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“I was born to burn gasoline”

7 INFALIBLE HABITS Take notes of practices and manners that will change your life. Invest in health! Increase your energy

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5 weighty reasons to practice Xmove


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Balance and harmony at every age R A MO N CA N E L A

Every single morning, at eight, Emilio Fontán arrives to DiR Castillejos and starts his daily fitness routine doing 20 minutes in the bike followed by a couple of toning exercises using different machines, and finally he finishes stretching. Emilio is one of the 9 DiR members that will be more than 90 years old this year and that continues exercising and taking care of his body with the same illusion, effort and willingness as ever. “Having a healthy life is key to live longer, however it is even more healthy to enjoy taking care of our bodies”, Emilio assures. There is no doubt that the exercise among third age people improves their physical condition and allows them to become more autonomous in their daily activities. Recent studies show that the muscular strength starts to diminish between 45 and 50 years old and furthermore it is estimated that between 12% and 15% of the muscular capacity is lost for each decade of life. Nowadays there are a lot of people, young and old, that trust us due to the fact that there is no age to do exercise and therefore

no excuses should exist to keep the body in movement. Every moment is good. Without movement and exercise the body elasticity diminishes and moreover the bonds, body joints and muscles lose their vitality up to their eventual degeneration. Other factors such as the stress, a sedentary life, not enough sleeping hours and accelerated meals can also sharpen general emotional and physical imbalances. Besides the exercise, there exist other non invasive therapeutic disciplines that help to recover the body balance, such as it is the osteopathy. The osteopaths conceive the body as a whole and only with the use of their hands they are capable of detecting the body tensions and dysfunctions to induce the correction of them in order to reestablish their balance. In fact the term osteopathy has its origins in two word roots: osteo that refers to the bond as the most stable body structure; and path that means path or way. In this way, the word osteopathy means “the bond path”, which makes reference to an integral diagnosis and systematic treatment for different pat-

hologies, considering the initial premise that all body organs are interrelated. Through an initial physical exploration, the osteopath detects the focal zones that lack of mobility and works on them to improve the muscles’ elasticity. The osteopath considers that the health depends on the maintenance of adequate functional relations among the different parts of our body. Throughout the manipulation of the structure, muscle and connective tissue, the osteopathy corrects the structural, visceral, neurological, endocrinal, and immunological dysfunctions and it is highly recommended for pains derived from lumbagos (low back pains), herniated discs, headaches, migraines, gastritis… DiR believes in the benefits of this therapeutic methodology and therefore we provide to all members and not members the possibility to enjoy this personalized service with aims to decrease your tensions and muscular pains in our centers DiR Avinguda Madrid, DiR Club Hispà, DiR Eixample, DiR Gràcia, DiR Sant Cugat, Tuset DiR, Up&Down DiR, Pilates DiR Studio and Seven DiR.

W W W. D i R . C A T 5

“The destiny, the vitality and the strength of a man are in his heart�


The day he was born, October 15, 1972, his father suffered an accident while driving a Ducati 125 cc. on his way to assist the childbirth… Carlos Checa believes that was a signal because he does not imagine himself in a different context than surrounded by motorcycles, races and the smell of burned gasoline.

carlos checa Together with Àlex Crivillé, Alberto Puig, Sete Gibernau, Toni Elías, Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo, Carlos Checa is one of the Spanish winners in the 500 cc-MotoGP series. He has piloted Honda, Yamaha and Ducati motorcycles and has being box partner of pilots such as Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi and Loris Capirossi, among others. Since 2008 he contests in the Superbike World Championship. Initially he started with Honda and since two years ago he runs with Ducati. In 2010 he surprised everyone with the third world place and just last year he became worldwide champion in this modality.

text M A RGA R I TA PU I G

P H OTO S H é c t or Z er ko w itz H a i rc u t a nd ma k e u p Víctor Barragán TO Cebado l’Illa Diagonal (Av. Diagonal,557)

W W W. D i R . C A T 7


You are doing well... Better impossible. Actually, I think I am in a point in where I can allow myself to do whatever I want. So far was not like this before? Yes, but now it is a moment in which I had achieved success in both fields, economically and in sports, and I feel that I can choose without any pressure or fear to be wrong. To be the Superbikes Worldwide Champion is an enormous success. Do you think you are valued in this country as you deserve it? Maybe not, but I think being a champion in this modality is really cool. It has a lot of fans. In Italy, for example, this sport is crazy. Does it make you feel bad? Not at all, actually I do not think about it. Of course I would like that this sport will be well known and recognized as it is in other countries, but at least I know where I am and what does this means. And what does this means? This is the result of many years of efforts, trainings and hard work. And what about suffer? I do not think that neither you nor your fans will ever forget the fatal accident in Donington in 1998. Of course not. I do believe it was a really hard moment, but there was also a bit of miracle in all that. My spleen was damage and it had to be removed after I lost one liter and a half of blood… I do not know, at that moment, I was just thinking in surviving. And now, I have this “souvenir” (he points the scar he has that goes from the belly button up to the heart). Have you ever be afraid of riding a motorbike again? Fear is always present. If there is a pilot that is never afraid, that means he is crazy. A pilot knows that it is in his nature to be afraid and is his duty to dominate his fear. He should not lose control, it is a defense. All people are afraid when riding a motorbike and they need to. Fear is needed. Who will ever though that at your 39 years old you have already reached the most important step in your professional sport life?! Yes, and I can assure you that this I feel relieved; I finally accomplished my goal… In fact, when I realized I was champion, what came to my mind was “It took me a while but it is worth it”. 8 DiR mAgAZine

“Fear is always present. If there is a pilot that is never afraid, that means he is crazy” How come does one day you feel the triumph? Because I have learned in many aspects. I have a high knowledge of races, of competence, of the machines, however I have still so much to learn… Do you have to learn more? Of course! There is always something to be improved. When I finish a race, even though it has been good, I always make a reset to watch all of it and I always find some mistakes. Every year I learn something new. Among other factors, this can be also explained because technology changes. Which are your limits? Nowadays, I am a really complete pilot, but this is because I know myself or at least I try to know me really good. In fact, when I believe that there is something that limits me I try to find solutions. If I need it, I go to see a psychologist but this is nothing new… this has been always. What does it teach you? It helps me to manage my life and the races; it helps me to learn treat well the others… to search inside and outside and be capable to be better. And to drive better. Is it now when you are having more fun? Yes. A lot! The superbikes are motorcycles really balanced, just as the first 900 cc from MotoGP. The models 800 cc have too much electronics and less power and the 500 cc 2T used to be only and pure pilotage.


“When I am not driving a motorcycle, I am riding a bike, skiing or parachuting”

You used to have the control in your fist and the tires were not that developed like nowadays. The electronics have provided motorcycles more close to the engineer and less to the pilot. How does a pilot train? I do not know about the other pilots. In my case, I spend the whole day exercising. When I am not driving a motorcycle, I am riding a bike, skiing or parachuting… Could you be successful in any other sport? I do not know. I love the snow and to hike… but it seems to me that I was born to burn gasoline. Would you like to go back again to run in Moto GP series? I do not know… I can assure you that riding superbikes is really fun and exciting, but I do not plan to run again because at the moment I do not have offers. Do you like to ride motorcycle apart from the races? Yes. Actually, the motorcycles have always been an obsession to me. The first time I drove one, it was when I was twelve years old. It was from a professor that used to lend it to me secretly… it was a Derbi Variant! 1 0 D i R M A G A Z INE

So, you did not start really early… Years ago, things were different. Nowadays, since you are a kid you can have it all; you have different options to try what you like. Maybe that is the reason why this sport has changed. If you become champion at the twenties’, to reach the thirties with motivation and willingness to learn and get better is even more complicated. Do you mean that if you have begun earlier, probably you would not have accomplished what you have done right now? Practically I am convinced about this. I have been working hard for long time to keep my motivation. What model of motorcycle do you recommend? The Multistrada. It i really fun. And it is Ducati… Have you ever think about leaving it? Not! And not now. Now it is not possible, I cannot. I think this is the moment where I am more capable and prepared to learn and to give more of myself. It is true that sometimes I think I would love to have a family, but I value how I am right now. How are you? I am good. To be honest, I am really happy. I won the championship that I wanted and that I needed to win… and actually I even took a time off in order to assimilate this. I was for a couple of days in Italy and then France… and when finally I realized the champion title, I just decided to move here and around with other friends. And if the question is more personal, then I have to say that I am really confident with my person, and at the end that does not means that I will be alone. Then… You do not make a mistake with your tattoo… Not at all! Ha, ha! (he raised his hand and rolled up his shirt to show his tattoo, an Egyptian hieroglyph). Every day I believe more in what is written here: “The destiny, the vitality and the knowledge of a man are in his heart”. This is such a big truth!



up the crisis The vitamins are a group of essential substances that help cell growth and development; therefore they are totally vital for life.

