicago, Ill Johnston, james J . R., E. E., Memp1tis, Mo. J ones, Denzil E., Civil, Spr ingfield, Mo. Jones. Donald R .. Mech .. St. Louis. Mo.

Jones, R. W.

Jones, W. H.

Jones, W. B.


J enkins, G. W .

Jones, D. E.

Jones, D. R.

J ones, Richard W., Met., Moberly, Mo. J ones, Warner H. , Ceramics, St. j ames, Mo. J ones, William B., Pet., Ellenville, New York Jordan, George H., Mech ., Kennett, Mo. Jordan, Thomas M., Physics, Lebanon, Mo. Jurgens, Joel ] ., Science, Chicago, Ill.

Jordan, G. H .

Jordan , T . M.







Kim, W. H.








Jun.i or Class Justus, Jimmie J ., E. E. , Chillicothe, Mo. KeliC)', Kent C., Civil, Beaver City, Nebr. Kell y, Paul R., Mcch., Kansas City, Mo. Kendrick , Jerry C., E. E., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Kennedy, Ralph C., Civil, Belleville, Ill. Kim, Kyung W. , E. E., Seoul, Korea Kim, Won Ho, Mining, Seoul, Ko rea Kimmich , Robert L. , Mech., St. Louis, Mo. Kincaid, Arthur E., Mcch. , St. Louis, Mo. Kirk, Charles W. , Mech., Lyons, Kansas Klocke, Harold G., Mech. , Quincy, Ill. Klusmeyer, Elmer .E., E. E., Gerald, Mo.






Knoepfel, Stuart V. , Mech. , St. Louis, Mo. Kosten , Harold W ., Mech ., Collinsville, Ill. Kozeny, James L., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Kramme, John F.., Mech., Newburg, Mo. Krom, Richard R ., Met., Saugus, Mass. Krueger, Richard L., Mech., Rolla, Mo. Kruger, William A. , Civil, St. Louis, Mo. Kurz, Caryl M., Civil, Savannah, Mo. Kuss, John M ., E. E., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Kuzma, George, Pet., Elizabeth , New Jersey Kwan , Bennet, Ch. E., Hongkong, China Laffler, Ronald A. , Chem., Lemay, Mo. Kozne~









Lawson, N. L.






Lindsey, E. E.


Lindsey, K. R

Lawson, J. R.


1958 Little, Thomas L., E. E., Jefferson City, Mo. Lobaugh , Harold E., E. E., Sterling, Ill. Loebs, Herbert A., Mech., Frohna, Mo. Logue, Hugh T., Sci-Geol. , Sullivan , Mo. Long, Floyd C. , E. E., Norwood, Mo. Long, John E., Civil, Hannibal, Mo. Long, Leland L., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Loos, John H ., Mech., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Love, WiUiam H., Mech., Granite City, Ill. Lucas, Bennie M., Chern., West Englewood, N. Lucas, Elroy F., E. E., Kirkwood, Mo. Lutz, Marvin D., E. E., Buffalo, Mo.

Lane, Gerry L., E. E., Arbyrd, Mo. Langstaff, Jon T., Min-Geol., Padu路cah, Ky. Lapinski, Andrew, Physics, Riverhead, N. Y. Larson, R oy F., Mech., Peoria, Ill. Latham, James I. , E. E., Latham, Mo. Lawson, James R. , E. E., Springfield, Mo. Lawson, Neal L., Met., St. Joseph, Mo. Lenox, Marion W., C. E., Rolla, Mo. Lewis, Frank D., Mech., Sedalia, Mo. lindsey, Ernest E., Pet-Geol., Ottawa, Ill. Lindsey, Kenneth R. , Civil, Sullivan, Mo. Liptai, Robert G., Mech., St. Louis, Mo.


Long, L. L.






Lucas, B. M.

long, F. C.

Lucas, E. F.



















Junio r Class Lynch, James F., Mining, Flushing, New York McClure, David R ., Mining, Hempstead, New York McCormick, Ralph W. , Mech ., Chillicothe, Mo. McCubbin, Melvin J ., Chern., Springfield, Mo. McDaniels, John L. , Physics, Alton, Ill. McGillan, Cecil E. , Civil, Queen City, Mo. McHaffie, Gerald T. , E. E. , Bruner , Mo. McHugh, Alan H ., Civil, Hannibal, Mo. McLeane, Ned A. , Chern., Richmond Heights, Mo. McMahon, Thomas C., Met. , Houston, Tex. McNeely, David C., Pet., Tuscumbia, Mo. McPherson, Eddie G. , Pet-Geol. , Mt. Vernon, Ill. Madigan





Madigan, Dennis D., Met., Penfield, 111. Maguire, Richard J ., Min-Geol. , Alton, Ill. Marchbanks, Martin F., Met. , Windsor, Mo. Marler , James V .. Met., Bonne Terre, Mo. Marlow, Herrman F. , Chern., Herrin, Ill. Martin, George E. , Pet., East Moline, Ill. Masnica, J oseph J ., Pet. , St. Louis, Mo. Matlock, Clar~ncc D. , Civil, Dixo n, Mo. Maune, Vernon R ., Mech. , W ashing ton , Mo. Meadows, Kenneth E., E. E. , Maryville, Mo. Medlock , Donald W. , Sci-Geol. , Appleton City, Mo. Meisenheimer, Albert L., Pet., Cape Girardeau, Mo.








Meisenheimer, A . L.

Meisenheimer, H. D.






1958 Meisenheimer, Harold D., Civil, Chester, Ill. Me lvin, Robert G., E. E., Lancaster, Mo. Mengwasser, Joseph P., Mech. , Jefferson City, Mo. Merkle, Daniel R., M. E., Alton, Ill. Meyer, Thomas J. , Chern路., St. Louis, Mo. Meyerhoff, Robert L ., Mech ., Steelville, Ill. Milburn

Miller, J . H.

Miller, L. G .


Mitchell, J . F.

Mitchell, W. T.

Milburn , James K., Mech., Harrison, Ark. Miller, John H., Ceramic, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Miller, Larry G., E. E., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Miller , Robert E., Mech., Granite City, Ill. Miller, William E., Mech. , Alton, IlL Millikin, James H ., Mech., Springfield , Mo. Miller, R. E.

Moore, H. G .




Moore, R. 0 .


Mosby, Ernest L., E. E. , North Kansas City, Mo. Moses, William J ., Mech ., St. Louis, Mo. Mosier, Donald L., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Mouser, Ronald D. , E. E., Dexter, Mo. Moyers, Chester E., E. E. , Fredricktown, Mo. Mueller, Ronald L., Mech ., St. Louis, Mo.

Minto n, Paul E., Chern., Dexter, Mo. Mitchell , John F. , Ceramic, Kirkwood, Mo. Mitchell, William T., E. E., Brentwood, Mo. Moore, Hugh G., Mech., Me. Vernon, Mo. Moore, Ralph 0 ., Mech. , University City, Mo. Morris, Edgar L., Met., Sikeston, Mo.


Miller, W . E.















O berlander


Junior Class Mulherin, Thomas L., Mech. , Kirkwood, Mo. Murphy, Larry K., E. E., Springfield, Ill. Myers, Dale M., E. E., Dexter, Mo. Nagy, James L., Met. , Wallingford , Conn. Nelson, Larry L., Met. , Laramie, Wyoming Netter, Harry, E. E., Indepe ndence, Mo. Neumeier , Leander A., Met., Webb Cicy, Mo. Nichols, Otis R., Mech ., Springfield, Mo. Northcutt, Ronnie K., E. E., Sikeston, Mo. Oberkramer, Ray E., Civil, Eureka, Mo. Oberlander, Richard K ., Chern., Springfield, Mo. Olson, Philip T ., Civil, Springfield, Mo. Ordway

Pari lie




Ordway, Francis L. , Mining, Los Ange les, Calif. Orf, Mercellinus A., E. E., O'Fallon, Mo. Osborn, Max G., E. E., Hutsonville, Ill. Overall, Wilson W ., E. E. , Farmington, Mo. Pad bcrg, Donu lus J ., Met., St. Louis, Mo. Papin , Thomas A., Ceramic, Sec. Genevieve, Mo. Parille, Donald R. , Met., Danbury, Conn. Parker, Ray A., Met., Bartlesville, Okla. Parks, Russell L., Pet. , Newark, New York Parsons, Ronald D ., Mech., Kansas City, Mo. Patino, John M. , Met. , Irvington, New j ersey Patten, Eugene H ., E. E., Kansas City, Mo. Osborn



Pad berg

















1958 Pope, Allen D. , Chern., Kansas City, Mo. Powell, Elmer L., Mech., Eminence, Mo. Pru , Saw H., Met. , Akyab, Burma Pugh, J ames E. . Mech. , Mt. Vernon, Mo. Pulliam, Daniel L., Met. , Edwardsville, Ill. Pusateri, Vincent P., E. E., Festus, Mo. Putnam, David F. , Pet., Bellmonr, Ill. Rader, Jerome D., Mech., Eminence, Mo. R amsey, Robert E., Civil , Springfield, Mo. R andels, Dale K., Civil, New Sharon, Iowa Range, Jerome L., Met. , Granite City, Ill. Rath, Ronald H ., Met. , Affton , Mo.

Patterson, James M., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Paynton, J an H., Civil, Stanton, Mo. Pearson, Frederick F., Geol., St. Louis, Mo. Penning, Thomas F., Mech ., Alton, Ill. Pfisterer, Robert T ., Chern., joplin, Mo. Phillips, Clarence J. , Ceramics, Mexico, Mo. Pinkston , Norville G ., E. E., Hayri, Mo. Pitlyk, James 0 ., Mech. , St. Louis, Mo. Plank, Robert D. , Civil , Ozark, Mo. Plotkin, Ronald , Met., Brooklyn, N ew York Pohlman, David S. , E. E., Overland, Mo. Pond, Norman H ., Physics, West Plains, Mo.













1 OS






Rei chile



Rich ards



R ichey

Junior Class Reed , David L. , E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Reeker , Hubert D., Mech. , Welington, Mo. R eeves, Charles R ., Civil, Malden , Mo. Reichert, Joseph f ., Civil, Caruthersville, Mo. Reichik, Michald, E. E., L os Angeles, Calif. RenFro, Claude, E. E., Springfield, Mo. Reynolds, Maurice M ., E. E. , Vandalia, Ill. Reznicek, James L. , Mech., Ozark, Mo. Rhea, Charles F., Civil, Risco, Mo. R ichards, J ohn T ., Cer amics, Rolla, Mo. Richardson, Guy A. , Met. , Desoto, Mo. Richey, John 0 ., E. E., Independence, Mo.


Rinehart, Walter A., Mech., Maplewood, Mo. Risner, James L. , E. E., Thayer, Mo. R oberts, Paul H ., Min-Pet., St. James, Mo. Roberts, Troy R., Civil, Neosho, Mo. Robertson, James M., E. E., Villa P ark , Ill. Robinson , Gerald P., Mech., Steelville, Mo. R obinson , Lee B., Mech., Armstrong, Mo. Robinson, Marquis B., E. E., Potosi, Mo. R obison, Car o l L. , Civil , Macon, Mo. Robles, Hugo A. , Pet., Ridttacba, Colombia, S. A. R ockwell, Lynn A., E. E., Belleville, Ill. R odenbrug, Robert G., Mech. , Fredericktown, Mo.



Roberts, P. H .

Roberts, T . R.

R obertson

Robinson , L. B.

Robinson, M . B.

R obison


R ockwell

R obinson, G. P.

R odenbrug

Rouse, A. L.


Rouse, T . D .


Rouse, Allen L. , Ch . E., St. Joseph, Mo. Rouse, Teddy D. , Chern. , St. Joseph, Mo. Rusche, Edmund W. , Mech. , Kansas City, Mo. Rusert, Eugene L., Ceramics, Sherman, Mo. Russell, William A., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Ryter, Arthur R .. Mech .. Affton, Mo. Salimzad eh Salvo





1958 Sander



Schneider, D . E.



Salcedo, Carolos A ., Met., Maracay, Venl.!zuela Salimzadeh, Henry M. , Chern., Tehran, Iran Salvo, Cyril S. , Mech., St. Louis, Mo. Sander, Ronald E., Mech., Kirkwood, Mo. Sands, Samuel E., Civil, Rolla, Mo. Saultz, James E.. E. E., Belton, Mo Sands Saultz


Sch mitt

Schneider, Charles S., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Schneider, Dennis E., Mech., St. Charles, Mo. Schoonover , Donovan K., Mech., Canton, Ill. Schoultz, Robert B., Physics, Desoto, Mo. Schroer, Herbert W ., Mech., Rolla, Mo. Schulz, Ronald F. , Pet., St. Louis, Mo.

Savage, Wesley A., Mech. , Decatur, Ill. Schaeffer, Gerald W ., Chern., St. Louis, Mo. Scheider, William P., E. E., Rolla, Mo. Schierding, Royce G., Met., Sc. Charles, Mo. Schmedding, Darre ll }., Mech., Belton, Mo. Schmitt, Edwin G ., E. E., St. Louis, Mo.

Schneider, C.













Shepard, J . .E.


Shepard, R. E.


Shepard, W . H .

Junio r Class Schwarz, Donald F., E. E., .Eminence, Mo. Schwenk, Walter, Met., Williston Park, New York Scobee, Erwin M., E. E., Overland, Mo. Scott, Ronald J ., Physics, Stotts City, Mo. Scrivner, Tommy E., E. E., Wayne City, Ill. Sellers, Gary B., Physics, Waynesville, Mo. Shadwell, Franklin W ., Mech ., Jefferson City, Mo. Shears, William A. , Mcch ., Divernon , Ill. Sheets, Allen R ., Met ., Fairlawn, New Jersey Shepard, J ames .E., M . .E., Bertr and, Mo. Shepard, Ralph .E., Mining, Belleville, Ill. Shepard, Walter H ., Mech., Antioch, Ill. Shewski




Shewski, j oseph A. , Civil, No. Judson, Indiana Shoemaker, J a mes L., Civil, Rolla, Mo. Shryock, William W ., Mech., Fulton , Mo. Simpson, Charles R., Civil, Moberly, Mo. Siroky, Edmond K ., Mech., University City, Mo. Skelton, Metz K., Civil, Kennett, Mo. Skouby, Eric W ., Mech., Belle, Mo. Skow, Ray P., Met., Omaha, Nebr. Slates, Duane L., G eol., Cameron, Mo. Sluzalis, Lawrence L. , Met., Rolla, Mo. Smith , Curtis W., E . .E. , Rolla , Mo. Smith, Daniel D. , Pet., West Plains, Mo. Shryock





Smith, C. W


Smith, D. D.

Smith, H . C.

Smith, G. G .

'Smith , 0 . H .

Smith, S.D.

Smith, H. D.

Smith. H. H.



Smith. M . R .



1958 Steele, Bias R., Mech., Rolla, Mo. Steinmann, Walter D ., Min-Geol. , St. Louis, Mo. Stelloh, Robert T. , Min-Geol. , St. Louis, Mo. Stevenson, Gerald L. , Chern ., Salem, Ill. Stih, Do nald C. , Met., LaSalle, Ill. Stoecker, Jo hn G ., Mech., Manchester, Mo. Stourron , George E., Min-Geol. , St. Louis, Mo. Street , Thomas J ., Civil, Conyers, Georgia Strobel, Larry G. , Chern. , Painton , Mo. Stuckenschneider, Kenneth L. , Mech., Union, Mo. Sturgeon, Chester W. , E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Sutfin, Carl D., E. E., St. Louis, Mo.

Smith, Gaylo n G. , Civil, Bernie, Mo. Smith, Herman C. , Chern. , Warrenton, Mo. Smith , Homer D. , E. E., Mt. Grove, Mo. Smith, Hugh H. , Met. , Wheaton , Ill. Smith , Jerry E., Civil, Medford, Oregon Smith, Max R., Mech. , Warrensburg, Mo. Smith, Otis H. , E. E. , East Alton, Ill. Smith , Sammie D ., Mech., Rolla, Mo. Springer, Harry R. , Mech. , St. Louis, Mo. Spruill, Victor F. , Civil, Baltimore, Maryland Staples, George G. , Chern., Ch arleston, Mo. Statler, William 0. , M . E. , Jackson , Mo. Steele
















Thompson, L. M.


Taylor, A. G.

Taylor , J. G.

Thompson, R. L

Thompson , R. E.




Junior Class Taliaferro, John D. , Rosendale, Mo. T ate, Charles F. , Mech. , Houston, Mo. Tayloe, Leo F. , Owensville, Mo. Taylor, Alfred G., E. E., West Plains, Mo. Taylor, James G., E. E., Caruthersville, Mo. Thater, Ralph R., Pet-Geol., Washington, Mo. Thoman, Edward W., Mech., Overland, Mo. Thompson, Lelia M., Civil, St. Louis, Mo. Thompson, Richard L., Civil, Unionville, Mo. Thompson, Robert E., Mech., Perryville, Mo. Thoms, Donald W., E. E. , Perryville, Mo. Timberman, Donald E., Mech., Joplin, Mo.


T ims, Walter D., Chern., Ironton , Mo. Tines, John L. , E. E., St. Louis, Mo. T odd , Lamar S., Met., Bartlesville, Okla. Toigo, Henry A. , Ph ysics, New York, N. Y. Trabue, Donald L., Civil, Buckner, Mo. Trippe, Arden E., E. E., T r eloar, Mo. Tross, Ralph G., Los Angeles, Calif. Uding, George E., Mech., Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Ulmer, Jack L., Civil, Maryville, Mo. Urban, Robert J., Met., Rolla, Mo. Urdaoeta, F., Gilberto, Met., Caracas, Venezuela, S. A. Vacca, Herman L. , Pet-Geol. , St. Louis, Mo.

T ims








U lmer






Van Grouw


Van Meter


1958 Vied, Roy E., Mech ., Carutnersville, Mo. Vitali, Joseph D ., E. E. , Cuba, Mo. Volker , R o nald E., Civil, Lancaster , New York Volker, Wilbur C. , E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Voss, William J ., Mech., Bourbon , Mo. Waddell, Joseph F., Civil, Fort Worth , Texas

Vance, Lawrence W. , E. E. , Rolla, Mo. Vancil, Michael R ., Ceramics, Springfield, Ill. Vandarakis, Gregory E., Pet-Geol., Joliet, Ill. VanGrouw , Samuel J ., Mech. , H awthorne, New Jersey VanMeter, Robert E., E. E., Kansas City, Mo. Vest, Edward C. , Civil, Kansas City, Mo. Vied

Waddell, R. D.


Volker, R.


Walker, H.


Volker , W. C.


Walker, W . L.


Wax man



Watson, Frank, Civil, Rolla, Mo. W axman, Stanley, Mer., Brooklyn , N. Y . Weddington, Edwin D ., M. E., Springfield, Mo. Wehner, Dudley ] ., Pet., Chester, West Va. W eiland, R alph L., E. E. , Kirkwood, Mo. Weinrich , Albert W ., E. E. , Chesterfield , Mo.

Waddell, Richard D. , P et-Geol. , T hebes, Ill. Wade, Billy C., Civil, Willow Springs, Mo. Walker , Harvey]., Pet. , Milwaukee, Wis. Walker , Willis L. , Pet. , Mr. Vernon, IU . Wallace, Charles P. , Civil, Springfield, Mo. Washburn, Charles A. , Mer., Morris, Ill.


W addell, J . F.


W eiland








W h iteaker

Welch, T. L.







Williams, J . A .

Junior Class \Villiams, Ross L., Civil, Ozark, Mo. Willig, Karl D., Civil, Kansas City, Mo. Wilson, Paul D., Mech., Keytesville, Mo. Winkler, Donald J., E. E., St. Louis, Mo. Winkler, Norman E., Civil, DePew, New York Wise, Richard A., Mech., Kansas City, Mo. Wolfrom, Warren J. , Min-Geol., St. Ann , Mo. Woods, Samuel W., Mining, Fort Smith, Ark. Wright, Robert R., Civil, Springfield , Mo. Wulfers, Carl E., Civil, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Wyant, Avery K. , Sci-Geol. , Excelsior Springs, Mo. Yates, James A., Mech., Monroe \i~ , Mo.

W eiss, Nicholas M., Met., Rolla, Mo. Welch, Jerry F., E. E., Eldon, Mo. W elch, T erry L. , Mech., Joplin, Mo. W ells, Newton L. , Mech., Monett, Mo. W erner, Donald E., Civil, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Wescoat, William H., Pee. , Cape Girardeau, Mo. Whitehair, Louis H., Mech., Bartlesville, Okla. Whittaker, Ronald G., Chern. , Moberly , Mo. Wiethop, Russell H ., Civil, Omaha, Nebr. Wilhite, John F., E. E. , Webb City , Mo. Willey, Robert B., Civil, Sr. Louis, Mo. Williams, James A., E. E., Liberty, Mo.


Williams, R . L.






W inkler, D. ).


Winkler , N. E.

W yant



Z ag rodzky




Zagrod:zky, Robert G ., Mech., St. J oseph, Mo. Zdanis, Rober t ] ., Mech., Newington, Coon. Z ieba, Bob G., Civil, Farmington, Mo. Ziegler, Lar ry N ., Civil, Cape G irar d eau . Mo.

Junio rs With out Pictu res Ahrens, Arthur F. Aslin, Charles F. Auberry, William D. Averill , John .E.

Met. Min-Pet. Mining O.ero.

Bailey, Conrad J . Baker, Robert J. Ballantyne, Edwin J . Bangs, J ung Whan BartOSik, Donald C. Beisner , Richard E. Bennett, Fredrick A. Bennett, Risden T . Berg, Frederick M. Berner, George F. Bittencoutt, Paulo Biuer, David B. Bollinger, David M. Boring, David E. Boughton, Richard B. Brady, Francis j . Brew, F. Robert Briceno, Enrique E. Brown, Gilbctl N. Bruce, Richard l . Bub, George J . Buehler, Raymond L. Burke, Willillm G .

Mech. Physics Min·Geol. Mining Mer. Pet. Civil Civil Met. Sci·Geol. Ceramics Min-Geol. Mech. M. E. Civil Mech. Civil Mer. Pee. Chern. Chem. Ch . .E. Civil

Carlstrom, Edward C. Clark, Wayne C. Clasbey, Dean P. Cleary, John D. Cline, J ames W . CoatS, Willis R. Collins, William j . Conner, John R. Corey, Clyde C. Cour>on, Lee R. Croddy, Tommie J . Crutcher, Clyde A.

Civil Civil E. E. Physics £ . E. Civil Met. Min·Geol. Mech. Sci·Geol. Mech. M. E.

Dean, Richard 0 . DeLap, Rollin S. Delar m, Dale l . Delp, Robert L. Denise, Richard W . Dennison, William F. DesCamp, Victor A. DeSpain, Jllmes R . Diettman, William D. Donelson , David l . Drum, Daniel D. Ealum, Richard l . Jillicotr, Edward L. Fabiniak, Richard C. Pah1niak, Tbaddeus J . feager, Timoth y A. Ferguson, Charles E. Fisher, Ralph L. Fitzwater, Alan L. Pricchcy, Meril B. Garlich, Thomas K . Gasda, Andre"' j. Guda, Lawrence P. Gilberg, Cleon W. Gomez, Jesus M. Gossett, Clyde C. Graham, Murray D. Grate, Clarence W . G riffin, Jack L.

Met. Civil Civil Mech . Met. Met. Mech . Mech . Pet. Civil M. E. C. E. Civil Met. Met. Civil M E. Geol. Pet-Geol. Chem. E. E. Chil Civil Physics Pet. C. E.

Jl. F.. Mech. Chern.

Griffin, Jamie D . Grimes, P. j . Hall , Donald D. Harston , Charles P. Hays , Stanley E. Hays, William B. Headington, Lee F. Heglio, Russell Heitert, Ronald E. Henthorne, Raymond L. Herron . George F. Hess , George N . Heston, Wayne £. Hcucel, Kenneth J. Hill, Edwin D. Hinckley, Roger W . Hootman , ]oallan Howcon. Bert D. Hughes, Myron P. Hurst, Herbert L.

E.£. Mech . M. E. E. E. .E. E. Min·Geol. Met. Civil Mech . Mech. E. E. Mecb . Civil E. E. E. E. M. E. E. E. Pee. Physics Mech

hues, Sherrill F. Ito, Naomkhi

£.E. E. E.

Johnson , John R.

E. £.

KllSSay, Robert W. Kauffman , James F. Kemper, John P. KieHer, Alonzo R. Krudwig, Walter L . K rugcr, Robert L. Kucharski, Edward A. Kuncbur, Gopal R.

Geol . £ .E. Mining Mining Chem. £ . .E. Met . Min.Geol

Lambert, David L. Lashley, Rodger L. LeGrand, Richard L. Lemberger, Robert A. Lewis, joseph C. Lund, Niels H.

E. E. Mech. Mech. Physics Met.

McGraw, John F. Mclnryre, Robert C. McKenzie, James B. McNally, john T . Marshall, Robert C. Marshall, Roy £. Matthews. Leo B. Mick, J ohn C. Miller. Ronald L. Mingo, Henry j . Moellcnbeck, Albert j . Moore, Stanley A. Morlock, john E. Mosier. Richard C. J NllSh, Jo•eph H . Nathan, Donald 0 . Nenninger, Donald A

c. E.

Mining E. E. Sci-Geol. Pet. Civil O.em. Pee. M. E. Mech. E . .E. Civil Physics M. E. Chem. £ . E. E. .E. .E. E.

Oldham, Harrod A .

Mech .

Pare. Robert F. Patterson. Robert V. Patton, William B. Pawlowski, Alexander Pclhank, Daniel A. Pikey, Dick Pollard. Cha.rles E. Ponzer, Henry L.

llfech. Pet. Pet. Mech. E. .E. Pet. Civil M . l>.

Porter, Vernon .E. Posgay, Ra ymond G . Powell, Bill)• D . Powell. Kenneth E. Price, Da' id E Puntney, Albert W .

E. E. M. E. Mech . Chem. Met. Pet.

Rader, Jon M. Roberts , Mack 0 . Rogers, Marcin M. Ross, Richard G Rucker, RayS. Ruckman , Homer L. Ryder, Thomas

E. E. Chem. Chern. Civil c E. Pet. Civil

Sandberg, Charles E. Santos, Ricardo L. Sche,ers, Gar)' R . Schmied, Joseph M. Schuetz, Harold A. Schwan, Willoam A. Seigel. Roger S. Sharp. Brooks M. Shaw, Billy W . Shell, lee Shouse, Robert I'. Shrum, Kenneth W Sisk. Paul B. Smith, Buddie R Smith, Jeryl L. Smyth, Jimmie L. Southern. John T . Spanel. Leslie E. Spencer, Morris D. Spitzer, Nicholas A. Stalling. Paul 0 . Stark, Edward T . Steele. John S. Surgi. Sidney C. Sutherland, James R . Swanson, Kenneth A.

