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2009 equipment catalogue Snake Eyes Custom – Corporate Partner of the PGA’s of Europe

Dear Golfer At Snake Eyes we believe in the benefits of playing with clubs customised to your swing, it makes perfect sense as we all have different swing strengths and abilities. We sell mostly through a network of skilled custom trained fitters who will custom fit clubs to match your swing which maximises on shot satisfaction and helps lower your handicap. We offer a range of top quality clubheads that are driven by the latest R & D, plus our understanding of the importance of shaft technology ensures that all models are powered by a range of specialist quality shafts, perfectly matched to give maximum distance and accuracy. Our free customising service covers all the clubs components, so please enjoy our 2009 catalogue and we look forward to improving your golf game with our Snake Eyes Custom Clubs.

Temper Black Gold Frequency Shaft Technology Frequency Tuned shafts provide the closest possible performance specification by matching shaft flex through the whole set using state of the art measurement to ensure every shaft is perfectly in tune with its partner. Measurement is calculated in cycles per minute (cpm) with an equal number of cpm’s (4) between each club in the set and 10 cpm’s between each flex, i.e., R to S etc. Simply explained! How hard would it be to play a piano that is out of tune! Well a set of irons with out of tune shaft frequency is just as difficult and will rely on player correction during the swing to make adjustments for the varying flex changes. Aerotech ‘Hoop Wind’ Shafts Hi-technology shafts power the Viper XT range. The famous Aerotech “Hoop Wind” graphite shaft is fitted as standard and through its longitudinal axis graphite layer manufacturing process it is able to maintains the shafts round profile during play which eliminates unwanted oscillation of the head during the swing. To ensure the best and most consistent performance the shaft is finally PUREd before assembly.

Every PUREd Shaft comes with it own unique “Certified PUREd” number.

Douglas Poole Managing Director Snake Eyes Custom & Golfsmith Europe

SST PUREd Shafts PUREd Shafts are used by more than two-thirds of PGA Tour Players who need to make sure their golf clubs perform consistently round after round and with over $60 million in wins in 2006, the high technology is here to stay. Using computerised analysis, every PUREd shaft goes through over 2,500 electronic calculations to find a shafts most perfect plane. The perfect plane gives the shaft most stable orientation when fitted to the head and ensures the shaft performs to the maximum of the manufacturers specification. When fitted in the perfect orientation the shaft becomes less susceptible to twisting and bending and gives more on centre hits, up to 44% more - the biggest loss of distance is off-centre hits.

Aldila NV PUREd Wood Technology Aldila NV PUREd Graphite Shafts drive the Viper Tour Metals. Aldila NV uses Micro Laminate Technology, this features a special 20 layers of graphite fibre in its construction, which makes it perfect for the latest technology steel heads. Every shaft is hand PUREd by experienced staff before assembly in the Snake Eyes Custom workshop and supplied with a unique Certificate guaranteeing your personal shaft has been PUREd.

The SST PURE® Process: l T  ests each shaft on a state-of-the-art computerised shaft analysis system l P  recisely pinpoints the most consistent orientation of each golf shaft l C  harts the shaft’s pre- and post-PUREing oscillation patterns l G  uarantees that your clubs will feel more solid and play more consistently.

The charts indicate the shaft’s oscillation and other properties, both before and after alignment.



Before PUREing

After PUREing

There is no custom-fit option that cannot be built into your Snake Eyes Custom clubs, the key being get fitted by a qualified and experienced custom specialist. See our website stockist locator for your nearest Snake Eyes Custom retailer.



Lie Angle


assembled into your clubs making them totally matched to your swing and athletic ability.


To achieve optimum distance and accuracy the shaft flex, torque, weight, design and length must match your swing. Snake Eyes Custom use premier brand shafts that provide the best options that can be custom

Lie Too Upright

Correct Lie

Lie Too Flat

Ball will be hit left of target

Straight shot

Ball will be hit right of target

The lie angle of the club is crucial to accuracy. A club that is too upright will normally produce shots to the left while a club that is too flat will produce shots to the right. The correct lie of the club for each player can only be determined by dynamic testing. Gauging the lie of the club at address is both irrelevant and misleading. Snake Eyes LIE ANGLE OPTIONS 2˚ & 4˚ Flat, Snake Eyes Standard, 2˚ & 4˚ Upright.