Vitamins are always good because they help the organism and make your body stronger over any type of aggression. Nonetheless, the recent crisis cannot be fight with special formulas or traditional pills. The only way to face this crisis is making your body feels good by exercising.


Vitamins for the physical and mental strength

There are some special vitamins that provide you selfesteem, positive energy, bravery, courage, and strength by eliminating the apathy, the pessimism and the negative energy. These are the DiR vitamins. What are the effects of its consumption? People who have take these pills for years, recognize that they provoke a feeling of wanting to eat the world, to accomplish any challenge and why not, even bring the necessary strength to fight the crisis! They have really few sideeffects, such as addiction to feel good, free and alive and wish that everyone tries them. But, what about if instead of taking DiR vitamins only when is needed, when your mood is really of apathy and weakness, someone gets immune to these sensations because he takes one daily dose? To do exercise provides you with physical and mental strength.

DiR VITAMINS TO START THE SEASON WITH STRENGHT AND ENERGY The fall arrives, cold weather, shorter days… and it is possible that the apathy symptoms and negativism start to awake. The new season comes with strength, do not let yourself to be dragged in the negative atmosphere and work harder in yourself, in your physical and emotional well being, providing your organism with repetitive doses of DiR Vitamins before the symptoms start to appear in your soul.

React with optimism

You need to face the crisis and answer it back with movement, energy, good mood, motivation to meet new people, to learn new things, to wake in the morning and start a new day. Be more proactive so you will be stronger in front of new external agents and keep yourself prepared. It is proofed that a good nutrition can immunize the body to diseases and that the physical activity prevents many problems and at the same time it helps to keep a positive and stronger mind, more awake, more creative and dynamic, and these are the effects of the DiR vitamins. It is impossible to have a stronger mind in a weak body, as it is popularly said: “Healthy mind in healthy body”, which is perfectly applicable nowadays when we need an awaken mind in order to be able to react with optimism.

Be strong to face the fall season with lots of positive energy. Invest in yourself and surround yourself with people who do the same. W W W. D i R . C A T 1 3


Visionaries, Athletes, Creative people… From a total of 80,000 DiR Members, there are different types. Send us your story to

Informatics and wine

Love for the Sport

Effort and superation

Daniel Ibàñez DiR Claret Member

Maria Donadeu and Roger Olivet Diagonal DiR Members

Augusto Virla DiR Claret Member

Six years ago Daniel went with a friend to a wine tasting exhibition and realized the magic of it. After this visit, he was encouraged to start a new club business in the wine industry named GentDeVins ( y and let besides his informatics’ expertise field. GentDeVins is “a club that has the objective of bringing the wine closer to all people in a very simple and basic way”. Daniel believes that the most important thing of wine is that people likes its flavor. Afterwards, “we look for a wine that makes us feel awake, alive, excited and help us to smile. If we have not yet find this wine that make us feel all this emotions, or at least part of them, then we must continue searching and tasting new wines up to we find it. For the people that are not experts in wine, he advises “just let yourself go”.

Maria and Roger, both entrepreneurs, share their passion for the sport and their many training hours (around 6 and 7 times per week!). Both of them coincide in describing the sport as a “life style”. Roger has practiced so many sports that he confesses: “With all the sport material that I have, I could easily open a new business”. Roger created with other three associate friends the website www.nadapedaleacorre. com, he explains “when we were bitten by a triathlon wasp (because this was not a fly), we decided to create a triathlon fans’ website”. His next challenge is: The Ironman Triathlon in Germany. Maria works in, an educational project recently launched. Both of these entrepreneurs agree: “Not having time to train is false, at 7:00am there is never a meeting programmed.”

Augusto is 33 years old and since he arrived to Barcelona, he had the idea in his mind of getting involved in the bodybuilding discipline. He started when he was 19 years old and it became his passion quickly. He explains: “This sport develops important values on the person such as sacrifice, constancy and discipline, which are required to achieve expected objectives”. He competes in the senior category (up to 85 kilos), in which he won the IFBB Catalonia Championship and he was third place in the Bodybuilding and Fitness National Cup of San Fernando (Cádiz). Currently, he is training in the DiR with aims to overcome this result in the next Spain Championship and declares: “The infrastructure and facilities at DiR are polyvalent and this allows people to have a full training.”


te x t D IA NA L L A NA S

Entrepreneurial Story

10,000 km in bike

In the bag... triathlon

Francesc Sanz DiR Diagonal Member

Josep Mª Riera Tuset DiR Member

Javier Montesinos Diagonal DiR Member

Francesc has created the website “La Comunity” (, “the first club to rent apartments that was born with the idea to change this market and make it much more accessible for the people”. This website allows people to rent a place with discounts and low fee costs, which can imply savings up to 2,000 Euros. This young man is also linked to the academic and entrepreneurship worlds and explains: “A few years ago, forming entrepreneurs in universities was not an objective. They formed you to become a directive in a company, but nowadays the things have slowly changed”. Francesc highlights that the Catalans are entrepreneurs: “Barcelona is like a mini cluster place for technologic startups and e-commerce businesses. Their potency needs to be exploded in order to make them become big companies”.

Josep Mª started to explore the Mountain Bikes’ world, MTB (BTT, Spanish acronym) when he received a bike as a gift and he decided to travel all around his district, Segarra. From this route, the book Conèixer la Segarra en BTT (Cossetània Editions) was written. He declares: “What I love the most is to create original routes and the challenge of explore them by myself with my bike”. He has traversed the Peninsula in all directions. He rides bike with friends since 20 years ago, and this has become a tradition that has take him to travel routes such as the Camino Austral in Chile, the green meridian Dunkerque-Paris-Barcelona, Transespaña, Levantina, Puente Aéreo, Transpirenaica and Vascocatalana, among others. If you are interested in knowing more about his traversed routes, visit the website to get more information.

Javier started to participate in triathlons 7 years ago together with Guillem Masdeu (ex professional swimmer, friend and god father of his daughter Noa) and the trainers Santi Pellejero and Ricardo Pérez from VO2 club. He has participated in more than 60 races and has become sub champion in the plus 40 category in Spain, 1st place in the sprint modality of the 2012 triathlon Mataró and 1st place in the Menorca 2011 Extrem Man, just to mention some of them. He explains: “I train always that I have free time. My family and my job are priority to me”. On weekends, he wakes up early morning to train between 3 and 5 hours. He states: “I think that if you like it, the triathlon is a life style. When I have job trips I always pack in my bag the helmet, glasses and snickers to do exercise, nobody knows when you can use them.” W W W. D i R . C A T 1 5


The most

beneficial habits Autumn is an ideal season to think about your daily life habits and propose yourself to change those that either you do not like or they are not helping you. Invest in your person and in your health.



