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"ENVIRONNEMENT ET CHANGEMENTS CLIMATIQUES" Ioana Simion, Valentina Popa, Mihaela Plăpană,Liviu Cristinescu/ Liceul Teoretic ”Nicolae Iorga” Nehoiu, jud. Buzău Le changement climatique est un phénomène




température moyenne des océans et de l'atmosphère,




mondiale sur plusieurs décennies, et qui traduit une augmentation de la quantité de chaleur de la surface terrestre.Le long des années, l’environnement se dégrade à cause de l’homme et de ses activités. Un jour, ce sera trop tard pour faire quelque chose d’utile. Donc, nous devrons réaliser que l’environnement est très important pour tout le monde et nous devrons le protéger. Nous avons participé à un cercle d'apprentissage avec plusieurs pays: Madagascar, Cameroun, Niger et nous. 3

Notre conclusion était la suivante:

Nous avons appris

d'abord la gestion des déchets à l'école, nous devrons éviter de jeter des objets plastiques dans les ordures, nous pouvons mettre à la disposition des élèves des filtres à eau pour pouvoir consommer de l’ eau potable dans chaque classe ou nous pouvons créer un club des élèves qui luttent pour la propreté de





donnent à



l'environnement. Nous avons apprécié leurs réponses qui nous montrent qu'il y a encore des gens qui se soucient de l'environnement et que vous voulez faire un changement. Nous devrons prendre les mesures qui sont à notre portée, sinon les prochaines années nous allons pleurer parce que nous n'avons rien fait pour sauver nos vies.


LEARNING THROUGH GTP: MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS Coordinating teacher:Buie Roxana Echim Georgiana, Damian Diana, Fodor Mihaela, Ion Elena, Tabacaru Maria/Colegiul Economic Buzau This cycleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s theme has been very useful because it encouraged us to look around us and understand the main laws to rule our population, but also to think about the way they affect our lifestyle, and if they are helpful or not. Our question was: Each and every goal need a certain motivation. What is your inner motivation when you are trying to achieve a certain goal that requires a lot of work? <= Milleniun development goals by 2015


You helped us realise the things that we need to get involved ourselves in the process of a sustainable development. For example, some of you think that “when one is faced with obstacles, they need to have the right motivation to keep them going. You need to continuously remind yourself where you’re going, what your dreams and aspirations are, and what the result of your hard work will be. One shouldn’t make short term goals but rather long term ones that could be beneficial in the future. One should also avoid peer pressure and negative energy at all times as that can affect your mindset and block out any form of motivational approach.”.Some others thought that our question was a difficult one, „and a complete answer is impossible to give”. Some of you became more philosiphical and told us that „Motivation is the inner power or energy that pushes us toward action and achievement. Motivation has much to do with desire and ambition, and if they are absent, motivation is absent too. 6

A person has often the desire and ambition to get something done or achieve a certain goal, but the lacks push the initiative and the willingness to take action. This is due to lack of motivation and inner drive.Motivation strengthens the ambition, increases initiative and gives direction, courage, energy and the persistence to follow one's goals. A motivated person takes action and does whatever it needs to achieve his/her goals. Motivation becomes strong when you have a vision, a clear mental image of what you want to achieve, and also a strong desire to materialize it. In this situation, motivation awakens and pushes you forward, toward taking action and making your vision a reality.In conclusion, we hope that our question made you think about what you can do in order to achieve some little goals, so that the big ones can also be achieved later. 7

OUR NATURE Staicu Răzvan, Beteringhe Cristian, Teodor Alexandru/ Liceul Teoretic „Nicolae Iorga” În acest proiect noi am învăţat că natura trebuie protejată şi animalele trebuie ajutate şi îngrijite. Multe din întrebări au fost despre animalele noastre rare şi locurile noastre frumoase. Noi ştiam încă din clasele mici să protejăm natura si acum o protejăm foarte bine. Noi avem multe animale cum ar fi: Capra neagră, Ursul brun, Râsul. Natura este foarte importantă pentru toţi. Ea ne dă apă, mâncare, oxigen si viaţă. În România sunt mulţi oameni care aruncă deşeuri fără să îşi dea seama că distrug ce au mai de preţ, viaţa, a lor si a tuturor. 8

