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4 Jamie Donaldson

We speak with Jamie following his Irish Open maiden Tour Victory

20 Jeev Milkha Singh

India’s winner of the Scottish Open talks about the future.

26 Ernie’s Open Glory

An exclusive interview with the 2012 Open Champion

34 Marcel Siem

The French Open champion talks to Clubhouse Golf Magazine

FEATURES 8 Oh Balls!

The low down on picking the perfect ball to suit your game

14 Golf ’s Mind Games

Gold psychologist Jon Finn explains why Golf can be such a fickled game


10 Costa Del Golf

We visit the host course of the world match play championships, Finca Cortesin

18 Floating Green!

Have we discovered the craziest par three in the world?

36 Were on a Roller

The face lift £375,000 Rolls Royce Phantom II


38 Local Golf Day Events 43 Restaurant Review The Mango House, Cardiff

44 Local Course Review Glamorganshire Golf Club

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The Sweet Taste of

Tour Victory Welshman Jamie Donaldson captures his first Tour win in Style by lifting The Irish Open Title in Portrush

Q: It’s been said to you many times out there, congratulations, but let’s say it once again, that was a really, really fantastic performance for your first European Tour win. Just give us your thoughts on being Irish Open Champion. JD: Don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet, and I don’t think it will until tomorrow maybe. I’ve actually just calmed down now that we’ve left the golf course but it feels at the moment obviously very, very special to be sat here with the trophy. Yeah, surreal is the word I’m looking for. Q: Obviously you would probably be hopeful a good start, and you got it, didn’t you, the birdies at 2,3 and 4, that was probably the start you were just hoping for. JD: Yeah, I didn’t really think of the score at all really. I just tried to keep the same thought process as at the start of the week, which is just playing simple shots and trying to hit fairways and greens, and take it from there and let the golf take care of itself. Well, it’s worked. So it’s all over and we are here with the trophy, which is quite amazing. Q: Obviously a lot has been made of the fact that you have not won before this, and you were asked that again; I know as a person you had never doubted in your mind that you would be sitting here one day.

JD: Obviously doubts creeped in occasionally but I thought if I kept doing what I was doing, I would keep getting better at what I was doing and eventually I would be sat here having won a tournament; when it would have been, I have no idea. I just kept doing the same things as I’ve been doing all year, and knew what I was doing was right. It was just a matter of time and when it all came together. Q. You realise you’ve spoiled an Irish party here. JD: Yeah, afraid so. Sorry about that. (Laughter). Q. You have mentioned the course and the crowd, for a maiden Tour victory, it was like an Open; the crowds were ten deep and you’ve raved about the course. What is so special and why is it so special to The European Tour? JD: It’s just the way the course has been designed, the type of course it is; a links course near the coast, they just made incredible use of the land that they had available and it’s just a great golf course. It’s just such a pleasure to play. I played here years ago in the Irish Youths I think it was in ‘97, ‘98 and thoroughly enjoyed it then. To come back here and to be sat here with the trophy, is, yeah, great. Q. Such a stunning final round, I guess a lot of people will wonder

why it’s taken you 255 events to win. JD: Yeah, it’s taken a while. You know, everybody’s different. It takes some people longer than others I suppose. It’s taken me a lot longer than I thought. Careers on Tour will go by very quickly after the first sort of three years. I was out with an injury for about a year, and I didn’t really find my feet until a year after that, and I lost my way a little bit I suppose. You know, these things happen, and over the last sort of three or four years, I have been building on my game, building the way I did things, and eventually, I just got back to what I do and here we are sort of with the trophy. Q. You must have thought you had broken your duck in a major, because it was such a startling scene with such huge crowds? JD: Yeah, it’s just amazing, the fact that I have won here on such a great golf course in front of such an incredible crowd. And today, obviously the last sort of nine holes, I think, the weather was fantastic, as well. Yeah, you couldn’t have written it any better. Q: Well congratulations once again Jamie and you very much deserved the victory here at Portrush. We wish you the best of luck with the remainder of the season. JD: Thank you very much

So many to pick from, but what ball really suits your game? We give you our top choice balls

PREMIUM BALL TITLEIST PRO V1/X SRP: £50 per dozen W: The Ball that sets the standard! The Pro V1 and Pro V1 X are the most commonly played ball on Tour and is arguably the most recognizable ball for many lower handicap golfers. The ball offers all round great feel completed with a soft feel to putt with. The ball is responsive when wishing for spin. The X offers a slightly harder feel and results in longer distance off the tee. Premium quality however comes with a premium price tag. The Pro V1 is currently the most expensive ball on the market. Many mid handicap golfers fall into the trap set by Titleists marketing experts and use Pro V1’s however our advice is to only really consider this ball if you are a single figure handicap golfer. Although an exceptional ball, the compression found in the Pro V1/X would be wasted on any higher handicap golfer. If you like Titleist the NXT Tour offers a feel with slightly more forgiveness and distance. If you are a low handicap golfer you will struggle to find a more trusted ball that offers such quality. The hardest choice with The Pro V1/X is deciding to use the X or standard ball. My personal opinion is that the X out performs the Pro V1 due to the slightly firmer compression which helps the ball flight in windy conditions.






SRP: £32 per dozen W:

SRP: £20 per dozen W:

It was a difficult decision to pick between the TaylorMade and Titleist NXT Tour for our favorite mid range ball. The reason for picking the Penta TP3 came down to two main factors. Firstly the price. Saving of on average £6-7 per dozen certainly is a lot, especially when a mid to higher handicap golfer is expected to lose a few. Secondly was the feel. As with the Titleist, the Penta TP3 is the little brother of the premium range offering of each brand. However we felt that the TaylorMade offered a slightly better feel around the green than that of the NXT Tour. As with all mid range balls, the Penta offers a combination of feel, accuracy and distance off the tee. The accuracy is helped by the reduction of side spin, of which many mid handicap golfers suffer from with exaggerated slice spin generated on impact. The penta certainly helps overcome this factor. We all felt very confident with the Penta around the green, and even though obviously not such a soft feel as a Pro V1 we all agreed that the majority of mid handicap golfers would not feel the difference around the greens. The Penta reacted very well off the putter face and overall certainly offered a very well rounded golf ball. Accompanied with the reasonable price tag the Penta TP3 is a fantastic choice mid range ball

A premium brand ball for the low cost expected by a budget brand. The Callaway HX Diablo is the perfect weapon of choice for any improving golfer. The ball offers exceptional distance from the Tee and heavily reduces the effect of sidespin on impact. As you would expect with a budget range ball, feel around the greens is compromised in order to maximise distance and accuracy but lets all be honest. If you are a high handicap golfer and you are concerned with feel of the ball around the green then you are either taking the game way to serious or a swift visit with your match and handicap conveynor is certainly needed. Aimed at a recommended handicap of 16+ the Callaway certainly offers a placebo affect to users as every time you look over the ball, you see the Callaway logo staring back at you which can act as a catalyst to think ‘do not lose me’ For an individual price per ball coming in at just under £1.70 you will be very surprised of what technology has gone into the development of Callaways budget entry. Compared with Titleist PTS and Srixons AD332 in our opinion there really is no competition. The Callaway definitely takes the title as the master of the budget range golf ball.



