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Advanced Digital Pelvic Toner :3= 7A1@33B E=@9A 4=@ /<G E=;/< AC443@7<5 4@=; >3:D71 4:==@ E3/9<3AA 3D3@G E=;/< E/<B7<5 B= >@3D3<B 7B



PELVIC WEAKNESS: A VERY REAL PROBLEM… < 4/1B 7BOA ;=@3 1=;;=< B6/< 6/G 43D3@ E7B6 /AA=17/B32 7AAC3A


E=;3< AC443@7<5 AG;>B=;A /<2

B 7A =4B3< 27A;7AA32 =@ 75<=@32 031/CA3 E=;3< /@3 B== 3;0/@@/AA32 B= A339 63:> =@ 03:73D3 >@=0:3;A E7:: 5= /E/GL ,<4=@BC</B3:G 74 <=B67<5 7A 2=<3 B63GO:: 53B E=@A3 63/:B6G <=@;/: 4C<1B7=<7<5 >3:D71 4:==@ 7A >@=0/0:G B63 ;=AB 4C<2/;3<B/: /A>31B =4 433:7<5 43;7<7<3 -63< 7BOA 63/:B6G /<2 E=@97<5 >@=>3@:G G=C B3<2 <=B B= <=B713 7B A= ;=AB E=;3< /@3 C</E/@3 7BA 3F7AB3<13 =@ 7;>=@B/<13 ;3/<7<5 7B 1/< 031=;3 E3/93@ E7B6=CB G=C 3D3< 9<=E7<5 4 B63 >3:D71 4:==@ 7A 2/;/532 AB@3B1632 AB@3AA32 =@ E3/93<32 7B 2=3A< B E=@9 /A 3447173<B:G /A 7B A6=C:2 &<:G E63< G=C AC443@ 27;7<7A632 >3:D71 ;CA1:3 B=<3 2=3A 7B 031=;3 / >@=0:3; /<2 B63 >3:D71 4:==@ 1=;3A 7<B= 4=1CA :: E=;3< @35/@2:3AA =4 /53 =@ >3:D71 63/:B6 A6=C:2 1=<A723@ /2=>B7<5 /< 34431B7D3 >3:D71 3F3@17A3 @=CB7<3 /A / ;/BB3@ =4 53<3@/: E3::037<5 /<2 B= >=AB>=<3 B63 </BC@/: 23B3@7=@/B7=< B6/B 23D3:=>A E7B6 /53 :3= 7A1@33B =443@A / 53<C7<3 A=:CB7=< B= B63 274471C:B73A /AA=17/B32 E7B6 >3:D71 7<AC447173<1G 0G @3 B@/7<7<5 G=C@ ;CA1:3A ?C719:G /<2 34431B7D3:G A= G=C 2=<OB 6/D3 B= 8CAB :7D3 E7B6 B63 >@=0:3;LYOU SOLVE IT!

If you’re one of c.7 million affected women take action now and regain control. CONTENTS 3 -6G 6==A3 :3= 7A1@33B 4

<<=D/B7D3 +316<=:=5G

5 -6/B *3BA ,A >/@B 7

1673D/0:3 )3AC:BA


CAB=;3@ )3D73EA

8 -6/B A +63 '3:D71 :==@ 10


11 &@23@7<5 <4=@;/B7=<

WHY CHOOSE CLEO DISCREET? ,A7<5 :3= 7A1@33B 7A B63 03AB E/G B= ;/93 AC@3 B6/B >3:D71 4:==@ 9353: 3F3@17A3A /@3 2=<3 1=@@31B:G /<2 34431B7D3:G +63@3 /@3 ;/<G @3/A=<A E6G G=C A6=C:2 16==A3 :3= 7A1@33B B= 63:> 3F3@17A3 / E3/9 >3:D71 4:==@ M 0CB 7< / <CBA63::L

IT’S CONVENIENT ,A7<5 :3= 7A1@33B 7A A= 1=<D3<73<B /<2 :3AA B7;3 1=<AC;7<5 B6/< /<G =B63@ 4=@; =4 >3:D71 3F3@17A3

IT’S QUICK AND EFFECTIVE ;7<CB3 2/7:G A3AA7=<A 1/< 7< A=;3 1/A3A A6=E @3AC:BA E7B67< / ;/BB3@ =4 E339A 23>3<2/<B =< B63 :3D3: =4 E3/9<3AA B6/B 3F7ABA $/<G E=;3< <=B713 /< 7;>@=D3;3<B 7< B637@ ;CA1:3 @3A>=<A3 /A A==< /A B63G 0357< B= CA3 :3= 7A1@33B

