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club cultural


Pringles 1249 Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 911 6610 1520



club cultural matienzo:

an organism We are

A VENUE FOR ARTS, CULTURE AND COMMUNITY LIFE We host a daily program of activities in our 1000m2 building: music, performance arts, literature, visual arts, cinema, design, education, an online radio station, a bar and much more.



A team of 80 members create and produce events, festivals, exhibitions, publications and other projects inside and outside Matienzo’s building.

All that we do is rooted in the understanding of culture as an identity building process capable of generating creative bonds, collective action and social transformation.

The development of Buenos Aires’ cultural landscape

So far


5 friends opened Club Cultural Matienzo. Until 2013, it was based in a 220m2 residential house in Palermo neighborhood.

We stand for


The opening of our current venue, located in the booming Villa Crespo neighborhood, was a turning point, broadening the relevance and scope of the project.


With more than 80 active members, Matienzo is changing its internal structure to become a horizontal, cooperative organization.

We create, produce, support, communicate and connect artists, projects and networks, providing resources for the materialization and sustainability of innovative ideas.

Experimentation, diversity and access to culture We produce and present high quality events for diverse audiences, ensuring a context of dialogue and freedom for the most diverse means of creation and recreation.

Collaboration We promote creative bonds, team work, the fusion of the roles of artists and managers, and the development of independent networks of creation and community action.

Community building We foster conviviality and the development of active, creative and caring audiences. We look forward to meeting the cultural and social needs of our environment, and to having a positive influence in the city’s cultural policies.



The building

How we do




How we do things is as important as what we do. We aim to sustain an open, receptive structure signed by change, personal development and creative bonds.

Family & tribe


Club Cultural Matienzo is a Non-For-Profit organization that supports and connects teams and projects. In the crossroads between a cooperative and a network of organizations, between a family and a tribe, Matienzo develops a collective identity while looking after the singularity and sustainability of each team and project.

60 seats

Bar & Kitchen

3 bars

Lounge room Auditorium

60 seats 60m2 floating floor


Juan Aranovich, Claudio Gorenman, Agustín Jais, Javier Loy, Gabriel Kirchuk Maia Minovich, Luz Peuscovich



Paula Baró, Gabriel Kirchuk, Luz Peuscovich, Agustín Jais, Nela Regazzoni, Laura Preger, Micaela Freire, Isa Crosta, Sol de Martini, Camila Zapata Gallagher


General coordination


Project development, production and programming

MARTE (Performance arts)


Matienschön (Visual arts)


Institutional relations Commercial and financial department Bar and kitchen

Matienzo Lee (Literature) Matienzo Audiovisual (Audiovisual arts)


ED en Matienzo (Design)

Technical department

Colmena (Radio)

Legal issues

Formación en Matienzo (Education)



Exhibition room


ASSOCIATED PROJECTS Abogados culturales (Cultural Lawyers)

3 classrooms Main room

350 people (120 seated) 50m2 screen 36m2 stage

Yo Reciclo (Environmental & social undertaking)

Radio Colmena

Centro Cultural A Cielo Abierto Armando Labollita (Open air cultural center)

Dressing rooms Patio 3 restroom areas

FCA (Festival of self-managed culture)

ACTIVE NETWORKS MECA (Organization of independent cultural and artistic spaces) ESCENA (Network of self-managed drama spaces) Cultura Unida (United Culture) RAMA (Regional network of self-managed artists)

Digital studio

980 m2

Villa Crespo

450 people


total area

total audience capacity

between Palermo & Almagro neighbourhoods

open from 5 PM to 2 / 5 AM

15 + 12

events + workshops per week

…and a bar

3 bars of drinks and homemade food


Areas, projects, teams stuff we’ve done

Matienschön Contemporary art

A team of 9 artists, curators, art historians, designers and producers develop contemporary art projects and run an exhibition space. Matienschön leads collective curatorial processes, providing human, spatial and material resources for the development of site specific projects. Its identity is rooted in collaboration, experimentation and challenge, the development of experiences of artistic inhabiting, and the broadening of access to contemporary arts.

Since 2009, Matienschön has curated, produced and commissioned site-specific exhibitions, new media & visual arts festivals (LET IT VJ and MAÑA) and events, performances, murals in public spaces, international residencies and exchange programs, open calls and contests, books and dossiers, workshops and talks. These projects are held at its own exhibition space at Club Cultural Matienzo, as well as in other spaces within the house, and at other public and private venues.

Matienschön Visual arts MARTE Performing arts


Audiovisual arts

NODES & LINKS active networks

MECA (Organization of independent cultural and artistic spaces)

Matienschön is interested in new media as much as it is interested in traditional artistic disciplines, although under a contemporary vision. Furthermore, it is very interested in disciplines at the edge of visual arts, as well as knowledge that expands the traditional field of the arts. Most of all, it is interested in bringing all these disciplines and ideas together.