Less than ten years old, Finca Cortesin rocketed itself into Golf greatness by securing the World Match Play Championships just two years after opening its doors. Finca Cortesín Golf Club was born with the intention of becoming a reference point on an international level in the world of golf. The vast expanse of over 70 Hectares boasts natural ridges, valleys and water features that the course designer Cabell Robinson has included into the layout in superb fashion. With Finca destined for tournament play, the course boasts multiple tee’s on every hole therefore changing each shot during each day in 4-day

tournament play. The course has been adapted to the terrain and its natural flora whilst at all times respecting the majority of the existing vegetation. Furthermore, Finca Cortesin is committed to caring for the environment by means of a conservation program which includes the use of recycled water, to the conservation of the flora and native fauna. You expect great things from a course hosting such an elite and grand tournament. Instantly upon your arrival your ‘Finca Cortesin experience’ begins. We arrived at the car park to be greeted by concierge who immediately took our clubs and ushered us into the impres-

sive clubhouse to refresh with fresh orange juice before our round and to slip into our golf shoes. The locker room was like something found in any royal residence and certainly no corners were cut on the construction of this grand clubhouse. After our refreshments we headed onto the practice area, where our clubs were there to meet us after having been cleaned and polished by the concierge whilst we changed shoes. A pyramid of pro v1 balls awaited each player on the practice area. After a quick warm up the buggy was topped with ice cold water and we were ready to head off to follow in the footsteps of Donald, Kaymer and company


CORTESIN The Host Resort of the World Match Play Championships offers an experience like no other

Less than ten years old, Finca Cortesin rocketed itself into Golf greatness by securing the World Match Play Championships just two years after opening its doors. Finca Cortesín Golf Club was born with the intention of becoming a reference point on an At a Glance international levelyards in the world Distance: 7290 ofPar: golf.72 The vast expanse over 70 HectDesigner: CabellofRobinson ares boastsOctober natural ridges, Opened: 2006 valleys and water features that the course dsigner Cabell Robinson has Finca Cortesin Golf Resort included into layout Carretera de the Casares s/nin supeb fashion. Finca destined E-29690With Casares, Málaga for tournament play, the course boasts tee’s on every Web: multiple hole therefore changing each shot during each day in 4-day.

On leaving the practice area you follow a buggy path which takes a left through a tunnel, your arrive out of the other end to be greeted with a view of lush fairways, immaculate greens, white sand and lots of water! The course condition is as you can imagine second to none and even though very long at almost 7300 yards the course plays well for any capable golfer. I use the term capable with respect to any high handicappers, but with the course set out to its potential I would not recommend anyone over about 15 to bother with Finca Cortesin as you wont enjoy it! The water features come into play on lots of holes and require at least a 200

yard carry off the tee to stay dry, with no opt out areas! This point was raised in designing the course but was dismissed quickly on the view that this course is not aimed at high handicappers but set out to test the worlds elite. This certainly shows on many of the holes. The Costa Del Sol is awash with a mass of world class golf courses. So what does Finca Cortesin offer above its rivals. It certainly does not compete on economical sense as a round of Golf here will generally set you back around 200 Euros. Many of the other courses in the area including San Roque, Los Flamingos and other Tour Championship courses offer an

average green fee of around the 70 - 100 Euro mark. However the experience encountered at Finca Cortesin blows all the other courses out of the water. Although still incredible courses and resorts the only other venue on The Costa Del Sol that can compete with Finca Cortesin is Valderama, which will set you back around 350 Euros to re trace the steps of Ryder Cup memories. Back to Finca Cortesin, each hole will leave you looking forward to the next and although the round took us almost 5 hours (with buggies) it seemed to fly passed. Each hole offers a different challenge, ranging from wide fairways encouraging you to open your shoulders followed by pin point accurate par threes that leaving your self short sided will kiss you goodbye to any chance of making par. Like many courses there were a few holes that just ‘stood out’ from the rest. In my opinion the Par 4, 15th, measuring a whopping 525 yards off the big boy tee’s certainly captured my imagination. A dog leg from an elevated tee requires either a draw for the right handed players

or a very brave tiger line tee shot over a ravine and a row of deep fairway bunkers to find a very narrow landing point. This hole boasts ten strategically placed bunkers that if found can leave you chipping out sideways if finding a bad lie or stance. The approach to the green is up hill and the target is small and split to two levels. If you miss the green an up and down will leave even previous World Match Play winner Luke Donald very impressed. The 13th is also a very impressive hole (pictured) This ‘short’ 413 yard par 4 is all about positioning. A brook running twice across the fairway and the length of the left side attracts many balls. The brook then runs again across the hole and runs off to the right hand side of the green, giving this hazard a chance to claim yet another victim to a watery grave. The fairway is very narrow and to top of the challenge of the brook, two well placed and very deep bunkers will gobble up any balls missing the fairway to the right. These were just two of a plethora of amazing holes of which I challenge you to find a

bad one. In summary if you have the chance to play Finca Cortesin then do it! Although not the cheapest the experience in my opinion will not leave you feeling over charged. Finca Cortesin has recently been awarded the title one of the top ten courses in the world for a very obvious reason.