IT’S RELIABLE <2C132 1=<B@/1B7=<A >3:D71 A?C33H3A 3<AC@3A G=C@ 9353: 3F3@17A3A /@3 2=<3 /A B63G A6=C:2 03 /<2 5C/@/<B33A B63 03AB >=AA70:3 @3AC:BA 7< B63 A6=@B3AB >=AA70:3 B7;3

It’s value for money An investment that will benefit you for life. USING CLEO DISCREET CAN HELP… ✓ '@=B31B /5/7<AB AG;>B=;A =4 >3:D71 E3/9<3AA ✓ +756B3< D/57</: 5@7> 2C@7<5 7<B3@1=C@A3 ✓ )3AB=@3 G=C@ >3:D71 E3::037<5 ✓

==AB A3:4 3AB33; /<2 1=<4723<13

✓ )37<AB/B3 B63 433:7<5 =4 43;7<7<7BG ✓ '@3A3@D3 >3:D71 63/:B6


ADVANCED MULTI-WAVE TECHNOLOGY .=CO2 03 4=@57D3< 4=@ B67<97<5 B6/B =<3 3:31B@71/: 1C@@3<B 7A ;C16 B63 A/;3 /A /<G =B63@L 7B ;/G 433: B63 A/;3 but it’s not! &@757</::G 23D3:=>32 0G 6756:G 27AB7<5C7A632 ;3271/: >7=<33@A /B #7D3@>==: ,<7D3@A7BG 7A1@33B 23:7D3@A A173<B7471/::G >@=D3< B316<=:=5G G=C 1/< B@CAB


&C@ B316<717/<A 6/D3 23D3:=>32 / @3D=:CB7=</@G <3E E/G B= 3F3@17A3 / E3/9 >3:D71 4:==@ B6/B =CB>3@4=@;A /<G =B63@ ;3B6=2 B 0=/ABA B63 ;=AB /2D/<132 B316<=:=571/: >@=5@3AA7=< 7< 2757B/: >3:D71 3F3@17A3 7< ;=@3 B6/< G3/@A E7B6 7BOA C<7?C3 /<2 3F1:CA7D3 AB7;C:/B7=< ;316/<7A;

EFFICIENT MUSCLE STIMULATION &C@ <3E N>=193B 3<3@5GO B@/<A;7AA7=< @3:3/A3A / B@719:3 =4 3<3@5G 5@/2C/::G 3<=C56 4=@ G=C@ 0=2G B= /0A=@0 7B 4C::G /A =>>=A32 B= 6756 7;>/1B B@/<A;7AA7=<A E6716 4=@13 G=C@ 0=2G B= @3831B B63 ;/8=@7BG =4 B63 A75</: +67A ;3/<A B6/B :3= 7A1@33B 7A 1/>/0:3 =4 A/43:G /<2 /11C@/B3:G @3:3/A7<5 C> B= B7;3A ;=@3 3<3@5G 7<B= B63 ;CA1:3 B6/< /<G =B63@ 4=@; =4 >3:D71 B=<7<5 7< A75<7471/<B:G :3AA B7;3

MORE EXERCISE - LESS EFFORT :3= 7A1@33B >3@4=@;A ;=@3 9353: 1=<B@/1B7=<A >3@ B@3/B;3<B B6/< /<G =B63@ >3:D71 B=<3@ C> B= 7< / A7<5:3 A3AA7=< ;=@3 B6/< B7;3A B63 @31=;;3<232 2/7:G ;7<7;C; E67:AB G=C A7B 0/19 /<2 @3:/F

Not all pelvic toners are the same… Our exclusive stimulation method is unique! ERGONOMIC DESIGN :3= 7A1@33B 6/A N=<3 >@3AAO 1=<B@=: 0CBB=<A 4=@ 3/A3 =4 =>3@/B7=< E7B6 /< 7<0C7:B # >@=D727<5 D7AC/: 1=<47@;/B7=< =4 A3BB7<5A /<2 >@=;>BA 4=@ 7<B3@/1B7=<

TIME SAVING -3 9<=E B6/B >3:D71 3F3@17A3 1/< 03 B7;3 1=<AC;7<5 /<2 ;/<G 23D713A 6/D3 >@=:=<532 >@=5@/;;3A :3= 7A1@33B 34431B7D3:G AB7;C:/B3A B63 >3:D71 4:==@ ?C7193@ B6/< /<G =B63@ >3:D71 B=<3@ E7B6=CB 1=;>@=;7A7<5 34471/1G