It seems that changing one of your life habits is one of the hardest things that a human being can do, but that does not mean that is impossible. Taking advantage of the autumn in order to try to improve your habits is definitely a safe health investment. The World Health Organization claims that in order to prevent one third of the worldwide cancer cases, it should be enough to have a healthy diet, a normal weight and some physical activity in our lives. Adopt the next habits to benefit your health.

1. Eat healthy and balanced

A proper nutrition is responsible for the prevention of several diseases and for the strengthening of the immunological system. In this sense, the Mediterranean diet is considered the most complete one because it encompasses different types of food that someone can eat in a healthy and balance way, such as: cereals, vegetables, legumes, fish, olive oil… It is important to reduce the consumption of saturated fats (pastries, sausages…) and to include more antioxidants (fruits and vegetables).

2. Exercise your mind

The mind is another muscle of the organism. Several studies point out that people that practice activities that required intellectual effort maintain their vitality as they grow older. There are several useful tools that you can do such as reading, writing or participating in social gatherings. Crossword puzzles, word games, Parcheesi and dominoes are excellent to enhance and stimulate the brain. Other creative and artistic activities such as painting and drawing make the mind works harder and stimulate the psychomotor development. On the other side, the excess of television can atrophy the mind.

3. Get away from the stress

When the stress becomes chronic, it might affect your health provoking fatigue, inappetence, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, back and neck pain…To avoid this: do not try to do a lot of activities simultaneously and focus only in what it is possible to do; try to sleep enough (between 7 and 8 daily hours); practice the deep and conscious breathing method, through the alternate breathing (breathing alternatively for each of the nostrils) or through the abdominal breathing; practice a sport and meditation or yoga to relax your mind and to avoid negative thoughts; give yourself a massage, take a hot shower, listen quiet music…; and grow social, familiar and cultural relationships. W W W. D i R . C A T



4. Drink more water and purify your body

Your body needs to be hydrated, therefore it is important to drink water (8 daily glasses approximately). The water helps to eliminate the accumulated toxins and improves the renal functioning. It is also beneficial to drink infusions, soups, and juices as long as they are natural.

5. Quit smoking

Quit smoking is not an easy task because it is related with a physical (nicotine) and psychic (habit) dependency. Nonetheless, to stop the smoking habit is a key factor to have better health and life quality. The nicotine goes from the lungs to the blood and this affects the heart, the hormonal system, the metabolism and even the brain. There are plenty of different methods to quit smoking, for example: the nicotine patches, chewing gum, and pills; the acupuncture, group therapies or even certain medicines (with medical prescription). The exercise is definitely a great ally in this fight because it combats the abstinence syndrome and the anguish that results from quitting smoking, but the most important part of this effort is to psych you up and have the willingness to surpass this addiction.

6. KEEP YOUR BODY ACTIVE WITH EXERCISE In a healthy life, the physical exercise cannot be absent because it has multiple virtues such as muscular elasticity, heart protection, the strengthening of the immunological system and the participation in a bigger lung and brain oxygenation. In this way, the sport helps people to sleep better and to increase the good mood thanks to the endocrines’ liberation, which are responsible of the wellbeing sensation. Together with a healthy and balance nutrition, the constant physical activity is the best health guarantee. Doing exercise in a regular basis has more than 110 benefits up to the point that it reduces considerably the risk of suffering a long list of important diseases and moreover it decreases medicine consumption at all levels. 18 DiR MAGAZINE

7. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels to the limit The reduction of salt and alcohol consumption, the practice of physical exercise and the avoidance of stressful situations help the body to keep optimal tension’s levels. The beneďŹ ts might be greater along with greater consumption of fruits and vegetables and the reduction of saturated fats. Diet can also play an important role in the maintenance of adequate cholesterol levels. Other helpful measures are: to keep normal weight limits, quit smoking and regular control of blood pressure.

An inadequate diet, the physical inactivity and tobacco consumption cause up to 80% of the premature coronary heart diseases.


weighty reasons to practice te x t J o r d i No tArio Fi t ne s s D e partment DiR Group


One year ago, Jessica Expósito (expert in fitness and internationally well known instructor) created Xmove DiR, a new special fitness program that nowadays has plenty followers. If you are not a fan yet, we give you all the reasons to become one of them.

1. Cardio and tone in one

The Xmove program fusions gymnastics with dance in fitness routines that were carefully designed to exercise all the body muscles (buttocks, groin, abs, quads, deltoids, biceps, triceps, etc..) along with a complete cardiovascular exercise in a simple, basic, exciting and funny way.

2. Fill yourself of energy

Xmove´s choreographies are original and full of energy and uses well known music hits from all times that you will be excited to dance: from Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Jennifer López, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind & Fire, Beattles, and more. You will dive into a unique and fascinating experience that will make you feel happy, renovated and full of vitality.

3. You will sweat while you have fun

Each of the different music themes played in a Xmove’s class has its own choreography routine, and it results really impossible to listen them without dancing and simultaneously do physical exercise. The choreographies and themes change every three months in order to update and renew the exercises’ routines.

4. Physical and psychic benefits

It improves the physical posture, the muscular tone and the cardiovascular system; it allows to burn calories and accelerates the metabolism; it favors the coordination and functioning of the psychomotor apparatus; it increases physical resistance; it gives you rhythm and vitality; and moreover, it releases stress and increases your selfesteem.

5. A working plan for everyone

A healthy exercise and strongly recommended for all ages that you will find in DiR Clubs.

Xmove’s exercises are practiced continuously in 55 minutes’ sessions, and in some routines complementary fitness material is also practiced in order to increase its intensity. Xmove is a healthy exercise strongly recommended for all. You can find this innovative exercise in all DiR clubs and you will be able to practice it directly with its creator, Jessica Expósito, in Tuset DiR. For more information in regards the available schedules, please check the website W W W. D i R . C A T 2 1


Work out your muscles with free weights helps you to define your physical complexity and shape your body in a more efficient way. Besides that, the different options that they offered are unlimited and allow you to work your muscles in all possible manners.

shape the body with free weights T E X T NAC H O NE GRE D O A KD M I A C O O RD I NATO R D iR



The bench press can be performed on a flat, declined or inclined bench. The three different types of benches will allow you to work with more emphasis the sterna, abdominal or clavicular pectoralis (respectively). It is an exercise that can be done with bar or dumbbells.

The pull-over is an exercise that is usually practiced on a flat bench with a dumbbell, although it can also be performed with a single bar or a disc. This exercise forces the dorsal to work the back extension of the arm and involves a lot of abdominal and pectoral muscles.

The opening series with dumbbells on the bench can also be performed in a horizontal, declined or inclined bench. The three types of benches will allow you to work with more emphasis the sterna, abdominal or clavicular pectoralis (respectively). This is a great exercise that works a lot the insertion area. The repetition series must be done carefully and without over exceeding them.

The oarmovements can be performed with either one or two hands in the bar. In addition to work out the back dorsal muscles and the flexibility of the elbows because of the traction movement (pulling motion), the rhomboids participate also closing the scapulae.

The training with free weights is ideal if you practice any sport, because this means an extra back up activity for the joints and muscles. 22 DiR MAGAZINE

THE BEST EQUIPMENT AT DiR In the free weight rooms at DiR, benches and Life Fitness weights are combined with Hammer Strenght machines. The bars and discs have the Olympic caliber of 50mm and all discs are made of rubber and have handholds. There are also an important selection of Russian weights, Kettlebells, and NRG-Bags. Ask your trainer or the technician how they work!



The military press can be performed in front of the head or behind it (behind the neck). It is recommended to do it in front of the head if you suffer from back or cervical problems. It works the deltoids uniformly. It can be also performed with bar or dumbbells (simultaneously alter-nating).