Exploring Golf ’s


GAMES With leading golf psychologist Jon Finn

We have all heard the expression that Golf is played more in your head than through your body, but why is this the case? Do we all need a pre shot routine, or more importantly do we all already sub consciously already have a pre routine that if broken can be the demise of a great round of Golf? Now like many other Golfers I felt that I under no uncertain terms definitely did not have a pre shot routine. Jon certainly corrected me there! So why is the psychology of Golf such an important factor to improving your game? These are just a few things we asked the leading Golf Psychologist ,Jon Finn during our recent chat with Golfs ‘Mind Man’


Exploring Golf ’s So what makes us as Golfers have such in consistency in our games.? One day you can be hitting the ball like Tiger Woods and the next day just see a lot of the woods! I know an amateurs swing is not always 100 percent consistent, but surely this can not be the only reason why things go wrong? Consistency is the key word here. As Jon Finn explains to us that everyone has a pre shot routine. Even if you think you do not. There are many Golfers who have a very complex and time consuming routine before hitting every shot. As detailed as this may be, even the fastest golfer undertakes a routine. ‘You put your bag down, walk to the ball, and hit it’ When said out loud it does make you realise that without a routine where would we be? You can’t really picture the scene of a golf course with people trying to hit a shot with their clubs still on their back, however without consistency this could be the case. The other problem us golfers face whilst playing is our own brain and thoughts. ‘Its all about training the brain to get the rubbish out of your head. If you want to perform on the golf course you need to have positive thoughts and don’t concentrate on the negatives’. We all can relate to this by standing on a short par three with water all the way down the right hand side. The first thought is ‘don’t go in the water’ although if that water was not there you would not consider your ball to miss the green short and right. But why do we all do this? ‘Your brain naturally is wired to look for threats. Almost

like going into survival mode. This is adapted into Golf also. The key to overcoming this is to be able to have the mind strength to overcome these natural thoughts and concentrate and visualise the shot you should be hitting, therefore ignoring the water completely.’ Confidence, Concentration and Activation are in theory the three steps that Jon explained to us are what we go through during any movement or expression. When broken down into Golf this is a very easy formula to follow. Confidence: If you do not feel confident then the likelyhood is that you will not complete your swing to its full potential. Always approach each shot with confidence as to the shot you will hit. It is possible to think back to an earlier success from a previous similar shot or scenario and replicate the movement. Concentration: To remain in concentration there is one factor that we can control, our breathing rate. Anxiety can build up in any situation, with deep slow breaths you will naturally overcome this factor. Activation: To complete your desired action. Do not think about anything negative and the likelyhood is that you will hit the intended shot. Now this all sounds very obvious and simple but when you think about it, how many of you reading this stand over a shot with water potentially coming into play and have the ability to look beyond the water. Not many I bet! The use of positive memories and experiences is also a massive driving force for success. This is how many of us

MIND have a hole we favour over others. It is not because the hole ‘suits your game’ as the swing is the same as the previous and future holes. However the ability to hit a better shot on your favourite hole all comes down to a positive memory, which in turn ups your confidence, increases your concentration and gives you the ability to complete a successful activation of the shot. It’s all simple when you think about it isn’t it! Psychology in Golf is becoming a bigger and bigger factor for all levels of Golfer. If you walk into a bookstore you will see hundreds of books explaining to you how to think your way around a course. However, can many of us really absorb this information properly. Unfortunately the simple answer is no! We can in theory gain an understanding but if it were that simple we would all be superstars. Jon Finn has recently bought the Psychological and Technological advancements of Golf into a simple system. The Pre Shot App! Available to download from I Tunes, the app is a valuable tool for golfers when playing a round of golf. ‘Not everyone has the access or means to hire a Golf Psychologist to help them with their game. Golf Pre Shot Pro allows everyone the chance to benefit from the structures and methods a Psychologist would implement during a session at a fraction of the cost. Our programme will enable you produce a bullet proof pre-shot routine for every type of Golf shot within a couple of weeks. It allows your Iphone to become your mental coach in the palm of your hand’.

GAMES A Perfect Example of Routine Although not a golfer, the perfect example of a pre shot routine certainly is Jonny Wilkinson. But what is he really doing when undertaking his iconic kicking routine? When you watch Jonny Wilkinson he has quite an excentric pre shot routine. It can be broken down into five sections or areas. He puts the ball down. Steps Back and taps the floor with his foot, Cups his hands, Looks up and down and the target, then kicks it. Jon Explained exactly what goes through his head during this. ‘When he puts the ball down, he always see’s the best kick he has ever made from that position on the pitch. When he yards back and taps his foot on the floor he says to himself ‘Hard Foot, Concentrate’ and imagines his foot to be a solid block of concrete. When he cups his hands he is imagining himself in a shield that cuts out the distraction and noises from the stadium. When he looks up and down at the target he imagines looking for a little old lady called Dorris in the stands sitting directly behind the posts and he is looking to see her. He imagines Dorris holding a copy of the Sunday Times and he is trying to pick out a specific article on the back page of the newspaper. When he runs up to kick the ball, he imagines a serge of energy going down his leg which will give him the power to make the kick.’ Tiger Woods has a similar appraoch to detail and imagines himself crossing a blue line after hitting every shot. Once he passes that line the previous shot is forgotten about, be it good or bad. This is just an small insight to what we think when playing Golf. For more information on Jon Finn and the Pre Shot Golf System visit

or you can download Jon’s Pre Shot Golf App from the I tunes store by searching for

‘Golf Pre Shot’

TARGET GOLF Hitting out at Lake Coeur d’Alene, The 14th

hole at The Coeur d’ Alene, Golf Resort in Idaho will certainly have even the most accomplished Golfers feeling that they may be getting wet! It is the first ‘floating’ green in the world. This incredible par 3 can be set up to range from a mere 95 yards through to a terrifying 200 yard tee shot onto a 15,000 square foot green. As an average off the Men’s Tee’s the 14th is set at 147 yards. Given the size of the Green you would, on any other course, feel you should not ever miss the green. However add the view of ‘water water everywhere’ and this par three certainly will set the men from the boys! The course boasts spectaculor views from every hole of Lake Coeur d’Alene and you can see from

the above photos why the course is continuously being praised and honored as one of the most spectaculor holes in Golf. Once you have hit the green (hopefully anyway) You have to board a small boat in order to make the 30 second crossing to the Green in order to tap in your very well deserved 2! As the tee shot is hitting into open water, to make the task that all the more difficult the wind certainly plays a factor whilst picking your weopan of choice. Walk off this hole without losing a ball and you feel you will have conquered the beast! The remaining 17 holes offer an incredible golfing experience with many other signature holes.



