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Cleo ‘Q’ MultiGym Questionnaire

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out our questionnaire on the Cleo ‘Q’ MultiGym. How old are you? Under 30 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+

The Science of Health & Beauty

Since using Cleo Q, do any of the following apply? Increased confidence Receive comments on how well you look Look and feel younger Lines and wrinkles have decreased Wouldnt be without it My body has toned and is less saggy (for the body programes only) Other ˜ please specify

Before using Cleo Q MultiGym, had you tried any of the following? Facial exercises Salon treatments Anti-ageing creams Other electrical facial units Surgery Botox / similar invasive procedure Other ˜ please specify

How easy do you find Cleo Q MultiGym to use? Very Easy Struggled at first Still struggling Complicated

What influenced you to buy the Cleo Q MultiGym? I was starting to look and feel older Increased lines and wrinkles Boost my confidence Dont have time or money for salon visits Dont want the risk of invasive procedures/surgery Advertisement in a magazine Other ˜ please specify

Did you previously own a CLEO I or CLEO II? Yes No If yes, how do you think Cleo Q compares? Quicker & better results Improved product content Less time commitment to treatment More flexible routines Preferred original system Overall, how would you rate our ordering process and customer service? Excellent Above average Good Satisfactory Poor

How long have you been using Cleo Q MultiGym regularly? 0-3 months 3-6 months 6-12 months 12-18 months How often do you use your Cleo Q MultiGym? Daily Several times weekly Once weekly Several times monthly Occasionally

Would you recommend Cleo Q MultiGym or other Cleo products? Definitely Yes Already have Possibly Not at all

Since using Cleo Q MultiGym have you noticed an improvement? Yes ˜ Significant Yes ˜ Slight Not Sure Not Yet Not at all

Would you be interested in other Cleo products or like to receive information on the following? Pelvic Floor Exerciser Exercise Equipment Leg Massage System Skincare products Detox / herbal / general wellbeing products Natural Menopause Aid

How quickly did you notice results? Almost immediately Within 1 month Within 3 months Longer

If you have any comments or suggestions that you feel would help us improve any aspect of our products / service please complete the section below.

What improvements would you say were most apparent? Smoother complexion Firmer skin Eye area lifted General improvement in muscle tone overall

Thank you for taking part in our survey, please return to: Amanda Atkinson, Quality Manager, KayCo Ltd, FREEPOST RRGT-RCCT-JTGA, Leeds LS27 0RX WIN a Goodie Bag worth up to £100! Fill out the questionnaire and post it back to the Freepost address and you will automatically be entered into our FREE prize draw to win a goodie bag worth up to £100. 1 WINNER PER MONTH! Name: Postcode:

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Comments may be posted on the Cleo website and used in promotional and marketing material. 1 entry per review per household. * The product contents may vary depending on stock availability.