The most fundamental exercise for the legs is the squat. You must really well know the technique, because in regards of this exercise more attention must be done to other muscles.

The deltoids are worked with all different elevations’ variations up to the horizontal level (laterals and frontals‌). Every single type of elevations put special emphasis in the different part of the deltoids.

An alternative exercise, besides the squat, is the lunge, with this you can work the legs in a symmetrical way and therefore you must alternate the leg at the front. In this case, the incidence in the superior muscles (hamstrings: superior part of the thigh and buttocks) is greater.



The curl biceps using bar is the most popular exercise for the arm biceps. The bar might be straight, or a Z-bar, more anatomic. You must try to stabilize your back, in a straight position, in order to avoid accidents or kickbacks, or you should better try a Scott bank.

The french press using bar in a bench is an exercise in which you should be aware that your elbows are not moving and specially that they do not split apart. It can be performed with a bar, dumbbells or with a single dumbbell always watching that the elbows do not separate from each other.

W W W. D i R . C A T 2 3


increase your


We are energy. And everything in our surround is energy too. Regardless of this, we wake up many times already tired.We give you some tools to keep your body energy the highest possible.

The body is prepared to consume natural products without any preservatives, pesticides or chemical derivatives. A diet should prefer seasonal food products locally grown. The body needs more energy to digest animal food products than vegetables, so try to increase your vegetables, legumes and cereals consumption. Cooking time is very important too: avoid fries or meals too elaborated. The body is majorly water and this is the liquid most convenient to hydrate and obtain energy. For not interfere with the digestive process the best is to drink water in between meals. When you are eating your body spends too many minerals processing sugar out of a soda or liberating gas out of it. Light beverages 24 DiR MAGAZINE

Eat and drink healthy, breath properly, calm down your mind, move your body and keep a healthy emotional life. is not any better because they substitute sugar with chemical sweeteners that causes other problems. Drinking natural fruits juices seems a good option, but fruit is better assimilated when it is eaten without any other foods. Daily life pushes us to make everything in such a quick way that we end up breathing the same way we live: fast, conscienceless and superficially. To be aware of the power of breathing that should be calm and profound so we can manage properly the energy inhaled it’s a basic fundamental. If you see this altered (because of stress, tense situations, sport activities...) take your body to breath calmed and relaxed. According to yoga, we are borned with our breathing counted, and to live longer you should breath slowly to make it last. Always inhale and exhale through your nose and you will notice that you take control much better of the quantity, rhythm and frequency of the air that enters and exists.

Being in a group where you feel comfortable and with common interests makes your energy combined with others and multiply it. Enrolled to gym, practice yoga or just get along with some other people, but do not stay home alone. Nature is another great source of energy. You can take it hugging a tree, letting the sea waves you or just laying on the ground while enjoy the plants touching your body. Sounds like magic, but you should try it.

Mind spends too much energy thinking on the same subjects, that’s why you might get tired some times without doing any physical activity. To control this expense of energy you have tools like meditation, where you learn how to control your thinking fluctuation and with constancy you can reach a stable state of energy and calm. You may find new energy in movement: this is the one you feel after a session of physical activity (like a car that while circulating charges its battery). The body needs movement to digest, beat and function. Add moderate exercise to your daily activity by walking, doing some yoga or going to the gym. One of the most common ways of blocking out your energy is repressed feelings. Be honest with yourself and find your way. Express emotions and if you feel obligated to repress them, express them out whenever you have the chance and let peace fill your inland. Avoid repeating an unpleasant scene inside your head over and over, cut out the circle and free yourself of negative emotions (forgive, comprehend, forget).

LEARN HOW TO BREATH AND MEDITATE AT YOGAONE Pranayama techniques (different exercises and breathing rhythms) given at YogaOne will teach you how to breath with more quality and to get more energy out of every inspiration while regulating your respiratory process. With meditation you will practice a state of attention that allows you a better control of your mind and to fight back stress. More information at front desk of YogaOne or at: W W W. D i R . C A T 2 5

T H E L A S T T O. . .

A long time ago people started talking about the hypopressive exercises, but it has been just recently that its practice has become popular. What are exactly these exercises and why are so beneficial?

text NEUS SĂ NC HEZ director P il ates Fo rum Diagonal DiR

These exercises have demonstrated that they can reduce up to 8% of the waist perimeter with its regular practice.

reduce waist and belly The abdomen is one of the body zones in where fat is more easily accumulated and this is the main reason why many people feel motivated to start exercising it by doing abdominals. Nowadays, there are other new exercises called hypopressive that are more effective than the traditional ones. The hypopressive exercises have demonstrated that they can reduce up to 8% of the waist perimeter thanks to the contraction of the transversal muscle of the abdomen. Furthermore, these types of exercises are strongly recommended for a fast recovery of women in the postpartum period (it helps to relocate the internal organs, to tone the pelvis, recover the waist and gain sexual libido). At the same time, they are also useful to prevent and fight back muscles pains. The hypopressive exercises are performed through basic postures that allow the diagram and the transversal abdominal muscle to work together and strength the abdominal zone and the pelvis. These exercises were created by Marcel Caufriez, doctor of physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the University of Brussels and founder of the urogynecologic reeducation in Belgium and Canada The practice of these exercises is one way to train the centre of the body by activating the involuntary abdominal muscles, such as: the transversal, the pelvis, paravertebral, and the deeper musculature. Throughout the breathing (apnea during 25 seconds), all these muscles are activated reducing the abdominal perimeter and correcting the posture.





To reduce the fat located in the abdominal zone you should combine diet and exercise. Firm the musculature in the middle and increase your strength. Improve your posture and adopt a proper alignment of the body. Reduce lumbar and cervical pains. Adopt a better body composition. Increase the tone of the abdominal zone and pelvis. Increase the flexibility and joint mobility. Reduce the stress and fatigue by improving the breathing control and concentration. Fortify your image and self-esteem. Enjoy a physical and mental balance.

FREQUENT QUESTIONS How many sessions are recommended? The best recommendation is to do two weekly sessions of 30 minutes each one or one whole hour combin-ing hypopressives with Pilates’ exercises. How long does a person need to learn the exercises? The learning process depends upon each person and in function of his/her diastasis (abdominal perimeter). If he/she has a lot, then it will be needed a month because of the distended musculature and at the begin-ning he/she will need to start learning the breathings in a correct way in order to work out these muscles. For how long we have to wait until we can perceive the results? The results are evident since the first session! If the hypopressives are practice assiduously, the results continue every time better. Can these types of exercises be practiced in DiR? Yes, there are courses every three months for reduced groups in different DiR centres. For more information, you can call to 902 10 1979. Are these exercises available for all persons, despite age? Yes, except for the pregnant women o people that suffers high blood pressure. W W W. D i R . c A t 2 7


t e x t S E RGI C A RRE L E RO O S T E O PAT H G RO U P D iR

Have you ever visited

an osteopath?

Do you know that having an unhealthy liver can directly affect your back? Or that constipation might aggravate the symptoms of lumbar pain? And that a lot of women suffer from knee pain as a result of an ovarian problem? Or that the lack of buttock might provoke problems in the lower extremities? 28 DiR MAGAZINE

In United States, England and France going to the osteopath is as normal as visiting a general doctor. However, here in Spain, people still do not know what an osteopath is for. In this article, we will clarify you what is the job of the osteopath. The osteopaths consider the body as a whole.

Following the philosophy of the creator of this manual medicine, the American doctor Andrew Taylor Still, the basic idea of the osteopathy is to recover the equilibrium of the body because it is known that the diseases are consequences of several alterations in the structure of the organs, muscles, bonds, and other tissues. Due to the fact that all the functioning systems in the body are related, disorders in one of the systems affect consequently the functioning of the others.