Q: Jeev, many thanks for joining us and many congratulations, Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open Champion. How does that sound? Sound all right, doesn’t it? JMS: Sounds great. Q: Strange, finishing an hour early and then having to go to a playoff. JMS: I think I never expected myself to be in a playoff. The golfing gods have been very kind to me. I was just enjoying a cup of tea and some chocolate cake. I said, it’s an hour I’ve got, my flight is at 8.30 out of Aberdeen. I thought I would see the finish and then leave for the airport. As the chocolate cake and tea were going down, I think it got very exciting on the golf course and I was fortunate to get into a playoff. Left myself a good birdie chance, and the last hole that I had, the putt was like when I was playing the fourth round, I said, you left it short, but this one, don’t, give yourself a chance. I hit a good putt, and it went in. Q. When you saw Marc Warren three shots clear, did you think that was it, it’s all over? JMS: Yeah, that’s what I thought. I think I left myself a few shots short of getting into a playoff. But like I said, I think the golfing gods were kind to me and I got into a playoff and I won it. Q. It’s been a while since you’ve won, so can you tell now where this ranks among your wins? JMS: I think it’s one of the best ones, especially home of golf,

on a links course, and in tough conditions, especially today. The first tee, obviously everybody is going low. Today was a true test of golf, and I think bogey‑free on a tough day on a links course gives you a lot of confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. And also, going out there against the top players and winning in a playoff, I think makes me feel like that I can win with the best of them. Q. Was there a turning point in your final round? Was there something that clicked and you got on a roll? JMS: I’ll tell you how different the golf course played today. I’ve been hitting a driver or a 3‑wood and a sand wedge on the first hole. Today, I hit a driver and a 3‑iron on the first hole. So I hit it to about two feet. And I birdied it. I said, man, that was a fantastic birdie, so that gave me a jump start. Then I birdied the third. I was 4‑under after six holes, so I had a great start. You shoot 4‑under the front nine, try to shoot 4‑under the back nine, you have a good chance at it. But I was three short of my goal. I wanted to get to about 20‑under. But like I said, the golfing gods were kind to me. I got into an opportunity to get into a playoff, and I won it. Q. What was the reaction at home when you were given the Padma Shri? JMS: I think they will be very excited and it’s a very proud mo-

ment for my country and myself and my family. I just feel that that’s the highest award you can get, and there is a lot of reward higher than the one I got. If I get that, that would be fantastic. But it was a very proud moment for my father and myself when we were knighted. I was knighted 50 years after my father’s knighthood. I’m a very fortunate man to be born into a family like, that and golf has given me a lot, and hopefully this gives a boost to Indian golf and we have more tournaments there. Q. Can you talk about the rise of golf in India and in ladies golf, with players such as Sharmila Nicollet? JMS: Yeah, she’s qualified on The European Tour. She’s an excellent player. She’s going to do really well. And I think in the future, it’s going to grow. I would rank golf as the No.2 sport in my country; cricket being the No. 1. We can’t compare ourselves to cricket, but the way players are doing well worldwide, I think golf is No.2, and it is going to grow in the future. Q: Jeev, many congratulations again. JMS: Thank you. And I also would like to thank all of my sponsors for standing by me. I’ve gone through a tough time with the injuries and I would like to thank them all for being with me.






Ferrari has teamed up with Cobra Puma Golf to add its iconic prancing horse to a line of golfing equipment including bags, shoes and a Ferrari-red driver. The crown jewel of the collection is the Ferrari driver. “The Ferrari Golf Collection Driver is a work of art,” said Tom Preece, Vice

President of Research and Development at Cobra Puma Golf. “We worked with Ferrari engineers to create a truly impressive driver that reduces drag and delivers fast club head speed. This results in maximized distance in a beautiful driver. To add to the allure, the driver features a hand-stitched

leather grip, a headcover made from genuine Ferrari leather, a premium Fujikura Motore Speeder Shaft and it is packaged up in a luxurious Ferrari Golf Collection Driver display box.” Officially the Driver has yet to be launched, however the official launch is set to be around August / September

NIKE TW 2013 FREE TIGER SHOES The Nike TW 2013 shoe was inspired by the Free Run shoes which offers a barefoot-like ride with the cushioning, traction and underfoot protection of a traditional shoe. Its Dynamic fit running from footbed to eyelets provide 360 degrees of adaptive locked-down fit. The outsole mirrors the natural motion of your foot on the ground providing optimal feel while the medial forefoot maintains ground contact for optimal traction and controlled power through impact. RRP: £120


The innovative Grafalloy White Blue features the same tour bend profile as the Grafalloy Blue, but the new design capitalizes on new material technology that uses low resin content and ultra-thin aerospace grade graphite fiber. The result is greater performance for strong players and enhanced stability and feel. The Grafalloy White Blue is slated for availability in late 2012. Grafalloy has been an industry-leading innovator in graphite shaft technology for nearly two decades, and has produced one of the winningest ultralight shafts in the history of game. Each week, Grafalloy shafts can be found in play on the PGA, Nationwide and European Tours.

FOR SALE MASERATI GRANCABRIO 4.7 ‘S’ PADDLESHIFT With a name as synonymous as Maserati there is no denying, they are amongst the most beautiful vehicles on the road that demand phenomenal presence. A grille that swallows you whole, a badge of opulence, true Italian craftsmanship, and raw power will ensure you claim whiplash! Using the 440bhp engine should make little work over the ‘boy racer’ stereotype. Obviously, if the mrs is about to give birth or maybe running a little late for a meeting 0 - 62mph in 5.2 seconds should keep you on your toes. Open-air seating for four in the Maserati GranCabrio - and surely one of the most breathtaking cabriolets ever to take to the road. Never mind the specification, the SPORT button is all you need to know. Press it, here it, LOVE IT. Adaptive Vehicle Solutions gives this a 4.5 / 5 This Car is Available now at

Scan the barcode with your smartphone for more information


ELS We welcome the 2012 Open Champion and look back at that historic victory at Royal Lytham and St Annes.


But I really feel for my Buddy, Scottie, I really do. Q: We have the 2012 Open Champion, Ernie Els I’ve been there before. I’ve blown majors before and congratulations, fantastic achievement. How does it feel? golf tournaments before, and I just hope he doesn’t take it as hard as I did. ERNIE ELS: Amazing. I’m still numb. It still hasn’t So that’s that. set in. It will probably take quite a few more days Q: Did you know you were 25/1 going into the final because I haven’t been in this position for 10 years, round on sunday? obviously, so it’s just crazy, crazy, ‘I really feel for my Buddy, ERNIE ELS: No, I didn’t know. crazy getting here. I’m not sure what the rules are, I felt good after Saturday. I Scottie, I really do. I’ve been didn’t play myself out of it. But there before. I’ve blown majors but I know I was about 80/1 at some point this year. That would still, you know, to make up all before and golf tournaments have been a good bet. those shots, I just felt good. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. before, and I just hope he doesn’t Q: I want to know, the way you won, it can be such a cruel game For some reason I felt something take it as hard as I did.’ and you’ve been on both sides of good was going to come out of it. How do you deal with it from your end, the enthis tournament. Even if I didn’t win I was going to feel good about it because of all the work we’ve put joyment, and just knowing, again, that your buddy Adam had to deal with it the way he did? in. My game is back to where I feel I can compete. ERNIE ELS: Well, I’ve got to figure it out still. If it wasn’t this year, I feel I can compete in it next year. Obviously I’m so happy that I’ve won. But I’ve been