Abogados Culturales (Lawyers

Matienzo Lee Literature

for Culture)

ESCENA (Network of selfmanaged drama spaces)

Radio Colmena

Yo Reciclo (I Recycle)

Cultura Unida (United Culture)


CC Armando Labollita (open air cultural center)

RAMA (Regional self-managed network of artists)

ED Design

Matienschön is interested in experimental processes based on the collaboration between artists, curators and people with different backgrounds, involving new challenges and findings. Matienschön is interested in projects that involve materiality -i.e. the development of objects, techniques, aesthetics. At the same time, it focuses on the relationships, processes and learning experiences that take place along the way.



Luz Peuscovich, Agustín Jais (heads), Martina Amiras, Sonia Basch, Camille Cousin, Tamara Painé Ciai, Santiago Ocampo, Daniel Bouix, Julia Roiffe.

Matienschön: A DECLARATION OF (ITS OWN) INTEREST Matienschön is interested in the development of inhabitable spaces with an artistic logic. How to make an exhibition space an inhabitable space? How to make an inhabiting experience an art experience?

The Areas BESIDE & Regular creating & programming teams BEYOND

Matienschön has organized and curated exhibitions and residencies of artists from France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Chile and the USA. It has also curated exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and Rosario, and acted as jury for Belgium-based MAF Festival.

Matienschön is interested in planned and unplanned relationship and contamination between the exhibitions and the rest of the activities at Club Cultural Matienzo, and the unexpected encounter with the audiences that wander around the building. Matienschön is involved in the spatial definition of Club Cultural Matienzo through the commissioning of murals and interventions. It is interested in developing sociability policies marked by warmth, inclusion and experimentation. Matienschön is interested in broadening the access to contemporary arts. Matienschön is interested in developing a diverse agenda. It’s broad in its interests and thus eclectic in its proposals. It is interested in linking the personal, artistic and professional development of its members with the demands of their environment. For that reason, as it happens with every dynamic organism, it attempts at constantly renewing itself by putting the previous statements into question as often as it can.

60 14 3 20 5 exHIBITIONS


Curated at CCMatienzo

Editions of LET IT VJ & MAÑA festivals


commissioned murals





SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Zosen & Mina Hamada (ARG/jap/spa):

“popular culture” November 2014 Curator: Camille Cousin



Zosen (Argentina) and Mina Hamada (Tokyo)’s first exhibition in Argentina as a duo consisted in paintings, prints and a site-specific installation. Besides the exhibition, the internationally acclaimed duo based in Barcelona developed a big mural in Barracas.

Abril 2014 Curator: Agustín Jais

SÉVERINE HUBARD (FRA): “ET QUE ça mousse!” October 2013 Curators: Agustín Jais, Luz Peuscovich, Camille Cousin In exchange for a glass of champagne, the artist invited audiences to wear swimsuits and enter a jacuzzi made of discarded wood and filled with confetti made of shredded argentinan money, found in the garbage. Hubard also showed a series of watercolors depicting objects found in and around Matienzo and decorated by chopped bills. After the exhibition, the wood and shredded paper money was used to create other objects. A dossier including an essay by Ariel Idez was published in December 2013 In 2014, the artist re-built the Jacuzzi at Eva Meyer Contemporain, Paris. Séverine Hubard (Lille 1977) has made projects and exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, France, The Netherlands and Germany, and residencies in Turkey and Japan. Her work is part of public and private collections worldwide. She was professor at Angouleme University and Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas.

COZA turned Matienschön into a temporary “mutant” sound and graphic studio exploring ideas of data mining and DIY sound devices. The exhibition’s central piece was a hacked piano connected to motors and hanging drums. Around it laid different hacked instruments, a DIY tower of megaphones and a graphic station that distributed fanzines and posters with texts, drawings and scores by COZA and guest artists. Live events were a pivotal aspect of the exhibition. Horacio Lavandera composed and played “We’ve never been modern”, a sound piece specially created for the piano. Musicians and composers Zimmerman, Taranto, Grinjot, Norris, Leibson, Kirszner, RS, Sánchez and Asurey also played and/ or composed pieces for the piano. Furthermore, collectives Sonido C!nico, Fábulas Mecánicas and Otro Laboratorio lead an experimental soundmaking workshop, where 15 participants developed DIY instruments and a sound performance. Finally, for the closing event, the instruments were installed at Matienzo’s main room for a festival where 4 experimental noise bands interacted with the works. After the exhibition, COZA presented the pieces for the “Ghost piano” composed at Matienschön by Zimmerman and Taranto at MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) and CC Haroldo Conti.


“BANDERAS DE CONVENIENCIA” September 2014 Curator: Agustín Jais

Lamas, who has showed his work in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, México DF, Azores, Madrid & Barcelona, worked together with Matienschön to push the boundaries of his long-developed series “Hellish vision”. The central piece was a video installation based on two projections and a custom mirror that made possible the translation of the double-image effects of his drawings into space and time. New drawings and a zine were also produced for the exhibition as sketches for a research based on social feelings towards land and the psychology and history of borders. The closing event was a “World Ping-Pong War”, with Lamas as referee and live visuals operator.