The Grip As your only point of contact with the club is the grip, it is clearly a very important custom factor. Grip size and type make a considerable impact on your swing, so firstly check size, it’s not a fact that large hands need oversize grips etc., test for comfort, feel and control using our grip size samples before deciding on your custom options. GRIP SIZE OPTIONS -1/64”, STD, +1/32”, + 1/16” & +1/8” * 675C, 675XC IRONS, VIPER TOUR METALS & FORGED WEDGES – FITTED AS STANDARD WITH SNAKE EYES LAMKIN TOUR GRIPS * VIPER XT METALS & IRONS – FITTED AS STANDARD WITH SNAKE EYES TOUR VELVET GRIPS * INDIGO METALS & IRONS FITTED AS STANDARD WITH SNAKE EYES WINN G8 AVS GRIPS



Viper XT Ti Driver The XT’s stylish design offers a whole list of technical benefits making it a leader in performance. Its bullet shape and contoured crown enables a deep centre of gravity which results in higher moment of inertia than traditional shaped drivers, whilst the HRT face (Hyper Rib Technology) which is also CNC milled gives consistent fast ball speeds at impact across its entire hitting surface resulting in maximum distance. The Viper XT features a stepped sole design and has an interchangeable rear weight located at the very back of the driver’s sole and these combined increase launch angle without creating excessive spin. Final customisation to ball flight can be made using different weights which will change launch angle but not spin. The Viper XT fairways complete the range coming in 3 and 5 metals and feature interchangeable rear weighting and matching shaft technology. Available - 9.5*, 10.5*, 11.5* & 14* - LH 10.5* & 14*, Shaft flexes A,R & S, Fairways Metals 3 & 5

DOC Face Technology Alpha on Viper XTi

Constant Face Thickness

High CT

Low CT


Increasing Rear Weight in Grams


2g 6g 10g

unch ical La

10g = 18.1º 6g = 17.8º 2g = 17.7º


Rear Weight Vertical Launch Back Spin Center of Gravity

2g 6g 10g

17.7º 17.8º 18.1º


4046 3932 3731

Viper XT High MOI Irons

There are plenty of design and technology stories for this easy play-maximum distance iron. Firstly the super high Moment of Inertia head weighting helps stop head twisting throughout the swing ensuring greater accuracy. Combine this with the ultrathin S42 high strength steel face which is plasma welded to the deep cavity body and you have the most accurate and powerful club possible. However, we wanted to improve performance of the Viper XT range to the max so we added even more technology by using the ultimate shaft technology, a hand PUREd shaft. Available in a FEMCO lightweight steel or Hoop Wind Aerotech graphite, all shafts are hand PUREd before assembly for the ultimate in technology benefits which gives maximum on centre hits. A PUREd shaft improves on centre hits by up to 44%. Available - 3 to SW (Set sold 4 to SW) Shaft flexes A,R & S – Full customisation available.

See page 7 for custom lie & shaft length options



Viper Tour Ti Viper Tour Ti Metals

Viper Tour range of metals offering an increased sweet spot and performance due to the plasma-welded construction, all coming with a durable dynamic PVD black finish.

Viper Tour Ti Driver

The Viper Tour Driver is constructed from finest quality titanium, with the 6-4 titanium face plasma-welded to the main body which ensures more elastic energy transfer to the ball when leaving the clubface. Head design incorporates 3WT (Three Weight Technology) giving players the option to customise ball trajectory and draw and fade bias using the 3 way weight ports constructed into the head. Viper Tour Drivers are available in 4 lofts, 9*, 10*, 11*, & 12.5*.

Viper Tour Fairways

The fairways use the technology and design of the driver but come constructed from 17.4 stainless combined with a thin 2.2mm Carpenter Custom 455 face for maximum energy transfer at impact and are in 3 and 5 metal heads.

Viper Tour Hybrid Metals

Matching the Viper Tour Driver design and the Fairway metal construction, this hybrid utilises the 3WT technology for customising ball flight and is available in 18*, 21* & 24* lofts. All metals can be customized free of charge for shaft length, swingweight, grip size and shafts are available in flexes A,R,S & X.

Every PUREd Shaft comes with it own unique “Certified PUREd” number.










45” with ½” options from 43 ½” with ½”options from 41 ½” with ½”options

Metals – All Viper Tour Metals have free of charge shaft options as follows ProLaunch, UST V2 and Graphite Design YS6.



675B, C & XC MOI Matched Premium Forged Irons The 675 range sets new standards in quality forged irons. The Moment of Inertia (MOI) weight matched heads are forged from billets of 1035 carbon steel that goes through 5 forging dies to align the grain structure. They come in three options targeted to fit every golfers requirement, B – Blade – a clean muscle-back design, C – Cavity – forged excellence, both combine with a thin top-line and bevelled tour grind sole that keeps it’s styling traditional, whilst giving an amazingly forgiving performance. The XC – extra cavity - provides the experienced golfing connoisseur with all the benefits of playing a forged blade, but with the playablity of an oversized head design. This makes the 675 range the most forgiving MOI forged iron sets possible and is due to the unique 5-step forging die process, gives them, great feel, consistent distance control and flag seeking accuracy. True Temper’s Black Gold Frequency Tuned shafts are selected for the 675 range, these maximise on the MOI head design. Using Frequency Tuned shafts tightens the flex balance between each iron in the set and really does have a major effect on ball striking consistency. 675 Forged models are available 3 to PW.