INTERVIEW me into the gym or get me on the range and so forth, I’ve got great guys around me, and also

on the other end more times than I’ve actually been on the winning end, so to speak. And it’s not a good feeling. Especially, I’m speaking for myself, I think Adam is a little bit different than I am. I did see him afterwards in the scorer’s hut and he seemed okay. I really said to him, I’m sorry how things turned out. I told him that I’ve been there many times and you’ve just got to bounce back quickly. Don’t let this thing linger. So yeah, I feel for him. But thankfully he’s young enough. He’s 32 years old. He’s got the next 10 years that he can win more than I’ve won. I’ve won four now; I think he can win more than that. Q. We’ve seen you in the gym working really, really hard with Josh Salzmann. How important has that been for a tough week like this? ERNIE ELS: Well, Josh, we’ve been working on and off together also for six or seven years now. And as I said, I’ve got a great team around me. I’ve got great people around me. And whether it’s guys trying to get

my family, also. They all play their part. I’ve got the talent; I’ve got to still go out there and hit the golf shots. But I’ve got people that’s driving me, which is great. Q: After this amazing week do you think you’ll still stick with easyJet when you go to Canada? ERNIE ELS: Yes, as I sit here they look pretty good. £125, yeah, beats $8,000 an hour on a private jet. Q: You can probably buy a few jets now, can’t you? ERNIE ELS: I’ll see. I think they’re a lucky charm. I might go to Scotland with them again next year. Q: It’s a little bit of a helpless feeling I’m guessing when you’re on that putting green waiting. Did you think back to Augusta? You were in that same spot with nothing you can do. You’ve done all you can do at that point. ERNIE ELS: Yeah. Exactly. That’s why The R&A asked me what I wanted to do, did I want to watch or what. I said, no, I’ll go to the putting green like I’ve done so many times. And I just thought I’ll probably be disappointed again because so many times waiting on a playoff. I mean, it even happened this year at New Orleans. You’re not really hoping the guy is going to make a mistake, but you’re hoping you don’t have to go to a playoff, you can win outright. This one was different because I feel for Adam. I really didn’t mind going to a playoff. I think he probably didn’t feel that. But I at best was hoping for a playoff on the putting green.

Q: You said Saturday night that you had a very good Q: Inaudible? feeling about Sunday. What was that good feeling ERNIE ELS: Yeah, absolutely. And especially when and has that good feeling now come to fruition? you’ve met him personally. It’s an unbelievable ERNIE ELS: Well, obviously it has, yeah. It’s amazfeeling, and he’s a great man. ing this game, you know. You have a positive feel, Q: So will you have a drink with him out of that? you give yourself positive vibes, sometimes positive ERNIE ELS: I don’t know. I’d love to. As I said, I’ve things happen. And I think I’ve been in such a got a schedule to run, and hopefully I can shoot negative mode for a while, and now that I’m starting back maybe for a day or two after the Olympics. I to feel more positive, obviously things happen, don’t know if he’s coming over. I’ll go wherever he especially on the back nine where I haven’t really is. I’d love to see him again. done the job. Especially at the U.S. Open, I had an Q: You mentioned the role of the crowd. That was outside chance and didn’t quite capitalise. quite a roar you got there at 18th. But I was just To have hit the shots that I did on that back nine, I wondering was there any point during your round don’t think I missed a shot, to be honest. I mean, where they really kicked in and just gave you that the 16th, I went for the green, I pushed that, but drive for the last? the chip shot was good. I really hit the shots that I ERNIE ELS: They were behind me the whole week. needed to hit. And as I said to them, I think they were behind me And obviously, Lytham, I feel comfortable here. just as a past champion, maybe, just encouraging me When you feel comfortable on the course, you can and maybe just happy to see me around. I felt a little hit the shots, also. And I had a lot of help from the bit different. I felt I had a chance this week. And crowd. I think as I kind of progressed over the back nine Q: It’s quite something to launch immediately into a especially, they got louder and louder and the crowd tribute to Nelson Mandela after you win The Open. grew. Obviously there was a lot of people with Tiger Most golfers thank their caddie. behind us, but the last four holes we had a magnifiERNIE ELS: They’re important as well (laughter). cent crowd, and they were really rooting for me and Q: Can I ask what sort of compelled you to do that, really inspired me. and had you been thinking about it for a while? Q: When you made the turn you were six back. And more importantly, will you take the jug to him Did you still have a good feeling then? Nobody was and will the pair of you share a drink out of that jug? putting pressure on Adam. Did you have a plan on ERNIE ELS: I’d love to. My man in front here from the back that you thought might work and get you Super Sports South Africa, we’ve been doing some there? little bytes for the Olympics. And a lot of the OlymERNIE ELS: Yeah, I still felt‑‑ I bogeyed 9, I was pic theme this year has got President Mandela in it. really angry with myself at 9 and that almost set me So he’s been very much in my thoughts. in a different mindset. It really got me aggressive. I And believe it or not, this morning I was lying hit a lot of drivers on the back nine and I was just watching cricket and I was just kind of daydreamtrying to make birdies. I felt good. I didn’t feel ing, and that thought came through me in a split like‑‑ I wasn’t ahead, I wasn’t behind, I was right in second. If I win, I told myself, I’d better thank the moment, for once. I was really just playing the President Mandela because I grew shot in the moment. To the guy that had Yeah, when you’ve been around as up in the era of the apartheid era, and then changing into the demoas I have, you’ve seen a lot of me at 50-1. If only long cratic era, and President Mandela things happen. And I just felt that was right there. And right after the you had the balls to the golf course is such if you just change, I was the first one to win doubt it a little bit, it was going to bite put more than £100 a major, so there’s a lot of signifyou. There’s too many bunkers, too on it. icance there in my life, from the much trouble, and there was a bit of a change from that and then President breeze. So I felt I was going to hit the Mandela becoming president and me winning a golf shots and I felt‑‑ I still felt I had a chance. tournament. And then him getting on the telephone Q: You’ve had so much going on in your family life with me talking to me when I was in Pittsburgh, and in your charity life. Has that inspired your golf, Oakmont. or do you sort of have to maybe separate that out so So in a way we intertwined together in a crazy way. you can focus on your golf? And I just felt he’s been so important for us being ERNIE ELS: I think we’ve got to a point now where where we are today as a nation and as sports people. I can definitely separate the two. Coming out