Paula Duró & Alejandro Sordi: “LíNEA DEL SOL” May 2014 Curator: Luz Peuscovich

Matienschön invited Duró and Sordi to pursue a challenge: work together for the first time, and together move from painting into space, installation and live art. The result was the foundation of an inseparable duo in art and life, that took the aesthetics developed for “Line of sun” to galleries, walls, audiovisual sets in Buenos Aires and Paris and even videos for Cirque Du Soleil in Mexico. The starting point was to create a scene in space and time derived from the universe of their paintings. Three huts, costumes and other objects filled Matienschön. Every Tuesday life was infused into it: tarot readings, performances and acoustic musical jams, all framed by the artists’ hermetic, mystical and alchemical vision of nature. As such, the exhibition acted as an oracular artifact activated by music, friendship, collaboration and the operation of symbolic devices.


October 2012, Galería Antonio Berni, Consulado General de Argentina en Río de Janeiro & September 2013, CC Matienzo. Curator: Camille Cousin Plural was a Project developed for Rio de Janeiro’s Antonio Berni Gallery by Matienschön director Luz Peuscovich alongside a group of 10 artists. A group of works (installation, painting, photography, performance, video, participatory games) organized in three “roads” allowed for a sensorial and intellectual experience of bonds, networks and identities towards the building of a diverse, connected world. A version of the exhibition was presented for the opening of the new exhibition space at Club Cultural Matienzo’s current building, as a declaration of intentions for Matienschön’s fresh start: contemporary art as an experience of inhabiting and embodying creative, transformative relationships.


HOLIDAYS AT LAST” August 2014 Curator: Luz Peuscovich

Matienschön invited the Bahia Blanca’ born, Buenos Aires’ based artist to develop a piece that may reconcile the two sides of his practice: the artist and the VJ, the inspired and the technician, the serious and the funny. Colli created an interactive light and sound installation: a pun on “eternal rest”, the immersive space allowed different experiences and points of view: looking into the projector shaft, or interacting with the sound and vision by moving a concrete tombstone. One night, musicians Chico Ninguno and Patokai played among the installation.







Carl Palm (Swe) & Guido Yannitto (Arg): “4”

February 2013 Curators: Leandro Martínez Depietri & Renata Zas


Palm’s first exhibition in South America, and his first collaboration with Yannitto, was also for Matienschön the first international residency project.

New media, creative technologies & real-time art festival Held on a tree-monthly basis since 2012, LET IT VJ aims for the development, dialogue and visibility for artists working with new media. Each edition, more than 30 forward-looking artists and musicians show their work in 8 simultaneous spaces for 9 continuous hours. Live bands and DJs share the main room with a 360 degrees, 29-screens setup where the best VJs display their talents. Interactive installations, experimental videogames, exhibitions and performances by both established and emerging, local and international artists span across every other room at Matienzo. As well as presenting innovative work, LET IT VJ also commissions the creation of new pieces.


MAÑA Visual arts festival

An annual festival of installations and performances, MAÑA poses a question across the entire Club: how to transform default behaviors? How can a space be used? A dancer in the deposit. A VIP room in the main stage. An audio installation in the bathroom. An inflatable castle in the exhibition room: Dozens of artists create original works that turn the space into a game with rules to be discovered. The 8-hour, one-day festival ends up with music and dancing.

12 editions 2012-2015 180 participating artists 15 international artists 900 visitors per edition


SOME artists

SOME artists

Villa Diamante. Axel Krygier. Bad Boy Orange. R3nder. Rec. Design VJcrew (SWI). Sol del Río. Carola Bony & Luciano Foglia (ARG/GER). Internal Affairs (ARG/GER). Kif (URU). Klauss. Tomy Wahl. Mateo Amaral.

2 editions 2013-2014 25 participating artists 600 visitors 2014 Lolo y Lauti, Leandro Tartaglia, Liv Schulman, Gabriela Golder, Diego Alberti, Agustina Mihura, Ramiro Iturrioz, Paula Aparicio, CAHS, Fluo, Jorge Crowe & Javier Plano, Laura Preger, Santiago Orti, Octávio Tavares, Tíndari, Violeta Mansilla.

The curators invited both artists –who didn’t know each other but shared aesthetic and conceptual interests, ways of working and also prominent international recognition- to investigate together the possibilities and constraints of the exhibition space. The artists reflected on the possibilities of displaying contemporary art in a private, independent cultural center where different disciplines share space and time. Art and entertainment, sacred and profane, mainstream and underground, suggestion and pedagogy were questioned through different media and techniques in a sober, challenging display. As part of the exhibition, an open dialogue around the uses of art spaces was held between curators of three very different contemporary art institutions: Florencia Battiti (Parque de la Memoria), Bárbara Renati (Casa Presa) and Agustín Jais (Matienschön). To make the exhibition possible, Matienschön worked together with Sweden’s IASPIS and set up a studio space for Palm in Buenos Aires.

