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Barbara Greene, Derek Johnson ., Beth Law, Curtis Hom, Donna Shira, Ed Hershfield, Chris Linneman, Arnaldo Perez, Mark Hostetter, Shelly Harms, Gaby Jordan, Arthur Hui, Maria Nichols, J o h n Cummerford, Meredith Gibbs, Ayesha Mutope, Heather Diddel, Pat Reagan, Deborah Cason, Guy Jean-Pierre, Dave Kenner, Wendy Myers, James Wilson, Doug Lederman, Steven Eichel, Bob Storch, Mike Ullman, Jennifer Roberts, David Pitchford.


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Law Women's Association .,I..:

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Row l : Jessica Pincus, Beth Rubin, Kim Shafer. Row 2: Norma Vallejo, Margaret Raymond, Linda Montemayor, Robin Wright, Alice Thurston, Mary O'Connell,Shelly Harms, Jeanene Finch, Helen Wiley.





Law School News

Jillian Blanchard, Victoria Bjorkland, Roger Goodspeed, Doug Steinberg, Douglas Goodfriend, Clive Stafford Smith, Fred Meyerson, Ayesha Mutope Siman Sidamon-Eristoff Barbara Treichler. 0

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Joe Wayland, Jennifer Roberts, Curtis Hom, J e f f Citrin, Bill Groll, Dave Greenwald, Mike Ullman, Jeff Pliskin, Bill Hohauser, Fred Lightman, Angelo Aldana, Bob Herbst, Andy Keller, Dave Kenner, Amy Kyle, Pat Reagan, Guy Jean-Pierre, Kurt Rosell.


Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. Editor- ,in-Chief Carlos M. Vazquez

Law Review

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Editor Susan D. Charkes Richard F. Hahn Managing Editors Jonathan Weinberg

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Myron D. Rumfeld Howard S. Schrader Deborah M. Weiss

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Jessica Litman C. Allen Parker, Jr. Alan :9. Vickery Barbara Bennett Woodhouse

Notes and Comments Editors

Row I: Jessica Litman, Howard Schrader, Barbara Woodhouse, Alan Vickery. Row 2: Dave Jamell, Allen Parker, Jonathan Weinhe r g , Don Verrilli, Susan Charkes, Ivan Kline, Richard Hahn, Carlos Vsquez, Rick Bayerfeld, Deborah Weiss.

Grace Mil Prashker, Row 1: Robert DeLaMater, Caroline Mitchell, Brent Hatch, Stuart Riback, Dan Zenkel, Helen Gredd, Michael Galligan, Kathy Surace, Andrew Weissman. Row 2: Kelly Crabb, Joseph Lampert, Maralee Buttery, David Brittenham, Peter Lehner, Paul Graaf, Kelly Flint, Ray Lin, Richard Liebeskind. Row 3: Gabe Gorenetein, Karl Coplan, Chris Cerf, Geoff Moulton, Andrea Simon, John Otoshi, George Skelly. 12

Human Rights Law Review

>ave Jamea, , Carlos Vas.

Row 1: Gaby Jordan, Robin Wright, Cathy Grad, Joan Kleinman, JeBSica Pincus, Rick Nash, Janice Stroughter, Kim Shafer. Row 2: Skip Bacon, Roger Kohn, David Pauker, Joe Dimona, Bob Sims, Merrill Weber, Clive Stafford-Smith 1 Brian Krisberg, Danny Montoya.

Matthew Adler Editor-in-Chief David Kenner Sandra Panton Executive Editors Donald Vaughan Submissions Editor Beth Law Book Review Editor Naomi Cahn Craig Gurian Mary Messner Audrey Prashker Grace Mills Research and T7riting Editors Matt Eilenherg Laura Meyers Administrative Editors Grace Mills, Sandra Panton, Matt Eilenhe r g , Matt Adler, Beth Law, Craig Gurian, Dave Kenner, Audrey P.ashker, Laura Meyers, Naomi Cahn.



Art and the Law Jeffrey B. Light Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth J. Lamere Felicia A. M:ennin David J. Hapson Notes Editors

Randal N agatani Robin M. Smith

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Mark S. Floyd Kathleen A. Kress Alison Strasburger

Articles Editors

Jessica Litman

Current Developments Editor

Susan L. Hobart John B. Orenstein Alexander M. Sheers Glenn C. Zorn

Associate Editors



Row 1: J e f f Light, Mark Floyd. Row 2: JeBSica Li1man, Mike Guiterrez, Susan Hobart, Wendy Cohen, Paul Gallay, Teresa Bryce, Liz Lamere.