WHAT SETS CLEO DISCREET APART? ENHANCED COMFORT 3A75<32 E7B6 1=<A723@/B7=< 4=@ B63 43;/:3 4=@; B63 :3= 7A1@33B 7<B3@</: AB7;C:/B=@ >@=03 7A ;/23 4@=; / A=4B <3=>@3<3 @C003@ E6716 1/CA3A <= /0@/A7=< B= G=C@ A=4B 7<B3@</: B7AAC3A


B 6/A /:A= 033< A>317/::G A6/>32 B= 1=;4=@B/0:G 47B B63 </BC@/: 1=<B=C@ =4 B63 D/57</


7cm x 2.3cm approx

7A1@33B @3/163A / 233>3@ /<2 E723@ /@3/ =4 >3:D71 ;CA1:3 B6/< /<G =B63@ B=<7<5 ;3B6=2 &C@ A=>67AB71/B32 ;C:B7 A3?C3<13 4@3?C3<1G B316<=:=5G 7A /0:3 B= @3B@/7< =4 G=C@ 233> ;CA1:3 B7AAC3A &B63@ 23D713A B6/B CA3 =CB2/B32 A7<5:3 >C:A3 4@3?C3<1G AC16 /A +%* $* =@ ;71@= 1C@@3<B =<:G AB7;C:/B3 /@=C<2 =4 B63 /@3/

INTERACTIVE SELF HELP B 7A B63 =<:G 2757B/: 3F3@17A3@ E7B6 / >@= /1B7D3 ;CA1:3 ;/</53;3<B A3BB7<5 >CBB7<5 G=C 0/19 7< 1=<B@=: =4 G=C@ 0=2G &C@ N/AA7AB ;=23O 4C<1B7=< 3<1=C@/53A G=C B= ;/<C/::G A?C33H3 G=C@ >3:D71 ;CA1:3 /:=<5A723 7<2C132 AB7;C:/B7=< 63:>7<5 G=C /1673D3 7<23>3<23<B >3:D71 4:==@ 63/:B6

Cleo Discreet innovative technology comprehensively out-performs its rivals. INTEGRATED RELAXATION :3= 7A1@33B >3:D71 4:==@ B63@/>G AC>>=@BA G=C@ 0=2GOA 1/>/07:7BG 4=@ @3A>=<A7D3<3AA >@=D727<5 N@3ABO >3@7=2A 03BE33< AB7;C:/B7=< B= >@3D3<B 4/B75C3 =4 G=C@ A3<A7B7D3 ;CA1:3A /<2 /::=E 4C:: @31=D3@G 7< >@3>/@/B7=< 4=@ B63 <3FB 1=<B@/1B7=<

SAFE :3= 7A1@33B 6/A H3@= =CB>CB /B 7<7B7/:7A/B7=< E7B6 CA3@ /28CAB/0:3 7<B3<A7BG 1=<B@=: A3BB7<5A >@=D727<5 =>B7;C; 1=;4=@B 2C@7<5 B@3/B;3<B

INTELLIGENT :3= 7A1@33B 7A / 4C::G >@3 >@=5@/;;32 ;71@=>@=13AA=@ E7B6 7<B35@/B32 B7;3@ /<2 B63 =<:G >3:D71 3F3@17A3@ E7B6 12 CA3@ A3:31B/0:3 D/@7/0:3 >@=5@/; =>B7=<A /<2 A3BB7<5A

LIFE’S BETTER WHEN YOU'RE IN CONTROL '3:D71 E3/9<3AA 1/< ;/<743AB 7BA3:4 7< A3D3@/: E/GA /<G /<2 /:: =4 E6716 1=<B@70CB3 B= / >@3BBG ;7A3@/0:3 B7;3 4=@ E=;3< AC443@7<5 B63 AG;>B=;A 7A1@33B 3:31B@71/: >C:A3A /@3 >@=D3< B= AB7;C:/B3 233>3@ /@3/A =4 >3:D71 ;CA1:3 B6/< 1=<D3<B7=</: AB7;C:/B=@A ;/97<5 B63; ;C16 AB@=<53@ ;C16 A==<3@ 4 G=C 1=<B7<C3 E7B6 :3= 7A1@33B >3:D71 B63@/>G G=CO:: A==< 0357< B= 433: B63 03<347BA =4 G=C@ @35C:/@ >3:D71 E=@9=CB /<2 B/93 0/19 1=<B@=:

EXCLUSIVE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY STNS Super trophic neuromuscular stimulation: A3?C3<132 D/@7/0:3 AB@3<5B6 3:31B@=<71 >C:A3A @3>:71/B7<5 B63 0@/7< A75</:A B6/B /1B7D/B3 /<2 7<4:C3<13 G=C@ ;CA1:3A

CCST Cumulative charge stimulation technology: AB/553@32 >C:A3 B@/<A;7AA7=< / ;=@3 3447173<B AB7;C:/B7=< ;3B6=2 E7B6 :7BB:3 E/AB/53 /A B63 5@/2C/: B@719:3 =4 >C:A3A /::=EA B63 ;CA1:3 B= ;=@3 3<3@5G B6/< B@/27B7=</: 3:31B@71/: AB7;C:/B7=< E6716 34431B7D3:G /0A=@0 C> B= B@/<A;7BA A75</:A 7< =<3 :/@53 23:7D3@G

BI-POLAR MIGRATION Transmission and recovery via both poles: C<:793 AB/<2/@2 4=@;A =4 3:31B@71/: AB7;C:/B7=< B6/B B@/<A;7B D7/ =<3 1=<B/1B >=7<B /<2 3F7B D7/ B63 =B63@ =C@ E=@:2 3F1:CA7D3 AGAB3; B@/<A;7BA D7/ 0=B6 1=<B/1B >=7<BA B 47<2A B63 ;=AB @3A=C@134C: @=CB3 B6@=C56 B63 233> ;CA1:3 :/G3@A /<2 4332A 0/19 B= B63 3<B@G >=7<BA AB7;C:/B7<5 / ;C16 E723@ 233>3@ /@3/ =4 ;CA1:3 B6/< /<G =B63@ ;3B6=2

It works 90% of your muscle, so it makes sense that it’s the most successful at bringing lastingg results! “this pelvic exerciser has for me been literally LIFE CHANGING”


Mrs Newton

)3/2 ) 2 ;=@3 @3D73EA =<:7<3

not just physically bu psychologically as we

Mrs Wagner - Germa





Saw a significant and noticeable improvement within just a few weeks

Experienced and enjoyed greater pleasure during intimacy

67% Were less anxious in social situations and away from home

78% Felt a great boost in confidence and renewed feeling of femininity

Results of a recent consumer survey of 400 women, aged 25-75, who had previously tried manual kegel exercise and / or other pelvic toning devices without achieving success.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who have achieved incredible, incre r dible,, life re lif changing g g benefits.

RENCE, ut ll”



LEASE OF LIFE, thank you, it means such a lot to me” Mrs Maleham

CT – It has given me my life back!!” Mrs Train

“IT‘S A GOOD PRODUCT; II’m very happy with the results” Dr Armstrong

“what a wonderful little unit this is; very easy to use. EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ONE” Sue – New Zealand

WHAT IS THE PELVIC FLOOR? +63 >3:D71 4:==@ ;CA1:3 'C0=1=11G53/: 7A / :/@53 5@=C> =4 ;CA1:3A ACA>3<232 /1@=AA B63 >3:D7A :793 / 6/;;=19 B AC>>=@BA G=C@ 3<B7@3 /02=;7</: 1=<B3<B @3>@=2C1B7D3 =@5/<A 0:/223@ /<2 0=E3:A /<2 >:/GA / ;/8=@ @=:3 7< B63 1=@@31B 4C<1B7=<7<5 =4 B63; /:: B /:A= 1=<B@=:A D/57</: A31@3B7=<A /A E3:: /A ACAB/7<7<5 G=C@ 43;7<7<3 63/:B6 31/CA3 7B >:/GA AC16 / 1@7B71/: @=:3 7< ;/</57<5 G=C@ 3D3@G2/G 0=27:G 4C<1B7=<A 7B 7A D7B/: B= >@=B31B >@3A3@D3 /<2 ;/7<B/7< 7BA 63/:B6 #793 3D3@G =B63@ ;CA1:3 7< B63 0=2G B63 >3:D71 4:==@ ;CA1:3 53BA AB@=<53@ E63< 7BOA 3F3@17A32 )35C:/@ AB7;C:/B7=< /<2 34431B7D3 >3:D71 4:==@ 3F3@17A3A E7:: 63:> B= AB@3<5B63< B63A3 3AA3<B7/: ;CA1:3A /<2 7<1@3/A32 ;CA1:3 B=<3 /<2 D7B/:7BG 1/< 0@7<5 /227B7=</: 03<347BA +63 @31=;;3<232 2/7:G ;7<7;C; =4 9353: 3F3@17A3A ;3/<A B6/B B63 B@/27B7=</: ;/<C/: NA?C33H3 /<2 @3:3/A3O ;3B6=2 7A /:;=AB 7;>=AA70:3 B= /1673D3 <=B B= ;3<B7=< 3F6/CAB7<5 4=@ ;=AB E=;3< +63 B316<7?C3 7A /:A= 274471C:B B= >3@431B /<2 7< ;=AB 1/A3A 7A 3F31CB32 7</11C@/B3:G =@ B== 7<4@3?C3<B:G B= ;/93 / AC447173<B 27443@3<13