Axel Void (SPA/ GER) & Franco Fasoli (Arg): “Mediocre” Christiane Paschek (AUT) & Martín Bollati (Arg): “Fictions” January 2015 Curator: Agustín Jais

Fictions was the first collaboration between photographers Martín Bollati (Argentina) and Christiane Paschek (Austria), and Paschek’s first exhibition in America. Both artists worked together on an artist book, a mural and two photo series dealing with language as an axis crossing issues of fiction/reality, love/idealization and landscape/body.

December 2013 Curator: Camille Cousin

Internationally acclaimed muralists Franco Fasoli and Axel Void (Spain/ Berlin) were invited to work together for one intense week. The artists submerged into Argentina's current events through the reinterpretation of local news pieces. 14 paintings and a large scale mural, all created by them both, were the result of a dialogue and plastic negotiation between two artists with very strong graphic identities, that illuminated tensions regarding media biases and distilled the violence present in our daily actions. A dossier with an essay by print media journalist Nicolás Lantos was published online. The exhibition was made possible by the support of AECID, CCEBA and the Spanish Embassy.






Performing arts

MARTE – Matienzo Artes Escénicas (Matienzo Performing Arts) is a team devoted to the development of the performing arts. We promote the work of emerging directors, support young artists and encourage collaboration between directors and performers. A group of fifteen cultural entrepreneurs and artists work collectively to produce and present plays, series and festivals, show their own work, and build international networks of cooperation. MARTE’s productions are presented in

the Club Cultural Matienzo’s auditorium, with a capacity for 60 spectators, as well as in other local and international venues. Latin American cultural networks are a main part of MARTE’s activities. We are actively involved in ESCENA (Autonomous Drama Spaces in the city of Buenos Aires), with which we produce a yearly, all-encompassing festival. We also work alongside RAMA (Network of Self-Managed Art), thanks to which a dozen exchanges among Argentina, Brazil and Chile have taken place.


Paula Baró (head), Giuliana Kiersz, Lucía Deca, Nacho Sánchez, Martina García, Nicolás Lodigiani, Clémence Grimal (FRA), Hyngrid Bermann (BRA), Carolina Juskoff, Eva Jarriau (FRA), Juanca Prudencio (BOL), Belén Charpentier, Ana Capalbo, Bruno Fama.


LODO is a platform that promotes experimentation and exchange in the field of the performing arts: dance, theatre and performance. LODO joins forces with artists and institutions to promote cooperative networks.

_ Festival of performing arts 2 editions since 2014

Every year, the platform opens its doors to the public with a week-long festival including crossing projects between local and international artists, master classes and workshops commissioned by the festival and its partners, developing in public spaces as well as in state and self-managed venues in the city of Buenos Aires and in the countryside. The week ends with an art marathon at Club Cultural Matienzo, presenting


Each year, El Porvenir commissions 12 new plays to directors under 30 years old. Plays are presented during one month, 3 plays per show. The festival also includes research projects, workshops, seminars and talks, and issues a publication of artists’ texts and images.

After the festival, the 12 selected directors are responsible for selecting the next year’s participants.

Labeled “General considerations around artistic chemistry”, this one-day festival dealt with Club Cultural Matienzo’s core values: exchange and collaboration. 44 artists were invited to work in duos, each one collaborating with his/her partner for the first time, creating original performances, situa-

tions and experiences that took place everywhere in Matienzo over a tight schedule, for an audience of almost 1000 people. Furthermore, Matienzo’s meeting room was turned into an “exchange of knowledge zapping”: a marathon of 12 mini-workshops, from Bigbang theory to beatboxing to recycling.

An interdisciplinary festival that brought to the present the ideas developed by G. Orwell. Matienzo was divided into the four Oceania’s Ministries, each of them comprising installations, performances, music, workshops and round tables exploring what 1984 had to say to our contemporary society.

mixed love and surveillance in a device whose starting point was recording and drawing kissing couples in Matienzo. The Teenage Theater Investigation Workshop staged a play called “We are the future”. PUNTO collective developed a highly technological live audiovisual installation and performance as a utopian & dystopian experiment on contemplative peace. Matienzo’s Design team curated an exhibition of posters. The band La Panda del Wonder Chowa improvised around found video footage.

Mud Platform

The future

_ Theater festival 6 editions since 2009


_ Performative arts festival May 30th, 2015


3 60 30 4 2 5 shows


Per week

At Matienzo’s auditorium

plays & SHOWS

By emerging young artists per year



Of original productions per year

Of performative arts per year

grants Research, supporting & infrastructure subsidies (per year average)

_ Interdisciplinary festival November 2th, 2014

More than 30 artists and academics participated in this one-day festival. Playwright Marcos Perearnau staged a fake public interview with a young translator born in China’s contemporary Communist regime. Performer Gael Polícano Rossi led an experience of hypnosis aimed at “forgetting useless words”. Project Salinger & Sonia Basch

a selection of theater, dance and performance works resulting from an open call. LODO is interested in stage or site-specific plays and performances with a radically personal language, that emerge from territorial issues, that push the boundaries of theatre and the performing arts. Alongside its partners, LODO builds new opportunities for participating artists to develop their work, by means of showing their work in other venues and festivals, attending artistic residencies and supporting their future productions.