Clark I< toria Bj

Journal of Law and Social Problems Barbara C. Brizzi


Francis J. Facciolo Dan A. Sciullo

Administrative Editors

Jonathan M. Fredman Executive Editor

Rolf G. Ashpaug Stuart Min I-farry T. Walters

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Michael Berkowitch Abby L. J ennis David M. Nocenti Stephen Radin

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Christine R. Fryer Thomas B. Mason Martha I. Romeskie

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Jocelyn Levi Barandiaran Steven D. Rubin

Associate Editors 14

Row 1: Steve Radin, Susan Amron, Jon Rich, Steve Liebennan, Barbara Atwell, Jocelyn Barandiaran, Y a_k.fa Cheung. Row 2: Dan Sciullo, Barbara Brizzi, Melissa Philbrick, Tania Dumanian, Mark Berg, Jonathan Fredman, Sheila Cheston, Jennifer Kronisch, Ed Baum, Richard Cutler, Dave Nocenti. Row 3: Jay Facciolo, Harry Walters, Jim Langdon, Geoff Kenyon, Bill Dauster.

Row 1: Barnw1 Klatsk:

Journal of Transnational Law

1ul Gallay,

Clark Kelso, Fred Lightman, Beryl Howell, Angelo Aldana, Sharon Kegerreis, Neil McDonell, Sam Witten, Vicâ&#x20AC;˘ toria Bjorkland.

Journal of Environmental Law

1m, Yak-fa Fredman, Y ' Walters,

Row 1: Jon Eoyang, Terry Zaleski, Alice Thurston, Steve Besen, Lisa Rosenhlloom. Row 2: Steven Barre, George Barnwell, Vivian Terr, Marty Cohn, Don Santa, Larry Goldberg, Jane Scott, Nancy Brodey, Jeanie Lu, James Klatsky. Row 3: Seth Atlas, Cary Newberger, Peter Weidman.


Latin American Law Students Associatio n


Manuel Orillac Stephanie Rasines, Otto de Cordoba, Danny Montoya, Teresa Lujan, Arturo Garcia-Sola, Norma Vallejo.

Jewish Law Students Associatio n

Rachel Rabinowitz, Allen Friedman, Carol Feder, Abigail Levine-Stiefel, Baruch Schreiber, David Sandberg.




Asian American Law Students Association



Row I : Sam Hoi, Arthur Hui, Jean Chan, Wil Chow, Curtis Hom. Row 2 : Alex Kwon, Kathy Dow, Russell Fujiwara, Jing Guo, Glenn Ikeda, Yak-fa Cheung.

Black American Law Students Association

Judy Hagans, Ayesha Mutope, Barbara Atwell, Charles Mapson, .Bruce Brown, Cerolyn Forrest, Mark Floyd, Kofi Appentcng, Teresa Bryce.


Public Interest Law Foundation

Row 1: Elizabeth Clark, Helen Gredd, Warren Hamel, Rose Gasner. Row 2: Jonathan Gordon, Jeffrey Gracer, Livia Brilliant, Robert Heilbrun, Charles Mapson.

Group for Nuclear Disarmament


Jeffrey Gracer, Alice Thurston, Matt Eilenberg, JenniÂŁ er Kronisch, Richard Perl.

National Lawyer's Guild

Row 1 : Paul Beveridge, Naomi Cahn, Elizabeth Vila, Cathy Grad, Ellyn Polshek. Row 2 : Mark Sidel, Michael Schneider, Susan Silverstein, Larry Goldbe r g , Craig Gurian, Robin Wright.

Public lntereยงt Law Studentยง Association

Row 1: Robin Wright, Alice Thurston, Susan Elsen, Gaby Jordan, Naomi Cahn, Elizabeth Vila, Jonathan Gordon, Elizabeth Clark. Row 2: Larry Goldberg, Craig Gurian, Jane Scott, Heather Diddel, Susan Silverstein, Anne Lombard, Peter Lehner.


Hawaii Day


Judge Ginsburg, Judge Feinlrerg, Lisa Klein, Bill Groll, Justice O'Conno[', Elliot Hipp, Paula Franzese, P['Q£. Pomerantz, Brenda Mallory.

Moot Court



The Line Michael Rosen (Age 32, Pa]o Alto, California) Arron Reiser (Age 24, Queens) Rosalyn Gray (Age 2 5, Main Line, PhiJ adel phia) Phil Forgione (Age 24, North End, Boston) Skip Davis (Age 23, Muncie Indiana) Tracy Gould (Age 24 West Hartford, Conn.) Charles Windell (Age 25, Park Ave.'t Manhattan) Julie Davis (Age 23, Hooterville, Indiana) Tanya Robinson (Age 2 3, Los Angeles) Elizabeth Jordan (Age 45, Oyster Bay, Long



I Hope I Get It God, I hope I get it I hope I get it This law school's good hut even so It could he yes; it could he no How many people does he I really need this job I worked so hard my first year Please God, I need this j oh I need to start my career I've got to get this job Who am I anyway? Am I my resume? A one page description of a person I don't know.



The Law School Law Exciting and new Come to class We ? re expecti n g you And law Will carry you far If you don't Care what scruples are Ii


The law school Have all the wine and cheese you can eat the Law School Think of the celibate types you 'II meet We've got two cruddy lounges And no place to eat your lunch



Dr. Ruth I f some women have a G spot, does that mean that others have a VG spot, or an E spot? Do women prefer men who wear tight briefs or who write long ones?