Cleo Discreet is designed to strengthen the pelvic floor so you can get on with your busy life.



WHAT CAUSES PELVIC FLOOR WEAKNESS? *=;3 E=;3< /@3 0=@< E7B6 E3/9 >3:D71 B7AAC3 0CB >3:D71 E3/9<3AA 7A ;=AB 1=;;=<:G 1/CA32 0G 6/D7<5 167:2@3< =@;=</: 16/<53A 7< >@35</<1G ;/93 B63 470@3A B6/B 6=:2 G=C@ ;CA1:3A 7< >:/13 ;=@3 4:/1172 -63< G=CO@3 >@35</<B </BC@/: E3756B 5/7< /<2 B63 /2232 E3756B =4 G=C@ 0/0G >CB /< 3FB@/ :=/2 =< G=C@ >3:D71 4:==@ ;CA1:3A 1/CA7<5 B63; B= 4/B75C3 ;=@3 3/A7:G +63 B@/C;/ =4 167:207@B6 /:A= 6/A / A75<7471/<B 7;>/1B 3A>317/::G E7B6 :/@53 0/073A >@=:=<532 >CA67<5 4=@13>A /<2 D3<B=CA3 AC1B7=< 23:7D3@73A 1/< /:: 1/CA3 ;CA1:3 2/;/53 /<2 7B 7A ?C7B3 CAC/: 4=@ B63 >3:D71 4:==@ ;CA1:3A B= 03 AB@3B1632 B=@< =@ 1CB D3< 74 G=C 6/D3 / 1/3A/@3/< 23:7D3@G 6/D7<5 033< >@35</<B 4=@ ;=<B6A G=C@ >3:D71 4:==@ ;CA1:3A 1/< AB7:: 03 E3/93<32 )313<B ABC273A 6/D3 723<B74732 /:;=AB 6/:4 =4 G=C<5 E=;3< E7B6=CB 167:2@3< /@3 /:A= /B @7A9 2C3 B= >@=:=<532 =@ 3F13AA7D3 3F3@17A3 7<431B7=< /<2 =03A7BG 4 57D7<5 07@B6 2=3A<OB 1@3/B3 /< C<;/</53/0:3 >@=0:3; B63< =3AB@=53< :=AA >@7=@ B= /<2 2C@7<5 ;3<=>/CA3 1/< /:A= 1/CA3 >3:D71 4:==@ E3/9<3AA =@ 3F/553@/B3 /< C<23@:G7<5 >@=0:3; ,AC/::G 03BE33< B63 /53A =4 E=;3< AC443@ / 53<3@/: 231:7<3 7< 6=@;=<3 :3D3:A B6/B 1/< 1/CA3 16/<53A B= 7<B3@</: B7AAC3A +67A :3/2A B= 7<AC447173<B >@=2C1B7=< =4 D/57</: 4:C72A @3AC:B7<5 7< >/7<4C: 7<B3@1=C@A3 7<1@3/A32 @7A9 =4 >3:D71 27A=@23@ /<2 27;7<7A632 :7072= +63 ;=AB C</D=72/0:3 1/CA3 7A </BC@/: /B@=>6G ;CA1:3 23B3@7=@/B7=< E6716 =11C@A /A / @3AC:B =4 /537<5

80% of pelvic insufficiency cases can be dramatically improved by regular pelvic exercise.