M . E. Civil Met. C. E. /11 E. Mech . E. E. Chern. Mcch. Chcm. Chem. Chern.

Met . E. E. E. E. Mech. Physics E. E. E. E. F £. Met. l\tec. Mech . Pet. Min-Geol.

Taylor. Charles N . Taylor, David P. Thielsen. Fred W . Thornton, Ro bert C . Tint, Soe

E. £ . Mech. Met. Sci-Geol. Mcch .

Uline. Clark C.

c. .E.


VanGrouw, Marcin P. Varga, Willtam J Vark, O.arles E

M. E. Met. E. E.

Wake, John A . Walker, Jerry D. Walker, Jerry L. Wallace, Charles E. Wcitul , j ohn H Wescon, Funk S Wieker . Richllrd H . Williams, Charles A. Williams, Donald E. WilliaJru, Eugene B. Williams. james C. Williams, J ames Q. Willis, Robert D. Winfrey. Garland Wisniewski , joseph H . Wood, William S. Wyatt, Donald E.

Mech. .Mech. Chem. Chem. lltech. Pet Mech. E. £ . Mining Mcc . E. E. Chem. Chem. F.. E. Mech . Ci"l E. E.

Zanzie. Edward A. Zera>·· Norbert l\1 .

Mcch. Pec-Gcol


Sophomore Class Aderman, Gordon P. Agncola, Richard J. Ahnert, Ernesto l . Ainsley, Robcrr W . Alber, Dan•el R. Alber, Don E. Allen, Charles B. Allen, Jim J. Alsbury, Ed H. Alvarn, Pedro H . AI~""· Jerrold M. Amend, John T . Anderson, Arthur C. Anderson, Frederick D. Anderson , Ronald V. Anson, Lloyd A. Armstead. Bruce G . Arthur, Richard B. Aublcy, Guy E. Aufderheide, Robert 1:. Bagby, Gary A. Bailey, William II. Baker, James F. Bakleh, Mahmoud Z. Baldwin, Thomas 0 . Banni51er, larry C. Bardec, Edward P. Barnes, Robley J. Haron, Carlos E. Barr, Richard J . Barr)'• Joseph E. Bartholomew, Bobby J Barden, Sylvan Barton, Max N. Basin~ter, Richard C. Bass, Roberc F. Bares, ThomaJ D.

Rome, N.Y . Jennings, Mo. urdo Dgo, Mexico Streator, lU. Kansas City, Mo. Kansas Ciry, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Kirksv.Ue, Mo. Kirkwood, Mo. Macuto. Vennuela Affton, Mo. Webster Groves, Mo. Bloomfield, Nebr. St. louis, Mo. St. Charles, Mo. Chillicothe, Mo. Ferguson, Mo. Rolla, Mo. Medicine Lodge, Mo. Affton, Mo. Golden City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis. Mo. Damascus, Syria Ironton, Mo. Vandalia, Jll. N . Plainfield, N . J. Campbell, Mo. Neosho, Mo. Chesterfield, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Owensville, Mo. Vida, Mo. Marissa. Ill. Lebanon, Mo. Chicago, Ill. Independence, Mo.

Big band men

Baur, Richard A. Bausch, Russell l . Suter, Kenneth D. Bay, Warren H. Beck. Louis C. Becker, larr) M. Decking, George H. Bedwell, Joe F. Behrens. Ralph l . Beinart, Donald R . Beisner, Thomas F. Bell, Oewayne A. Bender, Frank J . Bennett, David W . Bennett, Marvin C. Bentrup, Ouo T. Benz, Paul W . Berning, Tom E. Berthold, james K . Bertorello, Michael J . Besleme, James H. l:licunas, Joseph D. .Bishop, Jerald l. Blake, Charles A. Blevins. Howard l. Blomber~:. Charles H. Bobbitt, Ronald I. Bohlmann, Raymond E. Bomar, James W. Booth, Robert A. Boothe, Raymond E. Boren, Morris G. Borsari, William E. Boscon, lawrence A. Bowers, Martin J. E. Boxdorfer, Donald R. Boyer, lester 0 . Bra.c kmann, James E. Bradley, John L.

St. Louis, Mo. El Dorado Sprinp. Mo. Bowlin~t Green, Mo. Salem. Mo. Affton, Mo. Jennings, Mo. lkrn•e, Mo. Granby, Mo. St. louis. Mo. St. louis, Mo. Webb City, Mo. Sullivan, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Flat River, Mo. St. louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Cow Gill, Mo. Kirkwood, Mo. Bento, Jll. Brooklyn, N . Y. St. louis, Mo. Buller, Mo. Paducah, Ky. Webster Gro,·es. Mo. Afhon, Mo. St. louis, Mo. Overt.nd, Mo. St. Louis , Mo. Herrin, Ill. Carthage, Mo. Herrin, Ill. Southbridtte. Mass. FairdealinJC, Mo. New York , N . Y. Perry' ille. Mo. Steekville, lll. Arnold, Mo. Jenn•ngs, Mo.

Bradle)', Syhan K. Irondale, Mo. Brahinsky, Herberr S. St. Joseph, Mo. Bramfiu. Bruce l. Watervliet , N . Y. Bramon. Thomas H. Fulton , Mo. Bramon, William E. MoKane. Mo Brasch ler . Ronald F. Kansas Cit}, Mo. Brashers. Jim G. FOU) th, Mo Ozone Park, N . Y. Braswell, S> hester W . Brauer. Arthur W . West Plains, Mo. Kirkwood , Mo Brenner. Glen A. Brenning, Eu~tene D. Sparta, Ill. Farmington. Mo. Brewster, Robert W . Briggs, Richard H. Granite City, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. Briner, James R . Brinkman, Glen A. Perryville, Mo. St. louis, Mo. Brockelman, Robert H. Kansas City, Mo. Brown. Gerald M. Rolla, Mo. Brown, Karl l. Brown, Richard l. Harrisburg, Ill. Dithner, Mo. Bruns, Greg A. Buchanan, David B. Dundee, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. Buonamici, louis B. llurke, David M. St. louis, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Burke, Thomas D. Burns, David M. St. Louis, Mo. Sprin~tfield, Mo. Burns. James M. Bushnell, George T .. Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 8u1cher, Cacl E. St. Joseph, Mo. Byas, Wayne T . Crystal City, Mo. Kirkwood, Mo. Byrne, William M. Albany, N. Y. Cahntone, Joseph A. Winterset, Iowa Callison, James C. Cairo, Jll. Calvin, W . Uno Roll., Mo. Campbell, Robert F. Cuba, Mo. Carey, Raymond E. lincoln, Mo. Carney, Raymond L Bloomsdale, Mo. Carron, Ben J . Carr, William A. Sr. Louis, Mo. BeltOn, Mo. Career, Robert L.

Mean Punching

1958 Carver, Ronald P. Cates, Boyd W. Causey, William C. Chagala, Jerry M . Chap man, Terry L. Charboneau, Robert A. Charlson, Earl J . Chen, Kwok Y. Chiodini, Louis J . Christian , Harold W . Christiansen, Kent W . Chuc.k , Stephen Ciehomski, Henry V. Cirrincione, Gilbert Clare, Emily A. Classe, Anthony V. Claypool, John W. Coad, Edmund L. Collio.s, Jesse H . Colli ns, William E.

Wentworth, Mo. Joplin, Mo. Tulsa, Okla. Millstadt, 111. Kankakee, lll. Bonne Terre, Mo. Monroe City, Mo. Los Angeles, Calif. St. Louis, Mo. Jefferson. City, Mo. Joplin , Mo. China Kenmore, N . Y. Laddonia, Mo. R olla, Mo. Shrewsbury, Mo. W ebster Groves, Mo. East St. Louis, Jll. Springfield, Mo. Dupo, Ill.

Comer, Claud R . Condray, William £. Cook, David L. Cook, jackie L. Cook, Joseph R. Cook , Marvin D. Cook, Thomu W . Cooper, Lloyd E. Cooper, Thomas W . Cordes, Glenn £. Corp, 1van l. Cox . Dnid L. Crabill, Donald C. Creason, Lyle W . Crocker, John W . Crockford, Richard H. Crow, Gary K. Culnan, Patrick 0 . Curry, John B. Dalton , Bill M .

Campbell, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Potosi, Mo. Halls, Tenn. Rolla , Mo. Yarrow, Mo. Crestwood, Mo. Waynesville, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Dittmer, Mo. Gainsville, Mo. Sappington , Mo. St. Charles, Mo. Brashear, Mo. Rolla, Mo. Newark, New York West Plains, Mo. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Belle, Mo. Ca mpbell, Mo.

Tbe Coronation ceremony

Dickinson, Ronald L. Donahoe, T om Donaldson, john W . Doran, SteYen P. Dunigan, Gerald D. Dunn , j ames E. Dunnavant, Alt.n A. Duryea, Daniel F. Du,'& ll . Mkhael

St. Louis, Mo. Joplin, Mo. Odessa, Mo. Matrapoisen, Mass. Houst~n . Mo. Valley Park, Mo. St. Lou i, , Mo. Oamdenton , Mo. Kirkwood, Mo.

Eades. Donald L. Echelmeier, Roger L . Eddy, Albert W . Elrod , Robert A. Emmons, Tyrus E. Etnyre. Lee M. Eppinger, Edwin V. £~ans, Robert D.

Florissant, Mo. St . Charles, Mo. Versailles, Mo. Alton, Ill . Lansing, Mich. St. j oseph, Mo. South River , N . J. Bismarck. Mo.

Dickens, Walte r H. Dicker. La rr y W . Daniels, Samuel N . Daugherty, Larry H. Davis, Garrett L. Davis, J ohn P. Day, Richard L. Dayley, Roland 0 . Dean, j oseph H. Oefo rd, Ke nne th £. Deforest, Jerry B. Delp, James W . DelPrete. An thon) Dendler , Ross W . Oenk , William J. Denney, Gary N . Dennis, John H . Denn is, Ralston K. De nton, L)•n A. Deppon.o;. Frank A.

Uoxo n, Mo. Belgrade, Mo. R olla, Mo. Moscow Mills, Mo. Reeds Spring, Mo. Flat River, Mo. Kansas City, Kansas St. Anthon y, Idaho Ava, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Farmington, Mo. Waynesville, Mo. Amiryvllle, New York Chicago, Ill. Clarendon Hills, Ill. Aurora , Mo. St . Louis, Mo. Un iontown, Pa . Arcadia, Mo. Cahokia , Ill .

Dirry work

Feathersto n, C. Ronald Felber , Fun cis F. Fe nne»e), Joseph P. Ferre ro, James K. f ey, Gerald P. Fiehler , Raymond H Fink, Gerald A Fin le ), lldon 8 . Finn, Paul A. Fisher . Gerald L FiJher, MeiYin J . Fi t~g ibbons, Frank R. Flanogan, Lee A. Flaniga n. Virgil J. Forinash, Max K. Freeland, Roberr D. Frossard . Norman J .

Doniphan, Mo. Coleridge, Nebr. St. James, Mo. Benld, Il l. St. Louis, Mo. Frol>na, Mo. Mill Creek , 111. Spring field, Mo. Hudson , Ne w York Vandalia, Mo. St . Louis, Mo. jerseyville, Mo. Cent ralia, Ill . Higgen$ville, Mo. Ft. Wood . Mo. Independence, Mo. Brentwood, Mo.

l'rye, Harry B. Fulton, Frank '\X'. G~ede, liolly M. Cane), James D. Carate. Victor N . C.arreu, Gordon R. C.• nc), Robert A. C.ob,on, Geor~e W . Cih,on. Rocbard W . Gil~rt . W ill iam J. Golht, ll oward M. Golmore. Je rry L.,cr, Arthur E. Goodin~:, Arthur 0 . Godt, Paul \VI. Goe hma n, Man in C Go ldsch midt, Curt A.

::.t. Louis, Mo. Rogersville, Mo. Rolla, Mo. f.. St Lou,., Ill . Mexico, D. F. Dewto, Mo. Alton, Ill . Carthage. Mo. MoncsonlN) Cit\', Mo St Joseph. Mo. l)a) con, Ohoo Leba non. Mo Sulll\ n n, Mo. Sutton , M us~. Wri~tht Cit y, Mo. Bi,mnrc k, Mo. tapa<, Bo livia

11 5

Sophomore Class l..orc~)U, Fr~crick J . Gottfried , Bertram D. Grant, Tw) n1an W Grau , Jor~e A Gre)C.Son , Allan l . Gripka , Da"d ) . Grommet. Gerald G Groner. Y•cto r R. G uenn, j ohn E. Gunther, Don J .

llahn, Emmell \YI, Halbrook , Thomas R. Hall , Don A Hallemann . Frederic!.. A. Hammond , Michael \YI. Hampe, Richard A. Hanauer, joe E. Hank, Harry C. Hankinson, Risdon w. Hanlin, Har o ld l. Hanquist , Robert G. Hardin, Wi lliom D. Hargis, Gerald W . Harris, Robert A. Hartma n, Uichard D. Han·ey, James G. Hastings, Harold 0 . Haushalter, Fred W . Havens. J ohn 0 . Hawk, Ralph L. Ha" kins, Russell 0 . Hardo n, Kinnell J . Ha)er, J ohn R . Hayes, Robert H. Heatherly. Ro nald L. Henderson, Gerald .E. Henning, William A. Henry. Glenn R. Henslc) . G. Anne

Tro) , N . Y. Brooklyn, N . Y. Ehins, Mo. Santta![o. Cuba E. St. Louis, Il l. Kirkwood , Mo. Kirl..wood. Mo. Kansas City. Mo. Highland Park , Ill. St. Louis, Mo. St. louis, Mo. jdlcrson Ciry, Mo. E'·ercon, Mo.

New Haven, Mo. Bo nne Terre, Mo. St. l ouis, Mo. Osage Beach, Mo. Paducah, Ky. St. j oseph , Mo. Clorence, Mo. Perr yville, Mo. Waynes,•ille, M o. j acob, Ill . Poplar Blu H, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Windsor. Mo. LouisviiJe , Ill . Fieldo n, Mo. Rolla , Mo. Elvins, Mo. Jackson , Mo. Lebanon, Mo. Sparta, Ill. Spa rta, Ill. Warrensburg, Mo. Lo uiJiana, Mo. No rmandy, Mo. Ponla.r Bluff, Mo. Ste. Genevieve, Mo.

Shoot the mooo

Henson, Wallace R . N . Kansas Cit) , Mo. Allton , Mo. Herbel. Charles H. Rolla. Mo. Hersc:henr~er, Robert B. Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Hermann , Gilbert l . St. l ouis. Mo. Hersc:hbach, Arthur J . Mead,ille, Pa . Hershelman. j ames W . ~alia, Mo. Heuerman, Robert D. lockwood, Mo. Hig!<ins, James M. Tulsa , Okla. Higley, Charles E. Cuba, Mo. Hines. James W . Fredrickto wn , Mo. Hinkle, Kenerh M. Hoi, William M. St. Lo uis, Mo. Kansa• City, Mo. Ho Hman, Richard E. Bc lle,ille, Il l. _HoHman, Victor J . Perryville, Mo. Hogard, Leo J. Cart ha![e. Mo. Hole, Donald D. Ho lman, Wayne Bowlin~. Mo. St . Louis, Mo. Hooper, Ronald Mexiro, Mo. Hopkins, John R. Hopkins, Neil R . St. j ames, Mo. Ho rner, Ralph D. L. Jop lin, Mo. Hor nkohl. j ames 0 . Rolla, Mo. Cuha, Mo. Horselield, Robert 0 . Ho rton, Wayne C. Cape Girardeau , Mo. Howord, Jim D. Canton , Mo. Hoxsey, Howard G . St. Louis. Mo. Hudder, David L. St. l ouis, Mo. Hu dek, Ro~rt ]. Ro lla , Mo. Hu H, F r~ V . St. Louis, Mo. Hunter, Onille, Jr. Wellsville. Mo. Hurt, }err)' l\1 . N ewburlt. Mo. H)·a« , Gordon R . Otelto. N . Y. Inman, Jimmy R. Irwin, Jo hn W .

lla) ti, Mo. Kansu Cit ), Mo

Jacobsme) er, Arthur J . J ames, Ronald C. Janning. Donald R. Jasper, Don J.

Flo rissant, Mo Dixon, Mo Jennings, Mo. Wash•n~ton, Mo.

Jennings, Donithan R . Johnson, AUan E. Johnson, Eric W . Johnson, Ja~ E. Johnston, Thomas K . Jones. Howard V. )ones, Wendell M Jordan, Paul R. Jud. William F. Kadlec, joseph P. Kampe r, Russell A. Kane, Michael J . Kapros. j o hn M. KauHman , Henry G. Kearney, Michael C. Keathley, Rodocy W . Kee ley, Lawrence P. Kelley , Robert L. Kellogg , James L. Kelso, James D. Kern, W alter f . Kimbrough, M i<'hael B. Kinder , Jo hn B. King, Glenn W . Klager, Lester C. Klebba. Kenneth T . Klein , James R . Klohr, David G . Knickerbocker, George H . Knobelock, Kenneth H . Ko boldt , Jobn A. Koetting, James A. Koh lberg, Paul H . Koop. Stanley J. Kosko los, Nick J . Kramme, j ohn E. Kro n, James f . Krulik, Donald Jo Kuhlman, Chester ~

Pho to finish

Pnncecon , Mo. Haney, JU . Chatham , N . ) . Granite Ciry, Ill. EHingh•m, Ill . Springfield, Mo. l utie, Mo. St. louis, Mo St. Louis, Mo Brentwood , Mo. Pittsburg, Pa . W ood River, Ill. St. l ouis, Mo. Princeton, Mo. Kirkwood, Mo. St. l o uis, Mo. E. St. Lo uis, Ill . Fredericktown , Mo. Aurora, Il l. Du po, Il l. Normal, 111. Kansas City, Mo. Crestwood , Mo. Cincinnati, Ohio Chicago, Ill. Belle, Mo. Chicago, Ill. Belleville, Ill. Kansas City, Mo. Overland, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Kansas Cit)', Mo. Union, Mo. Anutt , Mo. St. Louis, Mo. N ewburg, Mo. Jennings, Mo. Cuba, Mo. Hillsboro, Mo.

1958 Kuhlman, Louis A.

florissant, Mo.

Lambkin, Glen D. Lance, John L. Landers, Lee P. Landingham, Richard E. Larason , Norman G. Largent, Amos .E. Lasky, john M. Latzer, john C. Lawhon, Richard A. l awrence, Robert F. Lawrence, Ronald C. Lawson, Sid N. leava, Charles R. LeCompte, john H . Lee, Melvin A. Leffebra. Anibal Leslje, Homer 0 .

St. Charles, Mo. Naylor, Mo. Kirkwood, Mo. lodependence, Mo. Muccr, Mo. Sena th, Mo. E. St. Louis, Ill. Clayton, Mo. St. j oseph, Mo. Steele, Mo. Florissant, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Joseph, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Louisville, Ill. Eltigre, Anzoatequj Rolla, Mo.

Lester, Dave 1.. light, Max E. Lindo, Raoul W . Lindsey, Terry E. Lipe, Lawrence A. Lodholz, William J. Loeffler, Keith R . Logsdon, Donald L. Lohr, Robert D . Long. Jack R. l oughrige, Jerry D. Lovelace, James T . Lukowitz, Gregory ]. Lukrofka, Daniel j. Lynch, Arthur C. lynch, Frederick W. Lynn , James R. Lyde, Everett W. McClellan , james 1'. McConnell, James H.

Glendale, Mo. Aurora, Mo. Nicaro·Orienta, Cuba Moberly, Mo. Chester, Ill. Ferguson, Mo. Allendale, Ill. St. Patrick, Mo. Joplin , Mo. Springfield, Mo. Fenton, Mo. Fesrus, Mo. Chicago, Ill . Rolla , Mo. Lawrenceville, Ill . Republic, Mo. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Chesterfield. Mo. Ottumwa, Iowa

Greenfield, Mo.

Orentn, N . Y. Crystal, .Mo. Esther, Mo. Little Falls. N. Y. Clinton, Ill. Chester, Pa. Farmington , Mo. Rolla , Mo. Conway, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Chicago, Ill. University City, Mo. Aurora, Mo. Jackson, Mo. Affton , Mo. Pierce Ciry, Mo. St. louis, Mo. Chicago, Ill. Perryville, Mo. Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Kansas City, Mo. Atchison, Kansas Dixon, Ill. Houston, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. St. Lo uis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Grandview, Mo. Crystal City, Mo. Belleville, Ill. Grover, Mo. Webster Groves, Mo Kerman, Irar

Asbu ry, Mo Sunland, Calif. Rolla, Mo. St. louis, Mo. Uion, N . Y. Westfield, Mass. Kirkwood, Mo.


Sack time

Marbl~. james B. Marler, Donald S. Marler, Raybourne H . Marosek. Charles F. Martin , Charles J. Martin , C. Harvey Mason, Gary 8 . Mateu, Domingo J. Matthews, Charles T. Maxton. Ralph C. Ma)'• Montgomery Ma)•field. David C. Meadows, Roger D. Medley, Paul B. Men~e, Marion J. Merritt. John F. Mertl , Eugene£. Meskan , Allen W . Meyu, Donald ]. Meyer, Herman j .

McCormick, Richard L. McCourt, Thomas C. McCoy, Richard E. McElroy, jack E. McGaugh, Everett W. McKeone , John P. McLaughlin , Eugene J . McLeod, James E. Magre, Dale II{. Mahoney, james j . Maisak, Albert L. Maize, Herman C. Malcnkioejad, Ghasem Maley, jack£. Malmberg, Quentin C. Maisch , Peter F. Mane)•. Jerry F. Manley, Robert R . Manley. William H. Manor. Leroy F.

Meyer. Howard E. Mickle, Dean G. Mills, Terry L. Mitc.bell. Robert C. Mobley, Gene H. Mok, Jung Kwum Moldovan, Richard J. Momot, Harry Montague, Leona.r d F. Moses, Jimm)• D. Moss, Kenneth E. Moss. Kennett E. Mowat , james F. Mueller, Donald G. Munguia, jose f. Munsell, Burl D. Muzdock , Kenneth D. Murphy, Gro,·er j . Murray, Charles E. Murray, James 0 .

Fulton, Mo. Nashotah , Wis. Joplin, Mo. O'Fallon, Mo. Barnett, Mo. Ha Dong, Korea Queens Village, N . Y. Leadwood, Mo. Dixon, Mo. Pilot Knob, Mo. Joplin. Mo. Shook, Mo. Des Plaines, Ill. Overland, Mo. El Salvador, S. A. Dillard, Mo. Marshall, Mo. Little falls, N . Y . Sa lem, Ill. St. Louis, Mo.

Mus;:haoy, Theodore R. Muse, Donald F. Mustapha, jerald B. Myers, Norman K .

Nelson, Robert G. Newport, N oble G. Nicholson, Donald D. Niehaus, Everett F. Nielsen, Lester D. Niepert, Larry W. Noell, Nelson H. Noggle. Thomas G. Nolfo. James l . Noll, George R.

Oatman, Miles S. Odenhahl. Leo A.

St. Louis, Sr. louis, Springfield, jennings,

Mo. Mo. Mo. Mo.

St. Louis, Mo. Independence, Mo. Hannibal, Mo. WebSter Gro,•cs, Mo. Bloomfield. Nebr. Granite City, Ill. Overland, Mo. Hati, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Yonkers, N . Y. City, Mo. Argyle, Mo.


Sophomor e Class



1958 Snajdr, Edward A. Snider, john N . Snowden, james C. Solimine, Nicholas A. Southern, Mette E. Spagnola, j ohn D. Specker, Richard D . Speidel, .Edward 0. Speight, Carl C. Spreitzer, Thorru~s F. Stadelman, john F. Stafford. Harold W . Stammer, Roger W . Stanley, O.arles L. Stanley, Gerald B. Stark, Lowell D. Steele, Kenneth W . Steffens, Eugene W . Steinman, Anthony V. Stephens, Leo D.

Edwardsville, lll. St. Louis, Mo. Marceline. Mo. Brooklyn, N . Y . Carthage, Mo. Bend, Ill. Mayview, Mo. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Dadeville, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Dexter, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Beloit, W is. Cuba , Mo. Eldon, Mo. Sr. louis, Mo. Perryville. Mo. Meta , Mo. Jlldon. Mo.

Steuby, I homas A. Stevens, Troy L. Stevenson, William E. Stewart, Edward II. Stewart, James P. Srih, Donald C. Stillwell, john L. Stinchcomb, Bruce L. Stocklin, William H. Stone, jerry L. Strube, Eugene G. Sullengu, Donald B Sulli~an , j ohn V. Sullivan, William L. Sumin. Charle> R. Swafford, james S. Swartz, Glenn J. Swaw, Bryan F. Swerirch, Charles F. Swoboda, Mike Jl.

St. louis, Mo. Dexter, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Carthage, Mo . Sr. louis, Mo. Peru , Ill. St. Louis, Mo. Ferguson, Mo. Hermann , Mo. Cape Girardeau, Mo. St. Lou is. Mo. W . Frankfort, Ill . Kansas Cit) , Mo. Webster Gro~es. Mo. j oplin , Mo. Sedalia, Mo. Affton , Mo. Newburg, Mo. E. Sr. Louis, Ill. ,l.ennings, Mo.

Sr. Louis, Mo. Rolla, Mo.

Vahrenhorst, Melvin H. Vansant, Carl A. Varner, Eugene A. Vassam, Dale A. Vu, jesus E. Ventimiglla, Vincent J. Vick, Wllliam ]. Vieman, john D. Villegas, James C. Vond~rbruegge, Harold L. Wagenhelm, Neal T. Wagner, Clifford G. Waldo, Clyde L. Walker, Paul Mack Waller, William G . Wapert, Michael Walters. james T. Walther, )1mes J.

St. Louis, Mo. Clinton , Mo. Iantha, Mo. Sullivan, Mo. Caracas , Venezuela St. Lou 's. Mo. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Bourbon, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo.


New York Mo. Overl1nd, Mo. Mt . Vernon, 111. Earlington, Ky. Monett, Mo. Kirkwood. Mo. Lemay, Mo.


Staten Island , New York

Talbert, Roger A. Tasbima, Gustav M. Taylor, Harold F. Taylor, John M. T aylor, Richard K. Testerman , Roy L. Tharp, Charles E. Thompson , Robert L. Tilman, Milton M. Toole, Ronald G . Traw, PaulS. Triplett, Milton j . Tross, Ralph G. Tucker , Thomas C. Turner, Terry G. Twidwell, Bobby L.

Decatur, lJJ. Kearny, New jersey Tulsa, Okla. Aurora, Mo. Springfield, 111. Springfield, Mo. Novinger, Mo. Chillicothe, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Rochelle, Jll. Lebanon , Mo. Mounra.ln View , Mo. Los Angeles, Calif. Sr. Louis, Mo. Mr. Grove, Mo. Farmington, Mo.

