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ATM SECURITY Fife Constabulary is issuing a warning regarding ATM crimes following several incidents in the South West Fife area where people have tampered with ATM machines in order to obtain genuine customers banking details. There are a number of simople steps that you can take to minimise the risk of you becoming a victim of this increasingly common scam. - Always check the ATM thoroughly before inserting your bank card, ensure it has not been tampered with and that there are no loose sections on the front of the machine. - Look out for a camera above the keypad; it could even be as small as a pin hole! - Most importantly, always keep your PIN shielded from view. Check for a film over the keypad, as technological advances means that this could automatically detect your PIN. - Make sure that there is nothing attached to the machine e.g. leaflet holders etc. If any member of the public suspects a machine has been tampered with then I would ask that they leave the suspected device in place and contact Fife Constabulary on 0845 600 5702 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 immediately."

LIMEKILNS, CHARLESTOWN, PATTIESMUIR, CROMBIE & CAIRNEYHILL The Policing Priority set at the last Community Engagement Meeting was to address Anti Social Behaviour in the areas of the Youth Centre and Masonic Hall car park, Cairneyhill. Police units have carried out regular mobile and foot patrols to provide reassurance and visible presence. A number of residents overlooking such areas have already had home visits from Community Officers asking their continued assistance in reporting sightings of groups gathering and residents attached to the Primary School e-mailing list have had a news letter sent. Complaints are often received regarding illegal or inconsiderate parking. In most of our streets

parking is at a premium. Please always think when parking that your vehicle is not causing an obstruction to others, especially Emergency vehicles. A few complaints have been received about persons commuting from Cairneyhill on the Glasgow bus service, abandoning their vehicles in the area of Brandy Riggs. Likewise if such vehicles cause concern please report the registration number to Fife Constabulary and the keeper will hopefully be contacted and advised accordingly. Please note that the next Community Engagement Meeting, C.E.M. will be held at 7pm on Thursday 8th March 2012 at Cairneyhill Primary School. Your Community Officer for these villages is Mike Harvey who can be contacted on the telephone number below or by e-mail at:

"Fife Constabulary is committed to allowing you to directly influence local policing. You can have your say on local priorities by coming to the community engagement meeting in your area. Contact your local community team on 0845 600 5702 or visit for details of your next meeting."

Fife Constabulary Community Engagement Newsletter - Feb 2012  
Fife Constabulary Community Engagement Newsletter - Feb 2012  

Community Engagement Newsletter