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NEWS BLAST! – 16 The Public Local Inquiry into the proposed Container Terminal in Rosyth starts tomorrow. The two years of research, talking and writing has come to an end. The preparation time is over and it’s now time for us to stand up and be counted. Tomorrow, SOS Limekilns will face a gruelling 6 week inquiry, the Chief Reporter for Scotland plus two other Reporters and a legal team from Babcock comprising a QC and senior lawyers. We’ll give evidence, face cross-examination and fight to protect our villages from the many threats posed by the proposed container terminal. Over the past few months we have had the support and advice from our legal team. They have guided us through the process so far and will stand alongside us through the next six weeks. They will provide the legal knowledge our team lacks and will guide us through the many pitfalls we will face. They have been hugely supportive. As well as performing their professional duties, they have reduced their fees to the absolute minimum in an effort to make sure we can fight this through to the end. The threats from this development will affect almost every area of Charlestown, Limekilns and Pattiesmuir in one way or another. We do not wish to cause any undue concerns, but now is the time we need to act, not in a few years when we have complaints about the problems caused if the container terminal development goes ahead. Many objectors have made financial contributions to these legal costs, some have contributed considerable sums. However, we still need to raise several thousand pounds. In only a few months, we have raised around 75% of the funds we need. We are asking the wider community for donations to meet this shortfall; to cover the remaining legal costs that will support us over the coming weeks. Details on how to donate are on the SOS Limekilns page on the website. At the end of the Inquiry the Reporters will decide if the container terminal will go ahead. The decision lies with them. This is our opportunity to affect the decision; to either have the plans rejected or to ensure the necessary steps are enforced to protect us from the threats posed. SOS Limekilns, which is representing the local objectors, is urging as many of you as possible to come along. Those attending will be free to come and go as they please. The provisional programme for the 6-week Public Local Inquiry was published on Friday 13 January. The plan for the first three weeks is outlined below, and covers the evidence from Babcock (The Applicant), Forth Ports and the Joint Action Group. The evidence during the following three weeks will cover dredging and ecological issues. We’ll circulate the details for this phase when the timelines are more settled. The Public Local Inquiry starts on Monday 16 January, at 10am, in the Pitbauchlie House Hotel, Aberdour Road, Dunfermline, KY11 4PB. Thereafter, it will sit from 9.30am till 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday (with an hour’s break for lunch) for the next six weeks. Dredging and ecological issues will be covered in weeks 4-6. We’ll send out more details when any changes have been identified.

The timeline below is likely to change. Please check the blog to find out what is scheduled for the following day. Mon 16 – Thu 19 Jan

Week 1

Monday 16 January Introduction & Preliminary Matters The case for Port Babcock Rosyth Ltd Mr Mike Murray - Site Development Manager, Babcock Site Development Marine Ltd Tuesday 17 January Mr Chris Patterson - Technical Director - Ports And Design and Construction Marine Business Unit of Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd Mr Andrew Penfold - Technical Director, Ocean

Market Issue date: 15 January 2012

Shipping Consultants Haskoning UK Ltd Wednesday 18 January Mr Graham MacDonald

Rail Freight Spur to Port Babcock Rosyth

Owing to the unavoidable absence of Counsel for the applicant, it is suggested that the inquiry could hear the evidence of Mr Mike Shirkie, Rosyth Community Council, at this time, if convenient for all parties. Thursday 19 January Mr Joe Bugeja - Technical Director of Mariner Ltd Capt Mark Keenor - Extra Master Mariner, Brookes Bell

Operation Vessel Movements

Mon 23 – Thu 26 Jan

Week 2

Monday 23 January Mr Gary Graves - Port Manager - Commercial Port Management Of Port and Marine Activity Operations for Babcock at Rosyth Ms Stefanie O’Gorman - Technical Director with Jacobs Socio-Economics - responsible for the management of the Economics team in the UK Tuesday 24 January Mr Stuart Turnbull - Director of Operations at Jacobs responsible for managing the transport planning teams in Scotland and Ireland Mr Leyton Davies - Acoustics consultant for Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd

Transport Issues

Noise and Vibration

Wednesday 25 January Mr Gordon Allison Carbon Balance and Air Quality Mr Matt Waddicor - Divisional Director for Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd

Land Contamination Impacts

Thursday 26 January Mr Mark Lancaster - Technical Director at Jacobs Visual and Lighting Issues Engineering UK Ltd - Jacobs’ Scottish landscape team, Landscape Mr Ted Keegan - Divisional Director with Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd

Planning and Policies

[It may not be possible to adhere to the above-mentioned programme of two witnesses per day, and any over-run of Babcock’s case will continue into the following week, as required. Otherwise, however, the programme will continue as below.] The case for Forth Ports Mon 30 Jan – Thu 02 Feb

Week 3

Monday 30 January Capt Bob Baker - Master Mariner, Chief Harbour Forth Ports Statutory Obligations, Safety Code and Master for Forth Ports Limited Vessel Movements... Ms Michaela Sullivan - Head of Planning at Forth Ports

Development Plan and Other Material Considerations Issue date: 15 January 2012

Tuesday 31 January Mr Mike Garratt - Managing Director, MDS Transmodal Demand, Carbon Emissions and Multi-Modal Limited Capability Mr David Keddie - Consultant to the Firm Roger Tym & Socio economic issues Partners Wednesday 01 February [Any over-run of Forth Port’s case] Councillor Gerry McMullan The case for the Joint Action Group Mrs Sue Hamilton Consultation and Visual Impact Ms Susan Anderson Transport Mr Malcolm Hamilton


Thursday 02 February Mr Charlie Stoddart

Logistics Industry

Mr James Simpson Shipping Dr Tom Leatherland Mr Joe Bebbington

Contaminated Land and Sediment Movement Noise

Contact details Charlestown, Limekilns and Pattiesmuir Community website – Please let us know if you have any questions about the topics in this NEWS BLAST! You can email us at or join us on Facebook (just copy and paste!/pages/Charlestown-Limekilns-and-Pattiesmuir-CommunityCouncil/321008564178?ref=ts into your browser).

Issue date: 15 January 2012

News Blast 16 - Container Terminal Public Local Inquiry  
News Blast 16 - Container Terminal Public Local Inquiry  

News Blast containing the latest information about the Public Local Inquiry starting on Monday 16 January 2012.