INTERVIEW lically quite a few years now ago with Ben and the autism, it took a lot of work to get the foundation set up, the right people, and our mission statement. And we’re clear on that. People know where we’re going with that. Even the foundation itself knows where we’re going with that; we’ve got a clear goal. And with my golf life, also. The two are running parallel but yet separate. And it’s a lot simpler than it has been. It took quite a bit of time to set it up. And I think emotionally or mentally I’m also in a better place than I have been in the last couple of years with the whole situation. Q: Do you feel like you’re playing for a cause, or do you not feel that way? ERNIE ELS: I made a lot of putts today with Ben in mind today, because I know Ben’s watching. He loves when I hit golf balls. He’s always there. He comes with me. He loves the flight of the ball and the sound. I know he was watching today, and I was trying to keep him‑‑ because he gets really excited. I wanted to keep him excited today, so I made a lot of putts for him today. Q: We know you’re a massive fan of the ‘Boks, but it’s was a good day for the Proteas, as well, and just generally a good day for South African sports as a whole. ERNIE ELS: Yeah, I was watching a bit. I watched a bit Saturday night and then obviously Sunday morning a little bit. Yeah, it seems like the guys are fresh and ready to play and hopefully they’ll have a good series. Q: Also in your victory speech, Ernie, you mentioned to the crowd, did they really believe you were going to win. Did you really believe there was another major in you, after such a gap of winning? ERNIE ELS: For a long‑‑ I won’t say a long time‑‑ I think last year, no, I thought I had no chance. Last year was really pretty big hole. But since the start of the year and especially the last month or two, I started seeing some better signs and started believing in that. Q: Because the last two occasions, as well, you’ve always seemed to play‑‑ this seems to bring out the best in your golf? ERNIE ELS: Yeah, I’ve always enjoyed this course and I’ve always enjoyed The Open Championship,

the challenge. I just for some reason felt good. We found something in my swing earlier this week with Claude and the putting with Ricci, and the whole thing came together and I was in a good frame of mind. So for once it all came together. Q: A personal thank‑you from a man that had you at 50/1. Im sure he was very happy with your win. ERNIE ELS: Yeah, man. If only you had the balls to put more than £100 on it. Q: Just to touch on the fact you said that emotionally you had struggled for a while, do you think the secret to getting the success back in your game has been going back to being the Big Easy and being more laid back again? ERNIE ELS: Yeah, well, that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? This game is a tough game we play. It’s a physical game. It’s a mental game. You’ve got to have your wits with you, otherwise you have a missing link and it doesn’t quite all come together. So to play the game as long as I have, for 23 years now as a professional, you’re bound to go through every emotion out there and most of the things happen to you. As I said before, I’ve done what Adam has done before. Just about everything that can happen in the game of golf, I’ve gone through. So to come through all that and sit here and speak to you guys with the Claret Jug is crazy. And it comes from a good attitude, yeah, being a bit more relaxed and believing in yourself. Q: Nice to go back to Muirfield as champion next year? ERNIE ELS: Absolutely, can’t wait to get there. The next four are great. We’ve got great venues, and Muirfield has always been my favourite. So everything is groovy at the moment again (laughter). Q: When you do see Ben, what will you tell him what his old man did? ERNIE ELS: I don’t think I’ll need to say anything. I think Ben will‑‑ he’s got his sayings that he says, and he’ll be happy. And obviously Samantha will be there right next to him and Liezl. It’s going to be a great time to see them. Ben, he’s coming through now nicely. I mean, you guys should see him. He’s a wonderful boy now, and he’s a bright boy. So we’re going to have a lot of fun. Q: I know you’ve done so much work on your putting from trying to retrain your eyes and just out

on the practice green constantly. Can you take us through that last putt, because that really began to change everything once that thing went in. And it went in on a great line with great speed. ERNIE ELS: That’s the thing; when you’ve been where I was, you have no confidence in putting, you don’t want to have that one coming back. You guys have heard that so many times, but that’s the situation I was in. I was coasting everything up to the hole and wasn’t giving the hole a scare. It comes from retraining your whole outlook on putting. And that’s why I started working with Sheryl, just changed the whole thing, mindset, training, everything. And I was really going from a totally different angle, which I liked, because I tried everything else. And then slowly, surely, obviously in March I looked like an absolute fool. People were laughing at me and making jokes about me and really hitting me low, saying I’m done and I should hang it up. So to come through and make a putt like that and make pressure putts on the back nine, that was the whole goal. That was the whole thing. Going through all the different feelings and process, all the process we were going through. So to sit here with it now is quite satisfying.

Q: Just looking back on 10 years ago, how does the feeling now differ from the feeling on Sunday night in 2002? ERNIE ELS: Well, I think in both I remember I was very relieved at Muirfield, because I almost did what Scottie did at Muirfield. I was lucky enough to make birdie on 17 and make par on 18 to get in the playoff. I had the lead most of the time also there. And then in the playoff, just to survive the playoff, everybody was just throwing up their guts. It was a difficult four‑hole playoff. And then to get through. It was relief then, too. This one, truly I was just hoping for a playoff this time. Adam still had holes to play, and if he played the correct shots, especially on 18, he had a birdieable hole there, so I was a little bit worried. But as it turned out, obviously good for me. But I think in both instances, relief. Q: Thanks very much. And again, congratulations. ERNIE ELS: Thank You. For more information on Ernie’s charity please visit


fir % st O or FF de r




We say ‘bravo’ to

Marcel Siem Marcel Siem holds of a tough challenge from Fracessco Molinarri to claim the French Open Trophy

Q: Congratulations, I think we can all see what the victory means to you, but try to sum up winning The Open did he France, how big this is for you. MS: It was unbelievable. First, after eight years it doesn’t matter what kind of tournament you won, it’s huge, because you’ve got the confidence again. And every time, I’ve played consistent golf this year and there were so many times up there and I couldn’t make it. Stupid things happened the whole time. I come here, and I love the golf course always. I had a few good tournaments here already, and I screwed it up on last four holes, which are for me one of the toughest stretches we have on The European Tour. To win this one, it means so much to me. It’s such a tough golf course. It’s testing and makes me so proud of myself that I managed to get around here and shoot 8‑under, which is‑‑ Jean VandeVelde, I think it’s his fault that the course is tough all of a sudden. It was not as bouncy as the other years, but he got the rough and the pin positions were completely different than the other years. This week, the flags were really different. I think it’s a good to have an input of an ex‑player, I love this golf course. I always loved it and I love it even more, or even better now. And I’m super happy.