Uculmana, Richard B.

lima City, Peru

Time out for tennis

Woody Herman plays at a General Lecture

Ulman, Richard L. Underwood, Millard K .

Szuch, Jobn P.

Walton, Edward E. Walton, John W . Wab, Donald A. Watu, john A. Weber, Roger C. Weisenstein , Kent Wekllsky, Krum C. Wheat, Carroll G . Wheeler, William J . Whetsell, Paul R. White, Kenneth W . White, Robert M. White, Ronnie L. Whitecotton, Thomas E. Whitehead, Paul D. Whitehouse. Dan K. Whiting, Glen H. Wilbur, M~rrien G. Wilkins, Jllmes A. Willenbrink, Ronald V. Williams, Carl F. Williams, Gary E.

Desloge, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. E. St. Louis, Ill. Sikeston, Mo. .Edwardsville, Ill . Belleville, Ill . Ovonia , Mi(h . Carthag~. Mo. HarriJon, Ark . Omaha, Ill . Universiry City, Mo. Lake Lotawama, Mo. Sarcoxie, Mo. Jefferson City, Mo. Dewitt. Ill. Sapulpa, Okla. Lee's Summit, Mo. Jackson, Mo. Van Buren, Mo. Duuow, Mo. Mounta.ln View, Mo. Farber, Mo.

Wiliams, Robert E. Willis, James A. Wills, Rkbard A. Windler, Jerald A. Winter, Glennon F. Wisdom, Gerald H. Woley, Gary E. Wolfe, Bernard L. Wood, Francis H. Wood, K~nn~th W . Woods, Alvin H . Woodward , john W . Wright, John C. Wrotier, Wilford M. Yakushiju, Edward Y. :lacheis, Paul R. Zanmba, Stephen J . Ziegerer, James H . Zoll~rs. Richard E.

Rolla , Mo. Auxvasse, Mo. Greenwood, Mo. Keokuk, Iowa St. Louis , Mo. St. Louis , Mo. Jennings, Mo. St. LoulJ, Mo. Bonne T~rre, Mo. KansaJ Oty, Mo. Moody, Mo. Carthage, Mo. Maplewood, Mo. St. Louis. Mo. Painton, Mo. St. Lows, Mo. Cranford, New Jersey St., Mo. Geneva, Ill.


Freshman Class AIM:rnathy, Ltster G. Abkemeier. Kenneth A. Abrahim, Mohammed A. Achelpohl, Fredrick P. Adams, Charles T. Agers, Albert E. Ahal, Dennis C. Alixo, Alejandro .J. Allen, Jerry L. Alt. !~roy H. Ammon, Sylvester J. Amsler , Larry C. Anderson, Leland Franci.< Annis, Donald J. Anyan, Charles B. Arbet, Thomas M. Arimura, Sam 0. Armster, Wilfred John Arnold, James L. No. Arnold, Arthur Daniel Archur, Jerena L. Austin, Buddy J . Avery, Marion R .

Pert)'' 'ille, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Kabul, Afghanistan St. Charles, Mo. Alton, Ill . DeSoto, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Caracas, Venezuela Winona , Mo. Pacific, Mo. Brentwood, Mo. Springfield, Mo. Chillicothe, Mo. Orient, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. St. Innis, Mo. St. Charles, Mo. New York, N . Y. 2, Edwardsville, Ill. Staten Island, N . Y. Rolla, M o. Bowling Green, Ky. Orient, Ill.

Fergu.son, Mo. Bacon, William E. Bales, Wayne 0 . Ellington, Mo. Oaluha, Gerald F. Colonia , New Jersey Barlows, Robert F. Cuba, Mo. Barnes, Gerald F. Brtflt, Ill. Barnes, Lionel D. Maplis, Mo. Vandalia, Mo. Barney, Roger A. Barrett, Andrew J. Cooperstown, N . Y. Steelville, Mo. Bass. Phillip R . Baumbach, Dale M. Hi~thridge, Mo. Worden, Ill . Baumgartner, Gary R . Baxter, Boyd R. Rolla, Mo. Baysden, James N. Salem, Ill . Burnson, Donald G . Rolla, Mo. Beauchamp, William O'Neil Salem, Mo. Beck, James R. Lebanon, Mo. Pattonville, Mo. Beezley, Jack R. Do•er. New Jer5ey Benner, Robert L.

Eyes right

Berardino, Richard A. St. Louis. Mo. New York , N. Y. Berkowitt, Edward Berkowirt, Norman S. Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Louis, M o. Beuc, Robert M. Beuerlein, Donald E. Springfield, Mo. Beumer, Edward L. Pacific, Mo. Biermann, Robert G. Ferguson, Mo. Bilbrey, Robert E. Kennett, Mo. BiUen, Roger L. St. Louis, Mo. Bird. John E. Palmyra, Mo. Bischoff, Robert F. Morristown, New Jersey Blanton, Robert D. Desloge, Mo. Blase, Russell W . St. Louis, Mo. Blechner, Stewart M. N~ York. N. Y. Dieckman, Fred L. Washington, Mo. Freeman, Mo. Ble' ins, George Boaz, Billy J. Joplin, Mo. Bocklage, Norman W . Washington, Mo. Bodman, George H . Winchester, Mass. Boettcher, Leroy ) , Rolla. Mo. Bohley, Thomas K. St. Louis, Mo. Boje, Bill St. Louis, Mo. Bolander, Richard W . Parsons, Kansas Bollinger, Alex L. Mexico, Mo. Bollinger, Anthony Cahokia, Jll. Bolon, Albert .E. Rolla. Mo. Bonness, Tom A. Cbjcago, Ill. Boolh, Paul M. Willow Springs, Mo. Bosse, William R. Crocker, Mo. Bowie, Lawrence St. Louis. Mo. Bowman, Ja.mes W. St. Louis, Mo. Bowser, Ronald ~wis Ladue, Mo. Boyle, Odell Colman St. Louis, Mo. Bradley, Charles W . St. Louis, Mo. Brady. Harold Francis Cuba, Mo. Branson, Donald L. Sullivan, Mo. Braschler, Tommilene Coffeyville, Kansas Brauer, Henry J . Mexico, Mo. Brenner, George J . St. Louis, Mo. BrettsChneider, Michael M. Jefferson City, Mo. Breville, Walter L. Affton, Mo. Brinker, Norman Joseph Affton, Mo.

Bristow, Ronald R. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Brixey, Harley D. Mtn . Grove, Mo. Brockmann, Richard K. Howard Beach, N. Y. Brown, Andrew G. St. Louis, Mo. Brown, Oavid W. Stoutland, Mo. Brown, Teddy L. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Brownfield. Donald J . St. Louis, Mo. Broyles, Gary M. Rolla, Mo. Brueggemann, Richard P. St. Louis, Mo. Brunkhart, Gerald E. Doniphan, Mo. Brunkhorst, Uoyd E. Festus , Mo. Burgess, John T . St. Louis, Mo. Burkhart, Matthew J . Affton, Mo. Burlage, Donald W. Herculaneum, Mo. Burrows, Allen C. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Burtin, James D. Lebanon, Mo. Burton, Joe D. Steele, Mo. Butler, Jerry J . Caruthersville, Mo. Butler, Robert A. Festus, Mo. Cadaval, Luiz l!duardo Niteroi, Bratil Calonge, Jose N. Camaguey, Cuba Camp, Dennis J. Esthes, Mo. Campbell, Russell .E. Macomb , Ill. Canale, Thomas Albion, New York Cappellari, Lewis C. Point Pleasant, W. Va. Carlson, Robert W. ubanon, Mo. Carpenter, Robert]. Lemay, Mo. Carr, Donald Earl St. Louis, Mo. Case, John A. Sun>mersville, Mo. Cassid)•, David L. Kirkwood, Mo. Ca5ter, Richard L. Houston, Mo. Catron , Jerry E. St. Louis, Mo. Caudle, Jon F. Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Cebe, Jerry F. Wellston, Mo. Cevik, Emin Ankara, Turkey Chapple, James W . Independence, Mo. Chatham, Gera ld K. Kirkwood, Mo. Chatham, Ronald L. Taylorville , Ill. Checkeu , Meh·in H. St. Louis, Mo. Chesworth, James J . Evanston, Ill. Choldress, John R . Sikeston, Mo. Chin, Geor~te East Orange, New Jersey

Looks pretty

1958 Church, jerry W . Taylorville, UJ. Churchill, Jerry R. Wright City, Mo. Clark, Ted .E. Meredosia, Il l. Claypool, Pearl L. Aldrich, Mo. Click, Doyle D. Brentwood, Mo. Cockrum, Carl W. Hickman Hills, Mo. Coester, Jan W. Glendale, Mo. Coffey. Emil L. Springfield, Mo. Cole, Edward A. St. Louis, Mo. Algonquin , Ill. Collignon , Peter f. Kirkwood, Mo. Commens. Gerald Joseph Madison, Wis. Comstock, Thomas W. Conner, Pores< R. Lebanon, Mo. Milford, Mass. Consoleui , Joseph J . Cook, Echel E. Owensboro, Ky. Cooke, James W . Coiro, Ill. Mexico, Mo. Cooper, Gerald .E. Cope. Dewey M. Golden, Mo. Moneu, Mo. Copher, John E. Kansas City, Mo. Corey, James D. Cornelison, James E. Rolla, Mo. Lema)•, Mo. Cornell, Jerry N. St. Louis, Mo. Couin, Kenneth ]. Counney, Kellough Lemay, Mo. Cowden, Ste\e C. Regina , Suk.. Canada Cox, David 0 . St. Louis, Mo. Craig, franklin J. Rolla. Mo. Crain. Charles C. Newburg, Mo. Mosby. Mo. CraHn, C.rl B. North Kansas City, Mo. Creason, Jack D. Crick, Bryan W . Liberal , Kansas Croci, Edward J. St. Loub, Mo. Crockett, Davy P. Dekalb, Mo. Crow, Edwin L. Sedalia, Mo. Cuesta, Hernan F. Batquisimeto, Veneluela Damke, John F. lnugherry, Jack R . lnvid, Denzil D. lnvid, Kenneth D. Davidson, Ken J . Davis, James M.

Jennings, Wentworth. Hannibal, Bonne Terre, C.Ssville. Jefferson City,

Bucket Lab.

Mo. Mo. Mo. Mo. Mo. Mo.

lnvis, Lblie E. Granite City, Ill. Davisson, John P. Webb City, Mo. Chicago Heighu, Ill. DeBoh , Robert C. Deck, Donald .E. Sr. Loub. Mo. Clinton. 111. DeLancy, Jackie D. Newburg, Mo. Debshmit, William E. Dencker, Richard A. Lemay, Mo. Denison. Charles L. Rolla. Mo. Deputy, Robert L. Sarcoxie, Mo. Sr. Loub, Mo. Deranja. Theodore Fabian Dick, James A . Sr. Joseph, Mo. Blackwell. Okla. Did , Robert M. SKialia, Mo. Dinon, Vernon R . flat River, Mo. Dix, Lorry L. Lamar, Mo. Dockery, Calvin D. East Prllirie, Mo. Dodge, Earl M. Maplewood, Mo. Dodson, Richard M. Dohogne , Charles L. St. James, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Doll, Robert G. Donahue, Prank L. .Elgin, 111. Lebanon, Mo. Donald , William W. Blue Springs, Mo. Donovan , john R . Kansas Ciry, Mo. Dorsch , John F. Webb Ciry. Mo. Drachenberg, lnvid A. Sr. Louis. Mo. Driscoll. David Delaney Drumeller, Edward K. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Dudenhoeffer. Vincent Joseph, Bonnots Mill. Mo. o.k Park, Ill . Dudley, .Edward F. Mr. Gro,e. Mo. Duke , Benard Roy Dumois, Guilermo I. Habana. Cuba Willow Springs, Mo. Dunivin. Michael L. Liberry, Mo. Duval, James P. E.~rly, Allen D. Edmison, Roger Allen Edris. Charlc• Ra) Eisenhart, Cart J . Elder. Gerllld L. Elias. Andrew P. Ellison, WilliAm F Eltinge, .Enin K. Ely. John P.

Godfrey, Ill. Moun< Vernon, Jll. Knox City, Mo. Sr. Louis. Mo. St. Charles, Mo. Streator. Jll. Sedalia. Mo. East Sr. Loub, Ill . McKeesport. Pa.

Engel, B)rl j . £,eland, Robert D. £,ersole, Francis P. Fadler, .Eugene C. Foenger, Robert A. Farnhom, Arthut H. Ferguson , Gary L. Fesler, Wayne Francis Finkelsu,in, Howard L. Fish. Jomes R . Fisher, Perry McMaster FittgeraJd, Everett L. Floim, Louis P. Flood , John A. Flood , Thaddeus f . Ford , Lawrence lit. fore, Kenneth L. Fox, Richard W. Franke, Earnest R. Fulmer, Thomas C.

Korkwood, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Lowry Cit)•, Mo. Prairie DuRocher, 111. St. Louis, Mo. Marshall , Mo. Weldon, Jl l. Quincy, 111. New York, N. Y . Edwardsville, Jll. Hannibol , Mo. Ahon , JU. Sr. James, Mo. Terre Haure, Ind. Sappington, Mo. Trenron. Mo. Joplin, Mo. Arlingron Heighu, 111. Thayer, Mo. Carthage, Mo.

Kirkwood, Mo. Gaertner. Douglas A. Gerhart, Billy Lynn Eldon, Mo. Giesler, Gerald R. Sr James, Mo. Gilbert, Paul Holt Summit, Mo. Gilmore, Roben Joseph Jefferson City. Mo. Ginrdot, David C. Peoria, 111. Glaser. Robert H. Gro•er, Mo. Glenn, WiUis Eugene Belle, Mo. Glick, William L. North Kansas Ciry, Mo. Glucksman, Sheldon .Eii:r:aberh, New Jersey Goff, Jerry L. Clarksdale, Mo. Goldberg, Henry J . Freeport , New York Gotsch, Paul A. East St. Louis, lll . Goherman, Louis S. Clayton, Mo. Gonules, Nicanor U. Lin1a, Peru Goodell, Charles J . Bartlesville, Okla. Goodman, RichardT. Sreelville, Mo. Gordon. Gearry R. Sedalia, Mo. Govero, Jerry J . festus, Mo. Graonemann, Harry N . St. Louis, Mo. Grate, George R. Sr. James, Mo.

A blast

Freshman Class Grazman, Ted E. St. Louis, Mo. Greenway, lawrence A . St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Grewis, Thomas E. Ferguson, Mo. Griese, John Elliou Griesenauer, Neal M. WeUsville, Mo. San Antonio, Texas Grieshaber, Johnny R. Griffin, David G. Farmington, Mo. Grimes, Gary W . Bell Ciry, Mo. Grinstead, Larry ]. Sedalia, Mo. Gritio, Myron E. Collinsville, Ill. Groat, Arlhur E. Desoto. Mo. Groeper, Roger L. Manhasville, Mo. Groeteke, Eugene A. St. Louis, Mo. Guemmer, '\lC' iUard Martin Long Town , Mo. Guillen. Ali Barquisimeto, Venetuel Haas, Millon J. St. Louis, Mo. Washington, Mo. Hadley, Dennis L. Hafeli, Charles D. Johnston Ciry, Ill . Butler, Mo. Haggard, Ossip E. Hague, J ames .R.. Mexico, Mo. Hainline, Alvin N . St. Joseph, Mo. Hall, George S. Hillsboro, Ill .

Halliburton, Rkhard li. Hanrahan, Kenneth C. Harmon, Fred ) ames Harman, James R. Harris, Ra )•mond Harris, Roberr L. Harris. Vergil D. Harrison , Roben E. Hart, Nelson A. Harrsfield, Ben W . Hartshorn, Donald C. Harvc)', lawccncc E. Hassler, Emmet K. Hatfield, l arry ) . Haum, Jack l . Haverstick, David L. Hayes, Paul George H a>•nes, j oseph Harold Headington, Dennis H . Heberer, john H. Herbert, Elmer H . Hecht, Uobert W.

Mt. Grove, Mo. Jennings, Mo. Sullivan, Mo. Florence, Alabama Sr. louis, Mo. \'<'ebster Groves, Mo. Malden, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. James, Mo. Jackson, Mo. Raytown, Mo. Vandalia, Mo. Belle, Mo. Ra)'town, Mo.

Sullivan, Mo. Desoto, Mo. Alton, Ill. Brooklyn, N . Y . Decatur, Ill. St. Johns, Mo. Sa lem, Mo. Altenburg, Mo.

End run


Neosho. Mo. Holloway, t..arry J. Salem, Mo. Holman, John T. Washington. Mo. Holzem, James A. Sr. Louis, Mo. Homan, Char les A. St. louis, Mo. Hopkin, Kenrick C. Kenneu. M'o . Hopkins, Bobby E. Bridgton, Mo. Hopkins, Merle C. So. Plainfield, N . J . Horel. Edward T. St. Louis, Mo. Hornberger, Gary R. St. Louis, Mo. Horst, Clarence Allan Webster Groves, Mo. Horton , Sam P. Gower , Mo. House. Darrel L. Kansas City, Mo. Howard, Richard Douglas Cherryville. Mo. Howdeshell, Larry G . Malden. Mo. Hubenthal , William L . St. l ouis, Mo. Huebner, John Robert Webb City, Mo. Hughes, Alan R. Tecumseh . .M o. llu nt , Chnrl.:s M. Rolin, Mo. Hunr, Donald Eugene Oak Park, Ill . Hunter, William H. Bo ulder , Colo. Hurst, William J. Bradfo rd. Pa. Hutchins, Ned M.


Heilig, George C. Cape Girardeau, Mo. Helgeson, Jerry R. Madison , New Jersey Helton, Richard W. Washington, Mo . Hendershot, James R. Clare, Mich. Henderson , Robert E. Alton , Ill. Hendrickson, James R. Ahon , Ill. Henke, Thomas J . Old Monroe, Mo. H enry, Charles L. Buller, Mo. Henson, lowell Lee Marion, HI. Herd, Robert A. Aldan, Pa. Henog, Michael S. St. Louis, Mo. Heustei n, Harold Ja l New York, N . Y . Hicks, David J. Webster Groves , Mo. Hillmeyer, Michael). Webster Groves. Mo. Hilton, Jon D . Springfiel d, Mo. Hinkle, Byron J . St. Louis, Mo. Hoberock, Lawrence linden Neosho , Mo. Hodges, John l. Springfield, Mo. Hoech , Gary F. St. l o uis, Mo. Hogard, David P. St. Mary's Mo. Holdeman, Jerry ). Hickman Mills, Mo. Hollenbeck, Orville K. Licking. Mo.

Ingram, Melvin A. Jacks, Frank E. jackson, Edward l. Jackson, William E. Jacob, Anthony ) . James, johnnie D. J ames, John l. Johner, Albert W. j ohnson, Donald A. johnson, Harold E. Johnson, Joseph P. J ohnson, Larry K. Johnson, Richard T. J ohnson. Rollie R. J ohnson. Terry A. j ohnson, Wilbur E. j ohnson, William E. J ohnston, l'aul A. J okerst , John B. )one~. Dona ld L. J ones, Jo hn G .

Ballwin, Mo. Springfield , l o wry City, Springfield , Ste. Genevieve,

Mo. Mo. Mo. Mo.

Vienna, Mo.

Marble Hill, Mo. Kirkwood, Mo. Clinton, Mo. Osage Beach, Mo. Caruthersville, Mo. Tilden. 111. Webster Groves, Mo. Sr. Louis, Mo. St. l ouis, Mo. St. Lo uis, Mo. Sr. l ouis, Mo. Clinton, Mo. Desoto, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Kennet , Mo.

jones, l'aul H. Jones, Robert 0 . Junge, Gregory L .

Sullivan, Mo. bcelsior Springs, Mo. St. Clair, Mo. Evanston, !11. Kaine, Lawrence F. Rolla, Mo. Kamicar, James R . St. Char les, Mo. Kapfer, Richard R. Plano, Ill. Kasowski, Gary ]. Ponce, Puerto Rico Kays, Roger G. Kansas, Mo. Keeler , Charles C. Alton, Ill. Keeling, James H . Kansas City, Mo. Kelby, Ronald R. Rolla, Mo. Kennedy, Hamilton W . Taylorville, JIJ . Kennerly, Jay M. Blue Spri ngs, Mo. Kerr, Kenneth D. St. Louis, Mo. Kessler. Arthur R. Kessler, Sergio E. A. , Porro Alegre R . G . Sui , Kilfog, Luwrence B. St. Louis, Mo. Kimberlin , Ralph D. Bourbon, Mo. King, James H . H.olcomb. Mo. Campbell, Mo. King , Randall L. King, William P. Kirksville, Mo.

1958 Klein , James E. Kliethermes, James L. Klipp, James E. Knoll, Patrick G. Knowles, Kenneth K. Koch , Edmund 0 . Kohllepp~l . Bob C. Ko ke, Robert j . Komo. Martin N. Konkle , Thomas V. Korando, Jerry R. Kowalski , Chester W . Krisch, Dale R. Kruger, Julius F. Krysl, Charles A. Kummer. Edward M. Kunstmann, Kenneth J . Kurtzhals, James D. Lamber, C. Ku rt Langland , Leo L. Larimore, Ad~ L.

St. Louis, Mo. Linn, Mo.

St. Louis, Mo. O'Fallon , M o. Raymondville, Mo. Manchester, Mo. Conception Jet., Mo. Richard HeightS , Mo. Dittmer, Mo. Padu.cah, Ky. St. Louis, Mo. Chicago, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. Ste. Genevieve, Mo. St. Louis , Mo. Chenerfield, Mo. jennings 20, Mo. Rolla, Mo. Indianapolis, Ind . Madrid, Iowa Windsor, lll.

Troy, N . Y . Larkin, John M. West Plains, Mo. Lasater, Gerald D. Roslyn HtS., N. Y. Lasmanis, Raymond Bertrand, Mo. Laughlin, Charles E. Rolla, Mo. Lay, Ba$bara R. Perryville, Mo. Layton , Francis 0 . Roselle Park , N ew Jersey Lazaras, Paul V. Roselle Park , New Jersey lazaras, Peter } . Princeton Jet. , N. J. Leek, George W . Wayne City, Ill. Legg, Loren W . Overland , Mo. Lehnhoff, Terry F. Desoto, Mo. Lcmbeck, Theodore J . Poplar Bluff, Mo. Lemon, Jimmy C. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Lemons, Charles E. Dumont, N. J. Leo nard, Karl G . Benld, Ill. Leone, Anthony W . Havana, Cuba Leu, Juan Sikeston, Mo. Lewis, David M. Kearney, Nebr. Lewis, Leander N . Florissant, Mo. Licklider, Floyd H . Rolla, Mo. Light, Billy J . Jackson, Mo. Limbaugh, Charles C.

St. Louis, Mo. Valley Park, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Benton, Mo. St. Lo uis. Mo. Habana , Cuba Ro lla, Mo. Vich)', Mo. Hannibal , Mo. Bismarck, Mo. Arnold , Mo. Olivette, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Houston, Texas Kansas t:i ty, Mo. Kansas Cit)•, Mo. AlbertSon, N ew York Rolla, Mo. Madisonville, K y. St. Loui.s, l\lo. Miller, Mo. Weatherby. Mo.


Louie Armstrong

Paragould, Ark. McDona ld, Alan L. Valle)• Station, K)'. Mcllcnry. Raymond E. Affton, Mo. Mdncrncy, Joh n P. R ock Hill, Mo. MeKcan, Gi lbert R . Buffalo, Mo. McKcn>cie. Bill)• Vance Gashland, Mo. l\'lcKinncy, Dennis M. St. Lo uis, Mo. Mclain, Jimmie Hug h Potosi, Mo. McNabh, Jesse E. St. l o uis, Mo. l\kRae. Michnc l M. Bloomfield, Nebr. l\kShunnon, Malcolm McWorl..mun. Robert W . Mammoth Sprg., Ark . Denville, N . J . Mad.ean. Russ"ll G . Cairo. Ill. l\<t.otldox, M. St . Lo uis, Mo. M.ticrholfcr, James S. Liule Falls, N . Y. illak~) micz. Michael J . Nia!!ara Falls, N . Y. M.d e~kh. W illiam M. Osceola. Ark . Manic, Thoma~ E. Lema)•. Mo Manko,·ich, Lee A. Quincy, lll. Manlove. Ralph F.. West Plains, Mo. Mannbeck. Donald 1-t. Glendale, Mo. Maples. Rohert N . St. Louis. Mo. Marchcski. Joseph W .

Lina , John A. Lindsey, N orman E. Linville, Robert } . lit~ler, Ro nald J . Lit~man. Stephen M. Llao, Juan L. Loftin, Floyd E. Lome, Francis E. Lucas, Earl W . Lucas , Wayne L. Luebke, Ralph A. Lucddc, Robert H . Lux. Kenneth C. Lyons, William A. McA lister , Larry C. McCabon, Mike D. McCArren, Donald J. McCaw. Charles K. McCluskey. W alter H . MrCormad.. J ohn W . McCoy, Ncddie D. McCrary, Murray M.

1\·l arkway, Jnmcs A. Marlow , Allen E. Marlow, Hernla n F.

Marrin. j an1es H. Martin, J immy C. Martin, Ro~cr T. Martinez, \~al ter W . Marhews. William E. Marrin!(ly, William L. Maune. David F. Ma), William L. 1\hycr, Alvin A. Maylath. Roberr A. Meek. Howard P. M ep, Donald M. Meier . Crni!'l A. Menne. Norman George Merryfield. Robert M. ~tetcalf, Wilbur F. Merer, Lawrence R. Meyer. Ricbard H . Me)>er , William B.

Jefferson Cit)', Mo. Ro lla, Mo. Herrin, 111. Mexico. Mo. Eldon, Mo. Chicago, Ill. Ca rmel, N . Y. Evansville, Ill. Rolla, Mo. W ashington, Mo. Rolla , Mo. St. Louis, Mo. New York, N . Y. Maysvllle, Mo. Cranite City, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Windsor, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Pacific, Mo. Florissant, Mo. St. Louis, Mo.

Meyers, Richard A. Michel, James H. Mielke. Otto L. Miles, John M. Miller, Charles E. Miller, Franklin M. Miller, George J . Miller, Joseph R . Miller , Richard J . C. Miller, R obert A. Minton , James W . Miscmer, G<:J'ald D. Mitchel, Delmer L. Mitchell, Merle A. Mitchell , Wahcr J . Montori, Pedro M. Moore, Charles H . Moore, Donald R. Moore, George E. Moore, John M. Moore, Michael W . Morelock. Loren C.

Herriam, Kansas St. Louis, Mo. Owensboro, Ky. Stover , Mo. Verona , M o.

