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The Petchey Leisure Magazine Autumn/Winter 2010 No. 10

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A message from Jack Petchey, OBE

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to our

new Managing Director, Manoj Bhardwaj. As many of you will be aware, in recent years much of my time has been taken up with the Jack Petchey Foundation, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. The appointment of Manoj will ensure that Petchey Leisure continues to expand, improve and give you all the excellent holidays and membership benefits you expect. This magazine is a particularly special one in another way, because this year we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Clube Praia da Oura (CPO). Yes, it was back in 1975 that CPO first opened its doors as a holiday destination and 8 years later, in 1983 that we sold our very first weeks of timeshare. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to say that many of those families who joined in that first year are still enjoying their holidays with us, and I would like to extend my very best wishes to all of you who were ‘founder members’. You will remember the ash crisis in the spring that disrupted quite a few people’s holidays, and I am pleased to be able to tell you that the Petchey resorts rallied round and accommodated and assisted those members who were stranded in mainland Spain, Tenerife and Portugal. Some of your letters to us appear in Write Now on p.24 If you can, please take advantage of the members’ bonus breaks that you’ll find on the centre pages, as well as a Clube Praia da Oura celebratory offer on p.23. With so much happening in the company, these holidays will give you the opportunity to meet with our staff and find out what you need to know and, of course, to have a thoroughly good time! Yours,

Meet the M.D.

In May this year we were delighted to welcome

our new Managing Director, Manoj Bhardwaj, to Petchey Leisure. Although only forty-four years old, Manoj comes to us with a wealth of experience in hotel and property development and management, as well as finance, and his expertise in these fields couldn’t be more relevant to this company. Manoj, who was born and educated in Birmingham, England, was initially drawn to Petchey Leisure because of the history behind the company and the reputation of its founder, Jack Petchey OBE, who began with just one resort, Clube Praia da Oura in Portugal, then proceeded to build the business into a thriving holiday ownership group with more than 50,000 members from 52 countries worldwide.

Manoj feels very

much in tune with a man who combines the dynamism of a hugely successful entrepreneur with a work ethos of ‘giving back to society’, which Mr. Petchey does through the medium of the Jack Petchey Foundation. Indeed, they may be separated in age by some forty years, but Manoj and our founder have something in common. Both come from what could be termed ‘ordinary’ backgrounds; Jack Petchey is famously known as a self-made man, and Manoj’s parents arrived from India in the sixties with nothing but a good education behind them and the will to succeed.


Manoj speaks about the hard work and sacrifices his parents made to ensure that their three children had every opportunity and the best possible home base from which to forge a career. Manoj sees his move to Petchey Leisure as an opportunity – and it is one which excites him very much. He is looking forward to the challenges involved in taking the company on to another level, albeit in a difficult economic climate. He says: “Times are hard, but businesses can and will continue to grow if there is hard work, planning and commitment behind them. All these things are features of the Petchey Leisure management team as a whole. My initial focus will be on getting to know the business thoroughly, and then to use my previous experience and background to develop new initiatives for the company. Above all, my aim is to ensure that our members continue to enjoy every aspect of the holiday experience and benefit from ever-improving standards in the future.” Manoj and his wife Seema are to make their home in Portugal and he will be based at the Clube Praia da Oura offices. We all wish them every success and happiness in their new life.

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CPO Celebrates Clube Praia da Oura’s 35th anniversary


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Giving Something Back The Jack Petchey Foundation’s 10th anniversary


A message from Jack Petchey, OBE Words from the founder of Petchey Leisure

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5 3

page 4 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

The beginning

CPO construction

In 1970 a 45-year-old Jack Petchey stood on a hilltop overlooking one of the most beautiful bays on Portugal’s Algarve and envisaged a time when people would come and marvel at the same view, walk on those white-gold sands and swim in that perfect sea – and they would do it all from the comfort of a luxury holiday resort complex. Few people could have turned that vision into reality, but Jack Petchey OBE is no ordinary man. A force to be reckoned with in every area of business, he brought

Pre - CPO

Clube Praia da Oura (CPO) into being at a time that could hardly have been more difficult, overcame the myriad problems, and then expanded the concept into the holiday ownership company that we know today.

Jack Petchey (L) looking at the CPO plans

Although just one arm of his






general, and CPO in particular, hold a particular place in his affections, for CPO was literally his brainchild. “It was love at first sight,” he says. “I had learned the three golden rules of property development – location, location and location and I knew immediately this was the perfect place for a holiday complex.”

Against the odds Back in 1970 Portugal was still a dictatorship, and a large business venture wasn’t easy to realise. There were severe

ments, leisure facilities, and the beautiful

laws on the import and export of money,

grounds we see today, all built around

and on one occasion Jack Petchey was

the renowned 600 year old olive tree.

actually arrested for accidentally exceeding the limit - although justice did eventu-

The staff In a world where people change





something of an anachronism. Long

Back to the future

service is the order of the day, and

ally prevail and he escaped a prison

Time has proved that Jack

many employees who joined in the

sentence! Then came the military coup of

Petchey was a visionary, in the sense

very beginning are still there. It’s an

April 25th 1974, which was the beginning of

that he saw the opportunities in the

impressive record.

the Revolution and some very serious prob-

holiday market very early on. Indeed,

says: “It’s important to know that staff

lems. “We had the Revolution in Portugal

he has been termed the ‘father of

stay with me a long time. I expect a

and an economic crash in the UK”, he said

timeshare in Europe’.

lot and I kick and shove them, but

later. “I stood to lose everything. It would

CPO was flourishing, the Algarve was

probably have been easier to go bankrupt

predominantly viewed as a summer

and start again but I have a lot of pride

destination, and he started to look for

Room Manager, began his career in

and like to do things right.”

ways to alter this perception. This was to

May 1983 as a receptionist. He then

In 1983, when

Jack Petchey

they stay, and that pleases me.” Inacio



He managed to pull out of it, of

lead him to America, where he came

became head of reception and,

course, and by 1975 the first 169 apart-

across the timeshare concept, visiting 21

twelve years ago, Room Manager,

ments and a bar were opened, and Clube

timeshare resorts in a week (he isn’t a

which involves space allocation for



man to hang around) and subsequently

the Portuguese resorts among other

welcomed. It continued to be a struggle

bringing the concept back to Portugal.


because of the political and economic

The rest, as they say, is history.






climate, but by 1984 there were 585 apart-

He recalls that many of the




already customers had |visited Pleisure Magazine No.9 | RISEwho AND SHINE page 3

the resort via tour operators and



leapt of



the a

timeshare week or weeks. Inacio




changes since he joined the







dotes from the early years: for example, he remembers the time when the restaurant was just a marquee in the grounds.

