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Inner Math


Pereira. “INNER MATH” written

In association with

Clube do Inferno . TUMBLR. COM

Picture the future. Weather acting up like crazy, a background to the cultural collapse of eras, after everyone succumbed to the weight of the classic, the genius, the visionnaire, and the ancient. On the face of doom the wind shifts to archaic spirituality and sophisticated dĂŠsouvrement. But then comes a hail mary pass. A new technology. The bubble that never popped. Pie in the sky. And everyone who could really ascended. How were we to overcome this rapture? What were we holding on to?

We said- our dreams will fade away behind the sealed decks of floating stations.

Is anything going on in the upper thermosphere anyway? We would stare at the windows forever, waiting.

They said-we will build a space bridge, a ginormous linkup of places.

But it won't lead to the world below, and not to the mesosphere either. It must be destroyed.

We hold great hopes for you. We took our chances. Welcome, bastard son of the Voyager couple.


Yet, like them, everything we bequeath you is saddled with the old, like this letter & the lowly anglo-saxon alphabet.

You see, language works in some remote places as an inhibition ring.

& you were brought up as a witness, to carry a voiceless testimony.

Cut through the breezing sands & cities will await you, those useless caskets, depowered by thunderstorms.

Ignore the low rise features. They offer no vantage points, except for guerilla warfare, but you're just a one-man army.

One thing is useful there and one thing only - the solar terraces. Places of recharge & meditation. Watchtowers for the land.

Rule- a gift not traversed by the profit motive is marked for abandonment. It then becomes a part of your world.

The days you spend tethered to the few concrete islands left behind might stain you w/a yearning for a presence of some kind.


Should you ever feel this urge, doubt yourself. Are you not already & always shadowed by invisible, microscopic, or radiant things?

Long ago a vessel of experience called time was declared lost, and yet some will push forward, only to go back.

Every now and then you might feel a hiss. Children shuttled down to look at the world grave, looking for clues. Do not concede them your image.

Stared back by the petrified rich, you will know the true end of tourism- becoming one with the landscape.

The final days of the anthropocenic were laden with this feature.

Besides the naive few imprisoned in geology, you'll find their servants, useless, waiting to lithify with their owners.

Evolution cursed them with enough skills to endure, so they sit still and dream a dream of haunting medieval seafarers.

Lush natural sceneries will still exist, encapsulated in domes, conspicuously decorated.

The blueprint of such constructions is quite regular. Following any one of the aisles, you'll find a central meeting point.

An opaque pool attracting the animals like a magnet, if not others as well. It first appears to them as a nutrient source.


It always reveals itself as a contraption, a debt collection operation.

Accumulation will be left behind as a fundamental truth about the reproduction of this territory.


Rusty machinery will stand lined up to sustain the earth battery & at the innards of such a complex lies your opportunity.

We dealt you the cards to keep playing that game.




Suck on the leftovers and ignore the undead.

You are a carrier of your own self, built against all odds.


This will not be forgiven. They will come after you.

One day someone will remember this hallowed ground. Forgoing this memory represents victory for the other side.

Never give in, never falter. Never give up your inner math.






Inner Math  

1/2 of Inner Math/Megafauna, by André Pereira and João Machado. 40 pages in black and white, A5 format, flipzine (a story on each side). 1st...

Inner Math  

1/2 of Inner Math/Megafauna, by André Pereira and João Machado. 40 pages in black and white, A5 format, flipzine (a story on each side). 1st...