Bismarck, Mo. Arcadia , Mo. Cassvi lle. Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Hannibal. Mo. Springfield, Mo. Ro lla , Mo. Mexico, Mo. Tulsa, Okla. Lima, Peru Florissant, Mo. Hunnewell , Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Berkeley, Mo. Perry, Mo. High Gates, Mo.


Freshman Class Morgan , Donald E. Morgan, Kelly D. Moss, Roberr D. Mudur)·an, Mikael Mueller, Dale M. Mueller, Richard A. Mullins, John F. Mungle, Butlin D. Munro, Andrew M . Munsch, jack Murphy, Frederick F. Musgra,•es, Billy H . Musgrove, Samuel C. Musceen , Mani n L 111 ) ers, George T .

Cuba, Mo. Rolla, Mo. Silex, Mo. Advance, Mo. Alcon , Ill. Gashland, Mo. Willow Spr ings, Mo.

Nabers, J ames E. Nance, j o n R. Neill , J ames B. Nera)•, Antal Neubauer. Earle R. Niblock, Glenn A. Nichelson , George R . Nickerson, T . jack Nienhaus, Wayne B. Noe. j o hn L. Norauskv. Parrick H . E.

Hillsboro, Mo. Springfield , Mo Kansas Cicy, Mo Binghamproo, N . Y Collinsville, Ill Overland, Mo New Bedford, Mass. Bethany, Mo. Pacific, Mo. Butler, Mo. St. Louis, Mo

O'Brien, J ohn C. Odegard. Milton A. Ogden. Ra)mo nd L Ol~tes. Elmer G . Olson, William E. O 'Mealy, Pau-ick B. O'Neal , A. C. Opnleski , j o hn l\1. Ornburn, James M. Osunnnn. Donald A. Onen. Eric II . Ovcrco n, G11ry J . OweM. Gary H. Owen5, Samuel C. Ow inl!S. Do uglas L. O ws ley, Da,id V.

lndia napolos, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Bowling Green . Mo. Berkeley, Mo. Ladue. lito Springfield, Mo. St. Lo uis, Mo. South Rh·er, N . J Moberl y, Mo St. Charlc•. Mo St. Louis, Mo G lencoe, Mo Urentwood, Mo Kansas Cit ), Mo Mar .hall , lito Ha nnobal. Mo

Palmer, J ohn A. Pa ppas, George P. P~rcdes, Rodolfo W . Parr ish, J ames E. Pacricl.., Gilbert W . Patterson, frederick K. Patterson, Robert J . Pearson, James F. P£-ck, Charles E. Peck, Gary ). Perrig uey, Donald E. Perry, Ernest B. Perr), G lenn D.

Meramoran , Ill . Dupo. Ill. Kansas Ciry, Mo. lsranbul, Turkel Sr. Louis, Mo Sr. Louis , Mn Sr. Louis, Mo Kennett, ~1o

St Lou is, Mo Hannibal . Mo Pav ra . Pert

N ewburg, Mo Lo ui_siana, ~io Rayton, Mo Po plar Bluff, Mo .Easc St. Louis, Ill Mex ico, Mo. Mo nett, Mo. Sc. Clair, Mo. Sr. Louis, Mo. Jlo rner$' ille, Mo.

K ill those snakes

Perry. Wilham H . Pecerson. Henry N . Pecerson, Ja)• A. Pen, Da,id H. Pectibon , Roberc 8 . Peuy, Arrhur 1.. Petry, David A . Peua , Anlhony D. Phillips, Ira R . Phillips, Sheridan N. Picken , Roberr C. Pinnick, Raymond V. Pi rrle, Len L. Pins, David L. Plubar, Dale J . Po Uock, Roberc A . Ponder, Perry R Pool, Nachan R. Popp, Raymond H . Porraro, Edgardo Powell , Alfred R. Powers, Roberc R. Prachon, Pt.ehnnuk R. Prewen, Francis C. Price, Charles R. Prives , Charles M. Purd) , Richard R. Pucman, W endell C Pyatt, Donald L. Quinn, Mathew J , Quiroga, Jaime A .

IUchland , Mo. Plano, 111. Lema)•. Mo. Ballwin, Mo. Springfield, Mo. Mexico, Mo. Libercy, Mo. Cranscon, R. J. Mexico, Mo. Belle, Mo. Sr. Louis, Mo. Milan, Mo. Cenre" iUe, 111. Overland Park , Kansas W escmom , Ul. Ara dia , Mo. Iberia, Mo. fenton, Mo. Jackson , Mo. Lima, Peru , S. A. Cenu-alia, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Bangkok, Thailand Newburg , Mo. St. Louis, Mo. AUton, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Salem, Mo. fredricktown , Mo. Mountain Gro\'e, Mo. La Pu, Bolivia, S. A.

Rabacs, john Lynbrook, New York Robenau, Charles J. Augusta, Mo. Rabo, Roy W . Maplewood, Mo. Randolph, Roben W. Ct.rmi, ill. Range, Donald L. St. Louis, Mo. Ratekin, J'lljnes M. Neosho, Mo. Ralhman , J?hn F. West Plains, Mo. Rawson, Thomt.S C. Desoco, Mo. Ray, David E. Cbilalo Hu., lll. Ray, £dwio D . St. louis, Mo. Reckinger, Arrhur P. Warrencon, Mo. Redington , Dennis 8 . IGrkwood, Mo. Redington, Edward A. Cenu-alia, Mo. Reed, Larence A. Kansas Ciry, No, Missouri Reese, Bt.rtley L. University City, Mo. Reiche, Charles L. Harrisonville, Mo. Reuch, Aaron ,M . Kansas City, Mo. Reynolds, Carl E. Overland, Mo. Rickard, Melvin D . Cape Girardeau, Mo. Ricketts, John W . Springfield, Mo. IUdenhour, Billy R . Bland, Mo. lUeth , William E. Marshall, Mo. Rincon, Manuel F. Caracas, Veneluela Rinehart, Martin P. St. James, Mo. lUtter, Ro bert R. Blue Springs, lifo.

Roberson , Charles M. Roberu, Donald W . Roberu, James B. Roberts, John H . Roberrs, Wendall R . Roberrs, William C. Robinson , john M. Robison, Roberc A. Rod riquez, Rafael E. Roer, George W . Ross, Dennis A. Roch, William F. Roussin, Roberr W . Ruck, Wayne Rucker, Booker H. Rudolph , John W . Rueh, Don L . Rullkoetcer , Gerald W. Ryce, Harry Sanche~. Victor A. Sander, Gary W. Sandler, David D. Sargent, joseph G. Schader, Kenneth J. Schaefer, Bob L. Schaefer, Ruscoa R. Schelling, Eugene S. Schimanski , David P. Schmiu, Henry N. Schmitt, Walter L. Schneider, Harry 0. Schnitker, David G. Schooler, Bill M. Schremp, Robert E. Schrieber, Richard L. Schroeder, Conrad ] . Schroeder, Eugene T. Schuermeyer, William F. Schuette, Edwin L Schulke, Richard H. Schulle, Arnold C. Scoggins, Jer-ry L. Scoggins, Roberr f . Scollay, Bertram H. Scoct, Jt.ek L. Scott, Louis E. Scott, Thomas L. Shaffer, Allan D. Shardy, James E. Sharon, Albert D. Sharp, Richard E. Shelley, Billy ]. Sherrick, Sherman W . Shi~lds, Larry Shirley, Robert E. Shore, Delmer L. Sbuler, Lexie L.

Kt.nsas Ciry, Mo. Ferguson , Mo. Plane Ciry, Mo. Illiopolis, Mo. Paragould, Ark. Housron, Mo. Caledonia, Mo. Macon, Mo. Maracay, Venezuela Webster Groves, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Lemay, Mo. Sc. Louis, Mo. Ballwin, Mo. Ro lla, Mo. Amnonia , Mo. Springfield, Mo. Florissant, Mo. Rolla , Mo. Lima, Peru Kirkwood, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. james, Mo. St. Louis , Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Bourbon, Mo. St. Louis, M o. Kansas Ciry, No., Mo. f reeburg, Mo. Sc. Louis, Mo. St. Lou is, Mo. Union Sratioo, Mo. Roca, Mo. Sc. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis , Mo. St. Louis, .Mo. Ferguson, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Danbury, Conn. Alton, IU. Godfrey, 111. Overland, Mo. Bechany, Mo. Versailles, Mo. Fe. Smich, Ark. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Independence, Mo. fredericktown , Mo. Springfield, Mo. Sullivan, Mo. Rolla, Mo. Lamar, Mo. Sc. Charles, Mo. Salem, Mo.

Parent's Day visitor

1958 Sbult:t, Martha C. Shumlansky, Steve F. Shy, Pau.l N. Sidw~ll, James B. Siesennop, Wilbert W . Sievers, Wayne L. Silva, Ubirajan Silverberg, Carl C . Silvestri, Robert l. Simmonds, Hoyt L. Simons, Garry H . Skelton, Charles J . Smith, Clyde J . Smith, David H . Smith, Jimmy P. Smltb, Kenneth E. Smith, Memphord L. Smith, Neil E. Smith, Richard L. Smith, Rolla A. Smith, Roy B. Snavely, George Y. Snavely, Kenneth E. Snow, James W. Sousa-Pou, Avelino Southern, James H. Spanslc.i, Gregory T. Sparling, Jerry D. Spaulding, William J . Spencer, Gary E. Spradling, Chester S. Staats, Gary E. Stacey, H adley V. Stacy, Larry D. Stack, William L. Stalrs, Curtis, Jr. Staley, James G. Standley, franklin R . Steffen, Edwin W. Steil, frederick G. Steinbach, jon D. Steiner, Donald L. Steinkueh ler, fred H . Stern, Peter G. StC\•en>, Gerald L. Stevens, Ronald W, Stevenson, Curtis W . Stewart, Dwight A. Stieferman, Curtis E. Stigoll, Garry E. Stokely, William S. Stolte, Don J . Stone, Thomas J. Stone, Tony C. St. Onge, Carl D. Story, Jesse A.

.Kansas City, Mo. Little falls, N. Y. St. Loub, Mo. East St. Louis, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. Sedalia, Mo. Rio de janeiro, Bra:r:il Sturbridge, Mass. St. Louis, Mo. Greenville, Ill. l odependence, Mo. Lebanon, Mo. Chester, Ill. East Alton, Ill. Risco. Mo. Sedalia, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Rolla, Mo. Stoutland, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Jackson, Mo. Sc. Louis, Mo. Sc. Louis, Mo. Amsterdam, New York Pontevedra, Spain Caruthersville, Mo. Chicago, Ill . Tilden, Ul. Springfield, Ill . Sappington. Mo. Rolla, Mo. Marceline, Mo. Mexico, Mo. Callao, Mo. Sullivan, Mo. Mayfield Groves, Ky. St. Louis, Mo. Van Buren, Mo. Alton, Ill. Irvington, New Jersey Lemay, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. New York City, N . Y. Marble ll ill, Mo. St. Louis, lifo. Kirkwood, lifo. St. Charles, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Brentwood, Mo. Salem, Jll. St. Louis, Mo. Carrollton, Ill. Doniphan, Mo. West Frankfort, 111.


Suaatmann, john A. Strachan, William .E. Strawhun, Ronald l. Striebel, Ronald I. Strohm, Robert E. Stuart, Robert J . Stuart, Wilber A. Sullivan, Joseph F. Summitt, j ames W. Sutherland, Harry E. Sutterfield, James S. Swank, Jerry C. Swenson, Harry E. Sword, Russell D. Tamzarian, Vartkes V. TavaJ'es, Anita S. Taylor, Darryl G . Taylor, Howard 0 . Tegethoff, James J . Teran, Omar D. Theilmann, Vernon E. Theleman, Jomes E. Thompson, Danny D. Thompson, Jackie D. Thurman, Robert E. Tims, Jake R. Trammel, Phillip K. Tripp, Lowell E. Troxel , Leon S. Truesdale. Philip W . Turney, Donald L. Twedell. Richard N . Twele, Michael N . Twist, Dn,•id M. Tyler. l!u~:eM F.

Wash•ntgon, Mo. St. Louls, Mo. Newburg, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Kirkwood, Mo. Willow Springs, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Lebanon, Mo. Malden , Mo. Farmington, Mo. Farmington, Mo. St. Louis , Mo. Hannibal, Mo. Mexico, Mo. Aleppo, Syria Rlo de Janeiro, Bra:tll Oklahoma City, Okla. Kingston, Jamaica Florissant, Mo. Cab. Zolia, Vene:tuela Sc. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Campbell , Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Re1>ublic, Mo. Ironton, Mo. Harrisburg, lll. Vienna, Mo. Webb City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Harrison, Ark. Bethany, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Loui<, Mo Robertsville, lllo

Valentine, Craig A. VanCie,..,e. Stephen W. VanDorf) , Michael R. Vannoy, E-erett H. VanRamshorst, Lee B. Vargas, Rafael A. Vasterling, Larry R. Vau~:han , Bob J . Vickrey, Billy C. Vierck, William E. _Vogler, David R. Vukson , Wa1ne T .

Staten Is., N. Y Matton, lU Bellaire, Texa: Hughes,•ille. Mo. Chicago Hts., Ill. CarnC:lh, Venezuela Glendale, Mo. Rolla, Mo. Marshall. Mo. Jennings, Mo. St. Lou~. Mo. Springdale, C011n.

Wagner, Charles £. Waldecker, Donald £. Walker, James W. Wallace, Carl J, Walsh, John L. WaJton, Samuel E. WaltriJ>, Lee A.

Chesterfield, Mo. Hermann, Mo. Pleasant Hill , Mo. Salem, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Pierce City, .Mo. f estus. Mo.

Vanda.lia, Mo. Ward, Donald W. St. Louis, Mo. Warner, joseph E. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Warren, Lloyd C. Normandy, Mo. Wasson, William S. Belton, Mo. Wear, Tyrol E. St. johns, Mo. Weber, Lawrence E. Lee's Summit, Mo. Weber, William ]. St. Louis, Mo. Wedig, Edwin H . Glenham , N . Y. Weetman , Bruce G . Cantwell, Mo. Weible, Darrell R. See. Genevieve, Mo. Weiler, Donald F. St. Louis, Mo. Wdnshenker, Barry 0 . Steelville, Mo. Welkencr, John L. St. Louis, Mo. Welling, Lance l. Miller, Mo. West, Jimmy D . Whitcraft , Howard M. Clayton, Mo. Springfield, Mo. White, Cary D. White, Charles H. St. Louis, Mo. Harrison, Ark . White, john A. Dewin, ILl. Whitehead, Robert W. Rolla, Mo. Whitten, Travice W. , Jr. Wieda, Ellis M. Lonedell, Mo. O'Fallon, Mo. Wilbanks, Bill 0 . Princeton , Mo. Willard, Dickie E. Rosco, Mo. Williarru, Connie L. Monroe Cit)•, Mo. WilJon, Han y J . Desoto, Mo. Wilson , Robert D. Wilson, Tommie C. Kansas Cit)•. Mo. DeKalb, Mo. Wilson, William L. Sikeston, Mo. Winchester. Robert 0 . WistehuH, William E. Taylorville, IIJ. Witt, Larry N . Sedalia, Mo. Salina, Kansas Witters, Dan E. Woerner , Richard A. St. Louis, Mo. Wolf, Sherman A. Butler, Mo. Wolf, William J ., Jr. Pacific, Mo. Wolfinbarger, Sam L Neosho, Mo. Steelville, Ill. Wolter, Merle J . W oolse)•, Rich~trd L St. James, Mo. Wright, Edward C. Hamaron«k, New York Wuenscher, Martin E. University City, Mo. Wyant, Samuel F. Rolla, Mo. Wyatt, Julian R . Belton, Mo. Wynkoop, Billy 0 . Eldon , Mo. Young , Chung·Yai Young , Gera.ld L. Zacher, Steven E. Zaimen, Mohammed K. Zalsman, Soul Zaman, Louis F., Ill Zimmerman, Wayne L. Zorumski, William E. Zwart, Joseph A. Zychinski. James A.

Wiener roast

Honolulu, Hawail Fredericktown, Mo. Oayton, Mo. Kabul, Afghanistan Hedera, Israel Kansas City, Mo. Berkeley, Mo. Arlington, Mo. Yonkers, New York St. Lows. Mo.


Jack ling Gym Van Nostrand Coach Van Nostrand deserves to be highly congratulated for the outstanding job he has done in coaching M.S.M.'s excellent swimming teams. His skill and energy have brought many records to our campus.

VAN NOSTRAND, BURR ROGER, Io路 structor in Physical Education, L953. B.S., 1942, Southwest Missouri State; M.Ed., 1952, Missouri.


Athletic Department GALE BULLMAN Department Chairman Professor of Physical Education, 1937, 1949. A. B., 1925, West Virginia Wesleyan; LL.B., 1929, Washington.

Completing his twenty-second year at M. S. M., Gale Bullman is a man who deserves to be highly commended for the outstanding job he has done for the Miners. Having been an All-American end and playing pro ball, it is easy to see why he now serves as head of the physical education department.

A terrific coach and a real pal to all who know him, D ewey Allgood has been doing an excellent job for the past seven years coaching basketball; devoted to the game and possessing formidable skill, he is a real sportsman and valuable asset to the school. ALLGOOD, DEWEY, JR. , Associate Professor in Physical Education , 1950. B.S., 1947, North Dakota State; M.A ., 1949 , Colorado Stare.


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Wheeler, Whitehai r, Allison, Varga, McPherso n , Hill, Sullivan, Parker. SECOND ROW: Un路 identified , Booth, Klohr, Wilson, Northrup, Jones, Englehar dt, Boren, Boyett, Agers, Calvin, Wells, Flood. THIRD ROW: Phelps, H enning, Rose, Smith , Beydler, Muschao y, Kruger , jobe, Murdock, Kamicar , McCo nnell, Briggs. FOURTH ROW: Ken路 nedy HiJimeye r, Marble, Schanlad er , Cooper, McCaw, Cooke, Gay, Solimine , Singer, Avery. FIFTH ROW : Fuller, Meier, School路 er . Moss, Ryce, Hafeli , Farnham, O'Mealy, Peterson, Albert Bolon.



Still going


Football The opening game of the season was played in Tahlequah, Oklahoma against the Northeastern Oklahoma Redmen. The first half of this game looked very promising for the Miners as they took a 13-12 lead, but in the second half the highly favored Redmen rallied to hand us a final score of 3313, their favor. The following week the Rollamen took on a strong Carthage team in a home game. The lllinoisians made a desperate attempt to keep the brilliant Miner squad from running away with the game, but they had a hold of a tigers tail. The " Injuneers" shutout the Carthage team with a final score of

34-0. The Miners then met their traditional yearly rival, Washington University, at their home field in St. Louis. The Miner squad put up a good fight but lady luck had turned her back on them. In the second half of the game the Miners came to life and Ray Parker made the touchdown and also the P.

No more yardage

Going nowhere in the middle


The first team


MINERS 13 N. E. Okla. MINERS 34 Carthage Col. MINERS 7 Washington U. MINERS 6 Pittsburg, Kan. MINERS 47 *Warrensburg MINERS 37 *Maryville MINERS 27 Emporia MINERS 0 *Kirksville MINERS 3 *Springfield MINERS 0 *C. Girardeau *Conference Games


33 0 14 14

6 21 14 12 0 32

Long way to go

Football A.T. The Rollamen tried h ard but coul dn' t get across the score-line again. Fina l score 14-7, Was hi ngto n's favo r. The Gori llas from Pitts burg , Kansas came to Roll a a nd h ande d the Miners their thi rd non-conference defea t. Park er made the only Mine r TD, but was unsuccessful in the P.A. T. kick . The Gori llas clim bed over the Mine rs with a final score of 14-6 their favo r. The Mine rs met the W arren sburg Mules in Ro lla for the first confe rence game . The pass ing of McP hers on a nd the runn ing of P arke r and Allis on were large ly respo nsibl e for throw ing the W arren sbur g team. T he Mule s had a weak kick as they lost 47-6 . 路 The MSM team journ eyed to the Mary vi lles h~m e field for the second conf erenc e game . The end of the gam e show ed the Bear cats treed by the v ictorio us Mine rs, final score, 37-21. The Hom ecom ing gam e whic h was sched uled again st Cape Gira rdea u was postp oned by them , beca use Asia n flu ad stric ken seve ral of their team.

Co路Captaios Varga aod McPh erson

Team Cape Roll a Sprin gfiel d Kirk svill e Mary ville W a.rre nsbu rg








4 4

4 5

1 0

1 1

6 7

1 1


Football The Miners scheduled a game with the Emporia Hornets for Homecoming as a fill in for the Cape Indians. The Hornets sting was not felt by the Miners as they ran over the Emporia team to victory. The MSM Men traveled to Kirksville to take on the Bulldogs on their ground. Lady luck again played a major part in the game by bringing bad weather and making a swamp of the ball field. The Miners, not used to wading in mud, came out second best to the Bulldogs. Final score was 12-0. The Southwest State Bears were host to the Miners in Springfield for the second to last game of the season. Although the Miners superior playing dominated the game, the only score was made by Parker, with the first field goal of his career. Final score 3-0, Miners on top.

Football The MIAA championship was lost to the Cape Indians in the last conference game of the season. Several of the MSM football squad were out of playing because of flu but being great sportsmen the Miners played anyway. Final score, 32-0 Indians victory. Five Miners were named to the first all conference team. William Englehardt, William Varga, Donald Agers, Perry Allison and Ray Parker were on the first team. John Jones, Wallace Northrup and Edward McPherson were on the second all conference team.

D ewey shows them how


by the University of Southern Illinois 68-59. Although the team was defeated they played the best game of the season up to this point. They played heads up ball both defensively and offensively. In the next game of the season against Harris Teachers College things took a pleasant turn as the

Jump ball

Miners won 69-62. The game with the University of Tennessee at Martin, Tennessee December 21, proved to be a hard 79-55 defeat for the Miners. The roundballers from Rolla were hopelessly outclassed. The team by far played their best game of the season on January 8, although losing to Cape by the score of 76-68. John Sturm was high scorer of the game with 27 points. The basketball game with Kirksville J anuary 11, ended in a heartbreaki ng 8 point loss for the Miners. At the half the Miners with 30 points led Kirksville by 5. The Kirksville Bucketmen rallied in the second half to win the game 62-54.


There's a Miner in the middle

The Miners finally won a game. Maryville fell beneath the Miner onslaught winding up on the short end of an 86-56 tally. Eleven days later, the Maryville team played host to the Miners, and evened the score by defeating the Miners 74-73. The MSM-Men received a terrific beating from the Kirksville Bulldogs the following day, being low on the scoreboard by thirty points, 91-61.


Bask etbal l

by the University of Southern Illinois 68-59. Although the team was defeated they played the best game of the season up to this point. They played heads up ball both defensively and offensively. In the next game of the season against Harris Teachers College things took a pleasant turn as the

Jump ball

Miners won 69-62. The game with the University of Tennessee at Martin, Tennessee December 21, proved to be a hard 79-55 defeat for the Miners. The roundbailers from Rolla were hopelessly outclassed. The team by far played their best game of the season on J anuary 8, although losing to Cape by the score of 76-68. John Sturm was high scorer of the game with 27 points. The basketball game with Kirksville J anuary 11, ended in a heartbreaki ng 8 point loss for the Miners. At the half the Miners with 30 points led Kirksville by 5. The Kirksville Bucketmen rallied in the second half to win the game 62-54.


There's a Miner in the middle

The Miners finally won a game. Maryville fell beneath the Miner onslaught winding up on the short end of an 86-56 tally. Eleven days later, the Maryville team played host to the Miners, and evened the score by defeating the Miners 74-73. The MSM-Men received a terrific beating from the Kirksville Bulldogs the following day, being low on the scoreboard by thirty points, 91-61.



You gotta have hands Swish

A weak Miner squad badly felt the loss of Sweeney and J urenka as they were defeated by the Warrensburg Mules on February 8, by a score of 77-61. This was the teams fourth defeat in five conference games. The hoopsters picked up their 4th win of the year as they defeated Washington University and broke a 25 game jinx. This is the first time a basketball team from Rolla has won over Washington University since 1942. Nick Barre led the scoring effort with 18 points. The spirit displayed by both the players and spectators was a big factor in the 60-5 5 victory. In the last three games of the season the Miners were handed three defeats by Cape, 76-56; Springfield, 96-70; and Warrensbur g, 87-73; to round out the 1957-58 basketball season. 140


Looks Hke another score

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Smith ,Catron, Woodward, Sucher, O'Mealy, Ford. SECOND ROW: Klohr, Farnham, Broyles, Aderman , Moore, Martin, Goddell.

Swimming Miners Miners Miners Miners Miners Miners Miners Miners Miners Miners

25 58 63 59 54 63 42 57 47 47 515


Kansas U. Ft. Hayes State St. Louis U. Ill. Normal U. Pittsburg State Westminster Pittsburg State Indiana State Louisville U. SIU Total

61 28 23 27 32 21 44 29 39 39 343

Swimming One of the best seasons in the school's history was enjoyed by this years swimming team. The team had an 8 out of 10 record for the year and broke last years total pointS record. They also set four pool records and broke two individual scoring records. In the first meet of the season they lost to Kansas U. 25-61. The, same weekend our fishmen defeated Ft. Hayes State 58-28. In their first meet of the season at home the Miners swamped St. Louis U. 63-23. In their next three meets the swimmers defeated Illinois Normal 59-27, Pittsburg State 54-32 and Westminster 63-21. The teams winning streak was stopped at five as Pittsburg State edged out our Miners 42-44. The team went on to win their last three meetS over Indiana State 57-29, Louisville U. 47-39, and SIU 47-39.

-too Yd路

Pree S

tyle 1tela Y 1tecord B



Ready for the big splash







LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Rasche, Brunkhart, Vancil, Wilson, O'Mealy, Bodman, Stone, Milaro. SECOND ROW: Farnham, Meadows, Neil, Northrup, Barre, DeLarm, Schroeder, Herschbach, Gay, Schimanski.

Track Scores: Harris 43 Miners 87 Miners 49!12 Springfield 84짜2 Drury 57 Miners 7 4 Miners 61!12 Westminster 69!12 Miners 55 V3 Washington U. 75 % 6th in MIAA outdoor conference meet 6th in MIAA indoor meet

Northrup heaves the javelin

Track The M.S.M. cinder eaters got off to a rather slow start this year. In their first meet they lock~d horns with S.M.S. and were defeated by a score of 81 ¥2 to 49¥2. This is a bit slow compared to last years almost undefeated season, but it can be partially accounted for by the fact that the weather prevented the team from working out much before the meet. In their next two meets they cooled Drury and Westminister, but could manage no better than sixth in both the M.I. A.A. indoor and outdoor meets. The only first collected in these meets was by Nick Barre in the Pole Vault. Foor men have distinguished themselves this season by setting new records in their respective events. Mike Vancil, who was also the top scorer, holds the school record in the two mile, Nick Barre in the pole vault, Don Agers in the discus, and Wally Northrup in the javelin.