“Time goes

quickly,” says Inacio, “and it’s hard to believe that so

CPO staff, 25 years or more service

many years have gone by.” A grand total of 22 members of

has been holidaying at the resort each

Beach Club (formerly the Montechoro

staff have been with CPO for more than

year for twenty-five years. Mrs. Wilson

Beach Club) which was acquired by

twenty-five years, and most of them are

says: “I love everything about CPO. I

Petchey Leisure in 2005.

pictured here.

love this amazing view. I can’t really

panoramic views and what must be the

find anything wrong about it. I simply

best outdoor pool on the Algarve, Oura-

The members

Also boasting

love it.” Of her apartment, Mrs. Wilson

View Beach Club runs CPO a very close

Like the staff, members have

says: “I have an amazing balcony, and

second in facilities and popularity. Just

stayed with CPO. Take the example of

sometimes it feels like you’re in your own

above CPO is the Oura Praia Hotel, which

Mr. and Mrs. Holt from Sheffield.


world.” What she likes to do most at

is easily reached via CPO’s lift which

were staying at a hotel near CPO one

CPO is to relax on that pefect balcony

takes you up above beach level. This is

wet week in October 1983 when they

and do, in her own words, “absolutely

the ‘little sister’ of the three resorts, and

were invited to view the resort.


was acquired by Petchey Leisure in 1997.


looked around, loved what they saw and purchased a week, becoming one of CPO’s ‘founder members’.


The present




expanded its resort portfolio and its

CPO does

CPO no longer stands alone on

member base with the acquisition of the

indeed generate a remarkable loyalty in

the gentle clifftop overlooking the bay

holiday company the RMI Consortium

its members. Many visit year after year,

that is Praia da Oura, though its

and its points club, Infiniti. Grangefield

never tiring of its perfect location and

stunning location ensures that it is

Oasis Club and Vera Beach Club in main-

friendly atmosphere.

visually the most impressive of the

land Spain, and Hever Hotel & Country



Mrs. Marjorie Wilson from


Just a short stroll from CPO’s

glyn, Nr. Denbigh, who is pictured here, is


also one of the ‘founder members’, and

beside the sea brings you to Oura-View









Petchey Leisure. In 2006 the company acquired Royal Park Albatros in Tenerife. So CPO is in very good company!

Mrs Wilson at JAC’S

However, notwithstanding the ‘competition’, CPO remains one of the most popular of the Petchey Leisure resorts. To visit once is to wish to return. The Director of the Portuguese resorts, Ana Maria Rosa, says: “Indeed, CPO is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Petchey Leisure resort portfolio, and a home away from home for thousands of owners. A great effort to modernise this, the oldest resort of the Group, has been going on over the last six to seven years, which our owners have seen and appreciated. This is a huge task which continues year after year.

page 6 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

I believe the success of CPO is due to our location, gardens and grounds and,


of course, our team of staff members.

Jack Petchey discovers the perfect

Our objective is that in another thirty-five years the grandchildren of our members will be coming and enjoying the very best of holidays at CPO.”

location for a holiday complex



A military coup kickstarts the

The making of a magnate

The first 169 apartments and a bar

Portuguese Revolution

So, what is Jack Petchey’s secret?

CPO as a building site

are opened and the first guests

Mrs Wilson

He has gone from being an


ordinary working class boy from the East


End to a man who is comfortably

The first timeshare weeks are sold

ensconced on the Sunday Times Rich List. He is both formidable tycoon and


much-lauded philanthropist, and the

By now there are 585 apartments

proud recipient of an OBE from the Queen for his charitable work with the Jack Petchey Foundation. He is eightyfive years old, yet he seems to work as hard as ever. How does he do it? He has given us various clues. For example, he has said: “In business I don’t believe in luck. You get out of life what you put into it.

You make your own opportunities.

The harder you work the luckier you are.”

1995 Clube Praia da Oura's 25th anniversary, officially celebrated in 1996

1999 The Jack Petchey Foundation is formally registered as a charity

He has also spelled out his formula for


success: “You first work things out, then

Jack Petchey receives an OBE

you have to have the strength of mind to

from Her Majesty the Queen in

keep pushing ahead with what you

recognition of his charitable work

and leisure facilities

1997 Petchey Leisure acquires Oura Praia Hotel, Algarve

2004 The Portuguese arm of the Jack Petchey Foundation is established

believe to be right. It’s as simple as that.”

Jack Petchey OBE and family

Personally, I’m not sure about ‘simple’. If it were, we’d all be doing it. I suspect there’s an essential difference between those who cause swimming pools to be built and those who prefer to lie beside them. On that note, I asked Jack Petchey if he had ever taken the time to use the Clube Praia da Oura swimming pool himself.

He replied: “I

have – but it was many, many, years ago!”

2005 Petchey Leisure acquires the RMI Consortium and its resorts

2006 Petchey Leisure acquires Royal Park Albatros, Tenerife

2010 The Jack Petchey Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary

2005 Petchey Leisure acquires Oura-View Beach Club, Algarve

2010 Clube Praia da Oura celebrates its 35th anniversary since opening

2010 Jack Petchey OBE celebrates his 85th birthday

“You first work things out, then you have to have the strength of mind to keep pushing ahead with what you believe to be right. It’s as simple as that.” Turn to p.23 for our celebratory prize draw


The Man with the Midas Touch by Roger Green Jack Petchey Foundation 50/50 Man - The Jack Petchey story by Jack Petchey with Andy Staines

Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES | page 7


PRESTIGE GOLD How to make your membership work for you

On 1st September we will be launching Prestige Gold. From that moment on, you will be able to benefit from your membership in very real terms by introducing your friends and family to Petchey Leisure and Club Infiniti. And why shouldn’t you benefit?

which in turn translates into better

obliged to join – but we believe a

Word of mouth is a powerful force,

services and improvements for all

good percentage of them will. And

and we know that lots of you have


even if they don’t, they’ll have

friends or family who have holidayed

Infiniti means that annual fees are


with you and subsequently become

shared between an ever-growing

sampled the benefits of membership

members themselves. We can’t do

number of people, which will help to

that are already yours. So everyone’s

anything about the past – but we can

keep increases in fees for all Petchey

a winner.

definitely do something about the

Leisure members to a minimum.

The expansion of Club






Prestige Gold is for ALL Petchey Gone are the days when owning a

Leisure members, whichever resort or

Not only will you benefit in monetary


club you belong to.

terms, as you’ll see below, but you’ll

preferred to keep to yourselves. Why

also benefit indirectly.

keep a good thing secret?

More mem-

bers equals more money coming in,



you The

people you introduce won’t be

page 8 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES


Read on for

For you: • For each couple that fulfils the

awards can be set against annual

and you’ll benefit to the tune of £500.

simple criteria listed below, stays for a

fees, or used to purchase food and

And ten couples equals a staggering

week at one of our resorts and

drink at Petchey Leisure resort cater-


attends a presentation, you’ll receive

ing outlets. The maths is simple – just

£100 in Prestige Gold awards. These

introduce five couples to us in this way

For your friends:

• You will simply need to give your

• Your friends will need to be couples

• A presentation is included in the

friends a Prestige Certificate (see

between the ages of 30 and 65 who

holiday, and your friends must agree to

how to proceed below).


have been married or living together

attend this together at a time to be

they have filled this in and sent it to

for a minimum of three years. One or


us, and meet the criteria listed

both will need to be in full-time

appointed to them upon arrival at the

below, we can proceed to book-


These criteria are

resort. Obviously, we need to tell your

ing their holiday. Each holiday will

imposed because, as you will appre-

friends about the many benefits of Club

cost them only £199 for a beautiful



Infiniti, and we plan to make it an

self-catering apartment sleeping



interesting and enjoyable few hours,

up to four people at one of

people who would not be able to

involving a state-of-the-art multimedia

Petchey Leisure’s resorts (travel

purchase membership, even if they

presentation and refreshments.

and other costs are not, of course,

wanted to. People who do not meet

friends decide not to join Club Infiniti at

included in this price, but can be

these particular criteria, but who

that time we will merely wish them well


qualify for potential membership,

and leave them to enjoy the rest of their

may be accepted if special applica-

holiday. If they do join, however, they will

tion is made via the hotline number

receive the very special welcome that is

listed below.

reserved for new members.





