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Designing our futures : Winter Warmth Ideation sketches

Chloe Fong 12837126

Module leaders: Mark Milne , Richard Morris

Section one

Research Summary

Section TWO

exploratory sketches the product

Section five

further development the product

Further refinements After a majority vote in both the studio and the retirement home, the fern spiral design was chosen. To further refine the idea, sketch models were made to determine the size of the base. CAD modelling was used to present a few different proportions of the plant stem. The golden ratio was explored as well as different thicknesses of the plant stem. A proof of principle model was also made to demonstrate how bimetallic strips worked, the basis for the form changing thermometer. To determine whether or not it would work in the desired temperature range, a consultation was arranged with Dr Shaun Lee, a lecturer in material science. He confirmed that there are materials that would give the desired effect from the models and sketches.

Golden ratio Using Rhino, I then created a few quick models of the product in the golden ratio as well as concentric spirals in different thicknesses. This was then presented to various people, the concensus was the plant on the left as the golden ratio ones “looked unbalanced�

Section six

Final Render THe product

Section seven

Exploratory sketches packaging

Why packaging? According to the User Requirement Specifications (URS), the product must raise awareness of the causes of death due to the cold. This will be achieved by printed material on the packaging of the product. As the packaging is as important as the product itself in terms of raising awareness, its design had to start at the ideation stage, and follows the same process of exploratory sketches, model making and user feedback.

Section eight

final render packaging

Designing our futures: Winter Warmth Part II  

Ideation sketches and renders of a form changing thermometer for older people

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