Above · Miner moving up Right · Vancil, first again Below • It's a long way down

Allison breaks through



Tennis scores: Miners l SIU 6 Miners 0 Springfield 7 Miners 3 Westminster 4 Miners 6 Drury 1 Miners 3 Concordia 4 Miners 5 St. Louis U. 2 Miners 4 Lincoln 1 Miners 0 Washington U. 2nd in Conference Matches

LEFT TO RJGHT: Ray Morgan, Wilbert W. Siesennop, Jan W. Coester, Paul B. Sisk, William Sutherlin, Kenneth J. Schmidt, Jack L. Scott, Lee C. Mueller,

The tennis team compiled a total of 3 wins against 5 defeats before going to the conference matches at Moberly, Mo.; where they took second place behind Springfield. In the first two matches of the season the team took a sound trouncing at the hands of SIU a nd SMS. Things looked better in the third match as the Miners lost to Westminster 4-3. The first victory of the

Doubles combination Coester serves


season came against Drury as the Miners won 6-1. The team lost another close one this time against Concordia 3-4, but came right back to defeat St. Louis U. S-2. With Lincoln taking only one match the racket-men from MSM defeated them 4-1. To wind up the regular season the tennis team was beaten by Washington University




Left 路 Sand s chips Right - Joslin goes out for a practice round

The golf team, led by old pros Burke and }osilin, wound up this year's season with three wins and two losses. In their first match they teed off against S.M.S., but wound up on the wrong end of a 13Y2 to 4Y2 score. Their next three matches found them defeating Drury, Westminister, and Concordia, with no sweat,

only to be edged out by St. Louis U . 18 to 13 in the last match of the season. Three new men Patton, Lester, and Mathews, added many an agile putt to give M.S.M. second place in the conference. The wickedest club on the team was swung by Burke who accounted for 160 of the teams total 650 points.

Golf scores: Miners 4Y2 Springfield 13Y2 Miners 12Y2 Drury 2Y2 Miners IO Y2 Westminster 9Yi Miners 8 Concordia 4 Miners 13 St. Louis U. 18 2nd in Conference match

LEFT TO RIGHT: Sands, Patton, Ginther, Matthews, lester, Burk, and Joslin


Intra mura l

lncramural athlete of the year, Bert Houston

Intramural champs - Engineers Club


Consolation Trophy • Pi Kappa Alpha


Flag football, one of the most sought after championsh ips in the intramural program, is reputedly the roughest athletic activity of the year. Won by accurate passing, fast running, and hard blocking, the winner's trophy is the most coveted on campus. Engineers Club, Theta Kap and Teke were the three teams to compete in the finals. Engin Club captured the first place trophy by defeating the Tekes and then Theta Kap in hard fought battles. Theta Kap took second place with Teke third.

Grab that flag

The 1958 intramural basketball play-offs found Triangle, Theta Kappa Phi and Engineers Club competing for the championsh ip. After losing to Triangle in the first round of the doubleelimination tournament, Theta Kap in a bid for a second crack at the basketball trophy was defeated by Engineers Club. The strong Triangle team captured the first place trophy by winning over Engineers Club. This put Engineers Club in second place. Theta Kap captured the third position.

Hard shot


Chuck Homan of Lambda Chi Alpha won this years grueling intramural Cross Country race. His winning time for the one and one-fifth mile course was 5:43. David Schimanski of Tau Kappa Epsilon finished second in the long grind. Again this year Tech Club took the honors in the Cross Country run as team champions. Tau Kappa Epsilon was the team runner-up. The Cross Country race is run each year at half time of the homecoming football game.

Intramural The Gunther brothers of Theta Kappa Phi stole the show in this years intramural table tennis competition. Don Gunther repeated last years outstanding performance and again emerged singles champion. Walter Rhinehardt of Baptist Student Union finished second. The second Gunther brother Jim, teamed up with Dick Ross to take the doubles championship for Theta Kap. Terry Kloher and Allen Pope representing Sigma Nu in the competition were runnerups in the table tennis doubles division. Timing the winner Doubles Champs 路 Ross and Gunther

Quite a few teams were entered in the swimming meet this year making competition really rough. Sigma Nu showed its winning form of a few years back, when they won four straight championships, and edged out Triangle to win the title. The star performer of the meet was Jeff Goodell of Sigma Nu who set two pool records. Sigma Nu finished with 21 points to Triangles 19. The Shamrocks placed third.


Sigma N u repeated last years outstanding performance and again carried away the intramural boxing trophy. Engineers Club was a very close second and Pi Kappa Alpha finished third. Tide winners in boxing this year were Day, Independents; White, Pi Kappa Alpha; Vancell, Engr. Club; Collins, Engr. Club; Adams, Tech Club; Kennedy, Sigma Nu~ L~mbkein, Shamrock; and Vickson, Theta Xi.

Boxing and Wrestling Champs

Sports Tech Club, by winning first in the doubles division and second in singles again captured the handball title. Pi Kappa Alpha finished second and Theta Kappa Phi third. Don Link from Pi Kappa Alpha won first in the singles division over Hurlburst of Tech Club. In the doubles division Brose and Herrick of Tech Club finished first. This was their third undefeated season. The runners up were Varga and Brown from Lambda Chi Alpha. Takedown Varga smashes ooe

The able grapplers of Triangle again this year dominated the intramural wrestling competition. They pJaced seven men in the finals, four of them, Art Kiehene, Bill Love, Don Mera and Les Davis going on to win gold medals. Triangle piled up 49 points to win easily over the second place Sigma Nu squad which managed to total 30 points. Prospectors Club was third with 15 points.







A. S. M. E. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Green, Young, Williams. SECOND ROW: Loper, Minton, Skouby.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Branch at the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy tries to develop the student's technical competence as an engineer, provide a medium of exchange for ideas and information, develop the student's interest in fields closely allied to Mechanical Engineering, and create an atmosphere in which the fellowship of students with similar interests can flourish. Membership is offered to all students who are interested in Mechanical Engineering.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Skouby, Bucy. SEC路 OND ROW: Henson, Williams, Young, Loper, Green, Minton, Elam, DeBoard, Ta:e, Savage, Hammock. THIRD ROW: Case, Snavely, H elribrand, Schoonover , Zdanis, Larson , Srader, Whitehouse, Kosten, Hradsky, Thompson , Lovelace, Welsh, Hughes, Elling. FOURTH ROW: Cox, Colwell, )ost, Burrows, Williams, Hofstetter, Roberts, Rodenburg, Nolan, Mudd, Sutherlin, Schmidt, Vasterling, Fesler, Atha. FIFTH ROW: Mc路 Cormick, Borman, jones, Phillips, Berkel, Robinson, Rathgeb, Taylor, Lambkin, Ryter, Brendecke, Barre, Koederitz, Liptai. SIXT H ROW: Fike, Crapnell, Loos, Lewis, Schnitker, Nauert, Schroer, Gaertner, Howard,

:::::::::::::===:;;;=======::::;;;~;;;;;:;~=;::;;;:;:::=.,....,..,_ Bagby,


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Williams, Young, Olson , Lytle, Skouby, Green. SECOND ROW: Hopkins, Dunnavant, Truesdale, Ho fstetter, Taylor, Lewis, Jones, Deboard, Teate, Savage, Elling. THIRD ROW: Schluemer, Martin, Case, Minton, Schoonover, Zdanis, larson , Nolan, Janes, Thompson, Lovelace, Hammock, Kosten, Hughes. FOURTH ROW : Heltibrand, Calvin, l ewis, Cox, Henson, Burrows, Rodenburg, Mudd, Suth路 erlin , Liptai, Fesler, Macalady, W elsh. FIFTH ROW: link, Rusche, McCormick, Bo rman, Phillips, Berkel, lawrence, Hershelman, Barre, Bailey, Koederitz, Hecht. IN FRONT: Bucy , Fike, Cradnell, Wright, Rathger, Howard, Bagby, Schnitker, Mankovich , lambkin, Whitehouse.

The Society of Automotive Engineers is the technical society for those interested in the development, design, production, operation, and maintenance of automobiles and aircraft. Its membership is open to any student interested in the automotive industry. The M.S.M. student chapter of the S.A.E. was organized and chartered in 1952 with a membership of forty men. Today the chapter has quadrupled, and at the present time is the largest student chapter on any umversity campus in the United States.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Hofstetter, Taylor, Jones, Lewis.

S. A. E. 157

Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma, an honorary mechanical engineering fraternity, was chartered on the Missouri School of Mines Campus on April 16, 19)5. Members are selected on the basis of engineering ability, scholarship, and personality from the top one third of the senior class and the top one fourth of the junior class.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Rathgleb, lewis, Hofstetter, Schluemer , Bucy.

The object of the Fraternity is to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members, and to develop in students of mechanical engineering the attributes for effective leadership and the assumption of the responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Schmidt, Schluemer, Bucy, Rathgleb, l ewis, Hofstetter, Macalady, Minton, Williams. SECOND ROW: Green, Statler, Whitehouse, Cox, Burrows, liptai, Fesler, Janes, Brendecke, Young, Elling. THIRD ROW: Rinehart, Hart, McCormick, Taylor, Wright, Jost, Nauert, Burk, link.


LEFT TO RIG HT, FIRST ROW: Mingo, Faker, McPherson, Schaefer, \Vallace, Schiermeier, Long, Borgini, Meyer. SECOND ROW: Ebert, Mason, Latham, Bertorello, jones, Smith, Walker, Dull , Sloan , Humphrey. TH IRD ROW: Scharz, Stanton, Dusin, Bassett, Hoed, Rockwell, Weinrich, Giboney, McNabb. FOURTH ROW : Field, Lukcfahr, Smyth, McGehee, McConnell, Roberts, Weimholt, VanMeter . FIFTH ROW : Konrad, Anspach , Zesch, O' Dell , Sunon.

Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu is an electrical engineering honor society founded in 1904 at the University of Illinois for closer co-operation among students and others in the profession, who by their attainments in college or in practice, manifest exceptional interest a n d marked ability in electrical engineering. The Gamma Theta Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu was founded at M .S.M. in 1952. While the qualifications for membership distinctly stimulate and reward high scholarship, Eta Kappa Nu has a far broader purpose than merely to award a badge of distinction. As conceived by its founders, its aim is to assist its members throughout their lives in becoming better men in their profession and better citizens.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Robertson, Schaefer, Davis, Thompson, Tomazi, Wegener, Sutton , Field, Stanton, Ege, Lum, McConnell, Sloan . SECOND ROW : Long, Hays, Humphrey, Gibbons, Rogerson, Richey, Dusin, Smith, Hinkle, Glaser, Huck, Ebert. THIRD ROW : Bren ner, Korn, Jordan, Hudgens, McGehee, Dull, Walker, Amsler, Eaker, Lynch, McNabb. FOURTH ROW : Hard, Whitehead, Whitehead, Shafer, Hornung, Gray, Lukefahr, Komo, H yde, Isaacs, Bassett. FIFTH ROW : Schulte, Meyer, Andreas, Weimholt, H adler , Watts, Lodholz, Anspach, Orf, Beinart, Grinker.

A. I. E. E.-I. R. E.

The joint branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers introduces the student to his profession and provides opportunities for the students to participate in independent functions brought about by their own initiative. Through the joint branch the student can keep abreast of the current developments in the electrical industry. The

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : McPherson, Howard, Lager, Wright, Patten, McCulley, Hackett, Konrad, Grimm. SECOND ROW: Schwarz, Godfrey, Dorgini, BertoreJlo, Hopper , Maisak, Smyth, Baldwin, Dunigan, Mason, Scobee. THIRD ROW: Har路 debeck, Boschert, Rockwell, Weinrich, Latham, Slusher, Coleman, Roberts, VanMeter , Wallace, Rephlo. FOURTH ROW : Spitzer, Weiland, Nenninger, Mingo, Sweeney, Kinder, Schiermeier, Denney, Zesch, Pool, Risner.

A. I. E. E.-I. R. E. incentive toward individual expressions is great among the members as rewards are quite substantial and students wishing to enter the electrical field find it advantageous to become a member. Monthly meetings are held by A.I.E.E.I.R.E. during which informative talks on current topics pertaining to the Electrical Engineer are given. Representatives of nationally known electrical firms speak on subjects varying from "Job Opportunities" to "New Materials in EleCtrical Engineering". One meeting a year is set aside to hold the Student P aper Contest. The students entering submit papers based on their own research and experimentation . This is the first level of competition and the best paper here has the possibili ty of being the national winner, an honor which carries much recognition as well as monetary value. This year the student branch was fortunate in being entertained by an educational tour through the General Electric Tube Plant in Owensboro, Kentucky. Other special events of the year included the Senior Farewell Banquet and Power-Electroni cs Softball Game which is held at the annual Spring Outing, the conclusion of the year's activity.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Field, Grimm, Stanton. SECOND ROW : Konrad, Sutton, Hackett. Checking exhibits at meeting

Certificate of Engineers' Code from MSPE

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Meyers, Sheets, O'Keefe, Matias, Starkweather, Unners~all , Spencer , Pressly, Range. SECOND ROW': Ciehomski, Coffey, Twyman, Schwenk, ~rreu , Selby, Irving, Moyers. T HIRD ROW : Murphy, Marosek, Pendleton, Skow, Todd, Colandrea, Johnson , King, Christopher.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Unnerstall, Starkweather, Matias.

A . F. S. The American Foundrymen's Society, founded in 1896, is a n路 internationa l cooperative society dedicated " to adva nce the arrs and sciences relating to the m a nufacture and utilization of m etal castings". The M.S.M. Stud ent Chapter of the American Fo undrymen's Society has been organi zed for approxim ately. ten years and is the second largest student chapter in the society. Although most of its members arc students in the Metallurgy Department, membership is open co anyone interested in the Foundry. The student chapter provides a co ntact between the students and industry so that the students can get a better idea of what the ir jobs will be like.

A. S.M. The MSM student chapter of the American Society for metals was organized in October, 1937. It is the purpose of the MSM student chapter to give the students in Metallurgical Engineering a more realistic picture of the science of metallurgy in practical applications. A field trip is taken each year by the members of the student chapter to gain a first-hand view of applied metallurgy. Many prominent men appear as speakers at m eetings before the group, furnishing top-level information. As a result, many valuable professional contacts are made by the students, as well as social contacts with fellow students.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Myers, Unncrstall, SheetS. SECOND ROW : O'Keefe, Matias, Pressly. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Matias, O'Keefe, Sheers, Myers. Unnerstall , Spencer, Starkweather, Range, Pressly. SECOND ROW: Ciehomski, Coffey, Twyman, Schwenk, Selby, Garrett, Colandrea, Irving, Moyers. THIRD ROW: Murphy, Ma rosek, Pen路 dleton, Skow, Todd , Johnson, King, Christopher , Reitsma.


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Schulz, Beisner, Lowey, Wilson, Lutz, Parks, Connelly, Zeray. SECOND ROW : Walker, Cappellari, Leek, Harrwig, Capps, Vacca , Vandarakis. THIRD ROW : Powell, Thatcr , Pape, Withrow, Jones, McN eely, Jureoka, Micka. '

A. I. M. E.

Like the professional branch, the MSM student chapter of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers is divided into three sections. Each section has its own mo nthly meetings where prominent men from industry give lectures concerning the latest deve lopments in their professions, while chapter meetings are held twice a year.

LEFT TO RIGHT, fiRST ROW : Dendler, Langstaff, J ohnson, Beck, Myers, Spencer , Twyman , Woods, Selby, Moyers, Maguire. SECOND ROW: Lynch, Del Peete, Shepard , Pellicciotto, Sch wenk, Bardet, Paredes, Garreu . Reitxma, Callison . THIRD R0 \'(1: J ohnson, Dice, Marosek, Soma, Wilson, Ko hler , Kieffer , Pressly. FOURT H ROW : Buchanan , Kemper , Co landrea , Au路 berry, Irving, Stelleh , Leona rd, Todd, Hutchins.

A. I. M. E. MET SECTION As more alloys are introduced for commercial uses and more stringent specifications are required for metal products, the metallurgical engineer must be made aware of these changes in order that he may be properly trained to go out into industry with up to date practical knowledge of his profession. Herein lies the value of the student's membership in the Met Section of AIME. By means of informative talks and discussions by outstanding figur~s in the Metallurgical Engineering field, his knowledge of his chosen field is greatly broadened.


Officers l-IT路 T ""Yrnao1 1\{ Yers, Spe 0


MINING SECTION The Mining Section of the student branch of AIME strives to further the interest and education in subjects relating to the exploitation of mineral materials from the earth's crust. The section provides the professional advice and association that is needed for the student to acquire a practical knowledge of his field. The student branch gives the individual the opportunity to show his abilities, thereby gaining recognition in the profession of Mining Engineering. Many advantages can be gained by being a member of the Mining Section of AIME. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT : Beck , Auberry, Kieffer.

LEFT 1i ka L 0 RIGHT OFFicers urz, Lowry. ' FIRST Row \\7 路 alker 1 I



PETROLEUM SECTION The crutch of experience is offered to all those studenrs wishing membership in the Petroleum . Section of AIME. The opportunity to meet and talk with men who have a praCticing knowledge of the field is a primary of the student branch. Technical literature is distributed to the student members to keep them posted on modern developments. Membership in the Petroleum Sec路tion is quite large because of the many assets it provides.


Sigma Gam ma Epsilon

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: O uderstadt, Dendler , Day.

LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Dendler, Day, Duderstadt, Lorey, Kissling. SECOND ROW : Pressly, Kohler , Coffey, Reitsma. TH IRD ROW: Wilson, Pape, William~. Zorzavacjian, West.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity draw ing its membership from the general field of the earth sciences. These sciences include ceramics, geo logy, meta llurgy, mining, and petroleum engineering. The organization has for its objects the scholastic, sciemific, and social advancemen t of its members, the extension of friendship and assistance among universities and scientific schoo1s, and the encou ragement of cord ial relations be166

tween the students and faculty. It schedules interesting programs and speakers and sponsors field trips. Sigma Gamma Epsilon each year presents the W. A. Tarr Award co the outstanding student in the earth sciences. The recipient must be a graduating senior who has m a intained high standards in academic work and extra-curric ular activities.

Sigma Pi Sigma is the only physics honor society of national scope. It was founded in 1921, and the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy chapter was installed in 1950. Sigma Pi Sigma elects to membership upperclassmen and graduate students who have distinguished themselves by achieving high standards of scholarship, and who show promise of professional merit in physics and closely related sciences.

In addition to providing recogmuon of scholastic achievement, Sigma Pi Sigma seeks to advance and diffuse knowledge of and interest in physics, promote acquaintance and fellowship among the advanced students and the faculty in physics and to provide an organization which furnishes opportunity for the promotion of the extracurricular activities of the physics department.

LEFT TO RIG HT, FIRST ROW: Fuller, Pauls, Hardebeck, Pool , Hatfield . SECOND ROW : Reitsma, Cleary, Sellers, Jones, Adam. Arirnura. THIRD ROW: Guinn, Hemsky, Cochran, Hudson. Pond, Scott.

Sigma Pi Sigma

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Hardc路 beck, Pool. SECOND ROW: Hatfield, Pauls.



LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Smith, Grubbs, Hershkowitz, Strub, Baskin, Skouby, Roberts, Duddridge, Kruger, Carlton, Eshbaugh, Hart, Niedringhaus. SECOND ROW: Bowers, Pezza, Wright, Meisenheimer, Modesitt, Feaster, Ziegler, Green, Ball, Haodkins, Cassady, Craig, Degenhart. THIRD ROW: Gilmore, Stevenson, O'Neill, Fuller, Sullivan, Schmied, Brunkhart, Myers, Griglione, Wade, Schumacher, Schriever. FOURTH ROW: Reichert, Smith, Hager, Crowe, Littlefield, Winter, Weisenstein, Boss, Waltrip, Munger, Bayless, Franke, Kreigb. FIFTH ROW : Lina, Zieba, Hoffman, Haydon , Meyer, Wakefield, Simpson, Singer. Peel, Rizer, Fisher, Ringenberg, Gilbert. Henderson.

A. S.C. E. The Missouri School of Mines student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers has been very active in acquainting its members with modern engineering practices. Bi-monthly meetings are scheduled when possible, and these meetings are featured by outstanding men in the civil engineering field. Students also have given talks on their experiences in the field. Through the medium of speakers the members have gained knowledge and interest in civil engineering practices. The student chapter has also sponsored field trips to various locations where the student can see the theory which he has picked up in the classes being put into practice.


Officers LEFT TO R IGHT. FIRST ROW : Robem, Duddridge, Strub. SECOND ROW: Baskin , Skoubr, Kruger.

Chi Epsilon

LEFT TO R IGHT, FIRST ROW : Grubbs, Hershkowitz, Modesitt, Eshbaugh , Ho ffman , Meyer, Carlton , Strub, Haydon , Wright, Kruger . SECON D ROW : L'Ncill. McHuga, Schuerenberg, Sullivan , Skouby, Fuller , Feaste r, Singer, Kreig h , Munger, Paynw n. THIRD ROW: Smith, Hertzberg , Hager , Crowe, Littlefi eld , Winter , Bayless, Peel, Schumacher , Selle, Degenhart. FOURTH RO\XI : Hill, Bruegging, Zieba, Luebbert, Ringenberg, Baskin, Henderson , R oberts, Winkler , R oberts.

Chi Epsilon, National Honor Fraternity of Civil Engineering, was founded in 1922 on the University of Illinois campus. The Missouri School of Mines Chapter was organized in the fall of 1949. The purpose of the organization is to recognize the characteristics of the individual engineer which are fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career and to aid in the development of these characteristics in the undergraduate engineer. Chi Epsilon chooses it's members from the upper one-third of the junior and senior class. In addition to scholastic ability, the members must also meet the requirements of practicality, character, and sociability. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Strub, Eshbaugh , Wrig b:, Littlefield. SECOND ROW: Hoffman, Haydon, Hill, Meyer. THIRD ROW: Fuller, Modesitt, Crowe, Kruger.


A . I. Ch. E. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Dowell, Knapp, Demopoulos, Hughes. SECOND ROW : Vetter, Christian . THIRD ROW: Stevenson , Gillenwater.

The MSM chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers received its charter in 1939. It provides opportunities for the professional development of students majoring in Chemical Engineering, enabling them to hear and meet outstanding professional men from industry and to learn what is expected of the newly graduated engineer in industry. Membership is AIChE requires only that the student be enrolled in the Chemical Engineering Department.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Harrb, Demopoulos, Knapp, Hug hes, Stevenson, Veu er , Gillen water , Chris路 tian, Dowell , Kenned y, Smith, Kiehne. SECOND ROW : Daniels, Thomas, McLeane, Chappe ll , Edwa rds, Bohl , Hoffman , Ing lis, Coombes, W erder . THIRD ROW : Oberlander, Chittenden , Whitecotton, W ood. Davis, Lawhon , James, Hibberd , Patterson, Pruitt, Colburn. FOURTH ROW : Yannopoulos, Tims, Poarch, Donald路 son, Meyer, Spencer, Van Cleave, Pluhar, Keeler, Har路 vey. FIFTH ROW: Okenfuss, Willis, Rasche , Pope, Cul路 nan, Stone, Cole, Haseltine, White.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Oberlander, T ims, Pope, Daniels, Kiehne, Harris, Stevenson, Meyer, Rasche, Kennedy, Smith. SECOND ROW: Spencer , Donaldson, W ood , Chappell , Chittenden, McLeane, Hoffma n, Colbur n, Knapp, Hug hes. T HIRD ROW : Lawhon , Edwa rds, Davis, Adams, Patterson, Hibberd, Stone, Yannopulus, Gillenwater, Staples. FOURTH ROW : Howard , James, Magre, Smith, Arshadi , Christian , Harvey, Vetter , Newton , Poarch. IN FRONT: Willis, Culnan, G raves, Demopoulos, D ille.

The Beta Delta Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma here at the Missouri School of Mines was founded in 1937. A pledge class is initiated each semester, and the Chapter holds regular semi-monthly meetings. The objectives of the fraternity are to bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship, to strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession, and to aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemises throughout their. mortal lives.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Stevenson, Harris, Kiehne. SECOND ROW : Daniels, M eyer, Rasche, Pope.

Alpha Chi Sigma 171

A. C. S.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Day, Thaung. SECOND ROW: MacFarlane, Duderstadt.

The American Ceramic Society is a national organization which has as its purpose the promotion of science and engineering as they relate to Ceramics and its alljed industries. The M issouri School of Mines student branch of the Society was formed by and for students in the Ceramic Engineering D epartment. Monthly meetings are held, at w hich time prominent men from the Ceramic field present timely, informative lectures and motion pictures covering the entire field from brick and glass to rocket nozzles, transistors, a nd missile nose cones. Thus, the student gai ns a m aterial insight into the field, w hich is not to be obtained in the classroom or laboratory.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: MacFarlane, Thaung, Duderstadt, Day, Williams, Lorer, Allmon. SECOND ROW: Phillips, Granr. Vancil , Phillips, Snajdr, W eisenstein. THIRD ROW : Dc nk . Hunter , Rusert, Sword , Richards, Martin.



ROW: Day, Grant, Hunter, PhilLEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Allmon , MacFarlan e, Williams, Thaung, OuderstadL SECOND lip~. Rusen, Lorey.

Keramos The Missour i Chapter of Keramo s was establish ed on the Missour i School of Mines campus July 26, 1947. The student member s are chosen on their scholarship, characte r, and promise of success in the Ceramic field. Its principa l objective s are tO promote and emph asize scholarship and characte r in the thoughts of Ceramic students , to stimulat e mental achievement, and co promote interest in ceramic art, technolo gy, and engineer ing. As seconda ry objectives, it seeks to bind more closely the alumni to this school and to the alum ni of ocher colleges h av ing schools or departm ents of Ceramic s and Ceramic Enginee ring, and to furnish an addition al tie of college friendsh ip. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Macfarlan e, Duderstad t, Williams, Allmon.

L EFT TO RIG HT . fi RST ROW : Mielke, Schuler , Pfautsch, Hofstetter, Tayloe, Willey, Fike, Dallmer, Paynton. Glaser , Higley. SECOND ROW : Gaede, Drachenberg, Nicholson, Kimbrough, Lazaras, Finkelstein , l azaras, Troxel, Menze, Butler . THIRD HOW : Mill er , Co pe. Ri<ler , Gamphar, Church, Branson , Byas, Staley , T harp, Van ~ant, lluncer. FOURTH ROW : J o hnson, Corne ll , Stack, Dudley . Southe rn , Boothe, Dodson, Comsrock, Powe ll, Kinder . FIFTH ROW : Vasterling, Schnitker, Sherrick, Pa tterson, Banholo mew. Baumbach, Bell, Valentine, M usfrove, Reuter .

Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles along with the MSM branch Company K, Seventh Regiment, is a national organization of college students who are members of the Reserve Officer's Training Corps, and have chosen this organization as a n extra-curricular activity. I t is a fraterna l organ ization a nd a student must pledge for one semester before becoming an active member. It seeks to develop th ose traits of character and leadership essential to success in both mili tary a nd civilian life. In addition, Pe rshing Rifles presents a valuable background in military train ing for the years which its members have yet to serve in the service of our country.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Tayloe, Willey, DaHmer . SECOND ROW : Pfautsch, Fike, G laser. T HIRD ROW : Schu路 ler .

S. A.M . E. The Society of America n Military Engineers, founded during World War II, is compose d of engineer s, both civilian and military , who believe that it is their duty to preserve the lessons of the past as a guide for the future and to save the nation from the spirit of indiffere nce into which it has fallen after every war. Student chapters are established to acquaint the student with the national organization and to increase his interest in engineering. The MSM chapter of SAME has been very active, providin g displays for both Parent's Day and Enginee r's Day and supervis ing the coatcheck at the Military Ball. Regular chapter meeting s are also held at which movies of engineer ing interest are shown.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Mue ller, Glaser , Nowak, Tayloe. SECO N D ROW : Dallmer , Bell, P fa utsch , Schuler . SECOND ROW : Koboldt, Wal路 LEFT T O RIG HT, FIRST ROW : N owak, Pfaursch, Schuler , Glaser , Bell , Mueller , Ande rson. j oh nson, Ki nder , Myers, Poarch, ton, Bobbitt, Hanraha n, Corc:cyca, Pike, T ayloe. T HIRD ROW : Kosten, Grizio, McCormic k, DaHmer .


St. Pat's Board

Officers LEIT TO RIGHT: Hill , Palovchik, Husemann.

LEFT T O RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Murphy, Hill , Pa lovchik, Huse mann , Pellicciotto. SECOND ROW : Parks, Harris, Schneider, Stevenson, Smith. THIRD ROW : Wilson, Boschert, Kuhlmann , Steinmann , La pinski , Kozeny, McCarth y.


The St. Pat's Board this year celebrated its fiftieth year of active existence. The Board is composed of two members from each fraternity and six men from the Independents. Each organization elects a new member each year for a twoyear term, thus dividing the Board into senior and junior members. The St. Pat's celebration, which lasted four days, officially started Friday afternoon with the 176

parade of floats built by the various organizations on campus. Friday night was the occasion for the Costume Ball; and Saturday night at the Formal Dance, the Maids of Honor were presented, while Miss Jolene See became Queen of the Court of Love and Beauty. St. Pat's, held in honor of the Engineers' patron saint, is the most important social event for a Miner and is an Alumnus' fondest memory.

The Missouri School of Mines Interfraternity Council is composed of twenty eight members representi ng the fourteen social fraternities on campus. Fraternitie s elect one new member to the council each year to serve as junior member his first year and as the senior member his second year. The council has the duty of making and interpreti ng regulations and promoting a spirit

of harmony and co-operat ion among the fraternities. Represent ing all fraternitie s is the National Interfrate rnity Council wh ich was founded in New York in 1909. It is composed of prominen t fraternity leaders and college representa tives who meet annually in New York City. Through their intelligen t deliberati on, the relationsh ip between college fraterni ties has been greatly improved.

Marble, Finke, LEFT TO R IG HT, FIRST ROW : Ra:h, Welsh, Schultz, Pope, Macaladr. SECOND ROW : Maisak. Merer , Dusin, Russell. Ellicott, Mueller, Thompson. THIRD ROW : Edwards, Anderson,

lnte rfrat ern ity Cou ncil

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Schultz, Pope, Welsh.

LEFT TO RIG HT , FIRST ROW : Link, Srevenson , Day, Dendler, Padilla. SECON D ROW: Kiehne, Mattingly, Ber torello, Hodg e, Feaster, GarretÂŁ. T HIR D ROW: Shavers, Pawlowski, Pi pal, Baskin, H yde.

Student Council The Student Council is the student body's voice in campus affairs. Since its founding in 1937, the Stude nt Council has carried through many projects to benefit the students, a nd this year was no exception. Lights for the tennis court, bleachers for the intra mura l field, and weights fo r the gym were just a few of the improvements that benefited the students as a whole. This organization is composed of a member and a lternate from each of the fourteen socia l fraternities, and fourteen members a nd their a lternates from the Independents. These men worked as a team co g ive the Miners a governing body th at looked to the i ucure as w ell as the present.


LEfT TO RIGHT: Dendler , Day, Ste , enson, Link.


ROW : Wolf, Cowden, ThurLEFT TO RIGHT, FiRST ROW: Haum, Ratckin , Ellicott, Robbins, Underwoo d, Sievers. SECOND n, Hartshorn , Ma isch, Rathma , Martin , man, Bowman, King, Stinchcom b, L1wrence, Lynch, Jackson. THIRD ROW : Drumeller . Johnson Altleroy, Burlagc, Hremhn, Komo, Gordon. FOURTH ROW: Poarch, Bove, Grazman,

The Missour i School of Mines Band is sponsore d jointly by the school and rhe ROTC Program . This year the band traveled more extensiv ely than ever before. The symphon ic unit played at the state prison and the Algoa Reformato ry this last fall. The Spring Road Trip took the Band to Kansas City, Sedalia, Columb ia, Jefferso n City, a~d Fort Leonard Wood. Delta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorar y band fraternity, was chartere d on March 9th. Eighty six men participa ted in the Band Program . The Band Direccor was selected for member ship in All American Bandma sters Band. Eighteen new instrume nts were secured during the year. All this made 1957-58 a banner season.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynch, Ellicott, Robbins, Underwood.


Alpha Phi Omega Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Kruger, Lodholz, Law, Eshbaugh, Benz, Colandrea, Spencer.

Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity which has a definite program of activities in which the members direct their energies for the benefit of their fellowmen. Since its beginning on the campus of Missouri School of Mines, Beta Omicron chapter has had a fine record of service projects. Among these projects are the Student Book Exchange, the car pool, the free desk blotters, co-sponsorship of the blood drive with the Red Cross, and an annual oarty for cerebral palsied children who liv-e in the vicinity of Rolla.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Benz, Colandrea, Lodholz, Law, Esh路 baugh, Spencer, Kruger, V a c c a , White, DesCamp, Shelton. SECOND ROW : Murphy, Peterson, Stone, Mil路 ler, Bardet , Moss, Hofer, Mosier, Kieffer, Konrad, B u r k c , Morris. THIRD ROW: Qualls, Walther, Sna路 jdr, Schader, Szuch, Roberts, Gan路 ninger, Marlow, Marosck, Rephlo, Barry.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Link, Daniels, Spcn路 cer , Hill, Konrad, Guetersloh, Day, Rasche, Harri!>. SECOND ROW : Stevenson, Twyman, Kruger, Singer, Sutcon, Oudcrstadt, Spratt, Strub, Brendccke, Boschert. THIRD ROW: Macalady , Wollgast, Spencer, H of~tet路 ter, Borman, Eaker, Colandrea, R yter, Thompson. Stan路 ten , Sucher.

Blue Key National Honor Fraternity was founded at the University of Florida in 1924. Men are chosen for Blue Key impartially and solely on their all-around ability. Blue Key stamps a man as possessing high scholarship, good character, and outstanding leadership. The M.S.M. ch apter of Blue Key was established in 1933. Publishing a student d irectory, ushering at graduation and serving as guides at school functions are but a few of the many worthwhile activities of Blue Key at M.S.M. Officers Konrad, Guetersloh, Day. Spencer, Hill .

Blue Key 181



Officers LEFT T O RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Vakil , Da jani, Schmied . SECO N D ROW : G rawe, Koh ler.

The International Fellowship is an organization whose objectives are to promote fr.iendship and better relations be~ween the countries represented at the MSM campus and to provide a place of fellowship for foreign students and their American friends. The group sees three principal ways to further these aims. First, at meetings, programs of international interest feature speakers and movies from foreign countries. Second, the organization sponsors the annual International Dinner, featuring foods from various countries prepared by members of the group. Third, there is the International Fellowship program as a part of the MSM radio hour on station KTTR. By way of interviews of foreign students, listeners become acquainted with other parts of the globe.

LEFT T O RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Demopoulos, Berthold, Sch mied, Grave, Dajani , Vakil, Sein. SECOND ROW : Sothi-Pan, J ud, Patel, Simatupang, Arshadi, Pa lacios. T HIR D ROW : Ueu lmana, Hovhanisian, McPherson, Cox, Silva. FOURTH ROW : Fard , Bauer, Munagina, Kohler, Faengcr, T aylo r.


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Day, H ardebeck, Eshbaugh, Fuller , Jensen, SpratÂŁ, Schmidt. SECOND ROW : Coffey , Schluemer , Schaefer , Link, Sutton, Duderstadt, Rasche, Ringenberg, Daniels, Li. T HIRD ROW : Pool, Hemsky, H atfield, Lewis, Wrig ht, Hofstetter , Stanton, Vetter, Pressly, Field.

Phi Kappa Phi The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is a national scholastic honor society open to honor students in all departments of American colleges and universities. To be eligible for election by the Missouri School of Mines chapter, Seniors must rank in the upper twelve percent of their class, but not more than 10 % may be elected. Juniors ranking in the upper 5% may be c~n­ sidered for election. The Missouri School of Mines Chapter maintains an active Student Loan Fund, and each year awards a certificate, in the form of a Book Plate to each student who has maintained a 2.00 or better average for the academic year. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT : Fuller,

Es hbau ~ h . j en s~n .

18 3

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Schaefer, Day, Duderstadt, Stanton, Spratt, Williams, Schluemer, Rasche, Daniels. SECOND ROW: Lovelace, Harris, Coffey, Sullivan, Sutton, Bertorello, Hardebeck, McGehee, Elling, Sloan. THIRD ROW: Griffith, Pool, Gillenwater, Giboney, Weimholt, Lewis, Eaker, Lichius, Strub, Brendecke. FOURTH ROW: Sucher, Jones, J enkins, Hemsky, Hatfield, Burrows, Hofstetter, Ringenberg, Vetter, Pressly, Edwards.

Tau Beta Pi

As a result of the need for proper recognition of honor students in engineering colleges, the Tau Beta Pi Association was founded at Lehigh University in 1885. The Missouri Beta chapter of Tau Beta Pi has been active on this campus since 1906. It selects its members from the upper one-eighth of

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Johnson, Demopoulos, Field, Burk, Minton , Bucy , Cochran, Schmidt, Meyer. SECOND ROW: Jones, Stevenson, Cleary, Bassett, Macalaoy, Green, Mason, Fesler, Vakil, McNabb. THIRD ROW: Ebert, Long, Hay路 don, Winter, Zarzav:ujian , Lamb, Latham, Link, Smith, Crowe. FOURTH ROW: Schwarz, Walker, Henderson, Roberts, O'Dell , Wright. Washburn. Schiermeier, Wallace, Meyer, Lukejahr, Munger. Kis~ling,

Tau Beta Pi the junior class and the upper one-fifth of the senior class. To stimulate scholarship among underclassmen, Tau Beta Pi elects the outstanding freshman. To stimulate interest in the engineering sciences, Tau Beta Pi makes an award at the annual district high school science fair. To stimulate interest in liberal culture, Tau Beta Pi conducted a campus survey for student preferences in the General Lectures Program. It is hoped in the future that Tau Beta Pi will be able to sponsor a scholarship for a deserving student. In addition to its other activities, Tau Beta Pi maintains the campus recognition markers and maintains a current list of eligibles for other honor societies. As a brotherhood , Tau Beta Pi promotes personal association among the several engineering curricula and espouses professional ethics and ideals for its members.

Best Pledge

:/PT To .RlOFficers ucy, !w

GI-IT ~> n ' ~1,Rs-.. n ~ .nO\\'t'. o ur

IOto o .R0"" ' w : Coc hra o

lc . SEc b · ozvn. • ~'eld, Sch · Ierrneier.

Pledge Quiz

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Stanton, Day, Spratt. SECOND ROW: Duderstadt, Minton, Schaefer.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW; Pastor Hackney, Capps, Bartholomew , Thomas, Truesdale, Thompson, Rinehart, Patterson, Henson. SECOND ROW; Vick. Powell. Fouraker, Leonard, Lay, Hensley, Schultz, Inglis, Bowman. THIRD ROW: Hall, Scott, Roberts, Kenneth , Waltrip, Myers, Shepard, Schrivner. FOURTH ROW: Blankenship, Hendrickson, Kelso, Ringo, Craven, Sutherlin , Brunkhart, Dille, Norman, Lane. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT.Vick . Bartholomew, Capps, Fouraker. and Rinehart .

B. S. U. "Go ye, Miner . . . into the classroom, dorm, fraternity house; .. into the co-op, gym, lab; . . into the busy wonderful life which is yours, and make disciples of all people." This guiding principle of the Bap路 tist Student Union, which was organized on the MSM campus about 1935, is carried out through many activities. Heading the activities is the "Noonday" meeting held weekdays at the Uptown Theater for inspiration and fellowship. Other events include the State Convention, state and local retreats, International Student Banquet, general B. S. U. fellowships, revival teams, music, and sports.

Newm an Club Cardinal John Henry Newman had a motto: "Heart speaketh to Heart" . These few words embody the substance of the organization which bears his name. The Newman Club is a union of the hearts and personalities of young men throughout our nation w ho realize that God is not to be forgotten in the rush of college life. The aim of the Newman Club is to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of its members. Activities are varied, including infor.r..nal instructions in the theology of modern living and the promoting and planning of dances and other social functions . Since its begi nning in April of 1954 the MSM Newman Club has grown to a membership of 174 men. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Bertorcllo, M ~~r . Kaiser. Konrad . SECOND ROW : Miloro. Uding. Pa 路 pin. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Hibberd, Nowtny, Nenninger, Loss, Redington , Redington, Helton, Wood, Fadler , Chiodini, Callison, Spitzer. SECOND ROW: Abkemeier, Schmidt, Ziegler, Udiog, Miloro, Kaiser, Bertorello, Konrad, Papin, Walther, Burke, \Villenbrink, Reichert. THIRD ROW: Unnerstall, Lazaras, Palacios, Tegethoff, Straatmann, Ross, Jokerst, Checkett, Borman, Barry, Cova, Schmied, Thompson, Gunther, Repblo, Consoletti. FOURTH ROW: Paredes, Camp, Cullen, Moore, Qualls, Anderson , Meritt, Weimholt, Orf, Glaser , Hofer, Bocklage, Colandrea, Vetter. FIFTH ROW: Striebel, Horenkamp, Winter , Del. Prete, Benz, Koke, Marlow, Ganninger , Meyer, Schoene, Bowles, Schmedding, Stanley, Ziegerer, Maune, Bleck路 man . SIXTH ROW: Bya.s, McLaug hlin, Logsdon, Markway, Kliethermes, Berkel, Bertorello. Fitzgibbons, Hahn, Hornsey, Grinker, Hord, Croci, Maune.


Wesley Foundatio n

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: Cox, Ho f路 stetter, Richards. SECOND ROW: Robbin,. Underwood .

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Richards, Underwood, Hofstetter, Robbins, Cox, McPher son , Vansant. SECOND ROW: Church, Wood , Barnes, Silverberg, Simatupang, Heilig, Wasson , Summitt, Lum , Kauffma n. THIRD ROW : Poarch , Wiste路 luff. Carver. Testerman, Dod son. Kruger, Donaldson.

The Wesley Foundation is a Christian student organization located on non-church related college campuses with the main purpose of the Foundation being to provide a " home away from home" by sponsoring social, educational, and spiritual activities in the light of Christian understanding. Deriving its name from J ohn Wesley, the father of Methodism, the Foundation cooperates 188

with other Christian student organiza tions on campus through membership in the Interfaith Council. Through the Methodist Student Movement, the Wesley Foundation is a member of the World Student Christian Federation, United Student Christian Council, and the Student Volunteer Movement. Through these organizations and the Methcdist Church, the Foundation is a lso a member of the World Council of Churches.

Gamma Delta is an international association of Lutheran students founded in 1934 at Chicago, Illinois. Alpha Phi chapter was established at MSM in February of 1945. The primary objectives of Gamma Delta are co provide its members with Christian fellowship, to help them to increase in Christian knowledge, and to serve the church and community. To promote these objectives, it carries on a pro-

gram of religious, educational, and social activities. Thus, the Lutheran student may find a welcomed source of religious activity and endeavor while at the School of Mines. He may further his religious trai ning along wi th his four years of scholastic training. Herein l ies the main purpose for the existence of Gamma Delta.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Fey, Poppitz, Mueller, Loebs, Luebke. SECOND ROW: Maksymicz, Kosten, Schluemer, Green, Schaefer, Hoech, Popp, Hecht. THIRD ROW : McCulley. Lukefahr, Wollgast , Hadler, Finke, Schulze, Sievers.

Gamm a Delta

Officer:. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Poppitz, Loebs. SECOND ROW : Luebke, Mueller, Fey.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Lamb, Rusche, McCormick, Foster, Matias, Hadler, Macalady, Siroka, Andreas, Pressly, Green, Smith, Dowell. SECOND ROW: Dowdy, Puycar, Richey, Meyer, Young, Walz, Hammond, Seek, Harbaugh, Walker, Anspach, Ball, G.r.:egory, Maume, Schrenk. THIRD ROW: Fuller, Fowler, Marlow, Spratt, Welch, Lawson, Sands, Bassett, Eshbaugh, Grady, Ramsey, Groves, Calston, McCubbin. FOURTH ROW: Scobee, Moore, Risner, Mallow, Lawrence, Shoemaker , Allen, Graham, Smyth, Sanders, Brendecke, Heutel Whitehead. FIFTH ROW: Schier meier, Carpenter, Mayfield, Wallace, Reilly, Klin路 gele, Acksel, Patcerson, Gerwert, Elling, Williams, Williams, Williams, Micka.

Univ ersity Dam es The National Association of University Dames was founded at the University of Chicago in 1920. The MSM Chapter was established in 194 1. It is an organization of students' wives. Its aims are to promote a spirit of friendliness, furnish a means of entertai nment, and stimulate general culture among its members. The sponsors are a board of faculty wives, headed by Mrs. Curtis Wilson, wife of the Dean. The University Dames provide a variety of activities over the year that all members may participate in such as: bridge, bowling, study of dramatics, singing, handicraft; and we have added cheerleaders to help promote more school spirit. Our enrollment this past year numbered approx imately 200.


Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Hadler, Macalady. SECOND ROW: Graham, Young, Welch. THIRD ROW : R ichey, Meyer.

JJM'' Club

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Bara, Scharf, Harris, Barre, Rockwell, Burk, Smith, Wilson, J urenka, Collins, Murdock. SECOND ROW: Herschbach, Englehardt, Vancil, Marble, Jobe, Wheeler, Bolon, Cooper, Boren, Sands. THIRD ROW: Mathews, Allison, Whitehair, Parker, Singer, Kruger, Rasche, Moore, Sullivan. FOURTH ROW : Johnson, Ford, Aderman , Walz, 路 Shavers, Wilkins, Booth, Gay, Calvin, Sucher.

The "M" Club is an ath letic organization composed exclusively 路of those men who have engaged in one of the varsity sports. The purpose of this organization is to develop the feeling of companions hip among its members, the betterment of sportsmansh ip and school spirit on the campus, and to help the athletic department in the handling of varsity games and meets as well as hdping to provide a well rounded intramural program. In order to stimulate competition in intramural and varsity sports, various awards are given co outstanding participants in the athletic program.

Officers Rockwell. Smith


Glee Club The MSM Glee Club, which has completed one of its more successful seasons, is under the direction of Professor John M. Brewer. Cooperation between glee club members, officers, and the MSM Student Council, which has been extremely high this year, has resulted in increased attendance, added rapport, and enlarged repertoire. The membership in the organization has reached new heights as the Glee Club broadened and enlarged it's activities. Featured in the series of concert tours were visits to Lindenwood, Monticello, Webster, and Cottey Colleges. The Glee Club performed on KOMU-TV and at the Missouri Penitentiary at Jefferson City, school convocations, Parent's Day Banquet, A.S. C.E. Banquet, and the Spring Joint Concert with the MSM-ROTC Band.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Harris, Sullivan, Specker, Thoman, Modesitt, Brewer, Baskin, Hogan, Toigo, Bond, Reichert. SECOND ROW: Elias, Colburn, Canale, Peterson Brunkheirt, Fey, Roberts, Kapfer, Craig, Summitt. THIRD ROW: Cappel路 lari, Troxel, Kennerly, Scott, Bohl, Meadows, Gay, Jurgens, Luebke, Keller, Heilig. FOURTH ROW: Poll, Lazaras, Drachen路 berg, Donaldson, Wyatt Chapple, Ganninger, Kasowski, Davis, Bennett, Kauffman.

Photo Club The Missouri School of Mines Photo Club is an organizat ion of students interested in amateur photograp hy. A fullyequipped dark room is available for all members in the basement of the Rolla Building. Interestin g lectures or motion pictures pertaining ro the phases of photography are presented at the monthly meetings. Exhibits processed by members and an allcollege phoco contest are regular events. These facilities and activities make the photo club a very worthwhi le outlet for the amateur photOgrap her. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Pool, Fowler.

LEFT TO R IGHT, FIRST ROW: Schluemer, Pool, Fowler. SECOND ROW: Akmakpan, Schaefer, Cornell, Chin, Robertson.

1st Row: Statler, Brewer, Scott, Pan. 2nd Row: Sellers, Edwards, Valentine, Shavers, Robertson.

Esperanto MOSAMO , the Esperanto Club of MSM was organized on the MSM campus on 28 October J947 for the promotio n of world communi cation through a common auxiliary language. EsperantO was constructe d scientifica lly as a simplified language which employs grammar and words from the principal languages of the world. Esperanto has been adopted by the U.S. Army as the official Aggressor language. The agenda of the 8th UNESCO Conferenc e included a discussion of Esperanto as the most desirable auxiliary language available.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, fiRST ROW: Scott, Sellers. SECOND ROW: Statler, Edwards, Brewer.



L. Dake Geo. Society. LEFT TO RJGHT, FIRST ROW: Del Prete, Marosek, See, Jud, Stinchomb, Owens, Kissling. SECOND ROW : Johnson, Hicholson, Jurgens, Taylor, Paredes, Hutchins, West.

Radio Club. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Nau, Overall, Prius, Schneider , Schneider, Shafer , Ho~a rd . SECOND ROW : Van路 ooy, Hanneman, Knickerbocker, Perr iguey, Caner , Bowman, Shuh:z. THIRD ROW: Luedde, Junge. Speluukers. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Schneider, Heuerman, Adam, Kassay, Jurgens, Schevers, Carter. SECOND ROW: Swanson, Cappellari, Dice, Johnson, Kowalski , Nicholson, Del Prete. THIRD ROW: Aubley, Leonard, Lina, Vierck, Chin, Me路 Cahon, Leek.


C. L. Dake The C. L. Dake Society is an organization in which students in all curricula at M. S.M. can participate in activities concerned with the earth sciences. The Society meets twice a month in Norwood Hall for a program on some aspect of the earth sciences. Field trips to areas of geologic interest are arranged about once every two months. This year, the society visited the Magnet Cove area of Arkansas as well as the Eminence-Curre nt River area of Missouri. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Owens, Kissling, West.

Radio Club The MSM Radio Club, WOEEE, is dedicated to the art of Amateu r Radio. It is an Affiliated Club of the American Radio League, has worked all states and continen ts, and is active in the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service and the Missouri Emergency Phone Net. We have been designated an Official Relay Station for emergency messages. The Club offers free message handling service to the entire student body. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Hogard, Schneider, C., Schneider, E. , Fritts. SECOND ROW: Overall, Nau, Shafer . Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Adam, Jurgens, Kassay, Heuerman.

Spelunkers The purpose of the club is to organize the studenrs of the Missouri School of Mines, who are interested in exploring caves and caverns, into a group to aid in the exchange of speleological knowledge and information. In addition to the exploration of caverns, the club carries on various other speleological activities. The ultimate goal of our club is to penetrate into the depths of the earth where man has never penetrated before, in an effort to expla in the nature and origin of caves.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ziegler, McCahon, Loos, Fadler, Overton, Schmidt, Myers, Ford, Griffith. SECOND ROW: Martin, Schluemer, Colburn , Bohl, Nolan, Janes, Craig, Comer . THIRD ROW: Cappellari, Elias, DelPrete, Elam, Brunkhart, Lambkin , Ganey, Godding, Sutton , Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Berthold, Troxel, Drachenberg, Chapple, Taylor, Jordan, Don路 aldson, Hard, Wade. FIFTH ROW: Mattingly, Berkel, McLaughlin, Laffler, Nenninger, Vied, Shavers, Walters, Bertorello.

Independe nts

With its recently revised constitution tucked under its arm, the Independents Organization this year had, by far, its best year in its twentythree year history. The purpose of the Independents Organization is to provide a common meeting place for all independent students where they may share ideas, interests, a nd recreation. All students who are members of neither a fraternity nor a sorority

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Staley, Davis, Bennett, Bertorello, Day, Baskin, Chiodini, Robertson , Reichert. SECOND ROW: Stevenson, Green, Gilmore, Vancil, Dowell, Spencer, Ha=t, Sherwood. THIRD ROW: Pressly, Unnerstall, Ganninger, Herschbach, Boren , Homsey, Baldwin. FOURTH ROW: Taylor, Nauert, Hillmeyer, Henson, Brunjes.

Independents are eligible co join the organization and have a voice in campus activities. The Independents proudly participated in three ma jor school activities. H a lf of the Student Council, including the president, were represe ntatives from the Ind epe ndents. G. D. I. members were also active on the St. Pat's Board--architects of the social event of che year, and the Miner Board--staff of the weekly school newspaper. H owever, social activities for its members proved the most popular for the organization. Monthly meetings were highlighted by refreshments, popular door prizes, and feature films, including " Gendemen Prefer Blondes" and "Mister Roberts". In October and again in May, nearly all the members enjoyed the fes tive social outing held each semester. The Independents activ ities durin~ the 1957-58 school year will be fondly remembered. It is only h0ped chat future officers and members will continue to work diligently to not only equal but also surpass the high standards established chis year.

Sr. Pac's (G D . .f .) 1958

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ziegler, Mattingly. SECOND ROW: Baskin, Day, Bertorcllo. THIRD ROW : Ford , Reichert.