The degenerative changes of the bonds, joints, and muscles are inevitable.

Precisely one of the consequences of getting older is the loss of muscular mass and bone mass and as a result it also provokes loss of mobility, with or without inflammation of the joints. The body zones that might be more problematic because of the performance of hard activities during years are the knees, shoulders and hips. Many years have been spent in clinical efforts and researches with aims to find a special formula in order to stop these degenerative changes that strongly impact people, physically and psychologically;

however, the solutions have been just few and not enough. In reason of this, the osteopathy is a discipline that helps to recover to certain extent the body equilibrium and the loss of mobility. Through the analysis and study of the body posture and the relationship between its structure and functioning, the mobility and stability of the body can be improved. In the same way that almost all people is aware that when reaching an advanced age they should keep a close eye to certain problems such as cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis, people should also consider that it is possible to have greater control over the muscles and joints. Muscles and joints must be trained, watched closer, and controlled by a specialist. The job of an osteopath is to alleviate the accumulated tensions in the different body tissues and to speed up joints’ mobility. Moreover, his job consists also in controlling other physical alarming symptoms that might surge related to other diseases and recommending the patient to a specific specialist. The osteopath tries to offer relief to the patient, but at the same time he confers the patient greater autonomy in his daily activities and can help to reduce his consumption of medicine such as pain relievers.

YOUR OSTEOPATH IN DiR With a personal treatment you will be able to relief pains and tensions in order to find the equilibrium of your body. You will find 11 osteopaths that offer you this service in different DiR clubs: DiR Avinguda Madrid, DiR Club Hispà, DiR Eixample, DiR Gràcia, Sant Cugat DiR, Tuset DiR, Up&Down DiR, Pilates DiR Studio and Seven DiR. For further information in regards the different prices and fees, ask directly in the reception of your club. W W W. D i R . C A T 2 9



forget about the body hair

One of your clients cancels the meeting, so you decide to take advantage of your free time to go to the closest DiR club. You feel like swimming, but you cannot do it today because you are not depilated. Surely this situation or similar has happened to you at least in one occasion. The photodepilation help you, in a couple of sessions, to forget about the awkward hair in your legs, underarm and down. But… what is the secret of this technique? Photodepilation means literally depilation through light. In this way, this term covers both, the laser depilation and the intense pulsed light (IPL). However, the term is used generally to refer basically to the IPL depilation. 30


Works? lanine from the t i s e o d e e How ion, the m and destroys th todepilat

pho heat ireia light in With the e h t s fore, as M n e r m r e o h f T s . n n s: “eve ir is bor hair tra b, clarifie re the ha e lu c h n w , e z e l c iR its D folli w again, nsible of o o r p g s t e r h , t ig rence Bragula tionally m likely”. The diffe p e c x e ir a elies uch un though h pretty m the IPL r is d n n a io t n a o r ti ength regene er depila e wave l s h a t l d e n h t a f light and between nt type o s is pure e e r e in f h f i c a d m hat its in the om laser rovokes t p fr t is h h g t li d e n and used. Th le color, a lack hair g (b in s e e p y n t o , of gy ete hair uniform technolo ne concr L o P I in e s h s t e , n aves’ er hand effective n the oth r length w tense e O id ). w in a k s g white amon “The in to choose ing that: t u a o t of y s s s e w u o all capable ontin , c e t u la q i u n g a Br ew tech ors, and options. PL) is a n pes and hair col I ( t h g i l ins ty ser”. pulsed ferent sk s painful than la f i d g n i t trea y is les can be is that it portantl L m P i I t e s h o t m es of er advantag s and oth r e t n e Another c y t n is d in beau depilatio r e performe s la e il bs wh rs fitness clu ed through docto rm nel. only perfo al person ic d e m r and othe

Have you ever thought in how much time you loss in a year just to depilate? Just to avoid mentioning the awkwardness that represents to be aware of all the hard hair that you have not being able to remove at all. The photodepilation allows you to erase from your agenda the frequent appointments you have with wax or other electric shaving machines.

st session r fi y r e v e h t r depends Effective froirm sappear the hai di to s n io ss se ed pe in each,

requ and hair ty The number of : the skin type as ch zone su s, or ct slow), and the or st fa s in a series of fa ow gr r cy of d (if the hai rds the frequen ga re In … the growth spee l) al onth and d (if it big or sm s to wait one m air that size to be treate d en m m co re gulat cause the h the sessions, Bra the sessions, be n ee After w et b in growing phase. e th in a half month l il st is ne g destroyed in the treated zo r ai h e th has not yet bein at th u will realize lighter. To es thinner and every session, yo m co be it r ve ion has , moreo e photodepilat h has diminished “T s: k ar m re ng the ecialist pable of reduci ca d conclude, the sp o h et m e an effectiv e particular proofed to be of 80%. In som e ag er av an p to %”. hair growth u being even 95 as h er b m u n cases, this



There are a several situations in where the IPL depilation is not recommended.

1 If you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding. The hormonal

and pigmentation level changes of the skin that occur during these phases decreases the effectiven ess of the photodepilation. If you already started the treatment, it would be better if you suspend it for a while, rest and retake it afterwards.

If you have a tattoo in the zone that 2 The you want to depilate.

dark color of the tattoo can absorb the pulsed light and provoke depigmentation of the tattoo, or even this might provoke local burns.

3 If you are taking certain medications. There are certain me-

dicines that increase the photosensitivi ty of the skin. The pulsed light is neither recommended if you suffe r from diabetes or other disease. It is suggested to see your doct or for better information.

in DiRzen The service is offer IPL equipped to offer you All DiRzen centers are n cer con or t ub do y an depilation. If you have ll wi thod, DiRzen staff in respect to the me e in this regards. The vic ad provide you free l vary upon the number price of the sessions wil e for in-stance, each zon of zones to be treated: has a cost of 30 euros.

the information directly in You can request more are: ich wh s, ter cen zen DiR clubs that have DiR nal DiR, DiR Maragall, DiR Castillejos, Diago res DiR and Tuset DiR Up&Down DiR, Tres Tor 902 101 979. or in the phone number

W W W. D i R . C A T


Take care of your heart


tex t AN N A GRAU N UTRI TI ON Department DiR


To enjoy a healthy cardiovascular nutrition is not complicated at all, especially if we take into consideration that the Mediterranean diet besides being tasty and vary, it provides important benefits to have a healthy heart.

The Mediterranean diet, based in the consumption of cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes, dry fruits and olive oil, is healthy for the cardiovascular system. The proof of this is the low rates of coronary diseases registered in the countries of the Mediterranean region in comparison with other countries. The first benefit from this diet is the low levels of cholesterol, and moreover, the advantage of impeding or complicating the oxidation process which avoids the formation of lesions in the arteries.

The dietary key tips

In general it is convenient to reduce the consumption of red meat, sausages and cheeses, not only because they contain high saturated fats but also because of its high levels of cholesterol and calories. Similarly, you should avoid the consumption of the so called “trans” fatty acids (it is said margarines, bakery products…) and reduce the consumption of salt, simple sugar (candies, cakes…), coffee and alcohol. If you follow these dietary tips, your heart will thank you for a balance and healthy nutrition, free of excess of calories. The overweight can increase the probabilities to suffer cardiovascular diseases. More specifically, an overweight of approximately more than 10 kilos of the ideal weight becomes one of the main risk factors that predispose the heart of having a myocardial failure.

the most friendly food of the heart FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. They are rich in fiber, antioxidant vitamins and minerals and therefore they are not harmful for the heart. The oranges, pears or pumpkins have potassium, which helps to regulate the hypertension and to reduce cholesterol. BLUE FISH. Sardine, anchovy, salmon, tuna… are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to increase the HDL cholesterol or so called “good cholesterol” and at the same time reduce the triglycerides. LEGUMES. Lentils, chickpeas, beans… are basic foods for a Mediterranean diet. They are important because they provide important quantities of fiber, which helps to prevent the arteriosclerosis.