SHAFT FLEX SHAFT LIE BLACK GOLD OPTIONS LENGTH OPTIONS 127grms* to 112grms 133grms to 117grms*


½” + or - based on a 37 ¾” 5 iron length

-2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4* -2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4* -2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4* -2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4*

Manufactured Specifications for 5 Iron - 675 Lie 61* Loft 5 Iron 27* - 675XC Lie 60* Loft 28*, lie and shaft length custom options apply to Viper XT irons. OTHER SHAFT OPTIONS * Shows standard weight shaft fitted. Irons - All above iron shafts are interchangeable depending on your custom requirements, with Rifle, Dynamic Gold, Gold SL, FEMCO PUREd and NSPro lightweight shafts as custom options, plus Project X available to be fitted for a small surcharge. A Flex shafts are available in Dynamic Gold SL.



Quick Strike 4 – QS4 Back with a bang –

The famous Quick Strike Recovery Metal’s are now even better with the launch of the QS4-U. A new visual concave sole design minimises turf resistance and friction and ensures a smoother impact than more traditional rounded designs, whilst the sole of the QS4 has four perimeter weight ports that are filled with tungsten rubber which adds reinforcement weighting and vibration dampening. The technology is completed through a variable thickness face design that which provides a hot feel, giving even more benefit for off centre hits.



The high technology Aerotech graphite shaft is fitted as standard and through its high technology hybrid design ensures the most consistent performance possible. Available - 15*,19*,23*,27* & 31* LH 19*,23* & 27*, Shaft flexes A,R & S

675XCL Lady Player

This forged customisable iron set is targeted at the lower handicap lady player and comes fitted as standard with a high performance lightweight steel shaft that has a medium flex set between L and A flex. The shaft is customisable for flex settings grading between L and R and as all 675XCL Lady Snake Eyes can be assembled to order to ensure a perfect custom-fit, they can be also fitted for shaft length, clubhead lie, swingweight and grip size.

The 675XCL clubheads are made from finest forged 1035 billet carbon steel and come grain structured which is perfect for customisation for loft & lie and gives a great soft forgiving feel at impact. The head design features a deep cavity head design which provides a strong launch flight, which is ideal for the lower handicap and stronger swinging lady player. Available – 5 to P, options 3 & 4, Shaft flexes L, Mid L/A, A & R



675XCL 105grms* L, A & R to 95grms

½” + or - based on a 37 ¼” 5 iron length

-2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4* -2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4* -2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4* -2* & -4*, STD, +2* & +4*

Manufactured Specifications for 5 Iron - 675XC Lie 60* Loft 28* OTHER SHAFT OPTIONS * Shows standard weight shaft fitted. Irons - All above iron shafts are interchangeable depending on your custom requirements, with Rifle, Dynamic Gold, Gold SL, FEMCO and NSPro lightweight shafts as custom options, plus Project X available to be fitted for a small surcharge.



Snake Eyes Lady New for 09 is the Indigo Combo set which comprises of a High Launch Ti Driver, Fairway Metal, range of 3 Hybrids and Iron Set 7 through to Sand Wedge. They have attractive and stylish graphics, are targeted to the slower swinging lady players and give ultimate performance due to the latest advances in technology built into the set. The driver and fairways have a modern bullet shape which takes weight to the back of the head and are designed with high lofts, this ensures a powerful high launch trajectory giving maximum distance. The hybrid set replaces perfectly the harder to hit long irons, replacing the 4, 5 and 6 irons (head covers included), with a slightly offset hybrid head that is designed to perform perfectly well from either the fairway or rough.



Custom – Indigo The short set of irons come 7 to Sand Wedge and feature a wide easy bounce sole with a deep undercut cavity and progressive offset which ensures the Indigo irons are the performance plus! game improvement set for the slower swinging lady player.

slower swing speed players and maximises on distance and trajectory. Just let the shaft do the work is the story here!

Great head designs need shafts to match and the Indigo shaft really is a perfect fit. Lightweight-Super Flex graphite is fitted to all the Indigo’s and is a really great performing shaft. Lightweight and flexible gives confidence and distance to the

Available - Driver, Fairway, Hybrids 4, 5 & 6 and Irons Set 7 to Sand Wedge

The Indigo range is finished off with a matching Winn soft feel grip that combines superb control, performance and comfort.