Many of the 70 plays commissioned by the festival have toured the region and have been selected for national festivals and biennials.

Hundreds of people came to Club Cultural Matienzo despite the pouring rain.







MARTE regurlarly develops performative seasons. Organized around a particular subject matter, MARTE commissions and presents performances, short plays and other actions.

Divergencia Divergence

Materia prima Raw material

May 2015 / 6 nights DIVERGENCIA was the result of the need to open an institutionalized, visible and open space inside Matienzo to discuss gender and sexual identities. More than 20 artists staged short performances, readings, songs and experiences.

April 2014 / 8 nights Four commissioned plays, each taking a different raw material as a starting point: wood, plastics, organic materials, and technological waste. Participating artists were contemporary art duo Lolo y Lauti, photographer Belén Charpentier, theater director Laila Dustchazky, and contemporary dance collective Café Müller.

Los rubiecitos The little blondes After this premiere at “Materia Prima”, two of the plays were invited to perform again on different stages. “Comunidad”, Charpentier’s directorial debut, was presented again at LODO Festival and led the artist to be selected for 2015’ El Porvenir Festival. “Cumbres Borrascosas”, Lolo y Lauti’s adaptation of “Withering Heights” performed by motorized electrical appliances, seasoned at CCRR Rojas, University of Buenos Aires.

Writer and Director: Laura Derpic (Bolivia) Cast: Ruben Sabadini, Miguel Angel Vigna, Franz Baltazar, Eva Jarriau (Fr) and Fernando Viñas. Live drawing: Sonia Basch Lighting designer: Rocio Caliri

Los Rubiecitos is based on “Alma de Niño” (A boy’s soul), a learning manual with which many Bolivian generations learned to read and write until 1994. The book served as a means for political indoctrination, acceptance of child labor, racial segregation and the dissemination of myths as the one stating that the military loss of the sea is the cause for Bolivia’s underdevelopment. Los Rubiecitos poses a hypothesis: what would happen if two of the book’s characters went into the real world, after being both accomplices and victims of this indoctrination. In their attempt to recover the sea for their country, they revolt against their owners/bosses (“the little blondes”) and put the book’s universe into crisis. Produced by MARTE, Los Rubiecitos premiered in Club Cultural Matienzo in 2014. A reduced version of the play was presented at FILBA 2014 (International Literature Festival of Buenos Aires), Centro Cultural San Martin. Club Cultural Matienzo published a dossier on the play, with critical texts by Jorge Velarde Rosso, Magdalena De Santo and Julio César Estravis Barcala.

En adelante Going forward

Comunidad Community

Writer and Director: Marcos Perearnau Cast: Adela Busquet, José María Mones Cazón, Catalina Muñoz, Gastón Nesossi, Matías Reck, Martina Schvartz

Writer and Director: Belén Charpentier Performer: Antonella Querzoli Stage design: Sergio Fasani Lightning designer: Rocío Caliri

A group of youngsters set to perform idealistic actions in a “seventies” fashion, although their activities don’t have any meaning or target. Weapons, thousands of beers, books, a songbook and a van to travel around South America are used as props by the youngsters, who seem to be learning something they don’t know what it is. What they know is no one can stop them. It seems as if the revolution takes place in an unconscious way, like a board game.

A participatory performance that deals with private property, money and pollution, Community lays out a small scale model about big issues: the art of organizing a community through the building of a house. A project as utopian as constructive, it proposes ways to generate artificial but possible social life. Community builds up a community to destroy it and interweave it back again.

The play premiered in 2013’ Buenos Aires Biennal of Young Arts; produced by MARTE, it was performed in 2014 in Club Cultural Matienzo. A dossier on the play was published, with critical essays by Lucas Brockenshire, Manuel Mensa, Sebastián Peloche and Jorge Drechsler.

Community was developed in 2014 for “Raw Material”, a series of original plays commissioned and produced by MARTE. Club Cultural Matienzo published a dossier on the performance, with texts by Mara Teit, Tomás Bartoletti, Gabriela C. Pignataro and Rocío Frías, and photographs by Martina García and Paula Surraco.



