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CHARLESTOWN, LIMEKILNS AND PATTIESMUIR COMMUNITY COUNCIL MINUTES OF MEETING HELD AT THE BRUCE ARMS ON 29.3.11 Present: Ali MacKerron, Sue Hamilton, Annie Nally, Beryl Leatherland, Lyndsy Adam, Suze Anderson, Graham Urquhart, Kat Tebbutt In attendance: Sarah Johnston (Fife Council), Doreen Kempsell, Gordon McKissock, Bill McKissock, John Haxton, Robin and Sheila Hutton, David Souter, Jean McKenzie, Moira Adams, Lynn Wright. 1. Apologies: Peter Curry, PC Hutchinson, Cllr McMullan, Cllr Walker, 2. Welcome: The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting 3. Minutes of the meeting of 22nd February 2011. These were approved as a true record. Suze approved, Annie seconded 4. Matters Arising from Meeting of 22nd February 2011 a) Area behind the Manse. Lyndsy still to speak to Ed Dunbar. Playgroup have outdoor equipment they want to use, and the warmer weather is coming. b) ‘Window’ in Mort House at Rosyth cemetery is still to be repaired. Liz Murphy is on the case. c) Lyndsy has drafted a letter to Pattiesmuir residents inviting interested folk to get in touch to fill a place. Barbara McKenzie has indicated her interest but was not able to come tonight. d) ‘Comfort Break’ WC sign now erected on new pole opposite the Ship. The Elgin is also to join the scheme. e) Surgery Issues. No improvement with respect to lights. Secretary will contact Stewart Anderson again, and give his contact details to Annie. f) Red Telephone Box. Secretary still hopes to discover who it was who was interested in converting the Charlestown box into a mini-heritage information centre. Apparently the domed roof of red phone boxes contains asbestos. g) School Parking. Lyndsy has drawn up proposals for discussion, marking in red where parking is inadvisable and blue where it is recommended. This will be incorporated in an advisory leaflet which will come from the school. h) West Fife Villages Booklet. We’ll make sure we’re in the next one. i) Buckshot. Ryan still awaiting Procurator Fiscal’s view on where responsibility lay for potential injury. Estate says shooting season has finished, but buckshot still landed on Kat Tebbutt herself! j) Fife Coastal Path. Blue stickers had appeared on lamp posts showing the route of the path. Secretary had requested replacement of the particularly corroded post at the end of Red Row. This had been done. k) Telephone Exchange Wall. Ian Wright of Monteray, the facilities company which manages property of BT, had been extremely efficient in getting the wall repaired. l) Charlestown Toilets. Burst pipes have been repaired and the toilets are open again in the meantime. 5. Police a) Ryan is on duty at a football match in Cowdenbeath so sends his apologies b) Secretary had received an invitation to the South West Fife event to launch the new Policing Plan, but had been unable to attend. c) Lyndsy had a pack from Ryan, explaining about re-establishing a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the villages. A Neighbourhood Watch scheme can be set up for any area, whether it be one street or a whole village. The only requirement is that someone to be the co-ordinator for the specified area. It was decided that it would be best to call a special meeting to gauge interest. In general, it is probably easier for neighbours to keep in touch these days, using email rather than having to use the telephone or attend more than the occasional meeting. d) Police had responded well to report of possible ‘chancers’ offering to do work on houses.