What's so funny

1st G. D. I . float

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Flood, Spencer, Lazaras, Schmidt, Washburn, Dunnavant, Blomberg, Shavers, McRae, Summitt, Heilig. SECOND R0\'<1: Hopkins, Uculmana, Barnes, Dalton, Canale, Steib, Rudolph, Lazaras, Finkelstein, Maksymic:z, Troxel, Walters, Jordan , Comer, Kennerly. THIRD ROW: Lawrence, Annis, Johnson, McCluskey, Comstock, Schneider, Shy, Peterson, Kuhlman, Paredes, Morgan, Janes, Wasson, Aufderheide. FOURTH ROW: Pool, Cooper, Drachenberg, Chapple, Highlander, Cornell. Kasowski, Vaughn, Nolan, Pugh, Stinchcomb, Poarch. FIFTH ROW: Church, Horenkamp, Brockmann, Kohlleppel, Byas, Hawkins, Taylor, Testerman, Console:ti, Hutchins, W)'att, Fey, Gaertner, Price.


With the number of students attending the School of Mines increasing every year the need for add itional facilities has been very great. This year a new modern dormirory was opened. Two more new dormitories and a new cafeteria will be opened in the Fall. This w ill bring the number of students living in the dorms ro approximately six hundred.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Noell, Schluemer, Martin, Chatham, McCahon , Wright, Sharon. SECOND ROW: Walker, Flanigan, Landingham, Minton, Larkin, Chen , Henderson, Inglis. TH I RD ROW: Hootman , Mayer, Westehuff, Miller, Slusher, Todd, Leek. FOURTH ROW: Whetsell, Kowalski.

Dormitory The Dormitory Council is the governing body of the dormirory. This group is composed of thirteen members representing floors and sections of the dormirory. A president and secretary are elected from this group. The council also forms committees co carry out its duties. The active committees this year are the civic, noise suppression grievance, and cafeteria committees. Regular meetings are held by the council co discuss the problems concerning the residents of the dormitory. Sections of the dormitory sponsor activities such as an annual Christmas p arty. The dormitory actively participates in most of the intramural sports and has excellent teams in many of them. Students living in the dormitOry are active in many campus organizations, and also make up an important part of the M.S.M. student body.


Housemother sorts mail

LEIT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Abkemeier , Konrad , Masnica, Qualls, Kozeny, Okeofuss, Hug h es, Guetersloh, Borman, Rephlo. SECOND ROW : Colaodrea, Ross , W alther, Burke, Bender , W eisenstein, Her rmann , Kieffer , Sn ajd r , Markway. THIRD ROW : T wcle, Klein, Schader, Miller , Alyea, Lip tai, White, Bruegging, Robertso n, Headington . FO URTH ROW : Koke, Straatmann, Szuch, J okerst, Ross, Weisenstein, Stone, R yter , Barry. FIITH ROW : Luebbert, O'Keefe , Tegethoff, McKeone, Croci, Hofer , Lcmbeck, Kliethermes, Checkett, Stevenson.

Miner Board

Officers LEIT TO RI GHT, FIRST ROW : Colandrea, Okeofuss, Qualls. SECOND ROW : Gutersloh , Hughes. THIRD ROW: Kozeny, Masnica.

The Miner is the officia l p ublication of the Missouri School of Mines. Its purpose is co g ive the students news concerning the school , students, and members of the faculty as well as any genera l news which might be of interest to the students. The first M iner was pub lished in 191 4, 54 years ago. Before that some students published a book le t irregula rly w hich they called the "N otebook." Since that time, the Miner has been issued every week except during holidays. The p aper is put out every week, a nd one is g iven co each student. Many other people who do not a ttend the school also receive copies of the p aper. The Miner tries to g ive coverage to every different type of news. It is very diversified in the ma terial contained in it. The staff welcomes letters from the students and publishes as ma ny as p ossible of these letters since they are usually of great interest to the students. The Miner ofte n takes a position on certain top ics concerning the school and the students a nd tries co point out many of the good and bad points of these subjects, by means of editorials and feature art icles.

Miner Board Many times the paper will carry an article featu ring some event, or topic which will be of special interest to the students. These features will concern some event which is taking place at school, some nationa l event which may concern the students or some person connected with the school or its interest or activities. There is much attention paid to the fraternities and campus organizations by the paper. Each fraterni ty or organization may submit an article concerning its activities, and these are usually printed when space is available. The sports section of the paper is very complete. It carries news concerning the major sports and the intramural sports between the organizations.

T he Staff



Rollamo Board

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Fesler, Konud, Urban. SECOND ROW : Drew路 low, Bender, Ross. THIRD ROW: Rephlo, Hughes, Pendleton.

September 17, 1957. After three months of solitude and quiet the buildings on the Missouri School of Mines Campus are once again alive with the activity of students preparing for another year of b ard work. Thus, the story which is depicted through the pictures as well as words in this year's Rollamo, begins. As one turns the p ages the story unfolds. One sees the social happenings, the activities, the sporting events, which highlighted the past school year. As we proceed one finds himself looking at the place where be ate and slept, recalling the many fond memories and good times which they hold. At the same time he sees the ma ny fellows, who by their companionship, made this one of the best years of his life. Finally, we come to the end of the story, a goal which all of us hope to one day attain, graduation. The story as told in this book and summarized in the above paragraph, is your most positive link with the school year just concluded. It is a means by which we can,

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Abkemeier, Hughes, Rephlo, Ross, Konrad, Bender, Fesler, Pendleton, Stone, White. SECOND ROW: Ross, Burke, Walther, Schader, Shepard , Alyea, Liptai, Weisenstein, Kieffer, Ryter, K liethermes. THIRD ROW : Spen路 cer, Markway, Benz, Klein, Tegethoff, Ludhol:z, Soma, Snajdr, Barry, Vacca, Kruger. FOURTH ROW: Twele, Lembeck, Ander路 son, Koke, Straatmann, J okerst , Cbeckett, Weisenstein, Herrmann, Miller, Croci.


Rollamo Board afcer we have become successful businessmen, recall our days in college. This, alone, is the purpose of a yearbook. With this purpose in mind and with the understanding that it would take a lot of work and co-operation, the members of the Rollamo Staff under the leadership of Rich Konrad, set out to make this the most complete and detailed yearbook ever published at the School of Mines and Metallurgy. It is the sincere hope of the staff that this book accomplished what was intended; an annual which will a lways be a constant reminder of your college days. We would also like to thank all the organizations for their help and co-operation.

Checking th

c la you rs

Looking over the budget


Engineers Club

This ole house

The Engineers Club has the prestige of being the oldest existing cooperative eating club on campus. It was founded during the fall semester in 1934 and since that time has continued to serve as an eating establishment where wholesome and nutritional meals are available to its members. Membership to the Engineers Club is selective but open to a ll the independent student applicants on campus. The maximum number of members at any one time is 125. Each and every member is encouraged to join in as many school activities and organizations as he has time for. Through this encouragement many of our men hold offices in the various campus groups. Naturally the intramural scene is where the clubs' team spirit becomes obvious. The officers and board members are elected each year on the basis of their apparent interest in the clubs' welfare, their

John & Ray w ithout their dark eye-glasses


Engineers Club capabilities of management, and popularity. This year, as in the past, the members have sought to promote improvements to benefit those who will be future members. The largest undertaking of this program is the building fund which was initiated in 1956 and is progressing nicely. Though not expected of an eating club there is much fellowship in evidence at the Engineers Club. When members gather for meal time it is as though one large family were sitting down together. The tempo of conversation never lags and tOpics are never dull. This all leads to every one being close friends, strangers to no member.

LEFTTORIGH T, FIRST RO hare, Smith lurenka, 'WeiJs ~ndkerson. SE~~~Dx, Degea. Row. • 'V • oc weu

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Whitehouse , Demopoulos, Roper , Hradsky, Smith, Degenhart, Cox, Taylor, Allen, Highly, Vansant. SECOND ROW: Lum, McCoy, West, Mielke, Herscbbach, Boren, Feaster, Fink, Taylor, Johnston. THIRD ROW: He ndrickson, Sutherlin, Hodge, Werner, Kimbrough, Berkel, Brunkhart, Maddox, Buckles. FOURTH ROW: Crapnell, Phillips, Eaker, Wegener, Boyett, Wakefield, Early.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Creason, Seemann, Mason, Vied , Reichert, Bond , Myers, W ood , Ingram . SECOND ROW : Hartwig, Vick, Statler, Boothe, Carey, Stanley, Morgan , Hibberd, Elam, Southern . THIRD ROW: Jones, Cordes, Thoms, Butler, J o hnson, Bartholo mew, Jones, Stone, Roberts, Berning.

Prospectors' Club The Prospectors Club has built up its popularity to become one of the largest eating clubs on campus. With invitations extended to all new students, the Prospector's Club share in unity their established friendship, leadership and pride toward continually making the organization one of the finest on campus. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Staley, Scott, Hammock, Ganninger , Skouby, Schoultz, Miller, Buzzard , Zieg ler, Mosby, Vand arakis, Thoman , Ro bertson . SECON D ROW: Berthold , Schwenk, Vetter, Sein , Logsdon , Lance, Lynch, Castor, Case, Paynton, G ilmore, Loebs. THIR D ROW: Lynch , Anson, Niblock, Callison, Kurtzbals, Taylor , Meadows, McHaffie, H ogard, Thompson, Cappellari. FOU RT H ROW : Denney, Martinez, Won, Rey, Griglione, Arshadi, Marlow, Deduty, Burns, Smith, Goldin, Cra ig. FIFTH ROW: Guerra, Withrow, Justus, VanMeter, Patten, Nenninger, Griffin, Spitzer, Call, Higgins, Cannell.

Prosp ector s Club Watch the thumb Sack hound

But I just saw it a minute agC' The muscles of the outfit

Pepsi Cola? Watch the windows

Is it real The big outing

It will never hold The Club

Shamrock Club Founded in 1955, the Sh amrock eating club, op en to all non-fraternity members, h as grown in three years to a present membership of 132. The club was founded and continues to thrive on three main purposes: one-to provide for the student good fc od, expertly prep ared , at a modest price; two-to provide the independent student with a chance co take part in many campus and social activi6es that otherwise might not be open to him; three-to help the independent student make informa l acquaintanceships, in a friendly atmosphere, which will lead to life-long friendships. In intramural athletics, the Shamrock club always ranks among the cop competitors for the Intramural championship. At present the club has a good representation of its members out for all sports, both intra-

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Reinha rt, Day, Donaldson, Bleckman , Coffey, M cl a ug hlin, Moser , Lambkin, Magre, Hard, W ade, Arnold . SECOND ROW: Cornell, Bayliss, Hofstetter, Schmied , Willey , Dull , Hump hrey, Crist, D elPrete, Godding, Cain, Chiodini, Thompson, Grimes, Strobel. THIRD ROW : H ole, Capps, Cobb, H erman, Rasche, Hendrickson, Zarzavatjian , Fouraker , Stenvns, Meyers, Goos, Miller, Cunningham . FOURTH ROW: Godsy, Zieba, Zieba, Hager, McNeely, James, La ffler, H eltibrand , Overall , Siron, Jurge ns, Klusmeyer , Frossard , N elson. FIFTH ROW : McPherson, Krom, Fisher, Maune, Schoene, Ziegerer, Norman, Grinker , Brunjes, Meyer , Williams, Ford, Bedwell, Aderman, Click.


The Shamrock Club mural and intercollegiate. Recently initiated is a " Sportsman of the Year" award which is presented to the athlete doing the most to bring the intramural championship ro the club. The award consists of a plaque for the sportsman and the honor of having his name inscribed on a trophy along side the names of the previous winners. The Shamrock club is managed from day to day by the board of control consisting of 5 members elected by the membership at large every 9 months. Matters of major importance or of far reaching consequences are decided upon by the members at meetings held once a month on the first Monday of that month. Members are encouraged to bring up new ideas and methods of improving the club. The Shamrock club faces the future with the determination to keep the club as one of the predominating powers on the campus.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Godsy, Coffey, Cornell, Stenvns, Doneldson , Lambkin .

Above: Below:

Food line Chowing down

Almost D ry


Tech Club Since its formation in October 1949, the Tech Club has become one of the leading organizations on the campus. More than 120 members share conversation and nutritious food through the club. Although the club's main purpose is to provide its members with wholesome food at economical prices, it has purposes and ideals which are much more comprehensive. Many students who have chosen Independency are interested in sports and have abilities in other fields. The Tech Club brings these men cogether into an organization, thus g iving them an opportunity to further their talents and abilities, both athletic and otherwise. The officers elected by the members of the Tech Club handle the daily business of the club and the preparations for outings and other activities. The club holds monthly

LEFT TO RIGHT, fiRST ROW: Henderson, DeBoard, Penning, Borgini , McCarthy, Sutton, Crowe, Tims, Toleo, Tucker, Buerk. SECOND ROW: Adams, Atha, Bennett, Griffith, Colburn , Tucker, Bohl, Arimura, Niedrinehaus, Molodovan, Arimura, Koch. THIRD ROW: Tims, Howard, Evans, Baldwin, Davis, Carver, Cavalier, Rinehart, Saunders, Falke, Henson, Stoecker. FOURTH ROW: Brown, Burrows, Nanrahan, Bertorello, Ferrero, Merritt, Charlson, Meyer, Pusateri, Schwegal, Gruel, Scoggins. FIFTH ROW: Willis, Loos, Bertorello, Mattingly, Gay, Spangola, Leone, McDaniels, Hornsey, Baskin, Dille, Schier路 ding, Munsell.


Whatta ya see Beer bust Christmas time

St. Pat's beards First place Christmas Little Italy Decorations Kinda hot Everybody this way

meetings in which every member has an opportu.nity to vote and to voice his opinion about club activity. This year the Tech Club has again ranked high in intramural sports, taking first in handball and the cross-country race. Last year the club was intramural champion. Thus the club has shown to be more than just an eating club. The Tech Club is a dynamic, progressive organization which furthers itself and the ambitions of its members more each year. Without a doubt the Tech Club will continue in irs place of importance throughout its future on the MSM campus.

Christmas banquet Here's to you That's not nice

LEFT li0

:RIGfiT f Officers ' IR.ST rowe R.ow: Me: · SEcoND orgine.





s R.ow. T'•msCarchy p ' uc. . enniog, '



- ....... ...


FIRST ROW: H artsfield, Walton, Blechner, Ford, Mayer, Kessler , Mitchell, Condray, Trabue. SECOND ROW: Koboldt, Waltrip, Comstock, Eshbaugh, Bloch, Robbins, Donaldson, Routh, Maggi, Troxel, McKean, Poarch. THIRD ROW: Mason, Weber, Church , Dodson, Crow, Davisson, Cook, Wistehuff, Childress, Rudolph , Grizio, Mullins, Chapple, Agricola, Rat e kin . FOURTH ROW: Silverburg, Schuermeyer , Mielke, Merryfield, Stevenson, Fore, Gerhart, Drachenberg, Ponder, Meek, Summitt, Finkelstein.

Acacia Fraternity Acacia Fraternity was organized at the University of Michigan by a group of Master Masons in the year 1904. For the first thirty years one had to be a Master Mason before joining Acacia. Following the First W orld War the age at which young men enter college lowered and by the '30 's few men in college were 21 years old. At that time Acacia changed its membership requir_ements so that young men und er 21 could join if they were eligible for Freemasonry in every aspect except age.

Profs Esbaugb & Robbins Get things moving The housemother gets a word in First Meeting

W e like short shortS Progress Report The Organizers

In January, 1958, a group of MSM students and faculty gathered to meet with Dr. R. C. Bradley and several members of Missouri chapter (at Columbia). It was decided to form the Missouri School of Mines Chapter of Acacia Fraternity. In March, the MSM chapter was pledged by Missouri chapter and Central Missouri State Chapter (at Warrensburg). The MSM Colony is now working to complete the requ irements for a charter. They have purchased a house at 508 West 9th street and h ave hired their Housemother, Mrs. Marie Guinnup. They will move into the house prior to the opening of school in September. Many interested young men have accepted the challenge to establish this chapter at MSM, and the benefits of their hard work wi ll be manifested as Acacia will take its place on the campus of Missouri School of M ines. Many thanks are extended to all of those people who helped provide the work for the initial spark and to those who fed the fire of Acacia to where it is now burning brightly.

The top brass at organizational meeting


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Grommet, WoUgast, Branhof, Roehrs, Husemann , Vie, Kuhlmann , Mueller, Anderson , Stourton, Hoech . SECOND ROW : Shaffer, Roussin, Billen, Springer, Finke, Schrieber, Weiss, Hecht, Grebing, Siesennop, Mankovich, Popp. THIRD ROW : Sandler, Roth , Schmelig, Steinbach, Schilling, Grebing, Luebke, Mcinerney, Klipp, Rullkoetter, Schrieber.

Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity Beta Sigma Psi is the national Lutheran social fraternity. The Eta Chapter here at M.S.M. was founded in the spring of 1952, and began wit h a modest membership of 20 men. Since that time the number of members has slowly increased, until at the present time there a re 40 men affiliated with the chapter. It is hoped that the membership will double again in the next six years as it has doubled in the past six years. This

O fficers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Stourton, Husernann, Grommet. SECON D ROW: Springer, Anderson. THIRD ROW : Bran hof, Schrieber. Kuhlmann . Music Men


Ho Ho

New Member

Shall we dance

• increase in membership has brought with it a rise in the scholastic standing so that the effort to increase has not meant that the standards for the ability of the new members has been decreased. Rather these standards have increased. A final step in the membership drive would be the acquisition of a new chapter house, since at the present, there is no room for additional men in the house which the chapter now occupies at 206 West Ninth Street. In the Intramural Activities, the fraternity again, as in the past, has done well, especially considering the still modest number of members that are in the house. During the fall, the football, swimming, ping pong, handball, and tennis teams made fine showings; while in the spring the softball and volleyball teams provided keen competition. The social year started off after the Washington U. - M.S.M. football game with a barn party in St. Louis. This was followed by the homecoming festivities which turned out to be a big success. The Christmas dance again saw Lee Trapp and his band provide the musical entertainment. After the end of another successful year, everyone is looking forward to a bigger and better year next fall.

The Chopper

High Society

( Fight Fiercely )

FirSt Prize

The Pledges

The Maid

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: McCor路 mick, McNabb, Kincaid. SECOND ROW: Schulte, Weimholt.

The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity was founded in December, 1899. The purpose of our fraternity is to "fulfill the desire of serious young college men for a fellowship and brotherhood, as near a practical working ideal as possible, not fetted with too many traditional prejudices and artificial standards of membership, and accompanied by a clean, pure, and honorable chapter home life". The M.S.M. campus first saw evidence of Delta Sigma Phi in March, 1955, when a club was established by two ambitious, young men. Through their efforts, the club was chartered scarcely a year later as the Delta Epsilon chapter with thirty-five charter members. By this time we had already moved into our house at 200 West 18th. last spring, our active membership, totaling close to sixty men, was far more than we could


Clean up time Look out below What now No. 20 - Hwy. 63 Idle chatter

Caught in the act Let's sing New initiates Dead? Delta Sig's at play

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Harris, Bowles, Scbmedding, Schulte, Weimbolt, McNabb, McCormick, Maxton, Kincaid, Maisak, Field. SECOND ROW: Harris, Berardino, Helton, Sullivan, Modesitt, Hargis, Brenner, Dusin, Cox, Hague, Rader, Crick, Holdeman. THIRD ROW: Jones, Cockrum, Bannister, Peck, McGehee, McClure, Miller, Kleffman, Hyde, Hopkins, Copper, Griesenauer, Theilmann. FOURTH ROW: Cook, Brown , Robison, Specker, Martin , Stevenson, Stanley, Beinhart, Bocklage, Robinson, VonDerBruegge, Huff. FIFTH ROW: Herren, Lemons, Wolfe, Bristow, Acksel, Harvey, Testerman, Anspach, Orf, Culnan, Noggle, Boston, Daugherty.

accommodate in our building at the time. Consequently, the old infirmary building was purchased from the Missouri School of Mines and was immediately moved to our property. The building was partitioned into sleeping rooms. At the present, we are able to accommodate sixty men. The Delta Sigs made their mark on the campus in the scholarship field by capturing the I. F.C. scholarship trophy in the spring semester of 1957. The sociai life of Delta Epsilon included a Pledge Dance and the Sr. Pat's Dance among numerous other events. We have come a long way since our meager beginnings while the confidence and the enthusiasm shows hints of much greater things to come. The future indeed looks bright for the Delta Epsilon chapter.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Talidferr o, Burmeist er, Gilmore, Baxter , Lemberg er, Dendler, Mason, Gibbs, Englert, Ennis, Roberts. SECOND ROW: Fulmer, Keeling, Burtin, Maguire, j ch nson, Hughes, Buchanan , Loeffler, Shafer, Robbins, Kirk, Moyers. THIRD ROW: Konkle, Etnybe, Skelton, Anderson , Kellerme yer, Ray, Smith , Jackson, Knoepfel , Beck, Doran. FOURTH ROW: Van Ramshorst, Mickle, Grobel, Pape, Sfreddo, Rouse, Jenkins, Haydon, H ammond, Dawson, McShann on , Meyer, Eveland.

Kappa Alpha is someth ing sp,ecial. Kappa Alpha is a brother hood with the purpos e of upliftin g the charact er of its membe rs. Kappa Alpha is not only a fratern ity, but an Order. It is an Order of high ideals and high princip les. Kappa Alpha was found ed in J 865 at Washi ngton and Lee Univer sity in Virgini a. The K . A. 's take Robert E. Lee as the spiritual founde r and his teachin gs as princip les of life by which to live. The Beta AI pha Chapte r here on campus as an integra l part of the Order strives to represent irs high principles and strives to improv e the social and scholas tic standar ds of MSM. The Chapte r was fou nded in 1903 a~d has been functio ning continu ously ever smce. This year, '57-' 58, has been one of the very best. There were the usual parties and social events which are very much a part of the life at school. There was the Pledge Dance, Homec oming, Militar y Ball, and of course, St. Pat's, each contrib uting something special to the year.

Pledge Class Spring '58 Studying ? Sewer Local 1 13

What':. the big joke Guest speaker Cape. Medsgen Bed partners

Kappa Alpha Fraternity The year has been filled with successes as well as a few disappointments. It has a lso filled us with even greater hopes of a new house. Perhaps next year at this time there will be a new home of Kappa Alpha. Our Quartet won first place in the IFC Sing held D ecember 14, 195 7. This is the second year straight our fine quartet has held this honor. Among other things of pride was the annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children of the community. Grad uation will end this school year. For some it will end school for good; while others are beginning. To our Brothers and all others that are graduating we want to congratu late and say God's Speed.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Lemberger, Burmeister. SECOND ROW : Gibbs, Gilmore, Englert. THIRD ROW: Baxter, Ma<;on. That's a beard?


LEFT TO R IGHT, FIRST ROW: Beuerlein, Van Dorfy, Olson, Borman, Hughes, Fox, Hoffman, Phillips, McGaugh, Woods, Barvch , Glaser , RickettS. SECOND ROW: Wagner, Scott, Grieshaber, Starkweather, Oberlander, Acuff, Kruger, Gabbert, Meisenneimer, Daniels, Nichols. Reznicek, Kajne, Bollinger. THIRD Row: Weight, Hilton , Hill, Hodges, Nance, Cain, Sword, Ode路 gard, Ruck, Petty, Vogler, Mjsemer, Gibson. FOURTH ROW: White, Catron, Schulke, Goltermann, Kemper, Weinrich , Russell, Martin , Phillips, Macalady, Mills. FIFTH ROW: Mitchell, Burns, Classe, Murray, Knobelock, Walpert, Pezza, Manor, Mueller , Wisdom, Sullivan, Lipe.

Kappa Sigma frate rnity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Phillips, Hoffman, Hughes. SECOND ROW: Fox, Borman, Daniels, Baruch. Cheese Cake

R anking among the tOp fraternities nationally, Kappa Sigma on the MSM campus upholds its traditionally fine record. For 55 years, Beta Chi has been growing and improving until it holds respected positions in scholarship, intramural sports, a nd campus leadershi o. Place your betS

Speedy pledges

In the fall, 1957, Beta Chi initiated a program of annual charity projects. The chapter selected as its first project the renovation of the home of a 95-yeat.=-old Rolla resident, Mrs. Daisy Rogers. The annual Christmas party for needy children was held with ol' Santa himself the featured guest. The social side, of course, is not neglected. The fraternity sponsors several social events throughout the year including, Homecoming, St. Pat's, and Greek Day. A large pledge class helped to make the Pledge Dance a huge success and the annual Casino Party improves every year. Also, for the last two consecutive years, the Kappa Sigma nominee for St. Pat's Queen was selected above all others to reign over the festivities. This year's Queen of the Court of Love and Beauty was Miss Joline See of Springfield, Missouri. On the scholastic level, Kappa Sigma continued to maintain its high standing among the fraternities by placing close to the top in the overall listings of the fraternity scholastic averages. Improvements to make the chapter house a better place in which to live are constantly being made. Recently, new furniture has been purchased for the study rooms and tile floors laid on the second floor.

Trick o r T reat

Hot coals

( Queen and Escort ) Junior TV classroom

Lambda Chi Alpha Frate rn路ity

Bleak da y

In 1909, a group of students at Boston University, Members of the Cosmopolita n Law Club, formed a greek-letter society. During the first few years of organization , certain aims and ideals formed among the members, and a foundation was carefully laid for future expansion of the group. 路 This was the beginning of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. The ideas and beliefs of the founders must have been ~ '>und ones for today, though a comparitive youngster in the fraternity world, Lambda Chi has more chapters in more colleges in the United States and Canada than any other and is recognized as a leader among college fraternities. Among our members are heads of great corporations, world-famo us athletes, army generals, and a former president of the United States. This gives an idea of how Lambda Chi prepares its members for life after their college days are over.


LEFT, TOP TO BOTTOM: The Bouncer, Lambda Chi Queen, Bang路 Bang, All stopped up. RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Cross country winner, Homecomi ng display, Ouistmas party, The choppers.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Simko, Bowlin, Robinson, Norman, Schuttenhelm, Peet, Stevenson, Pasley, Madigan, Hughes, Cawns. SECOND ROW: Douglas, Parks, Ball, Lund, Cassady, Nagy, Minton, Schumacher, Garvey, Handkins, Brown, Light. THIRD ROW: Korando, Homan, Crone, Roberson, Wolfinbarger, Savage, Peterson, Baat, Peterson, Christian, Spratt, Ecbelmeier, Ridle, Lutz, Kamicar. FOURTH ROW: Fowler, Hampe, Houseman, Tapp, Deddens, Saultz, Rother, Place, Carter, Kobler, Lee, Diel, Jones. FIFTH ROW: Engel, Keeler, Shields, Musteen, Story, Weiland, Hooks, Moss, Hudwalker, Murphy, Cole, Me· Mahon, Headington, Faenger, Kurz.

The chapter at Missouri School of Mines was founded April 17, 1917 and is one of the largest on campus. The fraternity house which was built for us just two years ago offers, we feel, the very best in living conditions. Being a good engineering student means hard work, and scholarship is one of the aims of Lambda Chi Alpha. Also important is social development. The work schedule is broken by a number of dances and parties, and each one is a lesson in social behavior. Lambda Chi has always been active in the intramural sports program too, and again this year was a contender f<;>.r the rop position. Perhaps the most outstanding thing about the chapter is the men themselves with each working, in his own way, to live up to the ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha and to build an even greater Fraternity.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Handkins, Deddend, Robinson. SECOND ROW : Norman, Bowlin, Steven· son. THIRD ROW : Pect, Sl"hunenhelm.



LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Brenke, Fesler, Mueller, Wyman, Herrmann, J ohner . Alyea, Stone, White, Bender, Vacca. SECOND ROW: Powell, Sanders, Shepard, Rath, Welsh, Guetersloh, Brendecke, Ryter, Wake, Schneider . THIRD ROW: Rahn, Sander, Schader , Despain, Kieffer, Liptai, Weisenstein, Soma, Johner, Janning. FOURTH ROW: Weisenstein, Link, Miller, Cova, Stammer, Snajdr, Lodbolz, Law, Houska. FIFTH ROW: Kruger, Winter, Collins, Jones, Kruger, Spencer, Strub, Routon.

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded on March I, 1868 at the University of Virginia. Fifty-three years ago, Alpha Kappa chapter was founded at M.S.M. Since its beginning, in 1905, this chapter has strived to excell in every undertaking. In the past Alpha Kappa has always ranked high in campus activities gaining numerous trophies in recognition of athletic and scholastic achievements. Not only on the M.S.M. campus, but among Pi K. A. 's 127 chapters Alpha Kappa is ranked high among the first ten in every award given by our national office. Our house, considered by many as the most beautiful on campus, is a landmark co those who visit Rolla. It is kept looking its best by the generous efforts of our 57 members and pledges. This fall, the outside and most of the interior of our house was repainted. The chapter is continually looking forward coward the future with many plans for additions and improvements.

New .Members Punchy The team

2 X 2 Lovely Reading time

Pi Kappa Alpha F.raternity The 57-58 social season started with the annual pledge dance held early in October. Following this was the annual Homecoming dance. The next event was our Christmas formal. The week following the Christmas dance we held our annual Christmas party for the underprivileged children of Rolla. It is often looked forward to with more enthusiasm by the actives than the kiddies themselves. The second semester was socially eqlightened by our annual Bum's Brawl, St. J?at's Dance, and closed with the annual Gree.k Day festivities. Banquets were served on both Founders Day and Mothers Day. And so another year can be written into the history of Alpha K appa, which will be reviewed proudly by all those w ho compose this brotherhood.

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW : Mueller, johncr, Pes. ler, Herrmann . SECOND ROW : Alyea, Wyman. Cheese

Bob knows how

Winning Comhination


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Henning, Freeland, Chullino, Roberts, Herring, Vark, Jenkins, Wheele.r , H au bold, Bierbaum, Chapman . SECOND ROW: Owens, Beisner, Beisner, Rouse , Gillenwater, Sucher, Pfisterer, Collins, Bellchamber , Shouse, Groner . THIRD ROW: Sloan, Irving, Stewart, Lowry, Cooper, Cook, Milburn , Welch, Scbaolaber , White, Corster. FOURTH ROW: Schulz, Parker, Jost, Stiefermao, McCaw, Long, Goddell, Neill, Donahoe, D avis. FIFTH ROW : Hicks, O 'N eal, Pope, Sturm, Schaefer , Cates, Gasper , Broyles, Meyer, Bur gess.

Nineteen Fifty-seven--fifty-eight was another successful year for Gamma Xi of Sigma Nu as it agai n ranked among the better social fraternities on the MSM campus. Sigma Nu introduced fraternity life to the Missouri School of Mines in 1903 when a chapter was established here several years before other fraternities came to the campus. Since that time the chapter has grown in size, activities, and spirit. As is traditional at Sigma Nu, efforts were made to improve the chapter socially, scholastically, and athletically. In intramural athletics Sigma Nu was again one of the top contenders for the overall crown. Placing high in almost every sport, they not only gained recognition for the fraternity, but also received many hours of recreation both as competitors and spectators. Six party weekends formed the m ai nstay of social life and development at Sigma Nu. The social year began with the Pledge D ance in the fall followed a few weeks later

Great minds at work A night with nature The wages of sin

House overcrowded? The proud and profane Smack takes a break

Sigma Nu Fraternity by Homecoming. The third party weekend consisted of the Yukon Party and the Christmas Dance which were great successes. Next came the White Rose Formal, and then the traditional St. Pat's Day parties and dances continued the year's social activities in grand style. Ending the calendar of parties was Greek Week, a celebration in the spring anxiously awaited by all fraternity men at MSM. Outstanding service projects of the year were the Children's Christmas Party and Work Day. Twenty underprivileged children of Rolla were treated and presented gifts at the Christmas Party while a local organization received a helpful h a n d through the Work Day Program.

O fficers LEFT TO RIG HT, FIRST ROW : Ch ull ino , Roberts, H errin~ . SECO ND ROW : Vark . Freeland. Pictu rc of basketball

Rulers o f the roost

W onderfu l Ed a t work


Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Winter, Strieder, Woodward. SEC路 ONO ROW : Sander , Elrod.

Since the adoption of public colleges, there has been the demand for brotherhoods where young men could live together, sharing ideals and personalities. These "Homes away from Home" have been given the name " Fraternity". Many large national fraternities have been formed from small clubs which felt the need for strong nat ional organization. Sigma Phi Epsilon is one of these. Founded in Richmond, Virginia, in J901, from the Saturday Night Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon has been one of the fastest g rowing fraternities. The 38th fraternity founded, Sigma Phi Epsilon is in its 56th year. In these 56 years Sig Ep has grown into the 3rd largest social fraternity. Each man who enters, as a brother, into the sacred ha lls of Sigma Phi Epsilon is inspired to do his best and accomplish all that is within his power. Not only does the man find the joys of fraternal bondage, but he also enjoys the privilege of helping others.


Pledges Looks like Henry's in trouble Another Sig Ep pins Decorations at Sig Ep Mine What's th at you say Lee

It can't be as bad as all that T he jailbirds Where you goin' Smitty More business for the pond The Wheels

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Wright, Smith, Woodward, Elrod, Winter, Strieder, Sander, Nolfo, Begbtol, Anyan, Hartman. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Chatham, Kapher, Zollers, McLeane, Stewart, Alberter, Cullen, Linn, Loughrige. THIRD ROW: Hal路 brook , Bonness, Steil, Harrison , Chappell, Root, Lobaugh, Osimann, Swank. FOURTH ROW: Weston, Brown, Pawlowski, O'Hearne, Villegas, Byrne, Moore, Rodgers.

Even though Sig Ep is only 9 years old on the MSM campus, we have come a long way. The road has not been easy but the veterans who founded our chapter have laid a strong foundation. It is our aim to uphold the reputation we now have and build for the future with a goal as the "ideal fraternity". Sigma Phi Epsilon is known as the "Fraternity with a Heart" . The annual Tri-Sig Christmas Party for the underprivileged children of Rolla is one way of opening our "Heart" toothers while showing a willingness to cooperate. Cooperation holds the key to success for any organization. For this reason cooperation is always foremost in the thoughts of Sig Eps on campus. living up tO our reputation as being the "Fraternity with a Heart" is sometimes a hard job, but we, here, have done and will continue to do our best to be the friendliest house on campus.

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Cline, Staples, DaHmer, Thompson, Sbiets, Woley, Becker, Pendleton, Ciebomski. SECOND ROW: Olsen, Griffin, Bradley, VanCleave, Wiethop, Tomazi, Pluhar, Groeper, Schultz, Clas, Bey, Gustafson. THIRD ROW: Grossenbacher, O'Gorman, Randolph, Steinmann, Klobr, Jacobsmeyer, Skow, Spaulding, Kron, Shepard.

Originating on the M .S.M. campus as the Prospector's Club, the Alpha Iota chapter of Sigma Pi was formally installed in April, 1933. During these twenty-five years, it has maintained a position of one of the leading fraternities on campus. Our social calendar includes such memorable activities as the Homecoming Dropin, the Christmas dance, the Pledge Dance and St. Pat's, the tri-Sig Children's Christmas Party in cooperation with Sigma Tau Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon, as well as our chapter Christmas party, in which the strong feeling of brotherhood is captured both in the gift and the poem accompanying them. To round off our social events, the annual Greek Day games this year were also the same day as our Silver Anniversary Celebradon. The men of Alpha Iota have wholeheartedly participated in the various organizations on the campus, and many of them have brought honor to the chapter as a result of the capable leadership which they displayed in the offices to which they were elected.

Military Ball Queen '57 It was a good party

Official Swimming Hero Homecoming

Sigma Pi Fraternity In addition to campus activities, the chapter a nd pledges alike devoted many leisure hours to the completion of our chapter room. There has also been much time and energy devoted to redecorating the house. Many of our a lumni hold positions of great responsibility. A number have their own business, and others are located in education, research, field work, service, and other branches of engineering which are necessary to our modern way of life. It is to these men that we dedicate these pages.

Finishing Chapter Room

Officers LEFT TO HIGHT: DaHmer. Becker. Pendleton, Sheets, Thomp.;on , W o lcr. Scholarship Award Panr

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW' : Rothermel, Harvey, McHugh, Kirse, Price, Dean, Boschert , Padilla, Wear. SECOND ROW: Jackson, Mowllenbeck, Butler, King, Wear, Myers, DesCamp, Edwards, Werder, Meadows. THIRD ROW: Edwards, Henke, Fish, Hertzberg. FOURTH ROW: Schneider, Newton, Bodicky, Powers, Lashley. FIFTH ROW: Elder, Bryant, Grady, Benjamin, Nenninger, Musgraves.

Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: McHugh, Price, Dean. SECOND ROW: Boschert, Harvey, Kirse. Jim and Sue

Junior Member

Sigma Tau Gamma was founded for the express purpose of promoting friendship and brotherhood among college men. A colony established on the campus of the School of Mines in May of 1956 with the initiation of twenty-one charter members was followed by the installation of the Alpha Omega Chapter on November 10, 1956. Camera shy?

More sex

A house was purchased during the summer of 1956 at 200 East Twelfth Street and is the present home of the chapter. The second year of the fraternity on this campus h as seen great advances in material and social matters. The fraternity house h as undergone an almost complete remodeling; and all of our facilities have been improved. The house has been made to be more comfortable and more convenient for all of us. The work on the. upper story has increased the housing capacity and made possible the closer fellowship of more of the brothers. These improvements h a v e caused the growth of the organization, until it rates as one of the most important groups on campus. More important than the material advances, however , have been the gains in brotherhood and friendship promoted by the fraternity. The work on and participation in the various social activities of the year have brought about a unity second to none on the campus. We are closer and more important to each other as a result of working together. The purpose of the fraternity is most surely being fulfilled; and we couldn't be more pleased.

"Willie Dee" Parent's Day

Pure Sex

Bar Maid

Cape girls

Tau Kappa Epsilon fratern 路ity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Heagler, Hopper. SECOND ROW: Murphy, Mormino, Lewis. THIRD ROW: Fike, Reeves, Singer.

On January l 0, 1899 Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded ac Illinois Wesleyan University. Originally a local fraternity, The Knights of Classic Lore, Tau Kappa Epsilon has since expanded until ic is now the second largest. national and international fraternity in the United States. Beca Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was installed at M.S.M. on March 9, 1947 and since that founding it has continued co grow into one of the leading fracerQities on the campus. In the social order Teke parties maintained their excellent reputation in 1957 and 58. The festive season was again opened by che Pledge Dance, this was followed by the Christmas Formal and the very popul ar French U nderground Party. As a fitting climax came the party during St. Pat's. Last year at this party Tekes combined work and play by t aking cop honors in the float contest.

Miss Mary Lee Conlon, TKE Sweetheart for 1958 Newlywed "Injums" St. Pat's Float 1st Place Award Ole!


Young love Playful pup Boards of Education lst Place Float TKE

LEFT TO RlGHT, FIRST ROW: Barre, Mormino, Reeves, Lewis, Singer, Heagler, Hopper, Pike, Sloan, Murphy, Morris. SEC路 OND ROW : DeForest, Craig, Herron, Kendrick, Brock, Szuch, Schaeffer, Wilson , Ingram, Stone, Palacios, Welkener. THIRD ROW: Binz, Fox, Calvin, Reiche, Schimanski, Bohley, Borsari, Schroeder, McLead, Manley, West. FOURTH ROW: Powers, McWorkman, Wilson, Creason, Pohlman, Wensel, Qualls, Marble, Marosek, Koederitz. FIFTH ROW: Cottrell, Dean, Bailey, McKeone, Davidson, Watts, Posner , Robertson, Sliokerd, Colanolea, Wedig, Mueller.

In sports Tau Kappa Epsilon again shows leadership and the ever present improvement as our overall intramural standing climbs toward the top. With the football, softball and cross country teams continuing their success Tau Kappa Epsilon has high hopes of winning the overall intramural trophy in the near future. In the last few years Tau Kappa Epsilon has overtaken and surpassed many older fraternities in both size and quality. None of this could be accomplished or brought about without the hard work and effort of our active membership. In this expansion Teke has demonstrated its ability and leadership. Beta Eta Chapter plans to further this expansion both locally and nationally and believes that the coming years will show more outstanding progress.


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Gastaldi, O'Keefe, McCarthy, Pidyk, Konrad, Kaiser, Luebbert, Bauer , Ross, Mosier, Barry. SECOND ROW : Abkemeier , Kozeoy, Tegethoff, Straatmaon, Ross, J okerst , Checkett, Anderson, Burke, Walther, Willenbriok, Gunther, Schmitt. THIRD ROW: Twele, Heitert, Klein, Okenfuss, Shea, Nowotny, Hofer , Markway, Kliethermes, Sluzalis, Overall, Hollenbeck. FOURTH ROW : Lembeck, Masnica, Zaremba, Rephlo, D aubel, Koke, Fitzgibbons, Mudd, Blood, Niehaus, Colonna, Bruegging, Striebel. FIFTH ROW: Moore, Camp, Heidemann, Benz, Croci, Stone, Hahn, Jasper , Garlicb, McCormack, Krysl, Mengwasser.

Theta Kappa Phi Fraternity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST R0W : Konrad, Luebbert, O'Keefe. SECOND ROW: Bauer, Gastal di, McCarthy. THIRD ROW: Ross, Shea, Pitlyk. P. Blood

Knuck in action

Although Theta Kappa Phi is among the youngest of fraternities, it has already proven itself outstanding on all campuses where her chapters are located. Theta Kappa Phi is a social fraternity for Roman Catholic college men and was founded for the purpose of providing wholesome moral environment p lus the social, educational, and Homecoming display

athletic advantages of fraternity life to its members. The chapter here at M.S.M. was formerly the Order of Cardinal Mercier which was founded in 1925. It received its charter as Mu chapter of Theta Kappa Phi in 1936. Mu has continued to show herself as one of the foremost chapters of Theta Kap by again capturing a National Efficiency Award this year. Her members have also gained many positions of leadership and distinction in the various organizations on campus. On the sport scene the Theta Kaps established their athletic abilities. They were among the tops in the numerous events and the overall point standings. A year of good times was provided to all by the very momentous social calendar which was characterized by the different dances throughout the year and was climaxed by the riotous St. Pa t's weekend. Now that the events of this year are just fond memories of things in the past, the Theta Kaps hope that next year wi ll bring even greater accomplishments and bring them closer to their goal which is to make themselves better men morally, socially, and scholastically.

Founder's Day Banquet Dance W eekend

Parent's Day

The calm be fore the storm

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Hays, Knickmao, Coats, Russell, Hess, Garrett, Hays, Alvandian, Vukson, Glick, Twyman. SECOND ROW: Ellicott, Lapinski, Dice, Wagenheim, Canady, Paredes, Korn, Carter, W ick. THIRD ROW: Brenner, Crane, Pellicciotto, Maisch, Smith, Lazaras, Briggs, Christopher, Williams, Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Lazar as, Bowers, Johnson, Morgan, Canady, Mickes, Eisenhart, Pett, Gaertner. FIFTH ROW: Schneider, Lyons, Leonard, McRae, Lina, Consolett, Hutchins, Clark, Flood, Spencer.

Theta Xi Fraternity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Alvandian, Knickman, Coats. SECOND ROW: Hess, Russell, Garrett. Farewell adventurers

Theta Xi was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, April 29, 1864. The original founders were determined to forge a socjety based on unity and mutual fellowship with the purpose to provide environment in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, physical, moral, and spiritual growth. With these ends in mind, Theta Xi dedicates itself. Pledge trophies

A touch of seasoning

Alpha Psi, the Missouri School of Mines chapter of Theta Xi was established October 8, 1949. In the short span of time it has been located here on the campus it has路 been growing by leaps and bounds. Atesting to this expansion is the beautiful chapter house newly purchased through the combined efforts of the active chapter and the alumni association, still bound by ties of loyalty to Theta Xi. Throughout the summer additions and provisions were made to enlarge the house but in lieu of our rapid growth plans are again being necessitated for the addition of greater facilities. The social season started off with the Homecoming Dance. A good time was had and many fond memories were recalled with the returning alumni. Following this event with the even greater success of the Pledge Dance, Housewarming Function, Christmas and Valentines Dances, traditional St. Pats, and the Spring Formal. The closing school year has left a deep, lasting impression on Alpha Psi. We give thanks to all who have aided and given us encouragement in our new surroundings and we strive ever to attain unity and prominence, now as in the future.

Back at Panama Pledge Dance Decorations



Triangle Fraternity

Officers LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Drewelow, Henson, Palovchik, Greg路 son. SECOND ROW: Sample, Houston , Thompson, Derx.

Triangle, a fraternity of Engineers and Architects, was founded in 1907 by sixteen Civil Engineering students at the University of Illinois. The aims of the fraternity are to improve scholastic and social standing among engineering students. The Missouri Mines Chapter was installed in December of 1927. It was formed from a dub that was previously known as the Grubstakers Club, the first social organization on the Campus. Since that time, Triangle has taken its place among the leaders here at Missouri School of Mines. This year the House has participated in many exciting intramural games, and several of our teams have added championship trophies to our mantle. Triangle was proud to add this year, trophies in basketball and wrestling. The competitive spirit of Triangle athletic teams placed them high in the final standings for the intra-


Hey! Meet the new pledge Now if we divide by

Athletic aren't they

LEIT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Schreiber, Gregson, Derx, Thompson, Sample, Palovchik, Houston, Henson, Drewelow, Romano, Hess. SECOND ROW: Aubuchon, Kiehne, Shadwell, Urban, Ahlert, Kane, Keeley, Mahoney, Love, Mega. THIRD ROW: Baumgartner, Sidwell , Lasky, Whitecotton, Pare, Harris, Rogenski, Johnson, Davis, Pearson. FOURTH ROW: Patino, Klager, Meskan, Waddell, Harris, Coad, Winford, Walker, O'Brien, Litzler.

mural trophy. Socially, this past year has been a successful one for Triangle. Several weekend dances were held, -and they were thoroughly enjoyed. This past year, the second and third floors of our house were remodeled to keep abreast with the change in times. With the ever increasing enrollment here at M.S.M. expansion and remodeling is being planned for the near future. Our Mother's Club has been very active again this year as they have been in the past. Some of the generous gifts we have received so far this year include a hi-fi set, piano, and pull drapes for the second and third floors. We are very proud to have such a fine organization as our Mother's Club. Triangle possesses that spirit which is invaluable for the success of any organization. With this in mind, Triangle is looking forward to the years to come and the improvements and accomplishments ~hey may bring.

' II \ l \ H


...., .... l



S' \ . ,, , . , .. -~

Parent 's 's r a e y e This s befor r a e y e D ay l i k u t to be a b i g O turned parents y n a M success. p t o see t h e i r u sh o we date o f f s p r i n g . i g e pus coll t h e cam t b e f o s r u To , and nducted Were co e r e e n t e r t a i n e d w niparents s Frater zo u o i r a v a t t h e e a t i n g clubs ties afnt edr n o o n . the a

P a r e n ts

y a D s arent I


ie ( fa c il it acion o EJCplan


ll a t f o o tb a



n i m o c ome

om H o mec


play in g dis

eunio Class R


. M a n y a 1Ullln ~~~rned t,o o E ; 1s y r s calollllpl u· s e s t i v~. .es e a ttz , colll • •ec'- lOg f . g•A L .. I b A t . ( o c J ac.t 0 '·'~ ei ~ Mater t o ltle Old friends a~ class. : • .mates e n d t a l k o vee tLu e i r . goocJ t11ne s a t M.S. -A"~'l . . Tb ere e n t e r . fun-.~ . de a -~,z W a . t a t n e · a t v rtous f r a . tecoir Ies vvb zcb a l so b e1d d ances a n d. Parries t b a t e v e . . tb or nzng in en hon ~ b T nt rnoon e t f a as s p e l l e e a h i t l l l t a o a liolllec g footb gallle Wbere t h e Watched tLu e M " ecs Win n Ye xc i t .z n g v · .. a tn Ic . y r o t Beta s·lCtna Psi F ratera .l t y Woo st p r · f o r the l L Olllecleollli IZed i s p l a y b e s t .AI n g ' a ndda r d n a l(appa Ph~ d alllb I C h i .A ~ha lJnishe s e c o n d i ""ct.lVeJy. a n d t h r res"~

li:"" th


ch t o Coa Award




Engine er's Oay

F.ree hot dogs and soda

Science fair

The second annual Engineer's Day attracted nearly three ,thousand high school students and teachers to the M.S.M. campus. The purpose of Engineer's Day is to exhibit the facilities of the school to prospective students, which was accomplished by planned tours of the departments. 248

Greek Oay

Queen of G

reek Day




or Ch ar1ry .

Greek Day is an annual event sponsored each spring by the Interfraternity Council. Friday night a carnival was held, the proceeds of which went to charity. Saturday afternoon a picnic was held at which each fraternity competed for the Greek Day Trophy. Saturday night, dances were held at all the fraternity houses. 249

Military Ball The annual Military Ball, revived by the Pershing Rifles, R .O.T.C. staff, and Cadets at M.S.M., proved once again to be a smashing success and has firml y established itself as an annual campus event. The distinguished Military officers, Cadets, and their ladies enjoyed immensely the pomp and pageantry of the stately affair held in gaily decorated J ackling gym. The evening was highlighted by the selection of Miss Joyce J anssen as Honorary Cadet Colonel. Miss Janssen was chosen from a field of fourteen lovely candidates by Brig. General John H . Dudley, acting Commander at Fort Leonard Wood. The General was assisted in his selection by Dean Curtis L. Wilson and Colonel Lloyd R all. All who were in attendance marveled and were especially delighted with the tran sformation of the gym into a myra id of sparkling colors through the use of streamers a nd thousands of balloons suspended in a silk parachute. After General Dudley completed the first dance with Queen J ansse n, the balloons came showering down and all began to dance. Music for the occasion was ably provided by Clarence Forester and his Orchestra.

Queen Joyce

oance scene

Coronation ceremony



Joan Fran!.. .l:nl!tnt:cr ~ Club

Miss Becky Allen Pi Kapp.t Alpha

Mrs. Eileen Schwalb '1 nanglc


Marjorie Saunders Per~hing Rifle~

Miss M. ar~arcr C. 'lmarrio Theca K Mi~s

Miss Margie Hanard S. A. M. E.


Mary Yager Oeha Si~ma Phi

Joyce )an,scn. Queen Sigm:t Pi

appa Ph;

Miss Jane Roemer Lambda Cha Alpha

Miss Rosemary Berkel Newman Club

St. Pat's This year marked the 50th Anniversary of the St. Pat's Celebration. After fifty years of carrying on this tradition the celebration has become the biggest event of the school year. Ron Huesman, St. Pat of 1958, arrived Friday afternoon to lead the parade of colorful floats down Pine St. to the edge of the campus where he delivered his annual message and presented the trophies for the winning floats. Woody Herman and his Third Herd provided the music for the costume dance in Jackling Gym Friday night. The evening was highlighted by the annual knighting ceremony. The crowning of Miss Joline See at the coronation ball Saturday night brought the celebration to the conclusion. Ron Huseman St. Pat for 1958

The Court of Love and Beauty

Mjss Joline See St. Pat's Queen - 1958


Miss Kav Boortz Delta Sigma Phi


Kay Saunders IndependentS

Miss Shirley Thieret lndcpt!ndents

Miss Virginia Dollens Delta Sigma Phi


Mis" Therese McGraw Independent~

Miss Nancy Richter Theta Xi

Miss Darlene Mollenhec!( Sigma Tau Gam


Carol Gibson Kappa Sigma

Miss Phyllis Eversmeyer Lambda Chi Alpha

Miss Myra Sampson Sigma Nu


Donna Hemann Sigma Phi Epsilon

1\fiss Cb

· arlene r: Jackson . Trtangte

Mi~' Jean Bill Pi Kappa Alpha

Miss Patricia Giovanoni Theca Kappa Phi

Miss Beverl~· Stahl Tau Kappa Epsilon

Miss louise Chastonay Beta Sigma Psi

lst Place Float

St. Pat's 3rd Place Float

2nd Prize at the Costume Ball


St. Pat's Best beards

Middle, Bottom,

Let the gangplank down, there's a party inside

Happy Moment

Pulling the Manure Spreader Joe and Marilyn And the fun started o! H Heave The Queen's Float Little Queens


Commencement The eighty-fifth annual Commencement exercises of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy were held on Sunday, June 1, 1958. That morning, Dr. Ned Cole of the Christ Church Cathedral delivered the inspiring Baccalaureate Address. In the afternoon, Mt:. Charles A. Smith of Mexico Refractories gave an enlightening address; after which, President Elmer Ellis conferred the degrees, bringing a fitting end co a very momentous day in the life of those graduating.


President Ellis conferring degr ees

Farewell On the sundial of time another year has past and it has recorded many accomplishments and failures. It is the good fortune of yearbooks co stress the happy events and accomplishments that befall an individual. Many have contributed generously in making this a pleasurable opportunity. The one person most responsible for the quality of this yearbook is Mr. Harry Swain. Credit is given to him for layouts, building pictures, technical advice, and many hours of personal advice on the organization of the 1958 Rollamo. Sincere thanks are extended to Mr. Swain by the Staff of the Rollamo. Credit for individual pictures, organization pictures, and many special shots goes to Del Valle. Del was always ready when needed and did an excellent job in his photographic work. On campus the Athletic Department deserves a thank you for their cooperation and readiness to help. The registrar's office provided great assistance to the Staff, especially Jay Carney who furnished the classes' list of students. In the business office, Jack Wilson was persevering in handling contra.c t and financial problems that arose during the year. The faculty advisor of the Rollamo, Prof. Bill Murphy, was always nearby when trouble presented itself. He spent many hours smoothing rough spots that arose. His advice pulled the Rollaroo over the hump several times. Everyone did their part to insure that this year's Rollamo would be a good yearbook. Richard



Konrad, Editor






.. ~.


.... \




...... \