Matienzo Audiovisual Film and audiovisual arts

Matienzo Audiovisual is a team of producers, film-makers, photographers and students that love movies. We put on films and produce a diverse array of projects at Club Cultural Matienzo’s digital auditorium as well as in other venues. Our main goal is to present local and international independent audiovisual arts to wide audiences, and to foster dialogue between artists, audiences and organizations. To pursue this goal, we curate “META CINE”, weekly screenings of national full-length films presented by their makers. Furthermore, we develop “Plano contra plano”, an event where an

established and an emerging filmmaker have a dialogue through and about their films, and we partner with Colectivo ARKHÉ for “ARKHÉ presenta”: monthly screenings dedicated and presented by relevant experimental film & video artists. Finally, in partnership with state and private organizations from the Netherlands, Germany, Uruguay and Argentina, we’ve hosted series of national, regional and international short and full-length films. Also, we look forward to developing experimental approaches to audience participation at film shows. Live music,

romantic dinners, cocktail tastings, performances, poetry readings and redesigned movie poster exhibitions have accompanied some of our special movie nights. In the same spirit, in 2014 we created “Festiset” a festival that presented original videoinstallations, performances and workshops by 15 artists in 8 simultaneous rooms. Finally, we explore the connections between audiovisual arts and other disciplines. We regularly present performances, installations and new media works.

Music Music is at the heart of Club Cultural Matienzo. We discover, present, support and develop a broad scope of musical projects, focusing on innovation, experimentation, potential and professionalism. Our aim is to promote the development of Buenos Aires’ independent musical landscape and present it to wider audiences; to foster the meeting of different styles and audiences; to provide technical, spatial and human resources that guarantee quality and innovation; to foster the connections between music and other means of expression; and to make each gig a transforming experi-

ence both up and down the stage. We’ve hosted thousands of shows and all kinds of musical performances, from big festivals to intimate concerts in specially designed environments. We present at least 5 shows every week at our main room for 350 spectators. Furthermore, we produce festivals and cycles such as: “Mañana es mejor” (Tomorrow is better), a festival to pay tribute to Luis A. Spinetta’s musical and social legacy, launched by Club Cultural Matienzo and produced in collaboration with 10 artist-run spaces and the NGO “Con-


duciendo a conciencia”. Each of its 3 editions has presented more than 100 emerging artists in 11 simultaneous venues, with free entrance. “Hit de road” festival, a marathon of music and visual arts that celebrates journeys as vital experiences. 3 simultaneous music stages, zine fairs, performances and poetry readings, group exhibitions and visual paraphernalia are part of a multi-sensorial collective travel experience. First developed in 2009 by Club Cultural Matienzo, it has held 5 annual editions and presented 80 bands and 50 visual artists for almost 3000 spectators.

Laura Preger & Micaela Freire (heads), Denise Lara Margules, Antonella Mastantuono, Cleménce Grimal, Julio César Estravis Barcalá.


Some artists:

Nick Allbrook (AUS), Skip&Die (NLD), Yaima Orozco (CUB), George Haslam (GBR), Dani Umpi (URU), El Caribefunk (COL), Chinoy (CHI), El Mató A Un Policía Motorizado, Mariana Baraj, Aca Seca, Palo Pandolfo, Miss Bolivia, Edgardo Cardozo, Los Álamos, Astro (CHI), Gabo Ferro, Fauna, Morbo & Mambo, Alerta Pachuca, Franny Glass (URU), Leo García.

Gabriel Kirchuk (head), Alma Cóppola Baraj.

Some artists

Martín Piroyanski, Marcos López, Lúcia Murat (BRA), Néstor Frenkel, Andrés Di Tella, Ariel Winograd, Santiago Giralrt, Iván Fund, Ayar Blasco, Martín Garabal, Melina Serber, Liza Casullo, Liv Schulman, Marcos Perearnau, Leticia Obeid, Gabriela Golder, Paulo Pécora, Andrés Denegri, Pablo Marín, Jorge Honik, Ayar Blasco.

Connect: MatienzoAudiovisual



70 1000 5 feature films Presented by its makers



a/v performances (2014)

5+ 500 350 20

shows per week

bands Per year


(130 seated) at Club Cultural Matienzo’s main room

editions of festivals Produced by Club Cultural Matienzo



Radio Colmena

Matienzo Lee

Online radio station


“Matienzo Lee” (Matienzo Reads) presents and develops literary events such as readings, book presentations and literary festivals. Our aim is to support novel authors and independent publishing houses; to promote experimentation in alternative formats for storytelling, audience participation in literary events, and to foster the merging of literature and other disciplines. Some of our projects: “Varieté Literaria (literary variety show)”, produced by Matienzo Lee for 4 years, is a monthly event that commissions pieces around a given subject. The texts

are read by their authors in combination with visual, musical and/or performing arts, always providing audiences with diverse tools to engage.

The event “Homage to Roberto Bolaño” commissioned an original theater piece that was presented alongside a reading by celebrated author Martín Kohan.

“Festival Minitas (girly festival)”, created in 2012, gathered together 30 authors, songwriters and playwrights in a festival focused on feminine issues.

Independent publishing houses such as Pánico el Pánico, Blatt & Rios, Entropía, Mardulce, Vox, Hydra, Viajera Editorial, Eloísa Cartonera, Conejos, Galera, Milena Caserola, Melón Editora and Añosluz regularly present their new books and host literary events on our premises.