Getting started:

Petchey from




If your

And finally…

We need to give you your Prestige

potential £2000 in earnings!).

Membership Pack. All you need to

pass one to each of the couples you

and help your friends. You’ll benefit

do is ring the dedicated hotline

want to benefit from our holiday


number below and we will send you

offer, they can fill it in…and we’ll take

gaining more and more members, and

the pack, which consists of 20

it from there.

your friends will see that you’ve really

Prestige certificates (representing a



Prestige Gold will help you, help us, we’ll




got something to write home about!

HOTLINE: 0845 4680336 (UK) / + 34 952 938168 (SPAIN) Email:

DON’T DELAY – GO FOR GOLD! Terms and conditions: Benefits cannot be claimed retrospectively.Only friends or family introduced by you after the launch date of 1st September 2010 who fulfil the above criteria will make you eligible for the benefits listed. Leisure Dimensions Limited is the Developer of Club Infiniti. Leisure Dimensions Limited and the companies that operate the resorts included in this promotion are part of the Petchey Leisure Group.The programme does not have a termination date, but Leisure Dimensions Limited reserves the right to alter the programme or to terminate it at any time. Acceptance of the offer and request of the Prestige Membership Pack deems these conditions agreed to by the member.

Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES | page 9


all foodies now. British TV is fast boiling down to a choice between cookery and antiques – and at the last count cookery was winning. If it isn’t Jamie Oliver being a cheeky chappie on one channel, it’s Gordon Ramsey being an utter ****** on another. This seeming fascination with food can be noted alongside the fact that most developed countries have an ever-expanding problem with obesity, as Britain’s flourishing Nanny State never tires of telling us. Those of us who think that Five a Day refers to cream cakes or gin and tonics are very, very naughty, and deserve to be sent straight to bed without any supper. Which brings us neatly to the subject of diets. If you’re not on one, you probably know someone who is. From cutting carbs or calories to fasting and fads, the nation’s bookshelves and magazine racks are stuffed with literature telling us how to stop stuffing. And that is just for the averagely overindulgent. There are those among us who absolutely have to watch their diet: diabetics must control their carbohydrate intake, most

notably present in sugary foods, and coeliacs cannot tolerate gluten in any form. Not easy. But, apart from these unfortunate few, it’s probably true to say that most of us uncomfortably straddle the fence that has ever divided the self-disciplined from the selfindulgent. And what about holidays? If you don’t have a medical condition that makes food restriction compulsory, do you fall happily into the eat, drink and be merry camp, or do you jog straight towards the healthy options? Whichever group you belong to, you’ll be pleased to know that the Petchey Leisure resort restaurants can cater for you. Take the scrumptious hot and cold buffet breakfasts (which you’ll be tucking into free of charge on our Rise and Shine bonus breaks at Grangefield Oasis Club and Royal Park Albatros). Calorie counters can graze their way through a selection of cereals and fruit, while Atkins aficionados (the no-carb queens) can dive straight into the eggs and bacon. To be serious, though, you’ll find that the restaurants include ‘healthy options’ (as the burgeon-

ing army of state nutritionists call them) on their menus, and all of them can cater for special dietary requirements. Also, in the case of the Spanish and Portuguese resorts, you’ll be able to take advantage of the famed Mediterranean diet with its fresh fish, salads and olive oil (yes, we realise that Portugal isn’t on the Mediterranean, but you know what we mean). Gone are the days when the British flinched at the sight of a squid, so get stuck into the traditional foods that feature on the Petchey Leisure restaurant menus. Nanny would definitely approve.

MASTER CHEFS page 10 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | RISE AND SHINE

JAC’S Restaurant


Sunset Restaurant

Ever since Rodrigo Borges de

Freitas became Food and Beverages Manager for the Portuguese resorts, a number of significant changes have been taking place in the catering outlets, especially in Oura-View Beach Club’s Sunset Restaurant and Clube Praia da Oura’s recently renamed JAC’S Restaurant.

Unless you’re a regular

visitor to the restaurants, you may not yet be aware of the differences, although recent visitors will have noticed that both

Sunset Restaurant, Oura-View Beach Club With a terrace that has one of the

these restaurants have been redeco- best sea views on the Algarve, the Sunset rated and refurbished.

In fact, the Restaurant is a great place to be. As the

biggest and most important changes most ‘Portuguese’ of the three resort restauhave been made in the menus. The new rants, the menu here features a wealth of Theme Nights are a case in point – if you fresh locally-caught fish and traditional used to visit the restaurants, but haven’t Algarvian dishes such as cataplana. In fact,

Trevi Restaurant, Oura Praia Hotel

Last year the restaurant at the bothered lately, you’re in for a nice the top tip here is to reserve your table for Oura Praia Hotel was restyled and restrucsurprise. Gourmets take note! the Noite de Fado, or Fado Night, directly tured to become the Trevi Restaurant, Under the guiding hand of the you arrive (remember that members staying offering the third dining experience of the Director of the Portuguese resorts, Ana at any of the Portuguese resorts are three resorts – Italian. With its bright, clean Maria Rosa, Rodrigo has been pursuing welcome to use all the bars and restaurants lines and appealing poolside terrace, the his long-term goal of creating three very – the three main resorts are within a hop, skip Trevi offers authentic Italian dishes, with different dining experiences in each of and a jump of each other). On Fado Night a starters like antipasto or tomato soup with the sister resorts of Clube Praia da Oura, stream of dishes and wine are brought to basil, and main courses such as SaltimOura-View Beach Club and Oura Praia your table by the constantly circulating boca Alla Romana or risotto. And, of Hotel. In this endeavour he has been waiters. The night we visited there was a course, the family-friendly and ever popujoined by the new Head Chef of the starter of flambéed chorizo and three differ- lar pizzas and pastas. One not-to-bePortuguese resorts, Diogo Pereira. Both ent types of cataplana, and we were missed evening that you would be advised men have an extensive background in serenaded by a truly excellent traditional to reserve early for is the Pasta Sensation hotel and catering (they continue to Fado singer. A real feast, and a night to Night, which is a delectable buffet of lecture at the Algarve’s catering remember. Italian salads and pastas where you can college), both have a deep interest in choose the ingredients to make up your traditional Portuguese


JAC’S Restaurant, Clube Praia da Oura

own pasta dish. Also, the Lord Byron room at the


both are Deservedly popular, the old Jackie’s Oura Praia Hotel features a Noite Portusupremely quali- restaurant now has a new name, JAC’S, and guesa, or Portuguese night, with an extenfied to orches- has also been newly decorated and sive buffet that features dishes such as trate

these furnished. JAC’S is the most ‘international’ of bacalhau com natas (cod in fresh cream changes. Here the resort restaurants, with a mixed menu sauce), frango piri-piri (chicken) and cataare



of that includes popular British dishes as well as plana de porco com ameljoas (pork and Portuguese specialities like fish cataplana, clam cataplana), and much, much more and a selection of mouth-watering classic – all accompanied by traditional Portustarters such as scallops in cocoa butter, or guese live music and folk dance. mussels in chardonnay sauce.