MY DREAM Panait Laura, Pîrleciu Gabriela, Ionel Alexandru, Voicu Dragoş, Leu Rareş/ Liceul Teoretic „Nicolae Iorga”Nehoiu

Our teams consists of several seventh graders. We decided to participate to Global Teenager Project to meet new people, find out what people think in other parts of the world and because we like adventure and competition. „The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you…”-Tom Bradley After Global found

participating Teenager out


Project we have



visions, ambitions are


you want to achieve


are or

levels they

motivate us to conquer our dream. Briefly, it takes ambitions perseverance and motivation to accomplish each of your goals 9

and further more to fulfill your dreams. When you dream, you imagine as well a direction you want to follow. Often ambitions are the steps you need to follow in order to reach your dreams. Dreams are what you desire to happen in your life, and ambition is the motivation that makes you get up and do what is necessary to achieve your dreams. What we want or dream of depends very much on the reality we live in. A dream is something impossible to achieve, but it gives our lives shape and meaning. â&#x20AC;&#x17E;To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe .â&#x20AC;? Anatole France


WORLD LITERATURE – GLOBAL TEENAGER PROJECT Valentina Popa,Liviu Cristinescu,Mircică MirelaMaria/Liceul Teoretic “Nicolae Iorga”, Nehoiu

This year, on the first semester, we had an interesting learning circle, called „World Literature”. Here, participants from five high schools, three different countries, were able to exchange information about the influence of the world literature on the history and culture of their countries, the role of the world literature in their everyday life. We received questions about our favorite authors, our childhoods’ tales, about how we see literature and what do we study in schools. We decided to ask them if they know a few quotes and 11

what are their meanings, because we believe we can always receive an useful piece of advice from the world’s biggest writers. We all concluded that literature is very important to us and we learned a lot of new things. We were happy that this was our 5th semester at GTP and we hope it won’t be our last.

GTP- LEARNING BY PROJECTS Clasa a XII a A/ Colegiul Economic Buzău After a meticulous analysis, we found out that learning by projects is an attractive and interesting way of learning in comparison with the traditional way, which can be sometimes boring. The advantages of learning by projects are much more than learning in the traditional way. Learning by projects offers you digital competences, which are very important, improving language and communication skills and being a way to make new friends. Although it has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages: sometimes it takes too much time and patience to do it, the projects can be copied from other sources 12

or from the internet, and it represents a big disadvantage for shy persons when they have to present it in front of the classroom. Also, the traditional way of learning can be useful for students who are getting the information faster and better in this way. The participants in this project are: Anghel Andreea, Avram Robert (coordinator), Corneci Diana, Dorobantu Mihaela, Fata Claudia, Manole Marius, Niscoveanu Cristian, Pascu Darius si Simion Bogdan, and the teachers are Mrs. Piciorea Ecaterina and Mrs. Catalina Ilie.


Our topic was to choose the best way of learning, between the modern and the traditional way.


TEHNOLOGII EMERGENTE Clasa XI F/ Colegiul Economic Buzău In urma primirii răspunsurilor la întrebarea noastră am aflat că în zilele noastre tehnologia este cea mai importantă, şi colegii noştri au împărtăşit cu noi informaţiile pe care le deţin. Noua tehnologie nu ne ajută numai în obţinerea de informaţii utile pentru cultura generală, ci şi pentru salvarea vieţilor omeneşti, pentru găsirea de noi soluţii în toate domeniile care ne sunt de folos. Unii colegii au spus că telefonul si computerul sunt cele mai importante.Le putem folosi pentru cercetări si efectuarea temelor.


Din Canada am aflat că în ţara lor aparatele care salvează vieţi sunt foarte performante si se utilizează în oricare caz, de aceea, ei cred ca acestea trebuie să fie prezente în fiecare ţară. Asadar, o discutie cu alti colegi, din alte tari ne este benefică deoarece putem afla multe lucruri folositoare.