“Taller interactivo (interactive workshop)” is a monthly series of open, experiential learning events coordinated by invited lecturers. It is intended to take on the multiple dimensions of literary development through personal experiences and non-formal teaching.

In 2014 and 2015, Matienzo Lee also hosted FILBA, Buenos Aires International Literature Festival.


Marianela Regazzoni (head), Luciano Cioffi, Isa Crosta, Camila Zapata Gallagher

Some artists:

Silvina Giaganti, Washington Cucurto, Ignacio Molina, Esteban Castromán, Lucas Oliveira, Enzo Maqueira, Iván Moiseef, Iosi Havilio, Gabriel Cortiñas, Victor López Zumezlu, Darío Sztajnszrajber, Fernando Bogado, Tom Lupo, Juan Terrano- va, Gabriela Bejerman, Rosario Bléfari, Al- fredo Jaramillo, Leonardo Oyola, Mercedes Halfon, José María Muscari, Natalia Rozenblum, Alejandra Zina, Osvaldo Bossi, Ariel Bermani, Mariano Blatt, Camila Fabbri, Féliz Bruzzone, José María Brindisi, Tálata Rodríguez, Natalia Moret, Juan Diego Icardona, Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, Leticia Martín.

Since 2010, Radio Colmena has spread independent culture through more than 30 weekly live shows, musical selections, live broadcasts of shows, festivals and cultural events at different venues in Buenos Aires, and the development of events such as open radio nights and parties. In 2013, we moved our studio to the very heart of Club Cultural Matienzo’s building, radically growing in infrastructure and visibility. In September 2014, for our fourth anniversary, we made a festival that celebrated radio, digital

audiences, humor and independent culture across the entire Club Cultural Matienzo’s building, with participatory installations, bands and live radio. In 2015, we redesigned our identity; under the new slogan “Internet-born and raised”, Radio Colmena fully embraced its digital identity, with columns in each live show dedicated to digital culture and intensified activity in every social network. Artists, journalists, designers and cultural entrepreneurs such as Martín Garabal, Villa Diamante, Gael Polícano

Rossi, Paula Maffía, Loli Molina and many more host weekly live shows, while thousands of musicians, writers, actors and personalities talk and perform at Radio Colmena’s studio.


Sol de Martini (head), Natali Stein, Alan Janowski, Luz Venneri, Sofía Carmona, Ezequiel Kinigsberg.


5 57 13 10 4 years




Of live shows per week

Transmissions outside the studio

open radio nights

parties and 1 festival




Education Club Cultural Matienzo’s education area puts forward a program comprising workshops, seminars, creative laboratories and other activities around three central concepts: research and experimentation in arts, creative technologies and self-management. Workshops are led by renowned creators with whom we work to enhance their teaching skills. Workshops put together the study of theories, languages and skills with opportunities for concrete action, looking forward to the development of collective initiatives around artistic, cultural and social issues. Our aim is to strengthen the hybrid role of the “artist-creator-man-


ager”, professionals with interdisciplinary mindsets, capable of self-providing the conditions for the materialization of their ideas, and interested in developing networks of collaboration and solidarity.

and initiatives developed in the workshops are given opportunities to participate in other Club Cultural Matienzo’s events and productions.

Workshops are complemented by the provision of spatial, technical, human, creative and institutional resources for the development of projects by lecturers and participants. Furthermore, an annual “Open workshop” festival presents all projects and experiments developed in the current year and acts as a platform for dialogue and collaboration between participants, teachers and other people involved. Finally, works

Some Teachers:

Mariano Swi, Colectivo Argentino de Danza, Ezequiel Acuña, Nacho Sánchez, Lucas DM, Marina Zeising, Colectivo ARKHÉ, Celia Coido, Coiffeur, Jonah Schwartz, Inés Efrón.


Camila Zapata Gallagher (head), Mariel Britez, Agustín Jais, Juan Aranovich, Marcos Perearnau.

only IN 2014

65 60 850 10 workshops




open studios and open workshops

ED, Matienzo’s Design team, aims to spread the work of young local designers and engage audiences in issues around the relationship between design and its context, through the development of non-traditional design events and initiatives. Starting in 2014, a team of designers developed projects like “Proyecto Poroto”, a bi-monthly series of talks by young designers. We also curate design

exhibitions at Club Cultural Matienzo. ED en Matienzo also collaborates with other Club Cultural Matienzo teams for the production of events such as “El Diseño en Foco”, a series of film shows and dialogues around design and environment. Furthermore, we partner with other groups and organizations to present events and festivals such as “Replika”, devoted to contemporary counter-advertising artivist strategies.

40 4 designers



Presented their projects at “Proyecto Poroto”

By designers and illustrators curated

Of films and dialogue


Some artists:

aniel Arzola, Max Rompo, Fede Cimatti (Prensa La Libertad), Gustavo Zhard (ODD), Juan Manuel Puerto (La vuelta al mes), Ana Sanfelippo, Santiago Pozzi, Proyecto Squatters, Franco Basualdo, Debora Nishimoto.