The lunch

The Noite Tropical, or Tropical

menu includes tasty salads and fresh local Party Night, features a sumptuous spread sardines. JAC’S is a restaurant with all-round of dishes such as sopa de feijao (red bean family appeal.

Do try the special Steak soup) and frango com palmito (chicken

Night, with its two-for-the-price of one succu- with palm hearts) along with an exuberant lent steaks – and be sure to book early!

Brasilian show of music and dance.

Pleisure Magazine No.10 | RISE AND SHINE | page 11

Las Palmeras Restaurant Grangefield Oasis Club

There are currently three special evenings at Dali’s Restaurant - Flamenco Night with, obviously, flamenco dancing, paella night, which Chef Beatriz makes in an enormous paella pan in the restaurant itself, and, a more recent and very successful venture, Sunday Roast night with live music. The great breakfast buffet and fine




There is much more to Spanish food than just paella - though you can get a

very good one of those at our Spanish resort restaurants – and often, at Grangefield Oasis Club and Vera Beach Club, watch it being made. Under the discerning eye of the Director of the Spanish and UK resorts, Miguel Munoz, the standard of cooking and service has been continually improving over the years, as your comment cards and letters confirm.

La Hacienda and Las Palmeras Restaurants, Grangefield Oasis Club






that over-

subscribed and tables for the a la carte menu difficult to obtain, so do make sure to book in advance. Don’t forget that Las Palmeras pool bar, recently redesigned and refurbished, also offers great food in the summer months.

terrace of Las Palmeras throughout the summer





Flamenco Night, a Gaucho Show with

Completely restyled in recent Argentinian music and dancing, and a

Albatros Restaurant, Royal Park Albatros Manager Sally Ann Guerrero has worked hard with the restaurant since

years, La Hacienda Restaurant offers an Mexican night.

If you want to enjoy the free Petchey Leisure acquired this lovely features traditional Spanish dishes along- breakfast buffet for a week in Las Palm- resort in 2006 – and she’s succeeded so extensive international-style menu that

Resort Manager eras, and a free bottle of wine per couple well that it can be difficult to get a table Jose Martin is very pleased to see mem- when you book and dine in La Hacienda, – so do bear this in mind! New Head side family favourites.

bers’ reactions to the improved menus then turn to the centre pages and book Chef Simon has more than one claim to and standards of cooking and service. our Rise and Shine break to Grangefield fame – first, he’s the only British Head House specialities include paella and Oasis Club.

Chef to be found in the Petchey Leisure

mixed grill, and dishes prepared at your

overseas resorts and secondly, he cooks

table are flambéed prime beef tenderloin with five pepper sauce and flambéed

Dali’s Restaurant, Vera Beach Club

like a dream. A very popular event is the weekly Canarian Night, where you can

Much loved by members and choose from a menu of specially There is a selection of tasty barbecued guests, this restaurant offers fine dining in a prepared Canarian dishes, and enjoy bananas in orange sauce with icecream.

meats as well as delightful dishes like duck welcoming atmosphere. With his impec- the traditional entertainment. And do with orange sauce – and even ostrich cable taste and flair for interior decora- try the Chateaubriand one night – it’s Vegetarian dishes include the tion, Carlos Fernandez, Vera Beach Club’s wonderful. Simon is in the process of famous Spanish chilled soup gazpacho (in Manager, has created a restaurant that is preparing a new House Specials menu, steak!

season), and, with a Mexican flavour, both charming and stylish. You’ll dine in which should be ready to go by sizzling chicken fajitas.

With a special style at Vera under

children’s menu to tickle the tastebuds of the care of sisters the kids, all the family will be well-fed and Beatriz happy at La Hacienda.



Rosa Soler, respec-

In the summer months, the action tively



moves from the Hacienda to Las Palmeras and Restaurant Manpoolside restaurant and terrace, where ager, from a menu you can enjoy all the dishes mentioned that includes both above as well as all manner of snacks and international cuisine lunches. This is where you’ll also find the and traditional Spanlavish breakfast buffet..

ish specialities.

Entertainment in the restaurant or on the page 12 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

Head Chef Beatriz Soler at Dali’s Restaurant

the end of this summer. Also, he will be delighted to create a healthy option/ vegetarian half board menu for you to enjoy on your holiday – you need only

Stables Restaurant, Hever Hotel & Country Club

tional dining experience, Stables stands for impeccable food, service and atmosphere. And not a chicken nugget in sight.

The very stylish Stables Restaurant contact the resort before your holiday has a menu which features dishes from all (preferably) – or even as late as on arrival. around the world. Under the watchful

AND FINALLY… So that’s it for our whistle-stop

If you want to try Simon’s buffet eye of Resort Manager Denise McGall, tour around the resort restaurants. Have breakfast free of charge every day for a and using locally sourced produce wher- you been tempted? Out of consideraweek, and enjoy a free bottle of wine ever possible, Head Chef Ian produces tion for dieters and diabetics, we haven’t each time you book dinner in the restau- such mouth-watering temptations as said much about the pudding menus at rant, turn to the centre pages and book roasted rump of lamb dusted with Moroc- the resorts – just a couple of examples our Rise and Shine break to Royal Park can spices, Thai-style red curry pork fillet, from Stables Restaurant at Hever. Suffice Albatros. Mediterranean seafood salad in herb it to say that all the restaurants offer a fillets variety of sweet concoctions that may poached in ginger, lime and soy. Sump- prove too good to turn down (unless you tuous puddings include a classic New- have to, of course). What this outline does show is Zealand style Pavlova (sticky meringue and






Britain has become known for its with cream, kiwi and summer berries), that it is possible to enjoy good, tasty food varied cuisine, which reflects the multicul- and sticky ginger pudding with lemon that is also healthy. There are always tural society in which we live. Indian, and cardamom icecream and lemon alternatives. And each of the resort Chinese, Italian and French cooking has sauce. And do check the Specials Board, restaurants will be pleased to cater for become as familiar to people as the which also features a range of wonderful special needs and also to advise on the steak-and-kidney pie, fish and chips and dishes. ingredients of a particular dish. roast dinners for which we are famous So, whether you’re going to Hever is very happy to cater for (some would say infamous). Indeed, spag members and guests with particular throw caution to the winds (the ‘what the

bol (as spaghetti Bolognese is affection- dietary needs and, with a little notice, hell, we’re on holiday’ approach favourately known) topped the list in a recent can order in almost anything you require. ed by your writer), or you’re the sort of survey of most-consumed dishes in a If you have concerns over what foods person who wouldn’t dream of setting lifetime. And curry is said to have beaten may be suitable for your needs, you are foot outside the house without a caloriefish and chips as the nation’s favourite welcome to spend a little time with Head counter, you won’t go hungry, that’s for takeaway. Where will it all end? Chef Ian, who will be more than happy to sure. design a week’s menu to suit you.

Happy eating!!

Offering an excep- P.S. Don’t forget to Rise and Shine!