Q: As you said, eight years since your last victory and you’ve had a couple of opportunities already this year. What was the difference today? MS: I said this to a few guys, you get so many‑‑ the press in Germany, they are always behind me actually in a way, but then you get those Facebook things these days and all of the people talking badly about you; he’s not able to win; he’s not even able to finish top five or top three; he’s too nervous. And I’m not like that. I’m not afraid to do things. I think I just did stupid things, I was not concentrating enough. This morning I said to a few guys, it’s different now and I just want to win. I just want to do it. I told myself all day long, you’re a good player, you’re a great player, nobody can beat you if you play your golf. Yesterday, my putter was not working, but it was only my self‑belief was not there. I was in the rain yesterday with my rain trousers and rain jacket for at least 45 minutes putting just trying to find my touch back. I love it. It’s so good, it’s such a good feeling. Q: Obviously one of the9 biggest tournaments on our schedule and biggest prize funds, but also the bonus of getting into The Open Championship. MS: Yeah, I didn’t go to Sunningdale, because I had the belief, I’ve got to do it this

week or next week. Obviously I missed out on Wentworth by one spot. Jbe’ Kruger stepped ahead of me so I didn’t get into The Open. And after Cologne, it was a big week for me there and I 3‑putted the last. I had the putt for the playoff there and 3‑putted to finish sixth. I was pretty upset and depressed‑‑ not depressed really, but upset. I decided I want to stay with my family and didn’t go to Sunningdale. Qualifying like this, it’s just perfect. I made the right decisions. Q: When you saw Francesco Molinari’s score, did you know what you had to do? MS: Yeah, that put a lot of pressure on all of us I think because this is what the golf tournament needs, somebody who puts the benchmark and then the pressure is on. Sometimes you see there’s nobody putting pressure on the guy and he just goes with the flow, makes pars, one bogey, and still wins the tournament. Francesco, he has a lot of game. I’ve played I think three tournaments this year where I played with the winner, and I finished seventh or 10th or something. So, here we go again, Mr. Molinari. But I said, all right, at least we know what we have to beat now. I think that helped a lot. Q: Congratulations once again MS: Danke, Thank You


Rolls Royce

Phantom II

To Rolls, the introduction of the Phantom II is a series of ‘feature-led enhancements’. To everyone else, it’s a facelift. And a very evolutionary one at that. Rolls freely admits that it hasn’t altered the look of the Phantom much, and who can blame it? Customers have said they love the look of the old car, so Rolls doesn’t want to upset the apple cart. Plus, if the new car doesn’t look massively different, then recent Phantom I buyers don’t appear ‘so last year, dahling’. The most obvious difference is that the round front fog lights have been dropped and replaced by thin strips. This new headlight design has allowed Rolls to fit the latest LED tech, so the lights now peer round corners and are fully speed-adaptive. And, if you look really carefully, you’ll also see some cameras dotted around the body - parking cameras have never been available on the Phantom before - but other than that it’s business as usual. The Phantom was a big brute before, and it still is. There are mechanical changes, though. The chassis has been slightly stiffened up, and there’s a new, eight-speed gearbox. We like this very much. It’s hardly like the old six-speed ‘box was clunky,

but it’s now super-smooth, slipping between the cogs imperceptibly. Other than during kick-down, you never feel a gear change. Coupled with a new rear differential, this has improved fuel economy and CO2 by 10 per cent. Mind you, it still only manages 19.1mpg, so it’s unlikely any oil company will be too worried about a drop in sales. Rolls has also added a Dynamic Package to the Phantom saloon, again in response to customer demand, which costs £10,890. This includes some extra bracing to the chassis, stiffens up the suspension slightly and alters the gearbox settings. Frankly, we wouldn’t bother. It doesn’t transform the Phantom into a sports car, but it does mean it comes with a modern, thicker steering wheel. Rubbish - a Rolls needs a thin one, just like they always have had. So what else do you get for your £270,000 investment? The knowledge of knowing that you firstly must be doing exceptionally well in life and the second but just as important the uncertain truth that there is no better luxury car on the planet. As you would expect with a car of this stature every concievable extra comes as standard and the finish certainly is not even comparable to any other car, but more suited to conversations comparing the Rolls Royce to the QE2. The phantom is available in two

options. The Limousine version Long Wheel Based option costs a whopping £327,000 but we were not interested in this car, as anyone purchasing this will not drive the car but be chaufered in tremendous style and refinement. The ‘entry level’ Phantom costing an on the road price of £276,500 offers a 6.7 litre V12 engine which will propel this 2.5 tonne car from a standing start to 62 mph in 5.7 seconds. However lets be honest. If you are driving

this car it would not bother you if it didnt even reach 60 mph as The Rolls Royce is designed certainly for comfort and not to be used on a quarter mile drag race. The Phantom averages 11 miles per gallon yet with the optional upgrade can touch an average of just under 18 mpg. If you are looking for an investment car then forget it! An average 2 year old Phantom will have lost over £110,000 in just 2 years. A £1000 a week depriciating vehicle must be up there with any silly investment. Lets be honest,

if you are looking at depreciation whilst contimplating purchasing this car then in simple terms, you can not afford it! Rolls Royce have always been the most luxurious car manufacturer in the world and offer an un matched level of exclusivity, graduer and lets be honest a blatant symbol of someone who has to much cash. But we love it! I can guarantee to you that any one reading this that has an interest in Cars will be very hard faced to not break a smile or a little

squeel of excitement commenting ‘look a Rolls Royce’ if one of these magnificent beasts ever passes you in your day to day life. Other changes over the original Phantom include a more up-todate satnav system - the first-generation iDrive has been changed for the simpler, modern one, and there’s now full USB connectivity. As ever with Rolls, this tech is all hidden away, but it needed to be there - the last Phantom was starting to feel dated. The new car doesn’t. It’s up to date, yet still a Rolls.


Clubhouse Golf Magazine’s Local Golf Days LAZAROU BROTHERS Lakes Course, Vale Resort

Friday 6th July 2012

In aid of Velindre Fundraising, the Lazarou Golf Day was supported by 20 teams all competing on The Lakes Course, at the Vale Resort. Over ÂŁ1000 was raised from the Golf alone. Laz will be taking to the saddle in September to ride over 400 km from Yosemite to San Francisco with many other local business men and celebrities in order to raise more money for this fantastic cause. If you would like to donate please visit

The Day was a great success and all that entered enjoyed a very rare day of Summer sunshine.


