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What are the Risks and Benefits of Internet Dating? More people are using dating websites every day making them one of the most successful enterprises on the World Wide Web. But how many of these people are making sure that they are protected from criminals, predators and frauds who are preying online? Without a doubt, sites like Sweetheart Checks make it easy and affordable to check the criminal background records of a potential date and give you some peace of mind before your actually venture out to meet a stranger in person. Many people are just too busy to get out and meet other people, and even more just don't care for the bar scene any more. Online dating websites provide a relative anonymous environment to search for prospective dates. Some people are shy and insecure about dating and online services help buffer some of that fear. Some online dating services will screen their users, others do not and it is up to the online user to protect themselves by running dating background checks. These dating services provide a targeted audience of people interested in meeting someone for a romantic relationship or just a friendship. Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have their valid uses but they are not match for a good dating match service. Online dating services fill a need and their continuing success shows that the good ones can earn money despite many new, free venues for Internet interaction. But there are risks associated with online dating services - a downside that people might not like to talk about but that everyone exploring them should take into account. There are, of course, minor risks; such as you paying membership fees and not finding anyone of interest. In addition, you may have to sift through lots of people who are neutral or worse to find that special someone - it can be time-consuming. It is always recommended that you use a service that routinely conducts dating background checks on their clients. If they don't, take the matter into your own hands and do a sweetheartchecks yourself before you agree to meet anyone. People are social animals and communicating face-to-face is still much more effective than any other form but also somewhat more threatening. Getting over that initial hurdle is a lot easier if you feel safe. Contact online is primarily written and a lot of people don't consider themselves to be great writers. But almost everyone can carry a conversation on the phone or in person. That means the initial contact of an online dating service takes a little bit of effort and skill. Putting your best foot forward in written form takes time and thought.

But there are other, potentially more serious, risks as well. The anonymity of online dating services provides a safe place to explore another person before you actually meet them - with low risk. But because it's online and anonymous, it's possible for people to engage in fraud and unwanted criminal behavior. Fake photos or descriptions, tailored interests and achievements and other forms of dishonesty can take place, so you need to be careful at all times. That means that whenever you consider meeting someone in person you have some verification to do - be sure to run a criminal background records check. You should always be cautious especially if you are a woman meeting a new man. Do not make the mistake of assuming that it couldn’t happen to you ... it could and it does every day. Don’t be naïve in wanting to trust a stranger, it just doesn't make common sense. It never hurts to check first because these online searches are anonymous – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. More information can be found at and our blog at

What are the Risks and Benefits of Internet Dating?  

How to keep yourself safe while dating online

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