DRY FRUITS AND OLIVE OIL. Nuts, almonds and olive oil are characterized for its abundance in mono unsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to the reduction of cholesterol levels and most importantly the LDL one, or so referred to the “negative” cholesterol.


weekly menu

cardiovascular healthy Day1







Red tea. Integral bread with tomato, olive oil and ham.

A bowl of barley cereal with milk and an apple cut in small pieces. One infusion.

Four integral cookies. A natural yogurt. Green tea.

A vegetal tuna sandwich. A natural yogurt. Green tea.

Red tea. Integral bread with tomato, olive oil and ham.

A bowl of barley cereal with milk and an apple cut in small pieces. One infusion.

Four integral cookies. A natural yogurt. Green tea.

Melon and citrus shake.

Strawberry Fresh cheese with walnuts. Milk shake.

Peach and banana shake.

Yogurt with strawberry jam.

Fresh cheese with hazelnuts.

Sandwich with integral bread and emmental cheese.


Vegetable cream. Baked chicken with onions, apples and potatoes. A natural yogurt with chopped nuts.

Lettuce with pumpkin seeds, carrot and tomato. Fideuรก of vegetables and seafood. Yogurt with pineapple.

Escalivada. Grilled turkey with boiled rice. Yogurt with muesli.

Green salad. Chickpeas sauteed with zucchini and chicken. Red fruits with orange juice.

Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce. Grilled salmon with garlic and parsley. Fresh cheese with honey.

Grilled vegetables. Chicken with baked potatoes. Macedonia.

Peas with ham. Sole with lemon and marinated tomatoes. Orange slices with brown sugar.

mid after noon

One cereal bar. Two dates One infusion. (fruits). One infusion.

Honey and cottage cheese. One infusion.

Strawberry jelly. One infusion.

One cereal bar. Two dried One infusion figs. One infusion.

Lentils with tomato and onion. Baked sea bass. A piece of pineapple.

Spiral pasta with broccoli and olive oil. 2-3 fresh grilled sardines. Two tangerines.

Homemade skinless chicken soup. Baked trout with almonds. A pear.

Green beans with potatoes. Eggplant omelette. A shake of apple, carrot and orange.

break fast

mid mor ning

din ner


A baked vegetable dish. Boiled egg with integral bread and olive oil. An apple.

Green salad with a slice of integral bread and melted goat cheese. Gilthead bream en papillote. Grapefruit.

Smashed apple. One infusion.

Fried rice. Scrambled eggs with asparagus and mushrooms. Natural yogurt.

W W W. D i R . C A T 3 5


Tip of the day for fiction television writers: if you want to create a program about life challenges and personal growth, you can include a character that practice sports. Or even better, write the whole program related to the sport world. Here you will find 8 examples of this.

01 04


03 I “Pelotas” (Balls)


01 I Friday night lights


Considering the fact that most of the TV shows have their origins in United States, it is logic that we find several series related to football. There are of all nature: nostalgic as Coach, Two-a-day from MTV, comedy as Blue Mountain State, the gourmet ones such as Friday night lights. 02 I Footballers’ wives With British influence, we find also TV shows focused in soccer stories. The most popular ones have being Dream team (not at all related with the legendary team Cruyff) and Footballers’wives.


Not only in Great Britain, soccer is an interesting topic. Here, in Spain, soccer TV shows has a lot of fans. “Pelotas” (Balls) written by Jose Corbacho and Juan Cruz, full of joy and miseries, is based on the film Tapas (Barcelona) that tells the story of local soccer players of an imaginary team, Unión F.C from L’Hospitalet. 04 I “Ahora o nunca” (Now or never) An example of a TV show that demonstrates that sport is not gendered. This TV series is about three American teenagers’ athletes (gymnastics) that train hard and fight to get gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics. The question now is: is there going to be a new season adapted to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics?


06 05

In and out of series 05 I Eastbound & down A comedy sponsored by Will Ferrell that tells the story of a pitcher that became successful really fast in his baseball team and later rejects the fact that he is only a legend, an expired player. 06 I Sports night Nowadays that Aaron Sorkin starts to be well known in our country as one of the greatest creatorsauthors of TV series thanks to The newsroom, it is worth to remind that even be-

fore the El ala oeste de la Casa Blanca, he did a TV series about a professional worker team that were part of a sport news program. TV inside the TV.


This TV program is recommended for the people that believe that doing exercise is more like a psychological activity. 08 I Glee

07 I The league Can we consider the online game Fantasy football another example of sport? At least the main characters of this amazing semiimprovised sitcom take this game as it was part of their real life. However, they never stand up from the sofa.

How come Glee is included in this list? Is not a teenager musical series? True, but the fearsome trainer of the cheerleaders, Sue Sylvester (interpreted by Jane Lynch) is one of the most funny and magnificent characters. Maybe this is just because of her legendary red clothes, but it has to be included.


Indiescabreados sons of… Twitter I do not know if they are mad or not, but Dani Bermúdez and Ángel Jiménez are the responsible names behind @indiescabreados (“mad-indies”). Thanks to their motivation and fans, in less than a year, they succeed in becoming popular in Barcelona.


They fill the dancing floors with people that want to listen The Stone Roses, Franz Ferdinand, or something weird and unknown. These single 27 years old guys confess they used to do more exercise when they were teenagers and now they have a weakness: the muffins and frappuccinos. 38 DiR MAGAZINE

Can you introduce the group? “Indiescabreados” is a Twitter account with more of 20,000 followers in where we criticize without any compassion all what is related with music. A couple of months ago, we started also creating albums. We have participated in several popular clubs and in some summer fest. Any other hobbies? We take pictures to common objects, we go to Starbucks, walk in the Tallers’ street, we demonstrate that we read and follow the MondoSonoro magazine...

COMPLETE THE PHRASES... Our best attribute is… to pretend that we have plenty of other attributes. If we find 100 euros in the floor… we will pick them up. We are just indies, not dumbs. In 5 more years, we will be… listening groups of music that right now succeed in the indie scene. To do it right now, will be too mainstream. In order to have a healthy life, you must… be yourself. To run is a sport to…registered the burned calories in your smartphone and share it immediately through Facebook.

Why do you choose the music field to do this? We try to have a good time, laughing and criticizing the musicians. How do you start with this idea? The world of alternative music is too serious. Indiescabrieados was born because we thought there was someone missing to criticize a little bit the arrogant attitudes of the indies group. We decided to write following an aggressive style, always saying all that that people never dares to do it. Later, we decided to play music and create albums. Which is your favorite music? Going from the classic ones (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who... ) to the glorious 90s (Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Radiohead... ) up to more recent groups (The Libertines, Arcade Fire, The Strokes...). Why you play music of artists that nobody knows? Something weird is flying away from us, but normally our sessions are really popular and well known. Do you eat healthy food? We are vegetarians, but I guess a lot of muffins and frapuccinos are really not good for our body. Do you practice any sport? Which one? We had played indoors soccer, basketball and tennis when we were teenagers, later we enrolled to some gym, but we barely went.