Head Chef Simon at Royal Park Albatros

Stables Restaurant at Hever Hotel & Country Club

*At the time of writing (July 2010) the Theme Nights and menus are as stated. These are, of course, subject to change at any time, depending on the time of the year, members’ feedback, and so on. We are always working to improve our catering services, and any changes made in the future will be towards that end. Pleisure Magazine No.9 | CPO CELEBRATES | page 13

RISE and



You can just imagine what the winter’s going to be like at home, so a week on the Costa del Sol will be just the ticket. Offering a welcome as warm as the weather, Grangefield Oasis Club meets every holiday need with its fine restaurant, bar, leisure facilities, entertainment and landscaped grounds. And you’ll be staying, of course, in one of Grangefield Oasis Club’s delightful self-catering apartments. Your holiday, available from November to March, excluding Christmas and New Year, includes:

• One week’s self-catering holiday accommodation at Grangefield Oasis Club or Royal Park Albatros • Hot and cold buffet breakfast with Buck’s Fizz (cava and orange juice) each morning • One bottle of wine per couple each time you book and dine in the resort restaurant • A pre-booked appointment with one of our representatives who will bring you up to date with everything relating to your membership page 14 |

Pleisure Magazine No.9 | RISE AND SHINE

£169 £149

Book your Rise and Shine holiday for only




Start each day with a smile on our special

you what’s happening within the company and our

members’ bonus breaks. The celebratory glass or

plans for the future. At the same time, as part of our

two of Buck’s Fizz that will accompany our lavish hot

ongoing survey into members’ likes, dislikes and

and cold breakfast buffet each morning is guaran-

wish-lists, we’ll be asking you for your personal views

teed to put a sparkle in your eye! Not to mention the

and suggestions.

fact that each time you book for dinner in the resort restaurant you’ll receive a complimentary bottle of wine per couple to enjoy with your meal.

So don’t delay! Book now to secure your super-indulgent Spanish holiday at either Grangefield Oasis Club on the Costa del Sol, or Royal Park

While you’re at the resort, we’ll take the opportunity to meet each couple personally to tell


Albatros on Tenerife, and put a shine on your day – every day.

Tenerife is known as the ‘island of eternal spring’ – so where better to spend a week in the springtime? This great holiday is available during the months of April, May and June and gives you the chance to discover this beautiful island from your ‘home from home’ base at Royal Park Albatros. Featuring beautiful self-catering apartments, a first-class restaurant, bar, landscaped gardens and leisure facilities, Royal Park Albatros is one of those places that you’ll want to return to again and again.


Call 0870

871 6912 or email



Terms and conditions:

The Rise and Shine bonus holidays are open to all Petchey Leisure members and consist of one week’s self-catering holiday accommodation per couple with accompanying children under the age of 16 during the months stated in the offer with the exception of public holidays subject to availability of accommodation. Additional adults may travel subject to availability of accommodation at a surcharge of £29 per person. The price stated includes the items listed in the holiday offer and any other costs not so stated such as travel and transfer costs are payable by the member. The appointment with our representative will be arranged at the time of booking. All holidays are subject to availability of accommodation and dates and Petchey Leisure reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer at any time and without prior notice. All bookings should be made by 15th October and the names of members so booking will be entered into a prize draw the winner of which will receive a Fortnum & Mason Christmas hamper to the value of £250. Leisure Dimensions Limited and the companies that operate the resorts included in this promotion are part of the same group. Acceptance of the offer and confirmation of your travel dates deems these conditions agreed to by the client. By contacting us in respect of any offer in the magazine you agree to your data being communicated to Leisure Dimensions Limited as well as to companies that are part of the same group of companies with the purpose that your data is used to operate our Customer Services and to propose or to provide you with commercial, financial or complementary services. You can excess your rights of access, Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES | page 15 rectification, deletion and opposition as stipulated by data protection laws.

Always wondering about the best Algarve restaurants and other travel tips? We recommend for up to date holiday information. Share your travel experiences with other travellers and get some great advice from them. Search...


My holidays.. We always have people phone up and ask about our resorts. We think all our resorts are fabulous, but we might be a bit biased. So what could be better than first-hand experiences and stories from people who have visited the Petchey Leisure resorts. Share your tips and holiday stories with fellow travellers and read about their experiences. Category: holidays



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for all your travel needs from flights to meals and transfers to excursions

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Algarve explorer says:

call the

Petchey Travel Shop on

0845 519 1988

“I recently discovered the Algarve in Portugal. It was my first trip to Portugal and did not know what to expect. For many years I’ve spent my holidays in Spanish resorts, Greece or South of France. But this time we thought “let’s try the Algarve!” We had a wonderful surprise with this little town, Albufeira, very warm people speaking good English and I cannot even begin explaining the amazing food! Sardines on the barbeque, fresh salads, great wine, and we enjoyed all that looking at the endless blue of the Atlantic”

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We were very concerned to hear of several Petchey Leisure members who had been persuaded to purchase budget flight tickets, only to discover, on arrival at the airport, that the tickets were fake. Some members lost up to £2000. Please beware of unknown travel agencies contacting you. Before giving any details (especially bank details) make sure they are a legitimate travel agency. You can do this by checking if they are registered with a travel association like ABTA or ATOL. Also remember that a legitimate business won’t operate from a public email address like yahoo, hotmail or gmail. If in doubt... don’t use them. page 16 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES







the better.



become. Or could he? For what Jack







have forseen how successful he would


just £38 to his name, he couldn’t possibly


changing many




Air Arm in 1947 with a wartime gratuity of








When Jack Petchey left the Fleet



The Jack Petchey Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary



This 10th anni-

self-belief, and that is exactly the quality

versary of the Foundation has seen

that the Jack Petchey Foundation aims to

best wishes flooding in from many

instil in the many thousands of young

famous faces, but none has been more

people it reaches out to today.

proudly received than the message

At the same time as he was







pursuing the business career that was to

presented Jack Petchey with an OBE in

bring him enormous success and personal

recognition of his charitable work: “The

wealth, Jack Petchey was reflecting on

Queen sends her warm good wishes to

what he could do with his life that would

all those involved with the Foundation

allow him to “give something back” to

on this most special anniversary.”

society. He decided to establish a chari-

Dame Helen Mirren, Patron of the Jack Petchey Foundation

Also treasured is the message

table fund that would assist young

from the Patron of the Jack Petchey

sums it up when she says: “I join with all

people to make something of themselves

Foundation, Dame Helen Mirren, who

the young people to say a huge ‘thank

in whatever career or way of life they

writes: “I am delighted to pay tribute to

you’ to Jack Petchey. It is his vision, his

chose. And so the Jack Petchey Founda-

the outstanding achievements of the

generosity, his natural entrepreneurial

tion was born.

Jack Petchey Foundation on the occa-

spirit, his commitment to young people

And he certainly has given some-

sion of your 10th birthday. The Founda-

and his belief that “if you think you can,

thing back. A lot back. Over the past ten

tion provides hope, dreams and inspira-

you can”, that has made it all possible.”



tion to many young people across

staggering £65,000,000 to fund projects as

London and Essex. We should all be

ranks of young people that the Founda-






And, who knows?

Among the


especially grateful to Jack, who has

tion has assisted over the past ten years

Academy’s Soundscape Project, which

given so generously of his time and

there might just be the next Prime Minis-



entrepreneurial talents in creating the

ter, or the next Mayor of London – or

people and the Jack Petchey Speak Out

Jack Petchey Foundation to encourage

even the next Jack Petchey. That would

Challenge for young people across

and motivate our young people so that

make him really proud.

London and Essex, which has trained over

they can achieve their full potential. He is an example to us all! Congratulations


54,000 Year 10 students in public speaking. Over 70,000 young people have won

on your 10th birthday and wishing you

Achievement Awards to date and 2,500

many more!”