Clubhouse Golf Magazine’s Local Golf Days

Newport and Cardiff


Peterstone Lakes Golf Club

Friday 29th June 2012

SANDS is an organisation whose aim is to support bereaved parents following the loss of a baby through still birth or shortly after birth. The Cardiff and Newport group was established in 2006. Since then they have funded bereavement suites in University Hospital Wales, Cardiff, and the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport. They also provide memory boxes to bereaved parents in the local hospitals, and run monthly support meetings where anybody affected by the loss of a child can go along and share their experiences with others who have gone through similar tragedies. Over 50 golfers joined in the competition. Luckily, the weather held clear for most of the day, which led to some terrific scores and raised lots of money for SANDS

If you would be interested in joining next year, or would like any more information on the day or the work Cardiff and Newport SANDS do, then please email Gwyn at, or visit their website

Let us Feature your Golf day in Clubhouse Golf Magazine visit


Clubhouse Golf Magazine’s Local Golf Days


The Wales National Course, Vale Resort

Thursday 19th July 2012

The Wales National Course was the host for the first, of what will hopefuly become an annual Golf Day in aid of GOFAL. The good weather made a kind apperance following a week of heavy rain in order to set 14 teams of Golfers out to try to Conquer a wet Wales National Course. The monster of a course certainly played to its full potential! The day was a huge success and a total of ÂŁ3000 was raised from the event. The money will be used to support people with mental ill health in Wales. For more information on the great work undertaken by Gofal and to register interest for next years Golf Day please visit

Let us Feature your Golf day in Clubhouse Golf Magazine visit


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THE MANGO HOUSE CARDIFF It is not often that you leave a Curry House with the feeling that you have just enjoyed a fine dining experience. Until you have visited the Mango House that is. It certainly re defines the standards of a top class Curry! Situated on Westgate Street in the former Ball Room of the Grand Hotel, The Mango House is not your typical Curry House. The Chic and sophisticated decor will instantly make you feel that your pallet is in for a treat. The service at The Mango House also is comparable to that experienced at a Michelin Star restaurant. As with all Indian Restaurants you will find the usual plethora of choice, however when visiting The Mango House you will find dishes that are all new and not found at other establishments. If you will take any advice from reading this then the only thing to follow is to make sure you try something different! The quality of food is amazing and if you are unsure for what to try ask the staff for help. As I said earlier the service matches the food and nothing seemed like to much trouble to any of the staff when we visited The Mango House. If you like seafood, I personally recommend the Fisherman’s Special Platter as a starter to share. I have never really tried anything like it. A mixture of

a large range of seafood including king prawns and all other sea life. The wine menu also stands out from that normally associated with an Indian Restaurant. The choice was superb and in all honesty priced at a very reasonable price for a restaurant of such high standards. The menu price is more to the premium end of the scale, however you expect to pay it and in my opinion the quality of food on offer at The Mango House justifies the price tag. You can not by a Ferrari for the price of a Ford so why should food be any different. One thing for certain is that you will not leave The Mango House feeling like you have been overcharged as the extremely high quality of food, surroundings and service justify the bill price hands down. The only negative I could take from my experience at The Mango House was that when we tried to re book for the following weekend we could not get a table! It certainly is a case of book early on the weekends to avoid disappointment. This point certainly emphasizes and backs up my point that this certainly is an incredible place to dine! Telephone: 02920 232299 Web:

hire lamorgans at The G lubhouse C d an n gree The 18th

Panoramic views on the approach to the 17th green


COURSE REVIEW The Glamorganshire Penarth, Nr Cardiff

Situated in the seaside area of Penarth, The Glamorganshire has gained a reputation of excellence within the local Golfing community. This par 70 6,184 yard parkland course boasts some of the best kept greens and fairways you will find. Glamorganshire also can be credited as the golf course that gave birth to the stableford scoring system, introduced back in 1898 by Dr. Frank Barney Gorton Stableford. The course offers a true test to any Golfer, regardless of ability and handicap. The fairways are tight in places for the lower handicap players to optimize a good score, yet wide and forgiving for the more modest of golfer which certainly keeps the enjoyment levels high for all levels of Golfer. The key to scoring well around this course is thinking your way around the course. Although not the longest of courses the well placed bunkers, tree lined fairways and water hazards certainly do the job to catch out even the best of golfers. The course boasts incredible sea views on several holes and the view approaching 17th (pictured) will certainly cheer up even golfers that have had a ‘bad day at the office’ The condition of the course certainly lived up to the high standards that we were expecting to be welcomed with and the course certainly offered a very enjoyable few hours. In my opinion the signature holes of 8 and 17 will leave lasting impressions. The 8th offers a wide water hazard which is carry-able for the better players but still runs along the left of the fairway catching any pulled shots. My advice with this hole is to lay up short and right of the ditch to guarantee a dry stance for your second shot. The 17th certainly has the view to offer but forget about your second shot. You generally will be playing from a downslope which certainly adds peril to your shot. With out of bounds long and well placed trees and bunkers to contend with a par is a good result here.


Golf Rules Quiz

Test your knowledge of the rules of Golf with our True or False choice quiz 1. If the flagstick is in the hole and anyone stands near it while a stroke is being made, he is deemed to be attending the flagstick 2. A player may remove a stake defining out of bounds which interferes with his swing. 3. A player is not entitled to have another ball lifted if the ball interferes mentally with his play. 4. A player can hold the flagstick with one hand and hole a short putt, using the putter with his other hand. 5. A competitor is disqualified if his caddie practises on the putting green surfaces of the course before the competitor tees off. 6. A player makes a practice swing and accidently moves his ball in play before addressing it. There is no penalty. 7. A player putts from 10 feet and his ball comes to rest overhanging the hole. He walks to the side of the hole and his ball falls into the hole 25 seconds later. There is no penalty. 8. During the play of the 8th hole, Player A asks Player B what club he used on the 3rd hole. Player A is in breach of Rule 8-1 for asking for advice. 9. A club is considered grounded in long grass when the grass is compressed to the point where it will support the weight of the club. 10. A flagstick may have a thin layer of rubber to stop a ball that strikes it from bouncing too far away.


1. T 2. F 3. F 4. T 5. F 6. F 7. F 8. F 9. T 10. F

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Issue 3 CF Edition, August 2012  
Issue 3 CF Edition, August 2012  

Clubhouse Golf Magazine CF Edition Issue 3, August 2012