What cellphone do you have? Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and an Alcatel One Touch Easy to use only for professional issues. Android or iOS? We prefer the operational system of Alcatel. This is vintage, does not fail and moreover does not need updates. What type of equipment do you use to play? We use a Pioneer DDJ-Ergo controller and an iPad with Djay. In this way, everything is easier and we do not need to carry lots of CDs or discs. Mac or PC? Always Mac. However it is a pitty that we do not have any. Where do you hear the music? Everywhere. The best feeling is at home, when you play discs. But it is also easy and comfortable just to take out the Ipad, open the Spotify program and plug it to a good speakers’ system. Which are your favorite social networks and why? We are sons of… Twitter. We find this social network the most relevant and fast. We use Facebook to upload our ads and we like also to use the Instagram, although Find them in…

W W W. D i R . C A T 3 9



Chromotherapy in DiR What does the color blue transmit you? And the red one? People say that the first one gives you serenity and relaxation and that the second one energy and dynamism. At DiR, we make it easy for you so that after a hard training session you can enjoy the benefits of the chromotherapy in our pools and water zones at Seven DiR and Sant Cugat DiR, recover from physical exercise and get strenght to do it again. This innovative LED system that expresses different energies through lights of different colors will be available at DiR Club HispĂ , DiR Avinguda Madrid and DiR Castillejos very soon!

W W W. D i R . C A T 4 1


Padel-tennis Course If you want to learn how to play or improve your level of padel-tennis, do not hesitate and enroll to the our course starting next October 20 in DiR Club Hispà , organized together in collaboration of Padel Sport and Pablo Ayma, padel-tennis school. The course will last a total of three and a half hours in where you will be doing warming up, mobility, technique and tactic exercises. At the same time, several matches will be organized in where the technicians and professional players will participate. At the end of the course, a group picture will be taken and a rafe will be done. If you need more information about this course, call to 902 10 1979 or ask directly in the reception of the clubs. The price of the course is only of 40 Euros per player. We will be waiting for you!

Tribute to the old people

Playing sports has no boundaries

This year we are celebrating that nine of the DiR members have their 90 or above birthday.

In celebration of the Elderly World Day, we want to do a tribute to our members and friends in reason of their dynamism and illusion and most of all because they daily demonstrate us that the physical activity is a health and fun tool that help people to move forward with a smile in their faces. The celebration event will take place in DiR Maragall on Monday 1st October at 11:00 hours. Special sessions will be done. For further information and for reservations please call 902 10 1979 or simply ask directly in the reception of your club. 42 DiR MAGAZINE

DiR group has closed an agreement with Gymaround, an online network of gyms that allows their members to have access to the facilities all over the world paying special prices. This is a service offer to the working people that travel regularly and that desire to continue training wherever they are in their favorite clubs of high quality. This agreement allows all DiR members to be part of this global gym network and continue training their sport all over the world. Its functioning is very simple, you just have to buy an online entrance ticket in and go directly to the selected gym presenting the online code that they will provide you. In the same website you will be able to search for all the available clubs that exist in more than 60 countries in the world, to do your online reservation, to give a look through the club facilities, schedules and available services.

VIP DiR team goes back to the Garmin triathlon

Masterclass by the triathlete Cesc Godoy

What do a business man, an entrepreneur, two journalists, an actor and a model have in common?

Diagonal DiR was the venue of a triathlon course directed by the champion Cesc Godoy and the triathlete Javier Montesinos to more than 30 students.

3 fotos

That all of them love to do sports and like to overcome challenges. In reason of this, the new edition of the Garmin Triathlon this year will have again the presence of the VIP DiR team, a relay team integrated by Pau Garcia-Milà (founder of eyeOs), Cristina Puig (host of the TV program El Debat in TV5), Llucià Ferrer (host of Els Imperdibles in Onda Cero channel) who will be performing the sprint modality; the actor Santi Millán, who will repeat the experience completing the Olympic modality; and the model and the Spanish subchampion triathlete, Javier Montesinos.

Zoot, the profesional brand for triathlon equipment and DiR offered a triathlon training day, with swimming technique, opened to all fans. Godoy gave the participants a couple of advises and they the opportunity to practice in the club pool all swimming techniques: with a lifted head, with short arm movements, to surround buoys, and to do quick transitions.


15% disc. From Thursday to Sunday This offer applies to all DiR members. Present your card when you pay. More info at:



Here you will find special offers and discounts to become DiR member. You can check more offers at:

5% of discount in all SYM motorcycles Offer not combinable with others and is valid only directly in the store: C/ València, 179 (between Muntaner and Aribau) Tel. 93 454 00 03 •



WWW.DiR.CAT Now you will be able to do new administrative tasks and consultations through online GESTIONES: • We had modified the virtual board design and rearranged the concepts. • You can see your client details: the day you signed up, the status and type of your membership, the opening hours, and to search other DiR clubs to which you have access. • You can check the total number of access (entrances) that you have in DiR and the detail of each of them, like which club you went. • DiR Trainer: a new section in where you can consult predetermined questions and you can also download different personalized training work plans and send them to your email to print them. • You can check if there is any pending bill to pay, and in case you do have, you can do an online payment. • We had separated the section of reservation and shoppings, so you can reserve directly the different activity of your desire (SpinDiR, Run with us, pádel, squash, activities, entrances Diagonal DiR, among others). • Moreover, we had added some “shortcuts” so you can access directly to the different DiR communities (singles&friends, virtual DiR) and to the different sections specially for members (magazines, DiR blogs), etc. If you have any doubt in regards your PINS or passwords, you can request an online reminder or just write an email to

Four popular Spanish box players directed an Olympic box masterclass in Campus DiR on September 25.

In DiR, Loyality has a prize

Isaac Real ‘Chaca’ (Spanish box champion), Karim Ouzhagari ‘Diablo’ (double professional champion), Julián Giner ‘the

Check your email constantly, because now every anniversary as a DiR member you will receive a prize for your fidelity. We will sooner communicate what is this surprise about, special for all clients that take care of their body and mind daily in our facilities.

Box Masterclass in DiR Campus


rock’ and Abigail Medina ‘Bebe’ were responsible of leading the box session that make a lot of our members sweated. Box is in!

Enroll to the DiR courses



PERSONAL TRAINERS (REF. EP) FUNCTIONS To give advice to our clients in their different goals to achieve · To do individual sessions. IT IS REQUIRED Bachelor of Sciences in Sport and Physical activity, CFGS in physical activities and sports or be accredited or entitled to perform personal trainer tasks · Consolidated experience as personal trainer · Communicational and social skills.


DiR offers every year courses of different disciplines to all, members and not members. Most of the courses start in October, therefore, you should decide fast if you want to enroll to the swimming course, the innovative hypopressive technique course, commercial dance course, defense course, salsa dance course, Pilates or any other. And for the children, DiR also offers courses such as: massages, stimulation for the babies and karate courses. If you are pregnant you can also enroll to the water course preparation and postpartum.

FUNCTIONS To give advice to the clients in their different objectives and goals that want to achieve and to do individual sessions. IT IS REQUIRED Bachelor of Sciences in Physical activity, CAFE or CFGS, or be accredited or entitled to perform Pilates trainer (EP) tasks · Pilates course · Experience as technician or personal EP · Communicational and social skills · Vocation for the customer.

TECHNICIANS FOR DIRECTED ACTIVITIES (REF. TAD) IT IS REQUIRED Bachelor of Sciences in Sport and Physical activity, CFGS in physical activities and sports or be accredited or entitled to perform the technician tasks · Experience in: aerobics, biking, step, TBC, stretching and toning. If you do not have any experience as technician, in DiR Akdmia we can offer you your first professional opportunity.

ESTHETICIAN (REF. EST) In dependence with the center’s director, she will be responsible of the proper tasks of an esthetician/chiropractor FUNCTIONS To do esthetical treatments such as depilations, manicures, pedicures, skin diagnosis, facial and body treatments, etc. · Comprehension and loyalty to the clients of the Wellness service · To provide support to the direction of DiRzen. IT IS REQUIRED CFGM o CFGS in esthetics and chiropractor formation · Experience in all described tasks · Sales skilss IT IS OFFERED A reduced evening working schedule · Fixed remuneration + variable + free use of the facilities

SALES (REF. SA) FUNCTIONS To provide service to the potential and current clients, giving them information in regards all centers and selling products and services. IT IS REQUIRED Previous experience in sales and customer service · Age rank: 18-35 · Writen and spoken Catalan is a must. IT IS OFFERED A training in charge of the company · Promotion possibilities · Availability to work in intensive shifts, morning or evening or just weekends.