Smit's an Ass Smies an ass Genghis Kahn ain't really dead Lives again with balded head But he's not alone Yes, the man's a clone Farn ,s - worth - less Reese is stuck on woo-woo-woo Rosenberg's petite but oh-soDdry And Smit's top brass So he's one ass You can't kiss good-bye


Moot Court Brief If I start writing now when I'm

ers have ho wear

Not really rested it could Upset my thinking which is No good at all I'll get a fresh start tomorrow And it's not due ti] Wednesday So J']l have aH of Tuesday unless Something should happen Why does this always happen I should be out carousing making Important contacts I work best under pressure and there'll Be lots of pressure if I Wait til tomorrow

E-E-E-VG-G There he goes just a walkin down the street Singin 0

Tells his ;::: ade to nearly everyone he meets Singin

They're so good So good The best The best

So good and the best But who cares? We're not impressed




Summer Lovin' Summer lovin , had me a blast Summer lovin ', totally fast Met a girl crazy for me Met a hoy, rich as can he Summer days, working away to uh, of - those Summer nights Did you get very far When will he pass the bar? When we first met, I turned on the charm When we first met - ugh - he drooled on my arm I was cool, asked her to dine Ivy League and, like, his wallet was mine Summer fun, some thing begun then - uh, oh Those summer nights

o K gentlemen . . . Something you find around the house?" HMy new hornhook?'



One One ? moment's hesitation Just before the curtain falls One, moment's contemplation As we leave these gray halls Life seems an unending series of interviews One moment's pause to consider what We should do Some noble expectations we thought we had to Put aside Worthy dreams too often die that way ? Hey! Think! Now! The future will unravel Don't miss roads less travelled Start today l

He walks into a firm and he thinks he should Head for the door, interview more Call for a medic, pathetic, for sure She works for the D.A. and she knows from the Maddening pace, unconscious whirl She's a working girl Working She leaves all her magnificent hopes Lurking Loaded with potential she's an Arguing, bargaining, know-nothing, fledge-a-ling

He soon flees to D.C. and he sees he must Shuffle along, grease a few palms This is what you calJ growing Oh, pack your stuff We've had enough growing, knowing We were young, we had dreams and we all Compromised One moment's hesitation Then we're off to start careers One, moment's contemplation To see through some of the fears





Paul Achitoff

Matthew Adler

Angelo Aldana

Seth Atlas

Dara Altman


Steven Armstrong

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Barbara Atwell

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Richard Berghtein

Stephen Besen

Susan Biniaz

Lester Birnbaum 38

Victoria Bjorklund


gi Paul Bloom

Paul Breene

Nancy Btodey Sharon Bowman

Lenore :Browne


Barbara Brizzi

Frank Cappuccio

Deborah Cason

Jean Chan 40

Susan Charkes

Jeffrey Citrin

Michael Connolly

Dennis Duffy

David Dumhle

Matthew Eilenberg


Francis Facciolo

Mark Floyd


Paula Franzese

Allen Friedman

Jeffrey Fouts

Eli7abeth Glenn

Jorge Romero, Nora Garrote, Arturo Garcia-Sola

John Goodell Fredda Goldsmith


Neil Goodman

David Greenwald

Neil Grossman

Mark Grumet 44

Christopher Guardo

Laura Hausknecht

Azira Hill

Kathy Herbert

Ashby Hilsman 45


' Steven Himelstein

Elliott Hipp


Susan Hobart

Denise Holmes

Curtis Hom

Beryl Howell

Abby Jennis


David Kahen

Alexander Kaufman


Christopher Kelly

Stephen Kane

Sharon Kegerreis

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Andrew Keller

Ivan Kline



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C]ark Kelso

David Kenner


Kathleen Kr-ess

Elizabeth Lamere

Peter Kortkamp

Beth Law

Elizabeth Lee


Lewis Lee

Roderic Lewis


Barbara Lindsay

Laurie Linton

Rohit Manocha

Thomas Mason


Laura Meyers


Grace Mills

Henry Morris

Jeffrey Nagele

Charles Newman

David Nocenti


John Oldham

John Orenstein

Stacy Phillips


Ruth Piekarski

Jeffrey Pliskin

Audrey Prashker

Roy Pulvers

Dvora Rabino 55

Steven Rabinowitz

David Rapson

Richard Ressler


Marc Ripp Kenneth Robinson

Simon Salas

Myron Rumeld

Edward Rubenstein

Elliot Schachner

Donald Santa


Howard Schrader 58

Baruch Schreiber

Phyllis Schwartz

Felicia Shapiro

Donna Shira

Susan Silverstein

Robin Smith

Alisa Shudofsky


Abigail Levine Stiefel

Daphne Telfeyan 60

William Thomas

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Harry Walters

Jonathan Weinberg

Gary Weiss 62

Joseph Wayland

Thomas Williams

Glenn Zorn

Arundhati Khanwalkar


Year book Staff Editor-in-Chief Photographers

Kathy Dow Angelo Aldana Dara Altman Curtis Hom Doug Nave

Special -.:hanks to photographer German Mejia, Clive Stafford-Smith and Tom Kehoe.


1983 5 colum y b class of 1983 final  
1983 5 colum y b class of 1983 final