Isa Crosta (head), Emilia Ferrareso, Florencia Cicirello, Paula Wegman, Sonia Basch, Eugenia Summa.



There is more

special projects Yo Reciclo

Centro Cultural Armando LaBollita

I Recycle

Media Library Club Cultural Matienzo manages a Media Library currently hosting 400 books, magazines and CDs donated by independent record companies, publishing houses, organizations and artists: from self-published records to established bands; from cult zines to some of the most important cultural magazines of the last decade. The collection is available every afternoon. Link:

A project launched by Club Cultural Matienzo that seeks to bridge the gap between neighbors and cooperatives devoted to waste recovery through the development of an app that connects them both, allowing them to efficiently coordinate recollection of recyclable items, improving logistics and fostering source separation and recycling of waste. The app also has a management system for cooperatives. More than a tool for neighbors and cooperatives, the project’s goal is to make visible the amount of people and organizations that work in unfavorable conditions to separate the city’s waste, in order to build a “green community” that may advocate for the re-utilization, source separation and recycling of waste. Starting in 2012, in 2014 Yo Reciclo was awarded first prize at the contest “Throw your ideas to the trash” organized by the city of Buenos Aires’ Environmental Protection Agency, guaranteeing funds for the integral development of the project.

Abogados Culturales Lawyers for Culture

An NGO devoted to pro-bono legal consulting for artist-run or independent cultural spaces and collective projects. The organization is made up of 30 lawyers, whose activity develops in the following areas: permits, fines and closings; copyrights; legal consulting; research and training. Abogados Culturales actively participated in the development and promotion of a bill concerning licenses for cultural centers, unanimously passed by the Buenos Aires city Legislature. Link:

Club Cultural Matienzo has been collaborating since 2014 in the development of a Cultural Center in an unused plot of land in Avellaneda neighbourhood (Province of Buenos Aires). Its activity is focused on community development. In 2015 the project was selected at Fundación Lebensohn’s open call “Interdiscipline collective practices in context”. “Labollita” will develop an exhibition and program of activities at Fundación Lebensohn in December 2015.


Festival of self-managed culture

Produced by Club Cultural Matienzo in collaboration with more than 60 spaces, managers and artists based in the city of Buenos Aires, FCA’s aims to promote the development of the self-managed cultural sector, share resources, strengthen networks of collaboration and spread collective and self-managed ways of cultural production to wider audiences. In September 2014, FCA’s first edition presented a week-long program of hundreds of events, shows, exhibitions, films, performances and talks at 60 simultaneous venues. A closing festival in a park presented music, theater, visual arts, readings and a fair of independent record labels, publishing houses, art collectives and cultural initiatives. FCA is currently in the pre-production stage of its second edition. Link:




Networks MECA Buenos Aires’ Movement of Culture and Art Spaces ESCENA Network of self-managed drama spaces Cultura Unida United Culture

Founded in 2010, MECA is a network of self-managed and artist-run cultural centers based in Buenos Aires. Currently composed of 20 spaces, is a platform for collaboration whose goals are establishing connections, promoting visibility and advocating for issues related to local cultural policies. Besides developing artistic festivals and exchange programs, MECA drafted and advocated for the bill concerning licenses for cultural centers passed in December 2014. Link:

ESCENA gathers together and represents more than 20 self-managed drama spaces in the city of Buenos Aires. Declared of Cultural Interest by the city’s legislative body, advocates for cultural policies in support of independent activities in the cultural field, and develops events such as Festival ESCENA, a week-long marathon of plays and special activities hosted by all ESCENA members. Link:

A movement that gathers together cultural oganizations such as MECA, ESCENA, ARTEI, FAAO, Potencia Unida, La Cultura No Se Clausura, Seamos Libres, Roja y Blanca and Abogados Culturales. It acts in representation of teachers, students, artists, managers and cultural workers, street artists, selfmanaged spaces, artists’ studios artists-run spaces, theaters, and audiences. Founded in 2014 as part of the initiatives leading towards the passing of the bill concerning licenses for Cultural Centers, it advocates for the meeting of the diverse needs and demands of the city’s cultural sector. Link:


A network that develops self-managed exchange programs between artists from different countries and of diverse practices, founded in 2011 by a growing group of artists from South America.

Audience and














LA NACIÓN (2013)

Llegás a Buenos Ai-

The new building seems to have everything it needs to become a high point of the independent artistic activity.

A must in alternative culture. There is no need to exaggerate about what happens besides its doors: everything is contained in the literally uncountable activities that happen every day at the Club.

Rolling Stone (2013) A key venue of Buenos Aires’ underground scene since 2008. It has built its own identity. The city has reasons to celebrate the opening of its new building, which increases by four the size of the original

LA NACIÓN What shouldn’t be forgotten is the inevitable effect that [spaces like Club Cultural Matienzo] have in their neighbourhoods and the way they operate as permanent exercises of civility and the search for agreements.


/ clubculturalmatienzo


/clubculturalmatienzo @cc_matien-