DISCREET FAQ’S Q : WILL CLEO DISCREET WORK FOR ME? .3A 7B 1/< E=@9 4=@ /<G E=;/< <3327<5 B= AB@3<5B63< /<2 B=<3 B63 >3:D71 ;CA1:3A 6=E3D3@ @3/:7AB71 5=/:A /@3 / B@C3 ;3/AC@3 =4 AC113AA Q : HOW LONG DO I NEED TO USE IT FOR? *3AA7=< B7;3A D/@G 4@=; ;7<CB3A /<2 E3 @31=;;3<2 G=C CA3 7B 4=@ / ;7<7;C; =4 E339A 4=::=E7<5 =C@ AC553AB32 >@=5@/; =<B7<C32 CA3 E7:: 63:> G=C ;/7<B/7< B63 @3AC:BA /1673D32 /<2 3<AC@3 4CBC@3 >3:D71 63/:B6 Q : HOW WILL I KNOW IF IT IS WORKING? B >C:A3A 4=@ A3D3@/: A31=<2A 0C7:27<5 B= / >3/9 @/B3 B63< @3ABA 034=@3 AB/@B7<5 B= >C:A3 /5/7< D3@G=<3 433:A :3= 7A1@33B AB7;C:/B7=< 27443@3<B:G A=;3 ;=@3 AB@=<5:G B6/< =B63@A 23>3<27<5 =< G=C@ B=:3@/<13 :3D3: /<2 <3@D3 A3<A7B7D7BG 0CB B63 7<B3@</: B7<5:7<5 A3<A/B7=< B3::A G=C 7B 7A E=@97<5 Q : HOW QUICKLY CAN I EXPECT TO SEE RESULTS? B ;/G B/93 A7F B= BE3:D3 E339A B= <=B713 / A75<7471/<B 16/<53 7< >3:D71 ;CA1:3 AB@3<5B6 /:B6=C56 ;=AB E=;3< A33 7;>@=D3;3<BA E7B67< =<3 B= BE= *=;3 6/D3 @3>=@B32 / <=B713/0:3 27443@3<13 7< B63 B756B<3AA =4 B63 D/57</ /4B3@ =<3 A3AA7=< +63 ;=@3 @35C:/@:G G=C CA3 7B B63 ?C7193@ G=C 1/< 3F>31B @3AC:BA Q : WHAT HAPPENS IF I STOP USING IT? !CAB :793 3D3@G ;CA1:3 7< B63 0=2G 74 :34B C<3F3@17A32 N/B@=>6GO ;CA1:3 E/AB/53 =11C@A +67A 7A / 5@/2C/: >@=13AA E6716 7A 1=;>=C<232 0G 53<3@/: ;CA1:3 E3/93<7<5 4@=; /53 &D3@ B7;3 7B E=C:2 ;3/< / @3BC@< =4 B63 =@757</: AG;>B=;A =4 E3/9 >3:D71 ;CA1:3 B=<3 A= 7B E=C:2 03 >@C23<B B= 1=<B7<C3 /A :=<5 /A >=AA70:3 B= >@3D3<B 4C@B63@ 23B3@7=@/B7=< Q : WHO SHOULDN’T USE IT? DO NOT CA3 :3= 7A1@33B 2C@7<5 >@35</<1G /:B6=C56 7B 7A D3@G 03<34717/: >=AB 167:207@B6 /4B3@ G=C@ E339 >=AB </B/: 3F/;7</B7=< 4 G=C 6/D3 / A3@7=CA ;3271/: 1=<27B7=< =@ /@3 @31=D3@7<5 4@=; AC@53@G >:3/A3 1=<AC:B G=C@ '

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ORDER TODAY Cleo Discreet is a safe, effective way to restore and strengthen your pelvic muscle tone.

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Cleo Discreet digital pelvic toner uses the latest innovative technology to help you perform effortless kegel exercises. It does all the hard work for you! With sessions from just 5 minutes it easily fits into your busy life. A stronger, healthier pelvic floor can boost your confidence and your sex life.

Effectively exercising your pelvic floor E rrehabilitates and strengthens the m muscle; tightens vaginal grip, hheightens sexual sensation and sstimulates vaginal lubrication; all of w which boost confidence as you start to r regain your femininity, and busy mums nneed something that’s fast acting and r reliable: Cleo Discreet is the answer…

A FIRMER FEELING: Pelvic muscle weakness affects huge numbers of women. Help is at hand from Cleo Discreet - a new advanced technology device that can help you work out your pelvic floor, restore pelvic strength and enhance your love life…

Stimulation of the pelvic floor not only improves responsiveness during intimacy but also increases blood flow to the region, encouraging healthy cell renewal and assisting the prevention of developing problems associated with pelvic floor weakness in the future.

Cleo Discreet Pelvic Toner Brochure May 2014