Newham therapy


young disabled people have competed

the Foundation, Trudy Kilcullen,

just a few examples of projects that are

speaks for everyone and

Jack Petchey Foundation Charity No. 1076886 50/50 Man – The Jack Petchey Story by Jack Petchey with Andy Staines

The Chief Operations Officer of

in the Panathlon Challenge. These are

Inspire 10th anniversary edition

For more information please visit the website

Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES | page 17

As you know, general maintenance of the resorts never stops and improvements are always being made. There are far too many ongoing and in-the-pipeline projects to list here, so these are just some of the items of news that might interest you:

CLUBE PRAIA DA OURA FROM JACKIE’S TO JAC’S The very popular resort restaurant now has a shorter and snappier name, and it has been newly decorated and furnished as well.

STEAK NIGHT Proving extremely successful – when you visit you’ll see why – is Steak Night, with its two-for-the-price-of-one offer on sumptuous steaks. Read more about this and about JAC’S new menus on p.11.

REFURB The refurbishment of much of the outside of E block east has now been completed. The remainder will be done at a later date.

THEME WEEKS Book an ever-popular Theme Week. There are some good ones coming up! Turn to the general news page 21 for a list.


CPO Bowling green

OURA PRAIA HOTEL POETRY IN MOTION The Lord Byron room is the romantically-named venue for two special theme nights – Tropical Night and Portuguese Night. Read more about these in our Masterchefs article on p.11 Portuguese Theme Night

page 18 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

Trevi Restaurant


Top reception

If you’ve stayed at the Beach Club before, you’ll know that its beachfront location means that it’s at the bottom of a short, but very steep, hill which leads up to ‘the strip’, as the row of bars, shops and restaurants above the beach is known. The hill itself, we’re told, is nicknamed ‘heart-attack hill’, or ‘cardiac hill’, so you’ll be pleased to know that the lift in the main building of the resort takes you straight from reception up to the sixth floor, from where you can step out and make your level way over to the shops. Thank goodness for that, then. Anyway, the reception area on the sixth floor has been newly refurbished – so this is definitely the smart way to go up and out into the world.

EASY DOES IT There will be sighs of relief from parents with pushchairs as well as wheelchair users when they see the new ramp that has been cunningly created to wind



through the grounds down to the Sunset Restaurant terrace. A further small ramp is being installed beside the short flight of steps to take you right to the poolside.

GIVING YOU A LIFT The service lift which goes from reception level down to the Sunset Restaurant

new ramp

is being completely remodelled and widened to allow easy wheelchair access for disabled members and guests.

The dome at Sunset restaurant

DOME, SWEET DOME Those of you familiar with the resort will know that the circular Sunset Restaurant is topped by an amazing dome. To allow safe access up to the dome, the steps have been resurfaced with non-slip tiles and the wall encircling the space has been raised. The restaurant is hoping to host special events up there so you can get even more of those amazing views. Fado Night

SUPPER AT SUNSET ….and breakfast, and lunch, and daytime snacks, and drinks, and Fado Night…you must go there if you haven’t yet. The restaurant has been newly decorated and furnished, and you can read all about what’s on offer on p.11 in our Masterchefs article.

GRANGEFIELD OASIS CLUB SPENDING PENNIES A new toilet has been installed in the children’s area, which means the kids won’t have to cross the road when nature calls.

RISE AND SHINE! Enjoy a winter break at Grangefield Oasis Club on our special members’ bonus holiday – turn to p.14.

Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES | page 19

ROYAL PARK ALBATROS KEEPING AN EYE ON THE KIDS The new Infiniti department refurbishment is complete, together with a small Barney Bee room, so members can hear about all that Infiniti has to offer while the kids are safely occupied with Barney.

PROOF POSITIVE The area above the restaurant has been waterproofed and given a facelift, with white stones and new plant pots to give a bright new look.

WATCHING YOUR STEP To further secure your safety, non-slip flooring has been added to the ramp leading from the pool to the bathrooms as well as to the area leading from the Jacuzzi to the pool area steps

SPECIAL TOUCH Health Practitioner Mark Charlwood, MRS, S/Dip.Ed.(Camb) continues to treat members and guests at the Xanadu Health and Beauty Experience to his unique form of massage, which we are told is truly exceptional and gives excellent results. You can also opt for a “transformational bodywork session” (sounds serious!). Mark will also advise on Mark Charlwood

natural remedies.

BEAUTY AND THE BEST After Mark has transformed you, you might well want to book an appointment with Lisa, Xanadu’s qualified British beautician.


offers a range of treatments, from facials to specialised pedicures and manicures.

RISE AND SHINE! If you’d like to enjoy a springtime holiday on Tenerife, just turn to p.14 for details of this


very special members’ break.

GENERAL NEWS BIRTHDAY WISHES In a year which sees the 35th anniversary of Clube Praia da Oura, plus the 10th Anniversary of the Jack Petchey Foundation, we need to say Happy Birthday to the man himself. Jack Petchey, OBE, is an impressive 85 years old this year, and PLeisure would like to wish him a very happy birthday.

WEB NEWS has now been translated into Portuguese and Spanish. By the time you read this there should be a new website that has also been translated into Portuguese and Spanish.

page 20 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

These very special weeks at Clube Praia da Oura are the perfect excuse to take an extra holiday. This year, you’ve still got time for some winter sunshine, so don’t delay! Remember to book early for 2011, when February sees the ever popular Karaoke Week, Talent Week and Country & Western Week:

2010: 1st to 5th Nov

Ballroom Bowling

7th to 14th Nov


15th to 21st Nov 22nd to 26th Nov

Bridge Strain your Brain

29th Nov to 3rd Dec

Strain your Brain

5th to 9th Dec

2011: Karaoke

31st Jan to 4th Feb 7th to 11th Feb





Whatever the question, there’s always an answer! And whatever we can do for you, we will. These are all the numbers you need if you want to get in touch with us:



Atlas Reservations

RCI Cork 0845 608 6126

RCI Portugal 00 351 289 540 465

General Customer Service for all the Portuguese Resorts

Lorraine Humphreys Ana Goncalves 0208 477 1475 00 351 289 590 324

General Customer Services - Other

0845 468 0038

Ana Goncalves 00 351 289 590 324

Infiniti Customer Services

Natalie Kuczynski 0845 468 0028

Ana Goncalves 00 351 289 590 324

Infiniti Cruises

00800 8884 7852

InfinitI Reservations

RCI Cork 0845 608 6367

RCI Portugal 00 351 289 570 190

Country and Western

14th to 19th Feb


21th to 25th Feb

Annual Fee Payments & Enquiries

Ilford 0845 468 0166

CPO Annual Fees 00 351 289 590 341


13th to 19th Mar



20th to 26th Mar

Travel Shop 0845 430 0888

CPO Reservas 00 351 289 590 325/6


23rd to 27th May

RESORT CONTACT NUMBERS Clube Praia da Oura 00 351 289 590 300

Grangefield Oasis Club 00 34 952 931 980

Hever Hotel & Country Club 00 44 01732 700 700

Oura Praia Hotel 00 351 289 590 400

Oura-View Beach Club

INFINITI CORPORATE If you have a business, big or small, you could benefit from Infiniti Corporate. Whether you want incentives for staff or customers, or whether you’d just like to discuss the marketing of your business, it would be well worth your while to find out all about it. Email