e) Quad bikes again causing danger on rights of way. No motorised vehicles should be used on Core Paths. A lad from Pattiesmuir had been quad biking round and round Douglas Bank cemetery. 6. Rights of Way Mapping Exercise. a) Sarah Johnston from Fife Council gave very clear explanations about Rights of Way. (80% of Scotland’s Rights of Way are in Fife!). She will shortly be carrying out a consultation to identify all Rights of Way in Limekilns. She’s looking for as much input as possible from villagers. Sarah already has the list of Rights of Way drawn up by the Community Council at one of its first meetings in 1977. b) A Right of Way has to meet specific criteria: it must link two public places, it must be used openly without permission, it must have been used for 20 years without interruption, and it must have been used by a reasonable number of people for the size of the community. The outcomes of the mapping exercise will be various. If a Right of Way is identified, Sarah will visit the landowner, if it’s non-controversial, then it’s recorded by Scotways and Fife Council. If it is controversial, then witnesses must be prepared to defend it in court, or it can be established through the planning process. She hopes that the outcome of her planned exercise will be a fixed permanent definition of Rights of Way. Once a Right of Way has been ‘asserted’ then Fife Council will defend it in court. c) The ‘Uniform’ system of maps used by planners do not always show Rights of Way accurately. Sarah checks every application in Fife to check it for Rights of Way issues. If a planning proposal affects a Right of Way, then arrangements can be made for a diversion. d) Rights of Way are not to do with private rights of access. The issue is to do with regular, public and open access. e) Ownership of the land is irrelevant. f) If it’s not been used regularly for 20 years, it’s not a Right of Way. 7. Potholes at Charlestown Green The bin lorry almost got stuck in the pothole at the north east corner of the Green. Secretary has spoken to Ian Jones of Fife Council, who says they no longer have a budget for non-adopted roads. He will contact the Estate. 8. Village Floral Displays The group is going for 7 arrangements this year. Bill McKissock had unloaded a load of compost single-handed. Thanks Bill. Bill is growing plants. Kat has been away, but has it in hand to obtain the dinghies and barrels. 9. Proposed Container Terminal a) The Community Council’s detailed objection had been submitted by 4 th March, along with 74 other objections. b) Copies had been sent to councillors for this Ward and Rosyth, MSP’s and prospective MSP candidates, Patrick Harvie MSP, Cathy Peattie MSP, and Duncan Nichol MSP, Willie Rennie, Thomas Docherty, Keith Winter, Jim Birrell, Mary Stewart and Angus Dodds of Fife Council, Forth Ports, RSPB, SNH, SEPA, Friends of the Earth Scotland. From the latter we have established contact with the charity called ‘Planning Democracy’. c) A copy was also sent to Rosyth Community Council along with an offer for Ali to come to one of their meetings to explain the rationale behind our objection. The offer was declined. d) All objections addressed to Val Ferguson had been passed on directly to Babcock. Secretary asked for a copy of the objections and was told we couldn’t have them, so we asked under Freedom of Information, and have, indeed, received a copy of all the objections, but no indication of who they were from. In order for the Community Council to be able to keep in touch with these concerned individuals, we will now ask for a list of names and addresses of those who objected. e) Dunfermline Press had been in contact with Ali this week, and they had been sent a copy too. Expect an article next week

10. Treasurer's Report a) Current Account: £186.41. Dunfermline Building Society: £2501.50 b) Letter from Fife Council giving details of new grant and how to claim it. 11. Secretary's Report A resident of Upper Wellheads had emailed the Secretary to ask who owns the land between Upper Wellheads and Wellheads, because trees on it are interfering with the telephone wires. There is, apparently some dubiety as to ownership. It may well belong to the villagers. (It was used for allotments during the war.) 12. Councillor’s Report None 13. AOCB a) New Forth Bridge. A consortium of contractors has been appointed. Their tender is surprisingly low, and there are suggestions that issues around relationships of the main players and financing could end up like the Edinburgh trams! b) The Local Access Forum are to have a meeting with the Scottish Canine Consultative Council to discuss a proposal to develop community-based dog management initiatives based on the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Beryl will attend. c) Continuing problem of cars going the wrong way down Main Street. No Entry sign has been repainted. Need to check what the signs say at the exit from Academy Square. d) The issue of the ineffectiveness of speed cushions in slowing traffic was mentioned – particularly with reference to vans, lorries and buses on the Prom. 14. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 26th April 2011 at the Bruce Arms.

Meeting minutes  

Charlestown, Limekilns and Pattiesmuir Community Council draft meeting minutes from 29 March 2011