For further information, go directly to the reception of your club or call to 902 10 1979

The potential and interested candidates can send your CV with a recent photo, explaining the personal motives and the economic expectations to, or send it via post to the street Indústria, 90-92, entl. 6ª, 08025 in Barcelona. W W W. D i R . C A T 6 1


The success of Terrassing DiR This has been the second consecutive year in which the Terrassing DiR nights have taken place in the best hotels and popular places in Barcelona. Members, friends and celebrities from our city have participated in them, making this initiative a complete success. For second year, the new concept of Terrassing DiR have surpassed all expectatives. This new project has successfully gathered approximately 4,000 persons in order to enjoy the best music, the best views, and the best company in 16 different places in Barcelona during 4 months. The opening event took place in the Casa Fuster Hotel and the closing event occurred in the W de Barcelona Hotel, in where more than 400 persons assisted respectively. In each of the events an activity denominated Connecting Friends by San Miguel 0,0%, has been organized in order for the assistants to break the ice and get to know different people through 5 minutes conversations. Simultaneously they are invited to enjoy a San Miguel 0,0% beer. The company Wonderbox has provided the winners of the Instagram contest of each Terrassing event a prizes and the venue hotels have also provided dinners, special offers to stay in the hotel or cooking courses. Next year we will be waiting you!


pRESTIGE ClUB Actionists, Bondholders and Prestige

WE INvITE YOU TO lA FAmÍlIA IRREAl. EL MusicAL The humorous talent of the producer company MINORIA ABSOLUTA and the professional theatrical experience of the company DAGOLL DAGOM joined to create a big musical theatre project called LA FAMILIA IRREAL: EL MUSICAL (NON REAL FAMILY) FAMILY), which is going to be presented in the theatre Victòria in Barcelona starting in November 8. The characters of the royal family of the humoristic TV program Polònia (the King Juan Carlos, the Queen Sofía, the Prince Felipe y Letizia, Infanta Cristina e Iñaki Urdangarín and Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar) interpreted a crazy comedy in where the satire and irony are presented through musical plays with aims to project how does our monarchy as royal family works. This is a musical comedy apt to all type of publics: to the people that likes the theatre, to the Polònia fans and all lovers of musical plays.

15% customers enjoy a 15% of discount in all sessions from Thursday to sunday presenting DiR card in the entrance of the theatre.

We have a total of 292 invitations to be distributed up to stocks last in among all Club prestige members (actionists and bondholders) with a minimal investment of 6,000 Euros and new Prestige memberships from 3,000 Euros). You need to call to 902 93 25 25 starting from October 17 at 10h. Remember it is only possible to realize one reservation per call.

Teatre Victòria · Avinguda del Paral·lel, 67 · ·



200 h

This is an extraordinary course thought in the people that desire to deep their yoga knowledge. You will receive a wide formation in regards the traditional yoga teaching knowledge together with the formation of new trends and styles. You will learn also to dominate the different yoga postures and practices of basic and intermediate levels. In order to obtain the level to become a professional instructor, it is strongly recommended to do the course of 500 h. With the 200 hours’ course you will be able to teach yoga as an internship in YogaOne! Content: 8 yoga steps Instructors: Andrei Ram, Jordi Canela, Danilo Hernández and Julián Peragón, among others Length: 10 months – from January up to November (vacations in August)


100 h

This is an intensive, modular and independent course oriented to learn the basis of the different yoga styles: Vinyasa, Dharma, Asthanga, Iyengar y Jivamukti taught by international recognized instructors. A mix of traditional and new trends useful to be a complement for the basic course of 200 hours. Contents: Clarification and description of the different yoga styles: Iyengar, Vinyasa, Dharma, Jivamuti y Ashtanga Instructors: Well known international instructors such as Simon Park, Amitai Cohen… among others. Length: 5 intensive months


100 h

Yoga course oriented to improve the physical and energetic practice, and moreover to learn the philosophy of yoga. Contents: 5 modules. Course available in both DiR clubs and YogaOne. Physical Module I. Focused in the basis of the physical Knowledge Module I. It combines the physical practipractice, the allignment, the breathing, the energetic direcce with the philosophy of yoga as an integral practice. tion, the control, and the mental and emotional attitude. Knowledge Module II. To get deep knowledge of Physical Module II. Focused in the domain of the JNANA YOGA, KARMA YOGA, BHAKTI y RAJA YOGA. basic different yoga postures. Introductions to enerInstructors: YogaOne interns getic practices and basic principles of yoga. Length: 20 h in 2 weekends. The modules can be Energetic Module. To settle the practice of yoga. It comdone in different phases. bines physical practice with Pranayama and meditation.


Starting in October, DiR and YogaOne start their new courses program: complete, flexible and adaptable to all needs of the interested (in product and price). These courses are focused to people that desire to improve their practice and knowledge or to people that start their professional career as instructors. Besides these courses, there will be offered multiple seminars of introduction to yoga for the persons that want to start its practice.


200 h

This is a complementary course of 200 hours, addressed to transmit yoga teachings in an integral way, as a style of life, based in the paths of yoga. This is a course offered to acquired deep knowledge in regards the traditional teachings of yoga and though in the persons that want to become instructors. Contents: Based upon the four paths of yoga. Jnana yoga: The knowledge of yoga through the study of the philosophy of yoga: Vedas, Yoga, Sutras, Bhagavad Gita y Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Karma yoga: Performance of yoga from a disinterested service action. Includes introduction conferences with the main purpose to orient the accomplishment of a project with social impact justified in the benefits of the yoga. Bhakti: This is the yoga of devotion. It will be performed through sessions of deep knowledge of Japa, Kirtan and the study of the different deities from yogui tradition.

Raja yoga: This is the yoga of the mental control based upon the 8 yoga steps of Patanjali. Includes to acquire deep knowledge about the yoga principles, Pranayama techniques and kriyes mediation Instructors: Andrei Ram and Jordi Canela Length: 200 h starting August 1st to August 14, 2013 14 consecutive days in summer

*Subject to change depending upon the number of persons enrolled. All courses YOGA DIR/YOGAONE are valid for the course of 500 hours. The hours of the courses are accumulative and they can be combined. It is not required to accumulate all hours of the course of 500 hours in the same year.

Inscriptions are open to members and not members! Ask more information in the reception of YogaOne and in





Here you will ďŹ nd discounts and special offers just for being member of DiR. consult the rest of the offers at:

W W W. D i R . C A T 6 5


Xmove aT Turó Park

TRIBUTE + 90 DiR MARAGALL Garmin Triathlon




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Cursa de la dona


27 28

BEGINS THE WEEK OF WATER DiR-FONTVELLA Departure CWU Road Departure Run With Us DiR (Francesc Macià)

DiR at fall party

Centennial Turó Park

As part of the parties organized during fall by the Merchants Association “Gaudí Comerç”, DiR Club Castillejos will be participating on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of October with several sportive activities. Demonstrations of personal training, body assesments and a mix of activities such as CUL10, Yoga DiR, Body Combat y DMOVE happening on the saturday. On the sunday a departure of the Run with Us will be added and the most popular DiR activities will be repeated.

Come and dance XMOVE with Jessica Expósito at Turó Park on the 6th of October at 11:30! Turó Park commemorates its centennial anniversary and DiR collaborates organizing a massive dancing opened for members and non-members! Go for it! More information at www. and at Clubs’ front desk.



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