WARNING It has come to our attention that some members have been contacted by unscrupulous travel agents who book and take credit card payments for budget flights which don’t even exist. Please be wary of unknown travel agents contacting you. Before booking with a travel agent make sure they are legitimate and/or registered with ABTA or a similar Travel Regula-

00 351 289 598 200

Royal Park Albatros 00 34 922 738 802

Vera Beach Club 00 34 950 132 345

Bay View 00 351 289 592 311

CUSTOMER SERVICES (SPAIN) ENGLISH 00 34 952 850 511 DUTCH 00 34 952 850 174 FRENCH 00 34 952 850 528 GERMAN 00 34 952 836 979

PLeisure MAGAZINE Barbara Staines Phone 020 8252 8000


00 34 952 902 462 00 34 952 850 504 00 34 952 839 917 00 34 952 850 526


FOR ALL UK BASED MEMBERS Petchey Travel Shop 0845 519 1988

tory organization. Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

| page 21

Infiniti Cruise Offers CRUISE






01 Oct 2011




14 Aug 2011




18 Dec 2010




14 Apr 2011




26 Feb 2011




17 Sept 2011




13 Jun 2011




08 Oct 2011




27 Nov 2011




16 Jul 2011




7 Day Hawaii SAVE 17% NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE: Pride of America - Balcony

7 Day Alaska SAVE 19% HOLLAND AMERICA LINE: Zaandam - Oceanview

8 Day Caribbean, Eastern SAVE 19% CELEBRITY CRUISES: Celebrity Eclipse - Inside Cabin

9 Day Bermuda SAVE 11% ROYAL CARIBEAN CRUISE LINE: Explorer Of The Seas - Balcony

7 Day Mexican Baja / Riviera SAVE 18% NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE: Norwegian Star - Balcony

7 Day Caribbean, Western SAVE 17% ROYAL CARIBEAN CRUISE LINE: Oasis Of The Seas - Inside Cabin

9 Day Europe, Northern SAVE 10% NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE: Norwegian Sun - Oceanview

7 Day Europe, Mediterranean SAVE 15% ROYAL CARIBEAN CRUISE LINE: Voyager Of The Seas - Inside Cabin

7 Day Caribbean, Southern SAVE 11% AZAMARA CLUB CRUISES: Azamara Journey - Inside Cabin

7 Day Europe, Northern SAVE 10% PRINCESS: Grand Princess - Inside Cabin

CALL US TODAY TO BOOK A CRUISE ON FREEPHONE: 00800 8884 7852 (freephone number valid for Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.)

Speak to one of our holiday experts, or visit: for more details These services are provided by ICE Inc., 15501 N. Dial Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA.

* Savings are per CABIN based on double occupancy and cruise may require up to 10,000 Platinum Rewards. Government fees and taxes are additional. Special rates may be applicable with other offers. Other restrictions may apply.Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. This offer cannot be used in group bookings. Rates are not proof of a cruise quote but are merely offered as examples of the best trade offers. Trade value is based on savings between major online providers and exchange rate is calculated based on double occupancy. The purchase price reflects current online competitor pricing at time of printing.

35 weeks 35 pounds 35 winners! To mark the occasion of Clube Praia da Oura’s 35th anniversary, we’re making available 35 weeks of Clube Praia da Oura accommodation sleeping up to four people for 35 Petchey Leisure member couples and their families. The weeks will be available between November 2010 and the end of May 2011, excluding school and public holidays, at an unbeatable price of £35 per person. For your chance to win one of the 35 weeks, just send us an email by 31st October 2010. It’s as simple as that. The first 35 names drawn will be the winners.

And one of them could be you... How to enter: email: The subject box of your email should say ‘The Big Three Five’. You should include you and your partner’s names, membership number and telephone number.

g i The B

e e r Five Th Terms and conditions This prize draw is open to all Petchey Leisure members. The 35 winning names will be drawn on 1st November 2010 and the winners will be offered one week’s self catering holiday accommodation sleeping up to four people at Clube Praia da Oura from November 2010 until the end of May 2011 excluding school and public holidays subject to availability of accommodation and dates at a price of £35 per person. The winning members must accompany the party travelling and this holiday is not transferrable. Travel and other costs are not included in this offer. Full payment will be required at the time of booking and this is non-refundable, but in the event of unavoidable cancellation the amount paid may be used against further Petchey Leisure holiday offers. Winners will be contacted by 2nd November 2010.

Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES | page 23

Write now...


It was ashen faces all round for Club Infiniti members Fred and Jean Kemp and their family and friends when the honeymoon they had booked for their daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law at Oura-View Beach Club on the Algarve, with flowers and champagne and a luxury apartment waiting to greet the newly-weds, had to be called off when England became a no-fly zone. Club Infiniti leaped to the rescue and the happy couple was offered a wonderful apartment in Hever Hotel and Country Club, where they were, they tell us, “treated like royalty”. As the icing on the (wedding) cake, Customer Services in Portugal immediately refunded their points and rebooked the pair into Portugal later in June (volcanic activity permitting). The bride’s relieved mother,

Jean, writes:

I felt we had to email to thank everyone involved in helping my daughter and new son-in-law to have a wonderful honeymoon. They were due to fly out to Portugal on 18th April, the day after their wedding. Everything had been organised, and then the dust cloud stopped all these plans. My daughter and new husband were very disappointed, but Infiniti came to the rescue…..My husband and I knew we had bought into a quality product with Club Infiniti, but now we really feel one of the family



Over in Tenerife, the staff at Royal Park Albatros went out of their way to help everybody

The honeymooners were just two of many who couldn’t get to Portugal, but what about the ones who couldn’t leave? Some 420 families who visited Petchey Leisure’s Clube Praia da Oura, Oura-View Beach Club, Oura Praia Hotel and Bay View during that particularly disastrous

affected. Anthea Turner and Steve Marshall write:

The staff at Royal Park Albatros were absolutely fantastic, especially Billy and Laura on the reception desk. Without their help, we would never have been able to rebook our seats. They were calm, polite and hardworking, and never flapped, even when confronted with a barrage of queries! I would also like to thank the management for the very fair way they accommodated and charged us. It was much appreciated. Thank you all.

week from 15th to 22nd April were stranded and




sympathetic staff. Martin and Kay Williams


We would just like to let you know that we were stuck in Portugal for an extra nine nights last month. We were staying at the Oura-View Beach Club and were very impressed by both the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff there. Cristina especially made us feel very much more relaxed with her caring attitude when dealing with this very stressful situation. We were Navigator members (this was our last Navigator holiday) and eventually joined Infiniti in October 2009. This experience has made us very pleased that we did eventually bite the bullet and join. We would like to thank everyone connected to OVBC as we had a great holiday! We will definitely be returning there and are looking forward to having our first holiday as Infiniti members next year. Thank you all.

Lyn and Tony Davies write:

Having been stranded in Tenerife for two weeks, we should like to express our utmost gratitude for your unrivalled hospitality and support through when could have been a potentially more stressful time…..In particular we would like a very special mention of thanks to Billy and Katy, who in our opinion carried out duties that one would consider to be over and above what is required of them. It is also important to acknowledge that every member of staff on frontline reception handled the ‘ash cloud’ crisis with the utmost calm and professionalism.