GTP-GLOBAL TEENAGERS PROJECT Clasa a XII a C/ Colegiul Economic Buzău The natural environment encompasses allliving and non-living things occurring naturallyon Earth or some region thereof. It is an environment that encompasses the interaction of all living species. The concept of the natural environment can be distinguished by components: 

Complete units that function as natural systems without massiv


including 16








phenomena that occur within their boundaries. ď&#x201A;ˇ

Universal natural resources and physical phenomena that lack clear-cut boundaries, such as air, water, and climate, as well a energy, radiation,electric charge, and magnetism, not originating from human activity.

The reality is that most of the companies are not very friendly with the environment but a very good thing is that the society is progressing and more and more companies are





environment . Another important fact is that the government is taking important measures to keep healthy the nature and punishing the ones who harm the environment. Conclusion!!! The world is changing, people are now preoccupied for nature and this is a very important thing. 17

Students: Găleată Andreea- Elena, Popescu Mihaela- Georgiana, Moise Elena- Luminiţa, Iordache Roxana- Georgiana, Vasile CosminaCristina, Bălăjel Luiza- Elena, Bănică George Daniel, Pantazi Alexandru- Florinel, Brăgău Daniel, Tiba Cosmi- Alexandru, Dumitru Dan- Petre, Teodorescu Ioana- Viorela, Bucur GeorgianaMariana, Trifan Adrian, Dumitraşcu Marius, Caloian IzabelaClaudia, Ioniţă Dragoş Valentin, Ţuganu Sorina- Maria, Roman Laurenţiu- Claudiu, Cosma Mihaela, Cotorceanu Alexandru- Ionuţ, Stoica Georgian- Cosmin, Talpă Denisa- Mădălina, Matei Georgiana,


Sultănica, GeorgianaCăpăţînă

Fetic Beatrice, Alexandra,

Piruşcă Adelina-Ioana. Teacher: Enuş Adina


VIOLENCE WORLDWIDE AGAINST WOMEN Gabriela ナ「epor/ Colegiul Economic Buzトブ In this semester we participated in THE GLOBAL TEENAGER PROJECT, which offers a rich and dynamic international learning environment where students learn together with more than 20.000 students in over 42 countries .

This Learning Cirle was about 8 Millenium Development Goals set by the UN and the target about achieving all of the goals by 2015. Our question was about one of the UN's goals, which is related to protecting women against violence.More and more women are victims of violence and they don't have the courage to ask for help. 19

Q : 1) What does the Government in your country do about this problem ? 2) What are the ongoing programs and how har have you in achieving them ? The 5 countries answered to our question and we found out a lot of things about how the women are treated in the whole world. In Liban, violence has many forms, but women need to endure more than men. There, words like "adultery" is equall with a moral crime. Libanese council launched a project which teaches young girls how to fight when they are attacked. They use a tehnique named aikido which is a non violent martial art. From Hungary, we found out that the Parlament has made laws to protect women from violence but the actual activity is done by civil organizations. Not much is done by the state, girls are not taught any self defence at school. Most of the violence against women is done not by strangers, but by relatives, neighbours, partners. According to the UN, every third woman is a victim of violence, the situation is not better in Hungary, where every fourth woman suffers from violence. In the state of Canada, people takes women issues very seriously. One of the programs is YWCA A Turning Point For Women which helps women, satisfy their needs and provides psyhical, financial and 20

emotional support. So, Canada is a state which is doing everything it can to disolve violence against women. Canadians fight against the violence and they also create a helpline. It’s a good sign that government creates funds for projects and support foundations. What it’s sad is that in Canada violence starts in family and girls can be aggressed before the age of 12. In Latvia, from 2014th a law will be introduced in Latvia which will allow the abused and persecuted victims to go to court and ask the court to determine the appropriate limits for violent persons. At the moment there are no programs that protect women against violence there. In Ukraine, for example, the Constitution tells us about a person’s dignity and freedom from violence. Gender discrimination is specifically prohibited under the Constitution. Speaking about criminality,In 2007, the Government of Ukraine performed 82 criminal investigations against women. In Romania, unfortunately the government isn’t doing many things with this problem. Also, most Romanian women choose to live with their violent husbands, but don’t seek help from anyone.


