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The Shuka section of Bari News is intended for the personal use of employees of the US Embassy Yerevan. Bari News carries no paid advertising but occasionally includes commercial or other special offers judged to be of interest to the Embassy community. The submission deadline is the Monday before publication. All late submissions will be published in the next issue. Please submit items as unformatted text by email to You must include your name, telephone number and/or email address. Ads will run for two consecutive issues and may be resubmitted once after one month.


NISSAN PATHFINDER SE 4dr 3.5 Produced in 2003. Engine is 3,500 cm3. Has 152 000 miles on speedometer and is in very good condition. Glacier Pearl color, automatic transition, climate-control, ABS, Cruise Control. One owner since it was shipped to Armenia from the US one years ago.Price: 12,000 USD, negotiable. Contact: 091-19-32-42 Karen. HOUSEKEEPER/NANNY

HOUSEKEEPER/NANNY: Marina has worked for us for two years, and is the most reliable and best housekeeper we’ve had in three overseas postings. She is also great with kids. She is available 2-3 days a week and speaks Russian and Armenian. You can contact her directly at 091 50 58 62. If you need additional information, please e-mail us at HOUSEKEEPER/NANNY: 2nd Endorsement. Currently, Marina works for us three days per week. She is a dedicated, no-nonsense worker; extremely reliable. She always arrives on time and does not depart until her work is completed. She will not disappoint you if given the opportunity. If you have any questions, please contact: contact her directly at 091 50 58 62. NANNY: Lusine Vardanyan is looking for a full or part time job as a nanny. Lusine is a trustworthy, kind hearted and reliable nanny who can easily become a friend to your children. Lusine can communicate well in English, she is fluent in Russian and Armenian. Contact Lusine at 095085807. HOUSEKEEPER: Rima is looking for a job as a housekeeper, she is also a great cook. Rima can babysit if necessary. She is available to work extended hours. Contact phone: 096-320154. HOUSEKEEPER: If you’re looking for an amazing English-speaking housekeeper, look no further. Armanush has worked for us for two years and we couldn’t be happier. She is very thorough and meticulous when it comes to house cleaning, and she is also a great cook. We have often asked her to care for our young children during the day for short periods, and she is great with them. She is willing to complete any task you put her to and will do it well. Armanush is very trustworthy and an especially caring person. We have loved Armanush like family, and hope you will too. You can contact me via email: for more information or contact Armanush directly at: 094334869 FANTASTIC HOUSEKEEPER: Kristina Yegoyan has been our faithful housekeeper for the past three years, working for us two days a week. During that time we have come to know her as a hardworking and reliable helper with a very pleasant personality. In addition to keeping the house impeccable, she does a great job with the laundry and prepares our meals. She quickly learned several of our favorite recipes and is able to prepare from English cook books. Her English is very good and she is bright and intelligent (actually she just got a lawyer’s license!). Instead of just executing orders, she puts herself in our shoes, thinks of what we might need, and acts accordingly, always giving her best effort. -Ellen Brager. Call Kristina at 091 30.67.58, 223446, or email OTHER SERVICES

CATERING: Alla and Amalya Yeghiazaryan do a fabulous job catering for any occasion. They have a full menu of appetizers, entrees, salads and dessert to choose from at a reasonable rate. Please email Amalya Yeghiazaryan at: for more information. MUSIC TEACHER: Graduate of the Yerevan State Conservatory Margarita Grigoryan gives piano and music lessons to children and adults. She speaks moderate English and is ready to teach at your house. Call 055283103 for details. FOR SALE

FOR SALE: GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition Camera, USD 195.49 (or AMD equivalent). New and never used, but outer package opened (the camera housing itself has not been opened). I am selling it at my exact purchase price. Because we cannot order these via the dip pouch (due to the detached lithium battery) I scheduled my purchase to coincide with a trip to the US -- but then I received a more advanced model (Black Edition) as a gift, so I am selling the Silver. More details available here: Contact Ned O'Brien at or (starting January 9) at Embassy extension 4563 or at mobile no.055-403-496. WANTED

Looking to buy a used iphone 4s, in a good condition. Please call 0960-31421 or email

Bari News Shuka 1/23  
Bari News Shuka 1/23