685BX Wedge Range

The new Snake Eyes 685BX wedge range are fluid forged using a soft 8620 carbon steel that gives the ultimate in feel and distance control. The forging process puts the heads through an investment casting which then undergoes an 800 ton force forging process ensuring the highest molecular compaction of any form forging in the industry. The tour-influenced grind of the soles takes material from both the heel and toe of the wedge giving it excellent versatility for shot making under a variety of turf and sand conditions. The faces are finely CNC milled of maximum spin across the entire impact surface and completed with CNC grooves that are the maximum volume dimensions allowable by the USGA and R&A, for outstanding spin control around the greens. Available – Chrome R/H – 52/08*, 54/10*, 56/14*, 58/10*, 60/8*, 64/8* Chrome L/H – 52/08*, 56/14*, 60/08* Black R/H – 52/08*, 54/10*, 56/14*, 58/10*, 60/08*



Tour Platinum Putters The New Tour Platinum is a range of 4 high technology putters for 2009. There are four different body styles with three neck options ensuring you can select the putter head that is right for your game. The putter faces are surface milled over a soft 305 stainless steel head which is bendable for customisation. All putters feature a A.S.P face milled pattern which minimises backspin on the ball for a more stable roll upon impact. These unique milling patterns feature a series of semi-circular cuts (scales) which are situated in a 44* upward circle. The width of each scale is 4mm, compared to the average ball dimple of 5mm and this design ensures the scale catches the ball’s surface regardless of where the contact point occurs on the ball. This gives a quicker over-spin and less bouncing and skidding resulting in a truer roll and more holed putts.


Totally unique to the Tour Platinum’s is the Static Frequency Filter shaft. Designed from a combination of graphite and steel this shaft puts the feel exactly where you need it “in the hands”. The unique design filters our static noise leaving only the vibrations that provide feedback to the putter’s sweet spot. Available – 7801, 7802 & 7803 – 32” to 35” 7804 – 32” to 33” TPP7802





Accessories Exclusive Snake Eyes Cart Bag Designed with a special four-way grip system for easy handling and fitting on both electric or pull golf trolley’s, the 2009 Snake Eyes Cart Bag has a 14-way club graphite friendly divider top, with putter pouch that enables easy and visible club selection. There are a whole host of clothing and special feature pockets that include a soft-lined valuables pocket, a special dry pocket and an insulated pocket.

Snake Eyes Premium Leather Golf Glove The Snake Eyes Premium glove is made from the finest Cabretta leather, which has cross stitching across the palm and fingers for improved grip and a unique spandex fitting system between the fingers and back of the glove giving a perfect fit everytime. It comes in Snake Eyes Black and White and has an attractive logoed Velcro back strap.

Snake Eyes Golf Caps

Snake Eyes Holdall

Snake Eyes Golf Towel

Designed in Snake Eyes Black and White, this attractive holdall has a zipped bottom section which is ideal for carrying shoes or a spare set of clothes, plus a large top compartment and a small zipped side panel for travel documents.

Snake Eyes Umbrella This large 62� golf umbrella comes in Black with Snake Eyes printed panels and features a convenient spring opening operation and has a gust breaker structure to ensure cover even in the strongest winds.



to Snake Eyes Custom Snake Eyes Staff Bag The Snake Eyes Staff Bag is a beautifully designed tour bag in Snake Eyes black and white that features a trolley friendly, pear shape style 6-way divider top and comes with a rugged saddle carry strap.It is well equipped with large clothing pockets and features a softlined valuables pocket for watches and jewellery, a special large dry pocket to keep gloves dry etc, and a deep insulated cool pocket.

Snake Eyes Flight Bag The Snake Eyes Flight Bag is the best way to protect your golf clubs when flying and comes with twin wheels for easy transportation, a large external shoe pocket and thick internal strapped padding to save your golf clubs from travel damage.

Snake Eyes Stand Bag The 2009 Snake Eyes Stand Bag features an 8-way top, with a special putter pouch for easy club selection and 7 accessory pockets. These feature a soft-lined valuables pocket for watches and jewellery, a special dry pocket to keep gloves etc, dry on those “wet days� and an insulated pocket that is invaluable for keeping drinks cool and dual strap for hands free carrying.

Snake Eyes Weekender The Weekender Travel Bag is perfect for a long golfing weekend away and comes with a large bottom area where you can fit all of your evening wear, a cavernous top section for golfing clothes various other zipped pockets, plus wheels and handle action for easy transportation.



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Snake Eyes Catalogue 2010  

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