Did you know...? 

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.

The majority (73%) of family violence victims are female. Females were 84% of spousal abuse victims and 86% of abuse victims at the hands of a boyfriend.


UBOD- UNITED BEYOND OUR DIVERSITY Boarcăş Alina/ Clasa a X a F/ Colegiul Economic Buzău What makes us the same? We do believe that we have so many in common. As mentioned in the definition found in the wikipeida,"Something is of universal value if it has the same value or worth for all, or almost all, people....Second, something could have universal value when all people have reason to believe it has value..." Some points about what you all think we have in common: Elected officials to serve in Public Office Different classes → low, middle, high National Traditions/Celebrations Family traditions Values Emotions Character What makes you special? Human diversity is the difference among people and how those differences make an effect on society. These differences can include biological, social, and cultural differences. 23

People are very different from each other. Individuality is what makes us different from each other. We think differently and we act differently on the same situation given we have our own experiences in the past. But, it is in one attitude that helps us go through life as a winner and that is the winning attitude. The never-say-die attitude will help us excel. Examples of rights and freedoms include: Fundamental Freedoms (ex. freedom of belief, expression, conscience, peaceful assembly, religion, association, freedom of the press etc.) Democratic Rights (ex. right to vote and run for public office) Legal Rights (ex. right to life liberty and security of the person, innocent until proven guilty etc) Canada not only allows freedom of speech, but promotes it Canada supports gay marriage


WHAT COULD A TEENAGER DO TO MAKE HIS/HER DREAM COME TRUE? Diana, Alexandra, Iuliana, Andra, Madalin - IX B/ Colegiul Economic Buzau It's true that our world has got so many problems starting with war, poverty, illness followed by too many other difficult issues to deal with. But instead of letting all that get you down, join the fight to improve what is needed, needed to be improved by the teens all over the world because they are the most important people of tomorrow society. They represent the future and that is based on their decisions . If we really want a great country with a bright future and a new life, we must have faith that we can do something and we must believe in ourselves. Instead of talking, we must take action. The past sometimes hallmarks our lives in a pleasant way and sometimes is very painful. But the past is less important than the future, the things can be done and changed. It is true that fulfiling a dream is difficult, but a teenager has his whole life in front of him, his availability to learn and change is greater, so he has every chance in succeding. A teenager needs always to look forward and to collect only the good parts of the past to assemble a complex puzzle, the future.


If we can define a dream as something that you want, that means it has heart and meaning for you and that you believe in it. The steps that need to be taken are little, but very important to our future and our happiness. First we have to identify a dream that we are passionate about, something that matters to us. No matter what our age, we can still make our dreams come true. The dream factory is always open and ready for business. Anyone can pick out a shiny dream and start working on it. As soon as we say yes to life, the door of opportunity will start to swing and open widely. A positive attitude and unstoppable persistence allows anyone to sail along the ocean of dreams. After, we have to put it in writing, tell about it to the ones who will support you and are committed to help you overcome obstacles and achieve results. We also have to go forward, never give up, to be active, to be friendly, listen to our teachers and parents. We just have to do our best and our dream can and will come true. We can join an organization or online community that will help us get closer to our dreams through volunteering, helping us to build skills, or providing support. We should do our home work, study well,


be active, purposeful, ambitious, hard-working, participate in different local and international projects and activities. Last but not least, we have to learn to make specific requests that will help us achieve our dreams and then share those resources with others. We have to know our strong points. Keep them up and try to develop them. For example if we have a talent, like drawing, we should start to take professional courses in it to keep up. Then we try to present our work somewhere suitable, this way growing and also developing our talent. We shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ignore or deny the weak points in us. We just have to know them well and try to change them into points of strength. Teenagers should believe in them because no one has ever achieved anything without a dream. They could follow their dreams and the dreams will become reality one day. They must learn how to dream because without dreams their life is boring. When we live our dream, our life is worth living. Our life keeps getting better and before itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too long, we will realize that there is no limit to how good our life can become.




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