Gareth and Lesley Halliwell write:

We recently had the pleasure of meeting you (Manager Sally Ann Guerrero) and your staff when we stayed at Royal Park Albatros between 11 and 22 April, our stay being extended by five days due to the Icelandic volcanic ash incident. During our stay your staff was highly professional, competent, helpful and friendly, and especially during the extended period which was a particularly frustrating, worrying and stressful time for all involved. Your decisions regarding the provision of accommodation and a discounted meal plan were greatly appreciated when some other resort operators were behaving disgracefully towards their customers and guests, including evicting some unfortunate people from their premises. We are aware that you took some of these people into your resort. You can be proud of your accomplishment during this crisis. We had a very enjoyable stay at the resort despite the difficulty at the end of our visit, and we’d like to offer you our heartfelt thanks for your co-operation and consideration during this period. We were highly impressed and will remain ‘ambassadors’ for your company, resort and people for the foreseeable future.

page 24 | Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

This year’s volcanic ash crisis caused holiday mayhem for many of our members. Some of you couldn’t get to your resorts – and others couldn’t get away from them! Staff at the resorts rallied round, of course, and offered whatever assistance they could. We received numerous cards and emails on the topic – far too many to print them all – and they were very much appreciated. Some extracts appear below:

DUNKIRK SPIRIT AT VERA At Vera Beach Club in Almeria an almost Dunkirk spirit prevailed among the more than forty members who became stranded. They have since written to commend the resort staff and management and to nominate them for an ‘Outstanding Service’ award. Vera Beach Club staff also set about organising a coach to drive everyone from Almeria to Calais, which ultimately was not needed as the air space was due to re-open. The staff also arranged for two members with special medical needs to be collected by the British Consulate and taken to Santander, where they were taken home by the special

became more active) and researched and secured a coach that would drive the group of forty from Almeria to Calais, France. By Wednesday 22nd April it seemed clear that the air space in Europe would be re-opened so we would not require the coach, then the management gave yet another gesture of good will by organising a Paella Party. I decided that all this excellent service and goodwill needed to be recognised, hence I am writing this letter with the support of all the people involved. So this is a joint letter of thanks and commendation.

ship arranged for stranded holidaymakers. As a final goodwill gesture, Vera Beach Club arranged a free paella party for all those who had been affected so they could get together and enjoy the camaraderie that had built up within the group.

Keith and Rosemary Richardson wrItes:

We were worried about many things but due to the amazing staff on reception most of the worry disappeared. Thank you so much for the accommodation arrangements. This was so very generous of the company, particularly when so many others were raising their prices or plain profiteering. Secondly, the free meal was special: as so many of us were in the same situation the bonds we had formed were deeper than usual. The staff rang to extend hire cards, checked flight information, arranged a coach (luckily not needed), and we had the feeling that they looked out for us and smiled in the process. We are new Infiniti members, so we are very impressed already. Well done and thanks again.

Kumid Joshi sent a joint letter of thanks from the people stranded at

Vera Beach Club: He said, among other things:

While stranded at the resort the staff were very helpful and the management accommodated our needs. We were given full free access to the telephone and an internet connection. The Reception Manager realised that the stranded holidaymakers might not be able to return home by plane (as the ash cloud

Dunkirk Spirit

Dr. Mike and Corinne Clugston write:

We would like to express our gratitude to Isabel, Manolo and the other staff at Vera Beach Club for their consistently impressive efforts to help those of us who were stranded recently by the volcanic ash cloud. They kindly provided email and internet access, which of course was much more important than usual. They also went out of their way to help the group plan alternative travel arrangements, being very happy to be flexible. We ourselves were grateful that our rebooked flight was fine. Granted that it was stressful to be stranded, your staff rallied round to make our enforced additional stay as comfortable as possible. Please thank them for their kindness.


All Petchey Leisure resorts were affected by the volcanic eruption, and all of them made sure that members and guests were assisted in every way possible. As Miguel Munoz, Director of the Spanish and UK resorts says: “It wasn’t a question of whether we should or shouldn’t help. There was no question about it. We were only interested in acting quickly to accommodate and assist everybody affected. We are only relieved that this happened in April and not in August!

Send your letters and news to or to the address shown on the contents page. We want to hear about your holidays! Pleisure Magazine No.10 | CPO CELEBRATES

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1st prize

In the last issue of PLeisure, we asked you to produce a photo that could be

used for a Club Infiniti advertisement. We were thrilled with many of the entries, although, very unfortunately, a lot of people send in landscape photos rather than the portrait size we asked for, so they couldn’t be considered.

Here are the three very worthy winners: FIRST PRIZE of a state-of the-art digital camera worth up to £300 goes to

Terence Greenwood from Nottingham, England. You will find Terence’s winning entry on the back cover of this magazine, and also reproduced here on the right. Many congratulations to him for producing such a stunning photo. For those of you not familiar with the resort, this winning entry depicts a night view from Oura-View Beach Club, one of Petchey Leisure’s resorts on the Algarve. The two runners-up, Gillian Bensemann from Lightwater, Surrey, England and Joao Paulo Lopes of Portugal each win £100 worth of credit to spend in any of the Petchey Leisure resort catering outlets.

2nd prize

Many congratula-

3rd prize

tions to them. Excellent

Terence Greenwood runner-up

photos, but


unfortunately non-winners this time, were received from Viktor




Drong-en, Belgium, and Maria

Jose Bento from Portugal Joao Paulo Lopes Thanks to everyone who Gillian Bensemann entered. Why not try your luck again this time (see facing page)?

Maria Jose Bento

Viktor De Rudder-Windey


We think that taking photos isn’t cool enough for our cool kids, because

we didn’t get as many entries as we normally see for our kids’ competitions.

Barney Bee was

quite upset. Anyway, he got over it quickly when he saw the winning photo from

9 year old Amy

McDonnell, because he‘s in it! Amy wins a digital camera,




done to you. Here’s the winning photo:

NEW COMPETITIONS PHOTOFANTASTIC 1ST PRIZE: a CAMCORDER worth up to £300. 2ND PRIZE: £100 credit towards food and drink on your next Petchey Leisure Resort holiday. 3RD PRIZE: £50 credit towards food and drink on your next Petchey Leisure Resort holiday.

Get those cameras out again

Please follow these entry instruc-

for your chance to win the Cam- tions: corder of your choice to a value of A maximum of 3 entries per person, please. £300!

The covering email must give your name, The winning entry will be a membership number and contact details

scenic photo – as simple as that. and the subject box must say PhotofantasWhen you’re next on holiday, get out tic. and about and find the best land or

The covering email should include

seascape that you can, and e-mail it details of where your photo was taken. to us. We’ll print the winning entries in Email to the next issue of PLeisure.

before 31st December 2010.



Barney’s been buzzing off on holiday again. But where has he been? Look at these four photos and tell us where Barney is.

Then complete this

tie-breaker sentence: The best thing about holidays is ……….…………… ………………………………………………………………… Now you can email (or ask someone to do it for you) your answers to A,B,C and D and your sentence to


Rules Entrants must be aged 16 and under.


The covering

email must give your name, age and contact details and the email subject box must say COOL KIDS’ COMP. The




receive one week’s holiday accommodation for up to four people at a Petchey Leisure




availability of accommodation and dates.

All entries

should be sent in before 31st December 2010. The Editor’s decision is final.


perfect days‌ and nights

Call 0870 871 6912 or email to find out how Club Infiniti membership could improve your holidays Photo taken by Terence Greenwood

Pleisure Magazine 2010  

The Petchey Leisure Magazine Autumn/Winter 2010 No. 10